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Nico Rosberg: “I’ve been told what Lewis said. My view is very different.”
Nico Rosberg
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Aug 2014   |  4:41 pm GMT  |  610 comments

Nico Rosberg has released his usual post race video blog, commenting on the incident with team mate Lewis Hamilton at Spa and the comments made by the Briton afterwards.

Hamilton said that Rosberg had admitted to hitting him “on purpose” in their post race meeting.

Not surprisingly, Rosberg has a different view,

“I’ve been told what Lewis said in the press and the way he stated his version of events,” said Rosberg. “My view of the events is very different but it’s just better that I now don’t give all the details of my opinion. I prefer to keep it internal. We had a very good discussion after the race now we need to move forward.”

It was the first destructive contact between the pair in 12 races, which is not so surprising in a way, considering how hard fought the championship is.

Toto Wolff spelled out in his first briefing after the race that this kind of contact between team mates was covered in the agreements that had been made between drivers and the team. He felt “let down” that Rosberg had initiated a move which led to contact and a puncture for Hamilton, which wrecked his race and a broken front wing for Rosberg, which contributed to costing him the victory.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

Leaving aside the motives Rosberg may have had in his move and Hamilton may have had in his comments to the media afterwards, the team’s frustration is that not enough was done by the drivers to avoid that collision in the first place and also post race not enough has been done to ‘de-escalate’ the situation, as Ukraine conflict observers might call it.

Rosberg was attempting a pass early in the race before the DRS was enabled and had almost enough pace to make it. Had he waited another lap, with DRS he would more likely have pulled off a clean pass. It was a rather clumsy effort; Rosberg is not as adept at the close quarters stuff as Hamilton. It could have been avoided in other words, as Rosberg admitted in the post race meeting – which Hamilton and Wolff have confirmed.

Hamilton took his words to mean that Rosberg did it on purpose, hence his statements to the media. His decision to go public on things said in a private team meeting is another cause for concern, similar to the tweeting of Jenson Button’s set up sheet at McLaren a couple of years ago.

Lewis Hamilton

There are some lines within teams which, when crossed, cause some serious eyebrow raising. Hamilton feels let down and has acted in the way he sees fit, which has crossed a line. Rosberg has crossed a line in triggering the incident, failing to avoid the risk.

Rosberg, a more calculating individual, has preferred to keep his powder dry in terms of public statements, but the big picture of the Spa saga is that it is all part of his strategy to keep Hamilton on edge. It’s worked so far pretty well; Hamilton has not put together many complete race weekends since Monaco, sometimes for reasons beyond his control, like the qualifying fire in Hungary, other times for his own reasons.

It’s set up in a very interesting way for the rest of the season. It will be extraordinarily hard for the Mercedes management to find a level on which the pair can work together now, but they must find a way and strict no contact rules will be enforced, even if it must be at the cost of letting them race at times, as Wolff vowed yesterday.

* Interestingly Mercedes’ main sponsor Petronas issued a statement on Monday, which is quite unusual for a title sponsor after an incident on track.

Here’s what it said:

“We are proud to be partners with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team. Having such a highly motivated Team and competitive drivers has helped us tremendously achieving the success on and off the track – with strong leads in both world championships. Based on the progress so far, we could have seen the Team and the drivers at the very best with a one two finish.

“However, that did not materialise due to the incident that occurred in Lap 2. Racing is all about taking risks and the skill of racing is in how those risks are managed out on track. Nobody in the team or at PETRONAS wants to see championship points lost through incidents like yesterday happened. We believe that the drivers and the Team will remain focused and competitive, and make it their priority to win the Championship title.”

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The way Mercedes handled the entire situation from the beginning is shambolic. First of all Lauda and Wolff shouldn't have made such negative comments about Nico. I don't understand what they were trying to prove by castigating their own driver in the public. Nico didn't do it on purpose but he could have avoided it. Lewis too could have avoided the accident. Had Lewis gone a bit slower after the puncture, he wouldn't have damaged his floor to that extent.


there were many retirements that day , teams calling it quits before the race was completed you jackass.


Its very strange how drivers like Fernado can over take safely but Nico looks like he's still Karting. My respect for Nico is fading fast this year. Perhaps he is getting Senna tendency's! Its looking more like Senna / Prost every race. Its very sad people have to win at any cost these days.


I fully agree. Yes, Rosberg was more in the wrong than Hamilton, but this was the definition of a racing incident. Rosberg should have backed out, but also, Hamilton should have been a bit more generous with the line he took. Yes, he is in front, and is entitled to whatever line he chooses, but his defence against Rosberg in numerous races this year (Bahrain and Hungary spring to mind, especially) has been overly aggressive, and to be honest, I can understand Rosberg wanting to 'not back away' for once. Of course he didn't hit Hamilton on purpose....that's nonsense. Even Brundle made it abundantly clear....if you're aim is to puncture someones rear tyre with your front wing (?!), then 9 times out of 10, it is you and you alone who will suffer the damage.

But yes, Mercedes have handled this woefully. Lauda and Wolff making such 'emotive' comments right after the race is highly unprofessional, they should know better. And Lewis openly discussing a private team meeting in the media?? In my mind, that outstrips anything Rosberg did in the race (which was clearly an accident). Lewis has form, in this regard, having tweeted sensitive information at McLaren. He has to be less emotional, as he has a tendency to do/say irrational things when under pressure. And while you could say the same about Rosberg with regards to the accident, there is a fundamental difference between errors of judgment made in fractions of a second, and errors of judgement made in the hours following a private team meeting.

And to finish, as a brit, I'm frankly ashamed of much of the reporting on this 'incident', some of it on this website, but mainly on Sky, BBC and websites like F1 Fanatic. The level of bias being openly shown is frankly embarrassing.


I forgot to mention, it also galls how rich it sounds for people to be nailing Rosberg to the wall for such a minor racing incident, one which Hamilton (and others!) commit countless times this season......The German Grand Prix springs to mind, specifically. Hamilton was a battering ram in that race, bits of bodywork flying all over the shop! But when he does it, it's just his 'Fighting Spirit'. Seriously nauseating, and hypocritical.


I don't think you can credibly claim that minor bumps with Stutil and Raikkonen and some wing damage in a minor collision with Button equate to Nico's actions at Spa. In all cases Hamilton was in legitimate overtake positions and nobody had their day ruined by his actions.

Button was initially annoyed about their collision but later tweeted “after watching the race back think I overreacted with my feelings about Lewis’s move. I can understand why he thought I was giving him room”

Nico ruined spa for himself, Hamilton, Massa, Mercedes, and Williams (and placed everyone else at risk from the debris) all for the sake of an overtake that never had a chance of succeeding. It appears to have been pure pique at getting dragged off the line.


This was a forced overtake attempt gone awry by a teammember. A very highly compensated driver at that. Rosberg should be nailed to a wall. It's different when you are out of the points and have to make numerous passes to claw your way back into the field like Hamilton did the last two races. When you and your teammate are 1-2 on the second lap of the race, you don't take the risk.

Also, if Rosberg was massively quicker than Hamilton, like he stated he was, he should have waited to pass at a better part of the circuit.


+1000 Wilhelmet

Many of the British pundits(not all), and British fans(again...not all of them) say Hamilton is a real racer etc etc ad nauseum, yet when he does crash into other people, they praise him for having the bravery to try it at all. When other drivers do it, they get called crash kids and other less than complimentary things.

This is not an attack on British fans or media, as many of them are very balanced in their views, but the TV commentary grates many non-Brits with their pro-Lewis all the time stance. Portraying his teammates as helpless muppets who by all reasons except their own talent are managing to beat him.


It is because Lewis isn't the one who continued to go for the move just to prove a point, Nico admitted that this is the reason he didn't back off, I believe Toto has confirmed this. He chose to carry on regardless of the outcome.

It may have started off as a genuine attempt at on overtake, I don't believe he came up with some evil plan but it didn't remain as just racing, he turned into some kind lesson which ended Lewis' race, not a genuine mistake.


Sorry this reply was for Wilhelmet.


totally agree with your unbiased comment. Lewis is always looking to drive Nico off the road, well done Wilhemet your logic astounds me.


There is nowhere where he says that LH was or is trying to drive NR off the road, or did I miss that bit somewhere?


Agree 100%


Why do the numbers keep changing?!! Tis comment was to Wilhelmet, when he was at no. 153


These days some of the comments seem to be in a constant state of flux.


Wondered the same myself. I just commented but my comment is number 158 And in the article it says there are over 300 posts. Could be the difference is time zones? Any help here James?


Replies to posts swell the total number


To 153, Wilhelmet


The reason he was so keen to end his race was that his aero was so badly affected that he couldn't keep up with a Sauber, so even if a safety car happened and the field was bunched up he couldn't have cut through it as he would have done with an undamaged car.

He's also one engine behind his team-mate so needs to preserve engine life...so in light of Spa being one of the toughest circuits on engines, his call to come in and retire makes perfect sense.


Rod, you are correct it is shambolic. RBR must be laughing their heads off as Merc will imploded if this keeps going on much longer (guarantee the media keep it going) and will hand more victories to Daniel.


First of all my opinion is it was a racing incident.

Second, I agree with Rob. The way Wolff and Lauda handled the situation is baffling. Wolff's disappointment about it happening in the 2nd lap is even more absurd: if they hit each other at the last lap will he be okay with it?

Third, much respect to Brits who are objective enough to view the matter as a racing incident brought about by carelessness and overwhelming competitiveness, and that should the situation be the other way around they would have preferred Hamilton to be as aggressive.

Nico tried but messed up. Same thing as Michael Jordan attempting a game winning shot and missing.


You mean a game winning shot at the start of the game that takes out the opposing team's star player, right?


Well said. "clumsy" is the perfect word for what happened. But the Mercedes bosses were more clumsy with their own actions. We all think that they are very good at their PR stuff. Having heard the way Niki, Lewis & Totto reacted, it seems they are rather poor in handling media, team & the drivers. It is a clear proof of mismanagement since the departure of Ross Brawn. This car is Ross Brawn's project anyway. Ross did it the same way in Ferrari. Mercedes is benefiting from somebody else's hard vision. Now it shows how poor they have been handling the situation.

On the other hand, Lewis is getting himself a great reputation for being a one man show. What I mean is, no good driver will ever want to be his team mate anymore I reckon. First Alonso, now Rosberg. He might manage to kick the German driver out of the German team somehow too. Lewis will win the championship if he pairs up with JEV or Sutil kind of drivers, not Alonso, Rosberg, Vettel, Ricciardo kind of drivers. Lewis's comments in press makes Mercs look silly. Rosberg's mistakes cost Lewis valuable points no doubt. But they are still mistakes no matter how Hamilton try to paint it differently.

All in all, I am sad as an Australian that we barely talked about Ricciardo since the race. I understand Lewis vs Nico story is very spicy JA. But the driver of the day (in fact driver of the season so far) is Daniel Ricciardo hands down. I hope he gets a bit more attention that he deserves in all the F1 websites & here. He already gets paid 1/30th of Vettel's pay (Ricciardo $1.1m vs Vettel $31m per season), his driving should be commended a bit more. I would like to see an article or an interview or a story JA about Ricciardo. Something along the line of "Ricciardo as a driver in a nutshell" & how he stacks up to all the big name drama queens in modern F1 in his short career in a top team.

alexander supertramp

Do you actually believe Lewis is losing this championship because of his own inability to beat Nico? Perhaps on saturday, but definitely not on sunday, Lewis has had the measure of Nico in practically every race. I advise you to watch the races with a bit more application.


Totally disagree. I applaud Mercedes for being so honest. I don't think that Rosberg did it on purpose, but after watching the incident several times, to me it is clear that Rosberg f****d up. I'm no Lewis fan, but he was ahead and took the normal racing line. Your argument is like saying that if someone crashed into the back of you, it's your fault for being there. You're entitled to your own opinions, not your own facts.


not your fault, but sometimes its ok to exercise caution you know...

say, like, when the driver behind dive bombs on you into a hairpin.

he will no make it braking so late, most likely.

two options:

1. your turn in anyhow, most likely he crashes into you...

2. you open up, give him the corner, "most likely" see him sailing past into the runoff, and continue on...

this is just a more subdued version of that... you can not give and inch, you can give an inch and you can give a mile... give then consequences, sometimes its better to give a mile...

especially because there was no straight after, no real penalty for a slower exit to the corner (that hamilton would have by giving space, but rosberg would also have a very slow exit cause he screwed the hole bit...)

and don't forget, luck (in a general meaning) is, whether we like it or not, an important part of life. and sometimes you can influence your own luck (case in point, for both of them, and no way roberg could have known HAM would puncture for sure...), cometimes no so much (example: engine fire in hungary... absolutely no way to avoid it, even if he wanted to, he can't go check all of the car before going out ;)).

Sometimes its fully in your hands, sometimes completely out of it... as usually, it's the middle that's the tough part 😉


Maybe Mercedes could have handled the situation better but I thank them for letting their drivers actually race each other on the track. The racing and the psychological battle between team-mates has made this 2014 season raw and memorable.

The alternative could have been team orders, as per during the Schumacher/Barrichello era at Ferrari, which was unsporting and which, as fans, we had to endure for far too many years.


2014 F1 will be remembered as "The race between the primadonna hare and the shady tortoise".


Totally agree, Mercedes should come down hard on Hamilton for those public comments like they did Rosberg for the incident, in fairness and that. I actually forgot that sneaky leak about Button's set up, just goes to show Hamilton is a spoilt sport when he doesn't get his way.


Avoided the accident by Lewis taking his own racing line/ It was the racing line and Lewis had the inside line. Did you actually see the incident Rob?


Well sais Rossco.

Likes of Kenneth Chapman who will see what they want to as they are always negative re: Lewis & can pontificate all they want.

Falseberg rammed Lewis.,you must be blind not to see it. Johnny Herbert,Anthony Davidson showed clearly on replays Golden Balls turned onto Lewis

Kenneth Chapman is veiwing it from a pinhole as usual.

Comical regarding a oath...hypocratic 😀

These are F1 drivers not medical staff.


just because he had the right to the racing line, doesn't mean he should take it with disregard, and that he should not exercise some caution (a title contender needs to be careful, this is not new and many drivers not fighting the title usually use this to their advantage in fights)... if he moves a bit to the right, he lives to see another day... yes, this is the consequence to Nico always yielding when being pushed... it turns into a bit of a "lets see who blinks first" because one automatically won't back down (i don't think hamilton ever backs down, he's a fighter, a racer, and it's not in him to "back out" of it, or even be non agressive)... and usually doesn't end well... nothing new here...

kenneth chapman

@ rossco.... i have looked at this long and hard and feel as though there should be an oath taken by all drivers at the beginning of the season, based loosley on the' hippocratic' oath taken by medical doctors. the F1 oath, to be known as the 'hypocritic' oath, would simply state, 'firstly do no harm unless you look like being beaten'.

that should be mandatory for all drivers.....

Alastair Isherwood

I couldn't agree more Rob. Red Bull will be rubbing their hands together as the deficiencies you highlight point to a rudderless ship. Mercedes need to get control of their drivers or else they risk stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. Even the executive seem completely reactionary in their posturing, surely they planned for this day knowing that eventually there would be a touch??


So now you blame Lauda and Wolff for the situation.!! Funny everybody was lauding them for allowing the two drivers to race.

Lets be clear... Nico was told in no uncertain terms to avoid contact with his team mate.......and it sounds like he chose to blatantly leave his car in a position to allow contact to happen.

Even Massa has stated that he thinks Rosberg should have had a penalty for causing the accident and he's hardly got any reason to be sympathetic towards Hamilton.

Nico is far from the calm calculating individual some are trying to portray him has.....he is still smarting from Bahrain......and he,s carrying that baggage into every race......his overtaking prowess is getting worse....not better.

No wonder he doesn't want to talk about it in public.


I'm with Kenneth on this one.


Yeeah, Massa is fine example judging situations, not! Massa never had cuts to stand by himself, so when Rosberg works Hamilton it is never ever on Massas league.


Agreed. I think Lewis, whether on purpose or not, is more in Nicos head than the other way round. And worse I think Nico is in his OWN head. Everyone wants to talk about the chip lewis seems to have on his shoulder. But let's talk about the chip that is on Nicos.

This was supposed to be HIS team. He sat behind Schui and waited for him to retire thinking okay, I will do my due diligence and he will retire and I will be the #1 driver. And what happens? They bring in another world champion. Another furiously quick driver with amazing raw skill. And suddenly it's not Nicos team anymore. He's second fiddle again. The press is all over Hamilton asking if he is crazy to leave McMerc for MerAMG. Nico has to sit and watch the rest of the team cater to Lewis. 2013 goes by, Lewis finishes ahead in points, podiums, front row starts, out qualified rosberg etc etc. The seed sprouted. This just might not be Nicos team anymore. The chip gets bigger. Couple all of this with the realization by Rosberg that he won't beat Hamilton in a fair fight and the chip gets bigger and heavier. The anger and frustration and resentment grow. Here is Nico, sat and did his time in a sh!t car and didn't complain or buck ever. Sat behind while everyone wanted to talk to the great Michael Schumacher. He did his work. He worked for the team. He's the team guy. And now, he's got his shot, maybe his only shot, at a championship and he will be damned if he's going to let someone take it from him while he's able to stop em.

THAT my friends, is where Nico Rosbegs head is at. The same place any one of ours might be at in a similar situation. Is it right? Nope. Is it natural? Yep.

But I will tell you what is likely to happen. Rosberg will finish 3rd in the DWC. Behind Hamilton and Ricciardo.

kenneth chapman

@ gazza...i just can't let that fly past without making a comment. 'nico was told in no uncertain terms to avoid contact with his team mate'. firstly, how do you know this to be a fact? secondly, why was that warning, if it was given, made to nico and not hamilton?

this minor fracas was quite simply a 'racing incident, as ruled by the stewards yet the media et al are blowing it up into a major contoversy. i can only presume that the level of outrage that has been expressed is in direct proportion to the natiionality of the protagonists.

as for the public statements made by hamilton post race, i would consider them to be a vain attempt to enlist the sympathy of the public and therfore bolster his standing within the team. whilst the entire episode could have been handled better the fact that hamilton was not sanctioned for running rosberg off in hungary would weigh on any competitors mind. ye shall reap what you sow...or something like that.

i just hope that it continues unabated and full on for the rest of the season. we will not only see who has the largest 'cojones' but we may see someone sneak in burgle all the goodies hahaha.


I agree with Rob. Surely these things should be discussed internally before you say anything to the media. And surely the drivers should be explicitly instructed to not discuss anything said in the confines of a team meeting to the media. It's public relations 101.

I wonder how much differently this would have been handled if Ross Brawn was still in charge.

The driver relationship seems to have broken down irrevocably. Lewis has been needling Rosberg all season calling into question his nationality and other things. I think that he is too quick to take to the media to air the teams dirty laundry.

It will be pretty hilarious if Ricciardo comes from nowhere to win the championship from both of them. It's not inconceivable if they have more comings together during the rest of the season that he could catch up and win due to double points in the last race.

It seems to me that Merc management has already lost control of their drivers, and having this co-boss relationship of Lauda and Wolff also just adds to the confusion, especially given Lauda's propensity to make outrageous statements before he has any facts.

Was Lauda's interference why Brawn left?


Apropos to ApexPredator's body language analysis.

Rebuttle 1:

The left and right sides of the brain have nothing to do with which side the head moves when someone is supposedly lying or telling the truth. Using the words usually and generally to claim that lie is left and truth is right is, well, a generalization.

Social sciences (like economics, psychology, sociology) are, at best, approximations to understanding the real human. Cult social science and make-believe fields like body language study, verbal tone and language analysis, semiotics are fields of philosophy, not science. Their efficacy in explaining something, or whether the explanation is believed, has a lot to do with the mental conditioning of people things are explained to. As far as logic, thorough analysis, and absolute truth go, cult social science is metropolitan mythology, nothing more.

The human cannot be expressed by an equation through hard science, nor interpreted by social science in its entirety. The reason it works sometimes - and one may even find a body language specialist to hire - is because people have already been conditioned to follow it. Health, fitness, lifestyle magazines perpetuate the idea. Services that claim to give you the best advice on how to dress for a job interview or a date; what body language to propagate, etc., do the same thing - set an agenda by re-presenting reality, rather than presenting truth.

Rebuttle 2:

Even if body language is used to asses someone's mindsets, predispositions and motivations, any arguments made about body language shouldn't be limited to just head and eye movements. What of changing skin tones, micro facial gestures, overall facial expressions, hand movements, chest, abdomen and hip positions, head's vertical positions, leg movements, body-weight shifts, overall body postures, body orientations (left or right), etc?

Furthermore, if the use of just eyes and head movements are interpreted, why pick one guy and make arguments. Pick both guys and compare and contrast. The aforementioned preconditions are necessary to make unbiased and respectable arguments to support a claim. I'm afraid what I read is simply a personal view based on one's personal experience. Calling it professional experience doesn't add weight to the claim. There is no such thing as body language science, just as there is no such thing as science of dreams. Someone may be tempted to recall Freud's Interpretation of Dreams to say there's a science behind dreams. I'm afraid not. It's a good read (the book), but it's not science.

It is qualitative/quantitative speculation based on limited number of variables studied and analyzed through rules and methods invented by the person, himself; but one whose intellectual strengths render the material thought provoking and interesting to read. But, it's not science, but infotainment.

Rebuttle 3:

On to the language of persuasion now. Imagine a tooth brush commercial where a guy wearing a white robe says this tooth brush is good for you using dental terms, etc. The idea behind all commercials is to persuade one to do something. There are many techniques. One technique is to bring an "expert" on to the scene to make a claim. This technique is used everywhere - experts brought on NEWS channels to interpret an event, advertising of goods and services using a car mechanic, dentist, spiritual healer, etc. The idea is to make something look believable by using authoritative backing.

Same thing with the body language claim made on the grounds of professional experience. It's a good read at the end, but one that cannot be taken seriously. Interestingly, James Allen finds it an interesting read. I'm not saying he believes it. He may just have found it interesting to read. However, just seeing James respond to that neutrally tends to give more credence to the material. Why? James is quite an expert as far as F1 journalists go. So, without intention, some form of agenda setting has happened here. People may be tempted to read the body language claim as true. I'm here to debunk it. 🙂


why internally? we want to know the truth so they should tell us the truth and no pr rubbish. why do you think the media is allowed so close to the action. if you don't want the truth then don't pay attention to it.


@ ApexPredator - superbly written post and, from my perspective, bang on the money.

I struggle a little with the outburst from TW and NL though. It was clear from the televised pics that both, and a Mercedes exec, were waiting to speak with LH as he got out of the car - no doubt to offer counsel having predicted the media storm that was brewing; I actually thought that Lewis dod a reasonable job on the Beeb from the pen afterwards (given his record). How then did they not get their act together as professional managers and 'manage' the communication to the media when asked - shockingly poor on their part (forget the entertainment value) and for the Mercedes brand.

On the other hand, they had no access to Nico, no team representative to quietly brief because of not having finished 1st, and this is where my issue with Eddie Jordan comes in. I took some flak from a post on the other thread for my view on Jordan's performance, but he had the golden opportunity to ask Nico some direct and pointed questions during that interview and he ballsed-up in a somewhat predictable manner.

Mercedes management, it's apparent lack of man-management experience of two highly paid young men, have really brought this upon themselves aided and abetted in my view by their 'structure'. Who is going to address the drivers and define the rules - the 'non'-exec laudable Lauda, the commercial head Wolf, the racing head(less) Lowe..... who? Paddy came on the radio and asked them both to behave in Bahrain "Lewis, this is Paddy......Nico, this is Paddy...." That was understandable and both responded, but Hungary was the turning point - for Lewis' race engineer to 'pass on' a request/instruction/order showed incredible weakness in management which handed Lewis the opportunity to respond.....(paraphrasing) "when he gets close enough to overtake he can".

Nico has been clearly alarmed that starting form the back of the grid on more than one occasion in the same equipment, Lewis can drive his way up to the podium but yet Nico struggles to pass mid-fielders. He intended for something to happen, I have no doubt and as Apex mentions, if they both went out then the point differential remains the same, but he came out tops in this instance and I doubt that he cares if it means he lifts the trophy but Mercedes will be concerned about a tarnished championship and what it says about their brand. As regards Lewis and his taking private company discussions in to the media realm (as with sharing data from Button when at MCL), whatever the/his basis for it, that's a sacking offence in any corporation and he needs to be reprimanded in a fairly significant way.

I'd be happy to see Mercedes win the constructors championship having produced such an outstanding car this year, but I'd be ecstatic to see DR take the drivers crown (I'm not a RedBull fan either), now that would be good on so many fronts.


Listen guys and girls, I spend the majority of my day doing two things: asking people questions, and reading their faces when they answer those questions. To be honest, usually what comes out of their mouths when they answer those questions I rarely pay much mind to. There are a million little "tells" on a persons face when they're talking that tell you what they REALLY think, that they're lying, telling the truth etc. For example if you ask someone a question and they lie, they're going to generally look to the left. Or up and to the left. If they're telling the truth, the opposite direction. Why? It mostly has to do with which side of the brain they're accessing the information from. If they're lying, they're fabricating or creating their answer, truth, they're accessing recollection.

So I watch these interviews with a bit of a different eye than many people. And when I watch Nicos interviews from Spa, and Hungary, i see a few different things when he is asked about what transpired with Lewis in both the team orders and this incident.

First of all, immediately behind his eyes is rage. In both instances. There is a darkness there that he cannot hide. I said on this very message board after Hungary that there was also another look on his face and that was realization. Until Hungary, Nico felt pretty confident that coupled with the seemingly insurmountable points lead he had held, and the fact that he thought Lewis was killing himself in qually, and the reliability issues he'd had, Nico felt pretty confident he would be able to hold his lead. Sure Lewis would make up some ground here and there. But then, he realized that Lewis wasn't going to roll over when the team requested he do so. And worse still, he realized that in a straight up, fair battle, he didn't have the sand to beat Lewis. So he spent his summer break fuming. Fast foreward to spa. Nico gains pole, and to my mind, only because once again it was weather affected, and yet again Lewis had car trouble. Nico felt confident that as the pole sitter, if he got off first he, as had happened every time nearly that Lewis has started second, he would stay in front even through strategy because of Mercs "First guy out, first guy in" pit policy and general lack of running split strategy (why would they? Their car is that much better) Lewis spoiled that by getting the jump on Nico and Nico knew if he let Lewis stay in front, he was done. Second place and Lewis would gain ground and the points lead would be shaved even further still with many races yet to go. Nico is not stupid, he knows the likelihood of him finishing the season out without another mechanical or DNF are slim. And he knows he cannot beat lewis, especially on THAT track straight up. So he needs to attempt to get round him ASAP. No matter the cost. If he waits another lap, he might not even see a chance because Lewis will be defending the DRS right away. Closing off any lines at passable corners. There would be no better opportunity than Le Combs. None. So he stuffs it in there. What's to lose? At worst he wrecks them both, and the points lead is the same. At best, he catches lewis napping and gets around him. I don't think he expected or tried to cut Lewis' tyre. But it happened. And it was the actual best thing that could have happened. It was small enough to pass off as a racing incident, and did enough damage to at least cause lewis to pit and have to make another miraculous charge through the field. If he could.

At the end of the race, when they booed him on the stand, the look in his eyes was hurt, and confusion. He didn't insert an how they could hate him. He's so clean and good and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. But the fact is, people are smarter than he thinks. Especially F1 people. And the fact is that everyone, brittish or not, knew that move was at very least, boneheaded. And at worst, calculated and deliberate. Not cutting the tyre. But the contact. In post race interviews there was that same look of rage behind his eyes. And when questioned, he looks to the left. He even turns his head left some. There is a curl to his lip, and a narrowing of his eyes that give away his true feelings.

Of corse he wants to move on. The less this is talked about, the less likely it is that there will be action. Frankly, I think there is no action that is satisfactory. You can't take points away. But what needs to happen is that there needs to be law laid down. Contact between the two will not be tolerated. Even then, what could they do to either of them? They won't pull either driver. It's not a winnable situation for Lewis. And he knows that. Which is why in my opinion he has taken to the media. He wants everyone to know what is going on. And we should. Cause he will get no satisfaction from Merc as ther is none to be had.


Interesting view, thanks


/Nico didn’t do it on purpose but he could have avoided it. Lewis too could have avoided the accident./



It's a similar situation to Webber and Vettel in Turkey. There will always be two sides to the story and there will be supporters for both. Right or wrong this drama keeps us on the edge of our seats and eager for the next race. I can't wait for the next race and to see how things play out. Can you imagine how they would both feel if Ricciardo sneaks in and wins the championship at the last race. Keep the show rolling.


I think the public wanted to see a great sporting specticle and were cheated by Nico's over ambitous move. The many fans showed this by boo'ing Nico on the podium as they boo'd Vettel after he behaved in an unsportsman-like way last year in Turkey.

Eddie and the pundits may not like this fan reaction...but how else do the fans show their negative emotions?...they cheer when they are happy after all.


And they have found a solution to their lack power on the longer straights. This will be causing the Mercedes even more headaches.


You make some interesting points. I too was a bit surprised that both Lauda and Wolff came out so quickly to heavily criticise Rosberg to the media. Whether their views were right or wrong, I would have thought it would be better to discuss the situation as a team in private. As it is they have somewhat painted themselves into a corner - which could prove problematic with respect to future team press statements on the matter.

I also thought that the speed Lewis was driving after the puncture seemed a tad too fast, given the damage a delaminating tyre can cause - but that was just my initial impression from watching the television feed.

I do believe that Nico is more to blame than Lewis for this incident but what is crystal clear is that the trust between the two drivers is now gone - probably for ever.

How the team reacts to this will be of great interest.

David in Sydney

I thought Wolf and Lauda were pretty restrained. Imagine what they're facing from M-B senior management. They want a WCC, WDC, 1-2. Preferably with a German in the #1 spot. Lauda and Wolf want fair F1 racing - but boys will be boys and they are realising that they're too close to one another to work with the plan.


I fully agree. Bad crisis management from the Merc "heads" and still, noone seemed to mentioned that. Everyone just blamed bad Nico. Drivers are pushing to the limit all the time.


In a way it was refreshing to hear Wolff and Lauda expressing their real thoughts rather than the usual PR stuff.

I don't believe Rosberg did it on purpose, and I doubt that he said he did either - what would he ever have to gain by saying as such?

Mercedes won't be happy about the publicity from this, and you can see them struggling to keep a lid on things for the rest of the season.

I agree that Hamilton should have come back slower, he probably would have been able to gain something out of the race.


Simply rubbish !!
He forced the issue & now hes squirming his way out of his own manure.
Cant believe your falling for Golden Balls devious comments.
He parked his car in Monaco he shunts Lewis on Sunday. Few seasons ago in Bahrain he forced firstly Alonso off the track then Lewis.
He hates when he cant pass Lewis then runs into him.
Utter piffle [mod]


"...Few seasons ago in Bahrain he forced firstly Alonso off the track then Lewis..."

Utter nonsense!

In both of those cases neither Alonso nor Hamilton were alongside Rosberg BEFORE they left the track. In both cases Rosberg moved to the line BEFORE Hamilton and Alonso. The fact that they continued the move and attempted the pass was their problem.

In fact, after a comment on the incident from Charlie Whoring after the race it was thought Hamilton would receive a penalty for making a pass off the track.


Beckham was called Golden Balls by his wife because of the way he turned his reputation around after the 1998 world cup (where he ruined Englands chances by being sent off)

Are you trying to compliment Rosberg by calling him Golden Balls


"Nico didn’t do it on purpose but he could have avoided it."

If he could have avoided it but chose not to, then he chose to have the crash. In other words he crashed on purpose.

"Lewis too could have avoided the accident."

Lewis was in front and at no point did Nico get more than a front wheel alongside Lewis' car. There was no onus on Lewis to avoid the accident because he was the lead car, and no reason for him to suspect that his teammate would choose to allow an accident to happen when there was no genuine overtaking move going on. Finally, as shown in Sky F1's analysis, Nico turned in to Lewis in the middle of the bend, thus causing the accident - hard to see how Lewis could have avoided such an accident.


if he could have avoided it and didn't avoid it then he did it on purpose.


I agree. Plus nico would not have to make a point if Lewis didn't chop him up in Bahrain and then hold him up in Hungary and then push him off on the last lap at turn 3 in Hungary .


For starters, even Nico himself, from his own lips, has said that Hamiltons action in Hungary was clean. He even went so far as to say the person he was most angry with was himself for not being able to complete the move. Rosbergs anger stems at this point from the fact that Hamilton has made it clear to everyone that he WILL NOT accept a team order while he's still in the fight, be it the WDC or the GP in itself. He was still in the fight in Hungary, and knew full well if he let Rosberg past (and keep in mind at no point during THAT battle was Nico really close enough that he was well and truly being held up, as Hamilton had said tell Nico to speed up, and I'll let him through) then Rosberg would indeed chase him down after his last stop as he nearly did anyway. And what stuck in Nicos craw even more was the fact that even on fresher, faster tyres, he STILL couldn't get passed Hamilton on shagged out primary tyres. Again, this is what lit the fuse of realization in Rosberg that Hamilton was the faster (I say faster, notice, not better) driver.

Then look again at rosbergs attack on Vettel in Spa. He was driving like a madman. He had the red mist going. He was going to catch Daniel no matter what (and with another lap he likely would have, though again, I don't honestly think Rosberg would have gotten round Ricciardo. I'd love to see Hamilton and Dan duke it out in equal machinery or on a track where the Mercs power would be limited to make it fair). Rosberg in my opinion is on the brink of panic mode. Had Hamilton been in that race toward the end and Rosberg still behind him, I think we may have seen an even more brazen move by Rosberg. As it stands now, he will likely pull back some now that he has a comfortable lead again. But if he suffers a DNF and Hamilton wins in the next few races, I think we will see a side of Nico that I'm not sure even HE is aware of. Scroll down a bit and read my post on Nicos mindset and the chip on HIS shoulder vs Lewis'


funny how hey were so close and yet didn't touch in bahrain eh?


Rob, I see where you are coming from, but look at the move again. Where was Hamilton supposed to move to, to give room? More to the inside of the first corner? If he did that he'd have given Rosberg three quarters of the track!

I think the anger of Wolff and Lauda was because he shouldn't even have TRIED such a move at that time.


+1 Those saying Hamilton could/should have given Rosberg more room are fantasists with no idea of actual driving/racing.


have a look at rosberg's attempt to pass vettel and you will understand that rosberg hit hamilton on purpose.


He did it on purpose. Like Michael Schumacher, Rosberg tried to gain an advantage [mod]. He then has the audacity to imply that only English fans were booing him on the podium when in reality it was true motor racing fans. My advice to Lewis would be to get Honda to buy out his contact and get back in a Mclaren next season.


Gotta hope it's Nico that walks. Who'd want a McLaren seat for 2015? Honda aren't going to win out of the gate.


Yeah, going back to McLaren will be a great idea. That way all of his fans can start accusing Button of being a cheat, underhanded etc. etc. Team mate yet again.


Yes joining a team that can't build a competetive car even when they have the fastest engine is a great idea, especially when the new engine supplier is believed to be behind schedule...


Yes joining a team that can't build a competitive car even when they have the fastest engine is a great idea, especially when the new engine supplier is believed to be behind schedule...


Niki supports Lewis. Hence the reaction. Toto will be looking dumb if he isn't angry for the camera.

I agree with your rest of the comments though. Avoidable accident but not entirely Nico's fault.


Niki supports sportsmanship and not 'win at any cost' tactics. Rosberg has bloodied the nose of the team and sullied his own already shaky reputation, a one race suspension is probably the only thing that can keep a lid on this now.

Rodrigo Luiz Martins



Have just been watching replays of the incident. It is quite clear that Nico tried to avoid hitting Lewis. Just before they made contact, Nico makes a very sharp left turn on his steering wheel. If it was deliberate, then it would have been in the opposite direction, or nothing. I agree with James, that Lewis has overstepped the mark, by revealing what happened in the team meeting. The claims about what Nico said are pretty thoughtless. In other places, lawyers would be involved. I would have thought that Lewis would have had guidance from his management company on how to handle PR matters. Especially when you consider how many similarly controversial incidents he has caused in past seasons.


No, he turns back into the collision.


Did you fall asleep the exact moment he turns right and collides with Hamilton???



No that is totally incorrect. The driver in front has all the cards. They have no obligation whatsoever to allow room, especially when he is barely alongside apart from his sharp front wing weapon that he used to such great effect. Yes he went left, but then he went back to the right straight away again when Lewis car was in exactly the same position relative to Rosberg. It's very clear from the onboard.

He could have taken a leaf out of Vettels book and taken to the escape road and then there wouldn't be this huge mess. I expect Rosberg had a 'spolit brat tantrum' inside his helmet because he knew that was it for his race, Lewis would have bolted off into the distance so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Which controversial incidents he has caused this season?? The only one I remember this season is when Rosberg 'made a mistake' in Monaco that prevented Lewis getting pole. An incident that was unanimously agreed as deliberate by all current and ex-F1 drivers and they couldn't believe he wasn't penalised. Probably because his Dad is mates with Bernie


So you obviously missed NRs last steering input where he steered towards LH?

If he really wanted to avoid contact then he should have lifted off and not steered towards LH.

He was obviously angry that he had lost the lead and was pushing knowing that if LH had been forced off line then he might have a better chance at the next corner.

What he didn't realise is that LH couldn't see him (Check Anthony Davidson's post race analysis).

Clumsy, dangerous and stupid all in one manoeuvre.

If I were MB I would replace NR with the test driver for the next race.

That would show him that you never put the WDC ahead of the WCC.


In other places, lawyers would be involved......

On what grounds would Nico sue Lewis? You are only slandering someone if what you say is untrue.


Spot on Iain:R8.

Your comment sums up the incident and blows away all the othe emotional drivelm that others are posting!


This saga is going to run and run whilst opinions will be divided depending on which driver has one's sympathies. Only Mercedes actions over the next few weeks will reveal what their true feelings are.

My way of looking at it is by removing the protagonists from the equation so we can look at the actions from an F1 perspective .

Mercedes are entitled to be enraged by any driver who through selfishness may ruin the chance of a championship. The important thing to note is winning adds more to the brand and brings in sponsorship. Even having the 1,2 finishing stats adds to the $$$$, or €€€€ or ££££ they can command at the negotiating table, aside from the championship points. By trying an overtaking move so early in a race, one driver has put 100s of millions at risk. When both Toto and Niki speak about not doing it on lap 2, there is more to it than simply waiting. F1 is races rely on data and strategy and the team would know the optimum times to overtake especially a teammate so to do it in such a careless way is unacceptable especially when it costs the team another 25 points.

Toto and Niki were well within their rights to blow a fuse. There is no 'I' in team so the drivers have to learn and their statements in the immediate aftermath were not out of order. If they hadn't there would have been some answers required from higher up.


"There is no ‘I’ in team" -- yes there is, and its spelled as 'me'


i don't see anything wrong with rosberg attempting to pass hamilton on lap 2. my problem is rosberg caused the collision on purpose after expressing to the team how unhappy he was with hamilton not slowing down to let through during their thursday meeting. rosberg thought he had been wronged and wanted to put things right but the fact is he had not been wronged, he just wasn't intelligent enough to realise that he hadn't been wronged.

secondly, how many times have we seen rosberg successfully overtake hamilton on the outside? thirdly how many unsuccessful overtaking attempts did rosberg make on Sunday, locking his wheels and being no where near colliding with the opposition?

he is simply used to having everything since childhood and yet to learn how to cope with not having.


Very true, but speaking for myself if I was put in Hamilton's place and I had to limp 6(?) long km back to the pits while my rival was getting away more or less clean after taking me out I might find that having patience was a bit of an ask.

Honestly I think they both would be kicking themselves after that shambles.


You poor sod, Hamilton started cracking at Barcelona even after winning 4 on the trot but he realised even with a perfect race he wasn't able to pull way from Rosberg in a straight fight and the pressure was getting to him on the track hence why he try to start mind games at that point, its backfired spectacularly as he's failed to gain a pole since that race and only won the british GP due to a dubious gearbox of Nico.


hamilton is incredibly more intelligent than the media give him credit. he demonstrated incredible patience and will continue to do so. he knows what it is like not to have unlike his millionaire's son teammate.


Agreed, TW and NL convicted NR publicly before he even had a chance to defend himself. Very amateur.

The fact LH then went and "basically" blabbed to the media his interpretation of a closed door meeting does nothing to to enhance team stability and harmony. How can the team ever trust him again? He has a history of not respecting confidentiality when it relates to data, nor internal conversations. In most company that would be grounds for instant dismissal for cause.

As Rob says, both drivers could have avoided the incident. However, LH thought he could get away with closing the door again, as he has many times in the past, most recently in Bahrain and Hungary on NR. Similarly NR could have avoided the incident by braking harder os closing his steering a bit. In both cases, egos were involved and both were trying to make a point, so "excrement" happens when neither backs down and you end up with a racing incident either could've avoided if they didn't let their egos get the better of them.


Rosberg said he will comment after he has seen the video, we still haven't heard his comment, and I am sure none is coming because he knows it was his doing.

It was not a secret meeting it was a team meeting.


I should add, because the WAY this incident was handled, I've lost a lot of respect for Mercedes and the people, especially the Management, involved in what should be in a minor racing incident.


Completely agree Rob, not sure what Niki was trying to achieve (that's not unusual though!) and he probably backed Toto into having to say something publicly when he may have preferred not to. Non executive chairman? Laudable idea, but laughable in its execution...(:-)


I don't think this was so premeditated as that.


Lauda has a vested interest in Hamilton succeeding, it was his idea to bring Hamilton in and I'm guessing that Hamilton's salary was a hard sell to the board. If Rosberg wins the title they may want to know why the spent so much on Hamilton. This makes his opinions on anything involving the two of them at best something that needs to be treated with caution.


they were doing heir job just like the drivers were doing their job. if the drivers didn't do their job well it is up to the management to tell them so is it not?



You think by going slower that the delaminating tire would not still tear up the floor?

Here's the facts - You, nor I, know what Nico was thinking - and we never will.

Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton = Professional F1 drivers.

What we do know is that Nico was clearly behind Lewis and made an amateurish attempt at a pass, which cost Mercedes Benz F1 World Championship points. This is not the first time Nico has made an amateurish mistake this year that cost the team points.


By that standard, it's hard to pick out a driver that hasn't made amateurish mistakes that cost their team points at some stage of their career.

It's impossible to do so amongst the Mercedes drivers.


I think if you look at the race result, Nico got 18pts and Hamilton got 0pts, his WDC position is better than it was before hand, and Lewis now knows that failing winning many of the coming races unless Nico has some DNF's its unlikely he will win the championship this year.

All that said I think you an agree that Nico did the professional thing, and ensured his nearest competitor is now in a much worse position.

That said I have little or no sympathy with Lewis either, he is being played, Nico is using Hamiltons ego and self-belief against him.

I cant see anyone other than Nico being WDC this year, and I think this shows that whilst Lewis might be fast on a single lap he lacks the mental toughness, and single minded focus thats required by the ultimately greatest drivers. Senna and Schumacher didn't back down or get phased in the way Lewis is.

I am sure in this case he was the injured party, but these wounds are unlikely to ever heal, and go to prove that ultimately Lewis just doesnt quite have whats required.


What should Lewis have done to stop Rosberg running into him?...let him pass?


He expects that from everyone else but there he didn't need to just give up the apex at le combe and go a car width wide he would have kept the lead, but his low IQ and sense of privilege would have him do whatever he wants and expects to come out smelling of roses when everyone else dive out of his way, not going to happen, a overrated driver trying to defend against Rosberg because of his inability to pull away, priceless.

8-4 in quali as well, a few more poles from Rosberg the qualifying battle will be over as well.



Thats what he expects from everyone else!!


Completely agree, this has been blown out of praportion and the blame lays largely at the team. It's a racing incident caused by some sloppy driving. The reaction Rosberg got on the podium was terrible, we all make mistakes. These guys are selfish racing drivers fighting for a world championship neither is going to give an inch. If Hamilton had hit rosberg instead we would be say 'racing incident' and I doubt the team would of hit out so publically at him.


Stuff happens. Wouldn't even blame the team. You can't predict or guard against incidents that occur in split seconds. Team mates run into each other on occasion, all this conspiracy and finger pointing is tiresome. If they did it all the time, thats another story.


Msta, can't argue with that. Makes perfect sense.


@Sebee: I think at this point the team acts more sympathetically to Lewis because they feel sorry for him that they have let him down with car reliability issues.


At least the team aimed there anger at the driver who caused the accident.

I remember Turkey 2010 with Horner cuddling Vettel on the pit wall after crashing into Webber, now that really was mollycoddling taken to the extreme.


Why do you think that is that they would go easy on Lewis but could unload on Nico? Is one more delicate than the other?


Absolutely agree with this. Ross Brawn would have handled this much better. You have to remember that Lewis could have avoided the accident too by allowing room for Nico but this is not Lewis' style. Actually if roles had been reversed Lewis would have done the exact same thing, probably taking it further if possible. Many of the moves lewis pulls tend to be "i'm going to throw this car at you and there will be a collision unless you move out of the way". This has worked well with past team mates because they have always had the interests of the team in mind. No matter how he keeps sprouting on about how terrible it is for the team, you'll never convince me that Lewis has any interest in the team at all. What Toto should have said is "oh well it was a racing incident and was inevitable when a team allows their drivers to race each other."

Perhaps they need to get a few tips from Mark Gallagher on how to handle the media?


Lewis gave Nico all the room he needed, which in hindsight emboldened him to think he had a right to the corner. Next time, Hamilton will begin to run him wide leaving him no choice but to go off track. Rosberg was not crowded, he had so much room to the edge of the track.


Sir, you need to see the start of the Canadian GP again...


Hamilton did the exact same move on Vettel at Silverstone in 2010 and punctured Seb's tyre, how comes its never mentioned ever??? He also tried to do it to Massa at Monza 2010 but backfired when it broke his own steering arm. He tried the same again at Valencia 2012 at the start but failed to puncture Seb's tyre that time but obviously Hamilton fanboys have selective memory.


Agree: This was not a deliberate crash but could have been avoided by either driver. Stuff happens. Here comes the team orders.


+1 - As I was reading the piece, I was thinking what a shame it was that Ross Brawn isn't at the team any more. He is exactly the guiding hand that is required for a situation such as this. This cannot be described as anything other than a racing incident, if it had happened between two drivers from different teams (or even two drivers from the same team that weren't fighting for the championship - Marussia/Canada for example) this would be a total non-story by now!


Normally I am not so drawn by a discussion but this one is irresistible for exactly the reason you mention. Lewis is known to be an aggressive driver (and naturally incredibly fast no doubts) and many fans love seeing him throw his car into places where it normally wouldn't fit. At times this works because it is the perfect pass, at times it works because the other driver gets out of the way because he doesn't want to wreck his one race in a collision. It is what people like about Lewis and what Lewis even says about himself .... but when something so clearly a racing incident happens to him (arguably very stupid as many done by Lewis in the past) and the first thing he goes is to go to the press to whine about it ... it's a priceless level of hypocrisy which makes it really enjoyable to follow.

From the outside, the biggest culprit in all of this mess for Mercedes is Niki. His immediate comments after the last race that Lewis was right in not following team orders I believe have bore their fruit. Most likely those orders shouldn't have been given, but anyone who has brought up kids knows this is the first mistake one can make: giving an order (his team did, not himself, but this doesn't change things), watching it be broken and then immediately telling the child they were right in breaking it. Yes, even if they were right it was the wrong way to handle it for Lewis and for Nico. Great driver Niki... it seems though as a manger he needs a little help.


hamilton will never, i repeat never deliberately crash into rosberg. nor matter what rosberg does. It is not in hamilton's nature to do such a think. hamilton has always asked for equal treatment at every team has be been with and refuses preferential treatment.

i suspect rosberg has protection from the highest office in f1, ecclestone.


Lewis would not have done the same thing. Perhaps Lewis of old yes, but not now. He's a lot more careful. To risk that in second lap was not the act of a mature driver and potential world champion.


They castigated their driver IN PUBLIC because he deserved it.The paying public boo'ed him on the podium.Watch,they will continue to Boo him.The line about the fans needing to read the rule book better before they react is an insult.



This is probably the most contributions I have made on this site on any topic.

They were in spa!

Not England the boos were louder than the engines. That's not a small english/LH fans boo.

Honestly you guys.



Or rather it says more about them as people, and 'fans' if you will.


It says they know a cheat when they see one


The paying pubic? more like Hamilton loyalists, booing Germans seems to be the order of the day and Sky makes up all sort of excuses to protect these pathetic 'fans', they argued 'fans' booed Vettel because of Malaysia 2013 but the booing started in Australia the race before that, please explain.

Is it a coincident that Hamilton has trouble wherever he goes? I suppose he can do no wrong its everyone else's fault, Massa, Sutil, Alonso, Vettel, Button, Raikkonen, Kobayashi, Bottas and probably many others all clashed with Hamilton but its never his fault.


"The paying public boo’ed him on the podium.Watch,they will continue to Boo him."

I'm afraid that says more about the paying public than it does Rosberg.


On the contrary they were spot on as it was entirely Rosberg's fault. Lewis had no need to avoid anything as he had the racing line going into the corner and was sufficiently ahead of Rosberg to put it beyond doubt. Rosberg deliberately went for the manoeuvre when he knew the probable consequences. Frankly he needs dealing with by the FIA before something more serious happens. Do you realise how far Lewis had to go around the circuit to get to the pits. Be realistic at least Hamilton's race was over when Rosberg ran into him, and it's a good bet he did it on purpose but of course like Monaco we'll never get to know.


Msta: I'm not interested in what happened in another race, but racing ettiquette says that if the attacking driver is less than half along the length of the leading car then the lead driver does not have to give room. As Nico was way further back than that he should have known that the manoeuvre was not on, indeed he did know but kept his foot in, and therefore it was deliberate. Jenson Button who is an astute driver said quite clearly that no move was on. Nico was irresponsible and should be punished for the manoeuvre. Hamilton had the line and the corner and did no wrong.


I would be interested to hear your thoughts (and others) on who was responsible for the lap 1, turn 4 crash between Vettel and Bruno Senna at the 2012 Brazilian GP? This was similar (somewhat more chaotic though) to what we saw between Nico and Lewis on Sunday.

Similarly for this incident there was no stewards penalty for either driver, it was considered a racing incident. I don't recall DC's opinion on that one at the time but on this occasion I disagree.

Opinion seems to be strongly divided as to whether this was Nico's fault, 50/50 or Lewis' Fault. I think it was a 50/50. All I am suggesting is that the ahead driver isn't automatically entitled to the racing line when there is someone beside him (as small as the overlap may be). It appears the stewards think this way as well and perhaps the FIA should clarify this grey area.


Msta: The thing is drivers aim for the apex on a corner and as the move took place between two close corners the racing line would automatically being on a line drawn between them. It is racing ettiquette that all responsible drivers adhere to is that the leading driver has right of way over an attacking driver from behind. Read David Coulthard's column. It is understood, but maybe there is a rule that backs that up, but I couldn't say, and let's face all you are trying to do is find an excuse for Rosberg. Well you can't defend the indensible I'm afraid. It was a deliberate manoeuvre, but only Rosberg can know what the intent was. The fact remains that this is the second time Hamilton has lost out to a "mistake" by Rosberg and I for one do not believe in coincidences of that nature.


Is there a rule which states that a trailing driver must yield and give way so that the slightly ahead driver can have full and unobstructed access to the racing line?

Maybe there is no such rule because otherwise Nico would have been given a penalty on the day by the stewards.

Perhaps the racing line could be painted on the circuit in different colour zones which indicate to the drivers if you have not made it to position x along side your opponent by a certain point then you must back off or move away from the racing line. But then again the racing line is also a subjective descriptor, open to interpretation and each of the 22 drivers probably adopt a slightly different racing line anyway. So therefore a ridiculous idea.

I would suggest that the FIA needs to clarify the rules of racing.


Rob Newman they castigated him openly simply because they were has shocked as anybody.

It was a real response - not PR not scripted but genuine dismay that a driver could behave this way.

You sit there saying Nico did'nt do it on purpose is bewildering. It happened the footage is there to interpret it how you wish.

Rosberg wants to keep it internal?

like some one has said what will he do when presented with the video and questioned as to what point he was proving.

I still cannot understand why he would do that all that remains is mercs response and what action they take.


@Bruno menilli

Rosberg is occupying the middle of the track with his wing inline with Hamilton's rear. If Hamilton had moved further the collision would still have occurred.

Rosberg did not lose an end plate he lost most of the wing. Hence having to pit to change it

In the recent past when Hamilton lost wing e.g against Button he was still able to complete the race - or you can look at it another way if you want another conspiracy.

The way Rosberg turned in the intent was there.

Martin Brundle on the sky website gives his view, in the piece they have a picture from Rosbergs onboard, I would suggest all those suggesting Hamilton should have left 'more' room look at the pic. Look ahead of Rosberg and see for yourself how much space he had.

I can't fight you guys on this but look at the images and videos - including Hamilton's rearward looking camera footage.

Make of it what you will.


Hi The footage shows that Roseberg could have avoided causing an accident, and the footage also shows that Hamilton could have avoided causing an accicident -- so just a racing incident.

What WAS wrong and unprofessional was Woolf and Lauda mouthing off in public about Rosberg before they had even spoken to him, Hamilton revealing details of a private meeting, and Petronas' later statement -- so just big business.

Perhaps they should make the cars more robust so they don't fall apart at the least touch ?

No longer a racing sport but a green politically correct technological testing ground.

Watch MotoGP and see them bashing into each other at great speed - real racing, with the press not turning it into a boring minutly inspected sham afterwards.


@ Thompson A one race ban should be the punishment. No more, no less.


hamilton could have avoided the incident by slowing down and moving over for rosberg to pass.


@Nick (not Nickh, so no typo here)

Very well said. Just about the same analysis as I posted in the other article...

Almost ant fan or journalist overlooks the fact that Lewis should have given a little more room and it wouldn't have effected his speed going into the following corners. Nico not lifting in a situation like this was bound to happen sometime after Bahrain were he did this in Evert corner.

Ok, Nico could have avoided this collosion, but Lewis became the victim of his own track attitude / arrogance. As said, Alonso and Button would have avoided this incident without losing position.

Being aggressive/arrogant in every situation you will lose out sometime. Giving a little more room towards opponents will eventually be rewarded.

What's the saying: you will recieve what you get, regardless of status or friends...


I'm pretty sure he's joking!!

Ever heard of Sarcasm?!


I get your joke if no one else did.Well played.


Hamilton should have slowed down and let Rosberg through, then held up the whole field in 2nd to allow Rosberg to cruise to an easy victory without flexing his engine at all. Hamilton is very impolite for not doing this.

Also there should be a new rule for backmarkers if Rosberg is approaching them, they should be forced to completely exit the track and come to a complete halt. This would remove any chance of inevitable front wing damage or punctures


Aveli. Nico caused an avoidable collision - which he knows he is obligated via the rules to take action to avoid. He did not, and admitted this to Lewis and Toto & Mr Lauda, and whoever else was present at the team debrief. Nico was lucky not to have been penalised - but I imagine he has given the stewards at forthcoming races enough examples of questionable driving to get no further benefit of the doubt in future.


You're all missing the point.

Was this Rosberg's fault - most probably.

Was Hamilton in the wrong - most likely not.

Could Hamilton have given Rosberg more room - Most definitely

At the end of the day, regardless of who's fault it is, Hamilton was well aware that Rosberg was alongside him somewhere. If Hamilton was a smarter racer, we would have left more room just to be sure. Far too often this season Hamilton has SLAMMED the door on Rosberg and even chopped him a few times. This was bound to happen sooner or later and I applaud Rosberg for standing his ground, even if it was a silly move.

As far as I'm concerned Rosberg did himself more good than harm. Hamilton is now fully aware that Rosberg will not be pushed around and he should think twice before trying to bully him on track in future.

On another note, I believe that a smarter racer like Button or Alonso would not have come together with Rosberg. They would have left more room.


+1 too true


Of course he'd have to make way for the low flying pig as well...


or Rosberg could have avoided it by being a better racer


Yeh because that's what racing drivers do when being challenged for position. I think you're watching the wrong sport mate. No leading driver fighting for a world championship has ever stepped aside and said after you. Your expectations are beyond ridiculous.


@ aveli You're joking, right?


Hamilton could have slowed down??? Ridiculous. Are they not supposed to be racing? Rosberg hit Hamilton from behind and should apologise.


Maybe by showing that they are so angry, this will reduce the complaints by fans when they decide to implement team orders? "We had to implement team orders to control our drivers"


So Nico can't lose, as most of the instructions given be the team have been ignored by Lewis. Nico got 18 points up, showed Lewis he will stand his ground and forced the team to get Lewis to respect team instructions. This play of Nico's looks better and better by the day.


Well called sir!


The fact remains that Rosberg caused an avoidable collision, which they say is unacceptable. What should the team management should have said in your opinion?


Rosberg admitted the collision was avoidable but claims that he did not cause it.

Regardless of the regulations Lauda and Wolff both recognized the ridiculousness of Rosberg's move. How many fabulous passes and attempted passes have we seen this year involving world champions and non-champions alike, and Rosberg chooses to hold a hopeless line that will inevitably result in a collision.

This incident really adds fuel to the Monaco conspiracy theory, considering that this time Rosberg admits that he was trying to prove a point to Hamilton.

I've got to say, I've not seen Hamilton nor Rosberg looks as lame as they do this season 🙁 Fortunately there's some fantastic racing going on behind them, heh and even sometimes in front of them!!


Agreed, Rob Newman. It occurs to me that the negative comments about Nico, so unprofessionally expressed by Team Management post race, may be highlighting the very undertones within the team about which Nico wanted to "make a point' by holding his ground in that corner….


Rosberg turned into Ham, have you seen analysis and slow motion footage?


The video doesn't show that. You may have been watching some computer graphics that are not any better evidence than a bar of soap. But some people will believe anything.

Rosberg has been hung out to dry by his team because they wanted a 1-2 and if he had stayed behind at a respectful distance that is probably what would have happened. He had different ambitions, and quite rightly too.

After this experience with his team Nico is clearly very depressed. It will be most unlike him to stay that way for long. After all, he lived three years in the shadow of Michael Schumacher who, like Lewis, has a giant ego to contend with. I expect him to zip back to the top at Monza where there will be no partisan baying from the crowd to upset him.

Lewis has no way back from this, and neither should he be given one. Mercedes are joining him in grabbing failure from the jaws of success.

Nico is winning on Saturday, don't forget, and Lewis is losing on Sunday.


When you REALY, analize something, you have to take in consideration the whole move of the 2 drivers, not only after turn 1, at the middle of the turn 1, you can clearly see how Rosberg is almost side by side with LH, what does this means? it means that, LH HAD TO GIVE ENOUGH SPACE to NR, a car width says the rule.


Turned into Hamilton? Oh please! if you know anything about racing lines you'd know he was trying to make the corner...


"turn in"???

He's taking a corner



My view is that it was a minor steering correction, possibly due to maybe losing traction for a split second or suffering from a degree of oversteer. We see the drivers doing this all the time, having to jag the wheel in the opposite direction to the corner being taken..


I think the point is, if it was anyone but your teammate then there's some leeway. What you don't do is take such risks with your teammate. Nico was 11 points in the lead and decided it was a risk worth taking. The point is , whether he or Lewis likes it, it's all about the team.


@ Nick, if you are referring to Hungary, nobody would have bowed to those shortsighted team orders...accept for maybe you?.


It's all about the team?

Except when Hamilton is given orders by the team right?


Lewis could not avoid the accident. What was he supposed to do - stop his car and say after you? The reality is Nico got rattled after Lewis won four races, made a questionable move in Monaco, and the team let him get away with it.

I think Mercedes have a real problem on their hands - from a PR standpoint, it looks as if one car has all the problems, and one car does not. That fact, combined with this new problem , does not sit well with MB Board.


@YVR, true, that is another way it could have panned out. The key part here is that even if he dropped to second, he was still in the race. Worst case scenario and he finishes second and gets 18 WDC points is a lot better than DNF'ing and getting none.


@ Tristan, if Ham misses the apex at turn 6 to leave room on his left for Ros he will be totally out of shape and will miss the apex going into turn 7, what you are suggesting is the same as pulling over and letting Ros pass and possibly others.


Tealeaf, do you consider Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff to be members of the British media? They clearly agreed with every other expert in holding Nico responsible for the collision, we all know how much you dislike Lewis, but seriously mate you are onto a loser with this one. Missed your "Vettel is the greatest, just accept it" posts this season......


The bias towards Hamilton from the fans and the british media never cease to amaze me, a clear racing incident and all this fuss, if Hamilton wanted to he could have avoided that quite easily by not squeezing Rosberg, if it was the other way round I wonder if these so called FANS would be booing Hamilton on that podium.
Just like in Hungary when Hamilton ignored team orders no one booed Hamilton on the podium and none of the british media made a big deal out of it, I remember the british media tried their hardest to tarnish Vettel when he ignored team orders and overtook Webber at Malaysia 2013, this double standard is almost laughable, Hamilton got what he deserved and getting done by Rosberg in quali 8-4? Ouch.


Agree with Stewie, 100%. Rosberg's a paper champion.


Yes, Lewis could also have avoided the incident.

Don't forget that both drivers have driven Spa numerous times. They both know all the preferred lines and the alternative lines as well. Lewis also knew that Nico was right there. He has mirrors, ears, and good peripheral vision. At one point, Nico's front end is alongside Lewis' sidepod.

In order for Lewis to avoid the incident, he simply needed to move a bit to the right and give Nico room to stay on track. It's a very small adjustment.

Since we know that Nico could have avoided the incident by lifting, the only resonable conclusion is that it was an avioidable racing incident. Both drivers share the blame and that's how the stewards saw it as well.


If Hamilton just didn't try to make the apex and go ever so slightly wide he wouldn't have ran over Nico's front wing, where as Nico was out of space the only way at that point for him to miss Hamilton was to go into the run off area and end up like Vettel and damage the floor.


Lewis should avoid one thing in particular, and never open his mouth. Good behind the wheel, but it ends there.


Conspiracy Theory 1. Well done. There is nothing like "Unconditional Support" no matter what the facts.


Stewie, Lewis could simply have turned in to the left hander a little later and given some room. Miss the apex on the left hander by half a cars width, but have the inside run for the two right handers following and maintain the lead. He knew Rosberg was there. Don't get me wrong, Rosberg's move was clumsy but Lewis ended up DNF'ing and zero points by taking the racing line because he was allowed to - who cares about 'being in the right' if you get no points? IMO best described as a racing incident.

To my mind though, the larger issue here is Hamilton coming out and openly discussing a private meeting. That is not on in any way. Hamilton's paranoia and negative mindset will do him more harm than Rosberg giving him a flat.

Ham likes to compare himself to Senna, but Senna would not be dealing with the pressure the way he is. He would never have been calling in to the pits asking to retire.


Regardless of who is at fault, I really admire the way Rosberg handles himself in the media. Both in this instance and the one in Monaco. Very mature and considerate. Lewis may have the speed, but Rosberg has great class in that respect.


If only Roseberg drove as well as he talks. Very mature and considerate does not describe his driving, class and respect are earned by actions not by words. We wait with baited breath for the next installment, Monaco, Spa, what is the next point he wants to make?

What is with the FIA, Ferrari got away with one on the starting grid.

Isn't there a rule about avoidable contact


Agreed. He has never been a great over taker. 😉


Maybe PM, but Nico is paid to drive a car not give interviews all the time. Maybe that's why he is good with the media - makes up for his questionable driving ability. Ever heard of the term "spin"? You put any one of a dozen drivers in that car and they would drive it just as well if not better. he is lucky that he is there. As to your remark about class in the media, I agree Lewis still has to be more intelligent in that role but we fans want to see them both drive (fairly) not charm us with words (that may have been even written for them anyway)!


Could Nico be arguing that after HAM first moved right to block on the straight, that his move left approaching the turn was improper?

btw James, that was great commentary during the race. Rivetting


Just imagine you were the TP of Mercedes F1. Your two cars have locked out the front row of the grid and have a meaty lap time advantage over the rest of the pack. Under normal and sensible (key word) conditions you would expect an easy stroll around the pleasant surroundings of the Ardennes and for your two cars to complete a grand slam - i.e 1-2 formation.

And then the faeces hits the fan...................or Rosberg Jnr hits Lewis more like.

Whatever your opinion on who was right or wrong, the incontrovertible fact remains that an easy 1-2 was squandered. Not to mention the loss of constructors points, and the loss of whatever admittingly fragile peace there was between the two drivers.

Come on, lets all be adult and grown up about this. A silly moment of incompetence spoiled what could of been an enthralling duel between the two Mercedes drivers. Not only did Merc F1 loose out, so did us TV (and trackside) spectators too.

I still have a feeling that Merc F1 is missing the stern disciplinarian that is Ross the Boss.............fact is, what should have been a resounding victory has been squandered.

Merc F1 are very fortunate that are so far ahead in the constructors title. Imagine if they were in a close fought WCC battle; what happened yesterday would potentially have been their constructors crown in jeopardy.

Draw your own conclusions.


here is my conclusion,

the Merc cars have a feature which is not on other cars and Nico knows how it could work to his advantage,

its the section which sticks out on the end plate of his front wing, like a knife to open an opponents sidewall,



That looks like a pretty blunt knife to me, but your photo has made me realise one of the flaw's in the rules. They state that the end plates have to be rounded off and a certain width to prevent punctures, I think it came in around 1997, but looking at that photo there is nothing to stop all of the inner pieces being as sharp as they want. The middle 2 fences in particular look very potent.

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy....regret being a PITA but don't you ever weary of this repetetive promotion of brawn ad nauseum?

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy....edddy jordan spouts absolute rubbish.


+1...Danny Boy and McNishy?!


No - Eddie Jordan's point about a lack of a stern, disciplined leader at Merc F1 is legitimate, and in this instance, very pertinent.


PS On an off topic but happier note, well done to Lewis, Danny Boy, Adrian and Christian, Claire Williams and the BBC team of DC, Suzi, McNishy and Eddie for braving the Ice Bucket Challenge.

There's footage of Danny Boy smiling even after he's been giving a good freezing cold soaking, so perhaps his Spa win was karma for braving it out with the Ice Bucket!


I nominate James Allen 😉

If he hasn't already done it.


All this "tit for tat" is getting tiresome.bottom line is nico made a clumsy attempt at a pass, Lewis came off worse through no fault of his own .been a fan of Lewis for years but he needs to stop whinging about being 29 points behind . 7 races to go with 200 points on the table , all you need to do is win races , simple .

alexander supertramp

You're right, Lewis can still turn this around, but it's been a very challenging year for him and I can imagine it's all taking his toll. Best and only way to make himself feel better is to race his heart out in Monza, and I'm sure he will.


Makes your blood boil, right? He is so good. You want characters in F1, Nico is a great one. A clean cut friendly guy who's ruthless and calculated. You try to get your grip on him, but somehow he manages to get away. Fantastic. Say what you want, Champion DNA through and through. Knows his strengths and addresses his weaknesses. Meanwhile, I honestly don't think you can say the same about Lewis. His weaknesses repeatedly surface.

Ron, you have an opening and you know it. This is where his emotions will get you your Lewis back in a Honda next year. You know Honda will pay for his exit at Mercedes.

On a more serious note, how are the JAonF1 servers holding up?


Love your comments this year, top stuff.


"Champion DNA"..

A champion should know how to make clean, breathtaking overtakes...perhaps someone can remind me when was the last time we saw one such move from Rosberg...


Perhaps Nico has been learning from Crash , bang , wallop Hamilton.


Meanwhile Vettel continues to complain about his car, whilst Dan continues to show him how its done in the SAME car.



you do know vettel couldn't run on friday due to problems, right?

or you follow races only and take it from there?


That episode of the Nico blog is very Dexter like. Killer stuff!


Random, you NEVER let me down! Fantastic. How lame of me not to have spotted that first. I've got nothing to come back with at Slice of Lewis.


What was the name of the boat you were on Nico?.....

If Nico was on a boat when he filmed that blog then it was in an odd place - there were rocks clearly visible beside his right shoulder and the water was lapping on the shoreline. Mind you if he was the pilot of the boat that wouldn't be a surprise - he probably thought there was space to get by!


Lol - Although he could rename it Slice of Lewis 😉


What was the name of the boat you were on Nico? Slice of F1 Life?


What can I say, except what a very savvy guy Nico is. When emotions are high Nico plays Mr cool . It's like someone causing a bust up and ends up walking away with a halo above his head saying it wasn't me


shame on you james, why can you not quote hamilton like you quote rosberg? hamilton didn't say rosberg said he did it on purpose. just like hamilton refused to slow down for rosberg to pass in hungary, you claimed hamilton refused to follow team orders. I'd rather you stick with the truth. when two people give opposing account of the same incident, normally the most detailed account is the accepted account. in my view hamilton has not held anything back and has given it all while rosberg has not given any detail so he is not telling the truth. he parked his car in monaco with intent and cut hamilton's car with intent and said he could have avoided it but chose not to because he wanted to prove a point. he said this with confidence, which suggest to me that he is confident there is little mercedes could do to him or that he has the support of the highest office, ecclestone.

is this not he same rosberg you guys billed as more intelligent than hamilton?


100% correct.


"when two people give opposing account of the same incident, normally the most detailed account is the accepted account."

i fail to understand why! since when details equate to the truth?

YOU may think like that, most people most likely not, those making important decisions will NOT decide based upon "most detailed is the accepted version"... now that would be a fairy tale for story tellers 😉


look at the video footage, rosberg turns violently to the right perfectly in time to cut hamilton's tyre and after the contact he turns left to keep his car on track. they were approaching a left hand bend.

rosberg incident was in the same position with other cars and failed to hit them but nailed his teammate. vettel was in exactly the same position with hamilton and went off track instead of cutting hamilton's tyre.

don't be fooled by all the talk of reading the rules and the stewards not taking action against the blade runner. i wish him luck.


why do you think wolf and lauda public ally expressed their anger at rosberg? lauda said he hadn't changed his view after their meeting with rosberg. is that because lauda is not intelligent enough to understand racing?

as far as am concerned hamilton has told the truth and rosberg has felt uncomfortable about telling the truth so he said nothing just like bill clinton.

back to my point. the truth normally contain full detail and the i thrush often has gaps in it. simple to spot.


The most detailed account is the accepted account??

You really are a gullible creature. Just give you a ten page load of rubbish and you would believe that over one line of truth.

Oh well it takes all sorts.


“We just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on purpose,” said Hamilton. “He said he could have avoided it, but he didn’t want to. He basically said, ‘I did it to prove a point.’ “

Direct quote from Lewis


Read yesterday's Hamilton quotes

It's clear enough what he said


@ rockman...funny you say that as i tend to do the same but then my inquisitive nature gets the best of me and i have to go back and read it....although i know what it's going to be!!!


@rockman, today is certainly a special day for you as you couldn't resisting acting on what you read.


I can't believe you actually replied to this James.

I usually fly past and ignore Aveli's comments when I see his name.


i read and commented on yesterday's james. You wrote a new story and failed to tell the truth. this is how it is told elsewhere.



Looks like we're gonna get another F1 world champion who has no value for sportsmanship.

It would be awesome to see a competitive fight like we had with Schumacher and Hakkinen. We were lucky DC was around those years. As when MS done something unsportsmanly DC would always give MS a taste of his own medicine. Hockenhiem 2000 + france 2000.

Lewis needs a rear gunner to takeout rosberg and teach him a thing or 2 about sportsmanship.

F1 fans are intelligent people and for every incident in which Rosberg has with Hamilton it does his future no favours. People are going to see rigth through the innocent eyes of A driver who is going out of his way destroy the racing spectacle so he can be world champion.

I wonder how long it will be before we start hearing people Boo'ing Rosberg.


"Lewis needs a rear gunner to takeout rosberg and teach him a thing or 2 about sportsmanship."

Way to go Mathew M. That would be a real sportsmanship gesture! What a ridiculous comment!!


LOL i was thinking the same thing before i clicked the post button


hamilton doesn't need any of that he only wins by being faster with luck, politics and all the other elements against him.


youre right about that.

But as a fan I'd like to see some more balance given out when incidents like the Hamilton/Rosberg collision.


I swear you guys, it's like you think they give these WDC thingies away in a bubble gum machine. I like players who play hard. I don't like Robben, because mostly he levels teams I'm cheering for, but man what a ruthless player and excellent at his craft. 100% I respect him and wish he wore a different jersey.

There is whole bunch of fast guys on the grid. Few are champion material. And I see your dig at Vettel. You still don't understand what it takes to win 4 in a row, do you?


Rosberg is replicating what Vettel aswell other successful drivers from the past have done. Actually maybe the Vettel comment was unfair. I was thinking of his collisions with Webber, Raikkonen, Alonso etc. when i wrote it. Forgot there was more behind his unpopularity than the collisions/crashes. lol.

Robben is awesome. The only thing I dont like about Robben is he dives occasionally. When i saw him in his early carreer i was a huge fan. I was also a massive fan of Zidane always tuned into highlights of his club/international appearances. Both players did get away with falling in the box with no body contact and claiming a penalty though. I would boo them for that lol. Gattuso, Gerrard is my favourite player atm even though he's made some shockingly bad tackles in his time (2 footed aimed straight at opposing players knee those types of tackles end careers). To be honest i havent watched many games with Robben in recent times outside the World Cup.

I always feel sick when i see crashes in F1. Its the same in Football when you see a player get taken out of play by injury.


The team said Rosberg was unwilling to back out and didn't avoid the accident, not that it could have been avoided if Rosberg was better.


To be fair, it's easy for Rosberg to take the higher road by keeping things internal considering he extended his championship lead.

But for somebody like Lewis that got a knock on the head, it's not so easy to keep cool.

Regards, the overtake, I think Rosberg was right to go for the move because the fans don't like it when drivers wait for the DRS.

Having said that, what annoyed the team is Rosberg didn't take avoiding action once it became clear the move wouldn't work.

But has always been said, the great thing about the Mercedes teammates is whatever issues they have, at the end of the day, they sit down and sort it out like we saw after Monaco.

All in all, the season is shaping out to be a hit as we have a human drama with different personalities for stories that have characters that have polar opposite personalities always make for good reading.


All incidents aside, surely Mercedes has handlers for the drivers. I do not understand how Hamilton, time and time again, continues to make exaggerated and half-truthful statements. If I were Mercedes I would be pulling him into a room and giving him a very stern talking. It sounds like Wolff is about to that point with his comment, "Well if Lewis has said that it’s going to be a slap on the wrist, and that there’s going to be no consequence, then he’s not aware of what consequences we can implement." My opinion is that this comment was as much for Lewis as it was for Nico.

And how can Lewis' comments do anything to help the team, regardless of Nico's actions? All it takes is one bad egg to ruin a bunch, and it looks like Hamilton with all of his wining and mouthing off is doing more harm than good. He need to take the energy he puts into his paranoid delusion and put that constructively into the team and his on-track performance.


“Well if Lewis has said that it’s going to be a slap on the wrist, and that there’s going to be no consequence, then he’s not aware of what consequences we can implement.” Agreed that this comment was as much for Lewis as it was for Nico. In Lewis head, he think that he can get away like in Hungary there was no consequence for him despite disobey Team instructions 3x. Mercedes needs to show who is boss.


all the mercedes management sided with hamilton in hungary and belgium because hamilton was right. if the fia refuse to do their job there is no other higher office hamilton can complain to but the media.


This is also correct, the FIA seem to be turning a blind eye to deception.


@mike a, am i that good?


Are you employed by any chance as LH's PR guy?


a felfie video, was he scared of the question? did hamilton do a selfie or braved it out wih the media? as far as i'm concerned hamilton fairly earned each one of the points has has while rosberg resorted to dodgy acts is criminal nature to earn them. i wonder if he will pay a huge amount of money to prevent being thrown out of f1.


Once again Nico shows greater maturity and intelligence by not fanning the flames in public. What Mercedes will not tolerate in the long run is Hamilton running to the media with his interpretation of what are supposed to discussions behind closed doors.

As a German team they are also likely to be unimpressed with their British driver stoking up some pretty nasty anti-German sentiment. Many of his fans are resorting to disgusting Nazi insults, they should be ashamed of themselves and Hamilton should disown them.


You mean Nico refused to own up?

alexander supertramp

well, who has more to lose by the media outburst? I would think the guy who just ruined his own competitor's challenge and walked away with 18 points for it. He would be the biggest fool for stirring the pot.


Mercedes are also unlikely to be pleased by Rosberg's reaction on the BBC after-race interview, where he roundly (and wrongly) blamed all the booing on British fans.

That was pretty nasty of Rosberg: blaming fans and a nation when he had no idea if it was true or not.

Why are Mercedes ultimately in F1? To sell cars. How will Rosberg automatically blaming the British help them sell cars?

For many reasons, the Mercedes marketing department will be shaking their heads over this. Whilst FOM and Bernie will be smiling broadly ...


and they still say he is intelligent and mature. he has been found out and he simply wants to shift the blame elsewhere the dirty dirty dirty little ....


a selfie video, was he scared of the question? did hamilton do a selfie or braved it out wih the media? as far as i'm concerned hamilton fairly earned each one of the points has has while rosberg resorted to dodgy acts is criminal nature to earn them. i wonder if he will pay a huge amount of money to prevent being thrown out of f1.


Of course he doesn't see anything wrong. Duh?!?! Just fyi, it wasn't only British fans booing him but fans in general.

kenneth chapman

any evidence to support your claim?

kenneth chapman

@ greg...thanks for that info. better perspective now.


I was there, it wasn't just the Poms booing him. Even the German fans looked uncomfortable about it and he wasn't cheered by anyone (they were cheering just fine for Vettel).

I think a lot of the reaction was because the fans felt deprived of what they expected to be an epic race long battle by an entirely avoidable incident so early in the race. We didn't know at the time that we would still be in store for a thrilling finish!

You should also remember, the fans at the track saw it once and then once on replay. We didn't get 800 replays and expert frame by frame analysis to settle on an opinion.

I think people are being a bit too precious about the crowd reaction.

Eddie Jordan was a bit disingenuous too - instead of asking Nico about his attempt to chase down Dan, he only asked him about the incident - which he knew would get the crowd going - and then had the gall to chastise them for it.


They booed Vettel too, how did that work out? Last I checked he has a 4 piece sequential numbered beer mug set for this year's October fest.


He also has a media and sporting public ridiculing him everytime he gets OWNED by a teammate who's car is not breaking down on him virtually every race.

Considering his achievement - those sequential no.s seem to mean very little.


Funny how Rosberg wants to "move on" from this when he has been bottling up issues since Monaco like an envious jealous child. Seriously!!


Nico is finished, even if he wins the championship - nobody will respect him.


Had he waited another lap, with DRS he would more likely have pulled off a clean pass.


Am not too sure.

Rosberg isn't too confident when it comes to overtaking for we wasn't able to overtake a slower Vettel to make his strategy work.


Yes, correct, any fool can drive fast.


Well I think there is a very disturbing aspect to Rosberg's character that I've noticed time and time again.- There is never any apologia towards Lewis and seems as though he finds it difficult to mention him at all. Beyond that I noticed when Hamilton was having his consecutive wins Rosberg was getting very disturbed about it in the interviews he gave. Then came Monaco which will always be clouded in controversy and while he was given the benefit of the doubt by the team, Hamilton was convinced he pulled that stunt on purpose to gain an advantage. On the Thursday before the Spa weekend Rosberg had openly said to Wolff and Lowe that he was still very angry about what happened in Hungary, and clearly still simmering on it. Come race day in Spa he pulls another very dubious stunt that he could have easily avoided, and is adamant he did no wrong. I wonder if he has any concept of right and wrong, and again no apologia to Lewis for wrecking his race. He seems to have no concept of racing ettiquette just whatever he does must be right. I think he is a very dangerous driver to have on circuit currently, and clearly needs anger councilling. I think Hamilton is absolutely right not to trust him because he is untrustworthy. He needs a short sharp shock delivered to him so he can sort himself out.


Are you sure this "Rosberg was very angry" comment wasn't made by Hamilton.......I cant clearly recall but I don't think anyone else said this.....if so is it even true?


In essense Hamilton told it exactly as it was said, but of course it is open to be interpreted differently. There is no doubt that Rosberg is to blame, but beyond that he kept his foot in when there was no manoeuvre on. If that is not deliberate I don't know what is. He should be suspended.


if what hamilton said is not true why doesn't rosberg sue? i believe everything hamilton said and they are inline with the video footage i watched.


"not enough was done by the drivers to avoid that collision in the first place" Sorry James but that was the sole responsibility of 1 man....Nico. I mean what on earth could Lewis have done to contribute to avoinding that accident??? Please help me here.


6 inches to the right...


And move off the racing line, just because the blue eyed cretin thinks if he has his wing alongside a leading car it gives him rights to be left space......Check the rules it doesnt. The man should have just yielded, end off. Those ARE the rules not what you want to make as you go along to support your driver who incidentally has such atrocious racecraft.....witness the pigs ears of a move he tried to pull on Vettel and horribly flat spotted his tyres, or if you not satisfied with that, how he failed to overtake a much slower Torro Rosso last race till he was saved by his engineer's "BOX BOX BOX" He's simply embarrassing to be honest LOL!! No racecraft no skill, just talk talk talk!


He could have left more room, whether he was required to or not. You asked what Hamilton could have done and there it is. Pretty simple, leave more room.



Rosberg would still have hit him. The damage to his wing & the angle of his steering wheel......

The intention was there.

Watch the footage.


What and disadvantage himself by taking himself off the racing line???? Very clever!


Mercedes will not win WDC and construction championship is at risk unless they do one and only thing,that is one be it Hamilton or Rosberg dropt and replace him with the reserve/test driver

There is to much enimosity to continue as a team mates.

With all the probability it will be Hamilton that gets a carrot because he is not a Fatherland grown.

"Hami" Dennis is waiting ,you have always been his price.

Be smart ,there is no future where you are now.


Lewis has lost his edge in many areas (compared to 2007). He could use a mental coach (like his dad)

Nico may be 1% less talented, but is mentally far more hungrier to beat his team mate.

Hunger translates into focus + determination = success


Just watched Nico's video. His confidence is like a big middle finger to Lewis.

Time for Lewis to stop moaning and focus on his racing (which includes qualifying) if he wants to win this WDC...cause your team mate ain't gonna give it to you.


I think it's too late in this saga for Rosberg to say that he doesn't want to comment. Rightly or wrongly Hamilton gave his version of events of that meeting, and Wolff confirmed that Rosberg said he was trying to 'make a point'. At the very least Rosberg needs to clarify what he meant by that - I expect the level of abuse he is receiving in social media (and maybe in future races as with the booing in Spa) will continue to escalate until we really know what he said.


"I expect the level of abuse he is receiving in social media (and maybe in future races as with the booing in Spa) will continue to escalate until we really know what he said."

...only because 99% of Hamilton fans are juvenile


'I prefer to keep it internal'.

Good. The last thing Merc need is another person speaking their mind in public and making it 10x worse, like Lewis and Lauda do.

Meanwhile, Ross Brawn continues his fishing....


I will tell you one thing..... Rosberg is making it all work for himself, somehow. Do first and then apologize. Hamilton might saywhathe wants and might be the one with the truth on his side, but rosberg is exceeding points lead and this is the only thing that matters. There is no truth in F1, there are those who win and those who lose.


it doesn't matter how many points you accumulate what matters is did you accumulate them fairly? ask schumacher.


I think Schumacher did pretty well for himself with those 7 World Titles, don't you?



Totally unfair to call it as a part of ' Rosberg's grand scheme ' to keep Hamilton on edge.

Poor choice of words!!! I think it was the other way round with Lewis politicizing the issue, playing the victim and trying to get the team to back him

Hamilton could have let go the Monaco incident. Instead he called it deliberate and tried to play victim.Hamilton was unnecessarily piling on more pressure on himself after Monaco. Had technical issues for some quali sessions and for other quali sessions, choked himself even though he was the faster driver in practice sessions. This had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH NICO who did a consistent job in quali


F1 paddock in agreement that Rosberg parked the car in Monaco. Source: Ted Kravitz.

Stephanie Isherwood

Rob I totally agree with everything you've said - well put. I think its a real shame that this whole incident has taken over from what was a great race.


Very surprised and disappointed to read an experienced F1 journalist complaining about drivers speaking out. And I can't believe Rosberg is being applauded for ducking questions over his behaviour. If he was a football player, his "I can't comment yet because I haven't seen it" would have brought instant and prolonged ridicule. The fact that he hasn't even apologised is disgraceful. He cheated the fans of a meaningful contest on Sunday. I really hope Ricciardo can nick it this year. Serves Mercedes right.


Problem is, nobody likes a cheat!


There's a difference between speaking out - which I agree should be encouraged - and airing what was said in a private team meeting.

I've said that Rosberg hasn't done himself any favours, but the truth is that Hamilton (as angry as he was) could have conducted himself a little better, so at the end of the day he hasn't done himself any favours either.

Bad situation for both of them.


very well placed. hamilton will not resort to dirty tactics and will only tell the truth.


Yes, cause telling the truth is the only thing Hamilton does, just ask the stewards from the 2009 Australian GP.


Like he did at Mclaren a few years ago!!


Well said. Transparency and integrity is alien to the sports. The journalists are tainted because of their dependency; I mean, have you seen any serious reviews of Bernie's colossal let-off by any of the so called experienced f1 journalists?. Mind boggling.


Joe Saward


If you are crossing a one-way street, choose to only look the one way, and then get hit by an idiot driving the wrong way...does it matter whose fault it is? Well, you can call that driver an idiot and everyone knows he was wrong, but you still have two broken legs.

Lewis should have given Nico half a meter. He definitely saw him on the outside in the braking zone...to say "the corner should have been mine" but have a wrecked car achieves absolutely nothing.

I'm a Lewis fan by the way. You could clearly see the potential for that contact happening well ahead of time. Nico made his point and I guarantee you Lewis will be thinking more about it next time they are in a similar situation. Good psychological battle, although it's one Lewis is losing!


thank you 🙂

very well put !


Lewis has had many situations like Rosberg had sunday and paid the price but he never seems to learn from it, so it hardly will change his approach. Lewis have had much more misjudged overtaking maneuvers than anybody else, even more than Maldonado, so when he cries it`s just sad.

It is sad that those guys are wasting one of the most supreme curs in sports history. I would love to see Vettel and Ricciardo in this car.


me too! great idea 🙂

anyone knows anything about redbull's new ERS system?


I'm not sure I totally agree with your conclusions, but I do like your metaphor 🙂


Finally someone else sees it clearly!!!

Rightly or wrongly, Lewis SHOULD think twice about barging through every corner as if he alone has sole passage...other cars be damned seems to me to be his philosophy.

The next thing will be Lewis tries to pass in his usual "aggressive" manner and Nico wont get out the way like he has so many times this year and there will be another collision...

But the more races down the less chance for Hamilton to regain points.....

This is why Hamilton needs to start driving and making space for people, it is all his to lose at this point.

I tend to favour Hamilton but lately all the whining and lack of at least SOME or any portion of blame leaves me more neutral...I am just happy to finally have a season with a good old fashion bit of needle in it.

Great stuff.

Much as I like Ricciardo (fellow ANZAC) I will be gutted if Red Bull win ANOTHER championship!!!

So to Lewis and Nico ....sort you CRAP out! 🙂


Nico lost any respect I had for him by not owning up and not apologising. Not making any comments to Sky in the pen before he got to see the incident on TV was his usual tactic to avoid the hard questions.

He's doing the same on his video blog now - not making any comments on the meeting. All very convenient.

Hamilton's 'heart-on-the-sleeve' reactions often do him no favours. But I'll take that any day over the conniving Rosberg.


i wonder why his dad doesn't speak to the media about this story and the one from monaco.


What powder is he keeping dry.???

He hasn't got a leg to stand on, I have not heard from one pundit who thinks it was less than a clumsy mistake from a driver with Rosberg's experience who should know better.

The only point Rosberg has proved is that he can't race wheel to wheel with Hamilton, put the boot on the other foot...... when Rosberg squeezed Hamilton into the first corner in Canada Lewis backed off and attacked later in the race as any of the top drivers would have done.

I hear all the stuff about Nico getting into Lewis's head and yet it seems to me the other way round.....why else would he need to "prove a point".

Far from being calculating he has just been plain lucky that both his errors at Monaco & Spa have cost Hamilton points.

Still......at least us Hamilton fans stick by him through thick and thin.....the Vettel fans seem to have disappeared without a trace......or turned into Rosberg fans. 🙂


the Vettel fans seem to have disappeared without a trace……or turned into Rosberg fans


How true!


C63, Tealeaf has turned up again, but he doesn't want to talk about seb anymore...


or gracious enough to say, Seb is struggling no doubt.......


it can't be that difficult for anyone to draw a conclusion on this. simply look at the transcript of the mercedes meeting on thursday where rosberg expressed his resentment and anger over the hungarian race, the transcript from their meeting soon after the race where rosberg said he wanted to prove a point and footage of the incident. i find it very difficult to understand how anyone can attempt to prove a point by not making deliberate acts.


JA-on-F1 – Agony Uncle to the stars . . .

Can he resolve the brat-spat before season close?

Watch this space with baited [sic] breath . . .


It looks like Mercedes has taken a leaf from the Red Bull book of driver management unfortunately - it's almost a carbon copy of the Turkey 2010 incident. Two drivers fighting for the title, battling for the lead, misjudged move puts one driver out and knocks the other out of the lead, letting another potential title rival take the win instead. Team then slags off one driver to the media, before backtracking on previous comments. Drivers have polar opposite views of what happened, and friction ratchets up accordingly. Considering how media-savvy everyone is (supposedly) these days, history does rather repeat itself.

As for Lewis and Nico's respective views on the incident, I think that's about as much of a surprise as bears doing their business in the woods frankly. Lewis, being a talented driver but one with a bit of a chip on his shoulder at times, will claim conspiracy in light of the impact it had on his race and his title challenge; Nico, wanting to avoid sanction by team or governing body, will seek to stress no malice. How it plays out for the rest of the season will come down to how well both drivers can put this behind them and focus on the 200 points still up for grabs - and also how well Mercedes can put their foot down and set out some ground rules. The last thing the team or its drivers need is someone like Ricciardo snatching a dead-cert title from them because they keep hitting each other.


Specsavers might be a good idea.


The thought has occurred to me as well and I have come to believe, as in James' second to last paragraph, that this is all part of Nico's strategy to "keep Hamilton on edge".

Entertaining for sure. And the best part is that it is up to Niki Lauda to sort it all out! LOL


Not sure I agree with James assessment of Nico as a "calculating individual" in his public statements, more like his silence is an admission of guilt.

He looked extremely uncomfortable in his post race interview, and now you have other drivers like Massa ( hardly biased ) saying Rosberg should have got a penalty.

Rosberg still hasn't got over Bahrain and feels he has to prove he can mix it in wheel to wheel combat, on the evidence of this and the last race he,s actually got worse since then.


Yes Niki to the rescue. Hah ha ha...

Here is my thought, they will collide again!!!!! So, we are going to have another few months of "Hamilton's bringing his dirty laundry out in public"; "Rosberg not saying much"; "Paddy Lowe doing nothing" & "Niki Lauda to sort it all out" situation. Hah ha ha, people love controversy more than the sport itself!!


Deliberate or not, Nico hanging around like that (off line, to the left rear of a car that was only ever going to turn left) was only going to have one outcome. It was either deliberate, or clumsy. Frankly, neither option is appealing to a driver, so it probably is best if Nico keeps his own counsel.


I don't think rosberg is in the position to be saying that they should just move on. It doesn't give Lewis his 25 points which he was robbed of, and yet nico increases his championship lead.

Nico would no doubt want to move on and forget that it happened. It doesn't justify what he keeps doing though.

Penalty is needed to stop him doing it and set an example.


"Rosberg, a more calculating individual, has preferred to keep his powder dry in terms of public statements, but the big picture of the Spa saga is that it is all part of his strategy to keep Hamilton on edge."

Said perfectly, Rosberg most surely knows that Hamilton is lights out quick but has a very fragile psyche. Referrence teh meltdown 2011 as the best example of that to date. Nico has been at this since race one of the season and it appears to be paying off in the championship standings. What he needs to be careful of is pushing Hamilton so hard that he goes into rage mode a la 2007 vs Fernando. That could backfire on him big time.

No one is arguing Nico is the faster racer, but he is certainly better at playing the game. No contest.


Any fool can drive fast!


Nico has no technical ability.


Yes brain vs brawn game happening here. I think the situation is worse than 07 already. At that time Lewis didn't have many wins or any championship to his name. Now that he does, he seems to think he deserves it more than everyone that ever raced any kind of race! Whenever there is a team mate clash, there is Lewis Hamilton. Ironic! Maybe he wants Mercs to have only one car on the grid, Hamilton all by himself.


I can't help feeling that the tensions that exist in the Mercedes team at the moment would not have existed under a Ross Brawn regime.


I think everyone in the world thinks that my friend. It would be nice to hear Ross's view regardless.


U don't know what u talking about I suggest u to go and watch the race again . Nico he's clumsy driver .


Roseberg is trying to prove himself and everyone else this year that he is a good match for Hamilton,now that both of them drive the same car. He also wants to be a champion this year because he knows that this year the he drives it is a winning car. In order to achieve this he will do everything on track and outside of it to accomplish that.

On the other hand, Hamilton wants to prove that he is still better than him and everyone else. But seeing Rosberg in front of him in the championship makes him mad and of course he is more frustrated than ever. Rosberg seems that has everything under control (not avoiding the contact) and the way he tried to put his car in the corner reveals that he has less to lose compared to Hamilton. Hamilton can not afford losing points by hitting other cars.

In conclusion i would say that Rosberg is more focused mentally right now and he is in a better position to take the championship.

Just to remind you though,it has not been a long since Hamilton used to hit Massa's Ferrari.....


You say, "Nico didn’t do it on purpose...".

We can't know that. He certainly put his car into the space where Lewis was about to close the door and afterwards said he wanted to 'make a point'. Toto Wolff has confirmed that. So I'm having great difficulty seeing how that could be not 'on purpose' and just be clumsy. It looked like heat-of-the-moment frustration to me.


Sorry, this was a response to Rob Newman @1.


Slightly off topic but,

If drivers need to resort to mind games to win WDC, then F1 has lost this 77 year old supporter, I always understood it was the fastest driver in the fastest car that won, not the one who played the best mind game.

I think the WDC has got too important, I can't remember Mike Hawthorn or Peter Collins worrying about the WDC, it was about getting the car to the finish and first if possible, mind you the BRM was not too reliable to get 20 or 30 laps was an achievement , the Vanwall did better.

The 4 week Summer break is not good for the modern F1 where the WDC is the main thing for the F1 media crowd and the younger fans! can you imagine at half-time at the Wembly cup final the crowd is told to come back in 4 weeks and see the second half, I think there might be a few objections!!.


plenty of examples throughout the years of NOT the fastest driver/car winning the title... the best racer, maybe, not necessarily the faster...

also, luck does play a part... and sometimes a big one 🙂

you must have seen some fabulous races, even if there would be less TV coverage back then 🙂


May I please ask for those plenty of examples to be listed?

And how do you define the best racer? I think one of the components that make a good racer is that he gets in his opponent's head and manages to intimidate. How did it feel when Schumi pulled up on your tail? Already the driver was cussing in his helmet when he peaked at the mirror.

Sometimes it reads like you guys want F1 to be black and white. It isn't. It's gray all the way. They are supposed to battle out there, and battle we want with bruises and all!

kenneth chapman

@ trebor...at long last! a poster that is older than me. very well done trebor. we share many memories.


Bad example - Does the Wembly cup final take place over the best part of a year while travelling all over the world?

These guys need to have a break somewhere along the line.


At the end of the day, what happened was a racing incident. I would argue that neither driver was fully at fault. Nico could've lifted, or Lewis could've yielded slightly and given a bit more space in order to prevent a collision. The only alternative really is team orders, and we all know what the fans think about that.


well said, short and to the point, and you cover everything in it!

well done. 🙂


The present discussions on failing F1 audience all highlight the need for drivers to be more accessible to the public. Aside from if you are a Lewis fan, or what your opinion is of what Nico did on track- I think you can feel sorry for him getting booed on the Spa podium and his facial reaction showed he took it very personally.

And now his teammate is going public with internal discussions to try and turn public opinion against him even more.

Nico has for the last few seasons been one of the most accessible drivers of them all on social media. He actually does his own videos and blogs rather relying on a team "mouthpiece" to do his work (how many of the drivers on Twitter etc do you think actually review and respond personally and how many have a team spokesperson do it all for them).

I think it would be a real shame if the end result of all this is that Nico decides to become less publicly visible


Well rehearsed statement, serene location, nico can act...