Hamilton on “attack mode” in title race as Home Victory closes him up to Rosberg
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Lewis Hamilton promised to go on “attack mode” in the world championship battle after closing in to just four points behind his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg with victory in his home Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Hamilton won his second British Grand Prix, equalling Sir Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 wins, after race leader Rosberg dropped out of the race with gearbox issues. Hamilton had been catching him at that point, having run a longer first stint and was setting himself up to attack in the final stint. But Rosberg’s first retirement of the season took away the need to pass. Hamilton was joined on the podium by Valtteri Bottas, who was outstanding in the Williams and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull.

It was an extraordinary race and a podium to reflect that; the winner started 6th on the grid, the second placed driver 14th and the third placed started 8th. That doesn’t happen every day.

Last year Hamilton led the race comfortably until a tyre delamination saw him exit the race and Rosberg picked up the pieces to win.

But twelve months later and he was the beneficiary of Rosberg’s retirement.


“I had my eyes focussed on getting that win. I could see the fans as I came through the various corner complexes around the circuit, seeing them cheering me on. It’s like we win and we lose together and we did it together today, ” said Hamilton.

With a weekend of mixed conditions the Grand Prix was held in not-so typical British sunshine, but was split by an hour long break due to armco barrier repairs. On the opening lap Kimi Raikkonen exited turn four, running wide on to the tarmac before rejoining the circuit. A bump as he rejoined pitched the car sideways and heavily in to the barrier before sweeping back across the circuit, narrowly avoiding heavy contact with any others.

Felipe Massa was the unfortunate one to not avoid the Ferrari, the Brazilian managing to have only light relatively contact with the car ahead. The race was promptly red flagged to tend to Raikkonen, who took himself out of his car only suffering bruises to his legs, as well as to fix the dented barrier.

One hour later and the race was resumed behind the Safety Car.

Hamilton had moved from sixth to fourth in the opening lap at the disadvantage of Nico Hulkenberg and Sebastian Vettel and after the restart he made short work of the McLaren pair ahead.

First Kevin Magnussen was disposed of before Jenson Button lost a place on the following lap. Hamilton was now second, five seconds off the lead with clear air between himself and Rosberg. The gap was narrowed to set up another inciting intra-team battle for victory, but we were not able to enjoy that as Rosberg pulled on to the grass in the Maggots-Becketts complex for his first non-finish of the season. Hamilton eventually won by thirsty seconds.


Behind, though, there was plenty of action to be enjoyed. Bottas’s first stint was phenomenal as he moved up from a fourteenth place start to third with an abundance of overtakes around the outside at Stowe. The Finn takes his second consecutive podium, this being his best career result and puts Williams three points off third placed Ferrari.

Next up and also with something to prove after a mistake in qualifying, Ricciardo made use of a one-stop strategy to take third place for Red Bull. The Australian had the McLaren of Button in his mirrors as the race drew to a close but the British driver was unable to take his first and a very popular podium.

The fourth place matches his career best at Silverstone on a stronger weekend for McLaren that saw Magnussen come home in seventh.

Between the two McLarens was the battle of the day. Fernando Alonso – up for Driver of the Day with Bottas – started in sixteenth place, eased his way up to fourth place before being subject to a FIA penalty. Replays showed that the Spaniard missed his grid slot at the original start and was handed a five-second stop/go penalty when he took his first pit stop.

However, that set back did not deter him as he completed the race with that lone stop. In the final twenty laps he turned the first corner to see Vettel exiting the pits on a new set of medium tyres. After some close racing around the following corners Alonso swept around the outside of Vettel at Copse to take fifth place.

But Vettel had more to give. After complaining of Alonso running wide too often at Copse and now with warm tyres he put pressure on the Ferrari driver, initially to no avail.

Trying the outside move at Brooklands twice the door was firmly shut. In the closing laps Vettel tried the move once more before putting his nose up the inside at Luffield and setting up a drag race to Copse. With the inside line Vettel was able to regain the place and bring home a further ten points for Red Bull.

British Grand Prix, Silverstone, Race, 52 Laps
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2h26m52.094s
2. Valtteri Bottas Williams +30.135s
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +46.495s
4. Jenson Button McLaren +47.390s
5. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +53.864s
6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +59.946s
7. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +1m02.563s
8. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +1m28.692s
9. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1m29.340s
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso -1 lap
11. Sergio Perez Force India -1 lap
12. Romain Grosjean Lotus -1 lap
13. Adrian Sutil Sauber -1 lap
14. Jules Bianchi Marussia -1 lap
15. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham -2 laps
16. Max Chilton Marussia -2 laps
17. Pastor Maldonado Lotus -3 laps

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kenneth chapman

@ torchwood five….i am not certain about this but do believe that the red santander ‘cheap plastic’ trophy actually fell to pieces! hamilton has already commented on it somewhere. the trophy you saw is the original british GP trophy that is never given to a driver but has his name engraved on it and it stays in the possession of the BRDC. i’m sure someone will give you the real answer if i am wrong.

Torchwood Five

Kenneth, thank you for the response. Much appreciated.

Torchwood Five

If it is not too late to ask a query on this thread, where do the photos I see of Lewis with a gold trophy relating to this race, come from, as he held up a red Santander trophy on the podium?


watch the BBC videos over the race weekend you you’ll have a better understanding. hamilton asked for it and it was brought over for the victory photo shoot. hamilton noticed that his name wasn’t engraved on it for so e reason.


i guess his name is not on it at all. i wonder if vettel alonso and webber have their names engraved on it.

Torchwood Five

Thank you for the response, aveli. 🙂

When you say ‘name wasn’t engraved’, does that refer to his 2008 win, or this one?

I suppose it would have to be a pretty chunky base to get all the previous names on it.



Superb drive Alonso

Thank you Fernando for such a bravura display which you have put for the fans at silverstone GP. Silverstone once again proved why Alonso always remain as the King of Formula1.

Fernando alonso have made his fans all around the world feel proud once again, with a sumptous drive


Lewis definitely on attack mode.

He looks super-fast!


James, what do you know about Rosberg offering Hamilton a “tip” presumably once he had come back to the pits and Lewis had inherited the lead.

By all accounts, his reaction and the inferences people are drawing demonstrate a pretty toxic intra-team environment.


Lewis should’ve radioed back: “Nico, you’ve missed your true calling!” Light-hearted enough that it doesn’t cut too close to the bone, but still a good jibe.


Alonso once again shows why he is without a doubt the best driver out there, he is putting that car in places it should not be. Rakkionen on the other hand is having a terrible year and I cant see him staying next year. Don’t know whether anyone noticed but the gap between Ferrari in 3rd and McLaren in 6th is just 11 points, fantastic stuff.

Good to see McLaren being more consistent, feel for Massa though. Great race, well done Bottas, didn’t Frank Williams say ” he is the best young driver I have ever seen?”


The entire season is taking on the air of high contrivance, where there is only one team who can possibly win, and so vehicle reliability will be the determining factor.

Something is fishie.

I noticed, with disdain, the whitewashing the coverage of what happen during qualifying to the Red cars; not a peep about Alonso; it is so cynical.

Enjoy the rest of the season of this managed spectacle.

I’m hoping, one way or another, Kimi is not on Alonso’s team next year; since Eric has demonstrated his ability to turn a team into a winner, I hope Kimi replaces one of the McLaren drivers next year and finishes his business at that team, where he drove several seasons worthy of a championship, only to be let down time and time again by the team.

kenneth chapman

i am so surprised that the FIA have decide not to investigate raikonnen’s driving? what he did was reckless and surely there must be something to say that you simply cannot rejoin the circuit in those circumstances.

as i have said before, what would have happened had it been perez/massa/ maldonado or grosjean? my guess, total outrage and calls for a head on a plate.


raikkonen wasn’t wreckless, he unexpectedly hit a bump upon return to the track, which shouldn’t have been there. raikkonen has done that on many occasions but this is the first time he hit a bump. the track was dangerous not raikkonen.


There are a few points here:

1. you wait till your not so fav racer has a bad season and go after him.

2. Kimi is no Perez/Gro/Mal/Massa – he has some 10 yrs of racing behind him. If there is a bias – ‘oh its Kimi – deserves benefit of doubt’ thats because he got it over a period of time.

3. Stewards are not usually very dumb. Def of dumb : Sample size of data for interpretation, illogical and to your convinience.

kenneth chapman

@ kiran….

1 kimi has never been as good as a lot of people think. his WDC was by the very slenderest of margine and ferrari fired him for not performing.

2 for a driver with 10years experience he should garner even harsher comments. this is F1 not rally driving. he is a danger to the other drivers and might i say, even some spectators.

3 sorry but i simply don’t quite understand what you are saying here. are you saying that a penalty was not in order? that the stewards considered it and did not see any need to take it further?

drivers have suffered great penalties at times for lesser infractions so why should this one be treated any differently? to be honest, IMO,[ which means very very little], but i think that raikonnen is driving like a desperate and that is dangerous for all concerned that have to share the track with him.


your first point is my problem, that is selective analysis, it would lead us to the ‘beaten to death’ argument of how he missed it in 2003 and 2005 and how some other drivers deserved title some other year etc!

Kimi is not overrated, he is what he is. He is WDC – a deserved one in 2007.

And the third point is again not correct. Sample size = 1. Maldonado/Gro were making mistakes many times before they got the punishments.

When a person has raced for 10 yrs, is known by anybody neutral to have one of the best racecrafts around and makes a ‘not his usual type’ mistake you give him benifit of doubt.

Sorry – this is not trying to get personal – if you think Kimi is overrated to a point of comparing with Gro/Mal/Massa – we have watched diffferent F1 races.


I worry for Kimi, I believe he is in a poor mental state. I’ve seen him make save’s in the past just like that.



He looks out of shape and sorts…


Alonso is not my favourite driver in F1 but his ability to use the car to the best of its ability and beyond is remarkable, I think Kimi’s position is a true reflection of where that car is naturally situated on the grid and, as per usual, Alonso is out performing what he has been given. The way he was using the harvesting before the corners to slow his apex speed and accelerate, better than Vettel, out of them just shows that he’s probably the most intelligent driver on the grid imho.


As a devout Alonso fan, your comments make me feel better

I see quite lot a fans here who dislike Alonso for no reason’s or because of his personality

Yet you have confessed the most important factor or the trait which alonso has. He amazes everyone does not matter whether he fights for P10 or P1. His exertions does not even need explanations

The best pilot i have ever seen in F1


I don’t suppose we’ll even know for sure, but I’m curious what your opinion was James about Hamilton’s strategy. He put the hard tyres on just before the halfway point of the race, so it must have been possible he was snot planning to stop again whereas Nico would have had 1 more stop to make. Do you think Hamilton was going for a 1 stop before Nico’s car broke down?


He had the option, but it isn’t the fastet way as you do most of the race on the slower tyre

I think he as offsetting so he would have fresher mediums in final stint to attack Rosberg on hards


It was mentioned in commentary and interviews afterwards that Rosberg gave Lewis a “tip” for the last few laps.

Do we know what this tip was??


Yes when in Monaco make sure you park your car in a slip road at Quali…it always brings out the bunting…mainly yellow flags 😀

Drgraham lewis


Mike from Medellin

Yes, and make sure to do this when Derek “Nico is the Most Honest Driver in F1” Warwick is stewarding….oh sorry, that does not apply to Lewis.


Alonso’s ‘ He needs to give the position back RIGHT NOW’ was classic 😀


The script was just brilliant. All began with Kimi huge shunt sending him across the wall like a pinball. Am really glad Kimi is fine. An immediate “Is Filipe OK” was Kimi’s concern, a true gentleman indeed.

Worthy of an hour delay to the restart and it was never a dull moment. I hail this the best race of the season and the joyous British fans deserved the wonderful show. Wished I was there.

Even if Nico didn’t retire Hamilton would’ve passed him. Gosh, where did the 1.37 come from with hard tires bolted on Lewis’s car, it was amazing! Congrats to Hamilton for a well deserved drive and Nico’s DNF had to happen somewhere along the season, well Hamilton had two, so it’s quite fair and his WDC gap has closed up.

Whao! the star of the day has to be Alonso as the coverage of him was like almost two thirds of the race. Alonso and Vettel put up such a great fight, now this is what racing is about, the best battle of the year for sure. I loved every bit of Vettel and Alonso’s whinging and the high pitch voices of excitement rang through like some cartoon comedy, brilliant!!! Alonso deserves so much more than his Ferrari, what else is there to say.

Bottas and Ric deserved the podiums. Bottas delivered an impeccable drive from 14th to 2nd.

The weather and the crowd was sublime with blue skies and well painted clouds. A picture perfect day. This race was epically brilliant and most memorable in a long long time. A must to watch it again.

Oh yes, congrats to Button for holding up and his pink helmut dedication to his dad. John must be smiling with pride.


Congratulations to Lewis, his fans and British F1 fans as well. Bad luck for Nico. Come back strong at home, Nico. All the best. The duel between Fernando and Sebastian – the wheel to wheel stuff, no one giving up, nerves on the edge, but still driving on the limit without touching. Now, this is what Formula 1 is about. Back in the 90’s, we wouldn’t have heard any radio transmission, so it’s harsh to call Vettel and Alonso crybabies or anything similar to that effect. The real matador shined yesterday and so did Vettel.

They were both fired. Loved seeing that battle. Two multiple world champions fighting it out. Alonso finally dodges the diplomacy on track and pushes the limits – awesome!

Special thanks to the stewards for enforcing rules strictly in qualifying, and also warning drivers on the race. I suppose the FIA have decided who to please, after all – the F1 fanatic oldies. Or not lol


The racing gods finally caught up with Rosberg. He was due a DNF and it couldn’t have come at a better time for Hamilton.



Silverstone continued the trend for the 2014 season of exciting starts and final stints. how can the middle part of the race be spiced up and not simply about fuel consumption and tyre wear?



I’m really glad that Raikkonen seems to be fundamentally okay after an extremely violent accident. Massa and Kobayashi both deserve praise for their quick reactions.

It turns out that the most fortunate escape today was that of Max Chilton. Have a look at the chilling photo, taken by a spectator, that has appeared on Chilton’s Twitter page…


I forgot to comment about Bottas. He is the next Flying Finn 🙂 Lets hope he wins one for Williams.


Lewis handled himself with great dignity this weekend. His win was well deserved, it was a shame, as HAM said, that ROS dropped out, as he prefers to win in straight racing, and I do think he had the edge over ROS this time and would have beaten him fair and square.

Lewis’s apology for his BBC interview after quali yesterday was very interesting, as he clearly felt he had let his viewing fans down by being as emotionally upset as he was, and of course by having thrown pole position away.

The point is if they are real fans, they would understand his passion and share his disappointment. In fact, he immediately took responsibility for his mistake and he didn’t blame anyone else – he took it on the chin.

I did not like the stance the BBC R5 interviewer took with him, she was fishing for his disappointment and frankly revelling in it – she was looking to make him squirm. It’s also interesting to note that BBC interviewers can be so sycophantic to the other drivers.

Poor show from the BBC team. Or to put it another way, bring back Murray.


Some great points here….


It was a good battle between VET and ALO, but neither one came acoss as very mature in their radio whingeing, which did spoil it a bit. Because some of their driving was really first class.

Drgraham lewis

Imagine it was Hamilton doing such… We would never hear the end of it!


Yes, I imagine that would warrant an entire article in and of itself, with legions of posters complaining that HAM is soooooo awful, how he is a useless driver who cracked under the pressure etc, not a classy sportsman etc etc etc.


The Tv team stuffed up there we didn’t have to hear the radio comments. I’m sure they only stream a fraction of the comments from the drivers.

Still this highlights the talent of both drivers, to be able to drive that hard and that close and still have capacity to whinge like mansell – true heros 😉


Is it me or has it gone quiet. Great season so far…… Great races.

Feared Hamiltons car would break for some reason but thankfully all went well. The next few races should be interesting with only 4 points between the two leading drivers.

Pressure has shifted again – now Rosberg is under it, 1 dnf sees Hamilton 4 points behind 2 to 5 in wins.

Timely reset – let’s hope it’s kept clean from now on.

With lessons learned the next few quali sessions should be really good television, the races too – remember not so long ago the popular line was “you get no points for Saturday”

The race for 3rd in the drivers is also heating up – DR v Bottas.

And were is Horners praise for Renault, the cars did well on a power track today and their podium count is growing. Maybe RB need to sort out the integration between PU & chasis rather than point fingers.

Best season in ages – all the complainers need to get on board


Y’mean 5 to 3 in wins. ROS won in AUS, MON, and AUT.


what do you think? it will soon return.



There was a fair bit of crowing from the anti-Ham camp after quali’ . Now, as you say, it’s all gone a bit quiet. Perhaps their mouths are full of humble pie and they can’t speak!


Must have been really awesome for the fans at Silverstone seeing a home victory. Really solid job by Lewis on race day, and maybe he was due that little bit of luck with Nico’s failure. Intriguingly, I actually think this result (including Nico’s DNF) will give him a lot of confidence because it looked like he was feeling he needed to reinvent the wheel to stay in touch with the championship with Nico’s consistency (hence the odd mistake creeping in more recently).

Elsewhere, great job by Valtteri Bottas – his best yet. Alonso and Vettel gave us a great battle; think Vettel should have got a black-and-white flag for track limits but equally glad his manoeuvre wasn’t penalised because both drivers were guilty of it at times. Also quite amused by Alonso’s psychology – having been overtaken by a driver on fresher tyres, he then stressed a whole bucket list of problems which had apparently left him seconds from stopping the Ferrari. (Don’t dispute him having certain issues, but feel he may have been guilty of overexaggeration to score some psychological points).

A solid weekend from McLaren, who did well in the wet-dry on Saturday and then manage to stack up well against recovering rivals (including the faster Red Bull and Alonso’s Ferrari). Kimi Raikkonen’s miserable time continues and, despite my criticism of Massa after Canada, there was clearly nothing he could do here and if anything he actually helped avoid a serious accident here.


Ted Kravitz’s and Brundle’s analysis was spot on. Alonso would rather have crashed than let Vettel pass as he has been continuously talking him down for last 4 years for having a faster car ( or winning all the time ) I doubt if he would have defended so much against any other .

Alonso being Alonso, I expected him to come down with a flurry of excuses once the pass was made and he did.didn’t he?

The point is Alonso and his fans cannot say he was driving a dog of a car today as they usually do. The car’s pace looked really good for last couple of races which was evident from Friday practice.

So no excuses this time, Nando

kenneth chapman

@ rohind, alonso was driving a dog of a car. once vettel got past he then opened up a decent margin ergo, a faster car/faster dog?


forget the sparks, forget tdouble points, standing starts, formula 1 is brilliant right now, please fia dont change anything, noise who cares


Formula one is brilliant IF you are a HAM or ROS fan or don’t care if any of the other drivers have a snowballs chance in hell of winning but will settle for battles with no meaning like today between ALO and VET.

I don’t remember HAM’s car being shown but a couple times after ROS dropped out because he was so far ahead – now that’s exciting.

F1 is more boring than ever which is why ratings have plummented. I know, I know – don’t watch it if I don’t like it. After 22 years of following F1, I have come to that point.


@Dave, Oh please stop…

There can only ever be one winner per race – the gap between 1st and 2nd is irrelevant – what happens down the field is what makes the sport.

Right now F1 is delivering. Consider the past 4 seasons of RB dominance – well vettel dominance. There are only a handfull of outstanding duels.

This season alone we have had some outstanding performances up and down the track not just at the sharp end.

Biggest mistake ever taking the sport to ppv, this season I believe could have attracted so many New followers if it was free to air.

The racing is outstanding and will be remembered.


Ferrari restricts Massa to drive and now Ferrari blocks his way completely. Conspiracy. But Raikkonen just looks like being at work and vegetates to get money.

It was surprise to me Ferrari could complete pit stop at the same time serving a penalty. What was the point of the penalty. It remembered me Schumacher winning the gp taking the penalty sitting in pits.

It just shows that track limits are for pussies and real men don`t like limits.

FIA is performing a drama letting through info suitable to their view of happening. George Lucas would be proud. Thank you FIA.

Torchwood Five

Ferarri mechanics stood around Fernando’s car for the five second duration of the penalty, before starting to work on it.

That supposedly met the requirements.


The Ferrari stop/penalty is the new penalty they’ve brought in for this year. It’s less severe than a full drive through, as you’re only adding the seconds of stationary time to a pit stop that you were going to take anyway.

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