Hamilton Heads Rosberg At Silverstone then breaks down
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As the pressure builds in a their tense battle and with Lewis Hamilton having to make up lost ground on his team-mate, the Briton today headed his Mercedes partner, Nico Rosberg, in Free Practice for the British Grand Prix with lap times that signified that the Brackley-based squad has a comfortable margin over its competitors.

Returning to the scene where he took pole and led in 2013 before becoming one of many victims of a Pirelli delamination, Hamilton admits that this time around his home Grand Prix is a must-win as he trails Rosberg by twenty-nine points in the Championship.

As with most Friday afternoons the headlines will set up another dominant victory for the Silver Arrows but as we have seen in recent races such dominance is seemingly more difficult to come by. On pure pace and using both tyres they once again look untouchable, over a single lap at least. However minor errors can have drastic repercussions and reliability remains a question mark.

And that looked to be the case early in the weekend, as Rosberg came under investigation for passing a car under a red flag. The red flag was out early in FP1 after Austrian GP pole-sitter Felipe Massa crashed heavily on the exit of Stowe.

Replays showed that Rosberg passed Danii Kvyat, who was crawling at 38kph, and maintained his position, which is worthy of a penalty normally. But the FIA deemed the move safe due to Kvyat’s speed. Rosberg is safe for now.

Now it was Hamilton’s turn to be pegged back. The pace setter left the pits to continue his race simulation on the medium tyre as the session moved in to the closing thirty minutes but quickly found himself at a standstill after four corners and his day was over. It will not be too much of a set back for Hamilton as he still gathered both data and experience of a 2014 F1 car around Silverstone as well as having Nico Rosberg continue collecting information.

“The car felt pretty good here today but unfortunately I lost my most important run of the day this afternoon when I stopped out on track with an engine problem,” said Hamilton. “We haven’t identified what the issue was yet but it shouldn’t impact the rest of my weekend. We will change my programme around tomorrow morning to try and recover the time that I lost

The two Mercedes cars were split by 0.2s by the close of the day, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso a further half a second adrift. The Spaniard, who has six podium finishes at Silverstone – including two wins – clearly enjoys the Northamptonshire circuit and will be looking to add to his sole podium of 2014 this weekend.

To Alonso’s dislike the Red Bull car is more suited here than it was in Austria and the Milton Keynes team are set for a more satisfying weekend. Their race pace, in particular, looks on a par with Mercedes and will hopefully set up an exciting Grand Prix on Sunday.

Daniel Ricciardo at the British GP 2014

Daniel Ricciardo, in fourth place, also came under scrutiny from the FIA for overtaking under the red flag but he too was given the benefit of the doubt and will suffer no consequences. He was very fast on the hard compound tyre but didn’t get a performance gain from the medium due to a scrappy lap, so there is more to come from the Red Bull, which looks like it will be best of the rest behind Mercedes here.

Valtteri Bottas put his Williams in sixth place on a bad day for another local team. This morning’s session saw a female driver, in the form of Susie Wolff, take part in a competitive Formula One session for the first time in twenty-two years, however for only four laps.

The Scot completed one flying lap before an oil pressure issue caused her to stop on the outside of the circuit and be a spectator for the remainder.

Williams’ poor luck was then compounded by the heavy crash for Massa on the exit of Stowe, which saw him drop a wheel over the outside kerb and be thrown in to a spin towards the inside barrier. The mechanics were able to rebuild the Martini sponsored car prior to FP2 and Massa eventually took eleventh place.

* Pirelli has announced that it will test an 18 inch tyre concept at next week’s Silverstone test. The Lotus will run it during Wednesday’s running. Although this is an evaluation study for 2017, Pirelli says that the tyre is to F1 specifications and that the company is ready to go in that direction if the sport and the teams wish to do so.

British Grand Prix, Silverstone, Free Practice

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m34.508s 14
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m34.736s +0.228s 35
3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m35.244s +0.736s 32
4. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m35.511s +1.003s 11
5. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m35.627s +1.119s 27
6. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m36.016s +1.508s 33
7. Jenson Button McLaren 1m36.228s +1.720s 34
8. Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1m36.299s +1.791s 35
9. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m36.554s +2.046s 29
10. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m36.583s +2.075s 26
11. Felipe Massa Williams 1m36.671s +2.163s 29
12. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m36.778s +2.270s 31
13. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m36.951s +2.443s 35
14. Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1m37.064s +2.556s 35
15. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m37.097s +2.589s 33
16. Sergio Perez Force India 1m37.236s +2.728s 37
17. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m37.449s +2.941s 27
18. Adrian Sutil Sauber 1m37.520s +3.012s 25
19. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m38.658s +4.150s 11
20. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m39.068s +4.560s 31
21. Max Chilton Marussia 1m39.224s +4.716s 28
22. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1m39.762s +5.254s 21

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Gabo Rochinotti

Hey, you could keep that headline all Saturday.


Oh come on……HAMILTON said he missed his box, or is he part of the anti-Hamilton conspiracy as well?


what’s the international dialing code for the uk?


What is the state of each of the drivers in respect of engines? It sounds as though some will be incurring penalties from about the middle of the season. Is the grid penalty applied each time you add an engine to the list or each time you use and engine that wasn’t on the original list?

kenneth chapman

the thread topic begs the question james, was it mechanical or mental? hahaha

kenneth chapman

sorry for the double dip james….could you please bring us up to date on the ‘non notification’ via email of answers to our posts.? it would be appreciated if you could get it sorted as it is just so difficult having to go over entire threads to find any responses. thanks


It is in progress

We know what the problem is and it will take some time to fix.

Bear with us

kenneth chapman

cool james. good to know that is progressing albeit slowly.


Hopefully Alonso will be on the podium this weekend and am sad that Kimi has hinted on his retirement after Ferrari’s contract ends.


He will be 37 if he decides to race in the 2016 season. Mark Webber retired on that age, so even if he will extend it, it will be one year probably.


Schumi was the fastest driver in Monaco aged 43. Kimi is still young compared to that.


Fan comments are the one thing that can turn an informative discussion site into a flame-filled libellous troll-pit. Thankfully James and his guys here are doing a decent job keeping this site clean.

Sure, Lewis has had his share of breakdowns but he is also to blame for his own lack of titles. In his rookie year, he threw it away. He won the title on a knife edge race that could have gone either way. He then was leading the championship when he decided to play bumper cars with Massa in another year.

Even this year, he has not done the right thing. When told your brakes are dying, do you take the 18 or go for the 25? In Canada he had that chance.

In Monaco, no matter what Nico did whether deliberate or not, Lewis should have nailed it the first lap. In Austria, why did he not nail a banker lap? He would have been on the front row if he just didn’t run wide.

I am a big Lewis fan. I feel he is the fastest driver in F1 right now and he’d beat Vettel and Alonso the way he beat Button in qualifying. Just like Button, Vettel or Alonso may well beat him over a year and not because they are faster.

Sometimes it takes more than just talent. Breakdowns have cost how many drivers a race let alone a title. We all remember Mansell and his tire bursting.

If Rosberg wins the title by one point with zero breakdowns vs Lewis who may well have four by then, the fan boys can take the high ground all they want but the record books will show one thing.

If Lewis wants this title, he has to pull his finger out in qualifying every single race. Start on pole. Lead the race. If Rosberg cooks his brakes behind him, tough.

It is worth remember that no overtaking move has been done between the two Mercs this season and stuck. Chances are if you’re on pole and don’t break down, you win.

kenneth chapman

@ jason, people keep on insisting that hamilton is faster than rosberg yet there has been no instances of him actually putting a pass on rosberg. the fastest driver is the one in front. austria is a case in point. it was possible to pull a pass despite the DRS on other parts of the circuit. hamilton claims that sitting in the fumes of rosberg’s car affected his brakes and he suffered as a result. most likely very true. if he was the faster driver then he has to make the passes and make them stick. that will sort out the overheating and give rosberg the problems!

i know that there are lots of other points that need to be taken into consideration but until he can outrace rosberg on sheer speed he is not the ‘fastest’ driver.


Lewis faster, I believe a lot of people can see that. Give them clean air and Lewis is faster. Just F1 cars don’t follow F1 cars very well. The nature of the beast I guess.


are you sure you’re an engineer? as far as am aware, if two cars are in close formation the faster car is the one behind. if the car in front was faster it would pull away.

secondly if you watched the first 5 races, you would have seen which of the drivers was faster in qualifying and the race. the truth is natural.

kenneth chapman

i simply don’t know why i bother but let me say this. the car that wins does so because they have covered the complete race distance in a shorter time than the car behind.


Well said about the qualifying. The bulk of Lewis’s poles this year were when the track was wet or drying wet, which favored the last car to cross the line to be fastest. A majority of the dry sessions went to Rosberg.


very subjective comments from previous message. But then again, favouring 1 F1 driver over another tends to fall that way. The fact is, in order to be a successful F1 driver you need to have a number of things in your favour, it’s not just about driver ability.I find it funny that people are critiical of the way the sport is at the moment. But I have to say I find it refreshing that the emphasis is now on engine development rather then the black arts of aerodynamics. A true form of engineering which will have an impact on what we drive in the future. I think tomorrow it will be a wet quali so will be a close fight between the engine power of the mercedes team and the aero package of the red bull team. As a Brit ,my allegiance is with Lewis as I enjoy is racing spirit, and the fact that its never dull watching him drive and I find it refreshing that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Even if at times he makes himself look a fool. Well, isn’t refreshing to hear someone not always following the company line. I find it really boring hearing the same old politically correct rubbish. Come on Lewis bring it home


Well said 🙂 I am far from a Lewis fan but I genuinely like how you put up this comment…


Spot on 🙂



I think Bernie wants another golden boy German to win.I knew before the beginning of this season when he said that Rosberg will be champion.It’s a shame that this sport is turning into a joke.




F1 vs. GP2 Silverstone update

Yes, I know Lewis’ 1:34.5 is not the pole time. But 107% would be 1:41.1 and at 1:40.4 today it sure looks like Marciello makes it in his budget GP2 ride that had many newbies who were getting a burger at the food stands thinking that the sound of GP2 cars was in fact F1 track action again and had them rushing back to their spot. 15 GP2 cars were within 107% of Lewis’ time today.

I’m like that new Jack White Lazoretto LP, with a fancy locking looping outside groove…and I’m stuck in that groove, looping over and over and over again. Hey, what’s that? Is that a hologram of an F1 car or an angel? Don’t sing about F1 Jack, F1 engines are coffee launge music. Sing about GP2 engines – that’s rock and roll!


Hamilton surely has tough luck. Better to have a problem on Friday than on a Sunday.

A win for Lewis despite problems will make him much stronger.

Hope there is solid & close racing this sunday.


Hoping the same too. As a Rosberg fan, I am tired of hearing people say Rsoberg took advantage of Lewis’s problems to win as if Lewis will shut off his car if Rosberg had a DNF to make the fight fair.

Rosberg is very much equipped to beat Hamilton in a fair fight. And that is what happened in Austria.

You can talk all day about the slow pit-stops but Hamilton had chances to overtake Nico as he made mistakes out in front especially when Lewis was close behind.


Can someone explain me why the drivers are allowed to exceed track limits in Silverstone (especially the last corner before start-finish) and why this wasn’t allowed in Austria? Race Direction seems not to be very consistent with this…


Because in Austria, drivers could gain big advantage


the queen wore hamilton’s hat to launch the hms queen elezabeth today!

she must be the biggest hamilton fanatic.


Got to give it to this guy- Today’s Andrew Benson report ‘ Hamilton tops second practice at British Grand Prix despite engine problems ‘

One gets the impression that engine problem had crippled Lewis and he set the fastest time despite that. But in reality he had already set the fastest time before encountering engine problems.I can understand one supporting their countrymen.

But is there no end to this sycophancy from some of the commentators?


Again my tongue in cheek post gets deleted. Absolutely harmless post with no disrespect to anyone. No swear words, no trashing anyones comments. No politics, no religion. It seems you’ve made it personal now James. Well done.


No idea which post you are referring to

Comments that don’t meet standards are deleted

What was the comment about?


It was in reply to post #9 – Rohind

I simply said:

“Lewis did his time on 2 cylinders. The man is a phenom”.

Phenom is not a bad word where I come from.

Most would find it funny.

I will leave you with an apology for being sarcastic. Good luck and good health to you sir.


Sorry did not see that. Maybe it went to spam. Wasn’t modded


This is a Brtish site and therefore for the most part there is more bias favoring Brit drivers than not.

Nothing wrong with that – but it’s more difficult for them to be “fair and balanced” with their opinions towards other drivers/teams.


As far as I can see, it is a pretty accurate statement. Hamilton was the fastest and he did indeed have engine problems.

Not quite sure what exactly you are trying to say. Seems to me your post says more about you than it does about the journalist you mention.


Don’t you think that statement is inaccurate and misleading?? He set the fastest time during quali trim and then has an engine problem during the race simulations.

So in no way, the engine problem referred here has hindered his speed while setting the fastest lap.

I would suggest you to read again if u don’t quite follow


Did you see his report of the Austria gp? It was like a open love letter to Hamilton! Not once did it mention that his phenomenal pace saw him qualify so low. Andrews descriptions also of some of the moves Hamilton made, and didn’t make, were the work or pure fiction!

It’s easy to see how the conspiracy fanatics are wound up when Andrew points to the only reason Hamilton didn’t win is that his pit stops are always slower than rosberg. Doesn’t mention again how he drove past his box on the stop.

Brazil Concalvez

Hamilton driving past his marks is just an assumption NOT a fact, have you seen the pit crew moving forward because Hamilton’s car was not on the marks, i doubt your did. So the team gave Hamilton a slow pit stop like in Spain


Well I think its factual, actually.

The fact that Rosberg did not top Hamiltons time, despite having a healthy car for the whole session, justified the headline – completely.

Here’s another view from an international web site, not known for favoring the brits:-

“Hamilton tops second practice at British Grand Prix despite engine problems”

FYI, that is an Indian website, called IBN live.

I think the headline on here is… well, you decide.


Hamillton did that lap in Qualy setting, so did Rosberg. after that it was all about testing long race pace.


Lets see what happens tomorrow. Quali could be wet. How can you bet against Lewis when it’s wet! 🙂


Do you know, I was there in 2012 for that (very!) wet qualifying and never in a month of Sundays would I have predicted Nando snatching pole.

If it rains at Silverstone tomorrow, any of the Top 10 could get pole – and that’s why rain affected tracks are so compelling!


If it is a wet qualification, I would predict Red bull/Vettel pole tomorrow


Nah, probably gets an engine failure before sector two.

Stephen Taylor

Kimi to get pole in rain by 3.662 seconds I think.


awesome ! kimi comeback !!


Here comes all the conspiracy theorists 😛

Brazil Concalvez

So explain why Rosberg was not penaltilized for braking a rule again. Overtaking under red flags is prohibited, so please do explain why he escaped it with your ”Here comes all the conspiracy theorists”


He must have thought Kvyat broke down because he was doing less than 40km! Same with Ricciardo, Alonso was too slow even before the Red Flag so Ricciardo overtook him.


Braking a rule again?? I’m assuming you are referring to the Montreal incident when he went off track and gained a bit of time?

Well he got a warning like EVERY driver get when they do that. Penalties are given when they do it again after a warning, like Massa last year.

Brazil Concalvez

@Justin Bieber Rosberg was givin a LAST warning in Canada, so ask yourself what did he do before to get the last warning in Canada ?, tell me lol. The stewards simply don’t gonna punish Rosberg because they know it will benefit Hamilton, all the stewards are against him.


Do you even read what the FIA said about that?

“The driver of car 6 [Rosberg] had driven the lap fully within the regulations and was travelling at a safe and reasonable speed throughout. At the moment of the overtake, car 26 [Kvyat] pulled fully off line and slowed to as low as 38km/h in what appeared to be a very unusual manner, in an area of the track that was completely clear.” –> that’s why Rosberg wasn’t penalised.

And Same for Ricciardo. He overtook Alonso because he was driving too slow!


Safe or not, the rules state that overtaking under the red is not permitted. Rosberg did so, and wasn’t penalised.

Personally, I’m quite pleased he didn’t pick up a penalty – it’ll make for a better race. However…

… rather than arsing around with double points, standing starts, and such I’d like the FIA to just get their rulebook in order. Make the rules, enforce them and enforce them consistently. This track is ok for constantly exceeding track limits, but this track means you’ll be given a stop/go or your time struck for doing the same thing. Under these circumstances you CAN overtake under a red, but if it’s like this then you can’t. If this were any other sport, the fans would be in an uproar with such inconsistent refereeing.

You don’t get this kind of ridiculous double standards in Endurance racing – the rule says this, you have to do this. Wheelspin out of your pitbox at Le Mans and you’re hauled back in for a penalty. No arguing. Every lap, every session, every hour, the same rule applies.

It’s not that hard to produce rules, enforce them and enforce them consistently. However, it does seem to be a problem for the stewards of F1 and I can’t see why.

Bernie is about to exit stage right, it’s about time some of the others do too…


I think in UK common law it could be classified as “Extenuating circumstances!”

Brazil Concalvez

Does not matter how fast or how slow you go, overtaking taking in a red flag situation is PROHIBITED


It’s really unbelievable how lucky Rosberg has been this year. No DNF’s and no penalties. It looks very dubious to me. The racing gods have definitely not been on Hamilton’s side this year.


Could not agree more Michael


Remember what Schumi said about luck? It’s really not luck, it’s being prepared to take advantage of opportunity.

Kvyat was going 38km/h as James said. Not really F1 speed. He was basically standing still, and that’s why he was passed by Rosberg. Anyhow, wouldn’t that be more of a fine rather than a grid panalty issue? Do we have precedent for such an offence in the past few years?


agree,might aswell throw away the rule book as far as nicos concerned.the stewards seem to make it up as they go along.and you just knew something would happen to lewis car.seems like one driver needs extra help to beat teammate.


We all know it was Perez fault on todays Massa’s crash 🙂


I’ve posted this above, but Massa doesn’t seem to like Silverstone, does he? Always something negative happens to him…………


As always packed house at Silverstone for a practice session and luckily for the fans, today’s proceedings weren’t rain affected.

For sure, the ingredients for a classic race are looking promising as Red Bull look closer to the front runners Mercedes with Alonso looking like he could be in the mix too should anybody miss their markers.

Meanwhile, mighty save by Lewis today for getting his DNF two days early for it would have been melancholic for the fans were this to happen on race day.

Regards Ricciardo and Rosberg, they were fortunate to avoid penalties for overtaking under Red Flag conditions but once again, the fans dodged a bullet as a penalty would have taken the joy out of the fight out front.

As for Alonso, he looks good for a podium especially if he can manage a top 5 qualifying position.

Williams did well to recover in FP2 after a difficult FP1 and if they get their ducks in a row, they could score some decent points.

Mclaren look like they will be in the thick of things in the midfield, hopefully Jenson can put on a good show for the home fans by beating the Torro Rossos and Force Indias.

Last but not least, will be interesting to see what boost the fans’ support gives our Chilton as he takes care of business at the back.


Ricciardo passed within seconds of the red flag coming out, passing a slow Alonso, away from the scene of the accident. So a penalty there would’ve been harsh.

From the Stewards decision, it seems that Rosberg passed a very slow Kvyat, who had moved completely off the racing line. It happened over a minute into the red flag, but was away from the Massa accident. Again, seems like a common sense decision.

The only thing is you hope future stewards at future races will maintain such common sense decision-making. It just takes one strange stewards’ decision to spoil a race (ahem, Spa 2008, I’m lookin’ at you).

I’ve seen one forecast say that it will be dry for both quali and the race, and another saying rain is a certainty for both! Aaah, England!!!



Well said.

For sure, whenever Mansell has been the stewart, the rulings have always been spot on e.g. The Lewis/Massa last lap incident of Silverstone 2011.


Goferet, I was there in 2012 when qualifying was turned into a grey soup and Silverstone looked like a swamp from the Deep South (minus the alligators). Some of the spectators caught that nasty Noro-virus bug that makes a person continually vomit or feel sick, while I personally and many other spectators had developed webbed feet by the end of the Saturday session…………….and yet, and yet……qualifying for the pole shoot out was fantastic, it really was. I know its a cliche, but when Nando spun and missed the barriers it was literally the greatest save since Gordon Banks! His pole lap was one of the best of his career, a driver using his wet weather genius to compensate for a lack of raw dry weather pace.

So let’s all do a rain dance! I may be in a minority of one, but I enjoy rain affected and changeable races, it just makes Formula 1………………less predictable. The drivers and team personnel really earn their salaries when a drop of the wet stuff has a meeting with the track!


@ Gaz Boy

Lol… In other words Silverstone is the Glastonbury of F1 fans.

Yes I too think wet affected weekends are great for apart from the predictability, wet weekends give the opportunity for the great drivers to show why they get the big salaries and also gives opportunity to young guns in smaller teams to show what they can do as the wet supposedly cancels out everybody’s car advantage.

Stephen Taylor

James 2 questions:

1 From what you observed what is the reason for Kimi being 1.3 secs down on Alonso in Quali trim ?

2 What were Kimi’s times like on long runs?


I think Kimi wants Montezemolo to pay him out of his contract early again. His form is quite dismal at the moment and it appears his heart is not in it. I thought this may happen and knew it was a major mistake for Ferrari to re-hire Kimi.


Can’t really say on the first question

On second I would say that they are less consistent than Alonso, who was doing mid 1m40s very consistently

The conditions were tricky today with gusting winds and it was hard for many drivers to get a consistent approach

Kristiane Cyrus

I still remember vividly when you commented on Kimi’s overtake on Fisi 2007 Suzuka, so it couldn’t be Kimi just all of a sudden forgetting how to drive. I doubt it’s a problem of himself.

Hope whatever problems he’s having will be sorted out – FAST.

Stephen Taylor

His recovery in Fuji 2007 wasn’t bad either.

Kristiane Cyrus

sorry, 2005! Typo.

Stephen Taylor

Did Kimi run the option tyre?


Poor old Lewis. Perhaps he’s headbutted a nun or killed a black cat? I never subscribe to bad luck or conspiracy theories, but netherless he’s had his fair share of mechanical issues…………….compared to his team-mate, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Massa really doesn’t like Silverstone, does he? In 2002 he spun three times, in 2007 he stalled on the parade lap and had to start plum last from the pit-lane (in a car fast enough to win had he started from the front), in 2008 he spun FIVE TIMES!, in 2013 he had that massive tyre blow out which ruined his race and now he stuffs his Williams chassis into the barriers down at Stowe………

Incidentally, what is happening at Silverstone today? Lewis stops with oil pressure issues, Kimi complaining about lack of straightline speed, Massa stuffs into the barrier, Bottas engine cover flies off, Susie Wolff’s car couldn’t even do 20 odd miles and Vergne’s front wheel tried to detach itself from its stub axle. You would have thought by this stage of the season all the early gremlins would have been eradicated…………evidently not!

Can I just say hello to any spectators at Silverstone visiting from the English speaking Commonwealth nations. I’ve met many spectators from the likes of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, Malta, Cyprus et al over the years at Silverstone and you’re a great bunch of well informed, enthusiastic people. I remember when ITV had the F1 contract James and Martin used to say hello to “our friends around the world” – Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa used to take the ITV feed. I believe that they did have the BBC feed as well, until 2012 when Sky got the contract, and free to air F1 coverage was stopped. Of the English speaking countries, only Australia gets live coverage for free. And F1 bosses wonder why the customer base in the Anglosphere has diminished and struggling to attract new converts to the F1 gospel?

If you’re visiting Silverstone from the Anglosphere I apologise for the possible lousy weather and shockingly high prices. However, don’t blame for Silverstone for that – they managed to get a contract to hold the GP until 2027, but had to agree to pay an extortionate license fee to do that, so Silverstone has to base its prices not to make a loss. (They only just break even I believe). Blame a certain small bloke with a pudding basin haircut………………as for the lousy weather, is that a bad thing? Lets face it, it’ll be a Merc walk-over if its dry in race trim, reliability permitting. However………… a wet race? With these new cars? On a full tank? That is literally a journey into the unknown. Just a small shower on race day would be very welcome!


hey gaz boy…always enjoy your posts. actually in Canada TSN gives

us the races for free…and qualifying! no practices like SPEED-TV

used to do though. cheers.


FYI the practice was on TSN, maybe TSN2, I happened to come across it unexpectedly. Might not have been advertised though, TSN are bad for that. As for free, it’s a cable channel so I pay for it.


Cheers to all the Canadians for the info.

If I run for FIA president and win I’ll make sure its mandatory that there is live free to air coverage for all of Europe and the English speaking countries!


tim, you’re not looking hard enough then. TSN always shows FP2 on Fridays, usually on TSN2. Quali and the race are usually both on the main TSN channel, although this weekend it’s all on TSN2, b/c of the Wimbledon coverage.

Gaz Boy, we get the BBC feed for every FP2, quali, and race. Even the ones that are Sky exclusives. Must be in the contract somewhere that they need to provide the feed for those countries that had signed up with them before the Sky deal.


I wonder if Canada has that rule that major sporting events cannot be siphoned off to the likes of Sky?

Australia does – but then the Australian government is very forceful of its feeling that the AUS population has the right to watch most sports. In the UK that applies to the World Cup, Wimbledon Commonwealth Games and Olympics, but not all F1 events.

PS Apologies to the Canadians watching the BBC feed about Eddie Jordan’s shirts and DC’s tight jeans – the BBC has strict standards when it comes to language and violence, but obviously not sartorial presentation…………….

Peter Scandlyn

makes two of us tim, always a chuckle there too…


That’s great! To be honest, the more viewers F1 gets in the English speaking countries, the better for its long term health, so that’s excellent news. The Canadian spectators, as I said, are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and put on a fantastic event every mid summer at Montreal.

I am right in saying TNT is the English language sports broadcaster in Canada? Does it require a subscription or is it free to air nationally? I don’t mean to sound ignorant, I don’t know how the broadcasting system works in Canada in terms of finance and distribution, because obviously there is English and French language channels that have to work independently of each other.

It’s great news that Canada has got the GP for the next 10 years. One of the best RACING circuits in F1 with a superb local following has finally been rewarded with a secure long term contract – there is a God.

I do know that TNT can be received in, believe it or not, Jamaica and the Bahamas!




I hope Dosberg gets a grid penalty for overtaking under red flags in Practice One.

Come on lets a Lewis win Button Second & Riccardo 3rd I’d put Max in 3rd but you have more chance finding ‘Big Foot’ camping at Silverstone chugging on a pint of ‘Bishops Finger’ while Barbecuing a Kilo of Red meat & Black Pudding while humming the hits of Acker Bilk. 😀



Wow Rosberg wasn’t penalised. ..if that was Lewis he’d be at the back of the grid & made to do a year of community service & then told to clean the race track with a toothbrush. Dubious ruling.


Seriously, Ham is one of the few drivers the FIA likes to bring the hammer down. Schu was another example in the past. Or Senna for that matter. Although the question is whether that might have been self inflicted to a certain degree. All three – Ham – Schu – Sen are rough guys who take no prisoners. The FIA tried to bring them down to earth when it got too much.


Daniel Ricciardo escaped any further action too. Why is nobody talking about it?

For crying out loud, it is a practice session. You speak as if Lewis Hamilton’s best chance of a home victory is already gone.


Everything matters must be an even keel regarding the way stewards & racing officials give out judgements. Rosberg lost all respect when he deliberately parked his car in Monaco & briught out the yellow flags. He got away with that. He got away it yesterday. Few seasons back Rosberg drove Lewis off the trackk aggressively (luckily Lewis passed him when he got back on track…he was driving for Mclaren. Schmi did the same at Monza & Brawn had to remind Schmi not too zig zag or aggressively force a driver off tge track) at Bahrain…he got away with that.

So with respect you are mistaken in your summation.


C’mon Rosberg had to overtake as the Toro Rosso was too slow. You should at least listen to the reports to what happened before accusing Nico. I too hope Hamilton takes the top step of the podium.


Err I did listen & he got away with it !! Simple.

Teflon German . Dubious outcome !!


Ricciardo also escaped penalty for the same minor infringement. Get a grip Hamilton fans…


It’s not just this incident that’s been the problem. There have been a whole number of situations, on totally separate occasions this season that “luck” seems to have totally gone Rosberg’s way… I am not even a Hamilton fan, I don’t even particularly like his flamboyant style and nature, I actually support Ricciardo and Alonso mainly but I hate it when two drivers are competing all out for a championshit (as Ham/Ros are) and one driver is constantly bombarded with bad luck and the other seemingly gets away with everything. It just seems as though this season has been a little unfair so far on Hamilton’s part and I think his fans have every right to feel a little disenfranchised at the moment.


State the obvious. Even on the below parr SkyF1 show…


I suppose if this was at a German GP the stewards would give Lewis a penalty As quickly as creating a European Federation. But here at Silverstone we prefer racing without penalties.

Teflon Rosberg.

This is not Lewis Fans going crazy. Blatantly a dubious decision. If thst was Button I’d be backing him to the hilt. Any British driver infact anyone but Rosberg !!


Be careful, you posts are crossing over into unacceptable. The rules are clear, maintain a high level of debate, no name calling, no libels. If you persist we will simply Trash the comment – Mod


I think I’ll calm down again James 🙂

Before you say it.


Not that I agree totally with the way he said it but he does have a valid point. Rosberg does seem to be a little untouchable at the moment in terms of the stewards etc.. Everyone needs some good luck I suppose 🙂

Richard cummins

Are you serious? Or is that comment a wind up? I bet if you do a questionnaire most fans will back this up!


Sorry James just got caight up in the moment will kerb my angst re Rosberg.
Normal posting will resume O:-)

Brazil Concalvez

Yeah but he has a point, it’s clear that Rosberg broke a rule again witch is prohibbited but escapes sanctions again.

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