How Sergio Perez’s 2016 Formula 1 plans could impact Mercedes
Sergio Perez
Posted By: Alex Kalinauckas  |  11 Sep 2015   |  12:14 pm GMT  |  73 comments

Sergio Perez expects to stay at Force India for 2016 as the team has opted not to sign Mercedes’ protégé, Pascal Wehrlein, leaving the German looking for a drive elsewhere.

Force India announced before the Italian Grand Prix that it had retained Nico Hulkenberg for the 2016 and 2017 seasons, but is yet to confirm who will partner the 28-year-old.

When Perez announced his deal with Force India for 2015 he claimed to have a “multi-year” contract with the squad, but speculation had been mounting in the early summer that the Silverstone-based team could select another driver for its second seat.

This site has learned that Pascal Werhlein, Mercedes’ 20-year-old test and reserve driver that the team are keen to promote, had been in contention for a Force India drive, but Mercedes were unable to lower the price of its power units sufficiently as part of the deal to make it worth Force India taking him over Perez.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ head of motorsport, recently confirmed to Autosport that negotiations with Force India about Wehrlein’s future had broken down.

Wolff said: “Force India was an opportunity and that door closed. Now it’s about looking at the market overall and the other teams, but we are not under pressure. We need to find the right seat for him.”

Pascal Wehrlein

Perez is understood to bring approximately €10-12m in sponsorship to Force India and the team is not willing to lose that money if Mercedes will not lower the price of its engines to accommodate Wehrlein as compensation.

Speaking at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend, Perez said that he expected to remain with Force India and that the deal would be announced before the Singapore Grand Prix.

He said: “Obviously I have a contract with the team and, as you know, I have a group of sponsors and we’re trying to make the announcement all together. So from that respect it’s all clear.

“We’re getting into the point where very soon things should be announced. I expect my plans to be announced hopefully before the next race.

“My priority is to stay here. The team is going upwards and is really pushing, and I know the plans of the team so I am really happy to stay here.”

But this site has also learned that Force India could yet help the career of another one of Mercedes’ young drivers, 18-year-old Esteban Ocon. The 2014 European Formula 3 champion – who tested for Force India earlier this year – is highly rated by the team and could form part of the its Friday practice line-up next year, with a deal for eight to ten sessions being discussed.

Esteban Ocon

Werhlein’s hopes for a 2016 F1 drive are not over despite the deal with Force India breaking down, as Wolff also said that he is currently speaking to Manor about an engine deal if the Lotus team is taken over by Renault. That situation would leave Mercedes looking for another team to run its power units if the FIA again grants it dispensation to supply four teams in 2016.

Wehrlein has therefore become a factor in those negotiations as Manor previously ran Ferrari young driver Jules Bianchi before his tragic accident at Suzuka in 2014.

But Wolff explained that a deal for Wehrlein to drive for Manor had not been discussed at this stage.

Pascal Wehrlein

He said: “We haven’t talked to Manor about drivers yet because I think it’s too early. [But] I’m a keen supporter of Pascal because he’s doing a great job in the DTM and he was an outstanding kid in F3 as well. So I definitely see him having the potential to go into F1.”

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I don’t understand many of you, especially some of your comments (i.e. Chris_S). I often sometimes believe that there is some racial undercurrent that prevents those that comment to praise the Latin American drivers (for whatever reason), and simply focus on the negative. I’ll be honest, I am more of an apologist for Sergio Perez, and speak in defense for his overall form as a driver.

I laugh at Chris_S’s comments when he/she states “he’s (PER) just so very average…never looks like producing anything special. And that “with Perez in the seatI think it has dawned on them (Force India) they could be slipping to the back of the midfield.” How is this possible when they (FI) have taken command and look set to control 5th place. Not to mention a huge fact that is currently being overlooked by so many, is that Perez (after 13 races) is actually leading the much praised (by people on this website) Nico Hulkenberg. Nobody seems to mention this fact, especially after all the praise and respect that Nico receives, that Perez can actually be besting him this late into the season.

In terms of him being a pay driver and whether he should be lumped in with the likes of Maldonado (based on Webber’s comments earlier in the week), it is true that he is a pay driver, but in reality his results/body of work (especially as of late) are not reflective of a pay driver as we know it or like to define it. In my opinion, Perez is more of an anomaly, rather than the norm. I say this because he is the only “pay driver” with talent. Who else has racked up 4 podiums (2 of which could have been wins Malaysia 12′ (had he not went wide on turn) & Monza 12′ (if race was 1-2 laps longer), not Hulkenberg, Kobayashi, or Maldonado (albeit he does have 1 win). Also, in terms of what Webber stated on ‘pay drivers,’ he should look at the statistics before he speaks. Based on the data, after 89 F1 races (# of races that Perez has competed in) Webber had accumulated 69 points & 1 podium (0 fastest laps), Maldonado had accumulated 61 points & 1 win (0 fastest laps), and Perez had accumulated 221 points, 3 fastest laps and 4 podiums. If these are the facts, how can we still say and vehemently argue that Perez is solely an average or sometimes a below average driver? Is he the best, no way! Does he have the talent and ability to mix it with the big dogs in F1? YES! Does he belong and hold his own? The numbers more than prove that he does, despite the nay sayers and all those who believe that he is simply a pay driver.

I know that his 2 major weaknesses over the course of his F1 career have been qualifying and consistency, but he has improved and has become a more serious driver this year (beard or no beard). I know that it was only one race, but wasn’t it Perez that took it to Hamilton at Spa, and looked awfully close, in a mid-level car, to qualify into the top-3 of that weekend. I know that many will still focus on the negative and others might say that he didn’t do enough with his shot on a top-team, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault at Mclaren, if the car was a poor running car. He was on a top-team that had produced a middle of the field car.

In closing, (if all goes well and he remains healthy) Perez will be staying in F1, whether it be with Force India or with another team (Renault). I am sure that he still has more amazing performances left in his bag. Perez may never win a WDC (which is his ultimate goal), or even a race for that matter, but when all is said and done, no one can say that he was a slouch or just another ill-performing ‘pay driver’ taking up a spot on the grid, instead it will be noted/recognized that he performed admirably, professionally and was worthy of the honor and privilege of being a respected F1 driver.



Checo is definitely a great talent and he has matured through the years and he is getting better and better. He is only 25 now and it’s early to write him off.


Yes, a lot of what you say is true. But Checo needs to stop having accidents during the races. Protect what he has. To better recognise the space for him to force an overtake and when just to let his lost position go. When he gets that maturity, i think he will be a 50 point per year better driver than he is now.


Perez got beaten quite convincingly by Button, scoring just 67% of his points, so we have a fairly rough idea where he stands relative to the top talents on the grid. Not very highly is the answer to that one, which fits in with other lines of evidence; his unimpressive (by F1 standards) junior career and his failure to dominate the also underwhelming Kobayashi, who scored 93% of Perez’s points (80-74 in total).

Perez matching Hulkenberg reflects badly on the latter in my opinion, not the other way around. Granted Hulkenberg has had some bad luck in recent races where the car has been competitive, but even so.

I don’t think your points comparison metric is very fair, because the car is the biggest factor in whether a driver scores points or not, meaning the only truly fair comparison is to his team mates.

There are probably 12-13 drivers on the current grid that I would rate higher than him, and there are plenty of junior drivers and former F1 drivers that are more deserving of his seat. But I don’t think he is bad, rather just average along with the likes of Coulthard, Webber, Irvine etc..


@Historynerd10-Excellent post.

I always thought Segio was a strong talent when he was with Sauber then he sought of lost his way a little with a poor chasis at Mclaren and perhaps alot of pressure/ expectation to prove himself- he did a few silly things that year and I was very citical. But I must say hes come on very well this year and flown well under the radar and perhaps this is bad thing in F1 because you always need someone focused on your good results to be recognised which- Im certain VJ Malya has done with Sergio. I was filthy at Massa in Canada last year and thought Perez handled himself well in the press on that–quite a different approach to his tangles in 13 with team mate Button and clashes with Raikkonen.

I’ve noticed his maturity this year and thats evidence of someone thats improving himself and the fact he hasnt tried to oversell himself in a media focused frenzy on Hulkenberg. This year Sergio has easily been his match and fulfilling the potential– people need to respect that.


Yeah for sure he’s good but that time at Mclaren with Jenson. Although damaging, would have taught him loads. (Jenson being a political creature). Button only finished the 3 years with Hamilton a head because at the end he had Lewis head fried and Lewis could even understand what was going on, lol. Perez did know what was going on and has learnt from it I’m sure.

I read earlier about the Hamilton/Senna comparison. This is absolute nonsense. I watched an interview with Frank Williams and the way he described Senna was the exact opposite of Hamilton. (Infact I read Franks comments in that interview as, “Shut up Lewis. You’re nothing like Senna”.


James I read your reply and I what you are if RBR are completely uncompetitive with Mercedes and Ferrari next year when then . I have heard the strategy group is considering whether to allow current -1 engines ( year old) engine next year.

If this scenario played out and Ferrari were Red Bull’s engine supplier from 2016 according to Dieter Rencken writing for Autosports says Ferrari could exploit this rule should it be approved giving RBR 2015 spec engines thereby rendering Red Bull of no concern to Maranello team and probably Mercedes as well until the Bulls and STR changed supplier. Combine this with the possibility of Verstappen driving well over the next two/ three years and whoever comes into Ferrari after Kimi has retired could be be under big pressure. I can see Vettel staying at Ferrari for at least 3 or 4 more seasons . He seems happy there.

However, if Verstappen should fail to perform I think F1 will be over him possibly before he’s 20.

Here is a link to Diieter’s piece should you James or anyone wish to read it.

Torchwood (mobile)

That will be interesting.

I expect Red Bull to try using their influence to nix that idea, so Ferarri have to give them 2016 PUs.

Bernie and FIA have more voting power?

So will his loyalty to RBR – four years’ Red Bull dominance, brill; twenty-one months’ Merc dominance, death of F1 – still be in play, or will he come down on the side of Ferarri.

If the decision goes against Maranello, they have the power to veto new rules, don’t they?


Not surprised FI are delaying signing Perez, they’re waiting to see what what happens next door at Lotus and , well, he’s just so very average… He brings lots of money like Maldonado but ends up in the wars too much and never looks like producing anything special.

FI have been forced to look to the future and by what they’ve seen at Torro Rosso and what might happen at Lotus. They’ve looked at how impressive the youngsters at Torro Rosso have been and what Renault might bring to the table as a works team, and with Perez in the seat I think it has dawned on them they could be slipping to the back of the midfield. Hulkenburg will consistently deliver points but they also need someone with energy and dynamism who may be slightly lkess consistent but very fast to get those special results.


Chris, I agree re PER’s talent level, but he has found a way to do something that he truly loves and contributes more to the sport than he takes away. Good for him. If we don’t accept a middle or back of the pack, then what? Six car grids.


Perez has 10-12 million sponsorship with him. Wouldn’t that make him a pay driver as well? Technically speaking that is.


I’ve always regarded him as a pay driver, a pretty good one though


Perez and other drivers as well, Alonso, Button, Massa, even all mighty Hamilton bring sponsors to their teams on top of quality driving

IMHO public opinions tend to be too black and white on most drivers (or other sports persons, for that matter), they either love one or two and claim the rest are garbage. Of course depending on their favourite at the time

Pay drivers used to be a name for wealthy kids who liked to race but did not have the talent or determination needed to reach F1 on merit, the only one to fit the title this days, and I mean no disrespect to him, is Max Chilton

Present day pay drivers are a completely different type, Checo’s and Pastor’s parents are not rich, they arrived in F1 after a long hard climb up the junior series and convincing sponsors of backing them up

They might not be on the level of Hamilton or Vettel, but as we have seen on occasion they can put up a good fight to Button, Kobayashi, Hulkenberg and Grosjean. They are pros and perform to a satisfactory level, otherwise, no matter how much cash they bring, they would be dumped

If you ask me, Perez has delivered 4 podiums and a good batch of points to Sauber and Force India in his 4 years with them and helped the teams to good standings in the championship, probably a good ROI. The only year he did not deliver, was when he was actually being paid by McLaren

I also think if Perez, or Maldonado, or Nasr, or Ericsson were driving a Mercedes they would win more races than Lewis in a Sauber, and if you do not believe me, ask Alonso and Button

Maybe James can tell us how much cash Mercedes is paying Lewis per point, and how much is Force india receiving per Checo’s points. Just in this respect, VJ is a better businessman than Toto


Perez brings €10M, has 33 points, which = €303,030 per point.

Hamilton costs around €30M, has 252 points, which = €119,047 per point – about 2.5 times less expensive per point.

Not such bad value.

Alonoso is costing Honda €4.54M per point!


Sorry to answer myself but forgot one more issue:

Paid drivers only are in the top (wealthy teams), MB, Ferrari, RBR, McHonda and STR in a development sense, the smaller teams have to fill the seat with a fast driver with cash

This means there are 8 star drivers, HAM, ROS, VET, RAI, RIC, KVY, ALO, BUT.

2 juniors under scrutiny, VES, SAI.

4 contracted drivers, GRO, HUL, MAS, BOT.

And 6 “paid” drivers, PER, MAL, ERI, NAS, STE, MER

To contradict Webber’s comment’s I do not think the present field lacks depth, but of course it could be improved

A fast driver with good sponsors can land a job at Williams, an unproven chap with little funds ends up in Manor

This not a driver related issue, but a financial situation because of the inequity of F1 funds.

If Sauber had more money, they would pay for vettel, or Werhlein or Van Doorne or Ocon instead of Ericsson and we would then see a better drivers


Well, ben, my take is that if, as we are constantly led to believe, F1 is a “team” sport then why is it bad for a driver’s personal sponsor to contribute. That is ASSUMING competence and a real driving contribution. Basically, that personal sponsor is simply absorbing the driver’s salary. Similar to what used to called “privateers”. Our sport has always been about having enough money to give it a go. Of course, I am biased. I dislike the currently structured factory teams. It makes the playing field very sloped.


Wehrlein, not Wehrlien (paragraph 7).


Doesn’t the requirements for drivers to have enough points from junior categories to be granted a super license (and thus be able to race) kick in from next year which would exclude Wehrlein.


Wasn’t DTM upgraded in the points system?

at the moment he leads the championship



im certain he done more than 300klms testing one winter for both FI / Merc, let alone the young driver tests and several friday sessions. Hes well over the min requirement.


He’s done some testing with FI and Merc (Barcelona?) Other than that I dont see much in his open wheeler record to convince the powers that be to issue a super license.


Over the past couple of years PW has done a significant amount of testing for AMG Mercedes and Force India. It’s not as though he’ll be jumping straight into the unknown F1 world.


Mercedes backing him was probably enough to convince the FIA that the 300km test was sufficient for Wehrlein to confirm his competence.


He has done a sufficient mileage in F1 testing, I believe


@kevin green

while supplying other satellite teams….

No one , so far as I’m aware, is making Force India use Mercedes PUs. If they don’t like the idea of Mercedes running a factory team and supplying their PUs to other teams at the same time they can always look elsewhere . I guess they must have looked at the options and worked out which side their bread is buttered .


@James Allen

There is a problem with something on the article pages.

They have recently begun juddering rather than scrolling when a mouse scroll wheel is used. It is quite off-putting; the home page is fine though.


Are you sure that isn’t shuddering rather than lolling?

Yes, you may start shuddering now 🙂


Ferrari were always going to ditch Manor Marussia as their “B team” when Haas joined the scene…

Quite frankly, if Manor gets Mercedes engines, I don’t see how McLaren won’t be last.


Especially given that Marussia was in administration over the winter and cobbled together a 2014½ car to run this year. No doubt they’re spending their 2014 prize money on putting together something better for 2016. Could be a good starting point in F1 for Wehrlein.


“Quite frankly, if Manor gets Mercedes engines, I don’t see how McLaren won’t be last.” – Oh, the inhumanity! 😉


It isn’t right that Mercedes can elevate minnows by allowing them to use their powerplant, and push back McLaren / Red Bull down the standings by denying them the same privilege.



That’s a fair statement too


Why the (Self mod) Not? Its F1 isnt it & far worse things have happened. But my feeling is that all PU will be a little closer next year- except Honda but I still wont rule them out either- because the more mistakes you make the less likely you are to repeat them. (& lets face it they’ve made some doozies !????) Besides you still need a decent chassis and aero package.

@Random- justified or not there were many times when I wanted to stick my socks down Horners throat over the last 2 years given he just came out of 4 straight years of title success- Sure it was Red Bulls genius ideas to get the EBD’s and packaging perfect but Im pretty sure the Renault engine did not huff and puff all by themselves and oddly enough I was stunned by Renaults “modest take” on the whole thing. I dont know the specifics (maybe 2009/ Scandal) but that partnership deal with RBR seems extremely 1 sided to me.Never been a particular Renault fan but I’ve always believed the time is right for them to retake Lotus.


McLaren chose to end the partnership with Mercedes and Red Bull blew their chance with their attitude toward Renault (however justified that attitude may have been).

If Mercedes do supply Manor with Merc power in 2016 and if that allows Manor to fight in the midfield instead of trailing around at the back by themselves then that’s a good thing – Right or not bring it on.


Why would Force India be 80hp down next year? Mercedes supply the customer teams with the same PUs that they use themselves. your suggestion that engine manufacturers should only supply themselves would end F1 overnight, so maybe not a good idea.


With regards to FI and Checo, it’s the economy, stupid………………….or should that’s the Telmex and Carlos Slim sponsorship money stupid!


Of course it is, Gaz, but he is better than most.


I think the title of this article is misleading as it is not Perez himself who “affect” Mercedes, but Mercedes themselves that are not flexible enough to reduce the pricing of the engine.

It they really want to have Pascal at FI then they will need to offer more to them.

Anyway I think the word ‘protege’ is a new way to say ‘pay driver’.

A Pay driver (Pascal) replacing another driver (Perez) is not good for the sport…Let F1 seats be decided in public auctions!


But there is a big difference, because yes, both would be pay drivers in concept, but Mercedes would paid for him to drive to gain experience because they think is a very good driver with promising future, in Perez case no matter how good or bad he was in junior formulas, he is paying for a drive with mexican companies for marketing purposes in Mexico, is a hell of a difference and I don’t think that Mercedes paying for Pascal is bad for F1, the bad thing is that a team needs desperately that money to survive.


if he is so promising why don’t ditch Nico for him, it will be cheaper, however seems Mercedes is not confident enough to win the constructor championship with just one top driver.

Anyway IMO Perez has performed as well as Hulkenger (a highly rated driver) this season, so maybe it is not a bad idea to retain him.

What do this audience rate Pascal against Hulkenberg?


ok . . .


Wheels within wheels. Lucky there are some big budget teams to take on the talented drivers, otherwise we would just have the drivers with the financial backing. We would end up with the cars being driven by fat kids with rich parents.

I guess they need to work out where money is best spent. If they spend 20 Million on the chassis to go half a second faster but use a driver who brings 10 Million with him but is half a second slower, then they have wasted 10 Million.

What you need is a fast driver with money… and a pub…and tells jokes… and…


Yes, and so young drivers like Alexander Rossi are shut out. Although he is not the latest and greatest talent, he is certainly competent and has the right attitude and skill set to contribute to a new team. If as many people postulate F1 needs US talent for marketing purposes, then he is currently the best immediate prospect. Haas seems ready to pass on him. Why?…as is true in many situations, follow the money! Put HAM, VET, ALO, etc. in the new car and they aren’t going to immediately win races, so let’s develop a true US team and grow the fan base while we grow the team.


Every additional 10kg of weight on an F1 car is worth on average 3/10ths of a second per lap. It looks like a seriously good dump could make all the difference between making Q2 or Q1.


“If they spend 20 Million on the chassis to go half a second faster but use a driver who brings 10 Million with him but is half a second slower, then they have wasted 10 Million”

That’s an excellent point.


Perhaps ReallyOldRacer, but you could also argue that in a field where every tenth of a second matters that extra half a second could go a long, long way – It would mean a difference in race results which in turn would mean more prize money and more interest from potential sponsors.

And as a final argument, how many teams who consistently hire pay (or sponsored) drivers really get anywhere?


Random, you and Daryl are failing to factor what it would cost the team to employ that half second faster driver.


Pascal will be the new team mate of Lesis Hamilton in a season or two.

He needs a seat next season. The young lad is the next talent to come from Mercedes Youth Prog. Looks very much like a younger Lewis.

Rosberg will go to another Merc Engine Team for a season in 2017.

Perez may end up at Lotus Renault aftsr they dump the Crazy Crash machine Mad Maldo.

Perez also needs to loose the dodgy beard that makes him look like a character out of The Wind And The Willows 😀


🙂 re the “youthful” face hair.


Hammy or Ratty….Hammy I think.


OK, ya’ got me. Who is Ratty?


Depends on what happens with Verstappen in the next 2 to 3 years as well as Hamilton and Rosberg

1 Will he (Max) progress enough to be considered by a top team in 2/3 years

2 If he top teams do end up courting Verstappen to drive them (i.e RBR , Ferrari , Mercedes)) who gets there first and where would Max prefer in that case?

3 Will Lewis Hamilton still be performing at world class Level and what of Rosberg?


Why is not SAI ever mentioned as the driver of desire for the major teams the next 2-3 years? While not as media visible as young Max, and certainly not as “spectacular” in driving style, he seems to be the complete package… least at this stage.


That’s an interesting point James, obviously the most obvious path for Max is to advance to the full works Redbull team.

However, who will he replace and where will the replacement go?


My own view on this is Verstappen will do 2016 with Toro Rosso, progress to Red Bull in 2017/18 and then if his development is in line with expectations there will ne a giant fight between Mercedes and Ferrari for him.

Will depend on who’s likely to be more competitive over the years that follow, who’s offering the most and which manager gives the Verstappen’s the best feeling.

I do not see Max at Ferrari in the next 3 years


Can see Rosberg going back to Williams at some stage when Lewis wins his 4th WDC


Don’t jinx HAM, Nick. Let’s first get #3 into the books and then look for #4. If, as many believe, 2016 and 2017 look to be more competitive, then it just might take a re-dedication on HAM’s part. Even his most ardent supporters admit that driving a far superior MBZ this year helps him shine. Then again, maybe I am simply star dreaming about more competition. 🙂


oh well that’s force india 80bhp down next yr……NEXT! and this is one of the key areas F1 is completely wrong there should be no situation when a manufacturing team is in the position of running a F1 team or even a preferred team while supplying other satellite teams if your a engine manufacturer running a team you should only be able to supply yourself they really need to try and get a financial system going where there’s only a mixture of so to put it complete teams that do there complete package within ie Mercedes Renault Ferrari alongside attraction for power unit only supply manufacturers they can start with leveling off the base starting amount of funds for each team to X amount and the only amount that fluctuates be based on finishing positions whether that be end of yr results or race by race results which i think would be better as it would keep every team pushing all season long right to the end.


Longest sentence ever award goes to…


My feeling is that you could have a good idea here but I can’t actually decipher what you mean to say. Would you please rephrase your comment in standard English. My assumption is that the anglo-saxon idiom is your native language, based on your name.

Thanks mate.


Kevin, you make some good observations in both posts. But, please construct complete sentences and make it easier for we common folk to understand your points. Perhaps then the starbangers will be a bit more receptive of your positions.


@kevin green -That is the problem with most people inventing a situation and then argues for or against. Mercedes has not been accused and proven to supply its customers with inferior engines hence Lotus Force India and Williams are so competitive.

You hypothesize and the ague about it.


@stonedrunksober- Kevin is an Alonso fan so there is nothing left to punctuate ????. Hes also very good at hypothesising- but like his hero, its always wrong.


There is quite a difference between being relatively competative which is easy to notice given the difference between the mercedes engine and the other power units and having THE edge being the Mercedes team aka what is the builder/supplier of that engine. As toto put it the main reason they chose to not supply Redbull is there treatment of Renault ie terrible marketing pr which at the end of the day is the only REAL reason Mercedes are in F1 at all never mind being the forefront team. You like many my not in a previous recent post i put on here i commented this is dream come true scenario for Mercedes supplying Redbull and in F1 terms it very much is…….but on the bigger picture really thinking of it from a marketing point of view its probably a very very wise swerve anyway Redbull have made a very big mistake [Mod] off Renault never mind leaving there stable after all Renault will near certainly always be in or roundabout comeback terms in F1…Redbull they could quite frankly be gone for good tomorrow whether they like it or not when it comes down to a realistically sustainable point of view. They simply wont be allowed to win under a manufacturer team engine supply especially under Mercedes given there current F1 climate and not under Ferrari unless there clearly so far ahead of Ferrari Chassis wise and of course if Ferrari are badly trailing any of the other teams as for Renault even with a full on Renault team back that would probably be the only situation that they would be released to excel ahead so to speak if at all!


I thought for a moment one of my colleagues at work was writing this. He is exactly the same, one long continuous sentence with no punctuation!


it’s not a sentence! It’s a collection of words that can only make sense if one assumes some punctuation.

As the assumption is subjective it is only possible to guess at the intended meaning. You can see much of the intention … if one can be bothered to struggle on ‘reading’ it.

…. to think that English became such an important language because it could be used so precisely!



Is this possibly the longest ever sentence posted on these forums?


Strewth – some punctuation please!


no gesin’ were your from, strewthy – surprised by the call for punctuation but…


Aaaaaaagh! Punctuation, please!!!!


dear mr. expatporn … first before you post — just choose another nickname, yours is just discusting ..(i know lots of typos in this word..)

please take in account, that many readers and posters of this great site are no native english speakers …
so – me – as austrian may well type loose or lose – and i dont even realise that mistake …

so — please .. just dont be such a “lector, teacher or betterknower” without knowing how many people just want to take part with this great disccussions! and are really happy to express themselfe in an foreign language …

i wish you a lot of screaming with my posting ! LOL



I agree that we are very fortunate to have many non-English speakers contributing to this site. They are helped by the Google Translate button which allows them to read the texts in other languages on the site.

Please welcome other posters and their contributions, do not denigrate them because their grammar is not Oxford English..Thanks


At least his spelling is good! More than can be said for lots of contributors here. If I see “loose” for “lose” again for example, I’ll scream!!! lol.

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