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3 minutes with Haas F1 new driver Kevin Magnussen – No second season blues here
Kevin Magnussen
Posted By: James Allen  |  11 Nov 2016   |  7:18 pm GMT  |  27 comments

Kevin Magnussen has been confirmed at Haas for 2017 and 2018 and just before he dashed off to the F1 drivers’ briefing at Interlagos, JA on F1 and a few other media outlets were able to grab a quick word with him.

It was literally three minutes, but his happiness at finally pinning down a more permanent place on the F1 grid was clear, after a single season with McLaren and another with Renault.

And the Dane believes that Haas’ unique structure and business model, with a strong technical partnership with Ferrari, means that it could buck the trend of new teams struggling in their second season.

The Haas team has been up and down what has been the attraction of going there?
“I don’t think they are the only team that has been up and down. Maybe two or three teams have achieved stability over the season, that’s not really a problem. I mean, it is a problem but not unusual in this part of the grid.

“They have been very impressive; this is not a team that has taken over another team. It’s a new team and they have been outright points scoring. So that’s impressive, it’s exciting. It has perhaps a little bit different structure from other teams.

“It feels good. I’m looking forward to it.”

History shows that new teams tend to struggle in their second season. Is that why getting an multi year contract was important to you as next year could be tough?

“No, I haven’t thought about it like that. Perhaps history shows that, but if anyone can do it and change that, it’s probably Haas.”

Haas F1 Team

Because of their model?

“Because of the group of people they have and the way they do things; it’s a little bit different to others. I think they can be strong on a consistent basis.”

Jolyon Palmer said you’ve made a mistake to leave a works team

“He should be happy that I left.

How will you feel if they are ahead of Haas next season?

“I would mind. But I think we have a decent chance to challenge. I believe they will keep up this level in future and perhaps even improve, that’s the goal. It’s not an easy target, but we will try.

How do you get on with Romain Grosjean?

“I haven’t talked to him much but he’s a good driver, well respected, so I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Kevin Magnussen

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magnussen should’ve stayed with renault.


Btw, anybody knows if Ferrari still has right to review driver performance metrics from their engine supplier partner teams? Just wondering if Ferrari still enforce this and thereby also will check out the drivers at Haas.
This was allegedly the reason why Ferrari dropt their interest in Hulkenberg after his one year at Sauber.


Here we go again: the topic is Kmag’s move to Haas, yet people are getting their knives out for Jo Palmer again. Renault spent the second half of this season trying to recruit Vandoorne, Perez, Bottas, Sainz, Ocon, etc., meanwhile their drivers got their heads down and managed to drag the car from the rear of the grid to the midfield. In his rookie year Palmer has improved and, I venture, has out-performed Magnussen since the Summer break. His drive from the back of the grid, 69 laps on one set of tyres, was amazing last time out. Kmag has not bossed Palmer as one might have expected, Renault offered him a one-year deal which, after his McLaren experience, he declined in favour of two years with Haas.

Palmer has a one-year deal which, it was announced on Skysports F1 yesterday, does not involve him bringing sponsorship, i.e., he is not paying for the ride. The team didn’t have to retain him, there were other options out there, so let’s all sit back, enjoy the rest of this season and look forward to next year without worrying about 2018 and beyond! Oh, and good luck to both for next year.


Somebody called Cyber has emailed me – James, how do others get my address while I cannot reply? – giving all the usual ifs, buts and maybes about Palmer’s improving form/performance/results while ignoring the fact that Kmag threw his car off the road while trailing his team-mate at Spa. I expect he’ll say that was Palmer’s fault too.

Kevin Magnussen has elected to reject Renault’s offer in favour of two years with Haas. Renault have re-signed Jolyon Palmer for 2017. Get over it. 😊


No idea, but they didn’t get it from us. We have an email response system which sends reponses to posters, but that doesn’t gove posters the email contact details of other posters


Hi Cashpoor and JA, just to confirm:
I do not have Cashpoor’s email address and I did not email him any message. I merely posted a reply to Cashpoor’s message here on the forum. Best regards…


@Cashpoor, you ventured: “Palmer has… out-performed Magnussen since the Summer break.”

Here is my POV regarding their duel at Renault:
Kevin Magnussen: 7 points.
Jolyon Palmer: 1 point.

Here there is no doubt who is best. Renaults placement as ninth in the WCC is secured by Magnussen — already after his impressive 7th in Russia. The point in Singapore was a minor miracle, considering the total lack of speed in the Renaults that weekend.

When Palmer scored his point in Malaysia he cleverly took advantage of all others having misfortune. But Palmer did throw away certain points in Hungary at the end of the race…

Kevin Magnussen: 12
Jolyon Palmer: 7

On Saturdays, Magnussen has been leading. Danes will probably argue that the lead is even more dominant than what the numbers represent. In Canada Palmer won only because Renault could not fix Magnussen’s car for the qualification. And in Hungary in the wets with many red flag periods the team actually screwed up badly, so the Dane was not getting the chance to set a fast lap.

On Palmer’s side, you can focus on that he exactly since Hungary have a 5-4 quali score vs his teammate, including the broken chassis in Mexico.

Race results:
Kevin Magnussen: 10.
Jolyon Palmer: 8.

Disregarding Monaco as both went out, though on very different premises!
Palmer lost his car be his own means on a straight line, while a rogue Russian missile took out Magnussen.

The Dane can also rightfully be annoyed that he was notably better than Palmer in prepping for the races at Spa and Malaysia, before both those races were destroyed by unlucky crashes and circumstances. And the messy qualifier in Hungary took away his chance there for points.

Palmer-fans will note that he has improved remarkably since summer and had a couple of more technical mishaps than the Dane. I counted five times he did not complete vs 3 times for the Dane for this.


I’m not sure about that but Force India confirmed to me that Palmer was also a contender for the seat Ocon has now taken up, along with Wehrlein

Sources close to it all have also said that Wehrlein’s attitude was a factor, but in the end Force India chose Ocon because he and Wehrlein had tested their car and the engineers all felt that Ocon has more potential. His junior record would also suggest that.


That Ocon is in the Mercedes driver development program must have been a substantial factor for Force India. I find it hard to think FI would even consider Palmer if it was a choice between the two.


I like KMag, he is fast, knows what he needs to do and seems a cool guy outside the car. I am glad he has been given another opportunity to show his talent.

“He should be happy that I left”, indeed as JP probably only has the seat because of it and Kevin knows.


With Magnussen following Grosjean’s path from Renault/Lotus to Haas, is the former becoming a feeder team to the latter? 😉


I’m not really sure what this says about KMag. That’s two big names that have let him go now.

I know people will say he left Renault but doesn’t seem like Renault did a lot to try and keep him. Was it really down to the money he could or couldn’t bring to both McLaren and Renault that was solely responsible for neither being interested in retaining his services? I thought he had the backing a multiple Danish billionaires?

I remember a year or so ago on this site James poured cold water on the fans belief that Hulkenberg was a decent driver due to the data we fans can’t see showing issues with his driving. Is there something similar going on with KMag or has he just been unlucky?

I do look forward to him being able to settle and focus on driving rather than racing for his seat every race. In interviews he’s come across as someone with a real passion for F1, it’s history, the old circuits and cars.

2017 spec F1 with a two year deal could be a real time for him to shine.


KMAG has a sponsor worth about €5m a year, Palmer had space to sell on he car in a deal where he guaranteed the money at a similar level

That seat is only for one year, they are after Sainz long term. Ferrari is also interested in him, but he’s not their No 1 choice.


That’s interesting as understood it was a two year or “multi year” deal as KMag didn’t think Renaults offer of a 1 year deal was sufficient.

So it’s a 1 year deal with an option on the second year.

Does F1’s inner circle just not rate KMag then? Two big teams let him go and one new team only interested in single year.

Suggests to me F1’s inner circle doesn’t rate KMag anywhere near as much as the fans.

søren christensen

You misunderstood it Agent: The Palmer agreement is for 1 year, as Renault are after Sainz from 2018 . Kmag has a contract firm for 2 years with Haas + option for 1 more. And Kmag must not bring backing – but is allowed to….


It’s a 2 + 1 so two years confirmed and an option on year 3


Palmer offers 2-3x that amount of what KMAGs sponsor did. If Palmer is still paying that for his 2017 seat at Renault I don’t know for certain.
Important thing to note is that KMAG do not pay at all for his seat at Haas. And he is now free to pursue private sponsors per his contract with Haas. Haas pays KMAG to drive for them and they chose him because they believe in him and his skills. Quite a very different perspective compared to the Renault situation.

søren christensen

Palmer will bring about 5 Mill Eur to Renault, which is a discount of 50% compared to 2016

søren christensen

Great news for DK Motorsport – and for the real F1 sport. Great, that we have a US team to show the spirit. Haas chose the real talent, and not big bucks. Nasr is rumored to have offered a sponsorbudget of around 15 Million Euros for the seat.
Jolyon Palmer – who in all fairness has shown in 2016, that he is not a bad driver at all – should be happy for his father/their backers,, that they managed to get the Renault seat through a little help from Magnussen….even with a discounted price, instead of maybe ending up at Manor or Sauber at 3 times higher the costs.


Pleased that K-Mag is still on the grid. Renault treated him (and Palmer) very poorly during the whole contract process. I can see why he choose to refuse the offer they were making. He knows he would’ve had one more year with them and still try to look for another seat elsewhere for 2018, so better to move now and build a relationship elsewhere, where he might be taken more seriously and respected, rather than prolong the Renault ordeal.

The only concern is how competitive will Haas be next season? They’ve had a good first season, but Ferrari helped a lot regards to the car and they’ll be less influence on next years car I’d imagine. Not to mention big aero changes, will be tough on a young team like this. Mclaren and Renault will surely move forwards towards the front. Haas will more than likely be fighting for 9th at best in the standings I feel.

At least Kevin still has age on his side, so it’s important he’s still in the game at least.


All the Best Kevin.
JP should be happy you left KMAG.
But I doubt whether JP will be there after 2017.
So maybe having an option of 3 years mahogany work out better. OK Haas will have a stagnant year next season , it’s always the case that a new team after their rookie season end up in the doldrums for a season. But at least you are in a F1 seat.
Renault will be looking for the next new rich kid with a billionaire dad in 2017.
Soon all the talent will be in another racing format. While the Billionaires give their little Tarquins a Racing seat or buy them a team.
World’s gone to Trump Hell in a hand cart.


I disagree with your statement that haas will have stagnant year next year. There is no logic to that at all. Precedents mean zip when examining all the variables. magnusen is not half bad and i hope that he can do well. To get two years contract seems about right considering where they have come from. I would like to see Haas flourish. They are giving it their best shot and that has to be worthwhile.


Pleased for Kmag, he must be over the moon to have a two year contract in his pocket, especially after being dropped by McLaren and a year in the wilderness!


Hmm, we’ll have the lowest number of maiden F1 racers for next year. Only Lance right now. Of course that owes a lot to Vandoorne getting his debut in Bahrain this year, and Ocon getting the half-season at Manor.

Usually we have around 3 newbies each year.


Best news for a very very long time! And sooo badass comment – “He should be happy that I left.” 😂😂😂🏁🇩🇰🇺🇸


Agreed – That was a 100% race driver comment 🙂


𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬 𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐠𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧

Not always – BAR and Toyota improved their position from Year 1 to Year 2, although after the dog’s dinner that was the 1999 season for the former, the only way was up in 2000!

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