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Rosberg admits responsibility and apologises, Mercedes discipline championship leader
Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  29 Aug 2014   |  2:13 pm GMT  |  582 comments

Nico Rosberg has admitted culpability for the collision that wrecked Lewis Hamilton’s Belgian Grand Prix chances and prevented a potential one-two finish for Mercedes at Spa-Francorchamps last weekend.

The admission came following a meeting today of the driver with team boss Toto Wolff and technical director Paddy Lowe.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.11.26

A team statement read: “Toto Wolff, Paddy Lowe, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton met today in the boardroom of Mercedes AMG Petronas headquarters in Brackley to discuss the events of the Belgian Grand Prix.

“During this meeting, Nico acknowledged his responsibility for the contact that occurred on lap two of the Belgian Grand Prix and apologised for this error of judgement.

The statement added that Rosberg has been punished for the transgression. “Suitable disciplinary measures have been taken for the incident,” the team said.

No details were given of what those disciplinary measure are but they will not include anything that might compromise the team’s on-track performance, such as a race suspension for the championship leader.

“Lewis and Nico understand and accept the team’s number one rule: there must be no contact between the team’s cars on track” the statement added. “They remain free to race for the 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 14.09.33

The team did, however, insist that it had been “made clear that another such incident will not be tolerated. But Nico and Lewis are our drivers and we believe in them.”

The row over the lap two incident between the two has garnered huge attention over the past five days, with Mercedes themselves taking to social media to gauge public opinion with the tweet:  “Would you suspend a driver for a race and not maximise constructors’ points? Perhaps you’d set the order at quali slots?” and also asking “To those who would prefer to see team orders implemented, how would you employ them?” As one might expect opinion was as split as it has been on this forum.

Subsequently both drivers issued statements. Hamilton said that, “Nico and I accept that we have both made mistakes and I feel it would be wrong to point fingers and say which one is worse than the other. ”

He added: “Today, Toto and Paddy told us clearly how we must race against each other from now on in a fair and respectful manner.

“The fans want to see a clean fight until the end of the season and that’s what we want to give them.

“It’s going to be a tough road from here but Championships have been won from much further back than I am now.

“And I promise you that I will be giving everything and more to win this for my team, for my family and for my fans.”

Rosberg meanwhile issued a statement in which he said, “I wish to go a step further and describe it as an error of judgement on my part. The number one rule for us as team-mates is that we must not collide but that is exactly what happened.

“For that error of judgement, I apologise to Lewis and the team. I also want to say sorry to the fans who were deprived of our battle for the lead in Belgium…

“I look forward to concluding the season with hard, fair competition on and off track right up to the final lap of the season in Abu Dhabi.”


What do you think of Mercedes’ handling of this Rosberg/Hamilton flashpoint? Vote here and leave your comment in the section below

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Too bad.

Honestly I would be content if Mercedes really opted for the reserve driver in Nico's car. Then I think they could undo most of the PR damage that has been done so far.

They would then become a company with an image that is dedicated to real racing (as they have till Spa if you ask me). The reserve drivers are no joke, they can and will create a result for the team I think, although there is always a chance that you don't succeed but there is plenty of time to catch up.

By denying any point for Italy the championship fight will be open again and not on the backfoot as Hamilton's campaign is at the moment.

By doing so you will probably take away a lot of anger from the Hamilton fan base. I read the comments on their facebook page and can tell you they weren't too happy 🙂


Wednesday Sept. 03 - lead up to Monza!

headlines read, "Rosberg hopes for more luck in Italy"

this makes me laugh, cynically.

Because what would be better luck than increasing his advantage over his only title rival by 18 points?!?

The PR slime that is oozing out these days, from everything around the global branding company (which makes automobiles).

It does not look good on them, or any key participant in the ongoing soap opera.

I hope neither of them finiosh, but if it is only one, I hope to see a balancing of the points pread between the two of them.


This is absurd, we all saw Lewis cut across and give Nico no room. And this for the third race with zero action from the team.

Now that Nico has admitted to standing up for himself against this bully boy tactics he gets a penalty.

It remind me of the school bully getting away with trouble making because the teachers are too weak to take control so they punish the victim instead.

How can any of this allow Nico a clean race from now on? Has Lewis also promised to never cut across or brake test him in the future? How can we be sure there are no artificial impediments being put in place behind the scenes to prevent Nico from winning the championship?

The idea of Mercedes running to the baying crowds on media sites to come to a sensible decision is utterly disgusting. It smells of desperation, a rabble in the colosseum deciding which gladiator is to die by the sword.

Nico has the intelligence, hunger and the skills. Lewis just feels he has the Devine right. And Mercedes know they have paid too much to Lewis to let him be seen as the Number Two driver which clearly is his fate.

Most of the Lewis fanboys posting here were dead against his move to Mercedes in the first place. I was one of the few in favour. I was wrong, he belongs elsewhere, Caterham for example.


It's a chicane. It's typically tough to leave room for any driver to pass. In fact, most drivers with any amount of experience, don't try to pass in a chicane for that reason.

There was no room for Nico to make that pass. Ever. Just like in Monaco a few years ago when Lewis tried to wedge his car between Felipe's car and the curb in the middle of the Loews hairpin-- it was never going to work.

Had Nico said after the race that he misjudged the distance, or the gap, and he was very sorry for spoiling the race for his teammate and the fans, no one would have cared.

What he said was that he chose not to avoid the collision to make a point... which was just boneheaded.

You apparently have a strong dislike for Lewis Hamilton-- that's your right, but you shouldn't let it completely blind you to the fact that Nico Rosberg, at best, chose poorly, and at worst, had a temper tantrum in the middle of a race.


It's not bully boy tactics, it's a driver taking the racing line, as he is entitled to do. In the past Nico has avoided crashes, this time he caused one that denied the team 25 points. Merc have handled it badly, admittedly, by hauling over the coals in public, but Nico could have saved himself a lot of aggro by apologising for the error in the first place!


What was the punishment? What a load of crap! I still say Rosberg should sit out the next race. He is getting away with Murder! He does not deserve this Championship if he wins it!


Personally, I'd be in favor of them just refusing to share data between the two sides of the garage for a weekend, just to remind the drivers that they are, actually part of a team.

I suspect it would hurt Rosberg more than Hamilton-- Although we've heard radio chatter about specific corners where Rosberg is faster than Hamilton, I don't recall a story about Hamilton getting a corner-by-corner breakdown of Rosberg's racing strategies.


I was just about to sugges this. But instead of one weekend, just completely shutdown this data sharing business between Lewis and Nico.

May the best driver win.

This way we can see who is the better all around package.


Rubbish. Firstly, Mercedes and the rest of F1 is not simply all about appeasing the Hamilton fan base. And most level minded people can see it was a a silly racing incident (albeit being Rosberg's fault).

Maybe Hamilton should be suspended also for going against the team and discussing internal team matters to the public. I can understand why he did it but it was still unprofessional.

And in terms of Championship fairness - sh*t happens. That's sport. If a driver has an engine failure should the team pull out the other driver as well so that it's all nice and "fair"?!

The whole thing is a storm in a teacup anyway.


I agree, it's all part and parcel of motor racing. The whole thing has been made out to be a massive drama because it's Lewis Hamilton and the championship is at stake.

Whenever anything goes against Lewis, be it his error or not, all you see on social media and online is Hamilton fans throwing around stupid accusations and giving abuse to Mercedes. It's all a bit pathetic really.

This was a clear racing incident, and an error of judgement by Nico, had it happened in the opposite way around I don't think we'd have seen anything like this reaction.


I wonder if LH can tell us what really was said in this meeting. 🙂


How on earth would suspending Rosberg show that they're real racers? If anything, it would show the opposite. "We won't allow for a single mistake" is what they be saying. They've shown they're racers by letting them race, dropping one driver for a single poor error judgement wouldn't be good. And I don't think the reserve driver would be at the same level of performance.


should read data


A reserve driver to replace Nico will only create more friction, silly idea.


Agreed. I've been both surprised and embarrassed by much of the fan/media reaction to what happened. Nico made a mistake that could've taken them both out: that's it.

All this binge for some kind of internal sanction is as preposterous as sprinklers or double points. They're racing! It's great!


Formula zero: If you don't know the difference then educate yourself about F1. Alonso is an excellent wheel to wheel racer and sticks to proper ettiquette as he knows the difference.


How about suspending the entire grid so that Hamilton can win the championship? I think FIA should suspend at least Alonso, Rosberg, Ricciardo, Bottas, Massa & everyone really only because Lewis Fans' wishes to. It should be only Lewis Hamilton on track & his gf on grand stand, the only spectator. Yep, I think that's what Lewis fans wants no matter what the reality is. I got a new name for the championship too, "FIA Lewis Hamilton Championship".


Does it even matter if Rosberg is suspended or not. I'm hundred percent certain that Mercedes transgressions in f1 would have no effect in how many cars they are going to sell in coming months.

Ferrari during their winning days never let their drivers race and even mclaren during the hakinnen era. You should be thankful if not for merc letting their drivers race. This season would have been really dull!

And lastly people will still buy Benz if they have the money. F1 thinks it's too important but really it's not


PWRocketS: I do keep repeating words and phrases on the basis that if you tell someone something for long enough it will sink in, and they may even learn something.


Quercus & Richard. I understand you viewpoint but I respectfully disagree.

Let me exaggerate: You keep repeating about racing etiquette, imagine Toto and Paddy have the balls they would ban Hammy from racing at Spa for disobeying team order (poor etiquette for not following team order as per Ross Brawn / Rob Smedley / Rod Nelson); Red Bull Daniel would be leading the Championship because Lewis and Nico would have been suspended on alternate races at every race since Bahrain. With such a dominate chassis/power unit the third driver (DiResta as many suggested!?) would be leading the Championship at this point?

OMG I need to stop before my head explodes!

I am a Mercedes fan but my favorite driver is still Schumi (keep fighting)!


I don't think anyone wanted a suspension for ROS in order to give HAM an advantage, PWRocketS. Rather it was to take away an unfair advantage for ROS: which is a very different kettle 'o fish, don't you think?


do you think that Ferrari would sell more cars if they win a WDC? that's irrelevant for them (in any case, they will sell more and more and MORE merchandising than cars, and i'm pretty sure that they earn as much on merchandising that in cars). And for mercedes: the same, but not for merchandising, but to do a accelerated engineering program in this hybrid PU. I see F1 as a Lab, not as a car dealership for the manufacturers..


It still amazes me why manufacturers enter F1. Regardless of results every manufacturer plays 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th fiddle to Ferrari!

It is funny that some people tried to propose suspension to give Hammy an advantage. There were cases when a driver hurts his team/teammate (Webber/Vettle or Alonso/Hamilton) Was there any precedent for teams suspending their driver?

The answer is no.

Thank you.


Since they are going to win the championship anyway Mercedes sales will hardly be effected, but F1 is not about car sales it's about racing, granted a championship win can only raise perception of the brand. - It's not why we're here though. The fact remains Rosberg hasn't been punish enough to cancel out the advantage gained by his misdemeanour


Everyone suggesting Nico be suspended for a race. That is really funny. This is much better than the last 4 years where almost every year Seb dominated. What happened would have been totally okay if both of them belonged to different teams. This insane idea of suspending one driver would have not come up then right.

What Merc really need to do is handle this well privately first before letting Lewis go out and make statements. And if they can let them race like men and not chatter away like kids to the media, at least the one who doesn't get the WDC keeps his respect.


Rosberg should have been suspended for at least a race, and had a replacement driver been put in for one race any constructors point loss would have been minimised. Mercedes however are putting themselves first, and while they find Hamilton's point deficit regrettable they are not prepared to do anything that jeopardises theit point score in any way. They have said they won't tolerate this sort of behaviour but in essence they already have. I think this outcome was predictable if unfair.


Alonso, Hulk and Vet have come out with their opinion on incident saying that it was racing incident and unintentional and incident was blown out of proportion (we all know who did, Lewis of course). So from your point of view Alonso has no "racing etiquette" cause he crashed into Vet in same race.


4 what ?



...and incumbent


Hamilton also apologised for the mistakes he made , so they both made mistakes, therefore just a racing incident as deemed by the stewards [who were there], and all this latest PC stuff is just PR nonsense.

When are Mercedes' bosses going to apologise for saying what they did, about Rosberg before even speaking to the drivers ?

Isn't that unacceptable ?


Well said Richard . Totally agree with your post.

Rosberg is at fault . But nothing will be done to level the playing field.

Rosberg must be smiling while handing out an apology.

He needs an outright race ban. Get Di Resta to race one race.

But the Team is more important than the individual who has been wronged.

Bit of of an empty gesture from Rosberg ( I assume he has a smile of a Jackal behind the apology)

But lets see what happens at Monza. Hope Lewis gets a win for the next races &no mechanical issues.


Voodoopunk: I try to be factual. Many supporters of Nico Rosberg on this site really do need to learn what racing etiquette is all about, and what is fair, and allowed, and what is not fair. They have to face up to the fact that while Rosberg is a fast driver, he isn't as fast as Hamilton, and neither is as good in a wheel to wheel battle, and there lies the rub. Roseberg can't beat Hamilton fairly so he has to resort to unfair means. I mean dam it all he's had such advantage in terms of reliability, but unfortunately he isn't skilled enough to back it up.


You forgot to say "very dangerous" behaviour.


At least this will shut up a lot of posters that were inanely backing Rosberg over the incident and claiming Hamilton was at fault


What a load of rubbish, as per usual.


Would be interested to know what sanctions they put in place, but of course there's nothing they can really do to redress the balance (apart from very draconian measures like race bans, and I think it's pretty clear they wont do that).

Also, while it's clear that Rosberg is on thin ice and can't afford any more incidents like this, what happens if Hamilton crashes into Rosberg? They can surely only give him the same punishment.

Either way, my post-Spa pessimism has lifted slightly, and I still think this title race is on. I'll be in the Royal Park in a sea of red with my Mercedes cap proudly displayed 🙂


The only thing I can think of to punish Nico but not the team would be to order him to let Lewis past the next time he’s in the lead. What if he didn’t do it? How about this for a nuclear option: I’ve seen a few mentions of Nico having a contract for next year, but would disobeying such an order break that contract? Bear in mind that this would not be a tactical team order during a race, sprung on a driver in the heat of battle, but a premeditated order given and agreed to before the race.


The only hit Nico took was to his wallet of that I can guarantee you. No, there will be no real satisfaction for Lewis which will only stand to perpetuate his popping off to the press. He now feels that the team will do nothing to back him that will truly help him regain any ground. So if/when this happens again, and it likely will, they can only blame themselves when he turns to the media straight away.


Maybe Nico will not be able to see Lewis telemetry for the next race? 🙂

doubt it though...


Unless James can't type English I am pretty certain that he wrote, "drivers are free to race" as per Toto's statement. So, letting Lewis pass isn't the option.


When I take my brain rattler ray gun to the next few races Rosberg won't be able keep his car on the track let alone steer it round the corners.


Given that a one race suspension isn't going to happen, probably the fairest sanction open to Mercedes would be to deny Nico access to Lewis' car data until after each race.


So, there is no responsibility on the part of Hamilton for all of the times he's engaged in blocking, tried to run Rosberg off the road, ignored team orders and chopped across the bow when being overtaken or even when overtaking himself? Sad !


Good heavens when is the message going to sink in. Hamilton did nothing wrong on track. It was Nico -the team acknowledged it , Nico apologised for it !!- and you people are still attacking LH.. What is wrong with you people..honestly lose your hatred

Raikkonen fan


@michael powell ( before tour comment gets posted) & before you say anything read my comment properly - I said Lewis did nothing wrong on track and Nico has accepted responsibility for that. Of course Lewis was wrong to drag the teams comments in public - and that is what his error and subsequent statement referred to- nothing else. So No Im not wrong at all and thats exactly whats i said when it happened too..'So Before you focus on drivers private lives and attitudes I would suggest fixing yours and getting your facts right first


Except that you are wrong. Lewis has accepted publicly that they BOTH made mistakes.

The difference is that Nico has apologised and been punished for his error of judgment. We await with bated breath the announcement of the sanctions against Lewis.

But don't hold your breath waiting for his apology.

He's too engaged with his tattoos, his on-off girlfriend, his music bros, his flash personal jet, the yachting holidays and his super cars to put much thought into getting his attitude right.




With all of your complaints about Lewis, did he ever hit Nico?......No.

Regarding running someone off the road,.....well Nico accomplished that very same thing on Lewis at Bahrain in 2012.



Interestingly Hamilton gained a position by exceeding track limits on that occasion and wasn't penalised.


No, garrett bruce. Hamilton's 'robust' driving is why he's employed by Mercedes and why he's at the top of his game. I agree with others who say HAM has done nothing wrong. If you still stick to your guns, point to any present or former F1 driver who backs up your opinion. And remember, ROS has now admitted he was at fault.

All HAM asks is a fair fight, equality and his share of luck. Winning because of another driver's bad luck or through unfair tactics would not give HAM the satisfaction in winning that he seeks.


Well said, spot on Quercus!


Totally agree - this is all ridiculous...

'Free to race' as long as Lewis is allowed to repeatedly chop across your bows (with no credit publicly given to Rosberg in the past for backing out to avoid a collision, as this situation would surely have happened earlier in the season otherwise), and the possibility of a 1-2 can be ignored only when that 1-2 would not be with Lewis in the 1 position.

Not sure if you can shed some (more) light on the tone within Merc James? It sounds very much like Wolff and Lauda (in particular) are putting their arms around Hamilton and being publically and openly very critical of Roseberg in a way that I doubt would be the case if the shoe was on the no.44 foot... Being totally honest, do you think there is really any preference as to who the team (which admittedly can mean many things - the Board, Management and the mechanics etc) want to see win in the end?



You are completely correct that these are just opinions, as are yours unless you are somehow trying to claim they are facts! You may well also be correct that I know nothing of racing, F1 racing, racing etiquette or whatever...

However I assume you would agree that the stewards of a Formula 1 race do understand these things, and indeed have actual relevant experience directly of them. Funny how their 'opinion' of this incident doesn't tally with yours. Similarly the FIA, and also Mercedes in fact, who I don't recall referring the matter back to the stewards.

As I have said before, this was a racing incident made out of a clumsy forced attempt at an overtaking manoeuvre and a leading driver without the sense to leave a half-metre more space whilst in a fight for a world championship whether he had the 'right' to the corner or not (that being the difference between the real greats who can win multiple world titles - in my humble and worthless opinion). Happens all the time.


To DC and others of the same ilk. Richard is pretty spot on here. Unfortunately there seem to be a number of opinions that are just that. Opinions that lack any real understanding of racing, and particularly F1 racing.


there are rules that state you may only once make a move in anyone direction before taking up the racing line, in other words you can move in any direction you like to defend but only once per every corner,
when the next change of track direction approaches you may move again to defend,
if your not up beside the driver in front where he can at least see you then he still can moving onto the racing line, the driver behind has to pull out or be run off the road.

the driver in front owns the road, the driver behind has to give way until he can hold position alongside, now only now the front driver has to give the other enough room, but only in a straight line and entering the corner, if the overtaking driver can not hold station along side the front driver going around the corner then he may retake the racing line once again forcing the passing driver to yield,


No Dc

Unfortunately James can't shed any light on what you are trying to fabricate.

Richard seems fairly on the money, you clearly don't know much about Motorsport racing etiquette if you really think Hamilton 'chopped across' when he is a basically a whole car length in front.

One would normally assume the lead car has the advantage of being ahead on the track, and therefore being rewarded to take whatever line they like, which they are entitled to do according to the rules. Lewis lost 18 points to Rosberg because Rosberg is a Monaco baby who wanted to prove a 'point'

Don't forget it was Rosberg who went to deep into a corner in Monaco quali to end the session, just when Lewis was doing his lap. The only time he did that all weekend. In a car with this most grip.

They should issue some rules for immature driving, the sort illustrated by Rosberg last Sunday.


Oh give me strength! When are you people going to learn about race ettiquette and understand what is allowed and what is not allowed. - It's called defensive driving, and in the instance where you have a slower car through set up or tyres it maybe a drivers only defence. Of course Nico is also allowed to do it provding he has the skill to carry it through.


+ 1

in those couple of times before they would have clashed had Nico not open the wheel and run off losing time and position to Hamilton. I suppose that as long there is no contact their position is not to say anything... which is stupid because thats what led to what happened in Spa.


Like Vettel did - because that is what you are supposed to do as the chasing driver who does not have the corner. What we saw was the difference between someone driving fairly and someone driving unfairly - Hamilton was fair, Vettel was fair, Rosberg was not.


Did HAM's blocking lead to a loss of constructors and drivers championship points? Is blocking now the same as intentionally taking a teammate out?


PWR, Hamilton could have won in Hungary if the team's strategy had been up to par. Letting Rosberg past would have made no sense - all he would have done would be to drive up to the big red Alonso bus and sit there instead. The team lost in Hungary through bad strategy calls, not because Hamilton was faster than Rosberg.


Yes he did cost the team Wins. Rosberg could have won in Hungary had Hamilton followed team order instead of ruining Rosberg's tyres by not letting him run his race.

It is quite normal nowadays for a team to advise their driver to run his own targeted lap time instead of fighting for position. Most drivers will oblige. Of course there are exceptions (which is totally gone). It's just the fact that Hamilton constantly use the media to play mind games with Rosberg is really aggravating.

Hamilton's fans constantly moans about him having bad luck and lose points to Rosberg. Remember brake failure/glazing are his fault (FIA even allow him to cheat and replace the brakes without penalties). Also he's only got himself to blame for driving beyond track limit during qualifying. It is actually good luck for Hamilton that the M-B is so superior that getting 2nd place when starting from the back of the field is generally a no-brainer. Remember those years when there were 4-5 drivers always fighting for Championships points? (Vettle / Webber / Alonso / Hamilton / Button, or Prost / Mansell / Piquet /Senna)?

Hamilton is a very fast driver, he just doesn't have the maturity (yet?). Certainly not as good as Alonso, and I would rate him behind Ricciardo and Vettle (both can use a good car to obliterate their teammate / the whole field).


Well said.

Bit of common sense and Spa would have been an easy 1-2 for Merc. Alas............

Do you know what, Merc F1 are very fortunate that they are not in a tight battle for the constructors title, where every (lost) point counts. Perhaps Spa will re-focus them and "lay down the law" against cack handed driving.


Well if you knew anything about race ettiquette you'd realise Hamilton has done nothing wrong. The first overtake in Bahrain was close but fair. Other instances where Rosberg has tried to come around the outside, the lead driver is allowed to squeeze the other driver by sticking to the racing line, and it is then encumbent on the attacking driver to withdraw. In the case of the team orders would you let someone pass that was in the same race, strategy irrelevant, and of Nikki Lauda said Hamilton had done the right thing as you simple don't allow someone to pass you in that instance. The only sad thing here is your one sidedness.


how about the last attempt by Nico on Hungary to Lewis on the outside? Does Lewis took the racing line?

To me It is racing incident and that's it. Inside the team it is their problem.


Richard - maybe you would have more credibility if you tried a different argument other than "ettiquette". I don't think that word has been used so often by one person in such a short space of time. It is just becoming silly.....

Face facts. All drivers make errors, some forced, some unforced, and some errors have unintended consequences. It could be touching another cars tyre and causing a puncture. It could also be refusing team orders and denying another driver of a win. It could be revealing team sectrets ......oh no wait - thats a violation of trust!!


Richard mate, you are entitled to your opinion. Doesn't mean you are right & everyone else is wrong. There is no right or wrong. What you think is fair might not be the same for others. Same goes with your FairPlay comment. Doesn't mean you are neither wrong nor right. So settle down.


Bearforce: Well there's no secret I support Hamilton, but I believe in fair play. Actually I used to quite like Rosberg as a driver, but he has gone down in my estimation. If you can't race fairly don't race at all. The problem with may posters on this site they don't have an understanding of racing etiquette, or they simply don't want to have. Yes there is more than one Richard on this site, but I tell as it is, not how some would wish it to be. I have no problem with you following me as you eventually learn something.


Richard I love your posts for their one sidedness. They make my day.

I actually do a search for "richard" on these articles to jump to your posts. Unfortunately there are now some others now posting here as richard.


Washing dishes in the Brackley canteen? Perhaps team laundry?


id choose the canteen.... yikes for the team laundry...


Washing dishes maybe, but fortunately for Rosberg Hamilton has already aired the teams dirty laundry for him 🙂


Haha nice one


Very good Random 🙂 I thought you went out too hard too early but how wrong I was. You're finishing this season more strongly than ever 😉


Perhaps Lewis could, ahem, "accidentally" put in that Ghost Chilli paste into Rosberg Junior's food?

Wait a minute, that's culinary espionage! But whose to say that sort of thing hasn't gone on in the past..................I distinctly remember Nigel Mansell having a bit of "Montezuma's Revenge" in Mexico City when he was going for the WDC....................Nige was a bit "off colour" all weekemd, including making a dreadful start....................

Well, anything to put a driver off his feed so to speak..................


As Lewis suggested. The teachers have given Nico detention, made him say sorry and given him a slap on the wrists. I'm sure it doesn't matter to him as much as that 18 point swing did.


Hamilton is a fast driver but hard to like given the fans that support him. Just so one sided, it's not even worth arguing anymore.


As it should be for a racing incident that did not warrant even detailed investigation by the stewards of the meeting, let alone any form of penalty.

Lets not forget that this is a big deal because of the championship situation and the existing rivalry within Mercedes - not because of the actual incident itself, the like of which happens all the time in Formula 1.


Nickh, perhaps you fell asleep before the end of the race, because you seem to have not noticed the collision between Alonso and Vettel resulting in the same sort of wing to tyre damage. And here, there were no mitigating circumstance. And no punishment either.

Nico has admitted standing his ground and refusing to be shoved off the track again. Let's hope Lewis has agreed not to do it for the rest of the season, it's an ugly move and unacceptable, as Toto would say.

Right or wrong the guy in the car behind always gets the blame, that's all that happened.


re Formula Zero comment

Google "Australian poor losers" then "British poor losers" interesting result, draw your own conclusions


To Nickh, Alonso ran into the back of Vettel in case you were were watching nascar instead. Vettel was names "new crash kid" by Whitmarsh for too many crashes, Hamilton drove into the back of Kimi in canada in the pit lane when Kimi's car was stationary. So, your would've could've prediction is biased. All these examples are just errors, not the first time happened in F1. Nico is a very high quality driver, definitely a multiple championship material, but made mistakes like everyone else. Error isn't crime. Alonso had had his front wing damaged, Vettel was lucky to avoid puncture. I didn't hear anybody crying about that, not even any word about it in any website!


Actually no.

Other high quality drivers on the grid such as Alonso, Kimi, Vettel, Ricc could have easily avoided the crash.

They can all get around corners with another driver without tearing the ones rear wheels to shreds


Exactly right, if it was any other driver involved but Lewis we probably wouldn't even see one headline about it. The British way of handling things is "let's blame others". There is a saying in Australia about some Brit sportsmen & some fans, "they are bad losers, but certainly the worst winners".


I would go as far as to say it was a 25 point swing. Hamilton should have led home a 1 - 2 Mercedes finish. He had cleanly taken the lead at the start and it was his racw to win from the position he was in with the car he had beneath him.


Love how the Hamilton fans automatically assume that Hamilton was going to win the race. The incident happened on lap 2 while Hamilton was being hounded by Rosberg. I understand Rosbergs point, but with a little more patience he would have passed Hamilton with DRS anyway.

Lewis may have been in the lead, but he was by no means looking fast. Even Vettel had a go on the lap before, check where he finished up.


Probably a 25 point swing actually.


That is very very convenient for Nico isn't it? He had a chance to apologize on the podium he didn't. He had a chance to apologize afterwards, he didn't, he had a chance to do so even at the meeting of 16.45 he didn't insisting he did it to prove a point. Now, the whole world is descending on Mercedes and its sponsors and voila, all of a sudden he takes responsibility almost a week after the event at a new meeting after tweeting just a day ago that Lewis was lying about what he said in the first meeting and we are supposed to believe him? Also conveniently, he is laughing all the way to the WDC with a 29 points lead illegally accumulated in Monaco and Spa. What exactly is the disciplinary action against him? we would like to know Toto.


I really want Lewis to win this WDC. It's time for the racing gods to come down hard on Rosberg. He really doesn't deserve to be in this position. In my opinion Hamilton has drove better than him all year. I can't remember Rosberg doing anything memorable on the track. Most of his wins have been gifted because of DNF's by Hamilton.


Nothing has changed regarding Lewis lying to the press (as you mention above)

Rosberg has not said he caused the crash on purpose - he has just accepted responsibility for it and apologised.

The joke is that now if Lewis wins the next race we will all think that it was gifted to him and not won on merit.


[mod]No one in the team—except Nico, you say—has suggested HAM has lied to the press. ROS said he caused the collision to 'make a point', and has now taken responsibility for it.

[mod]. You don't do ROS any favours by trying to defend the indefensible.


No need to insult other posters. Everyone has equal right to their views - Mod


illegaly is going too far.... you dont crash into someone on purpose DC said so, it would be impossible to hide from the telemetry... and risking loosing control on purpose in no other place than monaco would be even worse... why risk a massive shunt, throw all the set up work out the window and even worse, risk damaging one of your five precious engines/gearboxes??? you see? It doesnt make sense.....its just blind love for Hamilton, when you look at it with clarity it doesnt make a single iota of sense.


I disagree that taking the escape road is not relevent as it is a viable if not the best and safest option of avoiding contact (that's what it is there for.)

Given Rosbergs two violent inputs to the right on the steering no doubt to steady a car entering into the corner too fast shows that he decided at that moment not to take the escape road but intentionally put both cars at risk knowing that he could not slow down forcing hamiltom to yeald a corner which was his. It can be related to pulling out of a junction whilst knowing a car is fast approaching forcing them to brake, conciously making the decision to prioritse yourself ahead of what the situation dictates.

Whilst Rosberg may have made some genuine and costly errors to Hamiltoms campaign, this one if truly intentional or not, was definately a premeditated plan to show Lewis that he is willing to take them both out if Hamilton doesn't concede.



When one 'studies' Rosberg's steering inputs, you will find he steers to the left to avoid hitting Hamilton. He then steers back to the right to make sure he stays on track (at which point you will probably point to how he could/should have simply took to the run-off area. And you would be right, but this is irrelevant in the context of "was it on purpose").

Please stop attributing innocent an tiny mistakes to pure malice. It's getting ridiculous now how every little mistake Rosberg does is invariably twisted to portray him as some scandalous villain - are you THAT desperate to despise the guy?


Have you studied Rosbergs steering inputs? If you had you might come to a different conclusion. It certainly was no ordinary mistake, it was more than that as any sensible driver would have backed out and waited for a better opportunity. As it was no move was on, and Rosberg knew it.


Well said, and as you say Lewsi was exactly right about the punishment!


24601: Nothing wrong with the word ettiquette is there? Some on this site either don't know enough about it, and don't want to know about it, but if I keep telling them then they may learn something. Rosberg's "error of judgement" wasn't a simple racing incident, it was more than that. A simple racing incident is where there is no pre-meditation, and by accident or oversight they collide. In this instance there was some pre-meditation, indeed Rosberg was inflamed and kept his foot in until far too late such that he would encroach on Hamilton's natural racing line. In my view it was "red mist" that took Rosberg into Hamilton, and what's more he knew he'd done wrong, but evaded any question put to him by the media.


Richard - a reply without the word "ettiquette" in it.


Good that the air has been cleared at the Mercedes camp for what makes issues get out of hand in F1 is if they get swept under the carpet as grudges are sometimes hard to swallow if the players don't put their cards on the table.

So yes, respect to Rosberg for owning up and taking the punishment like a man, we can now once again look forward to some clean racing up front.

Interestingly, Lauda didn't attend the meeting but a big thank you to the Mercedes team for keeping the free to race rule in place.

Yes, it would have been unfair to a driver behind the standings if team orders came into play for the reminder of the season.

Last but not least, hopefully the team can get to iron out their reliability for this is the biggest concern heading forward and not the wrangles between their pilots.


There's a dichotomy in top level motor racing: racing drivers are fiercely individual people but they compete for a team and every team is mandated to employ two racing drivers...................so the needs of the individual have to compromised for the benefit of the team!

Honestly, its a juxtaposition/contradiction/dichotomy that really can only be resolved by having, to take one example: a fast driver (Rubens) and a very fast driver (Michael), and yet, the purist in myself hates that, and would prefer to have two equal racing drivers in the same team.............

Perhaps the best solution is for those individuals to exercise some common sense. What's the old cliche, you can't win the race in the first couple of laps and yet you sure as hell can loose it?

Common sense - a rarefied commodity in modern day motor sport!


Very true: there was little common sense employed by either Merc driver, and that is what caused this accident. One driver with a point to prove and one driver with a sense of entitlement.


Rosberg deserves no respect and has only apologised and accepted the punishment as he had no choice, all of which was probably conditional to him continuing.


So in future there will be blame apportioned to every racing incident and the driver in the wrong will have a one race ban and lose all respect.

I look forward to an empty grid one day with all drivers sitting it out having lost all respect!


Agree Richard.

I gave Rosberg Junior the benefit of the doubt after Monaco quali, but what he did at Spa was cack handed, and dare I say this, very immature for an experienced 29 year old racing driver who should know better.

I don't believe in luck, but I do believe in what goes around comes around and all that.............don't worry, Karma will give Lewis back the points he lost at Spa.


What about point advantage unfairly acquired? They have done nothing to redress that as predicted.


DC has it exactly correct.


Nothing to redress: it was not even considered an incident worth investigating by the stewards before or after the race.



So 'unfairly acquired' that the stewards of the meeting did not even consider this worthy of prolonged investigation, let alone any penalty. Similarly the FIA did not choose to re-open the matter, nor did Mercedes request that they do so.

There is quite simply nothing to redress. This was a racing incident made out of a clumsy attempt at an overtaking maneouver and a leading driver without the sense to leave a half-metre more space. Happens all the time.


goferet: On the contrary the team could have suspended Rosberg for a race at least, but they are want to ensure their own points tally.


@ Richard

Unfortunately in sport once the result has been declared final, there isn't anything anyone can do about it.


What 'punishment'? Saying "I'm sorry"? Puh-leeze!

Hamilton was right. He's got a 'slap' (or perhaps even a pat) on the wrist and has lost NONE of what he gained illegally at Spa. If the really wanted to punish him, they'd deny him his perfumed hair products for the rest of the season... Oh, and change the zip he keeps fiddling with on the front of his race suit to a set of buttons!


@goferet, In that case, we need to watch out for the zip on Nico's suit or the appearance of his hair


@ Ebi Bozimo

No, the punishment wasn't an apology but something else which the team didn't disclose to the public.


Ha..aa , you really think all the air b/w them has been cleared and everything will be hunky dory in Merc camp??

Personally, I don't think either of them are going to forget this incident. Lewis will continue to project himself the victim. How he's driving with "his heart on sleeve", "more than bad luck theory", "driving fair", "how nico is just ahead becoz of realibilty" and what not?

And I don't think Rosberg will forget Spa EVER.. Neither Malaysia 2013 nor Hungary 2014. And I'm sure it must be at the back of his mind, in all those incidents, team has sided with Hamilton.

They may not collide again at least this year. (I won't be surprised if Merc manages the strategy to keep them apart on track) But, there will be no love lost. They may smile in front of cameras to keep Merc happy, but that's about it.

Full marks to Rosberg for doing the right thing though. He resisted the temptation to play the victim in the media in all the above mentioned incidents and straight batted all the provocative media questions.

Hamilton did the complete opposite and have only added fuel to fire in every incident (apart from Malaysia 2013).

I just wished that the Mercedes management had handled the whole affair more effectively. Both Toto and Lauda dished out over the top criticism. They are "supposed" to manage their drivers, but looks like Merc needs someone to manage them...!!!


The only time the team has deliberately hurt Hamilton is Hungary. No one can clearly explain why 1 30 lap stint on mediums was better than 2 15 lap stints on perfectly unused brand new softs. If Hamilton couldn't make it work then bad luck to him. In Hungary Mercedes strategy was awful and they gave RBR a victory instead of a great 1/2 for both their drivers - and don't forget Spa may not have happened if the drivers were allowed to race in Hungary on the same tires. All the other "bad luck" is sports. Fate is a cruel mistress.


Nico the perfectionist,

hard to believe someone after all this which has happened cant even see both drivers are at fault,

there is no perfect solution to this scenario,

all Merc want is to have the cars run at their full potential show the world how good they are at making fast reliable vehicles and win with 1-2 finishes,

trouble is we have two drivers that are greedy enough to disrupted that chain of thought for their own gains,

so Merc have once again told the "drivers" to behave,

reading anything else into this is stupid,

because if there is another crash there definitely will be fireworks for either driver that they deem to be at fault.


@ JAWA hs-f1

Australia. Total times this season Rosberg has passed Hamilton off the start or during the race is .... zero. So it seems a fair assumption.

I drew a contrast between Monaco and Austria. Rosberg makes a mistake in Monaco and it prevents Hamilton beating his time, so he got pole. Hamilton made a mistake in Austria, and it put him in 9th place. When Nico screws up (Monaco and Spa) it works out to Lewis' disadvantage: that's real luck. When Lewis screws up, it works out to Lewis' disadvantage.

I should have been clearer : Lewis can say

* he should have won Australia, with Nico second but Nico won and he got nothing. 32 points net to Nico

* He should have got pole in Monaco and won the race but Nico's off meant it was the other way round . Net 14 points to Nico

* Both of them should have retired in Canada, but Nico's car clung on. Net 18 Points to Nico.

* He would have passed Nico at Silverstone, but Nico should have been second but his gearbox failed Net 18 points to Lewis.

* But for the brake issue in qualifying in Germany he would have won instead of driving from 20th to 3rd, but Nico won. Net 17 points to Nico.

* Hungary 22nd to 3rd, 6 seconds behind the winner. Starting anywhere near the front he'd have won. 10 points lost relative to Nico.

* Belgium. Another 25 points lost. .

So in Lewis' head he shouldn't be 29 points behind but 69 points ahead. He should have won everything except Canada and Austria, and has had 4 poles but should have had 8.

And Nico's side. Lewis wouldn't get of the way for him in Bahrain, Spain, or Hungary. Poor lamb. And he was still so upset by Hungary that he chose to collide rather than back off on lap 2 in spa.

I'm not sure where you find fault with Hamilton's comments post Spa. Nico is supposed to mentally strong, and he cracked, he was visibly rattled by being booed, his bosses have condemned him. When given the ammunition of Nico saying he chose collision over avoidance any driver with a competitive instinct would use that.


@JAWA hs-f1

This is the best comment in regards to a conclusion of this whole affair. For me, Nico is the unsung hero in all this drama.


@james encore

Firstly, your tally of 77points is based on a lot of ifs and buts. It’s based on a lot of assumptions at which, you have taken full liberty.

Don’t you think its debatable Lewis would have won in Australia? It’s presumptive to say Lewis would have automatically qualified on pole in hungary and Germany. And if he did in Hungary, who knows he might have suffered from bad timing of Safety Car, just like Nico.. And btw what has Nico got to do with Lewis’s mistake in Austria??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware Hamilton has had the bigger share of bad luck. And most likely he would have been leading the championship by some margin.. But how can we quantify?Reliability has always been part of motor-racing.

Secondly, you mention” Nico got pole because the team didn’t tell Lewis to finish his lap”.

Read the following radio message from Peter Bonnigton to Hamilton during Q3 in Britain:

“OK Lewis. If you don’t think you can do a lap, then let Nico go. Let Nico go. If you think you can complete the lap, then carry on as you are.”

Now, English is not my first language. It’s not even the second language that I speak. But I believe his engineer told him, if he thinks he can complete the lap, then CARRY ON.

The problem is in a lot of F1 websites, ONLY the first part of the message was highlighted (especially in Bristish media)to give an impression the team misled Hamilton and asked him to move over for Nico. The reality is Hamilton made a mistake and thought he couldn’t improve, then chose to dive in the pits.

Thirdly, like you, even I want the two of them to be allowed to race.

The whole Spa incident has been blown out of proportion. Hamilton himself has been involved in more silly contacts (even with his team-mate Jenson at McLaren). Even this year, this was not the first time Hamilton’s car made contact with other car. It happened in Germany as well.

I can sympathize with him on the account of bad luck he had in Spa, but sorry, his conduct after the race has been pathetic.


My previous comment was in response to "goferet"


I’m a realist.

Let’s wait n watch.

I do expect them to continue driving for Mercedes, but there will always be the needle. If I’m not mistaken, Lewis won their year together in karting. And he’s been all jolly whenever he has won this year. Trouble starts only when he doesn’t win.

“Partnership”, I’m not so sure, but I imagine the rivalry will grow and the onus is on the team -how to channel that competitiveness b/w the two to win more championships for Mercedes.


Well .... Lewis had a car failure in Australia which cost him 25 points and gave Nico an extra 7. Next 4 races Lewis won.

Monaco: Nico's qualifying mistake gave him pole and the win 7 more points for him, 7 fewer for Lewis. .

Austria: Lewis made a qualifying mistake and put him 9th but he clawed back to second

Somehow Nico's car kept going in Canada giving him another 18 points, balanced out by his gearbox failure at Silverstone (where he would have come second).

Germany Lewis's brake exploded, in qualifying and Hungary the car caught fire. He got third in both, but that has to be seen as 10 points lost in each (and Nico gained 7 in Germany).

Spa, Nico got the second he would have got anyway but cost Lewis 25 points. So net Lewis can count up 77 points more which he should have (25 in Melbourne and Spa, 10 in Hungary and Germany, 7 in Monaco - all 5 he should have won but for car issues or Nico's crashes) , and 21 fewer Nico should have (Wins instead of 2nds in Australia, Monaco and Germany).

I'm not sure where Nico can feel like a victim in anything this season. He couldn't pass Hamilton in Bahrain, Spain or Hungary despite having a tyre advantage in all 3. In Bahrain, Germany, Hungary he got pole because of issues with Hamilton's car. Ditto Spa, but that was probably of Lewis's making. In Britain he got pole because the team didn't tell Lewis to finish his lap and in Monaco he got it thanks to his own lap, so by my count his tally is 3 wins when he should have been second, 2 seconds when he shouldn't have finished, and one DNF when he should have been second. Plus 4-6 pole positions .

I think Wolff and Lauda got it right. The drivers can race: there is one rule, one order, and that is you don't take the other guy out. And Wolff's words was clear on that to the BBC - stony silence on the issue of Nico being booed - and then "Absolutely unacceptable ... we've often discussed that situation ... you don't try to overtake with the knife between your teeth on lap number 2" Lauda seemed mostly bothered about it happening so early ... It would have been more forgivable at the end of the Spanish or Bahrain races, you try and try to get past and make a mistake at the end , life's like that sometimes. But on lap 2 ?

When did a team last say in public they'd punished a driver ? Red Bull certainly didn't when Vettel broke team orders issued by Horner on the radio so the latter has no authority any more. We've no idea what the punishment is, but I'd expect Wolff to have said "any repetition, by either of you and I'll put my wife in the damned car for the next race." or something to that effect.


@ JAWA hs-f1

But you forget that the Mercedes lads have been at it since they were in karts and so they have been through the highs and lows and lived to tell the tale.

So yeah, am optimist for the partnership heading forward.



I guess we can chalk this victory up for Lewis.

I don't imagine much arm twisting was needed for Nico to help Wolff and co. clean up the PR mess. There was really no way this could have been addressed and closed via any other statement. No way they could call it a racing incident and put this to bed. It had to be black and white, clear as ever, end of story.

Meanwhile, the truth is, Lewis absolutely cannot initiate contact or be deemed responsible for contact hence forth, so he'll have to watch those mirrors more carefully. Nico has his 29 points, and won this argument where it counted really. Worth a little apology if you ask me. Finally, JAonF1 servers can take a well deserved breather.


I don't reckon LH fans will neither have a breather nor let anybody else breath unless FIA gifts LH the championship only because he is the only driver ever to deserve the championship in the history of any sport. I think LH should claim Michael Phelps' Olympic gold meddles too because he deserves it, and the football World Cup from Germany because he deserves it, why not claim the first moon landing too because he deserves it.




C63, I just came out of a poolside nap and not only couldn't remember the mission number but also the destination. Anyhow, to any conspiracy dude it's documentary, that was my point.

I'm off to a local retro video store to rent it...on VHS only!



Wasn't Capricorn One a 70's 'thriller' movie about a Mars landing hoax?

Mars is completely different to the Moon - it's a sickly sweet confectionary and also has a Roman God named after it for starters 😉


Wrong number, Capricorn One it is called, then watch Formula One.


Moon landing was staged in a studio. Everyone knows that. Watch the documentary about it called Capricorn 6. Then Senna after for a double bill Tuesday.


agree with you: if anything, this put much more pressure on Lewis than Nico: Nico can afford to be extra cautious, he's leading the championship, but as for Lewis, he have to gamble, and if he even come anything near of crash his car on Nico, he'll be the most penalized: may ruin his race, and after that, mercedes will put him in a sin bin. So, i think actually nico come up on top in this one!


Lewis is not interested in PR victories, he just wants a fair crack of the whip and to win the WDC by being the best driver. And isn't that we all want: the best driver to win in a fair fight?


Hamilton did nothing wrong whatsoever. The contact was entirely Rosberg's fault, and he has got off lightly.


Yea, yea, you said that already. And we didn't believe you then either.


I think to be fair to Lewis and to help your blood pressure.

Nico, Daniel, Seb, Alonso, Kimi, Bottas, Maldonado, etc should all sit out the next three races and let Lewis have it so he can claw back the points lost. It's only fair.

Mercedes will be seen as champions and Lewis fans will rejoice forever and ever for he is not a one hit wonder. He is now a multiple WDC.

It's only fair.


No way, this whole thing is an unmitigated victory for Nico, like or lump it.

He is 29 points in the lead, increasing his lead by 18 points in the 'race of the incident', now if Hamilton even makes an honest mistake and somehow has contact and Nico goes out, he'll be the one to, may we devine the penalty, sit out a race?


I know right. Its just soooooooo unfair.

I mean like wow, poor Lewis what does he have to do to get a break in this life.

You know like gag me with a spoon.

Just totes ridick.



Trust me, no one is sitting out a race.

Can you imagine? WDC contender sitting out a race? Talk about fixing a championship!


Yes most unfair!


Richard. Go watch the races from the beginning of the season. But avoid all enhanced video on satellite channels, just the raw feed from the race via the BBC.

After that you may well have a better impression of the season and how it's intricacies are being played out for you.

But if you spend hours and hours poring over just a second or two of that infamous corner incident, especially if you are addicted to computer graphics restaging in super slow motion, you may eventually really, really upset yourself.

It's only light entertainment, after all. Who really cares? Not even Mercedes probably. Does anyone really drive to the car showroom next morning to buy a Merc because they think they will be getting one like they saw on the telly on Sunday afternoon?

It's just something light and airy to keep you planted on your sofa all weekend instead of wearing yourself out gardening or cycling when you should be resting for the working week ahead. It's like going to church, so relax.


Nice to see this. Those who agreed he shouldn't apologize must be feeling (well you know "mod")...


It costs Rosberg nothing if the team say he apologised.



That 'not' should not be there, that should read 'I would'

Were did that 'not' come from - these phones.....pah!



Well allow me to differ again.

It matters alot - run a pole amongst your friends, family, work colleagues....etc.

Ask them if they were a famous sports personality (WWF villains not included)

Would it matter if they were constantly booed and where constantly meet with negativity from a sporting public or not.

Speaking for myself I would not.

We are all human and the sporting public - that's us by the way - make or break legends.

Lets not argue for argue sake Nico is flesh and blood, it matters don't matter how brave a face you put on it.....

If Rosberg can seethe for the whole summer, brake he'll care.



Beg to differ away...

It says more to me about the people that boo than the person they're booing.

"It’ll be fascinating to see what reception he now gets till season end. You think. that’s inconsequential?"

Yes, it matters not.



Well I beg to differ, it is pretty conseqiential! consider in a few years time and he shows Rosberg JNR his wdc season on super 4k blue Ray with True HD DTS sound track only for little Rosberg Jnr to look up at him and ask......

'Daddy, why did the people start booing at you every time you stood on the podium?

Was it to prove a point?'

It'll be fascinating to see what reception he now gets till season end. You think. that's inconsequential?

Then again he may not get bood, but how many races after multi21 before they stop booing Vettel?



"It cost him plenty."

Only to people who are interested in the inconsequential.


It cost him plenty.

His next few podiums will be 'interesting' - his next few drivers interviews too.

Probably the way people look back on his 'champion' season

Maybe even his father's respect.


They're finding increasingly ingenious ways to bend the reality: "respect to Nico for manning up" they say, despite the fact that he'd had numerous chances to fess up.

Michael Grievson

This whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion in my opinion


I thought it's a british thing anyway


There have been other team mate collisions this year if I remember correctly. Unless I missed it there was not much made of it by anyone. I guess if your not in a top team no one cares. Most of the uproar is due to aggrieved fans of specific drivers rather than fans of F1 as a sport.


Amen: a simple racing incident no more.


Between two team-mates though!

The 11th Commandment for being a Racing Driver is: "Though Shall Not Hit One's Team-mate!"


It's passion, Michael. If the WDC is won in any way other than by the superior driving skills of the best driver, F1 suffers.


In response to JF, DC, and SilverArrow, all I can say is; "and don't you think F1 has suffered in every past year where one car has become dominant?" Team orders have also played their part but I still think you've all underlined my point for me.

Arguably, 2014 has the potential to be the exception that proves the rule, but only because, hopefully, Mercedes will let their drivers race one another, fairly, to the bitter end. Let's hope today's news means that will happen.


Then what would you say to those who claim that has been the case for the past four (arguably five) seasons? The show will go on, regardless of the opinion of a handful of fanatics.


In that case F1 has been suffering since 1950, as i'm pretty sure the best car has won many more times than the best driver...


WDC is never won by superior driving skills, its the best car that wins.




Which enterprising journalist will find out Nico's penance? Well, you could just ask Lewis.


Wasn't it Nico that blabbed to Vettel about the secret Pirelli tyre test? There is simply no contest when it comes to a debate about which driver has a history of leaking the most damaging information!


So are you condoning the tyre test? Or just annoyed that somebody found out?


I suspect that Nico was simply asked to take one for team and apologize. Just to close the door on this nonsense. Even though the accident was a racing incident and pretty much 50-50 between them.


Agreed, Nico is saving Lauda and Wolff and has most likely received a topping up of his bank account.


For the 1000th time. it was Nico's fault he admitted it and you come with 50/50-REALLY !


There are some poor readers of character among Nico's supporters.


You just had a go at JA : )


And gullibility amongst Hamilton's.


Hopefully he'll tweet it.


I hear hes being made to listen to nicole scherzigers latest album TWICE oh the horror the horror


8:::D Nice one!!!


For me, the subtleties of Lewis statement is the more interesting thing that came out; Lews´ acceptance of his own mistakes makes me wonder that Nico´s actions at track and his statement about "to prove a point" worked really well.

The team was obligated to review all past track hostilities between both drivers, and Lewis must have to step back a little.

So, Nico really came out from this as the winner - even with Mercedes pantomime about "disciplinary measures" towards him.


Rosberg's "point" was to Wolff and Lowe, not to Hamilton, this was about Hamilton not being made to move over for him in Hungary, despite being told to. He was making the point that if Hamilton did not have to listen then neither does he. Had he not taken Hamilton out he would likely have had to watch from behind as Hamilton took victory at Spa. But by taking him out, Rosberg made his point to Mercedes and gained in his lead in the championship. It seems to have worked as well as now both drivers are under very strict scrutiny.


Sorry Tim Clarke and manofwheels but that argument makes no sense and is a contradiction.

As the trailing driver it is YOUR responsibility to avoid contact. YOU are incontrol of the situation -YOUR decision decides if there is contact or not.

In any walk of life that is the case.

Unless Hamilton was reversing - then he would be the one behind.

Think about the scenario in any other context. Hamilton drove completely within his rights - if Nico missed his braking point or had a failure in anyway then fare play.

But to keep your foot in under those circumstances is a deliberate act to cause contact.

To play it out you are walking down a road carrying a tray of eggs, some one behind you walking faster than you sees you clearly in front of them, what do you expect them to do?

A) slow down till there is space to pass you.

B) walks straight into the back of you knocking the tray out of your hands.

How much would you blame yourself for such an 'accident'.

If you want it simpler than that - you are driving towards a corner at 150mph the safe speed for this corner is 75mph, around the outside of said corner there is a brick wall. Do you

A) slow down to take the corner?

B) keep your foot in knowing the wall is there and you will hit it at 75mph+

Seriously guys is there something else really going on ref your thought process?

It's over a week now there is no defence for Rosbergs action - be in front or wait till convenient.


You seem to think that Rosberg did take him out on purpose, which is, quite frankly, bullsh*t.

In all of these incidents someone loses its front wing, only every 4th or 5th time does someone get a flat spot from it. Now Rosberg was lapping faster than Hamilton at this time, he had a whole race in front of him, so no real hurry, and he was leading the championship. Rosberg is not that stupid to deliberately damage his front wing for a small chance to take out a rear tire. Why should he? This just doesn't make sense.

So he tried to keep the maximum momentum, and as you can see from the video coverage, just misjudged it by a few inches (keep in mind drivers can't see their front wing).

Now Hamilton had the line and he was rightfully using it, but also keep in mind that the drivers are entitled to "not crash into each other". This is not a one way street. It means both drivers have to give their opponent enough room to survive: Both. So even though Hamilton had the line and had every right to drive as he did, he should have left some space for his team mate anyway, but he hasn't. Hamilton just went all the way to the outside, in a typical: "I don't care if you lose your wing"-maneuver, because that's what usually happens. If he had taken the "don't crash into each other" mantra seriously he would have stayed a little on the inside. Still it's Rosberg's fault for misjudging the space he had, but I see some responsibility from Hamilton too. He very much knew where Rosberg was and could have played it safe too.

When Rosberg said he did it to prove a point, that means: He didn't crash to make a point, but he didn't give way easily to make a point, the point being: "You, Hamilton, can't push me around forever, I will not back out completely every time." So he kept it close, trying to force Hamilton to leave some space, which his dear team partner didn't.

Which is what you call a racing incident: Two drivers committed to not enough space.

However, it was mainly Rosbergs fault: No real chance to overtake there, backed out, but kept it too close and was overoptimistic about the cooperation of his team mate. But he did not intentionally crash into Hamilton, who ever claims Rosberg wanted to take out Hamiltons tire, has no clue of racing whatsoever.

I find that the management managed the situation awfully. First up: They got mad about their drivers in public, which is not professional. Second, when you see the video coverage, it is pretty clear that this was a tiny misjudgement of a few inches and they grossly overreacted to it. Any team boss would have been very disappointed by the fact the lost a pretty secure 1-2 win, but I doubt that any other team boss in the paddock today would have attacked their driver so hard for such a mistake. I would have understood such a situation, had ot been a Grosjean/Maldonado copy cat maneuver, but that? What drugs must one take to act like that? What an idiotic display of bad temper! Punishing Rosberg with a fine is retarded. I understand it is easier to just continue that way in a hopeless attempt to keep ones face, but to say "sorry guys, we were overreacting in the heat of the moment", but still it is unnecessary.


personally, i saw it as a "racing incident", the kind of touch that happens and sometimes cuts a tire. anyone who suggests Nico

rammed him i think is mistaken. more i think, that Nico decided he was simply done with moving over for Hamilton. it was a mistake of course, because when you're behind, that's what you have to do or you won't finish many races. he should have given way and at the same time Lewis really shouldn't be overly aggressive on corner 1 either and certainly should have had in mind the welfare of his teamate. mostly Nico's fault, but Lewis i think is not entirely blameless. all in all, the biggest problem was Lewis going to the press with recriminations. he should have said "racing incident" to the press and then tore a strip out of Nico in private!


Hanging him out to dry like this was too much for a minor infraction - even if the infraction had great effect.

Recall, after all, how McLaren dealt with Lewis' misstep at Melbourne 09 - they protected him and sacrificed Dave Ryan.


Actually No dave Ryan was a director and employees like Lewis would have to toe the company line when accompanied by a director, he would have been instructed so beforehand. The incident made Lewis out to be a liar, but that's not his natural instinct as normally he plays fair. As a consequence of mis-direction Dave ryan was sacked. A regrettable incident nontheless.


As I said above- I suspect they just had Nico take one for the team, admit fault (despite the 50-50 accident) and apologise to end all this nonsense. Some one had to do it. Think of it as a team order. Now they can just move forward.


Whatever, in Rosberg's position I'd be pretty mad about the team bosses. It speaks volumes that he keeps himself from claiming the team is favoring Hamilton. Prost would have done that.


You mean Melbourne 2009 . Lewis won in Melbourne in 08


All a question of how naive you are and what you believe!


You are in the driving seat on that one Richard

Kristiane Cyrus

Originally when the incident first happened, as much as I didn't like Hamilton to be on the receiving end of incidents again, the incident from cameras showed Rosberg was likely to be innocent. I very strongly believed it was just a pure racing incident and hope things would move on and be forgotten by next race or two.

Nico's admission also brings into question of Monaco: if he was able to fake an intentional ram like he did in Spa and got away with it from a visit to the steward's office (check out one of the latest JA post), then he must have found a way to fake an intentional lock-up as well in Monaco which I still strongly suspect.

Previously I wouldn't mind which driver to take the WDC crown, I liked both drivers. However, after this incident I can't help but change my views on Rosberg, and lean more on Hamilton to take it.

After all odds Hamilton is still there not far off, so he can probably still make it.


Nico never admitted crashing on purpose. He's apologized for his part in a mistake which cost the team valuable points. This in absolutely no way means he has admitted to crashing into Lewis on purpose.


Nico’s admission also brings into question of Monaco???

the article above does not say that Nico crashed into Lewis on purpsose - it just says that he accepted that it was his fault - still a racing incident


@richard, are you suggesting that the point rosberg wanted to prove is that he has to apologise to his team, his teammate and all f1 fans on purpose? I hope he makes it to the podium in monza. i like that walk of his.


All you guys on the deliberate contact side have taken the "to prove a point" line to refer to the contact, instead of what was far more likely meant in that it was the move and to hold his ground that was to prove a point - i.e. that Rosberg wasn't going to be bullied anymore in a dog fight. Rosberg didn't intend to crash into Hamilton, he was trying to force Hamilton to yield from the racing line and give him space. What happened after with the contact was just a messy incident.


Normally I'd agree that he did not do it on purpose. But if you look at all the set back's that Hamilton has had then you start to loose confidence in the teams commitment to to the success of Hamiltons side of the garage.


Spot on - it's amusing how many people go on about how useless Rosberg is in wheel to wheel racing, overtaking etc, but have simultaneously convinced themselves that he is also so incredible that he can (at 100mph) precisely puncture a tyre with his front wing.


Aveli: You need to think a bit more deeply about it rather just superficially. What Rosberg was trying to do was demonstrate by contact that Hamilton could no longer take the racing ( which he was perfect correct in doing so) line and therefore stop beating him in the that way. Hamilton is brilliant at defensive driving, probably only rivalled by Alonso who is also highly skilled. Rosberg wanted to give Hamilton second thoughts about wheel to wheel racing, but it has backfired.


Ok if it was not a deliberate action, how then was he making a point? There is a departure from logic and reality in this statement. Rosberg placed his car on purpose on the racing line in a blind spot knowing that if Hamilton took the racing line (and why wouldn't he?) there would be contact. In other words he PLANNED the contact.

The instant, candid reaction from the team was furry that the direct order NOT to crash into each other was deliberately ignored and they clearly saw Rosberg as the perpetrator. Today he admits that and says sorry it was my fault.

How much clearer can this be? Deliberate planned action was taken and he got precisely the results he wanted. His lead in the championship is extended and if the situation in Hungary is repeated in any of the races left in the season Hamilton will be made to pull over as instructed.

Bernie Eccclestone was correct when he said that Rosberg was clever. Here he has manipulated the team into strictly enforcing orders from now on, gained a commanding lead in the championship and fooled the FIA, (and I am afraid to say you too James) getting no sanction what-so-ever along the way.

Rosberg may win the championship through this, but it is not the kind of win most will applaud and respect. Sad to see F1 being fought like this.


OMG Richard,

You just called James Allen either "naive or the partisan"

I'll forgive you for giving us the following which I may borrow in future " Beautifully calculated, devious, underhand, and dangerous."


but how could he possibly prove a point by accident?


Few people have said that ROS deliberately crashed into HAM. However ROS did put the front wing of his car where it would collide with HAM's rear wheels and has now accepted he was at fault, having preciously admitted this was 'to make a point'. So I think we're into semantics here.


I don't think it was an ordinary racing incident, he was inflamed, and in the moment I think he gave Lewis a jab with his spoiler, and let's face it it has proven to be worthwhile, and he has come out the winner. Beautifully calculated, devious, underhand, and dangerous. Only the naive or the partisan think differently.


I don't believe he crashed into him on purpose.


as i mentioned above...

risking loosing control on purpose in no other place than monaco would be even worse… why risk a massive shunt, throw all the set up work out the window and even worse, risk damaging one of your five precious engines/gearboxes??? you see? It doesnt make sense


@BearForce1, I'm the opposite of you ... I think this richard is usually out to lunch, while Richard has some good points. Plus I think there might actually be two Richards (capital R) as well, to add to the fun!

@richard, it wasn't a total uncontrolled loss of control in Monaco. It was saw as the wheel, make the back end look twitchy, then snap it back just before the corner, and take to the escape road to bring out the yellows. Easy peasy for a driver of Nico's intellect. He's even said it himself ... drivers at that stage know how to make deliberate spins look like honest mistakes.

No engine or gearbox was ever in jeopardy with his mistake at Mirabeau. Up to that point in time, Rosberg was getting his behind handed to him for the season. Since then, Hamilton hasn't had a trouble-free race weekend since.


Unless. There is only one Richard......

Even cooler still.


I love the two Richards posting.

You guys are the best. You cause I like where your coming from. The other old Richard cause he makes me smile.

Keep posting guys.

Stay Nice.

Riccardo Consulini

I think Red Bull is closing in. Mercedes should prioritize the driver already in the lead (Rosberg).

Hamilton can try again next year


If HAM gets his fair share of luck in the remaining races he's in with a good shout.

And remember the last race double points? If it turns out to be a game-changer it will either be a great victory for fairness or a real disaster for F1. This is Bernie's version of playing God.


Quercus: I agree Lewis receiving his fair share of good luck would be great, but as Rosberg is also a fast driver it may take some bad luck for Rosberg to level the playing field a bit to enable him to do that in view of how many races are left. In fact I think there is more lap differential between Lewis and Nico than this car is able to demonstrate because the brakes still lack some feel, better than last year yes, but as good brakes as he had at McLaren no.


You two are clutching at straws. It's very unlikely that the last few races will be much different from the previous set with both drivers sharing poles, wins and malfunctions of machinery.

Both will stay well clear of each other, and Lewis especially so. Every racing incident that he comes out badly from will be a step further from the championship, and another feather in the cap for Nico.

This is the story of the hare and the tortoise. The hare too often stops at the side of the road while the tortoise keeps going. To keep winning you have to keep going.


I think after all this disaster and unnecessary drama happening in the Merc garage.

Even God himself will prefer Ricciardo to win.


I wouldn't wish bad luck on anyone, Richard. Just Lewis receiving his fair share of good luck will be all he needs to take the WDC.


Yes or we need Rosberg to have some bad luck to level the playing field.


Ha! You wish!


Well hopefully that's the end of that, I'm glad Nico has apologised and accepted that the Spa crash was his fault. I can't imagine what the punishment will be, surely a fine won't make any difference to the hardly skint Rosberg, maybe some kind of forfeit?! Hopefully there will be clean racing from now on, let the best man win.

P.S FAO all the hamilton bashers who have spent the last few days desperatley trying to claim that Lewis was to blame for the crash, HA!


Not focusing on the punishment so much, but more the "ensuring it won't happen again" thing...

I wonder if Mercedes will now split the drivers over 1/2 stop, 2/3 stop strategies where it's marginal - giving the driver who qualified higher first choice.

That way they can still be seen to be "allowing their drivers to race", while also being able to freely issue team orders as the cars will clearly be on different strategies...


It's going to get really complicated if they start doing that kind of thing, I think the only thing they can do is run the optimum strategy for both cars and hope the drivers behave themselves.


His punishment was likely to take one for the team and accept the blame even though the fault was not entirely his.


Groan! That ship has sailed!


Don't let him have access to Lewis' car setup details.


I doubt they will do anything that might harm their potential finishing position, really can't imagine what it could be though. Maybe they will make him wear a silly hat in the Monza paddock!


Agreed - it would be interesting if they didn't share data, though I doubt Mercedez would stop the sharing as the objective of sharing one assmes is to optimise the set up of both cars through. Shame though.


I think a reasonable punishment for Rosberg would be that Lewis would have first call when to pit on the next race regardless of who is ahead.


Lol Bear 🙂


I think the punishment for Nico should be that Lewis now gets to be the one to wear a yellow helmet if he wants and that Nico can't wear a yellow helmet.


It's the nature of F1 - the team and drivers are inseparable - they can't really punish the driver without punishing the team. Just like FIA determined penalties - you can't really say 'just punish the pit crew who let the tyre fly off' or 'just remove the drivers points but keep the hard working teams'.

Best thing for Lewis is just to keep trying and try to find comfort in the fact that the media is mostly sympathetic to him entirely.



This is three consecutive race weekends where Lewis has been badly compromised by his own team! Niggly reliability issues, although irritating, are part of motor sport, but I don't think the same applies to being biffed out of the lead of a race by, of all people, your own team-mate!


With reference to Mercedes' tweets, if it was me calling the shots then of course I wouldn't suspend the driver whilst there are still crucial championship points at stake. As a team you need to maximise your points scoring ability in every race, and so substituting one driver and placing a reserve in the car jeopardises this.

If, however, you get to a point before the season ends where the constructor's title is sealed, THEN you suspend your driver for one race...


They could manage it from now. Let them race...if they are in clear 1-2 position, leave Rosberg up on the jacks for a 'stuck wheel nut'. If they aren't clear 1-2, let them maximise team points. After 3 races the gain has been negated and let them go for it again.

But this won't happen. It is up to Hamilton now. First step is sandbagging until Q3. Just run FP on heavy fuel. The car is good enough to allow him to do this. He is good enough. See if Rosberg is good enough without his driving instructor.....Not much the team can do about it without looking even more daft. Would be interesting to see the outcome.

goferet....oh master of all things statistical 😉 I'm sure you can give us a comparison of dry FP1 times v's quali times for the year. I wonder who improves most?


- Nico forced to make a statement acknowledging what he did, is a form of punishment. We will never know what other internal measures taken against Nico.

- 2nd incident triggered by Nico could become untolerable within the team.

- Suspension essentially means you lose confidence in the driver. The brand of Merc and the sponsors name is tainted.

- I feel going forward the fight between the drivers will be managed carefully.


I think Mercedes going to social media for opinions and guidance speaks to the viewpoint that the management is weak. Strong leadership doesn't need to be popular with the masses. It needs to be based on good decision making, and the individuals being affected having enough respect for those making the decisions to act accordingly.


@Neil Jenney.

Exactly my thoughts.


My guess is that Nico's penalty is a financial one that the fans and writers will never know about. Take the pro rata amount he would make for a race weekend away which in my understanding could be over Half €1 million for him?


Oh, good!

The ‘brat-spat’ is over . . .

Until the next race . . .

May the farce be with us ‘till season-end.


Lewis predicted Nico would get a rap on the knuckles - looks like he was right. Nico is laughing all the way to the points bank.

Shame for a sporting challenge.

If Nico does win the WDC this year -his winning it - in combination of Monaco, Spa - Canada (chicane cutting) is tainted. He would be an undeserving champ. This is before we mention Lewis misfortunes


Well, it was a minor incident, not even not worthy to the stewards. A big punishment is hardly required.


Now it seems likely that he will win, but never say die. If that proves to be the case he will be very unpopular, and I think more boos are highly likely. Many take a dim view of the booing as unsporting but you can't kid the fans, they're not stupid, and it's their way of demonstrating what they feel against an unworthy driver. Exactly the same as with Vettel, and if you get up to dirty tricks then you reap the reward. Anyway winning a championship in an underhand way is not really winning at all, it is cheating.


Winning is winning,


Yes, some Fans are stupid. Just read the forums on some of the major motorsports websites, there's a lot of stupidity to be found.


No one is cheating, they are racing, sometimes accidents happen. Otherwise they are just having a parade.


If Nico narrowly wins the WDC from Lewis having admitted this, then I wonder if it will cast his championship in doubt by the audience who are aware of it.


I can't see how it won't. I think 'tainted' is the word you want.


He made an "error in judgement" nothing more.


Not at all for me..


Sorry, I had to laugh at the word discipline. What bloody discipline? Fine him perhaps? He won't care he has millions spare. They won't slow him down in a race or give him a bad car. They can't dock their own points. The drivers run that team.

You can look at this season in two ways. Nico parked it at Monaco, cut the corner at Canada on purpose or walloped Lewis in Belgium deliberately.

Or maybe he just cannot handle pressure when driving, lacks special awareness and basically bottles it.

It has not been forgotten both in Bahrain and Spain when Nico had much better tires he could not pass Lewis. Were the roles reversed, Lewis would go sailing past.

With that said, Lewis is hardly squeaky clean. And neither are Mercedes. Lewis has cost himself numerous positions in qualifying this year. He also could not avoid contact in Germany with other cars. Mercedes should have seen in Hungary that Lewis has tons of soft tires and could have simply avoided the team mate issue by having Lewis on those soft tires the entire race. A race Lewis would thus have won.

This won't be the last time both drivers cry and tell tales to the media.


What about no more data sharing until the end of the season. That could be an alternative great sanction to putting the reserve driver in Nico seat. As i'm sure Nico would be most affected by no more data sharing. He would no more be able to close the 3 to 6 tenths gap he use to close by analysing Lewis data on friday nights.


I understand James's and Horoldo's point on development. But Hamilton isn't picking nothing from Rosberg. He is not the one that study data overnight to learn how to make the tire last longer while still being fast (it was Rosberg in Malaysia), he is not the one that pick up how to use less fuel (still Rosberg in Germany). Each GP this season Rosberg is nowhere in practice 2 and next day in practice 3 he close all the gap. So it's fare to let them keep their data mainly as Rosberg is willing to play it dirty, and Hamilton is the one that is suffering mechanical failure and immature driving from his team mate. So at the end of the season the car would still be faster (at least Hamilton's one) and the could then carry the finding to the next season. I don't even think it makes sense as they are fighting for the championship to share data. At Mc Laren in 2007 the stopped data sharing mid-season, what perfectly make sense. How could you fight if you are going to disclose all your trick to your opponent?


How about giving HAM the lead driver pitstop treatment at the double point race? He will still have to fight for the win but that puts some mega pressure on ROS (assuming Britney still leads the Championship at the season finale).

I think that me will really teach ROS a lesson.


That holds the team back in development terms. They can't do anything detrimental to the team. it has to be an individual sanction which bites


I'm not sure it does hold the team back in terms of development providing the team and not the drivers have access to both sides. It might of course hold one driver back and reduce the point score which the team would not want. I do accept though it has generally been the way in recent years.


Upcod, there will be lots of carry over from this years car to next years car.

James is right, it will hurt development.


James, I'd love to know your feeling about this sanction mate or what it could even be. A fine does nothing to a millionaire. It is akin to me being caught speeding and giving me a 50 pence fine. I wouldn't care. It is only when the fine starts to become a double digit percentage of your weekly income that you think whoa. So have Mercesdes fined him 1 million quid? Nope it will be about 50k max if that and it takes him all of half a dozen laps if that to make that cash back.


Hopefully it will emerge, but I'd guess its financial

Not sure what else they can do except give Hamilton the final run in quali for two consecutive races, instead of alternating etc

But you don't want to handicap one driver in case the other has reliability issue (cf Ham fire in Hungary qualifying) then you have shot yourself in the foot


That's right! But constructor championship is acquired. If the are not going to give Nico a sanction that will help Lewis recover from his loss. They could at least let them race pure and simple with each of them keeping their finding on track for themselves.


So all those who said Nico wasn't to blame...?


This whole thing is ridiculous! That was a simple racing incident, the type of thing that happens at every race, year after year after year. This has been blown out of all portion, mainly by Mercedes management. They are supposedly allowed to race but can't touch. Good luck with that! The reality is that two good drivers, in equal cars, fighting for the championship are going to go at it and there will be incidents. And thank God for that! This season is interesting only because of the inter-team competition otherwise it would be another blowout by one driver.

So what are they going to do now? No passing, no attacking, no defending because to do so might cause an incident!

The "touch" could have just as easily ruined Rosberg's race but this time it punctured the other drivers tire which we see from time to time. This type of contact is literally one of the most common things we see in F1. Drivers are constantly losing wing end plates and sometimes the contact causes a puncture.

Drop the whole thing!!! Nobody has more to lose than the drivers in this whole thing so they can't afford to be too reckless. And MB has the both championships locked up in all likelihood, so let Rosberg and Hamilton have at it!!!

unF1nnished business

Totally agree.


"The “touch” could have just as easily ruined Rosberg’s race but this time it punctured the other drivers tire which we see from time to time"

Rosberg didn't care about consequences. He was making a point, remember. Being already ahead on points he calculated it was a gamble worth taking.


"Being already ahead on points he calculated it was a gamble worth taking."

It would be a gamble worth taking if you were slower, your team mate was coming out of the pits for his last stint on cold tyres while you were storming towards him with hot ones that are a few laps older. It would also be different if you had just a few corners to go and this was your last opportunity to overtake. But then you would not make such a half hearted attempt and just risk losing your front wing - you would make sure he won't get away. For example you'd go for the inside, brake a fraction too late and too hard to lock up and take both of you out or you would drove him off the road.

But this situation was entirely different.

Rosberg was ahead on points, faster at the moment, having a whole race distance to make a pass and just 2 laps until DRS was available - this is a very good position to be in that no one would risk deliberately, unless he was very stupid. Rosberg is rather the intelligent kind of guy.

In a situation like that, this gamble is not worth taking, as it is very likely you throw away your perfect chance to beat your team mate and instead ruin your race entirely and hand him the win, just for a very faint chance of beating him by a larger margin.

In a situation like that it would be a disgracefully stupid move.

If you want to take out your team mate on the first lap, you do the Senna-Prost-move, you don't just try to rub your wing on him - no one is that daft.


I am not sure Rosberg was making a point; I suspect he was really trying to pass. He was all over Hamilton at the time and in the heat of the moment he made an overly aggressive and ill-timed attempt. The comment about making a point seems to be a post hoc explanation.

In any case, this incident has been blown out of all portion in my opinion. If the championship stays close we are likely to see some real fireworks between the Merc drivers. They seem to be very equally matched and their battles are likely to be very intense for that reason alone. Any overtaking between these two is going to be a super high stakes, high risk affair! Anyone who thinks the trailing driver is going to just sit back and be cautious doesn't understand F1. I can't wait to see what happens,!!


The probability was exactly as it happened! - A broken spoiler and punctured tyre.


I'm not sure. I think Lewis has a right to feel aggrieved; to have a bit of wheel banging with other drivers is all part of the game, but not with your own team-mate! I think Rosberg Junior could have used a bit of common sense, but there you go...................


They are either allowed to race or they are not, there is no half measure. If they are allowed to race then wheels will touch, just as they do when Hamilton is racing for position. He gave us a real wheel banging, wing breaking exhibition in Hungary.

IF I were driving Rosberg's car Hamilton would have hit me too. It was time Rosberg made a stand. It was common sense for Rosberg not to let Hamilton run him off the road...again..


Certainly not to be taken out by your team mate!


Well said: Mercs press release was just face saving PR. Rosberg did them a favour, and said "Ok its my fault" just to close the door on all the nonsense.


so far i have restrained from comment as all the hamilton supporters have hogged the rhetoric. my perspective hasn't changed one iota. this incident was, as has been officially ruled on, simply a racing incident. the faux indignation put forward is all calculated.

if ever there was a stage managed PR plan this latest addendum proves it. after the explosive comments levelled by mercedes management there was no way that this incident could've had any other conclusion. rosberg has been made the scapegoat. what is interesting is to speculate on where they go from here. i very much doubt that things will change very much but what it might do is make hamilton just consider the way in which conducts himself on track.

there have been multitudinous exhortations re hamilton's comments post race. one would hope that lauda and wolff also learn not to pre judge 'publicly' before what the drivers have to say. the stewards called it right and mercedes should have left it there and taken whatever action they thought was appropriate behind closed doors. at the moment they just look silly.


If Merc could stop sabotaging Hamilton's car, it would be enough punishment for Rosberg...


Oh dear!!!!




Nico only owes an apology to the team. He made an error in judgemrent that cost the team. He has absolutely no obligations to apologize on the podium, to the media, etc.

Whoever makes this sort of errors in judgement in the future will get real punishment from the team.

Other than that, it was a racing incident.

A race ban for Nico? hahahahhahaha the nerve on some people. hahahahahaha


When you crash into anyone on track accidentally or otherwise you deal with as soon as the race is finished. If you dont then your guilty of something.. If you dont do it for a week then your conciensce is guilty of many things...


Clearly the fans thought otherwise, but in fact he also owed Hmailton an apology for ruining his race.


No need to be sorry towards Hamilton. He could have played it safe too and kept it a bit more on the inside. He very much knew where Rosberg was and took his line regardless.

Sure, he had every right to take that line, but doing something, just because you have the right to do so, is not always the best idea. Try to cross a road in India ignoring the cars around you - you might not have a chance to win the lawsuit for being run over by someone who jumped the red lights, but at least you were right and it was his fault!


A steaming pile! Rosberg won every aspect of this affair as he did in Monaco. Rosberg would gladly have paid two million euro for those twenty-nine points. "Suitable disciplinary action" is clearly nothing since they were unwilling announce it.


Firstly I think we're all getting a bit obsessed with this - I certainly am - I actually read every twitter comment on merc site yesterday (and didnt agree with the sentiment of their conclusions but ....I think its all getting very unhealthy - so whatever anger we're all feeling - in my case towards NR and Toto gives us an insight into how NR was feeling when he was psyching himself up for Spa.

Regarding how much he would pay for a 29 point lead - I think he would have paid every penny he owns - and even more -probably around 30m euro to get his 29 point lead, not a 4 point lead (assuming it was 1:2 with Hamilton winning and NR second) from Spa,

I think in we was willing to sell out his clean image - hence everything he owned and I do believe he demonstrated to the world that he is unprincipled, unsporting and underhand (thats UUU not Booo) - that was cathartic for me (and at that point he didn't care if that action gave credence to those who think he did the same in Monaco and Canada).

It shows how desperate he really was but also how dangerously calculating - he is one really deep thinker in 7 languages . So deep and calculating its dangerous.

I honestly think he's looked at every circuit and worked out where and how you can cause maximum chaos.

Now because I recognize that I'm becoming obsessive (probably like a lot of people on this site, crashnet, autosport, planetf1 and twitter) I know that all this is stupid and we ll need to get on with our lives- well that's what my wife said.

I hope its now going to be fair and they have equal reliability because then I really do believe LH will win. Over and out.


This is just getting ridiculous...namby pamby face-saving feel-good rubbish.


Say what you really feel, please!


Too much?

I just think this racing incident has been flogged to death.

It really is no more than Nico screwed up, an over zealous move, way too early in the race.


This is just showing how weak the leadership of this team is. That they had to hang Nico out this way in order to appease media that was sent into frenzy by their own driver (Lewis) in the first place.

Team can't distinguish between good PR and good deeds.

I've never really expected more from Toto, the guy who is too concerned by his own PR, since he pretty much lucked into being the principal of the top team.

I really don't see him having any kind of a clue how to build on from where Ross left.

In my opinion, firstly Toto and Lauda should have kept their mouths shut during the GP. Then they should have reminded Lewis that you don't wash dirty laundry in the public, and finally, should have kept everything inside after this internal discussion.

I can't see no other point in announcing all this to the media, besides pleasing the media and getting some good PR. But the real team shouldn't prioritize that over the integrity and that mantra that you win like a team and you lose like a team.





I’ve never really expected more from Toto ... since he pretty much lucked into being the principal of the top team......

Seriously? How do you imagine Team Principals are selected? People often talk about how hard it is to get into F1 with there only being 22 odd seats available at any one time. Well there are only half the TP roles available.

Frank Williams was happy to give Toto the job - I can't imagine him handing the job over without very careful consideration. Perhaps the main board at Mercedes held a raffle with the 1st Prize as TP or maybe they got tired of looking and just said 'oh he'll do, lets give him the job'! Of course they didn't - they would have considered the matter very carefully. Something you might consider trying in the future 😉


On top of that dont you have to buy a couple of million shares in the team to be "executive director" Sorry but my piggy bank dont have that sort of coin in it..and I would hazard a guess the Daimler Board would not that risk unless someone was that heavily "invested" in the team


Best post in this thread!


a point that i have also made. well said


Better yet they should publish transcripts so we can read what was said exactly to who after Hungary and Spa. This will show how guilty ROS was. Maybe Bernie can charge us $$ so we can watch it live :p

That will show who is "basically" twisting the facts to the media.

Funny some websites chose to not publish HAM's official response to ROS' apology, and some do. I don't see the "b" word there.


Perhaps Merc should employ some chap called Ross to keep a tight ship in the team.............


Best post on this subject by far.


Agree with you 100%


I think people are over analysing this incident and the subsequent outcome a little bit. Was it a racing incident? Yes - but only if you are in two different teams. If however, you are in the same team the golden rule is that you don't crash into your team mate full stop. Lauda inevitably takes the drivers view sees the accident as completely avoidable and blamed Nico. Nothing controversial here. Woolf takes the corporate view and concludes that for whatever reason Nico broke the golden rule. Again nothing controversial.

Hamilton's strategy all along has been to have the championship decided on the track because he thinks he is faster than Nico on the track. This was his problem in Monaco and Hungary - his "mistaken" belief that events off the track intentional or otherwise had compromised him (and you probably could forgive him for feeling a bit paranoid as it seemed he'd inherited Webber's "jinxed" car considering all the reliability issues he's had). Nico's strategy all along has been to capitalise on Hamilton's issues until such stage as the team designates him the "number 1 driver". The problem for him was the British GP retirement which made his attritional strategy fall to pieces which meant he had to beat Lewis on track which as we all saw at Coombe he's not very good at.

Mercedes hasn't had to do much to sort this out. I expect the agreement is clarity about what happens off track and a reminder about the golden rule (just in case Rosberg was having any ideas about helping Hamilton's attrition so he runs out of races). This will be enough as Hamilton continues to feel he is faster than Nico on track.

*As a Ferrari fan (i.e. neutral) lots of ppl have been stupidly saying that Nico and Hamilton are somehow equally matched. Before opening your mouths take a peek at their racing records (a quick look at wikipedia will suffice) Hamilton is a class above Nico (race wins, poles, fastest laps - any measure you like). In fact for the amnesiacs Mercedes went after Hamilton so that they could build a championship winning car. He is the better driver. If I had to take a punt, I would guess they would rather lose Nico than him. That's not to say that Nico can't win the championship - he's got a phenomenally good car - but that if its a straight on track shootout 9 times out of 10 Hamilton would beat him.


Does help though when you start your f1 career in a mclaren wouldn't you agree? Like rodger says a better driver but just. I think Hamilton isnt as good as most expected, he isnt in the same league as Prost,Senna,Clark,Schumacher and fangio.


Yes - look what a wonderful job Button is doing at McLaren after all these years...

McLaren fell apart after Hamilton left.


You mean the Mclaren that has not won a constructors championship in years?

And years?

And years?

Not even when LH, Alonso or JB were racing it?

And that 09 car?

I love comments like this - they crack me up...


or Alonso, Hunt, Hill, Scheckter, Mansell, Lauda. Andretti, Jones, Piquet, Rossberg K, Villeneuve, Hakkinen, Button, Raikkonen...............


Dutch johhny

Does help though when you start your f1 career in a mclaren ...

I always smile when I see this sort of comment. Why do you think Ron Dennis selected Hamilton? He could, at that time, have had his pick of any driver on the grid - any driver. Yet he, a man who has been at the sharp end of F1 for nearly 50 years, chose Hamilton.

I expect that you know more about drivers and racing than he does - ha ha ha !


For most part I agree with you. Hamilton is the better driver, but only just.

The problem is that the perception, especially among his biggest fans, is that Hamilton is a much better driver, and Lewis believes it. On his day he is, but he is also prone to brain-fades that bring his overall ability as a complete driver down to a level just above Rosberg. But by buying into the hype when he's down to a driver who he believes isn't up to his level he'll push too hard to prove his worth instead of playing the long game and simply take what he's being given that particular day.

Nico for his part after having gained an advantage through reliability was wise to continue to ride it and let Lewis bring himself down by pressing the issue at the wrong times. Consistancy is what will bring the title to him as long as he can keep his nose clean the rest of the way.


[The brand of Merc and the sponsors name is tainted.]

You'd be surprised those who buy Mercedes don't even bother about motorsports at all.

Anyway it's been blown way out of proportion unless a very serious incident related to some form of death then Merc will be in hot soup.


James, your thoughts please...

to me this is reminiscent of Schumacher/Villenue at Jerez. Do you agree or disagree and why?




Not at all, that was a deliberate act to take another competitor out of a race to maintain the points lead over him and clinch the title at the final round.

This was a clumsy accident, inspired by the desire to show Hamilton that he wasn't going to back off every time.


@Craig D

I could understand your point if not for the circumstances.

If The roles were reversed points wise i.e Hamilton had the 11 point lead with an option of closing it to 4 or potential to increase it to 39 - rosberg would not have tried to prove a point!

He Would have accepted he did not have the corner and would have attempted the pass on the straight or waited for DRS.

You do not need the investigative skills of Colombo to see that.

But yes Monza soon and we'll most likely regurgitate this come seasons end.

Agree to disagree.


Reply from latest points: I've never defended the driving but you guys still seem to believe he intended to take Hamilton out. The "prove a point" was to try and make the ill-judged move stick. He didn't want to back out. Call it red mist. It's absurd if you really think his words are about the contact itself. You actually think he effectively said to the team, "Yeah I rammed him to prove a point - what you gonna do about it?"?!

It was bad driving. Bad etiquette to do something so risky, which you wouldn't get in the "olden days," I'm sure. But talk of race bans and cheating is just daft. Racing incident. Done.

And the other drivers that were quoted haven't said Rosberg purposely crashed into Hamilton. They talked of it being bad driving, and a bizarre move, etc. But that doesn't mean bizarre as in, we've got a filthy cheat on our hands. But sure, cherry pick whose opinions you want to ignore and interpret as see fit.

And still the cauldron bubbles! Be glad when it's the weekend so there's another race to talk about!


All those who are saying that that was a piece of clumsy driving by NR need not only to take the opinion of James Allen and Murray Walker, They also need to read what experienced and non-emotive drivers like Jenson Button, David Coulthard and Mark Webber have said about this incident (BBC F1). These people know a thing or two about driving a F1 car and know what they are talking about. For me their opinion carry more weight than journalists or armchair experts.


@Craig D

What else would 'I did it to prove a point' mean?

Pls clarify. In any walk of life what would such a statement mean to you given similar circumstances?

Has I have said else where at each event when Rosberg feels he has been bullied he has been behind Hamilton, BEHIND HIM.

Going has far back as Malaysia 13 he could not get his passes to stick.

Hamilton, Alonso we see have allowed drivers to pass them then cut back, get in the tow and taken back the position - that's how you race.

When Hamilton and DannyR took Verne and Alonso respectively in hungry around the outside you could see how they set up the move, positioned their cars so they would carry enough speed to complete the over take.

Again Rosberg was too late into the corner on the last lap!

The video shows Rosbergs got more than enough space to take the corner without leaving track limits - no matter what Hamilton did rosberg was going to make contact.

Murray walker bless him commented on HIll/Schumacher 94 and did not have the fortitude to call schumacher out that day - called it a racing incident. Went so far Has to say he did not believe he would do such a thing deliberately

Notice Shectkers hesitents when talking through the accident after acknowledgeing the other moves were good with Ted. Murray's Conclusion 'hindsight is a wonderfull thing' - everyone who was there called it right!

You cannot defend the indefensible.

And It's really nothing to do with being a Hamilton fan - honestly if the tables were turned I would not be supporting Hamilton and would not be a 'fan' if this was how he raced.

I genuinely believe in fair play.

The ban for me is the only punishment that will make such moves unacceptable. Some talk of weak management - if you want to make it clear that this is 'unacceptable' one race ban.

Either be in front or wait until you can realistically pass. That's all I'm saying why ruin what is a great season with dubious acts

They have a brake peddle for a reason.



Well said. I think all we old timers who remember the racing before 1970 deeply regret the frequent lack of sportsmanship today. Of course in those days a driver who decided to 'make a point' would have likely ended up killing himself, someone else, or both. So it didn't happen. How that level of sportsmanship could be brought back today is a good question.