Red Bull praises “respect” shown by Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen during Malaysian Grand Prix duel
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Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  04 Oct 2016   |  7:10 am GMT  |  107 comments

Daniel Ricciardo hailed the fair and respectful racing he and his Red Bull Formula 1 teammate Max Verstappen displayed as they fought for position during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull duo raced side-by-side for several corners on lap 39 of the 56-lap event at Sepang, with Ricciardo staying ahead of his teammate despite having tyres that were considerably older at that point.

Ricciardo’s firm defending turned out to be crucial as he inherited the lead when Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes engine failed just one lap later, and he was brought in for fresh tyres ahead of Verstappen, who had to wait in the pitlane, under the race’s final virtual safety car.

Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen

The Australian driver went on to claim his first F1 win since the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix and afterwards praised the nature of his close battle with Verstappen.

He said: “Max pitted under VSC and at that point his strategy looked very good, I had to hold him off in mid part of the race.

“It was a good battle, Max on fresher tyres and I was doing everything I could. It was fun, we were determined to win, we did it very fair with a lot of respect, I thank him for that.”

“It was fair and clean with Max, it was fun. That was the best part; I think we both enjoyed it. I’m sure he would love to be in this position, but he’s also honest and fair and I think today we can both hold our heads high.”

Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen

Ricciardo came close to winning the Monaco Grand Prix from pole position earlier this year only to lose out due to a slow pitstop. After finally clinching his fourth career F1 win, he explained that he had had to keep on believing that he would win at some point in 2016, and also paid tribute to his friend Jules Bianchi.

“Since Monaco I kept the faith and believed we could win one this year, and we got it,” said Ricciardo. “[I’m] pretty emotional, I won’t lie. Overwhelming, a lot of feelings right now. I’m super grateful.

“I want to dedicate this one to Jules as well. I’ve been waiting for a victory, waiting to dedicate this to him. My life definitely changed since that incident. I’m extremely grateful and appreciative of everything I’ve got. I’ll dedicate this to him.”

Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen

Verstappen closed in on Ricciardo after the final pitstops but did not attack his teammate, which led some observers to wonder if Red Bull had instructed its drivers to hold station to the finish as it famously did in the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix, where Sebastian Vettel defied the “Multi 21” order to stay behind Mark Webber.

But the squad’s team principal Christian Horner stated that he had allowed Ricciardo and Verstappen to race to the finish on the condition that they did it respectfully and did not jeopardise the first non-Mercedes 1-2 of the V6 hybrid era.

He said: “I instructed both race engineers: ‘you are free to race, but make sure we prioritise 43 points.’ [I] asked the drivers to respect that [and] they did.

Christian Horner

“From our perspective, it was fine to allow them to do that. They were both in the same engine modes, both in the same power state, so there was no real advantage one way or the other.

Horner also described the closing stages of yesterday’s Grand Prix as “different circumstances” to the 2013 race, and described it as demonstration of the mutual respect between his two drivers.

He said: “At no stage [was it] a multi 21 [situation]. Two different drivers, different circumstances.

“What we’ve seen is that there is a real respect between the two of them. They are both good racers, hard racers. I felt comfortable letting the two guys go head-to-head.”

Max Verstappen

For his part, Verstappen insisted that he had been “pushing really hard” to try and take the victory away from his teammate, but explained that the older tyres he was on at the end of the race had cost him a chance of making a decisive move.

He said: “I was pushing, but also when you get very close, it overheats tyres and I was on old tyres. It was very difficult to get into DRS and, like I said, if you are on old tyres [you cannot get close]. With new tyres I had a few laps advantage but on older tyres to get within a second is very hard.

“Until the last lap we were pushing really hard. The team said we were free to race but in a clean way and that is what we did.”

Since Verstappen became Ricciardo’s teammate at Red Bull ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix in place of Daniil Kvyat, the pair has scored two wins and nine podiums.

Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen

Red Bull is likely to be in a position to put Mercedes under pressure again at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend as the first two sectors of the Suzuka circuit will suit the RB12’s aerodynamic strengths.

Yesterday’s result stopped Mercedes from clinching its third straight constructors’ championship and Red Bull could delay it again this weekend if it does enough to keep the gap between the two teams to under 172 points (it is currently 194 with 215 on offer heading to Suzuka).

What did you make of Red Bull’s performance in the Malaysian Grand Prix? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Respect between these mega-entitled driver?
Utter balderdash!
There is some deal, for the race and/or the remainder of the season.
When (almost certainly next year), RB is competitive to potentially win every race, even the best driver manager on the grid will have his hands full (but we can still expect CH to manage it better than TW); but he will manage it definitively.

Still, one must admit that the wheel to wheel RB stuff was quite nice.


CH will manage drivers better than TW??? I couldn’t disagree more. Maybe if CH was in charge he might but it’s HM that really calls the shots at RB. Remember what they used to do to MW……..e.g German GP 2013 MW was certain to take the lead after shadowing SV closely in the 1st stint. SV pitted 1st and MW put in a stonking in lap. What happened? MW’s wheel didn’t go on properly and he ended up quite a few secs behind in the 2nd stint. Coincidence? No, this is the way RB ‘design’ the outcomes for their drivers. They wanted the golden boy to win his home GP.
So now you are all thinking I’m a conspiracy theorist. It’s only a theory when there is no evidence whatsoever. In RB’s case there is a definite pattern of behaviour which can not be attributed to chance……..there were too many people visibly involved. Am I Australian and a MW supporter? You bet! Do I think Mercedes is screwing LH? No because it serves no purpose and actually destroys the very reputation that Mercedes is enjoying due to their success AND, CRITICALLY, TW and NL have shown their true colours by the way they have treated their drivers over the last 2 seasons.
Prediction; CH has made it clear that he wants DR to win a WDC. Next year they will favour DR! Do I want to see that happen? No way! I’m a proud Australian but it would sicken me to see that. I can’t emphasise just how much respect I have for TW and NL and the way they’ve treated their driver.

Fulveo Ballabeo

Wonder how the racing respect will be when their battle is for a WDC, and not a one-off win in a Mercedes-dominant season. Will be interesting to watch!


I really really hate to say it, but if Red Bull wins the constructor title Lewis might be right saying someone is doing sabotage. But he can’t say Only me, it would be both Mercedes as in all the years before.


Had Max been dueling with someone other than his team mate he would have gained the lead….all other things being equal. He HAD to keep it clean with his team mate. Ultimately it cost him the victory and I think if he’d known that he might have thrown caution to the wind.
The “multi 21” definitely would have been issued if one or both of the drivers were fighting for the championship or if it was early in the season. Red Bull would NEVER do what Mercedes is doing……treat the drivers fairly and evenly. They’ve proved that in the past.


I think Daniel says it only because he came as a winner. If it was the same exact racing with Max coning on top, I doubt we would be hearing these words:-)


The photo above of Ham stepping out of the car as the RB’s pass is just brilliant,.
It tells the whole story, and with a massive PETRONAS back drop. Excellent work.


It was good while it lasted, but it was a shame the VSC put a halt to it, and a bigger shame that RB went for the double stack pit stop, which really put the kybosh on any resumption of the battle when the track cleared. I do wonder how long this respect for each other will last if there is a championship at stake? Max has shown that he is not afraid to risk accidents or penalties in defence, and I’m sure Dan is well aware of the dangers of being too polite with the “wunderkid”.
P.S. Was anyone else hoping that Kimi would move around on the straight when Max came to overtake him? It is to his credit that he didn’t, but it would have been a good lesson for Max, what goes around comes around and all that…


Well Dan is too polite? This race Ricciardo got the set up from Max on friday….


Red Bull showing Mercedes how it’s down with inter team battles. Go RIC, awesome race for him and benefiting from some luck going his way.

ROS showed great determination to drive to third as well. Would be awesome if RIC wins again and the Mercedes duo safely take each other out. That would delay the constructors title.


You do understand that the fight you witnessed on Sunday is nothing like the drama of Bahrain n 2014 right? You saw one lap of a real fight at Red Bull, but in Bahrain the fight was a muti-lap affair with Lewis on the slower tire and Nico on the faster compound. Add the pressure on Lewis in that they were on fresh rubber after a safety car and you cannot even compare Malaysia with Bahrain. The Nico vs. Hamilton duel will be one of the defining races of the hybrid period of F1 including the aftermath of the fight that extended for several months and races after the actual on track fight.


was a great bit of action while it lasted but like everything in F1 there is always some variable that comes in to play that neutralizes it.
There are battles like this further down the grid all the time but the cameras cut away fast to some pointless pitstop ‘action’ of the leader….


This race the TV-director actually missed Hamilton’s first stop, while there was a good fight going on.


Wonder what SV makes of it all, still loving the dream at Ferrari or wishing he was back in a red bull, especially with the rule changes next year. Would love to see him back in a red bull personally ;( They just fit togeather perfectly!


Chris, it’s a good point, what next for Seb? Does he stay at Ferrari and hope they finally come good? Or try a move somewhere else? Mercedes would be the obvious target, but what about McLaren if Fernando does give it up? It’s possible.


I’m not sure they need him any more!


That comment is going to feel like a knife between the shoulders to vettal fans


I’m not sure Ferrari need him any more.

He’d be a good fit at Williams.


This talk about “we respect each other” is a lot of Red Bull [Mod]
The hard and cold fact is Ricciardo is 74 points down ROS and therefore both drivers have no reason to fight each other that hard.
When push comes to shove MAX will be unmercyfull w/ RIC.

About that Shoei thing I hope Ricciardo is using a new set of shoes every weekend bcs if I remember well racing drivers are very supersticious and keep using the same pieces of clothes whenever they believe it brings them luck.
Massa for instance used to keep the same underwear after a race win. xD


He’s going to have to have at least one new shoe because Webber threw it away.


He was still without a right boot when showing up for the team picture. Hehehe…

Bet that thing is somewhere on a mantle…


When push comes to shove I’m sure Ricci will do the same


Fair play to both the drivers on this one, especially to Max. It was riveting to see that duel play out and given Max’s earlier driving controversies, I was indeed half expecting to all end in tears, but it did not pan out that way. I am still waiting to watch the replays of that ding-dong battle. I do wonder if the result would have been the same, had it been Max and specially one of the red cars 🙂


It was very good racing between the two, with RIC just coming out on top. This year, it looks like RIC has a small edge on Max. But given the fact that RIC completed 16,5 race distances (5032,5 km / 3127 mi) in the RB11 before Max stepped in that car, it was obvious that RIC would always beat Verstappen. A huge disadvantage for Max. That’s why he still considers this season as a learning season. Next year, things will be more equal.


@ jannes B…. i presume that you are dutch as well? I look at it in a slightly different manner. You say that because ricci has had a lot of previous experience in the RB that he was always a shoe in. Well what about 2014 when he stepped up to the plate and took on vettel who had had 4 years in the RB? What about the 2015 season where the RB was a complete disaster that would’ve set ricci back a great deal? Yes 2017 will be a reset and it will be fascinating to see how the two of them match up. They are both excellent drivers and sussing out the pecking order will be tough. Verstappen is being touted as the next big thing…he may well be but he’s going to have a serious fight on his hands if he thinks that DR will be a pushover like lots of his fans believe.


I think most dutch fans, with a little understanding of racing and F1, have huge respect for Daniël. I even would go as far to say that he is actually very popular in Holland.

Your remark, that a lot of dutch fans think Ricciardo is a pushover, make no sense but we want to see our man win, just like you want to see Ricciardo win.

In the long run, i believe that Max will be the better racer of the two and i also think he will be the one to beat next year, but yeah, that’s what makes me a max-fan, right?


@ bs63….my comment was in response to the ‘jannes b’ post but you seem to have stepped in regardless! Many of the dutch fans believe, rightly or wrongly, that verstappen is going to triumph next year and some believe that he will take the WDC crown. Now that may posssibly eventuate but to assume that, means in principle that they believe ricci will be a pushover. Now i just happen to disagree and that is based on past performances and the current standings. Yes, that may all change especially if RB decide to ‘back’ verstappen and shut ricci out! It wouldn’t be the first time that they have done this.


This maybe be a language problem…
Tro me, a driver being “a pushover” means that this guy can easily be beaten by his team mate, like the kind of dominance Shumacher had in his earlier career days.

Thats not what i think will happen next year. I believe, if RB has the car we both hope for, that it will be a very exciting title race between Max & Daniel and I think Max will come out on top of that battle.

You may interpret that as me thinking Daniel is going to be a pushover but that is not the way i feel about it, or even would want to.
If Max wins next year, i want it to be a fierce battle between them so they get me on the edge of my seat every Sunday they will race.

(Also because it will give me some negotiaton ground with my wife in order to visit a GP 1 or 2 times next year)

I really don’t believe RB will favour Max next year because, in my opinion, Ricciardo could be ( if he isn’t already ) a great asset to RB in terms of marketability, with that smile to capitalize on!

If they do, i would be very dissapointed because it would also destroy Max’s achievement if he would win it that way.


Vettel was completely blown away by a car that could not be compared to the cars he has had the 3 years before. The 2014 car had a huge difference compared to the car of previous year.

Both Seb and Ricciardo started as freshman’s that year.


@ bs63…that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! Are you saying that vettel, an extremely successful 4 x WDC driver had no advantages over a first season top team rookie? He had the advantage of knowing the team and had the same amount of testing time as well.


sure he has an advantage but everybody knows that especially vettel was having a hard time adjusting to the hybrids.

Some people are fast learners and for some, it takes more time. Old habits die hard.


Great racing by two great drivers.
Putting the pressure on HAM resulted in a broken MERC, So wining all the way!


Yes Evert@ exactly my toughs about this. The put the pressure on Mercedes , and see what happens. Keep going guys.


The future is bright for Red Bull, two very quick aggresive young racers. If they can take advantage of the rule changes for2017 hopefully the headlines will be about RBR vs Merc.
Who knows, even Ferrari might join the mix if Calamity Seb avoids another error strewn season and someone, somewhere can sort the team out……


Brilliant racing between the best two drivers on the grid and a well deserved 1-2 for RBR, after years of suffering a massive deficit in power. I hope they can take it to Mercedes in Japan as well. What a difference it makes when Mercedes suffer problems. Roll on next year and a level playing field.???


Wasn’t Mark Webber’s “multi 33” dig hilarious? 😀 😀
I wonder what Christian Horner thought at that moment.

By the way I thought it was curious to see Christian Horner not being sprayed with champagne by the boys, and he also didnt stood with the drivers for the podium picture.


he was probably somewhere throwing up, after that present that Ricciard gave him.


Lol did you guys catch Nico’s face after the shoie? Priceless haha!!


Really enjoyed yesterday’s battle between the two and it would have been great to see it last another lap or so.

I do suspect however, that as RB pull ever closer to the Mercs that the current love in between Dan and Max will get blown awayn and a full on F1 rivalry will come to the fore…


“Verstappen closed in on Ricciardo after the final pitstops but did not attack his teammate”
Yes he did James.
Max was sliding all over the place.
Check the coverage.


I think Ric put on fresher rubber at the last stop and was managing the gap to Max.


A bit disapointed w/ MAX racecraft there.
Kept sliding in the same places.
VER looked angry and a bit out of control… kind of Anakin Skywalker.
The Dark side of Force thing. xD


Really DeWeberis @ if you did know what racing in filthy is all about, you would be more objective in your commentary. Now you sound like a blind aussie Ricciardo fan.


@ michael…might i say that you also sound like blind dutch verstappen fan. It cuts both ways you know.


good one kenneth…………..


What I meant is a driver slide going out of a curve – before the long straights – because he accelerated more than its tires allow it.
Accelerated before the ideal point and lost traction as a consequence.
It’s okay if you do it once, to explore the current grip levels.
Obviously the driver should delay/reduce the pressure in the pedal the next time there.

However if you repeat it over and over, the driver does not have tallent or is out of his normal/balanced state.
I think MAX is a great driver and already did long runs without sliding that much.

But one thing is being on front and another thing is being on pursuit.

And I don’t hv to explain everything, in detail… I’m not the blogger… or the proxy.. nor hv the capacity.


Deweberis, you have no idea what you’re talking about lol.

F1 races don’t take place in a vacuum. You have no idea what kind of communication Max had at that point, and you have no idea of his mind set.

Maybe he was under orders not to pass, so decided to turn the closing laps into a personal test session…pushing the car in dirty air to see what he can get out of it.

Maybe he was just having fun.

There’s a 100 different reasons why Nax may have been driving that way…..but a “Star Wars moment” is probably not one of the lol.

Monday morning armchair quarterbacking FTW haha.


MAX was over accelerating his car.


“Over accelerating his car”….

On what credentials do you base that assessment? Having watched X number of GP from your sofa doesn’t count lol.

Ever think that, due to the resurface, Malaysia is no longer a rear limited track…..maybe Max was struggling with front end grip on corner exit and was using the throttle to help rotate the car.

But I digress. After all, you are the expert who knows every minor detail of a GP because you watched it on TV.

Again, armchair QB…this time FTL lol.


@ itchi_6
YOU r the expert here.
Bcs YOU r judging my writtings.
So YOU MUST be superior to me.
I’m just giving my POV.


ehhh, maybe he was pushing? Trying to get closer to Ricciardo on older tyres?


The Younglings!!!


Yeah it was neat, respectful racing… for second place. It showed a lot of skill and race craft on both driver’s parts. No one in the world expected DR to yield after his two near misses. And obviously MV knows which side his bread is buttered.
The acid test will be a championship fight. It probably won’t have the same intensity as the two way battle between Ros and Ham because I think Merc will still be there next year and maybe even McLaren and Ferrari in the mix.
A comparison to the Ro-Sham shenanigans is probably unfair. They’ve been at it exclusively for almost three years now. That kind of pressure cooker is always going to over cook yer meat at some point. Remember Bahrain in the beginning? So it’s begun that way at RedBull, let’s see how it finishes.
Any read yet on who has the ability bonus between DR and MV? I don’t think last weekend is enough to go on. But DR certainly lacks nothing.
I will die if Max beats him to a championship.


i think it’s clear that Max has pulled his head in big time since Spa. Someone (probably Charlie) has had a very stern word in his ear. Let’s hope he earns some respect now rather than feeling entitled to it.


Please no!!!
I like the way he races now and dont want him to fade into the background when the edge is taken away from him.

With a father like Jos, don’t think Charlie will have a whole lot of influence on his driving style.


I think there’s only one voice he will listen to. The one that can give him a championship winning car. He’s smart enough not to poop in his bed this year. I don’t think this was about respect for DR. It was purely about keeping the team on side.
(No doubt for both of them)


I think it was respect for Ric, Ves also gave his set up on friday to Ric… so good team work…


Hi Wendy. Yes to a certain extent I think you are right. They do seem to display a great degree of respect for each other. I believe they’ve been sharing information the whole season.
I think Max can see DR is at a level where he needs to get to and I think Daniel recognises Max’s precocious talent. But I think ultimately (and equally for both) they know that their quest for personal success can only be achieved with the backing of the team and in spite of each other. And there their true loyalties will lie.


I totally agree with that one.
Max is smart enough and he is on a mission. Not for this year but next year will be a whole new ballgame.


Yes, great to see 2 intelligent drivers respecting each other. Nice to see Ric give the win to Jules……. but then again he takes his hat off when at funerals.

Without the last virtual SC would Max have beat Ric? That’s why Ric fought so hard. Letting the pup through easy meant he would have had to make up a pit stop and what ever gap Max pulled out before Ric’s stop. But none of that matters as Lewis blew his engine.


Well, Max would have had 23 seconds on Ricciardo because of the pitstop so I think Ricciardo would have had to pit very soon after that battle in order to have a chance in closing that gap. They were on lap 40 of 56 so Ricciardo would have had 16 laps to close the gap.

The estimated advantage of fresh softs was about 1.5 seconds so it would have taken Ricciardo about 15 laps to get at Max’s tail, in an ideal world where the advantage would have stayed at about 1.5 secs per lap.

Personally, I dont think Daniel would have won the race then.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Ric must giggling about it and Max’s response to it all is very mature. Beyond his age. He’s showing that he’s intelligent, respectful and able to learn from drivers with more experience than him. This will help him developed as a driver and bodes well for later in his career. He should be able to put championships away early when his teammates/revivals are slower than him.

Well we will just have to see as we don’t have any current examples to see if I’m correct.


A good weekend for the Austrian team. Max almost ruined it by tapping Vettel in the first corner. Great to see Ricciardo put him in his place though, and most of all, to dedicate the win to Bianchi, good man.


Spoken like a true Aussie and Ricciardo fan. When do you start to be objective.


Max did not hit Vettel. Proven and done with


Max didn’t tap Vettel in the first corner look at the onboard from Riciardo. And about putting Max in his place, If max and Ric have resepect for each other why dont you?


Verstappen did not touch Vettel. Please stick to the facts.


Max did NOT touch Vettel, who must take all the blame for that one. His 3 place grid penalty for Japan is over the top though. He already suffered a DNF. Why can’t we have the same stewards at every race.?


I think Vettel’s penalty is lenient. A driver of his ability should not drive like this.


He also ruined Rosberg’s chance of a win and thus influence the championship and looking at Vettel’s turn 1 record this season it was a penalty long overdue.


Things you can afford to do when there is no driver’s championship at stake..


it won’t be like this next year when RB is fighting for wins in most/every race!


Yet people believe it was a real battle, they left so much room a third car could have joined in…


If as you suggest that it was all for the ‘show’ then why bother taking extra life out of the tyres?


So it’s only a real battle for you if they crash. Is that it ?


@petross 100% when it’s going to be between these guys absolutely, scrapping for the odd win all well and good,when it’s really on the line, I think it will make Lewis and Nico look like best buddies, and if form is any thing to go by so far ,it will all start with max, but danni ric will only put up with that , the 1st time, then it will kick of big time, who will the red bull management back? I for one cannot wait,


Not taking anything away from Max’s challenge but we keep hearing he was on older tyres in the closing stage. From my memory, his tyres had done only an installation lap the day before. If that’s the case ( and i may be wrong) I dobt think the difference in the 2 sets of tyres was that significant. Good racing all the same from both.


I am not sure the “worn tires” at the end really made much difference either. Earlier in the race with fresher tires he didn’t manage to get by Ricci, why would equal tires at the end have made it any easier?


It’s absolutely amazing the lengths that some people will go to diss on ricci’s win! This story about verstappen being on ‘old’ tyres is BS. Those tyres did one installation lap! He didn’t get the pass done because he couldn’t, a simple fact. Yes they both drove like champs and it was great to watch. IMO it was a 60/40 split and the best man won on the day. I’m equally sure that verstappen will also beat DR at some time in the future as they are both quite well matched. ATM ricci is driving the best i have ever seen and i sure hope that it will continue next week end in suzuka.


Kenneth – very predictable as usual


Verstappen DID beat Ricciardo this race, outpaced him in multiple stages of the race and build up a very comfortable lead. The fight lasted just two corners and got interupted by VSC, Verstappen was a tad bit, but much faster.. up to 4.6 seconds! At this moment of the race taking risk was unjustified as Verstappen would have gone past on the straight with DRS without much fuzz. Hamiltons DNF came quite unexpected and changed their whole race…. all of a sudden Ric was not behind, but in front…23 seconds fell in his lap.

RBR had little less to do with this event.. it just fell in Ricciardo’s lap and Verstappen lost his advantage.


the most oversold driver in the sport at present,
finally gets a win in a Red Bull,
good thing for his masterful off-track management,
but don’t expect it to last


People “dissing” on your favourite drivers victory Kenneth? How awful for you……


Yep its all bells and whistles for Kenneths favourite driver but he gets in an awful Tiswas when somebody says anything negative about RicciBaby 😄


@tim yep kenneth is amazing, do as you preach kenneth and stop dissing hamilton at every opportunity


No , he aborted his flying lap in Q3 after a mistake in sector 2


Come on Kenneth
Just cause your beloved Ricciardo had a walk in the park victory.
You know Red Bull will favour Max in the end. As for an electric cat and mouse overtaking session. One dog fight is not make a harmonious team. Expect real verbals in future between them. The owners will choose there secret favourite and it won’t be an Austin. ..sadly.


To be fair Webber made it easy for RB to favour Vettel by being consistently slower for the majority of the time.

This will not be the case with Ricciardo and I really feel the Verstappen entourage would rather have the Australian removed from the equation, thus clearing the path for multiple WDC for Max.

Maybe Jos will pay Dan an unexpected visit.


About the 40/60 split, I think you are right but only the other way around. Max has had better pace all weekend and only lost this race because of the fact RB wanted to secure the 1-2.

I am having no problem that Ricciardo won it, at the end, because I feel all decisions being made by RB were reasonable and defendable.

Max will have his share of wins too and will become the youngest driver to win a title, next year.


Kenneth did you get my kangaroo comment? I think it got modded out of the thread! Or did I mod it myself? I can’t remember. I’d had a few drams by then…


@ Sir tease….i did get to read it when it arrived in my inbox but i couldn’t respond as it never made it into the thread! Why that was i don’t know. Maybe the mods just don’t understand the local idiom! Have a good day….


nope, he used those tyres earlier in the race. The tyres he finished on where 3 laps old, including a fast lap.


Whit the last set of softs tires he did one complete run in Q2. The second set softs which he used in the race was the set of the tires with only one installation lap.


The problem was with Max that the soft tyre start to overheat the moment that you try to move inside the DRS zone. So with the in and out lap in Q2 the first layer of rubber is gone. And yes that make a lot of difference in the race. Don’t forget that he lost 3 seconds on Ricciardo with the pits stop because he had to wait. So he had to manage 3 seconds first before he could get to Ricciardo on track. While Ricciardo was racing on new tyres in clean air.


I recall noticing that after that VSC pitstop a graphic came up showing RIC 5 laps on new softs and VES on 8 laps … so Max’s were 3 laps older. Not much difference but we also need to consider the RIC’s tyres were brand new.


Well judged strategy by Ricciardo, keeping an extra set of new softs for the race just in case. Plainly the answer to the question, was it better to claim faster times in the practise and qualifying sessions or keep a set of new tyres more than your opposition. There’s more to wining a GP than simply driving faster, planning and executing the strategy pays dividends.


Great result from Red Bull this weekend, capitalising on the opportunity when it presented itself (not a criticism, this is what happens when there is a dominant car in the field).

Stoked for Ricciardo. It didn’t seem fair that he may have finished the year with no P1s, he has been stunning almost every race weekend this year. Can’t believe it’s been since 2014 when he was last on the top step!

And those stones on lap 39 keeping Max behind on older rubber… epic stuff!

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