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Hungarian GP: Who was your Driver of the Day in Budapest thriller?
Hungarian GP 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jul 2014   |  7:18 pm GMT  |  400 comments

The Hungarian GP was one of the best races of the season, with huge swings of fortune, five different race leaders and a grandstand finish – the three leading cars were separated by less than a second, with a few laps to go.

There were a number of standout performances, but who caught your eye the most? Who was your Driver of the Day?

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo
Ricciardo took his second win of the season and a very satisfying one too. He dropped two places at the start but then benefited from the first safety car – and the mistake of staying on intermediate tyres by McLaren – to lead. From here he always had a good chance to win. He was on a three stop strategy that wasn’t helped by the second safety car, nor by an ERS malfunction around lap 44, but he fixed it and attacked on new tyres at the end and caught and passed Hamilton and Alonso for the win.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso
The Spaniard was two laps away from winning a Grand Prix for Ferrari in an otherwise depressing season for the ‘Reds. Alonso’s start was spectacular as always, making up for the lack of qualifying pace in the car. He maintained a strong pace and then took a huge gamble to run 32 laps to the finish on a set of soft tyres, without stopping again. He held off the Mercedes for second place.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton
From the pit lane start to the podium, a stunning result, but once again the fastest car in the field didn’t win the race and Hamilton knows that reliability issues again hurt his chances of a win. He progressed quickly, after an initial off due to cold brakes. He was able to pass cars more aggressively than Rosberg – Vergne for example, whom Rosberg could not pass. he went for a long stint on mediums and gave something away on pace as a result, but did get longevity with a 31 lap final stint.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg
Had it all under control at the start, but got on the wrong side of the first safety car and from there it was a struggle. Still had a chance to come back and win the race on a 3 stop strategy, but lost places due to stopping after the second safety car when the field was bunched up and also not being able to pass Hamilton, despite a team order.

Kimi Raikkonen F1

Kimi Raikkonen

Seventeeth to sixth at the flag – another classic Raikkonen recovery, after a howler by Ferrari in qualifying which cost him massively.

Jean Eric Vergne F1

Jean Eric Vergne
The final result of 9th will be a minor footnote in history, but Vergne was mighty today, running at the front after the first safety car and resisting Rosberg, who could not pass him. On a similar strategy to Alonso, he was second behind the Spaniard at mid distance, but stopped earlier into traffic and didn’t have the pace to get back.

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My vote as they finished.





Driver of the Day – Messi


All three on the podium were mighty.

Alonso gets driver of the day in my opinion though – again and again he drags average cars into contention.

I find it frustrating that in lists of “best ever F1 drivers” he is always overlooked. His achievements should be up there with the very best drivers in motor racing history.


James how do you sum up the drive which Alonso have delivered in Hungary ?

I Certainly see this as the drive of the season thus far in F1 2014

Expect your assessment and answer on this…


Gazzetta dello sport called it a “masterpiece”

I’d say it was one of the best drives of Pirelli era


A kind word for Alonso from your side, James. Have things thawed between the two of you?? 🙂

On a serious note, Mr. Hembrey should be eating his words from the 2013 season about Alonso having to take lessons from Vettel on how to drive on these tyres.


Thank you james for the candid assessment

You have nailed it “best drives of Pirelli era”

I feel very proud to say, i am a devout Alonso fan


DOTD is a slam dunk !

The safety car was a disadvantage to 4 drivers and only 1 finished on the podium and in a car that was at best the 3rd/4th fastest team over the weekend, with 32 lap old soft tyres. Would be a traversity if he doesn’t win more than 2 titles.


The amount of bad luck Vettel has had this season is incredible. He just can’t seem to catch a break this season… And Ricciardo seems to have everything going for him..

Not counting Austrilia.. Since Ricciardo got disqualified.

1) Bahrain.. Power problems

2) Spain.. gearbox fails.. starts P15

3) Monacco… Seb running third, Kimi running 4th.. loo and behold, Vettel’s engine goes kaput and kimi picks up a puncture and Ricci inherits 3rd.

4) Canada… Hulk holds Vettel up on in-lap.. speeds up for Ricci when Vettel is in the pits

5) Austria.. ECU goes to sleep for 60 seconds

6) Silverstone … unlucky with pit strategy..held up by Alonso

7) Hungary… loses out to first SC.. Wrong mode at SC restart allows Alonso to overtake him.. Spins due to mistake by trying to push a little extra because Rosberg pitted … As always, things fall into place for Ricciardo..

For those saying Hamilton pressured Vettel into making the mistake, I’d like to point out that it was actually Rosberg pitting that lap that forced Seb to push a little harder as Seb would have no DRS to defend against Hamilton.

And everyone wants to read this as Ricciardo showing up Vettel??


Who else it could be other than Fernando

Simply brilliant and drove a consummate race, this year hungary GP proved to be the most enthralled one.

A sumptuous drive by the greatest pilot in the history of Formula1.

Alonso the real bull fighter


It’s very close in the results between Alonso, Hamilton and Ricciardo, as it should be, they all drove brilliantly. Daniel made great use of a quick car and a great strategy, but I have to say I think other drivers could have done the same. I don’t think there is another driver who would have come through the field like Lewis though, great pace and some brilliant overtakes, the move on Vergne was one of the best moves I’ve seen in 25 odd years of F1 viewing, equally I don’t think there is another driver who could have dragged that Ferrari into second place. Alonso may not be quite as quick as Lewis but he has a brilliant racing brain and is so unrelentingly competent even I (as a Lewis) fan have to admit that he is the best driver out there, Lewis is more exciting to watch, but Fernando is the governor! So I can’t decide between LH and FA, so I’m voting for jean Eric Vergne….or Jules Bianchi!


I don’t see the evidence on this “Alonso may not be as quick as Lewis” thing. I don’t know why some of you keep saying it. It’s like when people say Nadal is not quite at Federer or Djokovic level purely tennisticaly speaking, which is wrong. Alonso is the number one driver, and he is so because he can extract the most of whatever car he is given, that is going faster than anyone on a given car, being it over one lap or over twenty. And Hamilton is the number two driver, better than the rest for the same reasons. It is not as if Rosberg is better than Hamilton because he is more intelligent and bla bla bla, Rosberg is not as good as Hamilton, and he will never be, because he can not drive a given car quite as fast as him.


Another great race! If all the F1 insiders could stop trash talking the engine sound, DRS, etc crowds and the TV audience would have to increase.

For me, DOTD is either RIC or ALO.

If HAM hadn’t spun early on I’d have him up there too. However, on a wet track and with a lot to do, losing the car was a mistake. He is lucky he didn’t damage something to slow down the rest of his race.

RIC and ALO drove clean/fast races and didn’t lose the car despite the tricky conditions. If you want to wind DOTD, you need to drive fast without making big mistakes.


Agreed. It was a perfect illustration that you don’t need artificial points systems and sparks from skid blocks, the racing is really good and very interesting this year on the whole.


Toss up between Lewis and Alonso

Excellent drive by lewis and clearly put the Mercedes in P3 from a difficult starting spot.

Kudos to Dan ricciardo for his second victory, Ricciardo is awsome to watch and put his more illustrious 4X WDC back in his place. At this rate Ricciardo could go on to win the big prize anytime sooner. Most notably Ricciardo has Broken the myth vettel is unbeatable. Had Ricciardo drove alongside vettel instead of webber. Dan would have become a 4X WDC instead of vettel

Alonso for sure is the DOTD, that was a mega drive under intense pressure. Ferrari have been poor through out the season,. In hungary once again Ferrari were 1.3 seconds off the pace when pitted against the Mercedes for pure pace, not just that RBR and Williams were easily lot faster than ferrari and best of the rest behind Mercedes.

Alonso have delivered time and time again for Ferrari with ropey cars at his disposal, that drive in hungary has been really special and has to be the drive of the season thus far in F1 2014. we are so blessed and Privileged to witness Fernando Alonso. Thank you Fernando for such a bravura display

Keep up the splendid work Fernando and more of the same please.

Besides that, Happy Birthday Fernando


Alonso, nearly won in a pretty bad car after having lost out at the safety car. Ricciardo benefitted from this and that is why Alonso was the driver of the day.


Alonso — for not making any mistakes and dragging that brick around the track to a position far in excess of it’s capabilities….

That’s not to say the rest of the guys didn’t do well…. LH was brilliantly scything through the field all the way to the podium. DR was solid, fast and thoroughly enjoying himself – the mark of a great driver.

I’m not sure what SV is up to these days, or Massa — seems that some bad vibes are going their way …..


Alonso. Imagine what he could have done with the Mercedes? As always he just manages to squeeze every ounce of performance out of his car. Superb!






Ricciardo was my driver of the day. Sure he benefited from the first safety car, but from then on, he still had to get the job done, which he did superbly. He was patient when required, and aggressive when he needed to be.

Some say that Daniel doesn’t deserve DOTD because he was “lucky”. Well if luck diminishes DOTD, then there is no way that Lewis deserves it. Lewis was incredibly lucky to have survived his first lap excursion.

On a day when drivers were making mistakes galore, Dan surely deserves both the race win and DOTD for his lack of errors. Even Fernando was not without mistakes. He was seen to slide off the the track twice during the race.


James I actually think there wasn’t a standout because all drivers mentioned drove at their best. Just a great race. Honourable mention to Vettel for luckiest escape of the day. If he had hit that wall his humiliation by his teammate would have been complete.



Only driver who did not benefit from luck or +3secs/lap car advantage. Had Lewis or Alo won this race, it would have been one of the most epic F1 wins ever……

Lewis had bad luck during Q, but he got a few breaks during the race. The way Roserg drives i really hope Lewis beats him to the WDC. It all started with him moving over for Lewis in their first race together. What a wank.


There’s something about Lewis Hamilton as a personality I don’t like – maybe he’s trying too hard to be Mr Marketable – and I don’t always thing he’s the best driver, but he was yesterday.


Check the vote James….There, you have it.


Exactly, plus Merc gave him the wrong tyres and massively distracted him with a daft team orders, with Rosberg….

Ricciardo lost places at the start, was very lucky with the SC, but went well after. Alonso was decent, but we will be listening to his fans droning on about his car being slower than a milk float.

Lewis was the star, by a mile. Merc cost him the win, even from the pitlane start with tyre choice.



IMHO, Lewis can’t get DOTD because of his first lap spin. After that he drove mighty to get back up for another fantastic podium, but I have to put Riccardo and Alonso ahead of him. They drove in the same conditions and did not make any mistakes.

Riccardo’s drive was amazing, but he benefitted from the safety car which allowed him to make an extra pitstop over Alonso and not overly compromise his track position. For me, Alonso’s soft tyre stint, and resisting Lewis through all those braking zones without DRS and not compromising his corner exit, well that was some of the best driving I’ve seen all year.

Alonso all the way, today at least.


You forgot to mention the ALO “mistake”


You’re right. I forgot about when he ran on at the chicane.

My breaking zone point seems a bit silly now.


Ticked Alonso as DODT as he was not helped by safety car and kept his softs for the last stint lasting over 30 laps with a car not in best of the top three. But credit must also be given to Ric and Hamilton too.


Mercedes definitely compromised Hamilton race in Hungary by sticking to this rigid strategy they have before each race. When weather conditions are interchangeable causing unpredictable racing conditions during the race they should immediately put both drivers on the best strategy, and then let them race. Instead of putting Hamilton on mediums they should have put him on softs and told him that he would be stopping again like Rosberg. What happened to the first car getting preference in strategies? If Mercedes had done that Hamilton might have won the race.

In future, give the drivers their own strategist and let them call their own strategies. Sharing data is ok, but data for setting up the car should not be shared. Then let the best man win.


Lewis has my vote mainly from the bad choice of tyres the teams gave him ( he did have all new sets ) and the bad calls from them. Jack Villeneuve summed it up, Nico thought that’s a good idea get in front with tyres that are going off, slow him down, then blast pass with quicker tyres.

Just my thoughts.


“Jack Villeneuve”

ARGH!!! The school holidays are here.


It’s a very tough call between Ricciardo and Alonso, went with the former since he won but both of them were supreme. Hamilton would have been right with them except for his spin on the first lap, didn’t cost him too much in the end but a mistake is a mistake. No one else was in their class yesterday.


@ Andrew Carter: so what do you call Alonso cutting the chicane, race craft???

please, be objective; cutting a chicane under pressure is either cheating or a mistake!!!

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