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British Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Jul 2014   |  11:27 pm GMT  |  257 comments

It was another classic Grand Prix in what is turning out to be a season with some great racing. There were some superb battles throughout the field and some outstanding drives deep through the field.

The podium was unusual with the winner coming from 6th on the grid, the second placed man Bottas starting 14th and third placed Riccardo coming from 8th.

But who was your Driver of the Day?


Lewis Hamilton
Was dejected after blowing qualifying on Saturday and ending up 6th on the grid. Pulled it together at the start and gained two places before the red flag. Picked off Magnussen and Button quickly after the restart and was catching Rosberg in the middle stint when the German retired. Equalled Sir Jackie Stewart’s 27 GP wins.


Valtteri Bottas
What can you say about this performance? His best ever result in F1, second conseutive podium and one that takes his team ahead of Force India in the championship. Bottas was amazing at the start, moving from 14th to 9th on the opening lap, then picking off cars by passing them inside and outside. Switched to a one stop strategy as it became clear that the tyres were in good shape and took second place at the flag.


Daniel Ricciardo
The happiest 3rd place he has had in F1; the likeable Aussie drove strongly after a team mistake in qualifying meant he wasn’t out on track at the end when the laps times were set. He too converted to a one stop strategy mid race and also passed plenty of cars en route to his fourth podium in five races.


Jenson Button
Narrowly missed out on a podium on “Pink for Papa” day at Silverstone. Button was outstanding in qualifying and maintained track position as much as possible give the restrictions of his car, which again lacked pace compared to the other top teams.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso
One of the most memorable battles the pair of champions has engaged in. They fought like dogs over fifth place in the second half of the race. Alonso went from 16th on the grid to sixth at the end, cleverly taking the hard tyre at the start and using it for only one lap, racing the rest of the GP on the faster medium. Vettel meanwhile took the hard tyre at the restart but was pitted early by the team and lost ground.

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I thought Bottas did a great job, Alonso fought well. As did Button in what looks like a pretty slow car - Magnussen just went backwards.

Perhaps we should start giving more credit to those at the back of the pack, put some World Champions and people with huge number of race weekends under their belt at the back of the grid and there is chaos!


Has to be Bottas and Alonso joint DoD.

Maybe Alonso inches it because of his tenacious battle with Vettel? He never gives up. No wonder the words "relentless" and "beast" are used more when describing him than any other driver today.


To Krischar

I would be very wealthy for every person that makes out Alonso is so badly handicapped having to drive a Ferrari thus exaggerating Alonso's abilities. One might be excused for thinking that Ferrari has one of the slowest cars on the grid. It is the fourth fastest car taken as an average across all types of circuits.

Alonso may have had an entertaining tussle with Vetter but that does not make Alonso's drive particularly special, not one that qualifies for DOTD, not least as he failed in his quest to beat Vettel. One could give DOTD to Button for beating Alonso and Vettel, both of whom have superior cars compared to the McLaren if one looks at the McLaren's position in the Constructor's title.


Well i do not see JB in this fight

Yes kudos to JB for his assured display. DOTD to JB? maybe yes given the Mclaren position

RBR have far better package than F14T Drivel. Vettel had new tyres and quicker car yet he took good 13 laps or so to pass vettel. It is highly impossible these days to be keep faster car behind for 12 laps or so with DRS assistance in place. Silverstone is not a tough track either to pass cars there are quite a few options available to pass other cars

Let's get it right ever since vettel joined RBR he never endured the fate and had the pain to drive slower cars not even for half of the season. RBR have constantly improved the cars. Just look at the second half of 2013 season for classic example RBR have improved the cars despite the lead they had. Others teams have failed to put up a fight even big budgeted teams had no answer.

RBR have always had a superior package to Ferrari for the last 5 seasons or so yet vettel made too much of fuss to win his WDC'S and made a hard work of the errand himself. On other hand Alonso have kept Ferrari in title hunt until the last race in 2010 and 2012 seasons solely based on his exertions


Why Alonso??????? He had a battle with Vettel and lost!

The fact that Alonso climbed so far was simply due to starting from near the back of the grid due to his own mistake (and Ferrari).

Far better candidates for DOTD in my humble opinion.


@ W JOhnson

Alonso may have lost the battle with vettel. Alonso drove for a woeful machinery compared to RBR and williams, yet he easily fended off seb vettel for good 12 laps or so who had fresher tyres and better car beneath him. Alonso mixed the aggression and defence superbly in the race. He made the 1 stopper work overtook quite lot of cars in the first 20 laps or so which includes the Mclaren and RBR as well. Later Alonso had to hold off a faster RBR, which he certainly managed to do. Vettel is INEPT and Spineless pilot who moans and complains too much about other pilots. Ok vettel may drive for faster RBR does that mean Fernando have to let him past or go by ? Why yield a place to vettel easily? Is S vettel good enough to compete? BIG NO

Despite the faster car and better strategy vettel was well beaten by Dan ricciardo once again and through out the season. No more hierlooms will be presented to vettel. There is no M webber available in the GRid to help vettel either. I will take the Mercedes domination instead of RBR anyday. Lewis or Nico for the title for 2014 and beyond


Why? For all that we miss in F1 and we could see this weekend. Fight between two great pilots.


Overtaking the many slower cars does not qualify Alonso for DOTD. Neither does failing to pass Vettel. Didn't Alonso pick up a penalty? A mistake by Alonso! That also counts against taking DOTD!

And who did Alonso pass and make stick completing the race into a position that could be said to be outperforming the Ferrari? Again the answer is a negative.Alonso finished where one would have expected given the slower cars behind Alonso. The Ferrari may not be the fastest but it is one of the faster cars on the grid.

If moaning heavily using the car to pit radio during the race qualifies for DOTD, then yes, Alonso gets my vote.


Why Alonso? Is this a real queston?

Vettel, the 4 time world champion, need many laps to overtake Fernando with NEW TIRES! Alonso who came from 16th position and had a pe nalty (vettel from 2nd) made superb moves on Vettel who even te new tires and the Alonso problems with the car (bad car, no batery, and problems with rear wing).

And Ricciardo 3rd... Vettel it's a joke.

Alonso is for me the driver of the day, many overtakes, but the most important, with the F14T.


Also he would have crashed into Vettel if Vettel hadn't taken evasive action, twice.


Vettel had a much better car than Alonso, the Spaniard did a better job.

I give Bottas DOTD though.


Not to mention a drive thru penalty due to a mistake Alonso made at the start. His battle with Vettel was fun to watch, yes, but neither are my drivers of the day. I would have to say Bottas, Button and Hamilton were.


It's driver of the day, not driver of the weekend so you can preclude qualifying from your assessment.

IMHO hands down Alonso, the absolute quality of race craft against a MUCH faster car (as evidenced by how large a gap Vettel pulled immediately after managing to get past) was unbelievable. Also his car was damaged, not as quick and on worse off tyres, the intelligence he showed by harvesting his ERS and using it in unconventional places on track just goes to show his pedigree.

Could not disagree more with your humble opinion and I am no Alonso fan trust me!


Dont give bernie ideas like that!!!


I remember there was a proposal a while back, where they got rid of qualifying and instead cars started in reverse order from where they finished in the previous race.

e.g. come first, start at the back of the grid in the next race.

From a spectator point of view it promotes overtaking from the back and gives the smaller teams a better advantage starting at the front.

Obviously this would mean a loss in revenue loosing the qualifying day though so it never went anywhere.


Thn u will have more incidents like kimi's with much faster cars starting behind slower cars...


They do this all the time in different types of racing. It works really well. Too much of a good idea for f1 though


Just got home from Silverstone. Thoroughly absorbing GP. Well done to Lewis and the battle between Alonso and vettel was fantastic. Dotd toss up between Bottas and Alonso.


Man of the day...kamikaze kimi

No lol .... Bottas, jenson, lewis,


I'm a big Hamilton fan but I have to concede that Bottas was the driver of the day. The Merc's pace advantage means they were only ever going to fight with each other and, although Hamilton appeared to have the greater pace, his teamate's retirement meant that the second half of the grand prix was plain sailing.

Bottas drove in a calm, controlled manner (more than can be said for VET and ALO) and carved his way through the field in a car with a less obvious pace-advantage to take a well deserved podium.


I went with Alonos. Charged forwards brilliantly in the first half of the race and then defended brilliantly in the second half.


It's Alonso for me, started from the rear had a penalty and still managed 6th. If you watch his onboard footage the car had huge understeer so great job!


Alonso, for sheer entertainment and driving prowess with Kudos to Vettel for playing the game and not crashing


Bottas & Ricciardo are setting themselves up nicely to be the next generation of consistent WDC contenders - provided they both get cars that match their skill over the next 3-5 yrs. Kvyat & Bianci should join them a year or 2 after that. It feels like a changing of the guard is on it's way like the late 1990's when Prost/ Mansell finally retired when Mika, Michael & Fernando came through.


Alonso in Mika's and Michael's generation? 🙂

Alonso came in F1 full 10 years later, and then even spent whole 2002 as a test driver, before finally becoming a full-time race driver in 2003.

FormulaEDiary (Anil Parmar)

I thought Bianchi did an amazing job holding faster cars behind him in the first stint!

Alonso was immense today. It was quite possibly the best he's performed in a race other than his first stint during the Hungary 2006 race.

Also I love the Luffield-Woodcote-Copse section..we saw some INCREDIBLE moves there today from Alonso and Lewis too. I hope Hermann Tilke noticed that.


What a stint that was, overtaking in Hungary in the rain... Until a wheelnut came off.

Like then, yesterday was not just the regular amazing performance but also spectacular to watch!


If you don't say Bottas, you aere objectively wrong.


If you think Bottas could have done what Alonso did with the Ferrari, THEN you are objectively wrong. Valtteri is getting DoD often because he wasn't very popular a year ago and now he is doing well with the 2nd-3rd car of the grid, but the guy is never doing better than his car.


Alonso, the master at making up problems about his car that aren't true and the driver who goes off track limits the most


@ nickh
Pl don't let your personal [mod] for Alonso cloud your judgement about his driving prowess ....I don't think anyone could drive the F14T as Alonso has done this year.
Just look at how Kimi who was till last year lauded for his drives in the Lotus is doing in the sister Ferrari


On the lap that Vettel finally got past Alonso, the on board of Vettel of that lap clearly showed Vettel leaving the track twice just to get past. They were just as bad as each other.


Try going into the F1 paddock and putting that view around in any team's motor home

You would get very short shrift...


rubbish, Bottas had plenty of fans last year, he's getting dod because he deserves it.


Im not talking about the number of fans (and still, he had some fans, but not "plenty"), but more about how people rated him as a driver last year. He beat Maldo overalls, but he was slower sometimes. The Williams is ATM the closest car to the mercs (in Austira was equally fast) and his performance gap with Felipe is far from beeing similar to Alonso's the previous 4 years. The guy is good, but his car has awesome top speed and is at least 0.5 seconds per lap faster than the rest, including even the Red Bull. Nothing against him, I'm actually happy to see new faces up there, but people is overreacting.


Equally to Vettel and Alonso. What a fantastic display of racing, forget all their whinging about the other cheating it was brilliant to watch. Alonso yet again proving what a class act he is and Vettel showing yet again that he can race with the best of them.

Very honourable mention to Bottas, for once the Williams finished where it should rather than falling back due to poor strategy or driving.

A great shame we were denied another Hamilton / Rosberg showdown. After the stops I think Hamilton had the measure of him on speed but it would have been great to get another Bahrain. Yet again, kudos to Mercedes for letting these guys fight tooth and nail.


Fernando Alonso, no doubt.


It has to be between Bottas and Alonso. These 2 came from miles behind the other guys.

Shame Alonso had such a poor start and the subsequent penalty. Without the mistake he made with the grid slot, he would've been 5th..maybe 4th.

Bottas had some serious pace in that Williams.


He didn't have a poor start, he just completely missed the box. Looked like he got caught out when the car in front stopped sooner than he was expecting. In any event he was more than 5 seconds down on Vettel so arguably the penalty made no difference.

Anyway, I thought it was decreed last race that a penalty ruled you out of DoTD... 😉


It was such a difficult call between Bottas and Alonso, but went for Bottas in the end due to his consistent charge and second podium.

Alberto Martínez

It´s between Alonso and Bottas for me because both of them showed intelligence and mature driving standards but finally I´ve chosen Alonso because he has to work really really hard in:

- Attack mode. In a car with a clear deficit in straight-line speed with Mercedes powered teams he was able to execute some outstanding and well planned overtaking maneuvers with aggressiveness and style, positioning his car outside the typical race line along several corners. Although Bottas did a great job his overtakes were much easier and straightforward because Williams is the top of the class in straight-line speed.

- Defensive mode. Performed great skills defending from Vettel´s attacks with tyres that were around 10 laps older succeeding for almost 15 laps against a car with a great traction advantage compared to the F14T and at that point around 1.5sec faster. I knew sooner or later Vettel would pass Alonso but was fantastic to see such defensive class and relentless impetus.

Matthew Cheshire

Too hard to choose a DOTD!

Bottas was brilliant.

Hamilton ran a champion's race and would have caught Nico from 6th.

Ricciardo showed even more new talents with magical tyre preservation and pacing his race to the last second.

Alonso and Vettel made the race spectacular. Awe inspiring racing, even with all the dummy spitting.

Best of the smoking wreckage - Kimi, not great driving with all the talk about early retirement but the red flag spiced up the race nicely.


Lewis in terms of being a Brit & winning.

But for coming through the pack it has to be

Bottas for driving an excellent race


During the Alonso Vettel duel, why wasn't Vettel penalized for 4-wheels off on more than one occasion? According to the broadcast team, it was supposed yo be a major infraction.


couldn't agree more! The 2 of them were both at fair enough... but what about those behind who would have scored decent points if they had got the same penalty as others did for such an infringement? Smaller teams depend on points when those in front lose out. Rule infringements should cost all equally regardless of what it means to a race result.


Well in that case why wasnt Alonso penalised for leaving the track every lap. Sure Seb did twice ( once during and once after) but the pont is the stewards usually warn you after 1 and penalise you at the 3rd- Alonso went off several times.. I think because everyone enjoyed the "show".

& quite frankly that annoys me.. I want fair within the rules racing..

Not shows & IMO you are not racing when your off track !


NOBODY was fined for leaving the track druing the race.

during qual charly was greate imedatily deleting the times when left the track.

during race, drivers where most of the time fighting (bottas at least 2 times, vettle alt least 4 time, alonso i think about 10-12 time (also when he overtook drivers still at the back of the field) )

so the steward happily left them race!


I was at Copse yesterday and between laps 30 and 50 Seb went completely off the track 13 times to Alonso's 5.


Clearly a diff of opinion here..I would suggest if Vettel went off so many times- then it would've been he that got the black & white flags and not Alonso.Also commentators were clearly indicating Alonso went off track (fully - all 4 wheels) quite often where as it was only noted twice for Vettel.

At the end of the day F1 is losing credibility because the rules mean nothing. If you dont want to enforce rules -dont have them. Its clear the owners want to play with your minds and have people say what great racing it is. But just ask yourself this :- if Alonso did not go off track would he not have lost position sooner??. Same in Montreal when Nico did.. Its all becoming very unsporting in the interest of The newbie fan..


Alonso had already been given black and white flag before that battle even happened (going off track too much). Vettel hadn't so read what you will from that


Well then - thats no racing.. Thats rubbish.


Thanks for that clarification. From TV I had the feeling that Vettel was going off with more frequency, and by quite bigger margins.


That wasn't a "show". It was pure racing. Neither gained advantage by any infractions. It was a balanced call by race control to let two greats battle it out.


My guess is that the stewards thought that both Alonso and Vettel were equally guilty of doing the same thing so it wasn't right to interfere.


Both Alonso and Vettel were going off the track all over the place. So it was good that the stewards just let them get on with it rather than penalising them for every tiny little infraction...


Because for every time Vettel got 4 wheels off the white line, Alonso does the sames. Equals out.


Daniel Ricciardo now leads his teammate (a 4 x world champion) 7 to 2.

The 2 defeats for Dan were in Australia, he did finish second (worth 18 points, before a team error regarding the fuel sensor) and in Malaysia he was running forth (12 points, before the team did not put a wheel on correctly)... So technically Vettel has not actually beat him on track at all this season and Dan could easily have had another 30 championship points to his name.

He is the only other driver other than a Merc to take a victory and has now finished on the podium at 6 races.

Not only was he the driver of this race but he is clearly the driver of the season so far.


Bottas probably deserved driver of the day on the track from arm-chair experts..

BUT... watching time data in the closing stages Dan was doing a massive job on 27 lap old soft tyres. His second last lap was a mid 1:39 and within 2/10s of Jenson... enough to keep him at bay.

Brilliant job..


...duh make that 37laps..


Vettel had 3 retirements. And two times he was ahead of his team mate ( Canada & Silverstone ), team's strategy or lack of strategy on Vettel's car put him ahead rather than his out right skill and in Bahrain, the safety car cut down the lead Vettel had over Ricciardo.Moreover Vettel had only 3 trouble free weekends in terms of car reliability and each time his performance turned out to be good.

This wouldnt amount to besting the 4 time World Champion. Nonetheless, impressive performance by Ricciardo on his first season with RBR


Correction. It was not strategy what destroyed Vettel's race in Silverstone, but certain driver in a mission to show the world he is better by miles than the 4 times WDC, called Fernando Alonso.


It wasn't his call, it was the team that pitted him very early in the first stint and again for his last stop. He was 8.5s ahead of Ric with 3 laps older tyres, would have easily managed to finish 3rd from there. Very questionable strategies from RBR in Canada and Silverstone...

alexander supertramp

His run is very impressing indeed. I did not expect him to be this good.


dont forget HIS side of the box .. .just the weel was an error - everytime since then his team beats vettels side of the box - it was 4 times, ric had the better strategie, that brought him into the front of vettel. and there seems to be a few better mechanics working for ric 😉

also silverstone (but im not shure if vettel had beaten alsono just out of the pits - i think he would have reached Button AND Dani)



He had the better stratergy because he was quicker.

alexander supertramp

And by impressing I obviously meant impressive..


Correct-a-mundo. I second that.



kenneth chapman

Too close to pick for me. more like D'sOTD. hottas/ricciardo & alonso were the standouts, all for differing reasons.

hamilton was untouchable but it was a hollow victory. no one could possibly mount a challenge after rosbergs close down. all he had to do was keep it on the track and it was a foregone conclusion.

what i do think though was that we now have some exciting new, young talent on the grid and that is what makes the future [ and the present] exciting. now all they have to do is get some of the stupid R & R out of the way and we could be back to the best of the best.


So you mean passing Fernando, Hulk & Dan the way he did was nothing..ok each to their own


In the W05 it really was no big deal


Hamilton passing anyone other then Rosberg is no big deal! The Mercedes is a second plus per lap faster. It was a given he would pass everyone, except Rosberg, within three laps of the start. The most impressive part of Hamilton's drive was the noise of the Brits, over the TV, when he won.


And yet if you listen carefully at the end of the race you can probably hear a bloke with the Italian name for Luke punching a wall in frustration..............not to mention screaming and gnashing of teeth!

kenneth chapman

@ elie......yes to the first and to the second....well what's new?


He was catching Rosberg even before the gearbox probs also. But if Dan catches or beats Seb ( who obv cant drive this car on the limit) its all teary eyed stuff.


How does Hamilton or Vettel deserve to be in this list? Vettel was routed by his team mate again and barely overtook a significantly slower Ferrari. All Hamilton did was drive to the ability of the car. We can't even say for sure if he was truly catching Nico given the gear problems started earlier and Nico was still setting fast laps. All Hamilton had to do was bring it home in the end. We see many drivers with no opportunity on this list because of circumstance, Hamilton should be judged in similar fashion. He did nothing special this weekend.

kenneth chapman

exactement mon ami. neither of them should be on the list.


Because he dragged himself from the depths of a truly shocking performance in quali to grab the win. A show of tremendous character.


He qualified 6th not 16th 🙂


Not grid the position, the emotional depths. It was a spectacular recovery 🙂


To date it appears around 220 odd voters disagree with you.

To many possible's for me though so I went with the race winner,despite what you've stated he still had to bring it home.

Feature of the day was the circuit,Silverstone is still magnificent,these originals tracks (despite alterations) are still the ultimate racing circuits.


You don't need to ask anyone to understand that 220 out of 2000 isn't much. There are many idiots in this world and many starved fans rooting for their man or team. With a Wimbledon loss and a World Cup loss some may cling to all they can get... doesn't change the fact that this guy was in a car that wasn't even pushing and was so far ahead. Maybe just driving a car home is all it takes for you but to me that's what's wrong with F1 nowadays. Sport is competition not masturbation, we want to see drivers competing in close machinery not the ridiculous self gratification of the last 3-4 years. Last year Vettel was the poster child of F1 the sure to be greatest, now he's getting crushed by Ricc, a guy who wasn't even that impressive before getting the drive. How come we don't see the same number of articles from people touting how great he was, explaining themselves now?

alexander supertramp

He's the winner, I don't care whether his car is dominant or not, winner gets a DotD nomination. He did everything right during the race, great start and fast disposal of slower cars in front and ultimately won the race.

kenneth chapman

@ alex ST...that is just plain wrong, wrong and wrong again. hamilton did zip by way of racing in the overall sense. the only competition he had was lewis hamilton.

kenneth chapman

@ alan...please, do me a favor. with such a commanding lead he could afford to reduce his pace and cruise to a win. vettel did the same so many times over the past few years.

of course the leader has to stay focused but when your a$$ is not being hounded by anyone don't try and make out that it is anything but a stroll in nominated green stuff.

and yes, i have raced in the past, when you probably weren't even born but i was never in a car that was light years ahead of the pack but at least i do have some perspective.


Spoken like someone who has never raced in their life. The pressure when leading a race like this is as bad or worse than chasing the leader. The focus required to bring a car home with no one around you is not easy to maintain.


Huh, I don't get what you are on about. Everything Alex ST said was true. The winner of the race does always get a DOTD nomination and he did overtake everyone quickly and hold it together for the win. Why does that mean he doesn't even get a nomination??


Absolutely agree.


Has to be the new guy. May Valtteri be on podium in many a coming race.


ELIE.......this race pretty much defines where Kimi and Fernando are as drivers.....one is under performing, excuse making, error prone....the other, well, just the radio transmissions show how much passion he has for the sport....

You should stop with the excuses cos it's getting funny now but if u must you could use this one....Kimis likes a stable rear end and Ferrari just can't give him.....ahh even I'm sick of hearing it.

alexander supertramp

Alonso was very passionate yesterday because he was fighting Vettel. His car was good, so he definitely had fun battling with the other drivers yesterday, but let's see what happens with his passion now that he pretty much admitted he can't win the championship. His performance in the second part of last year's championship,when there was not really anything to fight for, was pretty lackluster.


Raikkonen knew that the minute he first turned the steering wheel..& that my friends is the diff


Agreed Brent,

I recall an interview where he said he really enjoyed dicing with his close friend Marc Webber because it was very fast but very safe. I do hope that epic battle will light a spark because I have noted with regret that occasionally in the last year+, he has lost some 'fire in the belly'.

C'mon Alonso! there is still Red Bull, Force India etc to beat. And please, Ferrari, give this man the car you both need so he can wind up a long career as a World Champion. After all, he has often driven the doors off the scarlet machine for you for 5 frustrating years.


And 64 points in 9 races, thats also the diff.


Well, given that he has nothing to lose, should be a good thing. He can attack all the time and go for some ballsy strategies. Normally when you still try to go for the championship, you are more conservative, but now Ferrari and Alonso can try new things and spice things up, hopefully.


I agree. Knowing he isn't in the title hunt, he seems more relaxed. He may have been whining on the radio, but I would bet he was smiling inside the helmet. I think racing hard with Vettel was likely the most fun he has had all year. He's got nothing to lose. With Raikkonen gathering no points Ferrari are dead in the constructors. Alonso is only racing for himself and it should be a lot of fun to watch.


It has to be both Fernando Alonso & Sebastian Vettel. They fought ultra hard but fair, and if they complained the about the other on the radio, true was they both were four wheels outside the circuit limits more often than not. Superb driving and I had to keep my breath during the pass on the old pit straight. It was a pride fight more than anything, and was beautiful they did for only a 5th and a 6th. If it had been the fight for the win, it would have been a magnificent classic between two of the true masters.

They reminded all us that there are real men under that display of unsight technology.


Couldn't agree more. For a good fight it needs two and both should be named.

Germany 17. June 1970 in Mexico or Italy 18.June 1970 in Mexico don't ring a bell for many. But Germany vs Italy in Mexico doesn't even need a date to be remembered.


Bottas for me.

The in-car shots of him overtaking from the outside were breathtaking - looking at the number of tiny steering corrections he's had to do on the exit of the corner to avoid flying over the outside kerbs, it definitely wasn't as easy as it looked from the outside.

This guy has some serious car-control skills...


It's a bit of a cop out and it kind of defeats the purpose but I reckon all the top six deserve DOTD.


What about the Safety car driver?

That's a point, how come that mad Merc Safety Car is still using a naturally aspirated 6.3 litre V8? Why doesn't it downsize to a 3.15 litre V6 turbo-electric hybrid eh?


Because it needs to be rock solid reliable which is something that the V6 Hybrid Turbos aren't - or at least not yet.

Regardless of that though Mayländer does a good job so I think it's fair that he should get some recognition every now and again 🙂


Has to be Sebbie... best overtake I have seen in a long while and was priceless that Christian Horner was live on TV at the same time!!!


Horner was outstandingly calm during that tense, drawn out overtake. I don't know how he managed that.


Firmly Bottas for me. Would it also be possible to have, say, the best moment of the race too? The new flying fin should develop a style. Please talk to Mika and Kimi for lessons on how to say little and be extremely funny, intentionally or unintentionally. Glad Kimi is okay.


In a way, though, he does sound like Darth Vader or Schwarzenegger or General Bison lol. Answering questions at the press conference by first starting out as muh huh huh won't hurt lol. In summary, lol lol lol. 😀


I'm not an alonso fan, but I find myself voting for him more than any other driver during these polls. Provided the only source of entertainment unless you count all the crashes and retirements.

Alo keeping seb behind for that long while he had 9 lap older tires, and that exchange between him and vettel was legendary stuff. Definitely going into both their career highlight packages.

My mind says that bottas had the more perfect drive today: 16th to 2nd, no mistakes. but I was left shaken and breathless by alonso. Sometimes it's worth it to see the best drivers performing in underpowered, underwhelming vehicles because you can fully appreciate driving greatness. hamilton is that calibre of driver no doubt, but it does little for me to see him cruise away by a minute.


I think Vettel and Alonso should have a hanbag fight to see who is the best at moaning


Has to be Dan for me, getting those mediums to last that long and maintain that pace was pretty impressive.

Also the battle between Vettle and Alonso was the most entertainment we have had all year I feel.

Really showed Sebs character under the pump though, big sook!!

Just shut up and race!!


Wasnt Alonso cribbing on the radio too or u conveniently chose to forget that ? 😀

Alonso's ' He needs to give back the position RIGHT NOW' was a classic

Dan did nothing special. If Bottas on a Williams which is hard on their tyres could make one stop work, any one else could. All top drivers were on one stop ( except for Hamilton who did a two stop to cover for a late safety car ). Red bull yet again erred on strategy for Vettel


The fact that Dan discarded his Prime tires before Bottas and ran longer on the Option was super impressive. The lifespan on those Medium Tires is apparently 20 Laps.

Great drive to eek them out for as long as he did. Worked his pace well enough to hold out Button until the end.

Great job by both these guys to put themselves in podium positions.

Dan = DOTD


"Dan did nothing special"

I'd like to see you do that.


Why compare apples and oranges? I'm not an F1 driver for me to do that. Moreover I wasn't berating Dan's performance. Everyone on that grid could have made one stopper work ( even Willams who are very hard on their tyres ) Hence nothing special abt making the tyres last


Bottas and Ricciardo came out of nowhere to end up on the podium.

Valteri had straight line speed and Ricciardo didn't and finished once again well ahead of his illustrious team mate, which is why he got my vote for DOTD.

kenneth chapman

how very true. ricci flew right under the radar and pulled another podium off. vettel was 'owned' again and long may it last.


What a great race, and a worthy shortlist.

Honourable mentions of jobs well done (in different ways):

Firstly, Hamilton - didn't let his dejectedness from Saturday get him down and put in a sterling performance. Benefitted from the bad luck going to Nico this time round though I'm pretty sure he'd have got past in a few more laps. Great to have a British winner at the British Grand Prix

Secondly, Button - superb in qualifying for a change and wrested an uncompetitive car to fourth place. Great that he could do so on a day that he was dedicating to his dad, and a nice 'there you go' to Ron Dennis following his comments this week.

But the winner has to be Bottas. Fantastic drive, some wonderful banzai overtakes wherever he fancied taking them and undoubtedly a Formula 1 legend in the making.


Alonso and Vettel. I give Alonso the edge because he started from P16 while Vettel had a poor start and lost places. But what a great battle they had during 12 laps.

Honorable mention Bottas and Button.


Indeed this one really goes to Alonso (rather than Vettel, as the poll confirms): He took Seb on the only chance he possibly had - straight away when Seb came out of the pits in front on fresh but cold tyre - and held him off for so many laps despite Seb being so much faster! MAESTRO!


Not on the straights though which is the only place you can pass. The red bull is faster in corners, BUT is slower on straights. Vettel should have driven over Alonso's car in the corners should he? This seems to confuse a lot of people


Good choice 😀


Bottas definitely got my driver of the day. It was really interesting to see the Williams alongside the Merc after the race. You forget just how tightly packaged that Merc is- the Williams looks longer wheelbase wise which may account for its struggles through the tighter stuff but brilliant on the open circuits.

Hamiltons drive from 6th- the first at a British GP (5th) since 77 deserves recognition. Ues rhe car is fast but he still pit some brilliant moves on fernando and the Williams in his fight back - it was a great drive from the the fastest driver on the grid at this very moment.

Great fight between Seb and Fernando , but I think Alonso was lucky not to a) wipe both cars out & b) no penalty for leaving the track. That last manouvere accross Sebs wing was wrong & Whilst I agree they both went off track- Fernando did so several times and really should have been penalised. All good for viewing but Im very purist about a driver sticking to the track limit and if you cant hold position on it -you do not deserve that position - end of!

Respect to Kimi for asking about Felipe after limping from his epic crash!.


In terms of driving does it not even worth mentioning that a guy who messed up big time and hurt himself had the presence of mind to think about someone else? You can call him an idiot if you like but even in the worst of situations he has far better presence of mind than those who may think so. Given what happened with the PU in that Ferrari in Canada - I would not be so quick to judge either.

Yet on the flip side you have 2 multiple wc carrying on like a pair of teenage girls-- seriously it was embarrassing.But on the driving side I think a few people said that Alonso went too far & today he even said he would not do that again.. Which uhmm suggest he did..


Alonso and Vettel showed you passion and pride in their performance.....no matter what the situation. Kimi shows u pace when the car is to his liking. If it isn't or he's midfield, then you have Finlands version of Casper the ghost. He's around but you can't see him.


Rewatch the Alonso-Vettel fight please... You can go to Sky F1 web page and whatch the analysis also. Then comment again on respecting track limits... On another note, the Alonso-Vettel fight was not such a fight really. To say it so you understand me, if you switch them so Alonso was driving the Red Bull and Vettel the Ferrari, there would have been no fight at all. Just to your knowledge, Alonso was driving with a stall in the rear wing and discharged batteries... plus much older tyres of course. For me the real question is: how the hell was he able to overtake Seb? That is a mystery for me, amazing stuff.

Marco shouldn't be that happy, Vettel was shown how to drive today. Joint drivers of the day Alonso and Vettel?? I'm affraid James Allen is too politically correct, courious given how he keeps sayng how much Alonso likes politics... This should enlighten people: Vettel from 2 to 5 on the grid, Alonso from 16 to 6, with penalty and reliability problems included.


Anybody with common sense can tell at this race the Red Bull was a better package than the Ferrari and given that Alonso was on tires 9 laps older with car issues it's just logical Vettel should have got past. But not everyone is logical and not everyone is unbiased. There is little hope in teaching either.


+ Johann. Finally someone with a brain


Let me try and explain to thy logical self...

The Red-Bull is faster than a Ferrari only around corners.

Now, why is the Red-Bull faster around corners? The Red-Bull chassis produces more down-force hence increasing grip. However, this advantage is negated when following another car around corners. So all in all, when the Red-Bull is behind another car, it becomes quite a bit slower.

Commentators often mention this during the race, how the Red-Bull has always been fantastic in clean air, but ordinary when in mid-pack.

Therefore in my book Vettel did well to get past Alonso and the people you refer to are not illogical as you make out.


Vettel would have easily got past had Redbull had enough straightline speed.

Even with the DRS, the redbull was not able to catch up with Ferrari in straights

alexander supertramp

Reliability problems? I know he said that, but the car seemed pretty fine to me. There was probably a threat of reliability issue, but the threat did not materialize and the car was quick. And the penalty was his own fault. Alonso is not god.


His said he had ERS problems the whole time battling with Vettel. Pretty funny as Vettel was struggling to keep up on the straights in comparison to him even with DRS. I wonder if he'd come up with this excuse if Vettel hadn't passed him.


If you can rewatch the race, please, pay attention to the gap between Vettel and Fernando after the overtake.

Or during the "no battle" see how a light in Fernando's car was displayed... He was in saving fuel mode because he had no battery at that point and the fuel consumption was increased.

About the issues in the rear wing, well, he was told not to be fast in high speed. corners because he could lose the car and that after the 22 lap.

Those are objetived facts. My personal opinion is that Fernado in Vettel's car would not been past in Copse by the outside and Vettel in the Ferrari would be past in half a lap by Fernando.


Soon after he was passed by Vettel, Alonso comes up with flimsy excuses, which he need not do.

He's good at the track,But off the track, appears to be unbelievably egoistic as if nothing's ever his fault. If race is bad, then it must be due to the car.If not, his superior skill has dragged the car to its result.

Unlike Hamilton and Vettel, who openly admits their mistakes (if they make any), Alonso never admits it. For eg. Yesterday, he overshot the grid mark ( purely his fault ) and yet again he was providing some excuse for it.

Alonso might be a great driver and might have pulled some incredible moves in the recent past, but until unless Ferrari has a driver who is honest in self introspection, the car is not going to develop any further


"Alonso was driving with a stall in the rear wing and discharged batteries" Those are reliability problems. There was a threat of not ending the race, there were reliability problems. You are confusing reliability with DNF.

The car was considerably faster than the McLarens during the first stint, while in the second stint it was slower.

Alonso is no God, he is a human, and an amazing racing driver, the best of his generation.


then vettel really shouldve given the place back, as he completed the pass running all 4 tires off the track.

Cmon, you're not going to knock one for not staying on the track and ignore the other guy.


One was black & white flagged & the other wasnt...Shall I draw you a picture


Had to get your token Alonso comment in while disguising it all as a fair comment. And on a driver of the day question you still mention Kimi? How surprisingly unbiased. I suppose you have no choice given his chances of making Dotd...


Its a fair comment and Alonso said so today in the press

"@SkySportsF1: Fernando Alonso admits his 'high-risk' pass on Vettel 'unlikely' to ever be repeated http://t.co/esYqXtSTOS #skyf1"

Your Welcome

kenneth chapman

hahaha funny you should say that. beat me to it. raikonnen has to go. he is now a danger to all and sundry. even niki lauda thinks he's an idiot!!!!

Peter Michell

Driver of the day is not one who has a car that is just purely untouchable as the Mercedes is presently, to me its the strugglers that probably are fighting above their weight, but in this instance Alonso hands down. The best aggressive defensive driving I have ever seen lap after lap in F1.

Mention to Dan too although mainly unseen the kid can drive and to put himself in the position to take a step on the podium can't be undermined. His patience and aggressiveness is like a switch that he controls superbly. A future F1 champion no doubt!


For me it's Alonso, he passed a couple of cars on track and was such a pleasure to watch.

Also a great job from Bottas, Ricciardo and Button


bottas drove well to second and alonso had fun with vettel while hamilton was denied the chance to battle with rosberg. Ii am not convinced that there was an outstanding drive through.

one thing we could change is the graphics on the poll, maybe we could add a distinctive colour which hilights one's vote.


ricciardo shot himself in the foot when he said the championship would come down to which of the contenders was stronger in the head. bad move!


So what?

kenneth chapman

@ aveli....that is news to me. please post the evidence that ricciardo actually said that or at the very least a link for verification.


sorry chapman, you can search for it on the sky site videos liberary. if it's verification you want, it's above. please note that i am a fan of the truth and try my level best to remain the truth fanatic. try to keep abreast by watching video footage on the build up to races and don't miss the post race footage either.

apologies ones more.

Stephen Taylor

You mean rosberg


No, Ricciardo said it earlier in the week when asked about the Hamilton/Rosberg battle.

Can't see how he shot said foot.

It looks like this championship will come down to reliability.


Jenson - to finish ahead of the Ferrari, Bull's and Force India on merit is very praiseworthy indeed.

Bottas was superb though - and Lewis deserves his win.


Well I'm going to give it to Lewis Hamilton for a great recovery and great race. I have no doubt he would have won even if Rosberg had not retired. In the race he was on another level. That said an excellent and outstanding performance from Valteri Bottas who with the aid of a one stop strategy, and some great overtaking took a well deserved second place. In truth there were some outstanding drives from many drivers including Ricciardo, Vettel, and Alonso. The only disappointment from the spectators point of view is that we were denied the battle for the win between Hamilton and Rosberg, but lady luck finally shone on Hamilton giving him the win going some way to even out the DNF's between the two title contenders. Roll on Hockenheim!


DOTD, as many have said, all are worthy so not complaints over who actually wins. For me it is about car to car racing and less about strategy so I have to give it to Vettel and Alonso equally. Bottas was fantastic, but that is a great car he is in- they can take this to the Mercs I think pretty soon- they just seem short on belief and luck I suppose. Gutted that Jenson did not catch Riccardo, that would have been another epic dual I am sure. We also missed out on another potential epic duel between Lewis and Rosberg. I would just like to give a nod to silverstone- best race track of the season for me for the cars in their current guises.


Alonso and only Alonso - for showing how to attack, for showing how to defend. Bottas had a good race, but it's not that hard to have a good race with good car when you don't care who's behind your back, like in case of Alonso.


Alonso was the most dishonest and dangerous driver of the day. He tried to defend his defeat to Vettel with made up problems with his car and almost took Vettel's front wing off couple of times by shutting the door too aggressively.


Agreed, he said he had ERS problems even though his top speed remained exactly the same with Vettel struggling to keep up on straights with DRS wide open


@ sami

Alonso was the most dishonest and dangerous driver of the day. He tried to defend his defeat to Vettel with made up problems with his car and almost took Vettel’s front wing off couple of times by shutting the door too aggressively

.....If you really believe that I feel sorry for you

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

A quick reality check for you, Sami:

Q3: Alo 07 x 02 Kim

Race: Alo 09 x 00 Kim

Ridiculous crashes: Alo 00 x 02 Kim

Thanks and best regards!!!

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

P.S.: Sami, are you saying Alo was more "dangerous" than Kimi???


Made up or not, its quite suprising you seem to know about inside Ferrari information.

Reality is that Alonso started his race with a great pace f.i. compared to Button but after the middle of the race started to loose ground on cars that previously were slower.

This indicates that there was some kind of problem or at least his car was sub optimal.


Alonso has spent last 4 years trying to convince everybody that Vettel's an ordinary driver after all and he would be miles ahead, had he been in the Redbull. But suddenly when they are both running in the mid pack and Vettel comes out on top at the end,he just couldn't take it.Hence the excuses.

I doubt if he would have defended so much had it been any other driver other than Vettel.

Last year he stated , he finished second with a car that is not second fastest. But in reality that car had much better race pace than Mercedes (suffering from tyre degrad) and Lotus


@ Rohind

Vettel is indeed a ordinary pilot. Alonso have no need to prove this fact to the globe. Now in 2014 with no EBD we have already witnessed what vettel can achieve, not just this alone. Vettel have already thrown his trantrums in the pre-season testing and even refused to drive RBR at Jerez citing the car is a complete tripe. Yet Horner came out and defended vettel at all costs like he always did in the past 5 seasons against webber. ONce the season started vettel once again acted in petulant way when everybody learned Mercedes are unbeatable. After all such tirades vettel got chastened by Dan ricciardo this season with virtually no support from RBR. People already are aware and the paddock started to realise as well that vettel is a average pilot who was flattered by the fastest package for the last 4 seasons.

Bottomline is Ricciardo have already succeeded where webber failed and this could be the critical factor as the season progresses. I do not loathe webber yet he massively failed when the chance was presented to him notably the korean 2010 GP where webber had his chance covered to win WDC in 2010 yet he fluffed his lines. Sad thing for vettel is Dan Ricciardo is not prone to errors and easily faster than vettel both in quali and in races as well.

It will be better if vettel leaves RBR soon, otherwise he will get whackked by Dan Ricciardo every season from now on

Your points are Hilarious and delusional.

Alonso have such Unparalleled quality and his aristocracy level cannot be attined or reached by any other pilot in the grid. Fernando Alonso is simply the undisputed king of Formula1

Vettel who is he? I only see Nico rosberg


See the gap that vettel pulled out after passing Alonso that's how much faster the Redbull was at that point of time in the race


Alonso was on old tyres and was also saving fuel.

kenneth chapman

@ sami.....are you actually on the ferrari payroll and have intimate knowledge of the car conditions? i am really amazed at your disclosure. just for the record you might like to post for us the evidence to conclusively support your 'claims'.


“I had an aerodynamic problem with the car, we were thinking to retire the car because we had a stall on the rear wing,” he explained. “They were telling me to be very, very careful in the high-speed corners because it was easy to lose the car.

“We had battery problems and were completely discharged for part of the race. And in the last stint also, they told me to save fuel because we were out of [our] target."

Do you really believe that Alonso could fight against Vettel with all these problems?


Sami........you gotta start your own blog. This is extraordinary stuff.

kenneth chapman

@ sami....yes i do. he could fight with vettel because he is a better driver. end of story.


In that case why dont you present such cold hard internal racing evidence to everything you post .That way we dont have to ask you every time you have your say.. Or simply address/ or not this guys opinion.

People are allowed to form opinions on laps time they've seen and comments they've heard without presenting you some evidence..this is fan forum not a HSC exam for you to mark.

kenneth chapman

@ elie...i don't make up details. sami stated that 'alonso had fabricated those problems' and all i asked was to show some evidence to support this theory. you should learn to read what i say instead of rushing in with false accusations.

just for the record, sami says that alonso was the 'most dangerous driver of the day'? now even you would have to concede that that accolade belongs to raikonnen?


you must drive Nissan Micra.


Made up? What gives you any right to question the status of his car? Do you work for ferrari perchance?


He said that his rear wing stalled and he was told to take it easy in the high-speed corners, but his lap times aren't indicating any problems in his car.


What, Did you not watch the race? Alonso passed Riccardo in the first stint and was faster than Jenson button but somehow was much much slower in the second stint?

And if that wasn't enough, his warning light started flashing around lap 37. I don't have any reason to doubt his version of events.


Massa for best 'cat like reactions'.


Yes - agreed that Massa deserves credit for how he handled that situation


James - in the sky F1 commentary they seemed to suggest Massa deliberately put his car into a spin...If so that was quite remarkable reactions!Do we think this was the case or did he just lose control as he swerved out of surprise?

Christopher Cathles

Whichever way it was, I was at first surprised at how quickly Felipe's car came to a halt - it shows how much sideways grip the Pirelli tyres have. Subsequent shots showed a massive oval chunk torn out of his front left tyre. I gather both drivers asked after the other. Regarding damaged cars, on a BBC Radio Two interview today an insurance expert said that once the cars are unloaded at the track, each is liable for their own repairs, although he believed that in years past Romain Grojean's team has made payments to other teams as such


Without doubt,



Bottas and Alonso by far both the best, Bottas was amazing those overtakes and driving reminded me of villeneurve , I gave it to Alonso for having 4 eyes ? incredible.

Ellsworth Wheeler

Bottas was superb, Vettel and Alonso wheel to wheel daredevils, Ricciardo drove like an old pro, and Button showed Dennis how it's done.... But I've got to go with Hamilton who had to deal with enormous pressure, all weekend. With Nico looking to pull out a huge lead in the Championship, even if Hamilton finished on the podium, Lewis was catching Rosberg on hard tires at nearly a second a lap, before Nico's retirement.Hamilton knew he had to win and he did--at Silverstone, at home!


Close between Bottas and Alonso, both put in relentless recovery drives. Had to give it to Bottas though, almost purely because we didn't hear any whinging from him 😛

Honourable mentions to Ricciardo. Him and Bottas look set to be major, major players in F1 over the next decade or so....


I really wanted to give this one to Hamilton more to do with the significance of the win than the actual drive. British driver winning the British GP after a poor qualifying and for once the luck went against his team mate. He had another fantastic start and did some good overtakes on the McLaren pair. I think he easily would have caught Nico especially since I'm guessing he was going for a one stop. I now firmly believe the championship is his, I believe he has that much of an advantage over Rosberg that he can even afford a bit more bad luck!

But DOTD has definitely got to be Bottas, what a drive from 14th through to 2nd. He managed to make a one stop work and recovered brilliantly from what was looking like a disaster of a weekend for Williams, everything that could go wrong did until the race where Bottas overtook everyone in his way! Williams have done a superb job this year after a shocking season last year. The move to Mercedes power has obviously been a very good move and it looks like the rest of the car is working really well. They easily look like the 2nd fastest car at the moment after many thought this track would expose their weaknesses. 3rd in the constructors is definitely on, could they even catch Red Bull??? That's probably a bit much but if they carry on like this it's not impossible. With all the rumours about Alonso leaving Ferrari at the end of the season, Williams look's like the best place for him to go right now. Eddie Jordan suggested he'd do a straight swap with Hamilton but I can't understand why Hamilton would give up a dominant car, he's not stupid. Both seats in the Red Bull are taken so that only leaves McLaren and Williams and McLaren would just be to much of a gamble.

An honourable mention goes to Button, he got everything right in qualifying in changeable conditions and then drove a solid race. It was a shame he couldn't catch Ricciardo at the end for his first British GP podium but 4th is not where that car should be, so great work and he should have silenced some of his critics for now.

I can't give it to either Vettel or Alonso as Vettel took so long to overtake Alonso and Alonso was not able to keep Vettel behind him but it was a great battle non the less especially from a neutral point of view!


Alonso for sure! The fight with Vettel reminded me of the time he kept Michael Schumacher behind for an entire race. I think that was the year ALO won the championship in the Renault. Awesome watching the skill of defending a position!


Yes, Imola 2005 (the Michelin year), real edge-of-your-set stuff as Schumacher came from 13th to relentlessly harry Alonso for the lead, Alonso winning by just two 10ths in the end.

Then in 2006 it was the other way around, really intense stuff.

As I was watching the race at Silverstone, with Alonso duelling tooth and nail with another German champion, I was reminded of those years, and realised just how much is missing from F1 these days.

alexander supertramp

Bottas gets my vote, he's mastering that Williams and he looked supreme in the race. Those overtakes were coming from everywhere, just wow! All the other nominees (perhaps not Vettel) gave outstanding performances as well, but I have to say the Alonso adoration is high on this forum. He was very good, passing slower cars at crucial times with amazing determination, but the car was good. Alonso definitely used it to it's strenghts (eg taking the wider line at the entrance of Luffield to put the power down early), but how was that any different to what Bottas did? If anything, Button was probably the only driver who's car did not finish where it belonged.. Anyway, Alonso was amazing and very entertaining to watch, but he was no miracle worker yesterday.


Passing slower cars? He past the two Red Bulls in two incredible manoeuvres. He past two Mercedes engine cars too, (Hulk and Mag) so I wouldn't say slower cars.

alexander supertramp

Alonso had better pace than Hulk and Magn, Ferrari had better pace than FI and Mclaren, so yes, he was passing slower cars.


I think the overtake on Vettel was nothing else than a miracle...


It's a miracle to pass a car with cold tires? Quick let's put Alonso up for canonisation..

alexander supertramp



Bottas was very impressive, and got my vote as DoD.

But thinking back about it, Alonso showed why he is the best driver on the grid - period. Not just DoD, but Driver on the Grid. His use of battery squirts to defend against the faster Red Bull was very adept, and his car positioning was perfect, in every corner, lap after lap. Truly a masterful display.

Thirdly - Jenson Button takes honourable mention for getting a dog of a McLaren into 4th on merit. His wet qualifying was great, and he managed to hold off cars that on paper have better pace. Nicely done and should bolster his stock with McLaren for next year.


I will have to say Bottas and Alonso.

Great drives, good race.

Button deserves a mention too as he did well with a car that is not very good.


Bottas. Would have been Alonso if not for his ridiculous maneuver on Vettel where he blatantly changed lines and cut him off, that was the only sour point in their duel.

Ricciardo also mention for fantastic driving saving tyres.


There's lots of wonderful drive from many, but for me, driver of the day was Massa. He may not complete a racing lap, but he show great skills, experience and reaction in avoiding Kimi's car. If he doesn't/ can't, the result of accident would be much worse. Furthermore, he showed his class in the first radio message asked about Kimi's being.


I agree with this, maybe not DoD, but was excellent work by Massa here. That on board shot from Massa's car sent tingles down my spine.


As a Ferrari fan, I give it to Bottas. Alonso was impressive, but it's what I've come to expect.

Best move of the day for me was Massa. Lightning fast reaction to chuck it and save Kimi from a massive hit.

Glad Kimi's okay.


Bottas. Williams have a potential world champion driving their sleek machine. Incredibly quick and decisive overtakes. Also seems to have the famous Finn pragmatism :).

Would have been Alonso 9 times out of 10, but I have actually come to expect such drives from Fernando.


Would have been Alonso 9 times out of 10, but I have actually come to expect such drives from Fernando as a matter of course. So no surprises there


Apart from Bottas it was a podium of the undeserved imo. Ricciardo was going backwards, fighting for 8. place all race long and suddenly he is third ? And Hamilton couldnt close the gap to Rosberg to less than 5 sec, only when Rosbergs car developed gearbox problems. The pair of them were 1 pit stop ahead after only 10 laps racing, so the car is 2 seconds quicker than the 3. and 4. placed McLaren atleast. That leaves Bottas as the logical option though his car is also quicker than what the team rankings might give away. It was an entertaining race but the result is like Murray winning games against injured Federeres, Nadals and Djokivics.


That isn't true, Hamilton reduced the 5 second gap to about 2.5 seconds before the pit stop he then stayed out longer (for possibly going for a one stop) and Rosberg was able to increase his lead again before Hamilton pitted and then started slicing into Rosbergs lead again on the slower tyres - maybe Rosberg had a problem then but before that Hamilton definitely got closer to him...

The Spanish Inquisitor

Valtteri Bottas

Honorable mention: Fernando Alonso


Voted Alonso for the entertainment and in a not so fast car as Bottas but had to work real hard to finish sixth at the last minute. I thought Alonso was on steroids. The wily old fox showed a lot of tenacity.

Stephen Taylor

Kimi to win all the remaining races.


@Joe " FIASCO"-Thanks for "calling" me.iSo when your starting 18th one should commend him for having the courage to make 5 places immediately in a car that does not handle well. Had he not veered off track to avoid contact with Gutierrez its quite possible it could have been much worse for both under the bridge.

Fernando is fine with this car because IT WAS DESIGNED AROUND HIM-and all the Ferraris since hes been there also-- he has NO EXCUSES. At Lotus - a team on 1/3 the budget - Noone could argue how Kimi went against anybody- could they!!

Its going to take a little more brain power & common sense than Is being displayed here to persuade me that Raikkonen is not one of the best drivers on the grid whose struggling in a car & a team that quite frankly is built around another driver who has not delivered for 5 years. If Kimi stays at Ferrari next year - perhaps the 2015 will take/ or already taken greater input from Kimi because he & only he knows exactly how a great handling car should be.Allison should take control of the entire technical side of Ferrari and Fry should be dropped immediately ( if he hasnt already been dropped) . I would like to see Raikkonen have a much better year next year-- whether thats at Ferrari or somewhere else!

But like I said the day he retires from F1 so do I- sparks, dble pts, standin restarts- its all turned to mud..


Elie......Still doing the misspelling of the username huh? Anyway, just wondering on how highly you think Kimi is rated in the paddock? How highly does he rate himself nowadays? Cos I just can't get a couple of things straight.

1) the fact that Kimi let Lotus take the absolute mickey out of him for almost two seasons by racing while they withheld his salary........first world champion to race for free.

2) which other world champ would return to the team that fired them mid contract? Not only fired him but paid him to stay away....anyone with some dignity would have told Ferrari where to go. But no Kimi signs for two years!

3) has anyone ever seen a former F1 world champion completely lacking in any authority in and out of the car. Even Damon Hill told frank to shove it. JV was the boss with his project BAR. Nige, Hunt, Piquet, Rosberg.....would they have raced for free? Or returned to the team that embarrassed him only a few years ago?

And this is the guy you make excuses for after EVERY gp.......I don't need to make excuses for Alonso. When he makes a mistake (overshot grid) I know he's gonna give it his all to make up for it. It's probably why not one team manager would choose Kimi over Alonso...both raced for free....no extra sponsorships....tell me who would choose mr mumbles.....even Ron would take Alonso!

And scene...........


@ Joe flacco

Some excellent points mate

You have summed up kimi and his abilities here perfectly, there are quite good number of fans (Like Elie) here simply state and point to the excuses in favour of kimi when he does not turn up to the track to perform.

Kimi's WDC back in 2007 was a quirk one and the entire globe knows this. Kimi returned to Ferrari just to earn more and this will help him once he retires from F1.

87 points v/s 19 says it all. Kimi has been out-qualified, out-raced, out-foxed by the Wizard of F1 Fernando Alonso

What makes me chuckle a lot is despite the shoddy and flimsy performances by kimi. Fans and experts do out excuses in favour of him which is pathetic to see and read


Thanks Krischar.....the best is when elie talks about team orders and how Massa moved over for Alonso in Germany. Alonso was on course to win the title in 2007 until Felipe moved over and let Kimi through in Brazil!


Only good news to you is that we have almost passed half the season.

Kimi is leaving at the end of 2015 and Ferrari is trying to keep Alonso on the team. Do you really expect them to care about how the car feels to kimi? Why would they change the car nature towards an underperforming driver about to retire? Alo-Rai duel next year will be similar to this one, and you know it.

I absolutely agree about the Allison-Fry matter, though.


Kimi has one of the fastest driving styles in F1, look at Mark Hughes analysis on the internet if you don't know. He needs a pointy front end as he takes shorter lines through corners like Lewis does. These Ferrari's sure don't have one. They are more biased to understeer as that's how Fernando drives. So Kimi has to take wing off the back and put it on the front which makes the rear impossibly unpredictable and skittish. The rock hard tyres just makes the problem even worse

Not exactly a fair fight, but whatever makes you happy.

I also agree on the Allison subject


@ Nickh

"Kimi has one of the fastest driving styles in F1" - Hilarious at best and very comical assessment indeed

Kimi is beaten fair and square this season by F.Alonso. Kimi is not even a fast pilot. He was beaten by massa and grosjean. JPM matched kimi for pace as well. Now kimi is up against the greatest pilot in the history of F1 and he has no chance what so ever to surprise the people. People in the paddock know this well enough

kenneth chapman

raikonnen and alonso aren't even close. if they were then opinions would be more balanced. IMO raikonnen is out of his depth. he is making stupid and foolish mistakes and he should know better. he should move on to something else before someone really gets badly hurt by his brain fades.

Daniel Winter

Button had a great race - and I was gutted he missed out on the podium.


Button was my DotD. It might not have been the most flamboyant drive, but it was impressive. Held off a fast-charging ALO and would have probably taken a 3rd if he had one more lap.

Showed ol' Ron he's still got it.


Same would have been great Lewis and Jenson on the podium


Great job by Bottas; shame that after the first few laps his race was largely ignored by the TV coverage; not even an onboard replay of his impressive start...

Speaking of which, Alonso was spectacular as ever, and got tons of coverage, but Daniel Ricciardo did in my opinion a better job to nurse those much older tyres to the end, which was another thing that was largely ignored by the TV director. Took a gamble when he made a pretty poor start to the race and it paid off handsomely for him. (Albeit 16 seconds down on a superb Bottas in the nippy Williams) That said I thought Alonso did a great move to take advantage of Ricciardo being boxed in behind Hulkenberg to get ahead going into Club. But in my view driver of the day should be the driver who put in the strongest performance, not simply the driver who provided the most entertainment.

I hate to be a little off topic here, but it's funny how vital on track action is missed, yet the feed still has time to cut to some dross celebs in the garage who are pretending to care about F1. The only people in the garage who we should cut to are the team mechanics, the pit wall weather radar, and occasionally family of the driver/team...We see enough of the celebs during the grid walk, and it just pains me to hear Martin Brundle have to interrupt his commentary flow to tell us that we're looking at Michael Fassbender, when we could be watching the race, even if not much is going on at the time.


I agree - couldn't care less about celebrities, partners and parents.


Funny observation about celebrities. It reminds me of years ago when Mark Blundell was asked by Steve Rider (ITV) whether the woman shown on TV was Jade Goody (may she rest in peace). Blundell just said "I don't know" - and it sure sounded like he had never heard of her before. There is a certain degree of arrogance with F1 people that makes them disinterested in all this celebrity worshipping. That side, I am a bit relaxed about seeing celebrities.

By the way who is Michael Fassbender?


You are right. Ricciardo's performance was just as unbelievable as the other guys. 37 laps on a set of options? I was flabbergasted.

But I think it took him a bit too long to cut past hulk and let Alonso mug him in the first stjnt.


It's obviously Bottas vs Alonso. Both came a long way from behind.

Bottas had a better car, I guess, but made no mistakes, while Alonso started the race with a bad positioning of his car. So rookie, however, I don't think these 5 seconds of penalty had any influence on his result.

So it's Valtteri again.


Kimi Raikkonen for staying in front of Alonso for 4 full corners before crashing out spectacularly.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

"staying in front of Alonso for 4 full corners". Yes. That's huge.

Kimi is making progress, isn't he???


Christopher Cathles

And was Kimi's crash made so spectacular by him keeping his foot on the pedal whilst trying to correct after the "bump"? I've never seen a car "whip" round like that when a driver corrects. Mind you, landing hard after the bump might have forced Kimi's right foot down. Perhaps Ferrari telemetry would yeild a clue or two here - any chance of finding out James?


Imagine if he didn't have all that rally experience to draw on..........


It was the bump for sure that sent the car spinning out of control


For sure LEW was ready to combat so what a pity for him,

I always say "With no enemy there's no victory", or at least it feels that way.

ALO &VET where luckier, they both enjoyed and became heroes...

Pls give more freedom to develop the car and make it wilder.

You could always have one team who made it better at the beginning so what is the sense of protecting that the whole year? Whether you want or not, Mercedes is perceived as the fastest of the slowest F1cars, not a great achievement..

May I leave a proposal:

Give an intermediate price to the team reaching in first place some amount of points (20%), recognizing for that good starting concept, and leave freedom on development and investment during the year.

Otherwise this is becoming also a Teams /Constructors slowest race too, nobody is battling so much..


All those overtakes, has to Bottas. The Vettel/Alonso duel was the best part of the race to watch.

Massa's move to avoid spearing Kimi was the best bit of reaction I've seen in ages. And Susie Wolff's demeanour when she must have been absolutely gutted mean there are good things to say about all the Williams drivers.

"The podium was unusual with the winner coming from 6th on the grid, the second placed man Bottas starting 14th and third placed Riccardo coming from 8th."

Last time no one in on the podium started in the top 5 of the grid was the European GP of 1999 (Which Johnny Herbert won for Stewart)


Adding up each of their starting spots, it adds to 28. I'm sure there have been other podiums with lower combined starting positions, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Anyone remember any? I guess Abu Dhabi '12 would be on there, with Vettel's PL to 3rd drive that day. Any others?


My driver of the day is without a doubt Felipe Massa for avoiding t-boning Kimi!


100% without doubt the award has to go to Massa for his life saving reactions and judgement. Nothing can compare imho.


14th to 2nd

Best of the rest behind one of the most dominant cars in F1 history

Has to be Bottas


I voted for Bottas. Probably the hardest race to pick a DoTD for me. I was torn between Bottas and Alonso but gave it to Bottas because of his overtakes. In my opinion some of them exceeded his time and experience in the category. Moves that we've come to expect from Alonso, Webber, Vettel and of course Hamilton. Very impressive stuff from this young man. Admittedly Silverstone is perfect for these types of moves but you still need to pull them off. I really hope he gets his first F1 win this season.


Lewis was easily the driver of the day.

He was by far the quickest guy out there. He had a good 2-3 tenths on Rosberg on long-runs, as the first stint revealed. If he had not made the qualifying mistake and had started even just on the front row, it would have been like Malaysia and china. It was an unbelievably determined drive that was made a little easier for him by some bad luck finally hitting Rosberg.


I had Bottas a little ahead. But I agree with your with your usual good reasoning Paige.


For me Valteri is the driver of the day, driving a car without a particulary good aero package. I am a Lewis fan and he drove a really sensible race and I think could well have got a way with a 1 stop which may have put Nico under a lot of pressure if he continued.. As for Alonso, we know as a driver he is class, I've only seen one driver push him and that was Lewis, and we all know what happened, Alonso decided to hold Mclaren to ransom though blackmail because he didn't get what he wanted.and one of the best teams were fined a ridiculous amount of money. Then we remember his time at renault and the infamouse singapore race.. trust me this guy would stop at nothing to win. So please people, do not paint this guy as a saint.

kenneth chapman

alonso is definitely not a saint....he has the 'mongrel spirit' which means he will do whatever he can to win ' on the edge'and he is entertaining in his relentless pursuit. he is a 'racer'.


Saint Fernando.......Patron Saint of Persistence, Patience and Poise


DotD Bottas 14th to 2nd with some great overtaking moves. Jenson for driving superbly in a dog of a car at what must have been an emotional race, and Lewis for winning! Silverstone was electric can't wait to go again next year!


James please can you do an analysis on Vettel's and Ricc's race just to illustrate to a lot of people on here that Red Bull pitted Vettel very early on lap 10 or 11 because they thought there was going to be a safety car (for Guttierez I think). This is what wrecked his strategy to everyone that is saying Riccardio thrashed Vettel again. Vettel was way down the road of Ricc who was stuck behind a slow force India for a long time. Without the bad call from the team for Vettel he would have finished 3rd. I have nothing against Dan, quite the opposite, I like the guy. Some people on here literally get kicks from bashing a certain driver. When Vettel starts improving, which he will, the same people will be saying what they did about Webber "they're sabotaging his car!" Even though webber himself said he got beat fair and square.


Webber said that after they gave Vettel his chassis at Monaco in 2010.......no it was after they took his front wing and gave it to Seb at silverstone 2010.......no it was when vettel crashed into him at turkey and his 'friend' Christian Horner toed the company line and protected the golden child.

I love watching Ricciardo thrash Vettel.......should seb incorporate the letter L, as in learner driver, on his helmet until he can get closer to the new wunderkind?


Riccardio thrashed Vettel again. 🙂

kenneth chapman

did webber really say that? after the 'multi 21' affair i would doubt it.


Alonso's entire race was entertaining so he gets my vote.


Bottas of course

1. Radio chat is quiet and to the point instead of crying like some former WDCs do

2. Drinks the champagne instead of showering the poor girls on the podium

3. Drives as fast as the car allows, passes others guys on track and on top, seems to be enjoying it all

I would have voted a tie between Alonso and Vettel for sheer fun until they both started acting like prima donna football players crying foul to the stewards

I would expect that behaviour from Vettel since he has had little time racing, rather than driving away into the sunset, but Alonso should know better


Your 2nd point is truly some no. 2. I'm sure the girls on the podium didn't mind at all ... their story of their time as a Silverstone podium girl is just that much better for it. Webber always would do this. Don't be so stodgy.

Tornillo Amarillo

Cannot believe HAMILTON is getting the 3rd or 4th place in this poll...

He is going to be a legend, he puts everything a man can have to be there and win from P6 his home GP while ROSBERG was in P1, his determination paid off there and the Championship battle seems to be easier... but it won't.


Has to be Alonso then Bottas and because I'm an Aussie Ricciado. Loved watching the scrap between Vettel and Alonso. Vettel spoilt his drive by sulking the hole time.


Great drives by Bottas and Hamilton, and for the British fans, good win by Hamilton. Shame that Rosberg's car broke, because a battle between him and Lewis would have been great. Good podium for Danny too. He just needs to qualify better to make it easier on himself on Sunday. Superb battle between Vettel and Alonso. I couldn't hear the radio transmissions in the pub, but the on track action was brilliant. Sad that Jenson couldn't get his elusive British GP podium.


Who is the one driver that no team will object to his services as a pilot? Fernando Alonso.




Bottas For me, then Alonso then Ricciardo.


Lewis of course.

Was unlucky the 3rd turned out to be 4secs fast in quali, he had provisional pole.

But boy oh boy did he drive like a man possessed during the race!......


My God,

if you gave Fernando Alonso a fast car he would simply destroy everybody. Fact.




Went for Alonso purely for his defence of Vettel. Its much harder to defend in F1 these days against DRS and the tyre differential. Great entertainment. Other than that Bottas would get my No. 2 vote. Great to see Williams putting up a fight to the Mercs and at least giving them something to think about.

Retirements will define this years championship, the swing in points is massive and with the last race being double points its surely going to go down to the last race this year.

Also growing tired of reading about Hamilton and his mental state. He was annoyed at his qualifying performance and was happy when he won. Does it need any further analysis? You'd swear reading some columns that Lewis is bipolar or has mental health issues. Seriously overplayed in the media.


Has to be Alonso

Alonso had a tough race, yet he Exhibited decent pace and all the guile which was required to fend off vettel for good 12 laps or so. Simply sublime and classic Alonso drive.

None of the others mentionned here have done enough, Yes lewis won and it was superb drive yet Rosberg retirement made life easier for hammy though. I presume lewis would have won even if rosberg have not endured the failure

Fantastic drives from Dan Ricciardo and Bottas, Kudos to button as well for well assured display

Austria and Silverstone clearly barbs the improvements made by some teams, most notably williams and RBR. Two different type of circuits yet williams have had superb pace. RBR is up there Alongside williams just behind the Mercs

Alonso have drove with perfect aggression and guile in the Silverstone GP. I cannot stand all the tirades from vettel. He would have not passed Alonso if the Ferrari had much better pace. Yet poor Ferrari car and older tyres prevented Alonso from P5. Yet is was a Vintage alonso drive. Thank you Fernando for making the cry-baby vettel whinge and throw his trantrums via team radio. No wonder vettel is rattled by Dan Ricciardo abilities and potential

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