No more knee jerk F1 decisions: Ross Brawn speaks on his vision for a new F1
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Jan 2017   |  10:38 am GMT  |  283 comments

Ross Brawn, the newly installed managing director of the sporting side of Formula 1, has begun to speak about some of the areas he will work on in the new administration and what he thinks is important for Formula 1.

He has highlighted cost control, simplifying the rules and putting in place a process for decision making, rather than the knee jerk decisions which have not served F1 well in recent years, such as the fiasco over qualifying rules at the start of last year. And he said he wants to hear fans’ views before making any decisions, but has ruled out any “artificial” devices to spice up the show.

Brawn is one of the most successful figures in F1 history winning world championships in F1 with Williams, Benetton, Ferrari and Brawn and also in sportscars with Jaguar. He has a grasp of the history of the sport and its key values, but also realises that the sport needs to change and to modernise for modern audiences.

Ross Brawn Jean Todt

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy he said, “First of all there will be a change of course. With Carey as CEO, me on the sporting side and Sean Bratches on the commercial side the decisions will be collegiate. And we will involve the FIA and the promoters. In recent years I have seen F1 being slow to react. It’s clear to everyone we need a change, but we have to pay attention to preserve the essence of Grand Prix. For my part after a period of research and investigation we have to put down a 3-5 year plan and gradually introduce the changes. Moving too quickly could be counterproductive.

“The right thing to do before making any decisions is to sound out the fans, to hear what they have to say. We need to study and to understand what solutions will make the sport more exciting and more competitive. We need to be careful not to do things, as has happened in recent years, that artificially to create spectacle. But I agree we need to make F1 more competitive,” he added.

He was the master of ingenious race strategies, when he worked alongside Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, but now as a sports administrator he wants to evolve F1 to make it more simple for fans to follow.

“As a spectator in the last few years, if I haven’t followed a race from start to finish and had my laptop switched on so I can see all the lap times and the tyre and the rest of it, I’ve had a job following the races. I don’t think that’s healthy,” Brawn told BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday morning.

“I think we need to find a way to get back to the races being clear to the fans where everyone is, what they are doing and where they are in the race and their position.

“There are different levels of fans, of course and we want to appeal to all of them. We have to start with the guy at the circuit who won’t have access to a laptop. He wants to watch a race and he wants to understand what’s going on. So we have to define what is needed there. And then we need to start to add the layers for the fans who want to look into F1 more deeply.

“And I think there is so much material there; stuff that goes on in the garages, on the pit wall, deeper analysis of what is going on at the circuit. People will be able to dial in at whatever level They want to.” Jenson Button Brawn

Brawn argues that the idea of F1 teams building their own cars and the cycles of competitiveness are fundamental to F1 and will not change.

“The DNA of F1 is a fair element of technical challenge and I think that is healthy. There is a need for the cars to be different and there is a need for fans to follow the cyclic competitiveness of the different teams.

“But it’s pretty excessive at the moment; we have to look at that and at how we pull that back, because the margin between the front and the back is dramatic.”

Sauber Manor

Cost control is one of the first items on the agenda for Brawn; he has spoken out against the short term thinking behind the introduction of new hybrid turbo rules whereby setting a realistic price for the engines to be sold to teams was not one of the main objectives in specifying the engines. In addition to crippling the smaller teams with costs, it also put too much power in the hands of the manufacturers.

“We have a whole list of objectives and one of them is to enable small teams to stand on their own two feet,” he said. “At one end that involves the money paid to the teams and at the other end the cost of going racing and putting on a decent show. The money to the teams we can’t do anything about for a number of years until the commercial agreements get reviewed again (2020).

“But on the costs to the teams I think that the commercial rights holder has a valid input into seeing that those are pegged back so the cost of a well organised small team, the numbers can add up and make sense.

“When we do that then of course those remaining entries in F1 become attractive. Because there is a viable business there. At the moment I’m not sure there is and that’s what we have to focus on.” Bernie Ecclestone Jean Todt

Brawn has said that F1 needs a long term plan, over 3-5 years, rather than the short term thinking that has left it with the many problems it has today. As to how long it takes for Brawn and his team to start to make a difference in F1, he says,

“Before the response from the previous commercial rights holder (Bernie Ecclestone) was a bit knee jerk. There was a crisis, something needed doing, there was a knee jerk reaction. What I want to have is a process where with every decision that is made there is a consideration for the fans and the consideration for the commercial rights holders is part of that decision. So we just start to get things moving in a different direction…It’s a process.”

Brawn also said that he hoped Ecclestone would see a way to continue to contribute to F1 in an advisory capacity, but reading between the lines it sounded very much as though Ecclestone has not yet accepted his chairman emeritus role. Time will tell.

What do you think of Brawn’s ideas? Do you think he will achieve his goals and improve F1? Leave your comments below

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The reason the "knee jerk" reactions have not yielded fruit, and even made things worse sometimes, is because they were just ideas that were implemented without being tested first.

If I were Ross Brawn I would engrave the following words on a large plaque and hang it in my office: "Thou shalt not implement any changes until they have been thoroughly tested first."


I also think the fans have a responsibility here. If we as fans are going to be listened to it's important that fans do not cry and scream for knee-jerk reactions also. In my opinion, the constant screaming from fans for more and more overtaking at the expense of all else over the last few years has significantly contributed to some of these overreactions. Fans need to think before they speak also and we need a stable, considered and consistent forum through which to speak. Perhaps a council of fans made up from representatives from each GP hosting nation and backed up by a F1 sponsored national website and forum might do the trick. No voting powers obviously, just a promise from F1 to listen to a collective and considered opinion.


Wayne, I agree 100%. The overtaking at all costs philosophy in particular has been a plague on F1. The PUs the final nail in the coffin.


You can't expect the children to stop asking for sweets. Well you can, but its pointless!


On that theme, there's a ye olde English cliche which goes 𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘢 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘬𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘰𝘳𝘺 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘪𝘵 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘬 𝘪𝘯 𝘱𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘦?

This time of year in a bleak, cold, wet, grey European winter everyone looks forward to spring, March and the start of the season - but while the new fat slicks and "barn door" rear wings work in theory, will they deliver more overtaking in practice?


Seems Bernie the [Mod] is planning his own break away racing series. I assume he hates being shown the door and now wants to build another racing empire !!
Turn coat in every possible way !!

[Please avoid name calling and keep the standard of debate high - Mod]


Bk flamer, even Bernie couldn't afford it!


Bernie could put it together this year, ready to race in 2018.

Get Illmor to build the V10s.
Get the X1 design from Red Bull and have it built by either Red Bull or another contractor.
Sell team franchises, with a budget cap to make it affordable to participate - WITH voting rights.
Get Ferrari on board with promise of bonus if possible - they will love the negotiating leverage against Liberty too.
Split money fairly among franchises.
Sign up all the circuits we love that were left behind. Plus the ones he knows don't have an F1 exclusive deal, with hosting rights at half the F1 cost to host.
Put it on free to air TV world wide OR better yet sign a world wide streaming deal with Netflix as their first sport property.
Hire talented drivers, of which there are plenty who have no seat in F1.
No reasons to get FIA involved either, since they don't own the brand, meaning less bureaucracy.
Tweak rules to more entertainment. I have plenty of decent ideas here, but first and foremost GPs will be time not distance based. Each GP will be 1h 45m flag to flag. And since this will be a top shelf spec series, we don't have to worry about domination by one team because of some stupid tech loophole only they managed to exploit. So all that quali grid shuffling is not needed.
Ex F1 executive team with all contacts is in place with little to do. And I understand the old F1 office is without a series to manage too now.
Do it fast while the transition has Liberty bogged down and while they can't do much till 2020.

Formula X1 is born.

Tell me you wouldn't watch it?

It would be a real shame if all that Bernie knows contacs wise and business wise is wasted and goes to the grave. If anyone can start a proper rival series to fix all that is broken, it is Bernie. Formula X1 can be started in a year.

Do it Bernie. DO IT! Remeber, men without something to achive die fast in retirement. Stretch your life by 10 years Bernie, by starting Formula X1.


Sebee, I believe this will be the third time you have suggested Illmor build you some V10 engines, and this is also the third time that I have told you that the company does not exist anymore. Mercedes bought the company after the death of Paul Morgan and turned it into their F1 engine department. Got it now?


That did not result in the complete extinction of Ilmor as a separate company. It still exists and still does race engine development.


Iceman, that's a different company to the one that used to build F1 engines for Mercedes.


Sebee, don't forget that Ferrari wouldn't be able to leave F1 until 2020 at the earliest, even if they wanted to, which they wouldn't....


You have no imagination TimW.

I didn't say they have to leave. I said they participate in Formula X1 to put Liberty on notice. They can be in F1 and X1 at the same time, yes? Is there some visionary provision in the agreement that Ferrari participate only in F1 and supply engines to no one else anywhere ever? I don't think so. It's just locking up their participation in F1, which I'm sure they will. But if Liberty pulls the 100M, they know what they are doing after 2020, don't they? Hello Formula X1!

...certainly Ferrari isn't going to go to Formula E, is it now.


Sebee, Ferrari could enter another championship if they wanted to, but why would they want to? They certainly wouldn't take a car designed by Newey and built by Red Bull and call it a Ferrari would they? Tyhe 100m you speak of is locked in until 2020, with that payment their F1 programme costs the parent company nothing, and is their only marketing for the road car company. This is amazing value as other similar companies spend many millions on advertising every year, while Ferrari don't even have to pay for an ad in the Maranello Gazette! You talk about leverage, but Liberty hold all the cards, if they keep the money paid to Ferrari the same, but increase the others in line, then what have Ferrari got to complain about? Even if the 100m is taken away, then their F1 programme is still amazing value.


Man I think you are getting bogged down in the forest looking Seebees trees. It's just an idea not a thesis on how it's more cost effective to send an overnight pakage from Seattle to San Francisco via Ferrari's test track (FedEx business plan).

The FIA is ripe for the picking they ad zero value to the product other than to make fools out of themselves just. Like the wonderful PU we have now 2 expensive and sold as fuel sipper instead of the truly inspiring look at what could be the future of hybrid power.

It would be simple for the right person with the right skill set and relationships to get a viable alternative up and running and that is seebees point. Simple does not mean easy and you don't need Ferrari but a Ferrari would dang sure try to use the one. Against the other.


Mhilgtx, I see the point you are making, but I'm just pointing out the high difficulty level of starting a championship. Sebee and I had this exact same argument two years ago, he confidently predicted that Mateschitz would have pulled Red Bull out of F1 and started Formula X by now, but it never happened did it?


OK, A1GP, see who did the cars and engines for that series. You can google it. Oh, that's right...type into your browser. Then press return and wait for something to load up. It will say google in colourful letters. There will be a box, in it type A1GP. Don't worry, it's not a secret code or message to blow up your Pentium. It will take you to some result. There will be a lot of text, don't be frightened. Click on the first link, don't worry about the others. It will take you to a wikipedia page. It's like the 22 volume Encyclopedia you have, just newer and stuff. Scroll, if your mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel just find a down arrow on your keyboard and press and hold it till you see Chassis and Engines - there you will find valuable information on who build the car and chassis for the startup serious that was A1GP.

You can be 100M percent sure that Ferrari will not take having 100M of funding taken away lying down. Of that I have little doubt.


Sebee. A1GP? I remember that, it was that one make series that was going to rival F1 wasn't it? Except the cars were 20 seconds a lap slower than an F1 car, and the seikh who founded the series lost 200 million in his first year, (despite selling all the franchises) and then carried on losing money until the whole thing went bust!
Ferrari did supply engines, but they were road car engines, so easy for them to take a few off the road car production line. Despite this ease, they were still late supplying them and they only produced about 600bhp and weighed around 180kg, so not really what you are looking for. I'm not sure how many engines were produced for the series, but I bet you 200 million dollars it wasn't a thousand!


TimW; it doesn't matter, there are plenty of people who can build a v10 engine that is lighter, more powerful, infinitely better sounding and cheaper than the current PUs. Even Ferrari could do it and supply the series if need be.


LukeC, I don't think building a 95kg V10 with 1000bhp that revs to 20,000rpm is as straightforward as you think. Those engines were hugely complex and expensive to design, develop and build. The manufacturers who built them had huge facilities staffed with extremely knowledgeable people, these facilities and people are all still currently working in F1. You think Ferrari have the will or the capacity to start knocking out enough engines to power an entire series? Where are thye going to be built? By whom? They are flat out building F1 engines for themselves and their customer teams.


TimW; Fine, they can just resurrect the engine that powered schuey to the championship in 2004. Still infinitely better than the current PUs.


Luke, it's possible, but would require a new facility to be built, supplying an entire grid of cars would be a major effort, and very very expensive.


The RD is done. Plans exist. He's lived it, he knows all about what was necessary. Last I remember, beside the 5 years of Ferrari, Ilmor did the V10s that brought 2 V10 WDCs to McLaren, yes? And allowed Kimi to challenge Schumi quite nicely, thank you.

What is it with you thinking that suddenly Ilmor doesn't know how to make a V10? Like it's some impossible thing for him to do if someone dropped a 50M contract on his lap.


Sebee, plans exist, and they belong to Mercedes. 50 million to build a thousand engines? Dream on.


Are you familiar with Mr . Google? He can be asked questions, and will point you towards information. Like this....

In 2005, Mario Illien concluded a deal to purchase the Special Projects part of the company in partnership with Roger Penske, which was under contract with Honda Performance Development to jointly develop IndyCar engines from 2003-2006 (with the relationship continuing through 2011).[1] This new company, which is totally independent of Mercedes, is once again known as Ilmor Engineering Ltd.

And guess who's in charge? You think Mario remembers how to build a racing V10 and could handle a 1000 engine annual contract? If he the only one who can build a V10?


The company who built those V10s no longer exists, the facility and equipment they used to build those engines now belongs to Mercedes. So Mario has set up another company with the same name? So what? It makes Indycar engines and that's about it. Would they have the capability to design a V10 and build a prototype? Probably, given enough time and money. Could they handle a 1000 engine contract? No way! their factory is nothing like big enough and they don't have anything like enough staff, a whole new facility would need to be built and staffed before any work could start.


Just stop. You're wrong again, and again you're backtracking like a weasel. If Bernie comes to Mario and gives him 50m to build him 1000 V10s, he can scale quickly and get it done. He know the tech, probably has the plans in his archives, along with code and would take him no time. Why should Mario have the factory and overhead in hope waiting that something happens? The smart move is to respond to demand, on demand. He could subcontract work out as needed and put it together I'm sure.

And as noted, Ilmore is not the only game in town. Why I can see Ferrari being happy to offer their V10s to Formula X1 for example - as a leverage play on Liberty and their threat to kill the Ferrari 100M a season historic team bonus.

Look, I replied to you to correct you, and because 2017 is a new year, chance to turn a new leaf, but already I'm already questioning replying to you. So let's do it...let's go back to not talking. OK?


Sebee, No backtracking here, the company called Ilmor that used to build V10 F1 engines for Mercedes, no longer exists. A different company with the same name and one of the original founders does exist, but it is not the same company, nor is it equipped to produce engines of the type you require or in the numbers you need. Mario does not have the plans for the V10 in his archive, because it is not his archive, the intellectual property contained within those plans belongs to Mercedes Benz. A new engine would need to be designed and built, 50 million wouldn't be enough to build the required new facility, what about the design and development costs? They would be huge, and then you have the small matter of actually constructing 1000 of those engines! The fact that you seem to think this can all be done for a measly 50 million just goes to show how little you understand the subject.
You think Ferrari would be happy to build those engines? Same problem of infrastructure there, ok they do actually have the plans, but they would still need a facility big enough to build those engines, remember that is 5 or 6 times as many engines per season than they have ever built before.
This is all a pointless argument Sebee, just as it was two years ago when we last had it, you predicted then that it would all be up and running by now, but it isn't. Why is this? You say it would be easy, cost little money and generate huge revenues for all involved. So why have none of the business gurus involved in motorsport gone ahead and done it? Because it wouldn't be easy, it would cost a fortune, and would very likely ruin all those involved.


Fantastic answer 🙂


As noted, look up A1GP and see what Ferrari could do, and how quickly Ferrari could do it.

What is it with you guys? You think Formula 1 is some enigma that cannot be duplicated, replicated or improved? You think it is entirely normal and reasonable that a team should spend 300M to race 2 cars in 20 races for a grand total of 35 hours or so of racing? Jesus...that's like 10M per hour of F1 racing for each team...yeah, you're right that seams like it would be impossible to reduce to $100k per hour per team and yet deliver faster cars and more fan involvement.

We're done for 2017 TimW, do me a solid - so many other people in the community here, please, knock your self out. Sebee says NO to your approaches. And NO means NO!


Your ignoring the elephant in the room though mate; A1GP does not exist any more.


Only thing for free seems to be commenting here. Anything else you have to pay.
Advocating someone to built " soon to become exctinct" engines and waisting money on backgroud systems just to provide meaningless driving in circles shows how little actually someone should listen their fans.


They won't become extinct if they bulid them, will they?


So you're saying petrol based motorsport is dead? Or inefficient petrol based motorsport is dead?

Formula X1 could and would be incredibly more efficient and green than F1, just because of the factory and car building consolidation it would be oh so much greener than PU F1.


Big and inefficient ICE have been put aside as no further development. ICE in general is tough to beat because of it`s relative low price.

Hybrid engines, new technolgy, computers, electronics can be all melt together for more efficiency.


Eric; then make them get off their butts and resurrect the ICE, and make it more efficient than the PUs if they're looking for an engineering challenge.


Oh, one more thing....about ICE and V10.

Have you heard of Viper ACR? $125,000 USD. V10. Manual 6 speed.

Why am I telling you about it? It turns out that this simple V10 affordable car, is lapping faster than Porsche 918 and McLaren P1. Yeah, and those American guys...they are so sneaky. When the go wit the Viper ACR to set track lap production car records, or which Viper ACR now holds most, they always do 2 hot back to back laps. Because not only do they beat the 918 and P1, they know that 918 and P1 can't do two back to back hot laps one after another because they ran out of juice in their hybrid power unit to do another lap. So Viper ACR is putting 918s and P1s to shame, and should they try to come back at a lap time with some tweaked software, the Viper ACR boys will just say, do 2 laps like that back to back...oh you can't...because your fancy PU can't do it?

Viper ACR - 1 : 918/P1 - 0
Game and match.
Winner? Good old V10 with manual 6 speed.



Go back in archives here, see me rant about how hybrid is losing share big, and how electric is now 1/2 of hybrid market. There are like 400 models of hybrid cars, and yet Toyota owns 3/4 of the hybrid market. Meanwhile, there are maybe 5 viable electric cars, and yet with that limited selection and high prices and range limits, electric cars are 1/2 of the hybrid market world wide.

Hybrid is overcomplex overpriced junk customers don't want. ICE is entertainment.

I recently watched video of Schumi on the French GP warmup lap. I had goosebumps on my arms!

Here, get yourself some goosebumps and talk to me about V10 and ICE then, OK?


The FIA may be more of a stumbling block. What is likely to happen is that the FIA, for any circuits that hosted non-FIA sanctioned races, could withdraw their sanction for any other FIA series the circuits might normally host. That would almost certainly stop most circuits fron getting involved with a breakaway. What you might need to facillitate a breakaway series is an alternative 'governing body' to offer a regulatory environment including all other formulae as well. Boxing has several conflicting governing bodies so it could happen. Why shoulld the FIA have a monopoly anyway? Just saying like!


Is every event at Silverstone an FIA sanctioned series?

I understand what you mean with FIA flexing their muscle. Bottom line is, there are enough tracks out there that could host X1 that aren't slaves to FIA certification. And it would really not play well for FIA to take away FIA certification from a track without merit after all their safety talk. It would be seen as a cheap political move, and it would not go over well. But ideally, Formula X1 should do without FIA, just to eliminate the extra layers of administration.


I dont know many silverstone race meetings are FIA series but if there were a threat of losing big ticket series like GP2, F3, and WEC which unlike F1 the circuits can actually make money on, they would have to think twice if they might lose them. I am just saying that I think that the FIA may have the power to deter interested parties from getting involved in a breakaway series, in Europe at least. In the USA the FIA's influence would be more limited I guess since I believe for example that NASCAR has only a loose connection to the FIA but in reality is completley self governing. Actually is is a pity that NASACAR do not run on twisty road circuits since we could then have a world NARCAR championship which would , as a competitor to F1, probably force them to act in a more altruistic manner then over the last 20 years!


I definitely would watch it. You can't go wrong with v10s, Ferrari, a design by Red Bull (it would look like something from outer space and very 2010s, not the aesthetic disasters we've had to put up with in f1 since 2009) and of course the classic European circuits.

I'm gettting light-headed just thinking about it.


LukeC, if you think there is any chance at all of it happening, then you must be a bit light headed!


TimW; who knows what the future holds. I never thought F1 cars would sound like lawnmowers but it happened.


LukeC, Joe Saward has written an excellent piece on his blog about why any rival series would never get off the ground, and why it certainly wouldn't be Bernie that started one. Sebee and I had this exact same argument two years ago, the only difference was at that time he was confidently predicting that Dietrich Mateschitz was going to ditch F1 and start X1 himself. It didn't happen then and it wont be happening now.


Joe Saward? The one and only who overheard in the paddock washroom that Apple is buying Formula 1? Or is that the Joe Saward who while eating lunch in the paddock overheard that Apple is buying McLaren? Or is it the Joe Saward who claimed someone told him that current PU technology is so amazing it would deliver 160mpg or whatever it was, but when questioned on the claim said that he would not enlighten his readers because he was asked too rudely? Of course he had no answer on how that would be possible without the braking forces found in F1 to regen and extreme cost that would make it unsellable and unmarketable to the general public. Or was that the Joe Saward who claimed his blog is not a news outlet and I must not know what a blog is and then proceeded to post a bunch of news stories about Formula 1?

This Joe Saward is your source?

Joe Seward says that Bernie wouldn't start a series and that there is no chance of one succeeding - so surely that is God's word and it so shall be. Right? I'm sure Bernie will do as Joe Seward says...or is that Bernie telling Joe Seward what rumour to spread out there to hush people down and give him time and space to organize the new series? Who knows!

Dietrich offered to buy F1, but didn't like the valuation. Clearly he was interested in his own series, and considering he runs many other series efforts, don't count him out down the road. He decided to stick with F1 because the deal is good for now till 2020. Will it continue to be good? Would Red Bull rather be seen by more eyeballs on free to air TV vs. being behind a paywall? Considering they sell $1.99 cans of sugar water, I'd say the more eyeballs for Red Bull the better. If Bernie can deliver more eyeballs with Formula X1, Red Bull will be there.


Sebee, I realise that you don't like Joe, probably because he doesn't put up with any nonsense from commenters on his blog, but let's not forget he has attended every GP for the last thirty odd years, and knows everyone in the sport. Let's also remember that his knowledge of the business side of F1 is so far ahead of yours, that the comparison is frankly embarrassing. He reported Apple's interest in F1, and McLaren, it is clear they had an interest, the fact that they didn't pursue it is not his fault.


Apple had an interest in F1? Don't make me laugh.

Apple executives wanting VIP treatment at a Grand Prix by pretending to be sniffing that story I will buy. No matter how rich you are, you always like free weekend paddock club VIP treatment.


Sebee, you have no idea whatsoever what level of interest Aplle had in F1, don't pretend that you do.


TimW, nobody can predict the future with a 100% certainty. Even Nostradamus failed in this area.


Luke. Nostradamus failed miserably! It is possible, but I think it is highly unlikely. The costs involved would be enormous, and there would be no guarantee of any decent return on that investment. I appreciate your reasonable responses in this issue, I get that you would love to see those cars going around a track, as would I, but the chances of it happening are extremely small.


You know what's funny? Adrian Newey has been refining that X1 design. It's seen a bunch of versions, last one I think was X2014. It had a fan and everything! Awesome.


Its a blast to drive in Gran turismo. Absolutely brutal and jet fighter-like in terms of g forces.



I'd watch that. But does he have the energy to do it?


He has the team. Flavio is only 66, he's bored out of his mind on his yacht probably.


But how to get a breakaway series off the ground without Ferrari whom I understand have exclusivity clauses in their F1 agreement (meaning they can't join a competing series). Although, it all depends how carefully worded that clause is to be honest, assuming it does exist.


BLE1FU55....have you heard of two other 'ferrari' alternatives? Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Now i have zip knowledge about what is in or out with their 'Concorde' contractual liabilities but where there is a will there's a way, or as the cynic said, 'where there's a will there's a relative' ,particularly relevant under the circumstances, don't you think?


Most of what's 'broken' in F1 happened while Bernie had total control.
What makes you think he would do any better starting anew.


How quickly you forget...
Peak F1 happened on Bernie's watch. Since then they all wanted more democracy and more input, and he gave them say, granted to get their commitment to 2020...and here we are with this result. Which somone decided to buy for 8B. Everyone is happy now, and Bernie is free to move on and start Formula X1.


Depends how you define 'Peak F1' doesn't it?
I've saw my first F1 race in 1958 and have been following it ever since, so I've seen the majority of F1 history unfold.
I would argue that F1 'peaked' much earlier when there were a much larger number of team, granted some of them were single car entries, with a much broader range of technical solutions to building a car.
I feel that F1 has become overly regulated as far as car design goes, remove the regulatory shackles and let the engineers and designers free.


That why I'm skeptical that Bernie is to blame for all the disasters. I'm not privy to what goes behind the scenes, so I've stayed relatively quiet as far as criticising Bernie is concerned.


Can you imagine all the teams voting together on how to make the car better, more exciting, contributing and then everyone gets that car next season?


Sebee, Isn't that exactly what happened this year?


Formula X1 set up by Bernie and you somehow think he wouldn't have veto?


TimW; yes and the cars will be more excitng and a million times better looking.


LukeC, you mean the F1 cars?


TimW; yes I do mean the F1 cars. And Red Bull had a lot to do with this new direction of faster, more f1-like cars, and the more pleasing aesthetic.


By the way, this would be for profit for the team. This would be designed to ensure any team on the grid is profitable at the end of the season. Because it's a franchise, and it's here to make money. Between the low cost, sponsors, perhaps drivers brining in sponsor money too, and Bernie generating revenue from hosting and TV...Formula X1 financial model would be designed to make the 12 franchises who participate profitable each and every year.


So it would be dead easy and only cost pennies to set up, the teams would make money, the tracks would make money, there would be enough money to attract top drivers and it all goes on free to air?! Cloud cuckoo land...


Think of the sponsorship costs! Without the bloated F1 budgets Formula X1 title sponsorship could be had for 10m a season! And this would cover car costs. For that type of money, you open a HUGE pool of potential title sponsors that for this amount get their logos on the mirror of Ferrari or Mercedes F1 cars.


Sebee, ten million to run the whole team? Vettel wouldn't get out of bed for that!


Then he can stay home if he doesn't want to compete in the ultimate fair level playground motorsport driver focused series. Somehow I think he would compete.


Sebee, you think he would give up his childhood dreams of being an F1 driver to enter a championship with zero heritage? You wouldn't get any of the top guys, they wouldn't se the point. The reality of one make championships never lives up to expectation, the racing is often poor, the cars will have inherent handling characteristics that will suit some drivers more than others and it just becomes a set up contest.


Who gives a crap about heritage?

Are you usinga rotary phone because or heritage?

Are you watching cable with commercials instead of on demand streaming because of heritage?

Are people buying Teslas because of heritage?

Formula X1 would be the real pinnacle of motorsport. Faster. Fair. Driver focused.

If you build it, they will come!


Sebee, your right, who gives a crap about heritage? What kind of person bangs on about how great "peak F1" was and how the sport should go back to obsolete engines from 20 years ago? probably the same kind of people who use rotary telephones because they sound nicer.


I'm very encouraged so far. Ross Brawn is an undoubtedly intelligent man, further to that he has always seemed to me to be a canny and eminently sensible man. My only fear with the rest of the management group is they try to make it too American, like NFL, Baseball or Basketball in that they are undoubtedly entertaining (well basketball is) but I think in those cases the sport has been lost. We cannot allow that to happen to F1. F1 was, always has been and always should be a competition first and entertainment second, its just a case of finding the balance that allows for plenty of both.

The fundamental things that need to change is that the rules need simplifying (car design and operational things like tyre and running limitations) and the costs need to be brought under control. Costs also apply to costs to the venues, traditional venues being priced out of it is scandalous, loses fans and prestige for.

Engines are the obvious one, while I hugely admire the complexity and engineering on these hybrid units, they are expensive, don't sound very good and already 3 years after they were introduced we seem to have reached a plateau where there isn't a massive amount between each engine (Honda aside but I'm pretty sure they will be closer this year). Let the teams build and use whatever kind of engine they like, there needs to be a limit of some kind, whether that be capacity, power, fuel usage etc but why do they all need to have exactly the same kind of engine?

I agree with some other comments that the pursuit of overtaking at all costs is not a good thing. Yes we need overtaking but it can't be too easy either. Simplifying the aero / shifting the downforce generating to the floor rather than the wings will help the cars follow each other.


So much for hoping for lower hosting fees...

"You can see it two ways," Brawn added. "We could ask for less, but we could also help the promoters to earn higher revenues so they can afford the fees.

"Our view is that it is better to increase the income for the promoters than to reduce the cost of the races."


What you say Darren is what many of us know and have written about here in the comments gallery over and over again. What you fail to mention is that those high cost and venue prices are what drives revenue for F1. And what you're asking is for F1 to reduce their revenue streams - good luck with that.

They can talk the talk, but they have expectations to be profitable, as does the street. Oh, and they have billions of debt.

PUs have done tons of damage to F1. They have proven that the sound DNA, the track experience DNA is not in fact important to F1. That going fastest is not important to F1. That being the fastest race car on own turf or their turf under all scenarios is not important. These PUs single handedly gutted tons of F1 DNA, and I don't see an easy path away from them to be honest without bad press and manufacturers pulling out. Mercedes won't stick around for a V10 or V8 formula for example. They already have their plan B with 2018 entry into Formula E.

What you didn't provide in your response is what you think is the DNA that makes F1 F1. I will take that as admission that there is nothing defining that makes F1 F1 anymore. Unless you see engineers going wild and making it their own plaything as the DNA that makes F1 as it is exciting and sellable.

I think Formula X1 would return that privateer startup excitement that's long been lost in F1. I think it would make pinnacle of motorsport competition fair, as in, here you go Force India, Williams, McLaren, whoever, enter the arena of battle without two hands tied behind your back against a fighter 50% bigger than you. To me, that is what F1 is, and I'm tired of it.


Sebee, you think that engineers would go crazy over a single make championship? A spec series running identical cars built by someone else, and all those engineers can do is adjust the shocks?!


Exactly. Screw the engineers! You want to see episodes of "Engineers Gone Wild!" watch PU F1. Formula X1 would be a driver focused championship, not an engineering based championship where geeks spend millions on a front wing that will be used for 1 race. The hired engineers would work for the series to design an entertaining exciting car that all teams would use. Not to control the drivers and huddle in groups to take grip and try to get glory. Engineers now tell the F1 drivers what to do. Who's really doing the winning? Formula X1 racer is designed by Adrian Newey, thus he leads the team that will develop the car for all teams.


Sebee, so what's in it for the teams? They don't get any bragging rights about how they are the best, Adrian just wins every year. No challenge from competition for him, no reason for any other engineers to be involved. Why bother?


Teams motivation? To have a profitable franchise and make money as I said. They will make money because the model will be based on that goal.

But Formula X1 is a driver focused series.


where does all this lovely money come from Sebee? Free to air TV deals for a brand new series won't generate anything until that series is established, the same goes for sponsorship revenue, companies will not take a risk with huge amounts of money. You say the tickets will be affordable, so there goes your big hosting fees from the tracks, so where is this pot of gold?


I think it would be fascinating to have a racing category where the human element would be at the forefront. Ayrton senna would definitely approve if he were still alive.

I can't believe how many preconceptions this simple principle is challenging here on this forum/website.


LukeC, spec series existed in Ayrton's day, and he wasn't interested. He ran the same car as other drivers in the junior formulae, but did everything possible to make sure his version was better than theirs.


TimW, Senna wanted to be in F1 because it was the pinnacle of motor racing. Also I don't think he genuinely wanted his car to be better than anyone else's. He was paranoid about having a car disadvantage himself though, and he was instrumental in persuading the FIA to ban the electronic driver aid gizmos in the early nineties, so clearly he wanted the human element to be at the forefront.

I have a an interview with him from the 1993 Hungarian GP weekend where he talks about how F1 needed to bring the driver's skill back to the forefront.


Luke, have you seen "Senba vs Brundle" yet? It's a full length doc about the 83 f3 season, and a great watch. Martin and Ayrton were Duking it out the whole year in supposedly identical Ralts. I won't spoil the end for you, but let's just say they weren't identical in the last race of the season....


TimW, I've seen snippets of it. Where can I get a copy? Or is there a channel on the Internet where I will be able to see it.

By the way, I know pretty much everything about Senna's career, and I all I can say is that he had an aversion to going back to Brazil and working with his father in the family business and so he wanted to ensure that he would make it to F1.

Plus in the early days he had doubts about his abilities, which he didn't seem to have late in his career.


Luke, I saw it on the SkyF1 channel, I wouldn't know where else it would be available, worth digging out though. i don't criticise Ayrton for getting himself any advantage, it's all part of the cuthroat business of motorsport. Didn't he at least attempt to get better engines than Prost out of Honda though? It's all part of the game, and if X1 did become reality, the drivers and teams would be doing everything possible to get an advantage over the others there as well.


TimW; I'll keep digging for the doco; no luck so far though.

About the engine situation at mclaren in 89, I doubt that Senna would directly ask Honda to handicap Prost's engines.

It is true that the Honda people were very fond of Senna to Prost's detriment and Prost seemed to believe that Sena was getting superior equipment. This was of course denied by both mclaren and Honda.

At the end of the day we will never know the truth but I'll give senna the benefit of the doubt.


If a privateer arrangement is the only way of preserving the F1 DNA then so be it. At the end of the day if manufacturer involvement proves to be ruinous for F1, then the only logical outcome is to get rid of them. And don't let the door hit them on the way out.


Luke, manufacturer involvement has always been a necessary evil. They bring huge investment, and amazing technology, but they also can end up with too much power and influence over the sport that they use to make changes that suit them, rather than the fans. Remember the Cosworth V10? It was unreliable, heavy and underpowered in comparison with the BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault units, if it wasn't for the manufacturers that Cosworth would have probably been the only unit available.


And if the privateers works as a collective for the series racer, they simply eliminate a lot of the cost, duplication and overhead that's chocking smaller teams to death. Let's say Illmor gets the contract for grid full of V10s, we're talking about 15 Grand Prix season for season 1, twelve 2 car teams, 30 engines per team - yeah, fresh one per GP to eliminate the stupid penalties, and you'd ask Illmor to produce 720 engines per season. Add testing, spares and it's 1000, and if Illmor is producing 1000 engines, the unit cost goes down and we're probably down to a 3M a seasons bill for the V10s. If Red Bull or Dellara is making the chassis, they have to make let's say 6 per team, 12 team, 72 total, plus spares - 100 chassis. Unit goes down and suddenly you have a chassis engine combo for probably 10M total cost! Are you kidding me? Formula X1 with some design and logistics consolidation puts a 2 car chassis/engine team on the grid for 12M or so? A full grid of Formula X1 cars on the budget of a single F1 PU team budget. It can be done! This type of efficiency is possible, and not only possible but it would be smart, wroth the effort, and we'd come watch it. Imagine they pluck a few F1 drivers for the series for 2018? Kimi will be available. Alonso could be convinced with the right salary. Why even Vettel. It's really fully doable. No love lost to Liberty now that they gave Bernie the boot.


It's definitely doable. Question is: will it get done?


Sounds great Sebee and I'm sure I would watch it. But, it wouldn't be F1 though.


No it would not be F1; it would be F X1 - the pinnacle of motor racing.


Check the comments, I know I've gone a bit wild, but the fan involvement ideas in Formula X1 are potwntially amazing.

- vote on order in which drivers qualify
- vote what type of car gets raced this Formula X1 Grand Prix, X1 fan-car or X1 no-fan-car.
- vote which one if bottom 5 WDC standing drivers gets to stay, other 4 get replaced with new drivers.

You think those are better than lame Fan-Boost? Fans having a say in what cars get races and what drivers get voted off the grid? Can any motorsport series deliver that?


...and in case you're wondering why X1, it is because it is a ready car design that was designed to be everything a racecar could be if not for the silly limitations of F1 rules. It makes the imagination run!


Sebee, it's not a car design, it's a styling exercise, a doodle on Adrian's lap top. The difference between a pretty picture and a fully functional racing car that delivers the performance you require, with the reliability needed and would pass a crash test, is huge.


TimW, oh come on! You make it sound as though everything is impossible now. The X1 design would be no more of a challenge to build than a lmp1 prototype.

And by the way, it was initially conceived to be functional. It would need to be wind tunnel tested and refined some more, but that never posed problems in the past.


Luke, possible, but difficult and expensive. Knocking up 30 odd cars wouldn't be the work of a moment either.


This is what is needed in the 21st century. This has "pinnacle of Motorsport" written all over it.


Luke, the pinnacle of motor racing is not a spec series where all the teams do is wash the cars and fiddle with the tyre pressures. If you are saying that the teams involved have to design and build their own car to the rules involved, then yes it would be.


TimW; there are many ways of defining the pinnacle of something.

F X1 would be the pinnacle in the sense that the cars would lap circuits faster than anything else, including the current F1 cars with the PUs, and driving skill would be the main differentiator of performance, not the PUs.

F1 would still be the pinnacle of PUs and engineers doing more than adjusting tyre pressures though.


Luke, many have tried to build faster than F1, but they have all failed. If X1 looked like a threat in this area, then you think Liberty and the FIA wouldn't react to enforce their position at the top? I think they would, and if the cars got too crazy fast, then the circuits would refuse to run them due to the extra work in extending run off etc that would be involved.


TimW; you know who hasn't been trying to build a faster car over the last 7 years or so? F1. In fact they've been going in the opposite direction to the detriment of the sport, as it turns out.

Thank goodness they have finally come to their senses and from this year onwards we will have something resembling F1 once again.

108 know, with all these car brands that claim to put the Driver First in their vehicles, not sure today's F1 really represents that. It's more Engineering Glory first or Mission Control Room Success First.

Formula X1 would put the drivers first. Isn't that why we watch? Drivers? Wouldn't you like to know that any driver on the grid has a chance to win this weekend? If you had a motorsport series, would you rather have one where handful of drivers are capable of winning, or where every driver is capable of winning?

You want more social media fan involvement? How about fans vote which one of bottom 5 point scoring drivers at the end of Formula X1 season get a chance to drive next season? Only one of the 5 gets to stay, the other 4 seats have to be filled by new blood. Best of the Best in Formula X1. No room for back marker type talent. Again, with profitable teams as business model, teams don't need pay drivers, unless they are good too. Formula X1 would be a pressure cooker for best driver talent. Not grid filler.


Darren, with all the changes since V10s alone, in my view F1 has no real DNA, other than brand name. We've seen customer cars, older cars used, engine formula change at will, along with rules, and don't get me started on all the gimmicks. And to be perfectly honest with you, to me (and I think many others) current F1 isn't F1.

I would very much appreciate it Darren if you tell us what is the absolute requirement for F1 to be F1 in your view and what makes it so special? And please, don't be brief, tell me how it adds value to the product that is beamed onto our screens. Why should a brain like Andrian Newey work for one team, and not for the entire sport for example? Why should we more than ever have a battle of engineers, who through clever circumvention of intended rules gain advantage that results in domination which we have to sit through season after season? Why should 3/4 of the grid just make up the numbers and be grid filler? Why should drivers contribute less than 10% to the package and the answer to "who really is the best driver" never be provided because cars are uneven, or because PUs blow up because of some cost reduction rule that tripped the cost vs. fresh V10 for every GP? With mission control rooms full of engineers and geeks set up to tell drivers what to do on track? Why should 2 or 4 drivers have a realistic chance at victory next season? Is that what makes F1 special?


Oh believe me I am not a massive fan of what F1 has become at the moment either, but I believe it is a result of over complication of the rules. Teams have to exploit stupid loop holes in stupid rules because there is no freedom to innovate. So long as car development consists solely of iterative aerodynamic honing it will be the preserve of geeks and banks of computers.

But what F1 does have is history and most of all continuity, there is a direct line from your Fangios to your Lewis Hamiltons, yes there have been rule changes but the lineage is still there. The races themselves is an important part of that which is why its a travesty losing things like the French, and possibly German and possibly even British grand prixes. I don't think every team needs to be able to win all the time, if you look back through the entire history there has only ever been a few teams at a time capable of winning. However it needs to be so that if a team design themselves a good car for a year and couple it with a good driver then they should do well, much like the Jordans or Ligiers did back in the day. At the moment they can't because the budgets and rules are geared towards who has the biggest geek and bank of computers. The manufacturers have far too much power since these new engines came in, with possibly the exception of Ferrari and I suppose Mclaren none of them are racing teams, yes the people themselves at the team are but Mercedes and Renault are only in it because it suits their corporate agendas not because racing is what they do.


Exactly. The whole thing has been perverted.

A simple epic top quality race car like X1 levels the playing field for all teams and eliminates all those aero geeks and banks of computers. Fairness is restored. The aero given will be the aero given to all, and it will ensure passing is possible without DRS too. Face it, Formula X1 can fix everything that's wrong with F1. From cost, to action, to speed, to inside knowledge, to access, to ticket prices, to content delivery. Nothing like a clean sheet of paper Darren. Formula X1 is that clean sheet. Let's go racing, let's stop spending millions on a new front wing ever 2 GPs that no one will notice without some detailed write up that 400 people will read on some geek website.


Oh my goodness! He could do it with Flavio, and Alonso would go to Formula X1 for 2018!


Can you just imagine this Formula X1?

Unprecedented access as there are no secrets on cars - all cars are same. We can see everything. Cars can be showcased like never before - you only need to go to NASCAR and their cutaway car to see how much we're missing here with Formula 1. They could show us everything with Formula X1 and the X1 race car, which every team has.

Make it a "go fast" formula. Single mission: Formula X1 will be the fastest race car on the planet. Seems easy with the X1 design as it is. Camera in helmets? Camera on drivers feet? Full data on screen about everything the driver does? Level of access that's simply not possible in F1 because of all the pointless secrecy. Formula X1 would be for lack of a better description, open source. All the baggage, bureaucratic garbage left behind - a lean, mean, cost effective racing series that is truly the pinnacle on merit, with speed, lap times and track action.

With Bernie at the helm, how hard would it be to get investors and top talent? You think Dietrich Mateschitz would think twice about title series sponsorship since his X1 would be used as the race car? You think Formula X1 races could be combined with Air Race events? Can you say awesome weekend?

Honestly, I'd like to know a reason for Bernie NOT to launch Formula X1.


Sebee you completely took over the whole point. Went off on a Tangent.
The main point is LukeC GazBoy and what TicketyBoo and Flamer were saying. Instead you are egging on the positives regarding the possibilities that Bernie "may" start a new racing series. The general theme was how negative this would be if Bernie created a new series and how it would affect F1 post Bernie. "The Self does not create the whole, rather the value of the "I" within the survival of F1. Your point however excited you, are in your "fantasy series" will harm F1 and it's new position and way of surviving post Bernie. Time to climb down from your dream cloud and concentrate on why would Bernie snub F1. Is it because they didn't want him anymore? Personally he should have gone 10 years ago.


just thinking about it is absolute pleasure overload.


Golden Qualifying car!

The drivers wear the normal team sponsor overalls of course, do a single lap qualifying, LCD display on side of golden qualifying car show the driver team title sponsor while he's in the car. Then the actual team cars line up for Grand Prix according to the single car qualifying results. Formula X1 can offer the ultimate fair qualifying likes of which no other motorsport series has or can possibly match.

Fans can vote on order of drivers taking to track in Formula X1 Golden Car qualifying.

Talk about another amazing way to involve social media and fan vote without impacting integrity of racing.


The beauty of the simplicity and the excitement of building something new from nothing does that. I wonder if Bernie is thinking about it and tossing and turning at night in excitement of putting it all together. I wish I was him, only not that old!

If the Formula E guys can make something from scratch, surely he can do even better can't he? And with friends like Dietrich Mateschitz and Flavio, he has one heck of an executive team that could put the whole thing together. He has the lawyers, the contacts, the resources, the finances. CVC friends did well first time with Bernie, you think they wouldn't give him 500M seed money?

You want me to blow your mind what's possible in Formula X1? Brace yourself....
Qualifying in the same car!
Drivers drawing for which team they drive for this weekend!
Drivers being assigned to drive for every team once during the season.
Formula X1 would be the ultimate driving series, showcasing driver skill and giving us the best driver end of the season.
Formula X1 could do Fan and No-Fan races. Example, they go to Indianapolis, with the long banked original F1 circuit, and they race a No-Fan X1 car. But hey go to Monaco or some other street circuit, and they get the Fan X1 car for crazy suction and less disturbance, closer following speed and passing. could vote if this GP drivers run the fan or no-fan X1 cars. Now there is a vote that doesn't impact the in-race result integrity and gets the fans involved like never before. Imagine - fans having a say on what hardware gets raced!?Unprecedented stuff.


BE took this sport from a backwater hobby to a multinational and multi billion dollar global enterprise. It doesn't matter who is in charge, we are never going to always agree with them and BE certainly made some questionable decisions and disgraceful comments over recent years but he still deserves massive respect and appreciation from fans world-wide and his home nation in my opinion.


Point taken mods.
I shall curb my enthusiasm regarding Mr B E to polite mutterings of Discontent within the boundaries of respectful discussion.
In the words of Peter Griffin
"It does grind my Gears" that he is thinking of starting a new racing format to go against F1. It's an ego assisted battle.
It's a Flamer all the way if it happens. He and Mosley relented when Mclaren Red Bull Renault Williams all decided to create their on Global Racing format. But now he is thinking of doing the same thing.
Again one will chill with the slings and arrows.


Let the best man win, let the best product win, and ultimately let the fans win.


@ BK Flamer, you are of course 100% correct, whatever the sensitivities of others. BE, in my humble opinion, certainly is not worthy of the tsunami of praise coming from certain quarters. Just take a look at his parting comment "I'm proud of the business that I built over the last 40 years and all that I have achieved with Formula 1, and would like to thank all of the promoters, teams, sponsors and television companies that I have worked with. I'm very pleased that the business has been acquired by Liberty and that it intends to invest in the future of F1. I am sure that Chase will execute his role in a way that will benefit the sport."
Last word is the first time you see the mention of 'sport' - that's no fluke and neither is it an error, correspond to the first word in the blurb following his egotistical self praise 'business'... Sums it up, and also worthy of note is the complete and total lack of mention of those shelling out their hard-earned cash to keep this multi billionaire in the manner to which he became obsessively accustomed to, namely the FANS! Also note "I'm proud of the business that I built" - yes he was the main man but he could not have achieved it without the help of others, and some of those were treated appallingly. What short memories some members of this 'sporting' community appear to have. Hopefully done enough to avoid the wrath of the mods.


The quote you mention is very unlikely to be BE's own words. It was probably put together by a marketing team. I also think you're reading way too much into where and when the word 'sport' appears to suit your own agenda.

I don't disagree with you generally, in my opinion he is worthy of most of the praise AND most of the criticism coming his way.


Do we seriously believe for one moment that one of the world's most notable control freaks would not first review and approve remarks made to the media in his name?
This is the same individual who suggested that female racing drivers "dressed in white like all other domestic appliances"...


Cheers TicketyBoo
I agree with your points.
People are singing his praises.
Jake Humphreys on his first anchor on BBC F1 cornered him regarding his racial comments . Jake showed alot of Guts to confront him and I have had a great respect for the once children's presenter on Cartoon Network. Jake became a superb anchor for F1. BE sauntered away sidelining the question and bailed. Even Eddie looked at Jake and said BE holds a grudge. Jake just smiled and that's what you call a bloke with Kahunas. BE forgot the fans who pay out at GPs buy the magazines and watch the sport.


Gaz Boy; the honest answer to your question is: nobody knows as those designs haven't been tested.

One thing is for sure, the aero direction taken in 2009 simply did not work, no matter which way you slice it. And really, it would be very foolhardy to continue going further in that direction and hoping for any kind of positive result.

In theory at least, this year's cars should not make it any worse, and with a bit of luck they will make it better. Those big fat slick may disturb more air and the rear diffuser will generate a bit more of a low pressure area immediately behind the car, which might make the slipstreaming effect more pronounced. This combined with the extra grip in the slower corners should make it easier to set up overtakes. Plus the DRS will still be in effect.

Anyway, we'll find out in the not too distant future.


Clutch regs were changed to make starts unpredictable. It worked.
DRS change to encourage more overtakes- it worked.
Flaky tyres to encourage overtakes- it worked.
New engine regs to shake up field, tie in manufacturers, highlight technology- it worked

The problem came when the change was analysed for different effects eg
Clutches 'oh no, P1 is losing out at the start'
DRS 'it's fake' (?!)
Tyres 'bwah, I want to push all race'
Engines 'bwah, I can hear myself think, ears aren't bleeding'

F1 needs change and it needs to be consistent in how it views change and what it wants from change.


The tyres "I want to push all race" simply means everyone either has a tyre which can easily last the entire race. End of pitstops effectively. So if your car is a Merc Petronas, you will never be overtaken. Talk about processional racing...


Not the whole race, they just need tyres that they can push over a stint and most importantly won't overheat and lose all of their performance when close behind another car.


Neilmurg; indeed there is a tendency in F1 to try to listen to everyone and to try to make F1 all thing to all people.

There is nothing in this world that is all things to all people and which is capable of pleasing everybody.

That's why F1 needs to establish a very clear idea of what it's really about, and be realistic about being able to achieve that to satisfy the right kind of audience, and not be afraid of turning off the wrong kind of audience.


Exactly and well said. So many commentators seem to be stuck in the 80's. They also use far too many exclamation marks and capital letters because we all know that shouting louder than someone else makes you right. The old adage of "You can't please all of the people all of the time" is especially true for F1. Some hate DRS, some love it. Some loath the hybrid engines, some love them. And each party seems to think that they have the right to call the other side idiots for disagreeing. Ross' job seems quite big if he's really going to listen to fans, especially as most fans can't really agree on what they want.


Ross is going to persuade the fans that what he is giving them is the best, that its their idea, and therefore what they want. Its what all successful people do.


a variation on the old saying that politics is about persuading poeple to want what it suits you to let them have!


I think Brawn's willingness to listen to the fans is admirable as ultimately it's our actions of switching on to watch a GP that determines the success of Formula One.
As you quite rightly say, not all will agree on what needs to be done to improve the racing and the appeal of F1 in general, however he can't go wrong if he looks at it as a way of gathering potential ideas that could be implemented at some stage.
Many of the changes that fans want may affect Liberty's bottom dollar and with Brawn now being a paid employee he won't last long in his new role if the changes he brings bleeds his employers dry.
It will have to be a fine balancing act of what we the fans want and also that of which best serves Liberty in their efforts to recoup some of the billions they have outlayed with their takeover of the sport.


I wish Brawn every success in bringing this vision to F1. There should be a certain income threshold where the backmarker and lower midfield teams can make a decent fist of things. Still, those final tenths will take exponentially more money, so I'm not sure if it will change the order, rather than just bunch them up.

Cédric Baumgartner

I think his idea is mainly to make the sport more financially affordable to smaller teams. So a team like Manor can race and be part of the sport long term.


All his ideas are good but I think ever implementing them will be hard. The engine for instance cost teams at least half of the budget and then Ferrari gets paid for doing nothing.

Someone needs to have the power to say my way or the highway. I wouldn't care if a rule was made or set of rules made to make it possible for anyone on the grid to compete. F1s commercial success will eventually be it's downfall. I don't remember F1 having better tech than other series back in the 70s. Maybe CanAm and look what happened to that after Porsche came along.


I don't remember F1 having better tech than other series back in the 70s. "

You don't remember Ground Effects and 6 wheeled cars?


Bunching them up is great because it means any errors by the front teams will be more costly and give those who are normally at the back more opportunities for points podiums and even the win.


It won't be a bad thing to have the field bunched up. That will provide closer racing and we won't see cars being lapped, with the driver's ego suffering humiliating beatings.


Having recently read his book (every F1 fan should), I'm very pleased that Ross is involved. A clever man, and I think probably the most important person within the new setup to make it the best it can be. A shame the money distribution can't change till 2020.


I have a hard time accepting that the commercial / distribution terms will not be renegotiated very soon. They almost have to be fixed if real positive change is the expectation.

This is all great news. I'm psyched. And yet...

1. I feel for BE. I'm going to miss him in some masochistic way (don't know if masochistic is the right word choice there). I truly believe he loves F1 and just wanted what was best, in his opinion. He was a voice for F1 as a sport. Who will be that voice now?

2. I sense Ferrari loosing their stranglehold on F1, and I'm concerned with how that will play out.

3. I don't see any real change to the racing in the foreseeable future. Granted, we have know idea what 2017 will look like with the aero changes and such.

4. As an American, I'm worried this is the start of the Americanization of F1.

5. Something just feels dirty... maybe I should take a shower.


I wouldn't quite call it Americanization; there are plenty spec races around Europe. I'd like to see nice open regs with tightly controlled budgets.


Point 1 - it would be much easier to miss Bernie if he had been a little less autocratic over the last years. It may have been necessary in the early days of the garagista's, but it just won't wash in today's professional and corporate world; whether dealing with teams, circuits or fans that are "plugged-in" to the sport 24/7 rather than every few weeks.

Point 2 - I'm very curious to see how the historical payments issue is resolved, post 2020. Marchionne doesn't strike me as very pragmatic. But then again, if you give historic circuits certain privileges, then why not teams?

Point 4 - As a European, going to an NFL or baseball game was fun once, but I'm not sure I buy into their way of "doing sports" - once the novelty value wears off, I feel the whole circus thing kind of devalues the actual sport. I hope that F1 retains its purity.


"don't know if masochistic is the right word choice there".

Lol....Max Mosely understands what you're trying to say there Jeff!

Given the climate of F1 in recent years a touch of Americanisation may be just the boost it needs. In moderation of course. Haven't had an Indy car driver cross over to F1 for a while either. word for today is bananas


I think you're thinking of Max Mosley 😉


First interview and Ross nails everything that needs sorting. What a guy.


Well, knowing what the problems are isn't the issue, is it; they are in plain sight for everyone to see. Ross & co have a plan to deal with them, and that is a step forward, but there is still the issue of executing.... which is typically where the real problems lie.


Well said. I'm a big fan of Ross Brawn and I'm hoping he can work some miracles, but as the old sayings go, "talk is cheap" or "actions speak louder than words" are a few that come to mind. But good luck to them and let's hope we can see some change over the next couple of years.


Ross is a man of action if his history speaks for himself. I am positively anticipating the future of the sport.


Totally agree, and as it stands, the future looks rosey. But let's see if these 3 men can really work together when the going gets tough.
I'm with you, looking forward to a good F1 future.


Hi Phil,

Definitely seems to be a very exciting new phase F1 is approaching mate. Brawn appears to be da man! Although I never particulary liked the culture of the Schumacher/Ferrari/Todt era his grasp, potential influence as well an unfathomable wealth of knowledge is second to none.




While the deal with the teams can't be changed until 2020, there's nothing wrong with the commercial rights holder sorting out some sort of default sponsor package for the low end teams to guarantee them a reasonable amount of income to build a decent car and team. Apart from Liberty's leverage with potential sponsors, they could also push the TV companies covering the races to look for those sponsors' cars a bit more during the race (making it more valuable for the sponsors) and use them more during the race promotion itself.


It is undoubtedly true that some of the best racing happens towards the back of the field and I think it would be a great move if there was more coverage of these battles. More coverage = more sponsorship = more car development = closer racing = more coverage.....


So the revenue structure won't change until 2020?
How sad.
The Manor recovery is not a good business anymore, if it ever was.
So the minimun - contractual - grid for F1 is 20 cars.
Placing a 2016 spec car for the fututre Manor owner for some races is cheating.
Place a Lada or Yugo instead as moving chicanes to spice the show xD
I can see potential lawsuits.
A F1 race must have 20 F1 cars under the same regulations.
It's not safe to pick a 1 year old - bad - chassis and put bigger tires in it.
We might see suspensions collapsing and tires flying around the track.
That's so amateur for the Prime racing series.


Manor, to be fair to them, have their 2017 car ready to assemble. So for them it wasn't a case of running a 2016 car with bigger tyres. In the meantime we watch Ferrari being paid enough to bail out Greece, to effectively stand still.


Really F1 went the wrong way with the regs for 2017 on the technical front aerodynamic grip should have been reduced not increased . Drivers want to be challenged well wouldn't more nervous cars with less aero than the 2016 cars with the wider tyres that would behave in a twitchy manner and have higher top speeds be just as much of challenge to drive as cars with lots of aero like we will actually get? Cars with more aero will lead to bigger field spreads , less overtaking and therefore a poorer on track show. I hope to be proven wrong next year but i'm confident that may assumption will be correct. Ross needs to correct this mistake for 2018 and no it wouldn't be a knee jerk reaction it would just be common sense according to physics.


i think what they're trying to achieve with the wider front wing and wider tyres is more grip so that when tucked in behind another car there is still enough grip left to be able to pull out and overtake.
That's the theory... we'll have to wait to see the reality.


Hopefully it works Axel as I would love to see DRS scrapped if that is indeed the case.


@ and me both.


If anything I think it'll be the massive tyres that address the balance. In previous seasons if you spend a few laps tucked up close behind another car the tyres quickly overheat and lose performance for the rest of the stint. It's my understanding that Pirelli's main instruction for this season is to allow drivers to run close behind other cars without the tyres overheating. Fingers crossed.


Plus the mechanical to aero grip ratio will be more or less what it was in 2016.


When I analysed company managements to try and figure out what their next move might be, I always focus on their previous experience then try to extrapolate that behaviour. In my humble opinion, Carey's background is that of Fox Sports, which he made successful. To me it's clear that his blueprint is that of the most successful sports league in the world, the NFL. Hence the need to involve the teams as part-owners. Hence the need for parity so Sauber can be the New England Patriots of F1.


May be on the final weekend we go large and have a 60 lap race but every 10 laps they have to pit for a new car! Ariel atom for a Renault Clio sport then a Mercedes AMG then a Ferrari etc.....each car maker puts one forward . Then these companies can show off their cars with some of the best drivers out there..... admittedly this will be very costly for some car makers but I'm just dreaming.


I believe the EPL now has higher revenues than the NFL. Take your point though, he clearly knows what he's doing.


the new engine layout pretty much being set in stone from the start before a wheel had been turned ranks as one of the dumbest rules ever.
We need names and interview's with the visionaries responsible.


Ditch the turbos but keep the hybrid system. The turbos are what are muting the noise and we only have them because road cars now have turbos because of advances in reducing turbo lag.
Being back the V10 3 litres and ditch the MGUH. Hey presto - the noise is back and the engine manufacturers can still market their hybrid power trains.


Again, these new hybrid engines were brought in, but I'm told they didn't even know what they would sound like. Plus the public perception of these hybrids wasn't even tested; worse, it's almost as if they didn't even care about it.

And they wonder why the popularity of F1 is declining.


road cars turbos are not primed by electric motors like mgu-k


This right here is why they should always be carful with 'fan' views.

The turbo is critical to the hybrid system.

It's the key component within the system effectiveness.

No offense intended but it forever amazes me how little fans actually understand what they are seeing and what an incredible piece of race technology F1 actually is.


The MGUH adds 80hp to the hybrid system ie. half. It obviously adds much more to the power of the ICE. Fans want to see and hear a spectacular event, not wonder in quiet amazement at how advanced the technology is that is quietly going past.


Drg; it depends on how you define incredible Technolgy. Is adding over 100kg to a tiny single seater, which has always been about being light and nimble really that incredible?

Is spending an obscene amount of money to save a bit of fuel really that incredible?

If heavy, complex and obscenely expensive is incredible technology, then why has everything been getting smaller and lighter.? Not only cars, but also phones, laptops, iPads etc. And why are designers always endeavouring to avoid unnecessary complexity and cost? Well, almost always, hybrids excepted.


I agree, the new engines are an amazing bit of engineering. I just wish they would let them race instead of limiting fuel, limiting flow rate, limiting RPM and then trying to make them last 4 or 5 weekends. I think that most who complain about these new engines are actually complaining about the regulations they race under rather than the engineering - they just blame the engines.


I agree. Let the fuel flow rate increase, let them rev. Unshakeable these engines and let us see what they are truly capable of.


I do believe that there is a case to be made for ditching these PU's in the future. The manu's have certainly taken them to extraordinary success and perhaps it is time now to revert to a cheaper but no less powerful alternative. The re introduction of lightweight V10 engines using the latest materials and ICE technology would release mega $'s back to the teams to help implement better and more sustainable team structures. The other concept would be to scale back the need to have two car teams. The actual, savings on a team basis would be considerable and again help sustainability. Surely it must be easier to find four individuals to fund four teams of one car than to find two individuals to fund two car teams. Just a thought. My other concept would be to allow a greater degree of freedom to designers. Why not allow for an 'equalistaion' formula similar to that of LMP1? It can be done and then we would really see what exciting innovations can do for the series.These are just some of my pet theories that if implemented would make for a healthy change. It certainly would attract new teams, of that i'm pretty sure.


That said funds to teams is a good thing and I absolutely agree with you there But it's not like f1 is tight on funds and struggling in anyway. It was just the rights owner taking over 50% - a ridiculous figure only really obtained as a gross in manufacturing and catering organisations. Not silent partners and administrators (well banks maybe but we saw how that worked out)

As a net figure sans tax. Nuts and the reason there are issues. And to then pinch over half their sponsers as well reducing even further any ability to fund themselves. And control the rest? Frankly criminal.

Just give enough for the teams to survive properly. The engine costs let alone other facility costs then become a factor of ability.

In other words a competition.


Err - so let's return to 28% efficiency instead of the 48% we are currently at?

Ie double the engine size and weight. For what Kenneth?

So the old guard feels good. Sorry but why not just watch GP2 if the old style engine is of such satisfaction?

I frankly want more of this - 1000 out of 1.6litres with economy!

Yes please.

I understand your unhappy because RB don't have a great unit but come on - in three years they have had the second best car. They are doing something right and all we would see if we return is a swapping of what team is first.


Any engine that is rev limited produces better economy. 50% is incredible but the engines are strangled by an arbitrary fuel flow limit. They could get even better economy cruising at 55mph, but nobody would watch that.


@ DRG....It's 2017 and you're still spouting nonsense re me and RB. Give it a break if you want to be taken seriously. The post asked for comments and i don't need a lecture from you. As i said, and you chose to ignore, the current crop is a great piece of engineering but it has proved a point and it's time to move on. Now if you cannot grasp what i was saying then that is your fault. If i recall the V'8 and the V10's weighed in at around 90Kg and could've been constructed even lighter as opposed to the 145kg we see today. If lightweight V8 and V10's were not powerful enough to achieve a race result why then did mercedes spit the dummy when BE suggested an independent supply to teams that were denied supply by mercedes?


Sorry but a GP2 engine sounds laboured and pathetic when next to the V10's from 12 years ago.

Brundle did a walk through the fans at Spa last season and reported overwhelming disapproval of these engines and the noise. 2nd was DRS. Are they all the old guard then??


If efficiency is the be all and end all why are the cars being given an extra 5kg of fuel for 2017?

It's already going backwards and nobody has batted an eyelid.


Alexis; Because nobody cares about efficiency. People want to have fun and live their lives to the full.

Unfortunately Al Gore has made everyone feel guilty about wanting to live and have fun. He wants everyone to reduce their carbon footprint by living in a cave, while he owns 3 or 4 multi-million dollar properties (one is a seaside property, so he's obviously not worried about the imminent sea level rises) a private jet, and he travels in a limo with an accompanying motorcade. Hypocrite.

Cédric Baumgartner

Here's to Brawn who shall "Make F1 Great again"!


Brawn cancel Skys holding on F1 in 2019.
Give it back to the masses of F1 fans on Liberty's own streaming sites and terrestrial tv.
Plus don't let development of the new cars bring back that ugly Shark fin on top of the air pod.


Nudge nudge wink wink - there's always VIPBOX for FTA viewing!


Acestream is a much better solution. No ad's, HD uninterrupted streams all available at the touch of a button (or two).


That things are nightmare.
It dumps so much rubbish on your device from weird Chinese betting adverts to malware. Even if you have all the security walls up. I had to re-install everything and do a clean before resetting everything.
VIP Box is a nightmare. You press anything or try to enlarge and you are hit with adverts from all directions. It's something that should be viewed from the moon GazBoy.
There must be actual tv channels that still show online for free.


Don't hold your breath

Carey talked in an interview yesterday about how F1 had doubled the income from Sky UK and wanted to see more deals like that


I don't mind the paywall, I just find it so silly the paywall being Sky UK.
FOM should just bypass all the worldwide networks, and stream all their content direct-to-users for a flat fee (per race / per season). Bigger fee if it's a business or a public place (sports bar).
So you sign up, pay, and stream whenever you want to tune in, wherever you are in the world (à la Netflix). From any device (laptop, mobile, smart TV, etc).
But you only pay for F1 related content, nothing else. And you won't miss a race if you are on holiday or away for work.
I'd be happy to pay up to £10 per race weekend / £180 per season. That's ~£72 billion right there if every one of the current 400m F1 TV users worldwide (free and pay) is happy to adopt a model of this kind.
This would also solve the problem of fans at the track (they'll just need to follow the audio commentary or a live tweet commentary via their smartphones ).
Fill the stream with pre and post-race interviews, features, and classic races. Social media integration for a 360^ experience.
But no, we're stuck with installing a dish, getting a sky box, signing a contract, buying a subscription, paying for channels you'll never watch, and with zero mobility / flexibility.


That maybe the case James although this grab for the the easy cash is what has driven the viewing figures of the sport into the ground.

Deals like the one Sky signed aren't sustainable with the sport in its current guise and unless the changes Liberty hopes to implement encourage viewers to switch back on instead of off, that Sky deal won't be repeated anywhere in the world.


Yep Sarsippious
This Sky Deal is a shocker.
High pay off from Sky to F1 but it's a short term bonus. When no one is watching F1 except those who want to put money into another little man's pockets aka Murdoch. Then it will be a short term gain. Empty attendance at Grand Prix venues will result as the next generation moves onto something that they can gain access to cheaply. World Rally Cross Moto GP Drift series are the
main things that will target that group. WRC are bringing back the British group cars. Last time that happened F1 had less viewers and WRC had a bigger global fan base. Lancia Delta Audi Quattro Toyota Celica RS Cosworth Escort.
Big cars big power and huge following.


I mean B Group cars which had crazy turbos and we're super fast rally cars. OK it was dangerous but it sure looked the business a spectacular show of speed so close to cliff edges and forests and on icy roads.


@James Allen. With races behind paywalls, the team sponsors are not going to get much value for their money. We've seen how difficult it's been for teams to get big names on their cars, McLaren in recent years and Honda back in 2008. It hasn't helped that FOM have taken a lot of money from teams with their trackside advertising, which has received massive airtime, due to the adverts being placed directly in front of all the tv cameras.

I'm hoping LM don't cut coverage of teams they are having 'problems' with, that Bernie tactic was frequently used to even put pressure on winning teams.

As an aside. Silverstone have been chasing the UK government for handouts. If the race is only available on Sky channels from 2019, they've not got a snowballs chance of getting a penny.


Very true . We prefer o invest £17 million on a missile that turns left when asked to go right!


Oh dear !
That doesn't bode well for F1 then. It will be hidden away behind a pay wall for a long time. It'll be like Boxing nobody knows who or what World boxing belts and championship there are.
It will be a total wilderness for generations to come.
No point in holding ones breath of that's the way Liberty think. But maybe after a few years and lagging audiences they may come to their senses.


After a few years of dwindling returns, Bernie will buy out Liberty for peanuts. Lazurus will be back!


lazarus may be resuscitated sooner than you think. If the rumours about a new series by ecclestone have any cred he will launch in 2019. Now that i would love to see as whilst bernie has made a few errors he does know which side is up!

Maybe it will be Formula BE1 and it will be headed up by a consortium of previous heavies. Whitmarsh/ Briatore/ Haug/ Jordan et al. Forget previous enemies within and look at the potential going forward. Lightweight V8 / V10 engines with twin turbos and away we go. There are plenty of circuits available for use. Turkey, Germany, India, South Korea, Britain , Japan, France,Italy, USA and Brazil as well as Argentina. There are many many drivers who would offer their services for a reasonable sum just to get a drive. If anyone could do it it would be BE and he has the finance as well. Think about not as silly as it sounds.


BE is too old to start a new series...


More money, fewer fans... Is that sustainable?


Sustainable for who? That's the real question. F1 is a business, and like any business it comes down to cost and revenue. There is a target in mind...


Yep the target is make money loose viewers. In a few years when F1 is in disarray because attendance to GPs is so low no circuits will want an empty race. Financially it's dead and buried.


Ross Brawn is possibly the most respected influencer in F1 and I wish him the Best of Fortunes in his challenges.


F1 must go back to what made it great before. It mustn't forget its identity... And that is being the pinnacle of motor racing, super fast cars, an engineering beauty, and must be a real challenge for the drivers. A balance must be found between engineering for the road cars vs F1 and real racing.


Agree 100%, except for the last sentence.

Road cars, as they currently are, are extremely boring. Supercars are obviously as exciting as they always have been, but putting fuel saving, hachback technology into F1 is a massive zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


- Remove the high price from the app for Live Timing and all the information you need to follow so people at GPs can follow along using their devices easier. If you need to charge, make it a once off payment.

- Work with TV providers to bring an F1-style Netflix to the world. Depending on the region you're in, you'll get that channel's coverage.

As for cost, tier it like Netflix, but instead make the each tier have extra content so that those who want more can have more, those who don't can just get the bare essntials.

Basic: Race only
Tier 1: Race Day - Pre/Race/Post
Tier 2: Quali and Race
Tier 3: Race Weekend

Extra: Access to archieve of Previous F1 Races, Documentaries, Interviews etc.

I would kill for a service like this, I dont want to have to pay $50 - $100 to get a sports channel on a Pay TV provider just for F1, and have 50 channels I'll never watch.

I know this is more on the commercial side, rather than Ross', but F1 desperately needs it.


i think they're better off putting it on itunes..


netflix works on the basis that you have access to all music genres and you select what you want, similar to sky?


Wholeheartedly agree with you statement Nick - I even sent feedback to Sky on this exact point.

I don't want to pay for other channels that I don't want, just to get coverage of F1 (not everyone is into football). Nor do I want to pay for a week's worth of coverage when all I need is max 3 days - Practice, Qualifying, Race.

I don't mind being behind a paywall, I just want better pricing and options depending on what and how much I want to consume on any given race weekend.


100% agree. I'd kill for a MLBTV-style online delivery of F1 and would certainly pay whatever it cost. Tiering could certainly help as well for occasional/hardcore fans alike.


Now TV gives you unlimited access for either 24 hrs or a week. Or even a month. I find it quite flexible and user friendly. Although it may end up too expensive when every race is behind a paywall. The only thing that I would like in addition to what is currently available is a streaming on demand service alongside it so I can watch the race in full at my convenience if I happen to be at at wedding or at a funeral!


Just to clarify, I meant when I get home, not during weddings and funerals!


The contrast with Bernie, from day one, couldn't be clearer. Ross is about the sport. Bernie was about Bernie, and the bucks.


No bucks, no Buck Rogers as Bernie would have said!


quick question, maybe hoping a complete piece about it : what is the current relationship between Ross and Jean Todt ?

They were quite the duo at ferrari so if it is still true that is probably an asset to have those two guys working together and not against each other?????


Strong relationship has endured

Also a shared interest as two of a very small inner circle that see Michael Schumacher and are closely in touch with the family

Tornillo Amarillo

Ross sounds good, I have faith.

James, have we a count-down to remove the DRS?


Amen! Anything other than the throttle that can be used to increase a cars speed needs to go!


First, congratulations to Ross. In his book, Total Competition (if you haven't read it, you must), he casts a lot of shade at Bernie so this must be a sweet moment.
Second, the competitive side of the sport couldn't be in better hands. His focus on cost control and leveling the playing field (reducing the performance value of a marginal dollar of spending) is right. Benchmark Force India and Haas who have done well with limited budgets and set that as the standard with every team given enough funding to hit that level. Reduce the engine cost.


All the points Ross Brawn has highlighted only further convince me he is the right man for the job.


Bernie: Czar, circus, drama queen
Brawn: Proper sport, competition, predictability,....


Cost control and taking power away from the manufacturers is what Max Mosley tried is it not?


He won't admit it but there'll be a real satisfaction in taking a successive role upon the dismissal of Ecclestone. It's an exciting future for the sport!


Very promising. Just tells you how badly Bernie dropped the ball over the last 10-15 years.


If Ross Brawn knows it difficult to follow races without a lap chart, he should realise that the FOM live chart should be available free, as it used to be. Taking every penny out of the F1 doesn't do the image any good. Especially for product that had serious issues for paying users when it first had to be paid for. Users never received a penny in compensation for testing, what was rubbish software.

FOM might look at getting trackside Kangaroo TV to be restarted too. Kangaroo was killed overnight over money issues, without bothering to think about the effect it had on spectators.

To tell the truth, I don't believe we've seen the last of the greed that has been killing F1 for the last 10 years.


I'm with you on the last point 100%

They didn't just pay out $8bn because they care about us fans.

Frying pans and fires jump to mind.


Dear Brawn,
You're one of the most respected men to be in F1. I wish you the best of luck in your new role.
Here is one fans request:
Please, make large, legible numbers on the cars mandatory. Thank you.


Or bring back the Mclaren rear wing with "MIKA" and "DAVID" , that was pretty cool (circa 1998-2001 I think ?)


When will we be hearing reaction, official or otherwise, from the individual teams? I'm very interested, for example, to hear what Ferrari thinks of these changes.


Please Mr Brawn, no more change for changes sake,or "just because we can".
Change, counterchange, chaos. The sport will continue to evolve and should do so,but does it have to be a Darwin style thing that kills off backmarker teams?


Halleluja! A man talking sense.
I've heard he also wants to get rid of DRS and have a draft system for GP2 drivers


Ross's ideas are nothing that many people on this site haven't said before. Which I'm itself confirms that he listens to the fans already and/or he sees the same issues as many others.

On the subject of pay TV.
The problem for me is not having to pay,it's paying to see a race live in a very different time zone for instance but not wanting to watch it live at some absurd time. But then being bombarded with the results and ruining the result. Therefore I'd like to be able to pay per race.
Without getting ripped off for the pleasure.
I truly hope he succeeds in this role because it'd be awful to top an impeccable CV off with a catastrophic failure.


Not sure if you are in the UK but you can get a Sky 24hr pass these days.


In Brawn we trust!


I know that every good business / sport needs a long term vision. But I hope we see some changes this year and not use that as an excuse for inaction.

Take charge Mr Brawn and don't wait for permission from the teams to make the changes you think are necessary.


too much talk about change too soon.
look what has happened to iraq and libya after the execution of sadam hussain and gadafi by people who didn't understand what actually went on.


I've told you a million times, stop exaggerating...

Last time I checked, Bernie was still breathing and wasn't in a cell.


check his pulse.


Chase Carey are you listening?

Fan wish list for F1:

1. Normally aspirated V10 or V12 with no rev limit.. Focus on clean burning fuel. Get rid of the batteries and the hybrid stuff. We get, okay? The Prius is not an F1 car. 25 proper normally aspirated engines are just fine on clean fuels, you can showcase cleaner air at 20,000 screaming RPM. Bring back the F1 DNA. Enough already with the EverReady Duramax Prius Grand Prix, okay?

2. Raise the starting grid to 28 cars. Nobody needs to travel a thousand miles and pay a kings ransom to watch 5 cars collide at turn one and spend 2 hours sitting there watching the few cars remaining circle around at 1 mile intervals past a solid row of blue flags.

2. Spread the cash out equally amongst all teams. That will attract other marques if they figure they can showcase their technology on a level playing field. Otherwise why is any big name manufacturer going to go up against mega funded teams if they know they're on the back foot right out of the gate.

3. Don't stop at tenth place for issuing points. Run a points scale all the way down the grid so the fans can see some digital results through the entire field.

4. Get rid of this artificial DRS stuff. Fans aren't patently stupid. We know passes are artificial. Figure out another way to do it on merit, not on transparent tricks.

5. Open the paddock a lot more like IndyCar. It's all about the Fans.

Chase Carey you can do all this.

Thank you.


Your F1 fan wish list. I disagree with a lot of points.


To spice things up a bit for tv viewers, there should be no routine pit stops, for tyres or fuel. Obviously if there is a need for a new nose cone, for example, or a puncture, then it should be allowed.
Also a leader board, like on MotoGP, could be shown for the duration of the race to assist in visualising the positions of the various teams/drivers


no routine pit stops...

They tried having to make a single set of tyres last the whole race a few years ago (can't remember exactly when - maybe 20 years ago). It was awful, the drivers tip toed round for the whole race too scared to try a late lunge, or whatever, for fear of locking up and flat spotting their tyres.
I like the idea of the leaderboard though (motogp style) - it would be better than the 'ticker' at the bottom of the screen which they currently use showing only 5 places at a a time. You have to wait for it to scroll through to find out where a particular driver is in the race.


James, do you think these revelations increase the chances of someone rescuing/buying Manor (& the company holding the entry etc)? It seems to me Liberty and their new management are saying all the things that increase the value of being "part of the club" again.


You would hope so. The other owners are sure to want to hold on given that an entry will have value soon


@ james...can you then reconcile your statement with the fact that the teams have rejected any share ownership under the current Liberty offer?


looking forward to being able to keep pace with the race, should be good for the fans. Also all races should be available in full length on free to air TV having one hour of a race on Sydney TV is a joke, no wonder fans fall away. The bigger the fan base, the better for the sport.


Car racing isn't football and that needs a FTA presence to not drift from public memory so I expect there would be a highlights show in 2019 in the uk.anything else dream on.


I don't think anyone on here will disagree with anything Ross Brawn says. It's simple really isn't it? To make the racing better the cars have to be more evenly matched in performance and in aero design they must be able to follow one another closely so we get old fashioned slip streaming to overtake. To even up performance I advocate some sort of handicap system - as works so well in British Touring Cars - this will not only provide closer racing, it will lead to a reduction in costs because there will not be the advantage that spending hugely more can bring. Perhaps race winners start at the back next race, a situation they could improve marginally in qualifying. There would be an incentive then to design cars that can follow and overtake. I would do away with blue flags, the better drivers can make a difference when cutting through back markers. As much as possible cut out steward interventions. No penalties for exceeding track limits - Alter the corners where it is advantageous to leave the track so it isn't or simply make the track wider. Do away with these huge tarmac run off areas, bring back gravel traps. We just have to get back to the days when I was at Silverstone and the hairs on my neck stood on end just to hear the noise of the cars. Just a few I said, it's simple really........


My thoughts:
- keep Friday practice & current qualifying format
- after or pre qualy have a Future Stars race made up of reserve, GP2 & GP3 drivers
- Grand Prix day have a 45 min 'Masters' gp using v8 0r V10's prior to Top 10 shootout
- 30 min Top 10 shootout for final grid positions
- 90 min Grand Prix
- ban concept of reverse grids
- fan boost button
- unwind Pay tv contracts and get F1 back onto free to air before there are no fans left
- F1 on streaming services such as NetFlix
- NextGen plan
- Embrace social media
- make F1 interactive,engaging and fans friendly via apps, website etc.
- annual fan survey with actions taken on the results and included in future planning
- equalisation fund for bottom three teams
- 24 car grid
- a strategy to attract new fans into the sport, difficult when your product is locked away on Pay tv
- give technical designers more say in regulations
- get rid of Jean Todd


Hi JAonF1 and Ross Brawn if you are reading this.
Please get rid of blue flags for cars fighting to stay on the lead lap. Use them only for cars who are already a lap or more down.


Why have blue flags at all? Don't people want to see drama and overtaking?


Blue Flags are necessary so that the leaders are not blocked by drivers dicing for say 11th and 12th who are so involved in their own battle that they don't see faster cars coming up behind them.


MartinW; Yes I know why blue flags are necessary.

My question is: Are they really necessary?


Hi james,
Is it possible to know if all this happening was on Ross plan for long time?
As himself saying need to plan things for 3-5years.
A lot of teams came to him but he didnt want anymore to be involve in F1 in that way and now Bernie is gone and he is there with full power on the sporting side of the F1 as he Wanted.

Look to me like he knows exactly what he wants to do and as a plan which he had time to prepare when everybody was seeing him just fishing. (Like when he was with Mercedes, Ferrari, Brawn GP)


I can only imagine Ross will be making a positive impact. I think this is good for the sport and I'm happy to see this development. Nothing bad about Bernie, he has made F1 what it is today and although it's easy to list out all the things that are wrong with it, he's done a heck of a lot of good stuff as well.


Looks like a new management is setting up a narrative earlier changes were "knee jerk" and they will be true to real racing...aaaahh, so lame.


As an long time f1 fan cant express enough how excited and hopeful I am at the new owners coming in to improve f1 for the long term value of the sport as opposed to using it as a cash cow. Don't get me wrong I am under no illusion that the new owners are in it for the money but by building up the offering to fans, delivering better value to curcuit owners I am optismistic that f1 can go from strength to strength.

I tried to tweet ross brawn but couldn't find him on twitter so James next time you see Ross please express as an f1 fan how much I am looking forward to the the coming years. Pretty sure I am not the only one out there thinking this but there isn't a better man for the job.


I am between and betwixt on the liberty issue. If they resort to the standard US froth and bubble dancing girl hoopla then they will lose a lot of fans. If they decide to mess around with the race lengths then they will destroy part of the F1 ethos. There has been some rumours flouted of having two shorter races over the weekend. That would be a disaster as far as i am concerned. The only other worry is that they have a goon wrapped up in a plastic Mickey Mouse costume doing the grid walk interviews!!!! Until i see what's on offer i will reserve judgement.


Good decision to replace Mr.Ecclestone , and the best solution is Mr. Brawn.
As a long time fan of the sport , I prefer the time that we have refueling the cars in pit stop because at that period the sport was on the top and we were watching the difference between drivers and engineers who make the best strategies .


Finally some common sense. Bye bye Bernie.


Someone mentioned that the wider tires and increased downforce will further reduce braking distances and, therefore, overtaking under braking. Carbon/carbon brakes are stunningly expensive. A return to good ol' cast iron rotors and less exotic pad material would increase braking distances, increase overtaking under braking, and reduce costs. Why not? Chris


Why not increase braking distances even further and reduce costs more by going back to drums?


It sounds like Ross Brawn will be working through things to make the sport successful as the premier racing spectacle in the world. I think Bernie had some of that but always and only as a means to make him richer. It has to be better now, one way or the other.


I for one will miss Bernie, but admit that it was time that he moved over.
I can't imagine anyone better for the job than Ross Brawn. He has the leadership skills and inante intelligence that are needed and his appointment is a breath of fresh air. If anyone can breath new life into the comatose formula that is F1 then it's RB
Go Ross!


Formula 1 needs to retain the element of the long game. Championships are a marathon and the tension built up over the season is part of the show (discharged, for example by Mansell's tyre explosion 1986). Also, it needs to be clearer what is happening, recently the fans could not understand how the race was developing as there are too many parameters to control. Ross is absolutely right in his analysis BUT the decision making process in F1 is terrible and will take some time for the sport to extract itself.

For the fans, clearly pay TV has been a disaster for general fan's consumption (in the UK you need a completely different set of equipment to receive it, paying is not enough). Also somehow linking digital information with recorded media (so you don't have to watch live) would be great.

In all the change is perhaps good. But time will tell. F1 will be difficult to get out of its current mind set left by Bernie.


I like where this is going, and I really admire Ross Brawn. Bottom line, when I heard he was involved I bought some shares in FWON (Liberty Media)


Hopefully Ross can get his plan to the meantime, I have two suggestions that he can put into actions right now, for little or no cost to the teams. This will be of benefit for us fans who have trouble, because of less than ideal eyesight, that watch on TV, or even at the track.
1. Make the cars within the teams easier to tell apart. I might be interested in one driver but not the other. it could be done by simply having two front wing colors.
One that matches the rest of the car, and one that contrasts. Example: Ferrari could have one red and one yellow, to match their sponsor Shell, Or it could be black. Since they paint it anyway, there should be no real extra cost.
In the case of testing a new type of wing, it could have two colors on it and then we would know that the car without the usual color is the other driver. Once it's decided to keep that new design, it's painted the correct color.
2. Have Torro Rosso go back to putting their name back on their car to make it easier to tell them apart from Red Bull cars. I know that the die-hard fan could tell the difference immediately, but new fans, or casual fans might not.Again, especially for those of us with less than ideal eyesight and that don't watch on a huge TV screen.


Ross Brawn is a clever guy. I'm fully behind him and think they will make a difference.

Let's be honest, F1 is not bad at all. It's still a great spectacle, just lacks bit of excitement. Anyone of you been to a race last couple years? When I stood under the old banking at Monza when V8 equipped F1 cars were flying past me that is what I'm talking about. When I came to race first time ever I was walking through the path over the road I could hear the beasts going. Now you're at the circuit and you see them, then you hear them... That's wrong.

And yes, get rid of DRS Ross!


Renault and Merc are terrified of silicon valley especially Musk, they have no interest in the sport as something for the public to watch, they just don’t want to be left in the bark ages as vehicles change rapidly this century


I have complete confidence in Ross Brawn to implement meaningful changes that have been carefully thought through. His record speaks for itself, and the noises he is making are the right ones for the sport. In addition something must be done to allow drivers to follow, and overtake at every circuit, not just the wider ones, otherwise it is qualifying that pretty much decides the race. He talks about a simpler sport, and I think less reliance on advanced aero, and more on mechanical grip might be the way to go or at least some means of following the car in front closely, and overtake. If a driver can't do that it makes the sport self defeating. Maybe underfloor aero could also achieve that, but might require circuits of higher qualiity to achieve it so the rate of change of level on the road surface is within the capabilities of the aero system. Ultimately cars must be able to race each other, and I think Ross Brawn is the man best suited to bring about the necessary changes.


I definately like


I definately like the way Ross is looking at handling F1. He certainly has tremendous professional experience with the sport.


The Best man for the job ,he must go to his medical practise regularly for a through work out cos I expect the stresses will be enourmouusss.


My instincts say yes. The problem is that up to now there have been too many technical changes in recent years for my liking that is forcing teams to build new cars. This affects smaller teams budgets to a point that they are forced to sell and pull out of the sport all together.


It's good to see Ross back in F1! A needed breath of fresh air!


If I was el presidente i would make say a series along the lines of gp2 but much faster.i got now tv over 6 months back and I watch gp2 on sky f1 obviously! And it's great better than f1 ,cars in a train popping out with full blown moves on the breaks .proper racing ,I would make a gp1 version say and allow the teams to have any engine they like and desire but ditch the hybrid for simple engines but limit the power to say around 900 hp then standardise the chassis ,wings and downforce (decent amounts) and bring back refuelling but have it gravity fed for safety ,this also makes the cars lighter than a full race tank car. ,,so the best teams are the ones who make best of there package and driver,surely this is pure racing .and if the corporates like Ferrari threaten to leave then you call their bluff because they are a big stumbling block for my theory to work of course ,thanks


I have every faith in Ross Brawn. He will be a breath of fresh air to F1. His calm, considered approach is exactly what the sport needs. Can't wait for his influence to be felt. Roll on the Australian GP.


How about awarding half the points for practice position and the other half for race finish position but the start positions are reversed so the slowest are at the front and fastest at the back. This would give practice day more relevance and guarantee plenty of overtaking no matter what the aerodynamic considerations are.


Why not have a standard aero package. The cars look almost identical anyway and it would save a billion dollars a year being wasted on a new winglet. The aero could be designed to reduce turbulence at the back and downforce at the front. This would irradicate the cost problems in the sport, allow proper wheel to wheel racing and allow teams more freedom for mechanical and engineering design. This should bring the fans back into understanding the cars more as well as no one cars what shape a winglet is anyway


Simply the Best, good luck Ross


yes Ross Brawn is certainly the best man for the job, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way, but I have every confidence in him, good luck Ross,

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