Fernando Alonso to miss Australian Grand Prix
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  03 Mar 2015   |  1:22 pm GMT  |  506 comments

Fernando Alonso will not compete at the Australian Grand Prix following advice from doctors in the wake of his recent accident in testing.

The Spaniard’s McLaren team this morning issued a statement insisting that while Alonso is “asymptomatic of any medical issue” medics have recommended that he miss the opening round of the 2015 season.

“Having performed an exhaustive series of tests and scans – some of them as recently as yesterday evening – McLaren-Honda driver Fernando Alonso’s doctors have informed him that they find him asymptomatic of any medical issue; that they see no evidence whatsoever of any injury; and that they therefore describe him as entirely healthy from neurological and cardiac perspectives alike,” the statement read.

Fernando Alonso

“However, Fernando’s doctors have recommended to him that, following the concussion he sustained in a testing accident at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on February 22nd, for the time being he should seek to limit as far as is possible any environmental risk factors that could potentially result in his sustaining another concussion so soon after his previous one, so as to minimise the chances of second impact syndrome, as is normal medical procedure when treating athletes after concussions.

“In order to limit those environmental risk factors, specifically, his doctors have advised that he should not compete in the imminent Australian Grand Prix meeting, which will take place on March 13th, 14th and 15th.”

Reserve driver Kevin Magnussen will replace Alonso at the wheel of the team’s new Honda-powered car and will race at the venue where he scored the sole podium finish of his short career so far.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.28.46

According to McLaren, Alonso is likely to be fit for the following round in Malaysia at the end of March.

“Fernando’s doctors acknowledge that he feels fit and well, and that he regards himself as ready to race, and, that being the case, they are comfortable with the fact that he has already recommenced physical training, with a view to preparing for a return to the cockpit of his McLaren-Honda car for the Malaysian Grand Prix meeting on March 27th, 28th and 29th. Indeed, his doctors are supportive of that ambition, satisfied as they are that he sustained no damage whatsoever during his testing accident on February 22nd.”

The decision heaps pressure on Magnussen who was quoted this week as saying that for him to race in Melbourne “would be difficult”.

“It’d be difficult, as I’ve not had my own team of engineers or mechanics to talk to all winter,” Magnussen said. “I’ve kind of been on the sidelines a little bit.

“I’ve followed what has been going on and kept up to date with it but it is different when you have your own team and you can work with them. If I have to then I’ll be happy to do it.”



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On late news we learnt that Alonso was unconscious before the accident… It is now cleat that Ron Dennis has been the cause of that. McClaren has in fact installed a training collar on Alonso neck (it was part of the agreement) . The device is similar to the ones used for dog training; it has been requested by Dennis in order to make sure that the champion was kept under control… while toying with the new device RD used by mistake the stop and sh__ up mode (usually reserved for interviews) instead of the goodboy mode, leaving the driver momentarily unconscious…


Once I fainted, I could hear everything but I did not see or feel anything. I was partying for several days without eating or resting properly and this was the result. If a similar thing happened to Alonso, for whatever reason, he would have applied the brakes and would have downshifted in order to slow down the car. Vettel behind him would have seen that Alonso is braking while he could perhaps stop braking and try to avoid the collision with the wall. That must have looked strange. Button would have seen also something strange in the telemetry as well as others at McLaren. This may be the main reason why McLaren did not want to release the telemetry. However, I did not faint since (more than 30 years passed). I don’t think we will see Alonso faint ever again, if that is what really happened.


If you ain’t fainted in the last 30 years then its high time you had yourself another big night out!

Count me in!!




absolutely …


Sebee you work for Toyota, confess!!


Nope. I hate Toyotas actually. But I do own a Toyota product currently, the GS350. I am quite pleased with it and feel it was the best value, plus not many out there. As much as I’m not liking Toyotas, it’s winning me over a bit.


if fans remember, not quite recently, Michael suffered a severe concussion (not from racing, though,

but from having a pleasurable ski day) and severely it’s been for Jules (Japan ‘014);

two cases in two years from racing; the % is not big and the (beast) drivers know the danger;

brain is still a mystery.


I wonder whether Nando’s hazy memory of Nelson’n crash in Singapore has also returned….


Calling all F1 historians.

Is Alonso the first claimed case of amnesia in F1 history?

Michel de Nostredame

Fred’s car must have been hit by a directed energy weapon causing molecular dissociation and transmutation.

I don’t have any scientific qualifications but it stands to reason, makes common sense, Occam’s razor etc.


List of smoking guns:

Confession (unlikely, we’re too deep)

Onboard (withheld)

Telemetry (withheld)

Track video (low res, withheld)

Girlfriend (if dumped, have to wait)

Doctors (won’t be conclusive, but we’re on record by many as nothing seen on any test conducted anywhere)


James or anybody, only 14 visible comments here!


Now, it’s 451, so it’s ok.

Distant Knight

It must have not been counting the drivel posted by Sebee… Can we get that added as a site feature???


FA has no reasonable shot at the 2015 driver’s championship, and in the past few years there’s been too many significant head injuries in F1 and open wheel. Maria De Vilotta, Jules Bianchi, Schumacher, Henry Surtees, Dan Wheldon…

Perhaps FA is considering his own mortality and doesn’t want to risk it in a car he will surely get lapped in. So let Magnussen drive for the first couple races, let him and JB get their metaphorical doors blown off, and when the car has the potential to finish (another question mark) without getting lapped, then climb back in.


What?? the only 2 brain injuries of the list above not only in F1 but under the FiA’s responsibilty was jules and John not to mention John’s was long long ago before safety was taken seriously behond the fans and even then was poor by comparison. All be it I do believe the FIA to be responsible for Jules’s injury due to the completely unsuitable recovery vehicle involved giving the all round circumstances and possibilities.


And also as far as i know the FIA have no technical or safety involvement in either INDY or NASCAR somebody correct me if wrong as not certain on this.


I have been spending rather more time thinking about this strange situation than is healthy for a normal productive life, and this is my first post on this site.

Last night, a thought occurred to me that would explain some of the most puzzling aspects of the affair without requiring any far-fetched speculation or wild conspiracy theories, and which at least to my own satisfaction would explain the behavior and statements of the various parties without contradicting the known facts.

The idea is that the reason why McLaren is not publicizing their telemetry and post-accident findings on Alonso’s car with more detail than they thus far have is not because they are trying to hide something from other teams, the FIA or the public, but because, like in a court case, they don’t want to compromise their only eyewitness before he has made his statement and has been heard.

If Alonso really has amnesia about the accident, which seems likely in light of just about all the reports, were he to be informed about the exact data of what transpired with the car, this could not but influence the way in which he reconstructs the incident when and if he begins to recall and recount it. It looks like McLaren is very sure (“we can categorically state that there was no electric shock, no mechanical problem with the car”) that the accident itself was not due to the car. Everything they say points to that, and I believe them. Yes, there is much at stake for them, but I cannot see them risking their other drivers as well as potentially those in other cars if they had any reason to believe that their car could cause its driver to lose control. Also, if Alonso indeed would have received an electrical shock powerful enough to affect him, I think it would have to show in his clothes, gloves or helmet. There is also indication that they don’t understand what the driver’s input was, which is why they need to, if possible, find out what Alonso’s take on it is, without him having adjusted his recall to fit the known facts.

This would also explain why Alonso (or his camp) are demanding for a technical explanation from McLaren, which initially surprised me. I first thought that naturally McLaren would have told them everything. But, if there is amnesia and McLaren does not understand why the driver did what he did, it makes sense that they’d insist on hearing his side of it first.

We can see why it would be very important for Alonso and his camp to find cause in the car, and explains why it has begun to look like there is a battle of sorts going on between the driver and his team. This all leaves Alonso in a rather unenviable position. He is not told exactly what happened, only that it was not the car and that wind may have played a part in it. So, assuming that he does not remember what transpired, for him it looks like either my team is lying to me or I have somehow lost control of my car in a way I should not have. Neither of those alternatives can look very attractive to him.


Keelboat, I thought about the “solitary gunman” angle myself. I think is plausible, but I feel it carries a very dirty motive behind it. It would be two fold really, first to be clear that the boss has your back fully from first GP. Second if boss backs him it allows him to hold something over the boss to ensure preferential status and future leverage.

Now, considering how SpyGate played out, this is not out of question of character here. We know this ultimatum (of course it has been referred to as blackmail) was presented to the boss in that scenario. But we also know Ron would rather pay $100M than to have someone hold something over him.

So it’s possible, but I would damn hope that’s not the case because it’s so much more filthy than just PR air cover for Honda as motive in my Crashgate II theory.

I mean, I can just about live with trying to control the press message during a difficult time for a partner or for team when the means of controlling that message are not impacting actual on-track sanctioned competition events. But that other thing of leverage…why, how revolting of an individual must one be to do that? I think ethically that’s a few levels darker and quite revolting. So I’m sticking to Crashgate II as PR air cover.


What if the telemetry shows that Alonso steered the car into the wall and now neither McLaren understands why, nor Alonso can remember. Would you publish something like that if you are McLaren boss? How do you explain that?

Anyway, alegedly when asked after the accident he stated: I’m Fernando, I drive go-karts and I want to be a Formula One driver”. But this is not the strange thing. The strange thing is that the person who wrote the text may suffer some amnesia himself as he thinks that Alonso won two F1 titles in the same year (http://www.planetf1.com/driver/55667788/35380/Alonso-thought-it-was-1995).

The mistery deepens.

Keelboat racer


My point was that if and as things are like they seem to be, which is as you state in your first paragraph above, if I were a McLaren boss I wouldn’t publish the telemetry until either I had heard Alonso’s account of what transpired, had become certain that his account is never going to be possible to get, or had a convincing explanation for how he could have steered into the wall without wishing to. Until that point, I wouldn’t publish the data because I would have to entertain the unlikely but possible alternative that he did it deliberately. Giving out the data would give him the opportunity to try to come up with a story that matched the data and somehow explained the crash, whereas withholding the data allows McLaren to challenge such an account as being contrary to what happened. So there could be game of “who blinks first” going on, with Mclaren waiting for the amnesia to end and Alonso waiting for the data to be published.

It is also possible that the crash was intentional but went wrong, and the amnesia is real. That is what I was talking about in the last paragraph of my first post. I don’t quite understand why he would have done it intentionally, but the crash did happen, and there does not seem to be a convincing non-driver-related explanation to it. If I’m faced with the choice between either believing in the possibility of a human having done an inexplicable but possible thing or paranormal intervention, I tend to reluctantly believe the former has happened. Of course, there hopefully remains other options we have not yet thought about.


Completely wrong and if anything if Alonso’s camp are looking for records into the car and data to study it would be to hopefully find something about the car or the cars given behaviour at the point of evident loss of control to point the attention away from Alonso as so not to hold up his re entry back into the car being at his discretion!.

kenneth chapman

@ kevin green….if the telemetry was absolutely clear and showed absolutely no indications of any aberrations within the car then there is no reason, other than proprietry, for mclaren to withhold it from alonso.

ATM it seems as though 2 +2 are equalling either 3 or 5 or something equally as outrageous or silly.


What if the telemetry shows the steering input to the right? What if it blows holes in the wind story? They’ve seen it. They know what it shows. If it supports the claims made in the press they would show it to us already. Why are we here 10 days later with no telemetry? No onboard video? You know that McLaren surely records the cameras 100%. They have the money for it.

Here is the best info we have.


Note that even now, even to BBC, the Telemetry is not being shown. WHY!? Can this data even be trusted now 10 days later?

So he goes faster, by choosing a different line. Is that something you would do to set something up? Why go so fast through there on a 20 lap morning really? Why the different line not taken before? What tire was he on? Then the wiggle, claims of touching AstroTurf (was this questioned/proven inaccurate?) Then he looses control – but nothing like a wild bouncing spin or anything uncontrolled. He continues to decelerate under control – obviously he has at least some control as he’s heavily decelerating and downshifting apparently as reported elsewhere. But again, the kicker in the article is that control is lost at what James noted 133/134MPH. Then heavy deceleration, then impact and the impact is obviously NOT at 133MPH, but much slower. These are F1 breaks. Hence little damage.


Seriously guys, give me a logical concrete reason, anyone, everyone – why the telemetry wouldn’t be shown by now? Does it show steering input toward the wall? Does it contradict the blowing wind? Is it part of the smoking gun? Can we agree that a driver of this caliber has no problem making the car look a bit sloppy but maintain a level of control as desired to set up entry, exit, line, whatever. Is that not what happened here, up until the impact?


and again… (it looks like i have only one comment to make every time but)…this is why is not wearing any branded item.


So if I may play the devil’s advocate on your point.

Telemetry doesn’t lie. It shows precisely what happened. If Alonso remembers it differently than the telemetry states, than he’s wrong. The only reason to now show the telemetry is to hide something. Steering input or otherwise. To illustrate my point, I direct you to criminal eye witness studies where they have been proven to be a questionable source of information as they may remember things incorrectly, or fill in facts after the event or by suggestions or through hearsay.

I point you to Monaco 2006, qualifying. Schumi remembered that as a brain fart. Telemetry hanged him and put him in the pit lane. Thank goodness too, because that was a lovely drive for those of us lucky enough to see it live. Also, they couldn’t believe that a 7X WDC could have a brain fart in such a slow section. It was a bit subjective really.


….and kenneth,

2006 Rascasse absolutely has everything to do with this McLaren/Alonso “imbroglio” in that it is a perfect case where it illustrates it doesn’t matter what the witness/actor says. If witness/actor was lying then or now, the telemetry didn’t lie then and it wouldn’t lie now.

So why isn’t the telemetry here yet? And can we realistically expect it to be believable beyond doubt after being withheld this long? What reason is there really except that it contradicts what’s been said and in this case the FIA has no jurisdiction at the test so they can’t force the telemetry release or onboard video release. Both are strict private property of the team, and they have decided to withhold it in an effort to completely ensure they are not at all transparent.

We can even take it 1 step further and say that even if they released fake telemetry now for example, FIA can’t do a thing about it. No more than FIA could punish anyone for releasing simulator off-season telemetry. That’s the beauty of the situation – it’s word against word, and the one with most word to say has retrograde amnesia and is apparently anxiously awaiting the theatrical release of Casino with Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone.


Sure kenneth, I’m not arguing what Schumi did, although we have to admit we can be only 99% sure. And we’ll never get to know 100% now as sadly there won’t be a tell all memoir.

My point? Telemetry was clear. Just like it would be here. There are only 2 reasons not to release it.

1. It shows the steering input toward the wall.

2. They are saving it to release at strategic time to serve as distraction to poor track performance on the day.

I swear to you, if they announce Alonso will race in Malaysia on Sunday after race with double DNF I’m going to lose it!

kenneth chapman

@ sebee…….the rascasse/shumacher incident was nothing more than a cold/clear//clinical decision by schumacher to cheat and then lie about it.

it has absolutely no relevance to this latest imbroglio between mclaren and alonso and anyone else that you care to think of.

kenneth chapman

@ keelboat racer…like the name, a fellow traveller in the past. having trouble with the last sentence of para 4…….’but if their is amnesia and mclaren does not understand why the driver did what he did, it makes sense that they’d insist on hearing his side of it first’ ????? if he does have amnesia they’ll never hear his side of it first’?????

none of these pieces fit. too many unknowns.


Point of the Schumi example? Telemetry overruled a perfectly competent, not concussed, and amnesiac individual with facts.

kenneth chapman

@ james…..latest rumour is that some team principals are suggesting a possible boycott if relevant data is not released so that they can assess the outcome. of course there are many other rumours floating around but this one seems to strike at the very heart of the first race next week. is there any truth to this…or is it just another gust of wind?


Media is going to be in a frenzy over this in Melbourne too, aren’t they? McLaren PR team is going to earn their keep. But on the bright side, they won’t have to answer questions on if they expect their Honda power cars to finish. What a convenient cover.


Well, right on cue media is in a tizzy about 1995 today. Does that count as such a log?


…note how McLaren are doing nothing to shut this down. In fact exactly the opposite, stretching it and doing everything to keep it going. I expect a nugget this weekend…just a log onto the fire to keep the flame strong.


You know kenneth, this is an excellent development actually. It applies pressure from within. Other sharks perhaps smell blood too and they are going after McLaren.


Alonso has amnesia.

McLaren telemetry has amnesia.

Why shouldn’t team principals be concerned?


My daughter asked what other drivers think about the case. She said if Alonso would be a pilot of a 747 she wouldn’t board the plane at the current state of information.

So she wonders how other drivers will feel at 300km/h wheel at wheel situations versus Alonso. Are they this trained to handle the situation as he would be in a normal health status? Or will they rather stand back and attack only if there is lot and lots of space between them and Alonso’s car ?


I’d like to apologize to anyone offended my quantity of my comments. I believe in spirited discussion and I do feel my angle added something here.

I’d also like to point out that unless you read JAonF1 and comments you likely didn’t see Crashgate II proposed on any other site as an answer to this enigma. I understand many of you don’t care or don’t want to think about it. But I really feel no other logical explanation is as convincing or fits. Especially considering the Honda president stepping down mere hours later over a PR scandal for Honda. Should it ever be proven to be right with some evidence, I’m going to say “I told you so!” I am sure you all agree I said all I needed to say.

Again, I welcome anyone to put forth any bit of information that contradicts my Crashgate II theory up for discussion. Let’s keep it here as to not polute other posts.


Sebee, your freedom of speech doesn’t mean everyone is bound to read (and agree with) your rants through endless comments. One comment, one theory. All the replies inside that comment to agree or refute.

If you believe your opinion has to be prevalent, I’d suggest you found a different website: http://www.sebeeonf1.com and display at large your blarney, your love for last year’s 5th qualified driver (71 points adrift his team mate) and your conspiracy theories.

Everyone has an opinion, yours is as valid as anyone else’s. Even Harry Callahan has an opinion on opinions… [and that, of course, also applies to my own].


It’s not the quantity, although that is an issue, it’s the quality. Your just wildly ranting.

This site is for all. It isn’t the SebeeOnF1 site where every single news item has to be polluted by a Sebee rant. It’s wearing thin to the point where rather than looking forward to Jame’s insight my first thought when I click on a new items is “What the hell is that Sebee spouting off about again…”

You apologised for your quantity of comments and then proceeded to scatter gun with more comments of exactly the same.

Seriously turn it down it a bit. Go out for a walk, clear your head and come back when the season has started.

We’ll have something to talk about then and it’ll be an enjoyable discussion.


This is the only post I’ve polluted. Agreed.

Look around others, barely there if at all.

Oh…did you visit this aged post again? Is traffic being driven to the post here by our activity? Did we make this the most commented recent post? Are we clicking ads? 😉


‘Should it ever be proven to be right with some evidence, I’m going to say “I told you so!”’

What will you say if it turns out to be nonsense?

I think nothing for 6 months would be fair.


I’ll say I was wrong. I’m not working to be Walter Cronkite. I’m just theorizing here based on historical data and probability as well as potential reasons. So far, theory still fits.


Sebee without taking too much away from you you talk with reasonable knowledge and sense on most things on here (all be it you talk to much) But your talking absolute non logical urine on this topic you couldn’t be any further from the truth not saying i have it absolutely nailed but I am certain i am there or there about’s with it.

Stone the crows

I think that all of the other drivers should get specially made helmets so that at Melbourne they can show their best wishes for Fernando Alonso speedy recovery……. oh wait…..


Hahahaha +1000


Hey kids, gather round. It’s story time with Uncle Ron.

Today we’re going to talk about not even concussed concussions.


He’s not even concussed. The technical definition of a concussion is that you can see it in a scan. The possibility is that the change of direction happened so fast that actually it was like – it’s inappropriate to use the word – a whiplash of the brain. It didn’t actually touch anything. It didn’t bruise, it didn’t bleed.

What language is this?

Richard cummins

Never ceases to amaze me. FA has had an accident and he just happens to be an international star in a international team in a sport viewed all over the place! Oh and he gets paid a shed load! Therefore it would be prudent to check,double check and verify that he does not have a double confusion.

Very disappointed that Brundel says there is smoke and mirrors?? The MCL team have been open and honest and do not want to risk their star driver. Sounds reasoable enough to me!?

Speedy return to the track Fernando and hopefully a winning return.

kenneth chapman

@ richard…you may well be disappointed re brundle’s comments but just think about this for a moment. martin brundle is right in the thick of all things F1. he has a wealth of experience and contacts with all the serious players. he knows which way is up in other words. all this being the case then why would he even contemplate ‘smoke and mirrors’?

all i can do is sit here in my study and read everything i can then try and make some sense of it all. brundle would be talking to the ‘players’ continually similar to james here. both of these chaps have expressed some doubt about what is being said publicly. i tend to agree with them until otherwise informed. nothing wrong with that is there?


Spot on.

Something not quite right.


Unfortunately I can never believe anything surrounding this guy [mod] Its quite possible that he doesnt know what happened at the time of the accident and that the prognosis is very sensible and correct. Its is also very likely that he does know what is wrong & is not telling anyone not even Mclaren – I keep saying this to Mclaren- you get what you deserve!!-& its only just the beginning.


Some sort of inertia canceller for the driver would be nice.


I’m watching F1 and MMA by many years. The rule in MMA for knock-out fighters is to not be scheduled for another fight within 3 months period. This rule have the same idea of protecting the fighters.

So like in other sports, as other posted above, a 21 days as precaution looks normal.

PS. Alonso lost the car at 134 Mph (215 km) and hit the wall at 105 Mph (170 Km). Only a small portion of asphalt was used while braking since he gone to grass, which is not flat so hitting the wall was only a bonus after threshing the terrain…


Alonso will miss Malaysian Grand Prix too. 99.999% for that.


My theory; head injury at point of first contact on outside of corner, which would explain why Alonso may have been slumped over and not in control by the time he glanced off inside wall.

A bicycle incident, showed me how little it takes to effect the brain. I hit a concrete walk helmet first and suffered closed head injury – a concussion. Never lost consciousness, but lost recent memory for 8 hours, including of the accident itself. Could tell the doc year of my birth, but could not tell him current year or my age. After MRI, etc, doc said, stay off the bike and don’t get another one; as in football, the cumulative effect of another brain injury is more serious. My point being, Alonso may have had like injury recently – we are unaware of his actual medical history. Recovery time between such injuries is very important. Or as Henry N. Manney III would say, v. v. important .

The FIA inquiry may be, why he left track in the first place.


Some of the conspiracy theory afficianados my be wise to remember that, while a tall building may be a phallic symbol – it is also a tall building.

Chief White-Sky

To Brad K: …and it might be wise for some of the anti-Conspiracy afficianados here on this thread to wise-up/to learn that some tall (phallic symbol) buildings can “vanish”! And this exact thing DID happen; and is now a Conspiracy FACT: For absolute scientific proof that buildings can, and HAVE, “vanished”, simply go to http://www.drjudywood.com to read and see this “evidence.”


Anyone else think that the quote from Magnusson sounds rather ungrateful / unwilling to step in for the race?

Given the current climate for drivers getting track time and race experience I would have expected a bit more enthusiasm.


Yes 100%


James 335 comments on this thread.

How do I filter out the old posts from the new?

Is there not some way you can highlight the new posts each time you upload them.

Or attach a number for first batch uploaded and then a different number for the second batch uploaded.

I know I am a pain in the arse for banging on but it would make so much more readable when ther are alot of posts on the topic.

I would appreciate a reply even if its sod off its not doable!!



I’ll speak to WP guru..


I’m not sure if I would read too much into the ‘memory loss’ since Alonso was reportedly sedated and most of those drugs have some hallucinogenic side effects. .


Why don’ you use Disqus?


James, I heard some Spanish media are reporting that Alonso has memory loss problems. He couldn´t remember the last 20 years of his life. And now he is in the process of geting it all back. Does your guru know anything about it? This whole Alonso affair is so bizarre that nothing would surprise me at this point.


Not heard that

There are many stories going around…this is F1 after all

Stone the crows

Aummmm…….0’s and 1’s, 1’s and 0’s….


Is that the same guru that was spending an inordinate amount of time meditating the other week? 😉

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