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Lotus announce Jolyon Palmer as Third Driver for 2015
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  20 Jan 2015   |  4:01 pm GMT  |  25 comments

GP2 champion Jolyon Palmer has been signed by Lotus as its third driver for the 2015 season, with the Briton likely to get a number of Friday practice  opportunities according to the team. Palmer will also fulfil the role of reserve driver.

“Jolyon is a fantastic talent and a very credible driver to fulfil the role of Third Driver,” said Lotus Team Principal Gerard Lopez. “Romain and Pastor are both GP2 champions, so we know what a fantastic proving ground GP2 provides. For Jolyon to have enjoyed such a successful season as he took his title last year shows his superb potential for the future.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 14.59.48

Palmer, who won the 2014 GP2 title in record-breaking fashion, with the greatest amount of points scored in a season (276) and the most consecutive points finishes (19) added: “I’m delighted to be moving into F1 with Lotus this year as third driver and I’m very grateful for the opportunity they have given me.

“My goal has been to become a race driver in a competitive F1 team for 2016 and Lotus is a great opportunity for me, particularly with Mercedes engines now,” he added.

“To be able to learn with a major F1 team by working closely with them in every area and getting a lot of mileage in the car is the best way possible, as Valtteri Bottas proved.”


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Fantastic news! I just hope he gets a chance to prove himself in a race seat in the not too distant future. Been keeping an eye on him for several years now. Good on him and thoroughly well deserved.


I will be watching his future with interest, my first impression is not great, too much of a sense of entitelment for my liking, even before he has set a foot in a F1 car, reminiscent of the Schumacher brothers. Hopefully I will be proven wrong!


I agree, hope it works for him. And hopefully he can refrain from putting his foot in his mouth a la Davide Valsecchi who was also a GP2 champion and who also showed a bit too much sense of entitlement.


Good luck to Joylon 🙂

Good news the Brit has a place in F1.

Lets hope the team doesn’t have any “financial difficulties” when the next Venzuelian government decides to stop the Govt Controlled Sponsorship going to Mad Maldo.

Just hope Joylon gets a chance to race in an F1 season soon, as he is a proven talented driver & GP2 Champ & a Brit 🙂

It would be brilliant of they dropped “Mr.Crash Bang Wallop Another Angry Prang!” Maldo at some stage or are we going get the continuing saga of the TV cameras taking a sad comical look at the expressions of the pit crew & race engineers as they try not to give wry smiles & looks of utter dejection, when Mad Maldo hits prangs or goes on a jaunt off track like a unguided missile. Lotus should have this printed on the bad boys garage…


Robert in San Diego

I wonder if petrol/oil prices have dropped 50% whether Pastors $$ will go so far.


Good point Robert in San Diego.

Oil prices are low & Pastors dosh may not be enough to keep him sweet in the driving seat.

Lets hope he’s shown the door asap.



Now I ain’t one to wish bad on anyone… but if pastor had an accident say, I dunno, crashed and broke his legs…would Lotus lose his money?

Just wondering, how does his sponsorship deal work?


A bit of good news, and as I understand it the GP2 champion recieves the number of points required (40) to qualify for F1 under the new superlicense requirements.


I hope Lotus treat him better than the last GP2 champion that they employed as third driver.


Being GP2 champ should help getting a ride. At the very least he’s old enough to shave.


…and qualified to drive himself to the track 🙂


Is he Rosberg’s brother? He looks just like him, especially is the second pic.


He can’t be he hasn’t got an oversized pixie ear 😀


Not having a Math degree I have not yet worked out the numbers, so I have to ask.

Apparently he has enough points for a superlicense?


Even under the new system, I’m pretty sure being GP2 champ alone scores you more than enough points.


Maths please 😉


Considering Verstappen, more than enough. Yes, of course. GP 2 Champion is well qualified.


Good luck!


Glad to see that all of his efforts last year have been rewarded, not easy in the current climate!


That sounds like the best realistic option for a GP2 champion in the current F1 climate. I hope it works well for him and proves to be a step towards a race drive in the next couple of years.


Congratulations to Jolyon. From a purely jingoistic point of view, it’s good to see another Brit in F1.

Here’s hoping that Lotus will be more competitive this year. Maybe he’ll be in a position to replace Mr. Crashdonado in 2016?


@Andrew. Whatever you views on Maldonado, that is a very cheap shot at Jolyon. Have you actually followed his career. You dont win GP2 based on luck. He is in F1 purely on merit, no matter who his “daddy” knows.


Because having a grid full of drivers who made it because Daddy was an F1 driver is preferable to someone who brings a sponsor is it?

That’s assuming that you can call the guy who won Williams only race for about 10 years on merit, in about the 4th or 5th fastest car, a pay driver.

” But to work with, he’s one of the best drivers I’ve ever worked with – his feedback, how calm he is, nothing flusters him at all”

“He’s very, very good and he works incredibly hard. Whatever’s happening, he’s in there doing his stuff and getting on with it”

Not my words, the words of Alan Permane.


They can replace Mr. Crashdonado right now.

However replacing his 30m is a different matter – Please do volunteer some alternatives 🙂


….or even before the 2015 season finishes!

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