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Pirelli asks fans to vote on social media to pick colour of new ultrasoft tyre
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Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  24 Oct 2015   |  7:10 pm GMT  |  86 comments

Pirelli has opened a social media poll where fans can vote to choose the colour of the new ultrasoft tyre that will be introduced for the 2016 Formula 1 season.

The new tyre will be available from the start of next season as the Italian manufacturer responds to criticism that there was not enough variation in its compounds.

The choice fans have when voting for colour the new ultrasoft tyre is either silver or purple. The new tyre will join Pirelli’s existing range: super-soft (red), soft (yellow), medium (white) hard (orange), intermediate (green) and full-wet (blue).

To cast your vote, head over to Pirelli’s social media channels: Twitter @pirellisport; Facebook pirellimotorsport; Instagram pirelli_motorsport.

The poll will be open until 2 November 2015 and the results will be announced after the Mexican Grand Prix.

What do think of Pirelli’s proposed ultrasoft tyre? Do you prefer purple or silver? Head to Pirelli’s social media channels to vote for your favourite and then leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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A teal colour would be good – for us colour blind people the purple may look too close to the blue when they switch from Wets to Ultrasofts.

I just wish they’d drastically change the tyre rules for the season. If there’s 20 races and 4 compounds, I’d have it so teams are made to use each compoound at 10 races. Which event they use any sets of compounds is up to the teams to decide. They may decide to bank good tyres in the early half of the season. Maybe Marussia might turn up to last round with just Softs and Super Softs when everyone else is on Hards and Mediums and suddenly end up on pole! It’d give some variety to the season, while still remaining fair to everyone.

If they do decide to go to five compounds (I don’t see the need, but whatever), just change this figure to 8 races per compound.

An alternative idea I’ve heard is that Pirelli picks one compound, and each team picks the other. I’m not as much a fan of that idea, but it’s a step in a better direction to what we’re doing now.


i think” FLURO ACID GREEN” would great


My pick is black. We allready saw it a few times when sticker fell of, and it looks great.

I have one question about new rules sugestions and teams picking which tyres to use for each race. The idea is excellent but as usual realisation not so. Is there any reason not to let teams pick their compounds just before weekend and to make it secret for others till fp1. IMO it would be great for racing and strategies.


I vote for any colour that spells Michelin please. Cheers.


I will second that and raise you a Bridgestone as an alternative colour


How about a rainbow tyre? The colour of acceptance peace and love. We could call it ‘The Bernie’


Forget colour, I’d like Pirelli to produce a decent wet tyre. I read somewhere these figures and the Pirelli tyres can only displace 2/3rds of the water the OLD Michelin tyre could, actually a decent dry tyre wouldn’t go amiss too.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

Interesting. I have owned precisely 1 set of Pirelli performance tyres in my life and they scared me to death in the wet. The same roads and conditions with Bridgestone/Yokohama/Michelin are fine. I don’t even consider Pirelli tyres when I’m shopping.


Ultrasoft tyre to be orange same as supersoft, but with a black stripe down the middle of the circular stripe.


I’m sorry, I must be in the minority.

I think the whole different tyre compound thing is a bit of a joke and very difficult for casual fans to follow.

All the casual fan needs to know is that one tyre is “The Soft”, which is fast but fragile, and “The Hard”, which is slow but long lasting. We should go back to Bridgestone era with the White-Stripe/Green Wall showing the Soft.

Of course keep the different compounds behind the scenes, but don’t bother trying to explain to fans that this week the “Soft” tyre is actually the harder of the two…


Also even more confusing when the teams and drivers refer to them as prime and option.


“The new tyre will be available from the start of next season as the Italian manufacturer responds to criticism that there was not enough variation in its compounds.”

Has that ever really been a criticism?


I think it should make sense:

Ultrasoft – purple

Supesoft – red

Soft – orange

Medium – yellow

Hard – white

Inters – green

Rain – blue


Well if it’s softer than the tyres they use already, it will become a qualifying only tyre.


“Teal” has real appeal and will make the softest tire impression yet stand out…..!


“The new tyre will be available from the start of next season as the Italian manufacturer responds to criticism that there was not enough variation in its compounds.”

Where and when did fans say there weren’t enough?

Back in Bridgestone days there were only two! And those two sufficed for F1’s racing needs.


Super Soft- Has to be Pink


Correction Ultra Soft- Has to be Pink


Ultasofts are not needed. Another waste of resources and money. Develop a paddle tyre for the USA GP.


Purple … with ribs for greater viewing pleasure


Pirelli tires – Purple, ribbed and now with Racingcide, to stop racing from happening.

Aren’t we a bunch of jokers? We’re spoiling it for the kids who will vote to contribute to Bernie’s democratic approach.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

The entire tyre pink with sparkles.




Finally, drivers would have a solid explanation for their girlfriends as to why there is glitter all over them Sunday morning.

Gareth (the Philadelphia one)

Titanium glitter! Imagine how spectacular it’ll look under the lights for the upcoming night race in Pyongyang.


It has to be purple really over silver as that didnt work well last time. Pink would be ok as an option too.


How about black. Whoda thought of a black sidewall?


Great idea! Then we could use all that black space to add brightly colored Pirelli logos, you know, because it’s an advertisement sport.


Purple but would love to see the colour on the sidewall of all tyres even bigger – no black showing from the rubber between the painted band and pirelli logo on the tyre sidewall, or maybe the whole sidewall should be coloured with the pirelli logo in black, that would look even more exciting and adds better visability for the fans, as well as freshening up the look ready for the start if their new contract.


why do we need another lollypop compound in the first place? more and bigger marbles?


Because we don’t think things out that far anymore.


I couldn’t agree more. Drivers have only asked Pirelli to make a decent Run-Flat. Ask Vetel what colour to make it.


The tyre colours should be logical and easy to understand;

silver/white = hard (cold)

yellow = medium

orange = soft

red = super soft

entirely red tyre = ultra hot super soft


PINK…ultra soft lol!!!


Yeah, it fits…


@ chris J sounds like an adv for toilet rolls!!!!!


Pink would be fantastic. The tyre of love.


What are you going to be doing with it? Or to it?

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