Guest Blog – top F1 engineer lifts the veil on new cars ahead of 2017 season
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Posted By: Editor   |  30 Jan 2017   |  8:02 pm GMT  |  269 comments

In just a few weeks the Formula 1 teams will reveal their cars for the 2017 season, which have been built to new regulations that were designed to produce more aggressive-looking machines that also lower lap times.

Launch season is an intriguing time of year, and that is especially the case ahead of a major rules revamp. The established pecking order could be shaken up or the front runners could extended their advantages – no one will know for sure until the cars hit the track for the two pre-season test sessions at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Phil Charles

For this guestblog, JA on F1 spoke to Phil Charles, who has been the chief race engineer at the Toro Rosso team for the last three seasons. He started his career at Renault and had spells as a designer, research and development engineer, seven-post rig and simulation engineer and as a vehicle dynamicist at the Enstone-based squad. During his time with Renault F1 team he was also credited (along with the now-retired Dave Hamer) with the idea to put the tuned mass damper in the nose of the 2005 R25 Renault car.

Charles resigned from Toro Rosso midway through last season citing the difficulties of a work base in Italy and having a young family in the UK. He is well placed to give us the inside view on the big changes coming ahead of the 2017 season and the impact they may have on the racing.

Phil Charles writes: New year, new rules
Every so often in F1 we have a big set of regulation changes added into the mix and things get even more complicated. This does give you the opportunity to advance if you react to the new rules well or commit early in the previous years, with Brawn GP being the obvious example in the 2009 regulation changes. The team spotted a grey area in the rules and asked the FIA the right question in the right way to validate their interpretation. This means that big rules changes give a good chance that the grid can shaken up.

However, there is a bit of a caveat here: the Brawn example is an extreme case. The double diffuser was a masterstroke that gave a massive offset in performance, but despite this, the big teams with the big resources quickly reacted and chased them down with relentless development.

Brawn GP

This meant that the Brawn advantage had all but disappeared by the end of the year. This is actually the point – the big teams are more likely to have the extra resources to commit to development on the new regulations early. They can also quickly implement their own versions of everyone else’s clever bits as all of the cars are first seen rolling out of the garages at the first test. Overall the big teams are more likely to prosper unless the small teams have spotted something significant or their homework is difficult to copy quickly.

In terms of the specifics of this year’s big rule changes, unfortunately when I resigned mid last year I was cut out of the 2017 car’s development so I haven’t seen an example of a 2017 car and don’t know what the new Toro Rosso will look like. That being said I have studied the rule changes and do have some opinions.

Aesthetically the cars will look much better. The wider and lower rear wing and more scope for big bargeboards ahead of sweptback sidepods will look racier. The front wings are also swept back in plan view starting from a point 1200mm ahead of the front axle and this looks more aggressive.

Fernando Alonso 2006 Renault
Physical challenges for the drivers
Although I am not sure how important it is to the fans watching at home, another aspect I am personally excited about is the fact that the cars will be more physical to drive,as they will be cornering faster.

One of my recollections as a test engineer in the mid 2000’s is of several young test drivers confidently telling me how fit they were before calling me over to the car after a handful of laps requesting to fit the pad on the headrest they had rejected the day before to support their necks – and this was a common thing.

It will make for an extra dimension to the race weekends this year as the stronger and fitter drivers will come to the fore at some of the more physical tracks.

Communication with the teams over the radio will also be a bit more breathless and interesting. It still surprises me now how some of the current drivers sound like they are taking a walk in a park – Daniel Ricciardo in particular sounds like he is sat at home watching the TV when he is often in high speed battle.

Overtaking spectacle
In terms of the effect on overtaking, I have been thinking back to my own kart racing in the 1990s (I am actually a failed racing driver in a previous life). I remember making a step from the very popular economy class [TKM] to the top class in the UK at the time [Formula A] and this change came with a marked step in tyre grip moving from a very hard and durable tyre to a much softer one.


Overtaking was much more difficult in the Formula A kart as the braking distances were much shorter. I likened it at the time to having a smaller target to aim at and that target disappeared more quickly. With a similar change coming in F1 in 2017, this could mean we see fewer overtakes but the chance for a overtaking manoeuvre going wrong could be higher. This could be good for the show and will promote the more skilled drivers who can overtake well.

Having said all of this we need to consider that the DRS effect has a big impact in overtaking in the F1 of today so the ‘power’ of the 2017 DRS systems (i.e. the speed delta between a DRS active and no DRS car) will be important.

The cars will also be slower on the straights as the drag of the wider cars and tyres is much higher. This will mean cars with more efficient downforce packages or more powerful power units will be at a further advantage for both lap time and overtaking in 2017. These are the respective strengths of the Redbull and Mercedes teams in recent time and so it will be interesting to see if others can jump into the mix with these two teams.

Tyre talk

Pirelli have been tasked not only with increasing grip levels but also in making the tyres more resilient to not lose peformance once they have been over a certain sliding level or temperature range. This trend has been a ‘bug bear’ for the drivers in recent years. If Pirelli have achieved their targets the drivers will be happy as they will be able to push more freely.

2017 F1 tyres Mercedes

From the engineering point of view I can argue for and against this; the tyres have been generally difficult to get and keep ‘in the window’. However, that has also been a very big and interesting engineering challenge and when you really did a good job in helping your driver get it right – by helping him understand how to look after the tyre – there was a pretty good reward avaialable. Where something is on a knife edge like this it also gives the smaller teams a chance to do a better job on the day when it is really difficult.

When everything is easy the cars tend to finish in their performance order – so I like it when it is not easy on the drivers!

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Test Three - Day 2 -  Barcelona, Spain

My final thought is for the mechanics. The teams all monitor the pitstop performance of their competitors very closely and the ‘virtual pitstop championship’ is hotly contested.

Consider that in 2017 the front tyre is 60mm wider at the tread and it weighs 0.8kg more than last year, while the rear is 80mm wider and just shy of 2kg heavier. This means they will be quite a bit more awkward to move around and so those mechanics that will soon be tired of working big hours to get their new car on track [which we will cover in a second guestblog closer to winter testing] will also have to be doing lots of pitstop practice to recover the time lost fitting and removing the 2017-spec wheels.

Kevin Magnussen

Debate – which drivers do you think will adapt best to the 2017 cars?
In his article, Charles’ mentions that the rules behind the designs of the new cars may make overtaking more difficult, but equally they could also reward those drivers who are better at making a move stick.

Haas F1’s new recruit Kevin Magnussen recently explained that the previous generation of cars punished racers who were “overdriving”. The 24-year-old Danish driver, who competed for McLaren in 2014 and Renault last season, now hopes that that will be less of an issue with the new cars and their higher levels of downforce.

He said: “These new cars will probably suit that better than [the cars that had] less downforce. I’m looking forward to it – it’s going to be fun to try. If our expectations are true, then they’re going to be the fastest Formula 1 cars ever, probably, so that would be exciting.”

So who do you expect to cope best with the new cars? Is there a driver that you think will be able to pull off stunning passes or reach new heights with greater downforce and wider tyres? Leave your thoughts on this and Charles’ post in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook pagefor more discussion.

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What I am wondering about after reading this article is how powerful DRS will be this season.

I might have gotten it all wrong but with the increase in downforce, wont the highway passes be alot easier to do now?

Kinda think it will benefit the drivers who were driving before the 2014 season, but who knows.


Not necessarily Stoffe. Downforce and drag are actually the the things that DRS removes so as to increase speed while reducing grip. Because there is more car 'drag' this year from additional weight and larger tyres etc. as well as more downforce from non-rear-wing areas the DRS should afford a car slightly less of a downforce/drag reduction as DRS is engaged, and as soon as a car pulls out from the slipstream of the car in front they should in theory lose a larger chunk of slipstream assisted speed than they would have done last year, and they will also be unlikely to have the same top-speed (unless engine power gets a larger than expected winter development boost), so we could well see that DRS won't provide quite such a speed differential.

On the other side though they should be able to keep DRS open for longer since the top speed will be lower and the braking distances also shorter, and so there might be more DRS assisted overtakes coming very late into the end of the DRS areas.

Then again...we could all be wrong, so roll on March so we can see for real 🙂 lol


Mak; Hulkenberg has said that the DRS effect will be significantly more pronounced this year.


2017 will be full of Kimi's highlights! IF Pirelli gets the job done properly.. He hates bad grip so muchh..


I think DRS should be allowed any where, any time and in defense. Those who are braver and more skillful will be rewarded and some will cook it! Be kinda fun!


If all cars have DRS, all the time, DRS will become largely inconsequential (for better or worse).


We might then have faster races though.


Yeah understood - but it could be fun watching someone opening the flap in a long sweeping corner!


Davideh; indeed. For example F1 drivers didn't want the tunnel in Monaco to be a DRS zone, but if DRS was allowed anywhere it would only require one driver to go through there with the DRS open, and all the others would clench their butt cheeks and do the same.


I just wish all the time and effort spent on DRS implementation was spent on reducing dirty-air aero so the guy following in a similarly performing car out of a corner wasn't penalised as much as in recent years.


I would rather have cars that are more resilient to bad air. The reason being: "Bad Air" is actually the hole that the guy infront punches in the air and that makes the guy behind a tad faster. If the cars were less resilient to bad air, then the cars would lose less balance following through the bends and they could suck themselves closer to the one in front on the straights, which would ultimately make DRS unnecessary.

The solution to more resilience would be smaller, simplified front wings and venturi tunnels under the sidepods (effectively a diffuser that extends forwards left and right of the central plank). The barge boards would then create the vortices to seal up the sides of the floor, since they're always in the wake of the tires, they would be designed to work under tricky conditions.


@MOW...Like LukeC i am perplexed and amazed as to why the knowledge you have displayed isn't adopted by the F1 aero guys who come with shed loads of doctorates ,some from the aerospace and defence industries and also the highest levels of academia? It would help if you could post for us your credentials so that we may assess your credibility vis a vis F1 aero solutions.


ManOnWheels, no one knows what the solution to more resilience is -- even F1 aerodynamicists don't know.

Why is the Internet full of people who pretend to know what the solution is, and who shout louder than anyone else in an attempt to steer F1 in their preconceived direction?


P.S. I think Alonso will be one of the quickest to adopt to the new regulations/demands.


I think DRS this season will have bigger impact than before, for simple reason the wing/flaps are bigger, which will lead to bigger speed difference between the cars, hence easier overtaking with DRS.
I'm not fan of DRS and if my prediction proved to be correct, I'll be even more sad. 🙂


Stoffe; I agree, highway passes are depressing to watch.

Personally I would like to see the DRS close automatically once the overtaking car gets alongside the car he is attempting to overtake. That way it would still be up to the overtaking driver to out brake his opponent.


𝗗𝗲𝗯𝗮𝘁𝗲 – 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 𝗱𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗱𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗸 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗮𝗱𝗮𝗽𝘁 𝗯𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗲 2017 𝗰𝗮𝗿𝘀?

With over 200 KG of extra downforce, Big Mac slicks and "barn door" rear wings meaning extra G and cornering force, a Nigel Mansell type build with a bull neck and shoulders like tree trunks is the answer..........not to mention the internal organs. Can you imagine the extra strain from the extra downforce put on the lungs, heart, intestines, liver, windpipe and kidneys? Formula 1 really will be survival of the fittest.......


"a Nigel Mansell type build with a bull neck and shoulders like tree trunks is the answer"

Quick question Gaz: Do we know any current F1 drivers with a bull neck and shoulders like tree trunks?

Second quick question Gaz: Which drivers do you think will adapt best to the 2017 cars?

And no dodging the question this time... 😉

For myself, my first thought would be Raikkonen, Alonso and Ric (probably but not necessarily in that order).


Quick question Gaz: Do we know any current F1 drivers with a bull neck and shoulders like tree trunks?

Guiterrez' neck is pretty chunky...


Does Gutierrez actually have a chunky neck, or does he just have a really small head? 😐


I'll go with the head random....


Is Gutierrez a current F1 driver? I thought he was off to try his luck at formula e.


You do mean Formula Silent don't you?


@Random 79
I would agree with ALO & RIC definately. Kimi seems to need a car that is quite exact to his personal specifications (like JB was). If the car is not quite perfect Kimi will suffer until it is. I would add VES to that list and maybe Hulk. To be honest, i think HAM is a given also. I dont have much time for the guy but his performances speak for themself.


I would be surprised if Raikkonen doesn't suit these high downforce cars. And I would expect the drivers with a more 'point and squirt' driving style to maybe suffer a touch.


Ricciardo and Alonso sprung to mind as far as the tree trunk necks are concerned.


I believe the required attributes were a neck like a bull and shoulders like tree trunks - who ever heard of shoulders like tree trunks? Legs or arms perhaps, but not shoulders 🙂
In reality, when you actually see the drivers up close they are very slight and not at all heavily built - most of them struggle to tip the scales at more than about 10 stone.


Talk in kg man. Imperial measurement is archaic.


Did my choice of units upset you kenneth - oh well never mind - I prefer imperial units so that is what I will use.
Besides, it doesn't really matter - the point is; the drivers are not built with necks like bulls or shoulders like tree trunks. In general they are slightly built - more like a jockey imo.


@ C63...No, it didn't upset me at all, it just sounds rather naff in these metric days. A bit like gallons and pints. As for the physical descriptors surely it's ass a bout! Necks like tree trunks and shoulders like bulls...who have very powerful shoulders!


@ buy your meat by the Kg. I know a few meaty poms....


Maybe, but we weigh people in stones and pounds. Trust me on this one kenneth - the EU might insist that weight is shown on packets in kg and litres but that isn't how most people think of it. For example I have just looked at the milk in my fridge and it is sold in a handy 1.136 litre container - or exactly 2 pints (displayed underneath the metric quantity as required by law).


C63 archaic measures are just as good. I mean try telling the bloke with an orange Duck resting on his head for Hair, yep Donald Duck Trump. 😉
Most items in USA like Milk are in pints and quarts. Meat is still in lbs.


I don't disagree, but I'm afraid that according to kenneth, we should ignore the Americans. This might prove difficult however, as they now own F1 🙂


@C63...yes, my comment is somewhat conflicted now with Liberty M holding the reins. Whilst lots of people are enthralled at the prospect i am yet to form an opinion until i see what they are going to suggest. I have already posted my concerns at possible areas of change. Hopefully they will not be realised but when it come to 'fluff puff and candy' i will draw the line. Hahahaah


'fluff puff and candy'....

I'm not absolutely certain what you mean by that - I think it might be what I'd call razzmatazz ? I really enjoy all the marching bands etc at Austin and I also like the circuit. But I wouldn't want 21 races like that. It'd be like eating McDonalds every night - i's ok every now and then but not every day. The problem they have though, is I'm sure there are any number of people who would love McDonalds every night - how do you please everyone all the time? No easy solution.


@ C63.... Yes, your interpretation of my 'F-P &C' is correct. Each to his own though as i don't like all the american hoopla/dancing girls/cheerleaders/marching bands etc etc etc. It reminds me of all the shallow plastic of disneyland and los vegas. However, COTA, i really love. I do believe that it is up there with the very best of tracks. The layout gives the drivers a bit of every thing and the variable elevations are great. I don't know whether or not you're familiar with one of our local tracks, Bathurst/Mt Panorama [big hill really] but it too has spectacular undulation with the track going uphill through cuttings and across the top to a series of spectacular downward spirals that really test the the drivers skills. Last week end the !2 hr race was run and won by ferrari followed home by porsche and bentley. Edge of the seat racing with only seconds apart after 12 hrs. COTA , whilst not so spectacular has some of the same attributes. You'd love Bathurst. The track is set in the country where a long time ago i owned 65 acres of land nearby. Nice place. Never missed a race for many years!!!


@HW....The americans have had differences with imperial for quite some time eg US gallon and imperial gallon is a great start. Yet you Poms still buy meat in KG and have a metric currency yet still measure weight in 'stones and pounds' about confused.


We get by fine.
We know the metric system when it's needed especially on the European mainland. But the general mish match works fine in ol'Blighty.


@ responses have been TIC and i am most definitely not upset, in fact the opposite, i am quite happy. Forget the americans as they live in their own world but after having lived in and around europe for so long i adopted the metric system rather easily but even today , strangely enough, i do sometimes mention Imperial measures in conversation. What i do find is simplicity in metric measurement and only wish that we'd had it when i went to school!! Life ,in a mathematical sense, would've been so much easier.


Nothing wrong with Imperial measures Kenneth. Yes in Europe it's all about the metric system . Though it's great to see a car with MPH on its dials. You know when it says you are doing 150mph when your Ford Sapphire Cosworths steering wheel started shaking and the plastic dash started gently creaking. Before you got back down to a reasonable speed and flicked on the auto cruise at 50mph. I wish I never sold that car back in the mid 90s for a Family Estate!! Marriage/responsibility hey !! 😨😂


@ Big Vern.... Yes, i guess that some people like the old imperial measures but speaking for myself i find metric infinitely easier to comprehend. Why the english mix it up is beyond me.


Kenneth: I'm with you on this but what does annoy me is when the Sky commentary team refer to speed in 'miles an hour' instead of 'kilometres' especially when speeds are telecast (i.e shown on our television screens) as kilometres which is probably because F1 viewers across the globe, who are watching the same feed/vision, largely use kilometres. Yeah I realise (or assume) that Sky is primarily talking to their UK audience but even my relatives their are pretty familiar with converting miles to kilometres so why not for the rest of (Australia, New Zealand etc..) just talk in terms of kilometres. Even Martin Brundle lets fly with kilometres on occasions. Perhaps I'm asking too much of the mother country!!


i am most definitely not upset, in fact the opposite, i am quite happy....

Glad to hear it. But as this is not your usual state with regard to comments I make, I hope you will appreciate why I did not immediately realise it 🙂


Unfortunately kenneth (for you at any rate), here in the uk a persons weight is most commonly expressed in stones. If you said most drivers struggle to tip the scales at 63.503kg I would bet that most UK readers would convert that number for it to mean something to them, and readers in the US would prefer it in pounds. Hey ho, vivre la difference, as they say.
As for necks and shoulders - take it up with Gazboy. It was his comment in the first place. If you check what I said to Luke you will see that I was somewhat bemused by the comparison between shoulders and tree trunks.


Really? Would say that Kimi has them both beat in that department, and he appears to be in better physical condition these days than he has ever been.


lauda confirms mercedes helped rosberg to win the 2016 championship..


The shame of it. How can a team help his driver win a championship? What has this sport come to? To think Lewis had to do it all on his own in 14 and 15. Marc


All on his own? A winning car may have come into it - I respect Lewis and he is seriously fast, but in a dominant car you have one opponent. *coughvettel/webbercough*


...and? Don't think the article was about that!


He also said that Nico wouldn't have won the championship without Mercedes, which in turn it also means that number 44 neither would have.


Salvuborg, of course neither driver would have won without Mercedes, their [Mod] would have hit the ground without the car....


$5 says I know what the [Mod] was 🙂


Random, it was overalls, honest....


Damn...looks like I owe you $5 😉


....and Hamilton in 2014, 2015


Agreed 100% aveli and one of the best and most accurate comments I've ever had the pleasure to read from you.

It's a shame really - Can you imagine what the 2016 championship would have have been like if Rosberg had had to complete every GP on foot with no help from Mercedes whatsoever?

Hamilton would have romped away...


on foot like usain bolt?


Aaargh, now I'm wondering if a guy, standing on the pole slot, would be able to get out of the way of an F1 car starting in 3rd when the lights go green?!?!


Stop reading something that's not there. Niki is just saying it was a team effort, it wasn't just Nico that won the championship. Jesus!
But I agree with Niki when he says Nico won't be missed.


OK aveli, I read that article as you recommended and here's the summary:

We won't miss Rosberg.
Bottas is at least as good as Rosberg.
Rosberg won the WDC by driving one of the two fastest cars on the grid.

Nowhere - *nowhere* - does Lauda imply (as you implied) that Mercedes somehow gave Rosberg an unfair advantage over Hamilton.

That's a perfect example of taking something way, waaaaay out of context.


have another look.


Have another look

I think you should read it again actually.


All the looking in the world will not show me something that isn't there aveli.


Can you imagine that - an F1 taking something out of context ? Whatever next? I mean I've seen/heard some crazy ideas but that takes the biscuit 🙂


What? More alternative facts!


Well said, Random79. Amazing isn't it?


Amazing? No, not at all. Stock in trade ad infinitum.


It is pretty amazing what can happen to words after they go into his head though, they sometimes come out with a completely new meaning 😉


He's been doing this for months now. Desperately looking for things that don't exist.


desperately looking for what, exactly?


you made numerous claims about redbull's 2017 relative performance relative to mercedes. raikkonen says,


You do know that 'wastegates never close'...


am sure you were well schooled on that one..


I know Nick, but that was still a pretty exceptional effort, even for him 🙂


Of course they did. By giving him a car able to fight for wins.


apart from that!


every world champion was given the same, why would lauda want to say that if it applies to all champions?


Great to read a rational, balanced view of the coming changes.

It reassuring to know that he doesn't think that overtaking becoming a little harder will be a bad thing. On the contrary, he seems to think it will be good for the show, which is a view I share with him.

Can't wait to see these proper F1 cars on action.


Ricciardo all the way.. I think he and Hamilton are taking it to the wire


Ricci, yes, hopefully he will dismantle Mercedes atrocious dominance.


Yes I hope were are on the cusp of an epic battle between these two....Max at Brazil absolutely blew me away...I think the young lion will get caught up amongst this too!


Likewise I agree that Ricciardo sounds the most composed and cool over the radio. He will surely benefit in the new cars due to his fitness.


Both the red bulls will hard at it.


Just hope we don't get the Shark fin on the back of the F1 cars again. They looked ugly.
Otherwise looking forward to the start of the season. Feb the unveiling of the new cars is always a great moment. Only concern is the cars maybe quicker but the turbulent air will make it difficult to overtake even with they activate the fake DRS cheat. The whole point is to make the driver and machine edgy and able to overtake. Not end up being hit by a wake of turbulence.


i have never heard of an f1 driver complaining of neck pain after a race and doubt a small percentage increase in wing and tyre size will bring that on all of a sudden. if they sound like their watching the race from their sofa, how could such a small percentage change in wing and tyre size unsettle them? even the guys with all the modelling software aren't sure how the cars will behave on track let alone what effect they will have on the drivers.
i hope this is revisited in melbourne.


Well, if what they say is true and all laptime gains will come from cornering, i am pretty sure the neck is going to suffer from it. So expect guys coming out of the car who can't keep their heads up, if they underestimated the forces on the neck that are going to be unleashed.


Alan Jones has mentioned the neck thing previously. Like him or not he was a F1 driver who achieved some success. He also competed in the downforce era. It was mainly an issue in Brazil where they drive CCW.


i said i'd never heard of it..
are you also suggesting that neck strain will separate to good drivers from the rest?
can you imagine usain balt complaining of being out of breath at the end of a race?


Usain Baltasound is he a distant relation to Usain Bolt ?🏃🏃🏃🏃


i said i'd never heard of it..
Now you have. You're welcome.

are you also suggesting that neck strain will separate to good drivers from the rest?
No and not sure how you came to that conclusion from my post.

can you imagine usain balt complaining of being out of breath at the end of a race?
No I cant but he runs like 100m and i really dont get the reference.

Curious. Do you post for the sole purpose of achieving stars or do you really put some thought into your posts? Just curious is all.


I have found that the conclusions aveli comes to often have nothing to do with the things you actually say.....


Check out Luca Badoer when he had to drive a Ferrari as a substitute. He was a test driver and a mature one.
He couldn't cope with the G.forces on his neck. You could see him him resting his head on the side rests of the cockpit pit. The guy looked beat up when he got out the car. Ferrari should never have put him back in the car. He was as shocking as when Graham Souness bought a African fake football player when he managed Newcastle. What a con that was 😂.


It was Southampton, not Newcastle. Well remembered regarding Badoer though, had forgotten about that.


Ahh it was Southampton
Colonel Blimp. Thanks for the heads up. Yep that was a weird signing by Souness and whoever his talent scout was, he was gullible and fell for the con.


how many races did he take part in?
if he was as beat up as you described, why would they put him in another race?
i prefer the truth.


am waiting to hear of drivers complaining about their necks not being able to handle it.


Did you read what I said.
Aveli. He didn't complain because Ferrari didn't let him speak to the press. They knew it was a mistake to use an old test driver with his neck flopping at an angle throughout the race. The Ferrari team whisked him away after the race. He didn't complain because the Ferrari media team corralled him... but the races showed he was not in any condition to be in a F1 car and was resting his neck against the side pods of the car. I'm amazed you can actually keep biting on the ankles of everyone like a tiny K9. Which clips did you see? Which channel try the English speaking ones. Anyhow the world has moved on from your grasp of the actual story.


they whisked him away and entered him for over 50 more races?
come on!


What are you going on about Aveli ?
You prefer what truth ?
Go look at the races Luca was in and hear the commentary. He looked beat up when he got out the car. Ferrari didn't let him talk to anyone. He really didn't want to be in the car after the second race. You have a laptop look it up yourself !!!!!!
You must be a youngster. It was a big news item at the time.
You need to stop turning on a six pence and look at the old footage if you can be bothered to find it.


i have looked and he didn't complain of neck pain..


Lewis Alonso Vettel Kimi and Massa will be used to those G force stresses as they've had experience in those cars before. The rest will be suffering.


@BB....I fail to see your logic? Drivers physical fitness varies fro week to week, season to season according to a multiplicity of reasons. The fact those drivers you nominated drove greater physically demanding cars a long time past has absolutely no relevance to the coming season.


Well we will see what happens in the coming season Kenneth 😊
Going back to the past...
I can remember the times when Senna, Nigel, Lauda, Irvine, Hakkenien, Brundle, needed help getting out of their cars due to the strains put on their bodies. Senna was carefully taken out of his car once while having his pit crew ease him out the car while supporting his neck and head. As did Nigel in another race.
It will be those who have experienced the old cars who know what to expect. But yes it's a whole new format so let's see what happens. Think Max and Ricci will be up there with Lewis Kimi Alonso Vettel and Massa. You were right about Max when he first got his drive with Toro Rosso. He has the talent to thrive in this new series of cars Then again Max might will be driver No.1 at Red Bull . Will Ricciardo cope with the Dutch Orange brigade and Red Bull owners love for the youngster?
Same thing happened with Lewis and Alonso at Mclaren. That went Pete Tong (wrong) rapidly.
Stoffel if Mclaren have sorted their car (hope it's Bruce Mclaren Orange)
will be exciting to watch and may usurp Alonso too.


drivers of the past weren't as good or as fit as the current professionals


@ BB...I don't think that you really have a grasp on just how thorough and sophisticated the modern sports science professionals are. The level of intense driver preparation is awesome and they will be at peak performance right from day one. I would expect that the traumas suffered by those drivers you mentioned and i witnessed were most likely suffering from a lack of fitness relevant to the cars that they were driving. Not so today. Knowledge of the past will have zip to do with the present. Different ballgame. I do however try to stay away from forecasting any possible results and intra team hoo har as that will depend entirely upon who is doing what, when and how. Pointless to speculate although it can be fun providing it's not too serious.


Kenneth I can grasp the level of fitness these drivers go through Sports Science has excelled within the last decade . Training for F1 drivers is intense in the similar vein to a Fighter Pilot. Hinting that I don't grasp the concept of sports specific impact training is abit left field.
Muscle memory plays alot in sports injuries whereby the body remembers certain skill acquisitions. As the body heals the level of fitness returns the muscles repair and the skill the brain remembers through Whole Part whole learning comes back.
That would also imply that those that have experienced driving those cars will have a better muscle memory regarding the skills that have been stored within the Drivers Long Term Memory. That maybe helpful for those drivers and may have a slight advantage. But I also take your point too. So let's see what happens in March 👍


@ BB... How many drivers currently on the grid actually drove those cars that you mention? I really can't think of any but then again i may just be forgetfull!


verstappen drove in f1 after barely a single single seater racing season and never complained of neck pain.
may be james should ask him after the first race to confirm that it's all talk.


@ Aveli You are stating that verstappen NEVER complained of neck pain! How could you possibly know that? Because he phoned you and said it was breeze? C'mon..really. I have a little something here for you to read and contemplate on...
Truth is not an opinion, an idea or an emotion. Truth is a binary concept of 'yes, it happened' or ' no, it didn't happen'. To entangle opinion with truth is the beginning of a lie.

Think about it.


are you alright kenneth?
did you not hear of all the rage about verstappen? if he did all his redbull driving with a sore neck, i feel sorry for the entire field next season. imagine what he can achieve with a fitter neck.
the guy stepped into f1 at 17 and caused a storm with no complaints of neck pain.
next season will only yield a 25% increase in g forces. yet verstappen went from less than a season's racing in a 200bhp f3 car into 800bhp f1 cars without neck pain..
who is fibbing?


@'re totally confused. I give up.....


You can't argue with a man that seems to know the drivers personally😉


what are you giving up on?


Aveli go and watch Trainspotting 😄
Or listen to the soundtrack.


lived in montrose for a few years too..


i also lived in glasgow for a few years..


i watched train spotting back in 96/97...and again in 20123.
are you satisfied now?


As I've already said to you the cars and tyres from the last 3 years have not been fast enough through corners to cause drivers neck pain. Max Verstappen, Spanish GP, "I'm driving like a Grandma".)

Quoting horsepower is irrelevant as driving in a straight line doesn't strain your neck.

"next season will only yield a 25% increase in g forces."

Curious, you think a 25% increase is 'only'.


put those tyres and wings on f3 cars and see if they can lap as fast as gp2 cars, let alone f1 cars.
that neck thing is simply exaggerated. i remember when they went from slicks to groves and back to slicks again and yet didn't hear a single driver complaining of neck pain..


you think horsepower is irrelevant?
put those tyres and wings on f3 cars and see if they can lap as fast as 2016 gp2 cars, let alone f1 cars.


i will not argue with you, as am not good at predicting the future. i'll wait until the season starts for you to come and tell me that you told me so when half the drivers complain of sore necks.
if you've ever been karting, you'll have a better idea, how your side hurt afterwords. now compare that with going from 200bhp engines to over 800bhp engines. a 25% increase is only, relative to 400% increase.
the engines propel the cars, never tyres.


What are you talking about? That's because Verstappen was lucky enough to join Formula 1 during the economy driving era and big G forces in races hasn't been an issue for years. But there is a change in regulations next year you know?? That's why it's now a topic of discussion.


@ Aveli...i simply can't fathom what you are going on about. Read and inwardly that too hard?


please remind me of neck pain when the season starts, will you?


No I won't because neither me or anyone else on here has claimed it will definitely be an issue in Melbourne. You are the one obsessed with using only the first race as the sole test of whether drivers will suffer.. just watch the whole season. I think Biffa Bacon is right you must be a youngster if you aren't familiar with this happening on occasion. As JA says it was quite common in the 90's especially on anti clockwise tracks, which Melbourne isn't.


i didn't say you claimed anything. if you weren't aware, the neck issue is above in the article on which i commented on which attracted all your attentions..
always a good idea to know what discussions are about before wading in, teeth first....


aveli, "please remind me of neck pain when the season starts, will you?"

Why do you want to remind you of something I didn't say would happen then? Confused by your own ramblings.


hahaha And i thought i was the only with that affliction!!!


neck pain do not need a whole season to be experienced.
if it was common, surely you could name drivers who suffered with it.


Nicely put NickH👍


It was quite common in 1990s especially when anti clockwise tracks were race. They are more common now as Tilke likes them


in that case we should hear of more complaints after the first testing session.
please make that one of your questions when you next interview the drivers..


More Formula A talk please 🙂


More karting in general especially f100 spirt of the 90s


A very interesting article, thank you. The one to watch next year? Verstappen!


Yes, it would appear new regulations don't necessarily favour the big teams but rather it shows which teams have super talented engineers, it just so happens that the big teams tend to have these employees in their ranks after poaching them from the smaller teams

Now the most interesting thing about the 2017 cars is they will be pretty quick meaning they're much faster than GP2 and thus reinforcing F1 as the fastest formula

Further more, faster cars means the fans will appreciate the bravery of the drivers thus viewing them more like heroes like in the past

Regards the physical challenges of the 2017 cars, this is another point in appreciating the drivers' days work because seeing an exhausted driver goes a long way in conveying to the fans that F1 may look easy but it's really tough and thus points/podiums/wins are held in a higher regard by the fans like in the past

On the topic of overtaking, it may not really be a problem if it's lacking as long as the drivers can put in qualifying laps each lap trying to catch up with the competitor ahead

As for the tyres, I agree that the unpredictable tyres that are less durable are more fun such as the 2012 tyres which gave us 7 different winners at the beginning of the season

Overall, who I think the new cars will suit best is all the drivers from the 2000s era such as Kimi that know all about flat out racing


@ goferit...'flat out racing' ? Yes, the tyres might be a bit more conducive to hard racing but they will still be fuel saving....despite the extra 5KG [I think]


Fantastic report


well, Daniel Ricciardo is the best overtaker by mile. And more important, not only overtake as such - He somehow makes them spectacular/beautiful as well. With new cars ? Who knows. But the best i suppose are going to remain the best anyway


Ricciardo at times looks as if he is over lunging for an overtake that isn't there. He at times looks like a hyperactive pup aimlessly chasing a paper bag.
On occasions he has ended up involved in taking of bits off carbon fibre. His overtakes are not as amazing as Max or Alonso or Hamiltons. With Stoffel in play I hope they run rings around Ricci aka Driver No.2 at Red Bull. Perhaps his unspectacular wet racing and musical rapping will be the obvious negatives and the Young Max will shine.


@ FF...Is that why James Allen nominated ricciardo as the No.1 driver of 2016 and the fact that he has actually won more GP than any other driver outside Mercedes for the past three years! Obviously you have a great dislike of ricciardo. You wouldn't be dutch by any stretch of the imagination would you?


Kenneth if and when that happens you come out swinging your Hand Bag 👜 . Joshing aside😊 neither of us actually know 100% what the season brings. Maybe Ricci will have a better helmet that is less prone to mist.


Better than verstappen??


Max is way ahead of Ricciardo by the truck load 🚚🚛🚙


Brasil 2016 proves you wrong doesn't it?


ChrisV: What it shows or demonstrates is that Verstappen had an exceptional race. But one sequence of overtaking (as good as it was) doesn't make a career. Verstappen also overtook Vettel in Brazil so by your logic does that make Verstappen a better overtaker than a four time WDC? Think about it.


Not at all. If ricci couldn't see out of his visor how do you drive like a demon? That is not to take anything away from verstappen at all. Just not comparable.


With all respect, Hamilton had the same problem, but changed his helmet during the red flag period if I remember rightly. Why didn't Danni do the same. I'm not saying DR was faking it or lying, but there was a chance to rectify the problem. Unless it first became a problem towards the end of the race.


Unless it first became a problem...

It became a problem just about the time he couldn't keep with Max 😎


@ James K.... I wasn't aware that hamilton had the same problem. If so then that does in some way validate the issue that ricciardo had as well insofar as it wasn't a totally isolated problem. Of course that won't be enough for the verstappen and some noted english supporters who insist on implying that ricciardo was lying. Only DR could answer why he didn't change helmets.... Maybe, as you say, it didn't get too bad until the final stages although he said he tried opening the visor at times! Who knows....


yes, that was a convenient excuse.


Well said bs63


And that was an expected response. Are you saying that Ricci lied? Let's not get facts mixed up with opinions.


The only fact i know is that he was never heard complaining about his visor during the race in the available radio broadcasts. That became only a matter after the race.

I would not call it lying, however. I bet every race driver would have had an excuse after being blown away by such a performance from his teammate, and that includes Max.

I think Daniel is a very, very good racing driver but he still has something to learn about wet weather racing and how to get/keep his tires warm under such conditions.


Well MV clearly needs to learn how to get/keep his tyres warm under such conditions around Monaco.


Yep, that was a terrible weekend for Max. His father didn't speak to him for a week. Problem was not that he could not keep his tyres warm, the problem was that the wall was suddenly moving into his path 😉 Untill that moment, he was the fastest on track.


bs63: So you think Ricciardo lacks skill in wet weather driving? How would you then rate his skill in wet weather driving at Monaco last year?


@ bs63...'.He was never heard complaining about his visor during the race.' You do know that only a fraction of the dialogue between driver and the pit wall are published? Your attempt to discredit ricciardo in order to big up verstappen is pointless. Your suggestion that he still has a lot to learn about wet weather driving is ridiculous. He can drive in all conditions and drive very well. To think that you are in a position to criticise him is a joke. Under damp and wet conditions at the most exacting race of the season, monaco, he put 12 secs on hamilton. Yes he's got a lot to learn ........ I have already acknowledged verstappen's superb drive in the wet at the brazil race but that isn't good enough for you. Ricciardo said he has visor/vision problems during the race. I happen to believe him.


don't bite my head off...

I am not criticising or discrediting anyone. It is just a perfectly understandable reaction when confronted with a teammate who is faster under certain conditions. Max would probably have done the same or anyone else on the grid, for that matter.

They are human and no gods.

So lets agree to disagree.


A bit of unfair criticism of your favourite driver Kenneth? How awful for you....


apparently the dog ate his homework as well 🙂 It does sound a tad convenient - just after he was blown away by his teammate he found there was a problem with his vision!


@ C63...once again you are putting a negative viewpoint and insinuating that ricciardo is lying without a shred of evidence to support that theory. If ricciardo says he had visor problems then i will believe him considering that there is zip evidence to prove otherwise. Conversely if you can present any 'facts' to support your insinuation then i will gladly retract my opinion.


@ C63...if you have any evidence to support your theory then i'd love to see it. ATM if ricciardo says he had a problem then that's good enough for me. Obviously you and your shadow are looking for anything you can find to rubbish ricci so if that's what turns you on then have a nice day. We don't all share that bitterness you are nurturing. I guess that you're still smarting over the '16 result. Never mind, Your man will have it in the bag now that the 2016 WDC has retired unbeaten.


How is Rosberg unbeaten??
He hasn't given anybody the chance to beat him... as WDC that is.


That's the point isn't it? He retired unbeaten...that's how he achieved his WDC and hamilton failed.


lol - I'm not nurturing any bitterness towards Ricci (or anyone else for that matter) in fact I quite like him. I just don't believe his story about how his visor was misted up and in my opinion (see that, it's just an opinion) him claiming that it was, is just an excuse - for goodness sake, race drivers do that sort of thing all the time, you're acting like they wouldn't even dream of such a thing. You sure like to dish it out don't you kenneth. In fact when the boot is on the other foot you lay it on with a trowel, letting the first coat dry and then you lay on another coat , but you soon start crying when you get some back.
Tims example below is absolutely perfect - you accused Hamilton of lying without a shred of evidence to support your theory and you also accused him of lacking skill - which is self evidently not true. That's fine (I don't care what you think about Ham) but it's a bit rich when I make a similar comment and you go and get all grumpy. It seems to me that you want it both ways and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but it don't work like that.


I was about to respond along the lines of TimW (below) but he saved me the job. However, even if DR is telling the truth, then at the very least he is guilty of either lack of preparation or not being able to operate his equipment as skilfully as the other drivers (who didn't mist up). Besides I'm almost certain I read somewhere something about the visors being 'double skinned' or even heated to avoid this problem (which no other driver complained of) so, for me , I still think it was an excuse in an attempt to explain away the absolute thrashing he received from young Max.


Hamilton had the same problem with his visor. But he changed his helmet during the red flag period. It was the sennaesque one that gave him problems I believe.


I thought Hamilton's issue was lightly different - didn't he say something about water getting inside the visor and onto his face - but he had the foresight to do something about it and changed his helmet when an opportunity presented (besides, it wasn't exactly holding him back prior to the red flag period). Ric,on the other hand, has either made it up as an excuse for why Max blew him away or he has failed to prepare/operate his equipment properly. Personally I think it was an excuse - no racing driver likes being beaten so comprehensively by their team mate and they say this sort of thing all the time, e.g. tyres wouldn't warm up, brakes were cold, dog ate my homework etc .


With Lewis It was small tyre flecks that got into his helmet. The lock mechanism didn't function correctly and left enough of a gap for some debris to get in and go into his eye. He was practically driving with one eye shut. Which is pretty amazing and crazy at that speed.
Ricci allegedly was moisture blurring his visor.
Wasn't there another driver who ended up with a fly/wasp or insect buzzing in his helmet? Or was that the seagull head butting "Maniac" (his own chosen nickname) in Moto GP. Lorenzo also had moisture blurring his visor and dropped one helmet manufacturer for its rival as payback. Which is understandable.


I think it was tyre flecks at Monaco and then water at Brazil for Ham, whilst Ricci complained that his visor was misted up after Brazil - shortly after explaining he was late for the post race interview as his watch had stopped and the dog had ate his homework 🙂
I don't know about a fly or anything inside a helmet, but I've certainly read about some drivers who require corrective eye ware but won't wear contacts to drive in as (anyone who wears contacts will attest to to this) when a speck of dirt gets under the contact it's really painful and you can't easily blink it out. They often choose glasses to avoid that potential pitfall.


@ C63...ESPN published a report which had horner discussing the problem that ricci supposedly had. Was oit ever publicly acknowledged as being 100% kosher, i cannot say but neither can you. The difference between that and the hamilton incident was that i never saw any confirmation from medical personnel etc validating hiamilton's claim. Besides, if i had to choose who to believe in an 'incident' such as this then i would opt for ricciardo. He's never, to my knowledge, lied to the stewards on any occasion. He's, never to my knowledge, claimed that the very team he drives for has sabotaged his car?. Anyway, lets move on to this season in which your man will take the title with consumate ease. He's got it in the bag, based on "14 and '15. '16 was a season to forget [ hahaha] as if. '17 and with zero competition he'll take the title, odds on.


Gosh your love in for Ricci is bordering on obsession Kenneth.
Now you are pontificating on why Ricci walks on water. Let me guess he also turns water into wine. The sun never sets and he casts no shadow. They call him honest Ricci the bad rapper from Monaco another tax exile. Wonder if he pays his taxes or hides his funds in the outback near a billabong ?
Can't wait for 2017 season to begin and see Stoffel Max and Sainz run rings around Ricci.


@ FF was that your best shot? A cliche filled statement consisting mainly of tosh. If it was an attempt at levity...gross fail. From my perspective, which i have reiterated many times in the past, is that there will be very little between verstappen and ricciardo and trying to pick who will finish ahead is anyones guess. However let's just concentrate on what you've said. No matter in what order the finishing results are that of the four drivers you have nominated, three of them being sainz,vandoorne and verstappen will all be in front of ricciardo. I do hope that you've rehearsed your climb down when this doesn't occur each and every race. I will be watching and believe me if those results are not as you forecast i will be on your case 'post haste'.


@ Adrian....You make some good points re ricciardo. To be clear on this, i didn't bring the issue up as another poster tried to insinuate that ricci was using this as an excuse for verstappen passing him! No doubt a verstappen supporter. According to ricci the rain was so bad that he didn't even know that verstappen was behind him! Yes, the verstappen supporters are as entitled as we/i are/am to opinions. I agree on that 100%

What i don't agree with is the hamilton comments where he said 'someone doesn't want me to win'. That was an extremely pointed reference and if i recall correctly it was the mercedes PR machine that hastily cobbled together this 'man upstairs' spin on his comment to try and diffuse the issue. I may well be wrong but that was how i interpreted it. Water under the bridge now....hahaha, or under my visor! The hamilton supporters are still smarting after rosberg walked with the WDC tucked under his arm, unbeaten. To cap that off JA on F1 put ricciardo as the number one driver of the 2016 season further annoying 'the little ballet dancers' [ sir jackie's comments, not mine] followers. C'est la vie, mon ami

Roll on the new season.


Kenneth you still haven't explained why you have one subjective reason to explain Hamiltons helmet crisis.
While you deeply believe your fellow countryman is a good egg and would never use an excuse to explain his mediocre performance against the young buck Max.
Double standards perhaps?
TimW having researched your previous answer, has a great case for your wishy washy delay tactics or are you avoiding the whole matter. Looking the other way and whistling hoping the matter is forgotten asap. 👤😄


Mediocre performance....Is that why JA on F1 gave ricci number one rating for 2016? AS for C63's shadow/alter ego...i do not respond to his posts. As for hamilton's 'eye debris' could you please post a link to the factual reports?


lol - you just don't like the Team Principals rankings because they put Ham top and Max ahead of Ric.


Precisely C63. Team Principals are the ones in the know 😊👍
Everyone's entitled to any opinion.
But I go with the Team Principals.


Ps unbeaten isn't exactly golden.
Lewis has been beating Rosberg throughout his career. So one championship won on an engine failure and failures will be throughout time a least memorable one. Give it a few years when Sky get F1. I think globally not many will be into F1 either. So memories will fade as the next generation end up enjoying the World Gaming Olympics. As sad as this sounds you know this will be bigger than any live sport in a decade or so.
I thought this was turning into a civilised chat until the Ricci card was placed on the table. All of a sudden the animosity towards Lewis is Spinal Tapped to 11. Let's wait for the season to start and chill .


Biffa, the continuing redefinition of the word "unbeaten" is very amusing to watch on this site. In my opinion it means someone who has never been beaten, so for Nico to have earned the unbeaten tag with regards to world titles, he would have had to have won the championship every year since 2006. If people just mean unbeaten by a team mate, then that doesn't work either does it? Nico got beat by Webber in his first year, and then again by Lewis in 2013, 2014 and 2015....


Think you will find that the F1 team leaders put Lewis as their driver of the season. Their expertise and data goes further than anything.
So I go with them.
As for Jackie Stewart his on going spat with Lewis is well documented from the day Lewis signed for Mclaren. Jackie wanted to coach Lewis. Lewis declined and ever since that Jackie has often come out with negative remarks.
Auto Sport even had an article in last week's issue stating that Lewis is the greatest Rookie in F1. So it's all swings and roundabouts. No doubt Max V will have the hearts of Red Bull management. So the likely hood is that Ricci will indeed fit into the Webber role.


Kenneth: After Brazil Ricciardo did raise the issue of water getting under his visor and how baffling it was because it had never occurred to him before. Horner also referred to it as did JA on his Forum. However, neither Danny nor Horner mentioned it in the context of it being an excuse for what was a poor race by his standards. Personally, I don't think Danny is the sort of person to go looking for excuses. What I do find amusing is that the Verstappen FC continually use this this issue including Verstappen's excellent wet weather drive to make a case that he is a far superior driver to Dan. Well as I've said previously one excellent race doesn't make a career. I guess they are entitled to their opinions as we are ours.

While we're probably in agreement over the above I do find your insinuation that Hamilton claimed that his team "sabotaged" his car after Malaysia false. He never claimed any such thing. What he did say in frustration are words to the effect that 'Someone doesn't want me to win this year'. This was nothing more than a throw away reference to the 'man upstairs'. In fact in the days following the GP he made some extremely positive statements about the team.....thanking them for the two WDC he won with Mercedes and that 'we live and die as a team'.

If anything Hamilton had every reason to be angry because the team failed to provide him with reliable machinery. The team promised that he and Rosberg that neither would be favored, that there would be no number 1 and 2 driver but in reality for whatever reason Mercedes did not provide both their drivers with a level playing field on which to compete. And rightfully Hamilton had reason to be aggrieved by this.


@C63 et votre ombre....For someone who doesn't give a hoot you sure spend a lot of time denying it!! You and your 'ombre' certainly have spent time digging deep hahaha What a pair. Hamilton's 'eye speck' was in situ for how many laps ? was it still there when the race finished? Was riccis visor fogged up...well he said it was and horner appeared to accept that and said so. Did ricci diss on his team in the same manner as hamilton did on mercedes? No. Ricci was pissed in barcelona as the team made an operational/strategy change with pit stops! In monaco red bull made a serious operational error on the fly. At no time did ricci state that there was a conspiracy like hamilton did. Different scenarios and you well know it. Can i cop criticism of ricci! Are you joking? Of course i can and if he messes up and makes mistakes whatever then so be it. As for verstappen, i have always maintained that he was both fast and a tough competitor. To say otherwise would be dumb. If ricci can beat him then that would be great but if ricci gets beaten then that is that. He's been beaten. The real basis for your baiting is that you'd really love to see ricci get beaten so that you could lord it up over ricci and his followers. It may happen and then it may not. No one knows. I suggest that we leave this on ice till the racing starts and then we can get the elbows out.


Kenneth, Dan's alleged and convenient visor problem in Brazil reminded me of the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix when Lewis had something in his eye in the latter stages of the race, meaning he was unable to challenge Nico who was leading after his 'exceptional' qualifying performance. Some people claimed that Lewis' eye problem was simply an excuse for his inability to pass Nico, despite the fact that they had zip evidence to prove otherwise. Having read your response to the similar allegations made about Dan's visor problem I went back and had a look at the comments section from the Monaco 14 race report on this site, I was very surprised to see that you had written this:
"His eye problem was also a confection i think. a convenient excuse to cover his lack of talent!"
Sometimes Kenneth it is almost as if you have two different sets of rules....


@tim w
Great stuff Tim! Says it all really. But I don't think it's just Lewis, I think Kenneth has it in for the English to be honest.
I'm sure I'm gonna get" I've got lots of English friends" now. But that's the impression I get with him.
But hey ho, such is life😉 We soldier on😊


@ P kara....Obviously you are misinformed, whether on purpose or just naturally so. I do not respond to Tim W and haven't done for a very long time. Why he continues to post to me is of no importance, a bit like talking to the mirror. However i do respond to his shadow at times and once again, if you'd actually read what i have posted you wouldn't be posting silly things like your last effort in an attempt to ride on the coat tails of another poster.


Top catch TimW. It's all gone quiet from the Antipodean bread bin (London street slang for Brethren)


@ Hugo weaving...i forgot to well do you know australia and australians? Have you ever visited, worked and or mingled with any aussies? Or do you just sit and type silly things?


@hugo weaving.... if you care to look at the post time you will see that my last post preceded yours by quite a few hours making your strained attempt at levity all rather meaningless don't you think?


Kenneth the times vary. Sometimes you may see an updated page while the rest see an older page.
The times mean nothing. I posted something and then time was an ahead. Previous to that it didn't show for most of the day. So times on here are irrelevant.


Whatever you say.


@ James K...Why would i have it in for the english? I have lived and worked in the UK and even sailed under the British MN insignia which was awarded by King George V in 1922 for sharing the dangers with the RN during the '14/'18 war. No, you are trying for a cheap shot. We Australians don't really appreciate the John Bull is in our genes and we, like most others, tend to support our sporting countrymen. Nothing strange about that. However i suggest you re read Gazboys posts and then you will really see what i am alluding to here when i refer to sending a couple of 'warships up the Yantze
to quell those pesky asians....


Kenneth: What you should have added is that on the sporting field Aussies don't go looking for petty excuses to justify their subpar performances. Similarly with Ricciardo it was mentioned post race that he had a problem (and lets face it very little is hidden from the press) with his visor as apparently some other drivers had similar problems. But neither he nor Horner used this as an excuse per se. As a problem yes, but as an excuse no. And yet some in the Verstappen FC have seized on this to falsely claim that Ricciardo was so embarrassed that he had to conjure up an excuse. Any reasonable person should be able to differentiate between what is a 'problem' and what is an 'excuse'. With the exception of those who are just pushing an agenda.


Any reasonable person...

Has the irony of discussing reasonableness with kenneth escaped you?
Oh, and for the record I am certainly not a member of the MV fan club. However, one thing is beyond dispute - of the two Red Bull drivers (in Brazil 2016) one of them coped with the conditions markedly better than the other and that includes managing to keep their visor free from mist, fairies, pixie dust or whatever else might have obscured his vision that afternoon.



You raise the issue of “reasonableness”.

In your earlier posts you referred to Hamilton experiencing water getting under his visor. No ifs or buts it happened….period. However when its reported that Ricciardo experienced exactly the same problem what is your reaction? To quote you: “Ric, on the other hand, has either made it up as an excuse for why Max blew him away” and “even if DR is telling the truth” and “so for me, I still think it was an excuse in an attempt to explain away the absolute thrashing he received from young Max” and “I just don't believe his story about how his visor was misted up.” So you accept without question that Hamilton had a problem with his visor but with Ricciardo you insinuate without any evidence that he’s either lying or just so embarrassed that he conjured up an excuse as to why “Max blew him away”. Is this a reasonable position to hold or is it a clear double standard? You proclaim that you’re not a member of the Verstappen FC but your anti Ricciardo rhetoric is certainly on display here.

That Verstappen had an unbelievable drive under very difficult conditions in Brazil and passed a bunch of drivers including a four time world champion is truly amazing for one so young but unfortunately you’ve saddled yourself (perhaps unwittingly so) with the Verstappen crowd in singling out Ricciardo being beaten by Verstappen because it sits with their anti Ricciardo narrative.

Whether or not Ricciardo was late for the post-race interviews because his watch had stopped or his dog ate his homework is irrelevant to this issue.


My intention was to raise the matter of irony, apologies if that was unclear.
The problem which Ham reported was not (as I understand it) the same as Ricci but that isn't really the issue. The issue is surely one of context. Why would Ham being making it up? He didn't put a foot wrong all afternoon, he pulled out a gap after every re-start and had everything well under control for the entire race. Additionally he swapped his helmet during a red flag period in order to alleviate his problem.Having had a dominant race which he won comfortably I can see no reason for Ham to go looking for an excuse. Ricci on the other hand received a pretty severe 'stuffing' from his team mate and was faced with the dilemma of either admitting that he just couldn't keep up or finding a plausable excuse for his comparatively poor performance. In my opinion, bearing in mind the context, it seems more likely that Ham was telling the truth and that Ricci wasn't.

I may be wrong, but from your 'Stars' it would appear that you are relatively new around here. Of course, you may have been a long time reader (without commenting) or perhaps the website 'stole' your stars (like it did to me) and you have had to start again. But let's assume you are new. That being the case you will be unaware of kenneth's very looooooong history of double standards. Tim has highlighted one below, but there have been many many others over the years. So, when the opportunity presents (like it did here) I like to raise the matter with kenneth and we spend a bit of time batting it back and forth, and from my point of view it's just fun. I think he feels the same as he always enters the discussion voluntarily (no one forces him).

Finally, please let me clear up one last point for you - there was absolutely nothing unwitting about my comments on this issue (see my previous paragraph).
cheers 🙂



The issue is indeed one of context that being whether or not Ricciardo’s visor problem was real or invented. How Hamilton dealt with his problem has no bearing on Ricciardo and your statement that “Ricci on the other hand received a pretty severe 'stuffing' from his team mate and was faced with the dilemma of either admitting that he just couldn't keep up or finding a plausible excuse for his comparatively poor performance” is a ‘straw man’ argument. I put it to you that unless you know Ricciardo personally or have had dealings with him you are in no position to cast dispersions upon his character to the extent that you believe that he lied about his vision being impaired and this was the reason why he couldn’t compete with his team mate. You seem like a reasonable poster but I’m surprised that you would come to the conclusion that Ricciardo lied based upon mere opinion or the ‘straw man’ that you have set up for yourself. And because you believe that he lied there is no point in you asking why he didn’t remedy the situation when the race was Red Flagged.

Let me repeat again I saw the Sky interview where Christian Horner discussed the visor issue and read where Ricciardo mentioned it as something that he had never experienced previously but there was absolutely no hint of it being an excuse for what was for him a poor performance. To what extent his vision was impaired I have no idea but I am inclined to believe that he did experience a problem because there is no evidence to the contrary.

As to your last paragraph fair enough.


To be honest with you Adrian I'm not entirely sure that you understand the meaning of context or straw man, but it doesn't really matter, as I'm not going to change my mind and it makes no difference to me whether you agree with me or not. So let's agree to disagree - you can believe everything everyone says unless there is cast iron evidence to disprove what is being claimed and I will continue to apply a measure of reason and common sense before I make my mind up.
How does that sound 🙂



With respect you’ve come onto JA’s Forum and stated that Ricciardo was lying so therefore, in the spirit of a healthy debate, the onus of proof is on you. And by the way as Horner came out publicly and stated that Riccardo had a problem by extension you would have to say that Red Bull’s Team Principal was also lying or at least perpetuating a falsehood. Perhaps you hadn’t thought of that. So what is your proof or “measure of reason and common sense” that so convinces you that Riccardo is lying? Put simply it’s based on your belief or invention that he was so embarrassed by his teammate that he concocted a story about his visor to save face. For all you know in the post-race meeting Riccardo may have congratulated Verstappen on an excellent drive. And trying to link Hamilton’s visor problem to bolster your case against Riccardo…..well really? What you have offered as proof is mere speculation or opinion which you are certainly entitled to do but it’s not proof.

As to your comment that I “can believe everything everyone says” well I’ll believe Riccardo and the Team Principal because I have no reason to doubt them and even if did I’m in no position, as you are in no position, to prove otherwise.

In answer to a query of yours about myself I have been reading posts on JA’s Forum for quite some time and am certainly aware of the fault lines of belief that exist between some posters and the argy bargy that goes on which at times is quite amusing. I’m all for healthy debate about issues concerning track and mechanical matters (etc.) but when discussion crosses over into attacking the character of drivers that’s where I have a problem.

As to my understanding of ‘Straw Man’ here’s a definition for you:

“A Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position.”

I’ll let you mull over whether or not it applies to your position with respect to Ricciardo.



Adrian, I shall try to answer your points in the order you have raised them.
There is no onus of proof - it's just my opinion, based on the context in which the claim was made and personal observation of race drivers over many decades - generally they try to cast themselves in a positive light and do not easily accept or admit they fell short (particularly in comparison to a teammate).
As for Horner backing him up - really? Are you seriously suggesting that Horner has never embellished the truth or told a little white lie? Or great fat whoppers for that matter?
I didn't try to link Hamiltons problem to Ricci - you did. You said that as I believed Hamilton I should also believe Ricci.
As for whether or not you understand the meaning of straw man or context - if you are happy that you do, that's fine by me. Honestly i'm not worried whether you agree with me or not. It's just my opinion - we are not in a court of law and absolute proof is not required for this.
If you believe Ricci has told the truth then be happy with your own opinion, but please don't keep trying to change mine.



Just a couple of things mate:

1. You would have noticed that TimW posts copiously in defence of biased, untrue and ridiculous claims made about Hamilton and I totally agree with him doing this because Hamilton is a driver he respects and supports. I’m doing no more or no less with respect to Ricciardo and I venture to say that if you accused Hamilton of lying or making excuses Tim would be all over you like a rash. In fact in relation to Hamilton in my opinion he’s currently the most talented driver on the grid and doesn’t deserve the stuff that’s dished up to him as Ricciardo doesn’t deserve to be labelled a liar.

Your generalised (or ‘context’ argument) comment that most F1 drivers make excuses (or lie) to save face and Ricciardo is no different because of Brazil really doesn’t wash. If he had a history of making excuses or glossing over poor performance then you might have a valid argument but there’s nothing you can point to that would indicate this.

2. Your comment that “I didn't try to link Hamilton’s problem to Ricci - you did” is false. Please let me remind you that it was actually you who stated “Why would Ham [be] making it up? I can see no reason for Ham to go looking for an excuse. Ricci on the other hand……” Prior to this I had never mentioned Hamilton although I certainly queried why you believed him and not Ricciardo.

3. Thank you for the lengthy education on the history and nature of Kenneth’s posts on JA’s Forum. No need really because I’m quite capable of working these types of issues out for myself. Do you intend doing this with every new poster that interacts with Kenneth or was it just me because I agreed with him (and him me) on the Ricciardo issue?

4. Finally, to your comment that: “please don't keep trying to change [my mind]” well isn’t that exactly what you’ve been trying to do to me? Remember you first posted me not me you.

Your most welcome to respond and I will certainly digest it but I really have nothing further to add. Perhaps as you say let’s agree to disagree and move on.


I really have nothing further to add

Thank goodness! I bet the MODS are relieved 🙂


C63: I hope I get a third star out of this and you go to the max of five. I think we deserve it....what do ya recon? Enjoy your weekend wherever you are. In the UK? Perhaps I'll get my relies there to invite you over for dinner or something......just kidding.


@ Adrian...well put. I agree with you. All is cool.


Maybe it was a bit of a cheap shot as you call it. But I can recall a very cheap and cliche shot from you about the English not to long ago.
The "john bull" narrative only seems to irritate you (and yes, I find some of it cringeworthy aswell) so much that you feel you have to reply. You seem to post to every comment that is anti-Lewis, which seems like you just like to provoke a certain crowd. And that's fine if that's what you like. I would rather ignore some posts if I think they are way over the top, but that's me.
It's great you stick up for DR. I think he's a great driver aswell with loads of talent. And I think the same of Lewis, so I follow him because he's English.
Saying that you've lived and worked in England certainly doesn't mean you like the English. I know there can be a little animosity and banter between the Poms and the Aussies, on sporting occasions anyway, I feel that sometimes you go a little to far. I've enjoyed some of your posts, some interesting stuff. But as soon as Lewis is mentioned, or cussed, you seem to be there straight away. Now the boot seems to be on the other foot, your sticking up for "the Aussie" just like some of the "john bulls" stick up for Lewis.
I don't wish to offend anyone. I knew a lot of Australians when I lived in London. You can not, not have Aussie friends when you live in London. Great people. But as I said before, that's just me. 🍻


Now now James k the Australians always like to remind us of our failings. As if we don't do enough of that ourselves. Think Kenneth just likes to tweak the cheeks while he bows to a centrefold of DR 😉
No doubt there be a lot more of that throughout the season. Especially with the Max fans joining in.


@ James K...obviously when a pommie poster goes the 'full fig' [ Gazboy is a prime example] i feel obliged, because of my nation's ancestory, to reply in kind. Besides, it is every ausssies raison d'etre to oppose the 'Barmy F1 army' at all times!!! As for the hamilton bizness i am on record as saying that he is a very fast and a very successful driver. To deny that would be dumb.. What i refuse to do is recognise him as 'the greatest' like some on here. There are quite a few drivers on the grid that are at least ,IMO, his equal. I do have fond memories of my life in london when i lived there and later on when my business career meant that london was almost a second home for 15 years. Many of my english colleagues were like family and still are. Regards ricci, i do think that he is an excellent driver but what i like most is his attitude. He's not buttoned up and regardless of whether he ever wins a WDC i will always remember his driving which has given me great pleasure. I'm sure others feel the same.


Well researched and K has one rule for his chosen driver and another for the rest.


Excellent research TimW .


We are getting closer now to getting some real action. To date, the jury hasn't even sat down together... There are quite a few conflicting performance theories and that surprises me a little knowing just how sophisticated the test sims are.
Some people are saying that the cars will be more aggressive looking? What do they mean by that? Menacing/fearsome etc etc etc. Hopefully we may see some variation but lets face it, given the prescriptive rules i very much doubt it. Last years crop were almost identical and it was only the livery that distinguished them and then only helmet and camcolour separated drivers. Couldn't we please revert to decent sized number rondels? I am not yet convinced that we will see the any change in the pecking order which will be a shame if mercedes once again get to totally dominate!


Are all the 2017 cars going to have that ferrari rear wing that is skinnier at the bottom and fatter at the top?


Gord; the 2017 manor wind tunnel model has that feature, but I don't know whether it's prescribed by the regulations, or whether there is some aero advantage to be gained by making the bottom part of the end plates taper towards the centre line.


A very interesting and well reasoned blog, many thanks.

I would love to ask Phil to offer some thoughts on the relative pace and racecraft of Sainz vs Verstappen. Having been in a fairly central role at Torro Rosso in recent years I would imagine that he would be well positioned to give a balanced and informed opinion on these two future stars of the sport...


Hamilton and Ricciardo for sure but even Alonso might have some fun this year

Fernando 150% alonso

I hope so 😉


Interesting article 👏👍


I reckon those who drove the old cars like "Alonso" "Lewis" ( he had the most testing in a Mclaren of any F1 driver in his 'pre rookie' test driver seasons) "Kimi" ,"Massa" , "Vettel" (maybe) will know how these cars react and feel and would have the endurance to drive them.
The one I think may be up their with the above names is Max V.


We may be loving DRS because it sounds like it will otherwise be very difficult to pull off a pass now.


Alonso has always been in top form but with the cars getting closer in performance to the 2000's cars he might get happier and hence better. Also, Max will probably manage to get on top of the new cars quickly


Great insight thank you. Although I'm not his number 1 fan I couldn't help but see Alonso on some podiums the further I read into the article.


Looking at Alonso purely as a driver? Agree 100% 🙂

Looking at Alonso as a driver driving a McHonda? Agree something less than 100% 😐


I can't wait to see the new cars! The 1.8m cars always looked wrong, the proportions just didn't work. Much more mechanical grip and more downforce generated by the diffuser should mean it will be easier for the drivers to follow each other through corners, and hallelujah, an end to comedy tyres!
The rules need to be left as they are now, the cars will look good, so just let the teams converge over time and the moaners will have nothing to moan about!


moaners will have nothing to moan about!...

Good luck with that Tim - I swear some people enjoy moaning more than they do the racing 🙂 And if Merc/Ham are dominant again some people will lose their minds 😎


No no C63, you are wrong, all complaints will cease, the comments section of this site will exist purely for people to wax lyrical about how wonderful the sport is, and to congratulate Lewis on his fully deserved 4th championship. It will be an F1 utopia.....


hmmm - let's see...


TimW, the 2017 manor f1 wind tunnel model has been revealed, and it looks absolutely stunning. And it even features a little shark fin, which I always loved. In fact, I think these new cars will quite possibly be the sexiest F1 cars ever!

I think we have the beginning of F1 getting back on the right track and I agree that they should now leave the rules alone and allow the performance convergence to occur organically.


Luke, it looks great, if I'm being super picky I would say the front wing looks a little fussy, but I'm sure we are going to have a grid full of beauties next year, please leave them to it now FIA!


Everything points to the drivers needing to be a lot fitter and physically much stronger than last year.

With someone like Max Verstappen, being the youngest driver on the grid, his body is likely still developing and so his musculature is not yet fully formed. Will this have an affect on his ability to drive the car because his muscles cannot cope when compared to an older driver whose muscles are fully developed?


Given the fact he has a father who knows what forces he has to prepare for, i don't think it is going to be a problem. I would not be surprised if he is one of the most well-prepared drivers for this season.


I very much doubt whether verstappen's age will have any bearing. He will be race fit of that i'm sure. So will ricci. Red Bull will have all the very best available. They are confident of making inroads on mercedes and they will be sure that their drivers are fully fit and able. These are big stakes.


how do you get to know all this?


Trust the youngster, his grit is legend.


No one knows, but it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.


"How am I doing?" 😐
"Only a few cars in front of you now Max, keep pushing..." 🙂

*lap 3*

"Owwww my not yet fully formed musculature!" :O


I do think its quite funny how fans opinions change (myself included), in the 00s we were treated to spectacular cars but the racing was dull as it was very hard to overtake and one guy won all the time. Along came the silly tyres and DRS, we loved the amount of overtaking but now we have decided its too fake and the cars are too slow and we wan't to go back to what we had before.

I think it needs a more fundamental re-think though. The problem is and always has been that the cars cannot follow each other through high speed corners. Until something is done so that the cars produce less, and are less sensitive to "dirty air" there will always be this problem. Remedies such as the lower wider wings, bigger tyres, DRS etc are treating the effects not the cause.


One solution would be to eliminate high speed corners 🙂


Exactly true.


Great insight from an expert. But I think I'll wait until the Aussie GP to see how things are, instead of speculating. And I can't wait!!. It's nearly impossible to see how things are gonna turn out. I mean, did anyone see Mercs total domination come? So I think I'll just wait with excitement for the new season to start🤔🍻


This is a great article - very insightful.
WRT overtaking, we all know the biggest factor by far is are the circuits, not braking distances or the effectiveness of DRS. We all know that it is impossible to pass on a handful of circuits, and very difficult at several others, yet far too easy on several others, all depending on how closely you are able to follow off the corner preceeding the main straight.
I really expect all the drivers to cope very well with the extra physicality - they are all serious athletes and will know what is required, and will do the training required to handle the extra G forces. Part of success in F1 is handling the known knowns as well as possible, and this is definitely a known known.


I fear there will be even more struggles for drivers to overtake without DRS because of increased turbulence as a consequence I fear the FIA will make the DRS effect more powerful and profound with longer zones at some circuits and 2 zones at others.I'm hope i'm wrong . By the way that picture of Schumacher and Hakkinen is fantastic. Is that from 2000?


What a load of nonsense, just a load of regurgitated waffle from someone that has no idea of what to expect having had no involvement in the process of the 2017 car


Always nice to hear from a real expert, so it would be great if you could share some details about the 2017 car you helped design and never mind this Phil fellow 🙂

Chief race engineer for three seasons - Pfft, what would he know...


@ random...I happen to share 'F1 Experts' view point somewhat. Re read the article and it is quite 'lite' and not really anything more than generalisations and speculation. Yes he has some cred due to his previous employment but i really learnt nothing new or informative at all.


You may agree with him (and fair enough, it's not like Phil provided specs down to the millimetre or anything), but while your view might be the same your manner is very, very different.


The driver fitness is an interesting point. I read an article the other day about road cyclists (Le Tour etc), being able to maintain a resting heart rate of 38bpm whilst pedaling a bike at 20km/h.
Anyone have any data on resting and peak heart rates for an F1 driver? If Danny Ric sounds like he's on the couch when talking on race radio, i'm imagining that the cardio vascular health is pretty good!


I read somewhere that Max's heartbeat went up to about 90 when he he almost binned the car at Interlagos, so I guess the normal heartbeat rate is about 60/70 under those conditions.


@bs63.....() BPM is nothing at all. F1 drivers heartrates have been known to regularly hit 170 BPM when they are under high levels of competitive race stress. I do recall seeing on screen graphs, many many years ago, of heart rates at the start of a grand prix hitting 200BPM . Those numbers almost mimic "atrial fibulation numbers' , take it from one who has first hand experience!!!


I'm looking forward to the new season, it will be refreshing to see drivers being able to push the cars for more of the time. The only thing I would like to see, are more gravel traps. I want to see a driver's skill but with an element of risk. Far to often drivers take risks knowing that if they make a mistake they can live to fight on.


James, quick question for you? What do you think the real increase in average lap time will be in 2017. The objective of the new rules was reducing lap times by 5 seconds from the times in 2015. Development in 2016 resulted in lap time being 2-3 seconds faster than 2015. The increased weight of the cars announced yesterday will result in an INCREASE in laptimes by 1 second over last year. So if we take this into account, cars will be barely 1-2 seconds faster than in 2016??


No, more than that, more like 4 secs


@ James...Taken by itself 4 secs is a humongous leap! My question is, is that figure expected relative to all teams? If so then i fail to see how the status quo will alter greatly. If it is only the top two or three then the racing will be even more lopsided vis a vis the separation from the entire field.


I don't care who can pass the best, what concerns me is the fact that with wider cars there'll be less room in the corners for the 3 and 4 cars we've seen recently going side by side sometimes. So we'll now see 2 cars going side by side into the first corner and a 3rd being pushed off into the boondocks and that means that by the end of the first lap we'll have a bloody great long line of cars spread out, assuming enough cars made it around the first few corners to complete the first lap! And they all better have a halo or some such device to stop drivers heads being hit by those big heavy flying wheel/tyres, because we'll see more wheel-to-wheel contacts now! And as for passing, we probably won't see as much as we've seen in recent years because cars won't be able to follow through the corners as closely due to the bigger wake/turbulence of the new cars!
Personally, I think someones made the wrong decisions with these new rules!
Fond regards,


Max Verstappen will definitely be the one who will '
exploit ' the newer regulated cars to their limit!


@ Mark...and your reasoning for stating this 'fact' ?


I am no Max supporter. However, when I re-consider his driving skills, capability and the way he exploited unexpected conditions within particular race events and the fact that he is so young yet so determined, he makes me absolutely confident that he will ' shine ' in 2017.
For me being a ' tifoso' does not spell happiness but reality is reality and that is why and how this sport is exciting to say the least, unless politics ruin the pot!


@ Mark...yes, we all have our opinions and as i have said on numerous occasions verstappen is fast, and very competitive. He will push ricciardo and ricciardo will push verstappen. Who finally comes out in front is anyones guess ATM. I am hoping that it will be ricciardo but if not then i'm sure that he'll have done all he could. Similar in the reverse situation. The verstappen supporters are quite rabid in their dissing on ricciardo and if verstappen doesn't produce the goods then i'm sure that there'll be blood on the a manner of speaking. I am not a full supporter of ferrari but i do hope that they are right up at the sharp end as it's been a long time since we've seen any real racing. Vettel will have his elbows out and kimi will be fighting for a contract renewal. All good.


Yes Ken, it's all correct what you just said. I pointed my finger at Verstappen because I noticed in amazement, how agile he is to exploit an instant unforeseen development on the track and I am sure he, being the young lad he is, has maturity in his future and by that time he should give us some surprises. Pity for me though because the drivers of my team do not have that ability. Redbull's progress has been astonishing considering the lower output engine that they had in 2016. Well, with the new regs in force, surprises will be common, I think, so let's see.


James (if I may) could you answer one big question for the 2017 F1 cars: With 1000hp engines, wider tires and no refueling will the teams be able to go all out full racing or will they have to conserve fuel thereby ruining the whole point of the upgrades. Do they have gas tanks bigger? Please- what are your thoughts on this?


Good question

Need to check, but I believe they have a small amount more fuel as a max. Fuel flow rate is the same


Thank you James. I await further information.


All I know is the the rule changes for 2017 are going to great, really great. Baron - my youngest son has a really thick neck -really really thick, beleive me - I now about thick. His neck is sooo thick. I'm thinking Baron will be driving for RedBull next year - believe me he will, once I get the wall sorted then that will be my next project.

Note to white house advisors: Remember to ask if F1 is within my jurisdtiction - maybe don't ask - just get Baron in the car and sort it out later.

2017 new rules will make F1 great again!

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