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Schumacher stolen medical files: French police closing in on the suspect
Michael Schumacher
Posted By: James Allen  |  08 Jul 2014   |  11:37 am GMT  |  18 comments

Police in France investigating the sordid tale of the theft of Michael Schumacher’s medical records believe they are close to finding the culprit.

They have managed to identify the IP address of a computer from which the records were sent and it is located in a Swiss helicopter firm, which was lined up to transport the seven times champion to Lausanne hospital from Grenoble, where he had spent six months recuperating from his ski accident last December.

In the end he was repatriated by road using a special ambulance on the 16th June. A few days after the journey the files were offered to reporters by someone using a string of online aliases, including the name Kagemusha San, according to Gazzetta dello Sport. The offer was accompanied by a couple of sample pages of the report. It originated from an IP address at the helicopter firm.

According to the BBC, the thief offered the documents for sale for £40,000, but potential buyers in the French, Swiss and German tabloid media were put off by warnings from Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm that they would sue anyone who published the records. Kehm and the family have guarded Schumacher’s privacy very carefully following his accident, with minimal information released and a blanket ban on any photos.

The helicopter firm in Switzerland told reporters that it had indeed received a medical report on Schumacher prior to the repatriation flight, but that it believed that patient confidentiality had been preserved and they had no knowledge of any investigation into their IT systems.

One notable and positive point is that Schumacher’s wife Corinna has felt able to be seen out in public recently, at an equestrian event in Switzerland last weekend. She attended a round of the European championships at a ranch that the Schumachers own, close to their home.

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Unfortunately I assume there are still big challenges ahead with Michaels condition, and if there are it is a private issue that everyone should respect, he has clearly earned that respect from the world. I am sure his family are more than aware of how many people care and adore him and wish him the best. And I am sure if he is ready, they will let the millions that care about him know. For now everyone should respect them and leave him to handle the challenge he is facing. I appreciate the media complying, wether forced or not, and the person whole stole the documents is a disgusting individual. Case closed.


Do we know how Michael is? It would be good to have some kind of an update, although I perfectly respect the privacy concerns of his family. It must be absolutely devastating for them.

My hope is for a full recovery for him, of course.

kenneth chapman

doesn’t anybody think that all this secrecy is being overly dramatic? yes, the guy has had an accident and suffered some pretty serious injuries but at the end of the day his fans would like to be kept well informed. as i have stated so many times before, keeping the public, his public, in the loop would obviously negate any attempt to steal data.

maybe it is my cynical approach but i do find it all a bit stage managed and taken to the silliest of extremes when it comes down to stealth tactics and media clampdown. why not simply be up front and honest as sooner or later the truth about his condition will be exposed.


What sick people to even think of doing this.


Utterly appalling, stealing from the sick/injured is bad enough but taking their private medical information and seeking to sell it on seems particularly sick.

I hope the authorities come down hard on them to make an example.

John Marshall

Totally classless act. Hopefully, the culprits get caught.

I sure hope the media, regardless of threats to sue, will have the integrity to not publish any of this. It is really nobody’s business outside the family and if they don’t wish to share it, then it shouldn’t be shared. Publishing this type of information simply encourages additional acts of this nature. I’m sure there are unscrupulous types out there, however.


i am keen to find out what penalties are issued [mod]


The culprit was smart enough to use “online aliases” and yet used traceable ip address. They could’ve used public wifi to communicate. Or maybe they are trying to frame the helicopter firm.


“Or maybe they are trying to frame the helicopter firm.”

Or maybe they’re just not as smart as they thought 😉


This is a terrible episode, but I can’t help wondering what Schumacher’s family have to gain from being so secretive about his condition? Other than privacy of course. If they had told people how he was doing then this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

Maybe it’s none of our business, but he is a public figure with millions of fans who are interested in knowing whether we’ll ever see Michael walking and talking again.


It’s not a question of what they have to gain, it’s more a question of what they have to lose and you already answered that: Their privacy.

I get what you’re saying and would be kind of nice to know if he and his family are doing okay, but at the end of the day whether we’re fans or not it is none of business and if we respect Michael and his family then we have to accept their decision.


The best part of this story is the refusal by the media to buy and publish this stuff. Let’s hope the real culprit is caught and the proverbial book thrown at him.


only reason they didn’t publish is because they didn’t want to be sued


If Michael’s wife takes a “break”, I believe it is wonderfull news. For her and the family it must be very hard. All my best wishes for Michael and them. Can’t wait to see Michael in public again.

I hope that the police will catch the people involved with this theft and that the correct punishment will be handed to them.


I hope they catch this person and publish their face and address across the world!


Good, hopefully the authorities can zero in on the dastardly boor for not everything in life is for sale and thankfully the Schumi team set out an early warning rendering the stolen documents unusable.

As usual wishing Schumi the best of luck and a speedy recovery for the fans are still holding out for a miracle for somebody that was as active as Schumi was deserves nothing less than full recovery.

Now, it’s good to know Schumi’s wife has been up and about after a very trying couple of months, now we patiently wait for that glorious moment when the couple are seen out together having fun.


Well said goferet


+ 100

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