Rosberg Takes Dramatic Silverstone Pole As Hamilton Makes fresh qualifying Error
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If this 2014 season needed another Saturday afternoon twist, then the British fans at Silverstone witnessed the most dramatic one thus far with Nico Rosberg snatching pole position for the British Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton decided to not complete his final qualifying lap. Hamilton therefore starts sixth, whilst Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button complete the top three.

First Canada, followed by Austria, now Silverstone; Hamilton had all he needed to take pole but made a mistake and then compounded it by not completing the lap. The final sector was mush faster than previously, so Hamilton would have had a chance to do better than sixth, even is the driving error at Turn 4 cost him the pole.

The Briton had set the pace throughout in the changeable conditions as showers appeared, halted and then returned as quickly as you read. The lap times fluctuated by plus or minus eight seconds at times with rain and then dry.

As the final stage of qualifying began Hamilton was once again the pace setter, gently steering his car through a damp final sector on dry tyres to lead a provisional front-row lock-out for Mercedes. Rain fell and it was questionable whether the track would again retain its grip.

A return to the pits for the top ten saw the rain stop for a final time and they made their way out for one final effort.

Hamilton radioed in to say the track was slippery and subsequently made his biggest error of the season so far.

Sebastian Vettel in the rain at Silverstone

if pole was a surprise bonus to Rosberg, Vettel had to set a lap time on the final run because he had not set one to that point as was down in 10th place.

He was the first to begin his final lap, ending the first two sectors two seconds off the pace. It seemed to be a popular pole position for Hamilton. But when Vettel entered the now dry final sector the Red Bull driver hustled his car through Stowe and the final chicane to take the top spot. It was clear that the track was very fast in Sector 3.

Hamilton had almost stopped Rosberg getting his final lap in as the pair were together and passed just before the chequered flag. Rosberg had radioed demanding Hamilton increase is pace.

After his driving error, Hamilton had to let the faster Rosberg through. Unaware of the improvement to be had in Sector 3, he pitted without improving his time and we watched as his name tumbled down the time sheets to sixth.

To add insult to injury Rosberg was rapidly improving and, finding time in the final sector, took pole position by 1.6s. It is his 8th career pole and the fourth of this fantastic season for the German.

Like in Austria, Hamilton must now make his way through the field to stop his team-mate extending his substantial Championship lead.

For Vettel, who made it through Q1 by two tenths of a second it was perfect timing and a brave final sector that puts him in with a good chance tomorrow. The Red Bull race pace was strong in Free Practice and it will be interesting to see if the four-time World Champion can cause Rosberg some trouble tomorrow.

It was a very good day for Button, who was fast throughout in the changeable conditions. The McLaren driver lost his father earlier this year and a campaign to ‘Paint Silverstone Pink’ in memory of John Button made for an emotional 2009 World Champion. “The old boy was smiling down on me today,” he said afterwards.

The shaken up grid sees Nico Hulkenberg take fourth place for Force India, ahead of the second McLaren of Kevin Magnussed with Hamilton completing the top six. Hulkenberg;s Force India team mate Sergio Perez had looked set for a career best 3rd on the grid before the final runs.

Each session today had it’s part in the drama and Q1 gave a hint of what was to come.

Following a shower in this morning’s final Free Practice session, qualifying began in damp conditions with the intermediate tyre chosen to develop a dry line. Hamilton set the pace initially and radioed in to say that dry tyres would be soon needed if the rain stayed away.

With six minutes remaining those in lower positions threw caution to the wind and bolted on a set of medium slick tyres as they sought after a place in Q2. And with purple dots covering the timing screens the rest of the field were prompted out of their garages.

A busy track and an abundance of opposite lock gave the British fans plenty to enjoy. The Mercedes pair were comfortably through within the top three places but there was a shake up behind. Marussia took two cars through to Q2 for only the second time in their history and with them through, two others must fill their place. It was a career best 12th on the grid for Jules Bianchi and 13th for Max Chilton, although he drops five places due to a gearbox change.

The Williams and Ferrari drivers struggled to put temperature in to the slick tyres in greasy conditions and with yellow flags covering the middle sector they were unable to improve. Fernando Alonso was the cause of a short yellow flag and starts the race in twentieth place, behind Valtteri Bottas, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen.

As Q2 got underway, it was a return to the intermediate tyre due to light rain reappearing. A banker lap from each car was followed by a replay of Q1 as all cars left the pits in the final six minutes on a set of medium tyres. This time there was no shocks, with the Lotus pair joining Marussia and the Saubers out of qualifying.

Max Chilton, with the thirteenth fast time, will take a five place penalty for a gear box change but nevertheless gives the Banbury-based team a result to cheer about.

British Grand Prix, Silverstone, Qualifying

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m35.766s
2. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m37.386s +1.620s
3. Jenson Button McLaren 1m38.200s +2.434s
4. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m38.329s +2.563s
5. Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1m38.417s +2.651s
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m39.232s +3.466s
7. Sergio Perez Force India 1m40.457s +4.691s
8. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m40.606s +4.840s
9. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m40.707s +4.941s
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m40.855s +5.089s
11. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m38.496s +3.626s
12. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m38.709s +3.839s
13. Max Chilton * Marussia 1m39.800s +4.930s
14. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m40.912s +6.042s
15. Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1m44.018s +9.148s
16. Adrian Sutil Sauber no time
17. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m45.318s +4.938s
18. Felipe Massa Williams 1m45.695s +5.315s
19. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m45.935s +5.555s
20. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m46.684s +6.304s
21. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1m49.421s +9.041s
22. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m49.625s +9.245s

* Drops five places due to gearbox change

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surefire 2012 release dates


Lewis didn’t realise he could get back 4s on that qualifying lap. No thanks to his team fior not being alert to and signalling that. 1 DNF for Rossberg. Leaves another DNF for Rossberg and two races where he has 1 second longer pitstops beforr we will see who has the most wins and who leads the WDC without cheating and favouritism. Lewis is not free of error….but sometimes it looks like more sinned against than sinning… Maybe now Rossberg will keep his trap shut and drive…..something he didn’t learn from Michael Schumacher.


Oh no…….reset

My romantic vision almost came through. If Rosberg had not broke down I believe he would have got caught – get passed, we will never know.

But 1 dnf and it’s start all over again.


lots of pink shirts, go team button!


coulthard looks absolute smart today, leaving mcnish needing a new jacket.


hamilton looks fantastic in his new hat and looked even cooler as he pretended to have parachuted into the circuit.

rosberg has gone another step further to choose the same gloves as hamilton. I can wait to watch them battle it out at the front if hamilton manages to get to the front.


Due to the incompetence of Williams and Ferrari we will have the pleasure of watching 4 fast cars going through the field. Great !!! I look forward to it.


Hi everyone

just a few points from the other side of the world .

No doubt about it , Lewis has heaps of talent , but he now needs to have a hard look at himself after this mistake

1 How quick does the track dry out ? Lewis did do a warm up lap , and if he wasnt worrying /thinking about Nico and doing a monaco pay back ??would have realized the last section was a lot faster .There fore he wasnt thinking / concentrating on doing a flyer .

2 Lewis has never had the metal pressure on him before in F!, First year just chasing Alsono , second year , best car , basically driving it flat out with the best car .The following years all his other team mates are no where as talented as him and had the upper hand

Lets look at Rosberg , had the pressure of racing against Schmi for two years and handled it very well . Hes metally tough and lewis should stop thinking hes weak,

3 If lewis wants a chance to win a championship , suggests he does the following , Get rid of the bling , ear rings , the designer sunglassses and base cap and re appoint his father as manager .Ever since there break up , Lewis has lost his focus / concentration / direction and thats whats needed to win championships .The one good move hes done is move to merceeds , nows he got to make it work .


If Williams had kept the BMW works deal and a lot of sponsors they lost after 2005, Rosberg would have had a much better F1 Debut than he actually got in 2006. Wonder if that would have changed the minds of the people who under-rated him so much.


It is not over till it is over. Today could have happened to anyone. Lewis was told no one is improving and thus comes in. In hindsight, he should have went for it anyway but one less lap eating into his tires is valuable in the race.

Tomorrow should be fantastic. Ferraris and Williams are out of position. So is Lewis. We will see if Vettel can jump Rosberg off the line and if so, if Vettel is suddenly motivated. We will see if Dan cruises up behind Vettel and beats him from so far back.

And best of all, the English weather will catch people out if it decides to sprinkle. It did well to catch the Brit out today didn’t it 🙂 As a Lewis fan, and for that matter a fan of quite a few drivers, I look forward to the races where they get to do some overtaking. Tomorrow will be one of them.


Adrian Newey makes the difference.


Ferrari is a joke. Their strategy was always poor, Kimi always had to lose places in first pit stops. Today their brilliance made sure both cars were out in Q3. If they had a bad design team, only their strategy team can beat that for mediocrity prize. Don’t come for racing if you want to be taxis.


Wahayyy, somebody cloned the Kimster !! he’s in 4th and 20th place.Well done, that man.


Q3 0:00 Lewis Hamilton Peter Bonnington The track’s… slower.

Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton So currently no one finding time, Lewis. So no one improving.

Q3 Peter Bonnington Lewis Hamilton No reply broadcast.

OK Lewis, I’m afraid that last sector really picked up some pace. So we’ve been bumped mate to… so we’re now down in P6.

Lewis asked for clarity – he didn’t get it however JB got it from McClaren.

Mercedes let Lewis down – he asked for the info – they told him to move aside – scandalous! Lewis wasn’t just racing Rosberg he was racing for position – that instruction was a disgrace.

Merc are more to blame IMO as Lewis asked the question – if JB got the call surely the data was there – they either didn’t spot it or chose to do Lewis’s legs – I say that as this run of. ” preventable bad luck” is beyond coincidence. The decent thing would have been to share the blame with Lewis who has admitted his part.

Shame on mercedes – they will get “their” champion – wonder what damage they will do to their brand in the process – I for one am starting to view them as a dishonest brand. I will remain open minded but if this goes on…..


i thought hamilton had already aborted his lap when hulkenberg crossed the finish line. enjoy the race tomorrow.


Really??? You’re probably the only person I’ve heard from today that has managed to turn this whole thing around and blames Mercedes for the whole thing! Unbelievable the way fan boys can go to such a low level.


@Keith- Exactly.People here having a go at Hamilton but missing the clear & basic fact!


Conspiracy theory?


The race could be a great one.

While me thinks Rosberg will drive off into the distance & the RB and FI will prove to be big obstacles, the romantic in me wants to see Hamilton pass the cars in front of him run down Rosberg and win the race.

Strangely I think it’s something he can actually do for some reason.

Hamilton is under pressure but if he can put todays events behind him and drive the Merc he can put Rosberg under pressure.

If he can and Rosberg cracks the balance will be restored and this gp will go down in history.

It’s unlikely as rosberg has been consistent over the season – impressively so – I gave him 10 out of 10 regards his performance in the poll ran earlier this year on here.

I don’t know why but I have butterflys for this race, it’s a mouth watering prospect.

The Renault engine proved to be better than many believed – will Horner pay the devil his due If vettel wins?

I tell you, if Hamilton was running away with the season I could agree with alll of the naysayers out there that the season is rubbish – bit this season…… Wow, just wow!


Ferrari did very bad strategically. Even if some mistake happen there must be a chance to recover. Why neither Alonso nor Raikkonen did not have such chance? It is strategy issue: they put wrong tires, Alonso did mistake, Raikkonen suffered from it immediately, both losers. How it could be done elseway? Come earlier to secure 107%. Put right tires. Do not go nose to nose on the track. Very dark clouds are gathering above Pat Fry.


I don’t believe it. Yet again we see a driver aborting a lap or not getting through because the team was trying to save tyres, thought the lap was a dud etc etc. It’s just ridiculous – get out there and race!

It’s not over until it’s over!


Kimi Raikkonen is both 4th and 20th in the listing at the bottom of the post… who is missing?


Wow what a session but, equally, what a nightmare for Lewis! For a while we were watching Vettel and wondering if he’d manage to beat Kevin Magnussen (who was 9th and last of the timed runners at the time) to sneak into 9th place and then suddenly the commentator goes “Hulkenberg on pole” and as that happens Vettel takes pole. Then it’s like a lightbulb going off in your head “hang on! Didn’t Hamilton let Rosberg through on his final lap?! [Penny drops] Hamilton has ballsed this up!” To be fair, all the drivers went out in hope rather than expectation to improve their laps so, in a sense, it is an understandable mistake but that doesn’t make it any less costly! Obv there is still race day, and there is an overtaking opportunity at the end of the Wellington Straight, but one senses he may need a bit of luck with the weather, or with an opportune Safety Car, to win the race – if only because Rosberg will now get first pick on strategy etc.


James, please note you have Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m38.329s +2.563s in forth place on the above results.


Being quickest doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best. He obviously isn’t the best at handling pressure and it’s increased immensely in the past few races.

I think at this point HAM should quit making comments to the press about his superior pace over ROS. ROS may be getting motivation over his statements. Silence is golden.

You HAM fans (I’m not one of them) should quit being so critical of him – there is still a lot of racing left. He will no doubt be taking it to ROS tomorrow. Don’t be fair weather friends!


Agreed … never make “bulletin board” comments when you’re up. If your opponents thinks they’re doing well, but still you’re beating them, that’s the best of both worlds. Hamilton should never have made the “hunger” or “dominate” comments that he made. He had Rosberg where he wanted him … he was beating him when he was faster, and also when Nico was faster.

He is the faster driver … he just has to let his driving do the talking, and don’t over-think things. Total focus on the driving, and see it through to the end. Today he didn’t see it through.


Well it does just show how fickle conditions should be, and drivers should take nothing for granted. I suppose Hamilton would have been right nine times out of ten, but he never seems to have much in the way of good luck, and this time conditions came back and bit him. – It was a silly error, and I’m sure he will be kicking himself. I did not see him make any error other than letting his team mate past. Anyway I hope he can get his head together for the race, and if we experience mixed conditions then it could actually be anybodies win.


So Lewis should have impeded is team mate?


Don’t think he said that. He should’ve completed the lap, that way it would be unlikely that Nico could’ve beaten his time. Certainly would’ve meant he would be P2 at worst.


James, from the onboard footage with Hamilton slowing down and almost preventing Rosberg getting a final lap, is it fair to say that he was perhaps focussing too much on what his team mate was up to rather than the track ahead. Personally I can’t understand his actions today. Whats the opinion from the paddock?


No, I think there was an opportunity to do the dirty and Hamilton didn’t take it. He was on provisional pole at that point, remember

Fair play to him


Anyone who thinks he backed Nico up is being silly, and just looking for some Mirabeau “error” equivalent. Here’s the radio transcript from Q3 from Perez and his engineer:

Q3 Gianpiero Lambiase (GL) to Sergio Perez (SP):

Perez had begun his final out-lap in front of the Mercedes drivers but they overtook him at the exit of Stowe.

“Checo… What happened, mate? We’re down to P7.”

SP to GL: [sighs]

GL to SP: “Checo, why did we let the cars through after Stowe? Why did we let the cars through after Stowe, mate?”

SP to GL: “Because I had very cold tyres. I went off into Copse. I had no temperature to do the lap.”

Hamilton was behind Perez, and caught up with him after Stowe down into Vale corner. He couldn’t be sure whether Perez was going to do a flying lap or not.


I think if the team did not say something to Lewis. Hamilton would have done the dirty. Or continue with his dirty tactic.

Always rated Lewis as fast, no denying it he is massively quick. I just don’t like his personality. Lewis always blames his team mates or worse the team (posts telemetry etc etc). This guy has been in the best car from his first year in F1. Nico is the one who has done it tough starting in bottom to midfield cars and proving his worth to earn a top tier car.

I don’t buy all the Lewis wares his heart on his sleeve nonsense. Being honest doesn’t make you are nice person if your opinions are unpleasant. I believe Lewis speaks his mind honestly. Its the honest stuff that comes out of his mouth that is pretty ugly. This is to say the true Lewis is pretty unattractive on the inside. Contrast Lewis With gentleman Jenson or even Nico.

Anyway this post won’t likely make it through. Here’s hoping.


there are 21 other drivers please choose to post about the ones you like. i enjoy reading positive comments.


Wasn’t Perez holding them both up? They played the message from Rosberg to tell Hamilton to speed up at the same time as showing Hamilton overtake Perez. Subsequently Perez missed out on a final lap (because he made a mistake going too slow).

So absolutely agreed Hamilton could have slowed Rosberg down enough at the last corner to knock him out but didn’t.

Mention was made (several times) of a radio message from the pitwall to Hamilton about letting Rosberg past – is it normal for the pitwall to speak to a driver during a flying lap?


I’m more a Rosberg fan but I would have to agree with James here. There is no way Hamilton would stoop to that level, especially when he’s playing at home. He’s been on the wrong side of that move with Alonso at Mclaren and it must have sickened him. He was just preparing for his lap in his own way. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing him come through the field tomorrow. I reckon he’ll get most of the work done in the first few laps, assuming he starts well. Wet or dry the cameras will be on him anyway 😉



You cannot say he wanted to do it, because it is impossible to know what another person “wanted” there is no proof

As a racing driver, it must have been tempting…

Don’t forget that Vettel was ahead and also backing cars up to get a gap


You say that James and you know what how these guys grew up I believe has alot to do with how they race .

Rosberg in my mind has proved his moral compass is skewed – if he wins the title it’ll be llike Schumacher’s 94 title.

Hamilton regardless of what he has achieved still feels he has to ‘fit in’ into this elite world.

He did move over which was interesting – maybe it was misjudgment but it never appeared to cross his mind of doing something so cynical.

It’s like the Prince and the pauper…..fascinating.


Assuming Hamilton is the prince?


Yep…. big error of judgement by Hamilton – someone should have reminded him of Brazil 08.

But I hope he can put it behind him and and make a race of it tomorrow. This is a fascinating season, even when all is going against Hamilton you still cannot help believing he can win this championship.

Rosbergs action in Monaco had a grwater


The only reason everyone thinks Hamilton will win the title is because of 1. no competition from other teams, 2. Rosberg is a awfully slow driver, I remember him even being out qualified by Nakajima on occasions.


[mod]”Awfully slow”? Does an awfully slow driver outqualify Lewis Hamilton at Montreal?

A big point to note about Rosberg is that he is a very fast learner, maybe the fastest I’ve seen in F1. He may not have the natural speed and flair of Hamilton, granted, but his ability to find small advantages through hard graft is second to none.

And let’s not forget, it’s not just sheer outright speed that makes a complete driver – as we’ve seen a number of times this year already.


If you think Rosberg is an “awfully slow driver”, then that just shows how much you know about F1.

In 2008, Rosberg’s avg start pos was 12.11; Nakajima’s was 15.06.

In 2008, Vettel’s avg start pos was 11.00, compared to Bourdais’ 13.78.

In 2009, Rosberg’s avg start pos was 8.06; Nakajima’s 12.18. Only Alonso (over Piquet Jr and Grosjean) had a wider gap with their teammate in 2009.

In 2014, it’s Vettel and Mark Webber’s speed that is being reassessed, b/c of the results of Ricciardo. It’s clear now that either Webber’s ability was waning with age, or he just could never “get on” with the RB cars (and Pirelli tires) from 2011 on. Or a combination of both.


Williams faster than the STR?!? Sorry, I never saw the Williams on pole or winning a race. Did you? Your claims do not help your credibility.


Even your figure says alot tbh, imo the 2008 Williams over the season was a faster car than the Torro Rosso until STR pulled in front towrds the end of the year and also Bourdais was at his peak back then that year coming from winning multiple champ car titles and definitely a faster driver than the diabolical Nakajima, in that sense you could say Vettel out qualified Rosberg.

I agree Webber was past his best especially the 2nd half of 2012 and then 2013 but at no time did Webber ever out perform Vettel like the way he out performed Rosberg, and then with Schumacher in his 40’s especially 2012 out qualified Nico so many times until the last 1/3 of the season, what does that say about Nico’s speed if he was having troubles with a driver way past his best, imagine that frighteningly fast Schumi from 1994-2002 teamed with Rosberg!? It was be a slaughter to end all slaughters.

The bottom line is Rosberg is unremarkable and does not deserve this title, currently in F1 Alonso, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Bianchi, Grosjean, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Magnusson, Kvyat, Raikonnen, Bottas and maybe even Massa are all quicker than him over 1 lap which would make him AVERAGE, Hamilton should have this Formula Mercedes championship easily won by now but due to his inefficiencies this is going down to the wire, god help Hamilton should he throw this 1 away. Please Mercedes sign Alonso the best driver in F1 deserves another crack at the title.


Pls edit the above to end

Bigger impact than first thought…….


Bad luck for Hamilton today but he needs to get over it and race. I don’t think anyone watching on TV saw that coming with one min of Q3 left and not many on the pit wall either. Full marks to the drivers prepared to give it a go on a damp track. Hammy needs to be careful if trying to be last over the line to do the last lap since if another car were blocked from starting a lap stewards may have to look at it.

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