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F1 and Silverstone launch competition to bring fans closer to the sport
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  16 Jun 2016   |  11:01 am GMT  |  33 comments

The British Racing Drivers’ Club is also holding a competition alongside Formula 1 that will give away a number of paddock passes to this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

As he spoke about the contest, BRDC President Derek Warwick also said Silverstone’s new pricing models will attract a record crowd for this season’s Formula 1 British Grand Prix.

In 2015, Silverstone attracted 350,000 people over the three days of the Grand Prix and 140,000 travelled to the Northamptonshire on race day to see Lewis Hamilton win for Mercedes ahead of his teammate Nico Rosberg and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

Derek Warwick

But Warwick expects an even bigger crowd to attend this year and the former F1 driver told JAonF1 that Hamilton’s recent success and Jenson Button’s enduring popularity was helping to pull in more fans.

He said: “We’re looking at our biggest crowd ever. Last year we broke every record in the book and this year we’re looking to even beat that, so in terms of the crowd, I think it’s going to be one of the best Grands Prix ever.

“We’ve obviously got Lewis now within nine points of Rosberg and the normal supporters of Jenson [are coming]. Jenson is such a great puller of fans for the British Grand Prix, so we’re really proud that we’ve got two of the best Grand Prix drivers in Formula 1, [and] they’re world champions.

Silverstone British Grand Prix 2015

“We’re looking for the best ever event, obviously [it’s] just over three weeks to go before the Grand Prix, so if people want to buy tickets for grandstands we have almost run out, so my suggestion to them is to get on the website as soon as possible and see what there is.”

Speaking about Silverstone’s F1 Paddock Passes competition – details below – Warwick explained that Bernie Ecclestone and F1’s management had been keen to offer a new experience to fans via the contest.

He said: “They’re fantastic prizes – Formula 1 and Bernie Ecclestone have given us the prizes for the access to the teams, the Paddock Club and to the paddock so we’re all working together to try and find something to give back to the fans.

Silverstone British Grand Prix 2015

“It’s a money can’t buy [experience] and this something that Bernie is helping us with because I think what he wants to do is maybe do something similar for every Grand Prix.”

The Silverstone race has enjoyed strong ticket sales in recent years and Warwick explained why he thinks the event is performing strongly compared to other tracks that have struggled to attract consistent crowd numbers.

He said: “First of all the British fans are the best in the world. Secondly, we’ve got a three-time world champion and a one-time world champion at this event. We’ve bucked the trend worldwide because anywhere you go now fans are down 25-30 per cent, so we’re bucking that trend.

“I think it is because we’re giving value for money. We have discounted a lot of the tickets and we are trying to help our fans as best we can.

“We’re just hoping the weather is going to be good, we hope that people appreciate the value for money that we’re trying to do. The Grand Prix gets more and more difficult for us financially every year and we try not to pass all of that burden on to the fans.”

Silverstone British Grand Prix

The prize:

WATCH THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX FROM AN F1® TEAM GARAGE – 2 pairs of Formula 1® Paddock Passes – the inner sanctum of F1® – for Friday 8 July & Saturday 9 July, each pair includes 2 places in Formula 1 Paddock Club™ Hospitality PLUS watch the Grand Prix from a F1® Team garage on Sunday 10 July.

ULTIMATE HOSPITALITY PACKAGE IN THE FORMULA 1™ PADDOCK CLUB – 3 pairs of Formula 1® Paddock Passes for Friday 8 July & Saturday 9 July – the inner sanctum of F1, each pair includes 2 places in Formula 1 Paddock Club™ Hospitality on Sunday 10 July.

FORMULA 1® PADDOCK ACCESS FOR TWO DAYS OF THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX – 5 pairs of Formula 1® Paddock Passes – the inner sanctum of F1 -for Friday 8 July & Saturday 9 July and 5 pairs of weekend grandstand tickets

To enter:

Go to to enter. Full terms and conditions are available on the Silverstone website.

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Douglas Rothwell

Never Won anything in my Life “This would be a Dream for a poor person”I wish to Live my Dream Doug


Great prizes, but how easy is it to get accommodation that close to the GP? I’m guessing all the camp sites and hotels will be booked up by now. Probably worth a long drive each day to be that close to the action.


Andrew Halliday

I only booked my Silverstone camping last week! There’s always room for more.


It’s a pity, this is only for UK residents.
Though it’s still a nice idea.


If they wanted to bring fans closer to the sport the competition entry would be FREE!!!! Not £2.50!


Do they really think Button pulls in many fans these days….


He still comes out pretty highly in the “Most marketable” driver rankings, so I guess he does.


Hi James, apologies if its slightly off-topic, but I have wanted ti raise this topic for a while. I visited the GP in Monaco (free practices) this year from Germany for the first time. Had a ticket opposite the pit. Everything was great, but my problem is that you (fast) always see only a very limited section of the track (either high speed or slow etc.) and as such your experience is very limited in terms of the different speeds, car behaviour etc. Plus, you hardly can move, stand up etc for ca. 2 hours as you are told the stay seated at all times. Would it be possible to sell some kind of combined tickets in the future to be able to see different sections of the circuits. I know it would make more difficult to plan people traffic etc. but that is the only thing that holds me back to visit any other GPs. Lots of travel, expenses etc and than a very limited experience. Thank you. (Maybe at other places you see a lot more, but I would doubt.) FoS is much more value for money from the point of view in my opinion.


I long for the days when you bought a general admission pass and walked the circuit watching many corners. When the Austin track was built the layout was perfect for a infield ticket but alas, this is a sport for rich spectators only and they do not offer a GA pass. Such a shame… , big turn off for fans.

Andrew Halliday

Peter, the seating possibilities vary a lot depending on which race you’re at. For example, at Silverstone and Barcelona, you can sit in any grandstand on Friday regardless of the ticket you have. You then have to sit in your own seat/general admission on Saturday and Sunday at Barcelona, whereas you can still sit in any grandstand on Saturday at Silverstone as long as you have a grandstand ticket. In Hungary, you either have general admission all weekend or a specific seat each weekend. I seem to remember it being the same at the Nurburgring, The grandstands at Spa are very expensive so the best option is general admission and this gives you great access all around the track. Melbourne used to be a choice of general admission or specific seat but they’ve now brought in a 3 grandstand ticket where you have a specified seat in a different grandstand each day. At some tracks, like Barcelona, Spa and Hungary, the view is decent from general admission but at others, like Silverstone, I reckon you need a grandstand seat to have a decent view.
As an aside, the first race I ever attended was Melbourne. Being a street circuit, it’s pretty much a glorified circle so you tend to see cars drive past you for a few seconds, probably similar to what you’ve seen in Monaco. When I first visited tracks like Silverstone and Barcelona I was amazed at how long you can watch a single car with an unobstructed view as it speeds up and slows down through different corners. Through Luffield/Woodcote/National Straight at Silverstone or the stadium section (turns 10-12) at Barcelona, you can watch a car uninterrupted for about 15-25 seconds.


I know in Montreal they sell packages called ‘Trios’ – three different sections of the track for Fri, Sat & Sun and they usually offer at least 3 combinations of Trios. It’s good value – Hungary does this too and I just bought a set of three for this year!


My experience is that Monaco, due to how tight the circuit is, has probably the worst experience for what you described. Certainly the British, Belgium and Aus GPs are better for moving around from personal experience. And from what I can see Mexico and Austria both look like they give fantastic viewing from grandstands.
Or of course you can stump up for a balcony in a high level apartment in Monaco and then you will get a great view of more of the track for your €5k+ although you still wont be able to wander around until the open the track up after quali.


Great ideas often seem so obvious after use fact. Good on the BRDC for spearheading this and if Bernie really is considering this for all Grand Prix weekends then that’s qualifying,social media and free access passes…….what next a better distribution of the finances? One lives in hope.


Looking forward to the Silverstone Weekend.
Long Weekend just hope for a bit of Sun in between the traditional showers. Or the smell of bacon bangers and eggs will be on the steamy side on the BBQs. Great British turnout also . A Top Draw event just hope our lads shine on Race Day.
Hope Silverstone keeps the race, even after The BRDC sells the land off for development.
Warwicks a great bloke and should be the next bloke in charge of F1 or even the FIA with Mansell . Get rid of Todt and the Prince Of Darkness BE ASAP.


Raffle tickets at £2.50 –
Good value for the 20 or so winners.
Hope the proceeds are going to a worthy charity.


Brilliant prizes. I would have entered straight away but for the first year since I started going in 2003 I have bought four pit straight tickets with the hope that the children will finally see the appeal of F1. The work that Silverstone has done in the last few years to make it a great event for families cannot be praised enough.

While it isn’t cheap to participate in the draws for these prizes, hopefully it will provide a bit more revenue for the track and increase the viability of the race.

Andrew Halliday

Whoever wins these prizes will have a great weekend (I’ve already entered and I hope I win!). I’ve been in a few paddocks over the years but it’s generally been after the race on a Sunday so everything’s starting to get packed up. Although F1 drivers and team personnel are often very accommodating for photos, autographs etc away from the paddock, I’ve always felt that they seem to to be more willing to spend time talking to random people in the paddock and it’s a lot more relaxed.


While clearly an excellent prize, just be aware that the entry question is embarrassing simple to answer – just read the text immediately above and it costs £2.50 to enter, so it’s not all kindness but a nice little money spinner.

Disappointed that JA is selling this without being clear what it really is, a £2.50 a pop raffle ticket with a very small chance of winning.


@lan spencer.
I agree with you Ian totally, but on the other side, that’s media manipulation for you?. Absolutely nothing is free, and only a fool would think otherwise?. The BRDC are not giving them away, those who enter are paying for them.
Otherwise, they are excellent prizes and I think we’ll worth £2.50 just for having ago?
You never know, stranger things have happened.


Agreed fella!


Wow. They do something like this and you complain. Interesting


Just to be clear, the complaint is two-fold – it is not really a competition when the question is “What is the date of the 2016 Silverstone GP?” which is stated just above the question. So there is no filter that a genuine fan can feel that they have a chance of a leg up over some random bloke with no sense of the value of £2.50.

Secondly, it is your presentation of this which comes across as an altruistic offer when it is clearly designed to rake in some serious cash – they really are good prizes so lots of people will be tempted to enter, and some people will be desperate enough to throw away a lot of money on multiple entries. Hardly a “money can’t buy experience” when most people will have to spend money to have a go. Multiple entries are not excluded, so it is a fair bet that there will be some desperate fans sucked in to spending silly money on a money can’t buy prize, even if it is on a shedload of stamps and envelopes.

Yes, I would love that prize, but at least make the competition genuine – this is a Channel 5 [Mod] style “competition”. You have essentially written a glowing advert for a money-making scheme for Silverstone (and I don’t begrudge them for having a money making scheme, I just think they should be upfront about it), and I am disappointed with you precisely because I have great respect for this column and you rarely misfire like this.


Not often I do, JA, but I have to disagree. The £2.50 per entry is the first thing I notices too. Someone somewhere will make a fair bit of money from this – £10,000 for every 4000 entries! It’s not really altruistic if someone stands to make a fortune is it? If they have been ‘given’ the prizes from BE why are they trying to make money from the fans that they spend the entire article gushing over?


Or… they will cover the cost of setting this up and promoting it and administering it!
Even if they make money from it, fantastic, should encourage them to do more in future as well.
And really you would gripe over the cost of a coffee for this possibility? Not much of a fan if you do….


Really, Dave, ‘not much of a fan’? Come on, I’m pointing out that it is a dishonest representation of what they are doing. It’s a £2.50 lottery ticket, they should have said that and been open about it being a way to raise money for that great circuit and the good work that the BRDC do. Had they done that many fans would have donated £2.50 even without the chance of winning but I don’t like being patronised and mislead. By the way, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re even allowed to enter multiple times so you can spend a fortune if you like 🙂


I agree totally. £2.50 raffle dressed up with fancy words. We’re not stupid.


“why are they trying to make money from the fans that they spend the entire article gushing over?

Because they’re a business Wayne.

Sure you can be a little cynical/jaded about it, but I think that any business that runs a competition is always looking at short term loss for long term gain.

I don’t know how much it costs to maintain an F1 level race circuit per year but I’m guessing it’s in the region of lots (and that’s not even counting Bernie’s hosting fee) so if your £2.50 goes a little way toward helping them to break even for another year while giving you a chance to attend the GP in style I say go for it 🙂


Random, they just need to be honest about what they are doing. Had they said ‘help raise money for Silverstone and have the chance to win a great prize at the same time’ I would not be complaining. But the BRDC and the article make it sound like it’s an attempt to do good. They even allow multiple entries to provoke people into spending more than £2.50 a go. It’s basically a lottery where you buy a ticket but without the regulation. Not good, mate.


I see your point Wayne – and several others here have responded as you have so it’s not just you – but you all make it sound so underhanded – It’s not like one of those deals where they offer you a free trial and then surprise!, you’re locked into a two year contract or something.

For me it’s very simple: Of course it’s a money raiser, they know it’s a money raiser, we know it’s a money raiser and they know that *we* know that it’s a money raiser, but ultimately it’s for the good of everyone who has an interest in keeping Silverstone alive so again, I say go for it 🙂


“but ultimately it’s for the good of everyone who has an interest in keeping Silverstone alive” Agreed. But I only portray it us underhanded against the tone of the article 🙂


“But I only portray it us underhanded against the tone of the article”

I think the tone was okay, but on quickly re-reading it I did notice this:

“It’s a money can’t buy [experience]”

I beg to differ – Wayne, I’m tagging you back in 🙂


Wish they used an international number so non-UK residents could text also

Andrew Halliday

You can enter via post as well.

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