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Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Jul 2014   |  5:02 pm GMT  |  40 comments

“It hurt, but sometimes it’s the really slow accidents when you can get badly hurt. The Silverstone crash was just unfortunate, it was nothing serious and just part of this sport.”

With these words Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen returned to F1 action in Hockenheim today, after the 47g impact he suffered when he crashed at the start of the British Grand Prix two weeks ago.

It meant that he was forced to miss the two day test at Silverstone, Jules Bianchi stood in for him and set the fastest time on the second day.

Kimi Raikkonen accident Silverstone

The Finn would not say that it was the worst accident he had suffered in his long F1 career but in terms of the peak g of the impact it must be there or thereabouts,

“I had some pain afterwards, not so much in my leg, but more in my ribs,” he explained. “That was why I did not drive in the (Silverstone) test, but it’s all fine now.”

Raikkonen has not been enjoying the best of seasons since switching to Ferrari; he has just 19 points on the board compared to 87 for his team mate Fernando Alonso.

“I believe the situation will turn around at some point, as it can’t go on much longer like this,” he said this afternoon.

“It’s true it’s no fun, but we have been in this situation before and always managed to turn it around. I strongly believe we can fix the issues and be back where we should be.

“How soon? I hope quickly but I am not worried about my future.”

Raikkonen suggested in Silverstone that he will drive for Ferrari again in 2015 and then call time on his F1 career.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Can anyone clarify how many times has Kimi out qualified Fernando this season and how many times Kimi has finished ahead of Fernando in a race this season ?

So much for the much hyped pre season anticipation of KR vs. FA ? – contest ? , what contest ?


Kimi is finished.

He remains incredibly talented, but his 1 lap pace has gone since his comeback and he seriously lacks the motivation required to move a team forward who are having issues.

Expect when he retires he’ll do the odd race for fun. Hopefully he’ll have a crack at Le Mans.

He’ll probably stay for 2015 as Ferrari won’twant another ‘pay not to drive’ scenario like 2010!


I would just like to say that Kimi NEVER said any spesific year to his retirement….

Like he just said to SkyF1:

“At Silverstone I said that I will stop when my contract finishes – I never said any year. I’ll finish my career in a Ferrari; when it is, I don’t know.”

But ofcourse reporters and media went and made their own conclusions….apparently all seem to believe that Kimi’s contract with Ferrari is 1+1 year deal, when it fact SuomiF1, the site which first reported about Kimi’s Ferrari contract last year, way before any other website did, said that Kimi’s Ferrari contract is 2+1 years…and that 1 year option in 2016 is entirely in Kimi’s own hands, whether he wants to continue until then or not.


ever since the accident I’ve been wondering:

How is it possible for anyone to survive a ’47G’ accident? …when fighter pilots black out at 8 or 9 or whatever it is …?

..I’d welcome a doctor to comment here on this … or a serious specialist on forces acting on the body.

I drive lower formula race cars myself so am genuinely curious about the effects on the body in something like this.

would welcome any serious advice.

Is the G force measured on the car? or on Kimi?


Also of note, two IndyCar drivers have experienced near 100G impacts at superspeedways in the past two months and walked away. It is down to the design of cars today, as well as the HANS device which allows these drivers to walk away with relatively minor injuries.


It’s dependent on the direction of the G as well – pilots black out when the blood is forced from their head by a constant motion (or ‘red out’ when negative G forces all the blood into the head and neck) in a crash the G can be a fraction of a second but the impact generally goes back and forth. Your car seatbelt is designed to handle somewhere around 40-50G on a road car – so it’s not quite the same but still very nasty. The main damage I imagine is having your brain smashed around inside your skull. Or recall Alonsos 27G impact in Abu Dhabi when his car fell to earth and the jolt went up his spinal column leaving him unable to sleep for weeks.

If you’re a racer it’s probably best not to think about it too much 😉


Fighter pilots black out because they experience high G-forces for a long period of time (several seconds). Essentially the blood is forced out of their head into the lower parts of the body and then they black out through lack of blood in the brain. Kimi may have experienced 47G, but it was only for a fraction of a second, which is not long enough to force blood anywhere.


Thank Fric for that.


hmm…cool..ok. thanks. great answer. appreciated.


The Ferrari design philosophy has to change. 4 years have gone, with no titles. That itself is a sign. They have to get out of this rut where they design the crappiest car on the grid with Alonso’s talent of driving around the issues flattering it. Next year, the car is gonna be different.

Alonso will still be quick, but for sure Kimi is gonna be quicker than he is now. I would not claim he is gonna beat Alonso, but he will be surely closer. The problem now is, Kimi’s trying to keep the car on the road more than competing in it. A lot of people choose to ignore that in support of Alonso. Nobody forgets how to drive in a matter of a few months. It is foolish to write Kimi off.


@ Sujith

“it is foolish to write kimi off” – Really ? Could you explain us how?

Kimi is up against the greatest pilot in the history of Formula 1 and he does not stand any chance what so ever.

You have answered yourself “I would not claim he is gonna beat Alonso”

Kimi has not forget how to drive rather he forget who is his current team-mate and sadly it is not massa or Grosjean anymore.

I also appreicate “Alonso’s talent of driving around the issues flattering it”


“Greatest pilot in the history of F1”

I appreciate you are a fan of FA, but to call him the greatest in the history of F1, just throws your judgement and opinion out of the window


You are surely right Sujith.

But … nobody who knows anything about motor racing is writing off Kimi.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about some of the comments posted here. They are just nice folk who love Alonso.

When James himself posts an article with the heading “I am writing Kimi Off!”. That would be the time to react. 🙂

kenneth chapman

well, i am glad that raikonnen does not have any serious injuries but even if he is physically fit the question must be asked….is he mentally fit? a series of rash moves on track lately would make one wonder.


“A series of rash moves?” How do you leap from 1 major crash to a series to rash moves?

Even the Silverstone crash was a racing incident not a rash move. He wasn’t running into anyone when he tried to re-enter the circuit. It was pure luck that a ridge was present right next to the track. Any driver would have fallen foul of it. The only questionable move he’s mad so far this year was on Magnussen in Monaco.


Bad luck had nothing to do with Kimi launching himself over that berm. As much as I like the guy, I have to call him out for now knowing that obstacle was there. In most lower-tier race series, the drivers are required to participate in a track-walk, where potential issues such as the one Kimi ‘discovered; are noted BEFORE they become a problem. Clearly Kimi didn’t do his homework (as I understand it, few F1 drivers do participate in a track walk.) In short, it’s Kimi’s job to know that the bump was there. He didn’t, and I hold him accountable for the resultant crash.


Back to normal? Is that back to the normal Kimi who in his McLaren days won me a fair few quid with pole position bets or back to the normal Kimi who is going to be owned by Alonso?

Kimi is perhaps the biggest grey area in the entire F1 grid. I used to think he was THE fastest guy in F1 but given the way he was level with Massa after Schumi owned Massa and given the way Alonso is destroying Kimi now, perhaps maybe Kimi was a tad overrated. He is still one of my favourites though.


@ Jason

Not just a tad vaunted

Kimi is far more vaunted pilot in the grid rather than just a tad or fine margin, Many people knew he will surely get chastened by F.Alonso in 2014. Heck even Massa in the pre-season predicted Alonso to wipe the floor with kimi and we as Alonso fans knew this even before the season started. The only surprised and shell-shocked people here could be only kimi fans


Kimi probably is the fastest (or was) when he gets the car almost totally suited to him – outside of that specific window though he does seem to suffer. And possibly as the oldest driver on the grid (though still younger than many F1 driver veterans) he’s not feeling the hunger as much anymore – motivation has never been a Kimi strong point. He wants to win and anything less and you start to see him get bored.


Does Kimi get a new chassis, or is this the old chassis repaired…?


It is painful to see Kimi Struggle…. However, the ban in FRIC could work in his favor in terms of tyre warming. But, it also would depend on the development direction of the Ferrari…. for as of now it suits better for Alonso irrelevant to what Ferrari Team Personnel would say. It seems to be the story of the year, every time Kimi closes the gap to Alonso the next race the updates are brought to favor Alonso, not taking anything away from Alonso who proved his mettle against the might Kimi, but, for instance till Monaco Kimi was on level terms despite still struggling…. So keeping my fingers crossed for banned FRIC benefiting Kimi…. But… if only.


Didn’t kimi say that they didn’t have the FRIC on their car ?


Back to normal: Driving worse car than teammate and races ruined by the team.


@ Sami

“ruined by the team” [mod]

Why Ferrari team have to ruin kimi’s races? Becuase kimi is exceptional and delivers a win or podium week-in & week-out ? Certainly NO

Kimi ruins his own races and quali’s, Ferrari are now where to be blamed nor Alonso as many people like you here point out or try to reference

Fact is kimi is not good enough and Ferrari have made a mistake and re-hired kimi instead tey could have gone for a young talent. Anyone who gets beaten by massa and that too by huge margins are not good enough to be even present on the Grid.


Ferrari has ruined Felipe’s and Kimi’s races since 2010 because the petulant child called Fernando “Toys out of the pram” Alonso is political #1 at Ferrari. Alonso is probably the main reason Ferrari hasn’t won anything noteworthy since 2008. Ferrari treats him as a king but only thing he has been able to give in return is disappointments of lost championships in 2010 and 2012.

With Kimi and Felipe championships were flooding in from doors and windows and maybe Ferrari should bring them back together.


kimi is a character like no other. on a grid of belladonnas, [mod], and what nots, he comes across as breath of fresh air.

some respect for a 20 grand prix winner would be nice,[mod]


Be careful – Mod


This season Kimi is a disappointment.

No other driver this year has been beaten so comprehensively by his team mate. And there is no end in sight of his problems.


Didn’t he have a huge crash testing the sauber at mangy cours? Wonder if this one affected his previously problematic back before?

Christopher Cathles

Nice pic of Kimi


Is that JA being ironic? ‘Kimi back to normal’ against a picture of a smiling Kimi……

I’m glad he is back to racing so quickly, and hope he has a good performance this weekend


Kimi is a big part of F1 and its appeal. tbh I can’t imagine F1 will keep all its fans if he decides to leave.

But I’ve been puzzling over James’s top banners for this event

– Shakespearean quote

– Massa in last year’s Ferrari

– Alonso in a pirelli cap



You might find its Massa in 2012 Ferrari & Alonso is on the podium(not sure if he won) at the last Hokkenheim German GP which was 2012. Nurburgring was host of the 2013 race, hence no photos from it.

As for Shaekspere? Don’t know that stuff too well! “All that glitters”…is that a World Cup reference maybe?


He wouldn’t dare sit out a race weekend and have Jules take his ride. I doubt he would ever get it back 😉

Glad he has recovered well and hope he can do something to remind me why he is so highly regarded.


A pity the car isn’t ‘back to normal’.

Despite what Lucre DiM might think, if Ferrari pulls out of F1 another mid-field team will adopt its livery and it will be business as usual.


He will come back strong as he did it with Lotus. But, I don`t think it will happen until next year, when they will have push-rod suspension again. Happy to see him healthy, one of the most naturally talented driver ever.


James, do you think Kimi could be driving for McLaren when they return to Le Mans 24 hours in 2016. Cheers

Kimi is one of my top five favorite drivers of all time and he has my full support. Hopefully he will start getting good results soon


Welcome back to the Iceman, we’re thankful Kimi is back to 100% considering he had recently recovered from back surgery.

For sure, the sport has come a long way for the safety record has been pretty impressive.

Unfortunately Ferrari drivers haven’t been so lucky for not only has Massa been in some difficulty at Hungary 2009 but Alonso too had a mighty scare at Spa 2012.

Anyway, hopefully Kimi can get on top of the car issues soon otherwise the team will get overtaken by a number of teams in the constructor’s race.


It’s incredible but I think the last time a teammate finished ahead of Alonso was Malaysia 2013 when he retired.


All the best Kim 🙂 .

Now remember no ” Scandinavian Flicks ” its not a rally 😉


“Kimi back to normal.”

Have racing drivers ever been normal? I don’t mean that as a pejorative, I mean that as a compliment! As Murray Walker so eloquently says, racing drivers are supermen. Racing drivers are not normal human beings, they choose to reject the safety and security of Western Society in favour of the highs, thrills and spills that are a part of competitive high speed motoring.

Racing drivers have never been normal – and that’s why makes them so fascinating!

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