Alonso and Raikkonen tackle Spa Francorchamps in ultra energy vehicles
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Posted By: Editor   |  23 Aug 2014   |  10:05 am GMT  |  2 comments

Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen left their Ferrari Formula 1 cars in the garage and headed out onto Belgium’s Spa Francorchamps circuit in a couple of ultra energy efficient Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) vehicles.

The Ferrari duo were joined on track by students from Belgian, British, German and Spanish universities, whose eco-vehicle concepts had been selected as part of an initiative from Shell, who are a technical partner of Ferrari.

The challenge was to design, build and test ultra energy efficient vehicles to promote the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the similarities between SEM and F1.

With this season’s new F1 regulations putting a premium on energy efficiency, the exercise gave a glimpse into the future eco-friendly possibilities which could potentially be introduced to high-level motorsport.

Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen

Alonso said: “Along with the other cars here, the numbers show that it’s super efficient! It’s really incredible to think that with just one litre of fuel, cars of this type can cover over 3600km.

“I think all the work done in universities on the topic of energy saving is very useful, because even if it’s not applicable at the moment, it certainly will be for cars of the future.”

Raikkonen added: “The car is normal to drive apart from the low speeds and they look simple on the outside but actually they are more complicated cars and the students that build them are very smart people.

“I think the Shell Eco-marathon is an excellent event and gives the students a good way to learn and improve and hopefully move into bigger things in the future.”

Kimi Raikkonen in an Eco Marathon car

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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Thanks for the post James, it has been interesting to have a quick surf to see more about the shell eco marathon competition and its history. I didn’t find much information on the technical aspects of the actual machines, but from the images its apparent there are many ways to design and build a hyper efficient vehicle. I wonder what f1 teams would have come up with if the scope for f1 power units had been left at a limit of 100litres of petrol (or the energy equivalent), use it to go as fast as possible.

It looks like there are so many universities and technical colleges involved over many years, lots of the eco marathon thinking must be finding its way into road and racing vehicles by now, with many more bright engineers ahead to keep us ‘petrol heads’ mobile for decades to come 😉


Those look incredible.

Did Raikkonen actually say that or was it a released statement? It has too much enthusiasm for him.

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