New US based F1 team Haas dips toe in water with Ferrari sponsorship
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Jul 2014   |  3:58 pm GMT  |  49 comments

Haas Automation, the company behind the group that has had an F1 entry approved for 2016, has confirmed that it will appear on the Ferrari F1 cars as a sponsorship exercise while it learns the F1 ropes prior to arriving as a team.

Haas representatives spent the Montreal race weekend with Ferrari and the deal makes sense; Red Bull sponsored teams for many years before entering their own team as did Tony Fernandes. It is a great way of getting up to speed on the culture of F1.

Haas is likely to use Ferrari engines when it enters the sport; the USA is Ferrari’s most important customer car market with over 2,000 cars sold there every year.

Haas Automation, a huge automotive company, will be featured on the lower sidepods of the Ferrari for the remainder of the 2014 Formula One season and throughout the 2015 season.

“Haas Automation is a premium brand, and there’s no better way to drive that point home than to connect it with Scuderia Ferrari on motor racing’s biggest stage,” said Gene Haas.

“Scuderia Ferrari is F1’s most prestigious and decorated team with a large, loyal and passionate fan base. Exposing Scuderia Ferrari fans and Ferrari customers to the quality of Haas Automation CNC machine tools is an important first step to expanding our global reach.”

“We are pleased to welcome Haas Automation as our newest Official Supplier,” said Ferrari Team Principal Marco Mattiacci. “This agreement strengthens our existing connections with the USA, an important market not only for our company, but also for Scuderia Ferrari, as it is one where the team already benefits from several important partnerships.

“Over the past few months, we have been exploring with Haas a number of potential areas of collaboration, and this agreement is an immediate opportunity that we are pursuing, which proves Haas’ interest in Formula One. This collaboration will enable Haas Automation to reinforce its brand awareness and promote its products and services around the world, thanks to the appeal of Scuderia Ferrari and the global reach of Formula One. We are therefore delighted to make this announcement, which sees another premium brand join our portfolio of partners. In parallel, but as a separate project, Haas is committed to entering Formula One with its own team, a testimony to the growing appeal of our sport in the USA and on this front, technical discussions are ongoing between us.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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I hope he has more success than his namesake Carl had with the lola-haas of 85′-86′. If not for lack of funding, that team had tremendous potential as both Ross Brawn and Adrian Newey were part of it.


So you’d prefer a Ford Mondeo, sorry Jaguar to a Ferrari? Okay so big jags may not use Ford parts but they’re now made by an Indian conglomerate (as are Range Rover). Ferrari is a pure sporting heritage brand (albeit owned by Fiat!) that are built and marketed for rich people buying into a dream of luxury and performance.

BTW I’m from the UK and have lusted after a Ferrari since I was a kid. I’ve never wanted a Jaguar, Aston Martin, Range Rover or Bentley.


“the deal makes sense; Red Bull sponsored teams for many years before entering their own team as did Tony Fernandes”

Haas is sponsoring Ferrari to help find out how to do F1 right, but maybe he should also sponsor Caterham to find out how not to do F1 wrong.


Conflict of Interest 😉


Why? By the time Haas enters the sport Caterham will be gone anyway 😉


So much for the all USA team.


I still think Haas is nuts for getting into F1’s money-sucking arms race.


Yeah, but he’s the good kind of nuts 🙂

Christopher Buell

Small point: 4th paragraph.

Haas is definitely not a “huge automotive company”. They are a CNC machine tool company.


I think it should be corrected to “huge automation compnay”


I think it should be corrected to “huge automation company”


Don’t worry aveli, everyone’s seeing double now 🙂


A shrewd move by both,Haas by more so,with all probability a discount of the a Haas brand featured

on F14T and performace in total of Ferrari 2015 F1 car for him to evaluate whether to go Ferrari’s power unit or others,in return Ferrari get more exposure then ever before and benefits will flow from Haas association,as American people are very patriotic when it comes to their own.


Maybe Gene can help them build a better motor?!?

What about Red Bull to AER motors?!?

On their web site, they have written of the evolution of their offering for the Lotus LMP1 Team, originally developed for a potential F1 customer!?! or something?!?

If not them, then Porsche?!?

I wonder if they might not got a former driver back, backed by the engine supplier?

Hmm… ?


Hope Hass’s F1 adventure will end up as successful as Red Bull’s rather than Tony Fernandes.


Can somebody inform me, but why are Ferrari so popular in the New World?.

Here in the UK and in other Western/Northern European countries Ferrari and Italian performance cars in general are considered inferior and under-engineered (not to mention underbuilt) compared to their German and British rivals. My neighbour was (lucky enough!) to be in the customer base price bracket of a second hand Ferrari, and yet plumped for a second hand Jag. When I asked why he said: “A Ferrari is alright for a half hour blast on a Sunday, but I can use the Jag day in day out. It’s not compromised.” He’s right you know……………..which is why the likes of Jag, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Bentley dominate the luxury car customer base market in the UK (particularly to people who live in Cheshire and are called Wayne, Gary, Phil, Rio, Coleen………..)

Also, does anyone see the irony that Ferrari, a European/Italian brand are popular in the New World, even though the Americas was founded by people running away/escaping from Europe – voluntarily I may add – and who presumably despised the Old World and everything that it stands for? Where’s Uncle Sam patriotism?

I’ve nothing against Ferrari personally, but IMO their road products are nowhere near as well engineered and designed as the choice available from the Germans and Brits (or their F1 cars come to think of it). I don’t understand why the New World population thinks differently………..please enlighten me!


In the new world it’s all about the statement… Stand out from the old guard/establishment (with their refinement and their build quality). I lived in the US for the past decade, and I love it there. I will return. However, they have a penchant for the Porcine Maquillage. If it looks great, who cares what’s beneath the surface.

I’ve found that Ferraris of the past were a bit style over substance – but what exquisite style (except for the 412, which had neither). Before I knew any better, I had a 360… Whenever I gave it the full beans around a corner, the glove compartment came open.


2 days ago I finally saw the F Type Coupe in white in the flesh. Holy shiitake mushrooms batman, what a great looking car. And for a $100K? Talk about a deal vs. a Farrari. It would take me all of 0.03s to make the decision in favour of the Jaguar on looks alone…what’s that Mr. Jaguar salesman? I save $150K as well and don’t have to wait perhaps years for delivery? Actually…no more waiting for Ferrari delivery with lack of WDCs…zinger!


Hey…new R now shipping. Comes with a killer V8. Houston, we have a problem!

kenneth chapman

yes, the new jag is a good looking car and it drives well but it is wrong to compare that with a ferrari. the only day drivers i see competing with ferrari are aston martins/audi R8’s, porsches [pretty common] and the odd lamborghini. they are all great motors but the ferrari is different insofar as it has more exclusivity. where i live we see many of these cars on any day of the week. guess which one attracts the most interest?

why? it simply reeks of style and performance.the R8 and the astons come in second but simply don’t rate alongside the italian beast clothed in versace threads [of a motoring nature]. jaguar will never come close.


Do you know Sebee, I agree that the Jag F-type is a stunner of a car, and what’s more, it’s well engineered and actually very well priced. It is also front engined so its comfortable, easy to maintain, and knowing Jaguar, superb suspension compliance and therefore ride quality. And it’s got a decent sized boot……………and let’s not forget the exhaust note of that supercharged V8. If Thor was an engine, I’m sure he’d sound like the Jag………………….

This is my point really. Why have a mid engined Ferrari that’s a bit cumbersome to use everyday when you can have a front engined Jag that you can use all day, every day? It’s not compromised. I hope the F-type Jag does really well in the English speaking countries not just for patriotic reasons but because it’s so beautiful and brilliant!


“Here in the UK and in other Western/Northern European countries Ferrari and Italian performance cars in general are considered inferior and under-engineered”

Pretty much everybody I know would put a Ferrari or a Lamborghini above other car manufacturers. That is definitely not true at all.


[mod]..I don’t actually know what your point is…it’s all over the place…Ferrari sport cars vs luxury cars…new world…under engineered…wayne…escaping from Europe…dispised Old World…irony…patriotism…Germans…Brits…IMO…enlighten me…

Gene Haas owns a sucessful CNC company…he also owns a successful racing team…he wants to expand his company overseas…he has an F1 entry approved for 2016…he is looking for a technical partner…USA is an important market for Ferrari…

There are lots of crap cars out there…Ferrari do a good job of selling their crap. People like their crap because they evoke a feeling in them…that is why they buy them…supply and demand…if people don’t like their crap anymore, Ferrari will stop making crap.

Red Bull is a Drinks company, which pretty much has nothing to do with the world of automotive, but have dominated F1 for 4 years…Gene Haas CNC has a lot to do with the world of automotive…he is a business man, and he looks like he knows what he is doing…hooking up with Ferrari is a good thing, and I hope it works out for both of them.

IMO (I hate that acyonym)…I am glad that Haas did not buy Caterham…and that he will build his own chassis, and get on with the business of expanding his business and racing F1 cars…


My point was, Ferrari are getting into bed with Haas because the USA is their most important market. I was just curious why Ferrari are treated with such reverence to affluent customers in the New World.
Actually, you’re theory is spot on – buying a Ferrari to a certain customer base evokes a feeling in them even if the car is [mod]. That’s a very good point, and you’ve mostly answered my question.


If you put things into perspective they only sell 2000 a year in the states. America is very big and still the richest country in the world.

While I agree that some people in the UK look down at Ferrari, I would say that the majority of them are people that tend to know a lot about these sort of things but where as the majority of people tend to look at Ferrari with the near quasi religious opinion that you state the Americans have.


Please mind your language – Mod


Much as the Astons are pretty cool cars. They’re not 458s.

And out here in the East I see a lot more Ferraris and even Lambos than Astons or Jags.


Gaz Boy, despite what you say UK is still the 3rd largest market for Ferrari (and Maserati and Lamborghini). I also understand that you didn’t want anything to do with history books growing up 😉


That is true, but I’m talking about image and perception. My point is that in the New World, Ferrari is treated with a deference that is almost quasi-religious, something that is not apparent here.

As for Ferrari’s UK customer base, I suspect a lot of them are non-doms, lottery winners and Top Gear presenters. Remember when Richard Hammond bought that manky yellow Ferrari Dino which was rusty, slow, badly built and unreliable – it couldn’t even do a short journey from Bristol to Slough????

I know Premiership footballers are hardly the epitome of good taste, but netherless go outside any training field car park and it’s all Range Rovers, Bentleys and Astons, although Ronaldo bought one a few years…………….and stuffed it into a barrier in a tunnel! Say no more……………………


Normally, one might hope that the originator (if it could be called that), of such a blatantly subjective opinion on a matter of highly subjective determination, might recognize it, just a little…

Adrian Newey Jnr

You obviously have never heard of British Leyland.


True, but that was in the rubbish 70s when Britain was ruled by communists and weird beards (c/o Jeremy Clarkson). That was back in a decade when the UK had 83% top rate tax and 25% annual inflation, and like most Western countries reeling after the shock of the mid 70s oil crisis, had lost the plot both socially and economically.

However, Maggie came along and gave the British car industry a clip round the ear and told them to stop making rubbish, start making a profit and think of the customer first.

Britain has come a long way since the dark days of the mid to late 70s – I mean Bentley’s customer base has switched from aristocracy to Wayne and Coleen………..


American here. What exactly do you need explained?


I was just curious why Ferrari are revered by affluent customers in the New World, that’s all.

Ferrari seem to linger higher in the imagination of the affluent customer base in the United States, than the likes of Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar and so on. I guess clever marketing is the key. Ferrari sell an image and lifestyle; the other aforementioned manufacturers actually sell a car!

Actually, I’ve sought of answered my own question…………..

kenneth chapman

no gaz boy, ferrari sell experiences. it sounds to me as though you have never ridden in or driven a ferrari! if you had then maybe you would understand the differences.


Ferraris just look fantastic ! especially the newer models.


You don’t get why Americans like Ferrari’s, but then again I don’t get the UK’s obsession with “hot hatches”.

I guess each country is looking for different things.


Random, I can answer that.

A hot hatch is fast, reliable, economical, easy to service, practical, can carry 4 people, comfortable, refined, well built, and relatively inexpensive.

Jeremy Clarkson says his favourite car of all time was the original VW Golf GTi because, in the Big Ape’s words, it does all things, all the time, to all people. It’s not compromised in any way. It’s fast, pretty, practical, reliable – it ticks all the boxes.


not everyone has the same boxes to tick.

Perception of what makes a car good or not, is just that, it is totally subjective, different for everyone.

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy…in your list of desirable attributes you left out…common. no exclusivity and worth zippedy doo dah in just few years and zero ‘cachet’.


It’s true a little hatchback (as we call them) is a very practical, cheap and sensible car to own. There are many good ones and I have nothing in particular against them, but calling one a hot hatch just sounds like marketing to me.


As a U.S. citizen I didn’t know that was the perception of Ferrari in the UK. You are right about how Ferrari is perceived here however. Most people here will approach one with almost reverential regard, as though they are about to have a religious experience. As it is exclusive and well above my budget I have never spent enough time with a Ferrari to gauge how well it is engineered and built, so this is interesting to hear.

But anyway, if they are indeed poorly built and engineered it should not surprise that the U.S. buys them anyway. Simply put Americans by and large do not value such qualities. This is the same country that keeps the Detroit brands alive when for decades it has been painfully obvious they are poorly built and a terrible way to spend one’s money if the above factors (as well as resell value) are on your list of priorities. You could call that Uncle Sam patriotism for sure, or brand loyalty…personally I just call it the american consumer. But in my view it does show that well engineered/well built considerations tend not be high on the list of many car buyers here, which somewhat answers your question.


Thanks for the well written response – yes, you are right, image is everything to some people.


REKenneth: Thanks.

No, I’ve never been in a Ferrari, but I’ve never had the desire to! That’s the thing, Ferrari have no mystique to me, in the same way the Romans don’t.

The Vikings and Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ginetta and Lotus on the other hand……..

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy………i don’t think that you actually get it and i mean that in the nicest way. ferrari are ferrari and that about sums it up. i have a very close friend who collects and drives some decent exotica, E types/ XK 120’s and currently one ferrari, but he has owned many over the years.

if he wants a ‘blast’ guess what car he takes out……..

i have been out in it numerous times and it is something else. definitely not a daily drive but for sheer excitation, superb.


I think your friend put his finger right on it and you can’t see it: he says the Jag is an “everyday” car and the Ferrari a fun blast on a Sunday. One is “everyday” one is “fun.” Get it?

I don’t think ppl with that much disposable income buy their second, 3rd etc, cars based on some nebulous engineering reputation but on the perception of ‘fun.’

Orrr… maybe because its what their mistress wants.


“I don’t understand why the New World population thinks differently………..please enlighten me!”

Sorry Gaz Boy, doubt if I could. To we Americans there is nothing as sexy and exciting with your clothes on than a Ferrari.


Thanks for the opinion – it just shows that image and branding are everything to affluent customers in the New World.

Over here in the UK, Ferrari is associated with Ronaldo…………he actually crashed his beloved Ferrari into a barrier in a tunnel. Ian Wright, ex Arsenal player also stuffed his Prancing Horse into the nearest Armco………….

Robert In San Diego

In the USA Range Rovers are selling at $4,000 over asking price. So Ferrari are not the only brand favored by the wealthy over here.

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