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Daniel Ricciardo takes maiden win in Montreal as Mercedes falter
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  08 Jun 2014   |  9:34 pm GMT  |  245 comments

Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Riccirado took his maiden Formula One victory in Montreal after power unit problems saw Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg limp home to second place as team-mate Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire with brake problems.

Sebastian Vettel finished third after passing Force India’s Sergio Perez, who also struggled with brake issues. The race ended under the safety car when Felipe Massa also attempted to pass Perez. The two cars made contact and the Williams and the Force India both crashed heavily. The impact was recorded at 32g, according to FIA sources in the paddock.

The race stewards later decided that Perez was at fault and gave him a five-place grid penalty for the next race in Austria.

At the start, Rosberg held off a strong challenge from Hamilton, holding his line as Hamilton made a move into turn one, having made the better initial getaway. The tussle allowed Vettel to sneak through into second.Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.22.53

Behind them Valtteri Bottas held fourth ahead of Massa, with Ricciardo sixth. Fernando Alonso, meanwhile, dropped back, surrendering seventh place to Jean-Eric Vergne. Kimi Raikkonen, too, made up a place, passing Jenson Button for ninth.

At the back, though, there was a collision. Just after the start Max Chilton lost control into Turn 4 and collided with team-mate Jules Bianchi, pitching the Frenchman into the barriers. Chilton, too, spun out as a result. It was the first time Chilton had failed to finish in Formula One. He was later hit with a three-place penalty for the next race for causing the accident.

When the action resumed the leaders all held position but Button lost out again, Perez passing the McLaren driver into the final chicane to take the final points position.

At the front, Hamilton made his move on Vettel at the end of lap nine, passing the Red Bull under DRS into the final chicane. The move left him Mercedes driver 1.7s adrift of his team-mate.

The first pit stop sequence
Ricciardo was the first to make a scheduled stop, though early, at the end of lap 13. The Australian swapped his starting supersoft tyres for soft rubber. The stop saw Ricciardo re-emerge in 14th place. Bottas responded, pitting on the next tour from fourth place. He emerged just in front of Ricciardo. The next lap saw Vettel, Vergne and Massa all take on soft tyres.

Massa’s stop, however, was problematic. A delay with the front left wheel saw the Brazilian lose out badly and he was jumped on track by both Ricciardo and Vergne.

Leader Rosberg stopped on lap 18, shedding his supersofts for soft tyres. Hamilton pushed hard to make up time and that forced Rosberg to be similarly committed. The German’s enthusiasm was almost very costly as he took too much kerb just after leaving the pits and almost hit the wall.

Hamilton pitted on the next lap but his in-laps hadn’t clawed back enough time to pass his team-mate and Rosberg held his lead comfortably.

After 21 laps, most of the field had made a visit to pit lane. However, Perez, still on his starting supersofts, had climbed to third behind the Mercedes drivers, while team-mate Nico Hulkenberg, on his starting soft tyres, had climbed to fourth ahead of Vettel, who led Bottas, Ricciardo, Alonso, Massa and Vergne.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.30.51

At the front, Hamilton was exerting heavy pressure on Rosberg. The German made a mistake at the end of lap 25, locked up and straightlined the chicane. The incident seemed to gain the leader time on the track and the stewards quickly put the incident under investigation for exceeding the track limits.

However, rhe officials decided not to penalise the German but handed him a final warning that he would be punished if such a mistake occurred again. Hamilton, then, would have to pass his team-mate on the track.

Perez finally pitted at the end of lap 34, the Mexican taking on his final set of tyres by discarding his supersofts for soft tyres. The stop dropped the Force India driver to ninth, ahead of Vergne.

Bottas was the first of the two-stoppers to return to pit lane at the end of the next lap. He was followed on lap 36 by Vettel. Ricciardo followed on lap 37 but his pace was sufficient to allow him to jump the champion.

Mercedes hit trouble
Hamilton, meanwhile, was on the radio reporting a loss of power. Hamilton wasn’t alone, however, and Rosberg was soon suffering with  the same issue. Both were suddenly dropping two seconds a lap to third-placed Hulkenberg. Both drivers were then told to reset their cars.

Hulkenberg made his sole stop on lap 41, taking on supersofts. He emerged in eighth position behind the Vettel/Ricciardo battle.

At the front, the Mercedes cars were still running slow – a second slower per lap than new third-place man Massa, who was 17s adrift. Rosberg was told the problem was not fixable and that both would have to push hard to stay in control.

When both made their stops, Massa who assumed the lead. The two Mercedes were left to battle each other for P2 and in their second stops Hamilton got the upper hand. A problem in Rosberg’s stop allowed Hamilton, who pitted on the following lap, to claim second. Rosberg soon had the position back however as Hamilton suddenly overshot the final chicane, clearly struggling with his brakes. The problems quickly became terminal and he was forced to retire on lap 46.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.29.01

Massa then pitted from the lead, handing control back to Rosberg. The Williams driver had been told to try to nurse his tyres to the end but the team gave up that chase and the Brazilian bolted on a new set of soft tyres.

It was Perez, then, who was left to chase down the troubled Mercedes of Rosberg. The gap between the pair disappeared within a handful of tours and on lap 52 the Mexican was just half a second down on the faltering W05 Hybrid. Behind Perez, the Red Bulls of Ricciardo and Vettel were also suddenly vaulted into contention.

Rosberg though was determined to stay in control and after being told by his team to push when he could the German began to put in better laps, eventually stabilising the gap to Perez at the one-second mark.

Futher back, the battle for fifth was hotting up, with Hulkenberg under pressure from Bottas and Massa. The Brazilian was on fresher tyres than his team-mate and the Williams pit wall soon told Bottas to let him past. Bottas attempted a move on Hulkenberg that forced the German wide at the hairpin and Massa was able to leapfrog both, stealing fifth. With new tyres and running faster than anyone else on track he began to close on Vettel, who had climbed to fourth behind Ricciardo.

The thrilling finale
The final few laps were as incident-packed as any in recent memory as a four-car train formed behind Rosberg, all battling for the lead. It was Ricciardo who made the decisive move though, first sneaking past Perez into turn one, and then passing the struggling Rosberg under DRS later in the lap to take the lead. Behind them Vettel pressed Perez and eventually got past the Mexican, who was struggling with brake wear, on the penultimate lap.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 21.31.28

Massa, on much fresher tyres, saw his chance and attempted to get past Perez on the penultimate lap. The pair collided at high speed and both arrowed off track and hit the barriers hard, scattering debris across the circuit. The safety car was immediately deployed, giving Vettel no chance to make a move on Rosberg in the final corners.

Ricciardo, then, took his first grand prix victory ahead of Rosberg and Vettel. Button was a surprise fourth, with Hulkenberg fifth. Fernando Alonso was sixth for Ferrari ahead of Bottas, Vergne, the second McLaren of Kevin Magnussen and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen.

CANADIAN GRAND PRIX, Montreal, 70 Laps

Pos Driver Team Time/Gap
1. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1h39m12.830s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +4.236s
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +5.247s
4. Jenson Button McLaren +11.755s
5. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +12.843s
6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +14.869s
7. Valtteri Bottas Williams +23.578s
8. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso +28.026s
9. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +29.254s
10. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +53.678s
11. Sergio Perez Force India -1 lap
12. Felipe Massa Williams -1 lap
13. Adrian Sutil Sauber -1 lapa
14. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber -6 laps

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Great drive by DR. I don't understand why cutting a chicane does not incur a penalty


@ JK Agreed. I'm just glad Daniel won instead of Rosberg. Nico, is getting away with murder. Hamilton has 2 DNF's he has none. He is a very lucky man right now. Something has to give. Rosberg needs a couple DNF's in his life.


Agree, Hamilton should have followed him.


Driver's never really get penalties for missing a chicane (unless you're Senna at Suzuka, ofc). If you remember, Hulk missed the chicane at Monza 3 times whilst defending against Webber in 2010. He got 2 warnings..seems odd Nico only got 1, especially as Lewis was not ahead/side by side going into the corner.


I'm a Lewis fan but have to admit if I were a steward I probably won't have penalized Nico. I do think it's obvious though, that had that been a normal turn rather than a chicane that could be cut across, a mistake of that magnitude would have resulted in losing the position even if Lewis hadn't initially been trying a move.


Alonso versus Kubica Great Britain 2010, Alonso overtakes and inmediately asks if the manoeuvre is legal. The answer from the wall is the ok and Fernando doesn't give up the position. After a long time, Fernando is penalized but when Kubica had abandoned, so he had a DRIVE THROUGH.

Monaco.2013, Perez ( in kamikaze mode, as usual) versus Fernando and Raikonnen in the chicane. The same dirty maniouvre but Fernando is penalized while Kimi avoids the penalization because Pérez misses the chicane too.

Yesterday if it was Fernando instead of Nico, the spaniard probably would be penalized too.



You are wright but I sustain that yesterday Fernando probably would be punished too. My post was about how strictily can act the stewards sometimes. In Silverston with a drive trhough and in Monaco been penalized for avoiding a collision.


Those are totally different scenarios to the one that happened today and you know it.

The incident at Silverstone was Alonso gaining a position by exceeding track limits. This is punished, always.

At Monaco, it was judged that Alonso retained his position by exceeding the track limits. This too is usually punished.

What Rosberg did was simply exceed the track limits all on his own and neither gained nor retained a position due to it, so like the many other instances of this happening over the years, it was not punished.

And don't say he retained his place over Hamilton, because Hamilton was nowhere near close to attempting a pass at that point.


Senna was also pinged for getting a push start, outside assistance from officials to start your car wasn't allowed.

Tornillo Amarillo

Idem, ROSBERG has the luck of a new Champion now... however HAMILTON was ahead and he could fight back.

Congratulations to Ricciardo, I've have never liked him, but he prove himself worthy, good job.

I was in the circuit, very hot, cannot believe we have had 6 freaking crazy month of snow... People are great here really, very nice.

Now qualify is really important, everything is important, you can win this championship just for few points... ROSBERG just getting always as a winner or 2nd is a dream for any driver there.

We're going to fight however.


never liked Danny! why what's he done?


[Congratulations to Ricciardo, I’ve have never liked him]

I thought that's quite unusual, RIC is the only F1 driver I've seen always smiling so ever consistently whether he wins or lose and genuine about. He's just a nice and fair bloke. I wish for him to take a WDC soon if not later.


I'm curious - what is there about Ricciardo that you don't like?

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Have you seen the ***(ALO FAN)*** part on my nickname???

I don't give a damn about Lewis.


Tealeaf, bitter, much? Your guy is getting beat fair and square. Ricciardo is quicker, just accept it.


@Tealeaf, I seem to recall you showering praise on Hulkenburg for holding back first Alonso then Hamilton in Korea last year. Why no praise for him now?

In both cases the truth was that there wasn't going to be a pass in either case (ALO/HAM on HUL @ KOR13; VET on HUL @ CAN14), b/c of the track layout and the respective strengths of each car. You should give it a try sometime.

Wolff has said that both drivers followed all instructions from the pitwall to protect their brakes. I don't believe the brake bias played any part in the failure ... the MGU-K failed, which then meant that there was no e-braking, so it all fell onto the regular brake system, which is all smaller now (compared to previous years) so as to shed unnecessary weight.

Umm, you do know that Hamilton's MGU-K failed one lap before Rosberg's, right? I don't recall Hamilton trying to pass after the failure happened.

But you like to slag Hamilton, so stretch a bit here, stretch a bit there ... it's what happens when facts become slaves to an end goal.


"He is beaten Vettel"? Ok I see what you mean... it wasn't the FI's and poor strategy that wrecked Vettel's race... Ricciardo didn't win the race on merit and don't worry hos reliability issues and bad luck will come just like it will for Roaberg.

At Mercedes Rosberg protected his rear brakes from early on when you can hear on the radio they were worried and hence the front brake bias and the lock up, tbh he didn't gain significant amount a few tenths and a massive flat spot. Hamilton was more "rearwards" and burned out his brakes thats hos fault not the car, as for the engine both suffered the same thing, no one wants to praise Rosberg for an excellent damage limitation drive with a crippled PU and protecting the brake from the word go, yet Hamilton couldn't make a move on him and also got beat in quali, I mean who is he trying to kid??? It took a 4.5sec poor pitstop for Rosberg to jump him in the pits. Hamilton wanted competition this race he got it congratulations I wonder how much longer he can put up this act of being calm before he implodes again he obviously couldn't handle the pressure from Rosberg its like the Button days at Mclaren all over again when Hamilton was BEATEN by a 'slow' driver.

Roll on Austria even if Hamilton wins he will still act like the depressed spoilt child this soap opera like scenes is saving the dull Formula Mercedes season.


heh heh

H.Guderian (ALO fan)



Because his name wasn't Lewis Hamilton. Remember Spa 08? At least he gave the place back when he cut across


Should have been a 5sec penalty ttaken at the pit stop. Rosberg didn't,t just go off he used the route through the run off to accelerate faster than going around the corner, if that isn,t gaining and advantage I don,t know what is.

Hamilton is not having any luck at the moment.

Great race though and nice to all Riccardo on top of the podium, he fully deserves it. I thought Seb was very gracious and genuine in his congratulations to Daniel, nice to see.

kenneth chapman

@ Gazza....just taking up your point re rosberg 'accelerating' faster. how do you know this? obviously it is shorter to take the diagonal but actually 'accelerating faster'?

maybe james/james staff could take a cursory look at the lap charts and see if rosberg actually gained. i have read a singular comment here somewhere stating that rosberg actually slowed down to give the time back! perhaps if we ever get to see the pit-to-car transcripts we will know more of what transpired.


@Kenneth Chapman

obviously it is shorter to take the diagonal but actually ‘accelerating faster’?....

Talking about muddying the waters, lets get back to the original point - did Rosberg accelerate?

The distance Rosberb travelled when crossing the run off area, was approx' 11m less than Hamilton covered going round the chicane - I know, you would think the difference would be greater, but I measured it. The corner entry speed is 135kmh. Obviously we know Hamilton would have been accelerating very hard as he left the chicane and would not have stayed at the same speed, but for the sake of this calculation let's assume that both drivers maintained their speed. At 135kmh the cars are covering 1m every 0.026 seconds. So travelling 11 metres further would have cost Hamilton 0.286 seconds. The gap between the two drivers just before Rosberg straight-lined the chicane was, as near as makes no odds, 0.5 seconds and as they crossed the next timing point (finish line) it was over 1 second.

Please explain how the gap had increased by such a margin if Rosberg had not accelerated? Also, please remember Hamilton would not have been travelling at the same constant 135km - he would have been accelerating hard - so the time lost would, in reality, have been much less.

With regard to my expectations of Rosberg; certainly I would not expect him to give the place up - you play to the 'whistle' and if the referee doesn't blow you carry on. I would however expect the stewards to do their job and take appropriate action when a clear advantage had been gained by exceeding the track limits - in my opinion a 5 second penalty would have been about right. As for your claim that the stewards had all the relevant info' and therefore are in the best position to make a judgement I agree. But please don't try and tell me the stewards are infallible - excuse me while I laugh. Remember Singapore and Alonso - the stewards investigated that and decided no action should be taken. How wrong could they be??

kenneth chapman

@C63 please don't try and muddy the waters by dragging ricciardo into the debate. that simply shows how weak your argument actually is.. have you considered the variable distance as i proposed? what would you expect rosberg to have done? give away the position to hamilton when hamilton was no where near passing him?i guess so. when rosberg was called before the stewards they would've had all the race speed traces to analyse and make their judgments on. you are now saying that you, as an armchair observer, know more and have more data that conflicts with what the stewards had access to thus proving that they are wrong in their decision and that you are right! pardon me whilst i have a good laugh.

in my opinion it was touch and go, but i don't have a definitive answer. that said, i think the stewards made the right decision. as a casual home based observer [ like 99.9% of all the others] i sometimes look at these incidents and wonder how some decisions are arrived at but the stewards are 100 times more knowledgeable than i am and they have access to vast amounts of data that is not available to likes of me. even if it was then i would most likely struggle to interpret most of it as most others would also and i include you in that unless you can convince me otherwise and that you are eminently more qualified than any of the stewards or collectively, all of them.

the fact remains that the incident is now history and so be it. do i really care about it, not really, just one of those racing incidents that occur from time to time. however if hamilton had had his car alongside rosberg and was about to take the lead then it would've been entirely different....but it wasn't, was it?



how did you arrive at the premise that he actually ‘accelerated’[going even faster than he was at the point of entry] i simply don’t see the evidence...

Just use your eyes, NR car visibly accelerates as he crosses the run off area, ie he does not cross the run off area at the same speed that he left the track [having braked for the chicane]. Also the commentators of the race remarked upon it and any number of race reports confirm this is what happened. Watch this incident again (I did) and you will clearly see it.

As for giving time back - immediately prior to the incident, NR was just a whisker over half a second up on LH. More than half a lap after the incident he was still over a second up - what time did he give back on turns 1 and 2?

Ask yourself this question; If it had been Ricky closing on Rosberg in the final stages of the GP and Rosberg had done the same thing (for the first time) and pulled out a nice gap and relieved the pressure - what would you be saying then? Would you be quite so relaxed about it?

In reality I doubt whether this incident had any significant impact on the eventual race result, but please don't argue that black is white.

kenneth chapman

@ C63/gazza.......the fact that your are guessing he made up 1sec may well be because the diagonal, as i have already stated, being a far shorter distance accounts for that. the point remains...how did you arrive at the premise that he actually 'accelerated'[going even faster than he was at the point of entry] i simply don't see the evidence.

if as rosberg says, he gave back any time advantage then i cannot prove that he didn't but he may well have convinced the stewards that he did therefore negating any advantage.

no rain lately so the water under the bridge has slowed to a tricklehahaha



but actually ‘accelerating faster’?....

Just watch the incident - Rosberg leaves the track after out braking himself at the chicane. He clearly does not trundle across the run off area at the same speed he left the track.

He broke the DRS, he ran the then fastest lap of the race and received some respite from the considerable pressure he was under from Hamilton. How on earth the stewards (or anyone else) would say he gained no advantage is a mystery.

Hey ho, as Gazza says - its all water under the bridge and nothing will change.


@Kenneth Chapman......Rosberg set the fastet lap of the race at that point nearly 1 sec faster than his previous lap. It was actually deleted I guess because it was known it was not legitimate.

Nico says he slowed in turn 1 & 2 of the next lap to give back the time he had gained. I don't quite understand this because Lewis had DRS on the lap in question and did not get it back for a few laps so Nico gained a lasting advantage by cutting the chicane.

Still its all muddy water under the bridge now 🙂


I agree with everything you said. I'd like to add the fact I really liked how Hamilton just kept pushing and didn't complain unlike Vettel. As a fan of the latter he got beat fair and square and he needs to just look to the next race.


Agreed, on all points. 🙂


I would only assume that it was because it was a lockup - this has happened before. The other option is that the stewards don't want to decide the championship with penalties. Which I guess is a pressure now especially whether they admit it or not.

Drgraham lewis

The stewards have done it before!

LH has a record... As the only driver to give a place back after using a chicane following a wet race nerf properly within yards of the corner (as any racer knows you do) while fighting a lead position with Kimi.

But was then penalised because he did not give it back enough! All the time putting up with Kimi ramming him up the rear at any opportunity. I had not heard of anything so ridiculous until yesterday. The FIA should be sacked.

However different this occasion was - never in history of any class of racing with the possible exception of bikes have I seen an occasion where a leading driver can run off through the chicane after a complete cockup, floor it and get the fastest lap of the race without some penalty.

And in this new time of 5s ones - it was an insult to racers of all classes and an absolutely terrible message to send to youngsters in lower classes.

This is not how you do it.

I can't tell you how many more championships I could have won taking a little leaf from the apparent new book of race management. Just jump the chicanes when you fancy!

The Clark of the Course in all British championship races always said - the chicanes are to be considered a brick wall. You might get over it but if you do and you gain any time. Your race is run. If you gain a place - give it back. Anyone who tempted to force this was immediately flagged. Without question.

Frankly this pinnacle of Motorsport is sending such a bad message to the youngsters racing in the lower classes that after 35 years of successful racing and as a f1 fan, I am sickened to the point it is almost beyond watching.

Anyone disagreeing? Just ask yourself this before you comment - what if it was LH running the chicane and gaining time? Do you really think he would be told to 'not do it again'

Of course not - he would have had that old 20s Penalty that ruined a really good race and a really good year just like last time.

If you do think he would have been treated the same - best go watch the Race mentioned above.

Oh well - at least the convenient DNF means another set of fun races.

Or does it because the last couple of races seem to have seriously odd happenings. And dangerous ones!

Really glad DR got a win though.


that's an understandable view to take... but a lock up is a mistake. You can't then make up for your mistake by going full throttle and extending your advantage by such a wide margin. I actually thought that was quite embarrassing for Rosberg. I know that doesn't come into it and you take wins however you can, but it's actually quite fortunate that the race wasn't ultimately decided by that as I think that, while you could give Nico the benefit of the doubt at Monaco, you couldn't do the same here.

This second point, about not wanting to influence the championship is something that I really hope does not materialise. Stewards decisions need to be consistent and follow the rules of the sport. If you start taking emotion, your opinion about the driver's integrity and leaderboard situations and start letting them influence your decision, then it becomes an incredibly slippery slope. Consider how much people still discuss Spa 2008 and that situation. Imagine how much more people would still be talking about had Hamilton not been able to secure the title that year. You have to be able to take the emotion out of such decisions and follow the rules of the sport.

Monaco was less clear. Canada was crystal clear - a huge advantage was gained (or prevention of overtaking opportunity, imminent or slightly imminent) and it should have been punished. It's very simple - he should have been punished. This idea of the 5-second penalty is absolutely perfect for situations like this - it punishes the offending driver by a position (normally) but doesn't ruin the race. I simply don't understand why that particular punishment wasn't implemented.


"Imagine how much more people would still be talking about had Hamilton not been able to secure the title that year. "

Lucked into it you mean.



I guess Monaco was less clear cut, but I still don't believe it wasn't either on purpose, or if he made a mistake he then decided to exploit it - had it been during the race he would definitely have made the corner and not taken the escape road.

Hey ho, Hamilton has to get a bit of good fortune sooner or later.


There used to be a thing called sandtraps. If cutting a corner confers the advantage of breaking DRS, besides avoiding a brush with the wall of champions in this instance, and is only punished with a warning, what stops drivers from using the option as a strategic joker in the future?

Rosberg gained a second from his error compared to his previous lap and we know the main straight is a DRS zone. A compromised exit from the final chicane could have resulted in an easier overtaking opportunity into turn one. A 22 point gap in the title fight does not reflect the true level of competitiveness between the title rivals.


...cutting the chicane, fair enough - it happens, cutting AND gaining advantage, that's out of order. NR set the fastest lap by doing so and absolutely should have been penalised. (IMO) Probably my biased view, but I thought he was out of order squeezing LH as hard as he did in T2 at the start as well, LH was well alongside at the time.

Tough luck for LH today, NR dodged a few bullets and finds himself once again well in the lead. GER / ENG battles generally go that way 🙁


Happens all the time with no penalty being incurred. If LH had been attempting a pass at that point,(which he wasn't) NR would have been deemed to get an advantage and would have had to give up the position.

Great race otherwise!

No one should believe for a moment than the rest are any closer. AMG-Mercedes scored an own goal, but still salvaged a draw. There are not going to be to many of those...


That's been a problem for a while now, I think they should add harder "sausage kerbs" to slow the drivers down more, but maybe they can't due to the temporary nature of the track.


I worry that the British stewards are so keen to not be seen as favouring their countryman that they actually discriminate against them - a kind of reverse discrimination. Even if this is not the case Dereck W opened up the can of worms by mentioning the issue.

On a separate issue it's amazing to see how fast those Mercs are that they can still bring home big points while limping by their standards. I know circumstances like Perez contributed but still.....

As for HAM's second retirement, what can you say.... He's basically having to start from Australia again. A real shame. The faster guy may not win the WDC this year even if he wins more races and takes more poles.


I'd like to hear you explain how ROS was the better driver of the day... ROS made all the mistakes, ROS had all the luck and HAM's car failed whereas ROS's did not. Nothing here adds up to ROS being better on the day, just luckier.

Matthew Cheshire

Speed only counts if you get across the finish line. Rosberg and Hamilton both had the same mechanical failure but one of them hung on for a podium finish. Rosberg was the better driver of the day.

But Hamilton will win the WDC if he races to his own strengths and keeps his cool. The mercs will only get more reliable as the season continues. If Hamilton keeps his head together, its his championship.


Very happy for Ricciardo, his performances this year have warranted a win and I’m happy that he got one (although I think Vettel has cause to be aggrieved, he was comfortably ahead before the final pit-stops and yet came out behind, not sure how that played out).

With regards to the title race, Rosberg now has at least 30 points over Hamilton through unreliability. This season reminds me of 2005, with Rosberg playing the Alonso role and Hamilton playing the Raikkonen role. Today showed the season wont necessarily play out as smoothly as a Merc 1-2 every race, but at the least Hamilton has to beat Rosberg for another four consecutive races to get the lead back, and Rosberg seems to be closer in pace to Hamilton than he was after Australia. If I had to put a bet on one of them right now, I think it will be Rosberg.

kenneth chapman

why should vettel feel aggrieved? he got the undercut to stay ahead of ricci but what he didn't take into account was that ricci put in a stunning in-lap that paid off for him by getting the jump. vettel has no one to blame apart from himself. this wasn't in the plan and vettel paid the price. he was simply outdriven by a better driver on the day.


As I said elsewhere, it does indeed look like Vettel's fault he was a bit too tardy around the pitstops. Ricciardo had the speed at the critical part of the race and took his chance.

However, Vettel can still feel aggrieved that he was held up for so long by Hulk, as that brought him back into the clutches of Ricciardo and the others. Just because Ricciardo beat him fair and square as you put it doesn't mean he can't feel aggrieved that other external factors didn't go his way.

And I don't know why I'm suddenly being cast as Vettel's spokesman, I don't really even like the guy!


Needless to say it's more nuanced than that, even if I don't know what garbanzos are.

kenneth chapman

hahahaha i personally can't stand him either but the tenet of the post was to imply that vettel was somehow 'robbed' of his track position, which of course is a load of old garbanzos.


That's why I said he *might* have cause.

I also said he'd be looking for answers with the team, which I think will go something like:

"Why did you let Ricciardo get in front of me?"

"We didn't"

"Sure you did."

"No, look for yourself"

A minute later...


"Told you"

Bottom line is you're right: He was out driven by a better driver on the day, but it's actually getting to be a bit of a habit now 🙂


"Vettel has cause to be aggrieved"

That might be so and I'm sure he'll be looking for answers with the team, but I'm super impressed at how he congratulated Ricciardo after the race. I thought he might be a little sulky and that at best he might give Dan a quick pat on the back before walking off, but I'm very glad to be proved wrong, so kudos to him 🙂


He was showing Lewis how to lose gracefully 🙂


Lol 🙂


Let's hope then that Hamilton pays attention.


I agree, Random. You never saw him be that nice to Webber................ 🙂


Indeed. Also, I just watched the race back and paid particular notice to the second RBR pitstops - Vettel came in first and was fed back out into traffic, he feeds out right behind Perez, nose to tail.

Ricciardo pits the very next lap, and when he came out he slotted into a sizeable 1-2 second gap between Vettel and Perez - where the hell did that gap come from? I'm pretty sure there was no traffic involved. Did Seb make a mistake or was he just a bit tardy on his out lap? I'm pretty sure the Force India couldn't have pulled that gap out along the straights.


I get the feeling that merc want rosberg to win, with it being a German team etc. Also I do wonder if it was Hamilton that had cut the corner if he would get a penalty. I hope this championship is won on merit not just dnfs


Fair point regarding the 2005 Alonso/Raikkonen battle. Kimi was the quicker driver, like Hamilton, but Hamilton is getting all the DNFs like Kimi that year, which means he has to go for broke every race to win. Rosberg can adopt a slightly more cautious approach with this buffer. Hamilton has to win. And he will go for it, don't worry.

The Mercedes battle will be even more enthralling now, if the gloves weren't off before they truly are now. I don't think Hamilton will be posting any pictures of him and his mate on twitter.


Indeed! Seconds out, Round 8!


As a Lewis fan, I have to admit I'm very nervous about his championship chances now, with 2 DNFs under his belt. I would not want to bet on this. Still, this does make the rest of the season look rather intriguing at this point.


Worry not, the cream will rise to the top. The only thing that'll bug me is that people won't see it for the utter decimation of Rosberg that is actually happening.

Four victories in a row over your teammate. So that's 7x4=28. 28 points earned on track. More than Rosberg has mustered thus far from his arch rival's misfortunes.


RB should've let Seb run an extra lap or two after Hulk pitted. But they were so close on track it might've been too hard to stay out after seeing Hulk go for the pits to tell Vettel to stay out.


I just rewatched the race, paying particular attention to the RBR second pitstops, and it seems Vettel was a little tardy at just the wrong time. He was brought in first out of the two drivers, and fed out pretty much nose to tail behind Perez. Ricciardo pits the following lap, and feeds back into a 1-2 second gap between Perez and Vettel - where did that gap come from?


I understand that, but that still doesn't explain why Vettel was so much slower than Perez on his out-lap, on fresh tyres you'd expect him to be climbing all over the back of him, instead he lost between 1-2 seconds.


DRs inlap was 0.9s quicker than Vettel. Pit stop 0.2 faster....


I really hope this is a turning point!  I know hope is faint,  but I hope!  Is there a weakness in this Mercedes?   Did someone jam Mercedes data feed for off-board ECU super computer by using a vintage Nokia phone at the track?  Let the conspiracy theories fly!  No sweep!

My backup driver wins, Red Bull pull serious points, Seb not that far off it at all obviously getting more at ease with this car.  Bonus of new songs after the GP.  Just Killer!  

Dear Vijay,

Thanks for your driver looking after your supplier for a whole bunch of laps.  As a thank you,  I'll look after 25% of the cost of Sergio's engine since he didn't manage to help us keep the win.



Dear Sergio,

Thanks for helping as much as you could.  These 18 points will come in really handy.  Come by after to pick up your E65, don't worry it's on me.   Or if you prefer I'll introduce you to my dad if you need representation.



H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Do you remember that WDC (won by VET) where Petrov (with a Renault engine) hold ALO for a bunch of laps??? No complaints there, right???


Absolutely not. What was he supposed to do by the way? Not hold up Alonso? Not only did he help the Renault brand, he held back Alonso and got TV time. If you ask me, he delivered perfectly. I just bought my kid a Petrov collectors t-shirt on ebay (see previous posts for link). Someone reminded me about 2010, and I felt just aweful that I didn't grab some Petrov gear as a thank you back then.

Just like there would be nothing wrong if Perez did manage to protect Nico all the way. Let's be honest, Nico got the P2 only becase Perez managed to hold up the show for 10 plus laps and then thanks to the Perez/Massa incident.

As a Vettel fan, I even don't have anything against Reb Bull backing Daniel for WDC push this year. He's driven extremely well, Vettel has had bad luck and taken some time to come to terms with this car. Add to this that as much as Horner likes Vettel, it would entirely be good to not have all eggs in one basket and mint two WDCs if possible. As some point if his luck doesn't change we may see Vettel in a #2 role. Bet you guys can't wait! 🙂

P.S. James, I think I figured out what bugs me most about the new layout. The banners are just too darn big. Even in full desktop you only get to see one story upon landing page. There is too little to see. The banner for the race event is too tall at the top pushest thigns down. The race clock banner is also huge, too huge. However it is tops in that it is the hugest countdown banner I'ev seen on the web.

Don't you feel the non-chronological order of stories on the home page is confusing as well? This happens in a few places. Landing page, news link (More news), banners, etc.

Sorry for the criticism. Perhaps it's a family member of friend doing it and they need some time to refine their design plus you want sponsor visibility by space. But it's coming at cost of visibility of your original content. Pretty much no other F1 page has only 1 story visible upon landing. Especially when you have 2 or 3 posts in a day, it will push the stories down the page and people will miss them.


Every point helps............


Awesome result for Daniel. So pleased he's bagged his 1st win.


what a thrilling race! great job by ricciardo and rosberg. unlucky hamilton.

last season vettel won 13 races and his teamate didn't even win one. this season his teammate wins the first victory for the team. incredible!


The cutting the chicane really frustrates me , if Hamilton outbreaked himself at the chicane missed it and overtook Rosberg that would incure a penalty but seemingly you can make a mistake and go over a chicane and gain a second on the driver behind and its fine ...take into account Lewis's brakes went in his words from overheating being stuck behind Rosberg and all in all currently not much is going wrong for Nico.Thats 2 races in a row he has made an error and gained and advantage.

For me what was also noticable about the race was that ovetaking was reduced from previous years here.Seemed people following struggled to get out of last harpin to fully uterlize the DRS in the straight.Numerous times a driver caught driver in front and was stuck there , which for Canada was strange.


On passing, I think it was largely pretty simple. Most of the time is was a Renault or Ferrari powered car that was trying to pass one with a Mercedes in it.


Good race from Ricciardo, congratulations to him. It's a holiday here in most States in Aus, and they reckon we should call it Ricciardo Day! But I am disappointed by Felipe Massa. He never seems to be able to have a race without incident! I used to be a massive fan of his, but I do t think I will. If he couldn't pass Perez what was wrong with just staying behind. He was trying to do the impossible. Sorry for Williams, they deserved better today.


In all fairness, I think Massa was the innocent party in this incident............


In all fairness I'm not so sure.


Perez jinked to the left in the braking zone ... Perez's fault. Massa did do a little turn to the right as well, but that was after Perez's move. It's not the first time that Perez has done one of those "shudder" moves (he did it against HUL in IND12 down the back straight), which for me is the most dangerous and relatively prevalent "move" out there currently. 27g crash!!! I am surprised they're both ok, to be honest.


In all fairness I’m not so sure....

Surely, you aren't questioning a Stewards decision 😉


Congrats to riccardo

Glad massa and perez ok

As a ham fan im bitter that nico escaped a penalty for the off track moment, cutting corner at a significant point when chasing car is less than a tenth behind to get a 1+ sec lead is not right, as such that lap nico did was one of his quickest at that time of the race, the race would have followed a different path had nico got the deserved penalty and may not have resulted in lewis's break failure. We have seen penalties for much less. Nico made an error and breaked too late he should have given up the place, lewis was faster and would potentially have built a gap in clean air allowing cooler break temps

I liked how similar happened later / same corner and lewis gave up the place, that move was more obvious because lewis overtook off the track, but its not that different really if you gain time off track in any lap you are cheating especially in any defensive/offensive situation


"As a ham fan im bitter that nico escaped a penalty for the off track moment"

I don't see why. As things turned out that incident had zero impact on the race outcome. The two Merc's would have still developed their respective problems even if Rosberg had been told to give up that position to Hamilton.


Sorry but a couple of dozen laps in clear air and I would bet money that Hamilton's problem would not have manifested as it did. Hamilton has adapted better to this sanitized version of F1, consistently using less fuel and keeping his tyres in at least as good shape as NR and has much greater mechanical sympathy than he ever did in the past.

Nico's chicane cut was pivotal!

This could be 1989 all over again...


It would have had a different outcome, nico would have been in dirty air instead of lewis meaning lewis breaks may not have failed, its all if's and buts


I think Hamilton was running a more rearward brake bias in an attempt to save the front tires as much as possible due to being in the Aero wake of Rosberg. The resulting higher load on Hamilton's rear MGU-K and brakes probably caused his more rapid system deterioration as both cars exhibited the fault on the same lap. The flip side of trailing another car is you are saving fuel in the draft. I think Hamilton was biding his time, attempting to go deeper on the 2nd set and switch to SuperSoft tires for the final attack. Fuel strategy never a factor due safety car.

IN my opinion, Hamilton had a great race strategy and would have been in a very strong position to claim the win if the M-B cars had shown their normal reliability.

SIDE NOTE to Mr. Allen:

I noticed Magnussen couldn't get past Vergne even with the DRS and a tow. Was the McLaren suffering MGU-K issues as well?


Steve, that is not necessarily true. The earlier one can run in clean air, the easier it is to manage cooling. The greater the separation of cars on the track, the easier it is for the team to enforce a hold-station strategy, especially when the faster car is in front, and likely to be pulling away


I agree. I also wonder if Hamilton's more frugal use of fuel contributed. Nico had to fuel save (lift and coast) and took some of the heat out of his brakes. What's remarkable is that even after the safety car (8 laps!) Nico still had to do this, but to my mind it's what gave him second place instead of a retirement.

Stephen Taylor

Congrats Daniel but what going with Kimi spinning at harpins/slow corners?


Kimi had problems with his power unit. It gave sudden and expected bursts of power during the race. Maybe there was something wrong with the engine mapping.

I tried to send this comment multiple times with iPad but machine told me I'm typing too quickly. Is there some kind of automatic anti-spam system in use here?


Kimi had problems with his power unit. It delivered sudden and unexpected bursts of power throughout the race.

This second attempt to send comment. First got sucked into oblivion. I'm using iPad with Safari.


There was something wrong with Kimi's power unit. It gave sudden and unexpected bursts of power during the race. Maybe this has something to do with engine mapping.


One of the marshalls down at the hairpin was eating a choc ice and perhaps Mr Ice-Man thought "I'll stop to have one of those................oh, I'm in a race......."


So last decade...


First time in years I've been happy to see a Red Bull win! Will be the first of many for Ricciardo, I'm sure. He needed Perez's brakes to go off, but took the chance when they did. Richly deserved for the way he's driven this year, and the result continues Canada's position as a venue for maiden victories.

As for the Mercedes, it really does seem like lady luck is smiling on Rosberg for the title this year... And perhaps the stewards as well; that chicane cutting was surely what the 5 second penalty was invented for. Can only guess what would have happened if it were Hamilton instead; a three race ban, perhaps? I joke, but Rosberg is getting a large amount of benefit from the doubt with the stewards at this point of the season. Still, he drove a stonking race when his car was failing, no doubts there. He owes Perez, but he still stuck it out.

And Perez just isn't a top tier driver, as we saw again today with his inability to pressure Rosberg; were it not for the Mercedes engine in his car the Red Bulls would have been long gone as well. Damn good at preserving the tyres though! Glad him and Massa are OK, but such a stupid accident. Some penalty points coming Felipe's way I reckon, and yet no more points to Williams.

Vettel soundly beaten again (which speaks for itself) and Button pulling all the stops out for an impressive fourth, good stuff. With every hat but my Hamilton one on, it was a cracking race. Roll on Austria!


"Vettel soundly beaten again"

Do you even watch these races? He was desperately unlucky to finish to finish behind Ricciardo. As he also was in Monaco and Spain.

kenneth chapman

how can you possibly say that vettel was desperately unlucky? ricci put in the hot in-lap and he got the jump that vettel was supposed to get with the undercut. great driving by ricci. vettel was soundly outdriven on the day. give credit where it's due.


Of course I do! His strategy was sabotaged by the one-stopping Force Indias, which allowed Ricciardo a 20-odd sec undercut. Vettel may have taken second if not for the safety car, but on paper the result stands that his teammate won whilst he only managed third - so soundly beaten.

It's funny to argue the result of a race over the actual race itself (moments of fortune and all) with a Vettel fan by the way. Kind of like freaky Friday!


Kind of like freaky Friday!....

Jamie Lee Curtis, sigh..................


Daniel !!!

Sir Jack would be proud.


Hear, hear!!

He most certainly would.


Lots of talking points (and yes I'm biased as an Aussie), but how good is Daniel ? He loses absolutely nothing to the sports big names out on the track, and his attitude makes many of those same 'big names' look positively silly. Always positive, humble yet assertibe on the track, but most of all clearly enjoying his sport. You'd wonder why some of the others even bother they way they are always grumpy/complaining/sulking.

A highly deserved first win and surely the first of many more.

Tough end for Perez and Massa.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Some thoughts:

1) Massa race like never before and lost as usual. Rookie mistake. Time to retire.

2) Ric *is* the real deal. No a fake legend like some overated driver*S* out there.

3) Vet didn´t have any problems today in his car and was crushed (again) by Ric.

Things are not so easy when you don´t have cheat mode in your car *AND* you are not

protected anymore by the team. Average driver without a super car.

4) Just ALO is capable of overtaking a Willians with this s... Ferrari.

5) Kimi??? Well, Kimi.....


Yes I'm sure you have 100% proof of this 'cheat mode'


Wow, you really must hate Massa for some reason. He gets taken out by Perez who was penalised by the stewards for the incident. Perez didn't even have the excuse of faulty brakes because the team have said they had managed to fix his earlier braking issue prior to the incident. And yet you still claim it was a 'Rookie mistake' by Massa - wow.


At the end of the race he has the fastest car with fresher tyres than the other guys and he couldn't overtake a RED BULL much slower in the straight.

There are drivers that know how to overtake, even if he can do it with DRS because of their lack of speed (Ricciardo passing Pérez, Fernando passing Bottas) but Massa isn't one of them.


"If he can't do with DRS" my english and the ipad corrector are a problem 🙂


Perez was the one penalized, for moving in the braking zone. It's pretty clear in the overhead shot. Massa still should've been able to avoid it, but you have to trust your competitors to abide by certain rules/traditions.

JA, having a torrid time trying to post.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Agree. I saw yesterday the "overhead shot".

But as you said, he should’ve been able to avoid it.


Apologies. We will sort it


A very exciting race, and congratulations to Daniel.

Would somebody please tell the TV director that the race is on the track, and not in the grandstands or the back of the garage. Thanks goodness for the aerial shots so we could see everything he missed.



Tv Directors/Producers should stop cutting away to look at some drivers GF just when the track action is getting interesting!


coverage will be different in austria in 2 weeks ..

believe me 🙂



We were shouting at the tv a few times. Bad camera operation and bad direction.


Omg I'm glad somebody else mentioned this, worst race coverage I've ever seen! There were at least ten inexplicable incidents, some of which I'll mention now. Vettel rejoins the track from a pit stop where position is so important... the camera stays on Vergne as he emerges from the pits. Vettel takes a lunge at Hulkenberg at the hairpin... the camera pans into the crowd. Perez gets as close as he's got to Rosberg for the race... cut to a DNFing Lotus being wheeled into the garage. Ricciardo stays within Rosberg's DRS zone for a whole lap, something Perez couldn't do for ten plus laps... instead we see the battle for third and only get the tail end of Ricciardo's overtake. The most important chase and overtake of the race! What was he thinking?!


Time for Rosberg to get some DNFs or this season will become as boring as 2013 rather soon. I'm pretty sure Hamilton was against the double points rule for the last round of the season, but I bet you any money he is very pleased with it now.


"Time for Rosberg to get some DNFs or this season will become as boring as 2013 rather soon."

Funniest thing I've read today...


Funniest thing I’ve read today…

Discounting your own posts I assume! Don't be so harsh on yourself, some of your posts are hilarious 🙂


Great race, but what's with the FOM TV coverage this year? Not for the first time this season, TV viewers knew something had happened on track from the reactions on the fans / team / girlfriends faces which were being broadcast live, but missed the actual on-track action. Hamilton on Rosberg at the hairpin, for example, we only saw three or so laps later on a replay.

Very poor, Bernie - when we watch on TV we want to see the cars on track, not the fans in the grandstands.


Great race!! And great drive by RIC to stick with it and get the move done on PER - obviously he benefited from some Merc troubles, but awesome to capitalise, woohoo!!!

99.9% sure RIC didn't pass ROS on the same lap he passed PER though, it was either 1 or 2 laps after, he had a 2 sec gap to make up after passing PER, and ROS was actually quicker than RIC in sector 2 after RIC first passed PER.


It may well have played into his hands, but RIC did everything he could possibly do and more importantly, he did it when he had to. He generates such great pace whilst still being soft on his tyres, even when sitting on the tail of another car, and that is the reason he could put in a quick in-lap to jump VET despite the usual undercut advantage, and then push so hard late in the race. A great drive.


What a race! Canada comes through without rain! Such a shame for Perez and Massa - though all the best to Ricciardo - was this the race that decided the championship when we look back in years to come?


Most races start like a Test Match and end up a T20. Its better to just 15-20 laps every race.


"Most races start like a Test Match and end up a T20."

Unfortunately the T20 crowd is what F1 is attracting these days, shame.


Shame for Lewis. He clearly had the measure of Nico on the primes, and had used less fuel. This could very easily have been a win for him without the problems. It will be difficult to come back from 2 DNFs against a very good driver in an identical car.

Anyway, great race, and really happy to see Danny get his first win.


Firstly, why is Chilton in F1? He doesn't bring anything except his dads money. I cannot believe what he said in his interview with Lee McKenzie during the race.

Secondly, how come Rosberg doesn't get a penalty for cutting the chicane? Lewis was in DRS before Nico cutting the chicane, after that, he was 1.2s behind the german. I was expecting a 5s penalty for Rosberg.

Lastly, great drive by Daniel. He is showing Vettel how to drive. Can't believe the BBC Sport team put Vettel ahead of Schumi in all time greats. What a joke the BBC are.


"Firstly, why is Chilton in F1? He doesn’t bring anything except his dads money."

You've kind of answered your own question there...


Good race but I think Massa really should retire from F1. One thing I dislike with Massa is that he never thinks he plays a part in accidents, it's always someone else's fault.


I really don't understand why some people are so quick to criticise Massa, he drove a fantastic race and the incident wasn't his fault. He has been doing a great job this season with Williams, he has just been very unfortunate on quite a few occasions.

Williams should be delighted to have him imo


I'm not the only one with this opinion on Massa. Hudson's comment above expressed disappointment with Massa, too. Williams revival is partly down to Merc engines, the team's hard work in the past years + of course Bottas and Massa, but hardly Massa alone. It also cannot be denied that Massa used to rely heavily on Smedley 's advice during races ie he sometimes needs a lot of help. It is not personal, I'm just being frank. This latest shunt was extremely dangerous and mostly Perez's fault but Massa isn't entirely blameless. If you read other comments online there are others who feel both drivers are responsible.

There is also no need to stoop to comments such as asking if I watched the race, that sort of tone is uncalled for.


Did you actually watch the race ???

Massa is one of the reasons Williams is settling down at the sharp end. He out drove Bottas again and recovered from a slow stop. He was adjudged not too be at fault in the Perez incident, though I would criticise him for not being more aggressive with Vettel. He could have had Seb at the hairpin a few times but instead of forcing his way in showed too much restraint. Otherwise Felipe drove a strong race. Also worth remembering that last year he was a lot closer to Fernando than Kimi is right now.


I agree with the steward's decision on the Massa-Perez incident. My impression was that Perez had to brake really early due to his failing brakes. We saw this when Ricciardo overtook him. When Massa came up behind him, he jinked towards the middle of the track creating a hazard. At that speed differential, an accident of this kind is always imminent. Today's GP drivers are lucky the cars are so robust. The liberties they take while racing would get people killed in earlier eras.

Rodrigo Martins

wow... He's not even involved in a lot of incidents!


It was in this case - Perez has been penalised!


Pressure is shifting.....

There is no such thing as a Hamilton track.....

It's now Nico's to lose

After much talk of dnfs for Hamilton has come to pass. Rosberg now has a full race+ over Hamilton

Hamilton's most unlucky race to date - stewards having no issue with Rosberg's cutting the chicane gaining half a sec advantage.

(Comparison of Hungary 2008 being made with today's events elswhere )

Then brake failure after getting the pass done after 2nd stop.

But now the chase begins - can Hamilton have another 4 win run +1 - nico now only needs to keep coming 2nd to win this wdc unless the Bulls start getting involved- reliability withstanding.

Good result for Ricardo.....


Rosberg doesn't have a full race over hamilton!

If you mean he is more than 25 points ahead, i.e. a full race, then I am sorry but you are wrong. Hamilton is 22 points behind.


Sorry at the time of writing I had it in my head rosberg got the full 25 points and not 18......

But that gap is still hard to recover.


That should read spa above.

Hamilton now has a monumental mountain to climb. Rosberg is now in the zone with is car and is driving well. The Bulls are making progress and have the drivers - Williams also appear to be progressing although their drivers a 2nd tier and FI could be there or there abouts.

Mercs advantage is evaporating rapidly, the pressure on Lewis to deliver race wins will be huge Rosberg as the option to ease up and just stay close to Hamilton.

If Hamilton pulls the WDC off this year it will be truly epic.


I don't think you can really say say that Nico is in the zone. In Monaco, it was actually a mistake by Nico which ensured the pole and therefor the win, and in Canada Lewis seemed to be a good bit quicker on the primes while having used less fuel, and I honestly believe Lewis would have won without the Merc problems. Lewis has actually made fewer mistakes than Nico. While Nico did have a great qualy, and deserved the pole, the truth is that in all three races where Nico outscored Lewis, none of them were by displaying any outright superiority on track. I do agree that this points deficit puts a lot of pressure on Lewis, and the battle could be epic. I just hope the championship goes to the one who actually performs better.


Mercs advantage is evaporating rapidly?

Until the trouble with the cars Mercs advantage was still very large. Also, what goes around comes around, Nico will be very lucky if he doesn't have a DNF. at some time in the season. I felt confident Hamilton would have passed Nico and won the race if it hadn't been for the mechanical problems.

Hamilton is still a better driver than Rosberg, Rosberg has got away with two dodgy decisions in the last two races, and has very likely used up all of his credibility and luck for the rest of the season.


Hamilton now has a monumental mountain to climb....

No doubt, this was not a good result for Hamilton, but really - a mountain? There are 12 races and 325 points up for grabs. Hamilton is 22 points behind Rosberg. He clearly had the measure of Rosberg (did you hear Rosbergs panicky radio calls, locking up and cutting the chicane etc) and has previously made up a greater deficit. There are many more twists and turns left in this championship. Trust me 😉

Mercs advantage is evaporating rapidly..

I think you might be exaggerating the situation, just a tad. The Mercedes were 20 odd seconds clear before they had a problem with their KERS. And despite being 150(?)bhp down the opposition barely managed to get by with only a lap or two to spare.

kenneth chapman

mercedes will win. they are simply too dominant in all areas despite a few wobbles here and there.


He had a full race over Hamilton after Australia too but look how that panned out.


Thoroughly enjoyed the race; couldn't keep my eyes off it.

Nico Rosberg definitely showing out there that he is quality. With good reliability and the type of performances he's put in so far, he can definitely beat Hamilton for the WC, we will see.

He's hanging in there against one of the top talents in F1, well done Nico.

Pretty 50-50 if you look across the board.


4 wins out of 5 for the driver with 2 DNFs

2 wins from 7 for the driver with 0 DNFs

I think Nico has been doing a very good job and making things close... very close.

But looking at the record above, it's clearly not 50-50.

I really hope we can keep both cars on the track, let DNFs even themselves out and see how the two match up then. This could be epic, but it'd be nicer if it were epic without the * of far more DNFs for one driver than for the other.



Yes everybody will be giving there 2 pence worth in explaining from an anti Lewis point aa usual but WTF CRAZY TANGENT JUDGEMENTS.
ALESI INTERVIEW TECHNIQUE WAS AS BAD AS HIS WHITE TRAINERS 😀 & as for Eddie Jordans incoherent ramblings well there best left firmly glued under his syrup.


Well done Riccardio! Did anyone bet on him? Would have got serious odds. Great move around the outisde of Perez. Also Vettel was slightly unfortunate, I feel he could have also won but he was never able to use his speed being trapped behind Hulkenberg for so long and his strategy isn't favour him.

Oh dear Ferrari, without all the problems at the front it would have been 9th and 13th.


Ferrari are the only team in the grid which moves backwards instead of forwards when they bring upgrades to the car or when they try to improve the machinery. This has become a trend and theme of the team ever since 2008


So much for Ferrari's development startegy......


Merc have confirmed MGU K failure meaning power unit was unable to harvest energy, meaning more severe breaking and heat generation, lewis was in dirty air so less cooling than nico, final straw was the pit stop (even less cooling)


Gripping race. I felt for Lewis but am sure he'll take comfort from being fastest driver today. He'll know that if both the Mercs had not had their issues he'd have won yet another Mercedes 1-2.

I know that there was a lot going on in the last couple of laps but no mention of Jenson's double pass on Alonso & Hulk on either Sky or BBC coverage! :-/

At least we can rely on James to set the record str...oh...he seems to have missed it as well. 🙁


Gutted for Hamilton but he lost this race in qualiy, being the man doing the chasing meant he had to put his car under more pressure and when both mercedes got there problem it was hammys car that snapped and the team were able to tell Rosberg to stop putting extra pressure on his brakes and stop using them to harness extra power.

Rosberg deserves credit but if it wasn't for Pérez holding up the pack he could of ended up 6th, so luck also played it's part.

If bernies idea of gold medals, silver medals etc... Had been chosen Hamilton would be winning still..

.......... But ifs....


First off, thank God Perez and Massa were able to walk away from the shunt without too much damage, wishing them a quick recovery and good health.

Now what a surprising result coming out of Montreal, it sure did remind me of Canada 2011.

Congrats to the charming Ricciardo on his first F1 win and the way he won it through the chaos, makes it that much more sweeter.

Pretty dismal day for the Mercedes team on a day when they were chasing a record 1-2 but at least the team was able to salvage some constructor's points with Rosberg.

The only thing that was surprising more than Ricciardo's victory was how well Red Bull performed with two podiums, all on a track they feared the most so yes, credit to the team for breaking Mercedes' winning run.

As for Jenson, another Dynamo performance from the Frome flier as his last couple of laps were magical for there aren't many drivers that have medals indicating they overtook both Hulkenberg & Alonso.

Likewise, pretty impressive stuff from Vergne for keeping it nice and clean and thereby scoring some points.

Overall, Montreal once again delivered, and best of all DRS on the track appeared not to work at all >>> must be thanks to the tyres.


Montreal always delivers eh? 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and now 2014 can be added to the instant classic status!

I'll agree Jenson was superb. For a driver who is constantly derided on this forum for being an unworthy WDC who got lucky and who is supposedly a "Category B" driver he keeps on driving very well...................

Well done to the wooly haired Honey Badger (he'll have to wash out that champagne from his wooly locks!) but let's not get ahead of ourselves: Merc still have the edge on lap time.........


"For a driver who is constantly derided on this forum for being an unworthy WDC who got lucky and who is supposedly a “Category B” driver he keeps on driving very well"

On this forum yes, but what about people who know what they're talking about, what do they say?


By the sound of Jenson's comments, it was a bit of a gift as Alonso misjudged something - possibly how early Hulkenberg was braking and went up the inside pushing both cars wide. Pretty similar to how Massa got Bottas and Hulkenberg.

I believe the DRS aspect was down to the Mercedes engines. Hamilton needed it to pass Vettel. But in the rest of the race it was generally a Renault or Ferrari powered car trying to pass one with a Mercedes. With DRS assistance a Red Bull could hold off a Williams.


Absolute cracker of a race, well done Ricky, this is the second awesome race this season lets hope for a couple more,


What a race! Well deserved win by Daniel. Great move on Perez at a decisive moment. Well done.


I checked the replay. The gap between VET and RIC vaporized as VET failed to pass HUL during the second stint. VET did not make up enough time after his 2nd pit stop, though he had the opportunity to narrow the >1.3s gap behind PER. Though the pit did the same 2.5s stop for both 2nd stops. RIC total pit stop time was > 0.1s faster than that of VET, hence got in front upon exit. The race was lost for VET when his attempt to pass HUL did not come to fruition. If the team pulled him in earlier when the gap between him and RIC was still in seconds, he could have been in front of RIC after the 2nd stop. But having much older tires may allow RIC to pass him, or worse, if he could have held off RIC with the older tires without being competitive against ROS, Mercedes's perfect season could still be alive.

It pains me to have the above observation as a Vettle fan since 2007. He did do very well at the qualify, at the start, and when fending off Massa. He had made tremendous progress since the 3-week break. I'm sure he'll being working hard at it, until he gets certain passes against certain drivers / cars on certain tracks nailed down (still remember how he stuck behind Button last year). He's not the fastest learner/adaptor, and not the one with the most god-given finesse. But he has demonstrated before that his ability to work hard, his mental strength/focus, when combined with the huge talent that he does have can result in unbelievable achievements. He will continue to do better and better!



Nothing related to this topic. I was thinking about f1 helmets' technology, features and changes from the past. What do you think about a technical insight? I'm very curious!


To Daniel and all at RBR congratulations from Western Australia

Daniel , huge effort , great result , just have fun and enjoy the moment , you and your family deserve it.


Gutted for Hamilton, Perez, Force India and Williams. I wonder why Perez wasn't using his DRS behind Rosberg as he was within a second. Massa, he flew up behind the leading train and then went nowhere- why couldn't he pass?!?!? His last gasp dive on the last lap was scrappy, even if Perez did move.

Great to see Dan make up for Australia, mature drive jumping Vettel at the stop and a great overtake towards the end.

Let's hope for more Merc issues!


From the Latinamerican broadcast, PER had his DRS on and off, and a similar problem to Mercs regarding brakes and ERS, he had to reboot and that is when RIC passed him, too bad he didnt see Massa, or so he said in the post race interview


Great win for Daniel vindicating Red Bull's decision. Nice to see Vettel being hapy for an Aussie. Imaging where DAniel woudl be if Red Bull had not caused his Australian GP disqualification.


Great race!

Congratulations to Dan - we knew you could do it, it was just a matter of time 😀


Vettel and Hamilton both get a driving lesson from their teammates. Love it!


Strange view, Hamilton was quicker than Rosberg the whole race and suffered worse luck


I don't think that's true in either case. They've both had worse luck than their teammates this year, and in this race. The points table shows them behind their teammates but a close look at each race indicates that if anything they're the better drivers on their teams.


The thing I take away from the Canadian GP is how mature Sebastian Vettel is this year. Even though he is being, to some extent, outdriven by Ricciardo, he hasn't lost his composure. He was the first to congratulate Daniel after the race and his congratulations were very genuine.

Most people thought that Vettel is unsportsmanlike, but I think his graciousness in defeat (plus his FOUR world championships) highlights his greatness... the guy is a great driver and a decent human being...

kenneth chapman

'c'mon seb, don't be silly'....'tough luck'....greatness and a decent human being?

German Samurai

Just testing to see if I'm allowed to post again.

Hamilton had slightly better speed but so unconvincing again.

Anyone but Massa in that Williams would have challenged for the win on those new tyres.

Ricciardo improving his credentials again. He might dominate the next 10 years.


@German Samurai

but so unconvincing again..

What, specifically, was so unconvincing about Hamilton.

BTW, any news on the list of the 'many' drivers. It's taking you an awfully long time! If you are struggling, just say so 😉

German Samurai

Hamilton was very unconvincing.

Rosberg's a good driver, but he's not a top tier driver.

Hamilton failed again in qualifying and in the race took a long time to get ahead of Rosberg. This is Hamilton's best track and he couldn't dominate his journeyman teammate.

The Williams was the second best car on Sunday and Massa did nothing with it.


Hi James,

I believe all the sandtraps were removed because of safety issues but I think Suzuka still maintains a lot of them, right?

Secondly, would it not be better to have a sandtrap in a place like the last chicane at Montreal, to stop drivers doing what Rosberg did and a few others and gain an advantage?

I don't think he should have been given a penalty for it but there should be some form of punishment. The massive run off areas allow drivers to make mistakes and get away with it far too easily.


James, I am wondering if Williams didn't lost time in Massa's first stop, would he have won the race?


Dan the Man!!!

A great day for Aussies and this kid just get's better and better.

Bit of shame for Lewis, but what goes around comes around, bad luck has not really hit Nico yet, so still a long year ahead and some DNF for Nico could really bring it down to the line.


I hope it's true that both Massa and Perez are ok since both have had head injuries in the past few years which could make them vulnerable to subsequent injuries, especially with big hits like that. 27 G's. My word.

kenneth chapman

one of the very best. ricciardo has proved [again] to have superior speed and more importantly, racecraft. what he achieved was far from easy given the number of cars that were in contention and he kept it all together for a fantastic result. reminds me of webber's first win.

obviously ricciardo, like all the others, benefited from the mercedes problems otherwise it would've been another 1/2! the best part though was ricciardo putting himself, on merit, into a position to capitalise if the mercs faltered. great racing and for me, edge of the lounge for many laps!!!

the other point i would mention is ricciardo's demeanour. how refreshing.such genuine pleasure exhibited at pulling off what 2hrs earlier would've been almost unthinkable. he has many qualities that endear him, apart from his stunning pace and car control, to the public. to prove that point the canadians fans drowned both he and alesi out time and time again to vociferously express their pleasure at this young man's triumph. that is what i call genuine appreciation.

the championship though is already decided which is a real shame in many ways. not to take anything away from mercedes, they have produced a monster that shames all the others and for that reason alone they will be successful. well done mercedes.

finally. the accident with perez/massa was not pleasant to witness and as james has said perez has been found guilty. i don't absolve massa altogether either but that's the way it is. pity it ended up in tears for williams but at least they can be comfortable in the knowledge that they have a very fast car even if their drivers/team strategists are lacking somewhat.


"ricciardo has proved [again] to have superior speed and more importantly, racecraft."

to whom?

kenneth chapman

@voodoopunk....vettel for a start. ricci got the business done,did he not? to date, i haven't really seen any major cock ups in ricci's racing. he shows maturity in making sure that he can take care of the opportunities when and if they arise.

bahrein was another example of his ability to use his sheer speed and racecraft compared to vettel. by the way Vpunk...it's not just me making these observations. check out horner/marko and many other 'pundits' who have stated the same or similar.


If if if if...if the sun hadn't come up this morning it would be dark. DNFs are part of the game, Hamilton fans. Lewis cooked his brakes to the point he had to stop, Nico didn't. End of story.

As to the chicane incident, unfortunately the rules have been changed...one has to gain a "lasting" advantage to earn a penalty, ie, it has become a judgement call rather than a black and white he did or he didn't. IMO Nico should have been penalized, but the stewards ruled otherwise. As things turned out, it probably made no difference, but judgement calls are a bad thing. The regs should be written to avoid them as much as possible.

Don't fret, Lewis fans, this is going down to the wire. Your man will be back.


They should build a wall or put a tyre barrier there. Then no one will use it as an escape route.


Yeah, allowing the one freebie is still bad. Imagine if he didn't do it earlier, but then did it against Ricciardo in the closing laps?

Rosberg gained in time (fastest lap) and in an increased gap. But more importantly, he avoided the huge disadvantage that a compromised entrance and exit out of the last chicane would've entailed. Lewis was already on him at turn-in, and would've got DRS on the run down to turn 1. With a compromised entrance and exit I think it's likely that Lewis would've got him into turn 1, and then would've pulled away.

Rosberg slowing in turns 1 and 2 doesn't negate the "lasting" advantage that he gained from cutting the chicane, b/c the "lasting" advantage was that he stayed ahead instead of being passed.

They should've put up barriers, on that run to the "opening", like they do in Monza, such that you have to do a big left-right to get through it all. Allowing a car to accelerate in a straight-line, after a mistake, while the cars that stay within the track are penalized by having to make the chicane, is just so wrong-headed. Another example of F1 allowing a driver to benefit through a mistake.


Lewis will be back 🙂


Great drive, he is a winner. However the network that covers f1 in Australia are losers. They keep jumping from one chanell the the other and its just to bad if you don't have hd.

Tried to watch online but the keep droping out.

Brett Williams

Fantastic result for Ricciardo!!! I'll be interested to see how he jumped Vettel & Bottas at the second round of pit stops. For me this was the perfect result: Danny-boy taking his maiden win, and Nico extending his lead on Hamilton!

kenneth chapman

according to those who have access to the lap charts he put in a stunning in-lap that surprised them all. that is how he 'negativised' vettel's undercut.



If Ricky had a poor lap and had failed to stop the undercut from Vettel, would that mean he had positivised the situation?

kenneth chapman

@ C63.....yes, vettel would've positivised his situation and ricciardo would've been negativised!!! nice try hahaha


What an awesome race. Well done Dan. Many more to come. You have done all of Australia proud. It was a public holiday here in Australia today, how fitting.

On the rear brakes, this was always going to be the issue with fly by wire. Any number of gremlins can cause complete failure. Especially in the case of F1 where they have multiple functions.


Great race - great result! I've always been a big fan of Felipe Massa but I have to admit yesterday he showed why he is not a great. While the merits of the crash are debatable, one cannot help thinking Alonso and other top line drivers in that Williams with fresh tyres would have blasted past the cars in front and Williams would have scored a famous win!


I must admit that the Massa/Perez collision made me question the usefulness of tarmac run off areas. Massa had nothing to help him scrub off speed and had a huge impact as a result. Gravel would have slowed him down.

Does anyone remember Barrichello's accident on the last lap of the 1995 British GP? That was very similar but he didn't hit the wall thanks to the gravel.

Crucially, gravel traps also penalise mistakes. Once upon a time spinning off meant you were out. It should still be like that - F1 is about the pursuit of perfection.



Don't know if you can feed this back to FOM but the TV directing of the race yesterday was of a very poor standard, it seems even with battles for the lead this season the focus is never on this only cars lower back. It made a great race actually become quite a frustrating viewing experience

People are fed up with shots of the garages before overtaking moved have even been completed!

kenneth chapman

interesting to see how people are passing off the brake problem suffered by hamilton. he could have avoided that if he had been good enough to pass rosberg. then rosberg would've cooked his brakes. can't have it both ways chaps.

lewis mousley

If rosberg was not in the habitt of jumping chicanes and the spineless stewards allowing him to do it then lewis would of passed him but you know that. you just love bashing lewis Hamilton why is that I wonder?

kenneth chapman

@ lewis mousley.... so it was this 'singular' event which covered what, a space of, 2/3 secs at the very most, that caused his brakes to overheat? c'mon...really. clutching at straws. i have no love for either of the mercedes drivers and i try to take a dispassionate viewpoint when discussing them both. the fact is that rosberg, ATM, doesn't waste time on negatives. he gets on with the job and leaves hamilton to flounder around.

hamilton can and most likely will go on to win the WDC. i really don't care which of them wins.


I've never said anything different, just pointing out that what you said regarding the fact that Rosberg had Hamilton "floundering" was nonsense and doesn't reflect reality. You repeatedly coming back to post irrelevant facts that are totally unrelated to what I'm talking about doesn't change that.

kenneth chapman

@ andrew M......irrespective of whatever you say the cigar will go to the driver who has the most points. End of story. you may bitch and moan but the truth is rosberg is leading ATM. live with it. it may well change and then again it may not.

to the victor go the spoils.


I wasn't responding to your last sentence, I was responding to your comment that Rosberg has Hamilton "floundering", which is nonsense. Even if you assume the Canada DNF was 100% his fault (which I don't), the only reason Hamilton is trailing Rosberg in the title race at all is because of the Aus DNF.

kenneth chapman

@andrew m & truth......read my last sentence again and inwardly digest the message. nothing has changed. regarding the 'singularity' , the logic is constant.


"dispassionate" really? I think @ Lewis mousley has noticed your modus operandi.


Yeah, Hamilton sure floundered into four straight wins.


The Driver of the day for me was Rosberg. He did a great job of nursing the car to the end when his team mate had to retire with similar problems.Hamilton could have won this race, if not for the retirement, seeing how he was faster than Rosberg in the first stint.

With Rosberg and Hamilton's problems, it was Vettel's race to lose. But Redbull botched it up with poor strategy at pit stops and later advised him to save tyres and attack Ricciardo in the last part of the race, instead of going for it right away. When Ricciardo was struggling to clear Perez, I thought team orders will be implemented to let Vettel by ( who had healthier tyres ) to have a go at Perez.If that was the case, Redbull could have ended up with a 1-2. But may be their decision was influenced by the fact that Vettel was also struggling earlier to clear the Force India of Hulkenberg.

Dan-The Man, what a great drive!! Cool under pressure and seized the oppurtunity with both the hands. Has all the making of a champion.Great work done by Helmut Marko and team to identify and promote youngsters, who had performed exceedingly well- first Vettel, now Ricciardo and maybe Kyvatt in the future.


Go Dan. Not bad from Red Bull's number 3 driver. 🙂


Everybody's talking about Rosberg escaping a potential penalty. Are we forgetting the fact that both of em had problems with the car and Rosberg with a loss of about 160 bhp (estimated) of power and a car terrible on brake balance managed the situation pretty well?

The Force India guys I had to reset the electronics of the car to resolve an issue that kinda slowed him down to attack from Ricciardo. If that would not have happened Rosberg could have took the full 25 points. Great race. Again, sad for the Ferraris.

A season to forget yet again for Ferrari.


Very good for Ricciardo. Now I have two favorite pilots - Alonso and Ricciardo.

kenneth chapman

same as mine, two really good out and out racers.


Mine are Vettel and Hamilton, both are trailing their teammates but just wait end of the season. Although both Nico and Daniel are awesome too.......


It strikes me that ROS still hasn't beaten HAM in a straight/fair fight.

He's capitalised on two DNF's for Lewis, and then there's Monaco, jury's still out on that one in many people's eyes on whether that was fair.

In contrast to Lewis' wins where he came out on top as a result of good hard racing or he simply steam-rolled Nico on pace.

Great drive by Dan.


@Henri I totally agree but given the amount of help and luck rosberg is receiving he does not have to beat lewis in a straight fight. I really feel for lewis I think he is going to get screwed one way or another this season!


This is reply to post #9. Couldn't reply there.

Kimi had problems with his power unit. It delivered sudden and unexpected bursts of power throughout the race.

This is 100th attempt to send comment. Previous attempts got sucked into oblivion. I'm using iPad with Safari.

Is there some kind of automatic anti-spam filter in use here? Machine told me I'm typing too fast or something.


Yeah, I am having troubles posting also. Chrome browser.


Daniel Riccardo, what a great drive and composer. Driver of the day, no questions asked.

I'm really wondering about fans paying attention to what is going on during the race. After Nico cut the chicane and got his fastest time, he slowed down to let Ham catch up, before continuing to defend his position. This is very clear to see on TV and the lap times. I'm sure that is the reason he didn't get a penalty handed to him.

Also Hamilton has nobody else to blame but himself. Both cars had the same failure around the same time, but instead of nursing the car and readjust the brake bias to be easier on them so he can at least earn some important points, Lewis continued to attack Nico. The rest is history, and I'm afraid this immature behavior has been and will be Lewis achillis heel, and mean he never will be one of the greats.

Seb showed how to be gracious in defeat. I highly doubt Hamilton or Alonso would've been able to celebrate their team mates first victory so geniuosly. Seb is not done yet in F1 and we will see more great stuff from him soon enough.

kenneth chapman

@emanuel....re your comments re rosberg's 'slow down' to rectify any advantage he gained when failing to make the corner. very interesting. could you please post the data that supports this discovery as it would help all those hamilton fans to understand the truth of the matter and not claim that hamilton was screwed over by the stewards unfairly.


There will be no post showing the slow down data as it does not exist, Nico remained out of drs range for several laps from being less than 5 tenths ahead before the lock up, that's the truth of the matter regardless of stewards taking action or not. You don't have to be a fan of Nico or Hamilton to see the truth of the matter, just a fan of F1 and an observer of what happened rather than what you wish had happened.

kenneth chapman

@ truth....so rosberg is publicly lying? what i wish has absolutely zippedy doo dah with this outcome. to presume that you know better than the stewards is a load of old garbanzos.


James you missed a point on Dan's pass on Perez:

"As per Perez, Daniel managed to get ahead of me when I had an electrical issue with my car, but I managed to reset the system for the final couple of laps."


I'm left wondering about Nando's options, having read the comments. After this race perhaps Alonso should head for Williams for 2015, to join / replace his old pal - and obtain Merc power in a car which seems to have restored potential for the future ?


Why would you wish that on any team.

Alonso went to Ferrari when they were competitive and dragged them down to the midfield.

The team internally is fragmented unable to build a decent car for both drivers - which they managed for Kimi and massa.

Williams will be better off looking at Bianchi or one of the other drivers showing potential.

Williams are on the up - while - I have no time for Williams (still cannot get over how they treated Mansell and Hill -yeah I can hold a grudge) they deserve better than what Alonso brings to a team

kenneth chapman

@ thompson...... just a small query. do you think that alonso would've made the exact same move on perez that massa did?

kenneth chapman

@ thompson... maybe maniacal passing attempts should be labelled,' doing a pastor'. it would then have instant recognition!!!


Someone already said it. Massa, it's time to go.

He drove well on Sunday till it was time for the money shots - with the advantages he had over the cars in front he could not deliver - even Button would of won that race in the Williams.

The speed he approached that corner to try the pass on Perez he would of overshot the corner.

I'll tell you now my initial reaction to the accident - I jumped out of my seat and swore at him calling him something I cannot repeat on these pages before thinking how serious the accident could of been.

How can you penalize the man in front anyway?

If that was an insurance claim.......

To answer your question - no Alonso would not have made that move imo.

Only Maldonado would.


Mansell and Hill, two drivers that are nothing compared to Alonso. I like your thinking though you sound like you are a key part of Ferrari's technical team. Good job.


Mansell and Hill both won their championships against drivers in equal machinary. No no.1 status and no obvious politricks - Hills championship was won with the whole team against him knowing he had already been replaced and would not be allowed to defend his title - can you imagine that, both drivers under valued.

Maybe I'm biased but imo Mansell would have crushed Alonso in the same car - look at his stats.

Hill was an unassuming fellow still comes across a bit goofy on the telly now - but he had his father's gift and would have given Alonso a much harder time than most would think - again look at his stats against teammates (he beat villnerve when he was the @?!t!)

Alonso has always needed his teamates shackled to shine ask Trulli, he''ll tell you.


Nico is certainly riding his luck at the moment. I thought he was lucky to not get a penalty for reversing onto the track in Monaco and now gaining an advantage here through the last chicane and getting away scot free. Unbelievable!! Surely they should make a rule that if that happens the car behind is allowed to close up to the car in front to the DRS zone again??

Ferrari really need to sort their lives out....again. I never thought I wanted to see another redbull win again but I'm happy it's not one of the Mercedes duo up there.


Nico was very, very, lucky... But he's actually been a lot closer to Lewis in terms of outright speed, than many of us thought, over the season.

So, IMHO he is a stronger driver than many realised.

Massa has to take some responsibility for the accident. Yes, Perez strayed, but I'm not sure if Massa would have made the move stick as he came absolutely flying in! I suppose the stewards checked all the data; but it looked optimistic to me.

And congrats to Daniel! Keep on smiling!


Congrats to Ricciardo.

Massa too needs to take some responsibility for the accident. He could have been patient like Vettel and Ricciardo. He was trying to squeeze in a difficult spot. In fact I blame Massa for that incident. He is an experienced driver and should have known better.

Good work by Nico who managed to bring in a wounded car. People said Hamilton will blow away Nico in Montreal. Even Button said Hamilton will destroy Nico. But cool Nico prevailed.

Stephen taylor

James will Kimi finish higher than 7th in a race this year?


Of course, I'm sure he will. The Ferrari was good with the full update kit, they just couldn't run all of it due to cooling concerns so faded in quail and the race. They will be stronger in the next two races, I imagine


James you only imagine it, there is no certainity

Ferrari will continue to falter and there will be no improvements what so ever, At least the last six seasons point this fact

I can even forsee a situation where Mclaren and Force India can do better than Ferrari like they did in Canada, whereas RBR and williams have already pulled away from Ferrari. F14T is not a prancing horse rather it is a prancing donkey

What a waste of time, resources and Exertion ate Ferrari. Pathetic team Bar Alonso


@James could you please answer this question has a driver ever won a wdc having far fewer race wins than his fellow drivers thank you


What do you count as "far fewer"? I did a stat on this awhile back, can't remember it all now. But I think 5x a WDC has won while winning 2 or 3 less races than the winningest driver(s).

Lauda won in 1984 with 5 wins versus Prost's 7. Piquet beat Mansell in 1987 even though the win count was 6-3 in Mansell's favour. As JA mentioned, Rosberg Sr won only 1 race in 1982, while a whole host of others had won 2 races that season.

No one has won 4-or-more fewer races than the winningest driver(s) in a season, and won the DWC.


This title race is currently reminding me a bit more of 1987 though. Nigel Mansell scored twice the number of wins that Nelson Piquet did, and each of Piquet's 3 wins relied on to some extent on misfortune befalling the leading car. Piquet was usually second when Mansell was first, and had far better reliability. In fairness to Piquet, it needs to be said that Piquet had a huge early season shunt at Imola which may have affected his speed for the rest of the year.

In 1982, I think no driver scored more than 2 wins; Keke Rosberg scored 1 and was second often. It's true that he is unlikely to have won if not for the accidents that befell Villeneuve and Pironi.


Which is disturbing having in count the summer is coming. 🙂


What a race! Trust Canada to produce a classic again with the favourites being beaten through the hybrid engine failures on what is supposed to be the unbeatable engine unit. Canada produced a classic in 2011 with Jenson winning after being last, this Daniel Ricciardo coming through from 7th, I think, to win with two amazing overtakes to take 2nd and then 1st!

Well done Daniel!


Exciting and fantastic race all the way from the start.

Battles everywhere you look on top of some really strange stuff.

So now we all know it.

To have close run with Merc, all other teams must have extra 160 PS (if it is really true that they didn't have MGU-K from lap 37 all the way to the end).

Strange stuff in my mind would be:

This is bit hard to believe (that they had MGU-K malfunction entirely from lap 37 to the end) since Merc was for some time loosing 2+ sec a lap, only to get it down to pretty much Perez's lap time which was pretty much 1:19'2 from lap 35 to the end (ROS has 3 laps in 1:22-1:23 and the rest of them faster, last 17 laps in 1:19.).

Strange is also (it Merc statement is true) that Perez couldn't overtake Rosberg once he got to DRS (0,5 sec behind) with same engine.

Especially if you look at the speed trap data Perez 335,8 Km/h, to Rosberg 312,2 Km/h.

I don't believe that Rosberg's data is correct, since he had pretty much the same top speed as Lewis while they were running together and Lewis has recorded 331,6 Km/h.

I'd kind of understand this if that was one of Renault powered teams with their alleged 80 PS disadvantage (even then hard to believe as RIC proved).

But even then once Renault powered car passed Perez, Daniel overtook Rosberg within 2 laps and what looked with ease (Ricciardo had top speed recorded at 328,8 Km/h).

Strange also was that he gained much of the time only in third sector, while he was on pair or even loosing time to Rosberg in first two sectors.

I can't wait for race analysis tomorrow, maybe some of this strange stuff will be explained.


Interesting to read some comments already giving to championship to Rosberg. We're not even half season yet! And Rosberg has only beat Hamilton once on the track. It ain't over till it's over.


Fascinating race. Kudos to Ricciardo - he did everything right and the pass on Perez was top drawer.

Rosberg deserves credit for bringing the car home and getting back to a decent pace once he figured out how to drive the car in its damaged state. However he also deserves condemnation for cynically powering across the chicane after he'd locked up. Twice in two races he's benefited hugely from his own mistake, which rather gives the lie to F1's claim to be the premier challenge for a driver...

If the rules didn't allow the stewards to impose a penalty (the 5 sec hold on his next stop would seem fair) then either the rules need to be looked at or the circuit designers need to have yet another look at chicane design, although it's hard to see what they could do differently without making crashes more likely.

If the stewards did have it in their power to impose a penalty, then I think they erred in not doing so. Not because Rosberg made a mistake, but because once he'd missed the chicane he deliberately drove to create an advantage from the situation.

I'm also not convinced by the Perez penalty. His line looked pretty standard - I assume he was penalised because he was braking earlier due to his car issues, but still let the car move left a little at the kink. Plenty of drivers were closing the door under braking into the left hander. Seems harsh, and there was still plenty of room. It looked like Massa either was caught out by the early braking, or didn't go as far to the left as he should have. He should have known to leave more room at that point on the circuit - the track is far from straight. Fault on both sides, so I would have thought a racing incident.

Leonard Victor

TV director and camera work was dismal. Particularly at the hairpin where cameraman seemed to be robotic in thinking every shot must end with a zoom in on the crowd while missing vital action on the track. The director missed at least half of the action by cutting to the WRONG drivers at the wrong time

This is the worst TV direction of any F1 race I have ever seen. If you must cut to a Z list celebrity girlfriend in the pit, do so for no more than one second (if at all) but not five to ten seconds while missing entertaining action in the race. Sports TV is quite simple really. FOLLOW THE RACE! Doh.


I called out the Mercedes brake issue - CHANCES TO SHINE AS F1 TEAMS HEAD TO MONTREAL Comment June 4th, 2014 @ 1:03 am.

Well done Daniel on the win. Courageous and Calculated.

Leonard Victor

Both Massa and Perez were daft. Massa pulled right and Perez slightly pulled left. There was plenty of space for both. Looking at past driving, both of them seem to have a death wish, but worryingly, as much for other drivers as themselves. They both need a good talking to.

Great drive by Button in a slug of a car. Rosberg confirming he is an intelligent driver with strategic talent, but he is also undoubtedly fast. Apologies for two posts in one go.


The most dramatic race in a long long time. Finally Merc faulted not with one but both cars. RIC deserved his victory and congrats to him. Vettel was happy for him with a bear hug raising him victorious, a gentleman indeed and taking it very well as a four times WDC.

RIC's victory will be masked by the incident from Massa and Perez. A penalty for Perez wasn't necessary but someone has to take the rap else F1 will look unsafe, not a good PR scheme eh.

Watched the clip a couple of times I felt Massa was more at fault IMHO. Let's say he passed Perez I bet he woulda flown to the tyre wall and could have taken Vettel out too. Massa was way too wild approaching turn one. But I didn't liked his immediate accusation of Perez and said he deserved more than just a 5 place grid penalty.

Ferrari had better pack their bags for this season and concentrate on 2015 if I were them. Kimi and Alonso looked so pathetic, what a shame both of them are not in the fight at all for the WDC.

Hamilton has to be very unlucky with two dnfs and Nico looked subdued but still managed to grab 18 points. So now Merc has to be scratching their heads hard which is interesting and allow the others to play catch up. On Hamilton break issues, could it have been his style of late and hard breaking causing the failure as the cars are so fragile this year. The chicane cutting was so uncanny when both drivers did almost a carbon copy.

Am waiting impatiently for Austria.

kenneth chapman

i very much doubt that canada really proved too much in the grand scheme of things. mercedes have such superiority that they can afford a few sizeable doses of misfortune and still romp away with the titles.

red bull and the others are still on the back foot and the canada result was, whilst welcome, a momentary lapse. taking nothing away from ricciardo's win, he himself stated that it was 'fortuitous', but his talent shone through as being able to exploit a situation and gain a valuable result for himself and the team. this then applies more pressure to vettel which, in ricci's case, is also fortuitous. i still am of the opinion though that vettel will still come back hard and really test ricciardo's skills, which is as it should be.


All this "NR got away with murder because he cut the chicane and got unfair advantage" makes little sense. That was a small matter - a mistake resulting in a cut corner, this happens all the time in races. LH was not overtaking NR, not even attempting to do it. The fact that NR was under pressure does not matter - also because LH was over his tail for quite a few times, and nothing came out of it. It only means the pressure was not enough. To impose penalty and thus decide the race outcome by such interference would be a certain travesty. There is a rule which covers the infringement (ie cutting a corner) - you have to give up the retained position if the challenging car was already in an overtake mode (side by side, and so on). The stewards by the way took a correct approach by issuing a warning to NR, although I am not sure if another genuine mistake like this (say, at another corner/chicane) by should have resulted in a penalty to the leading car. Or was the warning only for the specific corner? A non-issue, anyway.


Great job by all drivers on the podium.

The thing Hamilton can take comfort from and Rosberg needs to think of is if this early in the season with hardly any pressure on he is making these mistakes what will he be doing when we have 3 races left and the pressures ratchets up to the level championships usually do.

He has made 3 mistakes now and due to the pace of merc and good fortune he has gotten away. These are Canada, Monaco and China where he spun.

Lots of title race left.


@james allen thank you for answering that question about rosberg snr 82 but im mortified to think that his son may emulate him this year that would be the mother of all coincidences


Congratulation Daniel... Best race of the season. And yes i have to agree that the TV coverage was very very ordinary.


@ james allen Here is another question for you james it requires more of an opinion than a statement of fact. who do you think would be the more popular winner of this years wdc if it came down to a choice between lewis and nico. I think from the fans perspective its 50/50 but what about from a journalists view and those in the paddock. I ask this because I get the feeling from many quarters that lewis is not liked or respected that much in either the paddock or by journalists. they admire the mans ability but not so much the man. your thoughts please


Nico Rosberg [mod] when he parked it in Monaco. Now he cut a corner, made no visible effort to let Lewis Hamilton close up. Hamilton has to close in a second time, thanks to no penalty for Rossberg. Having put in twice the effort to close on the cheat, he had to exploit the car even more which shows why his brakes failed when Rossberg's held on. What does Keké Rosberg think of his son now? He was highly critical of Michael Schumacher. Here Keke's own son, is now the author of two 'cheats' that won advantage. Add the fact that reliability seems to favour the Rossberg car from race 1, you have to wonder if Lewis [mod] to have equal opportunity at Mercedes Petronas F1 and equal justice with Charlie Whiting and Co.

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