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British Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  06 Jul 2014   |  11:27 pm GMT  |  257 comments

It was another classic Grand Prix in what is turning out to be a season with some great racing. There were some superb battles throughout the field and some outstanding drives deep through the field.

The podium was unusual with the winner coming from 6th on the grid, the second placed man Bottas starting 14th and third placed Riccardo coming from 8th.

But who was your Driver of the Day?


Lewis Hamilton
Was dejected after blowing qualifying on Saturday and ending up 6th on the grid. Pulled it together at the start and gained two places before the red flag. Picked off Magnussen and Button quickly after the restart and was catching Rosberg in the middle stint when the German retired. Equalled Sir Jackie Stewart’s 27 GP wins.


Valtteri Bottas
What can you say about this performance? His best ever result in F1, second conseutive podium and one that takes his team ahead of Force India in the championship. Bottas was amazing at the start, moving from 14th to 9th on the opening lap, then picking off cars by passing them inside and outside. Switched to a one stop strategy as it became clear that the tyres were in good shape and took second place at the flag.


Daniel Ricciardo
The happiest 3rd place he has had in F1; the likeable Aussie drove strongly after a team mistake in qualifying meant he wasn’t out on track at the end when the laps times were set. He too converted to a one stop strategy mid race and also passed plenty of cars en route to his fourth podium in five races.


Jenson Button
Narrowly missed out on a podium on “Pink for Papa” day at Silverstone. Button was outstanding in qualifying and maintained track position as much as possible give the restrictions of his car, which again lacked pace compared to the other top teams.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso
One of the most memorable battles the pair of champions has engaged in. They fought like dogs over fifth place in the second half of the race. Alonso went from 16th on the grid to sixth at the end, cleverly taking the hard tyre at the start and using it for only one lap, racing the rest of the GP on the faster medium. Vettel meanwhile took the hard tyre at the restart but was pitted early by the team and lost ground.

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Has to be Alonso

Alonso had a tough race, yet he Exhibited decent pace and all the guile which was required to fend off vettel for good 12 laps or so. Simply sublime and classic Alonso drive.

None of the others mentionned here have done enough, Yes lewis won and it was superb drive yet Rosberg retirement made life easier for hammy though. I presume lewis would have won even if rosberg have not endured the failure

Fantastic drives from Dan Ricciardo and Bottas, Kudos to button as well for well assured display

Austria and Silverstone clearly barbs the improvements made by some teams, most notably williams and RBR. Two different type of circuits yet williams have had superb pace. RBR is up there Alongside williams just behind the Mercs

Alonso have drove with perfect aggression and guile in the Silverstone GP. I cannot stand all the tirades from vettel. He would have not passed Alonso if the Ferrari had much better pace. Yet poor Ferrari car and older tyres prevented Alonso from P5. Yet is was a Vintage alonso drive. Thank you Fernando for making the cry-baby vettel whinge and throw his trantrums via team radio. No wonder vettel is rattled by Dan Ricciardo abilities and potential


Went for Alonso purely for his defence of Vettel. Its much harder to defend in F1 these days against DRS and the tyre differential. Great entertainment. Other than that Bottas would get my No. 2 vote. Great to see Williams putting up a fight to the Mercs and at least giving them something to think about.

Retirements will define this years championship, the swing in points is massive and with the last race being double points its surely going to go down to the last race this year.

Also growing tired of reading about Hamilton and his mental state. He was annoyed at his qualifying performance and was happy when he won. Does it need any further analysis? You’d swear reading some columns that Lewis is bipolar or has mental health issues. Seriously overplayed in the media.


My God,

if you gave Fernando Alonso a fast car he would simply destroy everybody. Fact.




Lewis of course.

Was unlucky the 3rd turned out to be 4secs fast in quali, he had provisional pole.

But boy oh boy did he drive like a man possessed during the race!……


Bottas For me, then Alonso then Ricciardo.


Who is the one driver that no team will object to his services as a pilot? Fernando Alonso.




Great drives by Bottas and Hamilton, and for the British fans, good win by Hamilton. Shame that Rosberg’s car broke, because a battle between him and Lewis would have been great. Good podium for Danny too. He just needs to qualify better to make it easier on himself on Sunday. Superb battle between Vettel and Alonso. I couldn’t hear the radio transmissions in the pub, but the on track action was brilliant. Sad that Jenson couldn’t get his elusive British GP podium.


Has to be Alonso then Bottas and because I’m an Aussie Ricciado. Loved watching the scrap between Vettel and Alonso. Vettel spoilt his drive by sulking the hole time.

Tornillo Amarillo

Cannot believe HAMILTON is getting the 3rd or 4th place in this poll…

He is going to be a legend, he puts everything a man can have to be there and win from P6 his home GP while ROSBERG was in P1, his determination paid off there and the Championship battle seems to be easier… but it won’t.


Bottas of course

1. Radio chat is quiet and to the point instead of crying like some former WDCs do

2. Drinks the champagne instead of showering the poor girls on the podium

3. Drives as fast as the car allows, passes others guys on track and on top, seems to be enjoying it all

I would have voted a tie between Alonso and Vettel for sheer fun until they both started acting like prima donna football players crying foul to the stewards

I would expect that behaviour from Vettel since he has had little time racing, rather than driving away into the sunset, but Alonso should know better


Your 2nd point is truly some no. 2. I’m sure the girls on the podium didn’t mind at all … their story of their time as a Silverstone podium girl is just that much better for it. Webber always would do this. Don’t be so stodgy.


Alonso’s entire race was entertaining so he gets my vote.


James please can you do an analysis on Vettel’s and Ricc’s race just to illustrate to a lot of people on here that Red Bull pitted Vettel very early on lap 10 or 11 because they thought there was going to be a safety car (for Guttierez I think). This is what wrecked his strategy to everyone that is saying Riccardio thrashed Vettel again. Vettel was way down the road of Ricc who was stuck behind a slow force India for a long time. Without the bad call from the team for Vettel he would have finished 3rd. I have nothing against Dan, quite the opposite, I like the guy. Some people on here literally get kicks from bashing a certain driver. When Vettel starts improving, which he will, the same people will be saying what they did about Webber “they’re sabotaging his car!” Even though webber himself said he got beat fair and square.


Webber said that after they gave Vettel his chassis at Monaco in 2010…….no it was after they took his front wing and gave it to Seb at silverstone 2010…….no it was when vettel crashed into him at turkey and his ‘friend’ Christian Horner toed the company line and protected the golden child.

I love watching Ricciardo thrash Vettel…….should seb incorporate the letter L, as in learner driver, on his helmet until he can get closer to the new wunderkind?


Riccardio thrashed Vettel again. 🙂

kenneth chapman

did webber really say that? after the ‘multi 21’ affair i would doubt it.


DotD Bottas 14th to 2nd with some great overtaking moves. Jenson for driving superbly in a dog of a car at what must have been an emotional race, and Lewis for winning! Silverstone was electric can’t wait to go again next year!


For me Valteri is the driver of the day, driving a car without a particulary good aero package. I am a Lewis fan and he drove a really sensible race and I think could well have got a way with a 1 stop which may have put Nico under a lot of pressure if he continued.. As for Alonso, we know as a driver he is class, I’ve only seen one driver push him and that was Lewis, and we all know what happened, Alonso decided to hold Mclaren to ransom though blackmail because he didn’t get what he wanted.and one of the best teams were fined a ridiculous amount of money. Then we remember his time at renault and the infamouse singapore race.. trust me this guy would stop at nothing to win. So please people, do not paint this guy as a saint.

kenneth chapman

alonso is definitely not a saint….he has the ‘mongrel spirit’ which means he will do whatever he can to win ‘ on the edge’and he is entertaining in his relentless pursuit. he is a ‘racer’.


Saint Fernando…….Patron Saint of Persistence, Patience and Poise


Lewis was easily the driver of the day.

He was by far the quickest guy out there. He had a good 2-3 tenths on Rosberg on long-runs, as the first stint revealed. If he had not made the qualifying mistake and had started even just on the front row, it would have been like Malaysia and china. It was an unbelievably determined drive that was made a little easier for him by some bad luck finally hitting Rosberg.


I had Bottas a little ahead. But I agree with your with your usual good reasoning Paige.


I voted for Bottas. Probably the hardest race to pick a DoTD for me. I was torn between Bottas and Alonso but gave it to Bottas because of his overtakes. In my opinion some of them exceeded his time and experience in the category. Moves that we’ve come to expect from Alonso, Webber, Vettel and of course Hamilton. Very impressive stuff from this young man. Admittedly Silverstone is perfect for these types of moves but you still need to pull them off. I really hope he gets his first F1 win this season.


14th to 2nd

Best of the rest behind one of the most dominant cars in F1 history

Has to be Bottas


100% without doubt the award has to go to Massa for his life saving reactions and judgement. Nothing can compare imho.


My driver of the day is without a doubt Felipe Massa for avoiding t-boning Kimi!


All those overtakes, has to Bottas. The Vettel/Alonso duel was the best part of the race to watch.

Massa’s move to avoid spearing Kimi was the best bit of reaction I’ve seen in ages. And Susie Wolff’s demeanour when she must have been absolutely gutted mean there are good things to say about all the Williams drivers.

“The podium was unusual with the winner coming from 6th on the grid, the second placed man Bottas starting 14th and third placed Riccardo coming from 8th.”

Last time no one in on the podium started in the top 5 of the grid was the European GP of 1999 (Which Johnny Herbert won for Stewart)


Adding up each of their starting spots, it adds to 28. I’m sure there have been other podiums with lower combined starting positions, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head.

Anyone remember any? I guess Abu Dhabi ’12 would be on there, with Vettel’s PL to 3rd drive that day. Any others?


For sure LEW was ready to combat so what a pity for him,

I always say “With no enemy there’s no victory”, or at least it feels that way.

ALO &VET where luckier, they both enjoyed and became heroes…

Pls give more freedom to develop the car and make it wilder.

You could always have one team who made it better at the beginning so what is the sense of protecting that the whole year? Whether you want or not, Mercedes is perceived as the fastest of the slowest F1cars, not a great achievement..

May I leave a proposal:

Give an intermediate price to the team reaching in first place some amount of points (20%), recognizing for that good starting concept, and leave freedom on development and investment during the year.

Otherwise this is becoming also a Teams /Constructors slowest race too, nobody is battling so much..


Kimi Raikkonen for staying in front of Alonso for 4 full corners before crashing out spectacularly.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

“staying in front of Alonso for 4 full corners”. Yes. That’s huge.

Kimi is making progress, isn’t he???


Christopher Cathles

And was Kimi’s crash made so spectacular by him keeping his foot on the pedal whilst trying to correct after the “bump”? I’ve never seen a car “whip” round like that when a driver corrects. Mind you, landing hard after the bump might have forced Kimi’s right foot down. Perhaps Ferrari telemetry would yeild a clue or two here – any chance of finding out James?


Imagine if he didn’t have all that rally experience to draw on……….


It was the bump for sure that sent the car spinning out of control


It’s obviously Bottas vs Alonso. Both came a long way from behind.

Bottas had a better car, I guess, but made no mistakes, while Alonso started the race with a bad positioning of his car. So rookie, however, I don’t think these 5 seconds of penalty had any influence on his result.

So it’s Valtteri again.


Great job by Bottas; shame that after the first few laps his race was largely ignored by the TV coverage; not even an onboard replay of his impressive start…

Speaking of which, Alonso was spectacular as ever, and got tons of coverage, but Daniel Ricciardo did in my opinion a better job to nurse those much older tyres to the end, which was another thing that was largely ignored by the TV director. Took a gamble when he made a pretty poor start to the race and it paid off handsomely for him. (Albeit 16 seconds down on a superb Bottas in the nippy Williams) That said I thought Alonso did a great move to take advantage of Ricciardo being boxed in behind Hulkenberg to get ahead going into Club. But in my view driver of the day should be the driver who put in the strongest performance, not simply the driver who provided the most entertainment.

I hate to be a little off topic here, but it’s funny how vital on track action is missed, yet the feed still has time to cut to some dross celebs in the garage who are pretending to care about F1. The only people in the garage who we should cut to are the team mechanics, the pit wall weather radar, and occasionally family of the driver/team…We see enough of the celebs during the grid walk, and it just pains me to hear Martin Brundle have to interrupt his commentary flow to tell us that we’re looking at Michael Fassbender, when we could be watching the race, even if not much is going on at the time.


I agree – couldn’t care less about celebrities, partners and parents.


Funny observation about celebrities. It reminds me of years ago when Mark Blundell was asked by Steve Rider (ITV) whether the woman shown on TV was Jade Goody (may she rest in peace). Blundell just said “I don’t know” – and it sure sounded like he had never heard of her before. There is a certain degree of arrogance with F1 people that makes them disinterested in all this celebrity worshipping. That side, I am a bit relaxed about seeing celebrities.

By the way who is Michael Fassbender?


You are right. Ricciardo’s performance was just as unbelievable as the other guys. 37 laps on a set of options? I was flabbergasted.

But I think it took him a bit too long to cut past hulk and let Alonso mug him in the first stjnt.

Daniel Winter

Button had a great race – and I was gutted he missed out on the podium.


Button was my DotD. It might not have been the most flamboyant drive, but it was impressive. Held off a fast-charging ALO and would have probably taken a 3rd if he had one more lap.

Showed ol’ Ron he’s still got it.


Same would have been great Lewis and Jenson on the podium

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