Insight: Who’s hot and who’s not? Notes on the new 2017 F1 cars revealed so far
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 Feb 2017   |  4:18 pm GMT  |  184 comments

We’ve seen most of the entries now for this year’s F1 world championship with teams unveiling their cars designed to the new rules.

Overall the cars are not perhaps as spectacular looking as we were led to believe, not as dramatically far removed from what went before, which is slightly disappointing. They look very large in the flesh and will clearly be much faster, which fans will certainly see at the track, but may not perhaps not carry across so much on TV.

The obvious details like wider chassis, wider tyres and lower rear wing are pleasing to look at but there is still plenty of scope for F1’s sporting MD Ross Brawn to work on over the coming years to specify a new generation of cars that look extreme and exciting.

A lot of the wings and basic bargeboards we’ve seen in the launch pics are just placeholders and over the next month before Melbourne you will see a lot of developments through testing on these areas.

We’ve seen already that the area around the bargeboards is going to be a real talking point and area of development focus this year. The front suspension is an area with several different ideas going on. But the part we cannot see, but which probably is the most critical, is the floor and the diffuser. This will do a lot more work than before and generate more of the downforce. Expect photographers to be briefed to get any shot of the underside of a car on a crane that they can.

There has been a lot of talk about the fins returning to the engine covers, which generally look ugly and are not popular with fans and many insiders. These could be dispensed with during 2017 as they play only a minor role in the aerodynamics, certainly less than they do on the aesthetic side.

A few things are clear already; Mercedes had a lot of time on its hands during 2016 to curate and develop its 2017 car; having had such an advantage over the field they could keep everyone at arms length with basic developments, but at the same time they devoted most of their time and resources to the new car. That is a luxurious position to be in and it’s probably the last year they could do that, as they’ll be in an arms race of development this year through to season’s end, one suspects.

The solutions on the Mercedes are very well developed – for example the front suspension, with the innovative top bracket and the highly curated side vane and bargeboards (below). This is an area of the car where the new rules allow some freedom to experiment and as it is a critical area in terms of shaping the air flow around the car and to the floor, it’s where we will see huge development this year.

Mercedes has lengthened the wheelbase of the car by 15cm compared to the 2016 model to maximise the potential of the floor. It has made conscious decisions, like not having a blown axle, which helps airflow around that car, because that entails a more complex wheel nut which can slow down pit stops.

And with what we know of the gains they have made on the engine side, they surely will start as favourites again this season.

Ferrari has had some stick since the Schumacher years for not being bold enough and not leading the way on innovation.

Well they have certainly gone out on a limb with the new car, with some very extreme ideas around the leading edge of the floor, the turning vanes and the side pods. There are complex and sinuous shapes and flow structures here.

This will either work brilliantly and lead some others to copy their ideas or they could lose some time chasing their tales to get the aero to work. Clearly they are banking on a heavy development programme in this area of the car and they obviously think they have found something.

In contrast to Mercedes, they have not lengthened the wheelbase.

Until the car covers some real mileage in Spain starting tomorrow, we will not know which is the true scenario.

Ferrari has worked very hard on its car, despite the fact that they also kept pushing on the 2016 car until quite late in the season. There is also the question of the upheaval in the technical department with a new head of aerodynamics who comes from outside F1.

The engine was the best part of the Ferrari the last two years and once again they are expected to have plenty of power from the new engine.

It’s the efficiency of downforce and driveability which will be the watch points for this new Ferrari car.

Red Bull revealed a beautiful looking car on Sunday and this is the one that most insiders expect to take the fight to Mercedes this season. There are some important things to note about the background story to this car. One is that the new 2017 rules, with their greater emphasis on aerodynamics, re-engaged the interest of Adrian Newey, who had got bored with the engine dominated F1 of 2014-16. This can only be a positive for the team and if one looks at the progress of the 2016 car aerodynamically, then the expectation is that this car will be at least the equal of the Mercedes. “Whether we have prioritised in the right areas or not, time will tell,” Newey said in an interview last week.

It’s not just about generating huge downforce; this car is likely to be very efficient aerodynamically, meaning it can run at many venues with less than maximum wing levels and can trim the car accordingly.

This is the opposite of the situation they had in the Vettel Red Bull V8 blown diffuser era, when they would tend to run maximum wing almost everywhere for cornering speed; get pole and then break the tow in the opening laps, winning the race, despite the fact that the car was one of the slowest on the straights because of the downforce levels.

“[This year] We get a lot more freedom from areas of the car that can deliver performance and we always like to have the ability to play around with these areas,” said Red Bull’s aero chief Dan Fallows.

The key to their challenge will be Renault’s new engine. Our sources suggest that Renault has found around 40kW from the engine, which is worth more than the three tenths of a second Cyril Abiteboul spoke about at the Renault launch. It’s closer to four tenths/half a second.

Against that there was a concern with reliability this week when Red Bull’s junior team Toro Rosso suffered an engine problem at its shakedown/filming day test, which proved a showstopper. Clearly they are pushing to the limit.

Nevertheless the word on the industry grapevine is that Renault has done a very good job with this engine and so we would expect Red Bull to be able to be close on Mercedes from the outset of testing this week. The unknown is how much Mercedes had been holding back in reserve on the engine side last year and where the gains with the new engine therefore take them to.

McLaren we spoke about on Friday and despite having little in the way of serious sponsorship on the car, the team has a budget to compete from the shareholders and a stable aero group under Peter Prodromou that looks to have produced a good car, building on the detailed work of 2016. Honda says they will start the season at the level of engine performance Mercedes had last season, which is a challenging idea as Mercedes was holding back its true performance. But based on the performance which could be measured, Honda feels it will be there. There is inevitably a lack of refinement compared to Mercedes, because they are still playing catch up, but any slip ups from Ferrari and McLaren will be there.

Williams is very much a team in transition as it unveiled its car this weekend. The Grove squad slipped from 2014 to 2016 from third to fifth and it will take a big effort to finish higher than that this year.

As well as Pat Symonds, who oversaw this 2017 car’s development, the team has dispensed with heads of aerodynamics, production and is revamping the technical management. Dirk de Beer, who worked with James Allison at Ferrari, has come in as the new aero chief. Paddy Lowe will soon join the team. Meanwhile on the driver front they have a rookie in Lance Stroll and a ‘retired’ driver coming back in Felipe Massa, so it’s hard to see them scoring enough points to finish top four.

Haas has also revealed its car this weekend in some generic launch shots. More details on this as the testing starts next week, as with Toro Rosso, whose car was rolled out on Sunday night and which is striking in blue. Powered by a Renault engine and with some nice looking aerodynamic cues and two very good drivers, this car could be a bit of a dark horse in the midfield.

What do you think so far? What is your favourite car? Take our poll and leave your comment in the section below

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I still do not understand how the jacking effect under high lateral G forces of pronounced droop on most front suspension systems is dealt with. Basically with all these systems the front of the car is forced up in cornering by the droop on the front suspension. This is exactly the opposite of what you need the chassis to do under high cornering loads.


“…the highly curated side vane…” How exactly does one curate a side vane? The word “curated” has been popping up a lot lately, and I wonder if folks know the proper use of the word.


The Toro Roso and Haas are missing from the poll!
They would be my first and second favourites based on colour schemes (which for me is the main criteria this early in the testing process)


Well, no one asked for my opinion, but here it is; all the cars look terrific from the back, silly from the front, and as long as buses from the side. Next year, let’s have them 50cm shorter and 50kg lighter, and ban thumb noses and shark fins. No room for all the technical gubbins? Sure there is – all that wasted floor space is just waiting to be used properly. I’d be all for cars with bigger sidepods that are a foot and a half shorter.


Who’s Hot?
Clearly it’s McLaren, Torro Rosso and Red Bull that are hottest, the most smokin’…

…oh wait, that’s just their engines 🙁


Awesome paint jobs on the Sauber, Haas, and Toro.
But the best looking and most striking for me is the Ferrari. Those sidepods are brilliant.


Ah, I love this time of year…

“And the wheel,” said the Captain, “What about this wheel thingy? It sounds a terribly interesting project.”
“Ah,” said the marketing girl, “Well, we’re having a little difficulty there.”
“Difficulty?” exclaimed Ford. “Difficulty? What do you mean, difficulty? It’s the single simplest machine in the entire Universe!”
The marketing girl soured him with a look.
“Alright, Mr. Wiseguy,” she said, “if you’re so clever, you tell us what colour it should be.”

Douglas Adams, ‘The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe’


This doesn’t look like a Mercedes-beater to me. The Ferrari does more to suggest it may beat Merc than this in terms of design concept. This looks like a safe and not very radical design by comparison from RBR.


Why no Toro Rosso on the survey. it’s the only decent looking car out there.
And as for the claims that the 2017 cars would look ” aggressive” … well, maybe ugly would have been a better adjective.


Mercedes: I am normally not a fan and still, all those years later, find PETRONAS-green truly horrid. Still, the new car looks simply fantastic.
No stepped front, no mini-proboscis on the nose, no shark fin (OK, OK, I know it’s probably coming), impossibly slim at the back, simply great

Red Bull: Bulky front spoils everything on what would otherwise have been a tidy looking car

Ferrari: Looks very exciting and of course the Italians have found the best way, stylistically, to “hide” the shark fin. The mini proboscis on the nose is a spoiler, though

Renault: I have to say I like this a lot. The yellow/black combination is very nicely done, the car simply looks good.
Oh ! Did I mention I do not like the mini-proboscis already . . . 😉

Williams: Looks all right . . . . ish
The coke bottle area from the air box duct backwards seems very bloated compared to the Mercedes, though and I still think Williams are doing too little with the Martini stripes.
Mini-proboscis, again . . .

Maclaren: Of dear, oh dear . . .
I have for years wanted McLaren to go back to orange. That test car, from 2006 I think it was, looked brilliant.
Orange was THE McLaren colour “back in the day” and it is also a colour that is rare in F1 and as such McLaren could, in time, make it as much its own again as Ferrari have done with red.
What they have done now, though is a complete and utter disaster.
First off, the timing completely wrong. They should have waited a year, had some success with the completely new regime (easy, almost impossible to be worse than 2015/16) and then roll our the new colours.
Currently it looks as if they are trying too hard to “un-Ron” the team . . . which will backfire spectacularly should they still be struggling to pass the Toro Rossos again this year.
And then the colour scheme itself . . . . the idea of throwing some black in there is not bad but the way it has been implemented it looks as if the thing was decided upon by a committee
“We have to go orange”
“Are you sure ?”
“OK, maybe only orange is too bold . . . . let us combine with something dark like the current colours, but still different so it does not look like we are copying Ron”
“OK . . . . black ?”
“Yeah, black works with everything, right ?”
Hold on, what about HONDA ?”
“Sh….t ! I forgot about them . . .”
“OK, here it is. We will go orange but also with black and also white . . .”
Yes folks, that car is not orange/black, apparently, rather orange/black/white, with white being HONDA’s colour of course. HONDA gets to call AAAALLLL of those white stripes its own . . .
I like the gilled front wing-to-nose attachments but that is about it

Force India: I actually like the three-pronged nose . . . . but that is about it
The (very !) stepped front and huge silver slab that is the shark fin makes this the ugliest car of 2017, but it is close with the McLaren. It is also missing a trick by having less black on the paintjob than last year’s effort. If they just painted the shark fin black, that would improve the car’s looks no end . . . but still not enough to compensate for that stepped front

Toro Rosso: I have not properly seen those yet apart from one 2/3 shot showing a rather striking lighter shade of blue.

Haas: Seems to look better than last year’s car which, whilst not difficult, would be a welcome sign.

Sauber: An excellent effort for their anniversary, good, very individual colours combined thoughtfully. What a huge difference to the totally slapdash blue/yellow efforts of recent years. The car itself looks on the conservative side but maybe not as much as the Williams.

[Please keep comments shorter in the future – Mod]


Yep, MB for the win in 2017 guarenteed. I feel they will aniolate the competition this year they have the capacity to dominate both Engine and Aero. But I predict Bottas will beat Lewis in the inter-team rivalry this year; I just have a feeling. I kind of miss Rosberg being around, him and Lewis made a good odd couple, and he was no slouch it was a pleasure watching them fight it out for the 2016 crown. For 2017 there is plenty to look forward to this year so many interesting team battles this year. Hurry up Melbourne!


Having now, for the first time, seen full screen HD images of the new Red Bull on track i’m going to rank it the second No.1 in the looks dept alongside the mercedes. The ‘special’ nose inlet originally looked awful but having now seen it ‘in situ’ it looks cool.


i can see inspiration from whaletail and contours of hamiltons sixpack on that mercedes along with a few contours of shark gill covers.


‘contours of hamiltons sixpack’

We don’t want to know what you think of in your spare time!


i don’t read things i don’t want to read let alone think about it enough to write a response to..


“Overall the cars are not perhaps as spectacular looking as we were led to believe, not as dramatically far removed from what went before, which is slightly disappointing. They look very large in the flesh”

Bulls Eye. I have been pretty disappointed. There is not much difference visually, apart from looking BIG. and even then, the Mercedes looks fabulous and BIGGER than the rest …


To sum up 2017 cars so far:

Most teams now running trick suspension (2016 Mercedes style) by the looks of things with their vanity panels. Even Ferrari are, after they tried to get them banned …

Shark fins are horrific and should be punishable by disqualification. Immediately.

Mercedes have shown much more of a hand than their rivals with launch spec (bargeboards, etc). This either means they are arrogant about their position or they have so much in the pipeline for development they just don’t care what rivals see prior to testing / Melbourne.

Red Bull may as well have put some new wings on last years car and shown that for the launch. Nothing of notable interest on the car at this stage, except their nose design. Expect teams to cry to the FIA about that before Melbourne.

Ferrari looks interesting, doubt it will work though. They will still end up 3rd in constructors.


Interesting that STR seems to be getting as much if not more press than RBR this year.
And to boot I think Sainz is looking like one of the better prepared drivers.

Given their chassis/Aero performance last year, and their design philosophy this year, for me, they are the team to watch. Only caveat is the Renault engine!


Hi James
Do you think with the extra width of the cars will be an issue exiting pit lane especially when two cars are fighting for the same piece of tarmac?

I do like the look of the Red Bull too…here’s hoping they can make it a contest and not a Mercedes whitewash


I’m just not a fan of F1 cars getting bigger, heavier and uglier. I loved the simpler, lighter and more nimble machines we used to have, which I always thought was the essence of F1.


I know what does look ugly, those big cameras on the air boxes! Hanging out like an example of trigonal bipyramidal molecular geometry. I know they have to have cameras with lens cleaning facility but surely with current technology they don’t have to be so big.


James, what is the thinking behind such massive floors? All of these elegantly designed, beautifully sculpted engine covers taper-back into a tightly-packaged coke-bottle shape from behind the driver to the rear wing. All ruined by what looks like a full garage door stuck underneath the car. Thanks.


well they made the cars wider, so of course the floor is going to be bigger.
If you look at the plan view photo in Tornillo Amarillo’s comment above of the Mercedes you can see how they have tried to suck all the body work as close to the engine and transmission to allow more airflow between the bodywork and the rear wheels. This allows more air to go over the rear wing and over the top of the diffuser which ‘sucks’ the back of the car down.. which makes the rear tyres grip more.
The exposed floor isn’t what they are trying to achieve… it’s more that they’re trying to slim down the bodywork which exposes more of the top of the floor.
(yes, i know – but let’s see all you aerodynamicists out there explain it in layman terms any better)


Why cast a vote on our favorite 2017 car and only give us 8 of them to choose from? I would have voted Torro Rosso if I could, it looks the best by miles, seeing as looks is all we have to go by at present. Mercedes are a close second though.


that rb13 has one tight rear end!!! nice packaging.


Torro Rosso looks great!


6 + despite the shark fin. Interesting. Also, where would they put the Bull’s tail if there was no shark fin?

To me this looks stunning just the way it is.


I saw a picture of the RB yesterday without the Fin and it was missing its Tail !!


Luke, it’s a good example of what a great livery can do. The fins were a bit of a shock at first, but they are growing on me now. That car will look amazing under the lights at Singapore!


TimW; I really hope they don’t start banning bits and pieces now because of something some people have said on a website somewhere.

These are the most remarkable cars we’ve had in F1 for a long time. I also can’t remember the last time we had so much variety and innovation in F1. And now people want to start banning everything and making the rules more prescriptive so that we will end up with cars that all look the same and there’s absolutely nothing distinctive and remarkable about them.

In other words we will go back to what we had over the last 3 years: boring.


Best looking car for me. Looks brilliant on the track and does actually look aggressive!


@ Nick H taking nothing away fro TR but is it the livery or the design ? If this car was, say, in yellow or black, would you still think the same. For me it is simply the livery which is impressive.


Nick, fantastic livery, I even like the fin on this one!


Red Bull have brought out the worst looking car ever! Mercedes is head and horse’s mane above the rest. Toro Rosso has the best paint job. If they got rid of the fin they’d be neck and neck with the Merc.


Having awoken this morning to see the last three reveals i must admit that i am not sure which appeals most? I was rather sceptical from early on about just what we would finally get to see and apart from some livery changes the end result is not too exciting at all. The only comments that are meaningful at this stage are the ‘
colour combinations and the design profiles. Without any decent images of the Red Bull it is impossible to define suitable elements for comparison. ATM…mercedes are the top of the pack designwise. That car is both sleek and slick. All the others ATM enjoy good and not so good liveries but most of them are an improvement over last year. I would be hard pressed to appoint any one of them as a standout. The finned engine covers are a bit of a turnoff but after a while they sort of blend in overall. Williams, i think, have got it wrong with the colour treatment which emphasises the ‘blockish’ effect. Whereas Haas have done a great job with the visual cues.

Hopefully we’ll get to see better images once the track action begins.


James, as always a great insightful article that is on point without drama or sensationalism. I read a lot of F1 coverage and many of your fellow F1 journalists could learn a thing or two from you about concise interesting journalism.

Thank you for for saying the cars are not nearly as dramatic as we we’re led to believe, that was my first reaction regardless of which car launch I read about. and also appreciate you mentioning its not just the fans who don’t care for the ridiculous looking shark fins. Its refreshing to read those on the inside share the opinions of many fans.

With some exceptions, Merc, Haas, Torro Rosso, the liveries are shockingly dull. I wonder what insiders think of the lack of creativity for what is the the single greatest statement F1 makes to the world at large. I am amazed at the money and talent involved in this sport yet designs like Mclarens or Renaults are the best those teams can come up with. The racing suits are painfully ugly as well, the Renault team in particular, they look like a complete afterthought. I keep hoping for a car and team look that is classy, racy and looks fast! Too much to ask for the pinnacle of motorsport I guess.


God these front wings look terrible


Poll numbers i think, have predicted the Ranks in correct order. Its been some time, there is this much discussion on the designs of the f1 cars. Happy times ahead, unless Cowell finds more power than others.


Where’s the option for STR?? That’s the best car!


I think all the cars look good compared to last years versions. As for ranking them, well its a little pointless is it not? To believe that they will look as they do now come lights out in Melbourne is foolish.

These next two days in Barcelona will see the cars evolve into completely different beasts to what we see now and the feed-back teams receive from fans could well see them make subtle changes to the livery as well.

Teams aren’t exactly going to be giving the opposition an early peak and thus time to copy any innovitive designs and parts they may have in their arsenal until the very last moment.

Really, we ain’t seen nothing yet…


What is up with the complaints about the fins? It does serve some function albeit a supposedly minor one. However, I would remind everyone that as part of a design that ties together a large number of pieces, something’s “small effect” could produce a larger headache downstream if removed.


A lot of people here don’t seem to have any sense of adventure. There also seems to be a bit of sentimental pining for eras gone by. These changes were never meant to be retro. It is now 2017 and the cars should look unique and “of their time”.

Tornillo Amarillo

All that ugly floor…


@James, I do not know what the floor is made off, but can the shark FIN be made of a TRANSPARENT material instead of carbon fibre? and the Sponsor LOgos can be “floating” on the transparent fin 🙂


I like it. Goes with the wider, splayed out look.

Tornillo Amarillo
Tornillo Amarillo

It’s like a flying chipmunk…

Tornillo Amarillo

James, I tried to publish twice a picture of a flying chipmunk IN THE ANSWER of a comment, it seems OK when you hit the photo-camera icon, but there were not published. It seems like a glitch.


Overall, I am liking the looks of the cars this year more than in recent years. Sure, there are areas like the complicated front wing that could do with being be less cluttery. But the wider look, works much better,

Most importantly though, I’m really happy we have COLOUR on the grid again! Remember 12 months ago on this website, when there was an article about how dire and uninspiring the livery designs were? I wonder if teams took note of that, because now, you could say every car on the grid this season has it’s own identity. A lot less darker colours and more brighter standout choices. The new Mclaren and Toro Rosso colours, almost feel like Prost and Arrows have returned to F1 🙂 All we need now is some green and sky blue to return and we’ve got the full set!


I was seriously hoping that Red Bull will not have the ugly shark win…..


So was I but there you go. According to reliable sites horner tried to veto the ‘fins’ at a meeting of the strategy group late last year but was shouted down! At least he tried. He deserves credit for that, IMO.


Just seen the Toro Rosso, I have to say, a real beauty. Carlos Sainz has said the similarities it has with the Mercedes gives them a confidence boost. I’m beginning to think that James Keys, and not Allison is the hottest Technical property after Newey. A team like McLaren that are rebuilding would do well to sign him up. He also has history with Honda, so that should at least be used to get a conversation going… (I hope he wasn’t fired from Honda).


If Ferrari knew what they were doing they would have moved heaven and earth to get James Key in already.


I am seeing 4 days weekends for race, what am i missing?


Really like the Toro Rosso! Love that lighter blue and the red go-faster stripes. The Merc though, looks soooo clean and sexy. Crap paint job but awesome shape. After that, the Renault looks cool but that’s about it…the rest look a bit pants in my humble, never-designed-a-race-car-in-my-life, opinion. Looking forward to testing!


TR is the best looking car out there… Red Bull have been in F1 since 2005 and they’ve just had the brain wave to paint the cars in the same colours as their drink cans… revolutionary thinking!
At least Danil can say to Max “my car looks better than yours”


Cliche of the day:

It works in theory…………but will it work in practice?

Second cliche of the day:

Nothing useless can be truly beautiful (C/O William Morris).


I love the Torro Rosso!
In the STR release shots, there was only Carlos Sainz.
I wonder what has happened to the Russian?!
But Carlos is a top calibre driver, I think a match to the highly touted former partner MV, now at RB.
I’ll write it again, James Key is the best designer, and Ferrari should get him; the standard price for such an asset should be sufficient to pry him out of whatever he is in as STR.
But maybe STR can pull a David v Goliath this year.
At least the second best looking car on the grid, and I prefer the colours to the grey.
I’d love to see STR win a championship this year, beating their ‘senior’ team.
Of course the grey (and green…ish) one is beautiful.
I still think that the RB looks strong, and I expect it to be competitive with the grey (and green… ish) car; it’s not so bad looking either, though I’m not sure why I like it.
I don’t see what all the fuss is about on the Ferrari; I don;t like the looks of it, but I’d love it if it were fast and Kimi could win another championship.
I was hoping for great things from McLaren, to leapfrog them up the grid; if the colour scheme is any indication, they’re going in reverse; can Honda save them?
After seeing most of the cars, I have to say that though I initiall panned the Renault, I think it looks quite good, now; I’d love to see the Hulk get a podium or better.

The rest of them all look about the same to me, butt plug nose, shark fin; I really can’t see such a big visual difference from last year, though I like the lower rear wing and narrower (comparatively) front wing.

Hoping for Toro Rosso to challenge for wins from the first race.


“plenty of scope for F1’s sporting MD Ross Brawn to work on over the coming years to specify a new generation of cars that look extreme and exciting.”
That should really be up to the FIA not the commercial rights leaseholder.
I think it will be far more difficult being in F1 than Liberty have imagined.


FIA is the sanctioning body and will want the final say and the rule drafting and enforcement role

But the clear desire is there across the board for Brawn to take the views of stakeholders and then to specify what the F1 product should be. There are some governance issues to resolve too, but if common sense prevails then that’s how it will happen


“If common sense prevails”

That’s a big if in formula 1


As long as there are no knee jerk decisions.


let’s hope there is a knee jerk reaction to ban the shark fins!


“If common sense prevails”
Have you been following a different sport for the past 20 years James? When was the last time common sense prevailed?


Just recently, and these current cars are the result.


Testing is here, the season start is getting closer.
Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!
Hoping with all my being that the McHonda is faster than it looks, and Honda can find the kW to match the Merc. But damn that Merc looks sweet…


There was a small clip of FA pulling out of the McClaren garage to do a filming lap. That thing sounded crisp and smooth straight out of the box, so I think there is some hope for McClaren Honda and FA fans. I’d over to see FA have a good year towards the end of his career.


I would say Ferrari because the car is bonkers. May or may not be fast but is unique. Looks like some Italians shifted from Lambo to Ferrari and designed F1 Countach


Too bad the Toro Rosso is not in the list.
It would get my vote.

2nd Mercedes


Me too, Torro Rosso. Nice nose, different livery, Merc style aero with a cooler driver. Now, Renault, do we have the speed to go racing this year? Sainz for the podium near the start of the year.

Interesting to see what Newey can do, he has been mighty in the past with rule changes but people forget he went MIA for quite a few years after the Hakkinen titles…


Cars are too long & look silly –

can’t wait to see these trying to get around Mirabeau & Lowes….
I’ve often wondered why no one has thought to do a “short” car for Monaco.
They could shorten the wheelbase quite a bit with suspension only tweaks and add steering lock by losing some aero bits (which they’re probably going to lose anyway!)
passing at Monaco was always a pain and I don’t imagine it’s going to be easy with the wider chassis & tires…


But think of the possibility for three-point overtakes 🙂


Nice sum up James. Since writing this the new Torro Rosso has been unveiled and it looks really great!! Haas looks surprisingly good, while Renault and Sauber look quite good too. McHonda looks racy though that livery is awful. Ugly cars are Ferrari and FIndia. With less than revealing pics, it is difficult to judge Red Bull and Williams at this time. Based on looks, Mercedes will be way ahead I think!


The Toro Rosso looks good, though I was led to believe it would be the Renault Mild Sevens light blue making a comeback, the same colour as their sugar-free drink can. Had a chance to try it a month ago, they were handing out free samples after a Leafs game, and my god it was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!!! It was like liquid perfume, with a this-just-ain’t-right metallic aftertaste to it. I had two sips and then had to pitch it. Agh, just awful!

Would’ve loved the light blue though! Maybe next year for when the French GP comes back on the calendar.


Mercedes tops all the rest.
The rest are just so similar that they could be clones.
It has to be
Mercedes ✔🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Williams ✔🏆🏆🏆
Sauber (just for the Rothmans livery✔🏆🏆)
Haas (just for the livery✔🏆🏆)
Renault (just for the livery✔🏆)
Mclaren (not for the livery❌ just because I wish them well on the Bobsleigh run🎿🏆)
Ferrari (for having a fin 🎣that will be harpooned by a Japanese Whaling Ship 🚢for scientific research 🐳and not for cosmetics👄and engine lubricant 😉🏆)
Red Bull Fin 13❌ 13❌ unlucky move ❌😨
Force India the Wooden spoon for a freaky looking IT creature.😨😲


Ferrari … I just love the side-pods concept, hate the fin though. That Red Bull looks sleek, bar the hole in the nose. The coke bottle is really extreme, I can see them having issues with the engine due to how tightly everything seems to be packed. The mercedes, then McLaren. The McLaren is actually a good looking car except for the livery which is atrocious – absolutely horrible.


Quick Darran call the Red Bull team and alert them to the fact that tight packaging will cause them problems. How silly of them to overlook that fact…..


The Haas looks Absolutely Fabulous while the Toro Rosso is a very pretty car indeed. Nice work.


yes i agree, i think the Haas looks amzing this year due to the fact that they havent alowed their branding to remain 100 percent identical to lasst year like MB. They have simply flipped thier corporate colours, staying on brand but delivering a fresh spin which i think is amazing. Well done.


More than the shark fins, what really bothers me is how much of the floor you can see as you go towards the rear. I realise you could in previous years but owing to increase in width the back looks ridiculous. I must be the only one as no one has yet to mention how much this detracts from the looks.


am with you on that score. i think they should get rid of the protruding floor on the sides….looks ugly!


@ Aveli…nonsense. When the cars are racing you get 99% side elevations and that doesn’t show the floor space. It is only obvious in plan!!!


we are in the year 2016 and it is well accepted that everyone has the right to use their eyes to decide if something appears ugly to them or not..


@ Aveli…What you see is something that has always been there and is the same colour as the tarmac…and it is a problem for you? Really ?


prejudicial as always,
are the floors not wider and longer?
are the engines and gearboxes not the some size?
have they not tried to wrap the engine covers tighter?
does that no increase the upper floor surface exposed to the wind?


Agree with James, the RB13 looks beautiful. Actually, it looks MENACING. That’s because of the overall dark front. The prominent Red Bull lettering and messy yellow-red logo are not too disturbing this time but will never make for a really stunning look. Wonder what the hole in the nose is for? It’s the only car featuring that. Is it aero related, possibly to do with downforce on the rear part of the car?
As to the other cars presented this week, I like the Ferrari, especially the white just behind the front wing (see front look in Ferrari article). Also like the McLaren, looks great in orange and black. The Merc looks great from above, but from the side it’s the ugliest of the pack: a cylinder-shaped bullet.
Will be exciting to see the first test drive results. Since none of us are privy to what the teams have realised over the last season and during the winter, it is beyond me how several 4- and 5-star posters on this forum seem to know which cars will perform and which ones won’t. Dependent on looks apparently. Seems like wishful thinking and superstition to me.


Haas – clean livery, no fuss.
We’re only going to see ‘decent’ cars when wheelbases are restricted to 3.0m max.


If wheelbases are restricted to 3.0 m max people will complain that the cars look like Fiat Pandas. Mark my words.


Lol – I’m sure they’ll find something to complain about 😱


Is that what you would call Senna’s MP4/4 with a wheelbase of 2.875m?


The MP4/4 has lower bodywork than the current cars and it still does have a lot of overhang front and rear. Quite nicely proportioned but one might say it looks a lot more toy-like next to something like the current Merc.

Anyway, one can always find something to criticise about everything.


Celebrities prefer stretched limos?


‘people will complain that the cars look like Fiat Pandas.’

You hope they do!


NickH;I think it all depends on your frame of mind. I’ve heard some people say that the Mercs literally resemble silver arrows when viewed in profile due to the longer wheelbase they have this year.

Thread the Needle

Loving the new Toro Rosso, up there as one of best looking cars


Ross Brawn is F1’s MD? Or is he Liberty’s MD?

Surely Ross can only offer ideas to the FIA who actually run F1…


He’s MD Motorsport of F1


I’d like to correct my point earlier ☝🏻

Both the Haas and Toro Rosso looks amazing with their liveries!


I was expecting RBR to run their camouflage livery. Whether or not the aero race is good for racing, I will be genuinely excited to see what wings are going to churned out by the teams every race, just like the 04′-08′. Livery-wise, my favourites are Renault, Haas and Ferrari. I grew a little tired of seeing the Merc.

On a side note, Did Liberty Media instruct the drivers to describe their cars using the word “SEXY” ? It sounded so out of place and a bit vulgar when Alonso, Hulk and Chico used it to describe these technological marvels.


Helmut Marko also described the RB as “sexy”. I think “sexy” is rather apt.


Yo C63,

You doubt what will happen to 100% electric cars in the vey near future? Not only is your own employer 🙂 advertising Mercedes EQ brand in Formula 1 on their W08 contender but here they are stating a clear target for Mercedes EQ 100% electric cars. Did you see it per chance?

Mercedes-Benz intends to produce ten EQ models by 2025, three of which will have the Smart brand, representing between 15% and 25% of the company’s global sales.

Do you know why Mercedes have such conservative targets by 2025? Because they aim to be 5 years late to the 100% electric party and by then other companies will own the market place. After all, Apple car will be here by 2020 according to well sourced goals.


What’s 25% of MB passenger car volume? About 600,000 100% electric cars in case you’re wondering.


Sebee; electric cars and autonomous cars will never replace proper cars with chest hair that you can drive how you wish. Do you know why? Because that electric and autonomous stuff is boring.


Luke, you are right they are boring, and so is banging on and on and on about them on an F1 site…….


What in the world are you barking on about? E cars are far less than 1% of sales and would be even less were it not for the subsidies. Apple will never build a car. It’s a bit more difficult than a phone


DYK – Apple has $249B in cash.
DYK – Tesla market cap is $40B


Re: Apple car being difficult.

Reminder electric cars are basically a battery and electric motor. If I remember correctly, the rep at the Tesla store told me there are total of 12 components that make up the entire rolling chassis with motors and battery on it. Electric cars are incredibly simple and reliable. Much fewer mechanical moving parts, no differentials, no gear box, no moving pistons, valves, etc. My kids have an electric Jeep, it’s 12V, 2 speed, $349 and runs for well over an hour pedal to the floor. Clearly a road going car has safety requirements, but it is hardly rocket science. Apple hired the engineers already that know all about it those requirements.

Building an electric car is incredibly easy compared to a petrol or hybrid car.


With no differential how do you fancy they go around corners? 12 components that make up a rolling chassis, wheels, tires, brakes, shockers, springs, upper and lower from and rear A arms…that’s 22 right there and I could go on.

No road car is simple, none. And EVs don’t necessarily have good reliability records. Safety most certainly is rocket science.

I’m glad your kids like their toy, but you’d be better off posting this in green car journal.

Now back to F-1. Maybe Hass, but I submit that without paint we couldn’t readily tell them apart.


You speak like Tesla P100D isn’t doing 0-60 in 2.27s and standing quarter mile in 10.5. Like Chevy Volt isn’t getting 383km per charge. Like Nissan Leaf isn’t here. Like Tesla doesn’t have well over 400,000 orders with deposit for Model 3. Like the top 3 world wide electric vehicles aren’t Chinese and China isn’t a leader in the category. Like studies haven’t proven that electric car maintenance cost is 3 cents per mile vs 6 cents for petrol/hybrid. Like Molten Salt Reactors aren’t in final stages of development.

I understand there are many people in denial, and no one could imagine the smart phone as we know it today in 2007 before Apple dropped the iPhone. It was almost science fiction to them. Well, here we are 10 years later, find me someone with a flip phone?

Reality is Electric and Autonomous cars are going to come, are going to get adopted widely and hold outs will end up looking like they are wearing bellbottoms in the 80s. It will happen quickly and I for one cannot wait for it to happen. And then I hope Formula 1 recognizes that it should chose a completely different path and gives us back V10 F1 600kg cars that put drivers in autonomous charge and are as fun to watch on track as they were during Peak F1, when most Formula 1 fans ever watched and went to races. Why I remember in the early 2000s, it was actually very hard to get tickets to nearly ever Grand Prix I went to…imagine that!


DYK: Electric cars were over 4% share in UK in January.


Sebee, alternative fuel vehicle sales reached 4.14% market share in January, but this includes hybrids as well as full electrics. The breakdown is as follows;
Full electric, 1010 = 0.57%
Plug in hybrid, 1563 = 0.89%
Petrol/diesel hybrid, 4688 = 2.68%.
Total car sales 174564.


According to SMMT pure EVs were about .5% in Januart


Interesting times ahead with the first test starting tomorrow. Would be quite a shock if
Ferrari have actually found something. Personally think it would be a good looking car without the fin.

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.


Right before it gets run over by a Mercedes 🙂


LOL We shall see.

McLaren won’t be run over by anything as they’ll be stuck in the garage. More Groundhog day for them than squirrel talk.


@ Nick H….hahaha so what the tealeaves told you proved correct ? I shall have to change from drinking coffee!


Haha I suppose not such a startling prediction Ken given their recent endeavours..

In all seriousness it could get ugly fast at McLaren, going to be fascinating to watch Alonso.


Tomorrow could be the day dreams and hopes of a competitive season die.


Ferrari looks the most remarkable of the 2017 cars, it hurts saying this because I have always been a McLaren fan (although livery is remarkable but for the wrong reasons). Ferrari is actually making the T-wing look not so bad. Renault seems to have the best livery and Mercedes look like chicken legs on (substantiated by the images below)


Ferrari is on par with Force India.
Mercedes have the best looking car by far. However much you dabble with the photos 😉


Disagree, Ferrari is the best looking car of the pack.
Mercedes, mweh, looks like a boat with a horrible paint job.
But then again, it’s all about taste, isn’t it?


I didn’t suggest Mercedes doesn’t look good (tandoori chicken tastes good)…lol, infact, i would agree it is one of the best looking if not the best (Torro Rosso comes to mind). Its just that it looks more like the 2016 car with tyre and wing changes. I was just amused by myself seeing chicken leg pieces in the W08…but this offbeat humuor could only be shared by a image rendition…so i had to…lol. And I am a car designer, so dabbling with pictures is part of the job. Our bosses are rather immune to words without pictures…lol


Maybe Ross will consider an approach which eventually returns F-1 to an exhibition which reveals car control and driver skills (once again) compared with how many and how big/complex wings can become. Wouldn’t that be interesting. . . ?

Might actually become something that folks would enjoy the spectacle of at the track as well as on TV. Just think of today’s drivers trying to control a power slide or modulate a clutch and engine off the line. Hmmmmm.


The Ferrari looks particularly ugly to me. It looks like a Lego-car basically. And the sponsor stickers seem to have been applied at random on the body parts. It looks like a mess!


But does’nt that Toro Rosso look a bit like a police car? Imagine those red mirrors blinking. Some blue lights next to drivers helmet. And maybe one BIG red light blinking on top of the helmet itself!?? OMG



As I’ve said many times before, the 2012 Ferrari was a Lego car.

The 2017 car is stocky and you’re right when you say that the livery is kind of a mess, but it does look like it’s got some grunt.

It’s like the opposite of what an F1 car should be, but in a perverse way I kind of like it 🙂


For me, how an F1 car looks means very little. I’m sure there will be some surprises, and interesting interpretation of the new regulations. The air duct right on the nose of RB looks like it could be interesting, or it might be just to cool Dani Ric’s boots for podium drinks 🙂


That air duct under the nose of the Red Bull could be an advantage but I want to see the underside of the cars. Mercedes seems to have the longest wheel base. All of the cars have huge difference in what we can see and probably more where we can’t see.


Alright be honest, who voted for Force India?

Haas looks nice as well with that paint job. Shame about all these pointy noses… Redbull is intriguing with their Dysonesque nose.


I suspect that VJ has the ability to click on a web page 🙂


James: “chasing their tales” should be tails, I guess (Ferrari)


“Chasing their tales” makes sense, but *only* when applied to Ferrari.

“We are Ferrari and we are the best and most important racing team in the world and we always win because we are Ferrari.”

Tell us another one 🙂


James, I am a big fan of your writing, insight, analysis and depth of inside knowledge, however: a “highly ‘curated’ side vane?” “Curated” as much as I detest its overuse these days, means, according to my dictionary “to select & organise material for an event or presentation.” How, in the name of all that is holy, does one apply it to a side vane?


@ HBT… Quite easily applied. The designers were faced with a range of side vanes and they simply chose [curated] what would look the very best irrespective of whether it worked or not. After all these were just ‘photo ops’. We won’t see anything definitive until the lights go out in melbourne.


“to select & organise material for an event or presentation”

An F1 car launch is a media event or presentation, for which they selected and organised a shark fin 🙂


I think James description of curated is accurate, they aren’t the real ones, they are simply put on there for the launch. Don’t want to reveal the real thing and allow the competition time to copy and test.


after all the talk, I’m disappointed with the look of all the cars. f1 needs to manage expectations better…
surely the rule makers could have written something into the rules that would have kept the ugly shark wings off the cars…


@ Texas T…all media hype and marketing spin! Anyone who fell for that was naive. The media pushed this supposedly ‘they will look aggressive’ approach yet just by looking at the comments, over time, since the launch a lot of people who think that some cars are aggressive where others think exactly the opposite. It’s all subjective anyway. Personally i am not too excited at all. Just hope that they are all fast and we get some different people frequenting the top three steps.


The most stunning first

1. Red Bull
2. Mercedes
3. Ferrari
4. Haas
5. Sauber
6. Williams
65749. Mclaren + Force India


Red Bull? With that front end? OK I might have been harsh with 2 out of 10 but what?

(Agree with 2 to 5 though!)


Overall the cars are not perhaps as
spectacular looking as we were led to

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the cars are not as spectacular as the fans had hoped and yet the on track action turns out to be spectacular as the fans hadn’t hoped

Yes, from the looks of things, a lot of teams are silently confident of their chances with the new regulations and thus we saw a lot of them impatient to give their new wheels a spin before testing proper such as Haas, Mclaren, Mercedes, Williams, Ferrari and Renault

As for new Red Bull car, this season will be a hallmark because for the first time since the new engine rules, they will be hoping to win races without benefiting from Mercedes misfortune

In conclusion, the main talking point of 2017 will be the shark wings and how soon they will be banned


Most of teams have used media days to get some laps on the equipment to see if there are any glaringly obvious issues, better to find out about these now than lose a couple of days during testing when mileage is most important.

I’m under their impression that these media days have come with Pirelli control tyres and limited mileage so largely useless for the teams in terms of gathering performance data.


@ Vanilla Bear

Oh I see… Thanks for sharing


Great sum up James! Looking forward to seeing them on track next week.


I honest think Ferrari is car to look out their is so innovative that it’s even better than Merc


I agree. The Ferrari blew me away in terms of how aggressively they pursued an aero philosophy that seems very different from anybody else’s.

Whether it works remains to be seen, but I really hope it does.


Since this was written before Sunday, I’m going to buck the poll and say that my favorite so far is the Haas. Hoping to see performance that goes with the looks.




Car ratings out of 10. (Had to clarify that, could have easily been out of 100 based on expectations!)

Mercedes: 9. Best looking car by far, Hamilton will probably lap the field in that speed machine, with Bottas probably 20 or 30 seconds behind Hamilton.

Ferrari: 7.5. Only car to actually look half decent with the Shark Fin. Take that thing off and I’ll bump it up to an 8 or 8.5.

Renault: 7. Quite like the look of the Renault. Looks pretty sleek.

Hass: 6.5. Good effort. Looks very racy. Bump it up to a 7 or higher without the fin.

Sauber: 6. Next best looking. Decent livery and looks pretty racy.

McHonda: 3. Gives me a headache just looking at it.

Red Bull: 2. Looks like a box on wheels. What the heck have they done. Newey more focussed on the boats?? Well I guess the front half does kind of look like a boat.. Well at least they made a small effort to change the design, unlike the next two teams:

Force India / Williams: 1 or 0. No comment.

Toro Rosso –Haven’t seen it yet. But based on Red Bull’s effort, it’s not going to be very high up this list.

Overall conclusion. Usually it is said that the most beautiful cars are always the fastest. If this proves true, then the whole field except for Mercedes are screwed.

I am extremely disappointed with the Red Bull. Aren’t they supposed to be Mercs closest rivals? I really wanted to see a Hamilton vs Vertsappen battle this year, but it seems that Mercedes are only going to increase their dominance. Not unless the form book is completely overturned and ugly cars actually can go fast. Just what were they thinking with the front half of the car???? Why so big? Space for Ricciardo’s spare shoes?

BTW I was Bring Back Murray a while ago but changed my name out of respect for Murray (he was ill a little while ago). And watching Mansell in 1990 in the Ferrari basically got me hooked on F1, so that sounded OK for an alternative name. But I guess nobody really cares about that!


I think you have the correlation backwards: it’s not that nice-looking cars are fastest, it’s the other way around. (Any car that goes fast is considered beautiful.)


The Red Bull has already broken down 😄 in testing. Must’ve sacked up a flexible wing chip 😉through the nose sphincter 😣
Mclaren has broken down and won’t be back until the afternoon. Alonso looks glum faced😨
Meanwhile …
The Mercedes just keeps going around and around the circuit with Mercedes camp chilling and grinning😊👍


Ferrari seems to be doing ok, as I write this. Still reliability and speed are not necessarily connected, so let’s not make too many assumptions just yet.


Ferrari did really well on day one of testing last year…


Yep Ferrari doing okay also 👍
Seems Mercs and Ferrari are geared up 😊


Obviously you have an access to windtunnel and made your calculations to justify your rage towards Red Bull. You really should call them and give your opinion. What if they have not noticed that the front of the car looks unfinished!! Maybe they just forgot that like “i thought that you was the one to take care of the front!” “But i thought it was your job!” Both yelling at the same time: “OH NO!!”

My favourite 2017 F1 car


I just didn’t like the look of it that much. Maybe it looks better when it’s out on the track?


Really all that about a paintjob and some graphics.

“I am extremely disappointed with the Red Bull. Aren’t they supposed to be Mercs closest rivals?!”
Do you mean that you dont like the colour scheme and you dont think they can race Merc because their car doesnt look as good to your eyes?

I dont get the hype or all the online judgement people are throwing at this.
We cant see under the cars, none of us have any way of judging the cars abilities.


How very true.


Surely you are having a laugh. The new RB13 looks great – as James himself says. While it may not be to your liking, 2/10 is ridiculous.

The new Toro Rosso looks great also.


Indeed. And if you read the various comments on social media it is apparent that a lot of people have changed their tune about these cars once they have seen them on track.


Ha, the Torro Rosso is beautiful. For me, right up there with the Mercs.


Yeah that looks good doesn’t it. I’d put it between The Mercs and the Ferrari on my list. Should have waited a bit longer but my comment would have come in at about 100!


How can you possibly judge the relative pace of two f1 cars on the evidence of a few photographs? When was the last time Adrian Newey designed a bad race car, I don’t remember one, yet you seem to have written off Red Bulls chances of success before they’ve done one lap of testing. Bizarre


Yes, i think 2015 is the year when one bad Red Bull car was designed according to Neway/RedBull status


I’m probably just stirring a bit. But the Red Bull does look like one of the worst cars. That’s just my humble opinion!


I am certainly no aerodynamics expert so only thing i can say about these cars is wich i find to look good. In that case and according to your quote, Haas is going to be 1st or 2nd in 2017, it looks so racy with those colours. But i am glad to see that there are people here that have more aerodynamic insight than James or Adrian Newey, how can they be so wrong… If RB looks like a boat, i hope there will be some wet races. But, as said, i am a aero nitwit and i will just wait for the tests and first races to see which team has it right and which has it wrong. Instead of giving points for which car looks best.


You should really be checking out the Toro Rosso ..its a beaut. Definitely in the top 3 atleast.
And the Rb is not ugly at all except for that nosecone & that car has the same design philosophy as RB16 so expect it to be fast..they are hiding plenty of things . Look at that shark fin, the bull design(tail) is not complete unlike Toro Rosso instead it looks like they kept a sheet of painted cardboard or something there. Either they found another solution or they are not planning to not use the shark fin .


Yep TR looks great, nicer than RB!


Yep Mercedes are tops.
I like the Haas livery too.
Red Bull is way off the mark just above Force India for freak value.


@ BKF…Have you seen more images than the average bear? I think i’ve only seen three shots and they are as dark as a hominid high rise!


Haas just took the Daytona 500 I’m sure as most know. They won’t be taking any wins in Formula 1, that’s for sure.

Intersting changes in NASCAR this year, with stages and points awarded for order at stages in the race. It really crates a scramble as everyone wants those points. Something like that wouldn’t work in Formula 1 especially with all the 1 stopping this year. But it’s is interesting that they are pushing to implement new ideas that make it a battle with something worth fighting for in the race beside the win.

I love the “CRANK IT UP” segment of NASCAR races. Those NASCAR V8 sound so much better than F1 PUs. TV feed wise, it’s not even close.


They do. But I think the PUs sound less anaemic and louder again this year, which is plus, I guess.


I’m willing to bet you a large coffee you won’t be able to hear any difference. …unless they will sneak those exhaust whistles that are due by 2018 or earlier.


You can barely see the red bull. How can you make a judgement so quickly. They were the last to launch and the launch is just a dark image. I feel like they might be hiding something. Let’s hope so for the seasons sake


The Red Bulls front nose is as ugly as it’s rear wing. It has a slot like a vacuum cleaner attachment or as somebody else put a Pingu the Penguin beak. It’s Red Bull running a high rake and trying you get more aero as they have a weak engine.
It’s as bad as a Caterham Dolphin nose aka the Freak Todger.


Finally somebody is talking sense


Well, it is a nose, so why should it be strange if it has a nostril. And I have no idea what you’re on about with regard to the rear wing.


…well, the nostril is for coughing up the chokes by the Renault engine.. bwahahahaha


Assuming the rear wing aka the Shark fin is also a beak . 2 beaks don’t make it right 👃👃


Do you think that is a mistake? It clearly has a purpose for something and i can bet you that if it works and the RB goes faster by it (like double difuser) it will not take long before all teams have a nosecone like that. Is it beautiful? No, but there are no points given for beauty in F1, only for speed.


True @Robert, however the article’s heading is who’s hot and who’s not and clearly with a nose on the RBR that seems it is trying to sniff a race win, it carries the RBR straight into the NOT category.

Again, if it makes the car go faster, as maybe the Shark Fin might, then we will be looking at a grid of Penguin nosed Sharked Finned Cars in different livery for 2017. That would be a grid of NOTs IMO


My thoughts exactly, not much can be seen of this car at all, but its a great livery, but not as good looking as the Torro Rosso IMO, the nosecone and the livery of that car is just beauty

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