Max Verstappen preparing for F1 2017 as Daniel Ricciardo learns “new techniques” from teammate
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Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  26 Sep 2016   |  7:35 pm GMT  |  136 comments

Max Verstappen says he is still learning the ropes at Red Bull after being promoted from Toro Rosso earlier this year and reckons that the 2016 Formula 1 season is “a good learning school” ahead of a full-scale campaign in 2017.

Verstappen joined the senior Red Bull squad in place of Daniil Kvyat, who was demoted back to Toro Rosso, shortly before the Spanish Grand Prix, a race he went on to win.

The 18-year-old has gone on to score a further three podium finishes since the Barcelona race and is currently sixth in the drivers’ championship.

Max Verstappen

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, Verstappen described just how big he had found the step between Toro Rosso and Red Bull, which he felt may have been masked to some observers by his immediate success at the Milton Keynes-based team.

“The things that changed for me since joining is [that] it’s another level,” he said. “It’s quite a big step, but it’s a bit difficult for me to really comment on that because if you come in and you win your first race maybe some people don’t believe that it’s such a big step, but it is.”

“I’m still learning right now, I’m still getting to grips with the car better and better every session. I think this year is definitely a good learning school for me to get really well prepared for next year.”

Max Verstappen Carlos Sainz

Since his arrival in F1 aged 17 at the start of the 2015 season, Verstappen has been involved with in a number of high-profile disputes over his on-track attitude and race craft.

At the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix and the 2016 Australian Grand Prix he reacted angrily when racing in close proximity to his then teammate Carlos Sainz, and at this season’s Hungarian and Belgian races he clashed with Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

The latter two incidents generated a lot of interest from inside and outside the F1 paddock over his aggressive defending, but Verstappen insisted he takes any attention positively and does not let it affect his on-track performance.

Max Verstappen Kimi Raikkonen

He said: “I always consider it [to be] very positive when you are a talking point in F1. Even when it’s a negative, or a positive, it doesn’t matter. As long as they talk about you that’s good.

“The attention doesn’t really affect me, for me the most important thing is to deliver on the track and that is where I’m focussing on.”

Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo, reckons that after 11 races with the 18-year-old in the other RB12, he can evaluate the Dutch driver against his former teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Daniel Ricciardo

When asked about the differences between Verstappen and Vettel in a video produced by Red Bull ahead of the race in Sepang this weekend, Ricciardo explained that he had taken note of the four times world champion’s way of dealing with the team during their one season together and is now learning “new driving techniques” from Verstappen.

He said: “I think with Max and Seb as teammates, [they were] at two different points in their career. But equally you can still learn from both of them – Seb’s experience, the way he interacted with the team was pretty interesting to see and that was cool.

“Max is coming in with a lot of youth, fire and energy and some new driving techniques, which, lets say, the younger kids are doing. So it’s interesting to learn from both of them and its cool.

Daniel Ricciardo

“I like having as many teammates as possible; it’s great because the more people you can learn off the better I think it will make you as a driver.

Ricciardo also explained that the interest and hype surrounding Verstappen was useful for measuring his own standards and performances in F1.

He said: “I think Max is sure getting a lot of attention – he’s the youngest ever F1 driver and winner – so I get asked about him a lot as well, but it’s not a hindrance.

Daniel Ricciardo Max Verstappen

“For him obviously there’s a lot of attention and pressure but for me, I keep doing my thing and I know he’s very talented and if I can get the upper hand on him then it’s a bit like with Seb.

“They are very highly regarded and very highly hyped drivers so if I can just do the job against them then it only helps me out.”

What have you made of Verstappen since his promotion to Red Bull? How would you evaluate Ricciardo’s performances in that time? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Next year will be the point where we can call anything definitive about these drivers.

DR certainly has MV this year, but I think he really would need to repeat the feat next year to be properly considered a better driver than MV. Gotta give the young man a fair go.

But it is interesting – it might just be that DR and MV are both of that super rare breed, senna, schumacher, ect. In this case, I’d suggest they should not be paired in the same team, we need these kind of drivers properly driving against each other for maximum enjoyment!


It beggars belief how the devotees of Ricciardo does exactly the same thing that they accuse Lewis fans of doing. I do not think Max’s fans should be bothered about this at all because next week it will be Lewis’ turn again. God helps Max next year when he is more settled within the team and a bit more experienced


Yeah, not even close KJ.


Lol yes I agree with you completely, what an arrogance bunch of people..


@ KJ…the fact that the supporters of ricciardo are keen observers of the ‘quality’ racing, without the narcissistic approach, that says it all. I think that singapore was a great example.


Kenneth right on cue as I expected. Had my post been in praise of Ricciardo, your response would have been ‘I concur’…so predictable


If it’s so predictable then i would suggest that you skip past and don’t read…. all the same to me.


Too true about your first sentence. kenneth rails against the fawning over Lewis, then proceeds to do worse over Ricciardo! It’s hilarious!!


@ KRB…how predictable you and your alter ego are. The HLG strikes again….


My alter ego? Huh?

Did I predictably call you out for doing the same or worse than what you chide others for? Sure did. Y’know how that could stop, right?

Perhaps not. *sigh*


Max is doing spectacularly well! Running Ricciardo close and DannyRik is having a great season – the best of the rest. And ,let us not forget, Max is only in his second season and improving.
His defending did cross the line at times and lack of sanctions from the powers that be have helped lower that bar, which is shameful.
As with Senna, MAx has gotten away with it and it demeans him. The best don’t NEED to resort to those moves. But he is young and will learn.


Max is a an amazing racer, so good watching him cruising through the field,, but there is something annoying too about this guy. Will see what is gonna happen…


He wouldn’t have to cruise through the field if he qualified the car where it belongs… He’s lucky we have a disparate Noah’s Ark grid, had this been the mid-2000s those couple of tenths he gives away could have sandwiched two or three cars between himself and his team mate.


In their races together as teammates, Ricciardo has outscored Verstappen by 28 points. If it weren’t for strategic and other blunders in Spain and Monaco, Ricciardo would have outscored Verstappen by a whopping 55 points in 11 races. In qualifying, Verstappen has out qualified Ricciardo only TWICE in 11 races. I see no evidence that shows Verstappen to be the “real deal” that many commentators suggest. No F1 great ever did become an “F1 great” after being being dominated by his teammate in his second full season. I fear he will be dominated again by Ricciardo next year with the new generation cars. And with a few more young chargers making their debut next year, Verstappen’s time may pass if he doesn’t dig hard and improve as a driver.


I’m skeptical too. The “he will learn to be faster” argument could be made of any driver on the grid. I agree the current evidence suggests he is good but not great.


How much of this ‘read deal’ and ‘future WDC’ halabaloo is coming from those in the media who need to stay on-side with Red Bull? We know that journalists have to be extremely careful about upsetting the wrong people in any sport. If they are cut off from sources, they might as well go back to reporting the WI. Take Farce India for example, only one journalist regularly writes articles about the financial and legal problems Mallya is having.


Does any have the comparison for Dan v Max for quailifying and race results? I think Dan has the results sharply stacked in his favour even including the indiscretions from the team for a few races.
Both drivers display extreme amounts of talent and I can confidently say they would have the measure of the Merc pair and more in similar machines.
I would love to see the fuel restrictions go for next season so we can see a real race (not race management) battle next season.


It will be fun to see them race wheel to wheel, not happened much if it all yet. Max is quick and has the expected rough edges, Dan obviously is performing at a very high level and has had the measure of the wunderkid so far…


I take this as a tacit admission that he’s been beaten. Drivers must always believe they’re the best so need to come up with ways of convincing themselves that it’s been factors outside their control.

Ron Dennis has spoken of this trait in drivers before.

Doesn’t mean he won’t beat him in the future.

I also wonder where the support of the team lies?


Yeah, I recall Button saying this in his first year with McLaren alongside Lewis. 2011 went to plan for him, but then 2012 sorta destroyed that narrative.

Max has been beaten by Ricciardo to date. There might be something to Max being at a disadvantage not having the preseason to experiment with the car. If the RB13 is a title challenger, then 2016’s results won’t matter much.


Danny Ric, you are a class act!
Top sportsman should be egotistical, selfish and believe he’s the best.
For a driver of Danny’s quality to say up front, to the motor racing world, that he learns from other drivers is in my eyes the most admirable and sophisticated act of s top athlete.
Well done DR. Your WDC awaits🏁


@ James K…an extremely good post. well said and i fully concur with everything you said.


And I wonder why😉
And if I had said the same of Hamilton??


@ james K… hahaha i would’ve suggested that you’re being totally economic with the truth and a good dose of mouthwash was the order of the day. The fact is that you couldn’t say the same thing about hamilton so there you go, enjoy your day…


Totally disagree with you on that my friend, but there you go, we can’t agree on everything😂


@ james K…you’re right. life would be ‘tres’dull if we all agreed all the time. All cool….


With glowing endorsements like that James you won’t ever need to pay for accommodation in Australia should you decide to visit us.


Thanks SARS. I do plan to visit your wonderful country sometime so I will let you know when I’m coming. I’ll be the one with the Hamilton t-shirt on😄
But credit where credit is due. DR is a great guy, and a class racing driver. A credit to F1 and a great advert for Australia.


You can wear whatever shirt you want James.
My dislike of Lewis ( only in certain instances mind you) doesn’t extend to petty actions like walking 3 metre’s behind you if you do.
The Northern River’s of NSW is referred to as God’s Country and is well worth a visit.
Just don’t pick up Aveli on your way to the airport…..


Great stuff👍😀 heard your having a bit of electrical problems aswell down under.


Yeah, apparently so James. As far as I’m aware that’s mainly been in Adelaide due to a low coming in with steam from the Great Australian Bight.
No where near I live thankfully.


@ sars…hang on a minute…northern rivers? just where exactly?


Own a property on the banks of the mighty Clarence River, upstream of Grafton.
Am I safe to assume your not far away…


@ sars…I know the clarence area reasonably well and it’s lovely country….sugar cane? I’m not too far away, varsity lakes gold coast but only for the last three years. Ex sydney to byron bay. Had a hardwood timber plantation there but sold and went to noosa for a while. next time you’re in byron we could meet for a drink etc maybe. enjoy sepang…..


When I refer to it as God’s country you know what I’m talking about then 🌈
Only just booked my Bluesfest tickets for next Easter so we’ll have to meet up for a cold one then 🍻


Yes, Ricci is what we call a real man, very refreshing his approach.


These new techniques, would that mean Daniel Ricciardo will be weaving around on the straights in future?


Max hasn’t done anything yet to suggest he is the new Senna or Schumi.
In Fact his performances against Ricciardo suggests that he has a long way to go before he starts thinking of WDC crown.

If only people can look beyond all the hype!!!


The media drives such hype and the minion’s that don’t know any better follow blindly behind convinced they are more intelligent than the people shaking their heads in amusement on the sidelines..


Yes lets put aside as well all the talented people working in F1 that believe Max is the real deal. I mean they must be wrong right? Why would red bull promote him at age 18? Surely we are more intelligent than them


We, the fans, don’t have a vested interest in this though.
It certainly makes sense from nearly everyone involved to hype up young drivers like Max.
Redbull need to sell their brand so talking Max up enhances the appeal of the energy drink maker. It also could benefit their bottom line if one of the other top teams comes along wanting to buy him out of his contract.
With the sports viewing figures its little wonder the FIA and the owners want to project his impending greatness to try and claw some of those lost millons back and in the same process more dividends for themselves.
The kid is no doubt talented and can have a successful career however the hype about him being the next Senna and such is just that, hype (certainly at this moment in time).
If you want to buy that than great, by all means, but I need to see far more consistency and a more mature ATTITUDE before I’ll jump in line.
F1 is a class where you come to refine and polish your skills against the best driver’s in the world, not learn them and thats exactly what Verstappen is doing.


Don’t forget the marketing aspect.


what a stupid remark… no he didn’t win as the youngest driver ever a grand prix…. O I forget everyone on the grid was in this conspiracy to let him win for the marketing aspect…. I really don’t have to get in to this anymore, but when I read such remarks I can’t resist… maybe I have to do like Horner, don’t read your comments anymore…


‘maybe I have to do like Horner, don’t read your comments anymore…’

Be my guest.


He did utterly well in Silverstone… maybe even more ‘impressive’ then Barcelona. Still some races to go this season and lets see how it works out.


Yes I was just saying that during the last race. “He’s going to have to start getting closer to Ric”. We’ve never had someone this young before so for me it’s like a science experiment. What has a young human got in him at that age? Will his brain rewire even more that someone starting older? Is he quick? Hell, how bloody quick is Ric? Or even Verne for that matter? (Put him in the Ferrari, please do yourselves a favour).


You must have that singular mentality to winning to be an F1 champion and Max has that in bucket loads.
I dont begrude him that but he must be careful how he applies that in a race car and F1 is significantly more extreme than Gp3/2 – particularly in the braking zone. We all want him to remain aggressive but in a correct way- what he did in Hungary and Spa was very dangerous and actually stupid because it was billigerent payback.. if he has learned from that – fine if nit he must fix it fast.
Ricciardo is a class above but hes been in F1 much longer & all good racing drivers will learn things from each other anyway- I dont think it changes styles of driving much only applications in certain corners or situations. I’d be surprised if Dan has much to learn from Max in real terms but its a reflection of his team efic and respectful nature.

If one looks at Max Verstappens racing very closely it is very much an aggressive version of Kimi Raikkonens racing- attacks the outside particularly well then shortens turn in to the apex. In other situations when fighting you can see clearly he straightens the inside line right through the apex and turn sharpely beyond corner exit. Although he tends to mix it up more than Kimi- thats more to do with the fact that brilliant Red Bull chassis allows a racer to exploit those options far more than most


Regarding mentality -both drivers clearly have that singular mentality to winning, i agree. However I think there is deep-seated difference in their repective cognitive make ups. It can manifest itself in different ways, but i believe it forms the platform for a drivers resilience. Their resilience will define how they perform and behave underpressure, or during adversity.
To contrast RIC and VES, RIC’s “resilience platform” has been built by the groundwork he has done in the junior formula’s, then HRT, then TR -where he paid his dues -he was then dropped in to a major team against a 4x WDC, whom he beat resoundingly. He has then subsequently seen off both Danil, and Max (to date). His self belief latform is like the base of a pyramid….solid.

VES on the other hand has been shoe-horned through the junior formulae, spent 18 months with a junior team and has dropped into a major team at the age where RIC was still racing in Eurocup. His ascendencey has been based on a handful of good performances, but more importantly, he comes from (effective) racing royalty -his father has leveraged existing relationships to obtain opportunities that would not be available to any driver. There are many drivers with much better records in the junior formulae than Max that have had to grind until their mid-20’s before they even got a test drive in an F1 car. That type of ascendency can breed an “entitlement” mentality. I don’t know Max personally, but i see that in the way that he carries himself. For me, his self-belief platform is based on entitlement, and has a much narrower base than one based on experience. I also believe that type of self belief is much less resilient.
In time he will attain more experience, and though his father has seemingly stepped back, he clearly continues to have the support of powerbrokers who believe he is the sports saviour.
In my view though, the path to RIC’s career will ultimately prove more successful, if he given the opportunity.


I think the main difference is this: Max started karting when he was 3. He was racing in karts and winning when he was 7. He had a head start and was busy racing as much as he could. To contrast, Daniel started karting when he was 9 years old.

To say Max is entitled, I think is unfair. He simply has much more racing experience at 19 than most drivers at 25. Sure, he only did 18 months of Formula 3, but his talent and results were clearly visible, especially in the rain. He would easily be 2-2.5 seconds faster per lap than anyone else.

Also, one must not forget that Red Bull need a driver that can compete for the championship. Instead of obtaining an experienced driver from the F1 field they opt to train their own drivers with various racing sponsorships. You can get in very quickly by showing results, but you can also be bypassed rather easily, as we have seen with Kvyat. Why would they not pick up Max and put him in an STR car? They had little to lose imo.


I think the way their respective fathers oversaw their kart careers, the reaction when they lost etc was as different as it’s possible to find


The fact that ricciardo has publicly stated that he is capable oflearning from others is refreshingly candid. Successful drivers are those that obseve what others are doing, and if it can sharpen their own performances, then they quickly adapt…if they can. It is my firm belief that ricciardo is the equal, if not better, than most of his fellow drivers. he has demonstrated this on many occasions and the only thing holding him back ATM is the sheer disparity between manufacturers. Ricciardo’s last fourteen laps in singapore were fiercely driven and only time held him back from his first win of the season and who can forget his mastery at monaco? Verstappen is fast but still rather flaky and needs to control his temperament if he is to excel. I would say that verstappen is also applying the reverse and most likely learning from what ricciardo does as well. With the last three years of total domination by mercedes where the only racing, in all honesty, is between two drivers and even that is hardly edge of the seat stuff it is to be hoped that the new cars for ’17 will bring back some real competition. If so then maybe we’ll see a change at the very front end but i fear that mercedes will still maintain their superiority!!! There is no evidence ATM to doubt that forecast however give ricciardo the merest sniff of success and he will perform.


Ah, the mind games have begun! Dan just picked up all the pressure around Max and with a big smile, dumped it all back on top of him again.
Beautiful work Ricci!


Exactly what I was going to post.

Tornillo Amarillo

Maybe Ricciardo has something negative because he was not hired by Ferrari.
Or he’s a mastermind for not accepting a Ferrari drive because he knows he’d have the opportunity to be champion in a Red Bull in 2017.

Whatever he does, even if he clinch the title, everybody will be talking about Max!

The question for me is: will Red Bull support Max in detriment of Ricciardo?


Unlike the Vettel-Webber situation, both drivers are now from the red bull jnr program. Webber copped it because he wasn’t and only survived at the team because DM was a big believer in him.

Having said that, Max has his dad there always in the ear of management and he’s got vast experience at being at a #2 and will never let that happen to his son.



Red Bull can bank on Dan getting the job done with the best possible result everytime. They are leading Ferrari due to the superior driving of Dan. With Max, they know that risks will be taken and results may come and they can afford this (to a point). Max is fantastic for F1, I just hope that a serious incident doesn’t occur, or injury to him or another driver, which is attributed to his aggression.

I, for one, am happy that Daniil gave Max a taste of his own medicine at Singapore.


so funny, they were behind Ferrari before Max went to RBR, after the promotion, Ricciardo had to step up his performance, because he had to compete also with Max, it only makes them better, that goes for both ways, Max and Ricciardo… So I don’t know what you are talking about… after all Ricciardo said so himself…


Yeah ignore the renault-redbull upgrades


talking to a brick wall, i already stated, doesn’t you read the other interviews with Ricciardo, that he thought he was driving at his maximum, but when Max entered he had to improve more and noticed that it wasn’t at his max… i really can’t understand why you think it’s not exciting and an improvement for the team… I really enjoy it Ricciardo and Max… the fight with Ferrari and with Mercedes… but a lot of you guys are complaining because you found a scape goat… well you have to do something good when they are talking about you… 😉


James, it would be interesting to learn of the new techniques drivers are using. The cars change and so then do the driving techniques change a bit too because of that.


Watch GP3 ect. They are the moves that involve defending from your side-mirrors with the mentality of not letting anyone pass you irrespective of whereabouts on the track you are.


I’d love to know what new techniques the young whipper-snappers are bringing to F1.

What I like about Dan Ricciardo is he doesn’t ever seem to be out of control emotionally. He’s so calm and measured but he has that real edge when he needs it.


Then you didn’t see him post Barcelona and post Monaco xD


Junior formula techniques, weaving and chopping at high speed.


Dan clearly understands the mind games of F1. He is really playing things well. I think that was a big part of what he was referring to about learning from Vettel.


It’s what I was thinking but just wondered if anyone would say it! hahaha


@ IP, hahaha yes Ricciardo showed that after Monaco…. When you are a driver of Formula 1, sometimes your emotions get away with you, it is just normal… Because you are there to win… For Max, off course he is still learning and what he achieved already is remarkable, that we discus him here says a lot already…. and if you know a little bit more of Max, then you know that in his carting career he always competed against older guys, that’s why he is not impressed by them…. I hope he is cool enough to not let the criticism affects him… and off course he knows that he has a lot to learn… like every one else, you only stay on top by learning all the time…


@ wendy…amsterdam or rotterdam?


Could be The Hague?


hahah does it really matter where I live? Were do you live Kenneth and LKFE? But to satisfy your curiosity, I was brought up in The Hague, lived a year in Rotterdam and now for a long time in Amsterdam… great city to live actually! And also with me it is the same with Max, we can speak English but it is still our second language, sometimes the subtleties is hard for us… so that’s why it sounds very blunt, but to understand Max you have to know the Dutch…


@ wendy….Location, location, location. i was extremely close, in fact i was spot on? Your original post denigrating others opinions indicated a lack of F1 understanding etc etc etc just shows that you’re not up for a reasoned debate. I was most supportive of verstappen being given the opportunity to race at red bull but i also included a caveat, that he needed to put it all out there to see but stay away from being too mouthy. We can argue all day on this but it is my belief that, yes, he’s very fast and hopefully he will develop into a top drawer driver. To date that hasn’t been the case and until it happens then i will call him out when he drives like a complete fool and ruins other drivers races. Ricciardo is travelling fine ATM and he will do all he can to achieve his goals. If he learns anything from verstappen along the way then all kudos to him. We all, should, learn something new each and every day, i know that i do. The dutch obviously could also, given your latest explanation.


Wendy, where do Kenneth and LKFE live? I’m not 100% sure on LKFE’s nationality, but would it surprise you to learn that Ricciardo’s biggest fan, or Kenneth as he calls himself comes from Australia?!


Written and directed by the MV fan club


what a childish comment… only because I want to see it more in perspective, I am immediately MV fan club…. we call that in the Netherlands… “dooddoener”…. you can’t argue anymore… I have respect for Ricciardo and his accomplishment… much more sportsmanship then you guys… but if it makes you happy to see someone fail it says a lot about you… I think we can only compare Ricciardo and Max next year… this is still a learning year for Max… and I really looking forward each race what will happen… For me it is really exciting and off course sometimes I am disappointed, but that’s racing….


Wendy, the people criticising you for a lack of balance have no idea what the word means and show precisely none in their own commenting habits. Stay strong.


Extremely well said TimW. I agree wholeheartedly. I shall post my approval instead of using the (+) button, even though it was intended to cut down on waste-of-bandwidth replies like this.

* couldn’t just let you have all the mimicking fun 😃


Thanks KRB, all for nothing though, they will continue as before.


Of course they will, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just keep on handin’ them the rope …


Wendy, you talk about “perspective”, but I don’t recall you ever posting about anyone but Max?


No, I will tell you why, I think it is really unfair to Max how you are talking about him. Just what Horner said. I agree with him. I shouldn’t even go in to a discussion with you guys.. Because everybody have there on point of view.. But I respect Ricciardo a lot, he is a great driver and also I enjoyed the battle between Kvyat an Max last time… It was great for Kvyat and he really needed it… But Max is fair to, he said as well, I have to pass him on my own.. I have also hugh respect for Hamilton. But sometimes when I read the comments here, I really feel the need to defend him… Everyone has to learn also Max, give the guy a break… and yess in the heat of the moment he says stupid things, just like Ricciardo did after Monaco… All the racers have to compete on the very edge and I think with the g forces and everything it is so difficult to race… So I really like to respect every racer on track… But all the [Mod] around it from so called fans, I really dislike… and yes as a Dutchman I follow Max not the other drivers… Max is not asking to be compared with Senna or what so ever…. It makes it only harder for him… Because so many people has an opinion about that… Off course the publicity comes with it… so you have to handle that, but it is not always the fun part about racing….


Wendy: Being Australian myself and coming from Ricciardo’s home town of Perth (and of course being a supporter of his) I appreciate your generous comments about Dan and understand where you’re coming from regarding Max. He is a super talent and deserved being promoted to the senior team and the results have shown. He has made some rookie mistakes (as one so young would) but he will learn and quite frankly some of the comments about him on this Forum are pretty immature. People trying to be funny or intelligent when they are not. Dan and Max might just be the best pairing in Formula 1. They’re both quick, good wheel to wheel racers and seemingly fearless. Dan has the ascendency at the moment possibly only because he is more experienced. This hasn’t fazed Max because he is new to the team and has said himself that he regards 2016 as a year of learning. They seem to be working harmoniously together which will be important in securing second place in the Constructors Championship ahead of Ferrari. Keep posting and don’t be put off.


Thank you Adrian, much nicer to talk with…


Wendy, with respect, the one thing Max doesn’t need is a break!!! He’s had more than his fair share…
Max will get more respect from obejctive punters when he’s earned it.
I respect that you are supporting your countryman, we all do…
But jumping to his defence everytime someone offers a criticism….you’ll wear your fingers out!! 🙂


LKFE, “Max will get more respect from objective punters….” But what about you?


hahaha the funny thing is they think, LKFE and Kenneth, that they are smart, objective and know everything about racing, the opposite is true actually and it is such a coincident that there is now an Q and A with Ricciardo, and he really says the same thing I mentioned before….


TimW: Agreed! But I’d also venture to say that Lewis would get more competition if Max was in the other Merc (or Ricciardo for that matter). Still tipping him for WDC.


Adrian, I was disappointed Merc went for Nico again, I would love to see someone a bit more exciting than Rosberg in the other car. I think Lewis would deal with Max due to the experience gulf between them. Daniel would be a bigger challenge, would love to see it happen.


I expect he learned from his dad never to be a number 2 driver. Jos was quick but never got a fair go against schuey


Jos was not in the same league as Schuey, young Max shows much more promise but a long way to go, this year will sort Max out, while I’m at it…. Lewis will bury Botas convincingly.


I suspect it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest if he did. The result would have been the same.


Oh yes, there is a big step between Torro Rosso and Red Bull because at a top team, the drivers face too much pressure to score podiums/wins and the likes of Vettel and Ricciardo are able to hide this part of the sport due to their jovial personalities

It’s true that Max is still learning the ropes at his new team but considering Ricciardo is beating him in qualifying and Charles also beat him in the qualifying battle at Torro Rosso, it would appear Max hasn’t got the gift of one lap pace

But definitely Max’s ability and willingless to spar with older drivers means he is a sports news channel’s dream come true

As for Ricciardo, it’s a fact that having famous teammates is a marketing masterpiece because this means their popularity will rub off you especially when you do well against them.

Therefore Ricciardo has given a good account of himself with the eye on a title push in 2017.


hamilton says he doesn’t need your validation.


hamilton says he doesn’t need your validation.

Lol, have you got a link to Hamilton saying that Aveli ?


He’s still looking apparently…


LKFE, I think its a fair assumption that Lewis doesn’t care what some internet poster thinks.


It’s OK Tim!
He found it….


LKFE, well that’s alright then, glad you are so relieved…..


Lewis wouldn’t want to be Ric’s team mate, that’s for sure. He’s way quicker than Ros but is still throwing the dummy all the time.

The idiot internet setup posting servant king is dead. Long live the King.


Do we really need comments like this one from “Hello”? I hardly think it adds anything to the debate.


Really Tim, now your calling for the mods to stop any negative comments directed at ‘ Zeus’.

Strange that as I didn’t see you voicing your displeasure on the Rosberg article when many of your fellow [Mod] went to town on why Nico doesn’t deserve this years WDC.

Many which mind you, contributed absolutely nothing to the debate as has ‘HELLO’s comment here ( no offense HELLO).


@ sars…well said. “hypocriticus’ at his best.


Sarsippious. I like that you call Lewis “Zeus”, though it’s not a term I have ever seen a Hamilton fan use!
If anybody wants to post a negative comment about Lewis, that’s fine. i may argue with them, but they are free to criticise all they like, what I didn’t like about Hello’s little rant was that he called Lewis an “idiot”. I was under the impression that these sort of insults were not allowed on this site and feel justified in making my feelings plain on the matter.
Lots of people spoke at length on the subject of Nico deserving or not deserving the championship, but I don’t recall anyone slating Nico in the same way as Hello has here with Lewis. For the record I said that if Nico wins it, then he deserves it.


I didn’t call anyone an idiot,……. but after the internet setup posting just because Jenson was “working well with the team”. The whole paddock knew what they had on their hands.


Apparently the infamous tweet was from simulator comparisons:

These things come out at opportune times, I tell ya! 😃


Hello, you did call him an idiot, it’s right there!!


Offended? Not at all.

“I am dynamite”.


Again.. Goodbye


Oh come on Elie! I got +2 for that one. That’s a big score for me. Please just let me have it? That’s what we are doing here? Right? Validation from random strangers? Like posting personal/work data for the world to see? “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I’m not happy and I want the world to know!”.

I don’t write a thesis trying to get a job from James. I do it because of a, “A lonely impulse of delight”. Hell most of the things I write that get Modded aren’t even posted at all. I’m an all or nothing guy.

Have a nice day.


@ hello…stick to your guns, the usgae of the word ‘idiot’ is a mild interpretation of what could be said. I seem to recall one post that indicated that rosberg’s move on verstappen at the red bull ring was ‘idiotic’!! So what descriptor would you use for a person making an ‘idiotic’ move? stay strong.


Kenneth, and of course if someone called Ricciardo an idiot, you would be supportive of them, and tell them to stay strong?


Of course he would. Kenneth’s integrity and principles are beyond reproach!



It’s amazing how humble is Daniel.
To study and learn – and confess u r doing it – from your competitors is a remarkable behaviour.
I just can’t believe Webber and Ricciardo come from the same country.

As per Ver-slappen I believe more-and-more that the Barcelona track had a big factor in the hyppe around him.
Barcelona is the official Winter Track of F1.
Every driver runs there to the exhaustion.
So since all drivers know it like the palm of their hands, it’s easier to succed there.
I guess that’s why Maldonado managed to win there against Alonso.
Maldonator has demostrated to have the skills, but not the brain to set up his car to all tracks in a few Free-Practice sessions.
Helmut Marko is such a cunning mastermind.


I can believe they are from the same country – it’s just that there is roughly 3,700km between Queanbeyan NSW and Perth WA. It also has a lot to do with their generation difference, career trajectory and politics as well.

I’m personally happy for Ricciardo to keep quietly achieving. When the Verstappen hype dies down a bit it might allow a glance at the scoreboard…


I was just teasing the fans of the – literally – “Flying Aussie”.

Agree about [Mod]
MV is in such a step learning curve now.
Wanna see when it becomes flat at the top.
Max is just in the middle. xD


One problem that max is I think running into is expectation! Many press included make the point of how mature he is for his age then excuse him when things go wrong with comments like ” he is only 18 etc” my feeling is he is mature for his age which made it a lot easier in the lower formula including karts to beat less mature kids. He now is coming up against the cream of adults and he is finding it a challenge he has not been used to. His blocking etc worked against the kids and he thinks he an carry on but sooner or later someone is going to call him out on track. Young sports people can often look world beaters coming through, they usually have high natural ability which makes success seem a breeze. But once they come up against a series of less gifted but gritty determined opponents are unable to adapt. Time will tell and at this point know body has the answer.


@MM… a well crafted response. The racing between verstappen and kvyat proved a point and if anything showed that sometimes the emperor’s wardrobe is somewhat diminished!


not at all, but this is the last thing I say here… They are talking about how mature he is in racing, how he handle things with the mechanics, he knows so much even Ricciardo didn’t know, Ricciardo said he is a racing nerd…. That’s why they talk about maturity, but he is still a teenager, sometimes in his responses or in his behavior, not really on track… you think so, but I think in formula 1 they forgot how to race, I think a lot of people recognize that fact and see he is not as dangerous instead of what you think about that… and Max is stirring this up… it is only good for formula 1, it is getting exciting again… also the new young boys, I am really looking forward to that… and Ricciardo says it also in this interview… he learns also from Max and his point of view about racing… But when Max says he learns a lot from Ricciardo, then they say, don’t do that Ricciardo o you are to nice to do that, and when Ricciardo says he is also learning from Max then they say he is so humble… so who is talking about a fanclub…. or one-sided view…. pffff


Indeed we are in the era of virtualization with simulators and reasonably cheap racing playing stations.
They reach the lower formulas knowing all tracks and car controls.
However their racecraft is terrible.
Nowaday the Euro F3 drivers are moving havoks w/ spetacular and dangerous crashes.


except for the fact that Max is lauded for his racecraft everywhere he goes…


And criticised.


Regarding Verstappen – like virtually all drivers in F-1 (with a few exceptions, of course) the talent is there. Where “race craft” and respect for other drivers is concerned – very much to be desired. Case in point is the views expressed by him where Kvyat exhibited a similar approach (and as with Sainz) the attitude shown wasn’t at all respectful or mature. Dad would have characterized this along the lines of: ‘he can dish it out but can’t take it’ or words to that effect. Kimi has reflected well, how it would seem others on the grid may view MV as a driver in that regard. Very long way to go yet in development terms, it would seem.

Where Ricardo is concerned, his handling of both situations as a teammate with Vettle and Verstappen, has underscored his value as a driver and as a person. His performance on track has also reflected that value. Ricardo’s comments as reported above continue to reflect the class act he has become – and one that has been evident from his first days in F-1.


At Spa on the long straight, if the Iceman and Max had touched wheels at over 200 MPH, Kimi would have met his maker and made him cry………and on his shoulder he asked him why………. his car flew through the storm…..Kimi said “Listen up son, that young Max Verstappen doesn’t even know he’s born………..”


What on earth are you taking about dude!?!??!


I think Max has done on the whole a solid job but Daniel has done even better Max drove well to win Spain . Yes I know RBR messed up Dan’s strategy but Max still had to keep the car on the road and Max did that even though he had Kimi filling his mirrors for several laps Max has forced Daniel to raise his level that is a good thing . Sometimes I think Max would actually benefit from being slightly less intense about his racing . When he learns to be even calmer in the car and a less ragged then he will extract even more speed from himself . He mustn’t let emotions get the better of him and affect his racing . judgement. Also if the 2017 cars are going to be more challenging to drive then obviously he’ll have bulk up in the gym over winter-but Max probably knows that bit already.

I wouldn’t normally make F1-football comparisons on this site but to me Max’s rise to F1 shares a key similarities with that of Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford in that both have had very quick rises to big stage , neither is the finished article both are still improving with potential to be outstanding at what they do, neither are phased by the reputations of others and both have given their teams a much needed energising.

As I have said already on a previous post on this site a few weeks ago if RBR nail then 2017 then I would probably tip Ricciardo to be WDC but I don’t expect Max ( or Mercedes for that matter) to be far off. N.B Alex, Ricciardo and Vettel only had one season as team mates.


it is nice to read a more weighted commentary here at James Allen, if you can’t recognize Max talent, then you don’t know a lot about racing… then you are just jealous or close minded, if a lot of ex-drivers and team bosses are comparing his style with one of the greats, who are you to deny that fact… off course he has to show it on track, but luckily he knows that himself and otherwise his father and manager will tell him that…. but hey it is talking to a brick wall here to the anti-fans of Max….


Amen! +1


‘but hey it is talking to a brick wall here to the anti-fans of Max….’

Yep, just like talking to the Max fans then whenever anyone so much as suggests suggests he still has a lot to prove. I can’t remember Senna or Schumacher early in their careers being beaten so comprehensively by their teammates.


so what’s your point?

Max is beaten by Ricciardo so he can’t drive a F1 car?

Nobody denies the fact that Max is still learning and it should not be a surprise if he gets beaten by his teammate given the fact he started with a point deficit, his last 3 races where compromized by a faulty clutch and he has had 11 races in this car compared to Ricci competing in his third season for RBR.

Wendy is just making a point that there are a lot of people here that jump on every opportunity to trash him, even when things happen that he can’t control…

The guy is a genuine talent and comments about him being too young or too inexperienced to drive a F1 car are just not true.

I would not be surprised if Ricciardo will have a hard time keeping Max from becoming a WC when RBR has the car to do so.


Pfffff… you didn’t read the article at all did you?


he still has a lot to prove… Max would be the first one to validate that… he says himself he still learning about the car.. so what is your point. And I don’t compare him with the great ones, that are a lot of other ex formula 1 drivers or team bosses… so what I stated already it is talking to a brick wall…


Who were Senna or Schumacher racing when they were Max’s age?
Did they compare to Ric?


Horoldo. I don’t know what they were up to when they were 18, but in their second seasons of F1 Ayrton out scored Elio de Angelis 38 points to 33, and Michael out scored Martin Brundle 53 points to 38


Thanks TimW,

That shows me that at the same points in their career, ves shouldn’t be too upset by being beaten by Ric.
I think Ric is a much harder competitor than Senna’s or Shu’s teammates at the same point in their careers.


An 18 year old would have been too slow in an F1 car back when Senna and Schumacher started.

This ain’t no finishing school.


A statement that can’t be proven or denied…

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