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Rosberg claims home pole position as Hamilton crashes out
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  19 Jul 2014   |  2:29 pm GMT  |  236 comments

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg took pole position for his home grand prix as title rival Lewis Hamilton crashed out early in the session. The Briton finished the session in 16th position.

Rosberg will be joined on the front row by Williams’ Valtteri Bottas with team-mate Felipe Massa in third place ahead of Kevin Magnussen, who continued McLaren’s recent good form.

“I had a difficult start because I didn’t really feel comfortable with the balance in the braking zones but that gradually improved through the sessions,” said Rosberg. “The quickest lap at the end was really a good one. So I’m really happy to start from the top position here at our home Grand Prix.

“But I can’t be too pleased about today because of the accident Lewis suffered, I’m glad he is fine. I would have preferred to have the normal fight for the pole with him.”

Hamilton’s accident came 10 minutes into Q1 when the Mercedes driver was in P2 on the timesheet behind Williams’ Valtteri Bottas and chasing an improvement. Hamilton braked for the Sachskurve but his front-left wheel locked up and he was immediately pitched into the barriers at high speed. Hamilton was quickly on the radio informing his team that he was unhurt but that “something made the brakes fail.”

With his W05 having sustained  damage in the impact, it was the end of the Briton’s session. His best Q1 time of 1:18.683 was in the end good enough for 16th place in qualifying. If the damage to his car is not sufficient to require a major rebuild, Hamilton will start from 15th place once Esteban Gutierrez, who qualified in 14th place, takes the three-place grid penalty he incurred at Silverstone.


Nico Rosberg Mercedes

The session resumed nine minutes later and Rosberg was one of the first out, as the German had not yet set a time. He moved into P1 with his first flying lap, outpacing Bottas by six tenths of a second.

The time, set on supersofts, was good enough to see him through to Q2 in P1, followed by Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel, and in fourth place Vallteri Bottas, whose time of 1:18.215 was set on soft tyres.

Eliminated, in order, after Q1 were Marcus Ericsson, who failed to set a time due to a hydraulic problem discovered in advance of the session, Marussia’ Max Chilton, Kamui Kobayashi in the second Caterham, Lotus’ Pastor Maldonado, Jules Bianchi in the second Marussia and Sauber’s Adrian Sutil.

Rosberg was again quickest in Q2, his time of 1:17.109 deemed good enough to see him through to the top-10 shootout. Bottas was close again, however, the Finn taking second in the segment with a time just over two tenths shy of the championship leader’s. Bottas’ Williams team-mate Felipe Massa was fourth ahead of Sebastian Vettel, while Kevin Magnussen, continued to find his way to the middle of the top 10, as he has done all weekend.

It was a less happy tale for team-mate Jenson Button who failed to make it through to Q3. His time of 1:18.193 was just under four tenths down on his team-mate and only good enough for P11.

Also suffering by comparison with a team-mate was Jean-Eric Vergne. The Frenchman could only manage P13 behind Kimi Raikkonen, while Toro Rosso team-mate Daniil Kvyat took ninth place in the segmen. It’s the third race weekend in a row on which the young Russian has beaten Vergne in qualifying, though in the Frenchman’s defence the gap between the two was just 0.182.

Also ruled out after Q2 were Sauber’s Esteban Gutierrez in 14th place and Lotus’ Romain Grojean who took 15th ahead of the non-running Hamilton.

In the final segment Rosberg made his intentions clear with his first run. The German set a ferociously quick time of 1:16.540 and with Bottas’s first run yielding a time half a second shy of the Mercedes man’s, any ambition making a challenge for pole evaporated.

Bottas put in a valiant effort with his final run and shaved over two tenths off his previous time but it was only good enough to cement his front row position behind Rosberg, as Massa failed to make a significant move.

Behind them Magnussen rose to an excellent fourth place for McLaren ahead of Ricciardo who, as ever, left his best for last, eclipsing team-mate Vettel by three tenths of a second.

With Vettel sixth, seventh place went to Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. Kvyat improved on provisional P9 to claim eighth place in the session ahead of the Force Indias of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez.

2014 German Grand Prix – Qualifying Result
1 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1:17.631 1:17.109 1:16.540 17
2 Valtteri Bottas Williams 1:18.215 1:17.353 1:16.759 15
3 Felipe Massa Williams 1:18.381 1:17.370 1:17.078 21
4 Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1:18.260 1:17.788 1:17.214 17
5 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing 1:18.117 1:17.855 1:17.273 19
6 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 1:18.194 1:17.646 1:17.577 16
7 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1:18.389 1:17.866 1:17.649 19
8 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1:18.530 1:18.103 1:17.965 22
9 Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:18.927 1:18.017 1:18.014 21
10 Sergio Perez Force India 1:18.916 1:18.161 1:18.035 21
11 Jenson Button McLaren 1:18.425 1:18.193 15
12 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 1:18.534 1:18.273 13
13 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1:18.496 1:18.285 14
14 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1:18.739 1:18.787 14
15 Romain Grosjean Lotus 1:18.894 1:18.983 14
16 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:18.683 5
17 Adrian Sutil Sauber 1:19.142 8
18 Jules Bianchi Marussia 1:19.676 8
19 Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1:20.195 7
20 Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1:20.408 7
21 Max Chilton Marussia 1:20.489 9
22 Marcus Ericsson Caterham

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This would have been talked about before I am sure, but why has Rosberg not got a five place grid penalty for his gearbox failure at Silverstone?


Apparently if you did not complete the race there is no penalty.

Someone posted the rule.


Just wanted to say how happy I am for Williams. They have had some dark days, well years and nobody wants to see that. Feel good story of the year so far.

I want all teams doing well and not struggling whether at the front middle or rear of the F1 field.


Should Lewis start form the pit lane there will surely be a good race watching him charging up to the front for sure. It’s better if he starts from the pit so there’s no chance of any accidents/incidents in 15th.

Well, the FRICkin system removal the gap has closed up in quail. I still like to wait for the race for the real story.

Strongly suspect Bottas can take the win to Merc. But Merc will be shouting foul for the good job they did and taken away under their noses. Looking forward!


Yes Williams did well, but I think it will take a management situation at Mercedes such as brakes for Bottas or Massa to get their noses in. The Mercedes long run pace is exceptional and I doubt anyone can live with it. I hope a situation develops to allow Lewis to get back to the front such as safety cars and/or weather. I’m not sure the absence of FRIC has had any such effect overall because it is a short circuit and teams have brought upgrades, and/or used data they extracted from the last race weekend using them.

David in Sydney

One thing is for sure: we’re witnessing Kimi’s and Jenson’s final year in F1. Perhaps Massa, too.


Nasty accident for Lewis, which gives the race to Nico if he finishes. I get the feeling things again are a bit on the limit. It will however be interesting to see what Lewis can do from that grid slot, although it maybe a start from the pit lane. Let’s see what the strategy guy’s can do for him particularly if he get’s new tyre choice as it seems the rest of the grid will be in for there first stop after about 9 laps, but they will go off very quickly. I’m rather hoping the weather can play a part, surely the weather Gods can string a bit of good fortune for Lewis as currently he seems devoid of it.


James, any comments from the drivers orteams on how the removal of the FRIC systems has affected the cars or their relative performance?

Looking down the grid, apart from lotus having both cars at the back, its not apparent that the order has been affected.

And what happened at McLaren? In the FP2 coverage there was some discussion of aero upgrades being fitted to magnussens car, and these were credited with him being faster than Button. The upgrade was then going to be transferred to Buttons car. Was he quicker in FP3? And who ran the upgrade in quali?


No, they’ve all had to adapt. Merc has done well, its race pace is phenomenal, Red Bull was chewing up tyres on long runs so hope they’ve fixed that

Williams have adapted well, as have many teams. Hungary will be a sterner test as its characteristics were idea for FRIC


Thanks for the reply James, all eyes on the Hungary GP for FRICin’ chaos, then.

Was there any news on the problem that took Rosbergs Merc out of the British GP?

Do the hot conditions in Germany mean it is a problem that could rucur, and does it affect all Merc P/U’s or just those in Merc cars?


No…..I cannot believe it….I am back no using this site normally now:-) James, today I started receiving email notifications when people comment on my post!!!! Thank you:-)


James, do you know what happen to zero tolerance policy on track limits, so vigorously enforced only two weeks ago?

If this rule exist for real, why it isn’t enforced everywhere?

In Q1 Rosberg didn’t do a single lap without being with all 4 wheels off track at some point.

The same goes to many others.


It only applies when drivers gain an advantage

Spoke to Gary Connelly the steward and he said T1 run off is slower

Apparently Tom Kristensen took the stewards for a high speed drive in F1 medical car and showed them it was slower by running wide !


What’s about the final corner???


Good that Tom did that to clear things up as nearly all the drivers had four wheels off.

Mike from Medellin

Unless Derek Daly or any other friend of the Rosberg family is a steward.


No it’s not….

That line has always been used. You have to slow down considerably more to make that corner within the lines.

All my years as a fan of racing games, trust me the wide line is quicker you carry so much more speed.


Thanks for reply.

One must agree that either the rule is insane, or not enforcing it everywhere is just as much.

With such liberal/relaxed approach FIA and stewards are just adding to confusion average fan/follower might already have with all this tech gizmos, strategies, tires, PU elements usage ezc.

I’ve been following F1 since late 70’s and I don’t remember I’ve seen such inconsistency within single season as we’ve seen in past few years culminating this one.

I just wonder how strictly do they enforce all other rules I’m not even aware of. 🙂

I remember a while ago – Indy race probably 10 or so years ago, clearly seeing on TV, Mark Webber in his Jaguar was leaving a closed pit lane (red light at the exit of it) during a safety car period.

And no one did anything to penalize that.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who saw the issue.


Hamilton ran wide on his first flying lap in Austria exceeding track limits but clearly losing time yet his lap was excluded. Someone please explain


Hamilton will probably just be thinking damage limitation tomorrow (I expect he will pumped tomorrow but properly gutted right now). After final practice I expected him to get second to NIco but to challenge in the race but alas Mercedes reliability has a part to play. I really hope they figure out why the brakes failed so it has less chance of occurring in future races. Mercedes may be the fastest but its looking like their car is really frail and delicate.

David in Sydney

Another chance for Lewis to cut through the field like a hot knife through butter… he’ll finish in the top 6 if not score a podium.


Spot on, good call


Just seen magnussens onboard Q3 lap, im. Not a fan but loked like he was really hooked up, good to see in a macca been too long since weve seen that, looks like a great step forward

Glad lewis us ok that was some impact ouch


Look on the bright side, it is better this happen in qualifying than in the race. Retirements will dictate this championship.


I wanted to comment before reading the qualifying report and comments.

I am so happy to see the Williams team perform as they are. I remember reading derogatory comments last year toward Claire. It seems that once again the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. How they have come to stand where they do seems unbelievable seeing where they stood the past few years. Most improved team to me, although it is a close call with Mercedes.

Rosberg on pole. Hamilton once more having no much luck. Hamilton might it find difficult to finish second this time around. The Williams at the very least can be counted on not to be so easy to overcome from where Lewis is starting. Looks like Rosberg will take the win short of unforeseeable happenings.

Bottas or Massa taking it would make this race very much special for me, but I don’t see happening due to their pace alone.

Red Bulls are thereabout as well so while the top step seems taken, the next 4, 5 slots should provide a good race. Marc



What’s more worrying is that Merc seem to be saying there have been a few occurrences of this nature with Brembo brakes. Does Lewis risk this happening again or go with Carbon Industrie (on safety grounds) ?

This will surely leave him at a disadvantage as he will probably not feel comfortable – I assume one thing you want confidence and feel on is brakes right?


Not those BRAKES again!


There are more “hot” races coming up with Hungary, Spa and Monza. Maybe Hamiltons camp should not assume it is only kismet that his brakes had terminal failures in the two hottest days so far (today and Canada race day) and maybe they should be thinking more proactive and consider a change back to carbon industries. The Mercs one achilles heel is obviously cooling for the brake discs is marginal and it was no coincidence that Hamilton suffered issues today and in Canada. In Canada as well as today in Q1 Rosberg also had problems with his brakes yet he made it through, this points towards specific flaws in Mercs design and has nothing to do with bad luck or conspiracy theories.

Then why further forcing the issue when the brakes are under too much strain anyway, Rosberg so far seems to make it work with his approach and Hamilton might lose this championship due to his reluctance to use the right tools in order to make his drive more sympathetic with 2014 F1. If he sticks to his more aggressive approach using Brembo and suffers more brake failures then who is to blame ? If he can´t beat Rosberg with the same and safer brake supplier then he should get in one line with Kimi, Button and Vettel.

As for the race tomorrow, he will start 15. on the harder more durable of the two compounds and he will be second or third by lap 20 anyway with 2 unused sets of the supersoft he should cruise past Bottas easily and might even annoy Rosberg a little. Podium is no rocket science 1. ROS 2. HAM 3. BOT


“Hamilton will start from 15th place once Esteban Gutierrez, who qualified in 14th place, takes the three-place grid penalty he incurred at Silverstone.”

Or will he have to start from the pit lane if the brake repairs mean a parc ferme violation?


Brake repairs on there own wouldn’t trigger that, but changing brake disc manufacturer would, which is being contemplated. Might as well take some drag off the car then too, to aid passing.


If they stay with Brembo than it’s just a repair, no pulling the car out of parc ferme. If they change to Carbon Industries he would probably have to start from pit lane, but I read that Toto’s lobbying to allow changing to Carbon Industries without taking the car out of parc ferme because it’s for safety, not performance.


That is looking quite possible


Thanks, James — TV coverage just starting this morning on the West Coast of the U.S.


Quali was live on CNBC.

Same thing for the race tomorrow. Repeats are on NBCSN later.


Thanks, appreciate the steer — the way NBC bounces the feed around different channels and the inflexibility of our local cable provider’s guide makes these things most difficult to find sometimes. As noted above will put this one on the list to check as well. Much appreciated.


Are you watching the rebroadcast on NBCSN? It was on CNBC live, as will be the race on Sun (at least here in the mid-west).


Thanks — learned that the race was going to be on CNBC from the announcement on the Indy Car feed. We don’t seem to get the channel information for the live stuff here and have to try stumbling on it. Will put CNBC on my search list.


What the hell is going on with Kimi ? Is it the same story that Ferrari are concentrating on one car (Alonso) and only Kimi keeps having issues with his car and reliability all the time? I have yet to remember one practice session where Kimi has not lost track time because of some Ferrari issue. This is ridiculous, clearly Kimi has not forgotten how to drive – the team is playing favorites or are incapable of supporting two cars equally.


He knew what was coming to him, however, it was about money, I guess. Lotus were not paying him. He is not a fool. He knew that he cannot beat Alonso at the team where Alonso is at home. Anyway, if Ferrari wins a race this year, I don’t thin it will be by Alonso.


Er……. Hello!

Alonso has not won a race for quite sometime. Off the top of my head the podiums have not been in abundance either.

Knock Kimi all you like but the team is struggling at the moment full stop.

If this car needs ‘switching on’ Alonso is not doing it.

Ferrari need to sort the bizniz out!


Evidently Kimi can’t adapt to a car unless it is exactly as he likes it. Lotus were able to get the car to suit his fancy.

In this case, he hasn’t been able to adapt the same as Vettel at Red Bull. For some reason Kimi gets a free pass and Vettel gets belittled. The 2 cases are exactly the same.


yes, but Seb have won the last 4 WDC in a row, so it put him on the spotlight more than Kimi


Seems to me that Kimi is copping a fair bit in the media as well, and justifiably so as he is getting his rear kicked. For me, the writing was on the wall last season for both the drivers you mention.

Kimi lost his mojo not long after the halfway mark and Fernando could drag performance from anything with wheels and motor, whilst Daniel has always been quick, putting his Italian bull way further up the starting grid than it deserved.

David in Sydney

Give me Vettel over Kimi any day. Kimi is embarrassing himself and Alonso is guaranteeing another 5 years in F1.


The cream always rises to the top… and Kimi ain’t at the top. Ruh roh…


+1, That’s Ferrari for you.

The only positive is that this is happening now, when Ferrari have no chance of winning any championship otherwise it would have been pretty bad for Kimi and his fans (including me)


Feel for Kimi too. Maybe Ferrari are bringing experimental updates and using his car as testbed, maybe not. It would be nice to see Kimi have a good weekend for once. He won a race in 2013 after all, albeit due to the leader retiring. Having said that, Alonso is at is prime right now and very well tuned to the Ferrari of recent years to the present..



Do you know if Williams approach has evolved since Austria. Might they adopt a more ”racy strategy, as opposed to the Austrian race, or will they still be out to score good points?


Yes, they learned from that and will be more racy. You saw that in Silverstone with Bottas.

Depends on whom they are racing, looks like it’s probably just Hamilton

Stephen Taylor

James I’m battled by Kimi he looked good in terms of pace in practice. So why did he get knocked out in Q2 and look completely off the pace?


Magnusson will fall back and Button will cut through the field. My prediction is that Button will still brat Magnusson. Would be very happy if either McLaren was able to achieve a 4th place.


Come on Lewis grab that steering wheel & muster ‘The never give in Brit spirit’

Make you your up up the grid swiftly.

There seems to be alot more issues with the car driven by Lewis. Brake failure at beginning of Quali is shocking. Glad Lewis is ok & able to race Sunday.

Seems like Lewis side of Mercedes are involved in alot of mishaps

While Rosberg gets the cream (I know he had a DNF ar Silverstone). Crazy & mind boggling how one side of Mercedes gets it wrong so often. Its asif somebody is chucking a spanner into the works on car driven by Lewis. Not that im saying somebody is (conspiracy wise). Surely Toto must have words with the engineers on Lewis’ s team.


did you not here? the german football team won the world cup. it is normal for one team to consistently outperform another.


Lewis will be alright. A brake failure is a nasty, very worrying incident, but at least it removes Lewis from culpability for the accident.

Anyway, don’t forget in 2004 Jenson also started at the back half of the grid and yet by lap 13 was, unbelievably, leading the race! He eventually finished a superb 2nd. So it is possible to come through the pack swiftly at the Tilke-Hockenheim.


Thanks for agreeing with the cancellation viewpoint GazBoy.

Shocking act of terror by a Russian equipped band of terrorists.

It would be a travisty if F1 travelled to Russia !!

Sad times.


Pkara, can I just say I fully support your position on a cancellation of the Russian GP.

If F1 goes to Sochi in October, it would be afront and slap in the face to our friends and NATO allies in Holland and Australia who have been particularly affected, and are grieving badly. The UK and Malaysia has also lost citizens as well in a particularly brutal and cowardly act of terrorism.

For F1, it would be a public relations disaster to go to Russia, and grand prix motor racing would be easily targeted as an aloof, out of touch, arrogant and completely myopic sport that is only interested in chasing the cash even if it means alienating our allies in NATO – would F1 would to do that?

I suspect that western governments, as we speak, are probably putting a great deal of pressure on the F1 circus not to go.


I’m glad Lewis is unhurt.

Kimi continues to disappoint.

Bottas, Mag, Dan & Danil continue to impress me. Great to see these young blokes making the most of their opportunities.


Unlucky for Hamilton but good to see he’s okay.

Now, I’d like to see odds on:

A – Räikkönen being replaced by Bianchi before the end of the season.

B – Maldonado being replaced by anyone.

kenneth chapman

hahaha….they say timing is everything, in most things. it has just been announced that maldonado is driving for lotus again in 2015.


Bit off topic, but do you think the Australian government – behind the scenes – may put pressure on Danny Boy and Red Bull not to participate in Sochi?

I’ve got a feeling the UK government will lobby the UK kit car teams, Jenson, Lewis and Max to strongly reconsider their position on it as well.

The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbot, seem extremely agitated and distressed today when I saw him on the BBC speaking at a press conference. I would imagine he would find it an afront if an Australian citizen competed in the Russian GP.

I suspect with the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, a lot of the prominent Commonwealth leaders – and NATO members remember – of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Singapore and the UK will urgently be discussing the prospect of boycott of Russia.


Don’t know about Australia, but there’s no way there’ll be an organised UK boycott of Sochi, for either teams or drivers. There was absolutely no traction behind one for the Winter Olympics, when the link between nation states/government funding and influence and competitors is much stronger than in F1.


Sorry to say, when Putin tells Bernie I’ll pay you four times the fee to run the grand prix, what do you think? If Bernie is a gentleman, I don’t even dare mention human rights issues he should call it off right now! I bet sponsors are thinking twice about it by now.


@Gaz Boy

I’ve got a feeling the UK government will lobby the UK kit car teams, Jenson, Lewis and Max ..

I am having a hard time imagining a team or driver unilaterally deciding on not going to Sochi. Can you really see Lewis, for instance, not racing whilst Rosberg does (or vice versa). It’s either no one goes or they all do in my opinion.


I’d imagine it would be massive fines or even life bans for mixing government politics with the sport.

Though theres nothing they can do if danny suddenly catches the flu the day he’s due to fly out.


RIC should not need to worry about it. FOM should have already have pencilled a cancellation letter prior to the horrific actions of the Russian backed rebels.

This is about the only thing that Abbot has ever done that I agree with as IMO he is just a grub that utilises a christian facade.

Malaysia should demand and receive compensation from Putin, as following on the heels of the loss of MH 370, the effect on the airline must be immense.


Not to get overly political but I find it an affront that Abbot is the Australian Prime Minister in the first place so I couldn’t care less if he’s a bit twitchy.

For myself I think that what happened to Flight 17 is a tragedy and it shouldn’t be disregarded or forgotten, but as I’ve said previously if the race goes ahead and the FIA and the teams feel it’s safe then they’ll go and that’s that.


it’s not something new to ferrari to fire a world champion before of the end of the season 😀 (although it will be for very different reasons, prost openly criticized the scuderia, and Kimi has been taking the blame for his form this season


Easy on Kimi. Anyone would be nuts to go to Ferrari now. This romantic Ferrari BS ain’t panning out. I have a feeling after this season no one will want to drive at Ferrari.


Oh and Random, test times mean nothing to me. Who knows what they were testing, or if they shaved weight off the car and let Bianchi set some times to put a get-up-and-go motivation on Kimi and Fernando. As in, hey guys, you’re not doing anything special in those cars. Bianchi can do what you did, or better.

Let’s see Bianchi try to keep afloat in a GP. Maybe Kimi will have a “back problem” and we’ll finally answer if in GP trim Bianchi can bring it home in P16 or P17.

I remember this movie No Man’s Land with Charlie Sheen where they steal Porsches. And Benji says to Charlie pointing to a Ferrari across the street they should steal it instead of the 911 they are standing next to “Hey, what about that one?” And Charlie says “Naaaahh….Italian Trash.” A bit harsh, but Ferrari better pull this car up by the straps before that old 80s movie fictional description becomes fact.


Kimi managed to escape Ferrari after a bad season with a WDC to his name, their last. He went back, and I put forth to you that whatever Kimi may have had is being tarnished WAY more in just 10 races than the apparent kink in the legend of Schumacher after he came back to Mercedes for 3 years only to book 1 podium. For the record I saw that 3 years as a give back to fans by Schumi, which was fantstic.

First, RBR have put down one heck of a butt kicking last 4 seasons. Now Mercedes look unstoppable – which I’m still hoping RBR somehow turn to at least challenge them after the 4. Williams are in the thick of it, and we do have 10 races of points on the table, so it could still get a bit exciting. I think RBR, a sugar water maker putting the boots to Ferrari, a maker of high performance cars apparently has been a psychological blow that will be hard to come back from for them and has indeed taken mystical appeal from Ferrari.

I mean seriously, imagine now that Apple is challenged AND beaten for 4 straight years in the market by Nestle in technology products – that is what happened here last 4 years. I’m honest with you Random, RBR have made me completely not even look at Ferrari products, never mind desire one. And it certainly made me see that Ferrari is not the team to go to. It’s just a kicking target everyone has a shot at now and no one wants to touch really. Sure, Ferrari seat is better than Caterham, but doesn’t really get you to the promise land, does it now?


Since 2009 I have been saying this about Ferrari. They have a one driver mentality embedded since Schumi and it is destroying them. Mattiaci has a tremendous job ahead of him in changing Ferrari. They need at least 2-3 years. Engine boss is gone, Pat Fry should be gone-there was a yelling match at Montreal apparently where he offered his resignation- I would have gladly accepted it. Webber and Button were smart not to go there..

This stupid, stupid idea of having a one driver focused team and the entire technical people focused around him is bizarre. It is exacerbated by not having a strong technical team which has been highlighted for many years. Ferrari need to get past this pride of theirs and join the 21 century with some real enthusiasm and creativity. Hiring Allison was their first step but there are usually about 17 steps to get to the top floor. If Fry/ Alonso are gone after this year the team can start to rebuild- they wont win next year but they will make real progress no matter who is driving.Oddly enough I think Alonso can win a championship in Red Bull/ Mclaren/or merc if he accepts a normal contract where he is not the centre of the team- “just another paid driver”- nothing else. How does that Rihanna song go again…but i just dont see him changing his ways and creating problems around him- no matter where he is.

Another great Allison design like last years Lotus may allow the swan song to Kimis great career – that he so richly deserves


I would! (i even drive for Caterham if they ask me, but my driver credencials seems to be quite poor, as i drive a Citroen 2cv! – with FRIC, wich is not banned for road cars… yet!)


What are you talking about?…Raikkonen had 2 great years at Lotus…and they were James Allison designed cars…where is James Allison now?…he didn’t have any say in this years car(obviously, as he just got there)…however, next years Car will be a James Allison design…I bet most drivers would line up to be in one of his cars…considering he is thought of as the best F1 car designer next to Newey…Raikkonen will do very well there next year…Ferrari will do very well next year!!


I haven’t got anything against Kimi as he’s actually one of my favourite drivers, but you have to consider the fact that he hasn’t done as well as expected and then Bianchi hops in his car and sets a fastest time so there’s an outside chance it could happen (and as a few have pointed out it’s not they they have never replaced him before).

To your question about Ferrari I’d ask if they are starting to lose their mystic appeal. Ten years ago if anyone was asked if they wanted to drive for Ferrari then the answer for most would be an automatic yes, but these days I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t go so far to say that no-one will want to drive for them, but they certainly do need to pick up their game if they’re to have any hope of returning to their glory days.


Point ‘A’ isn’t happening 100% sure!, those who are interested to lose their money, can enter that bet.

Look at Ferrari this year, Alonso must have an exit clause in his contract, and this year more than anything he can simply move out, because the car is incredibly poor. So what are chances Alonso, moving out of Ferrari at the end of this year?

He is indirectly making his intentions clear, by asking for $40 mil+bonus for a new contract extension.(2016 and beyond)

Go figure whether Ferrari are gonna pay him that much.

Look at Massa this year, look where he was compared to Alonso! Ferrari keep preparing cars that lack traction,downforce and Alonso is good in extracting times of those cars. But you can’t expect that from every other driver on the grid.

And if they do sack Kimi, look at the sequence

1) They hire him (kimi)

2) He wins them championships

3) They Fire him

4) He has a stellar comeback in F1

5) They hire him again

6) They fire him again

What does that tell you about Ferrari’s Management?


ferrari didn’t fire raikkonen, he decided to take a brake from f1 and they hired alonso.


“What does that tell you about Ferrari’s Management?”

Probably best left unsaid 🙂


Not sure about Raikkonen being replaced, but so long as Maldonado doesn’t run out of money his seat at Lotus is safe. Mind you as soon as the money stops Maldonado is a gonner 🙂


Exactly right.


It would appear Madonado has not yet run out of money as Lotus have announced they have signed a new deal with him for 2015. Mr Lopez is quoted as saying: “Despite the difficulties, he recognises our true potential as a team and we recognise his true potential as a driver”. Have you ever heard such b#**ocks? What he should have said is ” Maldonado has got the money and we need it – what else can we do? “


His seat might be safe but his front wing is in constant peril 😉


James, I’m confused. Having remembered reading your technical article I believed the team were using Brembo and the car was optimised around the use of this manufacturers brake compound, but that Lewis chose to and was using was using Carbon Industrie because that was what he was comfortable with at McLaren.

Was this only correct for last years car?

For now it appears that Lewis is using Brembo! Which not only can be assumed by the concerned chap with Brembo on his shirt looking intently at the brake failure on the monitors in the garage; but also by Paddy Lowe who later confirmed that Nico uses Carbon Industrie – a different compound to Lewis!

Could you clarify and compare with the other brake failures of the same manufacturer as experienced by other team.


Lewis was on Brembo and Rosberg changed to Carbon Industrie before qualifying


It looks like Hamilton has to race with Carbon Industries brakes now


I doubt Rosberg would have changed brake manufacturers just before qualifying, before P3 sounds more realistic.


James, who is in charged of making that call? I think both driver should have the same kind of breaks. Are other teams also using different systems for their drivers?


The driver must have the brakes he wants, that is one thing that has to be his call


Sad to watch, yet again Mercedes Team reliability has let Lewis down and the undeserving Rosberg gains.

What is this circuit like for passing … and what is the weather forecast looking like ?


2drs zones both good for passing but re passing possible too at second drs zone.


Why is Rosberg undeserving?

He’s been as fast as & at times faster than Lewis all year.


Rosberg is not undeserving but the only time I remember Nico pulling away from Lewis in a race was Monaco after Lewis,s vision was impaired.

Lewis drove away cleanly from Nico at Malaysia and China

or to put it another way Lewis at times as been faster than Nico all year.LOL!!


He was going well today and might have been hard to beat for Hamilton


well in 2005, Montoya started 20th and finished 2nd, so certainly you can overtake if the driver is aggressive sort of driver.

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