Whatever happened to ousted Ferrari F1 boss Marco Mattiacci? Here’s the answer
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Marco Mattiacci
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Jun 2016   |  5:03 pm GMT  |  46 comments

Marco Mattiacci had a brief career as team principal of the Ferrari F1 team in 2014, stepping in to replace Stefano Domenicali before being replaced himself eight months later by Maurizio Arrivabene. But not before he had overseen the Scuderia’s divorce with Fernando Alonso and signed Sebastan Vettel to replace him.

Mattiacci, who famously introduced himseld to F1 the Chinese Grand Prix by wearing sunglasses in all conditions, came to the role from a strong background on the automotive side and had overseen sales growth in China and the USA.

Mattiaci followed his chairman Luca di Montezemolo out of the door as Sergio Marchionne excercised his control over Ferrari. The 2014 season was the Maranello squad’s worst season since 1992 – they failed to win a race and finished fourth in the world constructor’s championship, 581 points adrift of Mercedes. To what extent this was Mattiacci’s fault is a moot point, given the lead times in F1. Certainly he sanctioned a complete reworking of the Ferrari power unit for 2015, which saw them lead forward in competitiveness that season with Vettel winning three races.

Marco Mattiacci

Today it has been announced that the Italian has taken up a new role at Faraday Future, a tech company in California working on electric vehicles and mobility.

“Mattiacci will assume the role of Global Chief Brand & Commercial Officer, leading all aspects of branding, marketing, communications, distribution, sales, and user/customer experience. Marco will also sit on key strategy, product, design, and HR committees,” said a statement from the company this morning.

Mattiacci seems pleased with his new role: “Throughout my career, I have been a passionate believer in innovation and unique user experiences for customers,” he said.

“Joining the Faraday Future team is an incredible opportunity that revolves around a completely new, connected, and intelligent way of thinking. I look forward to the role I will play in developing a truly brave and innovative path forward for the industry.”

Here’s what Faraday Future say about themselves.

“Faraday Future is a user-centric, advanced mobility company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Our global team leverages the talents of leading thinkers and passionate creators from the technology and automotive industries to bring premium, intuitive, and seamlessly connected electric vehicles to people worldwide.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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I feel this is the right place to offer a quote from today’s Moneyweek magazine, all credits go to them.
“In any successful enterprise there must be an uneven number of directors and three is too many.”
Giovanni Agnelli, founder of Fiat


Sounds like the right man in the right job!
Good for him, great things to come.


I can’t recall even one interview with the BBC during his tenure. Did he practice a blanket press ban, or were his interviews just extremely uncommon?


I did a good one with him for the Financial Times. He was good to talk to, interesting perspective on the sport


I really like Mattiaci he got to the bottom of the rot at Ferrari real quick and he did not pamper to that prima donna Alonso. He did what he was hired to do and it was clear that he was only ever there to do that. A pity because anyone with that sort of ability is a rare and valuable asset in such a dynamic business like F1. Faraday Future is a terrific place to end up and Im sure the brand will be etched into the automotive mainstrain in the years ahead


Sounds like a nice job – marketing and “user/customer experience” for an electric vehicle company that hasn’t made or sold or marketed a vehicle yet.

It was a shame Mattiacci got pushed out – 2015 seemed to indicate he made some good decisions. Judging by this season, Marchionne has some questions to answer (which he will no doubt answer by firing someone more junior – that always works at Ferrari, doesn’t it).


Is it known why he was kicked out of Ferrari in the first place? Not even moved to another department? As far as I know that reason was never told to the public.


The story of him and Alonso is the story here. James can you tell us what you know? Mattiacci said in a press brief that he was not there to keep Fernando happy but Ferrari. Then Alonso left and Vettle came in. Oh and then Mattiacci got let go. (I think it was only temporary appointment anyway) Game of Thrones.

roberto marquez

Arrivabene literally means “arriving in good shape”.I think Ferrari sacrificed Montezemolo and Mattiacci for Arrivabene ,he was lucky at the begginning because the work these two had made.Now he is running out of results and I expect his “despedida” ( farewell) will not be as bene.


Poor Marco


Interesting. It was also announced yesterday here in Aus that Nissan Motorsport’s V8 Supercar team have lost a race engineer to Faraday Future, who’s taking up a development role. I wonder how many other motorsports people they’re head hunting?


I missed his monster size shades he wore them everywhere ????.
A man of few words though they used him as a scapegoat in the blame game at Ferrari.


Ferrari really did a number on him.
He was apparently an asset in North America and then they put him in charge of Ferrari F1. He was perceived to have done a bad job and then they shoved him a cannon and pressed fire ! The Ferrari Way and The Italian Way I’m surprised they didn’t make him an offer he couldn’t refuse .


The Italian Way? What kind of an [mod] comment is that?

Its actually the corporate way, and as has been widely reported had nothing to do with Mattiacci’s performance at Ferrari F1…


Hey ???? Wise Guy
Think you went over the
Red line Redline ????
The mod has spoken!


bit funny how someone can be canned after 8 mths from such a complex role and yet a driver can have pretty unremarkable performances year in year out at ferrari without a problem. I guess if your face fits…


Steady on
Vettels only been there 18 months.


has taken up a new role at Faraday Future…

I bet he’d rather still be working for Ferrari though…..


You think Ferrari is more likely to solve future of automation of Faraday Future? It’s a bit funny that this question is being asked, isn’t it?


I agree – it’s a very funny question you are asking in response to my post. Hmmm let me think – CEO of Ferrari North America or whatever he is for whoever they are. Tricky decision…. Do you think if LDM hadn’t been usurped by Marchione that Mattiacci would have resigned and gone looking for a job at Faraday? I can’t see it myself but, hey, who knows ?


You refuse to believe, but you will one day soon. Ferrari valuation is 8B, Tesla is 32B. Shocking?


I don’t refuse to believe at all – I may not agree that it will happen as quickly as you do but I believe it will happen. No, I was commenting on the randomness of having an exchange with you. Here, let me give you an example:
‘Good morning Sebee, how are you?’ Your reply – ‘These new hybrid PU’s are rubbish, they use loads of fuel getting to the races which completely negates the 50kg/race they save. And electric is the future, you’ll wake up one day and the world will be electric – particularly the Tesla, they are quicker 0 – something than a Ferrari and they break dinos. How are you C63?’


And one more thing C63. If you believe it will happen, as it will, why were you objecting so hard and making me explain the nuts and bolts to you like you don’t get it?


If I recall correctly , we disagreed on the speed with which things will happen. You’re convinced the world will turn electric at any moment and I believe it will be decades. I also believe hybrid will be bigger than full electric in the foreseeable future .


…and I’m on topic here about the landing spot for Marco. You think Elon would rather still be at Paypal – a very nice company, or in charge of Tesla & Space X?


I got through to you. You remember it all. I’m touched. Carry the torch my friend.


I don’t know about that, but I’m damn sure I got through to you – 3rd reply from you (one didn’t pass mod)????
Seriously though, you reckon Mattiacci was always plotting to leave Ferrari – the most iconic brand in the world – and end up at a company that most people have to Google to find out who they are ? As I said, I reckon it’s more to do with circumstances than any game plan…..


Nailed it C63 🙂

Garrett Bruce

Thanks, James – this follow-up note is appreciated by many, am sure. Would think that other similar articles would be welcomed as well, even though they may not relate directly to the most recent or coming racing event. Some other similar discussions about what Braun and others who have moved on might be of interest as well.


i this article told us what he did from when he left f1 to date.


He probably ate a bit of food, used the loo and watched TV as well. Not sure we need every detail! I’m just surprised he wasn’t given a pair of concrete boots and ended up sleeping with the fishes;


Clearly he was filling out job applications aveli 😉




. . . Teddy Mayer, Tyler Alexander, Patrick Head, Stefano Domenicalli, Jo Ramirez . . .

I could go on . . .


He was just hired as a hatchet man essentially wasn’t he? Probably handsomely rewarded also.


What a great idea to write about this !
In fact, I have been menaing to post something along those lines to kindly ask James to give us a series of articles on former F1 figures.

I for one would be very interested indeed to read from an F1 authority (as opposed to Wikipedia or similar) what messrs Whitmarsh, Parr, Michael and also Briatore, to name but a few and I am sure there are more. Also the ones that have come back like Ryan and Symmonds, for example.
How about a brief description of their pre F1 life, their F1 times, what they do now and what “legacy” they left behind ?

May be something for the off season ?

Thanks for considering this, I look forward to any posts in that general direction !


Faraday Future are an interesting company, they have former Tesla staff, some unique patents and now Mattiaci. As far as I know they are yet to produce a car but when they do, it could be groundbreaking.


Cupertino is littered with Teslas. Probably their #1 market. One thing is certain, it’s going to be an aggressive growth segment. Nice landing spot Mr. Mattiacci.


I thought Cupertino was littered with Apples …. 😉


I liked Mattiacci a lot. He was pretty calm. Same with Arrivabene.

Marchionne on the other hand, don’t like him at all. While Di Montezemolo had similarities to him, Di Montezemolo at least had charisma.


Arrivo is anything but calm on the pitwall. Thankfully Allison is back and he is a calming influence on the boss who ‘can’t keep still’.

I liked Matti too. He did a lot to shape the current scuderia.

Real question we need an answer too, James, is why he was sacked so unceremoniously as if he’d had his hand in the till or something worse????

simon mawdsley

yeah, come on James, give us some analysis. PA Newswire could have written this article


Strange attitude to fire someone who has proved to be a great success and an asset in another part of the Ferrari business.


I still think there is more to the story. If Marchionne wanted to put his guy in as TP, then fine. But why not simply move Mattiacci back to his previous (and by all accounts) very successful role?

It all just seems a little weird that this successful guy from the automotive side of the business with no racing background is suddenly made TP and within months is out of the company all together despite on the face of it having taken some pretty decisive steps to move the team forward.


I think the story with Mattiacci is the same with most corporate politics. He was the main man in North America for FCA. What better way to eliminate a possible competitor for your job. Send him into the F1 wilderness then use the poor performance to get rid of him permanently.


Hundo P

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