On your bike: Fernando Alonso takes time out to admire Moto GP “heroes”
Fernando Alonso MotoGP
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  23 May 2016   |  1:59 pm GMT  |  136 comments

Fernando Alonso has hailed MotoGP riders as “heroes” during a visit to the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix at Mugello at the weekend.

The McLaren driver, who is known to be a keen fan of MotoGP, as well as Le Mans style endurance racing, leant his support to compatriots Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, who both ride for the Repsol Honda factory team.

In a pre-race interview with MotoGP’s official TV feed, Alonso, who was standing on the grid in front of raucous grandstands, described his admiration for the riders who tackled the 3.259-mile circuit in Tuscany.

Fernando Alonso MotoGP

He said: “It’s unbelievable, quite impressive. I went into the braking [zone] for Turn 1, [where] the bike is moving there [at] 350km/h so it’s quite impressive. They are heroes for us and it’s very impressive to watch it live. [It’s] quite different from television.”

Alonso was forced to miss the Bahrain Grand Prix earlier this year after he sustained lung injuries and a broken rib during his dramatic accident with Haas F1’s Esteban Gutierrez at the Australian Grand Prix.

In contrast, MotoGP riders regularly race with broken bones very quickly after crashing – although it should be noted that Alonso himself was keen to race in Bahrain but was overruled by the FIA’s on-site medical team.

Fernando Alonso MotoGP

During the same interview, the double F1 world champion explained how impressed he was by the atmosphere in Mugello ahead of the race, with nine-time motorcycling title winner and home favourite Valentino Rossi starting on pole.

He said: “It’s been a fantastic weekend so far, great atmosphere. Obviously with Valentino [on] pole position it’s been a good boost for the grandstands.”

The Italian Grand Prix was later won by Yamaha’s Jorge Lorenzo, who triumphed over Marquez in a final drag to the line by just 0.019s seconds, as Rossi retired with an engine failure.

Fernando Alonso MotoGP

Alonso on Mercedes’ radar

Alonso has regularly explored the motorsport world away from F1. As well as his previous visits to MotoGP, which included a ride on a Honda bike last December, he as expressed an interest in racing the World Endurance Championship and waved the starting flag at the 2014 Le Mans 2014 Hours race.

The Spaniard still has one-and-a-half years of his current McLaren contract left to run and he will be 36 when it runs out.

Fernando Alonso

Alonso was known to be keen on a switch to Mercedes as his time with Ferrari, which owns the Mugello track, drew to a close in 2014, before he signed for McLaren.

Mercedes motorsport boss, Toto Wolff recently told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo that although his team’s priority was to re-sign Nico Rosberg for next season, Alonso could become an option for German marque. It was clearly a step in the negotiation process with Rosberg, who perceives himself to be in a strong position. But as with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, there is a lingering question mark about whether Hamilton and Rosberg can co-exist long term in the same team, especially after their worst collision to date, in Spain last time out.

Wolff said: “Fernando is one of the best drivers in history and I like his character, but our priority now is Nico.

“If [Rosberg] does not want to renew, then we will consider other options, like Fernando.

XPB.cc Toto Wolff

“[Alonso’s] age is not a problem – his speed and his motivation are still there.”

Negotiations at Mercedes are clearly intense right now, especially after the first lap collision between Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish Grand Prix, and with the German driver still yet to sign a new deal with the team, there will be much speculation about the F1 futures of several drivers in the months to come.

What do you make of Alonso’s visit to the MotoGP paddock? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Im not so sure what it means that Alo has Moto interests outside F1 but Id sure say that Merc have plenty of options outside Ros. But as one of the sky commenters pointed out, any top drivers in the Merc are going to be at each other – Multi 21 etc… its just part of the setup in a top sporting environment, and exasperated by the competition not being right there. Im indifferent to Ros being there, looking fwd to Ham fighting back from the hardest beginning to a season though.


You can see why he was impressed by the atmosphere in Mugello as its mostly young people who attend.
Meanwhile in the F1 world its oldies on a box ticking exercise.Obviously they all look young to bernie so everything seems to be ticking along ok.

Luke Dalton Esq.

I have Maximum Respect for Motorcycle racers, But..I do wish people would stop comparing bike racing to car racing, if F1 is like a standard game of football, Bike racing is football with the goals as wide as the pitch and 20 feet high, overtaking / Goals aplenty, as its soooo easy to pass / score, but doesn’t that de-value any overtake / goal?

Or, stick F1 cars on tyres absolutely worn out, (so that their is hardly any grip) and no aero, where they can barely manage full throttle even on a straight, then you might get motogp style racing!


“Fernando is one of the best drivers in history..”– the emphasis being on “history”.. “We are focusing on Nico”— which means we’d take Nico any day.. Even though hes being spanked by Lewis.

Actually Fernando should have been a bike racer because I notice when hes racing any driver he often forgets theres a 1.8m wide x 4 m long car around him.

Marquez is the Senna of bikes atm the kid is phenomenal I havent enjoyed watching anyone race more since Stoner hung up his helmet.


a little revelation for all fans who haven’t yet realised how exciting f1 is today..


Seems not everyone appreciates Fernando sharing his thoughts – judging from the torrent of obscenities in Spanish aimed at him in the screen grabs above!


That’s one loooooooooooong Le Mans race……. 😉 haha


That’s why it’s better to dip in and out of LeMans and watch the French Open in between ???? or Rally Cross or Speedway ……… lots of sport to view ????


The relationship between Nico and Lewis is dysfunctional. Let’s fix it by employing Fernando as Lewis’ team mate, that will fix everything. Hilarious! The main problem (aside from personalities) is that Lewis will always out-qualify Fernando and then Fernando will always be passing Lewis in the race so the chance of a coming together is greater than ever.

As for Moto GP I have been glued to it since Phillip Island last year. The Mugello race was epic, the way the bikes move around underneath them and they control them is mesmerizing, watching Marquez ride is like watching a person that was born to race a motorcycle, his instinct on controlling the bike is telepathic.


I very much admire hamilton as a driver, but I find it hard to imagine him continuing in the sport if he is unsuccessful in winning the championship this year. I think Merc will resign Rosberg, but there will still be a seat open. Rosberg/Vandoorne


He is contracted till 2018 to Mercedes.
I doubt if he will leave next year.
Really some people live in cloud cuckoo land. With the new cars next year it’s all
change so the excitement returns.
Rosberg will be given a limited extension for a year or dropped for 2017 with the likely hood or Werhlein or another young trailblazer getting a drive. Or a wild card Alonso in. That would bring a sensational battle and massive global media response. A big bonus for Mercedes brand.


@BK -I’m aware he’s on contract, but MB won’t keep him if he doen’t want to be there. I’m not wishing it to happen, but he’s been in the game a long time, achieved more than anyone could have dreamed and already seems to be planning life after F1. In his mind i don’t think he would have much to prove.
BTW, its sunny here in cuckoo land today…


Hope you haven’t laid an egg in someone else’s nest LakeFourEyes ????????????????


Hamilton v Alonso part 2. Can you imagine how pumped up Alonso would be after all these years in the doldrums. Although with his luck it will probably turn out that RB produce the best car, or even McLaren haha


That would be an amazing battle and a return to a ‘proper racing spectacle ‘ before effing SKY get their filthy claws on sole viewing rights. Would be worth viewing on free to air in 2017 as a last Hurrah if that happened.


When I say Vandoorne, I really mean Wehrlein 🙂


As someone who follows both sports, Moto GP delivers a far better experience. Their races a more exciting, the ticketing is cheaper but most importantly they offer a subscription streaming service through the website without needing to subscribe with Sky/Foxtel.



Superb racing at Mugello this weekend as always, I can imagine FA loved it. Real gladiators those guys, such a shame the King of the arena, Rossi, had an engine failure though. He was all on for victory, the place would have erupted!


“there is a lingering question mark about whether Hamilton and Rosberg can co-exist long term in the same team”

And there’s history which questions whether Hamilton and Alonso could co-exist in the same team. It certainly wouldn’t end the little civil war in Mercedes – just a change of lieutenant, with a bigger box of tricks and talent than Nico.


Imagine 350 kmph on two wheels, and sometimes on one wheel ! These guys deserve maximum respect for what they do ! Broken bones ? No problem ! Punctured lungs ? No problem ! Terrible bruises ? No problem ! It takes guts to put yourself ( and literally its just you and your racing suit! ) and another guy on a motorcycle doing over 300 kmph with inches to spare. They ask for no quarter and they give none..

And imagine, Casey Stoner and a lot of Motorcycle purists call this era of motogp as “sissy” due to electronic aids and 4 stroke bikes ! If this is sissy racing, i wonder what it must have been to ride those bucking bronco 2 stroke 500s and fighting with guys like Doohan, Wayne Rainey, Freddie Spencer, Kevin Scwartz etc… respect !


I remember attending the AUS moto GP when it was at Eastern Creek in Sydney. We were approaching the track, and wondered up to to a locked gate at the edge of the track, only to be assaulted by the sonic boom and flash of colour that was a group of 4 bikes hitting the speed trap at the end of the straight before the long left hander. We were literally 5 metres from them, but had no way of being able to focus our eyes on them. I even tried whipping my head from left to right as they went by, but still nothing. Yet they were only inches from each other…
Finally got to our seats, only to find that what we had just seen was the 250’s!
The 500’s blew my mind!


@ zombie…. don’t forget that casey stoner took ducati to the world championship in a masterful display of gutsy riding. no one else has been able to do that, not even the great rossi. he failed to tame that particular beast. to prove himself then stoner went to honda and repeated his championship status. he was one of the greatest riders to watch and his style has been emulated by marquez. there is no comparison to F1 as the competition has been emasculated. yes, there is a great separation in moto GP by the various classes but we do get, quite regularly, fantastic duels between the top five riders that is pure magic to watch…something that F1 has not been able to do. if you couple that with crowd attendances it is easy to see where the success lies. mugello had in excess of 100,000 , a new record i believe. i think that that rather proves a point although one has to factor in the ‘rossi effect’ but barca could be same with spanish riders doing the business.



We may yet see Casey racing on a Honda. Though he doesn’t want a whole race season as he’s enjoying family life and his Ranch back in Australia. He has suggested he may race a few venues if Honda allow him .


I believe Stoner is the only rider out there who could go toe to toe with Marquez on the same bike.


Jimmy Carter use to say that a lot NickH


@ BK flamer…i was under the impression that stoner had severed all his honda connections! he is reported to be testing and consulting for ducati once again AFAIK.


In that case that will be huge for Ducati in terms of Lorenzo on one bike and Dovi and Stoner sharing the other . At one point I thought Ianone and Dovi would get the chop after there coming together and the rhythmic team slide they had at the previous GP before Mugello. That would have left the seat open for a Scot Redding type racer or even Scot Redding.
Funny but Moto GP and Moto 2 and Moto 3 has more going on in terms of audience interest. Have to say BT Sports are doing a grand job at showing the whole format live and showing the highlights on ITV on the free channel. Moto GP will get bigger while F1 hides away on Sky sadly.


Apart from the drama on track, there’s lots of it off track as well in MotoGP. The whole Rossi/Lorenzo/Marques battles isn’t restricted to the tracks.
Like Fernando said, those guys are heroes. They commit 100% in their maneuvers and show no fear.
Regarding Fernando’s future, I think he should just stick with McLaren, besides I don’t think they’re realistically considering him.

Philip Barrett

As a long time fan of both F1 & MotoGP my bias was traditionally about 75/25 in favor of watching the former. I would now say that’s reversed, yesterday I got up early to see the racing live from Mugello and last night finally got around to watching F1 from Spain (courtesy of much appreciated folks on those interwebs).

DORNA offers the fans a tremendous package of racing and coverage (if you thought Sunday’s MotoGP was a nail biter watch Moto3). Their annual video subscription let’s you watch every practice, qualifying and race live or archived (back to 1992 no less) with user selected multiple camera angles, split screens & live timing. You can even turn off the announce track!

Compare this to F1’s locked in TV coverage which I gather from my European & ANZAC friends is highly expensive or if you’re in the US, practically DOA.

Mugello had 100K+ plus fans lining every inch of the track, Barcelona looked to be 2/3rds deserted. I wonder why?


Magnificent Race from Mugello.
Classic. Lorenzo was on heat.
Fantastic last minute overtake.
Hats off to Lorenzo for his big balls move as they raced to the line.


“Hats off to Lorenzo for his big balls move as they raced to the line.”

I’m pretty sure he just got a tow. Marquez was the one with the big balls.


Explains why he lost out on the straight then – Excess ballast 😉


Nice One Random 79
Crack open a can of Winade ????


Bravo Random! ???? ????????


Good post –
JAonF1 is also beginning to ‘. . . explore the motorsport world away from F1 . . .’
A smart move indeed –
Diversification is paramount considering F1’s tenuous media situation.
MotoGP and racing syms both interest me.


The last of the race was shocking, I just could not breathe!!! Marquez is not from this world, I just could not believe how he was dragging his Honda to battle with Lorenzo. I had a willing is is overtaking by the power of his will as his bike is clearly inerior to Yamaha. What a last lap it was!!!! Gutted Marc did not win:-( As for Alonso, he made way too many bad choices so I think he shall stay where he is and race with dignity. Ron is certain McLaren will win after Mercedes.


I don’t think McLaren will win before Red Bull does.
By the time Red bull is winning, Renault will became competitive, and supply Red Bull with inferior engine, so Renault will win, then McLaren should get theirs as well…but wait, there’s Ferrari.
Oh well, Ferrari had winless spell of 21 years, didn’t they…so they might get another one. They are half way through. 🙂


It was great to see Alonso on track. 🙂

What a grand finish that was! With a few more laps to go, I was saying this race is boring and going to switch off the TV and it just got better. Glad I didn’t do it. I can’t imagine how it would have panned out had Rossi stayed. It would have been Epic for sure. 🙂


Have to say what a pass by Lorenzo
What a pass on the final corner.
Shame Rossi had an engine blow out. It would have been great to see Rossi duel it out with Lorenzo. Marquez still does his chopping overtakes. One day he will either hurt himself or another rider but still entertaining.
I assume the Italian fans will get behind Lorenzo once he is at Ducati. Though his anti hero antics winding the crowd is entertaining in a Pantomime Villain mode. Sadly Marquez will still be the big looser as he will end up being the brunt of the Italian send 46 Yellow Rossi fans.


Marquez is dragging that bike where it shouldn’t be and was very unlucky to get pipped to the line.

Look how he is making Pedrosa look like an ‘also ran’ on the same bike. Pedrosa used to be in the ‘alien’ group before Marquez came along.

If Marquez was on a Yamaha he would be sailing off into the distance.


Mr NickH
Was not being negative about Marquez. Just stating at times he can be way too twitchy on the circuit which can lead him being less liked by the crowds at the circuits. Yes he has a slower bike. But last year it was good as it was year before. Only thing that has happened this season is the ICU box changes to the bikes. It’s now an official Dorna component rather than a manufacturers own version. So there’s less tyre management and power output recalibration going on
by the ICU box. With this simpler version the Honda bike is loosing it’s ability around certain parts of the track. Honda own version had that down to a tee. Now it’s being limited by a basic box of tricks.


“Ifs and buts” NickH
Sounds like you are a mega fan of of The Joker Marquez . He maybe a hotshot but he is a marmite character. Yes he has amazing skill. Rossi and Lorenzo when they fight it out on the track it’s fair but firm. Marquez ends up trying to force them into the dirt and will probably one day cause a major incident. I’m not saying he isn’t great. He just not a lot of Italians cup of coffee. Nor the fans of Rossi or Lorenzo.
Pedrosa has had his day it’s like Honda have renewed his contract with a sub clause which must say that Casey Stoner will be allowed a few outings on his bike.


I am actually more a fan of Rossi and had each way money on him last Sunday (unfortunately) but for me it’s clear Marquez is the biggest talent on the grid. IMO he has the fastest riding style with the most risk involved and I don’t think the others are capable of riding that way.
And to be honest, it’s a bit rich to say Rossi can’t be forceful in combat. Which I have no problem with…


For my money Mark Marquez is the best rider in Moto GP by a country mile. The Honda has half the traction / balance of the Yamaha which for all intents & purposes the Mercedes of bikes. His bravery to be anywhere near Jorge Lorenzo is quite astonishing- visions of his bike squirming on absolute limits of braking every time just to compensate are evidence. I dont watch every race but every time I do Im drawn by every movement he makes- he really is a marvel that guy. & if your not sure look at where Pedrosa (whos a seasoned pro on the same bike) is every race.


@ elie…we don’t often see eye to eye but on this issue we are in total unison.watching marquez is like watching the reincarnation of casey stoner. their riding stye is so similar. observing them hustle their bikes is an example of man on the limit of his machine.


@ BK flamer….marquez is pouring everything he has into this championship and it is down to his skill/bravado that is getting him right up there. i didn’t expect him to muscle lorenzo at all. the honda just doesn’t have the same grunt that the yamaha has. the fact that we got such a great race was simply down to skill. i did expect to see lorenzo walk it after rossi bailed but no and what race we had. these guys are both ‘superskilled’ and completely insane. bring it on. put rossi into the barca frame and it will be sensational and of course watch out for iannnone and dovi as they are waiting to pounce!!! love it.


Just FYI, in Spain Barça refers only to the Football Club Barcelona. For Barcelona as a town, here we say BCN (and some time ago, Barna).
; )


In the words of
Peter Griffin from Family Guy “Roadhouse” ????


Actually we still use the term Barna.bat least I do


@ road…really? does it matter?


@ Kenneth.
It matters if you see the name of your city misspelled. Or your own name. You like to see those thinks right.


this is a site for f1..


…and yet… 😉

Follow the breadcrumbs aveli: F1->Alonso->Fan of MotoGP->How good is MotoGP?! :D->How does MotoGP compare to F1?->F1

And now you’re home 🙂


@ random….hahaha you’re making it too easy for him…


@ aveli… i presume that you’ve misposted that and it was meant for james?


Totto’s words while flattering, are nothing but a negotiation tool to keep [Mod] and Lewis real about their expectations. As much a fan I am of his I’d be absolutely short of miraculous for him to sign for Mercedes. .. but then again stranger things have happened


Eer the mod on my post was a certain German driver’s name who is with Mercedes. I didn’t know this site felt so strongly against him as to actually banish him


Are you sure auto-correct didn’t turn it into something else on the sly?


Too bad F1 drivers lost their “hero” aura over the last couple of decades.
Up until mid ’90s I perceive them just as that…heroes.
Now days they are only drivers in my mind. Ever since FIA is slowing the cars down, the less of a heroes they are.
Alonso is absolutely right, moto riders are real heroes in what they do.


Hero schmero to all of them. Real heroes don’t get paid. (Or they’re fictional)
We have a “rethink your heroes” advertising campaign in Australia promoting the value of health, fire and police public servants. A notion far more appropriate to the term. The days of the noble, highly moraled sportsman flew the coop once it all became professional. Now a successful sportsman is by necessity a self absorbed, single minded competitor with borderline psychopathic intentions to dominate everyone they come into contact with.


Yes, these days the softies are only around 360kph or so at some circuits 🙂

Most of the fastest laps were set circa 2004, and the fastest speed recorded was 372.6kph (231.523mph) by Montoya in 2005.

It’s easy to be in awe of these guys as a kid, but it’s equally easy (and normal) to get a little jaded as you get older.

Maybe it’s you that’s changed?


Well back in the mid ’90s I was in my 30s, so I’d say far from being a kid.
What I’m saying is that sport/show that F1 is, is neutered to the point that there’s no real heroes any more.
I started following F1 in ’77 and have been ever since. Back then (and probably up to 2000) one needed balls of steel to drive those cars.
Now anyone can do it, and sadly does.
Either on merit, or on deep pockets, regardless.
Only difference between them is that those who are there on merrit are probably couple of thenths quicker. Go back couple of decades and that difference would be couple of seconds.
Today, there’s not enough of a difference in my mind to make them heroes.


Agree and disagree Krako – The first thing you say there is “back in the mid ’90s I was in my 30s”, and in your previous comment you said “Up until mid ’90s I perceive them just as that…heroes”, which is exactly the point I was trying to make – All the guys you considered heroes were impressed upon you probably when you were a teenager, maybe even into your twenties, but then as you get older those heroes get bigger and it takes a lot more to impress.

That’s not to say that those guys weren’t heroes – they were – but if you ask a kid today who their F1 heroes are they’re likely to say Hamilton or Vettel (for example). Ask them about F1 drivers again in twenty years and they’re likely to say “sure there are some fast drivers out there now, but they’re no legends like Hamilton or Vettel”

I do agree that F1 is more neutered than it used to be, only instead of “neutered” I’d use the words clinical, commercial and safer. The first two are arguably bad, the third not so much.

I see what you’re saying with your last argument, but only a couple tenths difference doesn’t make the guys at the front any slower – it just means that they’re proving that they’re the best in an increasingly tough field.

To put it another way I consider Doohan a hero. I still look back at what Doohan used to do in MotoGP and think “wow”, but then look at that last race between Lorenzo and Marquez – absolutely nothing between them, and yet I’d call them both heroes.

To put it another way again I guess it depends on who you think is the biggest hero: The guy who can outrun a slow guy who’s a mile behind him or the guy who can still outrun the guy who’s right on his heels?


I agree with you to the point. 🙂
I was impressed by the skill and bravery, and still am, but now moto riders impress me more than F1 drivers. It is easier to impress a kid, or adolescent, than grown man, that’s true…but I consider myself as someone who’s hard to impress, at least when athleticism is the topic.. 🙂
I was athlete myself, pretty serious about it (competed in rowing at 3 Olympics, as well as several World Championships), so I know what kind of commitment and dedication is needed to get to the top. In rowing I consider Steve Redgreave a “hero”, for being so long on the very top of the game, winning 5 Olympics along the way, together with 8-9 World Championships , although I think word hero is bit out of place when we talk about athletes (drivers). True champions might be better suited word.
English isn’t my first language (I’m Croatian), so forgive me if I’m making mistakes while writing. 🙂
You are more politically correct saying clinical and commercial, but we’re on the same page on that one. 🙂
As much as I don’t like drivers being killed, I’d like to see more bravery involved driving those F1 cars. Eau Rouge used to be balls of steal corner…I’d love to see it be that again.
I think that F1 being technology driven sport/championship/show/whatever is more down to who has better engineers than who is better driver, hence such small difference from the best to the average. It came to the point that anyone with bit of a practice and pockets deep enough can do a lap within less than half of a second of Hamilton, Alonso, or Vettel. And that’s just not correct. We can have championship with cars without drivers circulating around to the point of perfection…but I doubt any of us would like to see it.
Maybe some future kids will enjoy such thing.
Great you mentioned Doohan, you could mention anyone else from years before and I’m sure we’d all agree they all beck then, as much as they are today have the same level of skill and bravery to do what they did or do today.
I’m sure Doohan, Gardner, Rainey, Agostini, Schwantz…today would do what Marquez and Lorenzo did on Sunday. I’m not so sure I can say the same for the current crop of F1 drivers, being in a different era cars and technology.
Get Massa, Kimi, Grosjean, Perez, Hulkenberg, pretty much anyone from today’s grid in a Senna’s car of 1988, give him as much practice in it as he needs, and do you think he’d be able to be even close to that time?


All fair enough and well said Krako 🙂


The hairs stand up when I watch that lap by Montoya.

Savage engine, glorious noise.


Must be the Static from a Nylon Shirt or you are rubbing a balloon on your head or general static build up wherever you are watching the re run off Montoya lap ????


Sight & Sound-Spa 2005 -reverse cam looking back down at- Eau Rouge as it disappeared into background like a fighter jet leaving its carrier (F14 Tomcat in Top Gun) heading to Blanchimont at full tilt through the “horns” of the MP4-20 & the reflections on Kimis visa are etched into memory forever.


Our definition of hero sure is weird.

Someone who puts their life in danger for another or for a noble cause, OK. But for someone who does it for buckets of money, trophies and our entertainment?


ignore them sebbie, they are in denial…too scared to express how they truly feel for the fear of backlash. instead go out of their ways to tell lies about why they no longer enjoy f1 as they used to.
yet none of them would prefer to watch classic f1 races to the current f1 races.
f1 has lost nothing..if anything, a long more has been added to f1 over the years. we no longer see drivers shoulders, the cars finish faster and a lot closer than they used to, yet they complain.
my message to them is stop hiding it in and come out with it..


you’re right Sebee. heroes are mostly found in hospitals, disaster sites, and old-age homes. people who put others before themselves are heroes, not those who seek glory. here in Canada, we’ve recently had a natural disaster in the form of an out-of-control forest fire in Fort McMurray, Alberta. there were firemen fighting to save their neighbor’s homes while they could see their own burning down. heroes. perhaps we need a better term for our sports icons. champions? gosh, they ARE all champions for getting on those insane bikes whether they ever win or not. thanks for your comment Sebee.


I’m going to say daredevils for glory and prizes is a good description.


Oh well…true, but they still have their lives on the line, don’t they?
I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would do it for free, but they never get the chance.


Lives on the line indeed. But why do they have them on the line? Glory? Trophy? Prize money? Employment? Lifestyle? Not to save another life, is it? We use words too freely. I do it too. Heros, love, amazing…all misused words.


am keen to know how they gain and lose these things you are referring to.


By the level of danger and skill involved.
Just recnetly drivers were stripped of guiding from cormer to corner by their engineers. It was up to the point it became rediculous. They should be entirely on their own once they are in the car. Make all the decisions on their own, including strategies, pit stops etc.


motogp has all those elements of danger you’ve pointed out and yet more people watch f1……..it’s all not true.


Wolff said: “Fernando is one of the best
drivers in history and I like his character

It would appear Wolff likes people with challenging personalities so as he can partake in lively debates and battle of the wits


Don’t tell that to Susie.


@ James T

Hahaha sure thing, my lips are sealed


Yes, Alonso has witnessed first hand why motorgp and Isle of men is appealing to the fans for it’s still quite dangerous hence the riders are viewed as heroes.

F1 has lost some of it’s mystic because safety and the tracks safety has been greatly improved hence the fans don’t hold today’s stars in such high regard.

Ironically, during the canopy debate, Alonso himself said F1 doesn’t need heroes which Brundle disagreed with for if drivers aren’t viewed as heroes, this means anybody can partake in their profession.

Regards the contract talks at Mercedes, I doubt Alonso has a chance at Mercedes because Rosberg was there at the start of the Mercedes project and he looks like the type of player that would play for one club till he retires.

Likewise, the Lewis/Rosberg partnership isn’t your ordinary partnership as they’re have known each other a long time so are less likely to fall out thanks to the numerous talks they have especially after an incident >>> and as always communication is the secret to successful relationships


For all the drama of MOTOGP, it is really more of a Spanish Championship, it is run by a Spanish company and most of the factory, Race winning bikes have Spanish sponsors who insist on Spanish riders, with the exception of Valentino Rossi.

So in motorcycling terms it is not actually a level playing field at all, the races in Moto2 and Moto3 as well as World Superbikes are a lot less predictable.


@ fluffy…really? italian bikes have italian riders, japanese bikes have spanish and italian and next year ducati will have a spanish rider. different nationalities are well represented on the grid as well. what’s your problem?


@kenneth So you’re ok with two Spanish riders conspiring to knobble possibly the greatest legend the sport will ever see and get away with it so one of the Spanish riders wins the championship?

Last year was an utter farce. Imagine Lewis purposefully getting in the way of your darling Danny Ric with no intention of racing, just of stopping him winning… That sort of thing is ok with you?


Mes what’s your opinion of Rossi’s kick out on Marquez?? I suppose he was forced into doing that?

I like Rossi but that was inexcusable and he lost the championship because of it.


Hey Nick. No need to suppose mate. If I was in Rossi’s shoes in that race, personally, all sportsmanship aside, I’d have had him on his backside long before that. What Marc did in that race, and without doubt the one before is the thing that’s inexcusable. If you want to take points off Rossi, ok but do it fairly. If you’re claiming Marquez wasn’t screwing with Rossi then you’re as daft as Ken.

I was a MASSIVE Marquez fan. Loads saved on the sky box and have watched his last to first heroics in Moto2 over and over. I think he has the capacity to maybe be the greatest the sport will ever see. But THAT is inexcusable. That’s all.


@ mes….regarding your opening statement. all i can say is ‘rubbish’. rossi was dirty, he was penalised for that and he paid the price. it wasn’t the first time for him and i recall he got the elbows out with lorenzo and almost pushed him off once as well. rossi doesn’t need to ride dirty. it’s just that he can’t stand being beaten and he will do anything. he was, in my eyes, one of the very greats….now he is totally diminished, the same as shumacher is. as for your last comment well i’ll not even dignify it with a response.


Well said. Rossi was very dirty indeed. He was penalized for slowing down along a curve waiting for Marquez, who came quickly, and then kicking Marquez out of the track. Not the first time. As you said, Rossi also put the elbow to Lorenzo in another race.



Ha haa, really? You’re pulling up a racer for being unable to deal with being beaten? I get the impression that you’ve been around long enough to know how silly that sounds.

As for Marquez, I used to be a fan, followed his whole career, but after what he did to Rossi, he’s dead to me. Are you honestly suggesting that he didn’t try to negatively affect Rossi’s races towards the end of last season? Seriously? If that is indeed what you’re saying you’re even more deluded than I thought.

As for not being able to comprehend the situation if applied to Danny, funny that… Quite different when the boot is on the other foot huh? Don’t worry though, you’ll have enough to contend with when he’s getting his backside handed to him on a plate by an 18 year old.


Have a good one mate.


@ mes….rossi rode ‘dirty’. you know it, the fans know it and so did the stewards. he should’ve received, at the very least, a one race ban for that and even worse if marquez had suffered an injury but don’t take my word for it just seek the comments of ex riders/champions. rossi’s reputation will be forever tarnished as a result. time to get over it.


Yeah thought so. Blinkered beyond belief. Not surprising. Yes Rossi isn’t an angel. But no, this episode is Marc’s making. If you wanna stick your head in the sand then so be it. You living in a dream is no biggie to me. As for your advice (pompous as always), don’t presume I’ve not done that. I know the truth. You’ve been conned.

But anyway, I hope your number 2 driver has a good weekend. But not too good huh?



@ Fluffy.
Yours is the post more perfunctory in a long time. Sorry to say you do not know at all motogp. Look at the grill, the nationalities of the drivers, the list of champions, the bike builders. Then come back here and tell it. By the way, or moto2 and moto3 are run by the same Spanish company. It is that f1 is British because it is owned by Bernie Ecclestone?


Don’t forget Mahindra bikes in Moto 2 and 3. Indian manufacturer. Same manufacturer who has a Formula E team also.


how is it possible for a person to know what another person doesn’t know unless they reveal it themselves?


Aveli, you have to end all arguments? Meddle in everything? Yes, your compulsion is to be the arbiter of all.


quite interesting road,,,,i only asked a question so that i could learn to do the same……isnt it cool to be able to do that?


Leave me alone.


???? are you sure that’s what you want?


HaHa, you got me there. ):-|
(A guess: is Aveli(ne) your name?)


(of an action) carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort.

In case anyone else was wondering?


Look up Krelboyne
LakeFourEyes ????

Brisbane Bill

Sorry “road” but “Fluffy” is right. Works Honda team? Spanish sponsor and two Spanish riders. Works Yamaha team? Spanish sponsor and one Spanish rider – the other being Rossi. Works Suzuki team – their own company is sponsor but two Spanish riders. Works Ducati team? An all Italian team for now. Works Aprillia team (or as close as Aprillia can currently get to being a works team)? No headline sponsor. One Spanish rider and one German rider. So of the 10 “works” seats available 6 are filled by Spanish riders, 3 are Italian and one is German. All other nationalities represented on the grid are in satellite/privateer teams. Enough evidence?


@ brisbane bill…..from gold coast kenneth hahaha so what? it just so happens that the spanish have produced some of the very very best riders! that is what racing is all about. having the best racing the best. spanish or whoever. also don’t forget that although they are spanish they do provide hard racing and that is what we all want.


Not enough. Those riders are hired on merit. On recent past years there was Australian, American, British, French riders too on motogp grill. On moto2 and moto3 Spaniards used to be winners (so then promoted to motogp). This year winners are not Spaniards. So, wait for future seasons to get other nationalities on motogp grill.

Brisbane Bill

When the American road bike market was important to manufacturers the top seats were filled with Americans. Currently, the bulk of money funding MotoGP appears to be coming from Spain so Spanish riders are preferred. Ducati are taking on a Spanish rider (Lorenzo) next year and his seat at Yamaha is being filled by – you’ve guessed it – a Spanish rider. Pedrosa has been underperforming for a couple of years now but he retains his seat because of his Spanish nationality and the backing he brings. I am not saying that this DOESN’T give us exciting racing – far from it. In the past national series have often been far more exciting and aggressive racing so having a bunch of riders trying to be the top Spaniard (or Brit, or whoever) seems to produce more competitive action. I was just stating that there was enough evidence to support what “Fluffy” had stated. As with F1, MotoGP currently has to give the best seats to where the money is coming from.

Kenneth – I think there are two factors at play as to why the Spanish and Italians fill the top seats (in MotoGP 14 of 22 riders are from Spain or Italy, Moto2 16 of 32 riders and Moto3 18 of 34 riders) – their national junior rider programs are much better resourced and run so are producing larger numbers of riders able to step up to the world series and also they seem to have better national support with companies providing sponsorship money to get their country’s riders into top teams. Again, nothing against that and young riders striving to be the best of their nation is certainly giving us plenty of action.

The reason other nationalities can get more of a look-in in World Superbikes, Moto2 and Moto3 than they currently can in MotoGP is simple economics – it is far cheaper to compete in those categories so sponsor dollars spreads further. So all I was doing was showing support to what Fluffy had pointed out but don’t suggest it is detrimental to the quality of racing. Far from it.


@ brisbane bill…thanks for the measured response. my point is quite simple. if someone comes along through the junior classes who is an excellent rider and proves a point then his rise will be assured. this has been the route for many years and this is despite their nationality. the fact that what we are witnessing is really spectacular has nothing to do with their nationality. they are simply the best.

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