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Vergne to race in Punta del Este Formula E race this weekend
Jean Eric Vergne
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  08 Dec 2014   |  4:06 pm GMT  |  43 comments

Jean-Eric Vergne has made his first move following his loss of his Formula One seat at Toro Rosso with the announcement that he will join the ranks of the Formula E championship for this weekend’s race in Punta del Este in Uruguay.

The Frenchman who will be replaced at Toro Rosso next year by Carlos Sainz Jr will race for the Andretti team at the third round of the Formula E series.

“It’s not often that you get to race at this time of the year,” said Vergne. “I am really looking forward to this opportunity, especially given its location in a place like Punta del Este.

Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 15.09.03

“Although I have no experience in this new series, I am excited about the prospect of racing in Formula E, and racing for such a prestigious team as Andretti. As always, the main objective of the weekend is to stay out front and finish the year on a high note. The weekend will be a little like a journey into the unknown, but it is a journey that I am thoroughly looking forward to.”

Vergne will partner fellow countryman and former Super Aguri driver Franck Montagny at the team.

“We’re really happy to put JEV in the car for Punta del Este,” said team boss Michael Andretti. “He has great talent and we think he’ll pair well with our team for competitive results. I also think having interest and participation from respected F1 drivers shows great strength and the true potential for Formula E as a series and World Championship.”


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Formula E has a long way to go but is already more exciting than F1 is at the moment! At least we don’t have a team winning almost all races! All cars being identical means racing drivers can really make the difference, at least in qualifying. In races energy management is probably the most important thing, just like tyre management is also very important in F1. Also the presence of so many ex-F1 drivers can only be prestigious for this new series, as many FE drivers are at least as good as many of those who are in F1. Jean-Eric Vergne is only the last proof of that. The best proof of course, as his form is at its best. However there are other FE drivers who were capable to win in F1 if circumstances had allowed them to do it…


I noticed how after the first Fromula E race it was reported on this site,it was on bbc news and elsewhere but then after the second race…nothing!This just shows how hard it is for a new motor racing series to get media attenetion,let alone compete with Formula 1.

All other forms of motorsport have periods where they are popular and then fade slighlty from the public consciousness.

I watched highlights of the 2nd Formula E race and the cars do look great but I don’t believe it will be successful long term. If Formula 1 is struggling at times,such as with the German market this season,then what hope does Formula E have?

Also what people want to see from motor racing is wheel to wheel racing not how environmentally friendly a car is!


There was more wheel to wheel racing in the last Fe race than in many F1 races this year.


How it all went wrong for JEV…. sad really.

Prior to his F1 entry I always regarded him as the next best thing. I remember seeing his WSR race in Monza, where he got narrowly beaten by Daniel Ricciardo. JEV drove with a broken front wing and was still able to hang on. The disgusted face he displayed on the podium gave me the impression that JEV was for real… super talented and super motivated.

Then at TR all fell apart… a lot of DNFs.. but also he seemed a bit too chilled out, too relaxed, too much believing in himself that he was too good. It didnt translate in visible hardworking ethic.

In the latter part of his TR career he looked down, depressed, tired or sick almost. I wonder if with some prozac he’ d have a better approach to the daily pressures of F1.

I really expected more from him. I always enjoyed watching him in the wet or mixed conditions, as he found grip that others could never find.


whilst vergne certainly has driven better this season than previously he certainly is not as good as a lot of people think, including himself. IMO he falls into the hulkenberg strata. if he was so good why then hasn’t he been snapped up by other teams. buemi/algersuari are another two drivers who spring to mind. good drivers but that is about all. all shunned by the other teams….why?

buemi is now carving out a decent career in WEC so he has shown that he has talent in other series. perhaps vergne will follow suit. if he is good enough then the offers will flow……


Teams are run by managers scared of making a mistake. It’s easy to sign up a Button or Massa or Raikkonen and be able to justify the decision.

Take a “gamble” on Vergne or Hulkenberg and it doesn’t work out you have people saying why didn’t you go for an experienced driver.

Look at Perez. By the end of the last season he was as quick as Button and at times surpassing him. Yet it cost Perez and Whitmarsh their jobs.

Button kept his job, Raikkonen has Ferrari throw $20 million a year at him (despite failing at Ferrari with Massa being quicker than him the first time), Massa was signed by Williams (despite his appalling record since 2009).

F1 in a way needs a paradigm shift in regards to how they view driver talent.

Red Bull have made the shift but probably too far in the other direction with Sainz and Verstappen at Toro Rosso.

Vergne isn’t a top tier driver, but neither is Raikkonen or Button. Vergne on the other costs significantly less and would as quick if not slightly quicker.

alexander supertramp

Whenever the track was not dry, you just knew you’d find JEV close to the front. Average qualifier, good racer.


Impressions can be wrong of course, but in the foto Jev looks like a man who has discovered that 60 trophies are just too many for a small living room cabinet.


This is why we should have three cars for top teams and customer cars. With the current regulations the small teams need finance so they give seats to paying drivers.


@ apex…very true.


Andretti would do well to put JEV in an IndyCar – he’s really young but with a ton of experience at the highest level and he really knows how to wring performance out of an F1 car.


If i were Ferrari, i would seriously look at replacing Raikkonen with Vergne or Hulkenberg or Grosjean.


Kimi is an interesting character to have in F1. He is good for the sport, has large followings too. Having said that, Kimi’s performance was borderline embarrassing compare to Alonso. Next year is probably his last year in the sport anyway. So, looking at the current grid, my pick is Hulkenberg anytime or even Kubica. I just pray to God that Bianchi makes it back sometimes in near future so that we can see him in reds.


Good luck in Formula Milk Float (AKA Formula Laughing Stock), Jean-Eric.


What a shame for jev he’s way to good to be driving in formula E. I tryed to watch the last race if that’s what it was.

I know not all F1 races are exciting but at the very least you can’t help but be mesmerised by the skill,speed,and energy all happening around every corner, down every straight. It’s going to take a long time for formula E to catch up!

Still gives Nick Prost something to do.


can he wear something other than red bull gear now?


What a shame having a driver of such talent racing Formula Zzzz…

He should be racing alongside Bottas or Vettel or Alonso.

What’s with this obsession teams have with overpaid and underperforming veterans.


He certainly has more skill than many a driver that will have a seat on the grid in 2015. That lack of a big sponsor behind him is what is his Achilles heel. I rate him higher than his countryman Grosjean (am i the only one in the world that would take a gearbox penalty to escape being beside Grosjean on the grid…. though he has improved some from his horrid opening laps of ’12). Wish all the best to JEV, and would love to see him back in F1. Perhaps might be a good time for him to try to get a drive for Haas in Indy this year, might well get him a seat in ’16 back where he belongs.


Ooops, my bad 🙁 Maybe if those guys turned right every now and then my brain wouldn’t get so dizzy,lol. Just hope to see JEV back on the F1 grid , as many less talented drivers do have seats (Yes, we’re all looking at you Pastor)


Different Haas in Indy than the one who is in NASCAR and moving into F1.

I think this might be a trial run/stepping stone for him driving for Andretti in Indy though.


I’ve been saying for a while that Vergne’s F1 career was over, but I have to agree with you – He should still have a seat.


Hulkenberg should’ve been driving for a race winning car by now too. I Am sure it wasn’t personal, it’s business after all.


He showed great fight this year in F1 and it’s a shame that he won’t be there anymore when lesser drivers are. Great wet weather driver, would make a good addition to a team like Sauber.


The list of unfortunate drivers is very long in F1. It’s not much different to football or basketball or any other highly commercialized sport in fact. JEV should be greatful for making it as far as he has. RBR put JEV in the motorsport map in a big way. He just doesn’t fit into their plan for future. If you take Hulkenberg in account as unfortunate drivers as well for not being able to get a race winning seat, he should also be greatful that he is still in the sport. I’m sure now JEV will have a great demand in other categories thanks to his performance in F1. It’s cruel, but normal. Sauber needs money, JEV doesn’t have enough I guess.


Good luck to Vergne.

Hope he gets to drive a proper race car soon.

Formula E is dull as dishwater.

I thought he was heading to IndyCar?

He needs a seat in F1 in 2016.

Formula E should be interspersed with Super Mario Kart 😀

Its comical having Alain Prosts talentless Son driving in Formula E but

stick a Tom Selleck moustache on him &

some Bob The Builder overalls then it may get entertaining:-D


“Alain Prosts talentless Son”

Do you really know what’s the meaning of the word talent?

Nicolas Prost started racing way too late, so we can’t really know what he could do had he started much younger, just like his father. What we know is that he has already 2 Pole Positions in 2 races while his team mate Buemi has none. That prooves Nicolas Prost has at least some talent, making less mistakes with far less racing experience.


Yeah i agree Prost Senna Hill had talent & also had their moments.

Talentless Nico Prost has a wealthy talented Dad.

I think we beg to differ on the merits of Nico Prost.

So let’s just tip our hats like Charlie Chaplin and walk on 🙂


Didn’t you watch Alain Prost’s move on Ayrton Senna in Japan 89? Or Senna’s move on Prost in Japan 90? Or Schumacher’s moves on D. Hill (94) and J. Villeneuve (97)? Or a lot of other silly moves made by so many talented drivers?


F.Cruz did you not waych the first race?

Nico Prosts inability to race fairly showed in the first race of the E series.

He nearly killed Heidfeld trying to stop him overtaking! Prost shoved him into a barrier!

I’m surprised he doesn’t wear a bright red nose & a pair of massive clown shoes.

He belongs in a circus driving a model T Ford painted orange… no doubt his Dad would have buy a Circus for him…just to get a drive 😀


Couldn’t agree more…a real race driver needs to be in a real race car…Red Bull kept him for 3 years, so we know he has the ability to race in F1…WEC, or DTM would be a better place for him…at the least Indy Car…Good luck to him to go somewhere real.


would you say Jev was the best French driver currently in F1, or Grosjean? I would have to opt for Bianchi as the man with the most potential by far.


I’ve been trying trying to decide what FE sounds like – and I think I nailed it. It’s like someone playing basketball without the ball. Squeak squeak squeak.


Everyone wants to live here for limtless supply of the delicious chocolate!


Sebastian Vettel has been named among the 300 richest residents of Switzerland.

The German has now officially lost his status as reigning world champion, but the Swiss publication Bilanz said he at least maintains a personal fortune of between 83 and 125 million euros.

Bilanz, meanwhile, said the fortunes enjoyed by Vettel and Raikkonen are dwarfed not only by Michael Schumacher’s almost 700 million euros, but another official Swiss resident, Bernie Ecclestone, with his estimated 2 to 2.5 billion.


What’s Ricciardo worth I wonder?


@ drew…..probably a few hundred pacific peso’s and a contract with colgate!


Ricciardo’s salary at Red Bull this year was 750.000 EUR (+ bonuses for wins, I guess). He is currently the most underpaid driver in F1. I’m sure he will earn more next year, and if/when he becomes a champion, his salary will go sky high.

It was the same with Vettel a couple of years ago. Actually, Vettel was already a multiple champion and still earned much less than Alonso, Hamilton & Raikkonnen I think …


Sebee, if it is chocolate you are after you need to live in Belgium, in my humble view 🙂


Don’t bring beer into this. It will start a real brawl.


It’s a myth, like the beer.


I hope this will help JEV segway into Indycar, though I don’t know how he feels about driving in a circle at 228 mph flanked on both sides. Maybe he would skip the oval tracks.


@ D vega….’segue’


That is actually a hilarious image 🙂

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