Channel 4 reveals “dream team” for 2016 Formula 1 UK TV presenters
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Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  08 Mar 2016   |  2:58 pm GMT  |  212 comments

Channel 4 has revealed the full line-up of its on-air presenting team ahead of the 2016 Formula 1 season.

The broadcaster takes over as the terrestrial home of F1 coverage in the UK after the BBC pulled out of its contract three years early. It will show ten races live, with the rest covered as highlights.

The channel had already announced that F1 driver-turned-commentator David Coulthard would be joining from the BBC and his co-owned Whisper Films production company will be creating the shows for Channel 4.

Former T4 and X Factor USA presenter Steve Jones will anchor the coverage and a rotating cast of pundits will join him and Coulthard throughout the 2016 season.

Former Red Bull driver, and current World Endurance Championship champion, Mark Webber, and Susie Wolff, who was a Williams F1 development driver in 2015, who will be part of the presenting team for Channel 4’s live races.

Karun Chandhok, who raced in F1 with HRT and was spotted conducting interviews for Channel 4 at last week’s Barcelona test, will be the channel’s technical analyst and will report from the pitlane.

Lee McKenzie and Ben Edwards have also joined from the BBC with the latter confirmed as lead commentator, alongside Coulthard.

Alain Prost

Four-times F1 world champion Alain Prost will be part of Channel 4’s “wider presenting team”, which includes Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicolas, Bruno Senna and Alex Zanardi, the former F1 driver who became a Paralympic champion following his life-changing CART crash. Former BBC pundit Eddie Jordan was also announced as one of the channel’s rotating presenters.

Legendary F1 commentator Murrary Walker will also provide interviews with “stars of the sport” throughout 2016 and Renault rookie Jolyon Palmer is writing a blog for Channel 4’s website throughout his first year in F1.

Speaking about the new presenting team, Coulthard explained that Channel would aim to provide a novel approach to F1 TV coverage.

David Coulthard

He said: “I’m very proud to be a part of this exciting line up which will give F1 fans who choose to watch the most creative and innovative free-to-air coverage of the season a totally fresh perspective.

“This season promises to be the most competitive for years and viewers can look forward to extensive coverage of all the races, expert punditry, unrivalled paddock and pit access as well as exhilarating stunts and features throughout to bring the audience right into the heart of the race action.”

Channel 4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt added: “This is the dream team – we’ve brought together the very best in screen and off screen talent to make Channel 4’s coverage unmissable.”

Channel 4 has confirmed that it will use Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” as the opening music for its F1 coverage. The channel will also screen practice and qualifying of the events it is showing live and those races will not have advertising breaks.


What do you make of Channel 4’s presenting team? Do you expect the broadcaster improve F1 TV coverage? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Please get rid of steve jones,replace with somebody who talks sense.


Can we please lose Steve Jones. He,s really not very good a this.!!!


I believe the English speaking world needs commentators that they can understand easily, people with heavy accents and are more hard to understand understand/listen to such as very Scottish ones are a pain in the bum with their pronunciation differences. The four main guy’s now are pretty good,esp Brundle for sure…


Just watching the Hungarian GP qualifying. Why is everyone on C4 Scottish.


After the incident where Nick was taken out by Hamilton, I feel obliged to vent my anger at the extremely biased views of the commentary team. Carim (sp ?) Talking absolute rubbish by trying to say the lead driver has to leave one cars space to the side of the track..! Please. Drivers constantly drive each other out of track space. Lewis made a bad call to attempt the pass. Thats it. Dont cover so blatantly whenever he is involved in incidents. Your favourite comment about his racing instincts are irritating. Usually an incident when other drivers don’t make space for Lewis! He doesn’t have to make space or judge better. Irritating to the extreme your biased commentary towards Englishmen!


Jones is struggling with F1 knowledge and relies on the expertise of the likes of Suzie Wolf _ brilliant by the way _ his jibes At Lewiss private life have nothing to do with the Race ?? Errr P1 _ get rid hes just annoying !!! Put the knowledgeable and personable Webber in !!in stead ,

Leslie George

Bring back Suzi Perry


I find the presenter who links with David Coultard very hard to listen to. Very loud and appears to talk down to Coultard.


My comment is that I really don’t think Steve Jones is necessary. The presenting team of DC and Webber plus Susie Wolf (sorry about the spelling of her name) fit together well, as demonstrated today. Jones comments are inane and whilst I’m guessing he’s contracted for the season he feels surpurfluous – sorry

andrew Mathison

I like the F1 coverage but the unknown commentator Steve Jones (I believe!) has only professionals around him and just looks to be “master of the unfortunate comments”. He is simply awful….GET RID OF HIM!!
I have never ever felt the need to complain about ANY commentator on any program of any TV station in my life and I will be 70 years old this year….
He makes me embarrassed for his “gaffs”….
Either train him or get rid of him, he is NOT of an “anchor man” quality….but David C. or Mrs Wolf definitely are….




Very good loved the whole show apart from the lead presenter Steve Jones he just does not fit in …. Sorry bring back Martin brundle


Have just finished watching the Bahrain Grand Prix. Congratulations Channel 4 – great presentation by DC, Susie Wolff and Mark Webber but you have to drop that other fellow, the new anchor man – he is cringingly awful, embarrassingly terrible. I am afraid he spoilt it for me completely. He is trying so hard to be knowledgeable and cool and failing abysmally at both. For goodness sake let one of the other three do it – they are genuine racers and don’t have to pretend to be what they are not. Get that right and you have a superb programme.


Dream team??i don’t think so! The main presenter crap. Not a patch on miss Perry. Miss Wolf yes very good. Mark Webber even better can explain things that us mortals can understand. DC past his best to tech. Change you main presenter he is terrible. Just comes across as a arsenal licker. Not a channel 4 person.


Loving your coverage guys ???? Especially Mark Webber loved him as a F1 driver & now love him as a presenter ???? X


Steve Jones is an embarrassment! Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have him fronting F1?


Steve Jones is not suitable for f1. Please please please replace him


Just sitting down to watch F1 please get rid of Steve Jones his commentating
Is cringe worthy. Does he know anything about F1 and calling David Coulthard DC!!!!!!!


What a great mix of experts, all with different perspectives and experience right across racing spectrum, well done, Sky you can throw lots of money at it, but at the end of day
Knowledge is power, watch out.


What a great line up, a really fantastic mix of experts who have seen F1 from many different perspectives, watch out Sky.


Super team seems far too many people on the payroll to me. I really wish someone would take susie Woolf on one side and explain local customs to her Bare shoulders are frowned upon in Bahrain and if she is representing uk TV she should at least make an effort to respect this. Nice top but not appropriate.


[Mod] Murray walker is a waste of space in this modern age and Co presenter chandock is 2nd division and pretty boring


Great F1 line up. Professional, knowledgeable and hopefully will bring a new approach to this seasons spectacular. Would have appreciated a little more “glamour” in the line up, after all, fast cars attractive ladies, what’s not to like.
Looking forward to some great performances for 2016. Good luck.


Why, after Channel 4 declared ” The channel will also screen practice and qualifying of the events it is showing live and those races will not have advertising breaks.” did they have breaks whilst the race was live? What are your comments on this?


They said the live races would have no ads, not the highlights. Unfortunate that their first race was highlights so it had ads


Please.please get rid of Steve Jones from F1. Spoiled our afternoon he is too lightweight for this show.give him big brother or blue Peter.


PLEASE get rid of Steve Jones on F1 spoiling our viewing.belongs on big brother or kids shows.

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