Ricciardo takes third win as Hamilton-Rosberg collision wrecks Mercedes’ race
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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  24 Aug 2014   |  3:03 pm GMT  |  583 comments

Daniel Ricciardo took a sensational third win of the season as a second-lap clash between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton saw the German finish second after he shipped front wing damage. Hamilton eventually retired after a puncture sustained in the collision dropped him to the back of the field.

Ricciardo, who had started fifth, then passed Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and team-mate Sebastian Vettel to claim the lead. Mercedes attempted a three-stop plan to give Rosberg a shot at passing the Australian in the closing stages on soft tyres but a flawless drive saw the Australian take the chequered flag with 3.3s seconds in hand to claim his second win in a row.

Behind the front two, Valtteri Bottas took his fourth podium finish of the year, ahead of Spa specialist Kimi Raikkonen, for whom fourth represents a best result of the season.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.33.52

The final stages were characterised by thrilling battle for fifth-place as Kevin Magnussen, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel went wheel-to-wheel through the final three laps.

It was Vetttel who came out on top, thanks to fresher tyres. Magnussen was sixth ahead of Button and Alonso, whose race had been hampered by an early penalty received when his crew had remained on the grid too long prior to the formation lap.

Before the start, the Ferrari driver’s car was still on jacks as the parade lap began and though he finally got going, members of his crew were still on the grid inside the 15-second cut-off point before the formation lap. It would later earn him a five-second stop-go penalty.

At the start Hamilton got the jump on a slow-starting Rosberg and stole into the lead on the run up to La Source. Vettel too made a good start and passed his fellow German around the outside. Vettel then attempted to overtake Hamilton into Les Combes but outbraked himself, ran wide and rejoined behind Rosberg.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.31.23The drama wasn’t over, however. On the following lap Rosberg attempted a pass on the outside of his team-mate at Les Combes, but as Hamilton held his line and Rosberg kept going the pair collided, the right side of Rosberg’s front wing clipping the rear left-tyre of Hamilton’s car.

The Briton immediately swerved off track with a puncture while Rosberg shipped heavy front-end damage. Hamilton limped back to the pits for a new wheel, but while Rosberg reported much damage he was told to stay out and see how matters developed.

Behind the front two, Ricciardo was on the move, passing Alonso at Les Combes. He was soon on Vettel’s tail and overtook his team-mate when the champion ran wide at Pouhon. The Australian then set off after Rosberg who appeared to be suffering badly due to the front wing damage. Ricciardo closed to within a second and Mercedes took the decision to pit the leader for a new wing and medium tyres. The Red Bull driver assumed the lead.Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.36.06

Valtteri Bottas too was making a move. The Finn passed Alonso for third on lap eight, overtaking the Ferrari under DRS on the Kemmel Straight.

Rosberg was soon in trouble again. On lap 10 he picked up some debris on the track while racing down the Kemmel Straight. The debris became entangled in the aerial on the nose cone of his car and fluttered dangerously around his steering wheel.

Alonso, meanwhile, was handed a five-second stop-go penalty by the stewards, which he elected to serve during the first round of stops.

That round of stops was completed by the end of lap 15. Ricciardo, on softs, still led, with Kimi Raikkonen now second ahead of Vettel. Rosberg, who took on medium tyres during his stop, was now fourth ahead of Bottas, Magnussen and Alonso. Hamilton was now 16th and some 16 seconds adrift of Sauber’s Adrian Sutil.

On lap 16 Rosberg attempted to pass Vettel for third place but ran wide under braking and the error allowed Bottas to close and eventually pass the Mercedes driver under DRS on the following lap as the pair raced down the long Kemmel Straight.

Rosberg then reported that he was getting significant vibration from the tyre he had lit up attempting the pass on Vettel and he was forced to pit again on lap 19, taking on more medium rubber. He rejoined in 11th place but was soon up to ninth behind Sergio Perez.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.37.52

Raikkonen made his second stop from second place on lap 21, taking on medium tyres. Vettel took his set of mediums on lap 22 and rejoined in P8. Ricciardo pitted from the lead on lap 27, taking on medium tyres, which he would race to the flag. Bottas now assumed the lead, having stopped just once, ahead of Rosberg who had made two stops and carved his way through the pack.

Bottas pitted on the very next lap, which promoted Rosberg back to the lead he had lost on lap eight. The German, on 10-lap-old medium tyres, would need to stop again, though with Bottas rejoining in fifth and new third-place man Raikkonen also possibly requiring another stop, Rosberg was told he was a “safe second”.

On lap 31, Bottas passed Vettel for fourth place and seemed set to secure his podium place as both Vettel and third-placed Raikkonen looked set to take on fresh tyres, whereas Bottas was on a two-stop plan.

With 10 laps to go Rosberg and Vettel made their stops, with both taking on soft tyres, aimed at utilising the tyre’s better pace to see what they could achieve against the two-stoppers on ageing prime tyres.

Rosberg rejoined in fourth and quickly dismissed Bottas and Raikkonen, but now the German was 22 seconds down on Ricciardo. That was simply too big a gap to make up to the Australian and the Mercedes driver settled in the end for his safe second place.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.39.50

Behind him Raikkonen defied expectation, the Finn attempting to cling on to third on the set on prime tyres he had taken on at the end of lap 21. It was a brave choice but ultimately one that failed as Bottas, breezed past the Ferrari on the Kemmel Straight four laps from home.

With Raikkonen secure in fourth, a furious battle developed for fifth. Magnussen held fifth but a train was building up behind him, featuring Alonso, Button and the hard-charging Vettel.

A titanic battle ensued, with at times, the drivers racing four abreast on the run to Les Combes. Vettel eventually made his better pace on newer tyres tell and he went on to claim fifth ahead of Magnussen, Button and Alonso. It wasn’t without a price though and Magnussen was placed under investigation after the race for his driving during the period. He was later handed a drive-through penalty and had 20 seconds added to his time, which dropped him to 12th in the classification.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 16.41.22

The penalty meant Button would be classified sixth, with Alonso seventh ahead of Sergio Perez, Daniil Kvyat, while Nico Hulkenberg took the final point on offer.

At the front, Ricciardo took a calm and controlled third career win, to leave him on 156 points, just 35 behind championship contender Hamilton, who stays on 191 points. Rosberg, meanwhile, moves to 220 points and a healthy title lead as the championship heads towards Monza.

2014 Belgian Grand Prix – Race
1 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing 44 Winner 5 25
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 44 +3.3 secs 1 18
3 Valtteri Bottas Williams 44 +28.0 secs 6 15
4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 44 +36.8 secs 8 12
5 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 44 +52.1 secs 3 10
6 Kevin Magnussen McLaren 44 +54.2 secs 7 8
7 Jenson Button McLaren 44 +54.5 secs 10 6
8 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 44 +61.1 secs 4 4
9 Sergio Perez Force India 44 +64.2 secs 13 2
10 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 44 +65.3 secs 11 1
11 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 44 +65.6 secs 18
12 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 44 +71.9 secs 12
13 Felipe Massa Williams 44 +75.9 secs 9
14 Adrian Sutil Sauber 44 +82.4 secs 14
15 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 44 +90.8 secs 20
16 Max Chilton Marussia 43 +1 Lap 19
17 Marcus Ericsson Caterham 43 +1 Lap 22
18 Jules Bianchi Marussia 39 +5 Laps 16
Ret Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 38 +6 Laps 2
Ret Romain Grosjean Lotus 33 +11 Laps 15
Ret Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1 +43 Laps 17
Ret Andre Lotterer Caterham 1 +43 Laps 21

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Obviously, the big talking point of this race is the coming together of Rosberg and Hamilton with the resulting damage. Without trying to apportion blame on this one I would like to pose the question whether open wheel race cars (not just F1) should be regulated to not have sharp bits (ie complex wings) sticking out and thus reduce the risk of punctures?


Magnussen got the correct penalty and well deserved too. He simply drove other pilots off the track quite a few times in the race and tried to get away with it. well done to the FIA stewards.

There are quite a few pilots out there on the track who clearly does not feel or realise the limit when it comes to defending. Magnussen was certainly over the limit in belgium and drove a pastor esque race (No disrespect to pastor though). Magnussen drove JB and Alonso off the track quite a few times which should be trimmed down. FIA stewards need to be aggressive and clamp down such racing techniques right from the start to finish.


It was 12th race of the season and finally Ferrari paid some attention to Kimi during the race and suddenly his race strategy started to work.



In your race strategy report, please explain what ruined Vettel’s race and why he seemed to struggle so much as in China. He was all over the place and seemed to be struggling even to keep the car within track limits.

Also what will be the penalty if the driver keeps on exceeding the track limits despite the warning?


Fantastic drive by Dan all Aussies are proud for taking your chances when Mercedes are imploding. Good drive by Kimi. Hes not getting carried away and has rightly stated he has been equally quick at many other races. Only this race & Hungary he did not have someone collide into him or Technical/ Strategic failures. I love the fact that he is very determined to pushing Ferrari forward not beating on chest like some other gool and it must be noted he had new components just before Hungary which are helping.

Mercedes :- Im continually astonished by how anyone can think the incident was not Nicos fault. He was never alongside; he always had a car width to the left; he always had the opportunity to avoid. The incident was very close to him getting a penalty. The situation is as follows:-

A) Mercedes clearly said something on Thursday along the lines of :- we learned from Hungary that we should not strategise a driver behind to gain clear advantage on the guy in front

B) Nico did not take kindly to this because he was asked to yield at China 2013 – Nico must learn that this is water under the bridge- because he has since had several strategic calls to his favour this year alone. Soft tyre choice at Hungary and Bahrain and he lost both times despite getting the calls!

C) Lewis Radio to stop the race was the smartest thing anyone could do in that situation. He was chewing tyres and could not even make ground on Sutil in P12. Saving the PU and transmission was a sign of a thinking driver and not the whimsicial Stupid calls Channel 10 were saying about Lewis quitting!!- Lewis never quits!!- Last two races proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt!. I am totally appalled at how quickly the press and others forget drivers dogged determination so quickly.

D) Nico refusing to apologise on the podium and afterwards even if he believed it was an incident was appaulling because it cost the team severly and highlights his rotten intent.

James Allen will not like this but I find Nico Rosberg far more spoilt than Lewis Hamilton ever will be. Rosberg has only ever won on Sundays when the team have given him every conceivable opportunity to stay ahead of Lewis Hamilton through strategy. This has obviously come to an end after Hungary exposed Mercedes Benz & he dont like it!!.

Nico Rosberg is a petulant grub – he desperately wants to win the championship and realises HE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT THE TEAM GIVING HIM ADVANTAGE. . On even terrms he is rarely close to Lewis over a race distance and only qualified faster when Lewis made mistakes.

If I was Niki Lauda or Toto Wolff I would say this. You guys can continue to race but if you collide with your team mate you will be dropped at the next race for a substitute driver. Guaranteed it wont happen again! And at least one car wins and another chance at top 10.

Keep flying Hammy you are far better than Rosberg ever will be and everyone witnessed that on Sunday in lore ways than one..

kenneth chapman

i would never have picked your for an aussie elie.


@ elie…. interesting background. no i didn’t pick up your nationality in previous posts and yes, i live on the gold coast, and that is most definitely not your average aussie outpost!! hahaha


Sure I mentioned it in a few posts. Im Lebanese (Christian) Australian since 68. Never get picked as Leb either even if then name is a giveaway. If memory servedls me correctly your from Qld and we all know thats not part of Australia either.. or at least thats what many qldrs think : )


Did anyone see the genetta race? Nico would of been proud of the after chequered flag goings on. In short, one driver pissed another off in the race, so after the flag he decided to ram him alot and hard that they was off track. Brilliant. And in the interview he admitted it was a bit much. Itv player?


F1 Alive and Kicking.

Even though the sounds of the engines are quieter, the ferocity of the racing has made F1 exciting and definitely not boring.

I was again on the edge of my seat for the entire race. Some great battles and awesome overtakes.


Congrats to Dan. Another awesome race.

I was very impressed with Red Bull’s launches at the start. It seemed that Dan got off the line quicker than Seb and was baulked.

Shame Dan lost the 18pts and the grid penalty as he would now be putting pressure on Lewis for 2nd


Great GP. Enjoyed every minute!


I remember reading the qualifyyping article yesterday and someone commented that Kimi will “never” beat Alonso.

Even though I am really happy for Kimi, this is his first race in Spa where he didn’t finish on the podium (except when he retired)


@ Kiran

“The most complete driver ” – Yes the the most complete pilot and wizard in the GRID does not have any need to work on the electronics and fittings of the car F14T. Why the heck Mechanic’s was too late to get off the batteries from the car and fix it to the car on time. Ferrari are team which has been ranned by fools. The team have costed Alonso more points and a possible podium due to silly error which caterham or Marussia did not commit or concede.

On a weekend where Alonso out-qualifies kimi by a FULL 1 second then endure a poor fate in the race due to his own team. Yet the people here jump with bandwagons and suggest kimi have beaten Alonso? Joke of the Millennium


@Krischar: Alonso and Kimi have different driving styles (their whole careers). Kimi is now getting closer because Allison is finding ways to iron out the understeer that Alonso likes to drive with, and has driven with the last 4 Ferrari’s.

Next year I’m sure Allison will ditch this terrible pull-rod suspension and the understeer it brings . Maybe then they will be back at the front


Thanks for clarifying Ferrari is a team – and the team runs the car, not just the driver.

Few myths busted:

1. Alonso develops the car and that makes him ‘the complete driver’

2. Alonso is the most brainy driver and he is part of all race strategies – if this is not a myth, he should be banned by now for crash gate.

And regarding Kimi not beating Alonso : If you have been watching racing long enough you would know how Kimi and Alonso drives.

Before the season started not even one expert or journo predicted Alonso would have a comprehensive result on Kimi in the first half. Few did suggest but nobody gave an over the top statement – that goes to show the credibility of the driver Kimi.

So, it is for Alonso’s own good Kimi looks convincing and drives like himself. Then when Alonso beats him, that would really add up to his credibility.

Like James Allison said – the chassis is not easy to tweak to get it to Kimi’s driving style.

Oh! btw this race belonged to Kimi among the two – like many other races belonged to Alonso.

So, again – move on!


@ Greg

Kimi has never beaten Alonso and he did not do so in belgium as well

Just do not jump with bandwagons yet, because kimi had one good race out of 12. Alonso’s race was finished even before the lights went go. SOme stupid mechanics at Ferrari does not know their routine it seems and Ferrari have put Alonso at disadvanatge through a silly error which could have been averted easily.

Without the penalty and time lost Alonso would have done much better than he actually fared. Kimi could not even beat massa and i do not understand how people expect him to get the better off Alonso. Funny world and Blinkered people here it seems.


Well he’s getting pretty close in a car built with inherent understeer for Alonso, a characteristic Alonso has always favoured his whole career whilst Kimi favours totally opposite car characteristics and detests understeer.


Scared much?


Its okay! Move on .

The most complete driver did not pack the right battery.


Nothing seems to have been made of Lewis overshooting his grid spot by a metre, & then ruining his own race by driving far too quickly back to the pits with a punctured rear tyre, shredding it completely, damaging his own car thus costing himself a probable points finish, and also leaving dangerous tyre debris all over the track, putting other drivers at risk. Poor show from Lewis and certainly the architect of his own eventual DNF.


Very strange no investigation on Lewis reversing on the grid right before the start was a bit worrying. Wonder what the regs are on that? Surely that can’t be allowed.


I’m no Nico or Lewis fan but I would have loved to see them battle for 44 laps, not just 1 or 2. Stoked to see Danny take another win, worth staying up until midnight here in Aus to watch him race. I highly doubt Nico did it on purpose. I don’t believe the media reports and articles that come out, of course they are trying to get a headline and a reaction.

Lewis had won the corner and Nico misjudged it. He cant see his front wing, it was a split second judgment which came off wrong. Yes it was his fault but it was a racing incident. Unfortunate one at that for Lewis, but theres still plenty of racing to come. However if the Mercs keep tripping over each other Danny will be catching up pretty quick.

Surprised there was no safety car. Most of the drivers looked to be taking different lines into/through Blanchimont for the next lap or so. Seemed to be a fair bit of body work and tyre on the racing line.

Another great drive from Bottas, looking forward to seeing the Williams speed and pace at Monza. Bit unlucky for Lotterer in his first GP with power unit fail on the first couple laps. Hope he gets another shot sometime again.


Go for it guys… we knew this has been coming since race 1…

Get the gloves and the most calculating driver will win the WDC… or the underdog might get up.

Go Dan..


Super drive from Dan. Seb looked racy until he tried to take Hamilton and ran over those speed bumps at speed. Wonder if that unsettled his car? From that point on he looked lacking in pace. Ferrari again looked like they didn’t want Kimi and Nando together on the same piece of tarmac. Two Ferraris running close together look awesome. They looked very closely matched today so it was a shame to see Nando’s issues. Superb racing from Magnussen, Button, Nando, Vettel at the end.


Congratulations Daniel you wunderkid! He got a taste of a win and now can’t get enough of it. I thought Seb would do better but he just didn’t…

Felt sorry for Nico getting booed, he didn’t deserve any of that. Hamilton has more raw pace and killer instinct but when the chips are down, he turns into a QUITTER!! Can’t belive how many times he asked the team to give up… You never ever give up because you never lnow what will happen even on the last lap. I’m a fan of Lewis but I’m no fan of a quitter.

Bottas is worth every penny he’s paid. Massa is not.

Kimi is known as the King of Spa for no reason. It’s the one track he seems to come alive. Alonso struggles in spa for whatever reason. Wasn’t really surprised by this result. One good race from Kimi doesn’t make up for the whole season.


From a TV spectators POV the HAM / ROS collision looked like a racing incident. I can fully understand the MERC brass being annoyed though. To have a 2 second advantage over the rest of the field and not convert it in to a race win makes them look like a bunch of muppets.


Obviously Riciardo had dry setup while Vettel and Alonso had wet setup. Gamble with setup paid off… this time.


Both Ferraris had wet weather levels of rear wing for qualifying.


Both Bulls had dry setup.


I dont think that is right. Vettel ran with Ricciardo’s set up as he didnt participate in FP2


Well done Daniel!!!!!!


Stupid mistake by Rosberg! Both Vettel and Hamilton showed they are not as mentally tough and determined as they should be as both seemed to crumble under adversity.

Actually Vettel just seemed to crumble for no reason he had no real problems with his car, what is his problem?

Ricciardo is a champion no doubt about it, Ferrari and Mercedes will definitely be knocking on his door.


Vettel simply didnt have the pace after lap 2..The driveability was so bad that he was exceeding the track limit all the limit.

I dont think it is a set-up issue. You normally lose only a tenth or two owing to the set-ups. He was lapping almost 1s a lap slower than Ricciardo.

There was something fundamentally wrong with the car.

Some german reporters were reporting that heated words were exchanged at the garage after the race.

In short, all is not well at Redbull


Good comment. Not so long ago the speculation was how long can Red Bull retain Vettel. It seemed that Seb was keen to drive for Ferrari.

When I was watching the Australian GP this year I was discussing with my friend that second was a good result for Dan, because it meant that Red Bull had to look after him to retain his services, if Seb ever decided to leave.

Now the question is, why would Ferrari want Vettel?


Ferrari don’t need Vettel they need Newey!


Because he is a 4 time World Champ..Tats y!!!


Its pretty obvious after todays events is that rosberg juxt cannot go toe to toe with hamilton on the track in the heat of battle, he’s yet to pass him,todays events bear this out again ham has him covered all the time, he’s just not a racer, he hasn’t the street fighter in his make up, in the battle between the 2, its allways rosberg whos going to be doing the colliding, todays incident was a perfect example, still trying to tough it out even when the move was over, wether deliberate or not who knows,


Isnt it time the FIA deals with Hamiltons big mouth if Wolff, Lauda and Lowe have no back bone or no authority ? Now he claims Rosberg hit him on purpose which is bullshit and not what Rosberg said at all. Rosberg said he held his line and Hamilton should leave him space (which he hasnt done so far this year). It was obvious sooner or later the relationship between these two would deterioare, just like Ham-Alo, Ham-Sut and Ham-But. Its clear that Hamilton is losing it in more than one way and now starts to politicise his deteriorating campaign, he has history doing it after all. Is this what Mercedes wants, an overpaid underarchiever who destroys the team from within and starts one smearcampaign after another almost after every qualifying and race that doesnt go his way ? Mercedes should do themself a favour and send him to DTM and give his F1 race seat to someone who can really fight Rosberg like a grown up or get Rosberg a second fiddle #2 driver. I fear they will rue keeping Hamilton for much longer he is getting more toxic if he doesnt get his way and with Rosberg unwilling to do a Kovalainnen …. this wont end well.


Rosberg is a pretty unconvincing WDC. Makes loads of mistakes that somehow seem only to improve his situation, three examples: Monaco quali, Canada chicane, Spa collision.

Winning ‘any any cost’ isn’t really winning, is it?


I haven’t read all these posts, but I’d just like to say this. I’m a big fan and my wife isn’t but she knows a fair bit because of me. I know many latin plant names for the same reason as my wife is a garden designer. She made the comment today that maybe viewership was dropping off because of the inconsistancy of the stewarding. !00% Rosberg’s fault, no penalty. !00% in violation of the rules yet it took 12 laps to give Alonso a penalty and then five laps to serve. He slotted back into 8th or 9th. The penalty would have put him to the back if it had been given appropriately (immediately). And then to penalise Kmag. There is a serious lack of credability forming for the viewer. It’s fixed.


Please méridabob I would suggest you to read the rules before commenting, the penalty given to Alonso has to be done once the car enters the pit lane for tyre change, so it was up to him to decide when to do it.

Yes it was Rosberg fault at all. Looks that he said later on that he could had avoided it but he decided not to, to make a point. Hamilton could have given him a little more space knowing he was there or thereabout, but he had been accustomed to see Rosberg backing off, then this time Rosberg decided not to. Nico deserved a penalty this time.

Kmag as you call him, twice forced Alonso out of the track, that is not allowed by the rules.



As the stewards did not see any need for further action they have now set a precedence. So if at the next race LH is behind NR going towards the parabolica he can just accidentally on purpose run his car around the outside, snag his wing on nicos car and spit him off into the gravel with a puncture knowing they can’t penalise him for it as I’m sure it would end up in the court of appeals or arbitration for sport….

Really though the amount of times cars tyres get cut by these ridiculous front wings its time ground effects came back and we got rid of the front wing altogether 🙂


It’s quite simple: the gloves are truly off!

Rosberg has clearly had enough of Hamilton’s attitude and aggressive defending and has changed his driving to a similar aggresive “I’m going to pass or we crash together” attitude.

Both are in their right, they are trying to become WDC here!

Ps The fact Hamilton is complaining every race does not help his public image though.

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