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No surprises as Sauber F1 team retains Marcus Ericsson for 2017
Marcus Ericsson
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Nov 2016   |  9:54 am GMT  |  22 comments

Marcus Ericsson will again feature on the grid for Sauber F1 team next season as the Swiss team continues its consolidation process after a bumpy year.

The buy-in from Longbow Finance in the summer, which has links to Ericsson, and the points scored in Brazil by Felipe Nasr, worth potentially €35 million to the team in FOM prize money, have meant that the team can confront 2017 with a little more confidence than 2016.

Marcus Ericsson

The recent signing of chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar, strategist Ruth Buscombe and more recently technical director Jorg Zander, from Audi Sport are likely to be followed by further appointments.

Ericsson has outqualified Nasr 13-7 this year and reached the Q2 part of F1 qualifying twice at the last three races. He crashed on intermediate tyres in Brazil – his 5th retirement of the season, tied with Jenson Button, Jolyon Palmer, Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Gutierrez for the most in the field.

The team has said it plans to announce both 2017 drivers before the end of the season, which means that Ericsson’s team mate may be announced in Abu Dhabi next weekend. Although team principal Monisha Kaltenborn was seen in discussion with former driver Esteban Gutierrez in the Interlagos paddock, he is not thought to be the prime target.

“It is great news that I will be racing for another year for the Sauber F1 Team,” said Ericsson. “I have spent two years with Sauber now, and I really feel at home. A big thanks to everyone within the team for trusting in me again. From a personal point of view, I have developed a lot as a driver during my time at Sauber.

Marcus Ericsson

“We have had ups and downs, but we always stick together and work as hard as we can. Since the new ownership, there has been a positive push in the team, so it will also be exciting to go into this new era. Many motorsport experts are becoming part of Sauber, which is a good sign for the future.

“For 2017 my aim is to build on my performance from the second half of this season, and to continue working hard with the team. I cannot wait for the 2017 season, so that we can make our way up to the midfield with the objective to score points on a regular basis.”

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Marcus E has Rausing Ikea and HM sponsors and more that is the Only reason hes still in F1 and of Course the eje elgh family father and son exploiting him so Cut the bull i have followed F1 For over 30 years Money talks as allways hes not tough enough to gentleman like all us scandinavians be true and not hypicritical he bought sauber he needs to move over k Magnus needs à better drive so Haas is great For him but My driver is kimi and ferrari different class company of Course Marcus prove me wrong!!!


Does the extra €35 million mean Sauber can affor up to date Engines next year instead of year old ones


Marcus is a fantastic driver. But as usual, it depends on what material the driver is sitting in. If would top 5 drivers would drive a Sauber and Manor, the resault would not be any difference.
Marcus has also start Sweden to look more into motorsports. It has led to large companies interested i the sport.
A large new Swedish stars


I have no issue with Ericsson. After all he is part of the goose that laid the golden egg for Sainer to continue in F1 and hopefully improve the team for 2017.
Not sure who the second seat goes to but I hope it’s not GUT. He has squandered his multiple opportunities in F1 and has proven to be a cancer within a team environment.
Finally with the new ownership, can we possibly she Monisha on gardening leave with Ron? Ever since she joined Sauber on the pit wall I have lost interest in a team which I normally supported.


Horrible decision. Zero points in 2017 again…


And Nasr isn’t a so-called paydriver? Ever heard of Banco Do Brazil? So tired of this paydriver talk, you don’t get to formula one if you’re a bad driver!


Think Marcus has become a very good driver in the last year!
Always difficult to judge the drivers sitting in cars worse than their competitors. But Marcus has been significantly better than his team mate, hope Sabuer takes a few steps forward next year.




Did he have other options?


I think Ericsson has done fine . Certainly he’s shown a bit more promise than he did at Caterham though he he’ll be kicking himself for crashing last week when points were there for him to take. What about Nasr himself James?


Wish I’d bothered to put money on this. Not a very exciting driver but Sauber obviously feel he’s a safe enough pair of hands. Hope they bring in a fresh face alongside him instead of another journeyman.

søren christensen

Good news for Marcus – and Nordic Motorsport. With 2 Finns, a Dane and a Swede, all placed in good teams. 3 of them with Ferrari engines, this is not bad at all for our small Countries.
And full respect and admiration for the backers of Sauber (maybe partly the same as Ericssons sponsors), that they still believe in F1, and also invests in the future of Sauber. Although F1 has a much lower media profile in Sweden, than it has in Finland and Denmark, there are still many very clever Swedish people, who see the importance of having a good representative of their Country in F1.
Not least the backing group led by Eje Elgh


great but where’s Felipe Nasr going? with Felipe massa leaving f1 we need a Felipe Nasr on the grid.


Problably the announcement it’s taking some time because, I think, they are still negotiating with Banco Do Brasil, I think he will be there next year.


Motorsport.com reported that Banco do Brasil is out. People here also say his relationship with the team is bad. Probably because Ericsson – literaly – owns the team and get the better package.

So Nasr’s spot at Sauber is in jeopardy. And that is a shame. We need a local driver to keep the fans engaged. And I hope he remains in the grid, because he is talented enough.

We’ve got so many talented drivers but the chances are slim in nowadays F1. Without Massa and Nasr, F1 will be a even more uninteresting show for everyone here, except the die-hard fan.


That’s a shame, without founding, it is basically impossible to keep that Sauber seat or get one of the Manor’s, Gutierrez has a lot of money and he could get that seat even when he has shown a lot less than Nasr.


I was hoping after the Longbow buy in that Sauber might at least get one none pay driver for next year, and although that might still happen, it looks unlikely. How do we rid F1 of the pay driver problem? As with many of the sport’s problems, the answer is a fairer redistribution of wealth. If the smaller teams had a few quid coming in, then they wouldn’t have to take monied drivers over more talented options just to keep the doors open. If scoring points was more profitable then the teams would chase this result at all costs.

søren christensen

Well Tim, it is not that simple. F1 is first and foremost a commercial business, run by commercial people, and they will of course sell at the best price – all things considered. There are only 22-24 seats, but maybe a gross selection of 30-35 drivers, where the pure driving talent is more or less same. So obviously many factors will come into play. Also the commercial = what cash can you bring to the team.
A known and already recognized F1 driver would never sign up at a team like Sauber or Manor. But F1 has always had feeder teams, where new and lesser known drivers are bought a seat. This can be through a sponsor, who will use the “ticket” as a marketing/business tool – and sees a value in supporting the particular driver and his network . And/or it can be a technical/ engine supplier, like Ferrari or Mercedes, which has a chosen “Juniordriver – who has been bought into the team from the start.
So this does not mean, the new guys are more “pay drivers” than the already established stars, who also had someone initially paying for their seat.
And in any case, none – no one, will enter a place in the exclusive F1 field of drivers, without being exceptionally good.


I didn’t realise that Marcus was so dominant in qualifying – Nasr seems to be the better racer but clearly Marcus is doing ok.
Still you have to wonder whether he would cut it if he didn’t bring so much cash.


If it brings the money…………….

On a slightly different topic, although related to Formula 1, it was great to see Hamster, Slow and the Big Ape back doing what they do best on the Grand Tour – Jezza SHOUTING mainly – but McLaren’s week got a whole lot worse than they tested the P1 up against the Porsche 918 and Ferrari la Ferrari, and despite the Big Ape’s confidence that it was the quickest of the three, at Portugal’s magnificent Algarve circuit in the hands of ex grand prix racer Jerome d’ambrosio it was a pitiful 1.1 seconds slower than the Porsche……..


It’s fast, but just a little too wild in the corners – Agreed, it’s good to see the guys back 🙂


Ericsson has not done anything to make me think he is a star of the future. Maybe he will shine with a bit more cash available at Sauber. It’s very hard to look good in a back marking team.!!

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