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Lewis Hamilton takes 50th F1 win with commanding US Grand Prix victory, cuts Nico Rosberg’s points lead
Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  23 Oct 2016   |  10:16 pm GMT  |  234 comments

Lewis Hamilton dominated the 2016 US Grand Prix to take the victory ahead of his Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Nico Rosberg and cut the German’s championship lead to 26 points.

The Mercedes duo were joined on the podium by Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, who had spent the first half of the race in front of Rosberg but lost out when the German pitted under the Virtual Safety Car that had been triggered by the retirement of Max Verstappen.

US GP 2016

At the start, Rosberg appeared to get a slightly better getaway than polesitter Hamilton, but unlike in previous races other cars were not able to jump ahead of either of the Mercedes drivers off the line and the Briton was able to hold onto the lead.

But Ricciardo, who was starting on the supersoft Pirelli tyres as opposed to the softs on Hamilton, Rosberg and Verstappen in fourth, dived to the inside of Rosberg at Turn 1, stayed alongside the German driver and then swept into second place on the entry to Turn 2.

In the pack behind, Nico Hulkenberg hit Sebastian Vettel’s left rear wheel and then clattered into the right hand side of Valtteri Bottas’ Williams, which gave the Finn a right rear puncture and the Force India driver had to retire as a result of the damage he had sustained.

Further around the first lap, Daniil Kvyat drove into the back of Sergio Perez’s Force India, spinning the Mexican driver around and earning the Toro Rosso racer a ten-second penalty.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton shot clear into a lead he would never lose apart from during the pitstop phases, as Ricciardo held Rosberg at bay and Verstappen closed in on the world championship leader.

Ricciardo and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen triggered the first round of pitstops early, coming in on lap eight to switch to the soft compound tyres.

Nico Rosberg

Mercedes waited two laps to bring in Rosberg and put him onto the medium tyres but he did not lose out to Raikkonen, who had used the undercut to pass Verstappen for a net fourth place.

Hamilton stopped on lap 11 and re-joined comfortably in front of the Ricciardo and Rosberg scrap, and Verstappen made it a three-way battle for second when he passed Raikkonen at Turn 12 on lap 13.

As the Dutch driver closed up to the back of Rosberg, Red Bull warned him about finishing his current stint, to which he swiftly replied: “I’m not here to finish fourth”.

Max Verstappen

But he did begin to drop back from Rosberg and was over two seconds behind the podium places when Raikkonen, in fifth, stopped for soft tyres on lap 24 – confirming he would be three-stopping – just as Vettel zoomed up to the back of his Ferrari teammate.

Ricciardo pitted for medium tyres on lap 24, which allowed Rosberg into second, albeit nearly ten seconds behind Hamilton.

A lap later, Verstappen suddenly appeared in the pitlane to the complete surprise of his Red Bull team and the 19-year-old lost 9.2s as his mechanics scrambled to fit him with the medium tyres. When asked what had happened by his race engineer, Verstappen replied: “I thought you boxed me, sorry.”

Max Verstappen

Hamilton continued to extend his lead over Rosberg in second, which was up to 10.1s on lap 30 when the pair pitted under the VSC.

This has been activated by Verstappen slowing along the Circuit of the Americas’ main straight after he suffered a mechanical failure and he then pulled off the track on the exit of Turn 18 to climb from his stricken car.

It took two laps to recover the Red Bull to a safe place and that delay meant Mercedes’ pitstops were effectively “free” as Ricciardo bitterly reflected to his engineer when he realised he would not be able to move back into second place.

Daniel Ricciardo

The top three ran to the flag without further issue and Hamilton took his seventh win of the season and his third successive win (fourth overall) at the Austin track. It also brings the reigning world champion level with Michael Schumacher on five US Grand Prix victories.

Vettel finished all by himself in fourth after Raikkonen retired moments after leaving his pitbox following his third stop on lap 39. The Ferrari driver was forced to stop at the pit exit after he was told a wheel had not been securely fitted and he allowed the car to roll back down into the pitlane where he switched off the engine and climbed out.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz was another driver who had benefitted from pitting under the VSC as it allowed him to leapfrog Felipe Massa and move up to fifth place with Raikkonen’s retirement.

The Spaniard was resisting sustained pressure from the Brazilian driver before McLaren’s Fernando Alonso opportunistically dived up the inside of Massa at Turn 17 and hit the Williams, forcing it off the track.

Alonso went by and then closed in and passed Sainz after a thrilling battle at the end of the race to steal fifth place from his compatriot, but the stewards have decided to investigate the collision with Massa after the race.

Felipe Massa

The Williams driver came home seventh after a late stop due to a puncture sustained in the clash, but he had enough time in hand to stay in front of Perez, who had recovered strongly from the first lap collision to finish eighth.

Jenson Button had made a great start to leap up the order from 19th on the grid and he came home ninth ahead of Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman scored the final point for Haas F1 at the American team’s first appearance at its home race.

Kevin Magnussen finished 11th for Renault after a late race pass on Kvyat, but the Dane completed the move off the track on the exit of Turn 12 and that will also be investigated after the race.

Kevin Magnussen

Jolyon Palmer ended up 13th after spending much of the race complaining about being held up by his Renault teammate Magnussen, as Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr finished 14th and 15th for Sauber.

Bottas was 16th after a long day following his first lap collision with Hulkenberg, and Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon brought up the rear of the field for Manor.

The only other retirement was Esteban Gutierrez, who retired on lap 17 shortly after he went off the track at Turn 11 with what looked like a brake issue.

Esteban Gutierrez

US Grand Prix result:

1 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes 1h38m12.618s
2 Nico Rosberg, Mercedes +4.520s
3 Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull +19.692s
4 Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari +43.134s
5 Fernando Alonso, McLaren +1m33.953s
6 Carlos Sainz, Toro Rosso +1m36.124s
7 Felipe Massa, Williams +1 Lap
8 Sergio Perez, Force India +1 Lap
9 Jenson Button, McLaren +1 Lap
10 Romain Grosjean, Haas +1 Lap
11 Kevin Magnussen, Renault +1 Lap
12 Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso +1 Lap
13 Jolyon Palmer, Renault +1 Lap
14 Marcus Ericsson, Sauber +1 Lap
15 Felipe Nasr, Sauber +1 Lap
16 Valtteri Bottas, Williams +1 Lap
17 Pascal Wehrlein, Manor +1 Lap
18 Esteban Ocon, Manor +2 Laps
DNF Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari
DNF Max Verstappen, Red Bull
DNF Esteban Gutierrez, Haas
DNF Nico Hulkenberg, Force India

Drivers’ championship

1 Nico Rosberg 331
2 Lewis Hamilton 305
3 Daniel Ricciardo 227
4 Sebastian Vettel 177
5 Kimi Raikkonen 170
6 Max Verstappen 165
7 Sergio Perez 84
8 Valtteri Bottas 81
9 Nico Hulkenberg 54
10 Fernando Alonso 52
11 Felipe Massa 49
12 Carlos Sainz 38
13 Romain Grosjean 29
14 Daniil Kvyat 25
15 Jenson Button 21
16 Kevin Magnussen 7
17 Jolyon Palmer 1
18 Pascal Wehrlein 1
19 Stoffel Vandoorne 1
20 Esteban Gutierrez 0
21 Marcus Ericsson 0
22 Felipe Nasr 0
23 Rio Haryanto 0
24 Esteban Ocon 0

Constructors’ championship

1 Mercedes 636
2 Red Bull 400
3 Ferrari 347
4 Force India 138
5 Williams 130
6 McLaren 74
7 Toro Rosso 55
8 Haas 29
9 Renault 8
10 Manor 1
11 Sauber 0

What did you make of the US Grand Prix? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Get in there Lewis - 50th GP win; quite a milestone 🙂 Well managed and well controlled race. Shame about Max’s VSC giving Mercedes a ‘free' pit stop - who knows whether Danni Ric would’ve had 2nd place without it? Probably not but it made 2nd for Nico much easier. Hey ho, them’s the breaks.
PS NickH - maybe a bigger bet next time 😉


C63, job done for Lewis, I've never urged so many drivers on in a race, Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Verstappen were all getting plenty of encouragement from me at various points, but unfortunately none of them managed to finish in front of Nico!
Looking through the comments section I'm a bit worried that SB, Hello and various other regulars appear to be missing in action. Has anyone heard from those guys?......


For a while I really thought Danny Ric was going to get second and that with bit of luck Max might even take Rosberg out with a clumsy overtake/defence manoeuvre. Sadly neither came to pass 🙁
You're right - it does seem to have gone a bit quiet in some quarters, although I'm sure they'll be back soon enough - just waiting for some comment (real or imagined) to be twisted out of all proportion or context.


C63, you probably shouldn't admit to wanting Max to take Nico out, although MrsW was getting a bit irritated with my ever louder requests that he do just that!
Maybe Lewis will wear the wrong type of sunglasses in Mexico and we can enjoy the company of our absent friends once again....


Haha. Like clockwork C63.. Possibly would have been even more effective without the VSC.


Well at least you won something this time 🙂


Lewis won at a canter...


C63 I think Riccardo would have held second if he didn't loose 10 seconds in the pits. It probably doesn't matter much unless Rossberg has a DNF or something but Hamilton is 3rd all time in poles and race wins and obviously very sucessful. Next year could be very different. Mercedes may not win a race next year? Who knows?


Top drive from Hammy. Lady luck shines on Nico once more. Danny Ric doesn't seem to think much of Nico 🙂


They are actually mates and share a jet back to Monaco so you couldn't be more wrong.


Not many drivers Ive been told, and Dan is probably the most likeable driver in the pack.


If you're talking about his radio comms, I thought he was venting his frustration that they (Max and RB) had caused the VSC.


That Max kept snailing along on the side of the track certainly extended the VSC period considerably compared to if he had just gone into the first escape route. And the one he finally parked at, was of the type where you need the crane to come in to lift out the car. So one can argue if that cost Ricciardo a position.


He certainly was!


And yet he tipped Rosberg for WDC and Hamilton for runner up.


Of course he did. He has a big lead in the Championship and he's driving the best car! It's common sense!


RIC's comments more or less stated that he felt that ROS's racecraft was far inferior to his own. Whilst all f1 drivers have egos the size of Jupiter, it was interesting that he stated for the world.


No, he doesn't! lol


Felipe.. Fernando is STILL faster than you, mate!!! And that too with that Honda engine.

Fernando ALONSO..... Brutal and Brilliant. (Hopefully, he isn’t penalised though).


Agreed - such wheel to wheel racing is what we all want more of! Though the touching entered the situation into borderline stuff. Now we know that Alonso was not penalized after the race, so all good. But Magnussen received a penalty for what appeared to be the exact same situation through the same turn and then even without touching the other car. Go figure.


Well, that was another stroll in the park for mercedes and a big thank you to max for making sure that ricciardo missed out on second place. As a race it was not up to my expectations and out of ten i would give it 5, reluctantly. Some action for the lesser places but it was all rather scrappy really. I can only presume that mercedes have overcome their starting/clutch/ mishaps now as hamilton had no problems and neither did rosberg. In summary, maybe i should've slept in bit later rather than a 4.00am start. Hopefully mexico will give us a better race but going on what we witnessed today i doesn't seem possible.


Hmm, because Hamilton had a good start it means that Mercedes has fixed it? Sounds like you want your cake and to eat it too. Before you put it mainly down to driver skill, so you should either continue with that now, or revise your prior position, to lay the blame before and the credit now, at Mercedes' door. At least that's what a reasonable and honest observer would do.

As for the VSC, if it's possible to gain 10-12 secs by pitting under it, then how is that neutralizing the race? The pits should be closed during any VSC ... it's not like any car, even with shot tires, couldn't do the speed delta's comfortably.


Now that there is no refuelling I don't see why the pitlane can't be closed during the SC/VSC period; either way there will be winners and losers but I think this is the least disruptive option.


@ KRB ...what a twisted post. Talk about obsessive. What i said reflected hamilton's own comments ' that he and the team had been working on the starts for the last weeks whatever'. Now either it was a combo of both driver and car or either one of itself. Now if it was the driver he's cured himself or if it was the car it has been fixed. You are getting to be right PITA and i've had enough for the time being. Just ignore my posts as i will be doing the same to yours.


kenneth, of course it's a combo between driver and team. I was just highlighting how when Lewis has a bad start you'll say it's primarily down to him, but when it's a good start you say it's not primarily down to him.

Hmm, it's a public forum. If you post objectionable stuff, then I'll object. Simples. This is like Sebee asking TimW to not reply to him. Sorry, doesn't work that way.


It does for me.


KRB, Kenneth asked me not to reply to him as well, it seems differing points of view are not tolerated in Australia any more than they are in Canada. And Kenneth accuses Lewis of surrounding himself with acolytes!


Hey, it's been working. Why are you getting into my request? That was totally different. First, it was weeks of him posting erroneous stuff I had to correct that he denies, and many kind requests for him to not reply, which has finally sunk in. It got to the point where I was just baiting him eventually because he wouldn't stop. So don't drag me into your thing. Fight your own fight KRB. Find common ground, like the fact both of your handles start with a "k". See, already you're on your way. TimW and Sebee share nothing in common! Even the horoscope says we're incompatible.


Sebee. I'm not getting into this argument with you again, but I will say that you have never, not once had to correct anything I have said. The reason you don't want me replying to you is I tend to use boring old facts and data to pick holes in your crazy theories.


Nice running into you at this gas station. If that's how you remeber it that's good with me. Please do put 100kg into your car and not 100L.

I just want you to know I appreciate that we've moved on and keep our conversations separate. Now onto the generic pleasantries. It was nice running into you at this gas station. Let's be on our way and keep the avoidance. All the best.


Sebee, as I have explained to you before, my university lecturers did an excellent job of explaining the difference between 100kg, and 100 litres, I have never needed you to remind me of this. I believe you explained this to aveli once, and if I remember correctly you had decided that he and I were the same person, is this where this confusion comes from?
If anyone is remotely interested in seeing a typical exchange between Sebee and I, then they can refer to the race report of this years Belgian GP.


I agree with your sentiment - the VSC should neutralize the race and it should not be possible to effectively gain time by pitting under the VSC. However, I have a different solution. It should be possible to calculate for each track the net difference between a normal pit stop and one under the VSC. This will be different for each track but can be calculated and announced before the race. Drivers pitting under the VSC must stop for this period of time before the car can be worked on (similar to a 5 or 10 sec penalty). This would mean there is no advantage or disadvantage to pitting under the VSC. It would also allow anyone damaged in the incident which brought out the VSC (often at a start) to pit - closing the pits could leave cars potentially forced to keep going with punctures or damaged wings etc. which is not a great situation.


Just complicating something that should be avoided really. Here is a rule for you. If your car is power, and you obviously are going to stop, if you do not take action to go off track into one of the safe exit routes, and you trigger VSC or SC, 5 placed for VSC and 10 for SC in the next race. That's simple and relatively fair. You won't have the pit wall telling a driver to stay out to get TV time for the brand either while driving by perfectly good nose first exit points.


bid Ricciardo fan - definitely not a Max fan, but there's no way you can blame Max for the VSC, he just followed team orders. Sorry this is another one down to Horner.
I still don't understand why they didn't pit RIC under the VSC - he wouldn't lose anything to ROS and if they put something softer on for him to use over the last stint of the race he'd be in with a chance?


You really think Dan pitting and coming out 15 seconds behind a Mercedes with fresh tyres would give him any chance of passing it?


It would have been more like 25 to 30 secs behind. Cannot see how that would help at all? Even taking softs and slamming them each lap would not have made the difference, and would have run out of tires and needed to pit and lose 3rd.
Given the circumstances he achieved the best result possible.


Axel Knutt: Agreed, Max was following team orders and can't be blamed for anything but why did the RB Pit Wall (Horner) request Max to pull over into an area where they must have known would have brought out the VSC and then not react to it as did Merc did with Rosberg? As Dan said they got a free pit stop and that was the end of any hope of a 2nd place.


He parked right by a gap in the barriers. I'm guessing Max's car was stuck in gear or something because we normally see cars pushed back behind the barriers in seconds. It seemed to be there for an age and they ended up using the crane to move it out of the way.


Horner will slide away from being held responsible for another bad call.


I think it would have brought the ferrari's into play.


Mexico is a procession with limited overtaking. It's duller than Austin was.
The only thing that would make Mexico interesting would be to have Donald Trump present the Trophies to the podium places.
That should get an exciting reaction from the Mexican people and the Drug Cartels. May even get the only man still wearing The 1980s Flock of Seagulls hair style crapping his pants Trump Trumping on stage. After which hopefully they'll superglue him on a wall.


Now that is something that would be worth paying to see 🙂


Nice one Lewis for USA GP win✊
Nice one Cal for Australia Moto GP win✊
Ricciardo said it succinctly in his radio chatter regarding his disdain for Rosberg getting ahead of him. Couldn't have said it better 👍
Rosberg jammed a free pit stop from Max not stopping earlier gave Mercedes a chance to pit the Monaco/German drivers. Red Bull told Max to continue that was the fault of Red Bull cocking it up for Ricciardo. Sad directive from Horne etc all.


When it comes to track limits, Charlie Whiting has it wrong!

Alonso makes contact, pushes Massa off track and goes off track himself. Surely!
Alonso finishes the Sainz overtake off track. Really?


I can only think that Alonso got away with running Massa off the track and going off himself to stay ahead of Sainz because it was such a boring race! The stewards may have been reluctant to stamp on one of the few 'exciting' events of the race. How many times did the lead change? None! The guy who came second 'overtook' to get the place because he got a lucky pitstop and did not have to do it on the track! Nascar it ain't! I think most US fans will still prefer home grown motor sport though the Hollywood and sporting glitterati of the USA lap it up. If I had paid momey to watch that on TV I would probably wonder why I bothered!


Alonso's move on Massa was just ridiculous. He dive-bombs from miles back and carries so much speed into the corner he ends up about 2 car-widths off the circuit on corner exit despite ramming into Massa (who was also forced off the circuit). Massa left him plenty of room too.

The Sainz one was less severe, but he only completed the overtake because he braked far too late to make the corner properly.


Have to agree, Rosberg was penalised in Malaysia for a similar move on Raikkonen.


Massa did not look at the rear mirror, he only was thinking of Sainz (who had blocked his tires while breaking). Massa's mistake.
Same could be said of Rosberg at the first turn of the race, Rosberg was looking for Ham but not at Ric. Rosberg mistake.


Yeah, actually crazy. He couldn't even make the corner by a long shot, out braked himself by about 20 meters and used Massa as a backstop. Amazing.

Another example of inconsistent stewarding.


Yeah, and Massa got a puncture out of it too. Amazed that Fernando didn't get a penalty.


Appears that Magnussen got Alonso's penalty. ;o)


@KRB - You know what I think about Alonso- but that was not his fault, he was directly alongside, Felipe turned in on him.


Alonso was never making the corner Elie. Massa was trying to make the corner.

What's different from this one compared to Rosberg on MV in hockenheim where everyone was up in arms? I would argue this one is even worse, at least Rosberg stayed in the track.


When Alonso gets to the corner his car is ahead Massa's: it's his line and is entitled to it, actually it's Massa who forces collision by not conceding.
With Sainz he is ahead not even side by side any longer. He does mess the corner by locking the front right but he has already overtaken: it should not be considered any different than a car in front locking, going off track and then returning still in front.


What is your take on Magnussen's passing of Kvyat in exact same turn?
If Magnussen had not gone off track its clear we would have had a collision. For both Alonso and MAG situation it was going off track on the outside.


Was Alonso able to make the corner, and stay on track? No. Just look at the angle in which he shepherd's Massa off the track! Where was the "racing room"? Vettel got a penalty for something similar at Silverstone (again with Massa coming off worst), and there at least Vettel could legitimately blame the rain for causing him to shoot off track.


Exactly KRB.

People seem to think if you get alongside, despite being totally out of control and have no possibility of making the corner, you are allowed to force the other driver off and even if you go off the track yourself you can keep the position.

It we're being totally honest it was really clumsy from Alonso and if this had been Rosberg everyone would be bashing him for his lack of racecraft.


Are you allowed to pass cars off track now??

Alonso couldn't make the corner.. he even went off despite using Massa as a brake.


You are allowed to do this if you are driving a McLaren and the FIA driver steward is an ex-Mclaren driver. I thought I heard someone say that it was Mark Blundell this week.


@ Rafa...precisely as i saw it also.


Yep that overtake was off track.
I assume it's because it's Alonso and he is the 'special one' so they give him a free Hail Mary.
The same happened when Rosberg pulled out the pits and tried to overtake under a Virtual then sacked off. But he looked like he sped or crossed the pit line.
Stewards looked at it and no punishment. Must be a Blonde ruling.


Chai. Nico clearly wanted to get by the Manor, but he did just about stop himself in time. I'm not sure what the rule says about overtaking under the SC, but he didn't get in front, just alongside.


No overtaking allowed.
Rosberg was not penalized as he did stop in time/gave back the position.
@ChaiF1: No xenophobic comments about blondes please...


I adhered to what robert says below. I add that,

(1) Racing in the pit lane is allowed even under VSC and SC.
(2) While in the pit lane the drivers cannot overpass a certain speed until a certain scratch; from that scratch on until the next final scratch on the outflow of the pit lane the speed is not limited.
(3) Rosberg tried to overtake at that final portion of the pit lane; having got himself only to the level of other car, Rosberg quit the go.
(4) Nothing illegal in what Rosberg did.


The images from Rosberg's on-board camera clearly show that any part of his car didn't get in front of that Manor at any point during the VSC. I agree that from another angle it seemed that he was ahead, but it was only an optical illusion, stewards took the right decision.


Penalties for overtaking car under VSC, not for trying to overtake. Wehrlein was too slow and was bringing Ricciardo unnecessarily closer to Rosberg thats why Rosberg put pressure on Wehrlein to speed up.

"Must be a blonde ruling" is racist unless JaonF1 does also allow "must be black ruling" whenever Rosberg gets a penalty. So what is it ?


Err Robert calm down.
I'm blonde.
Nothing to do with racial.
Blonde meaning
Blonde girls jokes.
What planet are you living on.
It's saying you give the extra leeway for letting her/him off because of the level dumbness. More sexist.
I get it all the time.
Jeezus talk about getting cross over a fly comment, stop being such a 🐐Red Neck Hill Billie 👯


If he escapes a penalty he should consider himself lucky. If penalties are applied fairly in all cases then he might find himself starting the next race back in 2014 🙂


Lewis Hamilton wins grand prix for the first time since July shocker! He didn't just win - he cake walked it. Drivers championship over? Well, let's see the result after Mexico next weekend........

Wallys of the weekend has to be Kimi Raikkonen's pit crew. All that time, effort and practice on pit stops - and yet they still muck it up! What a bunch of wallys! Hang your heads in shame!

Texas was once part of the Spanish Empire as part of New Spain and later Mexico, so it's entirely fitting that those two "conquistadors" El Alonso and De Sainz Junior drove blinding races, and both are contenders for Driver of the Day award, along with LH. And Romain Grosjean scoring a point more or less gives newcomers Haas F1 8th place in the constructors cup baring a miracle for Renault, Manor or Sauber - a superb achievement for both team and the very likeable and competent Swiss.


no - Wally of the Day was Verstappen for imagining that he was told to box.


Despite the fact that I am a Max fan I must admit that it was a pretty daft thing to do. Should not have destroyed his race, though.

I must say that the rules on only allowing a vote for DotD during the race makes the outcome a bit silly, given the fact Max had a DNF. From my POV, that should have been Alonso.


I thought Verstappen was automatic DoD these days?


You know what he (Max) did get driver of the day for Austin. That award is farcical .


Yes, I did hear that Stephen, although they (the FIA) seem to not be publiscising it in the normal way. You can't blame the Dutchmans fans for blindly voting...theres plenty of one eyed fans out there. What i don't understand is he was even a nominee???? His entire race was a Cluster .... how was he even an option in the voting?


All drivers are available to be voted for.


LKFE, are all the drivers available for voting? I'm not sure how it works, but I remember Haryanto coming very close to winning the inaugural FIA driver of the day award! Maybe the FIA should have asked James why he stopped running it, certain people have a nasty habit of voting for their favourite driver, no matter what!


Sainz and Alonso, ok, but why LH... for a good start? Who can beat the fatest car once Rosberg screwed it up right from the beginning? Nico was a dupe. He should have kept his line squeezing Lewis in turn 1, just the way he was squeezed by LH in the past. Sorry, but Nico does not have champ balls.
And Ferrari, a bunch of drunk hens, interesting Arrivabene hugging Vettel before race, was that a show for others to see it? The team is in chaos.


Bunch of Drunk Hens 🐓🐔🐓🐔
Quote of the the week 😂😀
Yep Ferrari are cackling and flapping . Maybe they should change the logo to a Drunken Hen 👌


Biff, definately dropping that one into my repertoire....:)


Difference is he didn't have the inside line... thats the difference you tend to forgot. He's no idea.


Etc = et al 😉


Sadly shortly thereafter Latin with Flamer was cancelled for reasons unknown 🙂


Well done, Ferrari. You got the fastest lap.

What a forgettable race.


As a Ferrari fan I have to wonder what is happening to Ferrari.

Have the pit crew now joined the strategy team as members of the Big Buffoons club? What could be next? red diapers instead of red overalls?


That "What the sh*t is happening now..." look on Arrivabene's face on the pit wall when Kimi's car was reversing into the pit lane was priceless 🙂


If you gave the same money to FI and Williams, would Ferrari still be third?


Since we're asking questions like that, if Verstappen wants to pit and there's no-one there to change his tyres, would he still pit?


Give or take they do; just between them..! 😂


Great to see Lewis back to winning ways.
Don't tell me NOW Mercedes will finish every race 1-2. I still keep fingers crossed for Lewis in this title race.
In other parts - a somewhat average race.
What the hell was that with VSC??? I mean why, WHY has there been a VSC?
Wasn't it safe enough to just leave the car there? (it was very far from track) Was it really necessary to crane it away?

Great parallel parking from Kimi! 😉
Closer to the end of Season Ferrari clearly fell apart. What is the number of this yet another blunder? I won't be surprised if Maurizio is released from his position in the next 48 hours.


I know, it was painful being teased that Rosberg was going to finish 3rd or 4th most of the race, then the damn VSC came out again (like how he lucked through a couple in Malaysia to jump the field before Lewis' power unit decided to blow up for good measure) and he lucks into 2nd here too.

The win just felt like it was keeping Lewis' title hopes alive instead of steering him towards it (where Nico finishes below 2nd). This simply wasn't enough at this stage.


You don't get shunted back to 21st at the start then 'luck' it through to the podium. Use your noggin.


You're right, how silly of me?

Clearly Nico orchestrated those two VSCs which allowed him to jump multiple cars through the pits. He also realised it would be a good idea to press that big red button in his car to automatically blow up Lewis' power unit. Not to mention he knew precisely that barging into Kimi and picking up yet another penalty for reckless driving would be fine. Because after all, he knew he would damage Kimi's car just enough so that he could pull away by 10 seconds, a time penalty he a knew he'd receive, and secure that podium.

To think I thought luck was a factor in that? I'm glad I used my "noggin" after all!


Damn, I heard amazing accolades from Patrick Head and Frank Williams, but I didn't know that Rosberg was so clever??


The RB was stuck in gear, so it couldn't be pushed. The big red knob to release the gears was broken, along with everything else in the drive chain.


Masterful drive from Hamilton . Can still see Lewis being WDC as think Rosberg have a DNF yet. Wretched luck for Kimi again after a wretched idea idea of a 3 stopper from Ferrari.


Rosberg could easily crack at the final race as long as the lead is less than 25 points


Not yet! But, I'm hoping. He has had it too damn easy!


Regardless of whether it's his personal mistake or mechanical failure Verstappen has an adverse effect on the team and his teammate. Out with Max, in with Carlos!


Given the fact that RBR controlled the VSC situation, I am kind of baffled they did not pit Ricciardo. Dit he run out of fresh tyres?

No way Max can be blamed for this situation.


@BS63....see 'sebees; comment. Very true. DOD should read 'dork of the day'. I mean who pits when no one has even mentioned it. "box,box,box. seems to be a universal F1 instruction that is unmistakably unambiguous ? Combine that with sebees assumption and what do you get, "DOD'?


Maybe there was a radio transmission that said: "Max, you're a fox fox fox!" He said he heard that, right?


How many safe non-VSC needing paved escape routes does he drive by under power before putting his car where a drunk teenager only wood abd causes VSC? 2? 3?

Driver of the day vote? I know who gets the Maximum Tool of the Day vote from me.




The guy who physically pushed Massa wide? How in the world did he not get a 10sec. for that? Probably to keep Honda happy.


You'd think Red Bulk didn't want to chance Max stopping anywhere since a VSC can come out pretty easily. They then realised they fluffed it when Max's car just gave up completely.


thanks Sebee! finally someone mentions the fact that Max skipped all those escape routes. I was incredulous at the time....looked like he was going 40kph and criss-crossing the track. ridiculous!


As much as i would like to blame Max, that was Horner's idea not Max's.
I'm surprised that there isn't a regulation against dawdling slowly trying to make it back to the pits. Surely unless your car can maintain a reasonable speed (like with a punctured) for safety's sake you should pull up to the next service entrance.


It is entirely up to the race stewards (or other team's to file complaint to them) to decide if you pose a safety risk to the other cars circling the track. There have certainly been cases where penalties have been handed out for drivers that have not abandoned swiftly enough or that have crossed the track multiple times with a (deadly-) slow moving car.


@ AXel K...the noises emanating from the rear of verstappen's car, to an engineer, spell serious malfunction and imminent terminal failure!!! To spark an avoidable VSC was always going to affect DR's race and was a complete SNAFU. DR had the beans to hold off rosberg as he had done for the race at that specific time and we/Dr were robbed of a possible thrilling finish. That would have at least spiced up what was a really dull race. I'm quite surprised that ricciardo was as 'bouncy' as he was on the podium but there you go, another mercedes stroll in the COTA park.


Dullness is why I have a beef with the VSC indeed. There is lots of commentator hype, but this was not the race and finish COTA needed. It's already bad that tires shuffle the order at best, worse that podium was quali order. Meanwhile, a good race at Talladega going head to head against COTA without a forgone conclusion. No doubt people switched over.


I sympathize with you BUT since Bianchi, the VSC is the replacement for Double Yellow when they put marshals or equipment on the track. Somewhere the lawyers are smiling!


Why? We know from their time together at Toro Rosso that Verstappen is the stronger driver, and the gap between them only got larger as time went on.


Yep Carlos in and Max back to Toro.
The young whipper snapper is as interesting as a dead kipper decomposing on a hot day.
Carlos and Ricciardo would make a better pairing.
Great race from Lewis.
Ricciardo deserved second but the virtual safety car gave Ros a walk through to second. Shambles from Max creating the Virtual nightmare for Daniel.


I thought Massa was a little hard done by when Alonso passed him, for me he pushed Massa off the track and crucially went off track himself and I thought he would give the place back, I heard the stewards are looking at it so we will see what happens.


Tough call.... no stewards action was probably the best result as neither of them were blameless.


A race incident, all the way.
Alonso makes an opportunistic (and, perhaps, over optimistic) move on Massa.
The Brazilian tries to take the turn as if he had no driver alongside him.
They both go off track *after* the contact, which took place at the very apex.


I would hazard a guess that Massa would have made the corner without Alonso hitting him. There was no way Alonso was ever making that corner.


Take this VSC and stick it where the sun don't shine!


The Bianchi legacy. Perhaps if the Bianchi family loses the court case this nonsense will stop.


They just need to refine it, and say that the pits are closed during any VSC period. Or at least closed for any tire change, etc. Obviously if a car is damaged, then no penalty for coming in. Ricciardo and Massa were screwed today because of the VSC, while Rosberg, Alonso, and Sainz benefitted.


...Didn't we cover this KRB? The whole reason why Singapore 2008 is illegitimate result is because of SC being a fix. We need to keep SCs our of F1 as much as possible. Used to be something that worked. I loved that about F1 back in V10 era for example. Something HUGE had to go down for SC to come out. We should find ways to avoid it as much as possible and drivers should have a directive to pull off the track if at all possible immediately if they have a hurt car. They should not be allowed to stay on track.


So you'll have a flip side of the issue, where your strategy is ruined by a VSC coming out when you were going to pit.


Not if they time the ending of the VSC to correspond to where cars were on the track when it started.


Seems complicated. Won't look good on TV either. Every motor sport fan knows SC can be an opportunity. Alonso certainly knows. The key is to avoid them happening. This one was a silly one and provided no excitement and could have been avoided, which is why in this case it was irritating. Elsewhere it may provide excitement remember.


They run the VSC anytime a crane pulls a car because a driver may not pay attention to a double yellow and then hit the crane and be in a life and death situation.

The VSC wasn't the problem. Extremely bad timing was.


I understand the VSC was necessary when the crane was on the track but couldn't they have found a way to reverse the thing on its own? Max (OK he missed the first couple of run off spots) did at least try and park the car in the best position he could.


I understand. My beef is that Max could have used his brain and not put his car there in the first place to not have caused a VSC.


Max parked his car in a perfectly good place that would have caused no problems had the neutral button worked. You can't blame him for that.


Stopping where he did would always cause a VSC event, as the car exit there is only possible by marshals pushing the car reverse back out or lifting it by crane. Max passed several large track exit points where you go nose-first out by own help. And those trigger no VSC.


Conspiracy Theory. 🙂

Horner ordered him to do it to get TV time for Red Bull brand.
Just like Puma is probably giving DR fat coin for that drinking from a used shoe stunt that has marketing idea stink all over it. Now it's not even champagne, it's Red Bull that he's pouring. I mean Red Bull from a used sweaty Puma, why not just drink some of that garbage juice that is always at the bottom of your kitchen garbage bag? At least it's your garbage, not some dude's foot toe jam.

Anyhow, that team is marketing savvy, and they were just grabbing some TV time, vs. quickly pulling off the track.


Yeah, I guess there are excuses and reasons you can use. Bottom line, that thing didn't sound good at all, he had forward momentum and he should have drove off the track nose first in a way that would have made him come off the track ASAP. There was no possible reason for continuing forward, and no reason to drive by paved roadways he could have driven nose first into.


I don't understand how you blame max for the vsc. The pit wall told him to keep going and then told him where to park it. How's that his fault?


I didn't hear the radio. OK, so I'm glad this crappy pit wall call cost RBR points.


@ very very true. That was blow to DR's points score and in the final analysis was not at all clever. The new 'golden child' lost just a little lustre at COTA>


You mean Slough 😉Sebee.
Check out Rupert Brookes poem.


There is a poem about Slough by John Betjeman which may be what you refer to - come friendly bombs etc.


you boys are too high brow for the rest of us here...


Take this VSC ....

I tend to agree with you on this matter. It's better than a full safety car 🚗 but race 🏁 control do seem a bit over anxious 😩 at times. Just let them race 🏁 for goodness sake !


What irritates me most is that Maximus passed by various paved areas to safely pull off. Instead picking one where the thing needs heavy machinery to be removed.


Yeah, I mean if he's going to go that far, why not just go all the way back to the pits and not screw up the race for his team-mate?


It's not black and white, but he heard and felt his car, and he should have just parked it. Some say pitwall told him to. Well, there are plenty of things pitwall tells drivers they disregard. This was a point where he knew the car wasn't going anywhere making that sound, he should have turned into the paved area nose first, being glad that he can do so without disrupting the race.



I find myself in agreement (again 🙃). Max could/should have pulled off in any number of better places! To be honest I was surprised 😳 they didn't throw a full safety car 🚗 when I saw the heavy lifting equipment out - I thought they didn't use that anymore without a full SC.


I do agree sebee. Anything goes when dealing with a teammate who is heading you. Do not underestimate the lengths verstappen will go to when taking on DR. His performance was both poor and erratic despite his show of speed when he was hunting down raikonnen for an easy pass. passing is relatively easy when you have superior speed at COTA as we witnessed.


Boring: Merc win obvious. Another easy one.


looked like hamilton weekend from start to finish it will be interesting to see if he can take the momentum forward in mexico or rosberg can turn the tables against his rival
Brazil is what I am looking forward to...that race is always hard to predict and anything can happen lets see how the battle goes on forward


Job done for Lewis, he can't do anymore can he? Shouldn't someone on the Red Bull pitwall have been thinking about the likelihood of a VSC being called for if Max didn't get his car out of the way? I know it's a lot to think about, but this is F1! Why did Max pit without an invitation? A strange one, surely there are systems in place to prevent these communication breakdowns? I did wonder if it was the driveshaft we could hear rattling around, perhaps the two starts at the pit stop? I remember someone saying that Schumacher's Jordan failed at turn one in his first race because he rolled around the inside of Lasource in neutral, and then effectively did another race start at the exit, this second start so close to the first one overheated the clutch, maybe a similar story for Max?
Bad luck for Ricciardo, I think it's far from certain that Nico would have got by him anyway, did anyone catch what he called Nico on the radio? Sounded rather uncomplimentary to me.....


Norrmal aussie vernacular though the word is more often applied to "pommies"!


warley. But aren't you all pommies really......?


Yep. As far are Dan is concerned we are all pommie bar stewards in the UK and i think Australians are taught that in primary school! I thought that was the term he applied to Nico (without pommie) but my hearing must be as bad as Max's since others say he used a somewhat stronger term!


'did anyone catch what he called Nico on the radio? Sounded rather uncomplimentary to me.....'

It was in jest, they're quite good mates and share the jet that the Monaco F1 boys use. I think it's Rosberg's plane but could be wrong.


NickH. A shame if it was in jest, I'm all for drivers insulting each other on the radio, and preferably in stronger terms than the usual "what an idiot"!


Agreed, colourful language adds a bit of needle! All fun and games in the heat of the moment. Raikkonen is an unintentional pro in this department!


NickH, I think Kimi is solid gold on the radio, "that's not very nice" and "yes yes, I know what I'm doing" being my favourites.


"Yes, yes, yes, yes, I am doing it all the time. You don't have to remind me every 10 seconds."

"Come on, get that McLaren out of the way!"

"This guy is a fxxxxxx joke!"

I still don't get why race control do not let us have many more radio messages coming through at each race. Not all drivers may be in Kimi's class, but bet many do have vocal moments out there. ;o)


uncomplimentary to me.....

It certainly was - they say people lose their 'mask' when they are under stress and that you get a glimpse of the real person! Hmm... perhaps not quite such a smiley miley after all. In reality it was nothing and just said in the heat of the moment but can you imagine the furore if Hamilton had said something similar? The internet would have melted and the Government would have declared a national emergency.


C63, I have no doubt that there would be rather more comments on here if Lewis had said it, I guess being a radio potty mouth joins the long list of things that everyone except Lewis is allowed to do! Speaking of which, did you see Dan the man rather unceremoniously bundle Nico off the track at the exit of turn one? Much to my delight I have to say, but the thought did occur to me that these kinds of moves seem to generate a very different response depending on who did it. Aggressive elbows out stuff from a real racer, or beligerant idiot barges other driver off the track? You only have to look at the driver involved to get the "right" answer....


TimW: I think it was that well known American expression "m.......f.......". But when Dan pulled into parc ferme he said "nice guy one of my best friends on the circuit" so I don't know if this was a sarcastic reference to Rosberg or someone else. Great drive from Lewis to keep the championship alive and I hope the anti Lewis brigade take note how complementary he was to his team and the crowd! Disappointing that when Max was obviously in serious trouble the RB Pit Wall kept him dawdling on and off the track when they should have instructed him to park his car in an area that would not have brought out the VSC. Instead they do the exact opposite and then further compromise Dan's race by not pitting him. If they had done so he would have had track position on Rosberg for the run to the finish. As you say it would have been debatable if Rosberg would have got by him in the closing stages but Horner never gave Dan a chance to defend his position. In my opinion poor management by Horner and the Pit Wall. Still another podium and a 3rd looking more likely in the drivers championship.


Adrian, oh and by the way, your faith in the Anti Lewis brigade is misplaced, they will find something. They always do...


Adrian, I thought that was what he said! I was a bit dissapointed in RB all round to be honest, not thinking about the VSC was perhaps understandable in the heat of battle, but they should have pitted Dan to keep track position as you say. having failed to do that I thought a late race gamble on the supersoft might have been worth a shot, seb came in right at the end and did that, and was able to do a 1m39s lap when the Mercs were in the 1m42s region. Perhaps a ten lap burst for Dan might have at least put rosberg under some pressure, he would have lost a position to Seb, but that should have been a straightforward pass with fresh rubber. I do wish the teams would roll the dice more often, as they did in Singapore.


TimW: You make some good points on what RB could have done with strategy. Perhaps at that stage of the race and anticipating what Ferrari might do with Vettel they just wanted to preserve 3rd place because getting 2nd back was probably gone. Horner seemed to be resigned to this position when interviewed post race. And didn't he look uncomfortable with the whole thing. Strange how things turn out with Max and Kimi canceling each other out RB actually gained 3 points over Ferrari in the constructors. Don't know if DR and Rosberg are close friends or not. They both live in Monaco and I just picked out that they were speaking Italian in the cool down room after the Malaysian GP so perhaps the MF was said as a form of endearment!


Adrian, strategy is always easy from my armchair, maybe it would never have worked, maybe he didn't have the tyres, but I think risking third to try and get second is worth it, he might even have got close to Lewis! I'm sure if Dan had been presented with the option he would have gone for it, but it seems the teams are too risk averse these days.


If you listen to the uncensored version, he called him a "Mofo" actually.


Dan pulled into parc ferme...

The team asked him what a MF was and that's when he said nice guy etc.


That was a mighty drive from Alonso. I'm hoping he gets to keep five as he was clearly along side Massa entering the corner.


Good win for Lewis. He needed it. I was struck by his post race interview. He said he was worried throughout the race that his engine will let go like Malaysia. This is quite telling about his confidence..


Boy, if only he would've won in Malaysia! Rosberg would really be feeling the heat and we all know he doesn't handle it very well!


what drama, what excitement, what suspense, what action! NOT! Another F1 snoozefest extraordinaire. Oh and what a surprise, Mercedes 1, 2.


50th Win Lewis.
Super start super win.
Ferrari needs to get rid of all their strategy staff as they are as "useless as a rubber axe on a real tree '. They are just expecting the likes of Kimi to bend over and get shafted.
It's one duff move after another.
Then again Red Bull messed up by letting Emo Max keep going around the circuit when he had a dodgy car.
Creating a virtual safety situation and gave Mercedes a free pit. Planks that the defining word regarding that decision.


Hey and how about Alonsos' fifth place, 1 MINUTE and 33 seconds off the pace! Every car after 6th place down a lap. What scintillating competition!


Alonso could have bagged a podium today, if just 2 more cars had gone the way of Kimi and Max. So near yet so far.......


Given a few more laps he could have barged a few more off the track!

Tornillo Amarillo

Hamilton great.
Max great in the radio.
Sainz incredible good.
Alonso entertainning. Thank you.
Boring race.
But next race will be thrilling to see if Lewis can catch up...


Anyone else watching C4 happen to catch DR's little squirt exit from his pit garage? Noice


" Raikkonen, who had used the undercut to pass Verstappen for a net fourth place."

Eh? I seem to recall that Kimi passed Max for p4 at turn 1.


The race robbed us off of potential battles upfront due to retirements of Max and Kimi.

One thing is for sure: Ferrari team is a career killer for drivers. It killed Massa's, Alonso's and Kimi's. Now it is Vettel's. What a team! They are making a whole lot of good drivers useless.


Sorry, but I disagree. Alonso can't be compared to those other drivers. He was and still is a predator, in spite of the car.

2012 is a good year for a comparison with Vettel. Ferrari was the third or fourth car in the grid and he was fighting for the title till the last race, his teammate was annihilated. What about Vettel this year in Ferrari?

And Massa and Kimi can't be compared to him for obvious reasons. They were his teammates and Fernando was clearly superior.


Vettels teammate was sixth in 2012 and Hamilton & Button fourth and fifth in an equally fast McLaren. But somehow Vettel is the rubbish one for actually winning the WDC ? And Massa was outperforming Alonso more often than not after the summer break, so no miracles were performed ?


Alonso is without a doubt the most over rated driver in F1 history. He is the best "niggler" in F1 and an outright nusance on track but that does not make a great driver- He never allowed equality at Ferrari and was sacked along with half the people he controlled. At Mclaren he was beaten by a rookie & in 2005 won a title "lost" by the worst mechanical failures to Kimis car since the turn of the century. Besides other drivers dont threaten the boss for unconditional no1 or have their manager crash cars in walls to give them advantage. If you scared of equality it means you know your not good enough & this he knows better than anyone...


The demand for being "unconditional no1" has been the traits of many F1 champs through the years. Cant really blame them. If the team agrees to it, why not enforce it. That is just one of several ruthless no-compromise demands champs drive for.


I don't think wanting to be unconditional no1 means you're scared of equality. It simply maximises your chances against drivers from other teams.


Yes. It does. That shows you are insecure and doesnt believe in your talent enough.


Not to the extent you threaten the boss if you dont get it..Every driver wants and tries to get an advantage thats a fact but the level this guy expects it is a whole new ballgame & totally indicative of his shortcomings


Ellie, whatever maybe his character...what he achieved in 2012 was something driver in this grid is capable of that peak...that car was awful to drive...Alonso almost won it in the 3-4th best car in championship...
and in 2007 Hamilton and Alonso were tied on points...I don't know how one sees that as he was beaten by hamilton and in any case...even if he was what was really the difference between the two in terms of points? zero
You could also argue Ron Dennis had gone nuts over favoring hamilton on alonso all that season..Mclaren didn't manage the situation well...and there hamilton played a huge political game that season. I still dont understand why FIA intervened in penalizing Alonso for Hungary which was was behind the scene politics used by hamilton that day. He truly knows how to play the game...
Even in that final one was helping Alonso for the title even though he was on the same team...Mclaren rightfully lost that was their stupidity that did it...
I am a Kimi fan but I admit Alonso is the best driver in f1 after schumacher...



It was the 3rd to 4th quickest car. If we factor in its reliability though, Alonso essentially had more races to accumulate his points in for free.


"I am a Kimi fan but "-- [Mod]!
"almost won it in the 3-4th best car"- [Mod]- It was 1-2nd at the start and 3rd in the end.
"no driver in this grid is capable of that peak"- Again [Mod]!.
No driver in the history of F1 has won a GP more times outside the top 5 than Raikkonen- Spa 2004 in a beat up MP4-19 from 10th (MS in podium interviews could not believe it) & Suzuka 2005 from 17th - were astonishing!!.

You Are An Alonso Fan!- Why are you so afraid to admit it!

Do not insult our intelligence with diversions on other drivers - Thats exactly what Alonso does and its exactly why I "extremely dislike" him - very disingenuine - apparently just like his followers.


Are all those [Mod] text moderations done automatically or do you keep JA busy doing manual corrections every time you make a post? ;o)


Oh yes I am an Alonso fan lol...happy now....feels like some third degree fbi investigation going on here...
well Kimi has been my favorite driver since the time I started watching F1 and unlike some crazy fanboy/girl on this site I can respect when a driver outshines his equipment...Alonso has achieved during this time battling with crap have to respect that (maybe you dont) and whatever maybe kimi's qualities driving bad cars to battle for championship is not one of them 2014 really showed that to us...and I wasn't referring to an odd win or two Alonso kept 2012 season alive in that machine which is what I respect the most. In F1 its really hard to find the driver contribution to a car...Hamilton and Vettel basically ran away with 1 sec faster than the field...2012 Ferrari truly showed how hard Alonso fought till the end...and that was one time when a driver outclassed his car..he deserved that title...
Kimi has won a few races in bad cars like belgian 09 was one of them when Ferrari had stopped developing it since the summer. But you have seen him over the years either kimi is on it or he's lost...there's no middle...
and in any case If you ever bother to read my posts I always mention that suzuka epic. Kimi is fast certainly it can be seen now when he's beating vettel but the he has limitations..
Alonso is the complete package...certainly better than the current champion and Vettel. Hamilton struggled to sustain a championship in 2010, 12 mclaren which were really quick...Vettel is realizing how hard it is in the Ferrari now...
And if you ask me who has been the best driver of all the past 2 decades I would say Schumacher as what he achieved with Ferrari was incredible...I didn't realize it during the time when he was winning but I certainly appreciate it now...with the likes of Alonso who gave up and Vettel struggling to emulate that feat!
I don't include Senna or Prost because I never saw them race so can't make an opinion about it....
and in any case dont just start yelling at people when you have a disagreement...chill down a bit


It's funny how some people still consider Alonso the best driver on the grid! I don't!


@ Mbh, selective memory bro. How can you compare Vettel's 2016 to Alonso 2012, please compare 2012 season in totality. That season was a quite a anomaly as there being a lot of different winners, may also count some luck factor. Does alonso had to fight such a superior mercedes.


That's what Alonso propaganda machinery wants you to believe. That he outperformed the car some how. Not possible!
The 2012 Ferrari were very strong in quite a few races and had bullet proof reliability. They were a little short of Red Bull's qualifying pace in the second half of the season but had stronger race pace that matched Red Bull's. For what its worth, Stefano Domenicalli was a good team principal who knew how to put forth a good team unlike Arrivabene who seems clueless on the technical aspects of the racing.

Ferrari started the season strongly this year. But after the departure of Allison, the development of the car had stalled. Nothing the drivers could do here.


100% Rohind -not 150 😉
I would also add Felipe was even quicker at times -India?, Austin (gearbox seal), & brazil he actually got out the way to let him through-- people are extrremely niaive


Exactly but thats how fernando ,I got the 4th,5th,6th best car but finished higher, alonso works. I thought sainz drive was much more impressive today and he could keep the car on the track unlike fernado.


Well kimi still won a championship with them but yes interesting take on the rest!


Wow, what a race heaps of overtaking thrills and spills.

OOPs that was Moto 3, Moto 2 and Moto GP. As for F1, well nothing really happened another Merc 1, 2. For the pinnacle of motor sport it is really coming a yawn fest.


MOTO GP this year has been incredibly exciting, mostly because a number of different teams have bikes capable of winning races. But Moto GP has had some pretty boring seasons as well.


Lewis 🏁
🏁🏆The Big 50🏆🏁
The race itself was a bit of a grey race with only a few exciting moments.
One being Ferrari pit crew having a senior moment with a wheel nut gun. At least Vettel got 4th even though he didn't see Hulks in the first turn mash up.
Jock Clear must be wishing he stayed at Mercedes as he looked glum on the Pit Wall.
Marchionne will have his sacking hat on at the end of the season . Goodnight Vienna for Arrivabene?


Judging from comments, glad I didn't set the alarm clock for this one.

A typical Mercedes win, whether its nico or lewis, and by the sounds, typical bad steward decisions.

Hoping for a competitive 2017!

If you no longer move in the breaking zone, you know the rest

Good job Benedict Arnold (is he still a loyalist, Yankee or double spy, nobody knows) you won the battle, this is your spiritual homie track (yes i know he is reading this whenever he wins). Chill out, have a glass of cool milk, rap and snapchat till sunrise, you earned it ! Good job also he who is no longer willing to give the Barrichello, Kov, Web... part, doing just what he has to do but not more in order to win the war, just like his old man did during the cold war. Yes safety car in the cloud aka VSC made it easier for you and your PU but your cunning strategy with a long middle stint on softies was better anyway. And why win all the races if you dont have to ? I might imagine certain Elie will be upset that "Has to earn his place" is in front of Kimi "The renaissonce man" again and will give us a preview of chapter 13224 of her yet to be published book "The big ice cream robbery or how i learned to love-hate Kimis teammates". Meanwhile Alonso is re-enacting the Rosberg/Kimi maneuver but the old no certain passport = no penalty joker might come into play. He with certain passport and the golden hair can win the title in Mexico if he wins the race and # 2 has a DNF or no better than 10th i think. Senna Jr. can not enter brazilian ground as team leader even if he wins and Leonardo gets lets say impeded by something like a foreign substance on his steering rod, not that such a thing would ever happen. The wife of the Merc team strategist who also happens to run global marketing for MercGP seemed to be particuarly chummy with Hammertime, this could be exploited by the media if they were looking for juicy conspiracy theories.

And yes, 21 races is too much, even more next year and F1 needs a liberation from Chevy Chase, who lets be honest is just a poor mans Jerry Lewis. This must be the reason why we French dont like him. But thats ok because apart from Jerry Lewis nobody like the French either. Did i mention the war yet ?


Benedict Arnold was a Turn coat !
💂 British should have tied him to a lead vest and sent him for a swim in the Atlantic.


Elie (Elias) is a he. Chapter 13224 is titled :-

Max Verstappen Returns to Ferrari 2032-The Chronicles of Kimi part 2


Beautiful and entertaining; should I refer to you as "The Mole"?


Max again showing all he's still a boy and needs to develop and improve his awareness outside of his own car. He cost Dan the 2nd place with a foolish Park.

His move to the top team was premature........not his fault, but Marko's.


Lol read mark hughes piece on motorsport magazine then. He was intstructed to pull off. If you dont know the facts then better say nothing.


The pit wall told him where to park. Criticise if you must but try to keep your criticisms aligned with reality.


What is Ferrari doing?
How many times, when Kimoi was ahead of Vettel did:
1. Vettel take Kimi out?
2. Kimi gets a DNF by equipment failure?
3. the team sink Kimi with pit stop?
4. the team tanks Kimi with strategy?

Is there a clause in Vettel's contract that guarantees he will be (made if necessary) the top scoring Ferrari driver?

It's terrible!

RB gave away 2nd place with the Max blow out, and helped Rosberg.


Dont call a frenchman a mole in case he hits you with his stilettos


Seb has 2 reliabilty related DNF and another one 100 % self inflicted plus once starting from the back plus gear box penalties, Kimi has 1 reliability related DNF and another one self inflicted (Monaco) plus gear box penalties. Seb is leading Kimi in the points so Kimis season could just be overrated, since his standard was so modest for the past years that we simply overpraise Kimi for a normal incident free race weekend these days. Its a terrible year for Vettel, its up and down for him since going from best driver in 2013 to worst driver 2014 back to best driver 2015 and worst driver again this year. Next year the rules favour Vettels driving style but he might want to end the Ferrari adventure early ?


I think the answer is YES . I always had my doubts about Kimi going back to Ferrari in 2014 after the lies and deception of 2009. It was obvious with Alonso & more obvious now that Vettel is being shown out.

I wish he had somewhere else to go, Ferrari have never and will never deserve their last WDC they hired over rated lead drivers instead. Renault you still looking for another driver?


What? Ferrari made Kimi's teammate help him win the 07 title.How could you forget? Selective memory?


Who said I forgot ? Did you forget Kimis help to Felipe in 2008?. You know when Ferrari won 2XWCC +1 (almost 2WDC in a row).. That is what teamwork is! That's the point!


I started to believe that Alonso was right when he left Ferrari. There was the initial hype when Vettel and Arivabene joined, but it is back to normal for Ferrari again. Alonso almost won the title in 2012 when the car did not even deserve to be in contention till the end. Vettel is not at that level. I think Alonso is better, more complete.


Yes. Alonso in 2012 was competing with car like Mercs that were 1s faster. Get real


Ferrari 2012 was a better car than any of current Ferraris. Not to mention that Mercedes is a better car than RBR 2012. Moreover, if you take F1 statistics, see ESPN, there were more winners in 2012. So saying that 2012 Ferrari was worse and Alonso is better is relative to beholder's eyes.


More proof that Charlie Whiting needs to go. For months he's been making a fuss about track limits, despite cars going yards off track at practically every corner on one of F1's widest tracks, we never heard a squeak from him. Can he only work on one rule at a time and yesterday it took all of his concentration to watch out for 'moving under braking'?

The truth is much more simple. Politics and headline chasing. Let's not upset F1s new American owners, so do your best to avoid contraversy over this weekend.


I think most RACE STEWARDS should go.
We only need 3 good objective ones and they should then be permanent for the season, so we can get some consistent ruling!


Nico almost learned why you should NEVER EVER EVER play it safe in racing, or in anything related to life. His move to Hamilton's outside at the start definitely eliminated any chance of Hamilton trying to cut him up into T1 but he left the door wide open to Ricciardo and had it not been for the VSC, could very well have cost him 2nd place. I think he still would have passed Ricciardo in the end, but it was by no means given. Playing to not lose puts you in a dangerous spot, because he is leaving no margin for error. Today he did what he needed to, and followed Hamilton home in P2, but he cant count on that every weekend. Hopefully he learned his lesson and we see a little more fire next weekend. He may still only get P2, or he might crash the car and lose the title in a shower of carbon fiber, but I'd rather see him fight the whole way in rather than just barely doing enough by jogging across the finish line in 4 weeks. If he only aims for 2nd place every race and gets tripped up and loses the championship, he will only have himself to blame.


I attended this race over the three day weekend and I had an unbelievably fantastic time. This was my first F1 race (since starting age 8 in '94) and as a Hamilton fan the result was ideal. It was unforgettable and I will remember the experience for the rest of my life.

While I had a great time, I noticed some things that could be improved:

I had almost no idea what was going on in the race. Whereas when I watch on TV the understanding via commentary is great and you don't miss anything. Several other people I met say they will go home and watch the race to figure out what happened. I will do the same. This shouldn't have to be.

Many people recommended the F1 app to improve my understanding of the race, which I downloaded.

I encountered my first difficulty in that the network data was very slow. I understand that the network operators don't anticipate such high concentrations of demand on a single base station. However, this is a high technology sport - and it's America - it should be possible to give high speed data to everyone.

The F1 app offers features on Friday and Saturday and to get anything on Sunday you have to pay. Why? I just paid a lot of money to attend the race. If you're on site with a ticket it should be free.

Furthermore, why is there only one commentary option? With world wide broadcasters on site it should be possible to offer all audio feeds (video may take too much bandwidth to be realistic, and the TV monitors do a good job). Indeed, this would open F1 races internationally to people who don't speak fluent English very well.

Indeed, from talking to engineers that I met, the "Kaizen" culture seems embraced by F1 - it's critical to going faster - and I think the sport and the media could benefit from embracing it.


Enjoyed the live feed of 'Ed moses' a true sporting legend (he very much is) and a bloke fast asleep next to him in an f1 team garage during a race! F1 has some work to do to spice things up for the US market I fear!


How is Max allowed to drive a broken car all around the circuit, weaving left and right at 10mph with cars crying to avoid crashing into him? I thought there was a rule that you had to retire the car as soon as possible. it was downright dangerous and he had a blatant disregard for the rest of the drivers.


Its called commercial interests and its all about exposure!
Every extra second you get on the 100 million tv screens is paying you back big time.


Did Perez not move in the breaking zone against Kvyat?

Did Massa not move in the breaking zone against Alonso when they touched? What happens when the breaking zone is curved?

Max moved in the actual breaking zone in Germany against Nico. (Nico was much closer than Lewis in Japan) Nico gets a penalty.

Max moves before the breaking zone in Japan against Lewis and the rule is changed.

Something is starting to look a little funny here guys. I have questions for the FIA. I think someone or something doesn't want Nico to win.


I was right. Turned off after lap 31 because it was obvious that the race at the front was over after the VSC and Hamilton was going to win followed by Robserg and Ricciardo.

When I looked at the results this morning, I was correct.


Thank you Fernando for providing a few laps of real racing. Not sure that pass was legit, but it was pretty much the only exiting moment in the race. Imagine if we could have Fernando, Lewis, Seb, Ric, Kimi and others going wheel to wheel at the front? Who wouldn't want to watch that? Instead we get Merc processions, the phantom VSC handing Ros 2nd place and of course the inevitable Ferrari blunder.


I am going to stop this shoe drinking crap once an for all with a simple joke. Let's repeat this joke and tell it to others.

Q: How do you improve Red Bull taste?
A: Add some foot sweat to it and drink it out of a used shoe.

I hope Red Bull Marketing people enjoy that one. I'm going to submit it this recipe into the Mixology Book for Bartenders, 2016 revision.

"Hey, you want to pick up a girl at the bar? Just take of your shoe and pour some Red Bull in it. If she drinks it, she's wife material!"

Go ahead boys and girls, write your own jokes. Give it a shot. Jokes just flow off the laces!


I guess the comeback to that is :-
Red Bull:- "After your feet it slips, like champagne to your lips" ... (so I quip)

Its one of the most repugnant things Ive seen. Its bad enough drinking from your own shoe but then offering it to someone else is extremely rude in everyday life. People have become way too desensitised with all the hype around these guys. If anyone offered me a shoe I would stick it down his throat & your absolutely right- he didnt even win !

A word of warning Dan- keep your shoe on in the middle east or you may find yourself in the same predicament as your Cosi Clad Aussie compatriots in Malaysia or possibly worse!-extremely offensive there!


Why would anyone drink from a dirty sweaty shoe is beyond me.


You question me about the garbage juice perhaps? Did you see Butler's face as he was holding the shoe? He was disgusted, obviously. I mean, Red Bull...out of a used shoe. Not beer. Not whiskey. Not out of a woman's stiletto. Basic $1.99 Red Bull from a man's sweaty used shoe. I feel for you Butler. Webber quit racing after drinking from a used shoe, but at least Webber got champagne and it was for P2. For P3, you get to drink a yellow sugar water from a used shoe. Poor Gerard, goes from a castle to a used shoe and sweat flavoured Red Bull. Mmmm...delish.


Interesting to see how many 'experienced drivers' who complain about dangerous moves where causing collisions and forcing others off the track: Alonso, Hulkenberg, Vettel.

And great fun to see how Jenson Button was overtaken by Max, as if his sabbatical already started. Consistently missing out on Q3, consistently driving lacklustre races. Great back in the days, but the Jenson of 2016 will not be missed.


Button's McLaren cannot compete with Max's RBR. Don't know why you think it is worth comparing the drivers.


A very, very boring race with the result that I expected. Switched over to watch something else after an hour, went back for the result and post-mortem and learned that I hadn't missed a thing. Rosberg didn't seem to have quite mastered the first sector all week-end so not surprised that DR overtook him at the start. Still, part 1 of mission completed as he has the required 2nd place. Leisurely Sunday afternoon drive for Lewis. Very good drive from Jenson after disappointing quali that wasn't his fault. Hope Mexico provides a bit more excitement and I am not talking about DNFs.


Teds segment where they are near the Ferrari garage, totally brush off Taylor Swift! How can you not notice her?!!


Who is she? A new female driver???


Taylor shift biggest song artist in the world. It's weird seeing her by herself no entourage. Maybe that's why they shoved her out of the way!! I'm pretty sure as ted said the crowd was cheering Mercedes they were in actual fact cheering because they have seen Taylor.

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