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Posted By: James Allen  |  21 Jul 2014   |  12:08 am GMT  |  305 comments

It was another exciting race with plenty of overtaking and dramatic moments, some drivers making big progress through the field and others losing out.

While Nico Rosberg cruised to victory in front of his home fans, an eventful Grand Prix unravelled behind him with some heated battles, impressive overtaking moves and inspired drives throughout the field.

There are numerous candidates in the running for this weekend’s Driver of the Day – but who are you going to choose? Who was your Driver of the Day in Hockenheim?

Nico Rosberg

Drove a faultless race to take his fourth win of the season. Started on pole position, after a textbook lap in qualifying, and pulled away from Bottas with consummate ease. Remained unchallenged for the entire race, as battles took place behind him, with the pace of the car and solid strategy proving too much for anyone else. Recorded his seventh of his career to increase his lead over Lewis Hamilton in the drivers’ standings to 14 points with nine races to go. Led every lap to surpass father Keke Rosberg’s career laps led total of 516.

Valtteri Bottas

It was another stunning performance from the Finn to equal his best result in Formula 1 and give Williams their 300th podium. Defended from team-mate Felipe Massa at the start to hold second and from there ran comfortably in that position before the stops. Lost a place to Hamilton, but retook the Mercedes with the Briton under instruction not to resist him. His tyres started to fade in the closing stages, after the team made a two-stop strategy work, but defended brilliantly from Hamilton to hold on to second and ensure Williams move up to third in the constructors’ championship.

Lewis Hamilton

Was sore after a heavy crash in qualifying, which left him well down the grid for the race. Took a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change and started 20th. By lap eight, he was up to 12th place and then put a bold move on Raikkonen, making contact with the Ferrari at the hairpin on his way through. Continued to make his way through the field, rising as high as second before dropping back when he stopped. As he made his way through the field again, he hit the sidepod of Button’s McLaren, mistakenly thinking his former team-mate was letting him through, which damaged his front wing. Forced to do a final 16-lap stint on the supersoft tyres, passed Alonso but could not pass Bottas as his tyres lost grip and he settled for third.

Sebastian Vettel

Won another exciting battle with fellow world champion Alonso. Avoided the trouble at the start to run third and stayed within eight seconds of second-placed Bottas. Dropped back after the stops but renewed his battle with Alonso from Silverstone, passing the Spaniard and his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen in a great move at the hairpin. Emerged from the pits in front of Alonso, but made a slight mistake, allowing Alonso to steal the place using DRS. Stopped for a third time for the soft tyres, emerging sixth but rose up to fourth despite late concerns over fuel.

Fernando Alonso

Battled both Red Bulls hard to once again make the best of a bad car. Made up ground at the start to run fourth early on. Shrewdly passed Vettel as he came out of the pits but a late stop dropped him back to seventh. Overtook Button and then had a great ding-dong battle with Ricciardo, the pair fighting hard for fifth place with some supreme side-by-side driving through the stadium section. Eventually broke Ricciardo’s defence to finish fifth and maintain his run of scoring points in every single race this season.

Daniel Ricciardo

Demonstrated a racer’s instinct with some superb wheel-to-wheel driving. Lost out at the start when Massa and Magnussen collided and he was forced onto the run-off. Dropped to 12th place but made his way through the field. Fought with Hamilton, who was also fighting through the field, in the opening stages, before passing Vergne and Raikkonen. Lost a place to Hamilton, who was on fresher tyres, and defended bravely from Alonso before losing another. Crossed the line sixth having recovered some good points and boosted his ever-growing profile.

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Please calm down….lol.

I’m not saying Alonso is a bad driver but be honest since his arrival the 2nd car at Ferrari as been ( to quote niki lauda fom the movie Rush) a ‘s#@¥box’

As I have said numerous times on here good drivers don forget how to drive overnight.

Alonso is not dragging extra from that car he most likely has all resources thrown at it.

Did you not see the names I mentioned?



Got the email re your reply, but the reply isn’t after my comment. Alonso is a great driver, although not a favorite. He gets more out of the red sled than it deserves week in week out. I’m not the only one that picked ALO. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity concerning my opinion. Could it be I don’t get goose bumps everytime the name Lewis comes up? When Ham gets 7 more titles, I would be impressed, till then he’s another driver with a title, maybe two. Just like Alonso.



Honestly I was not being sarcastic or condescending towards you. But in all honesty Alonso had a pretty low key race imo.

The dual with DR was for one place and very little progress up the field was made.

Is the Car has bad as is made out – I do not know – Kimi’s inability to get the car to his liking makes it hard to assess the car (but considering the recent history of Ferrari with De la Rosa, Fiscicella and even Massa, the car looking at the stats suggest the 2nd Ferarri is pretty poor compared to Alonso’s similar to Webbers RB)

If riding on board I can’t see how one could consider FR for dod is all I’m saying.


Fair enough, no offense taken. My choice was based on Alonso’s ability to finish in the points race after race in a marginal Ferrari. There really is no criteria for driver of the day, its an opinion.


@ Thompson

“2nd Ferarri is pretty poor compared to Alonso’s ” – Highly delusional and Insular view

2nd Ferrari is not that bad, it is the pilots who drive alongside Alonso are not even half decent.

“Is the Car has bad as is made out ” – Again a Biogted view against the Wizard Alonso

What evidence or documentation you have to suggest Ferrari have produced competitive cars for the last five seasons or so? The Last time Ferrari produced the fastest package was back in 2008 (F2008). Aside the F2008 Ferrrari have done nothing to improve the cars and their technical crew were inept quite a few has been sacked, Yet the man who was sacked now produced a wonder at Mercedes. All the savants in F1 have confessed Ferrari were poor and terrible for the last five seasons or so. DC, Jordan, Gary anderson, Anthony Davidson ETC

Alonso had a low key race ? Hilarious thing i have ever read here after the german GP. Alonso drove his heart out once again in germany. Ferrari were clearly behind the Williams, RBR, Mclaren in that order at German GP.

Alonso produced another stunning drive to score some vital points for the team and we witnessed what the other Ferrari can do

Ferrari are not anymore a team at the sharp end of the field. They are a mid-table team at best and If Alonso leaves Ferrari then it will leave the team at the bottom end of the field


There are two drivers which the new F1 is not suiting.

1. Kimi

2. Vettel

There are those who are unaffected by it, like Alonso, Perez, Hulkenberg. Massa and Button

And their are those who are shinning

1. Riccardo

2. Bottas

3. Maggnusun

4. Kyvat

… And the Mercedes pair… well, the car is bloody brilliant… you can’t compare those two mercedes to anything on the grid, no matter what bans you impose to slow them down, they just seem to get faster and faster.



I saw a couple pieces regarding M. Schumachers condition. The pieces stated he is awake, responsive and improving. Will in fact go home soon. Are these reports accurate? They both quoted Corinne, not Sabine. Im sure many fans are interested, as I am. I’m no doctor, but serious head injuries are well, SERIOUS We are many miles past hoping for a full recovery. If this news is factual my DotD has to be Schumi.

Ah DotD for the race. Hmm. Difficult not to pick Nico but I’ll have to go with Nando. The guy is a machine.


What did Alonso do exactly?


@ Thompson

Alonso managed to finish the race in P5, Which has been not done by quite a few pilot pilots who had better engine and package beneath them. Massa, Ricciardo (Sad but True) Magnussen, Button, Raikkonen (Had simillar car and failed miserably)

Besides, that Alonso drove a consummate race Fought with the Bulls through out the race, despite the ropey ferrari package which he had to contend with.


I’ve had cleaner races racing karts than Lewis. I didn’t realise it was Nascar where rubbing panels is part of the game. My DOTD Ricciardo. The mid race battle was epic. Race craft mature, well beyond his years and by all accounts a genuinely nice guy.


I wonder what DR would be like if it was the RB’S still dominating.

We know Vettel would excel, but Ricciardio is unknown at that level.

While Vettel gets use to this Tec Ricci can have his day but it’ll be interesting to see how he copes under pressure

wonder if he’d be has nice and smiley.


Hamilton. Sheer class, pure entertainment.

kenneth chapman

@ bobbyf1…….sheer class? entertaining maybe, but sheer class, never.



A 150mph crash 24hrs earlier due to BRAKE failure!

Near complete rebuild of his car untested, new brakes untested, and he still drove the bejesus out of it to come 3rd. Setting fastest lap on the way.

Those knocking this drive should consider he was 20+secs up the road from DR…… shaken and bruised a genuinely fearless drive.


Not Massa.


He.hee amen to that !


Ricciardo or Alosno fro me— dope of the day Charlie Whiting for not calling for a saftey car, what was going on there? 🙂


Ra Ra go Ricciardo !

Drives like a proper Aussie, go hard or go home.

Seriously liked his entertaining driving in the pack, got my vote for DOTD.


Guys remember to re register (clear your details) then re-enter- Im getting email replies that arent on here.

Or is it something missing on my side James ? (Dont think so) cheers!


Re register ?

What’s that about, did I miss something ?


I’d go for ALONSO or RICCIARDO, both drove the balls off difficult cars and kept their noses clean despite some incredibly hard racing.

Bottas and Rosberg both drove well but were more or less invisible in the race due to the dominance of their cars.

Lewis drove his hot knife of a car through butter with a little less grace than we know he’s capable of and that is why he missed out on the P2 his car was easily capable of.


Ricciardo……the half season driver!


Anyone else out there wondering what Riccardo could do if he was behind the wheel of this years Williams??


Dan Ric was my choice, but it was a tough call between him and Alonso.

Brilliant championship material.


I am tired to listen Alonso said, 6th is the best we can do, Vettel could said the same 4th is the best we can do with the car we have.


But Fernando was 5th when the supposed limit was 6th, while seb ended just where he should. that’s the thing.


Hamilton drove hard and the result was good for him, but I’m not sure he drove well. He was very close to taking himself out along with Kimi, perhaps Riciardo & Perez too in a Grosjean-esque 2011 move that only just paid off, by skin of a Ferrari front wing end plate. Bit too reckless really. I suppose he was due a bit of luck though. I think Hamilton was also fortunate that Massa wasn’t running, otherwise he’d have probably finished in 4th. On reflection a good recovery from the hand he was dealt in qualifying.

For me Alonso had the better drive, performing far above the level of where the Ferrari is at. His race craft was sublime, especially against the two Redbulls. Controlled and calculated, yet aggressive A real pleasure to watch. Bottas is a close 2nd as Driver of the day


It wasn’t so long ago people were singing the praises of Bianchi as DoTD for his bumper car like overtake on Kobayashi. Muscling his way through I think was the way it was referred to. This week Hamilton goes from 20th to 3rd and people are lining up to criticise…


I can’t choose between Alonso, Bottas and Ricciardo because they all drove superbly. Alonso as always gets the best out of his car and has been driving a dog for the last couple of years. He is the best driver on the grid and it annoys me to see him not able to challenge in the way that he should. Whilst I respect Hamilton as a great driver I do not think he was DOTD simply because he has a car that is about 0.5 sec at least faster per lap and was expected to to be on podium. He hit at least two cars whilst lapping through the field and these were his fault. This cost him second place. He was too impatient. Other drivers in the Mercedes could have achieved the same result.

Guybrush Threepwood

@James, you keep getting it wrong.

Ricciardo was in 15th after the first lap – and I believe he dropped down to 17th after he ran wide at the start.

Give the boy some credit! 😉

Having said that, Alonso was DotD for me.


Tie for me between the Bulls and Alonso, Ricciardo if I have to chose one. Rosberg and Bottas drove faultless races but did nothing out of the ordinary. Hamilton was very entertaining to watch but was a bit too clumsy coming through the field for me. Another exemplary display of racing from the two Red Bulls and Alonso. Massa and Hamilton need to watch them and learn how not to crash into people. Ricciardo tips it since he was dropped to 15th at the first corner and came back up through the field with his limited straight line speed.

Are the teams allowed to change gear ratios at all through the season? I think it’s quite funny that every race the Williams is banging off the limiter in 8th with DRS open when on the other hand I’ve hardly seen the Mercedes guys use 8th. It may penalise them at Monza but surely Williams have got the ratios right, they are near enough fastest through the speed traps at every race?


Definitely Lewis.


Seriously, i give to all the drivers DOTD. They still want to race and compete having no chance to contribute their own. I bet mostly they do it because of money and fame. Putting a brave face on.


While I thought Valteri Bottas drove an excellent race to finish second, it was Hamilton’s charge to recover that made the GP worth watching. – A scintillating performance despite the contact which was almost bound to happen on such a charge.


Ricciardo showed his class again for mine.

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