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Hamilton on “attack mode” in title race as Home Victory closes him up to Rosberg
Posted By:   |  06 Jul 2014   |  4:41 pm GMT  |  390 comments

Lewis Hamilton promised to go on “attack mode” in the world championship battle after closing in to just four points behind his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg with victory in his home Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Hamilton won his second British Grand Prix, equalling Sir Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 wins, after race leader Rosberg dropped out of the race with gearbox issues. Hamilton had been catching him at that point, having run a longer first stint and was setting himself up to attack in the final stint. But Rosberg’s first retirement of the season took away the need to pass. Hamilton was joined on the podium by Valtteri Bottas, who was outstanding in the Williams and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull.

It was an extraordinary race and a podium to reflect that; the winner started 6th on the grid, the second placed driver 14th and the third placed started 8th. That doesn’t happen every day.

Last year Hamilton led the race comfortably until a tyre delamination saw him exit the race and Rosberg picked up the pieces to win.

But twelve months later and he was the beneficiary of Rosberg’s retirement.


“I had my eyes focussed on getting that win. I could see the fans as I came through the various corner complexes around the circuit, seeing them cheering me on. It’s like we win and we lose together and we did it together today, ” said Hamilton.

With a weekend of mixed conditions the Grand Prix was held in not-so typical British sunshine, but was split by an hour long break due to armco barrier repairs. On the opening lap Kimi Raikkonen exited turn four, running wide on to the tarmac before rejoining the circuit. A bump as he rejoined pitched the car sideways and heavily in to the barrier before sweeping back across the circuit, narrowly avoiding heavy contact with any others.

Felipe Massa was the unfortunate one to not avoid the Ferrari, the Brazilian managing to have only light relatively contact with the car ahead. The race was promptly red flagged to tend to Raikkonen, who took himself out of his car only suffering bruises to his legs, as well as to fix the dented barrier.

One hour later and the race was resumed behind the Safety Car.

Hamilton had moved from sixth to fourth in the opening lap at the disadvantage of Nico Hulkenberg and Sebastian Vettel and after the restart he made short work of the McLaren pair ahead.

First Kevin Magnussen was disposed of before Jenson Button lost a place on the following lap. Hamilton was now second, five seconds off the lead with clear air between himself and Rosberg. The gap was narrowed to set up another inciting intra-team battle for victory, but we were not able to enjoy that as Rosberg pulled on to the grass in the Maggots-Becketts complex for his first non-finish of the season. Hamilton eventually won by thirsty seconds.


Behind, though, there was plenty of action to be enjoyed. Bottas’s first stint was phenomenal as he moved up from a fourteenth place start to third with an abundance of overtakes around the outside at Stowe. The Finn takes his second consecutive podium, this being his best career result and puts Williams three points off third placed Ferrari.

Next up and also with something to prove after a mistake in qualifying, Ricciardo made use of a one-stop strategy to take third place for Red Bull. The Australian had the McLaren of Button in his mirrors as the race drew to a close but the British driver was unable to take his first and a very popular podium.

The fourth place matches his career best at Silverstone on a stronger weekend for McLaren that saw Magnussen come home in seventh.

Between the two McLarens was the battle of the day. Fernando Alonso – up for Driver of the Day with Bottas – started in sixteenth place, eased his way up to fourth place before being subject to a FIA penalty. Replays showed that the Spaniard missed his grid slot at the original start and was handed a five-second stop/go penalty when he took his first pit stop.

However, that set back did not deter him as he completed the race with that lone stop. In the final twenty laps he turned the first corner to see Vettel exiting the pits on a new set of medium tyres. After some close racing around the following corners Alonso swept around the outside of Vettel at Copse to take fifth place.

But Vettel had more to give. After complaining of Alonso running wide too often at Copse and now with warm tyres he put pressure on the Ferrari driver, initially to no avail.

Trying the outside move at Brooklands twice the door was firmly shut. In the closing laps Vettel tried the move once more before putting his nose up the inside at Luffield and setting up a drag race to Copse. With the inside line Vettel was able to regain the place and bring home a further ten points for Red Bull.

British Grand Prix, Silverstone, Race, 52 Laps
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2h26m52.094s
2. Valtteri Bottas Williams +30.135s
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +46.495s
4. Jenson Button McLaren +47.390s
5. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +53.864s
6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +59.946s
7. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +1m02.563s
8. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +1m28.692s
9. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1m29.340s
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso -1 lap
11. Sergio Perez Force India -1 lap
12. Romain Grosjean Lotus -1 lap
13. Adrian Sutil Sauber -1 lap
14. Jules Bianchi Marussia -1 lap
15. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham -2 laps
16. Max Chilton Marussia -2 laps
17. Pastor Maldonado Lotus -3 laps

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Ricciardo finishes infront of Vettel again hehe.. great driving by bottas and good to see Rosberg getting some badluck for once to even things up



Please note that out of Top six, only Vettel and Hamilton opted for two stop and Hamilton didnt have to.

He was covering in case of a safety car.

Did you fellows miss out Rocky coming in on Radio and apologizing to Vettel for wrong strategy. Ricciardo did nothing spectacular today. If Bottas on a Williams ( which is very hard on their tyres ) could make one stop work, there is no reason for Redbull to do the same.

Redbull made a mistake.Period


hamilton planned to stop twice all along. he said he was catching rosberg on the primes and could wait till he was on the options to race rosberg, only for rosberg to be taken out by the gearbox issue.


As this season progresses, we see more and more how good and balanced Daniel is. Kudos to him. It seems Seb is being overshadowed by the young Aussie at his own game. We are 9-10 races in and Vettel is showing to sign of matching Daniel.

Never thought much about Vettel anyway. Glad for Daniel and glad Nico is putting a good fight to Lewis.

How about Kimi?. What's going on with him? He's in the same boat as Vettel. Consistently being beaten by Fernando and makes too many mistakes. Not good for a world champion.


You're not aware that cars handling characteristics change massively when there are big rule changes, and drivers have different driving styles. Sometimes some cars suit certain drivers more so than others and it is not easy to find an simple fix. Hope this can helps a you seem puzzled


so far i think vettel has raced with car issues too often this season. may be over the second part of the season, we'll see him complete races without issues to give us a better idea of just how well he can drive that red bull. is doesn't make sense to jubilate over skewed data.


and the best drivers are able to adapt their driving style to suit a car with different handling characteristics, I hope this helps as you seem a bit puzzled.


week in week out, Vettel gets a driving lesson from the youngster. love it.


wait until the season end to draw your conclusions.


OK, will wait.

But FYI, at the end of the season we'll be tallying the points DR lost in Australia, too... since we're judging driver performance, it's only fair... right?


If Seb is so much better than Daniel, wouldn't he be showing this somehow?

If he really is to be regarded as one of the greats he needs to show he deserves that status, it's no small deal.


with the help of strategy.


So Ricciardo made better use of strategy than Vettel.

Thanks for pointing that out.


How was it strategy?

The kid managed 37 laps on the medium tire, give him some credit.


To be fair these tyres are rock hard, nothing like last years so it really isn't that special


why is that special? if he was the only driver to have managed that then that's credit worthy. even hamilton managed 25 laps on the option tyre.


That strategy was taken as Horner said because vettel was harder on his tyres than ricciardo. So it's not just that DR was the lucky beneficiary of the better strategy; he was the only one able to pull that off - even then his tyres had fallen off the cliff at the end, so vettel would not have been better of with a one stopper.


not true at all. vettel pited because he thought the safety car wools be deployed but it wasn't. he could've also done two stints quite comfortably. hamilton's first stint ended on lap 25 and yet he did 3 stints.

it won't take long before you notice the true natural difference between the two red bull drivers.


Sebastian "windgy baby" Vettel VS. Fernando "windgy baby" Alonso.

Come on... act like racing drivers. They are getting as bad as Hamilton.



What, you don't like a little '"trash-talk"? So there were a couple of yappers trying to gain an advantage- big deal either way.

Instead of constantly looking into his mirrors and complaining, FA should've focused on staying within the lines himself and not attempted to drive into SV when the RedBull was ahead as it was on a couple of occasions. Besides, it was FA who had already been shown the flag for leaving the circuit previous to the duel of the champions.- THE highlight of the race incidentally.


Vettel was quicker today he got screwed by his strategy

kenneth chapman

vettel was soundly beaten by DR.....again. who was it that started 8th and finished 3rd? and who was it that started 2nd and finished 5th? no matter how much you try to 'big up' vettel it is the points on the board that are what matters. history is littered with 'maybes' [is there such a word?] anyway i hope you get my meaning hahaha


So do you just look at results and base all your opinions on that? The same in football? I have nothing against Ric but without Vettels strategy working totally against him he would have comfortably beaten Ric. That's plainly obvious if you watched the race


Well by your logic Vettel is the joint third greatest driver in this sport as 4 titles says so!


vettel pitted in anticipation for deployment of the safety car.


Screwed by his own Red Bull team? Screwed by an newbies in the strategy dept?

I'd say he was screwed.... by a lack of EBD 🙂


It adds to the drama.


'Windgy Baby' is that when a driver has wind & terrible gas 😀

Lewis does not whinge he wears his heart on his sleeve. He does not need to apologise when he gets things wrong as Lee Mckinzie stated on the F1 Forum. The fans at Silverstone gave him a warm greeting. Unlike certain people on forums who's only joy is to label Lewis as a "Windgy" driver 😀


Except they can drive.


27th win and you think he can't drive! you sure you know anything about F1?


Lewis Won the British GP by driving all the way to the end of the race Don, therefore it would seem that Lewis can indeed drive, funny that, racing DRIVERS, DRIVING.


The blabbering musings of a prejudiced observer amuse me, sure Hamilton can't drive, he hasn't achieved much in his career...oh wait.

Tornillo Amarillo

This was the perfect Sunday, and what was great it's HAMILTON's determination to win before ROSBERG got the problem with the gearbox, you could feel Lewis was in a mission and you could not deny he was going to catch ROSBERG up and win in a thrilling battle at the end of the race.

HAMILTON reset the Championship between both Mercedes drivers and now ROSBERG should be really worry.

For this attitude in the race and the result he got in the standings, HAMILTON is my Driver of the Day.

kenneth chapman

sorry but you can not even be certain about anything in F1. hamiltons win was emphatic. that said, it was a 'hollow' victory as there was absolutely no cpmpetition.


was Nico's win in Australia as hollow? Doesn't really matter as obviously it isn't Hamilton's faultthat the other drivers can't get near him.


it felt hollow to me too that's why i can't wait for hockenheim.


Hamiton is likely the faster driver over one lap, however Rosberg is the more complete package and less prone to errors so it will be very close and interesting for the remainder of the year.


Useless statement Bill. Especially in regards to this year


Complete package rosberg? Please.. In 5/9 races he's failed to put a car that's clearly the quickest on the front row in comparrisment to Hamiltons 2/9. As for in the race Hamilton has won 5/7 races he's finished the other two being mechanical failures. Hence your statement is poor


"Hamiton is likely the faster driver over one lap"

The results in qualifying don't support that. Rosberg has equaled Hamilton in qualifying over the last twenty GP's.


No he hasn't. Check their average qualy position and you'l see that Hammy qualifies consistently higher than Rosberg.


Why pick 20 as your sample size? Lewis finished ahead 11-8 last year. Nico is ahead 5-4 this year. Overall 15-13 to Lewis.

Last year, Lewis was not comfortable with the car. This year, Lewis should be doing better on the head-to-head score, but mistakes have cost him. He's not being beaten for speed, but by his own silly mistakes (i.e. Lewis' best lap beats Nico's best lap the majority of the time). I'm not sure most would bet on Nico coming out on top of the head-to-head by season's end.

Lastly, Rosberg is a quick driver. On the current grid, he would easily score at the 75th percentile.


Why use the last 20 GPs and not their entire time as teammates?


Australia - Nico qualy error

Malaysia - Nico poor qualy behind Vettel

Bahrain - Nico crappy start, poor racecraft

China - Nico qualy error, crappy start, hitting Bottas still got away with it

Spain -

Monaco - Nico qualy error still it plays to his hands

Canada - Lewis qualy mistake, Nico cuts the chicane, got away with it, almost hits the wall but saves it, Lewis retires when he is ahead of Nico

Austria - Lewis qualy error

Silverstone - Lewis error, just bad judging, i think 97% of people thought that the track will not improve. When i saw Vettel 2 tenths down after first sector i said its over too.


Matt, you forgot Nico going completely off the track in Austria, very lucky there was a concrete run off as he would have been out if there had been gravel there.


Yet we are led to believe Lewis is more prone errors when in fact Rosberg is.

He is just lucky nd most of the times it benefits him.


Poor racecraft in Bahrain. Did you see the end of that race? That was one of the best duels we've seen for years. Both drivers were driving their socks off.


nico has actually made more mistakes this season,but some people seem to have a short memory.also lewis was quicker in cananda,austria and today.lewis race pace is fine,as is his quali pace.but his quali mistake in austria,and those 2 dnfs have hurt him.

alexander supertramp

I disagree, imo Lewis is probably/definitely the faster driver but also the most complete driver. I also believe he (again) showed today that he's better at tyre management as well. We already knew he is better at fuel management. Overall he has better pace than Nico (both in quali/race trim). Lewis' biggest enemy for the championship is himself, but that's a very serious enemy.


Here Here......

Well said.....


you think?


Nico the more complete package...?

Give over, Lewis is well ahead on track, it's only DNF's that have distorted the championship.

Amazing result in every way today, just a huge shame Jenson didn't have one more lap.


Button was fuel saving until just before the end.


Well now the dnfs are on both sides so maybe you can stop moaning about it. Let's see if Hamilton can win this WDC like you think, but somehow I think he will go crying to mummy at least twice more this year. Nico on the other hand is strong in the head, surprise of the year.

Oh and it's Buttons fault he didn't get past Ricciardo. Button started pushing too late in the race, how do you just find a second all of a sudden, where was that a few laps earlier - he didnt have enough laps because he misjudged it. Ron Dennis was right, and I think both men thought the same when they went home last night.


Absolutely agree, and don't forget the skullduggery at Monaco, really glad for Lewis. Nemesis for Rosberg.


Rosberg set fastest lap just as the gearbox problem started acting up, so, yes I can at least deny the certainty of Hamilton catching up and winning. I could say that Rosberg was just hitting his stride and most likely would have won. But I won't...who can possibly know how it would have turned out?

I can say we were denied a good scrap for the win, but we did get to see plenty of good racing.

On to Germany.


Really? Did you pop for a comfort break at that moment? While Nico did set the fastest lap just prior to losing his gearbox, it was almost instantly obliterated by Lewis with a lap around a second faster. Lewis would have won that race whatever happened to Nico. The DNF just realigns the WDC a bit!


/Rosberg set fastest lap just as the gearbox problem started acting up/

Gearbox problem started some six laps earlier.


On the hard tyres Lewis suddenly found loads of pace, I think he would have won just because Rosberg wasn't on the hard tyres


He set the fastest lap on fresh tires. Hamilton stayed out for 5 extra laps.

Just following the lap times through the first stint, Hamilton had 2-3 tenths consistently in the bag on Rosberg on long runs. He definitely had better pace, but whether or not he would have pulled off the win would have been circumstantial.


Erik, Nico didn't report the downshift issue till later in the race than you claim, Lewis was faster all weekend and was catching Nico before the gearbox issue started. A pumped up Lewis on a track where overtaking is relatively straight forward and with a clear pace advantage would have passed Nico no problem.


I'll disagree with you on the Hamilton being faster part. Take a look at the laps immediately after Lewis passed the two McLarens, the gap actually increased from 4.something to over 5.5 as Rosberg got back on the gas. Then as he started having gearbox problems the gap started to come down. At this stage of course we didn't know that Rosberg had a problem and the commentators were blagging on about how Lewis was reducing the gap - now we know why.

Its all academic now of course, but Nico had that race. Take a look at Vettel v Alonso, Vetel about two seconds quicker at the end yet it took a massive effort to get past Alonso. You really think that Rosberg couldn't have held off Hamilton in equal macinery? If anything my money was on Hamilton having another brain snap and having a colision out of desperation to pass, had both cars ran to the finish. That guy was a mess before this win.

In any case, hopefully now the Hamilton brigade will stop moaning about unreliability on only one side of the garage. Even stevens now, let the fun commence.


At the time the gearbox problem started, Rosberg was faster, which would indicate, it seems to me, that had the problem not occurred he would have continued to be faster for some time (as you point out, fresher tires).


It was looking to be a great finish, lewis was looking quicker, but he had a stroke of luck which he was due,if lewis sorts qually out he should be ok, but since canada the merc is starting to look a bit fragile, great result for williams and bottas, but ive got to admit, if alonso was in the merc he'd cruise this title, pound for pound he's head and shoulders above them all..


He pound for pound got beat by a rookie in equal equipment in 07, and if he was partnered with Lewis he'd get beat again in my view.

The issue with Alonso for me is we've never seen him with truly competitive team mate since Lewis and he got beat that year. Why veto Hulkenberg?....maybe because a younger hungry team mate carries it's own dangers, and he should know.

Then I look a Lewis beating two WDC team mates, beating Rosberg in his first year in Michael Schumacher's car.

The irony is Alonso's best chance of a title would of been 2008, but he left for Renault instead facing Lewis for a 2nd year running, because basically he wanted no threat from a team mate and McLaren wouldn't allow that.

Where was is pound for pound skills when he needed to pass Petrov to win a WDC, when it really mattered?

Personally, I think it serves him right not winning another WDC, he disrespected himself, McLaren and the sport of F1 in my view.


@ Ash

"The irony is Alonso’s best chance of a title would of been 2008, but he left for Renault instead facing Lewis for a 2nd year running, because basically he wanted no threat from a team mate and McLaren wouldn’t allow that" - Complete joke and mockery

If Alonso is so scared of lewis why Lewis have finished every season since 2010 - 2013 behind Alonso in the WDC standings? despite the quicker car which lewis had at disposal compared to Ferrari. In fairness Mclaren produced some stellar cars in 2010 & 2012. Mclaren ran RBR so close yet they lost titles

Fact is even JB fared better against Lewis at Mclaren. Does this mean JB is better than Alonso? NO yet he did a great job and put lewis in his place.

Rosberg have certainly raised his game this season notably after Monaco and the WDC for 2014 have no foregone conclusion. In fact Rosberg looks like the best best now for WDC in 2014. What about the consisent erros which lewis made in quali since Monaco where he has thrown his trantrums once against Mercedes? Silverstone victory is somewhat hollow as we are robbed of proper fight due to technical glitch between the team-mates

Even after all the debacle lewis have stated Nico is not german. Mind games are fine. However Rosberg looks stronger mentally than lewis

Alonso is not scared of anyone in the F1 grid. Alonso is still and will remain always as the undisputed King of F1.


Ash....on track performance can be influenced by off track events. Alonso weaved at Indy cos he started with heavier fuel, then Lewis was fuelled one lap less at the pit stop than Alonso to get track position. In Fuji alonso had a damaged side pod from getting hit by a spinning Kubica in the early stages of the race. Not sure what grass he drove over 5 times in Canada...if it's turn 1 then maybe it was twice. Both drivers deserved what they got that year. I'm just saying I doubt a guy could win the 06 title, fighting max Mosley, Ferrari, and Schumacher, then in 07 crack just cos of a very good Lewis.

If alonso was so guilty of being a cancer then if McLaren had any self respect then how could they entertain bringing him back...........unless the boss knows something we dont


@ Satish

Rosberg as been very luck this year;

- Lewis DNF Asutralia

- Lewis DNF Canada and Rosberg was luck with the steward, even though he gained an advantage and broke the rules

- Another move in Monaco preventing his team mate from having a crack at pole whilst be 3 tenths up on his lap.

I'm sorry but if all is fair Rosberg will have another DNF to make it fair, then he would be trailing 25pts.....

Would Rosberg win four on a row like Lewis did, with the extra added pressure knowing that your 25pts behind? - I don't believe so in my view.


@ Satish

You are so cetain Hamilton would beat Alonso if partnered together. On what basis?

Lewis has already beat Alonso and that is FACT, the reasons why he would beat him again is because;

- Lewis as 7 more years worth of maturity and experience

- Lewis is a better Qualifier - Was then and is now

- Lewis as seven more years of experience setting up a car

- Lewis can manage fuel, tyre management, KERS, Power units effectively

- Lewis as better communication with is engineers and can think for himself

- Lewis is naturally a faster driver over a race distance and one lap

To be frank Sataish if they were team mates again I believe all issues be fair regarding DNF's etc - Alonso would lose, like he lost before.


@ Joe

Why did Ron distance himself from McLaren soon after?

Because he was a leader of a team that was spying on its biggest rival, personally I believe that Ron was pushed and would of stayed if he could.

Why did Whitmarsh want to negotiate for Fernando to return?

Because Whitmarsh realized after losing Hamilton, Button & Perez were not going to get the job done in my view.

Why does Ron not categorically state Fernando will never driver for him again? Why?

Because Ron is not stupid, and the team interests comes before his own, and he knows that Alonso is better than Button & Mag, especially with Honda delivering engines next year. Did he want Alonso when he realized that Hamilton was the real deal?

Because there is much more to 07 than u or anyone apart from the key players know about.

All I care about is what happened on track to be frank Joe;

- Was it Ron who drove over the same patch of grass x5 times in Canada?

- Was it Ron who spun in Japan 07 in the wet chasing Hamilton?

- Was it Ron weaving to the pitwall in USA 07 because his racecraft/talent couldn't get past Hamilton?

Facts are Alonso was mentally rattled on and off the track by a Rookie in my view, and tarnished is own career in the process.


About the inability to overtake Petrov, I guess you aren't aware that a car can be quicker than another but not quick enough to overtake it. And a track that doesn't allow multiple lines through overtaking areas doesn't help either. Perhaps you should see again how hard and long Vettel had to try before getting ahead of Alonso whose softer tires were starting to give up.


Fair points you make. Especially as that season has dictated his career choices since then and is a reason for the title drought for him.

However, the Alonso of 2007 (at least the first half season) was weak in the head. He is not that person anymore!

You are so cetain Hamilton would beat Alonso if partnered together. On what basis? People said the same about Kimi mopping the floor with Alonso. Look what's happened. NO ONE expected a *still debated for his skills* Rosberg to run Lewis so close. Still Rosberg is where he is this season by "doing an Alonso" and NOBODY does that better than Alonso himself. Try again.


If only Alonso disgraced himself in 07 then why did Ron distance himself from McLaren soon after? Why did whitmarsh want to negotiate for fernando to return? Why does Ron not categorically state fernando will never driver for him again? Why?.....because there is much more to 07 than u or anyone apart from the key players know about. They all behaved poorly, including Anthony Hamiltons sky TV interviews that proved alonso was the villain. Remember it was McLaren protesting their own driver in Hungary and alonso getting penalised when there was no rule against what he did in the pits. That much is true

alexander supertramp

There is no way to support your bold statement about Alonso and it's very disrespecting towards the abilities of Nico & Lewis. It's actually very disrespecting towards the entire grid. Alonso had a very strong race and fought well with the (limited) tools available, but that doesn't mean there's no better driver on the grid. Anyhow, you are entitled to your opinion and I have mine and I believe Lewis would beat Alonso is the same team.


The drivers in the paddock seem to think he is the best but what do they know.


Good fight between Alonso and Vettel.


Driver of the is F. Massa, cause his reaktion to avoid Kimi was amazing. I am really happy for HAM today, but the only important thing is, that Kimi is alive...

Tom in Adelaide

Too right, that was amazing driving from Massa - natural reaction I know, but us mere mortals would have ploughed head-first into Kimi, no doubt about it.


You can say that again. Massa's reaction was incredible!


I'm not particularly religious or pious, but the big man in the sky was watching over F1 today - a T-bone accident, like Zanardi had in 2001 doesn't bear thinking about.

I know racing drivers accept the risk every time they get in a car, but still..............lets hope the FIA push on for better and better crash protection in a side impact.


Here Here

GET IN THERE LEWIS 🙂 so glad he won.

Brit top of podium at Silverstone.

Brilliant day.

Honourable mention to Button who gave space to Hamilton in the overtake. Jensen should have been on podium too...so unlucky. But well done Riccardo.

Couldn't stop cheering when Rosberg gearbox failsd 😀

Great race from Alonso too & Bottas.

Alonso vs Vettel was a treat. Great driving skills from Alonso.

Bit of a whinge from Vettel on radio 😀 same with Alonso "Handbags at Speed":-D

But it was an excellent race.

Hope Kimi is okay for next race.

Looks like Sauber are in freefall ,



Good morning to Button wherever he his...


Great race, I was a bit concerned for Kimi after that shunt, glad to see he is ok and he will most probably race in Germany.

Alonso vs Vettel battle was fantastic to watch, both WDCs squaring it off against each other and not giving anything away.

Alonso's move on Vettel was superb and so was Vettel's move on Alonso. Great battle, fantastic to watch.

And not to mention the whining on the radio by both added a bit of colour to the battle 🙂


Vettel: "... and another one."

Haha, classic.

Alonso was quite apoplectic after Vettel had finally got past.


I think Alonso's apoplepcy was somewhere in the range of 30G.

But seriously, 49G for Kimi is pretty close to fatal. I read that at 50G internal organs are damaged ie: fatal.

So glad Kimi is OK. Funny no pictures of him on sky to reassure the public.


Wasn't able to watch the race today. Shame to miss out on the inciting intra team battle before seeing Hamilton come home thirsty seconds in the lead.


I was wondering about that too. Perhaps his water bottle ran out?


lol good one


ha! +1


Oh my God Fernando Alonso! From 16 to 6 with penalty included in the 4th fastes car, giving a lesson of both overtaking and defending. The car had battery, fuel and rear wing problems and still was able to defend for like 12 laps from a Red Bull with 9 laps fresher tyres. Impressive. Also excellent performances by Lewis and Valtteri, but the spaniard has to be DOTD.


Could not agree with you more... DOTD for sure...


Got to hand it to Nando - the Matador never gives up without a fight!


He sure doesn't, you have to admire his sheer determination. He must know he has no chance of winning the WDC this year, yet he continues to do his best for Ferrari. I like Kimi Raikkonen a lot but I think his attitude at the moment leaves a lot to be desired and he could learn a lot from Alonso. He seems to not give a toss what happens, it's as if he's given up. I am beginning to think he just signed this 2 year contract for the big $$$.


to be fair Dean, you have no idea what it's like either...


you are a deceived follower of the Alonso Media Corporation propaganda.

you have no idea what it is like working for Alonso's team, where destruction of his team mate, using any and all means, is of paramount importance over winning championships.


Alonso spent the entire race exceeding the track limits without penalty. It wasn't just during his battle with Vettel, Button was complaining about Alonso going off track in the first half of the race.

"The car had battery, fuel and rear wing problems" ... according to Alonso, who has a habit of rubbishing his car in order to make himself look better.


Agreed. He always says there's a problem with his power, he said he basically had no ERS for his whole battle with Vettel and was surprised he stayed ahead for so long. If that was the case, there is no way he would have stayed ahead of Vettel for as long as he did, he would have been a sitting duck. Laughable really


[mod] Vettel also spent his fair share of time exceeding the track limits without repercussion.

It's getting hard to take your inputs seriously due to your utter negativity towards anyone but Vettel and your inability to accept when Vettel is in the wrong also. It's racing mate, people make mistakes and people want to win!! Alonso and Vettel both went off the track numerous times but they both provided us with a fantastic battle, to I have to thank both of them for that 🙂


Completely agree. Until unless Ferrari gets a driver who is honest in introspection, they are not going to get back to their winning ways


And Ferrari which always claims that the team is above all drivers, allows Alonso to rubbish the car always? Hmmm, I wonder why?


he didn't rubbish the car, just told you the issues he had during the race ? just like every other driver will say.


yeah steve - the stewards need to be more consistent with the penalties. rosberg and ricciardo passed under red flags in practice and plenty of drivers exceeded the track limits in the race. it has become a lottery and the stewards seem reluctant to make any decision that will effect the championship. even though some drivers got warnings from the pits they just continued to do it.


James - can you tell us why Hamilton made a 2nd stop? Looking at the times he could have easily finished on the set of hards that he had put on at the midpoint of the race. And why he took on another set of hards when he did stop? I was under the impression that the hards where no good as Vettel got off them straight away.

James Clayton

I'm more interested in why we had a safety car restart and the cars lined up in the order they were when they stopped.

I've been watching F1 wince 1994 and I've *never* seen this. If the race is stopped by a red flag, and not a single lap has completed, then there's always a standing restart - and the drivers line up as per their qualifying positions.

And as for the safety car - why? The track was cleared of all debris and must have been considered 'safe' for the restart, so why not a standing start? It's not like they had stopped the race due to weather conditions.


Article 41.3 of the Sporting Regs:

In all cases the order will be taken at the last point at which it was possible to determine the position of all cars. All such cars will then be permitted to resume the race.

The Safety Car will then be driven to the front of the grid.


even though the tyres may be only 50% worn they've had it in terms of lap time and sometimes thermal degradation.


They were medium tyres.


Gotta say lewis would probably have won even had nicos gearbox not given up IMO, nico went on wrong strategy and that would have cost him the race


I don't think Nico went wrong on strategy, his tyre just go to the end of life as his pace obviously drop for a few laps before he pit.

it just Lewis good to preserve the tyre and can extent his tyre for 4 more laps at nearly the same pace as Nico on new tyre, whcih should let him go to the end with 1 stop.

I think the same that even Nico didn't have the problem, Lewis still should have won the race with 1 stop anyway.. .


i am confident the plan was to stop twice from the beginning. he had a longer first stint so that he could attack and overtake rosberg on the hard tyres. he let rosberg have a 5s lead while he gently warmed up his tyres before making that searing attack, unfortunately rosberg's gear box broke on him.


Hamilton had way more pace after his first pit stop, most of the teams thought the medium was the best race tyre but it turned out to be the hard illustrated by Hamilton heavily eating into rosberg's lead after 1st stops. Ham would have won anyway


In case of a late safety car. He had a 40 sec advantage and his tyre would be worn at the end, if someone else had better tyres he might be vulnerable. Belt and braces...


He made 24 laps on Medium at full speed with full tank, and He have Hard for 28 laps at cruising speed with lighter fuel.

If the SC deploy, tyre will be count for a less laps for their age, so in any case, his tyre should be in good shape.

Purple Helmet

Considering the risk inherent in pit stops though, I imagine there was still some debate (e.g. risk of stop going wrong vs likelihood of SC)? And was it hard tyres going on? Considering Lewis made the first mediums last ages, does that mean the harder tyres were faster for him?


Didn't get you, Hamilton could have pitted under the safety car to cover the threat you mentioned couldn't he?


Also - without Rosberg's problem, could have Hamilton won with a one stop strategy? It seems that Rosberg's tire wear was worse than Hamilton's.


that is a very good question - mostly because I was wondering myself. I feel if Hamilton had kept within ten seconds of Rosberg by Rosberg's second stop - he would have had about 16 seconds advantage with 15 or so laps to go. The win from there was certainly possible, especially if you look at Button and Ricciardo.


Thanks Silverstone! Good track, good race!


Congrats Lewis. I´m very happy for you. You´re back in the title fight. But the drivers of the day are by far Alonso and Vettel

P.S. James, you have the chance to be there with the drivers. Please ask Alonso and Vettel to do it again. That was real racing for once.


Alonso vs Vettel is good racing or good show of the day, but not driver of the day

Alonso is driver of the day, not Vettel.

Vettel start 2nd Alonso nearly the last+ 5 sec penalty.. Vettel car is far better than Alonso, newer tyre faster car, but need more than 10 laps to pass sickness car. How can Vettel be the candidate for driver of the day.

From where Vettel finish, he only gain place on Nico, other than that he move backward. Even with his teammate, 2nd and 8th, but finish the opposite 3rd vs 5th. How could he be driver of the day. just one pass the car from the back grid, should consider him as poor driver of the day.instead. .

Actually, from his starting position, he shouldn't race with Alonso.


Some may that Massa has underdelivered if you take into account that the Williams should have (by now) performed better than the Ferrari - but when comparing Massa vs Alonso (http://grandprixrankings.com/custom-comparisons/2014-f1/) you can tell that Alonso is by far more consistent that his former teammate.

On the other hand; Massa has brilliant moments indeed like his Austria Pole Position; but also bad luck as well > Canadian Grand Prix 🙁


If people decide Alonso is the best, logical conclusion for them is Alonsos car is rubbish if he does not win. To argue with these guys is pointless.

Fact is there is no comparison possible because there is no one to compare with. That way Alonso can say whatever he want and he can`t even prove it. Massa was in to make up the numbers and Raikkonen is in for the money. They have got no will to give it all.

How the all cows in the world people can say it is the finest F1 race. First two positions are out of reach as soon as you can say Mercedes, mo matter whatever place they start. Then people say epic if two guys fighting for a 7th and 8th positions ( Rosberg and Massa included ), sad, sad, sad.

To me the trophy Lewis got, represents best the state of F1 - plastic and falls apart when to look at it too closely.

I will cheer for Vettel, Kvyat and Grojean.

PS! Vettel was 3 seconds quicker not 2 that Fernando says.


@ Erik

"If people decide Alonso is the best, logical conclusion for them is Alonsos car is rubbish if he does not win. To argue with these guys is pointless" - Highly delusional and Hilarious i have read here for sometime

The entire paddock and former racing pilots / experts have very well documented and confessed the issues Ferrari have as a team Bar Alonso for the last five season. Despite the poor car and a team which contains feckless technical crew and boss. Alonso have delivered sublime performances time and time again.

Why no comparison is possible? Because you despise Alonso

Are you better than DC, Eddie, Gary anderson and Anthony Davidson? Enough of such experts have described the issues with ferrari and confessed already umpteen times in the last five season that Alonso have delivered the performances which exceeded expectations of the Ferrari team and Car

Massa recently scored a pole position in Austria? you forget that so easily to deride and loathe Alonso

IN fairness Massa have lost none of his speed and hunger. His performances at williams confirms that he is the same pilot who once lost the WDC by 30 secs or so. Massa himself have confessed the fact Ferrari were slower and the cars were too difficult to drive and wring any results for the last 4 seasons. Massa is not there to make up numbers despite his age he easily performs still well at williams

Vettel ? Who is he ? Whinges in the radio all the time, gets beaten by ricciardo and then put smiley face in front of the media to earn a goodboy WDC image. However still uses the underhand tactics and get teams help to beat Dan ricciardo yet still fails. Then points at reliability excuses. Vettel WDC ? EBD champion sadly for him EBD does not save him anymore against Ricciardo


Vettel driver of the day?

I disagree, he was past by Fernando in Copse where overtaking is impossible and it took him twelve laps to past a much slower and with serious issues Ferrari at that point in the race. In fact, two laps before the overtaking Fernando was asking if he would have to abandon because "nothing worked in the car".

So, when Vettel managed to pass Alonso, he was two seconds faster than the spaniard and even had to use the DRS. There was no battle, it was amazing how Fernando could fight in that poor conditions.

No talking about Vettel starting second and finishing fifth or about Vettel hitting another car in the first lap.

Driver of the day Fernando, and great driving from Bottas, Hamilton, Button and Ricciardo in that order.


Agree with that.

No way Vettel should be DOTD. He started 2nd but ended 5th, 2 places behind his team mate.

What he calls "pushing me out of the track" is just racing. Vettel seems to have forgotten about that the past four years when he had a superior car.


I will agree with you on the Vettel whining thing Kenneth, getting into a scrap with Alonso and then moaning about getting a few bruises is a bit like drinking a bottle of vodka and complaining about the headache.


Well, Alonso did run the car out wide a couple of times at Brooklands, but he was always ahead when he did so. Vettel ran his car out wide on Lewis on the first lap, to the point of them touching, when Lewis was clearly level (or a bit ahead). That was not kosher. Could've easily resulted in a tire puncture, or a busted front wing. It was fortunate that it just ended it up with their front tires touching.

kenneth chapman

i do agree wholehearetdly. vettel was definitely not DOTD. he was outdriven by ricciardo who came from eighth to third in a tremendous drive. vettel went from second to fifth!

the three outstanding drives were bottas, ricciardo and alonso without any doubt. hamilton's win, whilst convincing, was without any challenge and considering the blistering pace of the car it would've been highly unlikely that the end result would've been anything different.

i don't know about anyone else but vettel's continued whining drives me to distraction. he needs to just zip it and RACE.



Vintage Alonso, today we saw the 'fire in his belly'. Vettel is clear quality, but today he learnt that sometimes it takes that little bit more to be considered a great! only disappointment, Button not making the podium.


This is in response to Erik. Button was pushing at the end, but it wasn't until Ricciardo's tires fell off a cliff that it looked like Button had something in the bag. When Button started pushing he was only catching up by a tenth or so a lap. Either way, Button was quite a bit higher than I expected a Mclaren to be. He put in a great drive and good qualifying performance.


And completely Button's fault. If he had that sort of pace on Daniel he should have gone after him a bit earlier. Ron Dennis will remember that at contract time.


Frankly, I think the summary does something of a disservice to Massa - if he hadn't spun the car like that, too close to dodge properly once he had a sight of the Ferrari, he would have T-boned Kimi and who knows what would have resulted. It makes it sound like he was a bit careless.


After that mistake, Kimi did the noble thing. The first words that came out of his radio feed were "Is Felipe alright?"

kenneth chapman

really? well he must have had a guilty conscience considering it was he who acted foolishy and made a very dangerous and foolish move, more in the mold of perez/maldonado!!!!


@kenneth champman Yet this incident was miraculously treated as a racing incident? Why is that? Answer is - It is a racing incident! Read the stewards report on Autosport.

Now after you've done that, don't revert to calling the FIA Ferrari International Assistance or Finn International assistance. This is the same kind of stuff we heard over the Suzuka first lap incident with Fernando Alonso in 2012. Yet, there too "Racing Incident"


oh wow, that's good to know.

thanks for an actually-valuable comment!


Zippy did you miss this: "Felipe Massa was the unfortunate one to not avoid the Ferrari,". James is not insinuating anything here.


Passive voice. Makes it sound like he just drove into the side of him.


Agreed, I think Massa did it on purpose otherwise Kimi would not be walking away from today's shunt. Also he had millisecond to react and Massa chose right option. Unfortunate that he had to retire today but he did brought it on himself with his poor start thus putting him in position that resulted in a DNF.


isn't it jus a classic lesson that prophecy is the least paid profession?

yesterday, we got the unexpected results and today we got some more unexpected results.

this should teach us to wait for the results and not to think we are able to predict the future. f1 is a sport after all.

i now can't wait for the next surprise. alonso and hamilton swap cars? according to jordan.


If Merc get hint of HAM leaving, they will start to back Nico much more. As team principal I need the face of 2014 WDC champ to be in my car to get my marketing value in 2015.

There is too much talk of Lewis leaving for next year.

Today evens the scale. Better outcome for Lewis, but it would have been better to see him take it, not be gifted.


@ Sebee What are u talking about Hamilton being gifted this race? Rosberg was gifted Australia. It's about time things didn't go his way. In fact he probably needs another DNF to even the score. His lead in the WDC was built off Hamilton's DNFs.


@Sebee, it can't be said that Nico had this one in the pocket while in the lead. He of course thinks he would've won. He also thought he only needed one more lap to pass Lewis in Spain, a notoriously hard place to pass. In both cases, I think he's got his driver's goggles on extra tight.

When Hamilton cleared Button on lap 4, he was 5.086s behind. For laps 5-9, Nico outpaced Lewis, building up a 5.783s lead (avg +0.139). Then for laps 10-17 Lewis was faster, bringing the gap down to 2.823s (avg -0.370). The 1.4s loss in the pits didn't help, but it's plain to see that Lewis was faster on the options, and of course was faster on the prime than Nico was on new options.

There was also talk that Lewis, by going to lap 24 on the options, easily could've one-stopped. Then the pass wouldn't have happened on track (or at least, it's not likely it would've), but in the pits when Nico switched to the primes for his final stint. It's also been put out there that Merc were prepared to forbid Hamilton one-stopping. Even so, by offsetting so much on the initial options, he would have new options at the end to attack heavily with. Better fuel management, better tire management, going long into the race on the first stint ... it was all looking good for Lewis in any event.



Wonder which gear the downshift issues were on and if he could have skipped it or drove the GP in 4th....

They did some analysis on this point on Sky- Ant on the Skypad. Just after Nico had the major problem with his gearbox and lost drive, he started fiddling around with the clutch and adjusting settings on the steering wheel. After a moment he found 5th and got going again, he then attempted a further change of gear and that was when the box really let go and he only had neutrals. To be fair, even had he left the car in 5th he couldn't have completed the race as he still needed to run the prime tyre. Can't see how he would have managed a pit stop stuck in 5th.


I am talking about the fact that it would have been extra nice for obvious Lewis fans like you if Lewis passed Nico in a clean racing move to claim P1, and then Nico had his little gear omission in his transmission. Win is a win, but surely even you can agree that what I say here would have been better than what happened.

As for the second DNF, I don't agree with you. Both had same issue in Canada and Nico drove through it somehow. As I say above a few comments, I give him credit for that, along with his engineers. In fact, it would have been Ninja of Nico to reduce his shifts and nurse that puppy home in the points somehow. Wonder which gear the downshift issues were on and if he could have skipped it or drove the GP in 4th.


Well, I'm sure Lewis would rather have won it on track today too. But he can't control what happens with Rosberg's car. It seemed Lewis was catching him on the hards ... he's usually been faster on the prime tire at each race this year. We'll never know.

It's the first time that Rosberg has retired from an F1 race while in the lead. Hamilton's been there, done that, got the shirt, many times. Usually he's retired at the front while leading comfortably. Can't use that last adjective for Nico today.

Hamilton's DNF in AUS, and now Rosberg's in GBR, make a wash. Rosberg still has one more race finish vis-a-vis Lewis.


Personally, I can't agree that it's all squared up. Rosberg only finished in Canada b/c he was out front, and had a great helping hand from Perez in the last laps, who acted as a buffer for him, from the RIC-VET-MAS train behind. All of them would've passed him earlier if PER was not ahead of them. Allowed him to score some big points.

Wolff has said it was a miracle that Nico finished, while Lewis bore no fault for his DNF there.

Was Nico perhaps too hard on his gearbox Sebee? Y'know my feelings on this, but I'm sure if it was Lewis with the gearbox DNF that you'd be trotting out your "hard on his equipment" (that just sounds bad :-D) theory.

Race Finishes: Nico 8, Lewis 7

As for Lewis' comments, again he should avoid making such statements. There's nothing to be gained by them. Quite clearly they've been torqued and out-and-out changed by some publications, but as an F1 star you have to anticipate that such garbage will happen.


>Rosberg still has one more race finish vis-a-vis Lewis.

I don't think this second one needs to be "evened". Both suffered same problem at same time and Nico drove through them somehow. On that one, I think Nico (and his engineer) deserve full credit.

Personally, I feel the accounts are all squared up. Let's go racing.

...but, let's stop talking so much!

"I know whilst it (Hockenheim) is Nico's home grand prix, he doesn't have even one eighth of the support us Brits get here," said Hamilton at Silverstone.

(This latest one may motivate on many levels, including team's nationality.)


Well he 'gifted' two DNFs to Rosberg....so he is owed one more no?


i dont want either driver to get any more dnfs,i want them to finish every race,with no problems,and may the best man win.i think lewis will come out on top if thats the case.he needs to stopmaking mistakes in quali,coz he certainly had the pace to get pole in austria and silverstone,maybe monaco too.oh and well done to pirelli for making good race tyres for this season.


how much credit dows Ross Brawn deserves for this W05? If this thig is his brainchild, i wouldnt be surprised at all if Lewis take the Ferrari or McLaren way. I mean, by themselves (Macca and Ferrari) they were quite good, with no brawns or neweys, so any of those teams (plus, being both works team for his engine supplier) is a good option. Besides, if he don't win right away, he can always says it's a long term project...


It actually doesn't even the scales it still is

2 dnfs Lewis to 1 dnf rosberg but like Nas said " life is a bi**h and then you die..."

Rosberg has had all the luck so far, by time Lewis got some in my books.


i think the mercedes is fast enough for any of the two drivers to win the championship so hamilton should seek out another challenge with ferrari and bring out the best in the ferrari engineers. winning championships in the fastest car is not as exciting as developing a car and winning the championship in a car not fast enough to win the constructors championship.


"Posted By: aveli Reply:

Date: July 6th, 2014 at 7:43 pm

i think the mercedes is fast enough for any of the two drivers to win the championship so hamilton should seek out another challenge with ferrari "

Haha, that's hilarious when you consider the relative positions of McLaren & Mercedes in the F1 pecking order when he left one for the other.


I agree, it is also the mark of a truly great champion. Like him or not, what Schumacher did at Ferrari was simply amazing and true racing fans recognise that greatness in those special drivers who can get a team together and up and running again 🙂

It's a great point you made there, I hope Hamilton doesn't do a Vettel and just hang around in the all conquering car forever thus rendering entire seasons dull, I have a feeling he isn't like that though. I'd say he will be at Mercedes for another 1-2 years but I don't see him staying there forever. I think he'l want to do a stint at Ferrari and come back to finish at McLaren.

Speaking of McLaren, he could do what we've been discussing with McLaren at the moment, especially with the new Honda engines. I'm sure Hamilton would love to win a C'ship with McLaren Honda as his great hero Aryton did many years ago. The future certainly is exciting, lets hope the powers at be stay away from the sport and stop introducing ridiculous rules and regulations and let it flourish 🙂


Talk of Hamilton leaving? What talk? The only talk of him leaving is Rosberg behind in the championship.

A second at Hockenheim perhaps. Two in a row for Lewis, two in a row for Nico. 50-0?

A good race overall. A shame one Merc failed, as that took away from the bite right at the front. I actually thought Rosberg was slightly quicker until his problems started to develop, although he had the advantage of starting in clear air. Brilliant by Bottas. Good by Ricciardo and Button, except Jenson on the radio about Vettel. Enjoyed Alonso versus Vettel, not so much the radio nonsense. Nice driving.

Hardly a Max Chilton fan, but glad he survived that. Raikkonen too.

DOTD? Bottas today. Close 2nd is Massa, but for his slow getaway.


IMO, I think Lewis will be at Merc for next year 99.9%. I also suspect he will sign an extension contract for 2016. He likes the team, they like him, he's winning races, he's got a great chance of WDC this year and next as well, so why jeopardise that for a dog's breakfast called Ferrari?

I think Eddie is being a bit mischievous on a straight swap.................but you are right Aveli, this is F1 and sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and everything I have just written could turn out to be wrong...........watch this space.


we all have our wishes but wouldn't it be interesting if alonso was in the fast mercedes and hamilton manages to bring that ferrari into contention? I think hamilton can pull together all the engineers at ferrari and get them to build a car good enough to challenge that mercedes. one championship with mercedes will be enough for him and another with ferrari will sit down well in history, 3 championships with 3 different teams. look at how well rosberg drives ever since hamilton joined mercedes. he certainly has the knack of bringing out the best in people.


Please give Hamilton the chance to enjoy having a dominant car again! After watching four seasons' Vettel smothering F1, we Hammy-fans deserve to revel in our man's success!!!


Well said. Hamilton seems to fire people up because they know he'll wring the neck of any car he drives and make the max of it. I guess Schumacher in his heyday was like that as well.


Brilliant race by Alonso. Gutted that he can never do better than 5th or 6th despite driving the wheels off that red truck. Kimi is painful to watch now. Yes, the suspension broke, but it was he who went off the track first. I wouldn't be too surprised if Ferrari sacks him at the end of the season.

Tough luck for Rosberg. Guess he was due for a DNF. Hope he stays calm and carries on the good work he has done so far this year.


@ Zombie In a way Rosberg should be a little relieved he did get a DNF. At least people won't say if he wins the championship he benefited from another drivers misfortunes.


Ferrari won't sack Kimi before the end of the season, there simply isn't a second Alonso on the grid, some may say Vettel, but he has the pretty much the same problems as Kimi, both of them are way to sensitive to a car that isn't to their likings... Hamilton? Don't even have to explain that one. I really hope they get Bianchi in 2016.

Amazing battle between Alonso and Vettel, Alonso pulled everything out of the book despite much older tyres,no DRS, and a Red Bull car clearly in its comfort zone with all the high speed corners on Silverstone. Also, I don't understand why Vettel isn't under investigation considering he exceeded track limits so often at the last corner.

I was happy to see Rosberg retire for the sake of the Drivers Championship. I still do feel it is Rosberg who has the advantage at the moment, and not Hamilton. That said, we all though after the four straight wins Hamilton would easily take the title...Really looking forward to Germany, Nico's home race, and the week after Hungary, that track belongs to Hamilton. If Hamilton does win at Hungary, it will be 5 wins out of 8 starts on the (in my opinion) rather boring Hungaroring. (2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, and 2014, if it does happen).

All together, great racing today.


Nico's already won his home race ... Monaco.

As for being German, he's said in the past that although he speaks German, that he's found it hard to identify with the country, and also said that he basically chose to race under the German flag b/c it was better for him, sponsorship-wise. He did race in Formula BMW ADAC on his dad's team, then in Euro F3 after that (again on Team Rosberg, which was always German-registered), though in all those years (2002-04) he raced under the Finnish flag.


@Richard Lol agree with you on many levels 🙂 So if we're looking back at past stats, Nico should win in Germany because the trend is, both the Mercedes drivers have taken home victories (Rosberg - Monaco Hamilton - Silverstone)

Rosberg has 2 home races. Also to note, if Lewis wins in Hungary, Kimi should finish second behind him if we're, as I said earlier, going with past stats 😛


"I don’t understand why Vettel isn’t under investigation considering he exceeded track limits so often at the last corner."

Did you even watch the race? Alonso exceeded track limits on virtually every lap.


Actually can you explain Hamilton at Ferrari please

I for one am intrigued


Why should they investigate Vettel and not Alonso?


That Kimi was actually front of Alonso, not the first time this year. Going wide in a corner when starting from the back in the middle of the mess is not a big deal.


Was in front of Alonso ? When and where ? Alonso was long gone when Kimi went off.


Didn't you watch the race? Kimi passed ALO in the start.


Kimi was ahead of him for Turns 1-5 on the first lap.


No Alonso was behind Kimi when Kimi went off track.


Simply bizarre pit stop strategy from Red Bull for Vettel,once again, bringing him in with just nine laps on the hard tyres and forcing him to stop once more than Riccardo. It's becoming a commonplace for RB to arrange things to DR's advantage.

We saw something similar with Lotus last year. Kimi was clearly the better Lotus driver in the first half of the season, but once he announced he was leaving the team his good results came to a sudden halt and Grosjean suddenly looked much better. At this point I assume Vettel is departing at the end of this season and RB know it.

As for Mercedes - it's strange that they started the season with a reliable car and it's getting more unreliable as the season progresses.


Hmm, intimating at some dirty pool from RBR??? I can't buy that. Do we know whether he was brought in earlier than planned, or was the plan always to bring him in fairly early? The hard tire was always expected to be the slower tire, so he was going for an aggressive strategy. There was talk beforehand that some people might do a 3-stop going med-med-med-hard with the hard left for a single-digit lap stint at the end. As it turned out, the hard turned out to be a good race tire (e.g. both Lewis and Nico set their fastest laps on the hards, both on lap 26).

Once Vettel went onto the medium, DR's engineers would've been able to compare, and to see whether to copy Vettel, or go another way. In the end, they went another way.

I'm sure Vettel is under contract for this year and next (he signed an extension to 2015 on Jun 11, 2013), and I'm not sure being in the 2nd best car would activate any exit clause(s) that might exist in his contract.


funny that , thought nico never ran the hard tyre


You are correct, I was wrong. I thought they both switched to hards at the first stop, but no. They were doing the same strategy as at Bahrain and Spain: option-option-prime for the leader, option-prime-option for the one behind.

kenneth chapman

the answer is simple, the number one driver gets the best strategy.


horner said vettel is heavier on his tyres than ricci


Give it up Steve, Ricciardo is faster, that's all there is to it.


If you were watching, you would have noticed that Ricciardo stopped once and Vettel twice when even Bottas on Williams was making one stop strategy work


Ricciardo is not only faster, but more importantly in this case, he was able to save tyres. 37 laps on a set of tyres is a remarkable performance.

I don't know why Steve, you thought that Vettel received the bad strategy. If you look at most strategies in F1, the lead driver determines when they want to pit and they have priority on when they want it to happen.


In RebBull camp, Now who care where Vettel were.. They all pay less attention to Vettel, even Vettel want to leave the team, they got Kvyat for that seat. All focus will be at Dan.


I would have assumed that by mid-season reliability issues would have been sorted out.............evidently not.


Mercedes, Australia ?


does hamilton not drive a mercedes? did his car not fail with a misfiring cylinder?

kenneth chapman

@ tim W....i think that you should lighten up a little. surely it was clear that i was being TIC? however it it was this poster who sarcastically called me out over a few issues and i was simply trying to remind him in a cynical but lighthearted manner.


a bit harsh Kenneth, with English clearly not being Aveli's first language. In Australia Lewis had a miss fire on one cylinder, caused (I think) by a spark plug failure, it is obvious what Aveli meant, the dig should be beneath you.

kenneth chapman

sorry to double dip but i messed up with my message to aveli...cylinders don't actually do anything. for want of a better description they are actually a 'negative space'...but you already knew that didn't you?

kenneth chapman

@ aveli hahaha message from the engineer,cylinders don't misfire.


Not sure about that the Mercedes had a failure at Melbourne so it's not like it's only now they are experiencing problems...


"As for Mercedes – it’s strange that they started the season with a reliable car..."

are you sure about that?


The best thing that happened to Massa was being ‘moved out’ of Ferrari . . .

Just wish his replacement could have switched off ‘rallying mode’ and stayed out of his way. Hopefully, Raikkonen will retire at the end of this season and make way for upcoming talent.

As for Alonso – will he be kind enough to give Ferrari another year to get its act together?


You got to have some patience with Alonso. It took the best ever no less than 5 years to succeed with Ferrari. Alonso is in his fifth year with Ferrari right now. Alonso can still do it.


This is an interesting point and one that always gets over looked when referring back to the Schumacher dominated years in the 00's.


Alonso is certainly capable . . .

But not by himself, unfortunately.

As Lucre DiM is so endlessly fond of saying – ‘it’s a team event’.


If that wasn't an intentional misspelling it's the best unintentional pun I've seen in awhile!

Stephen Taylor

I wasn't aware Senna ever drove for Ferrari in fact I know he did not.


Senna did not, you are correct, he also is not the best ever despite being very talented and much loved, his great rival Prost was better to name just one, the head to head stats between them back up Prost being superior. I loved Senna but he is not the greatest ever.


According to insider information available to Eddie Jordan, Nando and the Scuderia are drafting divorce papers. However, Eddie didn't say what year the divorce will be finalised................

As for upcoming talent, I couldn't think of a better driver for Ferrari to rebuild themselves around than that Mr Bianchi - he is sponsored by Maranello after all. I suspect Ferrari have a draft contract waiting for Jules to sign in the not too distant future..............watch this space!


So you believe ferrari is not winning because of alonso?


No - it's the other way around!


This has been coming for some time. That ear bending from Luca last year probably didn't help. I see him in a McLaren in 20--- 16? The door's open for next year as well I suspect. It will be his final chances of a championship as well, given his now advancing age.

He may be moving at the wrong time ...He's "on the inside" though, so he has a good idea if the red team has a good chance of improving or not.

Unless he swaps with Vettel....



Vettel - Raikkonen

Red Bull

Alonso - Ricciardo

That would be interesting. Anyway......


Alonso doesn't/won't fight head to head with Riccardo - a young hungry driver hunting for success...

This won't happen!!!!

Head to head with Button or Mag more like - he'll bury the issue with Ron, especially if Honda find some performance with that engine.

This is Alonso's last big move to get it right...and he better!!!

Stephen Taylor

Kimi has contract for next season + the team manager said he would not be fired out of that contract.


I think Vettel will replace Kimi in 2016. Any thought's James or anyone else?


The first thing Kimi said on the radio after the crash was "Is Felipe OK?". Just pointing out facts.


wow, he managed to notice Massa's car during his accident? remarkable!


You can notice everything around you in an accident like that , all happening in super slow motion.


Great sportmanship.


They seem to be on track. Their pace looked impressive for last couple of races after the upgrades.

Expecting them to be strong next season


So Red bull once again screwed up Vettel's strategy to miss out a definite podium.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for that or else we might not have witnessed a epic battle between Alonso & Vettel- What a great dogfight! What great champions they both are! The cars were so close that they could have touched each other. Great wheel to wheel racing in a very long time.

Impressed with the speed of Ferrari and Williams. They've both made great strides in the car development. The pace looked really good.

Red bull should do something abt their straight line speed. Overtaking doesn't look easy with Red bull ( both Ricciardo as well as Vettel )

Solid drive by Hamilton ( but that is expected with so fast a car)

kenneth chapman

with regard to overtaking....ricciardo is both tenacious and merciless when he is in the 'honey badger' mode. he gets the job done sooner or later. this is the 'mongrel' attitude he carefully disguises with his sling facade. that is why he is a winner when it comes to attacking. his skills are superb. vettel on the other hand whinges and whines and wants the world to help him solve his own shortcomings.

niki lauda seems to share this opinion and he is a far better judge of F1 characters than i will ever be.


Vettel whines? So what about Alonso, Hamilton & countless other champions.Alonso's ' I need him to give that place back RIGHT NOW' was not whining according to you.

When running at high speed with such adrenalin rushes, such outburts should be taken at face value only. Both Alonso and Vettel laughed abt it later in the interviews.

Unfortunately, I havent come across the radio messages of Lauda and other champions to see how they've reacted to such situations.

I hate the double standards applied to Vettel in the racing forums. Its surprising that people should go to any length to discredit his performance.

Take away all the weekends affected by car problems, his performance has been generally good in a car that is particularly not suited to his style.

kenneth chapman

@ rohind.... why are you introducing other drivers when i was discussing the differences between ricciardo and vettel. those outbursts are designed to disguise his own shortcomings. have you actually heard daniel doing the same? i haven't but that is not to say that he hasn't ever. when he needs something he requests in a sane,cool and measured way. vettel screams and raves like a child who has had his toys taken away. pathetic at the best of times but in 4 x WDC!!!!!

as for ricciardo's current standing/ and possible future i have always stated that he has to prove conclusively over a season as to whether he has 'it' or not. judging from what i have seen and what has been said by other F1 luminaries who are the movers and shakers of the F1 industry i would say that they have been in total agreement that ricciardo has proved, that he may well be a future champion. that is not my individual analysis.


"All-a the time you must-a leave-a the space!"


Too early to judge Ricciardo. But he does sound cool in his radio messages. He has the talent.But he has a long way to go before he can count himslef in the club of Vettel,Alonso,Hamilton and Raikkonen

kenneth chapman

should read 'smiling facade' apologies.


@ kenneth chapman I was not trying to introduce other drivers into the discussion.I was merely pointing out that when racing at break neck speed, with such adrenalin rush, It's completely ok for the race drivers to express the way they want to. They should not be blamed for so called 'whining' . I was pointing out that other drivers do that as well.

God knows what Niki Lauda and Senna shouted into their helmets


i hope the insulting posters stay away from now on.


Especially the Button bashers - I can't believe the amount of ludicrous statements on this forum that Jenson is supposedly a "second rate WDC" or a "Category B WDC" and that he tarts around just to boost his pension pot.................over the years it's been "he'll be destroyed by Trulli", then it was "he'll be eaten alive by Villeneuve", "Barrichello will take him to the cleaners" and "Lewis will humiliate him" and recently "Mini-Mag will send him to the knackers yard" and other such nonsense. Didn't happen though, did it?

I admit Jenson isn't the most exciting or dramatic driver to watch, but he does get his head down, races well, and more often than not collects spoonfuls of points - the sort of consistency that a WDC requires.

Lest we forget, Jenson is still the only driver - the only driver! - to finish ahead of Lewis in equal cars in the championship, so for a second rate driver who just tarts around for the money he does drive remarkably well.


He's one of the best drivers when it comes to defense. Last year in Hungary with Vettel and this years in Silverstone with Alonso.

Difficult guy to overtake


I have to disagree ... I can recall at least 3 occasions where Button was an easy pick-off for Vettel: AUS 11, ESP 11, ABU 12. He was again for ROS last race.

Sure, he held up VET in HUN 13, and many thanks from Hamilton for that, but he had a definite straight-line advantage over VET that day. When it's 50/50 on relative car performance, he gets passed.

For a great example of defence, see Hamilton holding Vettel up in GBR 11, and of course BHN 14 of this year.

kenneth chapman

and so he should be. no one should be a pushover, not at this level anyway.

kenneth chapman

i always find it quite amazing that when drivers get adverse reports around contract time they can always find that extra few tenths!!!! JB is doing exactly that, IMO of course.

Alexander supertramp

Lewis first, a Williams second, amazing stuff. There were some concerns that the Williams had an aero deficit, but today's performance suggests otherwise. And again, amazing fuel efficiency. With this Level of performance, they should aim for P2 behind Mercedes. Bottas dotd for me, but this was just a very entertaining race In general.


Lewis first, Bottas Second..... Or A Mercedes AMG first and a Williams Second....

Oh...never mind if you're British, its understandable


Agreed, I can't work out how they can be so fuel efficient, they should be giving more away in the corners, but Bottas proved it wasn't down on grip with so many overtakes. Can they not crank up the engine a bit more? I think the Mercedes works team has a mode on that engine that the other teams don't have, maybe Williams should put some sticky tape on the overtake button. James, can you tell us why the Williams is so fuel friendly and why the team haven't found a way to use more fuel by adding some down force or are they running less fuel?


Glad to know that Kimi is OK. The advangate that the Mercedes cars still have is ridiculous. It was great racing between Alonso and Vettel, but it is a shame that for the win it is always either Hamilton or Rosberg. If Hamilton can`t win the WCh this year than never he only hast to beat one guy.


Amazing tyre management from Valtteri and Daniel, the best drvers of the day.

Lewis would have probably won the race even without Nico's DNF today.

kenneth chapman

@ sami.... i agree with your first statement but as for the second, well that is simply a matter of opinion and no one will ever know.


"Amazing tyre management from Valtteri and Daniel, the best drvers of the day."

I believe everyone in the top six was on a one stopper other than Hamilton (who only stopped twice because he could and as insurance) and Vettel, who once again was on the losing end of of some very peculiar RB strategy. So no, not really amazing tyre management.


At least Claire Williams was very impressed by Valtteri's tyre management and his performance in general. I hope you can see the video.



It was great tyre management, Vettel was never going to make his tyres last for a one stopper he was harder on his tyres and was just starting to struggle before his second stop.

kenneth chapman

@ mbraz.... how very true.


Canada and now. I must say, though Ricciardo's good, he turning out to be a 'lucky' driver in terms of strategy. With Newey gone, time for Vettel to move out to other teams.Something's cooking on the background, I must say


The race was great to watch. I think Riccardo deserves more credit for making the medium tyres last over 30 laps and making it onto the podium, although I was rooting for Button to make it on. Shame that we could not see Nick fight with Lewis. I felt as though the red flag period lasted way too long, or is normal?

Finally, I am really glad Kimi is doing OK after that 47G crash. Any chance that this shock will have reignited the fire inside Kimi and he will back in action? Well let's hope.

Driver of the day is Bottas for me, he wasn't as exciting as Alonso, but I think he drove better on this occasion.


I was shouting at the TV when I saw the marshal trying to undo the bolts on the mashed up bit, it was obvious they should of unbolted either side of the damage. it took too long, maybe they should have sections premade that could bolt on over the damage. It wouldn't of took 10 minutes to place a section in place over the damage, drill and bolt it down.


Firstly, hats off to Hamilton today. A crushing victory and a popular one at that.

Secondly, how good is it to see these young guys doing the business 🙂 Bottas is improving at a rapid rate and Dan is as fast and consistent as he's been all year. It would have been too easy to cave in to JB's pressure at the end, especially with those old options he was wearing.

Bummed for Nico but that's the way it goes. It brings the championship fight right back to where we all want it.

Seb and Fernando put on a master class today. We dont see enough of it these days unfortunately.

A very enjoyable weekend viewing for me.

Even the telecast was good. The director showed a lot of kids in the crowd during the red flag period. I hope the parents were recording the event from home.


Good Summary glennb,

It was certainly an incident packed race, I wonder if Bernie will add 'reverse grids' to the list of F1 improvements (medals, sprinklers, standing restarts, etc, etc)

I'm looking forward to seeing the strategy report, the williams must have been running at close to Mercedes pace after the restart, bottas charge through the field was stunning.

Its surpriing that Mercedes are having persistent reliability issues when the other merc powered cars don't seem to have too many problems, and renault p/u's seem reliable in RB and STR at least.

And the alonso vs vettel dice was a classic, hard but fair racing at very close quarters. And proof that if you haven't got top end speed, spped through the corners won't necessarily get you past a slower car


Don't want to sound like "I told you so"...............but I have said it's a long old season and Rosberg Junior was due a retirement.

Which is exactly what happened!

Anyway, well done to Lewis, mature measured win. With just 4 points between them now in the WDC and with the season more or less being at half way, it's virtually a draw points wise. Roll on the second half of the season................

I was stunned by the pace of the Williams in Bottas very capable hands. I didn't think it would be so good on the high speed swerves of Silverstone. I was wrong. Have Williams unlocked the set up secrets of a stunningly fast machine the way they did back in the summer of 2003, or Macca did in the summer of 2005? Who knows, but if it is the case the Williams genie is out of the bottle, then that's very worrying for the likes of the Bulls and Ferrari!

Well done Jenson, a great all around weekend. All the Button bashers on this forum, and there are plenty of them, have yet again had to eat humble pie on a driver who is supposedly in the knackers yard, and who was supposedly going to be eaten alive by this new wunder-kid Mini Mag......... Like Nando, who also drove a very spirited race, for a driver who has been in F1 since the new Millennium began to retain his motivation, dedication and focus is quite amazing. Well done JB, the Old Boy John will be looking down from F1 dad's heaven with pride.

Man of the day has to be that bloke who wrenched off the damaged Armco! Glad to see Kimi and Felipe are shaken, but not damaged. A credit to the sectional solidity of a Formula 1 carbon fibre monocoque, to my mind the single greatest safety innovation in Grand Prix racing - and fittingly it was at Silverstone in 1981 that a carbon fibre chassis won its first GP when John Watson took the chequered flag in his superb John Barnard designed McLaren MP4/1-Cosworth.

The WDC is back on with a vengeance!


Hi gazboy, I'm a big fan of your posts. They are well informed, insightful, and humourous, and perceptive -so you don't have to tell us that you 'told us so'. Let your comments stand as proof of that!

As ever a good and insightful post - great results for merc powered cars especially mclaren who need to be finishing this well or better. You didn't mention ricciardo who must have done brilliantly to get his RB in amongst all those Merc p/u cars.

I agree about the guys who replaced the armco, that must have been high pressure work as I'm sure the posts and connections would have been mangled by a that impact (47 × 675kg = a hell of a thump)

For aveli - the reason it had to be replaced was that it after the armco has been deformed like that, it won't deform further so it won't absorb another impact. That means the next guy to hit that location stops instantly and gets badly hurt.

If they don't replace damaged armco where you live, drive very carefully! 😉


Yes, you are right - Danny Boy drove well - he is giving Mr Vettel a bit of a hiding!

Actually, why is everyone so surprised that Seb is being out-driven? Remember back a couple of years to the summer of 2012, and "The Finger Pointer" was struggling during the Euro/Canada season. Apart from a dominating performance in Valancia, he was off the pace in Spain, Monaco, Silverstone, Hungary and Italy, faded badly in Canada, and was penalised at Hockenhiem. In fact he failed to win a race in 2012 during the Euro/Canada season. It was only until Red Bull found some more rear downforce from Singapore onwards that Mr V was quick again.

As for the damaged Armco you're again right - if you watch the replay it looks like a razor blade after it was damaged, so it had to be replaced otherwise in the event of a driver hitting it he could have been sliced in two - an unspeakably horrible scenario (unfortunately, that is what happened to Francois Cevert at Watkins Glen 1973 when he crashed his Tyrrell into an incorrectly installed barrier and was dreadfully mutilated. The marshalls on the scene literally left him for dead because he was literally in two pieces..............F1 back in the bad old days............)


RE Kenneth: No, it's fine - we're all entitled to our opinion!

At the end of the day, opinions come and go, but stringent Health and Safety laws in Western countries don't, and as KRB mentions above, Silverstone probably could have faced potential lawsuits/manslaughter charges had the worst come to the worst, however remote that may be, and they would certainly have been investigated by the H&S UK department had they not replaced the offending barrier even though subsequently nothing else happened at the area during the race.

Had they not replaced the offending barrier, that would have let to a UK H&S investigation, and had H&S found Silverstone guilty of negligence then would have at the very least been fined very heavily, and even have their racing license suspended - so better to be safe than sorry.

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy....i am afraid that i cannot fully accept your analysis vis-a-vis the armco. the remote possibility of someone hitting that particular 1/2metres of armco is statistically almost impossible to calculate.

let us just focus on that statement. to occur a second time the speeds would have to be within milliseconds of identical and the actual point of original departure off the track would have to be of the same measured calculation. then take the relative speed and placement of the other cars at the precise time and the same precise speed would be almost impossible to calculate. the steering angles would have to be with millimetres of indentical as one degree on either side of the actual would result in differing vectors ruling out any identical point of impact!!!!!! all in all highly unlikely that a repeat could possibly occur. however if you can demonstrate where i have erred in my summary please feel free to correct me as i won't be offended in the slightest.

that said, i fully agree with niki lauda, that it was ridiculous.


it was to be jackie's last race , francois was to replace him as the teams'slead driver the next season


RE JakobusVdL: I think JYS planned to retire at the end of 1973, but for certain Cevert's death meant he was absolutely committed to walk away from F1, and he had decided he didn't want to take any more risks.

As for Mr Lauda, yes, couldn't agree more.

I am surprised at Niki's attitude. Lauda should remember the 1975 Spanish GP, which be (briefly) competed in. It was held at the old Montjuich Park circuit above the hills in Barcelona and the Armco barriers lining the circuit were inadequately bolted together. The teams and drivers protested but the race went on. Anyway, Lauda was involved in a pile up at the 1st corner (having started from pole) and eventually it was Rolf Stommolen who was leading the race, only for a rear wing to fly off his car on the main straight which pitched his car into the unsafe barriers. The Armco gave way, hurtling the car into a spectators area................5 people were killed, and several badly injured. Stommolen himself broke his legs, injured his wrist and had two cracked ribs. The race was stopped early, with Jochen Mass (McLaren) being declared the winner.

Taking risks is part of a drivers job, but I don't think the same applies to the spectators - if somebody had crashed yesterday where the damaged Armco was they could have been launched into the crowd. As Niki Lauda was there on that fateful day in April 1975, his comments are somewhat surprising, and very misplaced.


I' think it was Francois Ceverts death that lead to Jackie Stewarts early retirement?

l hadn't heard the gruesome details, its amazing it took so many deaths for safety to be taken seriously. And then we have Nicky Lauda of all people complaining about the delay to fix the armco on Sunday. You'd think if there was one guy active in F1 today who would appreciate the need for safety it would be him.

Interesting your comments on Seb in 2012, my memory isn't as good as yours but I do recall he wasn't always the fastest red bull. So this year won't be entirely new to him, he must be sick of aussie grit in his teeth by now 😉


why did they have to change that armco? this is the first damaged armco i have ever seen changed during a race. they can always be changed after the race. I have never seen a road closed because the armco was damaged. the race stewards went way over the limit there i think.


Easy to say but if there was another incident I m sure the argument would be why didn't they change it......

Prevention better than cure.


Martin Brundle explained it very well. Not safe. While unlikely, if another car hit it there, it could go between the split sections.

Too many drivers have been killed or seriously hurt with the attitude "She'll be right, mate!".

I suggest you look up Mark Donohue on Wikipedia to see what can happen.


Plus I'm sure the wrongful death suits that would follow, with possible criminal charges, pretty much guarantee that the track operators will take whatever precautions are necessary.


Hi James,

Will nico be required to change his gearbox and will he incur a penalty for doing so?


If he has to change it and it's before its six race allocation is up, then yes


JA, this is wrong. Nico gets to change it "for free" b/c he didn't finish the prior race, in conformity with Art. 28.6(a) of the Sporting Reg's.

Each driver may use no more than one gearbox for six consecutive Events in which his team competes. Should a driver use a replacement gearbox he will drop five places on the starting grid at that Event and an additional five places each time a further gearbox is used.

Any replacement gearbox will only be required to complete the remainder of the Event

in question.

Unless the driver fails to finish the race (or is unable to start the race for reasons other

than a penalty imposed by the stewards) the gearbox fitted to the car at the end of the

Event must remain in it for the remainder of the six race sequence.

Any driver who failed to finish the race at the first, second, third, fourth or fifth of the

six Events for reasons which the technical delegate accepts as being beyond the control of the team or driver, may start the following Event with a different gearbox without a penalty being incurred.

Hamilton started with a new gearbox in Austria:


Nico will have a new gearbox for Germany, with no penalty.


I thought the penalty didn't apply if the driver retired from the previous event?


From the formula1 website:

28.6 For the purposes of this Article only, an Event will be deemed to comprise P3, the qualifying practice session and the race.

a) Each driver may use no more than one gearbox for six consecutive Events in which his team competes. Should a driver use a replacement gearbox he will drop five places on the starting grid at that Event and an additional five places each time a further gearbox is used.

Any replacement gearbox will only be required to complete the remainder of the Event in question.

Unless the driver fails to finish the race (or is unable to start the race for reasons other than a penalty imposed by the stewards) the gearbox fitted to the car at the end of the Event must remain in it for the remainder of the six race sequence. Any driver who failed to finish the race at the first, second, third, fourth or fifth of the six Events for reasons which the technical delegate accepts as being beyond the control of the team or driver, may start the following Event with a different gearbox without a penalty being incurred.


seems a bit harsh to get punished in a race "DNF" and then also in the next race, always thought the rules allowed you to escape a penalty if you experience a DNF due to gearbox failure in qually or race...obviously not.

Truth or Lies

Great race, really brilliant. Fantastic atmosphere all round the circuit and no rain either. Alonso and Vettel provided great entertainment, while Bottas kept a very cool head to recover so well. Great reception for Lewis and thankfully the championship is now back to level pegging.

Renault really have a lot if work to do as the power unit is so far behind Mercedes. Williams however confirmed their great form from Austria and Canada. I think a very popular first win for Bottas or equally popular twelfth win for Massa might be on the cards before seasons end.

Raikkonen however should give it up, from afar it looks like he's driving without heart or interest. I'd be surprised he continues next season. Terrible way to end his career.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Agree. Another stupid rokie error from Kimi.



Kimi without interest? He crashed because he kept his foot down and didn't stop accelerating as being out of the track.


Exactly what Kimi did in Spa 2009. Funny it didn't work this time.

kenneth chapman

i think today we saw verification of the fact that raikonnen should be dropped. he has lost the plot. if maldonado had done that then can you imagine the outcome? it would be a classic 'drummed out, sans buttons'.

raikonnen could've caused a tragedy, even greater than ruining other driver's races. i am naturally glad that he survived any lasting injuries but he really should be severely sanctioned for what he did.


Today was the perfect proof that all you need for good racing is durable tyres, challenging and REAL racing tracks and DRS (although, I'd prefer no DRS and less aero/more mechanical grip, but hey ho).

Only disappointment was how inconsistent the stewards are when it comes to ignoring track limits. Seb was almost constantly off, especially at Copse, throughout the race yet at other races it's punished? Can the FIA/stewards not just make it public what is acceptable and what isn't BEFORE a grand prix weekend?

Glad Kimi is okay but I'm disappointed he came back onto the track at such huge speed. He should have backed off and approached with caution but hey ho, we live and learn.

Awesome race from Alonso but hugely disappointed with Seb. To get overtaken around the outside of Copse is quite something.


Even though I root for Nico Rosberg and Kimi Raikkonen everytime, this GP was the best F1 offered to us this season without a doubt.

People who have been bad mouthing F1 have to stop. The sport should not try harder to put on a show. All they have to do is to go tracks the give us this kinda full capacity crowd and the drivers will do the rest.

To be fair, Lewis started to catch Rosberg only after he reported downshift issues. So it seems Rosberg had that one covered, atleast he thinks so.

Stats wise, both of em have been successful in their home GPs so far. Rosberg in Monaco and Lewis today. But the problem is, Rosberg's got 2 home GPs 🙂 Lets see what happens in Hockenheim.

alexander supertramp

Lewis went fastest of all after Nico reported trouble. He did this on old option tyres. My guess is that he was pacing/managing the tyres after taking some life out of them to pass the Mclarens . By the time Nico hit trouble, Lewis' tyres came back and enabled him to attack, which resulted in Lewis being quicker by the end of the first stint.


They were actually new hards that he switched to ... he set his fastest lap (and fastest lap for the race) on his first full lap on them, lap 26. Nico also set his fastest lap on the hards on the very same lap, though his fastest was 9-tenths slower.

The only other lap within a second of Hamilton's best was Vettel's on lap 52, on options.


Hamilton was actually catching Rosberg before the gearbox issues, which happened at lap 20, after Rosberg's out lap. On the first stint, I'm assuming Rosberg knew that Hamilton had him on pace, so he was pushing hard on his first stint and his tires went away faster. Around lap 19 Hamilton had taken down the 5 second lead to 2 seconds, and was taking close to half a second a lap off the gap, which pushed Rosberg to pit. Clearly Hamilton was doing a better job with his tires.


Well it just shows how things can turn around within a race as there is no doubt Lewis Hamilton was on a mission. Rosberg's retirement made it easier, but more importantly closed up the championship standings. Excellent drive from Valteri Bottas to second place. Roll on Hockenheim!


Stupid driving from Kimi. It took Massa all his talent to avoid the stricken Ferrari. I'm very glad no one got injured.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)



it wasn't caused by stupid driving, there was a bump where the run off rejoins the circuit. if that pump was sorted out the accident wouldn't have happened. raikkonen runs off like that and rejoins quite often without problems. he does that at spa too.


raikkonen runs off like that and rejoins quite often without problems...

Is that a good thing - leaving the circuit quite often?


On the other hand, maybe if Raikkonen did a track walk he'd have known about it...

kenneth chapman

what absolute tosh. there was no way that raikonnen was going to safely get through the corner in the first place. that was perfectly obvious, but then to attempt to rejoin without lifting was not only stupid but reckless and dangerous considering the position he was in relative to the following cars.


Very true. Aveli is also right, I think. Since it was a small stretch of grass, but grass it was and there's no grip there with the foot down. The bump didn't help either. Kimi somewhat under pressure, maybe or not. He had managed to get several cars ahead of Alonso at that point. Doing a bit too much, perhaps.


Yeah, he should have stopped, put the turning signal on and wait for his turn...? Real racedriver didn't lift his foot from the pedal.

FormulaEDiary (Anil Parmar)

Lifted off the throttle and come back on the traction with caution, like every driver is supposed to after they run off the track. Come back on at full pelt is very dangerous as the accident proved. Oh well you live and learn.


A very good race I really enjoyed. The "dog fight" between Alonso and Vettel was of epic proportions. I think they were great. Valterri just kept his head down and got on with the tough job ahead. Brirriant drive from him too.




Lewis would've got to Rosberg sooner or later as he looked after his tyres while overtaking on the first stint...then made hay with the second tyre.

Still unsure why at pit stops the Mercedes team do slower tyre changes for Lewis & quick ones for the German. Always an issue with tyre guns on Lewis pit stops. Maybe even slower in Germany ! Dubious


2.7 secs to 4.9secs - noticed it too.


James, can you tell us why Williams car's are always the most economical?


Well, to start with the obvious, they have less draggy aero, which will always help with the fuel consumption. But that comes at a cost to cornering speeds. I guess the cost-benefit analysis determined that it's better for them to be faster on the straights, and run with less fuel, than to be faster through the corners.


toto wolf gives them a lot more data about the mercedes engines than he does the other customers.

kenneth chapman

@ aveli...another interesting insight into the inside running of the teams. once again please post the source of this information. how do you get all this data that you post as positive proof?


I'd like to know too. I'm starting to think that the Williams is as good as the Mercedes as a chassis and Mercedes have some engine map/mode that they haven't passed on. Why doesn't Williams put more wing on and keep the speed whilst using more fuel? There must be a reason because more fuel is more power unless they are trading weight?

alexander supertramp

Good question. But the car seems to be "too"efficient, so the better question is: can they go even quicker by being more aggressive on fuel consumption?


Claire Williams designed the HERS unit. (Huge Embarrassment - Reduced Saturation.) Plenty of tubes. All racers drink 6-8 litres before a race, and the Williams drivers expelled fluid goes straight to the engine, saving fuel.


It might be that the Williams bodywork is the most aerodynamically "slippery" - it can slice through the air without generating too much drag, which reduces fuel consumption.

That's my guess.


Well done to Lewis.

I am disappointed by some of the TV director's actions. On a couple of interesting bits, they cut away to crowd or unimportant people. (Was one of them an american actor??!!).

Did Lewis do a donut on his victory lap, but we never saw it?? On the corner before the pit entry, the camera cut to Lewis' on board and he was in the escape road. There was some smoke in the air and I wondered if he had just done a donut??



Poor Director I thought it was someone on a work placement.


saw that too and wondered the same thing, not hood for lewis's gearbox/engine!


Yes I thought this happened too - bad news for a fragile gearbox! Maybe it was just dust being thrown up from the edge of the tarmac?


I saw a tenth of a doughnut and an impending gearbox failure at Hockenheim.

The director missed a couple of things. Where was Kobayashi's onboard for the start accident? Maybe it wasn't available though.


I don't begrudge Ricciardo another well deserved podium but I wish there'd been one or two more laps for Button to have a go at that podium place. Still some great drives in the whole top placings.

And bonus points to Vettel and Alonso for their Laurel and Hardy comedy radio act - it was brilliant racing and hilarious complaining. The funniest thing was the more angry he got, the deeper Vettels voice got and the squeakier Alonso got - but fair play to both coming out to the interviews with sheepish grins saying they got carried away with the name calling...

Well done Lewis - now we have something to watch again on Formula Mercedes 😉


I heard Nicki Lauda saying on German TV, "The German football national team will win this year's world cup, like Nicko in the F1. Why would Nicki say this sort of thing at this stage?


Enjoyable race, must admit it was disappointing to see Rosberg stutter to a halt as I feel Lewis would have closed up and we could have seen another titanic tussle, but that's racing.

Brilliant fight between Alonso and Vettel, I think the Silverstone track really lends itself to those kind of wheel-to-wheel battles that last several corners. I didn't like their complaining over the radio but I guess it's understandable in the heat of battle.

Bottas was sensational, in the first stint particularly. Frank Williams' comments about him being the most talented driver he's ever seen are starting to look a little less farfetched. Valtteri is definitely one to watch.

Good drive to the podium from Ricciardo but if anything I'm becoming accustomed to him delivering the goods on race day. Does seem like Red Bull favoured him with the strategy though, suspect Vettel will be having some words.

Those were the stand-out performances for me. Roll on Hockenheim 🙂


Phenomenal Alonso, so unfortunate that he had a penalty. Bottas isalso fantastic if he can do it consistently, but so far so good for him and williams. It looks like Roberg had to pay off for australia, so right now it is one less retirement than Ham. Still.....this season shows that Hamilton in fast, but not consistent....I would say he is rather emotional which is good and bad...and can crack under pressure. I am sure Alonso and Vettel are generally stronger. Lets see how it goes with rosberg this year. One thing i regret the most.....i wish alonso had a winning car....


James, do you think Merc should play it smart and maybe run their cars slightly slower to help aid reliability?

As long as it's the same on both cars, they would still have a big advantage.


Im so happy for Lewis,this result has really release the pressure cooker of pressure his been under from the scoreboard.something that Rosberg has yet to face.the pressure was really starting to to affect his performance and those in the media,even our own James were quick to mock him and introduce the chocke mime in there fickle analysis.

Lewis deserve allot of credit ,While the media are quick to mock Lewis and take great pleasure in his misfortune.But the truth is Lewis has been under pressure from race 1 starting with a DNf and having to dig his way out.

This race result just illustrate that Rosberg is only leading because of Lewis DNFs,and apart from Rosberg CHEATING IN Monaco as decribed by Mark Huges in Auto sport to give him the win,the last few result has just been the EB and flow of two close teammates in a dominant car.

But as usual when Rosberg wins its some kind of mental breakdown for Lewis,and when Lewis does its just some a dumb guy who just happen to be born with the ability to drive fast....

The good news for Lewis and his fans is that Rosberg has played his Trump cheating card early at Monaco,and Lewis has come thru that graining Phase so to speak.

Lewis will be reborn after this result,he has faced the abyss and came though,now is time to stop playing Rosberg games,stop being suckered into the intelligent mime the media and the like of Prost and Murray Walker.Just go out there and setup his car to the best of his ability and go racing,his has the measure of Rosberg everyday.

anyway good on Jenso to move out the way......Forza Lewis.....yet Again YOU Rise Lewis.....just when the ole boyz start writing you off



Bristish GP and Australian GP is cancel out for each other. Lewis still got one more DNF in Canada.

Without DNF, 29 Points are too much to call back, need 4-5 sraigh wins Good to see the fight restart again.


Nico must be given credit for managing that car to the end. His brake bias was much forward; Lewis' much rearward, which meant Lewis' rear brakes were hit more. And, he was behind and braking late. Hurt his rear tires too badly. The DNF wasn't entirely the team's fault. Canada didn't reward Lewis' style of driving, but it rewarded Nico's clinical driving. So, only 1 DNF for Lewis with no fault of his own. Nico and Lewis are even now on DNF's with no fault of either of them.

Drgraham lewis

You clearly do not understand racing with split braking systems... For clarity should the data ever be available, you will find all racers have different braking requirements with regards to the front/rear split. And that is on normal systems. with the added complexity of the harvesting being handled at the rear along with rear brake by wire, it certainly is not a case of 'Hamilton had the wrong setting' and to assume such is not realistic or fair however it makes the media and others happy.

The fact is any number of factors beyond Hamiltons control from following a car, increased heat, more brake pressure through to a set up that has more brake bias on to faulty component issues are the reasons this caused the issue to hurt Hamilton more than Rosberg.

You need to study a little more. These are the most complex systems ever integrated into F1 - sometimes failure is far beyond the control of the driver if the team do not react fast enough.

In this instance it hurt Hamilton and Rosberg was able to alter his bias before it became terminal as a result.


I am aware about brake bias and drivers' preferences. I didn't say Hamilton had the wrong brake bias. Where did you get this from? Given the conditions in Canada and Merc's brake temp issue in the same place, one driver suffered more, the other suffered less. Both cars were vulnerable in Canada, only one car suffered a DNF in Silverstone.

The rear brakes were even more vulnerable in Canada. Nico's rears weren't hurt as much, because he (at the point) was using more of the fronts. Both cars would have had DNF's in that race, but one guy nursed the car to the end while only losing 1 place. Credit Nico. Even Brundle and David Croft agreed.


Sorry but I totally disagree....

Lewis owns Canada...history as shown us that....and he knows how to setup a car there.

Lewis's brakes completely failing was very unlucky and I for one am not putting that down to Lewis's driver style, shall we blame Rosberg for his driving style because his gearbox packed in.

For me, Lewis is owed one more DNF and a couple of nice calls from the stewards too..lets see if Lewis can break the rules by cutting a corner, gaining an unfair advantage then get told it's ok pal carry on racing.....as the stewards did for Nico...


Please read my reply above. That response applies here too. We're making arguments here. That is all.


It could be argued that Hamilton forced rosberg to push the car causing the gears to fail some thing we have seen in a few races this year, but today lady luck was not with him.

I'm sure I have read posters saying Hamilton over drives his car causing his own failures before - like you say ref his brakes in Canada.

Maybe Nico style and approach is clinical (hence him not finishing higher than sixth in the WDC prior to these last two seasons before Hamilton joined the team.)

Be fair, a failure can occur at any time these machines perform on the edge and are driven on the limit.

I for one hoped Hamilton would not wave to the crowd on his final laps......