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Breaking cover – Williams reveals preview shots of its FW40 2017 F1 car
Williams 2017 F1 car FW40
Posted By: Editor   |  17 Feb 2017   |  11:20 am GMT  |  153 comments

Williams has become the first Formula 1 team to reveal images of its 2017 car.

The FW40, which is named in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the team entering F1 occurring this year, was unveiled in a YouTube video ten days ahead of the start of winter testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The 2017 F1 machines have been built alongside new aerodynamic regulations that were intended to make the cars look visually more aggressive and achieve faster laptimes.

The new Williams, which will be driven by Felipe Massa and rookie driver Lance Stroll, features the expected wider and lower rear wing, which has curved endplates in a similar approach to the wing Ferrari fitted to its test car when it trialled the 2017 Pirelli tyres last season.

The FW40 also has more tightly sculpted sidepods than its predecessor, the FW38, and the swept back, pointed front wing design that was also expected from the new regulations.

Williams has retained the tipped nose at the front of the car in a similar design to its 2015 and 2016 machines. The car also appears to have a bigger airbox above the cockpit.

Williams 2017 F1 car FW40

The next 2017 car to be revealed will be Sauber’s C36, which be launched online on 20 February. This will be followed by Renault’s RS17 on 21 February, Force India’s VJM10 a day later and Mercedes’ W08 on 23 February. McLaren and Ferrari will both unveil their new challengers on 24 February, with Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Haas F1 all launching on 26 February, one day before the first test.

Ex-Ferrari aerodynamicist Dirk de Beer joins Williams

Williams has also announced that is has hired former Ferrari chief aerodynamicist Dirk de Beer to head up its aerodynamics department.

De Beer, who will start working for Williams on 1 March 2017, has previously worked for Sauber and Renault and joined Ferrari in 2013. He left the Scuderia last summer after the departure of the team’s former technical director James Allison, who will become Mercedes’ technical boss later this season.

Felipe Massa

Claire Williams, the team’s deputy team principal, described de Beer as a “great asset” as she welcomed him to the team.

She said: “We’re delighted to have someone with Dirk’s vast experience joining us. Having spent several years as a head of aerodynamics in Formula 1, his knowledge and technical expertise will undoubtedly be a great asset to the team in our continued push to restore Williams to the front of the grid.”

After slipping back to fifth place in the 2016 constructors’ championship, Williams goes into 2017 following an off-season that featured a lot of staff reshuffling, particularly in its technical department.

Pat Symonds stepped down from the team at the end of last year and a number of senior technical staff in the aerodynamic and production departments have also left, but Mercedes’ former technical chief, Paddy Lowe, is expected to join the Grove-based team in a senior management role.

What do you make of the first images of the FW40? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Wow just wow. This looks absolutely stunning. Not a straight line in sight. The aero looks really promising. I wander why they have released this early


Comment on new F1 cars……. all the hype , but are they looking that different.
Bit here and a bit there, but really!!!


This is clearly a good idea insofar as getting a official image of the new car out there first. It is not however the actual car.
The clip itself is too dark and dingy.
I’m dissapointed in Williams for this, the fans have been waiting with great excitement for new cars designed with new regs………it’s so drab.
A marketing backfire I’d suggest.
However they’ll hopefully learn from this and not present the actual car so poorly.


This is it? I thought the ugly noses were thing of a past. Pathetic. And it is outright cheating us fans, sorry consumers, using V8 engine noise for the background. The new Formula E car someone has shared is jaw-dropping and F1 is nowhere.

Stuart McLaughlan

Just looks like last year’s chassis placed on top of a new wider under tray.

A Williams FW11 (1987) now that looked aggressive and was aggressive, this thing doesn’t look much more aggressive than a Citroen 2CV!


Haven’t read all the comments, so maybe this has already been mentioned, but don’t like all the winglets, veins, and other “aero” stuff. Shark fin awful, and “new” front wing should be much simpler and susceptible to damage. Underwhelmed.


Don’t know who the target demographic is that’s going to be all that impressed but it ain’t me babe. Maybe they were trying to impress other f1 engineers, not the fans?


Looks sleek yet understated – exactly how a modern F1 car should look, imo. At the risk of stating the obvious, it’s still very clearly F1, and represents evolution not revolution. By the time we roll out in Melbourne, the era of “narrow F1 cars” will look so strange and dated.


The narrow cars have always looked strange and dated.

When I first saw them in testing in early 2009 I almost fell off my chair. Those cars were not fit for mass consumption from the get-go. We were told that we would get used to them eventually, but I never did. And I don’t think that most fans did, either.


I like the look! I would love to see the teams spend more time on the paint jobs. No aero advantage but just make the cars more visually appealing. Like the look though and the fact that Williams is attracting big engineering talent.


I do have a concern that these new regs are a retrograde step. The move away from massive downforce and cornering-on-rails of the exhaust blown diffuser brought about jittery cars, more driver input and better racing. Of course it was dominated by Mercedes but that should have evened out over time, and a move to more equitable funding.
I hope I’m wrong, but the reg change looks like a solution to the wrong problem. IF cars can’t close and overtake, and IF tyres don’t degrade to offer performance differential where is the variability and overtaking going to come from? Now the cornering speeds are going to be so high, can the circuits absorb the energy of an accident or a car leaving the track?


I didn’t realise the tray under the sidepods came so far out from underneath the chassis. Interesting to see the cornering affects of this especially on Silverstone’s sweeping complexes


From a side shot, it looks a longer car; but from the front, even with the side-by-side shot, I did not see any difference between the 2016 and 2017 chassis worth getting excited about. Perhaps I am too much of a layman.


The new regs did not introduce any mandatory changes to the chassis. The idea was to fix the bad proportions by increasing the track back to 2 metres, increase mechanical grip via fatter tyres, ditch the tall boxy rear wing, remove the boxiness of the front wing and make it look more dynamic by giving it a delta shape, and it increase downforce from the floor by increasing the size of the diffuser and the size of the floor.

If you look at the render you can see all of that, and in all honesty I don’t what people were expecting, especially given the fact that nobody wanted any radical changes to the cars as all the radical proposals were rejected by the fans.


What is the weight of the new F1 tire + rim ( front & back ) ? How ,the weight , is going to affect the pitstops ?


2kg heavier each corner


Not saying it to be that guy, but . . . looks fake. Seriously, it looks like the whole thing is rendered. Am I the only one? The surfaces don’t look right.


I have some guy named Morpheus on the phone, says he’s has some sort of pill for you?


Looks pretty regular, the nosecone looks like someone put a false nose on the ’16 car, and havent hidden the join very well,I do like the swept back look though. As for the sidepods, im sure the boffins know what their doing, but visually it lookslike someone sat on them before they had set properly. Maybe controversial, but I like the rear wing look.


The nose? I thought se got rid of that? I did’nt expect to see very much of a change but i sure thought there were no more noses.

Livery is nice but i allways hope that kind of reaction like “oh wow i did not expect that!”


Looking at the extra width of a proper 2017 car, that alleyway masquerading as a chicane at Baku is going to claim a few scalps!


Cashpoor; there is no “extra” width. The width has been returned to what it was before Moseley reduced the track to 1.8 and put grooved tyres on the car to slow them down for safety reasons.


Sorry luke C..wrong again. There is additional width ….cars are now 20cms wider than they were last year DUH


Er, that was 19 years ago, long before Bernie dreamed of a street race in Azerbaijan, and before any of the current drivers were in F1.


Cashpoor; 30- 19 years ago cars raced at at a Monaco that was even narrower than it is now, on the narrow streets of Dallas and Detroit, which were in places much narrower than Azerbaijan and Singapore.

And F1 didn’t have the likes of China, Bahrain and Texas, which are so wide in places that I’m surprised they don’t use those tracks as runways to land passenger jets.


That luke C is a specious argument. Pure maths will tell you that if the combination of two cars together measuring, almost half a metre wider, enter a fixed [narrow] width aperture that the room for error is reduced a great deal.


I know mate. I saw my first F1 race 52 years ago when the cars looked like current FF1600’s.

My original comment was aimed at circuits like Baku which, as you say, resembles the M25 in places, while that ridiculous kink round a building caught Lewis Hamilton out in qually last year.


Wow, they actually seemed to have solved the addition cockpit protection problem that F1 has been grappling with — without resorting to thongs or riot shields.


Thank you for that, Anonym.

THAT Formula-E design looks aggressive! I doubt any of the F1 cars for 2017 will be anywhere close, though hopefully more than the Williams.


F1 fans didn’t want F1 to go in that direction aesthetically. Concepts similar to this were shown for the future of F1 and the reception from fans was ice cold.


They just look like the interim cars that ran in testing last year in view of the 2017 regulations. I am disappointed.


One day we’ll get nice looking front wings again.


Callum; I think the front wings in the render do look very nice; although aesthetics always has been a very subjective thing, and always will be.

Proportions on the other hand, not so much. You can quite easily establish the most aesthetically pleasing proportions, and there are even mathematical formula that describe these. And there is no escaping the fact that the elements that make up these 2017 cars are infinitely more pleasing to the eye than anything we’ve had since 1997.


no wonder young Massa decided to give them another go


That is the ugliest goddam thing I have ever seen. Sad


Oh come on now, Scott. Let’s not go nuts here; there is absolutely no way that this is uglier than last year’s car.

What is it with the comments here? I’ve been to 4 different comment sections where this render was shown and the reception has been mostly positive.

Is the go-to website for anyone who wants to go nuts with the negativity now, or what?


@ Luke C perhaps the posters here are more discerning, not prepared to accept hazy scraps or maybe just too well versed to swallow the marketing hype prior to seeing the cars in the flesh? I don’t think that you have a mortgage on comment content as all they are are opinions,just like yours.


Kenneth; perhaps the posters here don’t know what they want. Concepts much more radical than what we’ve ended up with were proposed over a year ago.

The fans almost unanimously rejected those for being too radical, and now they are criticising the current cars for not being radical enough.


@ Luke C…. you’re dreaming again. Wild presumptions about what posters want to see and what they don’t are subjective. The ‘concepts’ were just that and extremely radical. There was no way that they were presented as viable alternatives. All posters are putting their personal likes and dislikes forward in a genuine show of interest.


Kenneth, the market research was done. The fans did not want anything that deviated too far from what F1 cars have looked like in the modern era. Obviously the opinions of fans are subjective, but the summary of what they want is not.

Perhaps the FIA should just stop asking fans what they want, given that people don’t know what they want.

Do you remember when Coca Cola asked people what they wanted, and people chose sweeter coke? Well, they released sweeter coke and nearly went bankrupt.

This is why market researchers no longer bother asking people what they want. It’s an expensive waste of time.


@ Luke c..are you saying that focus groups are redundant! I don’t know where you live but here i get pestered at least once every couple of week by market researchers by phone by doorknock and online. Even political parties are asking us what we want!!! Maybe if you reside on the scottish moors or in the backblocks of rural finalnd you might be right. Besides all that the FIA has never once given the fans what the fans wanted!!! Point me to where the fans wanted PU’s, where the fans wanted DRS etc etc etc and the FIA granted those wishes.


I think it looks better. A shame that they have kept the button mushroom 🍄 penis on the front though.


Look mod it looks lena dunham ugly to me plain and simple.And it does look alot worse than last years car and I am not going to apologise to you if my view differs from yours.


I agree LukeC, I often feel the same about the degree of negativity I see in the comments here. I’m not sure what people were expecting. Some dimensions and wing heights have changed, but the laws of aerodynamics have not, and neither have our highly mature and developed means of modelling and exploiting them. Yet several here seem to be suggesting we were hoodwinked.

I guess all they were asking for were sharks with frickin lasers on their heads.


“Some dimensions and wing heights have changed, but the laws of aerodynamics have not”

I’m sorry Andy, but that’s not true.

There won’t be any turbulent air this season and races will begin at 3 and end sometime before 1 o’clock.


Did Ridley Scott direct this vid – I found myself looking for Ripley/ Sigourney through the murky fog…

I am still laughing that some people really expected an “new aggressive look”. I don’t know how they create one, short of painting teeth on the nose cone or pics of Mike Tyson in the eighties. LOL. This was another Bernie marketing ploy!

Still the season gets closer and closer even if the racing doesn’t. If change is to come to F1, it will be brought on by the new regime (Liberty and a revised FOTA style group), and they haven’t had a chance as yet.


Struggling to get excited about those images. Looks like a slightly windswept 2016 car. Either we’ve been hoodwinked on the regs and the subsequent general car image change, or Williams have gone conservative bordering on dull.


That STUPID nose is slowly becoming the epitome of everything wrong with f1 car design


Hahaha, whoever made that video screwed up and put a 2016 car in it 😂😂😂.

Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait for the actual reveal to see the “spectacular”, “drastically different”, “massively shaken up”, “super agressive” 2017 Williams…….

Seriously, is this a joke? We’re going to get processional racing just so we can put this thing is a few photographs in hopes of attracting new fans??? Quick, let me go tell everyone I know who doesn’t watch F1, they’ll be blown away by how aggressive this thing looks sitting still…or following another car.


Jann Mardenborough just announced that he’ll he driving the Impul Calsonic GTR in GT500 next year, that’s really exciting!!! Talk about a dream career path!!!

How long is it until Sebring?


Aside from the rear and front wings I don’t think this car looks much different. The horrific tipped nose continues to be an eyesore on these Williams cars. Designers look like they’ve been fairly conservative.


Whats with V8 noises? Too ashamed to use V6?


Visually, its more of the same. Cant believe this is 4-5 seconds faster than 2016 car.


Product branding logos notwithstanding, I like the look of the new Williams, though I am a bit disappointed in the nub-nose retention; I was really looking forward to only seeing that design feature in the rearview mirror!
AND AT LAST: emmulation of the Merc big air box!
(what are they doing with their big airbox?!)
Something good, I’d bet.
I will be paying close attention to who has, and who hasn’t a big air box, during the unveilings.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe we’ve ever seen a technical piece which addresses this one very obvious design-differentiator of the 2016 Merc versus the rest of the grid, including other Merc-powered teams.
Maybe as a talking piece for the 2017 releases?


Like a carbuncle on someone’s head that you know you shouldn’t stare at, but can’t help it, my eye keeps getting drawn back to the proboscis.


Seriously more expected from Williams i did not like this at all it should be more aggressive.


Poor judgement on Williams’ part, these fabricated images are so underwhelming, and not aggressive-looking as the regs promise, though it gets journos writing and people talking in what is a very, VERY slow news period.


Why are they still using V10 era type sound effects?
Do these new cars really sound like 20,000 rpm engines ?


Disappointed in seeing that ugly nosecose design once again, it really spoils the whole look of the car.


Was hoping for something more drastic. As it stands, it just looks like the 2014-2017 spec F1 cars with fatter tires and a lower rear wing. But let’s give it a chance, and see how this generation of F1 cars are developed through the life span of the latest regulations.

Can I just say: Nothing beats the generation of F1 cars from 2001 to 2008. Those things were works of art!


Agree on the initial images looking similar to previous seasons.

I’m glad the regulations have lowered the rear wings back down again. Since 2009 they’ve looked like toy cars.


I am sure that all sorts of comparisons will come at a later stage, but it doesn’t seem to be very different from last year. Maybe when we see them all racing in a daylight the difference will be more clear. At the moment, would not be able to say that it is aggressive or very different


Nice job teasing Williams.
Now we know which bits of the car you don’t want us to see. I’m really looking forward to the revelations on what features are the big winners in 2017.
It would be nice to get an engineering led appraisal of the key features of the 2014-16 seasons, fuel flow metering, tyre pressures/robustness, the effects of emergency changes like banning fric, engine reliability


Yeah hopefully that was just a joke and we’ll see the actual car in a couple of weeks time


Well… WilliamsF1 first in something… at last xP
“WilliamsF1… Pole”

Besides the heavily revised sidepods and airscoop, the only technical innovation I can see is the air outlet between the front suspension, “Force India style”.
That means there is an hole in the front… eh?!
Is WilliamsF1 going FRIC?

Since Paddy Lowe is expected only after the first Quarter of the year, I guess WiliamsF1 will be a strong contender in 2018.
But I hope the 2017 fighter is competitive enough to lure a top driver for Massa’s place.


Nothing wrong with Williams but…

This is at least the third time in eight years (2009, 2014, 2017) that we hear about “the biggest regulation change in generations” in F1.

Motorsport version of Peter and the Wolf? I hope at least that the music is good…


Is the body white? Or silver as it is made to look by the lighting?
I think we shall see far more adventurous interpretations of the regs from other teams. Pity!


Can’t really get a good impression from the CG render and exposure. Nice livery as always, looks more similar to last year than I thought it would. Only thing I’d say is I don’t really like those thin blade extensions out behind the airbox that must be necessary to unnaturally meet some regulation.

Next year are they going to tease us with a wireframe model release in January…


Visually appealing,,, aggressive… ohhh 2017 machines will look so awesome… blah.. blah … blah…..

And then you see the same tipped nose !!!!!


It looks nice enough, but i think we need to see them altogether on the grid to get the full effect.


Yes we get it. Lewis is great.


Jim, it’s nice that you think that, just not sure why you drcided to share that with the group….


the side view of the rear wing is ugly.
surely they could use the 2016 profile in the same position as the 2017 regulation. that backward lean is simply ugly. the worse i have ever seen.
the rear view is the best though..


I am not too confident about Williams’ prospects for 2017. Great new signings (incl Paddy Lowe) in the technical and engineering dept’s probably won’t influence this car much – their influence will be felt in 2018. Then again, the Driver line-up does not inspire a great deal of confidence – really hope I’m wrong on this one. Lastly: the Livery is the same – no visible signs of new Sponsors coming on board – and they lost Wihuri who have gone with Valterri to Mercedes. Really hope that Williams surprise (me at least) and do really well!

An aside: I was under the impression that the cars would be more elegant and would lose those ugly “tipped” noses?


Hmm… I was expecting the 2017 cars to look like this


Did Senna just pull over for a smoke? Just like that, in his F1 car? Looks all very natural and everything, like the kind of thing any F1 driver does on a Tuesday.

Marketing really is at a cross roads, just like petrol driver driven cars. It’s truly and honestly rubbish.

I am disgusted with commercials, more than ever. I watch streaming services that don’t have commercials, specifically to avoid commercials. I think Netflix is the success it is not only because of content value, but no commercial brakes. Which means kids growing up will look at commercials with more disdain than anyone before. Nothing makes an episode of Law and Order flow like a break for a catheter commercial, or a reverse mortgage, or better yet, why not a life insurance commercial to remind you about death.

This year perhaps marked an all time low for quality of Super Bowl commercials too. These guys blow such a huge amount on the TV time, they have no money to pay for creative. I find myself more and more consciously pushing advertising away. Although I did buy a case of Reinier after watching Longmire – so they may still find a way to get to us.


Ironically, I regularly read JAonF1 but hardly ever watch the races anymore.
And the former serves as a good ‘commercial’ for the latter.


@ Sebee

You’re quite right about the baby boomers and yes I see celebrities like Justin earning free money from these type of simple commercials


@ Sebee

Amazing, you truly are a gifted wordsmith

Regards commercial, myself I actually love them because they feature models


Yes, it takes a particular talent to confuse “breaks” with “brakes” just because they sound the same.

A gifted wordsmith indeed!


Your right Jim. Plane errors should have been spotted.

As I noted, I really must proofread before submitting. Forgive.


@ Jim

Hahaha cheeky


These days I put the TV on mute whenever it goes into a commercial. I find that tv networks here in the UK, intentionally make the tv shows/movies’ volume so low that you need to turn your tv up. Only for a sudden increase in volume when the advertisements pop up.


Just came here to say the car is beautiful. Love the Williams livery and colour.


Looks amazing, cannot wait to see the actual cars after unveiling next week


Some interesting lines, like the shape of the front and rear wings and the height of the rear wing…. looks like a very subtle yet aggressive racing car. Can’t wait to see the others either!


Why did Pat Symonds leave, or was he pushed out. Will we see him in F1 this year, or is that it for him,


Pat was sacked…pushed out…I have friends that work for Williams and they have informed me of this.


Nose still looks pretty ugly. I thought that the new regs were designed to fix that.


Do you really care how the car looks? Or is it more important about how it can be raced, i.e. very very fast and hopefully closely to the competition?
Personally I couldnt care less about looks (although given the reactions on this page maybe I am in a minority).
I am far more concerned that all the aero means we will be back to processional racing and only passing in the pitlane!


Yep, its a bit annoying the ‘battery operated boyfriend’ still features on the nose. Lets hope with Ross coming in we can actually get regulations that achieve that that are supposedly designed to do…


You would think Mercedes would have killed off the uh, ‘protuberances’ by dint of winning the title three times with a car that lacks one. Yet apparently teams still believe it comes with some kind of benefit. Presumably they’ve spent so much time looking at the back of the Merc as it disappears into the distance they haven’t noticed the nose cone.


Upvote x10. I suppose different overall philosophies demand different solutions, but surely you’d look at what the dominant team was doing and at least try that avenue?

Red Bull ran the ‘thumb’ nose fairly successfully, but I’m not really as convinced as everyone else seems to be that they are the aerodynamic standard – the only place they were able to really match Mercedes for pace in the dry was Monaco, which was more about Ricciardo’s brilliance, and even then they lost the race. They were pummeled by Rosberg in Singapore, where they might have expected to be close again.

Point is, Mercedes have been at least as good, mostly better, than Red Bull in terms of chassis. All that might change this year of course – ‘Newey’ and ‘new regulations’ tend to go hand in hand. I’ll be interested to see whether all the cars are sporting this type of nose design.


+1 Ugly as hell. Of course it is not as ugly as that “double tusk” atrocity, but still nowhere near those claims of “no more ugly noses”…
BTW, I already stopped believing claims on “fixing” anything, so no surprises here.


0 out of 10 for the video director and his dreadful use of contrast, and poor composition too. The greyish pea-souper contrast gives the video a very murky, muddy appearance making it very difficult to give a definitive opinion on the new Williams FW40. And the composition (framing) leaves a lot to be desired……….

White car promotion? Refer back to the 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘚𝘱𝘺 𝘞𝘩𝘰 𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘥 𝘔𝘦 and Roger Moore’s epic chace across the Sardinian coast in his gorgeous white Lotus Esprit S1 – exterior shots always look better for a pre-dom white car rather than a bleak, dark studio!


Yeah, recon they’re trying to show off the car, but not give too much away, the shadows seem pretty deliberate.


I suspect that was part of the directors brief – they don’t want to give away all the details to the other teams. Obviously the other teams will get to see it for real in a couple of weeks, but a couple of weeks can make a difference in F1 development.


Yes really. Buy a few more light bulbs.

I don’t see anything radically new here, but then the car you see at a launch like this is not an actual chassis that will be racing this season. They will be keeping stuff under wraps until they actually have to go round a track with a stop watch on them.


So you weren’t aware that it’s just a ‘teaser’ and not the official launch?
It’s supposed to be ‘murky’!


Yep GazBoy Tis hazy shadows and really doesn’t change much. Looks same as last year’s car in some respects. Quite a disappointment.
Don’t think much to it. Williams hey !
Maybe it will faster on the circuit . Martini anyone anyone… I stick with a pint of ol’speckled and a ploughman’s lunch…with a fresh chilli !


All of which is exactly what was intended. Getting the publicity of being the ‘first to reveal a 2017 car’ without actually giving anything significant away. If I recall rightly Williams have done this for the last couple of years now.


I assume that was entirely deliberate, none of them will be wanting to give away anything till the first race.


I may have missed the irony here but I think that is intentional…..


The murky lack of clarity will be deliberate, to obscure detail


So the new regs were’ intended to make the cars look visually more aggressive’

doesn’t look much different to last years car to me – I was hoping for something vastly different… #disappointed……


spot on James!

How do i get a job at the Williams graphic design department?
1: photocopy pic of last year’s car
2: white out a few sponsors that have abandoned us this year
3: show ‘new’ car to the world
4: go down the pub to recover from all this hard work
5: take the rest of the year off


The changes that were allowed are there. Lower, wider back wing. Delta front wing. Wider tyres. They’re talking centimeters on the barge boards on both sides. That’s pretty hard to see from a distance. I like them😊 I don’t know what you was expecting.


I tend to agree James. I think the difference in appearance is very distinguishable from last years cars and find that they are indeed more aggressive looking. I like it and whilst the paint scheme is keeping in-line with the Martini branding we’ve seen in the past from Williams is a tad mundane the car as a whole looks outstanding.
The excitement builds…..


I always initially have trouble making out the subtleties, but when you put the two pics side by side you can really notice the difference this year. I love the rear wing profile, and they have definitely gone more aggressive on the engine housing…the cut back from the side-pods to the rear wing makes last years car look pregnant!


@ Sars….I still don’t get this ‘aggressive’ comment. How can an inanimate object look ‘aggressive’. I admit that the new cars may look better given the proportions and the lower rear wing but that just tidies up what was to all intents and purposes, ugly.


Hi sars😊 long time no hear!
Yeah, looking forward to Australia, seeing all the new cars in their glory, and seeing battle commence with hopefully some close, exciting racing. Buy not getting my hopes up to high😄 I’m at least hoping the Redbulls can get in the mix more often this year. Not putting to much money on Ferrari I’m afraid. But keeping my little pinkies crossed anyway🍻


It seems to me, I have read numerous engineers, people in the teams saying things like, ‘the cars will look great,’ ‘awesome,’ etc. When you read comments like that, yes, then you expect more.


But if you checked all the new dimensions, to which there’s been an abundance of, then one could actually get a pretty good idea of what the the rules entailed. The numbers were there for all to see. I ain’t no rocket scientist, but when I’m told a nose wing can be 15cm wider (7,5 cm each side) and must be swept back. When the body work can be 20cm wider, I think one can work out that the changes ain’t gonna be that drastic. I for one am looking forward to seeing them all line up on the grid in Melbourne, to see who’s been the most cunning🍻


Totally underwhelmed…if that is indeed a precursor to the real thing! As for the livery….well they could at least get a little more creative rather than use this outdated and outmoded look that does zip for the car and even less for the fans.


Jim; I don’t believe that you were hoping for something vastly different. Ferrari and mclaren proposed vastly different F1 cars (you know, the ones that looked like the RedBull X1 car in Gran Turismo) and pretty much everybody said no.

“F1 fans” are impossible to please these days, it seems.


So true man. Like anything that has a fan base people want change but then the change happens and they complain.


Tony; the fans want the cars to look very different, but at the same time exactly the same.

Just like in “The Simpsons” the kids were surveyed about what they wanted to see in “Itchy and Scratchy” cartoons and it turned out that the wanted the characters to get involved in more normal, realistic everyday situations, but they also wanted to see them get involved in more wacky completely out of this world and unrealistic situations.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to tear my hair out.


Couldn’t agree with you more.
What’s bulging (and why) on the headrest 14 sec into video?


It’s simply for the drivers head to rest on because of the higher G expected when cornering. It’s teardrop shaped to make it disturb the aero as little as as possible.


So they’ve hired ex Ferrari chief of aero department…well Ferrari wasn’t really known as a leader of aero war, nor was the Williams. So I’m afraid this won’t really boost Williams to the front. At the best they should hope not to slip further back.

On top of that I see they’ve lost Petrobras and Wihuri as partners/sponsors, without anyone noticeably replacing them. That can’t help either, unless they’ve got hefty bunch of cash/discount on PUs + techical know how from Merc for giving up Bottas.


Good spot. I’m wondering the same thing…


Agreed. I was expecting a ‘WOW’ reaction but from the head on view it looks identical to last year. From other angles again, it’s not as I was expecting, I’m sure once we see a real car it may produce that WOW reaction.

James, Alex could it be possible to produce a side by side imagine from last year and this to compare?


You are very wrong it does not look “identically” if you really follow they sport you would see a big difference. Man people these days don’t know that they are talking about.


I cant see much diference to last year either. Maybe its the colour scheme or the angles or the lighting. Bit rubbish of Williams to do that i reckon. Lets hope we are wrong. Not as 80s as i imagined.
Let others have their opinions..everyone should be entitled to their say. Right or wrong. And this is a very subjective topic.
ive been following the sport for 30 odd years and in those pics it looks v similar to last years car…


Don’t get me wrong it’s certainly an improvement on the previous era of cars. I was just expecting it to make me think wow what a change. The rear wing looks better and from the rear it looks impressive. But from head on it looks similar to last year. As I said I’m sure the real cars in race trim will look even better.


RobertS; these cars will look amazing in the flesh. Even in this provisional render you can see that the proportions are right, and it does indeed look more aggressive. What is obviously missing in the render are the minute details that Williams will no doubt want to guard for as long as possible.

By far the biggest improvement is the rear end view; it actually looks sexy now, whereas before I couldn’t stand it. This is what we should have had since 2009, instead of those attrocities.


@ Luke C… In these days of ‘oversuperlativised’ comments what exactly do you think the word “aggressive’ actually means? It is, IMO, just marketing speak to try and conjure up an image that is purely subjective. How can an inanimate object be ‘aggressive’?


Hi Kenneth . I totally get your question about inanimate objects looking aggressive. Yes it may be subjective but most hardened F1 fans will be looking for certain characteristics. I well sharpened front wing, tight packaging with swooping curves to guide the flow of air, details on the rear spoiler , stance of car compare this car to say last year’s manor or cars after the ban of aero devil horns and this looks more aggressive. It’s also brought the Ferrari factor back. I.e creating beautify sculptured cars that look good on a poster. I look forward to the on screen action


Kenneth; it is not marketing speak. The cars do actually look as though they have a bit of pent up energy and are about to rush forward and penetrate the airflow more aggressively.

Not exactly easy to articulate, I know, so if you’re not satisfied lets just say they don’t look badly proportioned anymore with ridiculous boxy wings that look as if they had been tacked on as an afterthought.


@ luke C i agree with you final statement but “aggressive’ ? Inanimate objects don’t have behavioural tendencies.


Kenneth; aggressive in this context does not refer to a behavioural tendency. Rather it refers more to an attitude. Much like a human can adopt an aggressive posture, which can be palpable even in a still photograph.


@ Luke C…sorry but you’re not cutting through. An individual adopting an aggressive stance in a photograph is ‘behavioural’ An inanimate object cannot be aggressive / behavioural. It is all in the eye of the beholder which is subjective. That’s fine by me if that is what it represents to you, i just happen to disagree and see it as simply marketing spin which has been picked up to try and engender a positive spin associated with the new rules and regs. They will look better than what we’ve seen for quite some time althoughi expect that next time you’ll probably tell that they look ‘hostile’ hahaha


Kenneth, don’t worry about the “aggressive” thing then. If you don’t see it, fair enough.

You do agree that the current cars have better proportions and that the rear wings in particular look much better than the tall narrow boxy wings that we had since 2009, do you not?


@ Luke C…. Yes, there is no aggressiveness there. Instead there is a better looking car all round from what little i have seen to date. The rear wing looks good and so do the pods which look quite pleasantly shaped…almost sculptural. That said though the ‘nose’ treatment is sadly lacking and some “rhinoplasty’ is urgently required…


@ Luke C…you’re dreaming.

Tornillo Amarillo

It’s beautiful! Compare with the FW38.

Go Lance!!!


Wait till they put exhaust whistles on them in 2018. Maybe sooner if we’re lucky.




Yeah, lucky.

Don’t tell me that PUs saving 50KG per Grand Prix made no difference in your life to be thankful for and feel lucky about?


So I just read from another site that they will reposition microphones on the cars and ‘tune the audio feed’ to help the television experience. There you have it.


Sebee – have you commented about the videos of those new engines being started up online? Maybe you could help them design a whistle? or does simply taping a V10 and adding a speaker system to the cars work for you?


like tractors?


I think upwards pointing exhausts should be mandatory. The top of the exhaust should be the highest point of the car.


Like trucks?


Is it me, or do these front wings look stupid? Not awesome stupid, but stupid stupid. How many millions spent on those silly things no one notices? Too delicate for contacts. Constantly bouncing around. Pieces flying off. How many elements and brakes are allowed on these things?

It wouldn’t shock me to learn that the F1 grid spends 150M between the teams on front wings alone over the season. That’s a total guess, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if I was close, or if it was more. Now that’s stupid stupid stupid.


C’mon man! Swept wings in F1 is nnnnnneeeowwwww!!!
(Or… burrrrblebrrddrrt…brrt brrrt until the whistles are attached)


Honesty, looks like 1/2 a car reflection in the mirror. Jim is right, most fans won’t notice the different YoY. In trend with hash tagging in protest….

#hashtag <- just wanted to see if this would break the forum.


Nope, but if you try that on Twitter it may just go into an infinite loop and spontaneously combust 🙂

As for the Williams it is a bit conservative, but for all we know some of the other teams may have something a little more radical up their sleeves.

Either way, a small improvement is still an improvement 🙂


Exactly Random. Hopefully we can see them tweak the Regs for the rear-wing further so the endplates can extend as far as the inside of the rear tyres. Still a little narrow for my liking although certainly not as bad as last year.


We’re such beggers we’ll take anything at this point, right? Some have been exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome toward the PUs for years and thus are thankful for any little sliver.

Fine Random, as long as we pay $0 for it.


Easy Sebee – The new cars might not be what some were hoping for – although I’d suggest that some should have done some research on the new regs before they got their hopes up too much – but you can’t deny that it does look more like a “traditional” F1 car than the 2009 spec cars.

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