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Nico Rosberg ties the knot with long term girlfriend
Nico Rosberg and Viviane Siebold
Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Jul 2014   |  2:45 pm GMT  |  89 comments

It is not often that a Formula 1 World Championship leader gets married mid-season, but Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg and his long term girlfriend Viviane Sibold got married yesterday at a civil ceremony in Monaco.

The religious service will follow later in the summer.

Rosberg, 29, leads the world championship by four points from his team mate Lewis Hamilton after nine of 19 rounds. His retirement in the British Grand Prix was his first of the season. He has won three races to Hamilton’s five.

His new wife is an interior designer, who also owns an ice cream parlour called Viv’s Creamery in Ibiza, which is where the pair escape to on non-race weekends.

Nico Rosberg gets married

Rosberg tweeted a photo and message to his 700,000 twitterer followers,
“We are over the Moon. It was very special to share our wedding day with our closest friends and family.”

It is noticeable that continuity is an important thing in Rosberg’s life; he has been with Viviane for 11 years, since they were teenagers, while his parents have been married for 37 years, quite an achievement in motorsport! He shipped in his original race engineer from Williams, Tony Ross, when he moved to Mercedes in 2010 and has worked with him ever since.

Nico Rosberg and Viviane Siebold

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Congrats to them both. Now a German honeymoon that wont be very sweet when Hamiilton wins again..


Nico seems to be a stable and happy young man, I was never really a fan until a few years ago when I met him at the Monaco Grand Prix. He took the time to ask my young son if he was enjoying himself and signed his programme. Lat year I asked Lewis for an autograph at the British Grand and he acted like he hadn't heard us despite us looking right at him. My son was not impressed. Nico seems to be getting flak from the Lewis fanboy's regarding his nationality but it amuses me as a full blooded Scotsman that an Englishman with a Scottish name who lives in Monaco is trying to make out Nico is not German. I admire Lewis as a driver, I really do. But out of the car he is a media hand grenade with a serious brain to mouth interface failure.


Apologise for the additional I'm at the beginning of the sentence.



I'm if you want go further back to the dawn of Mankind then you'd probably find that our Mitochondrial DNA shows that we are one big happy family

Que the the theme tune to EASTENDERS.

Funny that I was actually born in Leicester in lived my early youth near an area called Knighton. Thst was a very long time ago....but not as far as your research. I wonder if Richard The Third new this Hamilton before he shuffled up to Scotland.

With regards to Lewis surname & the connection to the islands of the West Indies is a true account regarding the acquisition of the Surname.

Well one learns something every day.

Thsnk you 🙂


Pkara, it seems the first Scottish Hamilton's were formerly English Hamilton's who moved house:


The surname Hamilton had its ultimate origin in a place-name, most probably the village of Hamilton, Leicestershire, England, but bearers of that name became established in the thirteenth century in Lanarkshire, Scotland.



Hamilton is a Scottish name.

Though the entomology regarding how Lewis got his surname. One must look at its source ...the West Indies were as you should know....that all plantations from the 18 th century used the deploring trade of human slavery. The individual who owned the people on his land must have had the name Hamilton. A Scotsman who lived the life of a Laird through the blood & toil of human suffering. The name of the master was transcibed on the poor people he owned.

So you see where the name comes from. A Scotman who lived like a King in the West Indies ehile all around him suffered. FFREEEEEEEEDOM has a whole new meaning nes pa


Guess you need to look up the origin of the Hamilton surname.


Hey Nimrod...

Even Rosberg said Lewis did not say that . It was the Journalists presenting Lewis with that statement so read between the media mire & you'll find that some of the rubbish that hoovers around is fabrication & litmus to Iignite & inflame yhe situation. People love to comment on Lewis constantly. ..if that's what you get your kicks from then enjoy swimming in the acid tabloid content.

Same record needle in the same groove of same song going over & over ZzzzZZZzzzzz


Congratulations to Nico,

His then Fiancée attacked me on Facebook after I suggested Nico to get a Volvo for the Canadian grand prix as those cars park better, didn't know she was real then...

Anyways, Lewis talks lot of cr*p at times, but he's right saying Nico's not really German and this important ceremony happened "home" Monaco. Of course Lewis was trying to get some German fans with that comment "Nico not being really ...", but he has a point and needs equal treatment within the "German" team.



I thought Nico was German. What's he doing getting married in Monaco?

Maybe saying he is German is just for the sake of sponsorship etc - 80,000,000 folk live in Germany and only 30,000 odd live in Monaco.

Who would have thought it, an F1 driver behaving in a cynical manner. Whatever next 😉


Ke Ke was born in Sweden, though he is a Finnish national. Nico was born in Germany and the last time I checked, that would he him German.


I've always thought it odd that Nico is billed a German when his father is Finnish?


Congrats to the happy couple for reaching this major milestone, I mean 11 years together and they still make it >>> grand.

For sure this wedding says a lot about Nico's character and now am 100% sure the incident at Monaco qualifying was simply a unfortunate blunder.

Now after Nico and Viviane nuptials, that would make 4 family men on the grid after Grosjean, Maldonado and Massa (Alonso and Kimi got divorced).

Incidentally, tennis star Novak Djokovic (who is also a Monaco resident) got married yesterday I believe.

Yes, 2014 is turning out to be the year of love and happiness as we wait for Jenson's turn.


Seriously man? The fact that he married his long time girl proves to you beyond doubt that he didn't do what he did at Monaco on purpose? If that's all it takes, I've got a beautiful piece of property in Pripiyat Ukraine to sell you. It's a sure fire money maker. Don't believe me? Why not? I've been with my long time girl now wife for over 16 years!

That might be the single silliest correlation I've ever heard anyone make.

Even other drivers said based on the telemetry and rosbergs actions in the car they felt it was purposeful.

Seriously congrats to the both of them, I hope they have a wonderful life together. But Rosberg is a cold blooded ruthless driver, who if told he might have to run his new bride down in his Merc to sure up the drivers WC might consider it for a lot longer than you think...

C'mon man...


Well said & well put ApexPred.

Some people come out with amazing correlations between marriage & the honesty of a so called German driver!! Simply amazing conclut. Marriage is the end all to an individuals honesty 😀 .

He parked his car in Monaco deliberately & if anyone thinks different then they must be watching the incident in rose tinted goggles while having their Proboscis firmly lodged in the Gluteus Maximus of the so called Monaco based German driver 😀

Sweeping subjective statements regarding the honour of zee German driver hilarious.


Have a baby, lose your edge!



For sure this wedding says a lot about Nico’s character and now am 100% sure the incident at Monaco qualifying was simply a unfortunate blunder.

Eh? I confess that I am slightly puzzled by the parallel you are drawing 🙂

Please clarify !


@ C63

Lol... touché



if Nico can be faithful to his girlfriend in 11 years....

How do you know Nico has been faithful?

Might be worth remembering that MSC had been with his wife for longer [than 11 years] when he had his 'parking' moment at Monaco.

Personally, I don't see the connection 😉


@ C63

The parallel I was trying to make is if Nico can be faithful to his girlfriend in 11 years (despite the temptations) this proves that he's honest and thus is likely to be honest in all aspects of his life.


Yes, it would be lovely to see Jess and Jens man and wife!

Jenson also has the responsibility of being the only one in his brood who can continue the family name - Jenson has 3 grown up sisters and as Jenson is the only son of the Button household, he does have a huge responsibility to keep the family name going!

Jenson's sister Natasha (Marlow) usually often attends a few GPs; it is quite rare to see his other sisters Tanya (Jones) and Samantha, although when you do see them together you can very clearly see the family resemblance!

Interestingly, Jenson, Nando, Mark W and the Hulk are all the only son of the family (they have all got at least one sister), so perhaps its beneficial for the racing driver to be the only boy in the household, although that's not always the case (Michael and Ralf for example). Fernando actually owes his F1 career to his sister, Lorena Diaz (who I believe is/was part of his personal trainer routine?). Lorena was given a kart as a present, but decided she wasn't interested in pursuing a career as a racing driver, so she gave that kart to her brilliant younger brother! And the rest as they say, is F1 history..................

Whether your a racing driver or not, big sister knows best!

(I'm guessing Nando has given a good chunk of his salary to his sister so that she is financially secure for life).


The pressure of keeping the family name going isn't necessarily all on Jens - some women (studies reckon 30%) keep their own name after marriage and some even pass it on to their children. So any blokes getting flak about keeping the family name going can deflect some of it back on to their sisters 🙂


Just a commentary on the surnames of Fernando and Fernando's sister, Lorena.

Under the Spanish Law, each Spaniard has TWO surnames, the first one coming from the father, the second from the mother. In everyday use, the first of the two surnames is what most persons use, if they wish to do so, as a shortened surname.

Thus, in their passports and other legal documents, Fernando is "Fernando Alonso Díaz" and his sister is "Lorena Alonso Díaz" (or "Fernando Alonso y Díaz" and "Lorena Alonso y Díaz"; every Spaniard has the administrative right of uniting their two surnames with the particle "y" (and), if he/wishes to do so). Yet, they are known as "Fernando Alonso" and "Lorena Alonso", because of common use.

Any child of Fernando will have "Alonso" as first surname and any child of Lorena will have "Alonso" as second surname.

The Spaniard women legally keep their maiden surnames along life, even after marrying. Yet their children will have the paternal first surname as first surname, and the first maternal surname as second surname.

In recent times, parents can decide to change the order of surnames of their newborns. At the age of 18, the offspring can change the order again, if they wish.


Lol..... Ain't seen much of Jess since Hamilton left the team.


@ Gaz Boy

Totally, Jessy + Jens' wedding will be off the charts in terms of glamour as I suspect only beautiful people will get an invite.

Speaking of Jenson's sisters, a student once told me that one of his sisters works at their school canteen.

Interesting, didn't know Webber, Alonso and the Hulk were the only boys in the family >>> as for Alonso, am almost certain he's the last born considering the loving relationship with sister.


What will Mercedes AMG F1 give Nico as a wedding present? 🙂


Hopefully another slow pitstop for Hamilton


Framed and autographed print of Lewis Hamilton winning the British GP? 🙂


@ Sebee

Whoa, that's a tricky one.

What present can you give somebody that has everything.

Okay if I were in Mercedes' shoes, I would Nico & Viviane a Mercedes F1 chassis of his choosing.


Will this affect the title race? I'm going to say.......no.


This reminds me, my old boy too got married at 29 and the first born was a baby girl >>> my sister.

Having said that, am not sure what to make of this considering the British Grand Prix took place a few days after Nico had turned 29 however, he got his first DNF of the season on the 29th lap and thus cutting his 29 points lead in the standings to just 4 points.

I will try and keep track of Nico and see where his 29th birthday leads him.


Germany were up 5-0 against Brazil after 29 minutes 🙂


you go for it!


As we're heading for Hockenhiem, have a look on YouTube for the 1980 German GP - someone kindly has just posted it. Just watch those ground effect monsters driven by the likes of Jonsey, Reutemann and Laffite bouncing up and down ("porpoising") heading into the stadium section!

Even with sliding skirts (which we're banned at the end of 1980, in favour or stupidly rigid fixed skirts), those ground effect cars must have had a ride that was intolerable! I mention this because if F1 goes done the low profile tyre route, then smashed skeletons and blood pouring out of a drivers ears can't be far away.....................


@ Gaz Boy

Wow, it's amazing how far the sport has come from 1980.

Those blokes must have drawn up iron clad wills each time they got behind the wheel.


Nice for him but an odd story for JA to post. Maybe just wanted to post something when there's nothing else to post on a non-race weekend.


Not really that odd.

Not much news going on between GP's and Nico's one of the main players. He has made the news public and it gives a bit of insight into him outside of the goldfish bowl of a race weekend. If we see him all happy and relaxed at the next few races we know why and that it may be the key to him getting the job done.

No different to Kimi's antics in gorilla suits really!!


coulthard announced it during his commentary duties on the british grand prix weekend. he also added that rosberg asked to borrow his car for the occasion.


Yeh I get that impression too 😀 Must be nothing happening in eorld of F1 this weekend on Tumble Weed whistling by in the FIA office after Whitings rulimg on FRIC.


I mean world 😀

I Apologize for spellong errors Predictive text going haywire


Eorld = wotldl


Congrats to Nico. 11 years already?!? Wow.

Interesting about his race engineer Tony Ross too. During the British GP, the FOM feed showed Paddy on the radio, pushing the "Pitwall" button. Other buttons I could make out were "Toto", "Bono", "Blue Cre" (assuming that was Blue Crew), and "Blue ???", something I couldn't make out. The "Lewis" button had a blue border, while the "Nico" button's border was red.

Toto, Bono, Nico ... lotsa musical references in there!


Band Aid - F1 style?


Congratulations on your marriage, Viviane & Nico!


I like Nicole better.... 😀


better at doing what?


I agree with you 😉 about Nicole.

Shes a 10 out 10 any day of the year.

Brings a whole new dimension to Karaoke 😀


There Grant goes.......


So happy for him. The continuity thing shows how organized he really is. How efficient he is in mind management. Congratulations to such a great personality!

Ich wünsche dir alles Gute, Nico! 🙂


11yrs..... That's a long time to keep woman waiting - he's lucky he's got money.....



Not putting today's women down or anything like that..... But if he was broke, 11yrs is a mighty long time is all I'm saying.

If she was my daughter I know I'd be telling her to dump him before she wakes up one day and find out she's an old woman with nothing to show for it.

Just saying......


Oh, come on! What is this 1950?? Why does everyone assume that a woman will dump a man because they have been together for 2 years and there's no ring??

They are both younger than 30 and they've already been together for 11 years. Does no one else think that maybe they loved being together as boyfriend and girlfriend enjoying their life together, and didn't want to rush into marriage even though they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together?

Oh, and I don't think Vivian staying with him just for the money is a valid comment since I am pretty sure she comes from a very affluent family herself.


I'll ask it because everyone is thinking it....

Was Lewis in attendance?


close friends and family were his words of choice.


No tweet from Hamilton.. but they are both Monaco based now


I think Lewis moved apartment a few weeks ago?


Don't they both live in the same apartment / condo complex? Could be a bit awkward on the elevator though!

Congrats to both Viv and Nico. 11 years and still deciding to get hitched says a lot (good) about both of them!

Torchwood Five

Congratulations to the Happy Couple.


Nico is a solid man. He may lack the furtive racecraft of Alonso or Lewis, but I've felt him under appreciated for at least 5-6 years now. This WDC is far from over, and hope it's settled on track as opposed to unequal reliability of the machinery.

It IS an unusual choice of timing? This wedding?

I doubt Lewis was in attendance, very much so.

And, I fail to see any of this as absolving evidence in the Monaco qually case. Tricky and reliable are not mutually exclusive.




Well done, Nico, putting a ring on that one. She is a hottie. 😉

To respond to James's comment about Nico wanting continuity in his life, I have read that Toto Wolff said that this is something that's pretty fundamental to his character, although he used the word "structure." The more and more I think about it, the more and more I think Nico is really a modern day Niki Lauda: a very professional, focused, workman-like driver who keeps it simple and stable in his life.

I think we are quite blessed to have two drivers like Lewis and Nico in the strongest car. They are two of the absolute best in the sport, and yet they contrast so starkly in terms of their traits as drivers and characters. These situations don't happen very often, and they do happen, they always make a major mark on the sport. We will be talking about this season for a long time.


Well said! Finally!! Some praise for Nico Rosberg! He is under-rated to the core by many!

Nobody's taking anything away from Lewis. But Rosberg deserves a little more respect. I can't stop thinking of what would have been, if Williams F1 maintained their BMW works form in 2006 when Nico made his debut. That would have changed the minds of a lot of people here.


That's. Interesting what you say paige - are you suggesting on his own Nico is limited.

Without a teammate that he can 'copy' from he would be mediocre - i.e Schumacher /Hamilton doing the graft to set the car up only for him to 'study', the merc advantage may not be what it is?


I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think BMW staying with Williams would have changed anything.

It all starts with why BMW left Williams in the first place. It's the same reason why both of Williams' race-winning drivers ditched them before 2005. This was a team that was in decline and had fallen far from championship contention. They had a driver in Webber in 2005 who went on to nearly win a championship in a future year, and he was nowhere near winning a race that year with BMW powering them. BMW judged it in their interest to take over their own team, and at the time, it was the right decision. If they had stayed with Williams, they would have been powering a midfield team when Rosberg was around.

Secondly, Kubica was already higher on BMW's pecking order and would have had priority for an open seat in 2006. And honestly, Kubica may have been the best driver to race in F1 after the Schumacher era. (And that means better than Lewis, Alonso, Vettel.. the whole lot.) The biggest shame in F1 history is that we never got to see him in a car that could win a world championship.

With that said, Rosberg did enough at Williams to show he was a quality driver. I never got the feeling that he was necessarily someone who would wring every last drop off pace out of a car, but he was always particularly quick on circuits that required a very technically proficient driving style. (Australia, Singapore, etc.) And he had very strong race pace, as well. I got the sense he was a guy who was very smart and grounded, and he has proven to be exactly that. Schumacher becoming his teammate his first year at Mercedes didn't faze him. He just gets on with his job, which is to go faster. He doesn't care if he's going against someone who is more talented than him. There are people in all career fields who are not necessarily the most talented or smartest, but they end up producing more because they work harder and put more effort into figuring out how to do better.

Formula 1 is no different. You don't have to be the most talented guy at wheeling a car to go faster than everyone else. If Lewis is faster than me from the get go on a weekend, no problem! I will think about what my car is doing and what can be changed, and I will look at the telemetry data and think about what I can do differntly. And I will stay in the garage as long as it takes Friday night to figure it out. On the list of the most accoomplished drivers in racing history- and this includes not just Formula One, but NASCAR, IndyCar, sports cars, ,V8 Supercars, absolutely everything- you will find lots of guys about whom you would say the very same things as you would about Nico Rosberg.


He seem to be a very decent young man,would be great to have the first father son World champion.


The first father and son world champions were Graham and Damon Hill 🙂


So you missed G.Hill/D.Hill then?

Mr A (Melbourne)

Good news and congratulations to both of you!


do not mix up Lewis in;

this is just them ( N&N)

be happy


Think she'll let Nico go skiing?


That's a terrible "joke" if it can be called as such.


Joke? After what happened, if anyone I care about wants to go skiing and I know it's someone who's likely to push the limits, I'll try to dissuade them from going at all.


congratulations are in order for rosberg and sibold, the rosbergs. he can now get on with the championship challenge with fewer worries on his mind. we could be lucky enough to be treated to 3 generations of rosberg f1 champions. fingers crossed.


Congrats to them both, they seem like a very happy couple and keep a low profile


Congrats to them both. Had the pleasure of seeing his father win his first F1 race (Swiss GP at Dijon in 1982). Then a few years latter shaking Keke's hand at Nevers airport after the race at Magny-Cours. James Hunt was there as well, watching the mens final from Wimbledon on TV!


@ ApexPredator

Lol... I guess we will never be 100% certain about the goings-on at Monaco.



Last word, should read 'them both'

Craig in Manila

The pair escape to an Ice Cream Parlour on non-race weekends ? Wow, exciting stuff !


Hey, don't knock it :p That was my ultimate dream when I was a kid.


I can't say I'm a huge fan of Rosberg but my respect and admiration has grown this season. Unlike his team mate, he has a degree of style, integrity and intelligence and seems at ease with who he is and what he is. I have the feeling he's not quite quick enough to keep Hamilton behind him after his Silverstone retirement, but since Monaco he's raised his game. If Hamilton continues to scupper his own chances with misguided media shenanigans, then perhaps Rosberg will prevail after all. Anyway, congratulations to the happy couple.



Forzaminardi how do you work out all those differences between these two young men.

With ref "intelligence" "integrity" and being at "ease with who he is and what he is"

I watched Rush this weekend - we, has spectators assume alot and take even more for granted regards sports men/Women.

Interesting movie.


I am familiar with your Clint Eastwood quote, Thompson, but it's worth remembering that it doesn't mean that my opinion is any more or less valid that yours. With respect, your comments seem contradictory - you suggest I can't have a valid opinion about two high profile sportsmen while at the same time your original comment, [mod]

If you didn't care for my original comment or had a differing opinion then you might have more usefully spent your time stating your own opinion and why you feel it is valid, rather then questioning the validity of mine. The purpose of the 'comments' section, I think, is for readers to state their thoughts in relation to the original story - which I did. If you disagree, please say so rather than questioning the validity of my comment.


Errr....skin colour?

I take it you know neither personally or spent anytime in their company.

If I'm wrong then please expand on your original post.

Another methodology - You know opinions are like AHs - that ones from a Clint Eastwood movie, always makes me laugh that one.


Wow indeed. How do you suppose I "work out" the differences between Hamilton and Rosberg? Let me apologise for not including a methodology statement when noting my opinion on a blog!


Congratulations Nico. All the best for success this year.


Correction: Congratulations to Nico and Vivian!


Congratulation to Nico Rosberg and his lovely wife.


How's that related to F1? Oh my...

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