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The hardest part is over – Schumacher’s wife Corinna thanks F1 fans for their support
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Jul 2014   |  3:16 pm GMT  |  34 comments

Corinna Schumacher, wife of the injured seven times world champion Michael, has issued her first personal statement since the accident which put her husband in a coma seven months ago.

Writing a message to F1 fans in the official programme for this weekend’s German Grand Prix she thanks them for their support and says that her husband needs time to recover from his horrific head injury,

“This is a message to all of you who have lived a passion for Michael’s sport in all the years together with him, and who have supported him in the past half year off the track as well.

“The German Grand Prix gives me the perfect opportunity to cordially thank you all for the good wishes and positive energy you keep sending to Michael. I have to say your sympathies literally blew up all away! Good to know that together we made it through the hardest time!

“Now we are facing a phase which will presumably take a long time. We trust that – as for so many years in F1 – time will be Michael’s ally in this fight. Until then I would like to wish you and your families all the best as well.”


Schumacher was a great favourite with race crowds in Germany, galvanising huge support during his long career, especially the dominant Ferrari years where tickets for the Grands Prix were sold out well in advance each year and there were even two Grands Prix per season at times to cope with the demand.

Schumacher won the German Grand Prix five times and the European GP at Nurburgring six times.


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We all love him how can you not, he is a star who wil always go fare,he is a born serviver


I'm very glad that it seems the worst times have passed for Michael's family. I think the lack of a statement from Michael himself shows his recovery has a long way to go, but it is pleasing to hear his family seem to be strong.

Valentino - Schumacher # 1

Go Michael ! Your the best champion F1 has ever had ... Great ambassador ... A living Legend ..

I hope you are getting better each and everyday !

Germany's 4th World Cup was dedicated to you !

7 championships

91 wins

and 7 wins were won here in Montreal !

Xxo : ))

Joachim Briere

I hate to spoil you rapturous prose but where does it say that Germany dedicated it's world cup win to Micheal Schumacher?



Jun 16, 2014 - Lukas Podolski dedicated Germany's 4-0 World Cup win over Portugal to countryman Michael Schumacher, after news emerged that the ...

First result on google


Corinna is correct - time is a great healer and leveller. Michael will get better, it's just about being patient.

Get well Michael, wish you and the Schumacher family all the best.



German keeps getting good news and this is more than the icing on the cake after the world cup.

Congrats to the Schumi family for keeping the faith and putting in the long hours looking after the great man.

It's a shame that the fans couldn't do more but it's nice to know that the our positive energy made a difference in this greatest comeback of all time.

Now he's hoping Schumi's former team Mercedes can do him justice this weekend by putting on a good show for the home fans and dedicating the result to him.


Thank you, Corinna. For those of us who have followed Schumi all his career, we know if there's one person who can overcome this situation it is Michael. We will continue to pray for him. Get well soon 'Kaiser' !


Let's hope things only improve more for Michael and his family from now on.

Myself, I just feel privileged to have watched his entire F1 career. What an awesome driver.

I loved it when Ross asked him to put in some fast laps and he duly obliged! And watching him

make the rest of the field look like amateurs in the wet, was amazing too!


Great news! Keep fighting schumi.


Great to hear he is on the mend! Would love for him to make a full recovery.

Shame we don't have details of his actual condition. Can he walk/talk?

Does anybody expect to see him in the public eye again?

Sure hope so!


All the best Schuey 🙂

I think the nefarious individuals who took his 'med files' should have a long stretch in Prison .


Forza Schumi!!!!


I have no doubt you will pull through this one Kaiser, though it is the ardest fight you've ever faced. May god bless you and your familly. Get well soon Michael and thank you Mrs Schumacher.


I hope soon to hear more good news and a lot of strength for the Schumacher family and Michael friends like we.

He will be okay. Inshala


Ich wünsche Michael alles gut weiter hin


My brother had a horrendous accident - he was a biker and it was 100% not his fault. A 16 wheel mobile crane turned across his path - driver said the normal thing - "I didn't see him". But as a result my brother became "my brother Mark 2". He was just different from the way he had been before.

And I think that's what should be recognised. Michael Schumacher Mk1 was brilliant, as good as it can get. Michael Schumacher Mk2 will be different. Not better or worse, just different And I'd really like the world's media to appreciate that and shut up speculating. Personally I really hope his life as Schu Mk2 is as fulfilled as the Schu Mk1 one was. As a fan he deserves everything back that he gave to others, with interest.


What fantastic news!

Wishing Michael all the very best for his continued recovery.


Hang in there, Shumi.



Apologies if this appears insensitive but I'm sure it's something we're all really keen to know...

Is it known within the paddock what state Michael is in? I wouldn't expect you or anybody to divulge the exact nature of the information but it seems inconceivable that so little is known outside of the family.

What's the vibe in the paddock? Is it discussed or speculated about beyond the official news that we the public are aware of?

Thanks in advance for tackling a tough question but one I'm sure we're all keen to see answered,



No it is not. A few very close people like Jean Todt, Mick Doohan etc know but no-one else


Best of luck to The Red Baron.


Good news indeed! It sounds like Michael is on the road back, albeit a long road. Best wishes to him and his family. Hopefully, his recovery will enable him to have a decent quality of life and that he will be able to enjoy life with his family.


I would love him to fully recover. I really hope he does.


Well, if it is possible then Kaiser can do it!


Corinna deserves so much credit and thanks for her incredible positive attitude, strength and obvious love for her husband. She is an inspiration!



You nailed it!

Michael people do come back from a TBI and you like they eat, sleep and breathe just the same as everybody else. Fight from inside and find new ways to be the man you are. surround yourself with those who will encourage you to go forward in your way NOT wrap you in cotton wool. I work with survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury every day. Medicine can only do so much the rest is up to the individual. try not to grieve for what was but learn to embrace what is.


We love Mr Schumacher from here in Africa. It was a pleasure to watch him race. I wish Mrs Schumacher and the family all the best in caring for our champion. We thank you, madam, may God bless you.


Great to heard the good news from miki's wife, hope to hear more good news in the near future from michael himself too.

I am 100% of michael's fans from Hong Kong ever since I watch F1. perhaps, it's his driving that bring me into F1 racing world. By the way, I am 68 years old now, I am still watching every single races.

All the best wishes to Michael and his family !



Good to hear Corinna has acknowledged and thanked fans. Hopefully this is only the start &we continue to hear more positive updates along the way


Good to hear Corinna has acknowledged and thanked fans. Hopefully this is only the start &we continue to hear more positive updates along the way. I would love to see one of Michaels racing rivals like Kimi shake his hands and put that smile back on his face..


I was never a fan of his as a driver bacause of the ruthless antics he got up to over the years. But this year when we almost lost him I truly hoped he would fully recover some day, because love him or hate him, you MUST respect his talent and his legacy. A true master of the sport. May he live a long and happy life. Go for it Michael!


Good luck to Michael, and my best wishes to him and his family in the journey that lies ahead.


Thank you Corinna for your kind words. It is nice to aknowledge the support that all the fans have given during the dark time.

I have always admired Michael determination and perfectionism. He was born to be a champion. I am a Ferrari fan and when he decided to go with Mercedes I was a bit disappointed, but accepted his decision.

I am sure that he will never give up and his determination will give him another victory in his battle for life. I wish one day I could meet him and tell in person that he is the greatest champion ever existed. Go Michael!!

PS all the best to the Schumacher family… you are in my prayers!

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