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German Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Jul 2014   |  12:08 am GMT  |  305 comments

It was another exciting race with plenty of overtaking and dramatic moments, some drivers making big progress through the field and others losing out.

While Nico Rosberg cruised to victory in front of his home fans, an eventful Grand Prix unravelled behind him with some heated battles, impressive overtaking moves and inspired drives throughout the field.

There are numerous candidates in the running for this weekend’s Driver of the Day – but who are you going to choose? Who was your Driver of the Day in Hockenheim?


Nico Rosberg

Drove a faultless race to take his fourth win of the season. Started on pole position, after a textbook lap in qualifying, and pulled away from Bottas with consummate ease. Remained unchallenged for the entire race, as battles took place behind him, with the pace of the car and solid strategy proving too much for anyone else. Recorded his seventh of his career to increase his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ standings to 14 points with nine races to go. Led every lap to surpass father Keke Rosberg’s career laps led total of 516.


Valtteri Bottas

It was another stunning performance from the Finn to equal his best result in Formula 1 and give Williams their 300th podium. Defended from team-mate Felipe Massa at the start to hold second and from there ran comfortably in that position before the stops. Lost a place to Hamilton, but retook the Mercedes with the Briton under instruction not to resist him. His tyres started to fade in the closing stages, after the team made a two-stop strategy work, but defended brilliantly from Hamilton to hold on to second and ensure Williams move up to third in the constructors’ championship.


Lewis Hamilton

Was sore after a heavy crash in qualifying, which left him well down the grid for the race. Took a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change and started 20th. By lap eight, he was up to 12th place and then put a bold move on Raikkonen, making contact with the Ferrari at the hairpin on his way through. Continued to make his way through the field, rising as high as second before dropping back when he stopped. As he made his way through the field again, he hit the sidepod of Button’s McLaren, mistakenly thinking his former team-mate was letting him through, which damaged his front wing. Forced to do a final 16-lap stint on the supersoft tyres, passed Alonso but could not pass Bottas as his tyres lost grip and he settled for third.


Sebastian Vettel

Won another exciting battle with fellow world champion Alonso. Avoided the trouble at the start to run third and stayed within eight seconds of second-placed Bottas. Dropped back after the stops but renewed his battle with Alonso from Silverstone, passing the Spaniard and his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen in a great move at the hairpin. Emerged from the pits in front of Alonso, but made a slight mistake, allowing Alonso to steal the place using DRS. Stopped for a third time for the soft tyres, emerging sixth but rose up to fourth despite late concerns over fuel.


Fernando Alonso

Battled both Red Bulls hard to once again make the best of a bad car. Made up ground at the start to run fourth early on. Shrewdly passed Vettel as he came out of the pits but a late stop dropped him back to seventh. Overtook Button and then had a great ding-dong battle with Ricciardo, the pair fighting hard for fifth place with some supreme side-by-side driving through the stadium section. Eventually broke Ricciardo’s defence to finish fifth and maintain his run of scoring points in every single race this season.


Daniel Ricciardo

Demonstrated a racer’s instinct with some superb wheel-to-wheel driving. Lost out at the start when Massa and Magnussen collided and he was forced onto the run-off. Dropped to 12th place but made his way through the field. Fought with Hamilton, who was also fighting through the field, in the opening stages, before passing Vergne and Raikkonen. Lost a place to Hamilton, who was on fresher tyres, and defended bravely from Alonso before losing another. Crossed the line sixth having recovered some good points and boosted his ever-growing profile.

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Hamilton does it again. What a champion. Something completely out of his control and he only ends up 22 seconds behind Rosberg. Rosberg gifted another win from a mechanical with Hamilton's car. If it was the Webber red Bull fans from last year the conspiracy theories would have already started.


Pipito you are absolutely correct, Charley Whiting in my opinion has been struck by senility. The fact that a safety car was not deployed is incomprehensible when one witnessed track marshals run across the track while the race continued. There have been a number of other instances in the last few years where Whiting has failed to follow safety protocol. I feel that F-1 is equally culpable by allowing him to hold the post of race director.


WOW! You're certainly not bias for/against any drivers at all !! I wonder if we could guess which driver it is that you're trying to prop up here? 😛


I agree. Any of the average mid fielders, say Kimi, Jenson, Sutil etc would have scored a few points in that car from that grid position. Max might have been on for a point or 2 also.

Make no mistake, the drive was entertaining and we salute that but dont go thinking it was anything superhuman. Simple physics teaches us that if you are 2 seconds a lap faster, over say 50 laps then you will be 100 seconds further up the road than the others. DFE.


Well if Lewis Hamilton is an average driver then I guess Fernando must be a bit crap too. Who would you describe as above average Raikennen? Chilton? I do think it's fair to say that Ricciardo might have the measure though.


Just to point out, rosberg wasnt 'faultless' during qualifying - he messed up his runs in q2 and had to use his supersofts to get through. He was also lucky that the fia allowed him to change his brakes before the race, even thoughthey are a different manufacturer to lewis.

Also lewis didnt "crash out" of qualifying - he had a brake failure out of his control, which brembo admitted to


..which caused a crash.


This is absurd, how can you honestly say that Rosberg and Hamilton are average drivers. Hamilton has always been exceptionally fast albeit with some inconsistencies and Rosberg was always hard to tell due to the quality of the cars at his disposal and the quality of his team mates.

Clearly your Vettel fandom has overwhelmed you where reason has gone out the window, how do you know that Vettel was so superior and it wasn't just that Webber's underperformance wasn't just being masked by having such a fast car? That argument can easily be swing both ways and there is probably and element of both. This year the Vettel doubters have a lot more ammo now that he is being shown up quite regularly by Riccoardo.

For what it's worth I think once Vettel can sort his issues he'll be back up there after all he did win a race in a Toro Rosso and no one else has even come close to managing that so the guy is clearly a very good driver but I don't believe he's as special as the other 4 time champs of the past or even Alonso now.


Lewis gets my vote. A superb driver and another curve ball, this time with the brakes, didn't faze him. He kept it together superbly and despite the contact with Jenson claimed a superb podium position.

And never mind the Red Bull conspiracy theories - there were enough Lewis fans expounding their own when he was at McLaren a few years ago!


Any of the drivers could have achieved the same in that car.


Lewis was in the way fastest car and assisted by the turn 1 pile-up, so his drive was good but not really that remarkable. His attempt to play dodgems with Kimi, Button and others was very amateurish and could have had a DNF or caused an accident he seems to be so concerned about later on. His suggestion that there is some kind of German conspiracy is very poor sportsmanship. Driver of the day? No thanks.


NO THEY CANT !!- thats why some drivers earn 20million and others dont. There is no way on gods green earth that even Nico would have come from 20th to 3rd even in that car. He couldnt even get close at China this year !!. Maybe. Alonso, Def Raikkonen and Vettel in a car like that.. I wouldnt bet on anyone else..WHY you ask because we've seen them do it Raikkonen won from 18th at Suzuka, (Even last year with Injections in his back from 13-3 at Sing- near impossible to pass) Vettel won at Brazil 2012 from pit (even if several cars got out his way). Alonso - oh because everyone else says so. : )

Pierce Wiederecht

Yes. Any driver currently on the f1 grid could win in that car,or come through the field for that matter.

Kristiane Cyrus

If that's the case then you wouldn't see Kimi slower than Fernando despite being in the same car; you wouldn't see Kovolainen being so crap against Hamilton despite being in the same car; the same goes to Alonso v Piquet; MSc v Irvine; etc...

Still takes a very good driver to pull off an amazing drive like Hamilton did.


*in your opinion


Rosberg took 40 odd laps to come back from 6th to 2nd in China. Think Hamilton deserves a little more credit than you are giving him.


Firstly, your assuming that in your opinion. Secondly, they didn't Hamilton did. Your post, as the vast majority on here are simply opinion, everyone has an opinion, much like everyone has a posterior.


Sure, provided they're as gifted...


Do you really believe that? I doubt Rosberg would have made it through to 3rd starting from 20th. Did you see how he [Rosberg] struggled in China and he only fell back to 6th after an incident on the first corner. No doubt the Mercedes is a very fast car, but don't dismiss the skill of Hamilton - cars don't drive themselves.


Umm... what do you think Hamilton was trying to do with his comments regarding the lack of Safety Car to cover Sutil's spun Sauber?


Some pretty emotive responses for simply pointing out that the conspiracy theorists were out well and truly before Rossco called for them, and one of them happened to be driving the third-placed car! For the record, I am no Hamilton fan (never have been, never will be), but the absence of a safety car in that instance was pretty odd. We shouldn't have marshalls running across a track during an active race lest we want another blind-brow incident from the '77 Sth African GP. Having inadvertantly seen that on YouTube, I definitely don't want to see it again.


Yeah the race director wanted a huge pile up.... d'uh!


You mean this comment that suggests because it was the German GP and Nico was leading?


"How on earth a car can be sitting in the middle of the road for a couple of laps and not come out... but I think you know why."

I think Charlie saw right through Sutil's attempts to reach out to Lewis in a bid to restore their lost bromance with an on track suck-up manouver to Lewis. As in, "I know you didn't come testify for me Lewis, but I still got your back." And to that Charlie said, you can't fool me! Well spotted Charlie.


Point out what every fan with three spare brain cells recognized?

That if there was ever a situation that called for a safety car, that was it... and yet there was no safety car, because it would have endangered the german driver's lead in the german grand prix?

Rosberg and Alonso have both said they expected a safety car, both said they didn't want a safety car, but that a safety car was warranted given the situation.


He was obviously worried about people's safety, don't be that guy, the one that is completely blind to anything else bad unless it involves Hamilton.


It's very simple. More people liked Webber and wanted him to have a fair shot than think Hamilton has particularly bad luck. Someone as "entitled" as Hamilton deserves his fair share of bad luck, if you can't accept that as a fanboy then tough.


@ Craig The only reason "the haters" say he's entitled is because he's driven for 2 top teams since his time in F1. What they keep forgetting is if he wasn't a top driver he wouldn't be with those teams. This whole entitlement argument is ridiculous.


Are you trying to say that you are expected to have bad luck because so many people want to you to have goodluck..Good luck with that..btw that doesnt mean I want you to have bad luck..lol


The "Webber got hard done by" line is something you usually only hear from Australians...

Hamilton has clearly had bad luck, that is the only reason he is not leading the WDc by a mile.

To say he is "entitled" so deserves bad luck and anybody disagreeing with you is a "fanboy" really puts your opinion in perspective.


If he had his fair share, that would be fine, but let's be honest, he took the brunt of McLaren's unreliability in 2012, which arguably lost him the championship, he's also had 2x DNF this year through no fault of his own, vs 1 for Rosberg.


In what way is Lewis "entitled"?

I can never understand comments like this, he's from a modest background and he and his dad worked damn hard to get to where they are. Yes he was signed up by Mclaren at an early age but plenty of others have been part of similar programs and be still had to deliver at all stages along the way, nothing was handed to him.

I can only conclude that comments like this are motivated by some personal hatred for the guy for whatever reason, be it the way he lives his life or even racially motivated or simply trolling just for a reaction. Personal opinions and dislikes are fine but should be backed up by some kind of evidence or reasoning.


More people liked Webber ...

Personally, I think it was more to do with how many people disliked Vettel 😉


I chose Hamilton because he fought hard to wrestle through the field while trying to save tyres and fuel just like everyone else. Similar to Vettel in Abu Dhabi 2012

Other drivers which caught my eye have to be Bottas and Ricciardo.

Bottas is keeping up with the benchmark Mercedes and managed to keep Hamilton behind. That is amazing!

Ricciardo's fight with Alonso was incredible to watch because Dan had inferior tyres and straight line speed, but he almost kept Alonso behind. If he had equal tyres, I bet he could have.

Being a Vettel supporter, I can't help feeling that RIcciardo is making Vettel look so average. I know Vettel is still brilliant but RIcciardo is a whole new level to Vettel. Imagine Webber vs Ricciardo, it will embarrass Webber even more.


@Stevie S

[The difference is that Vettel was slated for his drive in Abu Dhabi in 2012. A drive in a car much less dominant than the W05.]

...and the difference is that in that race:

1. Two safety cars came out in favour of Vettel.

2. He started from the pit-lane, allowing the team to optimize his race set-up for overtaking.

...for Hamilton this race:

1. The first safety car did not help him much. When Sutil's car was stalled on track, no safety car was deployed although it should have been, on SAFETY grounds. (That's why it's called a safety car, Mr. Whiting...)

2. Mercedes opted to start on the grid, so he may or may not have the best race set-up for overtaking.

They both made a mistake though, losing their front wings, although Vettel did it under safety car conditions.


You can't necessarily say that Ricciardo would embarrass Webber. The 2014 cars may have suited him more than Seb.

Kristiane Cyrus

I saw a very Alonso-like mindset and driving character in DR where he just simply didn't give up. He fought hard against Alonso despite having inferior speed and tyres. He was ultra exciting to watch!

Yngwie Malmsteen

Cars are different.... Webber used to give Vettel a run for his money before the blown diffuser was optimized..... I don't think you can compare.


"Being a Vettel supporter, I can’t help feeling that RIcciardo is making Vettel look so average."

F1 fans don't have any understanding of what they're watching.


"I chose Hamilton because he fought hard to wrestle through the field while trying to save tyres and fuel just like everyone else. Similar to Vettel in Abu Dhabi 2012"

The difference is that Vettel was slated for his drive in Abu Dhabi in 2012. A drive in a car much less dominant than the W05.


webber's disadvantage compared to vettel was twofold

his size

his driving style

in this year's car he would have been beating vettel as well , perhaps not as easily as ricci as his size disadvantage would have remained


"Dan had inferior tyres and straight line speed"

Top speed in the race:

Alonso: 327.7 km/h

Vettel: 332.9 km/h

Ricciardo: 334.6 km/h

Ricciardo did ithe work. He was awesome, but Fernando was fighting against the Red Bulls (and without the strategic failure he would beat Vettel too) when he was not expected to be there.


10 Races into the season and u have already given ur verdict?? 😀

Ricciardo is certainly very good and has the potential to be a future WDC.No doubt abt that. But there is a long way for him to go before u can count him amongst Vettel,Alonso,Hamilton and Raikkonen.

Michael in Sydney

Agreed. I'm not a Hamilton fan, though I rate his driving ability. Though he did actually slide into Raikkonen.

Daniel showed his true "racing" abilities at Hockenheim. It was the best GP in many years in my view and as Martin Brundle commentated, the lineup includes an array of future World Champions.

The only thing I would add is that Webber, being the true sportsman that he is, wouldn't get all ancy about it, wouldn't sledge his team mate and get all personal. He'd embrace the new generation and acknowledge he was beaten, fair and square, on the day.


I went with Ricciardo for shear entertainment value, otherwise not much to split him, Alonso, Bottas and Hamilton.


Exactly. More accurate poll would be " entertainer of the race ". May i remember that championship has been decided and all we look for is entertainment. Demote one of the Mercedeses back of the grid, in the end result will be the same but entertainment will be good, especially when it`s Hamilton crashing through the field. And there is Ricciardo playing his entertainer role perfectly. Then there is Massa making look Maldonado like a rookie crasher. And of course Alonso trying to make a point 5th year in a row how much better he is compared to Vettel. And we all know Vettels car is better than Alonso. Alonso is just a man and he can never grow himself 4 wheels. For those who took last couple of sentences seriously :" really! "

So, my EOTD will be Hamilton by a mile. Then Alonso, then Ricciardo and then Massa ( he can entertain very briefly, amateur ). Look how close is my poll compared to other one. Hmmm, why i wonder?


@c63. OK. Fare enough but you are missing the point here. We vote more for those who make grate visual appearance but surely there are guys putting up performances with no visual effects but they make all the right decisions in the race. So, it just feels wrong to rate the guys without having enough info to judge them. It feels like i insult them. So, hence i recommend a way to be more neutral towards these guys as entertaining side is more clearer to see and less subjective. Outcome will be quite the same. Thanks.


Look how close is my poll compared to other one. Hmmm, why i wonder?...

Your poll (not sure it can be considered particularly representative, with only one person being asked their opinion) is nothing like JA poll.


Good race but please tell Bernie that, while in previous seasons I've watched every race live on TV, This year I've given up sitting in front of the TV on Sunday Afternoons because :

1. He's taken away the sector times from the Live Timing

2. I'm not prepared to fork out the cost of Sky just to watch the other half of the races that are not live on the BBC

3. As I can no longer watch all the races live on the BBC with decent live timing, it's just easier and more convenient to watch the highlights of all the races and do other things on a Sunday afternoon.

There must be many thousands of former diehard F1 fans who, like me, have voted with their feet and their wallets. Are the teams' sponsors happy with this trend, Bernie ????

PS I can easily afford Sky and a smartphone App but choose not to. This long term Williams and McLaren supporter preferred to go for a drive in his Ferrari this afternoon.


Me too, and don't forget the dull sound issue it hasn't gone away and i couldn't help but notice during the after quali discussions just how loud the GP2 cars were! so much has been taken away in F1 in the last few years that it barely deserves the title any more.


Exactly my thoughts. Further point is that it was very obvious how easy it is to manipulate with the outcome of result. Safety car vs. no safety car.

Having live timing was very important why i was watching live races. It gives you much more information to understand battles. Now they want more money and i just choose not to give it to them. They got the product and if they can sell it, well, congratulations, but to me they are too cocky and if i have to deal with things not related to actual idea why i watch it in first place, i will drop it entirely. They will live exactly the same but i don`t have to deal with their crap.


If you are a Williams and McLaren fan, the *last* car you would by would be a Ferrari!

I don't drive a Ferrari because, well i cannot afford anything but at least 15 year old model......and of course my name does not rhyme with the 1976 F1 world champion 😉


Hey that's great. Driver of the day though?



(except mine is a Lambo 🙂


All of the above is telling it like it is, most unfortunately.

And, yes, the NBC ineptitude in programing information and choosing an "anchor" for it's F-1 coverage here in the U.S. has only increased the frustration and disappointment.

Drove my Ford to the Pacific Coast yesterday and enjoyed some carmel corn at the small fishing village of Walport, Oregon. Then came home and enjoyed the race through JA on F-1 (and other sites) before watching the VCR tape (off and on) while working on domestic chores.


Sunday drives in a Ferrari is nothing to brag about these days. Just ask Fernando and Kimi. 😉


True enough. They do make pretty cool taxis though. Maybe a 2 seater?


+1 😀

Duncan Snowden

Yep. I occasionally watch the BBC live races, but don't feel the compulsion that I used to. I also tend to PVR the live coverage rather than watch the highlights. But I know exactly what you mean. As I've said a couple of times over at Joe Saward's blog, it's actually rather liberating not to feel chained to the TV every other weekend. The hobbling of the live timing has just loosened the chains even further.

Anyway, Driver of the Day. It's tough to choose between Ricciardo and Hamilton. Or Bottas, if only for the last few laps. I think I'll go for the Aussie, though. That fight with Alonso was fantastic. Drivers should be given credit when they entertain. It's motor racing, not brain surgery.

Keith Crossley

Agree with everything; except I don't have a Ferrari. Lotus Elan will do though.


Oh and also Bernie, to put this in terms you understand, this guy and millions more have money to spend on F1 if you give us good ways to enjoy it.

The situation in the US is equally dysfunctional. F1 is the only reason I have cable, but as much as I love F1, I am not going to subsidize comcast for much longer. Right now there is no legal option so it will either be illegal streams or nothing for me.

Give us a high quality product including timing and other data so we can enjoy the sport the way we want to and you will be amazed how much we would be willing to pay and how much this sport is really worth. Bernie really doesn't care for sport, he thinks he's a businessman, but this is simple business snd he just does not get it.


Bernie will be gone soon. Let's hope whoever takes over makes changes for the good of the sport and the fans and not just to line his own pocket (Mr Ecclestone)


Completely agree with you here in Canada. Personally I don't like all these "gimmicks" to make the show more entertaining. IMO it was the greatest show on earth before, but all these new rules (double points, standing restarts) diminish the product. I do like the rules re the new PU though. That's the direction I want F1 to go.

I may cut off my cable. Who needs it when I can get Netflix?


overtook raikkonen and ricciardo in a single move, maximum risk. this move wasn't made clear on the radio. it was in fact downplayed. I thought hamilton only passed them because they pitted. the live timing was out of phase with the radio commentary. you can tell the difference in commentary of that section between the bbc tv, sky tv and the 5live commentary. only 5 live commentary downplayed it. for me, that was the move of the day by the driver of the day. armed with audio only commentary, i would've changed hamilton's front wing with soft, super soft and super soft tyres for a 3 stint strategy stoping on the same laps as rosberg without anticipating the safety car. safety car would only be deployed to clear the race track.


Ricciardo by a country mile! Forget Hamilton, he has by far the fastest car out there and frankly drove poorly through the field, he got to third but by playing destruction derby getting there by hitting two* other drivers and in the end that is what cost him 2nd place - the damage to his wing which was his fault alone. It is expected that he would finished 2nd with that car and he couldn't do it. Ricciardo, on the other hand got dropped to 15th because of the collision at the start but with a far less superior car and some magnificent driving got himself back to 6th and only just missed 5th place to Alonso, which was some great racing. No, 6th is no 3rd but in compassion to where Vettel finished which was 4th Ricciardo did a great job and was not far behind him and i say confidently that he would have finished on the podium if not 2nd if it was not for the collision at the start. Well, IMO anyway...


100% agree on all points...


Wait until results actually start to mean something and Ricciardo will have to fight for championship. Then we will see who is who. He`s got a new toy to play with. Very exciting but when he finally understand others got similar ones and their excitement has moved on, we will see more real Ricciardo.

He is still in puppy phase and playing with big dogs tail. When big dogs wake up and smell the blood (a.k.a. championship ), we will see who Ricciardo is. But for most people he puts up a show and entertains them. I hope for his own sake he can come out of clown status sooner than later.


@Jack... It is just too early to compare him with Vettel. There is nothing at stake and Vettel does not look like giving everything. The way i see it he is preparing himself for future to be sure he can strike when needed. It means trying to suit the car to his likening. F1 is not a place where you drive what has given to you. You drive with what you maximized. Ricciardo can drive with everything, yes, but Vettel can maximize everything. So, of course Ricciardo outdrives Vettel right now but Vettel thinks in a wider scale. Before you start - this is just my opinion and that`s all.

By clown status i mean he is trying to make people whoooo and whaaaa, he needs momentary reactions, when his teammate does not care about cheep fame. It will serve you well in short amount of time but in a long run you will be caught out.


What is this clown status you are referring too? Also i am pretty sure at no time either in a race or qualifying is a driver only going at it half-hearted. While i agree that it will be more pressure and more heated if it was a close championship it still doesn't take away the fact that Ricciardo has outshone Vettel this season and he can only be matched against his teammate - who happens to have won the last 4 world championships. Even at the beginning of the season Ricciardo was beating Vettel when the championship was alive. Your comment is irrelevant.


Hamilton is also getting a lot of applauds on his race and overtaking but i feel that (and we are all biased to our own nationality) that majority of that is coming from within the UK. Sites like this, Sky Sports, BBC etc etc are all UK based and they are the ones talking him up constantly and of course they are allowed to as it is their own show but that is why i feel we don't get a true indication of actually who was the best driver.


Absolutely! It's not often you manage to completely outshine multiple world champions, even if the finishing order doesn't reflect it. Daniel Ricciardo was an absolute monster: he was managing some technical issues, raced hard, managed his tyres, drove to the strengths of his car and was relentless all afternoon.

A Red Bull Racing car is not usually a good overtaking / defence tool owing to the low VMAX, which makes this all the more impressive. Once Renault gets their act together, I don't think they'll see which way he went.



Hamilton should have finished second but crashing his way through the field denied him the result he was capable of (even team radio confirmed that he was on for position 2 and not to fight Bottas early)

People are lauding Hamilton's move on Ricciardo and Kimi, I think Ricciardo's move on Kimi into turn 8 was far more impressive. Considering Daniel avoided the collision, 2 wheels in the gravel, picked himself up and drove through the field with class. Did people not see him get taken by Alonso only to get back in the tow and retake the position ahead of turn 6???

Ricciardo clearly the driver of the day and I think Alonso would agree, reading his praise of Dan


Hardly surprising to see Alonso praising Ricciardo as Alonso rarely misses an opportunity to have a dig at Vettel. It's still tough for him to accept he will never have as many titles as Vettel


Hamilton lost second through piting to cover the safety car. It was a smart move as the gain would have been the top step of the podium. No one can really explain why the safety car didn't appear.


+1 - Thankfully, though, in today's press comments he has clarified the results of the weekend was everyone else's fault and only lost ground because of the "gift" handed to the winner - not to mention his earlier in the year comments about an underprivileged (by comparison) youth.


Totally agree - Ricciardo for DOTD and an extra vote for his great attitude, however I need some clarification on the first corner incident. Was Ricciardo actually avoiding the collision or did Vettel push him off the track?

Every time I replay the start of the race, I see Vettel making aggressive moves to the outside. First pushing Alonso and then pushing Daniel. Is this just normal racing? All I know is that Daniel has some excellent reflexes.


Brundle has described the miss understanding with Button as "understandable" as Jenson had outbraked himself into the hairpin and it looked to Lewis as though he was leaving the door open, I think any of the drivers would have gone for that gap in Hamilton's situation.


What? I'll accept accept your choice of Ricciardo as DOD, but not you comment that Hamilton drove poorly. After all it is racing, and there will be racing incidents. Next to last at start to third at finish, my vote for DOD is Hamilton.


I am only saying he drove poorly because of the car underneath him. The Mercedes with no technical problems (which it didn't) should be able to come from the back of the grid to the top 2, especially at a track like that. If Hamilton had been cleaner he would have made it to the top 2 - irrespective if the safety came out or not. If he raced clean he wouldn't have had a broken wing which would have lead to better pace, less tyre deg etc. This is why i said he drove poorly and i stick by that.


I may sound a little biased, but what Alonso is pulling out of that car, is just amazing. I would love to see him driving a car (red or any color) as fast as the mercedes! Any words of the Grosjean future? Maldonado extended his contract in Lotus, so the money won't be an issue to give him an acceptable car, but with all the staff Lotus has lost, i'm not sure if he's in the right place. Maybe Mclaren, if Jenson isn't renewed?


I find Alonso's motivation this season really interesting. It seems to me as if he's realised that he and Vettel have similar cars this season and it's as if he's out to prove that he really is the better driver of the two. One of the images of resent years that stands for me is Brazil 2012.Vettel is up on the podium celebrating his third title and Alonso just stood below, wide eyed and starting up. It just seems that he's made Vettel a focus for his motivation to race.


I think that's definitely a factor - Many greats lose the 'fire' because they've achieved what they wanted, or they had the money and success or simply because they got bored of the same competition. You could point to Webber as an example of a driver who (while not a great) just lost his love for the sport before he left - and Button seems like he pinned his dreams on being a world champion and if he retired tomorrow he wouldn't be bitter there wasn't a second one. But Alonso definitely loves to create a rivalry, a distinct challenge. He's at his absolute fiercest this year when he's against a Red Bull - especially Vettel, every overtake seems like him shouting, 'see? If it wasn't for Adrian Newey I'd have those titles by now' and even fighting against Ricciardo (whom notably he praised to the sky afterwards something he doesn't do with Vettel) he has more fire in the belly than most of the youngsters combined.

I do think its a little too simple to say, oh drivers reach their 30s and that's it, game over, it certainly wasn't for Senna (who thinks he would have been a quiet retiree if he'd lived into his later 30s?) and I don't see Alonso slowing down just because he's turning 33. Maybe he'll mellow more in the next 3-4 years but right now anyone who says he's lost the hunger is delusional.


There's so many commentators who throw out the old adage that drivers lose their 'fire' in their 30s and can never display the hunger of the young up and comers. Someone needs to mention this to Alonso. I may not be his biggest fan but I respect him immensely - he's driving like every GP is his first chance to shine. The guy doesn't ever give up.


Alonso is absolutely brilliant at driving bad cars. But when the car is good he would be beaten by Hamilton (like we saw in 2007 by rookie Lewis) Kimi and Vettel because they have faster driving styles.


This is very true. Alonso is a genuinely amazing, world-class sportsman. If he was performing like this on the bike in the Tour, one could reasonably scream "doper!", but in Formula 1, the oxygen vector drugs have nowhere near the same potential to improve performance, and the results-consistency that Alonso manifests week-in, week-out, pushing on the razor and flogging a dud car year after year...sheesh, the man is not just amazingly talented, but profoundly, primordially hungry and motivated.

Alonso is other-wordly!!!



Fernando drives like the fate of the world depends on it - every single race!


Also, way too many people here overlook what exactly is required to go 4 in a row. Many dismiss what Vettel and RBR have done, but fail to grasp what it takes to stay on top in F1 4 years in a row, to find the motivation to do it again and again and again. And again.

Chasing the fastest car? How about making the fastest car and closing out those WDCs? This is why Vettel and RBR are tops in my book, only topped by Schumi and Ferrari.

Alonso chased fastest cars to McLaren and Ferrari - how has that worked out vs. building a team, keeping it together and doing it 4 years in a row? Competition in F1 is fierce. What we witnessed 2010 - 2013 was amazing. Including winning the WDC in last races twice, and winning one not having the top standing spot the entire season. And NEVER was it a question such domination that it was a coin toss between Vettel and Webber. Vettel was nearly always under pressure, with exception of some development pushes at strategic times - which itself was genius.

That concludes my rant rerun.


I know that all these guys are competitive and all want to win, but I can't for the life of me figure out how Alonso has managed to stay motivated these past years. The guy just never lets up, and the scary thing is that he's probably not even performing at his best.

I'm not even a fan but I swear if you put a car under him that he's in love with he would be near unstoppable.

Just another random thought, it's like Alonso doesn't even have a driving style. Most other racers have their style, especially the ones like Kimi and Vettel who are struggling with these different cars. Alonso's style just seems to be get in, wrestle the pig, and make it deliver beyond anything you could expect it to.

Funny thing is I voted for Vettel, but props where props are due! Go Alonso.


I voted for Ricciardo. He was superb. His race craft was hard, clever and clean. Really showed what he could do up against the best drivers on the grid. It's a shame he lost out at the start.

It is a tough choice this week, there was so much good driving and so many highlights. If only every race could be that exciting!

Keith Crossley

Following up on "Monza 71" comment above - what other business / sport puts so much effort into *removing* value for fans? Live Timing - a dud, with Pit Stops and sector times removed. YouTube - persistent aggressive removal.

It is as if they do not want fans.


They don't. They want all of your money!!!

For insttance, do you *really* think that sponsorship works?

Ask anyone in F1, then prove it!


do you *really* think that sponsorship works?

Ask anyone in F1, then prove it!...

I asked Maldonado if the only reason he has a seat at Lotus is because of the sponsorship he brings to the team ? He was a bit sheepish at first, but eventually admitted that without his sponsorship money he would have more chance of flying to the moon and back in a rocket he had made in his garden shed, than getting a seat at Lotus.

So I guess that proves sponsorship works 😉


Totally agree too, the removal of the live timing info is pathetic and makes watching the race much less enjoyable IMO

Matthew Cheshire

Ricciardo and Hamilton were brilliant and entertaining. Dan had the slower car and didn't smash it to get through, so he gets it by a whisker.

Alonso and Bottas were exceptional.

Hockenheim showed that Ricciardo is up there with Alonso and Hamilton. He's already shown he's ahead of Vettel and poor Kimi. He is one of the top three.


So Vergne is also one of the top drivers? His difference with Daniel wasn't big last year (ceartaintly less than the distance between daniel and seb right now). And I suppose kivyat is one of the best also, as he is a real rookie and is not far from the frenchman.

Please, we are seeing now what some of us have been saying for 4 years, Sebastien is good while he is inside that bubble where he has a superior car, perfectly adapted to his style and with the team at his service. When some of this points is missing, the guy feels it a lot, and when NONE of this points is there... well, we are seeing what is going on now, aren't we?

Matthew Cheshire

What are your thoughts now?

Ricciardo overtook hamilton with better tyres but Rosberg could not- in a faster car.

Kimi didn't make it out of Q1.

Vettel lost more ground to Ricciardo, despite the better qualifying.

Jenson got the wet weather (at first) that he was praying for, but didn't get anywhere.

I think the three best drivers got to the podium. We can debate the order, but the right drivers got there.


I think people makes a big mistake when they talk about "top X" drivers of the grid and put all those X drivers at the same level.

For the past 9 years Fernando Alonso has had no rival in equal conditions, and has consistently beaten drivers with better cars (including Lewis the past 4 seasons), has fought for championships that looked impossible and has absolutely distroyed teammates that were expected to put him in trouble. He is the Top 1, many steps ahead of the following one, who is, in my opinion, Lewis Hamilton.

Then comes a group with Kimi, Seb, the Nicos, Jenson and Daniel. The problem to rate this drivers is that (except the Nicos) their performance is strongly related to cars driving style. If it adapts to them, they are terrific drivers, if not, they can struggle a lot.

Matthew Cheshire

This is f1. 2013 is ancient history. Vergne was almost as fast as Ricciardo. But the whole of the field in F1 is almost as fast as its best drivers. The difference is fractions of seconds delivered consistently.

Right now, Ricciardo is out performing Vettel. So the long standing top three is not Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel. So who is?


this was a tough D o d choice, too much to chose from with Alo Ric Bot and Ham. Lewis won out for me though after continuously passing cars for the whole race -even if it was in the racy Merc- and coming out of so many close calls intact, well almost.. Alo goes on another crusade against the bulls, when will he ever get a car that equals his commitment and talent?


Ricciardo by a mile!!

I think this race really showed (again) the talent he has.

From post race inteviews it also shows his incredible maturity.

Had he not had to avoid Massa I think there was a good chance for another podium.


I'll no doubt get criticism from all you HAM fans but I don't think his performance today was all that good and certainly not deserving of best driver. Granted he did finish third after starting P20 but hear me out.

First off, he has the best car in the field so I think many will agree several other drivers could have done the same - without rearranging the car's bodywork in the process!

The move he made on the inside of RAI was wreckless and uncalled for. He was flat out lucky he did not damage his car enough to badly affect it's performance and in fact did ruin RAI's race and could have done the same to RIC. Lack of patience - poor judgement.

The move on BUT was silly also - he "assumes" BUT was giving him a free pass! Why take a chance knowing you can pass him in a safer place and in short order? I found it interesting that Hobbs and Diffey credited HAM for the move and in fact blamed BUT!!

I think RIC did a better job than HAM as he was fast, yet in control at the same as ALO. However I think BOT has to be my choice for not crumbling under pressure from HAM.


Hamilton was in a race with 4 other world champions which he took out just as they would have done to him had they been in the same car. He showed great skill and commitment. Button was a sleep when passed by Hamilton and should have been spoken to by the stewards for clearly turning into Hamilton.


I also voted for Bottas, he did well to look after his tyres through the race and as you say hel Hamilton off very comfortably.

I wouldn't be quite so hard on Hamilton, even in a Mercedes it is pretty impressive to get through the field. He did get away with a few incidents, but was on track for an even higher finish befire he hit kimi - so he was probably pushing a bit hard at that stage. But with the change of strategy did well to progress to 3rd.the racing between any number if the others was great to watch, with Ricciardo a stand out for great race craft.

All up an entertaining race.

I'm backing Bernie to propose reverse grids from next year (with sprinklers) medals for the winners!


No, Raikkonnen's race was ruined by the combined efforts of Alonso and Vettel. Hamilton removed a small strip of his wing-- Alonso and Vettel destroyed said wing.

Also, Jenson Button, after reviewing the footage, said he could see how Hamilton thought he was letting him through (Button went pretty wide at that hairpin). Hamilton himself admitted it was his fault.


and you found his drive the most interesting to write about so you wrote more words about his drive than any other. did you not see perez do an incredible job in a force india, or massa do a poor job in his super fast williams?


James why do you have such a problem stating Lewis had brake failure in qualifying, he didn't just crash out?


Neil, I agree with you.. There was a certain reticense from James to state Lewis brakes failed because he tweeted intially Lewis crashed out even after it was common knowledge the brake disc broke..Whilst he has correctly referred to it subsequently There have been several times this year where I have sensed a certain favouritism to Nico- thats fine if your open and clear about it like any of us here really.

There is a real problem I have with several other reporters who trash other teams and drivers and are then spotted at Brackerely sipping tea and praising the 3 pointed star like it was a life saving suppository. I sense their is a real big que lining up for the best seat in the house when Mercedes take the honours and Mercedes themselves are really starting to push this success on their automtive campaigns.

Mike from Medellin

Bet there was an almighty cheer in the media centre when it happened.


James and pretty much every other F1 news outlet reported the brake problem.


i find it hard to ignore this. james did state that hamilton had a brake failure, after saying he crashed during qualifying.


I had no problem, I've been saying it all weekend on BBC, here, Australian TV etc

It's very clear what happened on Saturday with his disc

Kristiane Cyrus

Hello James.

Regarding Lewis's brake discs, I remember reading somewhere (possibly this site) that he likes a particular brand of disc brakes. If I remember correctly it's the one he switched to after his huge crash in qualifying. If the original Brembos weren't his favourite ones, why weren't they used from the early days of his Mercedes career or the start of this season?


Then why not mention it in your qualifying report? It was the key fact to emerge from the session. Instead you say he locked his tyre and quoted him as saying "something made the brakes fail", as if there was some doubt as to what actually happened. It's just a bit odd


We didn't say it definitively in the qualifying report because the report was posted as soon as the session ended. At that stage there was no confirmation that it was a brake failure. It certainly looked to be so, but you can't say it definitively until such as time as that is confirmed. Simply a matter of timing and at the time of posting it was not confirmed.


Yep - I heard JA say it a number of times Neil


I'm not a fan of Hamilton, but I have to give the DotD to him. Despite the way he quite literally barged past people at times, a net gain of 17 positions is just incredible. Not sure Vettel or even Alonso could have done it in the same equipment today.


give me a break … my mother could have passed half of 'em given the performance differential between his car and the rest of the field...


Let me refresh ur memory.

Abu Dhabi GP-2012

Vettel drove from Pitlane to podium in a car that is 'not the most dominant car' in the history of F1.

Also he also had to get through the field twice due to safety car interference


'To all those who havent watched the Abu Dhabi GP 2012 and yet bother to comment on the same'

But I'm pretty sure you havent watched that race and yet u comment.How abt that?

Anyways, I will spell out what happened in that race for u.

Vettel started in the pitlane for that race

Lap 3: Vettel moved from 24th to 16th.He reports a front wing damage

Lap 7 : Vettel is 13th

Lap 10 : Safety car. He chooses not to pit. In 12th position now. Front wing damage is serious and affecting his pace badly

Lap 14 : Vettel pits to change the front wing and rejoins 'last' of the field. So during the safety car period from lap 10-15, he dropped from 13th to 21

Lap 16: Vettel is 19th

Lap 20: Vettel is 14th

Lap 27: Vettel is 7th

41 laps to go when Vettel put on soft tyres.Everyone else pits, he's running second now

Lap 38: He pits to rejoin at 4th

Lap 40 : Another safety car. But it doesnt matter since Vettel is already running 4th

Lap 52: He overtakes Jenson Button to take 3rd and final podium place

And ' safety cars helped his race' they say


I'm pretty sure the safety cars that you are inferring were handicaps to Vettel's 2012 Abu Dhabi race were in fact very beneficial to his race. You are aware a safety car bunches the field up? Thus reducing gaps between cars... which in turn makes it easier to come through the field. Talk about spelling it out...


Is that the same safety car that bunched the field up twice? Amazing drive by Vettel, amazing drive by Hamilton.


Safety car interference is usually beneficial for those artificially out of position. Vettel also benefited from the leader (Hamilton) retiring.

The first safety car was a bit early to help Hamilton and he would likely have won this race if the safety car was deployed, as I believe it should have been, for a second time.

That being said I felt Rosberg had the edge on Hamilton this weekend even without the brake failure.


Vettel also rear-ended Senna while trying to pass, and broke his wing off on a brake marker under a safety car during that race. The multiple safety cars are the primary reason he advanced so far through the field.

Vettel's car had also been re-tuned into a passing monster, which is why he had to start from the pit lane, and finally, while the 2012 RB8 wasn't the absolute fastest car, it was certainly one of the two fastest (the other being the MP4-27).


As brilliant as that Vettel drive was, the Safety Car is your answer as to the difference between Abu Dhabi 2012 and Germany 2014. Hamilton raced through the field managing his tyres and fuel just in the same way as everyone else, and had no safety car to give him a boost.

So quite brilliant.


He was also let through by both Toro Rosso's and benefitted from an accident which took out 4 cars ahead of him as he came to overtake them. He also ran a completely different car to everyone else on the grid, set up exclusively for race trim.

It was a great result from him but hardly a great drive. He almost drove into a TR and ended up hitting a sign at the sign of the track and he also drove into Bruno Senna lol.


The RBR was more domant that race than at any other race that year, because RBR did a complete set-up change.

And he had to get through the field twice because he broke his wing while sleeping behind the safety car.


While that was undoubtedly a great drive from Vettel he was helped by a number of safety cars (3 I believe but can't remember exactly off the top of my head) that bunched the field up allowing him to make up places. He also got lucky with strategy in that his stops coincided well with the safety cars allowing him to gain more places.

Not trying to take anything away from Vettel as he drove remarkably that day and made some brilliant overtakes but the two scenarios are not quite the same.


button won at suzuka from the back.


My vote would go to Rosberg this time - we never even saw him. He just disappeared and we never saw him again, opening up a gap so large he had a free pit stop.

I don't see how Hamilton could be considered driver of the day considering he collided with two, maybe three others during the race? Others out there put on great racing while never touching.


Hamilton has a rocket for a car, so it was kinda expected that he would finish on the podium.


Lewis all the way. Almost last to podium, brilliant.


Lewis underperformed and it is the opinion of all experts. He should have been second.


The semantics of the word "experts" is questionable. One who is paid to write about F1 is not necessarily an expert nor is someone who has a public job in F1. Some like James have tons of knowledge and writing ability. Some are quite frankly not new-worthy. I read some F1 articles on some other sites and they are worse drivel than is found on social media.

Driver of the day is a subjective thing with no real fact or proof of award.

Rosberg won in the best car. Bottas finished second in the second best car.

For me, it was between Lewis who would have been a 10/10 had he not crashed people and thus it is 9/10 and Ric who was close behind.

Some "experts" like those found on Autosport for instance of which I am a subscriber also awarded Lewis a 9 with no one getting a 10.

What's more, Lewis is winning this poll by quite some margin. I know the votes were made by mere mortals like myself rather than "experts" but the poll shows a trend in opinion.

Lastly, who are "all experts". All is a rather blanket approach and is wholly inaccurate.

kenneth chapman

once again very difficult to pick any one driver as there were quite few standouts. in choosing a DOTD i tend to somewhat overlook those with far superior machinery. other drivers, guven the same machinery, could well be as competetive.

that being the case then yes, hamilton did a good job, but his driving could be categorised as 'somewhat crude' at times. with the mercedes PU at his disposal he was always going to do well barring any mech failures. bottas was a standout, not flambuoyant but got the business done in a clinical scandinavian manner. rosberg likewise. a solid drive. alonso was there as usual and he did an excellent job and provided us all with some excitement. his drive was notabler. for me though the DOTD was ricciardo. unfortunately the producers spent far too much time on the 'hamilton' drive and missed some of DR's great drive. from 15th place after the first lap bingle where he was extremely lucky to survive the off track excursion, he finished 6th!!! what a drive. to see him carve his way through the pack was fantastic. remember he has the dreaded renault in the back of his car and what he achieved was all down to his driving skills. at one stage around two thirds in he passed hulkenberg and was then some 7+ secs behind button. he passed button within three laps with, i think, two of the fastest laps of the day at that time. he duel with alonso was stunning. alnso was always going to get the upper hand as his tyres were in far better shape but the duel was edge of the seat stuff. at least it was for me. alonso heaped glowing praise on ricciardo after the race. coming from alonso that carries a lot of weight. imagine if the renault PU was on a par with the mercedes!!!!.

so where were we, DOTD. i think it needs to be shared between bottas/ricciardo. can't pick them apart. the others in the top six get honourable mentions but no cigar.IMO of course.


Hi keneth,

Thats a pretty good argument in favour of Ricciardo

It must have been a good GP when there is a strong argument for anyone of at least 6 drivers having pulled off dotd


So you're basically annoyed at the TV directors for devoting coverage to one of the two championship contenders rather than your favourite driver.


I voted for Bottas but thought Alonso and Ricciardo did well. I wouldn't describe Hamilton's drive as crude though, very light contact with Kimi of the type we have seen all the drivers make at one point or another, and an understandable miss understanding with Jenson. Just one of those races for Lewis, some very good moves, some easy ones and a couple that went wrong, shame the safety car didn't come out (when it clearly should have) and given him a chance at Nico.

kenneth chapman

sorry for the typos...very late night down here in australia.


Not much to choose between them but I particularly enjoyed the battle between Ricciardo and Alonso - great driving from the both of them 🙂


Agree - also, it was a hard battle, but clean and precise with it.

It is possible to race clean, hard and fair - I know those adjectives are strange bedfellows when using a sentence to describe overtaking, but as Hockenheim proved, they don't have to be.

Some more adjectives to describe Nando - after 15 odd years at the sharp end of the grid remember - committed, relentless, dogged, determined, hungry, motivated, focused.......


All true.


Too close to call. Hamilton coming through the pack with a few bruises and plenty of bold moves, Vettel getting ahead and staying there this time and the move of the race (Vettel-Raikonnen-Alonso), Ricciardo like Hamilton and a great move faking one way then darting down the other, and Bottas with a good mature drive. But did that Renault PU suffer against the Ferrari out fo the slow corners or what.


Hamilton drove like an [mod]. He is not Senna, but no doubt thought he was channeling the man. Sure, he did well to on the podium but could easily have taken out a few others.

Massa should go to karts.

DOTD for me was Alonso for giving so many others some wonderful skills lessons.


And just as Senna himself said " If there is a gap and you don't go for it then you are no longer a racing driver " Lewis DOTD without a doubt.


well said jake

Alonso drove a consummate race and he had nice tussle with RBR's and won against at least 1 RBR.

Alonso scored some valuable points through-out the season and his performances were too good


did you spend more words in describing why you chose your driver of the day?


I gave my DOTD to bottas. He did well to hold off lewis who was the fastest car on track at the end of the race. Ricciardo was also massively impressive recovering from 15th and his overtaking a complacent alonso was a treat.

alonso might've had 4th if fhey got their strategy right. Lewis was pretty reckless with his overtaking. Sometimes too overly reliant on his braking and not aware enough of where other cars are going. Nearly took out button, chopped off kimi's front wing and had a moment with sutil


@c63, the more attention you pay to a driver, the more that driver is important to you. they either inspire happiness in you or hatred. simple as that.


most number of words on the driver of the day yet again!


Ricciardo - very entertaining, very racey, and very clean.


+1...and you are very correct.

great to see him dice with Alonso and just when you thought Alonso was 'through', Ricciardo was up the inside again.

He is a great talent. More to come


Hamilton for sure! He would have challenged for the win if normal safety car rules applied and a car in the middle of the track surely should have warranted a safety car...still a German was leading the German GP at the time so....


I thought DR dropped back to 15th. Anyway I voted for him, good progress in a car not powered by Mercedes-Benz


After watching the start, I don't know how Ricciardo managed to avoid Massa.

A really determined drive, loved the way he made Alonso pull out all his little tricks to get paased him.

I must say Hamilton was my second choice, he put his head down and let his driving skills do the talking.

Who gives FRIC about FRIC, give me action packed racing like that every day and I'm happy.


i want to vote minus -9 for Charlie Whiting...

he diddled us out of a grand final shoot out which could have changed the race to a absolutely brilliant finish...

your a bloody meddler Charlie Whiting of the worst kind....



Removal of FRIC saw no difference to the field, yes, but had another element gone extreme (i.e. flexi wings), he wouldn't have banned wings altogether and just ask teams to provide more rigid structures fixed to their cars.

Sauber was in the middle of a dangerously fast right hander and he didn't even call for a safety car and risked the marshall's lives in removing the car from the track! Absolutely absurd!

The only thing he hasn't banned from F1 yet is himself.


Mr Whiting's decision not to bring out the safety car to retrieve the stricken Sauber potentially could have been tragic. He needs to be much more reactive for future races, otherwise his position as race official will become untenable.

Just the thought of a driver striking a car at speed is appalling. Come on Charlie, don't let that situation happen again.


And a car striking a marshall at quite high speed could have been horrific, brings back memories of that race a long long time ago that Lewis referred to in his interview.


Dan actually fell to 15th and doesn't have a Mercedes donk.

A no brainer.


From 15th to 6th overtaking slower cars than his with the 5th best top speed on sunday. he drove well, but a no brainer?


I thought about voting for Hamilton but DRS has made coming from the back of the field a non event. Also, Lewis crashed into alot of people on the way through.

So, I voted for Ricciardo who drove superbly and was entertaining. Alonso, also highly entertaining.


two whole lines for the driver of the day?


How many posts/lines have you used criticising others? In any event, what business is it of yours how many lines a poster takes to make his his/her point?



From 20th to 3rd at Hockenheim only one other driver that has done that at Hockenheim

Juan Pablo Montoya.

There is no way that anyone can better that its a 10 out 10 for a superb recovery.

Unless they watched the Grand Prix sitting facing the wall with one eye closed while listening to the greatest hits of a Thrash Metal Umpah Band 😀

Lewis is the man for Driver of the Day 🙂


Suzuka 2005 Raikkonen 17th to 1st on a track that is very difficult to overtake


@Pikuain. I had full confidence you would do that for me, well done. Thank you so much I don't know what this site would do without you


You better not comment his car was more than a second per lap faster than the rest and had a nice top speed, It would put some context on it.


Why is everyone referring to Montoya in 2005? Montoya finished 2nd, not 3rd.

Vettel did something similar in 2012 at the Abu Dhabi GP, except starting from the pitlane, and having to do it more than once, yet no one gave him any credit because he was in the fastest car. And Vettel didn't barge into anyone on his way through. This Merc is more dominant than the Red Bull ever was.

Hamilton isn't DotD by a long shot.

Alonso and Ricciardo jointly get it for me.


Sebastien barged into a breaking signal in that race and the two best cars he overtook were Jenson's McLaren with worn tyres and a Williams, all of this while beeing helped by 2 or 3 safety car periods. And no, the Merc right now is on par with the mid-late 2012 Red Bull that granted Seb 4 wins in a row.


I'm not sure if you are being ironic or sarcastic or something. Yes Hamilton did well to recover after Quali, but not without damaging Kimi's car in a poor overtake, he really should have atleast handed this place back, if not recieved a penalty in my opinion, and the pass with Button which has been covered in comments already. Watch Rubens Barrichello's win in 2000, I believe he qualified 17th and completed a stunning drive, including staying out in the wet on what were then grooved dry tires, outsmarting a field that I would argue was closer at the front, Ferrari and McLaren were very close in 2000, than today. Hamilton's drive on sunday was good, but it was not sublime, and he showed no genius, he just used his faster car.

As for my driver of the day, I have to go with Nico Rosberg, not because the drives of Fernando, Bottas or Ricciardo or anyone else are not deserving, but because Nico did everything right to get the job done. He didn't blink. It might have looked easy and unchallenged, but it was perfection.


Rubens Barrichello from 18th to 1st in 2000. He was third before the rain came


To give people some idea how rare a feat this is here is the full list of drivers in the last 50 years who have gone from 20th or worse to podium

[MODs. if someone from the site would contact me, I can make the data available]

Fittipaldi 24th to 3rd USA West 1980

Watson & Lauda from 22 & 23 to 1 & 2 USA WEST, March 1983

Watson 21st to 3rd USA May 83

Fabi 23rd to 3rd USA East 84

Laffite 20th to 2nd Australia 85.

Then a 20 year gap

Barrichello 20th to 3rd Canada 05

Montoya 20th to 3nd Germany 05

Räikkönen 22nd to 3rd Bahrain 06

Trulli 20th to 3rd Australia 09

Vettel 24th to 3rd Abu Dhabi 12

and now Hamilton.

That's some achievement.


I don't remember about Montoya's, but 3 of the last 4 were achieved with extremely superior cars with really good top speeds. Trulli is the exception because he did it in a chaotic race. To me, Alonso's from 11th to 1st in Valencia two years ago was better.


I went with RIC.

He actually dropped to 15th, not 12th.

Brilliant drive and managed to keep his nose clean and not lose any car parts.

Was watching his sector and lap times the whole race, and was consistently faster than VET.

VET had a decent race too.

Many others didn't take the whole car home.

Alonso was good again and so was Bottas and Hamilton bar a few fumbled overtakes.


Bottas, for his third consecutive podium and for keeping Hamilton behind


Bottas. Quite simply because of his rookie status and solid drive. He held off an ex WDC in a rocket ship to keep 2nd place. Never once looked like choking under the pressure. Cant wait for his first win 🙂

Honorable mention to Alonso, Vettel and Ricciardo for some good old fashioned 'clean' racing. I hope they got together afterwards for a beer and a BS session.


Bottas is not a rookie


Can't say I find any faults with your thoughts, with the exception that Bottas isn't a rookie.


I had to give it to Bottas, he did an excellent job again strong start determined drrive to stay with Rosberg and then fending off Hamilton. I would have given it to Lewis but he had too many small collisions in the end and the 2nd one with Kimi & Perez spoiled it.

Next I would definitely give it to Ricciardo for avoiding a collision with Massa at the start and then the determination to fight back and finish where he did. Very close at the end with FA, but I was surprised he was gapped 2.5 sec last 2 laps before he attacked again.

The first battle between Raikkonen and Hamilton in the stadium section was truly special. I love the fact that the two were very precise in car positioning. There was no jockeying cat/ mouse fights of other so called "great battles"..This is the sign of the 2 best racers in F1- they dont mess about throwing their car around needlessly and they know how great racers will react- instead they play to the cars strength and in the end Hamiltons car had too much advantage. We can only imagine what a fight it would be if Kimi was in a Mercedes.


@elie, I am so sorry you feel frustrated and hope you enjoy the hungarian Grand Prix better.


He might enjoy it. It all depends on how pointy kimis front end is and if he has a stable rear.......but I'm sure our resident expert, nickh, will chip in with some 'education' for us novices to excuse the fundamental problem that is causing Kimi to be beaten by Alonso.

Kimi doesn't CARE enough to do what it takes to find a few tenths if the car is not to his liking. Rule of thumb with Kimi is if his car isn't sorted by FP2 then the rest of the weekend goes like this...Qualifies around 9th place. Says he couldn't get a good balance and couldn't push as hard as he wanted. Hopefully race goes better.....in the race he finishes around 8th to 12th.....blames getting stuck behind drivers he shouldn't get stuck behind in first stint for losing time to teammate and let's his fans know that the strategy then cost him dearly......elie, the thing you love most about your driver is what makes him so bad when something doesn't suit him. Ferrari must change things to suit him, until then, the Kimi excuses will keep coming.

I know if fernando starts from 9th and gets through the first lap without incident, he will bring it home somewhere between 4th and 7th. But that is a driver who takes control of his weekend. Not someone who shrugs his shoulders and mumbles about looking forward to the next race, not doing anything different in his approach but expecting some improvement.......if the 'new parts work'.


If Kimi was in a Mercedes I'm sure his fights with Kvyat, Button and the like for 8th, 9th and 10th would be truly epic.....


[Mod]I didnt need to be given a [mod] lesson in the relationship between the front and rear suspension and how one affects the other. But the excuses for Kimi were very convincing....and the Kimi is the fastest current f1 driver quote was gold......elie I'm glad you have someone that makes you feel better, everyone can see that Kimi isn't giving you much joy!


Yes exactly

Well put Joe Flacco

Even if Mercedes have been provided to kimi, there will be excuses thrown in his favour when he fights with STR and FI cars for P8 or P9 as you stated like the car set-up is not there, steering wheel problems, Climatic conditions and rain, Brake by wire system, Team-mate challenge / status, Understeer, ETC..

Quite a few people here who do not have brains support Kimi at all costs just to slake their own thoughts and Ego's


@Elie cheers mate, just annoys me when people bash great drivers without considering circumstances. F1 is not karting, the driver relies on the characteristics of the car they are in to suit them. Even mighty Michael struggled in Button's car, just like how Kimi cannot drive Alonso's car.


Pay attention Joe - Nick H knows whats hes talkin about - spot on assessment mate..


The Merc seems a very benign car to set up, it just has fundamental grip. This allows drivers to set the car up how they like it without compromising the overall performance/balance of the car. Kimi with the car fully suited to him is still probably the fastest race driver in F1 with Hamilton. I'd actually go as far as saying Lewis better qualifier, Kimi slightly quicker with loads of fuel on board. Battles would be much closer, not like Lewis thrashing Rosberg by 20 seconds in Malaysia.

Some education for you

This years Ferrari does not have fundamental grip, and can only be driven in Alonso's style which Ferrari have been developing towards for 5 years, Kimi has only been there about 6 months and doesn't drive the same way. If you prefer a sharper front end like Kimi then you have to take balance away from the back end of the car to stop the understeer, which makes the rear of the car very skittish.


how many times did each driver pit?


What on earth has that got to do with it..At the time Theyd each pit once..Im just commenting on how nice racing that was. I love them both as racers.. Raikkonen is the most precise racer Ive ever seen when he has the car he needs..Lewis is great but he makes mistakes on the limit wheel to wheel as we saw a few times.. Even if they were very minor.


I love the fact that the two were very precise in car positioning. There was no jockeying cat/ mouse fights ..

+1 🙂


Another "all of the above" from me. But for his racing spirit and sheer speed I'd give it to Hamilton this time. One or two 50/50 moves, but he went for it and made it work.

Excellent drives from Bottas, Ricciardo & Alonso. Thoroughly enjoyed the GP. Pity there's so much crap going on in the background.


Lewis Hamilton.

There are a certain amount of folks out there who are never going to give him driver of the race whatever he does.

He could drive from last to first on three wheels and folks would find an excuse to give it to someone else... "well yeh, he drove ok but on the way to the tack he tripped over a hedgehog so you see because of that I have to give it to anyone but him"


Hamilton. Total drivers in the history of F1 who've gone from 20th (or worse) on the grid to a podium is in single figures. He did it without the help of rain or convenient safety car. It wasn't perfect - he or the team might have foreseen that having broken his front wing he'd chew the tyres and so the time to change it was less than the extra time from doing another pit-stop.

Bottas is proving to be the real deal, qualified well and toured round at the front - once the sight of Hamilton bearing down on him would have made him fall off the track, but this time he could hold his place: solid job there. Good racing from Alonso (again) and both Red Bulls. But 20th to podiumis extraordinary.


I think most drivers could have gotten the merc up to P2, but for the coming together with JB, Lewia would have gotten 2nd easy.


Nando...................yet again, even though he knows he hasn't a hope of winning, or even a podium, he outperformed an awful Ferrari steed.


Yeah control yourself elie.....name calling is very childish.


You mean the one designed for him..


James I'm fairly certain I'm responsible both directly & indirectly for the elimination of several of those names thats why you have kindly "cut me some slack" these last few years However "some of the monkeys have escaped their cages and are now learning to speak"- figuratively speaking of course!.. So I will leave you to negotiate with them.. Send me a signal when its safe to return..I wont visit whilst several of them are still loose on here.. Goodbye and thanks again


James thanks for a terrific site- But unfortunately there are still a few trawlers ( words like "destroyed" are a dead giveaway ) on here who are looking for trouble. I tend not use that tone with other more reasoned respondents and I dont usually address their comments- except when they attempt to "colour mine" I

All the best.


Fair enough but please leave it to us to control the posts. We do delete ones which fail the test and are increasingly moderating sections, as you will have noticed


-Raikkonen was re- hired by Ferrari so your point about 2009 is worthless.
-Raikkonen doesnt give a toss what you, I or anyone else thinks- hes just there to race. You Alonso and any other shallow person can get caught up in what people think. It doesnt change who you are or what you do.Further to this Its well known more people in the world respect Raikkonen than any other driver- which makes you argument again worthless.
-Raikkonen is a racer he put that before money in 2012/3 - he did not know he wasnt going to get paid did he you fool- in 2012 he was paid at year end-So he wasnt to know Lotus would do what they did. Hes worth over €100million and Ferrari are paying him 20m a year now.. So who cares
-your correct Fernando drives a bad car much better than anyone. But this is the problem Ferrari have had for 5 years - hes made a poor car look ok rather than really guide the team to a more complete package. This is why Ferrari hired Allison then Raikkonen- even though Kimi is struggling- he does not settle for a second rate car & he will guide Ferrari to a better package. Noone ever succeeds with the 3rd best car and Fernando has failed to guide Ferrari to a car that drives well- at least in 2008/9 both Kimi and Felipe could win in those cars which were not ideal


Please do not address other posters like that

You may be very regular here and your contribution is welcome, but the tone of several of your posts has crossed the line

Please desist - Mod


Why can't Kimi get the respect in the paddock like fernando does?........if only he wasn't so one dimensional in his driving, worked through problems with the team, showed the team he was always on the limit and got the best result possible 95% of the time.....then he wouldn't have been kicked out in 09, raced for free in 2012,13 and being on the receiving end of a spectacular master class in how a drivers hunger to succeed, not his ability, can make such a difference.


after mid 2008 none of the ferraris suited raikkonen as they developed towards understeer. Also after Felipe almost died of a brain injury


[Mod] Fernando always had unconditional no1 status. Meaning he got exactly what he wanted. Both Felipe / Fernando like understeer cars anyway where Raikkonen does not.


Fernando distroyed Felipe in a Ferrari designed for Felipe/kimi in a way Kimi was never near to.

GP Back To Adelaide

Rosberg, driving the best car on the grid came 1st.

Bottas, driving the second best car on the grid came 2nd.

Hamilton performed his predicable recovery whilst making contact with at least 2 other cars = mistakes, and therefore not DODT

Ricciardo wins it for me.

James, he actually came from 15th, with his 4x WDC team mate (who he looked quicker than all race) just 8 seconds up the road.


Not having a go at you in particular (you may not even be Australian) but I've noticed most Aussies on this site despise Hamilton! He could win in a Marussia and it would still be 'classless Hamilton' lol

GP Back To Adelaide

To be honest I am quite ambivalent when it comes to Hamilton and Rosberg, among others. Hamilton made mistakes in Germany, Ricciardo didn't...so it was an easy decision to make.


Its just narrow minded people Nick. Im australian and I like Riccardo too

Hes terrific. But your right Hamilton goes from 20- 3 ( should have been 2) and people totally dismiss it. Yet 15th to 6th is somehow better because its "their man". Sure we know Lewis has the better car but anyone knows each position from 6 through to 2 is three times harder than each position from7 down because of the relative pace and skill of the drivers in those cars and of course your destroying tyres twice asFast!. Gees Rosberg couldnt get higher than 6th in China from the back-- hey people that was the same car!

Anyway Aussies in particular have an underdog syndrome as well as a tall poppy syndrome and unfortunately Lewis is at one end and Daniel on the other..Instead of just judging things as they are. I didnt like it when Lewis clipped Kimi but even I can forgive it given the scale of what he had to do & the wc!.. I picked Bottas DOTD but Lewis and Dan werent all that far behind.. There are fine margins between all the drivers really most days and I dont get why people put oceans between them


Have to add that I'm loving the steward's "let them race" approach. It has already made for some epic battles.


I agree, though I thought leaving the stricken Force India out in the middle of the straight for marshalls to push out of the way as 150mph+ cars flew past was dangerous.

At any other time in the race, and at any other race, that would have had Berndt Maylander out on track. The impact upon race positions should not impact a safety-related call.


Well DotD certainly wasn't Massa - he simply doesn't seem to be aware that other cars might be on the race track with him and has a belief that wherever he sticks his car others can magically disappear. Remember that Magnussen was nearly in second coming into the corner before he wisely backed out of taking Bottas on. Massa surely must have been able to see that Magnussen had accelerated forward of him before becoming unsighted - where did he think he'd gone?

Hamilton had to go for the double overtake, nothing wrong with that aside from a third car came from extremely wide after the the point he was totally committed. Same with Button. In the end it is in the nature of the corner. Do we want racing of mirror, signal, manoeuvre and an OK from Charlie Whiting before someone makes a move?

With Button, it is worth remembering that often drivers deliberately do not resist due to strategy, and the Merc drivers must be so used to people just stepping aside because they want to maximise their own race and fighting a Merc is a waste of their own lap time. That is what Hamilton was alluding to and Button has essentially backed down from his initial strident comments presumably after viewing and can see Hamilton's point of view.

In the end, clattering into each other is in the nature of that corner and the massive variation of lines available - if Hamilton was in a demolition derby, then we can apply the same criticism to Alonso and Vettel who took out Raikkonen.


Hamilton was spectacular as ever, but clumsy in some of his moves.

Rosberg disappeared and we never saw him again.

Bottas didn't have to do anything until the last five laps, at which point Lewis's tyres were toast.

Which leaves Alonso and Ricciardo. I give it to the latter as his defending was brilliant and actually made me cheer and applaud.


Just like two weeks ago, Alonso as undisputed DOTD. What an entertainer and an achiever with the material he's given. Lewis, Rosberg and Bottas have the car to outpetform rivals. Ricciardo extraordinary but Alonso protagonist for the second time in a row.


IT was certainly and exciting race.

But I am disturbed there was not a safety car for that beached car. An extraordinary decision. The stewards need to explain why they put the lives of five marshals at such risk unnecessarily.

The video from Alonso's car as he storms round the corner immediately after the incident shows just how close it all was and how dangerous.


I was sat in the stand on the final corner, and I can tell you that the decision not to bring out the safety car was rediculous. Several cars narrowly missed the Sauber and it was ages before there was a large enough gap in the traffic for the mashalls to run accross the track and put themselves in harms way to recover the car. It really was unsafe; the marshalls shouuld not be put in danger like that.

Stephen Taylor

Driver of the day= Kimi Raikkonen


Really? Are you sure it wasn't Massa?



How come Magnussen isn't a possibility?

I know, he didn't get much time on television. However, the data does prove that he drove a great race.

After SC period he was ~10 seconds behind the back of the field. Yet he ended the race positioned just behind his team mate, who lost out to a Force India while Magnussen defeated one.

Additionally, he put down the 2nd fastest lap of the race.

Even Ted Kravitz, during his notebook walk, nominated Magnussen as the standout driver.


It was a strong race from Mag, after qualifying he said the car is much more to his liking. He referred to being able to drive it like a 'kart'. I think he will edge ahead of Jenson in the next few races.


Look at the timings on the FIA website, Magnussen was slower than Jenson throughout all phases of the race on equal tyres. Only at the end of the final stint when for some unknown reason Mclaren opted not to pit Jenson did Magnussen make time up (you will see this in James' upcoming analysis graph) finally finishing close as Mclaren eventually pulled Jenson in for a pit stop. McLaren also messed up Jenson's first pitstop as he should have come out ahead of Hulkenburg but instead was behind and that Force India was too quick for the Mclaren in a straight line.


Good point actually!


Bottas for me. He paced himself well and ensured that he got the absolute maximum he could. If Hamilton had achieved P2 at the end, which I think he should have, then I may well have voted for him instead, but he didn't.


Hamilton's front left was destroyed in every stint after the wing got damaged, which was critical because he couldn't get a good exit out of turn 2/3 which was his best chance of latching onto Bottas gearbox down into the hairpin

alexander supertramp

I don't think there was much Hamilton could do to get oast Bottas. Very smart defending by Bottas.


Simply Alonso

He finished ahead of the RBR and passed vettel despite the abysmal car which he had to drive on sunday. The battle with Ricciardo was superb and kudos to both for fair racing.

The F14-T has to be the winner if there was contention for worst car/team for the day.

Mercedes look very ominous for other pretenders in the grid most notably in the race trim rather than the quali and this is a clear worry for other top teams, at this rate both Mercedes can start in P21 & P22 and still can go ahead and finish the race in P1 & P2, irrespective of the driver aspect. Yes lewis drove a superb race and it was treat to watch yet the pace of his Mercedes was so mighty and lewis should have surely finished in P2 rather than P3. The collision with button was purely's lewis fault though. In the end lewis went far too aggressive and tyres lost their byte which denied him the chance to challenge bottas for P2. Rosberg have cruised to the victory. Rosberg himself confessed he drove to the deltas and had no need to push for the race win.

Alonso have pulled rabbit out of the hat with a stunning drive, excellent drive and deseve the DOTD


Finished ahead of red bull that was p15 after lap 1 and had exactly the same situation on tyres......Yeah definitely DOTD!


This is why Ferrari really should get rid of Alonso and get Vettel instead. Their results will stay the same, the only difference is that their cars, which have been described in viciously unkind terms for the last several years ('donkey cart' is one of the more printable terms used) would magically be elevated in the eyes of much of the public to at least "good" status.


@ Steve S

Who the Heck Ferrari are to get rid of Alonso

Your remonstration is a complete charade, at the moment Alonso have offers to join other teams and if he decides to walk away from the team Ferrari will not be P3 in the WCC instead P8 with Kimi's points and his exertions

Vettel ? Who is he ? The one who got chastened by Ricciardo 7-3. The one who received 4X WDC'S as heirlooms from RBR. The kid who gets whipped now by Dan Ricciardo and points to the excuses as if he fails to adapt to the new regulations. IF a 4X WDC cannot be versatile and not good enough to beat his new unknown team-mate, then why still he is present on the F1 grid. Actually RBR should have sacked vettel when he refused to drive the car at Jerez pre-season test eariler in the season. Yet RBR are a feckless team who failed to control the smug of SEB. Vettel just to slake his ego

Your views are insular and it's clear that you are Alonso hater. Fine every poeple have their own likes and dislikes yet please post subjective thoughts rather than hate stories about Alonso

Finally what documentation who have to say Ferrari were competent over the last five seasons or so? Are you better than DC, Eddie jordan, Benson and Gary anderson. All the savant in F1 world and the paddock have confessed the fact Ferrari were poor and lackadaisical team for the last seasons or so ever since 2008 when they produced fastest package in the Grid F2008

alexander supertramp

I think Lewis was pretty strong in managing tyres/fuel, but two elements cost him. The first was the collission with Button which rendered the two-stop strategy impossible ( broken wing affected performance of the front left tyre) and the second being the SC gamble which meant Lewis ran 3-5 laps less in his third stint and 3-5 laps longer in his last stint. By the time he was on Bottas' rear wing, he had lost a good chunk of the SS tyre's performance. Combine that with very smart defending by Bottas and amazing top speed of the Williams and P3 is the maximum result.


There are about a dozen other drivers who are also getting much more out of their car's than they actually should.


@ Frobisher

Can you enlight me on the pilots who get most out of their car other than Alonso?

Mercedes - NO chance for anyone to catch and rosberg confessed after the german GP he cruised to the victory, Nico not even had the need to push. Solid drive from lewis though yet given the pace advanatge which mercedes have over the field there is nothing great about it.

Bottas drove well, vettel could have put RBR on the podium, RBR had the pace to challenge bottas for podium yet vettel could not manage that. Ricciardo was unlucky as he had to avert the first corner incident between massa and Magnussen.

Magunessen was unfortunate again, with the incident. Based on the recent improvements to the car. The order reads like this after German GP quali 1.Mercedes 2.Williams 3.RBR 4.Mclaren 5.Ferrari 6.FI

You have mentionned a dozen pilots, Alonso have finished P5 in german GP that's above 1 williams, 2 Mclaren and 1 RBR. These cars have better package and Engines than Ferrari yet their pilots could not put the car where it belongs to on the sunday afternoon due to poor performance and various incidents

Bottomline is You despise Alonso which is very clear from your assertion, Yet take out your bigoted views and posted objective points


Alonso is just driving his Ferrari that suits his driving style where it should be


Who? Only Hulkenberg and Bianchi come to mind, and still not on alonso's level. The rest are doing the expected or worse.


Ricciardo needs to get himself into a good car.


I imagine what the Ham fans would say if Rosberg drove like Lewis, geting only 3rd, hitting other cars. I predict there'd be a lot of accusations of his inability to drive this superb car to second and lack of speed and lack of overtake prowess. This is so ridiculous, cause Hamilton showed really nothing today. He just cruised past the field and when finally the car with good traction and max speed appeared on the way (Bottas) he couldn't do anything. That is not the champs drive, I understand that most of the commentators here are british and support Ham, but I just cant get used this double standarts. Merc is 1.5 sec faster per lap than any other car (Rosberg was easily getting at least 1.5 over Bottas when he needed it). And this is the man, whom they call the fastest out there. And there was DRS to help him. And he is only third, finishing 20+ sec behind teammate and provocing unneccessary collisions (the one with Button was really stupid and clumsy). Now I tell you what, if Lewis is THAT cool, he should have ended the race a second behind Nico or even have won it. Any other result is a shame IMO.

I really start to believe Rosberg can win the title, and my opinion was the opposite before season had started.


Button left the door open and Lewis went in the gap. Button even said afterwards on twitter after he saw it again that 'he understood why Lewis went for the gap'. Rosberg probably wouldn't even have got on the podium, average combat skills like we saw in Bahrain when Rosberg had a better set up and was on softer tyres after a safety car and still couldn't overtake


Driver of the day was Ricciardo followed by Alonso, Vettel not far behind. Great skills from these guys in racing side by side and cleanly on the racers edge. I don't think Hamilton is smart enough to win this title. Nico's doing a very impressive job and he deserves his lead.

Disgraceful scenario with the officials at the end. That should have been a safety car. I hate seeing Marshall's lives put at risk like that. After all the safety that has been introduced for the drivers they still are in the dark ages when it comes to looking after trackside marshalls. If one of those guys had of tripped over things could have got ugly, and we've seen marshalls trip over before.


To be honest people are too biased to answer these questions honestly.


I agree - I try to answer honestly, but for most I think DOTD is more fan based click-bait, than analysis.

Harrison Vrbanjac

Do anyone knows where I can find team comparison stats?


I don't think anywhere

You can try gpguide.com (suggested by James Allen himself) which has pretty good stats on everything from long before we were born up to last Sunday

You can also try espnf1.com which has up dated standings and results for the year and figure them out from there (that's what I do)

Harrison Vrbanjac

I meant team-mate comparison stats of course.


Ricciardo, Bottas then Hamilton.

All quality and class for different reasons during the same race!

Ricciardo for not respecting anyone's reputation.

Bottas for having the guts to get on with it and push on.

Hamilton for actually taking risks, overtaking at (almost every) first opportunity and actually trying to win the race.

The derogatory statements about Hamilton are frankly disgusting, it's rather like criticizing Ricciardo because he smiles a lot! 🙂 😀


Off topic but can anyone explain the latest trophies? I received better for Best & Fairest in a farting competition in 2007. Maybe it's all about reducing costs in F1.

I know, I know James but I had to try 😉


LOL I agree! They look absolutely awful. Tacky red plastic. Another cost cutting measure I imagine. Imagine the trophies they could produce if they didn't spend £1 Zillion on these unnecessary 'power units'


Hard to choose. It was so much fun to see the greats like Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Ricciardo go wheel to wheel with one another. So much spacial awareness, every time you see these guys battle you know it's going to be great, and it's not going to end in the gravel trap (oh wait, we don't have those anymore..). So in my view the winner here were the viewers.

My vote goes to Bottas for delivering a stunning result, again. Especially keeping Hamilton (who clearly had the faster car) at bay in the closing laps means he earns my vote.


My Driver of the Day would have to be Lewis Hamilton for his very good drive from 20th to 3rd. In his mind, he would have wanted 2nd to consider it a really great drive, but I thought it was the drive of the day.

Justin in Perth

Is it just me or is Bottas becoming slightly overrated?

Yes, he is driving well in a very good, Mercedes powered car. One that has good quali and race pace. But describing his drive as 'stunning' or having the Sky F1 commentary declare him a superstar of the future is a bit much.

Once Massa was out, Bottas knew he wouldn't catch Rosberg, so he was basically in his own race until the end when Hamilton caught him. Fortunately for the Williams, Hamilton's tyres appeared done.

For me, DOTD is shared between Alonso & Ricciardo.


I've been saying the same for a while, his car has the pace to chase and overtake any other car except the mercs. Placing it behind the silver arrows its how it should be. Seeing Felipe's numbers, imagine what Alonso would be doing in a car like that.


If it was Ricciardo instead of Bottas would you still disagree?

Justin in Perth

If Bottas was in the Renault (under)powered Red Bull, and clearly out qualifying and out racing a 4 time current world champion, then fair enough.

Like wise if Ricciardo was in the Williiams, I would not expect such high praise for his performance.

Unfortunately as the cars play such a vital role in the end result, the strongest measure of performance is against a team mate.

Bottas is beating a past his prime Massa.

Alonso is dominating Kimi who was still in the top 3-4 drivers up to the end of last season.

Ricciardo is doing very well against Vettel - almost to the point now where it is surely starting to become a little uncomfortable for the team.

This is why Alonso and Ricciardo are getting a fair amount of credit.


DOTD 1. Alonso 2. Bottas 3. Ricciardo

In other News, Toto Wolff just alluded to Hamilton needing psychological treatment after season finale in Abu Dhabi !

“I think the one who might lose the title will need some psychological treatment!”


Even though Hamilton redefined the word "decimation" with his drive, I'm going to have to go with Riccardo. That level of maturity and ability under pressure against Alonso? The man's a natural!


Alonso - he was the only one who exceeded the potential of his car.

Jenson Button would have been in with a shout of driver of the day, and probably 5th/6th place, if McLaren hadn't stupidly expected him to do half the race on one set of primes...

kenneth chapman

@ paul davies......no one, not even alonso, can exceed the potential of his car. he simply gets more out of it than his team mate.


Remember our last discussion? I think we can leave it settled at this point. Haha, I completely agree with what you say.



Man on a mission!


Nico was actually quite invisible so it is hard to say how good of a job he did.

Valtteri's top picks were the holding of Massa and Magnusson in the start the grand final battle with Lewis which Valtteri won.

Lewis did an average job. IF he had not crashed to Kimi and Jenson and IF he had been able to overtake Valtteri, then he would have been the star of the day.

Sebastian had a quite similar invisible performance as Nico.

Same for Fernando.

Daniel was, in my mind, the best driver of the day. Anyone saying otherwise can shut their mouth. He is a real badass, rising from 15th position to 6th was an amazing achievement from him.


James. Any way to get the FIA to secretely schedule an additional 2014 GP but only pass the word on to Red Bull & Ferrari? 4 car start. How will they finish? Who cares! You know it's going to be a humdinger.


Starting grid 1-Rai 2-Alo 3-Vet 4-Ric. Not that Kimi is a nice brawler, but he would hold the rest for a while to add some extra entertainment!


Rosberg, Bottas, Ricardo and Alonso in that order for what it's worth at this late stage of commenting.

Rosberg for his management of this race and maturity in being able to do what's needed to get the job done, not destroy his car and focus on the job at hand;

Bottas for his growing resume and ability to handle himself and his car as an accomplished professional at this very early stage in his carreer;

Ricardo for his spirit and ability, his car control and respect for others on the track; and

Alonso for his ability to get more than the best from his equipment, his respect, determination and driving ability in close quarters.

None of these Gentlemen/Sportsmen (in the larger picture) find it appropriate to initiate contact with others on track nor have they attempted to imply that others have had it easier than the results of what their own actions have generated.


Dan, very ballsy defending against Alonso.


Bernd Maylander. Earning his money dodging the work. If only other drivers could do that.


Hamilton for me, as much because that's the kind of race he wasn't finishing not long ago.


Ricciardo showed his class again for mine.


While I thought Valteri Bottas drove an excellent race to finish second, it was Hamilton's charge to recover that made the GP worth watching. - A scintillating performance despite the contact which was almost bound to happen on such a charge.


Seriously, i give to all the drivers DOTD. They still want to race and compete having no chance to contribute their own. I bet mostly they do it because of money and fame. Putting a brave face on.


Definitely Lewis.


Tie for me between the Bulls and Alonso, Ricciardo if I have to chose one. Rosberg and Bottas drove faultless races but did nothing out of the ordinary. Hamilton was very entertaining to watch but was a bit too clumsy coming through the field for me. Another exemplary display of racing from the two Red Bulls and Alonso. Massa and Hamilton need to watch them and learn how not to crash into people. Ricciardo tips it since he was dropped to 15th at the first corner and came back up through the field with his limited straight line speed.

Are the teams allowed to change gear ratios at all through the season? I think it's quite funny that every race the Williams is banging off the limiter in 8th with DRS open when on the other hand I've hardly seen the Mercedes guys use 8th. It may penalise them at Monza but surely Williams have got the ratios right, they are near enough fastest through the speed traps at every race?

Guybrush Threepwood

@James, you keep getting it wrong.

Ricciardo was in 15th after the first lap - and I believe he dropped down to 17th after he ran wide at the start.

Give the boy some credit! 😉

Having said that, Alonso was DotD for me.


I can't choose between Alonso, Bottas and Ricciardo because they all drove superbly. Alonso as always gets the best out of his car and has been driving a dog for the last couple of years. He is the best driver on the grid and it annoys me to see him not able to challenge in the way that he should. Whilst I respect Hamilton as a great driver I do not think he was DOTD simply because he has a car that is about 0.5 sec at least faster per lap and was expected to to be on podium. He hit at least two cars whilst lapping through the field and these were his fault. This cost him second place. He was too impatient. Other drivers in the Mercedes could have achieved the same result.


It wasn't so long ago people were singing the praises of Bianchi as DoTD for his bumper car like overtake on Kobayashi. Muscling his way through I think was the way it was referred to. This week Hamilton goes from 20th to 3rd and people are lining up to criticise...


Hamilton drove hard and the result was good for him, but I'm not sure he drove well. He was very close to taking himself out along with Kimi, perhaps Riciardo & Perez too in a Grosjean-esque 2011 move that only just paid off, by skin of a Ferrari front wing end plate. Bit too reckless really. I suppose he was due a bit of luck though. I think Hamilton was also fortunate that Massa wasn't running, otherwise he'd have probably finished in 4th. On reflection a good recovery from the hand he was dealt in qualifying.

For me Alonso had the better drive, performing far above the level of where the Ferrari is at. His race craft was sublime, especially against the two Redbulls. Controlled and calculated, yet aggressive A real pleasure to watch. Bottas is a close 2nd as Driver of the day


I am tired to listen Alonso said, 6th is the best we can do, Vettel could said the same 4th is the best we can do with the car we have.


But Fernando was 5th when the supposed limit was 6th, while seb ended just where he should. that's the thing.


Dan Ric was my choice, but it was a tough call between him and Alonso.

Brilliant championship material.


Anyone else out there wondering what Riccardo could do if he was behind the wheel of this years Williams??


Ricciardo......the half season driver!


I'd go for ALONSO or RICCIARDO, both drove the balls off difficult cars and kept their noses clean despite some incredibly hard racing.

Bottas and Rosberg both drove well but were more or less invisible in the race due to the dominance of their cars.

Lewis drove his hot knife of a car through butter with a little less grace than we know he's capable of and that is why he missed out on the P2 his car was easily capable of.


Guys remember to re register (clear your details) then re-enter- Im getting email replies that arent on here.

Or is it something missing on my side James ? (Dont think so) cheers!


Re register ?

What's that about, did I miss something ?


Ra Ra go Ricciardo !

Drives like a proper Aussie, go hard or go home.

Seriously liked his entertaining driving in the pack, got my vote for DOTD.


Ricciardo or Alosno fro me--- dope of the day Charlie Whiting for not calling for a saftey car, what was going on there? 🙂


Not Massa.


He.hee amen to that !



A 150mph crash 24hrs earlier due to BRAKE failure!

Near complete rebuild of his car untested, new brakes untested, and he still drove the bejesus out of it to come 3rd. Setting fastest lap on the way.

Those knocking this drive should consider he was 20+secs up the road from DR...... shaken and bruised a genuinely fearless drive.


Hamilton. Sheer class, pure entertainment.

kenneth chapman

@ bobbyf1.......sheer class? entertaining maybe, but sheer class, never.


I've had cleaner races racing karts than Lewis. I didn't realise it was Nascar where rubbing panels is part of the game. My DOTD Ricciardo. The mid race battle was epic. Race craft mature, well beyond his years and by all accounts a genuinely nice guy.


I wonder what DR would be like if it was the RB'S still dominating.

We know Vettel would excel, but Ricciardio is unknown at that level.

While Vettel gets use to this Tec Ricci can have his day but it'll be interesting to see how he copes under pressure

wonder if he'd be has nice and smiley.



I saw a couple pieces regarding M. Schumachers condition. The pieces stated he is awake, responsive and improving. Will in fact go home soon. Are these reports accurate? They both quoted Corinne, not Sabine. Im sure many fans are interested, as I am. I'm no doctor, but serious head injuries are well, SERIOUS We are many miles past hoping for a full recovery. If this news is factual my DotD has to be Schumi.

Ah DotD for the race. Hmm. Difficult not to pick Nico but I'll have to go with Nando. The guy is a machine.


What did Alonso do exactly?


@ Thompson

Alonso managed to finish the race in P5, Which has been not done by quite a few pilot pilots who had better engine and package beneath them. Massa, Ricciardo (Sad but True) Magnussen, Button, Raikkonen (Had simillar car and failed miserably)

Besides, that Alonso drove a consummate race Fought with the Bulls through out the race, despite the ropey ferrari package which he had to contend with.


There are two drivers which the new F1 is not suiting.

1. Kimi

2. Vettel

There are those who are unaffected by it, like Alonso, Perez, Hulkenberg. Massa and Button

And their are those who are shinning

1. Riccardo

2. Bottas

3. Maggnusun

4. Kyvat

... And the Mercedes pair... well, the car is bloody brilliant... you can't compare those two mercedes to anything on the grid, no matter what bans you impose to slow them down, they just seem to get faster and faster.



Got the email re your reply, but the reply isn't after my comment. Alonso is a great driver, although not a favorite. He gets more out of the red sled than it deserves week in week out. I'm not the only one that picked ALO. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity concerning my opinion. Could it be I don't get goose bumps everytime the name Lewis comes up? When Ham gets 7 more titles, I would be impressed, till then he's another driver with a title, maybe two. Just like Alonso.



Honestly I was not being sarcastic or condescending towards you. But in all honesty Alonso had a pretty low key race imo.

The dual with DR was for one place and very little progress up the field was made.

Is the Car has bad as is made out - I do not know - Kimi's inability to get the car to his liking makes it hard to assess the car (but considering the recent history of Ferrari with De la Rosa, Fiscicella and even Massa, the car looking at the stats suggest the 2nd Ferarri is pretty poor compared to Alonso's similar to Webbers RB)

If riding on board I can't see how one could consider FR for dod is all I'm saying.


Fair enough, no offense taken. My choice was based on Alonso's ability to finish in the points race after race in a marginal Ferrari. There really is no criteria for driver of the day, its an opinion.


@ Thompson

"2nd Ferarri is pretty poor compared to Alonso’s " - Highly delusional and Insular view

2nd Ferrari is not that bad, it is the pilots who drive alongside Alonso are not even half decent.

"Is the Car has bad as is made out " - Again a Biogted view against the Wizard Alonso

What evidence or documentation you have to suggest Ferrari have produced competitive cars for the last five seasons or so? The Last time Ferrari produced the fastest package was back in 2008 (F2008). Aside the F2008 Ferrrari have done nothing to improve the cars and their technical crew were inept quite a few has been sacked, Yet the man who was sacked now produced a wonder at Mercedes. All the savants in F1 have confessed Ferrari were poor and terrible for the last five seasons or so. DC, Jordan, Gary anderson, Anthony Davidson ETC

Alonso had a low key race ? Hilarious thing i have ever read here after the german GP. Alonso drove his heart out once again in germany. Ferrari were clearly behind the Williams, RBR, Mclaren in that order at German GP.

Alonso produced another stunning drive to score some vital points for the team and we witnessed what the other Ferrari can do

Ferrari are not anymore a team at the sharp end of the field. They are a mid-table team at best and If Alonso leaves Ferrari then it will leave the team at the bottom end of the field



Please calm down....lol.

I'm not saying Alonso is a bad driver but be honest since his arrival the 2nd car at Ferrari as been ( to quote niki lauda fom the movie Rush) a 's#@¥box'

As I have said numerous times on here good drivers don forget how to drive overnight.

Alonso is not dragging extra from that car he most likely has all resources thrown at it.

Did you not see the names I mentioned?

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