Channel 4 reveals “dream team” for 2016 Formula 1 UK TV presenters
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Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  08 Mar 2016   |  2:58 pm GMT  |  212 comments

Channel 4 has revealed the full line-up of its on-air presenting team ahead of the 2016 Formula 1 season.

The broadcaster takes over as the terrestrial home of F1 coverage in the UK after the BBC pulled out of its contract three years early. It will show ten races live, with the rest covered as highlights.

The channel had already announced that F1 driver-turned-commentator David Coulthard would be joining from the BBC and his co-owned Whisper Films production company will be creating the shows for Channel 4.

Former T4 and X Factor USA presenter Steve Jones will anchor the coverage and a rotating cast of pundits will join him and Coulthard throughout the 2016 season.

Former Red Bull driver, and current World Endurance Championship champion, Mark Webber, and Susie Wolff, who was a Williams F1 development driver in 2015, who will be part of the presenting team for Channel 4’s live races.

Karun Chandhok, who raced in F1 with HRT and was spotted conducting interviews for Channel 4 at last week’s Barcelona test, will be the channel’s technical analyst and will report from the pitlane.

Lee McKenzie and Ben Edwards have also joined from the BBC with the latter confirmed as lead commentator, alongside Coulthard.

Alain Prost

Four-times F1 world champion Alain Prost will be part of Channel 4’s “wider presenting team”, which includes Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicolas, Bruno Senna and Alex Zanardi, the former F1 driver who became a Paralympic champion following his life-changing CART crash. Former BBC pundit Eddie Jordan was also announced as one of the channel’s rotating presenters.

Legendary F1 commentator Murrary Walker will also provide interviews with “stars of the sport” throughout 2016 and Renault rookie Jolyon Palmer is writing a blog for Channel 4’s website throughout his first year in F1.

Speaking about the new presenting team, Coulthard explained that Channel would aim to provide a novel approach to F1 TV coverage.

David Coulthard

He said: “I’m very proud to be a part of this exciting line up which will give F1 fans who choose to watch the most creative and innovative free-to-air coverage of the season a totally fresh perspective.

“This season promises to be the most competitive for years and viewers can look forward to extensive coverage of all the races, expert punditry, unrivalled paddock and pit access as well as exhilarating stunts and features throughout to bring the audience right into the heart of the race action.”

Channel 4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt added: “This is the dream team – we’ve brought together the very best in screen and off screen talent to make Channel 4’s coverage unmissable.”

Channel 4 has confirmed that it will use Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” as the opening music for its F1 coverage. The channel will also screen practice and qualifying of the events it is showing live and those races will not have advertising breaks.


What do you make of Channel 4’s presenting team? Do you expect the broadcaster improve F1 TV coverage? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or head over to the JAonF1 Facebook page for more discussion.

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Please get rid of steve jones,replace with somebody who talks sense.


Can we please lose Steve Jones. He,s really not very good a this.!!!


I believe the English speaking world needs commentators that they can understand easily, people with heavy accents and are more hard to understand understand/listen to such as very Scottish ones are a pain in the bum with their pronunciation differences. The four main guy’s now are pretty good,esp Brundle for sure…


Just watching the Hungarian GP qualifying. Why is everyone on C4 Scottish.


After the incident where Nick was taken out by Hamilton, I feel obliged to vent my anger at the extremely biased views of the commentary team. Carim (sp ?) Talking absolute rubbish by trying to say the lead driver has to leave one cars space to the side of the track..! Please. Drivers constantly drive each other out of track space. Lewis made a bad call to attempt the pass. Thats it. Dont cover so blatantly whenever he is involved in incidents. Your favourite comment about his racing instincts are irritating. Usually an incident when other drivers don’t make space for Lewis! He doesn’t have to make space or judge better. Irritating to the extreme your biased commentary towards Englishmen!


Jones is struggling with F1 knowledge and relies on the expertise of the likes of Suzie Wolf _ brilliant by the way _ his jibes At Lewiss private life have nothing to do with the Race ?? Errr P1 _ get rid hes just annoying !!! Put the knowledgeable and personable Webber in !!in stead ,

Leslie George

Bring back Suzi Perry


I find the presenter who links with David Coultard very hard to listen to. Very loud and appears to talk down to Coultard.


My comment is that I really don’t think Steve Jones is necessary. The presenting team of DC and Webber plus Susie Wolf (sorry about the spelling of her name) fit together well, as demonstrated today. Jones comments are inane and whilst I’m guessing he’s contracted for the season he feels surpurfluous – sorry

andrew Mathison

I like the F1 coverage but the unknown commentator Steve Jones (I believe!) has only professionals around him and just looks to be “master of the unfortunate comments”. He is simply awful….GET RID OF HIM!!
I have never ever felt the need to complain about ANY commentator on any program of any TV station in my life and I will be 70 years old this year….
He makes me embarrassed for his “gaffs”….
Either train him or get rid of him, he is NOT of an “anchor man” quality….but David C. or Mrs Wolf definitely are….




Very good loved the whole show apart from the lead presenter Steve Jones he just does not fit in …. Sorry bring back Martin brundle


Have just finished watching the Bahrain Grand Prix. Congratulations Channel 4 – great presentation by DC, Susie Wolff and Mark Webber but you have to drop that other fellow, the new anchor man – he is cringingly awful, embarrassingly terrible. I am afraid he spoilt it for me completely. He is trying so hard to be knowledgeable and cool and failing abysmally at both. For goodness sake let one of the other three do it – they are genuine racers and don’t have to pretend to be what they are not. Get that right and you have a superb programme.


Dream team??i don’t think so! The main presenter crap. Not a patch on miss Perry. Miss Wolf yes very good. Mark Webber even better can explain things that us mortals can understand. DC past his best to tech. Change you main presenter he is terrible. Just comes across as a arsenal licker. Not a channel 4 person.


Loving your coverage guys ???? Especially Mark Webber loved him as a F1 driver & now love him as a presenter ???? X


Steve Jones is an embarrassment! Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have him fronting F1?


Steve Jones is not suitable for f1. Please please please replace him


Just sitting down to watch F1 please get rid of Steve Jones his commentating
Is cringe worthy. Does he know anything about F1 and calling David Coulthard DC!!!!!!!


What a great mix of experts, all with different perspectives and experience right across racing spectrum, well done, Sky you can throw lots of money at it, but at the end of day
Knowledge is power, watch out.


What a great line up, a really fantastic mix of experts who have seen F1 from many different perspectives, watch out Sky.


Super team seems far too many people on the payroll to me. I really wish someone would take susie Woolf on one side and explain local customs to her Bare shoulders are frowned upon in Bahrain and if she is representing uk TV she should at least make an effort to respect this. Nice top but not appropriate.


[Mod] Murray walker is a waste of space in this modern age and Co presenter chandock is 2nd division and pretty boring


Great F1 line up. Professional, knowledgeable and hopefully will bring a new approach to this seasons spectacular. Would have appreciated a little more “glamour” in the line up, after all, fast cars attractive ladies, what’s not to like.
Looking forward to some great performances for 2016. Good luck.


Why, after Channel 4 declared ” The channel will also screen practice and qualifying of the events it is showing live and those races will not have advertising breaks.” did they have breaks whilst the race was live? What are your comments on this?


They said the live races would have no ads, not the highlights. Unfortunate that their first race was highlights so it had ads


Please.please get rid of Steve Jones from F1. Spoiled our afternoon he is too lightweight for this show.give him big brother or blue Peter.


PLEASE get rid of Steve Jones on F1 spoiling our viewing.belongs on big brother or kids shows.


I am amazed that you let steve jones appear as lead presenter unshaven scruffy standing about with his hands in his pocket, can i suggest you let david lead , and get rid of mr scruff.after all this is a prestige sport


It’s a pitty we can’t have the English presentation anymore in the Netherlands. Loved it.


This weekend will find out if the team is good. Got to give them a try can’t be worse than the BBC.


This is amazeing news as usual c4 don’t mess about brilliant so glad we still got David and Eddie


why Steve Jones……….should have brought suzi perry over as the anchor


Sky is not great – too much analysis and opinion – but it’s the best we’ve got and I will continue to watch in preference to terrestrial offerings. I will record the races presented by C4 so as to have a fair comparison, but with the line-up so far I am not terribly impressed – good to have DC and Lee McKenzie as well as dear old Murray, but why, Oh Why, have we got to have that supercilious little name dropping [Mod] E Jordan living on his past glories in the mix?


The new line up looks good I’m glad that David is still in the mix and it will be interesting to see how it pans out . Well done channel 4 Mark on board should be fun and retaining The Chain is brilliant , here’s to an exciting season of racing .


Same old, same old. Nothing’s new then. Why do we need so many pundits? When I started watching F1 in the 60s there was only Murray Walker behind the camera – he commented on the race & that was it, fantastic! None of this modern ‘analysis’ is necessary, let’s just watch the racing & do away with all the talking about the racing (it’s also a lot cheaper). I can form my own opinions, I don’t really want to hear “…I mean” or “…you know” repetitively from people with a limited vocabulary & a poor command of the English language.


You should have signed Suzy Perry as she was superb last year


I had hoped bbc losing f1 would mean no more Eddie Jordan , no he’s still there. Top that off with Steve (smuggest man in the world) Jones. Sky it will have to be humph.

Yzanne Pepper and Mark Pepper

Line up sounds reasonably good. WE WANT NIKI LAUDA!! He would ask all the right questions and give all the right answers! He has a great character and I think it would really bring f1 to a new level! Even as a rotating presenter he would be excellent. Glad to see Eddie Jordan on the team once again, and also happy about Chandok. PLEASE BRING NIKI LAUDA!!!!!!


Ben & Lee were the weak members of the BBC team, very F Ford or even more junior. David & Eddie very much F1. This is a world championship not a British one, please present it as such and not another BBC soap which left us all switching off.


Looks good, sounds good.well done C4 looks like a very slick operation, lets get on the gas for a new F1 start…….xx


The info reads superb, really looking forward to Melbourn. Great list of presenters. Lets all hope for a brill season of racing, with some new faces on the podium!….


Many thanks to Channel 4 thought I was going mad when I could not find anything on BBC future trans. The TEAM looks very good and I think C4 will do an exellent job with this longest season, glad to see DC heading, he is a legend, many thanks.


Relieved there are no advert breaks, well done C4. I remember ITV and the infuriating ad-breaks with three laps to go. Time will tell how the presenting works, but looks good. I think ex-drivers, ex-managers, or ex-engineers, are great in a presenting line-up because they have lived F1 and there is no substitute for hands on experience. Looking forward to 2016 and even more so to 2017. I have been a fan since 1973 when the F1 gap to other formula was huge, so hoping the extreme label returns next year.


Could be good if no ads like itv a few years back.


I am looking forward to the new season greatly, and am very happy that channel 4 have decided to show F1. Shame on BBC for dropping it when one considers some of the tripe they spend licence payers money on. Good luck DC and team . Let us not be negative before anything has been aired.


Sounds a disaster in the making, will probably not follow f1 anymore on telly,sky offer a poor service already. Sad to think it is coming to this.dissapointed the bbc no longer cover it


Channel Four won the UK FREE Broadcast rights to Formula One because Channel Four said they would broadcast their ten races commercial Free. But no MONOCO or CANADA because like it or not SKY are the main UK Formula One broadcaster until 2018.


Sounds good to me 🙂 So glad that gushy Suzy Perrys not in the line up.


What no James ??!! Tragic, at least last year we used to get to listen to you on friday free practice. Where can we hear you now. No disrespect to Ben Edwards but I would much prefer listening to you.


A good line up apart from Steve Jones. Time will tell how it all works out. Glad Channel 4 have finally shown a TV add. There was nothing on the website so was getting worried they weren’t taking it seriously.


How much of the GP will we get to see? Will we see more GP or more adverts over the course of the GP


Benie gave the UK FREE TV Rights to Channel Four because Channel Four stated the 10 races that they are allowed to show would be commercial free. However no Monoco or Canada Grand Prix LIVE on Channel Four,because like it or not SKY are the main UK Formula One broadcaster until 2018.


Great to have DC and EJ still involved!


Really pleased to see Lee McKenzie joining the team. She’s an excellent presenter and fully deserves her place fronting F1.


Not looking forward to this!
Murray Walker?!
Alain Prost ?!
Susie Wolff ?!
Nicolas Hamilton and a bloke off American X Factor?!

I think I’ll stick to my free to air satellite channel and commentary from James on the radio.


I am really looking forward to the channel 4 commentary this upcoming F1 season. The line up looks full of expert personal and great to see Murray Walker (the voice of F1) involved.
Also the non nonsense comments from Mark Webber a true champion!!!


Ben Edwards (and David Croft) are enough to make me give up on F1.


Well folks…

perhaps it’s the new software but when we can have a host of posts on the quality of pictures yet moderate anything answering and explaining ignorant attitudes?

Well it’s representative of F1 as good as the new tyre and qualifying rules… 🙂

Time to say goodbye after a number of years. I, as you can guess feel pretty strongly about the issue below and with good reason and would be doing myself a disservice not to end this given I did put forward a post explaining why. It was moderated. Perhaps I should have titled it noise or V8…

Bye chaps… And lasses

It’s been… Emotional 🙂


The most exciting news so far in otherwise dreary lead up to fist race. Can’t wait to hear some Murrayisms


Not impressed. Blundell and Brundle provide great insights. So too does Coulthard but while he is a Redbull ambassador, how can he provide impartial commentary, willing to criticize Redbull freely as any other team?


I have been here a few years and appreciate what you do but when there are post after post relating to airbrushed Suzi and yet any post pointing out to completely ignorant people just what someone with the disability Hamilton’s brother has may have achieved, regardless of who he is, all while letting completely ignorant responses remain?

If you choose not to post this fine but at least make sure people here understand the issue a little clearer through a comment of your own.

I do not expect you to post this but I hope you do.

The FIA medical rules for a racing license are difficult to pass if you have any issue let alone such an illness. Far more difficult than say a missing limb or lack of mobility.

To get such a license and move up the license ladder is an achievement that required a lot of commitment.

It might be nice to hear from such a person and I applaud C4 for giving him a voice whoever he is.

With regards to those that think it’s because of his famous brother. You may well be right but who cares?

He has an insight for those not as fortunate that might just help the falling audience and just possibly help to reduce the stunning ignorance sometimes displayed by the Google generation. He cannot be compared to Alex Zenardi as he is a completely different issue.

He may even get someone involved in the sport that has forever felt excluded because of such.

By the way anyone interested might like to look at the groups such as NABD or the various groups involved in getting people without famous brothers into the sport. Or any form of motorcycle or car activity.


Who is this Steve Jones ? Will add no value to the programme. Lee McKenzie would have made a very good in an anchor role with David Coulthard.
Susie Wolff would be better placed as a pit reporter
EJ- has great insight to the world of F1 and without a doubt there should be a place for him in any presenting team.
Great to hear that MW will be back to give his views


I would like to see Bruno Senna get a full time gig. I always enjoyed his commentary on sky , defiantly the best of the new breed of ex driver commentators.

Anthony Davidson and Chandock are ok and very knowledgeable but bruno has more personality i think.


Anyone know what James Allen is doing? He’s not in the C4 line up and wasn’t on the BBC 5 Live Chequered Flag podcast the other day. I was hoping he’d be in one of those.


I too would like to know. James?


DC Yes, great

Steve Jones. who?

Lee McKenzie. Yes great

Ben Edwards. Ok but where’s our James. Shame

Good old Murray

The new Suzie has to be better than the old.

Analysts I mean, for goodness sake, Where’s Gary Anderson? He was effective and knowledgable. Suppose he’s too old – they prefer the famous or bright young things.


Hiring Alex Zanardi and Nic Hamilton is also a thoughtful strategic move.


Also, Alessandro Zanardi and Nic Hamilton on the ‘wider presenting team’ is definitely a thoughtful strategic tie-up for Channel 4, linking both F1 and disability sport, which C4 are very committed to and covered very well at London 2012.


Would like to know what JA is doing this year. I think it was Steve Rider who said he is probably the best commentator of them all (I concur). 5Live will not be the same this year.


Also, Alessandro Zanardi and Nic Hamilton on the ‘wider presenting team’ is definitely a thoughtful strategic tie-up for Channel 4, linking both F1 and disability sport (which C4 are very committed to and covered very well at London 2012).


I think we’ll need to see how all the different roles and personnel fit together before assessing how successful this is. It was a last-minute deal, don’t forget, and may take time to get right. But it sounds ambitious, and has potential in my view.


I think we’ll need to see how the roles fit together before assessing how successful this is. Jolyon Palmer doing a blog is good; and Alessandro Zanardi and Nic Hamilton as ‘wider presenting team’ is definitely a thoughtful strategic tie-up for the channel, linking both F1 and disability sport (which C4 are very committed to and did very well at London 2012). It was a last-minute deal, don’t forget, and may take time to get right. But it sounds ambitious, and has potential in my view.


Very comprehensive list. Lots of respected names. But I think we’ll need to see how the roles fit together before assessing how successful it is. Jolyon Palmer doing a blog is good; and Alessandro Zanardi and Nic Hamilton as ‘wider presenting team’ is definitely a thoughtful strategic tie-up for the channel, linking both F1 and disability sport (which C4 are very committed to and did very well at London 2012). It looks ambitious but because of that it might take them a while to get it to all fit together. Remember too this was a last-minute deal. I’d advise fellow British viewers to give C4 time but it’s got potential.


I think the most underrated pundit of all time is Gary Anderson. He was the most insightful. He could describe in easy to understand terms what was technically wrong with cars. Even better, he knew about race strategy and what teams could, should, would do during a race. His insights were fascinating and often right. His commentaries kept me absorbed even in dull races.

No driver pundits can do that. It’s not their field of expertise. Even Eddie Jordan pales in comparison to Gary, which makes me wonder how good he really was technically and with strategy as Gary used to work for him. I was so disappointed when the BBC dropped him form the TV team. It just went to show that those in charge know little about what fans need.


Far too many presenters, CH4 have lost the plot. F1 has been ruined in the UK since SKY took the rights, they’ve taken it away from the masses because of their greed and mission to control sport TV coverage.


Why are there too many presenters? It’s not like they’ll be talking at the same time and what you get with this many is diversity of opinion. 2 main commentators, a main presenter and 2 pundits, a pit lane reporter and a host of former drivers, Murray Walker AND a wig. What’s not to like?

BTW you get 10 races FTA and you can get the other 10 for a total of £70 through NOW TV which lets you access Sky Sports for 24 Hours. I don’t think that’s too shabby.


Glad Edwards is on board as he is the best lead commentator in the business in my opinion. Used to love listening to him and Watson commentate on Eurosport F1 coverage in the early 90s when the BBC only covered the races. I just wish all the races were on terrestrial, F1 doesn’t seem able to maintain a subscription based audience.


I love this line up – I really do think that they’ve got the right balance of great screen presence and F1 knowledge. Sky’s Team has been starting to feel a bit bland for me. Based on this, I will tune into C4 for the live races.

So Steve Jones is from the X Factor US and some other stuff that’s a bit pants, but remember that Jake came from kids telly and he was brilliant. So I say give him a chance and see how he does.

DC is the boss was always going to get the co-com gig

Ben Edwards is a class act, although Crofty still edges it for me

You can’t beat a bit of EJ.

It’s so important that Suzi Perry is part of the team. Yeah she wasn’t the fastest driver ever, but neither was Karun or Bruno. We need more women involved in motorsport, not just drivers, but engineers, managers, and also fans. Suzi’s presence is a big part of that.

Karun and Bruno are great on the telly and offer a lot of good insight.

Lee McKenzie was always brilliant on BBC – I always liked the fact that she always looks like she’s really enjoying her job.

Nic Hamilton – Hmmm, I need to be convinced on that one, lets see shall we.

Prost – Haven’t really seen him doing much TV work, but he is Alain Prost.

Mark Webber – I think he’ll be really entertaining, I can imagine he won’t hold back with his opinions. Will be interesting to see what he says about Seb too :-).

Murray – The Best. ’nuff said


Oops – I meant to say Susie Wolff, not Suzi Perry 🙂


Nicolas Hamilton? Really?


Another one….

Yes really.

Just take a look at how hard it is for a disabled person to get any form of racing license regardless of who they are and you might have a clue as to how hard he has worked just to get to race let alone progress up the licensing ladder.

You can’t just buy a medical approval you know.

Ignorance is not an excuse.


I think you may be right about insight. I remember Susie Wolf sharing once about how the ergonomics of a car are not built with women in mind – i.e. pedals too far away, seat and belts not exactly comfortable if you know what I mean etc. so that when she got into a car that was built around her it made such a difference. I’d imagine Nic will come with other insights and an understanding that we just wouldn’t get or appreciate if he wasn’t there.


Added to which, they apparently have Alex Zinardi…now if you want a highly qualified and well respected disabled racer, look no further…as I said, Nicolas Hamilton…really?


Actually – I am frankly stunned at the ignorance being displayed by com mentors on this subject.

Are you really comparing Zanardi with Hamilton’s brother? They are not only worlds apart but under completely different rules let alone physical disability.
I honestly cannot comprehend that there are people suggesting one will do, or that because NH results are not on google that somehow excludes any insight.

I suggest all those sceptical take a look at the licensing requirements for racing in British or European series and the medical tests. I then suggest you use google to get an overview of such disabilities and work out how hard he worked to do what he did.

I have a doctorate. I am also disabled in a similar way to Zenardi. I was disabled in a serious racing accident. I held a racing license at international level for a number of years before. It was nearly impossible to get one after let alone race.

It’s time people realised that it’s not a given and the issue of grid girls or airbrushing is not in any way the biggest issue just ‘cos it’s PC’


No offence but you may need to look at how much motor racing he has undertaken since his tragic accident and more importantly his prior acievements and which country he achieved it in. I am a geat fan but he does not undertake his racing under FIA rules.


@Drg: I’m sorry, but who mentioned disability? How do you know I’m not wheelchair bound? My question was based on the fact that other than being the brother of the WC, what credentials does he have for this that thousands of other racers don’t?

You need [Mod] and read what people actually write rather than just kicking off with your own [Mod] preconceptions.


In other words a possible insight into the world of racing that no-one else even knows about in the line up and quite possibly opening up grass roots racing to a wider audience some of whom will always have assumed they could not do similar.

Hopefully someone at some point will do an article on the racing licensing ladder and how difficult it can be to progress if you have any physical issue – even with world class talent and ability.


A well chosen line up, DC and Lee were both excellent on the BBC, Karun and Susie both good additions. They really need a technical expert though. I was hoping they would get Gary Anderson back, the quality of the Beeb analysis plummeted after they dropped him.


Did Prost and Karun forget their helmets?


Alan McNish is a great loss


The C4F1 wage bill for presenters alone is going to be bigger than most of the teams on the grid!

To my mind a streamlined show would have been the way to go. I’d love to see the analytics around the % of viewers watching all the pre / post race punditry.

Sorry to say but it feels like a bit of self indulgence has kicked in with the size of this team. Will Whisper actually be able to turn a profit from the show?


Oh no! Not Steve Jones!! Anyone but him. His “hilarious” banter will go down like a sack of spuds. This is a guy who once presented a teenage Saturday morning TV show(discontinued), the American X factor(discontinued) and a show about hair dressing(discontinued). I couldn’t think of a worse choice.


I wasn’t enthralled by the idea of Steve Jones hosting, but I’ll give him a chance. I don’t think you can hold his earlier career against him, neccessarily. After all, Jake Humphrey was excellent in the job, in my view, and his TV credits have included Rule The School and Fame Academy for CBBC, The Saturday Show, Bamzookie, and Newsround. TV presenting can be tough, jobs can be short-lived, and you take what you can get.


Absolutely fantastic lineup. Will be my preferred viewing over Sky F1


Well done C4, nice line-up. Always great to see Murray still involved.


Looks very promising. I’m glad bbc lost the rights – I was always watching the far superior coverage on skyF1. This makes me tempted to watch ch4 for the live races…

Richard mccrossan

Good line up for C4. Looking forward to the potential they have for opening the sport to a new audience and adding some “cool”…

Sounds like BBC5Live will be good too.

But where is James??? We need you in our coverage ….

Thread the needle

Good to see Murray Walker back and Ben Edward’s as lead commentator


I assume that’s sarcastic.


It’s a good selection of people and C4 have a history of doing sport really well.

My only criticism may be that there are way too many presenters/experts; it could feel a little fragmented without compared to a small close-knit team.


I take the SKY package, I didn’t want to but the idea of highlights filled me with horror! The coverage is good and the Brundle/Croft commentary pairing works very well.


Sometimes, a highlights programme is fine, the way the racing has been the last few years. The winner is frequently not in doubt, and any midfield action is included in the footage broadcast. Okay, it’s not the same, and we have to keep aware of where we are in the race, but I’m generally content with it for the price I pay. I’m suspecting that any Sky subscriber will admit, if they’re honest, that there have been times when they’d happily get to the end of the race. The main downside of a highlights programme is having to avoid the result until the start time, Likely Lads style.


mel, I have to disagree with wanting to get to the end. If the cars are going round then there is something for me to take interest in, if the battle at the front is done and dusted then there is always something going on down the field.


Brundle is great, Croft is awful. Makes it unwatchable for me with all his shouting and pompous attitude. He could learn a lot from the guy sitting next to him if he chose to.


MG, I like Crofty.


Kenneth and NickH, I rarely have the time for all the build up and analysis to be honest, so Herbert and Hill don’t bother me, the alternative being EJ on the BBC would do however…


Yeah I took the same view Tim. The coverage is a bit much sometimes but I can’t be doing with highlights and I have always liked Brundle in the comm box.


@ tim W …my satellite feed takes the sky package as well. they aren’t too bad but it the pairing of johnny herbert and damon hill fills me with a desire to regurgitate. all they ever do is repeat/repeat/repeat ad nauseum what each other says in such a narrow band of topic. get rid of them ASAP.


Just one question… Nicolas Hamilton… really?


@Herowassenna said

Just one question… Nicolas Hamilton… really?

C4 has a stated, and legally mandated policy of “Diversity” to cover ethnicity, and disability of both mental and/or physical types. This policy is supposed to reflect the current distribution of various groups in British society.


So many attack Eddie Jordan, but he is a very sharp cookie, and knows the right question to ask. However I think the BBC muzzled him, because of the impending negotiations with Bernie. Well that didn’t work! I always wondered what an unmuzzled combo of Eddie Jordan and Eddie Irvine would be like. I guess the broadcast regulator would have to work overtime.


Actually it’s a bit of a risk for Nic. If he just gushes about Lewis he will be vilified, surely he knows this so it’s actually quite brave.

Since Lewis seems more of the superstar and out of touch with his background these days (not a criticism but he seems very different to his old self, he is a 3 time champ after all and is dominating the sport), perhaps Nic will give us a good insight into his brother’s mindset when things kick off with Rosberg.


Just one question…

Why not?

You might not have noticed but there are not many disabled drivers out there and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is really difficult to obtain a license for any form of motor racing if you have any such disadvantage.

And that’s without any restrictions you may have against the able bodied.

I rate his achievements as high as his brother and a long way beyond the ‘never made it’ other pundits.


>> “Just one question… Why not?” <<

Er…… how about "he is the younger brother of the current world champion".
Purely from an ethical perspective, that excludes him…. we've seen this kid grow up idolising his big brother, which is fine in a family, but certainly not fine for unbiased reporting.

… and don't you feel that this is all just a little unsavoury?

Check out the coverage across all the F1 web sites…. nobody is even mentioning him… some are cutting him out of the photo.
It would appear that this sense of 'something not right' is widely shared.

As for using the guys disability as some kind of reason/excuse… I find that insulting.
Do you think he'd be pleased to hear that you think he was hired because 'he was the only disabled racer they could find'?


The simple fact is, that he got the position in the team because he's LH's little brother.
That's why everybody is just a bit embarrassed by the appointment.

It would be a whole lot better for everybody (even the lad) if he was quietly dropped.


Actually David, you have just displayed an astonishing display of ignorance.

It may help your education on what it actually takes to be disabled and get a racing licence if you study the rules surrounding such and put aside your issues with the ‘current world champion’ because I can, as said, from first hand that his route to any form of medical approval for a racing license, is frankly more impressive than his elder brother.

So if you can put aside anything C4 have yet to do or cover, perhaps you can take a little look at his own personal achievements in light of that rather than a quick google just to see what he may or may not have won.

You could of course just put your bias back in its box but that may be a little more of an issue.


will be there to answer all the whats lewis thinking questions. better than asking someone that doesnt known lewis.


Oooooh you’re the only one to mention him, everyone’s avoided that fact ! But indeed, really ?


Having Prost is a real coup, one of the greatest champions of the sport and I’m sure he will understand and hopefully explain the Mercedes driver dynamics better than most.


Yes, but isn’t Prost very much into Formula E and he said some very harsh words about F1.

No doubt with his experience and insights, he will provide views from a different angle.

Not a fan of Formula E. Frankly, racing with the roar of the engine is like taking a sauna at room temperature !


Sounds like C4 is genuinely committed and thinking ahead. How can we get the feed over here in the US?

NBC has and will probably continue to provide less than reliable coverage – no disrespect to Hobbs and Machett who’s contributions make it tolerable to watch when you can find it available on local cable. Let’s hope the C4 model has some positive effect on how coverage is provided.

Thanks for the effort.


When I travel overseas and want to watch programmes from back home in the UK I use a vpn service from Overplay – it works a treat.


Wow, have they done Murray in CG? 😉

and Prost must need the money for a new race helmet…

Rob in Victoria BC

“This season promises to be the most competitive for years… ‘, – DC. I think DC may have had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said that.

Also, l loved James Allen as commentator, oh so long ago now. I’ve tried many times to find the race, l’m sure it was Monaco, where at the start James said, ‘Your hearts going like a trip hammer…’, one of the best lines I’ve ever heard as the red lights came on. Never occurred to me to ask Mr. Allen himself what race it was, in what year, l’d love to hear it again.Mr. Allen….?


Long term fans loved the sport due to 30 mins highlights and written words of journalists the next day/week.

Now we get 10+ hrs of tv an event and the commentary attached has to fill it with the information at hand.

Very soon there is little of worth left to say as there is only so much they can have access to real time.

moaners come out of the woodwork due to their inability to grasp this complexity that is modern F1.

Maybe ad breaks will help as the rest will enable commentators to gather thoughts without the need to constantly talk.

In any case im glad we have sites like this which can make sense of it all afterward as you shouldn’t underestimate the power of written jounalism.


What we really want to know is, who will pull off the 3 day unshaven look the best – Webber or Jones? Webber’s got that chin thing going, but Jones has more classical good looks… DC has a bit too much gray to really challenge for the top spots, but may snag P3, depending on how Karun and Bruno do 😉


I like your thinking. My List for the Unshaven look is….

1) Webber (the original and the best)

2) DC (Don’t knock grey – you will be one day)

3) Nic Hamilton (Controversial – but I reckon he’ll have to join in with the others)

4) Karun (Geek Chique)

5) Bruno (He’s a Senna, he can do what he wants)

6) Steve Jones (Too ‘designer’ for me – needs more authenticity)


I love the new C4 F1 team however I always thought that Jake Humphrey was the best. I think Jones will be good though. Also, delighted that EJ is still with us


A really positive line-up there. It’s just a shame DC will still be commentating – I find his intonation of every sentence incredibly frustrating. He also tends to say things just for the sake of saying something. Hopefully Karun will get involved as he was always a highlight when Sky used him in the commentary box (well, at least for free practice).


Couldn’t disagree more, I like DC he is sensible and honest and has got better over the years.


To be honest I am only slightly bothered about who will be presenting. To me the important part is the race. In particular how much of each non-live race will actually be shown. I find BBC highlights very difficult to follow as so much of each race, and so many pitstops, were missing.


Nice line up (Come on Murray!) but I think everyone is missing the point.

Who is going to watch the build up before and after the race with adds no doubt happening every 5 mins?

It’ll be like the old days on the BBC when it used to be on Sportsday- just turn on the TV a couple of mins before it starts and off you go!

I’d prefer they saved all the money from all this fancy presenting and get the full 20 races back again.


Welcome back Murray !!!! I’ll watch just to hear his dulcet tones again !! 🙂


Long live Murray Walker.

Glad Suzy Perry not there. Her accent is dreadful. I’d rather listen to fingernails scraping down a blackboard.

Mark Webber is truly a gritty competitor, tries to be honest but can anyone tell me what his native tongue might be??

It sure ain’t English.

Was funny listening to him & Vettel side by side in press conferences; with Vettel being more articulate.


I’m not sure we want ‘novel’ stuff – just facts, interpretation and speculation!


Great line up except for one thing…

James, Do you keep knocking back offers?

It makes no sense to me to use Ben Edwards for TV instead of you….and I’m not blowing smoke etc… I just prefer your intensity and knowledge.

Maybe Ben comes cheaper.


Ben Edwards is so boring, it’s like having to listen to paint dry…


Oh no, not the return of the ‘Trulli Train’


Jonathan Legard? That was the worlds worst ever commentator.

A full two minutes after having entirely missed the event, Jonathan Legard would go into ballistic hysterics during the replay; or he would scream “that’s Kimi coming!”, only that from your armchair you would know you are looking at Lewis.


I remember after he left F1 he was reading the dobbin tips on Rad 4! Sweet.


Hey, re Ben Edwards, it could be much much worse: do you remember Jonathan Legard?


I had to stop watching when ‘Ledmouth’ was commentating, or at least turn the sound off.


Ray C is correct

Apologies to Ben I’m sure he’s a nice guy but he has no-where near the same amount of passion for F1 as James does and Murray used to do.

It feels like he’s commentating just because he has to do it. Remember James’ first commentary on ITV? They way he shouted out GO at the start almost blew the speakers across the room!


I don’t mind Ben Edwards at all. He’s raced before, he keeps up with the action, and has a good rapport with DC.

JA, so I’m guessing I won’t be hearing you and McNish for FP2 sessions? I mean on TV in Canada.

Luke Dalton Esquire

Check out some CART races from the late 90’s with Ben Edwards commentating (Eurosport versions), passion, knowledge and enthusiasm in droves! He has mellowed these recent years unfortuantly.

He needs a Jeremy Shaw or John Watson alongside to bring out that “spark” IMHO


Even more startling was commentating wasn’t Murray’s sole profession: he worked in an advertising agency in St James Square (Masius I think). So after a hard weeks grind in the Big Smoke, Murray, his wife and boxer dog used to set off to do TV commentary, say at Knockhill completely unpaid – apart from expenses!

Now that is commitment………


No Suzy Perry? Sad times 🙁


Even more sad times: Steve Jones, a somewhat abrasive and gnarly character has been chosen as presenter. (He once nearly get a kicking from Ian Brown…………)


Could get that other Steve Jones.


Vigorous = & abrasive !


Agree with you there about Steve Jones.

The man is nauseating vigorous time.

He should stick to reality TV. Which anyone can turn off.


Now…anyone know what the BBC5 Dream Team is like? I have a feeling that my 2016 F1 experience will be mostly radio based.


I didn’t think you were going to interact with any GPs this year, or was that another Mansell style retirement?


Why do they think we need to see additional “… exhilarating stunts and features…”?

Is somebody going in the pool at Monaco again?


But but… where is Suzi Perry?

I really liked her. Some fresh air in this male dominated sport. Well at least we still got Lee Mackenzie!


I didn’t hate Suzi Perry the way some did, in the post Jake BBC years.

But Lee McKenzie had both the skill and knowledge to do that lead presenting role properly. I suspect the BBC want to keep her for much more than mere motorsport!


Rumor has it she going back to MotoGP on BT


Exactly Drg
What were they thinking.
Be good if Suzi Perry gets back to her Moto GP roots. Unlike the roots of the Flock Of Seagulls extra.


BK – I wish we had a comment of the day..

You just won it!

What were they thinking?


Suzi is much more knowledgeable about Moto GP.

She is a biker. She knows her stuff regarding teams & riders. Great if she joined the team &;got rid off the Ginger Athlete with his fake peroxide blonde hair, who sounds like an extra on the dull soap Eastenders & looks like an extra band member for 80s band “Flock Of Seagulls”.


Lee Mackenzie is good, she knows the sport. Suzi Peri really shouldn’t be doing F1.


she’ll be able to do, as the BBC desperately need good female presenters for the various other sport they saw fit to waste licence payer’s money on.

Given the announcedUS a clue how diluted Whisper’s coverage will be!

I guess with Sky as the only UK legal competition – the bar really isn’t set that high is it?

If I could I’d choose NBC coverage, as Will Buxton knows his onions and isn’t relegated to a free internet slot like Sky patronize Ted Gravitywith.

I want a real technical expert. I know it’s been said before :- but Gary Anderson was so good he was / is sorely missed…


Excellent news, Lee Mackenzie and no Suzi Perry. I’m curious to see what level Karun’s technical analysis will be at, as I watch more for the engineering than the racing – which can be handy at present.


Spot on! Lee MacKenzie is a very underrated presenter. On the other hand…..


Karun Chandhok always brings a very intelligent point of view and delivers it without boring you. He is an expert in every aspect of the sport. Mention a race and he can reel off the drivers, their cars and the events of that race, regardless the year it held.

He is just brilliant.


Chandhok might know his racing, but he didn’t do much in the actual driving seat.

He’s smarter than most washed up failed drivers, but I’d prefer to hear from a decent writer and presenter. NBC are wasting Will Buxton on a disinterested NASCAR audience…


He is very good, Karun and Ant Davidson do the odd practice session on Sky and both are very insightful.



Karun’s technical analysis ….

He pops up on Sky every now and then and I think he’s pretty good – he’s usually on the money (IMO).


Yep – he is actually very good and will probably be the only person to clearly explain the tyre and qualifying rules if anyone can!

I will watch C4 just for that actually


I second that. Have seen him on Sky occasionally and he does a pretty good job. He will not be a disappointment.


Is that Suzie Wolff in the twitter picture above? Looks like some serious airbrushing work has been done there!


Unsure about Susie & Chandock I mean it’s not exactly top tech heads with talent? Two rear end drivers with limited experience?
Think they’ve got two many presenters for it to work.
Lee Mckenzie D.C. Ben Edwards EJ Mark Webber Bruno Senna would be enough.
Anyhow good luck to them Murray Walker has had his day but if they want a bloke with [Mod] then best of luck. I know James Hunt use to put him down for some of his not so pc views.


Sounds like a recipe for a crappy Sky style crescent of washed up ex drivers, at the end of the race!

Great that Lee McKenzie is still involved. Unfortunately her BBC commitments will stop her developing the Ted Kravitz type role she is capable of.

Bruno Senna is a complete waste – the fact Sky were willing to let him go is hardly a vote of confidence! He’s useless without a gimmicky crutch like the dreaded SkyBad.

If Whisper really wanted to do things well, they’d poach a decent existing reporter – such as NBCs Will Buxton.

Failing that they could at least leverage a quality print journalist like Mark Hughes.

Mark Webber seems promisingbut there are already too many ex drivers on screen. Why not use some more knowledgeable folks???


You’re being unfair to Chandock. He is an accomplished commentator with a huge amount of knowledge. He may surprise you.

And Susie Wolfe can comment on Hamilton’s fashion style!!


Yes, Chandock was good when he was on the panel for Star Sports in India. He talks sense.


@BK Flamer

Susie & Chandock…

I suspect they are both on the team because they’re well connected – but having said that I don’t mind Susie’s punditry and I really quite like Chandock. He pops up on Sky every so often and he is pretty good.


Predictably sexist jibe – highlights part of the problem with F1. I’m surprised and disappointed the moderator’s let it through.


????Well said Kenneth????

Sounds like a character out Viz ???? has come alive.


You may need to take a chill pill because the comments below regarding the use of a disabled driver in the line up below are far more serious.

Obviously there is some anti LH sentiment tied up in it but it is far beyond and more serious than anything as innocent as airbrushing comments


The whole image is a manipulation. I would suggest that they weren’t all in the same room together at the same time (judging by the way the light falls on each of them and the shadows they cast. So there probably was a degree of digital airbrushing taking place. To suggest that the remark, because it was mentioning a woman, was sexist does more harm to the cause of equality than good. If it was ONLY the image of one person that was modified then it could be done out of vanity (i.e. that person instructed wrinkles to be removed etc.) or that the manipulator was misguided in their attempts to produce a pleasing image – so potential accusations of sexism should be directed to them. To the observer noticing the manipulation on only one person (irrespective of whether male or female) should not be taken as sexism unless the person reading that comment wants to make it so. Then, I suggest, the problem lies in the reader’s mind and they way they interpret the statement.


Lets face it, these people are all extraordinarily rich. I think it’s reasonable to assume that they have well-looked-after complexions.

I’m willing to say there has been no air-brushing -other than DC’s jaw line -which has clearly been enhanced!


There’s an entire industry these days in being perpetually offended, and seeing offense in everything. It’s cheap.


Especially your spelling!


@ refusenik…ever heard of freedom of speech? go pedal that misogyny card elsewhere…if i am allowed to say that?


Well the original post named her. There are a lot of people in the C4 photograph (including only one other woman), no mention of the guys being airbrushed.

Also, if you really want me to seek out and find a multitude of sexist comments about Wolf in particular and about women who want to be drivers in F1 I can do that. I can guarantee I’ll come back with similar comments.

More widely the media generally like much of the general public engages in this sort of sexism and misogyny in a routine way. If we don’t challenge it then it’ll never change.

If you want to convince me it isn’t sexist you’ll have to go some. I’ve read it and re-read it and still have the same view.



sorry to double dip, but while I have your ear – would it be sexist to suggest that DC’s image has been airbrushed? I know little about such matters and I’m curious whether it’s only sexist if the comment refers to a woman.



If my comment offended you in any way, I apologise. But do you not think that, perhaps, your ire should be reserved for whoever it was that decided the image needed airbrushing in the first place? I’m assuming you’re not debating whether or not the image of SW has been altered.


Can you explain how commenting that someone has been airbrushed is sexist? You assume too much from a simple observation.


Jibes about Jordan’s wig are no different.

I come to this site because generally the level of comment and debate is good. References to airbrushing (when an image of a woman is concerned) or digs at someone’s personal vanity (Jordan’s rug) aren’t informed argument or debate – they are ad hominem/ ad personum fallacies – they are indicative of weak arguments or no argument at all.

If Susie Wolf doesn’t deliver the goods for C4 during the season then critique her on that. The same goes for Jordan. That was my point.


wooh wooh PC bro!!!!!!


Do you complain when people laugh at Eddie Jordan’s wig?


oops hit return too soon – meant to say the team looks pretty good overall and I’m glad to see Murray is fit enough to take a spot.


Suzi’s looking ok from where I’m standing 😉

Jesting aside, I agree line up looks good.


What about EJ, whats he doing at C4F1?


Spoiling the party… My heart sank when I saw that EJ has managed to wangle some appearances in what is an otherwise splendid and novel line-up. Webber is an absolute steal, the infamous ‘Aussie Grit’, Prost et al, love it….. But for Jordan, still I suppose we can’t have everything.


This is a cracking line up, and Webbo is the ace in the hand. His commentary is sharp and inciteful and he will have a great repoire with all the drivers.

Finally, something to look forward to!


Repoire??? Are you an EJ stand-in? Did you mean rapport?


EJ is staying at the Beeb for TopGear.


Clearly he’s freelance and working for both.


It quite clearly states that he will be part of C4’s coverage aswell. And he’s in the picture…

Alex Kalinauckas

This was slightly unclear in the edit of this story, but Eddie Jordan was named as one of Channel 4’s rotating presenters today, and he will be part of the BBC’s revamped Top Gear line up.


Don’t want to know what salary he’ll be on


Such an epic line up! So glad that Murray is back aswell looking forward to Melbourne!


I to am very pleased to see Murray Walker in that line up.I know that he is no spring chicken but I’m sure that his infectious enthusiasm has not waned. Glad to see that in this instance C4 is not showing any ageist tendencies. After saying that, on a slightly different subject, it would be good to see Ecclestone replaced by someone who supports F1 and ALL of it’s contributors 100%, instead of trying to turn it into a circus act. Phew! It feels much better now that I have got that off of my chest! Long live F1 and long live C4 F1!



Looks really good and great to see them using Murray who I felt BBC should have done more with.

It’s great to see C4 looking at a 92 year old’s talents and knowledge and how clued in he still is rather than just sidelining him because of age. How many still involved in F1 watched Fangio race live!


I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s sad to not see Mark Blundell get a gig, Steve.


That’s a 5 star comment, too many readers appeared to miss the joke, Steve. Ps. This reply is predictably variable.


Struggling with the English language doesn’t seem to stop everyone wanting to use Eddie Jordan. He is infuriatingly verbose. His malapropisms are excruciating.


Blundell always seemed nice enough, but he does struggle with the English language somewhat.


Not everyone! I liked him as a driver but not that keen as a pundit!


I’d prefer to have two presenters, a 15-min lead in show and all the races back live again!


Sky claim their coverage is worth the money because of all the extra content. If the extra content was actually worth the money, there would be no problem with free to air live broadcast of all races exactly as you suggest, because enough people would happily pay sky for the extra content. The lack of such an option proves the real worth of Sky’s extra content. Fact is, the extra content is literally worthless.


JNH, I rather suddenly and inexplicably become a millionaire and go to all the races… =)


I agree, but I’d also like Sky to suddenly and inexplicably go bankrupt. Life is full of disappointments.


That’s a good line up of presenters and they’re using the chain (aka The Official Anthem of Formula 1), so this is a pleasant surprise.

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