Horner expects strong reaction from Daniel Ricciardo after Max Verstappen’s dominant F1 weekend
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Daniel Ricciardo
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  11 Jul 2016   |  1:14 pm GMT  |  117 comments

Christian Horner expects Daniel Ricciardo to react strongly after being eclipsed by his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen at Silverstone, the fourth time in six races together where the teenager has finished ahead of his more experienced Australian team mate.

In a superior weekend across the board, Verstappen became the first Red Bull driver to out-qualify Ricciardo in 2016 when he secured third on the grid for the British Grand Prix, where the Australian driver started fourth.

For the duration of the race, Verstappen battled with the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg and eventually finished third on the road, 18 seconds clear of Ricciardo. The teenager’s day got even better when he was promoted to second after Rosberg was given a ten-second time penalty for receiving radio instructions from his team to deal with a gearbox problem towards the end of the race.

Max Verstappen

Verstappen is sixth in the drivers’ championship after the British event, just ten points behind Ricciardo, who is fourth. The 18-year-old also has three podium finishes since his promotion to Red Bull six races ago, which includes one race win, compared to his teammate’s solitary rostrum visit so far this season, which came at the Monaco Grand Prix.

When asked whether he expected a strong reaction from Ricciardo following Verstappen’s dominant performance at Silverstone, Horner stated that he believes the Australian will fight back, but stressed that the current situation was good for the team.

He said: “I think that Daniel is a class driver and he’s already demonstrated this year that he’s at the top of his game. No teammate likes being the second of the cars to finish and I’m sure he’ll respond positively.

Daniel Ricciardo

“But it’s a positive thing in the team – there’s no animosity, it’s just two guys going flat out, going for it and it’s very healthy for us. I think Daniel is dealing with it very well.

The stakes are high; Red Bull is likely to be able to compete with Mercedes on equal terms at the next race in Hungary and the team has targeted a win there. Ricciardo won the 2014 race at the Hungaroring.

Horner also explained that Ricciardo had been unlucky with the timing of the Virtual Safety Car, which was deployed when Pascal Wehrlein beached his Manor in the Turn 1 gravel trap during the wet early running at Silverstone.

He said: “He got a little bit unlucky with the Virtual Safety Car, that cost him around ten seconds and allowed [Sergio] Perez to effectively get a free stop ahead of him.

“It’s just the run of the green, you can’t anticipate when there is going to be a VSC. He then cleared Perez and was slowly catching that group but the damage was done for his race.

Daniel Ricciardo

“I’m sure he’s going to have a couple of Sundays come up where everything will fall his way – everything is swings and roundabouts.”

Radio rule is “rubbish”

Although his team benefitted from Rosberg’s penalty, Horner described the current radio restrictions, which are designed to enforce Article 27.1 that states the driver must drive the car alone and unaided, as “rubbish” and questioned whether it was right for the current F1 era.

He said: “The rule is rubbish. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense but the rules are the rules.”

Christian Horner

“The cars are technically very complex and you can understand why Mercedes would want to give that message to keep their driver running.

“The question going forward is are these rules right for F1? That’s a different question.”

What did you make of Red Bull’s weekend at Silverstone? Do you expect Ricciardo to respond to Verstappen’s success in the coming races? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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A few thoughts from me about the current situation in Formula 1 and RBR in particular. Rather if you like it or not, the most important issue is making money in the actual F1. The days that an F1 car was built somewhere in a shed or barn are over. It’s about(a huge amount of) money.
Looking to Ferrari, they struggle to deliver proper results and winning races. The budget of Ferrari has to come from somewhere. I can imagine every Euro they spend on the Ferrari F1 Racing Team has to come from somewhere, the sponsors and/or the FIAT/GM group. This creates a huge pressure on the team to deliver appealing results. The results of the F1 team should ultimately result in increasing the sales of the FIAT / GM group. It is, in my view, also related to creating support for the financing of the F1 team. You can see the Ferrari F1 team is under a huge amount of pressure as they not deliver the required results.
I think this also applies to Mercedes, the difference is Mercedes has deliver the required results. Their dominance the last years eventually led to more sales of Mercedes products. The Mercedes F1 team is in a reasonably comfortable position compared to Ferrari.
That brings me to RBR. The reality is that RBR had a clearly lesser period after the successes of Vettel. The results and the exposure of the RBR F1 Team were clearly less than in the years of Vettel. Then comes the moment that Dr. Marko sees a boy of 16 years old driving a wet race in Germany in the F3. He heard promising stories about the boy, who’s the son of an former Dutch F1 driver. Therefore he decided to watch the boy in real on the circuit. The boy is more than a second faster per lap in the rain than the whole field. He puts the boy in the RB program and, in my view, that’s the time that plans developed around the future of RBR. He noticed other F1 Teams are also very interested in this talent. At that moment Max is an employee of the big Red Bull company and he gets a role in getting the exposure back like the years of Vettel. They put him in a F1 car on the age of 17. Never seen before and yes it creates an unbelievable amount of attention from the media, experts and everyone who’s watching F1 from granddad who watches F1 since 1938 to 15 year old boys and girls. The advertisement for RB is noticeable in sales, the cans flying from the shops. They seem to have wings. It is also worth noting that Max does what he has to do in his first season, he performs and pulls a huge amount of airtime to himself. More cans and merchandise. In 2016, conjures RB another rabbit out of the hat, they put Max after four races in the 1st team. Again a lot of attention from the media, experts and everyone who’s watching F1. One finds it ridicules, others a brilliant move, however at least everyone is talking about Max and so Red Bull. This fact also creates one of the problems for Ricciardo, this has nothing to do with racing on a circuit. Also the fact Max won his first race in the RBR didn’t help. (We will never know, but in my opinion it isn’t sure Ricciardo was able to manage his tires as good as Max in Spain and would have won Spain with the same strategy as Max.) I can imagine Ricciardo lost his temper in Monaco, this was his change to show the world he is also special. Since Monaco, in my view, Daniel is especially fighting with himself, and that is unfortunate. He should be focusing on himself and his own abilities.
The long term strategy of RB is a masterstroke in my eyes. Dr. Marko and Horner have created support by Dietrich Mateschitz to invest in RBR. Adrian Newey is now able to call that his wallet is empty and he still has a few good and expensive ideas for the 2017 car. Daniel is also able to benefit of this. The only thing he can do is perform, perform and perform. Time will tell if Max is able to perform better on the long term, it will make both drivers better, that’s for sure.


I can’t help but wonder if Daniel isn’t a little rattled by Max at the moment.

He appears to be keeping his cool in interviews, and he has generally had the upper hand in qualifying. Max, though, has been outracing him, although some of that is due to Daniel not having terrific luck in some races.

But what could really be getting under Daniel’s skin at the moment is that Helmut Marko is lurking in the background, and Max is very clearly his boy. The team may admire Daniel as a driver and for the work he does for and with the team, and they may claim they are being neutral between the drivers, but they also admired Mark and claimed they were neutral with him. That didn’t stop Helmut Marko from getting his way. And the more success that Max has relative to Daniel, the more and more Marko will get his way within the team and Max will become the focus.

If I was Daniel, I would be knocking down Mercedes’ door to get Nico’s seat. His career may depend on it, at this point. He cannot let himself get undermined by politics at Red Bull. And say what you want about Mercedes as a team and either of the two drivers, but they do let their drivers fight and show no favoritism in terms of allocation of resources or strategy calls. And, dare I say it, he may find it a little easier in 2-3 years going up against Lewis Hamilton approaching his mid-30s than Max Verstappen with all of the fire of a kid in his early-20s with nearly a half-decade of experience under his belt. Daniel does not want to get stuck possibly being a #2 driver at Red Bull or having to move to a team like McLaren or Renault in a couple of years.


Before I start on the topic at hand.

James, is it normal that I cannot use the same mail adress to comment on both phone and laptop? Thank you if you could answer me on that. I created a new mail so no big deal.

I am more than taken aback to see how Max is able to get up to speed so fast considering not only his rather short experience, but who is his teammate. Ricciardo looked the ascending star since 2014, now Red Bull have two rising stars in their mist. Marc


I think biggest concern for RIC is the fact that even with the DNF in Monaco VES got much more points in the 6 races together.
It just should not have happened.


robbed of 2 wins?
1, yes for sure, but 2?

Max had better race pace in Spain allready so if they had been on the same strategy, who knows what had happened…
Monaco was a dreadfully weekend for Max and he messed it up in testing, qualifying, and the race. Ricciardo was the best on that track and should have had the 25 points. All races after monaco, Max outpaced Daniel and he took the crown when he overtook Daniel in Austria. Momentum has shifted in the RBR pits box and I hope for Daniel he can jump on the train!


It’s impossible to overtake in Spain so Ricciardo would definitely have won.


Impossible to overtake?…comon..you are talking about Verstappen…a guy who overtook Nasr in Blanchimont…a guy who overtook Rosberg in Beckets


Well… If there is one thing that Max taught us over the past 16 months is that nothing is impossible.
Overtaking outside blanchimont was impossible and overtaking outside becketts was impossible so I bet Max would have found a way past Daniel like he did in Austria.


I fully agree re the Spa and Silverstone overtakes, hugely impressive. However, they are on tracks that have traditionally provided overtaking (admittedly not through becketts!). Barcelona on the other hand… I would say it is impossible unless there is a massive tyre off set. Remember the great Fernando Alonso couldn’t pass Maldonado in 2012, he never even had a proper opportunity to pass him. So I would be inclined to say if Ricciardo had been on Max’s strategy he would have held on to win, even if Max was faster.


Fair enough mate 😉
Must say that I was very and positively surprised by the fact that Max was able to hook on right from the start. Also great to see the car improving and everybody beeing positive!
Hope to see them both improving and race for the title next year!


The way this article is worded it makes it sound like Ric has been outraced by Ves since he arrived in RBR. From the races I watched it seems to me that it was two crap strategy calls from RBR that robbed him of not one but two race wins.


Horner knows this and can then be seen to be right in his” Ric will fight back at the next race” statement.


I still think Ric and Vettel gambled on a wet set up. Explaining the slow qualifying. Much like Lewis in 2008. (No mistakes in a dry qualy and ended up 4 places behind Kovy on the grid but won the wet race by a lot). If there’s no threat of rain in Hungary and Ric and Vettel are back on the qualy pace. Then that’s what happened.


Why were they slower in the wet race then? I honestly don’t think a ‘wet set up’ is actually that different from normal these days.


I would say the thing that has Ric a bit rattled (his strange behavior on Thursday evening in the Sky interview) is the [Mod]’s tyre management. That’s been my biggest F1 surprise since Lewis got if an F1 car.

Ah,……..the wonder of seeing something for the first time.


Sorry, got moded there. I was just using the Australian for youngster. In Australia they call them pups. In Ireland we call them cubs.


This will be interesting. Verstappen only has 6 races in a Red Bull and I think he has Ricciardo rattled already.


There is no doubt that Max is a prodigy.. arguably the (emerging) driver of the decade (if not generation) … another Senna, if you will.
The fact that Ricciardo has been beaten by him is no shame at all.
The fact that the times where he has been beaten by Max were mostly due to factors outside of his control puts Ricciardo at the level of Prost.

Can we not agree that they are phenomenal talents that should be respected and appreciated for their race craft rather than denigrate either of them for the emotional attachment you or I might have for the other?


Radio rule is “rubbish”

Spot on – except I would have preferred “bo**ox”.


I also notice that on this website the respect between the comments etc are very nice to see. I am myself from Holland so a big Max fan but i really do think Dan is a superb driver. It’s very nice that now also the Australian people say instead about he has luck etc, that Max is a great sensation and great driver. Afterall, it are teammates, so let’s cheer for both of them with a bit rivalry between them ofcourse. So i just wanted to say to all here, great, good comments and it’s nice to see and discuss other opinions on a normal way with respect, cheers to all and let’s hope Hungary gonna be a great race for the Bulls, with max infront ofcourse 😉 😉


As a Dutch I’ve had three nice weekends in a row. Daniel is a great racer and a nice person. I followed Max since his debute in the F3. First you think he’s overhyped and overrated……. His debute in the F1 was very controversal because of his age. Then you think, it will last af few years and maybe he is able to be competentive when he is 22 years old….. I’ve stopped to think Max has reached his max, his learning curve is, like James stated, almost vertical. I seriously hope Daniel is able to reset his mind, because a Daniel Ricciardo driving sharp as a knife is the teammate Max needs. If Ricciardo isn’t able I think only Lewis will be able to have a serious fight on the edge with Max in a positive way. Looking forward to it. Coming race in Hungary will be interesting, Max didn’t show any nerves the last weekend, I didn’t see any signs of pressure, impresssive for a 18 year old guy……..


Hey, you don’t have to be “a Dutch” to enjoy Max !!!

As a Hamilton fan we just want nice fights on the track between these two, Max is beyond epic, I do not see much room for him to get better, he has been so close to perfect as it is


He sure is..but thats exactly the reason the fans, press and F1 pundits are saying that he has the potential and the racecraft to be the Greatest ever….

18 years young…still has alot to learn…and to perfect his drivingstyle…its scary when you think about it


As a Dutch i enjoy the “resurrection” of Lewis. Impressive how Lewis fights back last races. I see similarities between Lewis and Max. Also differences between them naturally. In my view Max has ine big advance, his age and the platform he’s allowed to learn en develop his racing skills. I think it is an added value to gain experience at the highest level and grow. he learns of men like Lewis, Fernando, Jenson and Seb by example. That’s another class with other racers/mentors around you on the track as the F3 or F2. RBR took a risk, putting Max in the fastest team after 4 races, but he provide them a race-win, worldwide puplicity and 4 times driver of the day. Like stated on Sky after the race at Silverstonde last Sunday: it’s a bit scary, the boy is still learning.”


Sadly, Daniel’s body language isn’t all that positive. Reminds me of Vettel in 2014, who had a decent start and went downhill as the season progressed.
This is a highly competitive sport and even small things can have great psychological effect on the driver.
Poor reliability, bad strategy calls and on top of that couple of bad races will have such a negative impact on driver’s pysche and confidence. This was what that happened to Vettel in ’14 and this is what is happening to Ricciardo now.
Each one of them uses a different coping mechanism to deal with the bad phase.
1. In Senna’s and Hamilton’s case, it was all about projecting the image of victim hood and somehow convincing others that they were unfairly dealt with.
2. In Alonso’s case, it was always about convincing others aboutb how he over-performed with a dog of a car.
3. In Vettel’s case, it manifested in the form of chassis inspection after Hungary 2014 when he was definitely convinced that there was something wrong with the car.
All the drivers pass through this phase. The great ones will find the reset button and bounce back. Others like Webber and Rosberg ( though they have great talent) will perish under pressure.
Daniel hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to drive the car or lost his pace. But remains to be seen if he will find it within himself to lift up and rise above the current predicament. Verstappen will continue to be the blue eyed boy of the team and media, just like Vettel was in 2009 and Ricciardo in 2014. He has an uphill battle against his own insecurity.


I like Daniel, but do have a feeling that he is a little overrated, Always felt that it should have been JEV who got the call up to RBR in 2014.

Max is a unique talent and in the same team would give even the likes of Hamilton a headache.


I don’t think he is overrated but somehow he settled in too much with Kvyat being the lesser talented driver and never got to the limit of what is possible with the RBR12. Max, having been more challenged by Sainz, and driving a midfield car, has not yet had the luxury of not having to go to the limit of the car he drives ( Actually this is what Marko means with not having to set the fastest lap in all 3 qualifying sessions).
So.. Daniel just have to find that extra bit of power and go more towards the limit of the car to start beating Max again.
Is he able to do that? I think yes…
Is he going to prevent Max from advancing even further? I think no.
They will make each other better drivers and that will be necessary to become WDC from 2017 onwards.


Great article and comments above! As a keen RB and Ric fan it has been tough to see him struggle (with luck and personally) under the sensational Max Attack who has proved quite something. It has left me wondering (and hoping) whether (that) Ric has a wise head advising him around how to mentally and socially deal with this and himself bounce back strongly – really didn’t like seeing his reaction after the team stuff-up in the pits – seems there’s a lot about emotional intelligence (EQ) to it all. I guess it is worth bearing in mind despite it all he still leads in points and as a contributor pointed out earlier, this, despite a few clear team muck-ups which stopped earning him even more serious points/podiums. Hope to be talking about the successful Dan & Max attack in months and years to come! Anything to mess with that Merc dominance we have seen for far too long! I am sure what is happening on track for RB is doing to be a massive motivational boost for the RB factory and engineering teams who’ll all pitch in hugely.


If truly Red Bull are ahead next year with the new aero rules, it’s going to be a heck of a battle. Red Bull have a history of promoted drivers outscoring the senior drivers in their debut season. Vettel-Webber, Ricciardo-Vettel, even Kvyat outscored Ricciardo last year. So, Max finishing ahead of Ricciardo this year isn’t out of the question or unheard of. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. But even if that happens, it’s no guarantee Max will be ahead in 2017, Ricciardo could just come back stronger.


by the end of this season…

Ricciardo will know exactly how Vettel felt in 2014……


This. However, I believe Vettel was off-form during 2014, while Ric is on form in 2016.

Stephen Taylor

To be fair Vettel was trounced by Kimi this weekend as well . You can’t be beaten by your team mate you know. James/Alex I know would you say Vettel’s / Ferrari’s slim outside WDC hopes are all but gone after falling adrift of Kimi in the standings this weekend?


‘trounced by Kimi’ – You must be kidding right?


Well he did beat him fair and square even with the gearbox penalty. Vettel had one of his occasional off days.


Ferrari was nowhere this weekend. Heads need to roll soon if they wanna turn their season around. Didn’t help Vettel to start 11 although i doubt he would be able to pass Kimi since he only moved to 9th place.


I’m sure it’s just a mistranscription, but the saying should be “rub of the green”, from golf.


It’s from snooker actually


I’m glad we have this battle to look forward to for the rest of the season, should be very entertaining. You can already see from Ricciardo’s body language he isn’t best pleased with the current situation! And to be fair to him he should have at least 1 win in his pocket, arguably 2.

Should be good starting with the next race as RB will be pretty handy round the Hungaroring.


I was well impressed by Daniel Ricciardo and his attitude regarding his interview with Lee McKenzie on Channel 4. He said his race was “boring” and was “unfortunate” with the timing of the VSC, but just chalked it upto a racing experience where sometimes a driver can be in the right place at the right time, or vice versa. That’s a sign of maturity and a savvy operator.

The boys growing up, his demeanour more self assured, his outlook more worldly wise. I still think his outburst at Monaco, although understandable, was unbecoming of a such gifted and experienced sportsman in his late 20s, and perhaps he’s had time to reflect on that as well. With exciting new regulations for next year and with RB in the pound seat to capitalise on that, I think he’s mellowed somewhat realising a bit of short term pain is acceptable as both himself and young Max will surely have some days in the sun with a new aerodynamic supercar from Red Bull for next year.

Perhaps every racing driver needs a bad and frustrating experience to make them realise than you can drive brilliantly and yet victory can be snatched from the sweaty grasp of their hands. It happens to all and sundry. And Daniel Ricciardo is a more mature (and better) person for it.

It’ll happen to young Max one day too: in a position to possibly win, only to have that chance denied. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts to it!


Agree with Adrian.
The most balanced sensible and reasoned comment on this thread. Glad I kept scrolling down ?


Gaz Boy: Excellent comments! It could be argued that Dan has been a bit unlucky but Max has made the most of the opportunities presented to him and converted them to podiums. But Dan’s a good driver with incredible self belief and will respond. As Horner said the fortunes of racing ebb and flow. Dr Helmut Marko made the right decision to promote Max to the senior team and with the two of them RB might just now have the best pairing in racing.


Daniel will look into it with his engineers as he did after Austria. James can’t you start a new: What it’s like to be Verstappen’s teammate – Daniel Ricciardo Reader Q&A ?


I assume Ricciardo has been doing his utmost all season –
Being the competitive person that he is.

Thus I don’t see how he can ‘respond’ to Verstappen’s success.
Apart from congratulating him.


also before Max entered Red Bull, he didn’t manage what Max is managing, 2 second places and a first place, off course Max is lucky because of the fighting between the two mercedes drivers, but you have to be there at the right time…


The car has significantly improved, so not really a valid comparison.


And still, Ricciardo has also the last couple of races the new engine, he doesn’t show it, he really has to step up and he will, I am sure of it…


His first win was without the new engine, it seems like it, that Max can do something extra with the car, he held of Kimi for a lot of laps, keeping his tyres, without the upgrade, there is no denial, the kid is remarkable…


I don’t know James, Daniels body language suggests to me that he’s not happy with the team following spain and monaco and that its affecting his performance in a general sense. it’s almost like he’s lost a bit of confidence in them. what do you think?


You win and lose together. He’s not treated like Webber by certain factions, if that’s what you mean

Red Bull is in it to win it and much as Daniel would like a team mate like Raikkonen who is always 2 or 3 tenths off the lead driver, Red Bull keep the pressure on him with a kid whose learning curve is almost vertical and his ability to learn and improve is there for all to see.

2017 and 2018 Red Bull will fight for the title and Daniel may have hoped Verstappen would take a bit longer to reach his peak


Please more respect for Kimi, the guy is 37 at the end of his career and doing not that bad at all. He is getting more bashing from the media than he deserves. (Currently 3rd in the championship behind the two Mercs…) O.K. yes Vettel is faster most of the time, but he is in his peek years. Everything should be put into the right context. Also, he was the guy who was driving through the engine smoke in Spa without lifting or beating a very fast Alonso in Monaco in 2005 by “half a second,..half a second..” commentated by James both times I think, or winning in Suzuka from the last place.


I just hate the look on his face when he’s on the podium. Always pissed off, doesn’t care. He’s been on both sides of the spectrum, deal with it. This way, you’ll never win again. Especially if you have an 18yr old driving in front of you.


I agree Remco

Stephen Taylor

James to be fair Kimi did out qualify Vettel the weekend just gone and was ahead comfortably .


Poor Kimi Raikkone has become a benchmark for mediocrity and everyone’s favorite punch bag.

I am a Kimi fan and i will be patient….


I wish you were right, how cool would it be to live in a world that can afford to use Kimi as a benchmark for mediocracy. Can’t wait! In the meantime Kimi is a brilliant driver, doing his best in a not so brilliant car and he’s also not the greatest communicator. What else is new?


James 2017 and 2018 Red Bull will not be in the tittle hunt and not with the Renault engine though they have improved. Dont discount Ferarri


James, with respect, why slag off Kimi regardless….? He was ahead of Seb in quali and faster in the race, and not for the first time!


Because, Kimi gets ahead only when Vettel makes a mistake ( like this weekend).
When both are doing their best, Kimi is 3-5 tenths down on Vettel.


We will see next year in the higher down force cars that will again reward the drivers with smoother styles much more than these current cars do.


I agree that Ricciardo is a product of RBR and not disadvantaged like Webber was. I disagree that Ricciardo would like #2 team mate. He will relish the challenge by the teenage sensation. I hope you are right about the next few years and we see some exciting action from the pair of them.!!


I don’t think red bull has a number one driver designated. I would think that would be which ever driver has the momentum.


Vertical learning curve or has he just already mastered driving these not so physically demanding cars. I’ve see quite a few ex-drivers say that whilst he is impressive, there’s no way teenagers would have jumped into 2000-2005 cars and been competitive like Max has.

Anyway, glad the cars are getting faster next year.


Can you speak of a teenager when you speak about a boy who is racing top level races for over 10 years before entering F1?
If the talent is there, and the cool head to canalize it the right way, age does not matter one bit.
Only difference IMHO to earlier days cars is the level of physical strength you need to have to race them but I am pretty sure, given the physical condition Max is in today, that he would have nailed them too.


Yeah, and these so called ex-drivers would not make it in these modern F1-cars. It’s a new era with new technology. Stop comparing 2 things that can’t be compared.


Just echoing what Alonso has said in the past. Is he experienced enough for you to be allowed to compare them? As he has driven both.


Toys out the Pram ? From Ricci as he goes into driver 2 mode. I can see Max climbing upwards on the points chart too.


What, when, where?


Monaco , Spain

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