Daniel Ricciardo: “I still have faith in Red Bull” despite missing out on Monaco F1 win
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Daniel Ricciardo
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  09 Jun 2016   |  5:48 pm GMT  |  100 comments

Daniel Ricciardo says he still has faith in Red Bull despite missing out on victory in the Monaco Grand Prix due to a long pitstop after the team made a late decision to change his tyre strategy.

Ricciardo told the team to save its apologies over the radio in Monaco and said on the podium that he had been “screwed”. The pitstop drama last time out followed Red Bull switching the 26-year-old to a three-stop strategy that he felt cost him victory in the Spanish Grand Prix, which was eventually won by his teammate Max Verstappen.

XPB.cc Lewis Hamilton Daniel Ricciardo

Speaking in the pre-event press conference for this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix, Ricciardo explained that he had moved on from his Monaco disappointment after a period of cooling off.

He said: “After Monaco I was happy to keep some distance for a few days and for myself it probably wasn’t healthy to just address it straightaway. For a few days I was upset and obviously ruing some missed opportunities but it’s one of those things. It happens and it’s unfortunate that it happened back-to-back and that expanded the feelings and emotion a lot more.

“But I’ve moved on [and] I’ve still obviously got a lot of faith in the team and I don’t doubt things with them moving forward. For me it’s really important to execute a perfect weekend this weekend, from my side and from the team’s side, and get back on track.

“We’ve got a good car, we’ve got good material, it’s [about] really trying to maximise it. The last four weekends I’ve left Sunday feeling like I should have got more so this weekend is really [about] trying to leave Sunday knowing that we maximised everything from both sides.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo, who is currently third in the drivers’ championship, explained how he had eventually discussed the Monaco strategy calls with Red Bull’s team boss Christian Horner and his engineer.

He said: “It was all over the phone. I let it cool and then spoke to Christian and spoke to my engineer. Christian just explained, obviously apologised on everyone’s behalf, and explained what went down, why there was confusion and why the tyres weren’t ready.

“Then I spoke to Simon, my engineer, later in the week after they had got the chance to spend some days in the factory to hear what they’d put in place.

“I knew they were going to take it seriously because it was a big disappointment for all of us, but I’ve been assured that if we’re in the same position again then it won’t happen. That was obviously what I needed and wanted to hear.

The Australian driver also explained the new procedures Red Bull has developed to try and avoid the situation happening again at future F1 races.

Daniel Ricciardo

He said: “There’s going to be some new software they’ve put in for strategy now and some live stuff during the race that can make us more prepared. And if there some late calls again, to make sure that everything is put in place.”

Championship fight “still a long shot”

Ricciardo is 40 points behind championship leader Nico Rosberg, but if he had emerged victorious in both Barcelona and Monaco he would have 86 points and only be 20 adrift of the German.

The three-time F1 winner also lost points due to a puncture while leading the Chinese Grand Prix and had his race ruined by the first corner crash at Russian Grand Prix, which was caused by his then teammate, Daniil Kvyat.

Russian Grand Prix 2016

Although Ricciardo explained he was still not thinking about a possible title fight this season, he backed himself to put in a serious challenge if Red Bull can maintain its current level of competitiveness.

He said: “Coming into the season [I] didn’t expect to be third in the championship after so many races in. We’ve seen no points in Russia and could have got more in China without the puncture, and [after] the last two races we could be very close to the front of the championship right now.

“I’m still not looking at that yet. I would love to be in a position in a few races time and actually say ‘yeah, we can fight for a title this year,’ that would be a pretty nice, unexpected fight and story for F1.

“This race will be pretty telling, if we can be competitive here, you never know [about title fight]. It’s still a long shot, but if we can be competitive I believe in myself – I can fight and do what I’ve got to do to put myself in a position come the end of the year. Fingers crossed Barcelona and Monaco wasn’t a one-off, I hope we can fight again for the rest of the season and I believe we can.”

Daniel Ricciardo

What do you make of Ricciardo’s words? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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What’s weird, maybe clever, I don’t know, about all this Ricciardo’s bad luck talk, is that it almost seems like something very rare has happened here, some bad luck no other driver has ever suffered from. I mean, Lewis has had quite a lot of bad luck recently. Even in Monaco, who’s to say he wouldn’t have put the car on pole if it wasn’t for his q3 problems? And all we talk about is Ricciardo being screwed one race after another. Amazing.


@ bernd…the reason there is so much chatter centred on ricciardo is because he was the driver of the day in monaco. he was the one who claimed pole in an electrifying quali lap. he was the one who claimed the start from the ‘go’ and he ran away from the field and established himself as the controlling leader. he mastered the conditions and was denied a win by actions not of his own making. that is why everyone is talking about ricciardo. monaco is a ‘jewel in the crown’ race to win and one which every drivers craves. of course others drove well…in fact they all did, one way or another. we all bounce from one race to the next, each one unique in many ways but when we see a mercedes being beaten on pure merit it creates mega excitement. nothing amazing about it at all. you may not like ricciardo but he did do the business even if he did only come second.


It’s a shame I can only ‘ rec’ this comment once!
Those that somehow compare Ric’s post race behaviour to being on par or even worse from what we see from Lewis at every single Grand Prix need to change their meds.


Sarsippious. So because I saw a driver who looked just as disappointed on the Monaco podium this year as the one I saw last year, I need to change my meds?! I think that a lot of Hamilton bashers have been trying really really hard to pretend that Dan’s behaviour was in some way totally different to Lewis’ last year, but it just wasn’t! They were both understandably angry and upset, and both showed it in their own way. Criticising one, and not the other is a nonsense.


Ric needs to get over this (what red bull done can happen again and other championship teams have done)…..most top drivers have been let down in the past, he needs to realise his time will come, he is only 26!!

Go to canada and show us what you have got!!!


Ill-advised, once again. I’m all for drivers being themselves, showing emotions, especially since so many of them appear to be so boringly professional and nondescript in their utterings. I quite liked Lewis parking his car at Portier and knocking over the no.2 sign last year. Senna’s look after his 88 Monaco accident and leaving for his apartment still crying at night; Hakkinen in Monza; Schumacher going after DC in Belgium, etc. – I’m all for it. So for those saying the people that criticize Ricciardo for his save it, screwed twice and headless chickens comments are against drivers showing emotions, that’s missing the point entirely. It has noting to do with Ricciardo showing emotions. I would have been very sympathetic to him not speaking, knocking a board over, looking upset and morose, crying, or whatever emotional outburst was stirring. What I think is ill-advised and in bad taste is castigating your own crew in public. Great sportsmen don’t do that. It’s not done. And it doesn’t motivate, as anyone who’s ever worked in teams knows. You think they need reminding it was a mistake that cost them the race? Teams make mistakes, most of them more frequently than Red Bull; he wasn’t screwed in Spain and it’s silly to keep bringing it up constantly; and as for Monaco, he himself could have chosen to stay out on the full-wets. I imagine Senna would have. Some of you have said Ricciardo is very clever, doing all this dirty laundry stuff on purpose to put pressure on the team and attention away from Max. It’s possible, but if so, a risky strategy. If he gets beaten by Max or makes a rare mistake himself, he may regret his outbursts. Anyway, I’m relieved he still has faith in his team.


I’ve noticed some people say that Ricciardo is under pressure from Verstappen, the rising star. Actually, I think most of the pressure is on Verstappen. He is no longer racing in RB’s midfield B-team, against an equally inexperienced team mate; he’s now in one of the front-running cars, racing against a team mate who is a proven race-winner, fast as hell, and very hungry. Maybe Verstappen’s 3-crash weekend in Monaco shows that the pressure is getting to him a bit?


Your point well made, to say Max will crumble and it will become too much is probably over egging the situation but Daniel looks committed to prove Cyclops and Horner wrong. As an Aussie Horner has form for mishandling both Webber and now Daniel, time to see what else is on offer (Ferrari)? anywhere but Red Bull.


Verstappen has no pressure, this [racing in F1] is what he wants as young as age 4. He only wants to beat himself.


How do any of you make these seemingly accurate statements about any drivers state of mind?

As fans, all we can do is judge the performance & data. That is it. Based in that, VER has a lot still to learn & prove. Several commentators also observed VER being nervous before quali & the race in Monaco. Take from that what you will.


Inside Daniel Ricciardo
It would be interesting to look inside DR and see what he is thinking and feeling. Because at the moment his is the most dramatic personae in this year’s F1 play.
Ever since i saw his Monaco qualifying lap this, even for my amateur eyes, fantastic smooth lap i realise he is truly WDC material. Why compare Verstappen to Senna, if you can much easier compare Ricciardo to Senna? I am feeling that Ricciardo is at the top of his game now. Maybe he knows that too. Maybe he also feels that winning the WDC this year is actually possible, given that LH and NR are divying up the points and neither is a clear leader at the moment.
But surely you will need all the points you can get, if you hope to become WDC this year. And that is where there must be a massive disappointment: the thought that you actually might have given the WDC away in the last two races. Might have, because the season is still long. But from now on the absolute support of RBR team is vital and necessary. RBR should give Ricciardo the no 1 driver position at all times, otherwise he can forget about winning the WDC. So his comments could very well be instrumental in changing their attitude with regard to driver favouritism.
To highten the drama for Ricciardo is the uncertainty of the coming years. Nobody knows how the regulation changes will work out for the teams. It could be worse for RBR in which case Ricciardo will have to start again in 2018 in some other team. And also Ricciardo must have a good idea how close Verstappen will be in 2017. Maybe he feels too close? This is putting extra pressure on this season. Drama, drama…


I agree, he is DWC material. But he’s hurt his chances with his recent comments. He needs a better coach, someone to teach him how a pack-leader behaves.


Disagree, he’s an Aussie, talks open and from the heart. All the drivers have different persona, depending on where they come from.
And DR has shown them he’s a winner. I don’t think he’s damaged anything at all. Future WDC in my opinion. And no, I’m a Lewis fan first, with a lot of respect for the other drivers.


Daniel is one of my favourite drivers, and I think his form at the moment is particularly captivating.
I am very interested in the organisational aspect being portrayed in this article. I am left with the impression that driver and team are two very distinct entities. I don’t know the extent to which this is prevalent across the whole grid -in between races you do see the drivers off either doing promo work, training, occassionally sunning themselves, nightclubbing and the like. You occassionally hear about drivers going back to the factory to visit.
The only driver that I have the impression of being a “garage junkie” is Vettel -but his might be miss-represented by his lack of social media.

The telephone call between Ricciardo and Horner and then Simon Rennie gives the feeling of remoteness (I’m not sure of the circumstances -I assume that the team had moved on to Canada and Riccardo remained at home in Monaco).

If I were Horner, I would have given it a few days to cool off, but I would have got Daniel face to face with the team ASAP to talk it all through, renew the bonds and emphasis unity (this may have subsequently happened- i don’t know?)

I don’t particularly have an issue with what Daniel said after Monaco – I don’t think he threw the team under the bus (as some have put it), but I do think it was a none-to-subtle message to Horner and Marko that he expects better (deservedly so).

Horner and Marko put it down to human error, but I think it was an organisational error, and they are in charge of the organisational elements. The concerning thing is that this is a team that has strived for and achieved organisational excellence in the past -which helps to feed the conspiracy theories in the sense that Red Bull know how to achieve a desired outcome. So have the team lost that ability?

Either way, I think the next few races will show more than just how fast their new PU is!


That’s the way to do it.
Get it off your chest straight away, don’t mince your words, take a few days to process it all and then come back in more motivated to ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated.
In a team environment that kind of attitude is appreciated and respected.


@ sarsippious…very well said. none of this ‘buttoned up /anally retentive PC rubbish. say it out loud and let there be none of these platitudes like ‘we win as a team and lose as a team’ that is really too saccharine for serious minded people.


Kenneth, I have to say I have found your comments on this whole saga quite confusing. I do remember your unending criticism of Hamilton’s “childish and petulant” behaviour on the Monaco podium last year, and yet after Ricciardo’s strikingly similar demeanour this year, you seem to be completely supportive of drivers showing their disappointment and anger. The contradiction is quite clear there isn’t it? No doubt you will point to detail differences in their actions, but it is obvious that their unwillingness to pretend to be enjoying the podium ceremony was the same in both instances, it is equally obvious that Dan has put you in a tricky position, there cannot be two sets of rules depending on which driver is involved.


I can’t wait to see how the strategy plays out between the team-mates in Canada, even though I’m almost certain Verstappen will end up in the wall of champions before the end of the race.


I watched the drivers PC today and was reading way too much into Dan’s and Kimi’s body language. I’d convinced myself that Dan is on his way to Ferrari next year. There’s something else upsetting him.

Where has this deliberate feeling from Dan come from. When normally they say. “Oh the team made a mistake today. We win and lose as a team”.

Maybe just upset at seeing a half championship chance slipping away. He would be sitting happy now with a clean start to the year and this new engine. More than half a chance.

Torchwood Mobile

Something that should not be forgotten. Four time world champions, Red Bull, turned to [mod] the moment Dan stepped up to the big team. So he has endured two years of disappointment and his bosses threatening to pack up their ball and go home, and the first time that things start looking up, eyes start shifting away from him to the new Wonder Kid.


The thing is, it’s more likely Red Bull will come up with the goods next season with the changes in the aero regs. If I were DR I would stay put and beat MV which will cement his status as one of the best out there. I can just see him going to Ferrari and then MV would win the championship. Although MV v CS would be a good scrap at RB.


With merc only offering Rosberg a 12-month contract, I’d say they’re keeping open the possibility of picking up DR for 2018.


It’d take a brave man to jump ship from Red Bull to Ferrari now that Renault’s PU seems to be making some progress…


And above all now that the aero is becoming the performance differentiator again next season under new regs

The next few years will swing back towards Newey and Red Bull, with McLaren confident that they’ll be closer – as long as they get another 30-40hp from Honda.


I’m really looking forward to the Canadian GP, Ricciardo is obviously fired up, the RedBull crew are chastened but should be well and truly out to prove a point, the chassis is demonstrably the best at the moment, the question mark remains………………is the TAG power plant up to the challenge? The first part of that question will be answered tonight, can’t wait.


I’d bet he’s talked to Webber on how to handle RBR – especially when Max joined the team. He certainly has applied the pressure back on the team to deliver – mainly for them to lay their cards on the table.. Totally justified..


I don’t make much of his words –
Over-paid whinger comes to mind.

‘Still has faith in Red Bull’?
Doesn’t have much choice does he?

Just get on with the racing, for god’s sake.


Are you really a F1 fan???????


F1 racing fan? Of course.
But petulant ‘celebrities’ are another matter entirely.


Petulant celebrities? Ok. I would say a top tuned F1 driver at the top of his game, just a little bit miffed at losing a race or 2 through no fault of his own. But respect to your opinion, just think your words are a bit strong maybe????, or should I say “for sure”. I have a favorite driver but I certainly respect the other drivers and what they have to say.
Enjoy the race on sunday????????????????


If you’re talking about Ricciardo, pound for pound he’s the lowest paid driver on the grid. Lets face it, It’s the guys in the E20m+ bracket that do most of the whinging.
The last 2 weeks have been media driven and part of his job is to answer the questions put to him.


@ LKFE….well said. RB were inexcusable and he gave them a mouthful. so what.


And what, exactly, is his pay package?
Performance wise, he’s lucky to be in the right car.


He earns around 3.5m I think, and he earned his ride coming through the cut throat RB junior program, but if you don’t don’t like him…you don’t like him.
To your original post…https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/motorsport/1246015/f1-world-champ-lewis-hamilton-is-urged-to-end-hissy-fits-or-risk-ruining-his-place-in-sport-history/


The ‘Sun’? God, no, not the ‘Sun’.
Quotes from that rag hold no sway on a serious F1 blog.


LH, NR, FA & SV are all far bigger whiners with far fatter pay cheques than DR.


I don’t think so. NR perhaps, I sometimes think he has a bit of an inferiority complex, but the rest I can’t recall them ever criticizing their team the way Ricciardo has. What season was it when McLaren seemed to mess up every single race for Lewis. Pitstops 7 in a row, strategic blunders, it was incredible. No, what Ricciardo should have done was be very very upset after the race and keep all discussions with the team behind closed doors. Now he’s saying the called him and apologized and stuff. Why is this necessary? The mechanics know they messed up. A teamleader would say this is motorsport, mistakes happen. I believe this team is the best in the business, bring on Canada! Still has faith? If you’re in a relationship and you make a mistake and your partner than says he/she still has faith in you, how do you think you’d feel? Something’s not right at Red Bull, that’s for sure.


Hamilton, nuff said


They don’t tend to make such vehement comments.
Ricciardo has blown his chances of a Ferrari drive.


I think so too. It’s a small community and this kind of stuff is frowned upon.


We can all say things in the heat of the moment we come to regret later. These drivers race to win, that’s why they race.
With Redbull getting so close now with a competitive “engine????” that can possibly win races, and watching those wins snatched from your hands, I could understand his reaction. DC was smart enough to take some cool down time before he spoke to the team again and everything is sorted out now hopefully.
One can’t expect him to have that smile on 24/7.
Hope we see a good race in Canada with LH, DC an SB all battling it out at the front. Maybe a little optimistic on my side but hey, this is F1, anything can happen.
Good weekend to all????????????????????


Who are DC and SB?


I am SB 😀


Buemi or Bourdais in for Kvyat 😉


@ robb…that would be DC / daniel cricciardo and SB sebastian bettel..?


And i thought that DC retired a long time ago?


Oops, sorry guys. Must of had to many Heinekens yesterday because haven’t got a clue who DC and SB are aswell. But I do know who DR and SV are????????????


DR said in the presser today that he was equally as concerned with the timing of the first pit stop as there was actually no need to do it at all. There was no pressure from behind, he wasn’t struggling with tyres and it put him in an unnecessary race.

So 2 errors and he still almost came out in the lead, that’s how much faster Ricciardo/RB was over the whole field at Monaco.


If he was so concerned, why didn’t he himself not make the decision to stay out? I can think of a few great drivers who probably would have. Silly to bring it up. And why does he keep harping on about Spain? Most commentators thought Vettel and Ricciardo were on the right strategy, not Kimi and Max. If with hindsight their strategy was better, well that’s life. But because RB put him on the Ferrari no1 strategy and Max on the other he was screwed. Is Ricciardo a much more talented Di Resta?


His engineers would have hopefully told him that Lewis was still out on wets, so yeah he should’ve stayed out. They had a good lead because of Rosberg bottling up Lewis at the start, so they had no need to react first.


I may have misinterpreted ‘Is Ricciardo a much more talented Di Resta?’

What do you mean?!


Because he doesn’t have all the data on a computer screen in front of him! He relies on his team to make the right calls. Yes, the team cocked up his second pit stop, but as he has clearly stated, they didn’t need to bring him in the first time. Basically he was holding all the aces: track position, comfortable gap to Lewis, massive gap to Nico, and still lapping quickly on the same tyres as Lewis. Yet the team still played a losing hand.


Is Ricciardo a much more talented Di Resta?



Well did Di Resta get as good a shot in F1 as Ricciardo has?

Di Resta did win Euro F3, beating his teammate Vettel. Ricciardo won a British F3 title (beating Bottas), along with a Formula Renault 2.0 title. In Formula 3.5 though, he lost the title by 2 pts to Mikhail Aleshin, even though he was in the clearly best car. Aleshin races in Indycar now.


NickH, look at the lap times once Lewis was released by Nico. Dan was being caught at a serious rate of knots, if RB hadn’t reacted then Lewis would have reduced the lead to nothing and could have undercut them. Ricciardo’s pace wasn’t good enough on the full wet, so they put him on inters, pretty simple really.


Taken from James Allen Monaco Strategy Report,

“Hamilton had closed initially when he cleared Rosberg, but Ricciardo was able to then hold him at 12 seconds.”

Sorry TimW, I fail to see how he was being ‘caught at a serious rate of knots’ when he was holding him at 12 seconds. He probably gained briefly after he got passed Rosberg as Ricciardo was just going the pace he needed to when Rosberg was so slow, I seriously doubt he had any tyre problems as he was on the same tyres/tyre life as Lewis.

Even in a scenario where he was being caught, the golden rule in Monaco is track position so basically just mirror what the car behind does if there is enough gap (which there was).

It’s very simple really.


NickH, here are some lap times, taken from the FIA timekeepers! Remember Dan pitted on lap 23 and Lewis was released by Nico on lap 16.

LH DR difference
lap 16 1m;35.194 1m;35.784 -0.59
lap 17 1m;34.870 1m;35.312 -0.442
lap 18 1m;34.971 1m;35.150 -0.179
lap 19 1m;34.682 1m;34.875 -0.193
lap 20 1m;34.575 1m;34.360 +0.215
lap 21 1m;36.149 1m;36.195 -0.046
lap 22 1m;35.055 1m;36.578 -1.523

So Lewis was quicker on 6 of those 7 laps and reduced Dan’s lead from 13.8 seconds on lap 16, to 10.9 seconds on lap 22. This is wwhat got RB’s attention.


Lewis had to push to get close to Danny, why Danny was most likely cruising knowing the 2nd place man was over 10secs behind


SB, the problem with your theory is it ignores the possibility of the undercut from Lewis. If Hamilton carried on eating into Dan’s lead then he would have got close enough to come in for inters before Ricciardo and perhaps use the increased performance to gain track position when Dan came in.


Danny could have still started to push if Lewis really came close to him like under 5 or 6 seconds


SB, and the problem with that theory is you have no idea how hard Ricciardo was pushing, I would have thought he was flat out and trying to build a lead. But neither of us know, the only thing we know for sure is that at that stage of the race, Lewis was lapping faster than Danny.


We made that point in the Strategy Report


James… who else are you referring to when you say ‘we’?
I thought this was your blog….

Guybrush Threepwood

Who is the person that controls race strategy at RBR James? They must be feeling some pressure after the last 2 races.


Yet again the wrong note. Who is advising Ricciardo?


Well Bernd
I reckon this is a strategic plan by DR , trying to take the media spotlight away from Max and leave him in the media shadow (as long as he can while the aftermath is still in the media’s door step from Monaco and Spain )
But it cannot last long before Max Media savvy Dad brings them back on his side of the garage. Reckon DR is a bit flustered and will end up being told to zip it by Red Bull.


He is being asked a question? Notice how Rosberg is good at sweeping things under the carpet in the pressers yet Daniel gives open details and I for one appreciate the little insight on these background situations 🙂


@ bernd….what wrong note?


Your lad should not have laid into the team like he did, telling them not to waste their time apologising and that he was screwed.

It’s quite understandable and forgivable, but I thought he was better than that.

Just shows all these drivers are pretty ruthless and single minded and selfish. Lewis, Seb and now Dan having a strop. Just that some are worse than others.

Ken how do you reckon you guys will go in the rugby!!!!!!!


@ buzzz….where we differ my friend is that i am always up for free speech. if you say something that is wrong, whatever, you’ll cop it back in spades. my take is that a lot of people appreciate it when a driver speaks his mind. that is different to having a big sulk and sneaking away from the podium with a bottle of champagne!!!! he answered the question brundle put to him truthfully and with honesty and passion. surely that can’t be wrong? as for the rugby…i have to be up front and honest with you. i haven’t a clue, in fact i only heard about it last night! i never follow those sports. i’m sure the best team will win, be it the brits or the aussies..hahaha

Fursty ferret

For gods sake will he give it a rest,the team cocked it up,man up and move on,if Ricardo is leading the Canadian gp makes a mistake and puts it in the wall,would the team all walk around moaning and whining about him,he’s handled this really badly,and people think Hamilton sulks


He clearly said he has moved on. He is being asked about it and is giving his honest response. I don’t see him whining about it?


@FF, so what do you want him to say when that is what all the reporters are asking him. You make it sound like he’s put out a press release FFS!


Fusty ferret
How do you know if they don’t?
They rarely get interviewed directly after a race. It’s the people behind the pit wall who have to put in the extra hours to rebuild the car. Wouldn’t think they’d be singing zippedy-do-dah if that happened????

Guybrush Threepwood

The difference being that Ricciardo got upset after 4 GP’s in a row being ruined, 2 of which his team cost him victory. Hamilton starts crying if his team haven’t polished his gold chain and bling that day.


Why are you fixated on Hamilton’s material possessions. Hamilton is a punchy go getter,whose talent deserves every success he has had so far;and more.The only crying I hear,are from so called F1fans like you, who talk about irrelevant things like Hamilton’s Gold chains/private jet; and cry even more,because Hamilton is achieving his desires in F1; no doubt to your obvious disheartenment.


Well said!
Just because Lewis has a life that doesn’t really fit your typical F1 driver style, some people seem to be a little bit irritated by this. Lewis has done a hell of a lot for F1 because of his popularity outside the sport aswell.
F1 would be a hell of a lot poorer without him.
He’s been I Motorsport since he was 9 years old , he’s found a interest outside F1 which is great. Jesus, think if all the drivers were like Kimi. Great driver, but not the most exciting person to talk to????.
Ricciardo is another great character, and I think Vettel is great to!
Good weekend.


I somehow knew that Lewis’ name would appear in this “Daniel Ricciardo” story. Lewis is living in your mind rent free. You should send him a bill. LOL!


Dude it’s not like he’s walking around saying this to anyone who’ll listen, he’s just answering questions from journos. Plus it seems like it’s been drawn out because the media keep producing new articles about it, using the same old quotes.


He was asked these questions in the official press conference. What should he do, refuse to answer?


See how the next 2 races go before you say that DR , when team strategy favours the Dutch youngster or if Red Bull abruptly sends you down the Pit Lane fir a third time while Max is left on a two stopper.


He “still” trusts Red Bull! He is putting himself in a very bad spot. its 0 or 1 from here on!


Well, in reality, what choice does he have? All RBR did was cock up a pit stop. Its not like his rear wing broke off or the team had badly cheated and set him on fire. And what’s he going to do, stop driving? Basically, he’s gotten over it. Not much of a story.

On top of that, had certain other drivers thrown such a public hiss fit……….


Dan has faith in his team, while Lewis still thinks his crew are working against him. I know who’s public comments are more likely to motivate the team in your favour.


Huh? Dan very openly criticised his team quite harshly saying they screwed him where as Lewis’s comments were mostly people reading between the lines. My understanding of what Lewis said was that he didn’t know what was going on ie he didn’t witness the falling out and didn’t know why it happened. It is only people reading between the lines and have turned that comment into him saying they purposely were undermining him. Dan openly said it though. I don’t really have a problem with eithers comments


He must stamp his authority on Red Bull now ahead of Max Verstappen or go to Mercedes and beat Hamilton or Ferrari, where he knows he has the upper hand on Vettel. It’s that simple.


I think too much is being made of the shadow of Max blotting Ricciardo’s sky. Max was undeniably flattered by circumstance in spain, wrote three cheques from his talent account that he couldn’t cash in Monaco, and still relies on Daniel for car set up, openly admitting that he is probably a year away from being able to do it himself in the new car.
Compare that to Daniel up against Seb in 2014.


He more or less has stamped his authority over Verstappen in the last two races. Tactical errors and bad luck cost him a win in Spain, he was faster than Verstappen. In Monaco he was in an entirely different league to Verstappen and again poor tactics cost him the win. It’s only two races in but if they reflect their relative peroformance Ricciardo has little to fear. I expect Ves will get closer later in the season though, but how close remains to be seen.


The stamp was firmly pressed during Monaco.


As were the barriers… 😉


and Max stamped the wall!

Garrett Bruce

Would seem we should be able to take what Ricardo says at face value. To the best of recollection, he hasn’t been one to speak in tongues or provide vague perspectives. His comments above appear the honorable thing to do.


I agree. What I get from this story is a clear statement that his confidence in the team has been severely dented, they have assured him that they have changed policy, procedure or whatever to ensure the same doesn’t happen again, he believes in the sentiment but they have to demonstrate that now in a race environment. Suffice to say that if they mess up again then he has to start questioning the team’s ability (maybe even their desire) to support their championship contender.


Once he’d calmed down he was always going to say that he had confidence in the team etc etc . As I said at the time, his outburst was completely understandable given the circumstances and I don’t blame him for being miffed at all.


And if we wasn’t put on the spot right after with the raw emotions, he would never have to backtrack on this emotional moment. I really agree with the leagues that don’t allow reporters in the losing team’s locker after a big championship loss.


He’s not backtracking Sebee – He said at the time he was upset and disappointed after Monaco and he’s still saying now that he was upset and disappointed after Monaco.

The only difference between then and now is that now he’s cooled off, he’s moved on, and now he’s focusing on the next race which is how it should be.


@ random….exactly so.




Sebee – Whether or not he was allowed to speak straight after the race doesn’t really make much difference. In fact, compared to the look on his face at the winners ceremony what he said was quite mild. If the assembled press had had to speculate just based upon how he looked, the comments would have been much more negative. Personally I want drivers who say how they feel

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