Hamilton wins, Rosberg errs, Mercedes clinch constructors’ title in Sochi
Rosberg locks up in Russian GP
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Oct 2014   |  2:54 pm GMT  |  496 comments

Lewis Hamilton opened up the largest points margin he has had over his team mate Nico Rosberg this season with victory in the Russian Grand Prix, while Mercedes clinched their first ever F1 Constructors’ championship with their ninth 1-2 finish of the season. Hamilton’s win prompted team chairman Niki Lauda to suggest that the Briton was now “unstoppable” in the drivers’ championship but there is still a long way to go.

It was Hamilton’s 31st victory, equalling Nigel Mansell’s 20 year old British record, his second four-in a row sequence this year and his ninth victory of the 2014 season. In the last four races he has scored 100 points to Rosberg’s 54.

Perhaps most significantly, though, it was another race which begged the question as to whether Rosberg has what it takes to race Hamilton wheel to wheel.

Once again the German made a crucial mistake early in the race, locking his front wheels at full speed under braking for the first corner off the start while attepting to pass Hamilton for the lead. With savage vibrations from his flat spotted tyres, Rosberg was forced to pit at the end of lap one for a new set of medium tyres. Astonishingly from 20th place he managed to come through without stopping again for 52 laps to finish in second place, ahead of Williams’ Valtteri Bottas, but the damage was done on lap 1.

“I’m sorry, that was very unnecessary,” he told the team on the radio on the slow down lap. Later he said, “It was definitely do-able and I just messed up, very simple, no explanation. Just braked too late and too hard.

“Very unnecessary, because it was my corner and should have been in the lead after that. So, obviously very disappointed with that.”

Hamilton wins F1 Sochi

Hamilton now has a 17 point lead over Rosberg, with 100 points still up for grabs in the remaining three races, but the momentum is well and truly with him now after a dominant weekend on the new Sochi circuit.

“I’m just so proud to have contributed to have worked with this great team, to get the first Constructors’ Championship for Mercedes-Benz,” said Hamilton. “Once I was out in the lead I was really just having to control, just looking after the tyres, managing the fuel was quite straightforward. And then, towards the end of the race the car felt great.. I wasn’t really having to push much and even when I was having to pick up the pace a little bit when I eventually found Nico was behind, it was easy to match the times.

“I really, really enjoyed the track. I tell you, Russia’s been one of my favourite places so far this year, so it’s very cool to have won the first race here.”

Bottas tried to beat Rosberg, but the Williams didn’t quite have the pace even with fresher tyres. McLaren had a strong weekend with Jenson Button 4th and Kevin Magnussen recovering from a grid penalty to rise from 11th to 5th at the flag. It was a difficult day for Ferrari with a slow stop dropping Fernando Alonso to 6th.

On the grid the drivers briefly formed themselves into a ‘circle of solidarity’ with their absent colleague Jules Bianchi, who remains in a critical condition in a Japanese hospital. His plight had overshadowed the whole of the weekend.

When the lights went out at the start, Rosberg attempted to overtake pole sitter Hamilton into turn two. However, the German carried too much speed into the corner, locked up badly and went very wide through. It meant he had to cede the lead back to his team-mate. He quickly informed the team that the error had led to him flat-spotting his tyres and he would need a change.

He pitted at the end of lap one, took on medium tyres and asked what his strategy would be. He was told that he would need to do the following 52 laps on his new set. At the back Felipe Massa, who had started on new medium tyres, also pitted, to spend the whole race on the faster soft tyre.

Behind Hamilton, Bottas now slotted into second, with Jenson Button third. Home hero Daniil Kvyat made a poor getaway from fifth on the grid , however, and fell back to ninth. Fernando Alonso made an excellent start and was fourth at the end of lap one. Kvyat’s team-mate Jean-Eric Vergne also made a good start and he was soon up to fifth place behind the Ferrari.

The Frenchman quickly came under pressure from McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen, as well as the chasing Red Bulls of Sebastian Vettel, who had climbed from 10th on the grid, and Daniel Ricciardo, who had dropped back at the start but made his way back towards his starting position of sixth.

At the front, Hamilton was pulling away. By lap eight he was 2.9s ahead of Bottas, with Button a further 9.2s back. The big battle at this point was between the two Red Bulls. Magnussen passed Vergne for P6 on lap four and the Toro Rosso driver was quickly passed by both Red Bulls. The battle was P6 was on and Ricciardo told his engineers he was losing time behind his team-mate. The team didn’t ask Vettel to move across, however, and Ricciardo began to fall back into the clutches of Vergne who was now eighth.

Vettel and Ricciardo, Russian GP 2014

Red Bull chose to then pit Ricciardo and he took on new mediums, which he would race to the flag, getting in front of Vettel after the world champion’s late stop. The strategy choice didn’t initially seem to help as he became lodged in 16th place.

Rosberg, meanwhile, was up to 12th place by lap 14, with Felipe Massa 13th. The German then passed Sauber’s Esteban Gutierrez and set his sights on a points finish, if he could nurse his medium tyres to the end.

At the front, Hamilton was cruising and by lap 24 he had built up a 14-second advantage over Bottas, who was losing large chunks of time on his starting used soft tyres, which now had 30 laps on them.

Alonso, on similarly aged rubber pitted on lap 25 but a messy stop involving a front jack problem cost the Spaniard time and and he emerged in ninth place.

Bottas came in on lap 26 for mediums, as did Magnussen. Hamilton then pitted from the lead on lap 27 and resumed in the lead. That left Vettel, in P2, as the last of the front runners out on starting tyres. Bottas was now third ahead of Rosberg, who had moved through the field as the pit stops occurred. The German had reported degradation on his
rear tyres, however, and the question mark over his ability to nurse his medium tyres to the finish remained.

The immediate answer was that he seemed to be suffering few issues. On lap 31 he closed on Bottas and muscled his way past the Finn through turn two, though Bottas’ engineer quickly informed the Williams driver that Rosberg would surely get degradation later in the race and that the Finn would get a chance to retake the position.

While Rosberg was claiming P2, Vettel finally pitted and when he emerged the order had Hamilton 19 seconds ahead of Rosberg, with Bottas 2.5s adrift of the German. Button was now fourth ahead of team-mate Magnussen, with Alonso’s slow stop dropping him back to sixth. Ricciardo was now seventh ahead of Vettel, with Esteban Gutierrez in ninth for Sauber, though the Mexican had yet to make a pit stop. Kimi Raikkonen was in the final points-scoring position ahead of Vergne and Kvyat.

With 20 laps to go Rosberg began to suddenly up his pace and and set a race-best lap of 1:42.551 and then improved again on the next lap by just over a tenth. Bottas’ engineer reacted by informing Bottas that Williams believed the Mercedes man was preparing for a second stop.

Rosberg, though, had other ideas and on lap 40, when asked by his team if he could get to the end on his mediums tyres he replied: “Easy. Well, not easy, but they feel good at the moment.”

And as the laps counted down they continued to work well. As Hamilton managed the race at the front, Rosberg’s pace remained consistent. Bottas pushed hard and a fastest lap of the race on lap 50 narrowed the gap to 4.3s. Rosberg had enough in the tank to respond, however and on the following tour Rosberg responded by clawing back five tenths to ensure that Mercedes’ one-two finish was secure.

Mercedes clinch 2014 F1 constructors' title

The result handed Mercedes the Constructors’ Championship title with three races left in the season.

“Unbelievable! I’m really happy for the team,” said Mercedes director Niki Lauda of the achievement. “Can I call myself a four-time champion now? Lewis is kind of looking unstoppable for the championship now. Kind of.”

With Bottas third, fourth place went to Button, with Magnussen fifth. Alonso finished sixth for Ferrari, with the Red Bulls of Ricciardo and Vettel seventh and eighth respectively. Raikkonen finished ninth in the second Ferrari and the final point went to Force India’s Sergio Perez.

RUSSIAN GRAND PRIX, Sochi, 53 laps

1 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1h31m50.744s –
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes –
3 Valtteri Bottas Williams –
4 Jenson Button McLaren –
5 Kevin Magnussen McLaren –
6 Fernando Alonso Ferrari –
7 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull –
8 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull –
9 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari –
10 Sergio Perez Force India –
11 Felipe Massa Williams –
12 Nico Hulkenberg Force India –
13 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso –
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso – 1 Lap
15 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber – 1 Lap
16 Adrian Sutil Sauber – 1 Lap
17 Romain Grosjean Lotus – 1 Lap
18 Pastor Maldonado Lotus – 1 Lap
19 Marcus Ericsson Caterham – 2 Laps
– Kamui Kobayashi Caterham – Retirement
– Max Chilton Marussia – Retirement

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Putin on the podium…. Won’t be watching this one one next year…..

Lewis is the Boss


Drgraham lewis

Apologizes for the inappropriate expletives. You are right unacceptable comments.


Rosberg is not good enough and seems like his inability to fight with lewis toe to toe for the WDC is a sad for the WDC fight. Despite the Mercedes domination the title fight could have been all over by now if the reliability issues have not hampered lewis a bit more than rosberg. Lewis now surely have one hand of the title only bad luck or the dubious double points system along with reliability can affect the outcome. Having said that lewis drove superbly well all through the season and deserves the WDC more than Nico. It’s just sad for the fans as we could not witness a proper title fight due to the lack pretenders against Mercedes.

Rosberg have wasted the second seat at Mercedes this season, will he improve hugely for 2015 and beyond? I doubt it though. Mercedes will continue to dominate the field at least for 2015 season before any other team can catch up. We are in to see a repeat of 2014 next season as far as WDC title fight is concerned. Sad however True


People here feel too turbulent with JB situation at Mclaren it seems

JB is good and consistent pilot who scored more points and drove very well this season despite the lack of security from Mclaren, yet what people forget is JB was hired when Martin. Whitmarsh led the team. Whitmarsh left the team at the end of 2013 and now it’s no surprise to see JB being ousted by Mclaren because of the change of management

Alonso to Mclaren still looks a like doubtful one, even if the move happens i believe JB can find a spot with some other team to drive in F1 for 2015 and beyond. However certain fans call JB is as good as Alonso which is totally hilarious and delusional. Yes JB is a sober and good performer yet he cannot be read or even seen in the same lines of Fernando Alonso


On a side note the “spaniard” can count on at least three more butchered and shambolic pit stops, with wheel guns magically refusing to work…


Nico’s next lesson: ” no more sound bites about strategy and team mates, leave that to the journalists. Let the talking get done behind the wheel .”

Hamilton’s next lesson: ” win win win win “. If you look at his debut year, sticking it to Alonso in equal machinery, this year should be his 3rd WDC…..but nobody cares who didn’t win.

Looking forward to see what the doubling of last race points does on influencing the WDC. Won’t that be a daft one with the guy that wins less potentially a WDC?


I believe Hamilton won one less race than Massa in his championship winning year.

I think the fair winner is the one who would have the most without double points, even if that means having won less races as consistency is also rewarded.


Amazing! Hamilton laid a trap so well planned that even the “Greatest” minds in F1 analysis have failed to see it. Hamilton bated Rosberg into that corner. He knew that if he left the door opened at the latest of late braking points Rosberg would come right threw in a cloud of smoke! This wasn’t a mistake by Rosberg it was planned by Hamilton. Its funny how so many underestimate him… Hamilton id an F1 genius. I wonder if Rosberg realizes the he fell into a trap yet? I would like to see the look on his face when he does…

Underestimate Hamilton at your own peril

Best Regards


BlackQP, i have to agree with you. not only in racecraft, but i have noticed Hamilton playing a very canny game and testing Rosberg s mental fortitude as well, with various comments. I love it. He has truly matured and its blindingly obvious this season. He had to leave home (McLaren) and find his wings.. i think he ll be unstoppable next season and further ahead.


It did cross my mind that Hamilton deliberately let Nico think he had a chance, but that would have been an incredible risk, it could so easily have ended both their races.

if he did, then amazing confidence, either way he clearly knew to keep out of the way once the move had started.


Apologies if this has already been raised, but I haven’t seen it anywhere yet.

Ignoring the lock up which is where everyone has focussed their attention, has anything come out as to how Rosberg managed to get alongside Hamilton in the first place? It looked like he got a slightly better start but not enough to justify such a speed differential I wouldn’t have thought. Did Hamilton lift/miss a gear change?


why has it got to be a mistake from hamilton?


@fran……it is not possible for anyone to drive the car in a straight line starting from where rosberg started and end up alongside hamilton like rosberg did. rosberg may have used more of his electrical energy than hamilton, as we found out, too much. the one who made the mistake there was the one who didn’t make the corner. that is where the focus should be.


Surely in a straight line on full throttle there is “relatively” little driver skill. I can’t see how Rosberg got that far up on him purely on his own merits, surely Hamilton must have slowed for some reason?


I noticed that aswell it seemed like Nico started gaining on the bend, listening to Lewis on board footage there was no missed gear or slowing down i could tell.

Maybe Nico deployed all his ERS of whatever it is called on the bend and Lewis thought ok you go for it and if you make it i will get you on the cut back



Will go down for me as the most boring race of the entire season. It was a giant Lewis Hamilton [mod] from start to finish. I do believe there is something going on at Mercedes between Lewis and Niko the evidence is very discrete, what was the crap at the start he could have just pulled in behind Lewis and continued.

I believe that Niko is a better driver than Lewis and Lewis winning is becoming boring bring back the battle obviously the championship has already been decided by Mercedes management and that is what we get. Lewis’s ego is big enough bring back the racing. [mod]


To be clear – I saw the original post and it was frankly outrageous


This is ridiculous. Nobody in Mercedes management asked Rosberg to go steaming down the inside into turn two with cold brakes and no hope of making the corner. That was his bad judgement alone, and follows a pattern leading to the inescapable conclusion that Hamilton is the better driver. It’s a shame that car superiority has eliminated anyone else from challenging, but of the two competitors the right one will now surely win.


Lewis is a better driver.

Rosberg cannot beat Lewis in a straight dogfight on track he has not got the race craft.

Since whrn did Mercedes decide that?!

The stats show how many races had bedn won by each driver.

Suzuka Lewis showed he had the skills to race & overtake & leave Rosberg in his spray.

Lewis is a better driver by racecraft skill on track & on speed.


Whrn= When

Bedn= been


if Hamilton had held on round the outside of turn 2 there is a a good chance that the out of control Rosberg would have ploughed into the side of his team mate.


James, how is it possible that Pirelli brought a set of tyres that last for the whole race? Doesn’t that mean they’re slow tyres and pull back the pinnacle of motorsport that F1 should be? It makes the race more boring for the low performance and the lack of strategies.


It’s ironic that people were screaming when Pirellis needed 3/4 stops in a race, now you’re unhappy because there was a ‘gamble’ option to do 52 laps on a set of mediums!!

It’s a new track and the Russians were ore very open with the teams or Pirelli about scanning etc, so Pirelli went for soft and medium thinking that the long T3/4 would hurt the tyres, plus all the traction events. IN fact it was a unique race track and had unique properties. They will learn and it will be soft and supersoft next year, I imagine.

Bear in mind soft/medium has been the predominant combo this season – 6 times used, so this is the first time anything like this happened.


was it the same people complain? it’s extremely difficult to please all the people all the time.


James, out of curiosity any idea how much tread was left on nico’s tyres? Looking at lap times Williams surely left bottas out to long? They had a window to jump vettel yet left him out losing track position which ultimately left him vulnerable to nico.


Well said James.

Its a new track folks. It can hardly be Pirellis fault the Tarmac top surface has yet to expose the stones that degrade tyres or that for an inaugural F1race at one of the most expensive set ups in the world after 100 years of no races, they thought they might do well being a little conservative.

Grow up chaps.

Next year will be most likely very different.

Or is it you just do not like the winner?


I actually enjoyed a more old-school race, just enjoying the racing skill rather than perpetual tyre management (notwithstanding fuel constraints).


F1 is only worth watching for 10 laps,this is totally boring.Mr Ecclestone must be really proud of this shit.I will stop watching this garbage after 50years of enjoying F1.


Firstly, congrats to Lewis. He seems to have calmed down since the summer break in his rhetoric against Rosberg, focused on the driving and just let his ability do the talking. Rosberg’s move had an air of Desperate Dan about it. In addition, after the previous debacle at Spa, I’m stunned that Mercedes management still considers such moves OK on the first couple of laps. Could easily have been a zero point weekend for Mercedes.

However, the massive disappointment for me today was the Williams team. There is no way Rosberg should have been 2nd after having to stop. I think Bottas knew it as well despite his polite platitudes towards both Merceds and his own team. When it comes to talk about winning or possibility of winning, Claire to often sounds like a bean counter rather than the head of a racing outfit with, lets face it, a competitive car. Not quite in the same league as Mercedes but not as far off as they make it sound. Surely they should be p*$$ed that Red Bull with a significantly underpowered engine have managed to get their man on the top podium three times this year?

As for Massa, I’m sorry, but he has to go. I saw James comment on another post that he brings in money and the audience in Brazil, but I suspect even the Brazilians realized along time ago that there is zero possibility of him being anything other than a number 2 man in a team( and a poor number two man at that ),

So here is my wildcard. Fernando moves to Williams( for a season at least ). He gets a competitive and improving car with the best engine. He also brings some much need competitive spirit and fire. I find it difficult to believe that he can move to McLaren with no feelings of awkwardness or ill-feeling. £100m is an awful lot forgiveness to swallow. On top of that, he is 33. I find it difficult to believe that McLaren and Honda will be competitive straight out of the blocks. Assuming they do get all together after just one season, he will be hitting 35/36. As good a driver as he is, Father Time will surely be having an impact on results by then as well. And I don’t think he wants to be a development driver again for another couple of years. For him, it has to be within the next two years or retirement.

Post has ended up longer than originally envisaged, but thoughts and comments please.


Unlike many who post on this site, you have excellent punctuation and grammar. Keep it up!


To JF and the others who have replied, thanks for the responses. I don’t normally post( on any website ,) but this site is very well-run with comments by and large on the subject matter.

JA, if you ever come under pressure to loosen the standards, just hop over to Youtube for the counter argument( and no doubt, be forcibly informed about your sexual orientation as well )!


Button to Williams- I’m surprised I haven’t seen suggestion of this. Is it because Massa has a tied-in contract for 2015?

Alonso can’t be going to Williams, if what I’ve heard is right- he’s confirmed he won’t be driving a Mercedes powers car next year. If that right, can only see it being McLaren (hence Button to Williams query) or staying at Ferrari (if Vettel, contrary to seemingly clear comments from Horner) goes to McLaren.

My view, it will be Alonso at McLaren with Magnussen, Vettel in the Ferrari.


I think McLaren’s Driver lineup will remain unchanged for next year. A sword of Damocles would be hanging over Alonso’s head at McLaren and who really wants that? There are team players there that HATE him. Williams has already confirmed their lineup for next year and so has Red Bull. The Lotus deal smacks of uncertainty, and even Alonso has the intelligence not to buy a team only for it to fail in the foreseeable future. (All the good brains have gone or are on sabbatical). With all his blustering, with all his ‘talent’, with Luca and Stefano gone he’s out of political pawns to move around at Ferrari. It’s obvious that he doesn’t have the developmental skills of Michael, and Ferrari doesn’t like it when he throws his toys out of the pram. He was out maneuvered by Vettel, plain and simple. The so-called best driver on the grid and he ain’t got nowhere to go. I think he’s too expensive for Marussia LOL. No Alonso on the grid for next year. One of you Journo’s on here should ask him if he has a drive next year. Over and over. I think he’s arrogant enuff to resent the treatment from Ferrari. LOL it would be fun to see him crack…



Re: Lewis totally agree & Well done Lewis.

Re: Massa totally agree.

Re: Claire Williams totally agree.

Re: Alonso totally agree.

Re: Rosberg totally agree he is turning into a Desperate Dan!!

I reckon I totally agree with your comments 🙂


I’ve enjoyed all the races this year, but this one was dull, dull, dull.

By contrast, earlier in the day I watched the Australian V8 Supercars Production Sedan race from the amazing Bathurt track – what an event!

It ran for about 8 hours and every 20 minutes there was some drama that changed the direction of the race: top cars cars crashing, breaking down, running out of fuel, kangaroo hit by race car, track surface problems… and the last hour was like some Hollywood scriptwriter had authored it with about 10 drivers having a chance to win and one by one they hit problems. Edge-of-your-seat stuff for a whole day of racing.

Now V8 sedeans (Fords, Holdens, Mercs, Nissans) are not everybody’s cup of tea, but is there a better overall race anywhere in the world? I have watched a lot of Indy 500s, Le Mans, F1 etc over the decades but nothing compares to the Bathurst event… and I’m an F1 fan much more than a V8 sedan fan.

I think it gets back to the track, and the Bathurst mountain is a classic track – the kind they could never build today. The difficult nature of the track automatically infuses the event with drama.


Isn’t Mansell’s record a 20 year one – last win at Adelaide 1994?


Do they sell pillows at the track for the fans to have a sleep during the race? Seriously how dull and boring can a race be. I’ll never watch Sochi again.

What a funny world, no sooner do we boot Valencia out of the championship and like a vaccum Sochi arrives to suck the life out of us.

Herman Tilke has designed around 10(?) tracks by my rough guess, not one of them legendary like a Suzuka, Spa or Silverstone. A couple of nice corners here and there and maybe a few tracks that could be considered good i.e. Turkey, Malaysia, US…but on the whole a complete fail. Last night I felt I could have been watching Abu Dhabi, Valencia, China, Bharain…they are all the same, and all extremely boring.

It would be nice if Bernie gave the fans a chance to design a track, or even just a three year old with a crayon. Couldn’t do any worse than HT. Let him design the outside of the tracks, they always come up nicely.

Mike from Medellin

I think that if Lewis has a mechanical failure in Yas Marina, then Mercedes should retire Rosberg’s car.

Double points would only be justified by ensuring a fair fight between both cars in the last race should determine the title.

If Rosberg wins through a DNF in the last race then he could never be seen as a worthy champion and the Mercedes brand would be severely damaged as a result.

Hoping that that there is not a saboteur within the team that takes any strange instructions from Toto.


the only reason that hamilton isn’t within cruising distance of WDC is due to factors beyond his control , in 2 races due to rosberg who has also had less failures

rosberg hasn’t beaten him even once and if he pinches it due to the double points he will become the first non WDC in most peoples eyes

younger contributors maybe won’t remember that mike hawthorn won the WDC in 1958 after another driver appealed to the stewards and got his points restored after he had lost them in one race

the other driver ? stirling moss , who lost the championship by 1 point

says it all I think


Haha very funny. Thats a good one! – you were joking, right?


it wasn’t all that bad was it? Better than those races in previous years when the drivers could only push for 2 laps. At least they were still trading fasting lap times near the end


meaningless posting fastest laps at the end of a race, unless of course it improves your track position. why stress the PU any more than is necessary?


With all the Lewis DNF’s and some of the more controlling races as he did today, maybe Lewis his milage on the engines is not too high. That may mean that he can drive to the end of the season while remaining within the allocated PU’s. Nico may have a little more milage on his PU’s. In the end, I’d guess that a technical problem would be more likely for Nico than for Lewis. Because I think Lewis deserves the title more than Nico, here’s hoping for no more technical gremlins for the both of them.


Hamilton lost an engine in a fire


@James Clayton, they actually did! I didn’t believe it at first, and I still don’t know how, as it was smoking for awhile. The engine they replaced it with in HUN is also available, just for ABU though. That’s been his free practice engine since then, pretty much.

Would love to know the mileage of each engine. The FIA should release that information for the fans.



No, they didn’t.


think they saved that one


Remember, some of his DNFs were due to the engine….so Rosberg must be in a much better place,


I though the Japanese GP was boring but the Russion GP was the most boring race ever.

Really, booooooriiiiing.


So 2 snooze fests back to back? I skipped Japan due to crazy time and I suspected boredom due to too much rain. I really liked it when it was 1pm start. I hope we’re going to see drama in America.

It is boring races like this that I am reminded once again that the sound of air travelling through my nose on a sigh is louder than these pathetic scooter engine sounds. We have this for 6 more years?

On another note, I really have to say Lewis plays with his hair post race too much. It’s OCD like. All that styling just to put on a P1 hat? Does not compute. And after styling his sweaty hair he shakes Putin’s hand? At least that was entertaining. I think you can cut it now Lewis. You’ve used it for good. Time to reduce the maintenance requirements of your do.


Sebee, if you want to see an action packed car race the Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panarama in NSW, Australia was run on Sunday. Lots of crashes, overtakes and even a Kangaroo on the circuit ! The guy that started 2nd last who was leading the race(1000klm’s) on the last lap ran out of fuel and was passed for the win by the guy who started last !


I think his hair may be receding and as a result his subconscious is constantly trying to make sure it looks O.K. Although, as they wear helmets and hats consistently it’s only a matter of time I should think. I suppose he feels his got to make sure he still looks cool or something. Anyway every driver has his habitual behavior, no big deal.


James, regarding the article, suggest keeping “Kevin Magnussed” aside as a descriptive for the future if he stays and becomes a success in Formula One.

Good article. Processional race, but nice venue, and good seeing another win for Lewis.


Well it was quite a soporific race on balance, but it probably served to remind us how we’ve been spoilt by the quality of the racing (and races) we’ve had all this season. The only other race this season that I can remember being as uneventful was Malaysia and, like that race (which took place shortly after flight MH370 went missing), this race did take place under a cloud following Jules Bianchi’s serious accident. So maybe there’s a symbolism there, about putting racing in perspective.

Having said that, there were intriguing elements in the race. In particular, this was a very strong race (and indeed, weekend) by McLaren. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a one-off, or part of a late season surge. And as Jenson pointed out post-race, Ferrari are only 45 points up the road in the constructors title, with double-points still available at Abu Dhabi (the elephant in the room as far as any championship battle is concerned).

Another thing that interested me was Toro Rosso, who must be disappointed by this race. They qualified well up (and were similar in practice to an extent), to the extent that they looked better than Red Bull. But after a promising start, they went backwards and struggled much more than most with the tyres.

Finally, good recovery job by Rosberg, coming from the back to finish 2nd after his opening lap lock-up. Is that 18 points gained or seven points lost for him? It depends on whether or not he would have beaten Hamilton, which I guess we’ll never know!


If ROS had not made the mistake, I still don’t think he would have beaten HAM. It has been proved several times this season, that given all things equal, HAM will wipe the floor with ROS every time.


Rosberg can’t turn to the right. The Achilles heel. Runoffs in Monaco, Monza, and Sochi, all trying to make right turns. His left turns are fine. The right turns are abysmal. He needs to put a hundred hours in the simulator just making right turns.


Roll on the anti-clockwise circuits ! !


Don’t forget Canada cutting the chicane

Thirushan Govender

Think you guys are being unfair against Rosberg. Yes he made a mistake at the first corner but he kept a cool head and drove through the field without complaining. To be 13 seconds adrift maybe he would have one it if had not been for early pit stop. Yes Lewis is the better driver. He’s the most talented. I think he’s as good as Schumacher could end up a multiple WC but a lot of ppl don’t like his attitude and the way he behaves.


What do you mean? or are you rehashing the comments you heard your parents make? its bedtime for you young man.


His attitude and the way he behaves? Please enlighten us. His behavior and attitude is extremely friendly and professional unless you know him on a personal level or your talking about the incidents he was involved in the past when he had that melt down. Seems the people you might be referring to indirectly are those that personally don”t forgive or forget. Besides as long as he drivers like he does I really don’t think one can be so critical as to character assassinate him every time his in the spotlight.

Thirushan Govender

I don’t need to know him on a personal level and I never wish to. Do you really call making negative comments about your team mate being friendly. Picking on his background, where Rosberg was brought up and who is father was as if Rosberg had a choice into which family he was born into. Then calling into question which flag he raced under. That was uncalled for, If he can win by pure talent alone (and he can) then he should do it and stop talking bad about his friends and team mates. Also I wouldn’t call tweeting team data professional. One does not need to know him on a personal level or assassinate his character. He does it all by himself on social media even you have to admit that. I strongly believe that he was not there for Sutil when he needed his support as a friend. Another thing you have to admit is that hes never played well with others there’s always controversies with team mates / collisions. I would like to support him and i do believe he will win the next 2 or 3 championships but these are the factors that turn me and a lot of other ppl off him. I currently like Riciardo aka the smiling Assassin. Seems like a nice guy. A good guy for now. No stories or dramas about him for the moment


Rosberg’s desperation was evident in his approach speed, no point in being able to overtake way too fast to make the turn. Wheel to wheel Nico still hasn’t showed his at the level of Hamilton, point made, not only on this occasion but on numerous occasion by David Coulthard and I must contend, I fully agree.

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