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Belgian Grand Prix: Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: Editor   |  26 Aug 2014   |  8:01 am GMT  |  216 comments

It’s time to let the dust settle on the Hamilton/Rosberg feud for a while and consider who stood out in the Belgian Grand Prix.

The race was dominated by Daniel Ricciardo once the fallout from the Hamilton and Rosberg collision worked through and then the closing laps were lit up by a fantastic battle for fifth down to eighth.

Ricciardo won his second successive race, his third in total, while Valtteri Bottas scored his fourth podium of the season with another mature drive.

Kimi Raikkonen took his best finish of the year in fourth, Jenson Button brought home some solid points for McLaren, while Daniil Kvyat scored his fifth points finish of the season.

So who was your Driver of the Day at Spa Francorchamps?

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo took his second successive win and third of the season. Starting fifth, Ricciardo benefitted from Hamilton dropping down the field with a puncture and then put a good move on Alonso at Les Combes. Capitalised on a mistake from Vettel at Pouhon to snatch another place and then closed to within a second of leader Rosberg. Took the lead when Rosberg stopped and retained it when he made his own stop. Built up a lead over Raikkonen and looked comfortable when he rejoined on lap 27 on the mediums he would race to the flag. Had enough of an advantage in the closing stages so that a chasing Rosberg couldn’t catch him. Victory strengthened his grip on third place in the drivers’ standings.

Valterri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas

Bottas took his fourth podium in the last five races following another impressive drive that highlighted his potential as a future champion. Started sixth and gained a place when Hamilton suffered a puncture. Rose another place during the stops and then passed Alonso for third using DRS on the Kemmel Straight. Dropped back after his stop, but capitalised on Rosberg’s error in an attempt to pass Vettel to move up to fourth. Briefly led the race, before pitting again. Passed Vettel for fourth place and then climbed into a podium position with a late move on fellow Finn Raikkonen.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Despite being force to wear team gear in Spa that was two sizes too large for him (above!), Raikkonen produced his best drive of the season, narrowly missing out on a podium place with fourth. Passed Kevin Magnussen at the start and then gained another place as a result of Hamilton’s puncture. Was the first of the frontrunners to pit and it proved to be a good decision as he rose up to second behind race leader Ricciardo. Pitted on lap 21 for the medium tyre which he would take to the end of the race. As his tyres began to struggle, he lost a place to Rosberg and then late on to Bottas before crossing the line fourth.

Daniil Kvyat

Daniil Kvyat

Scored his fifth points finish of the season to move to just three points behind Toro Rosso team-mate Jean-Eric Vergne in the drivers’ standings. Lost a place at the start, but showed good pace in the middle part of the race to rise up into the top 10. Absorbed pressure from Nico Hulkenberg late in the race to hold onto 10th, which became ninth following Magnussen’s penalty.

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Danny Ric does it again, picking up the pieces when Mercedes falters. Great job!

Tornillo Amarillo

With DRS F1 is a joke.

With team orders too.

With Mercedes 2, 3 or 4 seconds faster... too.

The good news is that it's not Red Bull there again leading the Championship! The "fourtuple" champion VETTEL is nowhere without his old car, and he has the shame to watch RICCIARDO well ahead now. Not good for WEBBER reputation either...

My vote is for OTHER... HULKENBERG, always there, and a lucky man who got another point for the team and himself.


Webber could always argue that the car was setup for Seb, but you're right Riccardo is acting as a double edged sword for Red bull. Great that he's winning points (but who wants to be second best), but does rather diminish their previous achievements.



DOTD for 10th......your kidding aren't you?




"Despite being force to wear team gear in Spa that was two sizes too large for him (above!)"


Don't drivers bring their gear along to races or they get given them by the team when they arrive?

Matthew Cheshire

Maybe the guy driving the first half of the season was an imposter, and two sizes larger. The results back me up!

It's probably some of Domenicali's gear. Italians all have long arms. Ferrari need to recycle stuff to stay afloat with Kimi's wages.


DOD - Bottas. I have to keep reminding myself he's only been a F1 racer for 18 months!

Wally of the Weekend - Rosberg Junior.


I have to give the wally award to Hamilton for putting his foot down on the run into Blanchimont and obliterating his floor in the process. Whether it was panic or impatience I fail to understand why he suddenly decided to accelerate there after having been so careful the rest of the lap and keeping the tyre largely intact.


His coming together with Rosberg wrecked his race, but it was those five seconds that destroyed his chance of a recovery and that could really come back to haunt him come the season end.


DOD unquestionably Ricciardo though, outraced his team mate, got into a position to capitalise on Merc's misfortune and then drove like he'd lead a hundred races, not three.



Best driver for me was Kimi who has at last got the horrid Ferrari to work for him. It's clearly not by "natural ability" or "seat of the pants feel" or other nonsense that racing fans talk about, he has not suddenly developed such figments of imagination. He has, instead, worked his way through the settings and adjusted the dog to his own needs during the summer break. Bravo.

I only hope that Fernando is not so distracted by his salary negotiations to put up a good fight with Kimi in the rest of the year. I've been looking forward to the Kimi/ Fernando race all season, so bring it all on.


The mark of a good driver is that they make it look easy, as if anyone could do what they are doing. I continue to be very impressed with young Daniel.


If Red Bull had not tested the limits of the rules in Australia, Ricciardio would be a serious contender for the championship - unthinkable back in May. Vettel is driving the same car - so why is he not up there too? A bad year or the beginning of the end for him?


Yeah Dan would be right up there if his Aus points weren't lost. Vettel looks fast in spurts but can't seem to hold the pace. He often does a good first stint then gets stuck in traffic or loses pace (tyres presumably) and his qualifying is pretty good. He's been making a few mistakes too. Dan looks like he lets the race settle in first then sets his strategy and pace. Hands down driver of the year.

Frank Oosterhuis

Ricciardo and Bottas might become higher ranked (above the two Merc-drivers) over the whole season.

Both drive with hardly any error at all, while the two mercs trip over each other on every possible occasion.


that was the first time one has taken the other out all year...


Won't be the last though!


Driver of the day was Rosberg for showing Hamilton he won't be intimidated by him, his media hype, his endless rants about unfairness, or his brazen disregard for team orders. While Rosberg's move may not have been great for public relations, at least Hamilton now knows not to cross him (literally)!


& if Hamilton ran straight into the back of Rosberg I wonder what you pair would be saying. M....s #biasedracistblinkers


Lollipoopman keeping Brit fans are the best fans on the planet.

We fill Silverstone in attendence only a few other places do. In Germany its like a ghost town.

We back our drivers. We go & watch live races. We don't sit at home coming out with dubious comments.


I agree 100%: Brits back their drivers, and so does BBC & Sky. Sometimes a tad too much, but then again Brits also back drivers from all over the world.

And btw, Hockenheim is not really like a ghosttown. But of course, that place needs to fill up more. Remember Hockenheim, Aug. 2, 1970 anyone?



Totally agree with your driver of Day

I voted for Riccardo & Bottas is my second driver of day.

Ps Aussie The Truth ....don't play the trumpet whatever size the instrument is.

You'll go blind doing that at your age 😀


Totally agree Australia is a geeat place for F1& well attended.

I'm not knocking Australia & I think Daniel Riccardo is a top driver & is a future World Camp with more technical ability in his little finger than Rosberg. He also gets alot of support from British fans. So no fusz no fowl re Aussie fans 🙂

Just not a fan of zee german/euro demolition derby driver!!



You clearly haven't been to an Aussie F1 mate! packed stands most of the weekend!

DOD Dan Ricciardo with Bottas an undisputed second.

The Truth, Aussie style

We all appreciate the race weekends where the grand stands are packed, which started with Australia this year, and several of the race weekends since, including Silverstone were great; also Germany fan turnout was disappointing but Pkara, I don't see how lolliepopman's comments open up the chance for you to blow your little trumpet about how great you think Britain and its drivers are. I mean your comments just seem to come from left field. Oh and if Hamilton doesn't quit his diva whining act and get his head right he's not going to beat the German who seemingly has no fans at home races even though Lewis, who every Englishman is a fanboy of, has way more talent then Nico. Brain over tantrums is key for Lewis' chances for the WDC.


Keeping = diagree with your comments!!


Disagree! it was LH who was the driver of the day!

The Truth, Aussie style

Lewis and Rosberg both deserve moron of the day awards; Rosberg for amateur mistake with lewis and lewis for being a absolute pinhead for shredding the floor of his car by driving like an idiot on the way back to the pits. LH your smarter than that mate. DOD Danny Ric, mature drive, and left Seb for dead in terms of race pace. Also very impressed with Bot and 1st time this year I've been impressed with the iceman, want to see more of this Rai, not what we had before Spa.


Disagree! it LH who was the driver of the day!


Planet F1!


Agreed, LollipopMan. Nose to tails happen all the time, every race. Just because it involved precious Hamilton practically every Englishman who ever watched a car race comes out screaming. In a sport that has sadly become so sanitised it's often dull, watching Rosberg stuff it up Hamilton and live to tell the tale was the highlight of the race. More power to the man with the cojones, and press mute for the endless whining that follows from his self-professed mate.


If Mercedes-Benz aren't careful enough, this might become another 2007 season where Kimi stole the crown from under Alonso and Hamilton's nose. This time it might be Dan Ric who might steal it =)


No option to vote for Rosberg? 😉


When your driving a car thats expected to win and your take out your team mate whose also expected to win or come 2nd . You dont have to be a genius to figure out why.. But then again Maybe JD Creatives cartoon pic on the subject is the perfect answer for you guys


HAM & ROS in the same category "Other"


which pretty much makes the voting redundant.........


1. RIC took advantage of the situations occured - a brilliant drive!

2. BO77AS did a great job with Kimi at the end

3. RAI KIng of Spa, good drive despite a machine that doesn't suit him


Magnussen and Alonso... They raced hard and entertained.


Add in Vettel and Button to those two and there was the stars of the race right there!


Ricciardo for me. His skill to make the most of opportunities reminds me of an alonso 2012

RAI for 2nd , glad to see him back in the game, i hope the 2 Ferraris will be fighting with RBR and Willaims in monza

Also, i wonder if James you could provide us with the history of "the most consensual" Driver of the day poll as i see RIC at 73.97% and that seems close to an all time record ?


note: no rosberg available? taking 18 pts in the WDC is huge!


Costing the team 32 points - Priceless


Ricciardo is my winner for DOTD

Kimi is runner up for DOTD

James if Ferrari had run Kimi's car with a lower downforce setup might he have got on the podium . How much slower than the Williams through the speed traps was he?

I was a bit disappointed with Williams as I expected them to be challenging for the win especially in a race where Merc were having big problems.

Force India under performed for me at Spa.


I saw Bottas doing 339 on the Kemmel straight and Kimi doin 326 quite often ( separately). But it is also how quickly they get there where Ferrari also suffer.. The split turbo works oerfectly down low as well as up top in unison with PU


Ricci and Kimi both ran error free races. Kimi's overtakes were clinical and beautiful and there were several of them, always thrilling to watch. For once Alonso had a ppor race by his standards and his move on Vettel was a rookie mistake, a copy of KevMag's moves early in the season.

For me it's a split 50/50 Dan and Kimi.

Dan took the race win by scruff of neck, a tremendous performance. He is the star of 2014.


+1 well said Phil. I slightly gave it to Dan I agree hes tremendous this year a cut above. Drivers circuits always shows us the brilliance of Raikkonen even monaco when his car was horrible to drive. He definitely got every bit out of it at SPA but then he always does.. so by my reckoning greatest track success= greatest driver


Star of 2014 and many years to come 🙂


Yup Force India seemed to have totally fallen back in terms of development whilst other teams are finding bigger and bigger gains


Ricc DOTD is a no brainer


Ricciardo DOTD, showed everyone how a pass on a teammate is done, well at least Nico anyhow!


I have been expecting Vettel to get back to form & resuming business as usual by beating Ricciardo. After qualifying, it looked more like that.

However, after watching Ricciardo slice straight past Alonso & then Vettel, I have to really think now that it is not going to happen.


@Nick H - I think the advantage Mercedes have, and its highlighted in the wet is 2 fold. The first and biggest is the PU power delivery- split turbo spools up the turbine at low engine speeds whilst delivering better ers power- the renault and ferrari cannot do this its mostly all or nothing with them . Then its a question of packaging and balance because of how well Merc positioned & designed the chassis around the PU means its better balanced. I still think the RB10 is an outstanding chassis and brilliant aerodynamically probably as good as the WO5.but just imagine if it has 50bhp not the 80-100odd deficit and the same tractability as the Merc...



Been very impressed how Vettel has handled this year. His comments and demeanour and on track behavior all suggest he is ok with it. It's hard to dislike Dan. Red bull seem to be using Vettel to challenge and unsettle the Mercs early on. I think Vettel's car went away from him a little after hitting those speed bumps at the beginning while attempting to pass Lewis. His pace has looked there in parts. He just can't put it together for a full race like Dan has. Vettel seems to have great early pace then fades as his tires go off. I expect Vettel to comeback very strong next year.


In Australia, the pass on Vettel did not get much airplay in the main telecast. We saw Ricciardo pass Alonso. This meant he was now behind Vettel. I then thought "this will be interesting".However, the telecast went to replays of the start. I was watching the F1 App & it showed Ricciardo in front of Vettel.

When they came back from teh replays, it took a little while for the announcers (Martin & David) to realise that the pass had occurred. Only got to see one shot of the pass & it was inconclusive.

I find it hard to believe that "Tough Luck" Vettel will concede a place to his team mate, but who knows. At some point, Vettel will know that his role in Red Bull for this year will be a support role. He did do quite a good job at holding Rosberg & others up.

Speaking of which, not much has been spoken about Rosberg's very untidy attempted pass of Vettel (big lock-up & then fell behind Bottas).


@ Matt Cheshire.

As much as I like Riccardio and think he is doing brilliantly, in reality the Merc is still way ahead on performance. 2 secs clear in wet when downforce really counts. The Riccardio championship talk is, just that, talk. It is unlikely they will crash into each other again in the next few races and Merc drivers will pull out their points advantage again.

Matthew Cheshire

50 seconds is a massive gap and it dispels the idea that Vettel will be transformed when he has a trouble free race.

Vettel was excellent support for Ricciardo at Spa, if he intended to or not. I think he did and his excursion off track was unbelievably well timed to avoid holding up Dan or being told to let Dan passed.

Right now, Vettel has the perfect chance to pass his Dick Dastardly badge to Nico. He can admit the championship chance is with Ricciardo and help the team that has helped him win so much. Zero to hero in 3 minutes?

kenneth chapman

whilst there were some excellent drives by many drivers it has to be ricci by a substantial margin. he showed just how masterful he really is at such an early start in the premium division and against some very very experienced old hands as well. what a refreshing revelation this young guy really is.

a reasonably close second was bottas who is developing to be a real 'hottas'. he is fast and consistent but, IMO, doesn't have quite the 'flamboyance' of ricci. not that that matters at all of course.

Matthew Cheshire

Red Bull strategists have been taking risks that have paid off handsomely. Williams have been understandably conservative. Bottas may show even more form when the team is confident to "take the gloves off". It's going to be interesting.

kenneth chapman

yes, i do think that you are right. williams woeful performances over the last 5 years have imbued a conservative approach...in the main. can't say that i blame them. just take the max points whenever you can. the problem with this approach is that ATM there is only one driver really pulling the points. this approach is the way to go when you have two strong drivers contributing. that is not happening yet.



For enabling F1 to engage with the media big-time . . .

All the rest just drove cars quickly.


I agree that it should be Rosberg although he seems to have been excluded from the options. Whilst out of British loyalty I always favour our drivers, in this case I fail to understand why so many people are pinning the blame on Rosberg; he followed a particular line and it was clear that it was Hamilton who charged direction but misjudged it and clipped Rosberg's wing in the process.


Because most people understood exactly what happened and some like you attacking the guy who was hit from behind..Oh and btw Rosberg has now publically admitted it was mistake


Read the Strategy Report. ROS made plenty of mistakes and not just the obvious one!


Nico Rosberg.

Ricciardo won the race but Nico took out his only real competition for the World Championship, extended his lead and still managed second place.

Tornillo Amarillo

So why ROSBERG was so serious after the race?

Alastair Isherwood

Jock, what about Hamilton? He is amazing, such a raw talent with dazzling speed, we should just save all the Brits the trouble of voting and give DOTD to Hamilton after each GP as he is amazing with raw talent and dazzling speed.......oh am I repeating myself?





He scored 20 more points than his closest rival.

I'd call that a massive victory!


Rosberg for sure !!!


Yep. Rosberg for me too.

It is good to see him dishing it out. He almost always seemed to be the one to give way.


...And destroyed his reputation in the process.

Personal integrity is more important that the WDC, Nico.


Not to him. And if he wins WDC the details will be largely forgotten. He won't care, especially if he can string a couple of WDCs together. So many other drivers have been involved in controversies. Let's face it this has been blown completely out of proportion. If it had been any two other drivers nobody would have been discussing now!


And lost a huge number of points in terms of public image.

When F1 drivers start getting booed on the podium, and getting compared to Maldanado, they might want to reconsider their choices.


Do you really think they care about public image versus WDC?

I don't for one minute...they want to be WORLD champion not PEOPLES champion...

PLUS some of us don't see the way you do anyway.......


He will not care if he wins the Championship! Tell that to the likes of Schumacher, Vettel and (if you could) Senna. Nice guys don't win! Take Webber.


Without returning to the topic of the last 48 hrs, you got to admit Rosberg got the result he needed.


Yup, he got my vote. Massive points victory over Hamilton, pulled off devious maneuver while still leaving element of doubt as to whether it was deliberate, and fractured Hamilton's fragile mental state most probably beyond repair.



If Hamilton had done that, I can hear a bunch of predictable commentators saying:

" Oh! there! he is a Senna fan and a true racer.. zzzzzz"

He is so used to, rest of them being responsible, when he overtakes... that WDC is for the stronger of the two minds!

Matthew Cheshire

Poor Lewis needs to be less Barbie and more Honeybadger.


He got the points through stupidity and extremely poor judgment though which are not qualities that are associated with DOTD


Sorry, I mean 18 points, not 20.


Mind you, he probably should have received a penalty so it was luck of the draw more than anything


Came here to say the same thing. His "superb" driving helped him open up a 18 point larger gap to his closet rival (though he did drop a few to the next in the line)


What, no Rosberg?


Only for the award for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Matthew Cheshire

No. Vlad the Impaler didn't make the final cut either.


I am a bit surprised too ... Rosberg drove a Champion's race. Not to everyone's liking, but still.

He made it happen for him and laid down a marker for Lewis. It is going to be much harder for Lewis to claw back the lost points compared to the start of the year. Rosberg has transformed into a ruthless competitor over the Summer with one single focus: the Driver's Championship.

+ Apparently Rosberg drove the fastest lap on Spa since 1996?



Champion's drive needs to be understood as staying cool and making things happen.

James Allen's strategy report confirms your observations. I agree with both of you.

Perhaps I should have written Championship defining drive?


Let's hope Nico can live with himself. If the roles were reversed Lewis couldn't.


Sorry I nearly fell of my sofa, I was laughing so much, champions drive, forget the ham incident, cast your mind back to that marvellous attempt at overtaking vettal, which flat spotted his tyres so much, he had to ease of because the vibrations would have wreck his suspension, so he had to pit, totally change his strategy in the race, totally priceless


Hi James

Do you think we will see an announcement at Monza from Ferrari regarding their drivers next year?


Probably, Mattiacci has been saying they will stay with the same drivers


Alonso will stay at Ferrari next year and come 3rd (5pts off winning) with Lewis in 2nd (1 pt ) behind Raikkonen. Then Raikkonen retires as Ferraris last world champion.....Again..! Bianci pairs up with Alonso and wins in 2016-Thanks to a great chassis designed by Allison and developed with Kimis input.. Kimi has a son & names him "Win" - Ferrari signs him for obvious reasons to their junior academy at age 1 hes doing carts by then). Ferrari build a hyper car in 2017 named Ferrari Motivazione (Motivation). Its only available in Ferrari Red with a rare Ice blue stripes - only 7 are made and stamped with the "Iceman" and rune insignia in the door frame.. Clarkson comments its the sharpest handling car ever driven.


Hopefully Alonso will leave for Mclaren, only then Ferrari will have a chance to develop their car into a fast one as Alonso clearly can't do it judging by last 4/5 years



Alonso realistically doesn't have any better seat to move into next year.

Mclaren? Their doing worse than Ferrari and they have the best engine this year. Highly unlikely they will move forward next year.


Matiacci confirmed to Sky F1 there will, be no driver changes.

Matthew Cheshire

Are they staying with Mattiacci?!


Have some Patience mate. It took Schumi 5 years.


James, much was made by BBC TV about Alonso openly meeting with Red Bull, though I've not seen any reports online - any insight?


Worst news to hear james then

Alonso to stay at Ferrari one more year and endure another disappointment in 2015 then.

Ferrari only have a name and they live on the past glory, Ferrari has been a mid-table team ever since 2009 to this point. Yet the pilots are reluctant to switch to other teams due to the monetary benefits. Money talks more than performance and the pace of the cars.

Gutted for Alonso.


Ah, Mr Saward has been hinting a change maybe announced, but maybe he's just bored and fancying stirring up his blog.


It has to be Dan.

He's always there to pick up the pieces when the Merc's have a problem. And he's proved it is not by chance alone by doing it three times.

He's definitely got a WDC or 2 in him as long as he gets the car he needs.


I'm hoping that he has the car he needs right now!


RIC definitely DOTD, with daylight a distant second.




Kimi/Alonso in the race.

Kmag did ok too.

Lewis he had a great start only to be taken out of the race by the spoilt brat Falseberg.

It would have been good to see Lewis drive off into the distance. But sadly when you have a Falseberg as a team mate then you have driver who'll try & win by taking you out of the race, by using his car as a battering ram. All because he knows he cant beat Lewis in a dogfight.

So glad Riccardo won it would be a travesty if Falseberg had won.

Mr A (Melbourne)

Just realise there is no 'Falseberg' about him. From what I saw of the replay of the action, Hamilton swung towards the left and drove over Rosberg's front wing end plate -- to me it looked very much like the first stages of forcing Rosberg off the track,

My vote for Driver Of The Day goes to Daniel Ricciardo. What impresses me is how delighted he looks when on the podium, unlike some other miserable looking prima-donnas we have seen.

Keep up the good work, James, we appreciate it!

Incidentally, does anyone know what Ecclestone and Ron Dennis were arguing about before the start? The camera was on them for quite some time. Could have been interesting.

Mr. A.


Mr A, fair enough, but may I politely suggest you watch it again.

Mr A (Melbourne)

To TimW and Random 79, thank you for your comments, I tend to believe what I see in a replay, and that is my interpretation.

Each to his own!

We did not see the full length of the discussion between Bernie and Ron, because our telecast changed shots a few times, and I didn't spot Paul Hembry in the discussion.


" From what I saw of the replay of the action, Hamilton swung towards the left and drove over Rosberg’s front wing end plate "

Hahahaha. Seriously..


Is that the discussion they were having with Paul Hembery as well (or perhaps he came in later)? If so more surprising to me was when Bernie started pushing the cameraman away.

Still, I have a feeling that Bernie and Ron having a disagreement is nothing new.


I'm sure your right and every pundit journalist and team member is wrong, what do they know?!




Mistake there surely.....


Your rants are getting boring.

Try sticking to the topic and lay off the personal insults to other drivers just because they are beating your favourite


Peter rant or not to rant...

Its a free world so I shall rant if I please.

Just don't read it.

Like some off the absurd comical postings from some people print.

Aka the amatuer psychologists

amatuer biomechanics

amatuer journalists

those with prejudicial views

Chips on their shoulders

The stirrers

The would be experts

The ranters

Let the blood run I say 😀


@ pkara...don't you ever give it a rest. the thread title says DOTD and the narrative indicates it is time to 'let the dust settle' and i couldn't agree more.


@ jock ulah.... i like your analogy. plenty of troubled souls here....hahaha


@kenneth c . . .

Angst is the oxygen of the internet . . .

This blog is a ‘wellness centre’ for troubled souls.

(And for those who enjoy a damn good laugh).


Not sure that I've ever seen as clear a case for driver of the day.


Sun shines off gleaming teeth,

Silver arrow targets itself,

The honey badger rises.


Haiku Man @TGS. Very, very good.


Nice!!!!Vey Nice!!!


Amen to that.


In the spa preview, I said a Redbull Ricciado miracle, a Williams Bottas win and both the Mercedes tske each other out would make it a perfect weekend.

I didn't quite get it but gee I'm happy anyway.


I think Bottas should have gone out for a win.

He could have achieved p2 maybe.

The Williams plan was just to beat Kimi to the podium. But they had the fastest car on the track after the Mercs took each other out. Bottas should have had an eye on Rosberg's recovery charge instead of Kimi.

It's the influence of Smedley that seems to underline the conservatism of this team.


why did you not include rosberg, was he not second?

Matthew Cheshire

You can't be DOTD if you threw away a certain win,

And handed the points to your team's closest rivals.

And binned your teammates race.

And made your team's stellar season into a media circus

And antagonised most of the Motorsport fans around the planet

But he'd make a good showing if it was the F1 "I'm all right Jack" poll.

kenneth chapman

aha...suddenly it has all come clearer. this is what hamilton was blathering on about the other day. he has, in his own mind, inflicted pain on rosberg. very sneaky. play the victim then make ambiguous statements to the press and snow all the fans into believing that it was all the fault of the the other guy.

mia culpa. i misjudged his ability to create such mayhem. it has the makings of a good TV drama just so long as the BBC stays out of it.


So, he gained points, inflicted pain on Lewis, brought another driver on Lewis' tail, and now Lewis won't be able to disregard team orders?

I think Nico is OK not being DOTD today.


Would have thought it was fairly obvious as either Nico or Lewis should have won with the other being second giving Mercedes an easy 1 2. Given that Nico causes an avoidable collision - which he was lucky to escape being penalised for- and deprives himself, Lewis and the team of results, I can't see how he could even be asked about let alone considered for DOTD. Maybe Daniel Ricciardo would possibly rate Nico as his DOTD seeing as how he made it possible for Dan to win.


magnussen was my driver of the day. he drove brilliantly keeping alonso behind.


You mean off the side of the track?


lol... you mean pushing alonso to the grass at 200mph+ in a straight line... :O

are you serious?

kmag was a bit over the line, forceful, not respecting the other driver... if you think kmag did ok, then ros/ham is nothing to shout about...


Nico Rosberg. Without a doubt.



Lol 🙂


Ricciardo, he's proving very adept at taking any and all opportunities that come his way.

Kimi finally put in a very strong performance as well.


It has to be Lewis Hamilton followed by Ricciardo, Kimi and Alonso.

My reason for Lewis being he was taken out, while in lead, in the most brutal fashion by his team mate and soldiered through 80% of the race and having the perseverance, discipline and obedience to team to solder on.

Ricciardo for picking up the pieces

Kimi for showing he is still the King of Spa in that thing Ferrari call it a car.

Alonso with his warrior like approach is always a mention in every race.


I assumed nusratolla has his tongue firmly planted in cheek …. or had the mute on so he didn't have to listen to Hamilton constantly whining about wanting to stop. Soldier on!?!? good grief.

NICO DOTD for having the gall to own 1 x car's worth of tarmac in close proximity to Hamilton The Great


Hamilton didn't exactly 'soldier' on as such did he! He was whining on to his engineer that he should retire all the time. He had a very negative attitude and had to be given constant pep talks like a child! hardly like his hero Senna!


That's a pretty good joke.


The same Lewis who was on the radio repeatedly asking if he could quit now?


@Patm, Nasrotolla,Rob- what Hamilton said was the most sensible thing anyone could say. He was in 13th place and was losing ground to Sutil in 12th place. He said even with a safety car - I wont catch him and the car is badly damaged. He was using his brain under pressure and protecting the very few engines he has left. He wasnt taking cheap shots from his lounge chair he had the presence of mind to think about the championship..

Also where were you guys when he drive from the back of grid in Germany and Hungary - 2 races in a row to put his car back on the podium - Both times- You cannot get more determined than that - can you.. #epiccommentsfail


Yes Hamilton whines to much remember when he said he was hungrier than rosberg yet he wanted to give up


There can only be One Giles


Yikes! You kids need to watch some Gilles Villeneuve footage to establish the meaning of perseverance in F1. Lewis, by comparison, was begging to quit...


That's what makes an astounding discovery about Lewis' Character. In another place in another time with another driver... the driver would've simply coasted into the pits or gently crash the car in a slow corner to make it a point..... But, not Lewis.... He did state his point of view and he had a rationale explanation of saving the engine for Monza. Despite of which he struck into the race obeying the team.... Not much can be said about his team mate in this regard now is it?


His car was miles slower after it got damaged by the tyre destroying the floor limping back to the pits caused entirely by Rosberg. In addition, he has already 1 less engine than Rosberg so very sensible from Lewis given he must have been seething about his teammate's antics


I think this is the race that everyone started to believe that Ricciardo is the real deal. What a guy!


Yeah. Danny was Johnny on the spot yet again and took the opportunity with both hands. He was quick yet still cared for his tyres enough to hold off a charging Rosberg. A very cool and mature drive yet again. Congrats also to young Bottas and Kyvat. Great to see the kids bringing it home. Didn't see much of Kimi but the results stand for themselves. His best result this year? Beat his teammate anyway.

CAN NOT wait for Monza 😉

Matthew Cheshire

It's Dan, hands down.

Honourable mention to Vettel. An excellent drive as a number 2. Seriously. Held his place while Dan stretched the lead. He could have made the difference between Dan first or second.

It was VERY conveniently timed for Vettel to have his only off the exact second his teammate needed to pass. Did Vettel sidestep getting overtaken by his faster teammate and /or the call to let him past??


very astute observation about Vettel supporting Ricciardo victory.


Hard for me to say it but I have to agree about Vettel, did a good job holding up Williams and the Merc.


Daniel easily DOTD. Another sparkling performance. Took the chance given to him by Noodle of the day Rosberg. If Nico & Lewis have just one or two more outings like this Daniel could potentially be right with them on points. One wonders if Red Bull can improve anymore, given the surprising straight line speed they showed. After Monza Red Bull tracks aplenty. Impressive performance again from Bottas. Great to see Kimi have a good result. Lewis just needs to hang in there, as I believe Nico just tries hard not to show his concern whereas Lewis not so much. If as looks likely still, a Mercedes driver wins the WDC I hope very much that it is Lewis. Still I hope for the less likely result of Daniel as WDC. Go Daniel go


Dan for sure! Can't believe he actually won again, awesome stuff. He continues to impress beyond being just a good driver, I think he has the goods to be an all time great now! Sometimes fall a sleep here in Aus on some Sunday nights, but not this year.


Not to take anything away from Ricciardo, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but I have to go with Bottas; he qualified the Williams as high up as he could (Avoiding traffic much better than Massa) and then was able to put two great moves on Rosberg's vastly superior car. (After Nico locked up attempting to pass Vettel at Bus stop, and later a slightly easier move on the Kemmel straight when Nico took his final stop.) And in that sense I thought Bottas was a bit unlucky not to finish 2nd, but Williams picked the right strategy this time by having fresher tyres at the end to overtake Raikkonen with. Maybe if Bottas hadn't got stuck behind the Ferraris then he'd have figured in the lead fight more strongly...Anyway, I suspect he may do better at Monza... Ricciardo had the race handed to him but still did an outstanding job, I just think Bottas is driving a car not as good as the Red Bull.


To be honest I was a little disappointed with Bottas in Spa . I thought he might have been a bit closer to the winner Ricciardo whose Red Bull does have the Merc engine . Considering the fact Bottas had chassis and Merc engine I would say a podium is the minimum I would have expected from him . Ricciardo was mega in car using the Renault engine and was particularly impressive with his tyre management. As for Kimi well he had a car with higher downforce setup , lack of straight line speed partly courtesy of an underpowered power unit . Yet he still came 4th in race . These are reasons why I think Raikkonen and Ricciardo are more deserving of DOTD on this occasion than Bottas.


Well Stephen, in my view any deficiencies for Bottas where from the car, and not from the driver; after all, look where Massa ended up after he speared into the tyre debris; I remember seeing Ricciardo swerve violently to avoid it, (which I think Bottas must have done too) so it's not like he couldn't have seen it. The Red Bull definitely had a pace advantage over the Williams at Spa; the main reason that Bottas was able to get ahead of Vettel was due to the sub-par setup that Seb was using. (As well as a few mistakes) I'm personally doubtful that the Renault and Mercedes engines made that much difference at many points in the middle part of the lap at Spa; I always thought it was more of a 'Low areo' track than an engine one. (Unlike Monza)

That considered, Ferrari did use a very high downforce wet setup in qualifying, so Kimi did do very well to get as close to the podium as he did, so you do have a very good point there. I was just kind of surprised that Bottas' overtakes made little impression on his standings in DOTD.


Bottas has got to be an outside shot for victory in Monza. The car is so slippery in a straight line, he was pulling 340+kmh down the kemmel straight. I still fancy the Mercs to take the front row as their extra downforce will pay dividends through the chicanes, but if they run into anymore issues Bottas could be the man to take the victory


Dan, Valteri, Kimi, Kevin and Nico. Seb and Jenson drove pretty good too. I expected more from Alonso in outmanoeuvring Kevin.


Fernando Alonso, please don´t waste your career at Ferrari!!!

Ferrari is NO FUTURE, they are hopeless. It will take YEARS for Ferrari to produce competitive cars on a consistent basis, they are hopelessly old fashioned, rigid and full of politics.

Go to McLaren and finish your career in a blaze of glory - life is short and fortune smiles on the brave!


But today McLaren is doing it worse than Ferrari with a superior engine and they will change that engine next year. I doesn't look to promising if you ask me, they even haven't achieved to get a main sponsor. Alonso has nowhere to go in my opinion.


14 races after Alonso was beat by his team mate, and it took 5 sec. penalty for a grid infraction.

On the other hand Ricciardo (undoubtedly the Driver of the Day), in just half a season, is making Vettel's 4 WCs look more and more hollow.


4 WCs are never going to look hollow.


Even though Vettel doesnt openly come out and blame the team like many other drivers and always takes the responsibility, I can safely say that something was terribly wrong with his car on Sunday.

This race was reminiscent of Chinese Gp where Vettel's car was lacking in pace. Soon after a chassis change, it was able to match the pace of Daniel's car in subsequent changes.Also there is no way Daniel is 1s/lap quicker than Vettel.

There were some reports in german media about heated discussions going on in Red bull garage after the race. Also Mr. Minardi has already started a rumour abt Vettel moving to Mclaren.

Interesting days ahead, I guess


I read about that too actually, although I'm not sure how reliable those reports are. I also agree that something must have been off with the car. Horner said that Seb had to use Dan's tyre management settings and given that he is already struggling with the tyres, this could have made things worse.

I feel for the guy tbh. Kvyat will surely end up in the Red Bull in 2016 and Seb will know he has to beat Ricciardo or move elsewhere. Could you see him at Mclaren Honda? Hmm.


Alonso also had fuel pump issues and electical problems. Ferrari could have had 2 cars in the top 5 if the car was more reliable.


People were saying last year how Vettel couldnt overtake and all.

The day Alonso runs with a high downforce set-up, not only he can pass the cars in front, but also hits one of them.

Would have been interesting if Alonso drove for Red bull in last few years.I really doubt he would have fared well.


haha always seems to have 'electrical problems' whenever he has a bad session or race.



Started far on the grid and won the race. Taking into consideration both Ricciardo and Vettel ran dry setup (thanks for others to point it out to me), Ricciardo again exposed Vettel. Driver of the day and driver of the hald-a-season.


Exposed what??? If u just look at the 'raw' results, that's what u feel.

But for ur info, Vettel had car problems yet again this weekend.


When Webber constantly had problems while Vettel was winning it was poor Webber, not car. Not half-a-year Vettel has problems while Ricciardo is winning, hence it is poor Vettel. May be he is handling the car wrong way, need to be more gentle with sensitive stuff. Anyway Ricciardo is winning on "bad" Webber's car. Raw results from half-a-season are not so raw.


Ricciardo he at least stopped Rosberg from winning with a good performance.


Ricciardo for me... By the way guys, do you know any website were I can review in video this years GP's? I've searched all over youtube and can't seem to find.

Kind regards from Angola, and great race in Belgium!


F1.com does race edits, which generally consist of three parts:

First, an exiting action bit showing the good parts from the first half of the race.

Second, a slow moody bit showing lots of celebrities.

Third, another exciting action bit showing the good parts from the second half of the race.

Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's there.


Lewis was the driver of the day by keeping us entertained for the next two weeks with his internal meeting revelations.


James's friend Leo Turrini has named the three greatest drivers at Spa:- Senna, Schumacher, Kimi.

I hope all are in agreement.


Then Raikkonen had to show up much more stronger in quali.

kenneth chapman

crusty.....you have left out mark webber. his pass on alonso at eau rouge is an essential classic that has entered the realms of greatness and is set in the stones of history.


Kenneth... not quite: Alonso played it safe, and lifted. He knew he would get Webber on his new tyres anyway.


Ricciardo or Nico, both destroyed their team mates!

Ok, in a more serious note, I think Daniel is not only the driver of this weekend, but he is the great star of this season.

If theres still someone in doubts about how he have being destroing Vettel this year, Daniel didn't left no stone unturned this weekend.


Kimi. He had a much improved qualifying session and a very good race. Ricciardo a close 2nd. He keeps stomping all over his 4 time champion teammate. He'd be even closer to the leaders if he wasn't stripped of his 2nd place at home.


Hmmm, Ricciardo again, or Kimi? Surely beating Alonso is harder than beating Vettel?


In 2014, beating Mercedes three times is more impressive than beating Alonso once. (and only after Alonso was given a five second penalty)


maybe, but it's driver of the day not the season and I voted for Kimi as a "most improved" driver type award. Daniel drove Brilliantly and deserves to win the contest. I'm just pleased to see the old Kimster back.


I really want to say Kimi but we all Ricciardo deserves it. I think Rosberg should be an option as well - instead of Bottas who I think should have won the race after the collision opened up an opportunity. I really hope there will be a double Ferrari podium in Monza!



After his dismal start this season, I would have picked Kimi. I'll wait to see if Spa was Kimi's revival or just a flash in the pan. Bring on Monza.


Then you obviously missed Hungary after the team qualif/up put him at 16& he ended up6th.

Or the fact he was 3rd at Monaco before Chilton took out his tyre... The rest and even some of these races hes missed half his practise sessions due to tech failures..so not really his doing..



Special mention to Seb, of whom I have not been a fan - a dismal season for a guy who won the last 4 WDCs, he has been, publicly anyway, a model citizen, and an overall gracious teammate.

It turns out that RBR really can pick'em.

Thread the Needle

Great to see Ricciardo win, there's no drama with him he just gets on with it


Don't understand the argument for Kimi. He still would have finished behind ALO without Fernando's penalty.


I think you forgot Fernando got a 5'sec penalty and ended up 30+ sec behind- even though he start 3 places ahead. Understand he got traffic after his penalty but most people have ridiculed Kimi when hes 10 times worse...so sorry Alonso drive was nothing special



I think everyone forgot about the penalty Alonso received through no fault of his own.


Nico all the way! Contreversy? Yes. Intrigue? Yes. Big points gain despite front wing damage and tire issues? You bet! Dent in Hamilton's psyche? Sure looks that way.


Definitely Dan! If RBR could only get their cars to match Mercedes for pure outright performance this years championship would be phenomenal and I can't help but think Rosberg although a great driver would struggle to stay with Dan and Lewis. Bottas another solid performance but I think Williams race strategies are letting them down.


What an impressive driver Daniel is. He does not let any chance go by his hand and over shadowed his partner 4 X WDC this season.

Interesting stats 2014 season: Nico - 4 wins, Lewis - 5 wins and Daniel - 3 wins (with inferior car compared to Merc), other drivers - 0.


Got to be Dan. Special mention to the caterham team for the nose job on the green cars.


i may be quite wrong here but i did see a lap chart that showed ricciardo setting [in total] some 11 fastest laps and this was in a car that is seriously deficient by comparison to the mercedes! if this is correct ricciardo is getting a lot out of that car and of course himself. for me, that is a stellar performance especially when measured up against vettel. post race comments from horner indicated that they were 'sure' vettel had a problem with his car. they keep searching for clues........


I was there all weekend and Dan was impressively consistent, Vettel on the other hand struggled with track limits (as usual) and didn't look as well composed. I don't believe there was an issue with Vettel's car, he was pretty competitve towards the end of the race from what I could see...

I believe Vettel's struggles are a hangover from the past 4 years. The previous 4 1/2 incarnations of the Red Bull gave him grip no matter where his foot was on the accelerator or the brakes, and he just drove to that. Watch any qualifying lap from him over those 4 years and he was always super agressive over the kerbs and into corners, the blown diffuser just stabilised everyting for him. This year he just doesn't have enough finesse with his feet, the extra torque and lower levels of grip/downforce are highlighting this compared to his less experienced team mate.


@ chrisS...far be it for me to dispute your observations when all i ever see is the TV broadcast. and i envy you in being able to attend. the fact is though that where the attendance at races gives you an on the spot experience, the TV broadcast gives you a more holistic view due to the ability to visually track cars over a greater distance around the track. it also allows you qualify drivers and their actions relative to other drivers at close hand.

in reading your post it more or less confirms my suspicions, and those of many others, that vettel's success/failure is derived from the car. as a 4 x wdc holder i would/did expect him to be at least as good as ricciardo due to the fact that it was 'his' team, tailored to meet his requirements. it was noted by marko many years ago when this element was raised by webber he was told in no uncertain terms that if he wanted to compete he had to change his driving style to that of vettel!!!

we are now almost two thirds way through the season and he still seems to be unable to deliver the goods. yes, he has had a lot of car related problems but last weeks race was decided on merit between the drivers.

my sarcastic comment was based on horner's feeble attempt to lessen this type of analysis. he is unwilling to acknowledge vettel's shortcomings although he did say many races ago that vettel was having problems in adapting to the new dynamics. surely, if vettel was to be ranked as one of the greats, as has been promulgated endlessly, he should be outperforming ricciardo time and time again. i guess that only time will tell.


Aussie Dan continues to impress as DOTD. I've been a big fan of Motorsport and in particular F1 since age of 16. Now 64 and still can't get enough of the drama that WDC gives me whenever there's a tough battle raging for the coveted title. Love him or hate him without Nico's desperate battle against the much more fancied and demonstrably quicker LH this years title fight would be a snooze fest. I think Nico rolled the dice and figured he had to try and make his move aggressively "to make a point" and he was prepared to wear the consequences. Let's face it he has been racing for a long long time and must have figured it could end up badly for either one of them or both. Pressure makes people do unpredictable things. We, as fascinated onlookers are kept enthralled by the ongoing drama. I can't wait for the next race. By the way I think Wolff and Lauda's comments show they are not coping with all the stress and drama which adds another delicious element to all the unfolding drama. To think it was going to be a boring season with the Mercs having a cakewalk and the cars not making any noise. Good old F1, just when you think you know what is going to happen, the sheer unpredictability of motor racing surprises everyone.


Dan the man!

Not only did he win the race, taking advantage of the Merc misfortune, but he overtook two multiple world champions in the process. One of which happens to be his team mate. His speed and consistency in the last stint, while under pressure from a fast closing Merc, is the stuff of champions, in my opinion.

Nico may have extended his championship lead but cutting down the tyre of your team mate, in an act of retribution at worst or stupidity at best, will earn you scant applause.


Raikkonen, for his perseverance amidst all the talk of being destroyed by Alonso.


did you forget sleepy engineers and penalty? ALO would be in front of RAI.


Not really Kimi ended up 30+ sec ahead. Alonso only incurred a 5'sec penalty. It put him into traffic but he was passed by Bottas even before he pitted- so you cannot be sure where he would have ended especially as Kimi has excelled at this track more than any other driver



The car suits Alonso much more cos he likes understeer. F14T has inherent understeer, as they built it for Alonso who has been driving for them for 4 years previos. Kimi detests understeer and prefers a pointy front end. Allison is now finding ways to iron this out for Kimi. Kimi is doing a remarkable job to be even close in a car that totally doesn't suit his driving style. Hope this helps you


Rosberg - it was a "precision" drive!


Dan, taking full advantage when Merc (read: Rosberg) screws up.


Poor vettel that he will miss weber


Lotterer.... has not really been in this race, right? But given his lack of experience his performance on Fri/Sat has been absolutely impressive. Especially in qualifying in thick wet conditions.


Rosberg absolutely 100% after coming back from Hamiltons clear attempt to drive him off the track causing damage to his wing to the tune of having to come in for a lengthy pitstop to change the nose cone and then come back to recover to 2nd absolutely amazing! hail Rosberg 🙂


Nico made the super move, why he is not in the list?

Dan win and gain on teammate just 15 points, but Nico gain 18 points, he should be in the list.

everyone talking about his drive, he should be driver of the day.


Ricciardo is proving to be a bit special.


Ricciardo. Then Kimi and Valtteri.


Fully Agree with KN above Ricciardo, Raikkonen and Bottas. Both Red Bull and the Williams are faster than the Ferrari so Kimi did well.

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