Gaming options widen as Motorsport manager gets upgraded to full PC release
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Motorsport Manager SEGA
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  18 May 2016   |  3:17 pm GMT  |  52 comments

The gaming options for race fans are widening. A new version of the mobile game Motorsport Manager takes it onto PC for the first time and will give players the chance to run their own virtual single-seater team, handling all aspects of the squad from building windtunnels and junior driver programmes, to hiring drivers and dealing with the media.

It will be released on PC, Mac and Linux this September, it was announced today.

The game, which has been downloaded more than 1.4 million times on Android and iOS devices, is an all-new project from Guildford-based developers Playsport Games.

Motorsport Manager SEGA

The player will also have full control over the design and manufacturing processes of the car their team will use from a factory and team base they will have to maintain.

The game will also allow players to vote on new rules – it’s unclear if the full frustration of the F1 Commission process will be included – while dealing with budgets, hiring engineers and then running the squad through all the usual aspects of a race weekend.

Christian West, the founder and CTO of Playsport Games, explained that the original hand-held game was designed specifically for motorsport supporters and added that the larger version would add even more detail to satisfy fans of the sport.

Motorsport Manager SEGA

He said: “As motorsport fans, we’ve been waiting to play a game like this for a long time. That was how the original Motorsport Manager for mobile devices came about.

“We wanted to take that experience to the next level by building an all new version of Motorsport Manager for PC with massively enhanced gameplay and unparalleled depth and detail; right down to the effects of tyre degradation from how much rubber has been laid down from the previous session.

“With the help of SEGA, we’re hugely confident of delivering a management experience that fans of motorsport will absolutely love.”

Motorsport Manager SEGA

John Clark, SEGA Europe’s vice president of commercial publishing, described how his division had been impressed by the growth of Playsport Games.

He said: “Playsport Games’ growth as a studio has been rapid since the launch of Motorsport Manager for mobile devices in 2014, with Christian West growing the company from a one-man operation to a team that is now 14-strong, in just two years.

“The announcement of Motorsport Manager for PC underlines the ambition of Playsport Games to deliver a best-in-class experience and also SEGA’s continuing commitment to work with new studios and nurture new franchises that befit our mantra of uncompromising quality.

Motorsport Manager SEGA

“SEGA has great traditions in motorsport, and we are very excited to be part of a game that allows players to experience the world of racing like never before.”

JAonF1 says:

Judging by the level of detail the developers have explained, this game will look intriguing to any in-depth motorsport fan.

Motorsport Manager does not hold the F1 licenses from FOM; so don’t expect to be engineering your own Red Bull seat swap situation. But that should not be held against the game, which is backed by SEGA, publisher of the uber-successful Football Manager series, and it looks like it could offer players the depth the console F1 games are often said to lack.

We hope to be able to bring you a review of the game later in the season.

Motorsport Manager SEGA

What gaming offering do you prefer? Would you play an in-depth motorsport management simulator? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Rfactor with 1991 season mod.
Then you can forget modern f1 even exists.


Alex, Christian West owes you a pint of ale. After reading your feature I spent my two Euros in the app – and got immediately hooked. Teams and drivers are fictitious, but so much the better for me. I also see room for improvement in some areas, but that will hopefully come with time (and money).
As Jimbo (see below), I tried GP Manager 2 with limited success.
Now I’m enjoying this one.


Sega’s Football manager was indeed a great thing but no F.I.A support with licensing hmmm…

In my view if youre looking to use this to sell motorsport to young people then you need to have recognisable names in your game. The game is a learning tool so putting John Newhouse in a silver Worcedes Menz is’nt really going to teach them about F1 or any other motorsport is it? Because none of the drivers or teams in the game actually exist in real life.

The FIA need to be more open about thier restrictions on licenses for all motorsport game developers.


Excellent. Love motorsport manager! Definitely something that’s been missing from the F1 gaming experience. Shame it’s only on PC though as I don’t really game on PC. Would be great if they could bring it out on PlayStation or Xbox !


At last I can pack away my Spectrum 48k and my copy of Chequered Flag. Hopefully this new game will be better.


Great news!


The parts i miss are covered by Monopoly:
Go directly to jail, do not pass go, don’t collect $200.
Chance: This card may be kept until needed or sold. Get out of jail free.
This card is very rare because Bernie used them all. Even in my game box it is missing.

I bet FIA wouldn’t give an OK if industrial spionage, bribing, sabotage … would all be in the game 😉


I’m glad JAonF1 is covering all bases.
If F1 implodes due to mismanagement –
This site will be able to move seamlessly into the eSports arena.


We are getting very interested in it

So are a number of key stakeholders, including FIA.

I’m going to Grand Turismo finals tonight and have some very interesting stuff coming up on E-gaming


Thank heavens for that!
There’s little wrong with the underlying F1 race format –
The real issue is that management perceives income should be based on a ‘passive consumer’ model.

Current social/digital technology has shifted the emphasis to interaction – thus contemporary consumers seek engagement and desire to become ‘active producers’ to a certain extent.

Marshall McLuhan’s work is well worth a re-read for a laugh and some cogent insights too.


Any one play Gpro??
Great browser game all about the data….

By the way I’m actually believing Sebee IS the Oracle.


Here, have this cookie. By the time you’re done eating it you would have forgotten the whole thing. You’ll tell yourself you don’t believe in this mumbo-jumbo.


Love your username, is your brother kyvatgotshaftedbymarko?


I highly recommend GP Story on iPhone. I dunno if it’s on android. Solid gameplay, no glitches. No official licence but the drivers names are very similar to the real ones. At my peak in playing I would be on the app from leaving my house to actually sitting at my work desk before pausing the game.


Sega are developing another time sink for me…gonna need to say goodbye to everyone i know before September

Just ~ Ryan ~ Please

Exactly ! XD going to highschool in late August, but i think i won’t know anyone anytime soon after the release 😀


If anyone’s interested, there are two really indepth videos about the Motorsport Manager game, containing various screenshots of the game, features inside etc, It looks fantastically detailed and very immersive.

Looks like a very impressive game! Part 1 (Screenshots and features) Part 2 (Game play footage)


Cool, the android version was fun. Just need to get the perfect (non-real F1) balance between different tyre strategies, fuel strategies, undercuts etc so differing strategies overlap enough to have fun. Plus fix the safety car bugs 😉 Mods to attributes, text, 3d models etc will all add life, following the Geoff Crammond GP games way. Good luck!


Can the Technical Working Group be included? It would take up space on your hard drive but never actually form any useful part of the game but if the developers are serious about really simulating F1 that is a must have.

You would also need the villain Melmet Harko changing his driver line up after four races……


I’ve never played games on computers or ‘mobile phones and I’m not starting now. What a waste of time.


I recently spent £260 quid on a set of Fanatec Clubsport 3 pedals and now you’re saying it’s a waste? Each to their own in their spare time guess.


Of the topic, have anyone tried F1 2015?


I have played in Octavio, PC and PS4. I use wheel and pedals .
Took a while , in my opinion story line is terrible but the driving and feel is best I have tried ( lots opinion here no doubt ).
I’ve played since early ps 1 console f1 96/97 and late to gp4 on PC.


Thanks Wade. I used to play F1 2012 and it was fantastic, the best F1 themed gamed I have played yet. 🙂


I will probably take a look at this, but the lack of official license is a definite negative point.
hopefully the mod community can release some unofficial patches to take care of that.


Thanks Alex. Though I prefer racing I’ll try the game when they release it on PC. I am living my dream of racing in F1 now, playing SSR. 🙂 😀


noooooooo. Just when I got a few projects off my plate, and I finally have some time to work on the stuff I want to work on, something else comes along to eat up all my free time.

Garrett Bruce

Any chance we can get some information/analysis on the Barcelona testing ? Thanks much.


I prefer the driving aspect of racing games, just like in a sports game I like playing the sport more than the management aspect.


I just wish i could properly enjoy a session of F1 2015 Online without it being a glitchy buggy mess. You know things are really bad when your opponents end up driving the wrong way down the pitlane:


That’s an amazing video.


At last, at long last! I used to play GPM2 and F1 Manager ’96 and was lost, lonely and bereft to be without a decent motor racing manager game for the PC in the current era. I found Motorsport Manager on Android and love it, even for its little faults. I often wished it, or something very similar, was available for the PC. Now it is, I can’t wait!!


I race online with Gran Turismo 6. (Changing to iRacing in the winter) I’m not the fastest over one lap but with strategy I’ve beaten the fastest. When a championship is running there’s a race every week or every two weeks. With the races lasting between 90mins to 120mins. I work out my strategies the same way as in motor sport. How long a stint is, how long does a stop take, how long is the race, etc.

Anyone who loves racing but can’t afford to do it for real. Online racing is the way to go. iRacing now has a dynamic track that rubbers in as the race goes on. As the Sun moves in the sky, the parts of the track in shadow cool. Marbles are left off the racing line to. So the further into the race the less grip you have off line.


I dearly miss Gran Turismo 5 online, it was a sad, sad day when they closed down the online servers for that game. GT6 just wasn’t as good for me. However I have high hopes for there next instalment.


Sorry forgot to add.

For the future a game like this could have an online component. That could run with online racing. A real virtual racing team with car/team development but with the team then racing their cars in online races.

I’m just the ideas man. Make it happen.


pCARS also has many of the same features. The track rubbers in over a session, and the dynamic weather effects track temperature, grip levels, and tire temperature.

Game has many other bugs, but it’s definitely worth a go. Great selection of new and old racecars, and the track list is top shelf – all the usual suspects, plus Watkins Glen, Road America, Rouen Les Essart (beast!!), classic Silverstone, classic Hockenheim, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Donnington, Zolder and many more.

Kenny Carwash

Awesome! I’ve played the hell out of Motorsport Manager, so would be really interested to see whether they can expand the game whilst retaining what makes it so good.

It pulls off the very clever trick of being superficially very simple, but with a surprising amount of depth and challenge buried underneath. It’s certainly the only racing management game to hold my interest like Grand Prix Manager 2 and while it isn’t as detailed and difficult as that game, it’s not horribly broken like GPM2 was in many respects.

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