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Pass master – Max Verstappen sets new record for overtaking moves in an F1 season
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Max Verstappen
Posted By: Editor   |  12 Dec 2016   |  5:53 pm GMT  |  148 comments

Max Verstappen capped off a remarkable 2016 by breaking the Formula 1 record for the most successful overtaking manoeuvres in a single season.

The Dutch driver, who became the youngest ever F1 winner when he won the Spanish Grand Prix on his first appearance for Red Bull, made 78 passing moves during 2016, according to data calculated by Pirelli.

The Italian tyre company clarified that this was the highest number since records were first collated back in 1983 and explained how the overtaking moves were calculated: “An overtaking manoeuvre is counted as one that takes place during complete flying laps (so not on the opening lap) and is then maintained all the way to the lap’s finish line. Position changes due to major mechanical problems or lapping/unlapping are not counted.”

Max Verstappen

Verstappen, who was Voted 2016 Personality of the Year at the FIA end of season awards, had also made the most overtakes during 2015, his rookie year in F1, with 49 successful moves for Toro Rosso.

Speaking about his achievements in 2016 the 19-year-old said: “[It was] very positive – some special moments, especially with the victory of course, and then some great team results – the first and second in Malaysia was very special – so I can’t complain about this season at all.”

Pirelli also calculated that there were 866 overtakes throughout the 2016 season, with 41.2 taking place each race on average. The race with the highest number of overtakes (in the dry) was the Chinese Grand Prix at 128, while the Hungarian Grand Prix featured the fewest with the field making just 10 successful moves.

2016 Chinese Grand Prix

The most overtakes at a wet race was the Brazilian Grand Prix, where 64 passes were completed during the rain-disrupted event.

The driver with the highest number of overtaking moves in a single race was Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, who made 18 manoeuvres during the Shanghai race as he battled through the order from the back of the grid after suffering an ERS problem in qualifying.

Sebastian Vettel ended up as the driver that was overtaken the least throughout the year as he was only passed once – by Verstappen at the Brazilian race – during the 21-event season.

Pascal Wehrlein

Pirelli also released the total number of kilometres that were completed during test runs on the wider F1 tyres that will be in use in 2017. Only Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari conducted the programme, but the driver with the most mileage was Pascal Wehrlein, who racked up 3,248km on the new rubber for the world champion squad.

Pierre Gasly was next up for Red Bull on 2,494km, with Vettel third on 2,228km. The other 2017 race drivers to get a head start learning the new tyres were Kimi Raikkonen (1,054km), Verstappen (517km), Daniel Ricciardo (200km), and Hamilton (50km).


What do you make of the news that Max Verstappen set a new record for overtakes in a single F1 season during 2016? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JA on F1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Great statistic for Max...or is it? It suggests that he found himself out of position lots i.e. the car being more capable than where he started the race or where he was midway through the race.


never mind the stats. did you or did you not enjoy his track work? I would say he's made F1 watchable once more.

Lewis Hamilton 's brilliant tactic on the last race and Max's drive in the rain in Brazil were the highlights of the series this year.


aezy_doc1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star
Great statistic for Max...or is it? It suggests that he found himself out of position lots i.e. the car being more capable than where he started the race or where he was midway through the race.

Being as it may, still he would have to pass his foregoing fellow drivers. SO yes, great statisitic.


@aezy doc
Understand were your coming from, but at the end of the day, whether he's at the back through his own fault or his teams, he still has to get past. And IMO does it very well. He's young, he's fresh and has bought a breath of fresh air to a season that could have been a little monotonous. Max has got a lot to learn and in my opinion was promoted a bit to early. But he's here, and I for one, am really looking forward to the next season.🍻


Yeah I agree. he does have to make the passes. I was just wondering if it's actually a good thing to make the most passes in a season - especially if you are in a car that should be running at or near the front. Looking forward to Silverstone next year where I can see the action live...first ever F1 race for me, even though I've been watching on TV as much as I could since 1988! Crikey i'm old.


@eazy doc
Of course, in principle, it's one big cock up after the other if Max has to fight up from midfield to often. But it has made the racing a little bit more lively his year.
Of course it's only a statistic and doesn't really mean that much, apart from the fact that Max can overtake when he has to.
Enjoy Silverstone next year👍. I went to my first GP in 78 at brands hatch. I was 10😟. Was also at Silverstone in 82 and 83👍🏻. Your love ithe experience, enjoy.


Good to see MAX is the first one in 23 years who manages to overtake.
Of course this situation never happened before 😉


First one in 23 years

I don't think so. But every now and then, there comes a new driver along who gets tongues wagging, because one can see there's something special there. Max is one of them. The last one was Hamilton IMO.


Sarcasm is hard to discover it seems.


👌🏽 😄


Aezy, you read my mind.
And the Max marketing rolls on.
Good for F1 but getting tired of the comparisons to past legends. Ill wait until next year to evaluate and see if the excitement over Ves is justified or dies down.


Or can it be that Max takes over other cars more easily, where other drivers choose to stay behind to wait for the other guy to pit?


Could be, but I suspect at least partially because he was 'out of position' on a number of occasions.


Does he get a prize for blocking over takes?


Not from Vettel he won't.


VET did handily earn himself the "come on, blue flags, blue flags" award this year.


[mod] 19 years. New team. Great teammate which he allmost matched in performence. What are you talking about!? [mod]


Just making an observation and inviting opinion. Keep your hair on.


Seeing he was predominantly correcting mistakes of his team (mechanical problems, bad strategies, sending him out in traffic at qualifying, wrong instructions, etc.) and not of himself, I would say it's a rather good statistic.


I think you're thinking of RIC 😂😂😂


Daniel wasn't send out in traffic at Baku, Hungary, and Singapore qualifying, nor did he got wrong instructions at Austin qualifying, mechanical problems at China qualifying, or had 2 times clutch problems at the start, etc. Daniel did al right, but he also wasn't by far the unluckiest Red Bull driver this season, there were at least two who had it worse as him over the season.


Also, a great stat for Vettel being passed only once - how does that happen? I think the stats must not include being passed off the line at the start.


Check paragraph 3


First lap not included I believe.


it says in the article..."complete flying laps". 1st lap not counted. cheers.


Oh dear, always a negative spin on things.


Why is what I wrote negative? He maybe could have done even better across the season if it weren't for issues in quali or tactical error. Just asking the question.


You just confirmed the negative meaning of the question 😉


This is what I read in the headline. "Max Verstappen sets new record for first lap spins and qualifying mistakes" putting him down the field where often during this season. How many of these moves were DRS overtakes of Saubers, Manors, Haas, Renaults and the old Torro Rosso cars with the 2015 Ferrari engine. With those 10 backmarkers in the field 78 seems low.


Well, i think most of Max's overtakes were done without DRS. Max usually overtakes at unexpected spots, in or between the corners mostly, and not so often on the straights.

Of course a lot of those overtakes were backmarkers because of misfortune, mechanical issues, strategy etc. that made him having to fight his way up the field.

However, if that was the only cause, Max should have had considerable less championship points than Ricciardo, which is not exactly the case, a gap of about 30 points isn't that big, looking at their races as teammates.

Max only had two off-weekends, Spa & Monaco. The rest of the races were very good and brazil was brilliantly driven.

Max managed to overtake a MB driver twice this season and he also managed to overtake both Ferrari drivers a couple of times, even when he was still driving the Toro Rosso.

How often did Vettel, Raikkonen or Ricciardo pass Rosberg this season? Or any other driver than LH & Max?

If RedBull has a dominant car next year, Max will be the man to beat.


You read here that Vettel was passed only once, so how did you now deduce Max passed him a couple of times? I suggest you read the post properly before commenting.. Don't sound ridiculous


Pirelli does not include overtakes in the first lap.

If I remember correctly, Max overtook Vettel in Barcelona in the first lap, 3th corner, on the outside. It was a brilliant overtake that eventually decided the race in Max's favour.

Also Max overtook Vettel in Brasil, which was the overtake counted by Pirelli.

The fact that Pirelli does not consider this to be a genuine overtake because it was in the first lap, does not mean that i am making ridiculous comments.


Get your point, but he still has to get past. And we all know it ain't easy in these cars. I think max has made some great overtakes😊


O how F1 was so much better when no one could overtake


Didn't watch the races...


And don't forget errant strategy by the team.


Well it may have been down to strategy, but then what I said is entirely correct. What placed him lower down the grid than he should have been? If that can be put right in 2017 he'll have an even better year.


Well, I like to think that it has more to do with the driver than with the car "being more capable".


Don't get me wrong, the boy can drive and he had to do the moves. But he does very often find himself out of position but on decent tyres towards the end of a race and hence has to do a lot of overtaking. Whether that's his fault or not is up for discussion.


And I thought I was the only one that could see the cynical marketing machine that is Red Bull at work in this... Well done aesy.

The boy can drive but my oh my are they milking the 'overtake' bit.

It's the second best car. It should be on the podium and is hardly having rouble overtaking at least 12 of the runners he finds himself behind. Same last year.

Great marketing. Excellent airtime and a fast kid but that move at Spa on the straight? Sorry lost a whole year of respect right there.

Hopefully he can get some back next year without such bone headed ridiculous moves and an entitled attitude.


You mean the brilliant move on Spa? Exactly conform the rules.. moved just once miles before the braking zone?
Yep, i can imagine kimi did nog liked it.. but he.. it's Formula1 the best drivers in the best cars..


Maybe he means the moves at the end of the Kemmel straight where he barrelled up the inside of Kimi and Perez forcing them off whilst being unable to stay on the track himself.


You might want to look at the races again, because he's the one who most often plays the long game of the 2 Red Bull drivers.


It's not a surprise really, but more proof of how good max is. Danny Ric has really got to be on his toes all next season, as I'm sure he will be.
Lewis with the most amount of passes in a single race😊
What will the masses say about that then🤔 😄
Well done Max, you've certainly bought some extra excitement to the grid. Looking forward to the next season.
Good luck to you all🏎💨🏁


Maximus Fantasticus Overtakius.

Germanicus Swearius Leastius Overtakius.

Hamiltonious Aquaius Masterius.


Maximus Fictitious DRSious Overtakious


Harshius! Noius DRSius inius Brazilius. Allus overtakius Maximus skillius!

Maximus Interlagoius superbius.






Hamiltonius Aquaius Masterius Equalus Maximus?? 😬


Gazius Boyus offus hisus rockerius,


I'm just glad all you guys were paying attention in Latin class.


You know if Mansell in 1992 or Lewis in 2015 failed each race's start like Max did this year then their record of overtaking moves would stay forever.


You mean like Lewis did this year?


Now that is an eye opener. He really is quite good isn't he. I suspect that if you totaled all the overtakes by each driver in history, the cream would rise to the top. Now there's a data exercise for someone...to express the factor for each driver, normalised for comparison. Off you go....somebody.


what complete load of nonsense, ridiculous stat, how many wins did he get?


Agreed - Using that statistic to 'prove F1 greatness' is definitely a stretch.
It is actually potentially proving the opposite, especially when the driver in question (Max) scored less points than his teammate (Ricciardo). That indicates clearly then that Max was less good than Ricciardo in a variety of areas:
- Qualifying at the max of the cars true potential. (if Max had done that, he would have had less cars to overtake).
- Driving consistently well (If Max had not repeatedly dropped behind while in race, due to spins/going off track/scrambling into/with other cars, then he would have had less cars to overtake).
Ricciardo is better than Max in both these areas IMHO, as indicated by their WDC points and number of overtakes when compared.


you seem to forget Ricciardo already had lot more points when VES entered RBR1


Actually not! ;o)

From before Max joined RB:
Ricciardo finished: 3, 4, 4 and 4. Giving him: 15, 12, 12 and 12 points.
In total: 51 points when Max joined.

Max had finished: 10, 6, 8 and a DNF. Giving him: 1, 8, 4 and zero points.
In total: 13 points when Max joined RB.

So the points 'advantage' Ricciardo had when Max joined was at 51-13 = 38 points.

Season result was:
Ricciardo at 256 points.
Max at 204 points.
So a 52 points difference from Max up to Ricciardo.
So summa summarum, Ricciardo made 14 points more than Max, in the period they both raced together at RB. And to answer your question: The points advantage that Ricciardo had when Max entered RBR1 was not the reason Ricciardo ended the season ahead of Max in the points. He would have done that no matter what.

Please no bashing, I do enjoy the Max driving.
But please lets look at the facts and not the hype.


Yep let's do that. Look at the facts. Only 14 points in 17 races in a car he hasn't tested or developed. One race retired due to a gearbox problem and one due to a unlucky crash (combination of youth with too much confidence after a win and a wet track) vs no retirements for Ricciardo, considered to be one of the best out there. To me these facts combined with the stuff he shows on track spells multiple WC. As it does with all the people that really know about racing and F1.


actually yes.. RIC had 51 points and VES had 13 points.. so RIC had as lot more points when VES joined the team.
Just plain math ( by your own numbers)
VES had 2 DNF during the year.. you know how important that is ( look at Lewis 😉


Please no cherry picking...
Max crashed into the barriers in Monaco, all by his own means. You want now Ricciardo to suffer from that? So as only take the good cases of positives from Max's aggressive driving but no negatives when it end in tears, when comparing the two.


You mean gifted at his teammate's expense?


Well, he gave it back at Malaysia.


James - I wonder if a more in depth article is needed for how Rosberg won the championship. From what I read, even Hamilton changed his approach after seeing Rosberg come on stronger this year. The prep he did, the disciplined training, the mental work, strategy, etc. I think he has potentially changed the game a bit. I would be interested in more in depth info on his mental methods and thought life. Will the sport change as a result of Nico winning the championship?


Is it a stretch to say that Rosberg approached his personal strict regime (diet/fitness/rest, private life) and laser focus on the race weekends this season to be a'la Schumacher style?


No James, please don't. We don't need another topic with 200+ sour comments about ROS not being a good champion.


It's obviously clear. Rosberg won championship because Hamilton had the engine failure in Malaysia.
Plain and simple. Forget the Zen Jedi clap trap. Rosberg got his championship and then baulked leaving Mercedes in the lurch. He couldn't take another season of Hamilton upping his game. Rosberg decided he wants to be an actor. So expect him to have the odd walk on part on Germany own version of Midsummer Murders or I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


Right, Rosberg absolutely didn't win the championship by winning those first 4 races, or by scoring more points than anyone else.


That would be silly to think it would be that simple.
Everybody knows he only won it due to some shady conspiracy agreed to by some even more shady people in a dark bunker somewhere obscure. Next to this...
We all know how much Bernie wanted Rosberg to win the WDC this year, so it was all predetermined and a boring season to see this one out. ;o)


to answer your last question, the sport will change in 2017 because of Rosberg and Lewis winning just about every race for the last 3 years. Will it change because of Nico? i don't think so.


Wow would never have imagined that such a large percentage of the tires go completely unused.

Anyways it would be interesting to have it broken down into the number of DRS motorway style passes VS exciting passes.


Now if only his defensive driving was as good because it's dangerous at worst, risky at best. Whilst I admire his attacking driving I still can't like Max at present after what he did at Hungaroring or Spa and his attitude in the immediate aftermath .


I think he learned his lesson after that. He seemed a little more modest in the last few races IMO.


If you walk behind the herd, you always walk in sh...


78 moves by Max...and all nullified by the WDC to be making an all-or-nothing, everything on the line pass on Max for P2 over a sequence of turns that tops them all! 🙂



Hard to give that pass credit considering Toto called Jos and asked if Max could not interfere. Max held him behind in Montreal and Ros spun trying to get past that did not happen here presumably because Max was not interfering with the title fight. So IMO the pass holds less weight and also given Ros ability or lack thereof in passing in the past.


If you are suggesting that Max let him pass because of the risk of interfering with the championship, you clearly have a wrong picture of how Max's head works.

Because of the modified defense rules, Max cannot defend the way he normally did so a blocking maneuvre was not applicable. Fact is that Rosberg tyres were a lot better and he passed Max using the benefit of having more grip, enabling him to brake later.

If Max had any chance on keeping hold of that position without breaking the rules, he would have.


...that tops them all? I'll raise you Silverstone.


90% Merc power, 10% ROS


90% biased comment, 10% objectivity


Or yours. I am no Ros [Mod], look at my comments here, but i look objectively at F1. This pass looks good and it is because it sticks, but it is clearly that the MB power wins this battle. Nothing wrong with that, it is a motorsport, but that does not make it the pass of the season.


Just like the car that the RB drivers have at their disposal is the best on the brakes and turn in/performance in slow corners.


Right! And like i said that is ok, it is a motor/mechanical sport, but that does not make it the pass of the year. To bad the word bias is abbused here so much, different opinion? Just say it is biased and only that and you "won" the discussion.


And helped him on his way to retirement apparently😉
It was a good move, but the only one I've ever seen Rosberg do which was kind of impressive.
But he did it when it mattered I suppose, so good on him🍻


One of the few but very good overtakes I recall Rosberg made were against Hamilton at the 2015 US Grand Prix in Austin!
Against a great teammate, very tight racing wheel to wheel through several curves as far as I recall.


Yes, not bad( just recaped on YouTube👍). Makes you wonder why he started throwing hats around afterwards😉


Wow thx @James, I didn't know that you could still find such F1 gold nuggets on YouTube. Thought that Bernie and his lawyer-team were quick and brutal to get all F1 contents stripped off that site, as I have seen they have done with most recent recordings...

Aliaksei Kandratsenka

Great starts. But would be nice if numbers are normalized to number of races in season. If Max is still best that would be truly amazing.


It's both good and bad.

The good...without this stat most viewers will remember max for making moves and some solid aggressive driving. It shows he is involved in the action.

The bad....Lewis had the most overtakes in a race because he was out of position. Similarly max was out of position on many occasions which helped this stat (so perhaps it says more about the team and max rather than just max). Brazil is a prime example..as he/team threw away 2nd chasing glory which led to a late pit and then cutting through the field. Whilst it was great to watch and skillfully done..leaders/Nasr used a better strategy of being hunted which involve no overtaking.

So..it's clear max has the skill but I think the stat shows there were more set backs and a willingness to take risks on strategy. As a few more qualifying issues for Lewis/vettel, would have seen them take the title.

Only viewing the races and seeing max in action do true justice to his abilities on track....and there are no stats for that.


And how much air time did Red Bull get as a result... Same last year where he often overtook five guys having started eighth... To finish tenth.

It is so absolutely typical of RB it's amazing - fun to watch but cynical in the extreme.

My feeling in Brazil is they knew they had no chance. Did not fancy affecting the championship in case Toto got on the phone again.

How best to spice up the show and get maximum airtime given the boy was feeling spicy that day... Simple - give him some work to do.

Result - overshadowed the rather stunning drive that won and got all the air time.


No chance on what? 2nd place?

No way that Nico had scored a second place in Brasil if RBR had not called Max in when they did.

Only thing is that RBR will not settle for 2nd place if they feel they can outwit MB on strategy, providing them with a chance for the win. Brasil was just a wild gamble that did not out for RBR and if it wasn't for Max, a chance for a podium finish was also destroyed when Max had to opt for full wets again after the SC.


Quite an easy thought since the show still had to be made, or do you recon they knew in advance that Max was able to pull it off? Quite a bold statement if you ask me... 😉


I understand that F1 has fans that typically supports a driver for various reasons (nationality, team, etc...). But you cannot be a true fan of racing if you don't embrace what Max brings to the sport? Oh and yes I do confess I am of Dutch heritage. Go Max. So looking forward to next season with the significant spec changes. Can't wait!!


I like Max, so don't mean this to sound so negative. But if you're ahead in the first place, you don't need to overtake.

At THIS moment in time, I rate Ricciardo more highly than Max. In a couple of years, who knows maybe Max should have improved.

If red bull were the dominant team with the new regs next year, I'd put my money on Ricciardo for the 2017 championship.

If Max was in the best car in a couple of years (Ricciardo's team mate or not) maybe he will have "overtaken" him as the more rounded driver.


This seems like a stat created for Max? Why would you exclude the first lap? Is that not part of the race?

Another case of media hyperbole -only now the tyre companies are bigging him up as well!


Theres obviously a reason for this then.
But yes, it's just Pirelli saying that their crap tyres are not crap anyway😊


Would have been interesting to see the stats from 1982.
I think John Watson may have been right up there - a couple of wins from the back of the grid amongst some other great drives.

Would be great to know what the previous record was?

Tornillo Amarillo

You have a great car and do a mistake in turn 1 or 2, you are going to pass many people.

You do pole and win from the front, you are not overtaking too much eh?

Where I took the "eh" thing...Geez?!


Your absolutely right there!


Who says you can't overtake in F1. That's close to an average of 4 overtakes per race 🙂 Brilliant.


pretty unfair stat for the mercs who would qualify first. finish first.

stats comparing teammates starting and ending positions and relating teams starting ending positions would be more accurate in evaluating performance.


Avg Starting Position Ric = 3.5
Avg Finishing Position Ric = 4.1

Avg Starting Position Max = 5.7
Avg Finishing Position Max = 5.6 (4.7 without US GP DNF)


See that is the REAL stats right there! ;o)
That Max do a lot of overtaking is great for the spectators (and I like it too), but he only gets to do them because he at the same time loose so many positions due to his own/pitwall strategy faults.


3 start failures according to the team caused by malfunction electronics seem to had have some impact.


Awesome stats but I'd almost say "who else?". The Vettel stat is more impressive, I hadn't realised. I thought Max was one of the drivers who was least overtaken and even though that can still be true: only 1 driver overtook Vettel (only once) the whole season? Wow!


THIS is actually what I would call THE MOST impressive stat of all !


And who was it that overtook Vettel😉


I wish there was a more comprehensive list for overtakes, a top 10 list of most overtakes, or at least a top 5.


Hi, Yes he was fantastic, but does it not say a lot about also how he was out of position so often ( like qualifying) or incidents? You can see why there are people who would like to see reversed grids


Nice little stat to look back at even if it is somewhat meaningless to an extent. Vettel having been passed only once is more up there if you ask me. Has anyone ever done that or done better? However you interpret Max making the most passing moves this season, it still says a fair lot about his ability to race. Did he pass Hamilton during any race this season? That would be interesting to know as well. Lets hope Max keeps at it next year. Marc


No mention whatsoever to Alonso being the driver with the most overtakes on the first lap... in a McLaren.


I think Red Bull deserve as much/more praise for this than anything. That car is like its on rails. It has more downforce than anything, it can brake later than any car and it changes direction quicker than a politician!. The only thing its lacking is about 40bhp from that PU.

We all keep talking about how brilliant that Mercedes W07 but I think in all areas within Red Bulls control that RB10 is astonishing. Not taking anything away from Max's driving cause he maximised all its strengths, but surely when you can brake so much later, turn in easily and accelerate without even flinching- overtaking will always be easier. Further evidence is how great it was on its long run pace in both drivers hands particularly Dan.


The Red Bull with its high downforce is probably by distance the best car to attack in curves.
For the high power cars: If you are too far away at the end of the curve it will be very hard to attack even with DRS.
Another reason: Max had very very few poles, had to fight back after collisions/car problems, ...


But he must be unique.. never done before in 23 year!


Heck, I think Villeneuve and Arnoux beat that record at Dijon in 1979, in one race!


And that maybe even just during the one last lap of that race! ;o)

The best F1 racing I for sure ever have seen in my life.


Interesting tyre stats. I'm very surprised that less than half of all the slicks supplied were actually used, given that teams seem to be trying to save tyres so often in practice and qualifying.


Interesting photo in the main article banner of Rosberg imitating Hamilton crowd surfing, but Rosberg only did it with team members and Hamilton with a random crowd of fans.

One recognises and trusts the fans and gives something back.


They were both pretty lame crowd surfs, if you ask me...


Still.feeling sore about Rosberg winning a bit? Some fans really. Marc


I wanna see Lewis doing that in Barcelona, Alonsoland xP


Yep Lewis on home turf with the home fans. awesome weekend. cant wait for British GP next season.


These days there usually aren't enough fans at races to crowd-surf effectively! As if Hamilton invented it ... Or as if there's something wrong with someone celebrating winning the WDC! Don't worry - Rosberg's retired and poor Lewis will be able to exist in his own perfect micro-bubble next year. So, back to discussing the actual topic then!


That was (relatively) cheery - you should have seen my first draft! 🙂


i wonder who holds the record for the number of overtakes for the lead.


Lets not forget some of his under braking sheer repugnence to other drivers, but theres been some lovely overtakes as well.


It would be very interesting to see how many of his passes were with DRS and how many of the other's were. I suspect, when compared to the other drivers, his record would be even more remarkable


I retweet:
Ealdfrith1 Star
No mention whatsoever to Alonso being the driver with the most overtakes on the first lap... in a McLaren. Too bad...


Anyone else watched the Formula 1, F1 Story of 2016 8 bit. Loved the bonus level😊


Very talented but too cocky and overly aggressive in my opinion. He needs to be humbled a bit I think.

A mediocre 2017 might do him a world of good.


Max is a great overtaker no one can have doubt about that. But the statistics is flattered by the fact he has a great car and is probably the guy with a fast car who was most often our ofirst sequence.

If he was more often at the end of lap one at the position he qualified to, he would have less cars to overtake


...now if only we had engines from 8bit days!


Speaking of which, no season review this year James for Santa to put under thousands of trees? 21 races were just enough to make the annual not doable?


Dear James Allen, (since there are many James here)

Let's not miss an opportunity. If Pirelli did the data crunching to 1983, can we have the data to evaluate here? As in annual passes, and per race average, so we can look at evolution of F1 1983 till now, through engine eras, pre DRS and post DRS? I mean, if the data is there, let's have at it and come to come conclusions based on passes.

Best Regards.


There is no doubt that DRS has given F1 a huge boost on passes in a race as the trend was clearly downwards. But as always...fine print is fun to read.

As such, it is not possible to draw anything other than the broadest conclusions from analysing across all data sets since the methodologies used to collect the data are different.

The overtaking figures for each race (across all data sets) do not include:

Position changes on the first lap of the race
Position changes due to drivers lapping backmarkers
Positions gained in the pits
Positions gained due to drivers yielding
Positions gained when a car has a serious technical problem; e.g. puncture, accident damage, etc.

The final criteria involves subjective judgements and consequently figures can never be regarded as ‘definitive’. Gaps in the available data, such as moves missed by TV cameras or obscured on lap charts by pit stops or retirements, mean that the data do not lend themselves to detailed analysis at the micro level, but are indicative of general trends.


downplaying data does not nullify the facts.


Here is the funniest thing in that graph.

the 1995 to 2009, it easily covers peak F1 viewing and attendance figures - which are probably 1995-2005. So lowest passing doesn't correlate to viewing records or size of F1 fan group.

Interestingly, that period covers V10s and constant forward speed momentum of F1. But oh...those V10s!


Not saying it does. It just makes fun reading.

I think the conclusion is clear. As technology improved, so this the consistency and reliability and predictability. Qualifying does put the cars in order of speed, and by default it takes away from passing potential.

V12 to V10 to V8 you see a constant trend downwards to less and less passing until we get DRS, which spikes up the passing, but clearly it's not the same type of passing that was here in 1980s when same levels were seen.

It's an easy solution. No more qualifying - at all. GP starts in reverse order of WDC standings, with WDC in the back. You wouldn't need fake DRS, would you?


Well it's good to know then that Max did most of his overtakes without DRS.


Why did they produced 8 times more wet tires, of what they actually used?
Okay, they didn't know how many they will eventually use, but still, can't they bring to the race the tires they didn't use on the last one? I6t seems as if they've produced new ones for the every race.


You might have forgotten?
Neither Pirelli or Bernie had expected the violent driver/team uproar against the artificial sprinkled wet race periods at each race, that Bernie otherwise had planned for this season to spice up the show. ;o)


I reckon if Vettel was driving in that Merc, then he wouldn't even be passed once in 3 years. That guy is helluva smart guy!


Impressive to see how many overtakes Max did in 2016 vs other drivers.
But to keep a proper perspective, you would have to list also then how many positions he lost in the same, by his own means. (spinning off, crashing with others, etc etc.)
As it stands, Ricciardo made more points than Max over the same races in the RB car, and that with less overtakes. So to me that indicates that Max could only make all these overtakes due to self-inflicted harm that dropped him back behind inferior cars. (poor quali versus car potential and poor race craft consistency)




Polite note

No capitals please


It's not really that big of an issue who's done the most overtaking, more important is who gets overtaken and how little time it takes. In this class of it's own Verstappen sets another record, not was Verstappen the only single driver to overtake Mercedes drivers, he pretty well doesn't waste much time doing so.

The way Verstappen makes up for lost places (after start issues, pit stops, wrong qualifying or an occassional first lap incident) is what sets him apart. Lap 10 US-GP, Verstappen doesn't waste a single moment overtaking Button after a pitstop. Although not his best race, but Verstappen cutting like a warm knife through butter in Monaco would have been as big as Brazil if he wouldn't have crashed. Brazil and ofcourse Abu Dhabi are examples of not wasting any time.

Verstappen was the only driver who overtook Rosberg in a much faster car (more then once), and how on earth could he get in front of Ricciardo in Abu Dhabi comming from last.....?

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