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The ‘How is Michael Schumacher? ” question
Schumacher, Montezemolo
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Feb 2016   |  7:37 pm GMT  |  91 comments

Today former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo has said that he has “no good news” about Michael Schumacher, the seven time world champion, who suffered severe brain injury in a skiing accident over two years ago.

Schumacher is at home in Gland, Switzerland with round the clock medical attention and since he was returned home after a prolonged period in a coma in hospital in Grenoble, there has been no meaningful update on his condition.

Montezemolo spoke today to journalists in Italy and said, “I have news of him continuously and it is not good. He was a great driver, but a ski accident has ruined him. It’s not true that he was a risk taker on skis, he was always sensible off piste.”

Schumacher Montezemolo

The question, “How is Michael Schumacher, any news?” is by far and away the question I get asked the most by fans and members of the public, even by people who have no interest in F1, but who know I work in the sport.

The answer is always the same – a handful of people know the truth and they are not saying.

The vacuum of information about Schumacher is deliberate on the part of his manager Sabine Kehm and his family. They wish to guard his privacy and reason that if there is no news, then all speculation is no more than that. It is wise for anyone with an interest in Schumacher to follow their lead. In the event that he makes any kind of meaningful recovery no doubt there will be an update. Until then it is safe to assume that he is in broadly the same condition and that any progress is slow at best.

The truth of the matter is that there are really only a handful of people who are close to Schumacher and his family who are in the know; these include FIA president Jean Todt, former Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn and 500cc motorbike champion Mick Doohan. Montezemolo, while he was linked with Schumacher professionally for many years at Ferrari, was never anything like as close to him personally as Todt and Brawn, who continue to visit him regularly.

It is clear from the way that Kehm intervenes when fresh rumours arise about Schumacher’s condition, that the champion is in a generally bad way, with no significant improvement in his condition. She recently dismissed rumours that he was now able to walk again as irresponsible and offering false hope.

Michael Schumacher

Today’s intervention from Montezemolo has once again shown how much interest there is in Schumacher and even his greatest detractors feel great sympathy for the fallen champion.

But to draw any conclusions from what’s been said today would be pointless, just as it has been ever since that fateful day in December 2013, when he took an off piste route at Meribel.

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Jonathan Miller

Having spoken to a certain engineer at a F1 event today, I know what is wrong with Schumacher. Firstly, the crash has rendered him to a near childlike state. Like an old person with severe dementia. People have been spreading rumours that he can walk again. I can confirm that this too is impossible using todays techniques. His feet are totally useless and he has developed kidney failure.


I really do genuinely hope Micheal does recover from his brain injuries and im absolutely sure he is receiving the best possible care going. I have worked will brain injured patients.They may need to be peg fed (liquid supplements injected through a tube into the stomach)having to wear incontinence pads maybe catheterized.pressure relief every 2hrs.flash cards showing different pictures of emotions and needs.speech therapy and physiotherapy .i dont want to come across as inhumane.I, like you all want to see him make a come back but in reality in not sure if that’s possible.


I’m a british supporter but I respect what schumacher did and me and fans still remember him and hope he’s okay


Sad though it is, perhaps it is time for people to move on.
Look how long Mohammed Ali lived after he retired and fell ill.
Do you all want to wait and worry about someone you don’t even know?
I admired Michael as a driver, but he was not the same after he came back from retirement. His peak racing days are long gone.
Like Ayrton Senna before him, I will always remember the achievements of Michael Schumaker, but I don’t intend dwelling on him for the rest of my life.
I prefer to remember that I saw him racing when he was the best driver out there.


Has Michael really passed away? I read it on news 24 on facebook


Has Michael really passed away? I read it on news 24 on facebook


I just read Willi Weber says fans want an honest update on Michael Schumacher’s condition, as his ex manager Willi should have a little more respect and concern for the family and their feelings.

Yes we are all concerned for his well being but not at the expense of hurting their feelings, we all hope he makes enough of a recovery for them to make the best of their lives together with love and as much happiness for the future.

We have one eye on the career of young Mick too but that’s another matter.

Best wishes and heartfelt prayers for the Schumacher’s.



Going to be (has been) a long race but foot down for the 92nd victory #keepfightingmichael


The fans aren’t looking for a detailed medical report.

Just something saying if he’s doing OK…

Is that so hard for his “management”?


I partially agree with the argument that he is now out of racing so should be left alone. However….

He is able for round the clock treatment which costs millions. Part of the reason for that is I, along with millions of others, supported him at Benetton and Ferrari and bought his merchandise. Had average Joe been injured like this I’m sure the medical bills could not be sustained. I believe that there IS a valid reason for a succinct update to be made to the public if only to tip their hats to the people that helped amass the fortune.and help pay the bills.

I am also a Daimler shareholder. I read that he is still being paid by them for being an ambassador. I don’t mind at all but as a shareholder I think I AM entitled to know of his condition. If it is as bad as LM says then why make further payments?

I do realise that this post may offend some people and some may find it vulgar… but it’s my opinion. Lets face it… many people may well have thought the same but haven’t come.out with it for fear of being flamed.


The deal was closed when you left the merchandise stand though. You got a Ferrari cap, Schumacher got a cut of your payment. The transaction has closed. He owes you nothing further, and vice versa. You watched him on the TV, he got a cut of the advertising revenue, you got to see him on show. The transaction has closed. He owes you nothing further, and vice versa. Michael hasn’t been contracted to Mercedes or Daimler for quite some time now, but even if he was, you are owed any profits or losses in Daimler’s movements, he got paid for any ambassadorial events. Nothing in your Daimler shares contract states anything about having any kind of access to board members’ private lives. The transaction has closed. He owes you nothing further.


Michael Schumacher will fight this time same as his career begin from a rookies begining in his F1 career to World Greatest Formula One 7th Times World Champions. Now he has become everything to all the people around the countries which care and love to see him get recover. Wishing all the best to him. He will keep fighting because he is Michael Schumacher.


God, this guy did a lot of good things to the public, donation, road safety and more that we still don’t even know how kind he is for the societies for the past decade. Please do protect him and allow him to get well soon. Keep Fighting Michael.


I happen to know that his Trysil Trust dispenses €1m a year to disadvantaged kids.


I would just like to say to all the pragmatic thinkers here, who are hinting at pulling off any life support systems because they see there is no hope:

Michael is only 47 now. Are your majesties so sure that there will be no medical and surgical breakthroughs in the coming decades that you eliminate any possibility of any level of recovery for Michael ? You know the future apparently.

Keep fighting Michael


One can only hope that Michael is unaware of his condition. It is impossible to imagine the anguish that permeates his family’s lives on a daily basis. I recall an early report while Michael was still in the hospital and prior to the effective news blackout regarding his condition wherein a doctor noted that the damage to Michael’s brain was very severe. The doctor also noted that due to Michael’s high physical condition, his body would continue to react positively to the daily workout administered by physiotherapists. While this was going to diminish over time of course, his conditioning was the foundation for belief that Michael could sustain a coma for sometime in order to heal and rehabilitate his brain functions. The time-frame for this optimistic analysis is likely well past now.

Michael Schumacher is clearly one of the great drivers and athletes the world has ever seen. Was he the greatest F1 driver ever? This equating of eras is, in reality, nearly impossible, but he is surely the greatest of the modern era. He deserves to be held in the highest regard for his accomplishments by any motorsport fan or participant for his accomplishments on and off the track. There are a few references in these comments alluding to his charity and humanitarian work. When the whole story of Michael Schumacher’s life is made public in the future, rest assured that his legacy will be one to be applauded by all.

We pray for Michael and his family.

Forza Michael!


We are still with you Schumi! We believe you can win this. We love you always.


Michael has lived his life as a worldwide celebrity. I believe that his family should provide occasional, simple updates on his condition to his millions of supporting fans, even if the news is not good or unchanged. They do not need to release detailed medical information or specifics.

No one else should release details without the permission of his family.


A year ago Massa was on this Brazilian sports news interview, with others athletes and reports from different media venues. When asked about Schumi condition, he seemed to like to share, but he hold it back, and his eyes were full with tears. they had to changed the subject right away. It was very moving his reaction about Schumi. It was worth more than words and pictures about Schumi condition.


Keep fighting Schumi. I will always consider MS as the greatest F1 driver of the moder era, post 1990.


I always liked Luca di Montezemolo when he was with Ferrari, he loved the brand and the media spotlight that his involvement brought to him! Since being unseated he has been licking his wounds in the shadows! There have been little quips from him in the press bemoaning that he feels that his achievements at Ferrari have never been truly appreciated or even acknowledged! I fear that he may of used this obvious betrayal of the private confidence of Micheal’s family to get himself back in the warmth of the spot light! If so shame on him! Any way we all know that Michael’s situation is dire and it his family wish to be left alone to deal with it! So let’s respect that and wait for the family to keep us informed!


Its a long hard road and things are not happening at a pace the intrusive media want so as always they have to engineer stories for the rabid consumption of the public.

The whole thing seems to have put a downer on German love of F1. They do seem to have a lot of empathy for others.


Sadly another pointless update by a person trying to get publicity for himself.

Many people would like to know about Schumacher, but there is no news. Comments like this are no use whatsoever and just bring more attention and stress to those close to him. We must accept, that Schumacher is not likely to be F1 world champion again in this lifetime. We dont know his quality of life and neither are we entitled to know. As far as we know hes alive, and that is good. The rest is none of our business. Even celebrities are entitled to a private life.

So Luca, go back to selling aftershave!


I prefer to remember the silent part of Schumi, helping others without talking much about it. How many visited his website for his driving victories and overlooked this?

He helped founding an institute for brain and spine injuries (!!!) more than a decade before his accident, helped after the floods in germany, or the tsunami…

He helped people in need without talking much. Now he is in need and to many people talk about his health, when we all know that only his family will inform.


I was a fan of Ferrari and in particular Michael.

I know he is retired and has the right to his privacy but to an extent Michael owes some of his success to his loyal fans. After all if the demand was not there he would not have the wealth and success that he and Ferrari have enjoyed over the years. I am sure I speak for all his loyal fans, as we have supported him over the years it would be nice to have something back in return. All we want is an update which I don’t think is too much to ask and that will stop all rumours and give us loyal fans closure. Keep fighting Michael!


His debt to his fans begins and ends at the racetrack. We show up or tune in to watch him compete, and he competes. That is the deal. Outside of that, it’s selfish to expect anything more.

He did what he loves, and we enjoyed watching him do what he loved, because it is what we love to do. That’s an even deal.


The sad fact is that, with these kind of injuries, the longer there is no progress, the worse the prognosis becomes. I would love to believe that he’s getting better, and you know what? Maybe he is. If he has any say in it, he will be fighting hard. But equally, maybe it’s as bad as it can be… I have read bits and pieces complaining about the lack of information, and frankly, that kind of attitude disgusts me. Forget, for a moment, that he is an F1 superstar,and remember that he is a husband, a father, a brother and a son. This must be destroying his family. However they want to handle it is fine with me, whatever the outcome eventually is. And I’d like to echo some other comments here, relating to the fact that James’s items about this awful situation have always been thoughtful and respectful, with none of the sensationalist bs that I have read elsewhere, and I thank you for that, James.
I don’t know how it’ll all pan out, it seems all my heroes have been dropping dead recently and I’ll be well pissed off to lose another one right now… If he’s alive, he’ll be fighting. If he’s fighting, he can win. It’s not like he doesn’t have a bit of form in the ‘doing the impossible’ game…
So come on Michael, just one more impossible thing. Then it’s breakfast at Milliways, on me.


Very well written James. I first read this story in a few of the daily UK papers and now after reading your transcript of DeMo’s comments, his words were either taken out of context or if he actually has new news that is not good. I suspect he’s been misquoted and as you say there is no news, only the very sad and difficult reality he and those close to him are living through. The best thing all Schumi fans can do is respect his familys request for privacy.


I think he says that he often receives news about Schumachers condition.

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