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Daniel Ricciardo
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  27 Jul 2014   |  3:07 pm GMT  |  543 comments

Daniel Ricciardo took a thrilling victory at the Hungaroring, powering his way past Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the final few laps to take his second win of the season.

Alonso, in one of the heroic drives of the season, was two laps short of winning for Ferrari on worn-out soft tyres, but managed to hang onto second.

Hamilton claimed third place having started from the pit lane, despite intense pressure in the final laps from team-mate Nico Rosberg on fresher tyres.

But he refused a Mercedes team order to let Rosberg past for strategic reasons, with the German needing to make one more stop in the final third of the race.

“I was in the same race as Nico and if I let him past and he had the opportunity to pull away, then he would have come back and overtaken me,” said Hamilton. “I didn’t understand why the team asked me to do that as he didn’t get close enough to overtake and I didn’t want to lift off and lose ground to Fernando.”

At the start of an incident-packed race, in damp conditions caused by a pre-race shower, Rosberg got away well and maintained his lead as the field cautiously approached Turn One. Vettel, though, lost out, being passed by Bottas on the exit of the first corner and then by Alonso as they swept through Turn Two. The Red Bull driver was soon back up to third place, however, making his way past the Ferrari in Turn Five.

At the back, Hamilton was in trouble. He hit the brakes to take Turn Two but lost control of the rear end of the car. He slid towards the barriers and was lucky not to sustain any damage. He rejoined and despite complaining of poor brake response he began to make his way through the order, rising to 13th by lap eight, by which time Rosberg was nine seconds clear of Bottas at the front.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 14.40.11

On the next lap Marcus Ericsson lost control into Turn Three, hitting the barriers hard in his Caterham. The safety car was deployed and the field from P5 back came into the pits, with the majority taking on slick tyres. One the following lap the front runners, who has passed the pit lane entrance when Ericsson crashed, made their visit to pit lane. By the time the order had settled behind the safety car, Ricciardo was in the lead on soft tyres, ahead of Button, who was on intermediate tyres. Behind them were Felipe Massa, Rosberg, Kevin Magnussen (who did not pit and was on his starting intermediate tyres), Jean-Eric Vergne, Vettel, Alonso, Nico Hulkenberg and in P10, Sergio Perez. Bottas, meanwhile, had dropped to 11th.

While the safety car was deployed, Lotus’ Romain Grosjean also crashed out at Turn 3, forcing a longer stay on track for the pace car.

The safety car came in at the end of lap 13 and Button, told to push as rain would not be reappearing, immediately used the better grip he had in the greasy conditions to take the lead. He soon came into the pits, however, to discard the intermediate tyres that were quickly degrading.

Behind them, the order was changing and Rosberg was going backwards. He was passed by Vergne and Alonso and by lap 17 was down in fifth place, with only Vettel between him and team-mate Hamilton in P7.

Ricciardo, meanwhile, was picking up his pace in the drying conditions. By lap 20 he was setting fastest laps and was five seconds clear of Massa. Alonso was inside DRS range of second-placed Massa and pressuring his former team-mate hard. Vergne, as ever impressing in the varying conditions, was three seconds down on the Ferrari. The major battle, though, was between Vettel and Hamilton. On lap 21, the gap was just 0.3s and Vettel was in heavily defensive mode. Rosberg, though, wasn’t able to use the fight to his advantage, with the gap to Vettel continuing to hover around the one second mark.

Then on lap 23 the safety car made its second appearance as Sergio Perez lost control on the exit of the final turn and spun into the wall on the pit straight.

Leader Ricciardo pitted on lap 24 behind the safety car, the Red Bull driver taking on more soft tyres. Second-placed Massa and Bottas (P8) also pitted on the same lap, with both taking on medium tyres. Massa rejoined in seventh behind Ricciardo, with Bottas in P13. The stops left Alonso in the lead from Vergne, with Rosberg third ahead of Vettel and fourth-placed Hamilton.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 14.46.45

The safety car left the track at the end of lap 26 and Alonso held his lead. He soon began to pull Away from Vergne, with the Frenchman becoming something of a cork in a bottle. By lap 31 he was 3.3s down on Alonso and was holding Rosberg up.

Rosberg tries to change that on lap 33, pitting for soft tyres. On track Vettel almost replicated Perez’s crash, losing control on the kerb at the exit of the final corner. His car swapped ends but he narrowly missed hitting the wall. He dropped to seventh position. Vettel was then told to nurse his soft tyres until the end of the race.

Ahead, Hamilton managed to squeeze past Vergne at Turn 4 around the outside, causing the Frenchman to pit soon after for new tyres. As those ahead of him began to pit for new tyres, Ricciardo rose up the order and started to push, setting another fastest lap on lap 35 while in P3.

Rosberg, after his second stop, was now in P10 and 27 seconds down on second-placed Hamilton. The German was told that his title rival now had time to make his second stop and emerge in front, so Rosberg attempted to push. He got past Bottas on lap 38 but his times were still slower than Hamilton’s and the Briton was quickly on the radio to tell his team he felt he could remain on track at the same pace for a further couple of laps.

Hamilton finally came in on lap 40 taking on medium tyres. He emerged in P5 behind Alonso (who had made his second stop), but crucially he was in front of Rosberg. At the front Ricciardo led once more, from Massa and Kimi Raikkonen, who had only made one stop. The Finn was soon in for more soft tyres.

Massa made a third stop on lap 46 taking more mediums. That promoted to Alonso to second, 15.8s behind Ricciardo and 2.4s ahead of Hamilton.

The Mercedes driver was being pressured by his team-mate, however. Rosberg was just a second behind and the Briton was soon told not to hold the German up as they worked through different strategies.
Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 15.10.50

After five laps of Rosberg not being to close enough in the turbulent air, Hamilton was asked to allow Rosberg past on the main straight on the next lap. Acceding to the request, though, would see the Briton lose precious time and he told his team that he would not slow down to that degree to allow Rosberg to pass.

Ricciardo, meanwhile, was concerned about the state of his rear tyres and though the team wanted the Australian to race the set until the flag, the Red Bull driver couldn’t hold them together and was forced to pit for soft tyres on lap 55. He rejoined in fourth place but with the benefit of significantly enhanced pace.

Mercedes then decided to shift things, bringing Rosberg in on lap 57 to take on used soft tyres. He emerged in P7 ahead of Vettel and was told he needed to put in “a quali lap, every lap”.

The order, then, with 13 laps to go was Alonso, three seconds clear of Hamilton, with Ricciardo, on fresh tyres, a further 3.7s back. Bottas had risen to fourth ahead of Massa, Raikkonen and Rosberg, who was just half a second behind the Finn.

As Bottas pitted, Rosberg made his way past Raikkonen down the inside into Turn One on lap 60 take fifth place. He cleared Massa on the following lap, but 22 seconds down on Ricciardo and with the front three determined to hang on to their crumbling tyres, could the German make up the ground?

The answer was yes. By lap 66 the German was just 11 seconds adrift of Ricciardo and lapping three seconds faster than the Red Bull.

The Australian though was determined to make a bid for victory. After several failed attempts to pass the hyper-defensive Hamilton, Ricciardo eventually made a great move around the outside of Turn Two to pass the Mercedes and then on lap 68 he muscled past Alonso to claim the lead and, soon after, his second grand prix win of the season. Behind, Hamilton was pushing Alonso just as hard, attempting to put a car between him and the hard-charging Rosberg.

With two laps to go Rosberg was just 1.5s behind his team-mate. The German almost got past with a move around the outside on the final lap, but Hamilton moved very wide through the corner to deny his team-mate, who had to settle for fourth place.

Behind the top four, Massa took fifth for Williams ahead of Raikonen, Vettel, Bottas, Vergne and in P10 Jenson Button.

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Jules Bianchi

Hungarian Grand Prix 2014 – Race Result
1 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Racing 70 Winner 4 25
2 Fernando Alonso Ferrari 70 +5.2 secs 5 18
3 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 70 +5.8 secs 22 15
4 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 70 +6.3 secs 1 12
5 Felipe Massa Williams 70 +29.8 secs 6 10
6 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 70 +31.4 secs 16 8
7 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 70 +40.9 secs 2 6
8 Valtteri Bottas Williams 70 +41.3 secs 3 4
9 Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso70 +58.5 secs 8 2
10 Jenson Button McLaren 70 +67.2 secs 7 1
11 Adrian Sutil Sauber 70 +68.1 secs 11
12 Kevin Magnussen McLaren 70 +78.4 secs 21
13 Pastor Maldonado Lotus 70 +84.0 secs 20
14 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 69 +1 Lap 10
15 Jules Bianchi Marussia 69 +1 Lap 15
16 Max Chilton Marussia 69 +1 Lap 18
Ret Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 32 +38 Laps 13
Ret Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 24 +46 Laps 17
Ret Sergio Perez Force India 22 +48 Laps 12
Ret Nico Hulkenberg Force India 14 +56 Laps 9
Ret Romain Grosjean Lotus 10 +60 Laps 14
Ret Marcus Ericsson Caterham 7 +63 Laps 19

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Can't believe Merc were telling Hamilton to loose two seconds, so Nico could get past...

Good call on Hamilton, not to trust his team...


Didn't Lewis slide off the track? He really showed his 'class' in this race, ignoring an order to keep his teammate in the race. Contrary to popular opinion, they're not just racing each other because the merc is so far ahead, Ricciardo won the race because Lewis did what he did! I know we should love his fighting spirit but he just annoys me with his attitude of "I deserve to win and no one else does".

A true sportsman would have allowed Rosberg to continue on his race. I think Nico was right not to push too hard, he retained his lead and kept things close, despite the conditions (he didn't slide off!), safety cars and strategy changes.


[mod] When Vettel ignored team orders at a time when he was battling Webber for the championship, the uproar was deafening. Now Hamilton clearly disobeys team orders, ad everyone gets their knickers in a twist. I think Hamilton was right to ignore team orders, but so was Vettel.

But this also shows that Mercedes have always employed team orders, and Hamilton benefited from them in his 4 wins in a row. Mercedes has been employing team orders under the form of preferred strategy to the lead driver, to maximize team points. This is what the team orders in Hungary were all about, getting the maximum points for the team. If Hamilton had complied, Mercedes would have gotten more points than they did. It just so happens that this would have benefited Rosberg, but in the same way that strategy benefited Hamilton in earlier races.


Yeah he sure keeps getting the short end of the stick. Brilliant drive.


Lewis? Didn't he fall off the track?!


I can't wait till the roles are reversed and Rosberg ignores team orders and compromises Hamiltons race. I am sure all the fans here will be just as understanding.


I guess Rosberg will ignore team orders now, knowing there is no punishment from the team. I wouldn't see him intiating this though. I feel it would be Hamilton who first had to ignore orders, and it has happened. Remember Rosberg in Malaysia last year, dutifully obeying Brawn, "Remember this guys." Staying behind while thinking his loyalty will be a benefit. Financially, yes, for a future championship? Perhaps not.

Saying there will be no punishment. I wonder if anything at all will happen "behind closed doors?" Reduced proposed salary on a contract extension? That would cause tension, something any team will want to avoid.


Yea they ought to pit their head in shame. Now I am beginning to think they don't want lewis to beat Roseberg


It's hard to believe that a team would pat their driver all those millions and then do anything that would stop him winning. However todays race did smell a bit of manipulation. This generally cause a team to fail, ala Ferrari. So this shows that Red Bull were not manipulating thing against Mark Webber, he simply wasn't fast enough! Sad but true.


Maybe Hamilton was remembering what happened last time he was told to let Rosberg past? I'm guessing Lewis learned a lesson at Silverstone.


It does sound ridiculous when one sees it from Hamilton's point of view. Merc were probably thinking of a 2,3 finish, if not a 1,2.

Yes, Hamilton's car failure in qualifying rid him of the opportunity to fight for pole and have the team service his best interest in the race by merit.

If you look at it from Nico's point of view, Lewis' car failure wasn't his fault. He did have pole at the end, and had built a 10-second lead before the first safety car.

But, I personally liked how it turned out the way it did without team orders. In the context of the championship, no driver was harmed too badly. Merc had to right the wrong of Lewis' car breaking down yesterday, which wasn't Merc's fault, either. 3, 4 finish was not a bad result for the team at the end. It was also good to see Alonso in the podium and Ricciardo win no. 2. I'm not British, German, Australian, Spanish or from Monaco. This is how I see it.


agree. Nico would have finished at least P2 if not P1 had Lewis let him pass. Lewis would have kept P4 even he couldnt pass Alonso, so Merc as a team would have gained another 5pts at least. Too bad Lewis didnt see the bigger picture for his team. he only worried about himself.

in another sense it wasnt too bad for either the team, or Lewis/ Nico in the end. Nico maintains a healthy lead over Lewis. I wouldnot try desparately to pass Lewis if I were in Nico's shoe, what was the point of getting taken out of the race if I could at least harvest some good pts?


I think mercedes should do the decent thing and make a public apology to hamilton. they failed him in qualifying, favouring rosberg, he fought his way back and they wanted to favour rosberg again? ridiculous! rosberg should also be apologetic to hamilton.

I was impressed by vettel's recovery from that spin. he stopped millimetres from hitting the barrier and carried on like nothing had happened. that was impressive. oh and he said "anything could happen" rather than is normal "everything is possible".


The problem with the Mercedes AMG radio message to Hamilton, telling him to let Rosberg through [because he's on a different strategy] is that the team knew these drivers were ultimately racing for finishing position, regardless that Rosberg had another pitstop to come. So they were, in effect, attempting to directly influence the race result in favour of Rosberg, rather than let those drivers race.

I'm not one for the conspiracy theories, but this was offside.


I think that the idea was to take less risks, you know avoid Nico to go through risky overtakes in the final laps which could go wrong (fail to overtake, accidents) which could minimize the teams total points. I'm sure that had Lewis allowed Nico through, when he comes behind after the pit the drivers would be instructed to finish the race in formation.

I could be wrong but that's what I thought of at the time 🙂


"loose" = not tight.

"lose" = fail to keep, opposite of "gain".


Your very good at grammar and have given us some good advise their!


what are your tutorial rates?


Thank you. It's up there with drivers having 'dominate' cars.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Indeed... Thank you Alonso! Thank you Hamilton!

Bravo Ricci!


Brilliant race, congrats to Daniel, he's looking the real deal, fantastic alonso, great save by lewis, that move on vergne saids everything about lewis and nico, lewis bang straight away a totally balls to the wall move on the outside, while his team mate just plods behind vergne lap after lap, only trying drs half hearted moves down the straight, rosberg really needs to man up on his wheel to wheel racing, he's so conservative, vettal makes a stupid mistake, but after 4 dwc, I suppose he's due a average season, as for the maccas not his biggest fan, but jenson derserves better, anyway im of to sunny st ives for the summer break, everyone have a great 4 weeks till battle recommences


Rosberg/Hamilton vs Vergne. Hamilton overtook Vergne when his tyres were shot, Vergne pitted straight after he lost that position. Wake up people. Hamilton sat behind Vettel for how many laps even when on fresher tyres and Vettels were much older.

If Hamilton was so brilliant, why could he not find a way past Alonso, even when his tyres were shot to bits, nor could he defend Ricciardo...


Well Lewis did the right thing and why let your rival pass you when you are racing him, Nico couldn't even overtake a Torro Rosso, what class? And then a team order to move his team mate? So daft from Mercedes, the lead car privileges were lost and with the constructors almost out of reach I want to see them racing. Nico looked like a bad loser and for all the bad luck Lewis has had, he comes back the next day and pulls a rabbit out of his hat, his dismal qualifying has made races interesting. I would like to see Nico at the back of the pack...just to appreciate his race craft...otherwise he seems to be a Vettle kind of driver, doesn't know what to do when he is in traffic or changeable conditions. A word from their boss for those that missed the update.


that move on vergne saids everything about lewis and nico, lewis bang straight away a totally balls to the wall move on the outside, while his team mate just plods behind vergne lap after lap .....


Moves like that are the difference between the world champion drivers and the rest.


+1 That move Lewis pulled really does shows the clear difference between the two.


I have to say that the way Hamilton and Rosberg approached Verge told me many things about both of them.


hamilton is a proper racer as he understands what racing is about. team orders are plain stupid. if the car behind is faster he should made his way forward and stop asking the team to make the way for him to pass. what's the point in racing just to slow down for your teammate to go ahead? imagine if hamilton had followed their graze idea, rosberg would've finished ahead of him today and extended his championship lead because the team engineered it.


You do not become World Champion by letting people past.


@bill, there is no need to insult hamilton. if he was stupid there is no way he'd make it into f1 against all odds. and there is no way he would've refused to follow those ridiculous team orders. rosberg didn't understand why hamilton wasn't slowing down for him to pass and asked they team why hamilton wasn't slowing down for him. if you don't understand at least stop being insulting.


Bill, are you serious? Niki LAUDA personally hired Hamilton you realise? Do you know who Niki LAUDA is? Rosberg was no where near Hamilton when they asked him to pull it over to the side and give Rosberg right of way.... Whilst Hamiltons "petulent attitide" isnt all that fantastic, he is a sensational driver.


So based on your expert analysis, blue flags should be ignored then? I mean the drivers are lapping the slower cars which means they are faster, they shouldn't just slow down and let the leaders past.... Hamilton is an employee of Mercedes. When you're being paid £20 Million a year you should do what your employers say. Nico managed to do it last year when he was told to stay behind Lewis, so I fail to see why Lewis thinks he is bigger than the team.


Bill, do you really think Mercedes will sack Lewis? I would bet every penny I could lay my hands on that they don't.


Hamilton's stupidity cost the Mercedes TEAM a sure second and possibly a win. He will be gone from Mercedes at the end of this year and good riddance. Let him take his petulant driving and attitude elsewhere.

Fernando Alonso was the best driver out there today.


@andy, well hamilton didn't drive for the team today. he drove for the drivers championship. what would the drivers' championship table have looked like if hamilton had let rosberg passed and ended up 4th?

hamilton us a true racer, all the other drivers should drive for their teams and allow hamilton to drive for the drivers championship.

hamilton should ask the team to explain to him why they asked him to let rosberg passed. and i'd love to hear their explanation. may be james can ask them when he next get the chance.


Mercedes are way ahead in the constructor's points, Andy. So crushingly far ahead that they should let the drivers just race each other. Asking HAM to lose a couple of seconds by letting ROS past would be unfair as HAM would need every second at the end of the race, given that by then he'd be on worn-out tyres.

Asking drivers to let their team mate past is more the style we've come to expect from Ferrari and RBR.


It's a team sport. If Hamilton had let Rosberg past then Rosberg would have probably won, which would have been a better result for the team. Drivers don't do the 'team' thing, but today Mercedes didn't have the bottle to get the best result, in fear of upsetting Hamilton. Toto Wolff said as much.


@ garret, there are rules governing all aspects of racing in f1 and none of it has anything to do with your respect am sure. i like it when drivers pass on the outside and like it when the driver on the inside runs them wide when they try. do you not like that?


Getting more and more difficult to respect drivers, including multiple world champions, who will run someone off the road "defending" when a fundamental principle of sportsmanship is allowing competitors racing room. That's a part of F-1 which has always been questionable IMHO.


Hey Goob, where have you been? nice to have you back.


Why is it hard to believe when Nico was going to come out 30 seconds behind Lewis after his final pit stop!!! Nico didn't get any favour for being the lead driver either. So, Lewis should apologise to the team for all of his conspiracy theory over the past few weeks.



Rosberg showed his class? At what point in the race did Rosberg demonstrate his class? Certainly not with his driving - pole to 4th demonstrates a distinct lack of class as a a driver. Or perhaps you are referring to his radio messages to the team - crying to be let through by Hamilton as he couldn't manage an overtake, or telling tales about another driver who apparently ignored yellows - ignored yellows where? They were all behind the safety car. No, wait, you must mean his post race interviews - did you ever see such a grumpy pumpy face - no class there either I'm afraid!


Rubbish! Nico was no where near Lewis so the call was out of order. It would have been different if Lewis was clearly holding Nico up at that stage of the race, he did say "if Nico gets close I will let him pass but I'm not slowing down".


You are wasting your breath here Formula Zero, to many Hammy fan boys that can't see the wood for the trees. These would be the same fanboys that were booing Vettel for passing Webber against team orders...shoe on the other foot now and they they put their blinkers on. Rosberg was on a different strategy and Hammy should have obeyed the team...'HIS EMPLOYERS'. Again he shows the petulance of a child, where Rosberg shows the true class that he undoubtedly has.


The team asking Lewis to lose two seconds just to let the guy he's competing with for the WDC is further evidence that Mercedes are favoring their German driver.

If he had let him through, he would have probably ended the race a further 15 out more points behind Nico. Totally shameful attempted team order, and Lewis was correct to ignore it.


Uhh!! What??

What consiracy theories

All he said is that *WE must do better*

On what planet does that mean conspiracy theories?

Are you telling me that he s wrong to say they should do better or implying something by it, because i don't see it myself


Apologise for what? For refusing to help his title rival increase his advantage over him? Come on man, get real!


Merc demonstrated just how stupid those team orders are. if hamilton had slowed down for rosberg as the team wanted then rosberg would have finished ahead of hamilton. how stupid would that have looked?

Seriously, it's very hard to convince us that someone is not biased!


What conspiracy theory? The fans have pushed that theory, not lewis. You're one of the irrational ones reading something into a situation that doesn't exist. Maybe you're the one that should appologise for such ridiculous drivel.

On a positive note, it was a fantastic race.


Nico would have passed Hamilton on track if Hamilton had let him past earlier. You saw how close they got!


Another great race, this will bring the fans back.


If the "fans" had a chance to watch the race live on free to air TV.

Rodrigo Luiz Martins

I think it was a great race because of the rain, different strategy ,different tires and safety car helped. Otherwise i think it would be a very boring race.


For once people, vote for that RBR guy with no WDCs to his name, would ya?


Yeah, Lewis is always star of the race by passing everyone in the field by having a car that is faster than the rest of the field, to the same degree that F1 cars are faster than GP2. Yes, that is really overcoming adversity. Hamilton can only win in the best car, and even then...


hah! 🙂 lol...

Seebee, I was genuinely VERY close to giving Ricciardo Daniel my vote, but in the end I went for Lewis because I think his success during the race was proportionally greater as a result of having to overcome much, much more serious adversity.

I'm really becoming a fan of Ricciardo, however, and He's obviously got such a bright future in F1. He radiates a genuine enthusiasm and honesty that's also similar to Lewis's passion for racing, but w/o as much up-down emotional turmoil (not that that's necessarily a bad thing - it makes Lewis who he is and humanizes him in a way that is completely foreign to Alonso, for example).

I'm rooting for Lewis to win his second WDC, however, and he's my undisputed favorite driver. The more people hate on him, the more I want to defend him from unfair & unjust criticism. Lewis is the most honest competitor and transparent human personality on the grid. It's easy to empathize with him (for me) b/c his fight to succeed in his sport and find love & happiness in life resonates with me. I hate how people run him down for being emotional ... as if the totally uninspiring, pure corporate robotic droning of a media-trained generic non-entity like Rossi, for example, is what compels people to become fans of F1...



You mean the guy that makes the coffee?


Agree, yet another great race this season.

FormulaEDiary (Anil Parmar)

It would have been better if there were more sprinklers, double points and gimmick tyres.

Oh wait...


If think they were true fans they never would have left in the first place, but maybe that's just me.

Anyway, agreed it was a great race but what made it even better is that unless I'm mistaken there was not one single driver penalty handed out during the entire race out which is freaking fantastic and a very welcome change, so to whoever it was who made the final call to tell the stewards to lay off a bit and let the drivers race I say a very big well done, thank you and keep it up 🙂


True F1 fans are not interested in "Game Shows" which is what F1 is slowly but surely becoming!


Here here


agreed, made the race great to watch with drivers pushing each other without fear of stewards.


Wow, what a race!


Apparently it was! I missed it live - I haven't got Sky F1. By all accounts it was a typical rain affected chaos and confusion race..........a great race as usual on a wet but drying track. Can't beat a drop of rain on a circuit...................

Nothing like watching a classic race.............and nothing like missing a classic race live! Oh well, just to have make do with the highlights to find out the full story of how the race unfolded.............

Well, congrats to one Australian and curses to another! (Rupert Murdoch FYI............)


The only confusion was at McLaren



Try vipbox live streaming. It is a bit fiddly trying to get the right one as it changes each time, so make sure you start half hour before race starts. The picture is little bit fuzzy, but it is all there.

Make sure you get the one with the sky sports logo in the top right. Otherwise with other providers (EPN?) you get a million adverts.

I am in the UK without sky and this is how I watch F1 live when BBC is not showing it live.


I really dislike watching the highlight show. You miss so much of the drama of an unfolding race. I was forced to do so today (family commitments) and it just confirms how abysmal it is that Sky (UK) have the races.


I suspect that the BBC's coverage of the Commonwealth Games might be a contributing factor as to why they did not show Hungary live. I could be wrong though.


Rupert is an American.


RE Random 79: Yes, the BBC didn't show Hungary live, same as Germany last week. As the last couple of Hungaroring races have been dull processions, it probably thought ah we'll skip that one. They didn't bank on rain though!

I don't blame the BBC - if it has been dry, it would have been a nice stroll in the park and a tugid procession. All rain affected races, irrespective of the circuit, are great because strategic planning goes out the window!

The next couple of races in Belgium and Italy are being shown live. Russia is due to be shown live, but if its cancelled - big if - then probably Brazil will be shown live instead.

RE David F: Is TSN in Canada a "terrestrial" television service (like CBC) or is it a subscription service?

I remember when ITV had the F1 contract and supplied feed for the Commonwealth countries of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia (Singapore?) and Canada. Ah those were the days................


Feeling really Gutted for Lewis as it seems that he has to fight his team along with the Compettion..Very cheeky of Nico to even ask for a team meeting when he himself is at fault for not having overtaken JEV earlier.

P.S: James I am trying to use the Radio 5 live via Tunein however i am shut off saying that Live 5 is not available in your area (i.e Dubai).


It's geo locked due to rights restrictions


Actually Murdoch is now a US citizen.


I came in from a great Sunday out to watch the BBC highlights and didn't feel the slightest remorse at my refusal to hand over money to Murdoch. My line is if you read any of his papers or buy any of his TV you're complicit in phone hacking, handling personal effects from crashed airliners etc. etc.

What a race - again. We have more good races in half a season than the last 3 or 4 put together.


I missed the race too.

F1 should follow the lead of moto GP. On line coverage and you can enjoy classic races again and again. The powers that be appear to be blinkered to the new viewing habits of fans, and I don,t just mean the young fans. I've been watching races for 30 years and I would pay an on line subscrtion gladly as all my tv, be it films drama or sport is on line.


Try following the race on F1 app which has BBC 5 Live commentary plus all the timing and tyre data. You can follow in incredible detail, even without video images.


We get the BBC feed in Canada through TSN, so no extra cost here.


...and then right after I submit that it shows up lol 🙂


PS Just to clarify, my curses is not aimed at the Commonwealth of Australia and its people, more against Rupert and his SKY organisation!

As I haven't seen the race on screen I can't comment, but it was by all accounts a great one. Just imagine if free to air F1 coverage was available to all European and English speaking countries eh? A topsy turvy race like today can light the spark of a casual viewer into a committed one. I remember when Jenson won here in 2006 and it seemed to create a new interest in F1.

The difference is today, a potential new customer base for Formula 1 was unable to see the race live, and therefore unable to be enthralled by it, therefore unlikely to capture the imagination of a whole new customer base.

Go figure.


I can't find said curses so I have a sneaky feeling they might have been modded as I'm also guessing there were a few choice words in there 😉

I gather from this though that the race wasn't shown on the BBC which is a real shame for all you guys who couldn't see it without having to fork out for Sky.

To all the Aussies that complain about Ten's coverage and the fact we get ads during the race (and there have been a few of you) I say be very grateful for what we do get because while it could be a little better sometimes it could also be a damn sight worse.


i hope all the negativity go away and never return!


I was really surprised that Mercedes asked Hamilton to let Rosberg through, as we saw at the end that was the difference at the end. If I were Hamilton I would not have let him through either.


Mercedes job is to maximise results for both drivers, especially in a race where they are not guaranteed of winning or finishing 1st and 2nd. Whoever thinks that they would Intentionally favour one over the other is delusional.

Take nothing away from Ricciardo and Alonso, amazing performances in inferior cars!


100% agreed mate. The comments on this site get worse every time I read them. I want analysis and insight, not borderline racist and psychotic suggestions that the Germans are trying to sabotage Lewis, it's becoming insulting. I love the strategy as much as close racing, it's great to watch, but honestly F1 will be better when the throw the 2way radios in the goddamn bin!


this why HAM said its "shocking" they have no shame. First they set his car alight now they ask him to move over!


This is a terrible comment, suggestion being Merc bbqd Lewis' car on purpose and then ask him to move over. It was a fun race but to be completely clear, Lewis stopped Nico from winning today, which was kind of his right as he started ahead and didn't spin into the grass on lap one! Forgetting the pit call, Lewis would have shown class as a sportsman if he'd let Rosberg do his race.


It really does look like they were actually planning for Rosberg to finish ahead of Hamilton.


They were trying to win the race for the team. 1-4 is a much better result than 3-4.


They were just tryin to maximise the strategy on both cars. They didn't know that the best strategy was a 3 stop otherwise Hamilton would have been on the same strategy. They just wanted to get both cars to the finish as quickly as possible and as it turns out Hamilton probably cost Merc a victory today.


they better plan an apology for hamilton.


they seemed to be more focussed on nico winning the race,rather than lewis,eventhough lewis could have won the race,if they had of put softs on his car.putting mediums on his car was a strange decision.


Simply WOW, what race!

I was so happy to watch this race today.....

Congratulations to Daniel, he is such a great guy and I wish him well. Alonso phenomenal, most probably the best driver out there. Ferrari must be in pain to even think they can lose him. Ferrari is just nothing without Alonso today, a dull team.

As for Hamilton coming 3rd - I was hoping yesterday that something happens today and Lewis finishes ahead of Rosberg. When I saw the wet track, I thought that this is the opportunity really. Think about Rosberg....he did not even try to overtake Vergne whereas Hamilton was taking every opportunity. Rosberg is lacking this soul of a racer, which doesn't mean he is not a great driver.

Many things to analyze and say today.....


"Think about Rosberg….he did not even try to overtake Vergne whereas Hamilton was taking ever opportunity. Rosberg is lacking this soul of a racer, which doesn’t mean he is not a great driver." < < < < < < THIS!!

Nico is obviously a competent professional F1 driver who has his seat on merit and has "earned" his previous victories (except for Monaco where he obviously cheated in quali to get pole, delegitimizing his Sunday performance).

However, I doubt he will ever have the same level of amazing fan support that Hamilton enjoys and he will likely never achieve the same level of sporting legitimacy, genuine celebrity, marketability and branding value.


B/c, like you said, he has never manifested the same passionate, soulful humanity that Lewis radiates, which facilitates his connecting w/ millions of incredibly loyal and engaged fans around the world, and motivates his driving as if it is his lifeforce.

Nico will not - cannot - be a True Champion like Lewis Hamilton, and Ayrton Senna before him.

These men are Giants of Life - not just motoracing. NR cannot even aspire to be elevated into this pantheon. But that's ok - he remains a very successful mere mortal.


Wow. And this about the guy who slid off the road on lap one?! Just like in China '07? He is a stunning driver but I think fandom and skill are two different things.

Andrew Woodruff

Lewis Hamilton is not a giant of life. He's a very naughty boy!


Very well done Daniel!


Daniel the future Great. A very proud Aussie


And Australia gets free to air live TV coverage (on Channel 10) of ALL the races!

Make the most of it!

Trust me, nothing worst than reading comments on forums like this that "wasn't that a fantastic race" and you haven't been able to watch it live!

The sooner Mr E is told to close the door behind, the better..................


Team orders confirm conspiracy theory. How do you ask the guy that had a failure in qualifying and had to start from the pits to move over for the pole guy? What is Paddy exactly doing at Mercedes? Is he there to engineer another 2012 for Lewis?


It was Rosberg that was screwed by the team today, not Hamilton. The long stop was Rosberg's; not to mention that Hamilton got first stop under the safety car while Rosberg had to do the extra lap; had they pitted him first, as you'd expect, he wouldn't have dropped back in the first place. The "conspiracy theory" never fails to make me laugh.


As Richy says, Rosbery had already passed the pitlane when the accident happened. Bad luck for him, but it happens. NOT pitting Hamilton would have been a disaster for the team.


Looks like you weren't following the race. The first four passed the pit entrance before the safety car was deployed.


How do you expect Merc to pit Rosberg first after the safety car? Invent a time machine to go back and pit him before the SC is called?


I'm afraid so mate.

German Samurai

Mercedes wanted to win the race.

Hamilton cost Mercedes the win with his petulant defiance of the team.

I don't want to hear anything else about Hamilton's luck. He effectively gained 15 points on Rosberg by refusing to allow a teammate on a completely different strategy through, he should have been out of the race when he put his car into the fence at the start.

If Mercedes don't address this then it shows who Mercedes really want to win the championship. Nico will have no hope.


'Hamilton cost Mercedes the win with his petulant defiance of the team'

I don't really see how Hamilton cost Mercedes the win, Rosberg couldn't overtake Vergne, so I really don't see how Rosberg would have overtaken Hamilton and Alonso - 2 drivers that have displayed the best defensive driving this season - and he wouldn't have got anywhere near Ricciardo.

And to say he petulantly defied the team is a bit unfair - Vettel saying tough luck and Massa making pretty similar comments could possible be described as petulant. He came back on the radio and said that if Rosberg can get close enough I won't defend but that he wasn't going to park he's car and compromise his meteoric rise to where he was and mean that he'd have no chance of attacking Alonso at all. Rosberg couldn't get close so it was again his loss by not doing a good enough job.

It was completely unfair of the team to ask him to move over and the comments coming from the top of Mercedes seems to suggest they realise the mistake. The fact it was an order that came from one of the senior management means that I am surprised that this website hasn't crashed from all the comments of people shouting conspiracy - I don't believe in the conspiracy but that was some big evidence to back it up. How you say that 'it shows who Mercedes really want to win the championship' is beyond my understanding!


Hello German Samurai. I agree with you in principle. Lewis did say he'd move over if Ros came close. Ros did come close initially, but backed off to save his machinery. Neither driver trusted each other at that point, since the championship is on the line. In theory, Merc would have had a good chance of finishing 1,2. Lewis' car breaking down on qualifying didn't make the race ideal for team order intervention. It would've been unfair to Lewis.

Having said that, I'll support you whenever posters find it convenient to slander German drivers just for being German. We all favor different drivers, yet some here want to not only favor their driver, but also ridicule other drivers in the process to feel good, I suppose. Someone has to defend the German drivers. These are the things I'm talking about:

Vettel is an average driver. Schumacher lucked into his 5 WDC with Ferrari. Nico's drive was pale, etc. Some give credit to Hulkenberg for his drives. If he gets a top drive and wins, the same default German thrashing comments will resurface. Sad but true!

German Samurai

"Vettel’s breach of the “multi 21″ order chasing down and passing Webber when told to hold station was flagrant. But when did Rosberg get in a position to pass ? "

He was one second behind Hamilton. Rosberg was in a position to be let by and would have caused a minimal disruption to Hamilton's race. It's very, very hard to pass a car with the same characteristics in Hungary unless they make a mistake. Hamilton cost his team a win today.

I expect John Watson to come out in the media and tell Niki Lauda to suspend Hamilton for one race for disobeying a team order. I doubt he will because Hamilton's British so it's different eh?

The team's goal is to win the race. Where each driver is in the championship is irrelevant unless you are trying to manipulate results to keep the title fight close.

When Vettel passed Webber in Malaysia last year he did so because he had championship points on his mind. 2010 and 2012 came down to the final races of the year and Vettel didn't want to take any chances.

A lot of people in Britain owe Vettel a huge apology for the things they said about him after Malaysia last year.


Nikki Lauda Mercedes executive chairman said Lewis was right.

Yes Nico got within 1/2 sec but Lauda said that wasn't close enough, hardly on his exhaust pipe was he?

If Nico had dispatched JEV the way Lewis did then he could have won the race without his team mate moving over for him.


if they wanted the win they should not se cars alight. And If ROS wanted the win he should have overtalen his team mate.


Long game or short game. That's the question.

Realistically Red Bull won't pass Mercedes in the constructors and Ricciardo isn't going to be world champion this year. So Mercedes might want whichever driver is currently behind to get the better of the situation. Nico's gearbox problem at Silverstone could have happened to either car. If it had happened to Lewis the championship would - pretty much - be over. That would mean Mercedes out of the limelight while and the a loss of interest in the championship. Lauda and Wolff have said "We let them race" and either someone on the pit wall went against that or the policy has changed. I'd guess that the computer told them their best chance of getting a win would be with Rosberg in front. So points on the day (with whatever prize money implications that has) or increase the value to sponsors by keeping the championship arrive.

Hamilton's line was - as I understand it - if he closes up on me, I won't block him, but I'm not parking and throwing the race to make it easy for him. I don't think that's unreasonable. Vettel's breach of the "multi 21" order chasing down and passing Webber when told to hold station was flagrant. But when did Rosberg get in a position to pass ? Only on the last lap - where he knew (again) that he should have made the pass and didn't.

The guys are fighting over a championship, and if Rosberg can't do it with the help of Hamilton's four car failures in Australia, Canada, Germany, and Hungary (against his one - Britain) then I'm sorry to say he probably doesn't deserve any more help.


@PeterF. Well said. I was thinking that during the race. Mercedes could have pitted Lewis for softs, then Rosberg. Both would likely have finished 1-2 or 1-3. I think Lewis would have won. I'm interested in JA's post race analysis.


There is no helping some people.

Mercedes have the WCC pretty much wrapped up already. So it boiled down to the team asking Lewis to let Nico beat him. If that's not favouritism, then show me what is.

If Nico could manage the tires better, then perhaps he could've gone for the inter-option-prime strategy, instead of inter-option-option-option. Then of course I'm sure he would've let Lewis through with no fuss, seeing as he has a great history of doing so (GER'13) ... NOT!


@German Samurai

I think you should go and have a word with yourself ! Mercedes will win the constructors championship regardless of todays result, and its all very well to say Hamilton should have been out of the race with his spin but he wasn't was he, maybe if Rosberg had got closer to Hamilton he would not have had to ask the team to help him get passed, get real man, Rosberg needs to man up, he's had more than his fair share of things going his way and still needs team orders to beat his team mate.


Sorry German Samurai, Rosberg lost the race when he couldn't dispatch with Vergne, that's how he ended up behind Hamilton in the first place. And mind you, as soon as Rosberg ducked into the pits Vettel made his mistake and Hamilton was able to make pretty quick work of Vergne, in spectacular fashion. To expect help from your closest rival is a bit naive, he should have been working to pass Hamilton instead of expecting him to be let by, but looking at his pace I suspect he didn't have it in him to really pass Hamilton at that point with those tires, the cars were too evenly matched.


I don't suppose the 'disobedience' of team orders will go down very well at Mercedes as it probably did cost them a win (for Rosberg). Hammy needs to watch out in case Merc decide to replace him with more of a team player - like Sebastian Vettel that well known follower of team orders for example 🙂


If they could win by pitting Rosberg for new softs, then why not pit Hamilton at that time, for new softs, for the win? Was he not leading at the time, giving him the preference of stops? By this logic, pitting Rosberg a lap latter should have put them in the running for a 1-2? So... why then cut Hamilton out of the strategy?


He's there to engineer maximum points for the team so they can wrap the constructors championship ASAP.

LIke David Croft said at the end of Qualifying on Sky, why would Mercedes pay Hamilton massive amounts of cash to get him to come to Mercedes if they were just going to end up kneecapping him? They could've just paid for a genuine No. 2 driver if they wanted to favor Nico.

Its just bad luck in the end, and will make him a much more well rounded driver in the long run if he can go through all this bad luck, and still turn it around on race day with consistent performances.


Because having LH in the team raised their profile. Job done!


looks like they've got sawdust between their ears. what is the point going racing. vergne was sat in front of rosberg for so many laps and he couldn't even ask the toro rosso team to ask vergne to let him by. come on rosberg, you let me down today. you're fast but you need to toughen up a lot.


What a race! Ricciardo is the man! I haven't felt that tense watching a GP for a long time. Great stuff.


Guys, get real, have you ever seen a 360 down the straight during a live GP?

Recognize! Vettel is the man!


I saw Nigel Mansell do a 360 down the straight at Monza a few years ago, I don't see how spinning makes Seb "the man" obviously it would have been better to have not made a mistake at all.


That was amazing to halt the spin exactly parallel with the pit wall millimetres away from it. One if the closest close calls I've ever seen.


Very impressed with that Vettel recovery.


That was an epic save - the most epic I've ever seen. Mad skillz or dumb luck - or a combination there of?


Honesty, I think he's getting to terms with this car Miha. Today was a lottery like Bernie likes and Daniel made the weird strategy work at a track where as James noted we saw 23 passes last year.

But absolutely full marks to Daniel. Look at the year. - no one gets a sniff of a win against these AMGs and he's managed to book two. When will the Ferrari rumors start?

Another 1/2 season left. I think it will be hard but come on, 4 WDCs, all Vettel fans should be OK with a pause. Otherl fans need some watering and sunshine too after living under the rule of the finger!


Sebee, my fellow Vettel fan, what do you think of this season? Do you think Seb will find his way anytime soon? Will we have a win this season? Because it doesn't look so. If it's not slow driving, it's the car, or bad strategy :/


yeah! vettel was incredible to have saved it millimetres away from the barrier. full marks.


no no no! alonso's the man! ricciardo was on fresher tyres.


no no no Hamilton's the man. he came from pit lane


And the 1st safety car played in his hands, him and button but ofc Mclaren messed it up for button lol


What a snooze fest!  Why even bother watch this tripe.  Why is Hungaroring even on the calendar?   I'm not sure I will watch a race after the summer break.  This race totally ruined the Safety Car odds James quoted Friday too. 

Who is this Ricciardo dude anyway?  Is he Eye-talian?  That was the flag on his podium hat.

To pass the time during the race, I came up with a script for a commercial.   Tell me what you think.

Lewis walks by a W05 in a wide shot and says: "To win the 2014 world championship in one of these (points with his head backwards with eyebrows raised) what I really needed was one of these."  as he puts his elbow on the roof of an SLS F1 Safety Car,  the camera shot zooms out.

Talks about making road car directly relevant in an F1 ad.  Perfection.  We shoot it during the summer break. 


literally laughed out loud at work.......


Tom in Adelaide

"Who is this Ricciardo dude anyway? Is he Eye-talian? "

Come to Australia and say this tripe to one of the MANY Australians of Italian heritage. I dare you. You might be out of hospital in time to watch Spa....


Take it easy. I lived in New Jersey for two summers. That's how they say it. Not to mention Rocky, which is the defacto pronunciation guide for the world.

Let me remind you that there is an "i" in that name that Daniel is conveniently omitting and asking all to not pronounce. And that I stands for Italian!

I couldn't help my Ricciardo was passing Alonso, I was thinking - wow, Ferrari is the perfect future place for this guy. I wonder if he would change the country flag he races under and become more Italian when he goes to Ferrari? 🙂 Would he be the first to race under different flags? goferet, we need stats, stat!


I happen to work in an advertising agency and I find it pretty funny 🙂


Sebee - Rosberg was caught out by the safety car, the crash happened as soon as he got through the front straight, and everyone behind ducked straight into the pits while he had to take an entire lap through a full course yellow and get collected by the safety car.


Yeah...with all the commotion I overlooked that, but figured it must have been. Just Nico's luck I guess! 🙂


If you thought that race was a snooze fest Sebee then F1 really isn't for you and there probably isn't any point watching anymore grand prix. Good luck finding another sport to moan about....


I hope that's sarcasm about the Italian flag ... it was the Hungarian flag of course. Horizontal bars, red-white-green top to bottom.


There was tons of silliness in there. I'd expect no less than a complete audit by the Treasurer of JAonF1 Fan Club - Canadian Chapter. Glad that's the part that rubbed you the wrong way. No one has pointed out that next race is a track few like.

But be honest, that's a killer commercial scrip, yes?


Are you saying he needed the SC's to make up positions? I can buy that, but I don't see how that should count against him. Or at least not to the degree you're talking about. Vettel's drive from PL to 3rd in ABU'12 relied on fortunate SC timing. Vettel then also had the added benefit of being able to re-gear his car (to aid passing) in parc ferme, and also having the race leader drop out, plus other drivers go a bit looney on the day with some questionable overtaking attempts. Plus also the layout of the circuit played to his drive to 3rd that day.

Hamilton's drive from PL to 3rd today is w/o doubt better than Vettel's in 2012 ... the SC helped no doubt, but the pole man and early race leader stayed in (beaten by HAM from the PL), and he did it on the Hungaroring, where passing is at a premium.

Rosberg was caught out by the SC, but still ... from pole to 4th in the Merc, beaten by the other Merc that started in pit lane? It's not pretty reading, that.

Torchwood Five

Not a fan of the "+1", but drokk it.



Rosberg was caught out by the SC as he had just passed the pit lane entrance when the accident occurred . But, crucially, so had Alonso and he still made it to second place - they analysed it all on sky. Rosberg started on pole and finished behind his team mate who started from the pit lane - btw did you see the post race interviews with Rosberg? Talk about grumpy pumpy face. As they say, what goes around comes around, don't give it out of you can't take it back , eh 🙂


What I'm saying is that while Mercedes W05 keeps letting Lewis down, Mercedes SLS is his life vest lately.

Was that 3 safety cars today?


You wern't watching the games from Scotland by mistake were you?

Yngwie Malmsteen

Vettel and Rosberg fans can eat their hearts out 😉

What a race!!!!


Change sports fella, if you did not enjoy that race you may as well do that....


Remember when you were saying Vettel's unreliability accounted for a 40 point deficit to Ricciardo? Well, now even that wouldn't put him level! Ah, schadenfreude is soooo sweet...


Oh..did you mean Vettel is king of spin control C63? Bet you Lewis would have nailed that wall square at 30G+ 🙂


vettel has woken up.


I guess you mean me.

C63, are you a father? It's a big year for Sebastian. He probably should have taken paternity leave. I think Germany has 12 months paternity leave. Yet, here he is. Giving back to us while really he'd rather be reading Gute Nacht Mond.

Also, after 4, he just needs to recharge his inner ERS.

There. I gave it a proper go.



I can't wait for the Vettel fans to try and spin this one 🙂


You have officially elevated yourself to "joke poster" status. Congratulations!


@Sebee lost it when he realized how "good" Vettel is.

I do wonder at times if this was the same @Sebee who always have annoying but interesting contributions (especially against Lewis) on this blog. Has someone copyrighted his username here. I really miss Sebee of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. We (Hamilton fans) lived through this rough situation for 5 years and it only made us stronger. This season can make you (Vettel fans) stronger too if you are true fans.


When was there doubt?


Sebee used to make some sense - now its generally toxic

However, i think with his boy Vettel suffering, he's become mighty bitter about all that is F1

Epic race today - even in one of the best seasons for years - which was unlikely back in March when we seen how dominant the Mercedes was

Bring on Spa


Perfect reply. Nothing further to add.


Sad but true


Snooze fest?

I can only assume that meant that you fell asleep at some point before the amazing final part of of the race.


There's an easy solution to that Sebee: Just get a hold of Hamilton's WDC trophy, start it spinning, and then wait and see if it stops 🙂



Knock it off with the inception stuff. I don't even know how many layers deep you've gone with that dream sequence.

Oh my goodness, I just realized that Lewis being a 2014 WDC in my ad was just a dream. 🙂


Would I buy a dream car from your dream ad?

I would, but I'd be dreaming... 😉


And during my nap dreamt up that commercial. Would you buy an SLS from that ad?


You guys are so confusing and contradictory . . .

The comments on this site used to be so concise and accurate that they saved me the trouble of actually having to follow the race live . . .

I guess I’ll just have to watch the replay and make up my own mind.


I don't get this Sebbe; Are you complaining or celebrating the thriller we have just watched?


I think he was being sarcastic.


great advert, shoot it for james to use at every safety car interrupted race.


So tell me Sebee, do you still maintain Hamilton is harder on his equipment than Rosberg? Stunning drive by Hamilton and Vettel looking very average compared to Ricky once again. Happy days 🙂


This was an excellent drive. And what a killer finish too even if he fell to P3. I would like to know how and why the race leader wasn't called in immediately when SC came out. I can only assume that Nico's track position wasn't good, because even if he had to wait for mechanics that would have been worth it. It was all decided then and there for him mostly.

Look, I'm not saying he's harder on it and pays the price every time all the time. I mean he perhaps swings the percentages just a bit in the bad direction with his style.

As for Vettel, never ever make fun of dads who take their daughter to ballet. The skills learned pay off everywhere! What grace! Many others tried, but only he had the skills to pull off that spin-de-grâce move entering the front straight. Man has it all, 4 WDC and grace. Wow.

If this race was held in 1988 there would have likely been two fatalities today. What a way to go into the break for F1.


ricciardo was helped by his strategy and vettel unlucky to come out in traffic. although i was impressed by ricciardo and hamilton, alonso was the standout man for me. he killed that race. it looked like he had a whiff of victory and went for it full steam!


You must have been watching a race in a parallel universe


In my parallel universe you're a Mr. 😉


James, were you the one interviewing Toto right after the race? I am 100% on Lewis's side when it comes to not letting Rosberg go. I think he did not disobey team orders. It is very different....Rosberg was never closer than 1,3 sec and Lewis would need to slow down to let him go which would mean he would have lost 2 sec. He was willing to let him go, but it would mean Rosberg getting closer. I think it was Rosberg who simply did not get close enough and therefore did not deserve that place. We know how it finished and so it was good for Lewis to stick to his position.He fought for it.....well done.

P.S.Not a Lewis fan, I am supporting Ferrari....but I am simply trying to think about the race from outside.


The timing screens showed NR was behind LH 0.8seconds for several laps before dropping to 1 second and then pitting, so from a team perspective a reasonable request.

Personally I'm totally against team orders, always have been and always will be regardless of the strategy or circumstances involved.

What amazes me though is the utter hypocrisy of so called F1 fans reactions depending on the drivers benefitting of the team order or not. There is total inconsistency. Despite LH ignoring orders this time, he fails to remember he also benefitted from them in the past gifting him a podium at the expense of his team mate, so he is somewhat of a hypocrite himself.

You can't have it both ways.


"What amazes me though is the utter hypocrisy of so called F1 fans reactions depending on the drivers benefitting of the team order or not. "

Because all situations where team orders are issued, the circumstances are always *exactly* the same, right?


There's only inconsistency if it comes from the same people.


You fail to acknowledge the reason Rosberg was told to hold position was die to Hamilton driving the above and beyond expectation.

Merc had underestimated Hamilton's ability to compete with the race leaders and had fueled him light.

Meanwhile Rosberg had toothed around well out of contention. Ross made the right call - Rosberg was undeserving of that podium.


+1, when multi 21 happened people were shouting murder on here despite the fact it did not affect the teams balance then. This time it did cost points to the team.


Rosberg was definitely closer that a second in several occasions I remember him being 0.6 seconds behind at one point. We've seen drivers on different strategies let the other through but today a whiny boy got his way and sulked on the podium. His fans claim Rosberg is more lucky but Hamilton in this race and last has bungled and crashed into others and barriers and escaped every time. If that's not luck.....

On a side note James I feel the safety standards were terrible this weekend. Yesterday when Kevin crashed there was a Marshall not standing behind the protective gate and if anything broke off it could have hit him. And then today when Ericsson crashed there was a Marshall literally standing infront of him with his head poking out.... Am I the only one noticing these lapses? We haven't had driver deaths in a long time but track marshals should be protected more I think...


It's irrelevant how close Rosberg was - these two are fighting for the WDC and whatever way you want to cut it, Hamilton started from the pit lane and beat his team mate who started on pole. Happy , happy days 🙂


I'm also glad after the race Hamilton came out and said "I did it so I wouldn't lose points to Nico, I was looking after myself", none of this Massa/Bottas nonsense of "I was just doing my own race and I need to talk to the team to sort it out etc etc" or the laughable Vettel "tough luck" post-hoc justifications.


Can't decide what was more hilarious - Rosberg crying for a pass or Hamilton being instructed on how to drive. To think that one of those two will be a world champion... Actually, have to settle for Mr. Brundle - to be so excited over a driver just because he's British is...well - pathetic. No, Mr. Brundle, Hamilton finishing third is a lousy display considering safety car period and best package on the grid. Thumbs up for Alonso - now THAT is a drive of a world champion and I don't even like the guy.



Helped by the safety car and with a superior package to the rest of the field ....

Does that 'rest of the field ' include Rosberg?



Not to me it wasn't, that's why I sought clarification. Although to be fair, when you used the term 'rest' in this context, it implies you meant all the other drivers in the field - which included Rosberg. So I thank you for confirming that you didn't actually mean what you said, and appreciate you taking the time and trouble to do so 🙂



Of course not, think that was obvious...


@Marcus, I am not focusing on numbers, but to say "lousy"is poor judgement I feel, even with the obvious help of the safety car I still think Hamiltons performance was far from lousy, if he gained 2 more places he would have won from starting in the pit and you would have still called it lousy, what would he have needed to do today to be graded above lousy by you,other drivers including Ricciardo gained from the safety car but it did make for an interesting race and does not make Ricciardo's drive lousy, I really enjoyed his win as many would I'm sure. As for the best of all time, well that's a debate that will never be agreed on by everyone, we all have our favourites from past and present,and although during his dominant years I did not favour Schumacher, I did respect his huge talent and will to win, sometimes he overstepped the point of fair I thought, with Hill incident particularly annoying me. I didn't like the outcome when Senna pulled the same stunt on Prost years earlier either. Maybe it's my age or my old fashioned gent ways but I like fairness.


Agreed, fairness is something all teams should aspire to. Am on the verge of stop watching the whole farce altogether. On Ham - comparing to his abilities, today was a lousy display. Almost crashing at the beginning, instructions on how to drive, inability to pass that dog of a car Ferrari... Yet, he is DOTD. Ah, the standards today....

FormulaEDiary (Anil Parmar)

Rosberg didn't ask for a pass; he was told by the team that he would be allowed past, hence why both of them were confused.

Unlucky race for Rosberg; the safety car really came out at the worst possible time for him.


I hear that's what he's said ... that he didn't request it. We'll see what comes out in the days ahead. But if he didn't initially request it, he surely wanted it bad afterwards!

As Coulthard said in the BBC broadcast, that order shouldn't have come from Bono, Lewis' race engineer. It should've come from Lowe. Really, the order never should have come in the first place. If Lewis had let Nico by, it would've been a big hit to the credibility of both of them, plus Mercedes.


"Finishing third is a lousy display"

From the pit lane? The other Merc started on pole and finished fourth but Hamilton was lousy, I thought Ricciardo and Hamilton along with Alonso were great today. You say you don't like Alonso but give credit for his fith to second performance but last to third is lousy, are you sure it's not Hamilton you don't like, regardless of favourites credit where credit is due, and I think the top three today all deserve praise.


@Marcus, you're correct. In a normal dry race at the Hungaroring, there should be no way to go from the PL to 3rd. Considering he was hindered by circumstances yesterday in qualifying, I'm sure you're fine with him being helped by them today. Considering the form he had showed through all three practice sessions, a "normal" weekend for him would've been a lights-to-flag win.


The other Merc doesn't even deserve a comment. Crying for team orders - twice! Let's be honest - Ham was helped by circumstances today, no way he would have reached podium on his own. Please don't focus on numbers alone - following that logic Shumacher is the best driver ever because he's a seven-time world champ...


[mod] Alonso's drive was stellar too, getting that car to 2nd and ahead of both Merc's was amazing.


errrr, hang on a sec; Alonso started from P5, way ahead of Lewis who started from the PL so if anything, it was a stellar drive from Lewis to end up 3rd behind Alonso considering the difficulty in overtaking and the Ferrari wasn't that slow!


Sometimes I think it's worse to do the [mod] thing ... I can't remember what I wrote, but it was nothing inflammatory. I said "give credit where it's due", pretty much. But I'm sure others substitute much worse words in for that [mod] when they see it.

As for the team orders, Rosberg said: "Of course I'm going to sit down with the team, Lewis will be there also, and we are going to go through everything and see how much we can learn from today, as always."

"Lewis will be there also"? Isn't Lewis part of the team? Seems like Nico thinks it's his team, with Lewis as the hired help.

Stephen Taylor

Kimi and Alonso both had good races . Kimi's drive seems to have gone almost unnoticed. Alonso P2 and Kimi making up 9/10 places to finish in a season best P6 . I feel Kimi could have been in there with a chance at a podium without the qualy nightmare.


Hamilton's already a world champion 🙂


True, although I'd be very surprised if the next 8 races somehow removed Hamilton's 2008 title win...


There is still eight races to go anything can happen


Very well said, not to mention Ted Kravits.


Brundle is a former F1 driver who seems to know a bit about racing and good racing driver. How much do you really know about racing? If you refuse to give credit to Hamilton for what he achieved today, then you don't know much about racing.


Hamilton was in the same car as rosberg. Pit lane to third versus pole to fourth. Says it all.


Hamilton is an excellent driver, just not today. Helped by the safety car and with superior package than the rest of the field - he was average. People used to complain Schumacher was all about the package he was driving, yet fail to realize Ham did the same today. I respect Mr. Brundle for his knowledge and insight but fanboyism will always be pathetic. Same goes for you - invoking authority without argument proclaiming "If you refuse to give credit to Hamilton for what he achieved today, then you don’t know much about racing." Facepalm Jean-Luc.


LIKE! well said.


Spot on


I wonder if the moaners will now shut up?


I'd call myself one of the moaners, so I won't say anything about this race. I was actually grocery shopping during the race, and have come home to read about what happened. Great peaches and green beans this time of year!


What were the moaners moaning about? About Hamilton's horrible reliability? Why should they stop moaning about that? Mercedes need to get on top of it, and stay on top of it!


He is super impressive! When I saw him winning the Canadian GP this year, I said he is the Champion to be.

Vettel is fast, but let's face it, he can't overtake. Dan is different, he is fast enough and he manages to overtake Lewis and Alonso. These two guys are the best in a dogfight and Ric is right up there.

DOTD! Daniel Ricciardo

Both Alonso and Hamilton deserves a mention; Hamilton made a great comeback from the dead last; Alonso making the soft last that long to salvage second place - only he can do this.

Other points, Alonso's Ferrari with DRS off is faster than Mercedes with DRS on. Ferrari is fast enough on race pace while Mercedes is untouchable in quali. Red Bull is only fast around the corners.

finally... Can't believe Vettel spun... facepalm!


I'm not entirely sure, but I suspect that Lewis was set up for a wet race, with softer suspension, more wing, and all the other settings that go with that. He did a lot of hits passing on the corners, because he didn't have the top speed on the straights (more wing = more drag).

By the end, his tyres were toast, so his cornering advantage was gone. The top speed advantage of the cars around him meant that third was the best he could do, and Alonso was out of reach. He did well to hold off Nico for the podium. I hope that Mercedes give him a fair shot at the second half of the season and that the one who deserves the WDC gets it, not just the one with less breakdowns.

Comparing the way that Lewis dispatched Jev with Nico's half hearted attempts, at the moment I'd have to say that Lewis deserves the lead on merit. Lewis has the racer's edge that Nico lacked today.

Jagannath Moorthy

Come on, you've got to admit that Dan lucked out today. He was well behind the top 4, and suddenly found himself in front with all the top guys stuck behind slower. After that, it was always advantage to him because even if he had cars in front, they were always going to pit or as in the last few laps, they were 3-4 seconds off the pace.That said, credit to him for making the most of his chances.

However, this week, Vettel generally had the legs on him and I feel that the second half of the season is going to be quite a bit different as Seb finally gets to terms with the car.


Vettel is always better in the second half season. But I don't think this will save him from a poor 2014 season overall.

Plus, we have seen Ricc stepping up the game a few times already. So the teammate rivalry is a lot different.


Yeah, I think you're right ... Alonso had another great race, but Ricciardo with that move around the outside of Hamilton. Wow! He had to do it then too, or else he might not have caught Alonso. Great move, great racing, all three more than fair with each other.

Vettel's spin was definitely eyebrow-raising.


But recovered like a truly champion. Slippery condition to be blame not to his skill. He is one of the best,right now having tough time like the samurai Alo got beaten on 2007 by a rookie. Note Dan is not rookie.


Vettel’s spin was definitely eyebrow-raising.

He succumbed to the pressure from Hamilton - no two ways about it.


Red Bull only fast in corners? Good for them 75% of F1 tracks are corners then! BTW, Mercedes without DRS is just 2-3 km/h slower than the Ferrari with DRS, i don't know where you get your numbers from.


My dear... You took my words too literally.

I tried to say that Alonso was ahead of Hamilton despite DRS help and fresher tyres (although it is harder compound).

My point is that Ferrari isn't slow on race trim at all.


Vettel? Webber made him look like a great. Thankfully, Ricciardo came along to show what he really is worth, I mean an average driver who happenned to drive the more than dominant RedBull car over the last four seasons.


Webber was and is a good driver

Matthew Cheshire

The cream always rises to the top. The three best make it to the podium in very different ways. Amazing race.


Ricciardo is at the top of the cream!

I am impressed beyond believe!

Remember last year when team bosses were making excuses about tall driver equals slow driver? Here we have a man that defy team bosses' physics. LOL.




My thoughts exactly.




Thrilling race one of the best in recent years. Just shows that F1 is still a great spectator sport if it is left alone and not interfered with too much:

- would standing restarts have improved this race??

- would Hamilton following team orders have improved this race??


"would standing restarts have improved this race??"

No, but if they followed common sense and did away with the safety car all together, and simply red-flagged the races, then it would have at least made things a bit fairer.

I assume that drivers will still be able to pit under the safety car next year, though?


congratulations to ricciardo on his second win of the season, great drive but alonso was my man because ricciardo was on fresher tyres. hamilton demonstrated just how stupid those team orders are. if hamilton had slowed down for rosberg as the team wanted then rosberg would have finished ahead of hamilton. how stupid would that have looked? from pits to podium and pissing all over those stupid team orders make hamilton my man of the race by a long shot. how many laps did he stay on those tyres? he even asked if the tyres could make it to the end over 20 laps to go. what a race! verne was another top man mid race and q1. i wonder what he could do in that red bull.


Rosberg would have had the chance to fight for a Merc victory,had Hamilton let him through.

Neverthless he wouldnt have deserved it today because he spent too much time behind a Torro rosso, when Hamilton and Vettel cleared Verne with considerable ease later.

Rosberg's car positioning during a dog fight and overtaking skills are questionable.All his overtaking moves I've see so far is DRS assisted in Straight line. So even if Hamilton had let him past, I doubt he would have overtaken Ricciardo or Alonso.

But there should not be double standards when it comes to team orders. People gave Vettel stick for Malaysia and for supposedly saying' Tough luck' this year, but yet applaud Hamilton when he disobeyed a direct team order.


LEWIS was ahead on track, by 3 seconds after the second stops.

LEWIS would have had the chance at victory if Mercedes hadn't of out him on a different strategy to Nico.

Nico was nowhere.

Nico on Saturday "I would rather battle with Lewis"

Nico on Sunday "why won't Lewis let me pass"


"Rosberg would have had the chance to fight for a Merc victory,had Hamilton let him through."

At that point, Hamilton had the chance to win. This is how I saw things and it's certainly how the Sky commentary team saw it. So team orders in this case is basically telling one driver that he's in with a chance of winning, but we feel the other guy has a slightly better chance. Also, this talk of maximising both strategies is garbage. To let Rosberg past in this way would have have maximised Rosberg's strategy and harmed Hamilton's.

And why couldn't have Rosberg got closer to Hamilton to make the pass? Asking racers to slow down on the pit straight was embarrassing to them all. In all of this, the pitwall team is the party that should feel most embarrassed in all of this. Rosberg should also feel a little silly for asking why Hamilton isn't moving over. Of course, he's fine to expect team orders to be respected, but get a bit closer and make it clear you're faster. Hanging a second back and whining doesn't look good for either.

"But there should not be double standards when it comes to team orders. People gave Vettel stick for Malaysia and for supposedly saying’ Tough luck’ this year, but yet applaud Hamilton when he disobeyed a direct team order."

Different situation. Vettel had no chance of winning the race and was in the decidedly weaker position. That was clear to everybody, and ultimately to Vettel, which is why he ultimately moved aside (if we're to believe he did move aside).

All that being said, it's fascinating to watch the Hamilton-Rosberg battle. A very simplistic view is that Hamilton is clearly the, in raw terms, quicker driver. Rosberg, though, seems to be the more cerebral of the two. He seems to understand that Hamilton is quicker and is able to use data and the team structure more effectively to his advantage. In this way, he seems to see the bigger picture in all of this slightly better. He knows that his approach can win him the title. Hamilton doesn't yet seem to see that pace alone won't do it. In this context, it seems Rosberg is maximising his chances, while Hamilton isn't. While I can't stand the cliched comparison, for the first time I'm actually starting to see the Senna-Prost comparison as a valid one.

It'll be fascinating to see whether Hamilton is able to put everything together over the second half of the season. If he is, I think there's only one winner. If he isn't, then I think it'll go a long way to cementing his legacy as a fast but ultimately flawed driver.


"Rosberg would have had the chance to fight for a Merc victory,had Hamilton let him through."

But, as somebody else has pointed out; if they thought that Rosberg could have won by stopping again, why wouldn't they also pull hamilton in for a new set of tyres?


If Rosberg wanted to win he should have passed a much slower Toro Rosso that he spent a very long time behind. That's where he lost the race, his own fault. Why would his only championship rival move over for him?! Hamilton did exactly the right thing and didn't waste time bothering to assist Rosberg who couldn't overtake Vergne


Yes, Ham and Vet cleared Vergne later... that is exactly the point since later meant Vergne had dead rubber by then and the track was also dry of the line.


Your first sentence is epic. Can you imagine one of only tw, direct contenders for the title letting the other through? THAT would have been a real spectacle!

Mercedes deserves a mention apart: Was the order in the spirit (they claim for themselves) of letting both drivers compete??? It doesn't make any difference if Nico was close enough to overtake, that is selling smoke! The fact is that by not letting him through Lewis finished in front of his rival which otherwise he would have not.

Alonso is driver of the day, actually the driver of ANY day. He was the last in the leading pack that was caught out by the crucial Safety Car but finished in front of all of those drivers.


Exactly - Rosberg would have had a great shot at victory and that is what mercedes were aiming at. its a big fail on the Merc management that Hamilton did not agree. Ross Brawn is very badly missed...


It annoys me whenever I hear team orders. They are embarrassing for whoever benefits from them and make the sport look cheap and farcical. Team orders should be banned altogether.


It is normal practice when a team has one driver 2 stopping and another 3 stopping -we've seen it many times

It's very different from asking a driver on the SAME strategy to move over


Amazing. What a race. So glad I watched this one. In shock. In pit lane start. Spin on first corner and Lewis still beats rosberg. Classic race. Well done to Danny...


How convenient of you not to mention the 2 safety cars that helped him?


There were many drivers ahead of Hamilton, who enjoyed the same Safety Car but did not move up 19 places. I don't see how the SC managed to help only Hamilton and not all these other drivers.


The safety cars helped most of the drivers bar the front runners at the time. Germany definitely should have been a safety car. Rosberg was just slower. It worked out well and was fair, bring back 1 spare car for the team I say!


Hmm, I'm not sure they actually did. Just re-watching the race, and HAM was running 13th on lap 8 when the SC came out. After everyone had pitted, he was still 13th in the SC train.

On lap 23 (I think Perez heap of a car slid over the start-finish line) HAM was running 7th with ROS in 5th. Rosberg couldn't get past Vergne, even though his options were 1 lap fresher than Hamilton's. After RIC and MAS pitted, it was ALO-VER-ROS-VET-HAM.

On lap 25, interestingly, we get the ROS radio message: "Tell Charlie he needs to check to see if people were lifting in the yellow zone." Who was he trying to tattle on there? As Austin Powers would say "that's just not cricket, man."

Once it goes green on lap 27, Alonso pulls away from Vergne, and Rosberg fails to clear Vergne for a total of 6 laps (27-32). On lap 32 Rosberg falls out of DRS range behind Vergne, so he decides to pit. On that very same sequence, as VER-VET-HAM go onto the pit straight, Vettel recalls how he loved to delight the crowds with donuts in the past, and instantly feels inspired to give the masses what they really want, right then and there.

Hamilton clearing Vettel there was very important, as Lewis was being very cautious behind Vettel in the laps before that. Then came the move that allowed Lewis to jump Nico, his overtake of Vergne around the outside of Turn 4 on lap 34. Simply brilliant stuff. Lewis pulls a gap on Nico for 6 straight laps, laps 33-38, even though Nico's on the fresh options.

All that hard slogging to gain position, and then Mercedes ask him to just give it away? This is not right.

Anyways, as shown the SC's didn't help him to the extent that some are claiming. It certainly bunched the field back up ... HAM was 33 secs back of ROS at the end of lap 7. But that's what a SC car does, it brings the field back closer together. Certainly there was no other remedy available for Charlie with both Ericsson's and Perez's crashes.

There should've been a SC in the last race in Germany, so Rosberg can consider that a gift from Charlie. Three stewards ran across the track from the grandstand side on the pit straight towards Sutil's car, and HAM passed by less than 4 sec's later. What if one of them had stumbled as they were running across, and they were down right in the middle of the racing line? It doesn't bear thinking about, but it does cause me to question why there wasn't a SC there.


Brilliant drive Ricciardo, Fantastic Alonso as always and great recovery from Hamilton.

I have seen ludicrous tweets questioning Hamilton for not slowing down to let Roseberg through. Slowing down and losing two seconds at least in the process to give way to your main championship rival is too much to ask of a driver.



To pass someone, you need to be close enough on the straight to draft into the lead. At that point, Lewis might have considered not defending. The fact is that Nico never got within half a second of Lewis. At 180mph, that's a lot of car lengths.

Mercedes shot themselves in the foot today, showing that they are principally interested in their German driver winning the WDC. The impact on the constructors championship is pretty much irrelevant, as nobody its going to catch Mercedes for that. To claim that they were doing it to maximize constructors championship points is just bovine scatology.

Kudos to Lewis for setting them straight. Great drive by Daniel, and also well done to Fernando, but dotd for me goes to Lewis for keeping the championship alive despite Mercedes best efforts to prevent it.


Rosburg was never close enough to pass, Hamilton said if he catches me I'll let him through.

You can't ask for more than that.


@ German Samurai.

Your comment doesn't make sense. Rosberg didn't pass a red bull either. Hamilton passed Vergne though which Rosberg couldn't manage.

German Samurai

"ROSBERG WAS UNABLE TO PASS A TORRO ROSSO, if he wanted to win the race he should have done so."

Hamilton was unable to pass a Red Bull, which was the third or fourth best car out there. The Mercedes is the most dominant car of all time.


ROSBERG WAS UNABLE TO PASS A TORRO ROSSO, if he wanted to win the race he should have done so.


@GS and @HP, he was less than 1 sec (so DRS) as they crossed the line for laps 48, 49, and 50. That was it! Even on those laps, he was always over 8-tenths back. After that, he dropped back out of DRS range, and pitted again on lap 56. Sorry, but that's a #Fail if there ever was one.

Lap History Chart - HUN14


Sitting in the stand, with joint Hungarian and English commentary even I could see F1 feed and knew that the gap between team-mates was close, but then so was the gap between Hamilton and Alonso.

So bearing in mind the fact that Rosberg said: "he would play it safe, avoid any unnecessary things happening and get as many points as possible." I was on my feet screaming for Lewis not to let him pass and concentrate on his own fight with Alonso.

But then, I was merely in the crowd giving my all hoping that both would be racing - yes racing- to win as many points as possible.

Is this what Rosberg refers to by "playing it safe" and if it us, what are we to expect for the rest of the season!


did u not watch the race? he was 6tenths behind hamilton for several laps,

German Samurai

Rosberg had caught Hamilton. He was one second behind him.


Yet another fantastic race. Really enjoyed this one. Took my mind off feeling pretty ill! Great overtakes by Ricciardo and Hamilton and others.


Strong drive from Alonso as well.


After last week's safety car fiasco, many (amazingly) defended it by claiming that double yellows are sufficient for a stalled car just off the racing line and that its ok for marshalls to scamper across a hot racing track. I'm really looking forward to their reasoning why it was ok for the safety car to come out this time.

Amazing drive by Hamilton. People that like to knock him should just learn to enjoy one the greatest racers of all time. Few have ever lived that can provide these levels of excitement on a regular basis.


Because there were debris in the form of carbon fibre confetti dancing on that rack in each crash case, plus the track was partially wet in some places?


By the way, is your first name Lindsay, as in Lindsay Lohani?


So running over some debris is more dangerous than whizzing inches past a stalled car at 150km an hour coming out of a blind corner? And accidents/loss of car control never happen in the dry?


Is carbon fibre more or less dangerous than a car and human beings on the track, human debris surely more worrying than carbon fibre. Safety car was correct today and you know as do we all that it was a mistake not to bring it out last week for the Sutil car, our support for one driver or another should make no difference to safety calls.


Have to say, Ricciardo has made a believer of me. He was lucky with the safety car, but once he got a sight of victory he locked on it like an exocet, in the same way Alonso and Hamilton do, and it was very fitting that he overtook the two of them to take his victory. I didn't think much of him before this season, but I'll admit that I was wrong, he's top tier.

A long list of "what ifs" for people - Jenson for putting on the wrong tyres, Rosberg, Bottas and Vettel for missing out under the safety car (although Alonso did too and still finished ahead of them). I think in spite of everything Hamilton will be disappointed, he could have won this race and it will hurt that he lost out so late. Having said that, one a terrible weekend for him he's negated his bad luck and then some, it's still game on for the title in spite of me mentally writing it off several times now.


@ Krischar.

I seemed to have touched a nerve, calm down. My post is factual. Never do I say Vergne and Alonso had an agreement. Stop making up rubbish that I didn't say to suit your story.

It is a fact Alonso could build a healthy gap because Rosberg couldn't overtake Vergne. This helped Alonso manage his tyres. Hamilton would have got passed Vergne much quicker (as witnessed when he got the chance) and not allow Alonso to manage his tyres, Rosberg could not manage it.

This is called an observation of what happened. I am not saying Alonso didn't drive well, he drove a great race. Hope you have calmed down now.


Having luck is one thing, taking advantage of it is something completely diffrent. Ricciardo brilliantly used it to his advantage.


Yep, the 4 first cars before the safety car came in (Valtteri, Seb, Fernando and Nico) couldn't go into the pits because thy were already in the last corner, their gap with Jenson was around 5 seconds and that allowed the rest to go in. Without that Fernando could have claimed victory.


@ Nick H

"Alonso was helped enormously by Vergne" - Have Alonso and Vergne had an accord before the race ? What a complete drivel to post. I cannot take such charade comments from people here.

Take out your bigoted views and stop the hate stories about Alonso here, enough is enough

If Nico is not good enough to pass Vergne in a Mighty Mercedes, then why the heck he turns up to track for the drive. Nico denied lewis the chance


Alonso was helped enormously by Vergne holding all the faster cars behind him for a long time and Rosberg being unable to pass for some strange reason


This is why Alonso is a double world champion. Excellent drive! Ricciardo is getting impressive by the day. Congrats on your 2nd win! Alonso gave Hamilton a few lessons on how to defend today. Ricciardo showed him how to leave room on the outside, which Lewis didn't do for NIco at the same place towards the end.

Who was the luckiest driver of the day? Lewis Hamilton for sure. In open air, and after starting from the pits, he manages to spin. Then safety cars came to his rescue. How much more luck does he need? Just a day back, most of the commentators here were "categorically" convinced Merc was out to get him.

Start by beating Nico consistently. Alonso is way up the ladder, Lewis. One step at a time.


Lewis beat Alonso in the same car as a rookie after stunts from Fernando such as deliberately messing up Lewis' qualifying in Hungary and swerving towards his pit crew on the main straight at Indianapolis because he couldn't overtake Lewis.


Nickh.....In the same car, as a rookie with all the help from the team regarding optimal qualifying fuel loads, strategy, public, private and internal support from Ron, protest from own team and if Massa didn't pull over for Kimi, Alonso would have been champ.


@ Nickh

Lewis beat Alonso

How long you people want to keep tilling 2007 still

What did Lewis achieve between 2010-2012 with Mclaren? He could not even manage the threat from button and throwed the trantrums. Have you forget the twitter gate in 2012 Belgian GP aftermath? Why you want to glorify lewis here and take a dig at Alonso with every comment

Lewis had the better cars with Mclaren between 2010-2012 with Mclaren than what Ferrari produced or able to provide Fernando in that timeframe, Yet Alonso finished as a runner up twice between those three season's whereas Lewis crahsed into Massa at Italian 2010 GP and crashed into webber at 2010 singapore GP and lost the WDC to vettel & co

Lewis did not handle the challenge well either against button when they were team-mates at Mclaren so stop the Fallacy lewis beat Alonso back in 2007. Put that as Mcllaren & ron dennis have beat Alonso back in 2007

Lewis had better cars through-out his career and yet fluffled the chances to win WDC back in 2007 & 2010 despite the total Entourage provided by the team. On other hand with sub-standard cars Alonso have always managed to beat lewis in the total WDC standings


Don't you remember what happened when Hamilton joined Alonso at McLaren? As good a driver as Alonso is, it would be very difficult to say who the better driver is. The one step at a time comment is a bit silly in my opinion.

Once again Hamilton overcame the odds to show us what a great and exciting driver he is, and incidentally, in my viewing of post race reactions from the drivers, shows more maturity than both Rosberg, and Vettel, Hamilton wears his heart on his sleeve, what you see is what you get.


" my viewing of post race reactions from the drivers, shows more maturity than both Rosberg, and Vettel, ..."

You seriously didn't just say that did you? My God!

My 6 week old daughter is more mature than Hamilton!


I agree with you Hamilton was very lucky today... If he didn't have the fastest car on the grid he'd have been nowhere with his spin into the barriers. But you'll get a lot of grief from some small minded quarters for pointing out the utterly obvious.


Gazza I don't believe Hamilton deserved praise for his driving this weekend or last. Just because I bring up a valid point you think that makes me biased. This clown has crashed into barriers and cars at both raves. He'd be nowhere if he didn't have a car that literally has one of the largest advantages in F1 history. I can't be a sheep...

@c63 I don't even think your comment warrants a response but out of courtesy why did Rosberg not win? Because the safety car came out after he passed pit entry. He was streaking away until then. Every commentator said this too so why this is even a question is beyond me. But like I said... Small minds.



If he didn’t have the fastest car on the grid he’d have been nowhere ......

How do you explain Rosbergs results then? If the only requirement for a good result is sitting in the fastest car, then surely starting from pole in the fastest car would guarantee a win. Wouldn't it?


The only small minded people on here are the commenters that refuse to acknowledge a drivers talent and base there assessment purely on a perceived personal dislike of a drivers character.

Have you ever given Hamilton any praise in any race?


Well, Rosberg started 1st....Hamilton in the pit lane. I do not know if you understand F1 well enough to catch the fact that without the formation lap you get cold tyres and cold breaks and hence his spin. Hamilton was not bad today.... Think about Rosberg. He could not even overtake Vergne! Hamilton was taking every opportunity whereas what Rosberg did today was:

1. Asking the team to insist Hamilton to let him pass by even though he could never get close enough...never closer than 1,3 sec

2. Could not overtake Vergne with a Merc engine!

3. Was pushing in the last sting when he had fresh tyres and clean air

So what did Rosberg do today that was special? Nothing....I would say he was very pale....his driving



'Not to mention getting defending tips from his engineer'

Every practice session this year Rosberg asks his engineer where he can improve because he can't match Lewis with his own talent, he has to get tips from Lewis' driving.


+1 AlexD. Richard pay attention to this post.

A lot of people on here don't understand that without a formation lap a drivers tyres and brakes will be stone cold. Obviously this problem is only exacerbated in wet conditions. Couple this with a very low grip level of the hungaroring and it is not really surprising he slid off at turn 2. Hopefully this will help your understanding of F1


203 positions? Did he go all the way back to Australia?


1. the team asked lewis to move over, not nico. nico only asked if lewis is moving over or not. rosberg was 0.6 behind hamilton for a few laps, but lewis didnt let him by so he backed off

2. did you not watch rosberg's rear left tyre/brake smoking during the safety period, and how slow (he lost 203 positions in two corners) he was because of that when the safety car went in?

3. so was lewis, he couldnt overtake vettel until vettell had a spin

Torchwood Five

You are mostly not wrong, but Rosberg did pass some cars to get from 11th, where he emerged after last tyre stop, to 5th behind Lewis.

Those on here who have in the past decried Lewis' fast climbs through the field by saying "he has the fastest car", and "is only racing one car", will no doubt be posting that Rosberg had the fastest car too, and on meeting the only car he is racing, called the team to be let past.

Also, WTH? Cars starting from pits don't get a warm-up lap? Surely that would be a safety issue?

Let them do the warm-up lap, then feed back into the pit lane while the rest go to the grid.


I think you totally misunderstood me...

It is Brakes, not breaks and yes, after 3 decades watching, obsessed, I understand that and a lot more besides.

Describing Hamilton as "not bad" is laughable, try to get over your prejudices and listen to what the former F1 drivers and Champions are saying about him.

Rosberg is very good, very fast, but clearly lacks that extra special fire, talent, whatever it is that puts Lewis among the all time greats.


he was on pole and that's special. did he do that yesterday?


Shouldn't he be aware of the cold tires, then? How can Hamilton be a great champ if he cannot even figure out that his tires are cold? Not to mention getting defending tips from his engineer. I haven't complained about team orders anywhere. I'm not concerned about Rosberg. Did I say anything about him? Who are you replying to?


Hamilton has been cheated out of at least 2 WDCs by the FIA and Alonso.

Alonso left the track and gained an advantage, Hamilton would have got past if he had not, but was allowed to keep the advantage.

Lewis span as cars starting from the pitalne do not do the formation lap, so have cold brakes.

Every time there has been a fight, Lewis has won.

Lewis beat Alonso into the first corner of his firat race, then beat him in the WDC. Shame some people just cannot get over it.


@ Joe Flacco. Happily.

It is well documented that in that race Massa had a lot of vibrations on his last set of tyres in that race, he lost over 1 second in a single sector whereas earlier in the race he had decent pace in the wet and had comfortably kept Alonso behind. Peter Windsor noted that the 2007 Bridgestone wet tyres were not bonded to the rim like the dry tyres, so when Massa left his box and spun his tyres, they twisted on the rim and upset the balance of the car. Hope this helps


@Nickh......what did Massa do to destroy his tyres when leaving the pits? Please enlighten me.

What your purposely omitting is how slow the Ferrari was at Malaysia in 2012. Only in intermittent weather did alonso become competitive in pace. He then produced the goods and hauled his way to win.

You should be more appreciative of great drives or at least try to gain the knowledge to understand when your dismissing a guy who produces these dogged results year in year out that u sound a bit........Elie like. Where is he anyway?



The races you refer to, 2012 Malaysia and 2007 nurburgring. It was common knowledge the Mclaren in 2007 was the best in wet conditions, Massa was a sitting duck on tyres he destroyed exiting his pit box, added to the fact the Ferrari didn't heat it's tyres as quick as the Mclaren. Also in 2012, although the Ferrari wasn't the best car, it used it's tyres very heavily and was very effective in the wet, illustrated by him getting pole at silverstone and hockenheim that year in wet conditions. So not really that amazing


"Hamilton has been cheated out of at least 2 WDCs by the FIA and Alonso." Feel free to add arguments, or shut up.

"Alonso left the track and gained an advantage, Hamilton would have got past if he had not, but was allowed to keep the advantage."

If you're talking about the chicane accident, no, Hamilton would not have gone past, he wasn't close to Alonso at that point, let alone next to him

"Lewis span as cars starting from the pitalne do not do the formation lap, so have cold brakes."

This is Lewis' 8th season in F1, meaning he is an experienced driver, he should have known his brakes were cold and that he shouldn't have pushed that hard, that early.

"Every time there has been a fight, Lewis has won"

. Lewis has done about 170 Grand Prix starts and won 25 or so, meaning he lost 145 races.

"Lewis beat Alonso into the first corner of his firat race, then beat him in the WDC. Shame some people just cannot get over it."

Lewis might have beaten Alonso in the first corner of his first race, but races aren't won in the first corner. Alonso came 2nd that race, Hamilton third. ("Every time there has been a fight, Lewis has won")

Also, it is a well known fact that Lewis was favoured hard in 2007.

I haven't seen Hamilton win races like Alonso did (Malaysia 2012 or the European Grand Prix in 2007 where he made that dramatic overtake on Massa for the win)

Lewis is fast, speed however, is not the only thing that matters in F1. As a driver, he has grown this year, however, he still isn't there yet.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Not sure how much of an advantage Alonso got, it's not like Hamilton was on his side and about to tuck right behind him on the second DRS zone..... Canada anyone?


"Hamilton has been cheated out of at least 2 WDCs by the FIA and Alonso."

The F1 multiverse, or how every single fan can see radically different things with the same facts...


What if's, but's, could've been's, would've been's don't really count, do they at the end?


[mod]look at the facts.
He got lucky and his team helped him which must make all those conspiracy theorists feel really silly. And to suggest Fernando got an advantage? ham couldn't pass him in the next 10 laps on fresher tyres.


What a race. Go Dan!


What a race! Dan's the Man, a superb drive. Fernando and Lewis were brilliant and Nico was pretty darn good too. Williams need to learn that in order to win you need to be more aggressive. Anyway, who cares about them. How good is our Dan, you beauty!!!!, I wish it wasn't 12:30am in Australia cause I'd love to crack a beer right now, oh what the heck, Here's to Danny, he's true blue!


Brilliant race. Probably the best of the year but there's been a fair few.

I couldn't decide who I wanted to win more, Alonso or Ricciardo. Great race for Hamilton too but the Mercedes is so easily the best car that for Alonso to hold on to the lead for so long in THAT Ferrari was epic. And Ricciardo showed once again how supreme he is with his passing.

A race full of good and bad luck as expected with rain and safety cars. Rosberg (along with the top 4 early on, Bottas, Vettel, etc) got some of the bad luck this time with the first safety car confirmed at a terrible point on track for them.

And Rosberg was never close enough to be let passed Hamilton but given they're fighting for the Championship, it's hard to understand why the team would expect Lewis to let Nico passed regardless. Opening a political can of worms there...


He didn't come close on purpose. No point in running in someone else's exhaust and ruining your balance, overheating your tires and losing aerodynamic grip. Both Lewis and Nico were playing smart at that point. Nico was hoping Lewis would lose some time letting him past. Lewis didn't want that, because he would've lost a good second, if not more, if he had let him through. Both cars were on different strategies, and the call was from the team, not the drivers.


@ Craig D. When you put it like that, it sounds much better, doesn't it? There was no need to thrash Nico in the first place, which you have refrained from doing in your second post. The human factor you mentioned clearly explains what the first post was alluding - you were championing Lewis' cause, which is fair enough.

@ aveli. Team radios - as we hear it on the telly - are relayed much later. It isn't live. That's point number 1. Point number 2 is Sky edits and choses what to let its viewers hear. The Merc to Nico message wasn't relayed. Merc to Lewis message was relayed. Sky likes to spice up things. Please google FAIR to understand how media works.


I thought i heard rosberg asking the team why hamilton wasn't letting him pass.


Yeah I understand that and it was clear Nico dropped back a bit to look after the tyres as you say. And yeah it was a team decision. But Nico really would have needed to properly close up and harass Lewis to press home the point his strategy was being compromised and to put pressure on the situation of the team wanting the Hamilton to let him passed. But as it was, it just looked like Rosberg was happy with the pace he was doing. And Lewis wasn't going to drop 2 seconds back to let him through.

But to me it all seemed a case of strategists looking at the numbers and saying we need Nico passed as he'll lose time on his strategy, which is fair enough but doesn't take into account the human factors of why would Lewis won't to aid his Championship challenger's chance of beating him!

Mohamed Chaudhry

What a race. In retrospect I believe Hamilton should have come in for a late tire change and would've done a better job than Rosberg in overtaking on new tires. Remember he had a new set of softs. In any case a great come back from the pit lane. Well done to Ricardo and Alonso for great podiums.


I think if Hamilton had gone onto Softs rather than Mediums and then done an extra set of Softs he would have won the race.


I had the same thought. Looking forward to the race analysis.


I think so too ... his pace on worn options, versus Rosberg's on new options, during laps 34-39, was telling. Obviously he started with 3 sets of brand spanking new options, waiting in the garage for him. He would've cleared both ALO and MAS pretty fast, then could go on building a gap for the final stint. Two stints of 16 laps on the options would've set him up nicely. Not sure what his fuel situation was like, and whether it was compromised b/c of his PL start, though surely the SC periods would've helped with that. Then there was his engineer asking him to use shorter gears, higher revs, to manage an issue. What would that be about, other than to burn off some excess fuel?

JA, look forward to your Race Report.


Why did they put Hamilton on mediums? The slower tyre when degradation is identical? Very bad call especially since all were brand spanking new. This call lost Lewis the race surely.


And they should have pitted Rosberg on to the softs with 20 laps to go, not 12. What were they thinking?! Paddy Lowe sat on the naughty step.. oh wait that's PlanetF1 talk


"oh wait that’s PlanetF1 talk"

You also read that comic? 🙂

Good game to play on a dull day: guess how many times the word 'admitted' appears in the day's articles. I find it's usually *at least* as high as the actual article count.


ROS would have won today. But Hamilton ignored teamorders.

Rosberg was within 0.6 sec behind for several laps, but HAM didn't let him pass.

Nico then backed off and Brundle was happy saying.. ROS is nowhere near...

I'm sure there is a lot of excuses (Malaysia 2013)......