Exciting drive ! British Grand Prix preview – with Jake Humphrey
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Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Jul 2014   |  11:57 pm GMT  |  19 comments

With the British Grand Prix around the corner, former F1 TV presenter Jake Humphrey invited me to join him for an exciting drive, part of a series he is doing, which ended up with the pair of us competing in an Arial Atom over who could set the fastest lap around the Bruntingthorpe track in central England.

Along the way we talked about the current F1 scene, prospects for the British GP and the new 2014 hybrid turbo technology.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 17.27.19

Once we launched into the track challenge, something went very wrong with the timing system, as you will see…

All those years of hanging out with David Coulthard clearly helped Jake learn something.


Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 17.26.21

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 17.28.33

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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looks like great fun james. ask jake to contact me for a drive off and i’ll restore your pride.


Great to see driving through the Bruntingthorpe Cold War display (my Dad did his National Service there) – looked like a whole heap of fun!

“You can service myboiler …” Priceless!


Martin (England)

So where did Jake find 4.8 seconds James ? did he cut the chicane or did you spin ?


..like I say, the timing must have been wrong!!

He drove well, but 4.8secs??

Martin (England)

I think Jake and his mate with the timing stitched you up James.


Maybe he got his hands on the Atom before and was more familiar with the car? Also, did you weight in before? What did the scales say? 🙂


Who wants to buy F1 from CVC?


“One of the interested parties, is a consortium led by Red Bull.”

I kept saying, it makes perfect sense on so many fronts. DM is the perfect replacement for Bernie. Drinks company my foot! How many billions will DM spend to get me to drink my first can of Red Bull? Would Ferrari race in the Red Bull Formula 1 Championship? 🙂


Who said this? And WHY?! Why is he saying so much?

“The edge I have is in my ability. That is the gift I have and I have to utilise it this year more than ever.”




Media Events rarely happen without there being an ulterior motive so I wonder if this is the first hint that when the BBC TV contract comes to an end it will be picked up by BT ?

Jake was the star of the BBC coverage away from the commentary box and is sorely missed.

Elsewhere we have been reading about a row between Toto Wolff and Bernie about the failure of F1 to exploit social media. Bernie is getting pressure from Sponsors over falling TV audiences but is this surprising when he’s selling off the TV rights to Pay TV stations and taking away free-to-air coverage where ever he can ?

There is plenty of money swilling around in F1, certainly enough to fund all the teams even if ticket prices were brought down to a level that fans could afford. The problem is that far too much of the cash is going outside the sport to CVC & Co.

Until this is addressed there will never be a satisfactory level of funding for all the teams, we will continue to see many races at featureless circuits in front of empty grandstands and ticket prices in Europe will remain far too high.

This is why I was all in favour of a break away series rather than carrying on as we were.



kenneth chapman

@ james….that certainly looked like a helluva lot of fun. some people lead awfully dull lives eh? by the way, is the jaguar your daily drive? that looked rather tasty as well.


Jake is missed big time on the BBC F1 team. Another thing the BBC messed up on. Should have used him alot more on their sports programmes. Instead he just gave in at the BBC because he wanted to expand into football & the BBC never gave him the opportunity. Now he’s stuck at BT bloody sports earning a massive wage but just doing football with a very limited audience.

I remember when he first started at BBC F1 & put Bernie Ecclestone under pressure after Bernies extremely right wing racial comments. Which showed everyone Jake was not just a exChildrens tv presenter but a man capable of asking defining questions without fear. When BBC gave up showing all the races live, speculation was mounting on who would jump ship & run off to the Darkside aka Sky F1 shockingly Brundle(who squirming under pressure didnt answer this question) Kravitz, Pinkham all ran off where the money was & Jake remained loyal as did Lee Mckeinzee,David Coultard,JA (et al on radio 5 live)stated he’d stay with BBC F1. The BBC should have acknowledged his loyalty. Instead they/ we as an audience lost him to BT sports a channel which just blows.

Sad loss to the Beeb & BBC management messing ….again.

Glad to see him on your Web site James 🙂


Great clip, thanks for sharing James.

I think Suzy Perry’s great, but I do still miss Jake. As AndyFov said, he’s just an effortlessly natural broadcaster.

And go on, how much DO you weigh? 😀



Don’t worry James, we’re still loyal to you…

Torchwood Five

Dunno where I asked, here perhaps, but when we lost Jake Humphrey from F1 reporting, I did implore that someone arrange for Jake to do the reporting for the British Grand Prix. I know having a baby is the reason he confines his activities to the UK now.

So even if this is not ultimately him working for BBC or Sky trackside at Silverstone, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jake’s name and British Grand Prix in the same headline. 🙂

Tom in Adelaide

Nice work there James, looks like speed is genetic!


Did you ask Jake if hes been practising a whole year for that ! He sure did learn something from DC then !


An entertaining clip, thanks for sharing that. Jake might be faster, but you’d beat him on Celebrity Mastermind, I think. 🙂

Seeing Jake on that reminds me of what an effortlessly natural broadcaster he is. It’s a shame he’s moved on from F1, I miss him.

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