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Nico Rosberg extends championship lead with 6th Mercedes 1-2 as Bottas shines
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Nico Rosberg extended his World Championship lead over Lewis Hamilton to 29 points by heading a Mercedes one-two at the Austrian Grand Prix as they battled Williams for race victory, with Valtteri Bottas taking a career best third place – his first Formula One podium.

It is the sixth victory of Rosberg’s career, his third of 2014 and the sixth 1-2 of the season for Mercedes.

“I have to thank the team for a great car and a perfect strategy, ” said Rosberg. “We chose the aggressive way to pit earlier and to overtake the Williams that way and that worked out quite well. We had to look after our brakes, which was a big job for the whole race. Also this worked out perfectly for me. Before the weekend, my target was to extend the lead in the championship, which I achieved.

For Hamilton it was a missed opportunity, as he paid the price for two errors in qualifying which meant he was in damage limitation mode. He clearly felt he was the faster Mercedes driver this weekend, but he came away with a greater deficit to his team mate.

If the results have a familiar feel, the way the win was attained was less dominant than others; the Red Bull Ring proved a tougher challenge as the Williams pair of Bottas and Felipe Massa had terrific pace in qualifying and the race.

The men from Williams maintained their qualifying positions throughout the first stint, keeping Rosberg and the fast-starting Hamilton at bay for the first stint of the race.


From ninth on the grid Hamilton looked set for a tricky day around the tight circuit with minimal overtaking chances. A quick start saw him exit the first corner in sixth place, before using the tow of Kevin Magnussen to take fifth place and begin his pursuit of Fernando Alonso, which was a short one.

After attempting the move in to turn three, the Briton was able to make the move at the penultimate corner and immediately find himself on the tail of his team-mate.

The top four remained unchanged in the opening stint and with Rosberg holding Hamilton up as the Williams duo edged away Pirelli’s super-soft tyre was coming to the end of its life on the hottest day of the weekend.

With Rosberg the first to pit for a change to the soft compound tyre on lap eleven and Hamilton following suit a lap later their order remained unchanged, but the same could not be said for Williams. Instead of shadowing Mercedes’ strategy they opted to stay on the super-softs for a further two laps before pitting race leader Felipe Massa.

The Brazilian exited the pits behind Rosberg and was quickly demoted one more as Hamilton tried to keep on the back of his team-mate. When Bottas pitted a lap later, with a stationery time of 2.1 seconds, the Finn was able to return to the circuit ahead of Hamilton and Massa.


As the group looked to continue their battle, they closed in on new race leader Sergio Perez, who started the race on the soft tyre and was running a longer first stint as part of a counter strategy which took him from 15th to 6th at the end.

The Mexican maintained the race lead for a further fifteen laps with little pressure coming from Rosberg, but when the Championship leader finally made the move on lap thirty-three he was able to put some distance between himself and his pursuers.

With the move made at turn two, Bottas quickly made his was past the Force India also and the race for victory began.

Rosberg initially pulled a 1.5s lead and looked set to power away as Hamilton could not pass Bottas, only for a mistake by Rosberg to close the three together, with Massa dropping back.

With Rosberg’s composure regained he re-established his cushion over Bottas as the race passed the halfway stage and the second set of pit stops approached.

Hamilton was the first of the leaders to pit in the hope of under-cutting Bottas and creating another Mercedes one-two. A slow stop of four seconds seemed to hamper his chances of doing so as Rosberg pitted a lap later and had extended his lead. As Bottas made his second and final change on lap fourty-two, two after Hamilton, second place was snatched from his grasp after Hamilton set a new fastest lap and took the position.

Now within the final thirty laps of the seventy-one lap Grand Prix, the race was in a more familiar scenario. The Mercedes pair matched each other lap-by-lap, Rosberg maintaining a 1.7s lead over his team-mate as the pair steadily increased the margin to Bottas.

As the final two laps approached Hamilton turned the screw and got within the DRS zone of his team-mate but was unable to challenge for the victory. Mercedes’ fifth one-two of the season puts them 158 points clear of Red Bull, who had a frustrating day when they most needed a strong one.

Eighth place for Daniel Ricciardo was the only points paying position achieved at their home Grand Prix as Sebastian Vettel ran in to trouble early on. The German slowed to a halt on the second lap and after pressing a few buttons a system reboot saw him on the move again, albeit a lap down.

As he closed up to the back of second to last placed Esteban Gutierrez the two made contact with Vettel damaging his front-wing. Sensing that it was not going to be their day the Milton Keynes squad opted to retire Vettel’s RB10 two laps later.

Along with a close battle for race victory, there were many others further down the field.

Massa dropped off the pace of the cars ahead to finally finish a lonely fourth, ahead of Ferrari’s Alonso, once again making the best of the equipment beneath him and even briefly leading the race at the second set of pit stops played out, the first time he has led a race since Monza last year.


A strong contender for driver of the day was Sergio Perez, starting from fifteenth and opting to start the race on the soft, prime tyre whilst all but two others started on the super-soft. Holding the race lead for fifteen laps, he pitted for super-softs in the closing laps and was able to make use of their superior grip to climb up the field and take sixth place.

Ahead of Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen took seventh place with Nico Hulkenberg and Kimi Raikkonen completing the top ten.

Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg, Race, 71 Laps

1. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1hr 27m 54.976s 71 laps
2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +00m 01.9s
3. Valtteri Bottas Williams +00m 08.1s
4. Felipe Massa Williams +00m 17.3s
5. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +00m 18.5s
6. Sergio Perez Force India +00m 28.5s
7. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +00m 32.0s
8. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +00m 43.5s
9. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +00m 44.1s
10. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +00m 47.7s
11. Jenson Button McLaren +00m 50.9s
12. Pastor Maldonado Lotus +1 lap
13. Adrian Sutil Sauber +1 lap
14. Romain Grosjean Lotus +1 lap
15. Jules Bianchi Marussia +2 laps
16. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham +2 laps
17. Max Chilton Marussia +2 laps
18. Marcus Ericsson Caterham +2 lap
19. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber +2 laps

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To a certain extent, Lewis lost that race in qualifying. He recovered magnificently of the start line, then Mercedes ripped him off with two dismal pitstops that made the difference between first and second place. Had Mercedes matched the times given Nico on the first stop, he may have passed Nico, and would have been ahead of both Williams. A similar story on the second stop sealed the result.

Cue the conspiracy theories. So far, Nico hasn't beaten Lewis in a fair fight this season.


Correct, Nico has not really beaten Lewis this year, he is ahead due to 2 mechanical failures vs 0 and a very dodgy "error" in Monaco which he was spotted celebrating instantly, that defined him in my eyes, it is a long season, Justice will prevail.


Lewis screw up the quali, he should have put in the banker first time around. Second time, it is always higher risks.

Lewis screw up the pitstop, not the team's fault. I mean great recover overall, with thanks to his raw speed.

I have to say, Nico really took the challenge up again and end up triumph. He made less mistakes throughout the weekend especially when it counted.

I think Lewis is starting to break down! He is pushing hard and making more and more mistakes. At this rate, Nico will be champion... Lets see. If he becomes WDC, he deserved it. Especially when there is no #2 driver to aid him.


Well, regarding your last sentence, this is an F1 season where it's just an intra-team battle, so no #2 drivers are necessary, as there's no other car in the mix for the title.

Brazil Concalvez

The team messed up Hamilton pistops, it's the teams fault, reading your comment you are anti Hamilton


i think hamilton qualified 9th on purpose so that rosberg's engineers would use his setup and was hoping to pass rosberg for the win but couldn't manage it. hamilton said after the race that there was something weird going on, he suffered loss of power after lap 2 but rosberg didn't suffer power loss.

i don't like he idea of someone being able to increase or decrease power from outside the car. this should all be under the drivers' control, no one else.


Im a big lewis fan, but rosberg had a slow pitstop in canada, which allowed lewis to jump him, and sadly lewis brakes overcooked, I just think the merc crew are very conservative regards pitstops

Brazil Concalvez

Well Lewis had slow pitstops in Barcelona aswell


Lewis missed his pit box for that second stop, hence the time loss.


Amazing to think a racing driver has to be millimetre perfect..........

Brazil Concalvez

Based upon what ?

alexander supertramp

This is my problem as well with Rosberg, I feel he has not been as quick as Hamilton. But this is sport, this is motor racing, and there are always uncertain outcomes and the best/fastest will not always win. Lewis has been quicker, but Rosberg has been "better" by staying out of trouble. Lewis needs the other rivals to take points away from Rosberg, so far only himself and Ricciardo have accomplished that.


The only problem I have with Nico is Monaco for which I think there will always be a question mark, otherwise he has been fast and consistent. I think Lewis was extremely unlucky in the Austrian qualifying. The spin he had was the result of gearchange, braking, and hitting the bump coincidently, and had they been spaced slightly the resulting lap would have taken pole by about half a second. It's unfortunate, but it's racing and sometimes that's how it is. Nico by contrast was simply not fast enough to get near pole, and let's be clear the reason Nico is leading is because of Lewis's DNF's caused by unreliability.


Rosberg has been lucky not to suffer the two DNFs which Hamilton has. Without those, Rosberg would have been consistently trailing in the championship. He's also been fortunate than his qualifying mistake at Monaco cost Hamilton rather than himself.

alexander supertramp

Aah, I can finally submit comments on the new site, awesome!


Yes, thank goodness for unpredictability!

Can't wait for the first rain affected race this year, that will be a complete unknown!


The pitstop conspiracy theorists conveniently forget that it was a slow pitstop that allowed Lewis to jump Nico in Canada.

Brazil Concalvez

@Andrew M. Well explain Barcelona then....


I'm not saying Lewis hasn't suffered from poor pitstops, just that the idea that there's some kind of conspiracy or sabotage going on is ridiculous, and ignores the fact that actually Lewis has gained more from pitstops (in Canada) than lost (Spain he won anyway, Austria he wouldn't have jumped Nico in any case).


Lewis conspiracy theorist fans only have their theories in the direction of the driver they follow. Or to put it another way...

- Canada slower stop for Rosberg costs him the lead.

- Rosbergs Q3 Austria qualifying lap is compromised by Lewis's spin at T2.

- Rosberg having to lift and coast more often

- Hamilton always having used a lower % of fuel

etc etc. but you don't see Rosberg fans going on about those? Probably because they're not wearing tinfoil hats and deducing that eveytime something goes wrong it's nothing to do with the guy in the car and it's the team, or the FIA, or the other drivers, or the moon phase or whatever else that is to blame.

It's a good laugh to see some of their comments though.


Probably because there aren't any.


Yep, agreed. Hamilton's had less luck with the pit stops (and that may be down to his pit entry, or just dumb chance), but there's definitely no shenanigans going on.


I think he's super fast WHEN he's instinctive and drives that way.

He's overthinking it now, and this will end him. Overthinking is what makes him become a non-closer because it makes him second guess his instincts, which is what got him here in the first place.


You sir are now in charge of keeping inventory around here! 🙂


Your just saw him beat Lewis fair and square. Lewis gave himself more to do and it was all due to 2 big mistakes yesterday. He's lucky he got the P2 today, honestly. How do you expect a fair and square fight when Lewis is trying to look fast and please his flock of fans be being first to use passing mode to defend P1 a few races back?



Posted By: Sebee Reply:

Date: June 20th, 2014 at 7:39 pm

"For real boys and girls, I’m punching out. See ya!"

I see you are back - what caused the change of heart? 😉


You're not man enough to admit it? That's OK, I am.

Yes, I would miss you and your V8 engine. Oh...just came to me..that's why you talk so strongly in favor of this "green" formula, because you can tell girls your engine is bigger than Kimi's!


I don't know about me missing you, maybe 😉

One things for absolute sure though, you would definitely miss us!


I'm back for you C63. You'd miss me too much.



People have been using the "overtake" mode to defend ever since it was invented, trying to claim Hamilton did something wrong by using it to do the same makes you look uninformed.


Sebee, he wasn't first to use the "forbidden engine mode", as you well know. Rosberg used it first in Bahrain. Then Hamilton used it in Spain.

I don't think he was lucky to get P2 today ... I think it was well earned. Obviously a great first lap, then his lap to jump Bottas in the 2nd pit stops was amazing ... a 1:12.217 on lap 41 on the softs, which was 36-hundreths better than anyone else managed in the race on them (Perez snagged fastest lap running the supersofts late - a 1:12.142 on lap 59). He was unlucky not to get the win. Brakes management held back his times in the closing laps. Also the idiot Maldonado not moving aside for Lewis on lap 59 ... how did he escape a penalty for that?!? As they crossed the line at the end of lap 58, Lewis was 1.8s behind Nico, with Pastor in between them. Pastor should've got out of the way for the run up to Turn 1! Yet at the end of lap 59, there's car #13, crossing the line again sandwiched between ROS and HAM, with HAM now 2.4s back. Thanks a lot Pastor! I wonder how many blue flags he saw along the way? I figure he saw them at every marshals station (27) and on every light panel (15) for that entire lap! Get this moron out of F1 as fast as possible.

You're right to say HAM screwed himself in qualifying. A cautious 3rd sector on that banker lap likely would've netted him pole, such was Lewis' speed-in-pocket on this track. Perhaps he was guilty of over-driving, I'm not sure. That rear-end snapping out definitely looked like mechanical failure, notwithstanding what the team later said.

Lewis just has to put in decent bankers in Q3, to make his final runs more "free". Can we go 4 races this year w/o a Lewis win? Doesn't seem likely to me. Only if he lets the little things get to him.


@Sebee, put yourself in Lewis' shoes after Bahrain ... you were leading by nearly 10 secs, then a SC wipes out that advantage, and you have to switch to the primes while your teammate is on the options, less than 0.5 secs behind, with 10 laps to go. Surely he was bemoaning his luck inside his helmet, as every advantage but track position swung Rosberg's way.

So then imagine how Lewis would've felt when he discovered later that Rosberg used a forbidden engine setting to try to pass him in Bahrain? I think the feelings would be along the lines of "So you're telling me that even with most everything going in your favour, that you still felt the need to use an engine setting that we had agreed not to?!?"

It's a good thing Lewis won that one, or else the fallout would've been a lot bigger, I suspect.

For me, that's the race that's defined this season so far.


Who used it to try and actually pass?

Who used it to defend a pass by Rosberg? 🙂


"Sebee, he wasn’t first to use the “forbidden engine mode”, as you well know. Rosberg used it first in Bahrain. Then Hamilton used it in Spain."

That's what Lewis said, but the radio transcripts suggest that both drivers actually were on the same settings, and post race Wolff was saying how the engineers were working to try and out fox each other and giving the guys different ERS patterns.

It doesn't really add up...


I say lucky because a Williams really should have pulled out a P2 from this front row lock up.

Toto and Niki will now drop down Williams engine firmware back a version to avoid this pressure. 🙂


Rosberg was the first to do that.


According to Mercedes Lewis put his car in the wrong place on the pit stop and slowed the mechanics down. Lewis confirmed that. And Lewis screwing up quali isn't Nico's fault.

Sometimes it's not the faster driver who wins. Lewis' fans might actually have to acknowledge that rather than reaching for the insults and conspiracy theories...


Citation and evidence please?

Lewis postulated that possibly his pit positioning was off, but that sounded more like political deflection rather than an admission that it was actually what happened.

It should be fairly easy to prove from the pitstop videos if true.


video evidence is the best evidence to prove such a claim. your leader is trying to keep me abbey.


Ted Kravitz on Sky spoke to Mercedes and he cited their explanation as Lewis consistently being at least 20cm long in the put stops along with a problem on one of the fronts during one pit stop.


I disagree, the fastest driver ALWAYS wins, but there is much more to putting a fast race together than driving fast laps alone. Lewis Hamilton's speed is probably unmatched in the current drivers, but even in his eighth season of F1 he still seems to struggle to put the finer details together.


hamilton was certainly faster on race day. he went from 9th to 4th before the end of lap 1 and in the same time rosberg was 3rd. hamilton didn't make progress from then on because the energy from his electric motor was reduced while rosberg's wasn't reduced.


"Lewis Hamilton’s speed is probably unmatched in the current drivers"

Nico Rosberg has matched it. Through the first eight qualifying sessions this season each driver has been faster than the other four times. If you look at the last ten GP's of last season, Nico beat Lewis in qualifying in five of the ten. (And Lewis beat Nico in the other five)

The two seem perfectly matched in speed.


Well yes we are arguing about the definition of the word fastest I suppose. Most people agree that on basic one lap pace Lewis is faster than Nico (and probably everyone else) but if F1 were just about that we'd have one lap sprints on a Saturday and just hand the trophy over in 20 minutes.

I don't have a particular preference for Lewis or Nico being WDC this year - it's an interesting fight. But the constant refrain that anything Lewis does wrong is some sort of conspiracy or a negative against Nico is getting tired.

If Lewis hadn't screwed Quali up and hadn't gone long in his pit stops then yes he likely had the pace to beat Nico but being a winner isn't about just pace - it's a massive set of skills (and yes luck) that are required.


Nico went off the track in quali, but that was deemed to be OK by the stewards....again.....like the quick line through the chicane in Canada and reversing back onto the track in Monaco


Please don't make this a matter of opinions. It's about clear rules, which are not open to various interpretations. All 4 wheels aren't allowed to be outside the white lines demarcating the two edges of the racing circuit. How much of the wheels have to be inside, then? Directly from the FIA F1 rulebook:


20.2 Drivers must use the track at all times. For the avoidance of doubt the white lines defining the track edges are considered to be part of the track but the kerbs are not.

A driver will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with the track.

Which means, some part of the car has to be in contact with the white line. On-board shots can't be used to make rulings here, because one can't see where the rear tire was. If some part of the rear wheel (which not all of us saw), was inside the white line or touching it, it's legal. No conspiracies against Lewis here. His right front and rear wheels had gone off the white lines by about 8-10 feet.

The referenced rule (above) is too lenient. A significant part of the front tire (right or left depending on which side of the track the car is) and rear (right or left same as above) have to be inside the white line normally.


The limits were clearly explained by the stewards and the commentators before the race. Nico's lap was fine; he went off by the same amount that Alonso, Hulk and others went off by. Lewis went completely off the track which is why it wasn't deemed okay.



What insults?

I for one admit this race he lost due to his own fault in qualy and and the 1st pit stops/

The second stop i aint sure.

The biggest difference thought is that when Nico makes a mistake Lewis ends up paying for it and when Lewis makes a mistake Lewis pays lol

examples, both Monaco and canada


Example Lewis spins at T2 in Quali in Austria and Nico has to pay for the mistake by aborting the lap...


The insults are flying pretty thick and fast in these threads. It's fair enough, I'm not supporting Nico or Lewis, I just find it odd that when Lewis screws up its called as somehow nefarious, when Nico screws up its because he's weak and under pressure. Each to their own.


I also do not understand what insults he is referring to. Normally the insults are directed at Lewis by individuals like AuraF1.

When Lewis was on a winning streak and closing the gap to his team mate, no Lewis fans were being insulting or gloating or being narrow minded.


I think Hamilton might have been quicker this weekend, but losing the initiative to Rosberg in quali meant that he was behind, even though he made a mega start and was right with him early on.


i think all hamilton needed to win that race was maximum energy from his electric motor like he enjoyed in the first lap. with maximum energy he would've overtaken massa, bottas and rosberg without pit stop strategies. we all saw how he made use of it in the first lap and how he passed massa as he came out of the pits.


James, it didn`t help that Hamilton had what i consider to be botched pit stops compared to Rosberg, as in total Hamilton lost around 2 seconds in pit stops, i wonder why. this also happened in Canada.


He overshot his pit box for the first stop.


Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Red Bull - from Canada heroes to Austria zeroes. 8th? Reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Principal Skinner tries to bribe Bart and the junior Simpson replies with: "Is that the best that you can do????" What is going on with reliability and operational efficiency at the Bulls??? At the start of the season a few issues is understandable, but you would have thought both Bulls and Renault would be on top of their issues..........apparently not.

Right, that's the bad stuff out of the way

Well done to the boy Bottas. Possibly driver of the day. Excellent qualifying, and a classy mature refined race performance. He kept Rosberg Junior very honest for about two-thirds of the race, so a very praise-worthy effort. And what a pit-stop by Williams - 2.1 seconds is a superb effort.

Well done to Rosberg Jnr, well merited win, and Lewis done very well to climb through the field to finish a close 2nd.

Mind you, I'm tempted to give Nando DOD, to finish 5th in a dog's breakfast of a Ferrari not far from pole sitter Massa was another superlative effort. It is a complete waste to see a driver at the peak of his driving powers confined to a car - and team - that is something of a lemon, but Nando gives his all, race after race, weekend after weekend. To maintain his motivation and focus is quite amazing, considering he has been driving in F1 for 15 odd years now. That's longevity!

Great to see F1 back in Austria, looking forward to go back next year. Well done Austria!


I was about to turn off the tv when I saw how slow Red Bull had been. Geez... I'm sure the car's aero and tyre management is sufficient but the engine... Oh boy! that piece of junk...


PS Can you imagine the boardroom meeting on Tuesday between Red Bull and the Renault engineers?

"Right, we've got some issues we want to talk about......................"

What a chance a divorce for Bulls and Renault and a marriage between Milton Keynes and Honda circa 2016?


Red Bull's backup power unit plan is to apparently make their own. I heard a partnership between two Austrian companies, AVL & APC, and Nissan.

They've also cited VW/Porsche as a possible source of power units in the past.

Sounds more like 'shots across the bow' to Renault, where they obviously lay the blame for their current position in the pecking order.


folks realize that Nissan and Renault are married at the hips? They have the same CEO/President in charge of each of the companies individually, and who is also the CEO/President of the Nissan/Renault Alliance.

Though, it would be an interesting way out for both Red Bull and Renault. If the real issue is that Renault's design philosophy has hampered the engine, not just for this year, but for the next few years of this formula, then having Nissan (Renault) come in would be a brilliant workaround to address the Renault engine's limitation.


Honda is not thinking of supplying engines to another team at the moment. McLaren is their main team. Red Bull will not want to be a number two team. They have other plans.


Interesting point you've brought up there in terms of Honda exclusivity.

I think I'm correct in saying McLaren have exclusive use of the Honda V6 for 2015. However, for 2016? I don't know the contractual situation on that one. Would Honda want to put all their turbo-hybrid eggs in McLaren's rather brittle basket? Or would for 2016 and beyond would they spread their Honda "wings" and supply other teams? Such as Red Bull? Nudge-nudge, wink wink?

Perhaps James and Matt Meadows can try and find out the contractual situation with regards to Honda. It would make sense for Honda to supply Red Bull as Milton Keynes has the infrastructure, personnel and above all finance to deliver a winning partnership.

We'll see!


Exclusive to McLaren to start with.

One hears that Honda is a bit behind where it would like to be and of course the existing manufacturers will gain a lot over winter as they develop before the next homologation period. Honda will be racing with a Phase 1 engine against all Phase 2 (i.e. more mature and developed) engines.


Fantastic drives from Hamilton and Alonso.

Just waiting for Ferrari to produce a car worthy of Alonso's talents. This guy is perhaps the best F1 driver ever.

The racing gods are conspiring against Vettel. Would love to see him shine with the current rules. He is a stand-out driver, but has had rotten luck this year.

Kimi is a long way behind Alonso at the moment. Still waiting for the entire season to get over and see how well he fares against FA. While he definitely will be behind points, I am hoping for closer racing between the two.

Still feel LH will win the championship. He is quicker than Rosberg and that bit more special to string together race wins towards the end of the season (like Vettel in 2010 and 2012).


Don't expect much to change the way Ferrari's pace or no pace is gone so far in the season. Racing pundits and users of this exchange have already commented multiple times on the talent of Alonso squeezing out extra seconds from this mule called "Ferrari." Raikkonen will probably finish the season around the same place. He is an exceptional driver but I think he does not the ability to squeeze extra seconds like his team mate. Another sad ending to Ferrari season.


Raikkonen has the ability and Spain & Monaco proved that. Kimi wont fight 4th or 5th with 7th best car but he will challenge for the win in a top 3 car.

He just doesnt have a car or a team focused only on his needs let alone a top 4 car. I susoect also Ferrari are only salvaging points this year and will start focusing on 2015 car. Which makes Alonsos drive even more pointless.

I keep saying Ferrari keep building cars around Alonso and they continually come uo short because he tries driving around its shortcomings. Raikkonen is far more particular and persistent with exactly what he wants. People laugh at it but look at how much lotus / Grosjean benefited with him on board. Ferrari must listen to Raikkonen for next years car


Fernando has them.....plenty. Would he drive for free and only complain AFTER signing with another team for the following season? C'mon buddy


@Joe aside of the money that would be no great loss to Raikkonen. It maybe also that Fernando finally gets the balls to walk too..


He won't be driving at Ferrari next year......


Regarding Nando, couldn't agree more. To say him languishing in a dogs dinner of a Ferrari is such a waste of driver at his peak...................having said that, it was Nando who made the choice to join Ferrari and stick with them. I suppose those big juicy pay cheques ease some of the pain, but not all - it must be very frustrating to turn up weekend after weekend knowing he is just a bit-player on the grand prix winning stage.

Still, as I said, Fernando made the choice to join Ferrari. Fernando made his bed at Ferrari and know he has to lie in it.............

Actually, would a bed have more downforce and be more aero efficient than the current Ferrari? Probably have a more comfortable ride than that pull rod suspension Ferrari use..............


I think Alonso was behind the change to pull-rod himself, having experienced it in his Minardi days.


If Hamilton and Rosberg finish 1-2 from here on in at every race in the order they did in 2013, Rosberg will comfortably win the title (even assuming Hamilton wins in Russia).

If Hamilton beats Rosberg by a 2-1 ratio over the remaining races (including double points), Rosberg will be the champion by one point (still assuming they win 1-2).

Hamilton has to stomp all over Nico for the rest of the season to close the points gap, and I doubt whether he can do it.


Don't forget

1. Double points in last round makes 1st to 2nd a 14 point difference instead of 7 points

2. Reliability


Double points - Yeah, I already factored that in. Basically, with double points, there are 12 races worth of points left, so assuming Lewis wins 8 to Nico's 4, with the other finishing second, that's a 28 point swing to Lewis. As things stand, that's still not enough to win the title. It was really just to demonstrate the scale of the task facing Hamilton from here on out, and that he can comfortably beat Rosberg for the rest of the season and still finish second.

And yes, of course reliability and all other sorts of things can come in to play that will prevent Merc 1-2s at every race this season, and almost certainly will, but there's no way to predict them at all.


Plus if Williams can close the gap a little they could finish in between the Mercs at certain tracks (looking at you, Monza), so that could work in the favour of one or the other driver.

kenneth chapman

sadly this race was not up to expectations. there were sporadic moments of excitment but overall i was rather underwhelmed.

rosberg showed today that he is not only a good race strategist but he is as fast as hamilton when it counts. he drove a good race and shaded hamilton for the entire race. as for the rest, well williams showed strongly but whilst having lifted themselves up they just do not have the overall presence to win races...yet.

as expected alonso was there to pick up some well earned points and again he showed that kimi is not in the same league any longer. i loved the pass of the day that ricciardo put on hulkenberg. the kid is sensational, just a pity that he got savagely squeezed at the start but he did pick up some points to open up more of a lead in the red bull team stakes.

i thought that the race was 'scrappy' and seemed to be disjointed. maybe it was just my perception and i'm sure that others will have different opinions. i do look forward to silverstone which i think will be a far better race.


Hi Kenneth, I agree with you, not a bad race but for me it's a bit of a go kart track. If it was a bit longer with a few Suzuka type sweeping s bends in the second half it would be awesome. Anyway, I digress a bit.

I thought race was intriguing up to the point till Williams showed they were not going to threaten Mercedes. I wonder if they got a better points haul in Canada then would they have gone for the win in Austria? Maybe, maybe not, but hopefully with a bit more development their time will come soon.

After that, it was just another Mercedes 1-2, yeah, yeah, who cares?

Ferrari were not as far back but how long before they cease development to this ugly seahorse? Fernando is being wasted with this team but I honestly can't see him going elsewhere, McLaren are even worse, Honda's a complete unknown and while I doubt Vettel's going to leave despite his dismal year, I doubt Red Bull would want Alonso because Dan is their future as is Kyvaat.

Hopefully James Allison and Co. produces a faster and more attractive car next year.

kenneth chapman

@ kenneth m'boy....hahaha us kenneths need to stick together. i agree totally with your criticism of the track. it is a spectacular sight but just how cool would it be with an extension of another 2/3 kms with lashings of superswift corners ? DM could afford it i'm sure. someone should have a gentle chat with him, he seems like an awfully nice chap. he certainly has done wonders for F1 when considering the investment he has made. also i like your perspective on the ferrari.... an ugly seahorse! great description.

we agree that alonso has very few options and i would doubt very much that he will leave ferrari. right now i would think he could name his price at ferrari. as for raikonnen, well i feel that he is once again dispensable. he is not adding any value to the team, rather the opposite as he is attracting a lot of negativity resulting from his lacklustre performances. ferrari would be better off employing a young competetive 'hot shoe' to groom over the next few seasons.

all that said, maybe they can claw back some healthy points in the eleven races left. it's not impossible but highly unlikely.


Agreed on a hotshoe for Ferrari, only which one do they take? Hulkenberg would be good but I don't think he's Ferrari bound, Perez would have been ready but is now McLaren's damaged goods and I think Bianchi needs to have a year in a stronger midfield team like Force India before he makes the leap. Perhaps Vettel but I highly doubt it.

I think Kimi will stick around for one more year, he definitely needs the pay after his troubles with Lotus and I think (we'll hope actually) that Ferrari will be better next year. Could Kimi just be hibernating at the moment? Will Ferrari be patient enough to find out? In times of uncompetitiveness the temperamental Italians often look for a scapegoat.


While I agree that this race, in isolation, was a bit lacklustre, i always view each race as part of the entire season. The game of chess unfolds race by race. Of course I am not representative of the fan base that BE seems to find desirable.


You dont think Raikkonen being told to back off after 2 laps because of brake issues might have somethjng to do with it or the fact he did not have drs for the first few laps either

kenneth chapman

@ elie....you work with what you are given. top talent shows through when drivers are able to drive around/ through, with the problems. this is raikonnen's eighth race and he still cant handle the car. i am always wary of drivers who try and make a comeback, no matter who they are. IMO raikonnen is not top drawer any more...if he ever was?


@kenneth - most people on many sites dont actually have a clue.. This is why this site has such success it bridges the gap for casual observers and gives insight shared by some others that do. Yes I have my opinions but they always are based on some facts or information that I always present at some point. What i find quite disturbing is that some posters just like you want hard, scientific, F1 evidence over every statement someone here makes- yet you provide absolutely nothing of your own.When you want to disprove/ attack or refute someone or some event you must either address why the opinions, statements are flawed or provide solid scientific or factual basis for a different opinion. Not just keep asking for more.. Everytime you have said something which I felt was wrong Ive told you very specifically or humorously why...I guess thats something you are not capable of , as you never have anything to offer.

Your comment about "drivers making comebacks" is very false and misleading. Because everyone including JA would disagree with you-Raikkonens return has been nothing short of brilliant . A top 3 finisher in both years (till his back last year) Hes also been voted top 3 or better by many people in the sport. This is precisely why I waste so much time here because I despise injustice and false statements when it comes to good people..and those of rare talent. Hes got some problems hes the first to admit it. That doesnt mean hes finished and it doesnt mean its only his problem to drive around... Maybe you might consider this is exactly why Ferrari constantly fail-They are constantly designing a car around driving techniques that are compromised!


@joe- does it matter who explains it- as long as its explained.

Fernando hasnt won in 5 years at Ferrari even with a decently fast F2010.

Unlike Fernando Kimi is not going to beat on his chest about finishing 5th.

Im amazed everyone is enamoured by Rob Smedley- what do you think hes going to say !!- dangling off Felipes purse string for several years teaching him how to get out of Fernandos way..brilliant


Amazing stuff elie.......An article from a fans blog is your vindication!! That's gold. Why don't you find Rob Smedleys interview where he praises Alonso and states "Kimi is finding out how good Fernando really is"........or you can find another fans blog to educated yourself!

kenneth chapman

@ elie........you don't do your argument any favours by making unsupportable predictions. raikonnen is not as infallable as you would wish him to be. you think my comments are 'absurd'? that's fine. everyone is entitled to have an opinion. you then dismiss any criticism of raikonnen because, 'most people don't have a clue'?....but you do!

seriously though, raikonnen is not what he used to be and even when he was at his peak he wasn't all that good. why did ferrari fire him? we all know why they hired him though. as a minor foil to alonso who may have departed. that was not a glowing example of successful critical thinking though, was it?

raikonnen may improve between now and the end of the season, who knows? given the current situation i don't see it myself but as you state,'i probably don't have a clue'.


Kenneth you cant driver around a PU that gives you no power then 100% power at minor throttle openings as happened in Montreal. The few times the car was reliable he was far more competitive in Spain and Monaco. You can drive around an overheating brake problem after 2 laps and still be challenging top 5 spots. You cannot drive around the team leaving you out 3 laps after your tyres are gone and youve lost 5 sec & 3 positions through dumb calls..

It is absurd to think he was often challenging for 2nd in a Lotus and all of a sudden - he cant drive. It is absurd to think " he is inconsistent " when he finishes 27? Races in the points but yet a car that has been woeful since testing is not to blame.. Defintely Alonso garage are doing a better job but we know he has far more seasoned engineers incl Kimis former engineer Stella in his garage & even they are struggling for top5 . Quite frankly I dont see why Pat Frys job is not in question and if he still has a job after this year I would be amazed.

If Raikkonens car runs reliably he can finish just ahead or just behind Fernando everytime- then what will people say???...Fairweather supporters and armchair experts all calling for his head.. Quiet frankly its no wonder he doesnt give a s£€^ what anyone thinks because most people dont have a clue..


RE Kenneth: I'd agree with you that the race was somewhat disjointed. I think the high track temperature and the choice of super-soft and soft tyres meant everyone, even the Mercs, had to drive a few tenths off what they were ultimately capable of, so everyone was obliged to just tart around for a few laps. Bloody tyre and fuel conservation...............

Normal service will be resumed at Silverstone racing wise................mind you, let's hope Pirelli can actually bring a tyre compound to Northamptonshire that doesn't explode!


Don't worry Gaz, in the new initiative to make F1 more exciting not only will the Pirelli tyres explode but when they do there will also be sparkles and fireworks.

Looking forward to Singapore 🙂


I was there last year at Silverstone when the tyres detonated.............the first one with Lewis all the trackside spectators just thought it was a normal puncture.................but no, it wasn't it was a prelude to something worse.....

F1 certainly dodged a bullet last year at Silverstone. Or should that be dodged flying debris?

Tornillo Amarillo

Congratulations to Nico, not the result I would expected, but he beat Hamilton clearly this weekend.



As I thought, Rosberg wins with Hamilton following him onto the podium, but I was very surprised with how close Williams were come race end; considering the Mercs were pushing each other, that's the closest they've been pushed all year barring issues/safety cars etc. I suspect it was track related, but it bodes well for the future.

It probably didn't make any difference, but Williams' strategy was pretty clumsy at both stops, they could have pushed Mercedes even harder, and maybe they would have cracked?

Hamilton needs to sort out his qualifying, I think he has the speed to pull it out over Rosberg when he gets it all together, he just needs to do it, and soon, before the points gap gets out of hand.

I was surprised how hard overtaking was, virtually all the overtakes were strategy related, Ricciardo put a great move on Hulk at the end.

I know loads of people hate this season, but I'm enthralled.

(I know I shouldn't be mean, but I did enjoy Vettel's cameo in demonstrating his close quarters combat prowess again :))


Both mercs were managing brake issues and were no where near flat out. They even had the engines turned down, mode 6 I think, which is apparently a middle setting.


They could have pushed Mercedes harder in the first couple of stints then left themselves vulnerable to Ferrari at the end of the race with their tyres not holding up. Williams clearly didn't think they could win this race. I'm slightly surprised they didn't try a three stop with one of their cars. Their straight line speed should have made getting through traffic a breeze.


Tense race .

Well driven by Rosberg Always doing enough to stay ahead - Hamilton would have won if not for that curious q3 (was the overrun on the banker lap related to the inexplicable spin on the final run)

I for one don't buy into the latest conspiracy ref pitstops..... It's one of the weaker ones todate.

Massa is not faster than Bottas apparantly and again Perez handed the Hulk a subtle beating.

But 4years of bad luck in one season for Vettel. I almost feel sorry for him, hope this does not break him.

Kimi's car really needs to get sorted, Ferarri are letting him down badly.


Kimi is still Kimi - much like JB, when he is in a car that totally suits his narrow operating window he's a class above but he just doesn't seem to be able to adapt to a car outside his very specific needs. This seems to be the issue with Vettel as well.

Alonso probably isn't faster in raw pace he's just supremely adaptable - as DC once said, Alonso is a chameleon - he changes his style with each car/track/even lap - I think Kimi is driving the Ferrari at its probable level - I think Alonso is just flattering it by changing to the situation.

kenneth chapman

@ auraF1.......i think you have got it slightly wrong there. alonso is not 'flattering' the car. he is simply getting what is the maximum out of both it and what he can contribute. conversely raikonnen is failing to emulate alonso and he cannot perform to the same level. these drivers are supposed to be the best in the world and 'adaptability' surely must be uppermost in their talent bank.

kenneth chapman

@ elie....sorry, but my comment in response was directed to aura F1. if i wanted to hear your comments i would've addressed my point to you.


@kenneth- now you got it slightly wrong. Kimis garage is not performing the way it should and Kimis car is not half as reliable ad Fernandos..otherwise how do you explain Barcelona & Monaco that wasnt sheer luck was it..Even if the car is designed around Alonso..


How are Ferrari letting him down? They have bent over backwards to help - even changing engineers he has worked with in the past.

Fact is Kimi hasn't"t lived up to the hype same as Vettel.

kenneth chapman

IMO kimi is a finnish style 'prima donna' without the 'prima'. he is simply not earning his salary ATM and he must surely be a 'candidate for divestment.


He probably isn't getting paid anyway......just like at lotus


uhm yes they did !- Raikkonen was told to back off after only 2 laps because his brakes were overheating. He also said he did not have DRS for the early part of the race.

Then to add insult to injury Ferrari leave him out too long on the first stint and loose him 3 spots. Ferrari have lost the plot and all I can say is congratukations Felipe for getting out of Fernandos shadow and Ferraris shackles .I just wonder if Kimi will stick around to make a difference with next years car..


Hey Jon, I am not sure which F1 have you been watching over the years. Raikkonen was doing quite fine last year in Lotus, which was not the fastest car. He won in Ferrari in the first year, something that Alonso still cannot do after 5 years. And Alonso had his chances, but he always failed to deliver in the last race, when the title was decided. Raikkonen has problems in qualifying, but in terms of racing, he is still very good. You are also saying that Vettel is not good. Well, he has won 4 titles. How can someone who has won 4 titles not be good. His first title he has won in the last race, when he was, if I remember correctly, behind Alonso and Webber in points. I don't think Alonso will ever win a championship in the last race. He can win if everything works for him, all the team is behind him, but if the pressure builds up and it is all down to the last race, he will fail. You don't believe me, then look at the history! Historia est magistra vitae.


yes exactly jon

Well said, actually kimi is letting ferrari down. Kimi is not even able to pick decent points from the F14 T. His performances are aweful and all the time media / people here jump in with excuses one after the other. He is simply not good enough to compete at this level Period.


You do realise in F1 nothing is an instant fix, don't you?

When MSc joined Ferrari it took the team several years of building and organising before they started winning.



Quote of the race "Kimi, we need 2 tenths" reply "then give me more power"

If Kimi was capable of winning in a Renault lotus after his sabatical do you seriously believe he'd wake up and forget how to drive.

Schumacher could not do it.




Well sure Mercedes has a better car but Williams could´ve tried another kind pit stop strategy.

The best part of the race was radio communication between the Ferrari engineers and Raikkonen. "We need 2 tenth per lap" Kimi:"Give me more power then" LOL!!!


It went:

Engineer: Kimi you need to bring in two tenths a lap

Kimi: Yeah, well if only I had more power! (Sarcastically)


An amazing opening lap from Hamilton 9th to 4th and a great battle with the Williams pair. You have to wonder if they could have maintained their advantage from qualifying if they'd covered the undercut from the Mercedes because it looked like they were struggling to over take them on track with their straight line speed advantage.

Hamilton has lost ground to Rosberg in the championship battle but it was a good recovery drive for damage limitation. He does have the edge over Rosberg in all areas but everything keeps going in Rosbergs favour. You have to wonder how long Rosbergs luck can last for. Hamilton has already dragged back the advantage once but can he do it again?


Lol sorry for hilarious iPhone typos hahaha

Rosenberg for WDC lol

Stephen Taylor

Don't ya mean Rosberg?

alexander supertramp

Season is amazinly long still, Lewis only really needs to be within 14 points by Abu Dhabi.. He has to drive like he did today, nothing too desperate. Fingers crossed he just stays out of reliability trouble.


Why is Ham pit stop is consistently slow? It is so obvious in my opinion. Anyways good racing generally. Williams seems closing a bit to Mercedes.

Hamilton paid the price for quail mishap otherwise he could have the win pretty easily I reckon.


@ Asayew Hamilton is blowing these races in qualy. He really needs to get it together. He is getting killed. Rosberg isn't the kind of driver to make stupid mistakes.


"Rosberg isn't the kind of driver to make stupid mistakes "

I guess the mistakes he made in Monaco and Montreal , were sensible mistakes !

Come to think of it, they were 😉


"Rosberg isn’t the kind of driver to make stupid mistakes".

Really, you missed him almost put it into the wall and drive straight through the chicane in Canada. Lucky not to have ended his race and lucky not to be given a penalty.

He also screwed up his second Q3 quali run in Austria and made a massive error in the race. Rosberg makes mistakes for sure, he has just been lucky so far.


Hamilton's pitstop was slow because he stopped in the wrong position.


Ferrari blew it yet again!

Kimi lost 4 places after first pit stops and Alonso lost 3.

Lucky for Alonso, that it didn't matter in the end i.e he was 5th before 1st pits and he finished 5th.

But for Kimi it cost him 3 places from 7th before the 1st pits down to 10th.

Hardly any of the two put a foot wrong in the race, but what are they supposed to do if team keeps ruining their race with poor strategies race after race.


re ferrari

after the first lap both were running together with only Kev sandwiched between them, all on same pace. Kimi was doing v good keeping 4 faster cars behind.

The obvious thing would be to pit him early to undercut Kev, but no. They kept him out when all behind pitted so he was undercut by them, even though his tyres were gone. When he finally pitted he came out behind the lot with a car that can't overtake.

So much for the great italian marque with the pedigree and all the rest of it.


@ Harshad Nobody cares about Ferrari right now. They're a non story. The brilliance of Alonso is the only thing they've got going.


Perez seems to have improved a lot compared to last year. He seems to be having a similar year to that of 2012. Good for him and Good for Force India. He just needs to be a little less aggressive with his defending! Without the 5 place penalty he might have had a chance for a podium.


Yeah, it looks like Perez made out by being dumped by Mclaren. It is surprising to see FI better, especially when both teams have the same Mercedes power unit.

Valentino - Schumacher # 1

Rosberg is faster than Hamilton ...


Oh Val, change the record. You said exactly the same thing last season when Rosberg had a string of good results. How did that prediction end up? Please remember, were it not for mechanical unreliability Hamilton would be leading the WDC by a comfortable margin.




@joe skacko - because driving ftom 9th to 2nd by under 1.5 sec & loosing nearly 3 in pits is real slow isnt it. Goodbye genius !


Thank you Elie.....nobody on this site can be as imaginative as you when it comes to defending their favourite slow driver....and now Lewis gets excused for a Kimi like performance.....blaming the team for not getting the maximum out of the weekend.


Is that why Lewis almost passed him from 9th place and 2 bad pit stops. Keep dreaming Val from Canada

kenneth chapman

@ elie....'almost passed him?' c'mon, he couldn't do it otherwise he would've. how many laps went by when he was right up there on rosberg's tail? rosberg has him covered and the great man is impotent. a bit like canada really. he cooked his brakes sitting in rosberg's hot air. he couldn't put the pass on then and he couldn't do it in austria either.

he may do better at silverstone, who knows, but there is nothing on my radar ATM to suggest that he will. to use an old school end of term tribute, 'must try harder'.


Sorry almost *3 sec


Kenneth he lost 1.9 sec in the first pit ( partly his fault not 100% in box) & 1.sec in his second stop..uhm he might no even have need to fight with only half a sec more at some parts.. AND he came from 9th !! Nico in clear air should have opened at least 10 sec given he was handed almost 4 by the team.. Nico has driven impeccably this year but hes still not hamiltons pace..never will be-- I dont think anyone is..


No he isn't.....


Did you really come away with that, having watched this race? If so, it explains a lot.


Given that the distance between Rosberg and Hamilton at the end of the race was less than distance between them at the start, it means that Hamilton was (marginally) faster than Rosberg during the race

Rosberg just happened to get to the finishing line first thanks to the headstart

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

And what about Kimi???

Any comments???



Yeah !- he had no DRS in the first part of the race and told to back off the brakes because they were overheating after only 2 laps !

Then he gets screwed at the first pit stop by leaving him out to loose 3 places! Absolutely ridiculous..


@ H Guderian (ALO fan)

How are you mate ?

Once again a tough race where Ferrari were poor and Alonso somehow managed to get 10 points out of nothing really


@ H Guderian (ALO fan)

I am well and i hope you are also fine

Maybe Ferrari have improved a bit yet williams were quick enough to seen off the threat from Alonso in the final stint

We can keep our fingers crossed for a better development of the car F14T, yet i doubt whether Ferrari can get at least one victory before the season Denouement.

Anyways, i hope for the best and like to see a race win for Alonso this season


H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Hi Krischar, how are you???

Well... I had the impression that Ferrari is a bit better now.

Alo was closing the gap to Felipe at the final stage.

Did you see that??? 😎



Still overrated. He was decent once upon a time...

kenneth chapman

@ glennB....well said. i fully agree. his WDC was only by one point wasn't it? hardly a ringing endorsement of total domination.


Not really. He has more points, yes. Let's tally at the end of the season. Four wins to Three, Hamilton's favor, and one of Nico's wins was with a HAM DNF, so I could call it two for Rosberg. I'm not doubting Nico's capability, nor the likelihood he wins the title, but "faster"? Sorry, not. And deep down, you know it too.


Thanks for clearing that up, no further debate needed.

kenneth chapman

i fully agree. let's kill the debate right now. well said andrew M


Wait until Silverstone folks! Then we'll see who has the edge around the mega fast corners and long straights around the old airfield circuit.................


James, any truth to the rumour (that I just started) that Mark Webber is going to race for Red Bull at Silverstone cause Seb wants to give him his luck back?


We heard that before Canada as well, didn't we.


If he doesn't choke again - Nico will keep him honest.


It was not an eventful race, neither a good to watch race like Canada. But, despite the fact that Williams team were aware that to hold back Mercedes would be almost impossible, the big problem for them was the lack of strategic plan. I wonder what race were they following. They could place their both drivers in P1 and P2! For example, Massa was still quicker with the options after the Mercs pit-stop and could gain terrain from them before his pit-stop. Well, releasing the car in 3,5 secs while Mercs do it in 2,5 secs, does not help too. Really, can anyone explain what is going on with the Williams strategic race people?


I thought Williams should have asked Bottas to back off after the end of lap 1. Rosberg isn't a racer. He would never have got past. Bottas could have backed them up by a second a lap to give Massa a free pitstop. Massa could then have backed them up to give Bottas P2. The Merc/Rosberg team seem to have the strategy sorted.....give Hamilton a car where he is quicker than the field, but hold him back on the pit stops so he doesn't beat zee German


Tyre wear. According to Smedley, if they pitted to cover the Mercs they probably would have come back out ahead, but the tyres would be dead by race end.


Yeah they don't wanna win the battle but lose the war.

Williams (Smedley) made it clear before the race that they were not going to race the Mercedes, but race the people around them in the championship tables. So with that in mind, Williams were pretty wise.


Also, I loved the way that even the Mercedes race engineers are starting to live up to the stereotype of Rosberg as a cerebral craftsman and Hamilton as a non-thinking driving automaton.

Nico's engineer: "HPP 11 to 1, push hard now"

Hamilton's engineer: "OK Lewis, it's hammer time!"


Hahaha, I guess Nico can touch this. Hilarious. Great comment. MC Hamilton, indeed.


That's probably more to do with their respective relationships with their engineers.


No matter what..Andrew Benson's race report always starts & ends with Lewis Hamilton.

Today's headlines : " Lewis Hamilton beaten by team-mate Nico Rosberg in Austria" 😀


And the BBC Sport article on Horner lambasting Renault's problems also includes a totally unrelated Hamilton picture in it. Lol.


While I'm not exactly a Benson fan, he does write for the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, it's hardly surprising his articles focus on British interest in the race as opposed to a dispassionate run down of what happened fact by fact.


What bothers me more is that it shows in his writing he is an Alonso fan.


It's relevant to show everybody how bad Kimi has been since partnered with a champion.....and how 'good' he was when partnered with Grosjean!!!!!


Reporters can have their fav. drivers, can't they?


Indeed, virtually every qualifying/race article contains an update on Alonso's position relative to Kimi, including time gap, even where it's totally irrelevant.


Well, good damage limitation for Lewis. Could he be first to win 4 in a row and not win a WDC? He looked a bit dejected.

Otherwise, this race was missing everything I was hoping for: sparks, standing restart, DRS effect, sprinklers, engine sound, etc. How did we even manage? I run my treadmill at higher speed to make up for lack of engine sound. Really...it has come to that.


If Vettel and RBR were doing better would you be moaning?


What would there be to moan about? Standing restarts? Fake sparks? No engine sound but tire sounds? GP2 lap times? You think RBR and Vettel would warm my cockles to such point that I would overlook all that?

I think you're right though C, I shouldn't get so emotionally invested into a "sport" at my age.



You think RBR and Vettel would warm my cockles to such point that I would overlook all that?....

Yes, I suspect you would.

Be honest, if Vettel and RBR were still sweeping all before them and still treating the others as if they were but mere dust beneath their chariot wheels, would you really be as unhappy? I doubt it 😉


Ahh... your wish list has just given away your identity, you must be BERNIE!

Any chance of scrapping the double points, old man? 😀


@ Sebee What did he expect? He deserved what he got. He couldn't even put a time on the board in Q3. He is driving stupid!


Is your wife happy with her improved cardio-pulmonary fitness then? 😀



We're back on that subject? Yes, I'm all about performance and ensuring we reach the checker via an exciting grand prix. One needs to be in top shape.

Some time ago I decided like James to make the GP a productive period to ensure I can continue to justify watching. Since I can't quite pull off the trick to get paid for watching and telling people about what I'm seeing I figured I can knock out in the range 20km and score myself P23 4 LAPS.


With regards to the sound, I can't understand why the FOM soundboard can't -or wont? - remix the sound, to add a little more treble, not to mention re-adjust the sound level, but there you go......

Having said that, one benefit is that us spectators are able to here the pit to driver conservations much better, as well as the sound of brakes locking and tyres squealing! So you loose a bit in one direction and gain in another...........

What's that old cliche? (Turbo-hybrid) Horses for courses!



This race I think was either worse of all yet or my hearing is leaving me after I put my amazing retro Technics SE-A100 power amp back into daily duty in my high fidelity setup. Beside a slight hum this may have been the worse engine sound race yet.

Bernie, call up Kanye's producer and have the track/engine audio put through a vocoder and let's turn up those levels! At this point, let's just have fun with it. It's really all on D.C.'s shoulders to remind me my TV is indeed not on mute.


Nico thoroughly deserves the win. Williams must be kicking themselves for keeping Bottas and Massa longer than needed.

Can FIA give Alonso an honorary world championship title for dragging those red dogs to top 5 positions ? Ferrari must be thinking of a way out of contract with Kimi. They could have hired Bianchi and had the same results and saved 20m $/year.


Honorary WDC? Did you play sports where they give participation medals? I'd give you a hug to make you feel better, but I don't want you to eat my brains. 😉


@ Sebee

Honestly Kimi does not even stand a chance against Alonso

Infact None of the pilot in the grid can match Alonso's skill and pedigree

Well said zombie, At least Fernando deserve some award and respect for his performances. Fernando brings in good chunk of points from every race even after Ferrari lets him down time and time again.


So you think it's more accurate to compare alonso and Kimi when they were in different cars.....as opposed to this year.......when they have the same equipment

Sorry elie, they don't have the same equipment cos of Santander....

Also, The car is designed for Alonso....

Apparently Kimis engineer is actually last years head chef at the motorhome...

Finally, It's not kimis style to give 100% when he doesn't have a car with his preferred steering wheel cover



Last I checked Kimi did just fine against Alonso - in a LOTUS!

Once perhaps he figured out that he won't be paid and needed to "suck up" to Ferrari things changed in 2013 and he wasn't interested anymore in LOTUS success, knowing that falling back in points vs. Ferrari means they have more FOM money to pay him with perhaps.

Then Ferrari gave him frankenformula 1 car with some wires and magnets and silencers, oh my - beacuse 4 out of 5 dentists agree F1 needs to be greener and quieter.

Look, I'm not saying that Alonso is a dud of some sort. I'm just saying that if both were on terms with the car as they were in the 2013 normal V8 spec this battle of the Champions would have been way more entertaining. As it stands, it's just pathetic. Yet another casualty of the B.S. ERS 50kg fuel savings. I swear, I'm going to have a mid life crisis because of this crappy F1 formula and just to be spiteful I'm going to go out and get me a nice FAT V8 equipped car with an FU F1 2014 license plate

And Krischar, since I keep score on what us fans have been wronged on this year, add this lack of proper Ferrari team battle to the crazy domination of Mercedes (which I feel they are artificially dialing down - they have 2s in the bank, they even look it to me at least on the TV screen), as well as causing an amazing 4 year RBR run to not even be properly defended. RBR will limp to the finish not able to give MB a run for thier money. It pretty much Mercedes winning the WDC against themselves this year. And all in silence. Well done.


Sebee, you've been crowing since last year that kimi would wipe the floor with alonso. i don't think you have a leg to stand on if you want to criticize him. Fernando's drive this year has been as impressive as anyone else's on the grid


SEBEE......Ahhh kimi's care free attitude.......the one that didn't get him paid for two seasons at lotus is not something to be proud of.


Yeah and Alonso has had 1/4 the problems in a car built for him... Not a big deal is it..


Let's replace your brakes with a drum of wires and magnets we're going to spin at high speed in effort to slow you down from 300km/hr. And all to supply power to a 100kg ERS system with non-green batteries that replaces 50kg of fuel, see how you like it after having real brakes all your life.

Truth is this "new formula" isn't to everyone's liking. People dog Vettel for not liking this car and not having confidence in braking, but he's not the only one. Kimi is in that camp too.

Put Alonso and Kimi in a proper F1 car (2013 spec) without this hunk of junk ERS and things would be different. And anyhow, once Kimi saw that this car was crap he stopped being a driver and started being an employee. Come in, punch the time card, drive a few laps, coffee brake, drive a few more finish the day and home for dinner x 730 days. I don't blame him. Kimi has never liked marketing, and now that marketing departments have taken over technical regulations of F1 you can all see the joy on Kimi's face. He probably goes home in a car that gives him more joy to drive than his ant-eating hoover. Oh, and he has a room for a girl in his daily commuter Enzo.


Congrats to Nico on another win - he is digging out all the results when the odds are stacked against him and I wouldn't be surprised if this is a continued trend of the season.

Hamilton has definitely had the measure of Nico in the race in both Canada and Austria, he just needs a need to put a full weekend together with a little more luck.

Great result for Williams and maybe 3rd and 4th were the maximum, but I I feel the conservative strategy and inability to react quickly to the undercut may have cost them a better result today.

It was clear as the race unfolded that Merc didn't have the pace on track to pass them and had they been a little more aggressive on covering undercutting merc on the second stop we may have seen them one or two steps higher on the podium.

Great result for Bottas, the highlight for me was passing his team mate during the first round of pitstops despite coming in second. One wonders what might have been had he stuck it on pole.

Great race Austria!


Hamilton needs to sort his saturdays out...He's got the car and he's got the talent, but he just needs to be consistent through the whole weekend. Silverstone next..very excited!

Great race all round and I'm delighted Williams have fulfilled their early season potential. It's such a shame that Massa fell backwards but I'm sure he'll bounce back.

I'm still surprised about Red Bull falling back..at every other track, even those with long straights, they've been near the front. Why were they and Renault so much worse this weekend? Was it the altitude and the pressure that puts on the turbo? Also, another miserable race for Seb. He struggled in qualifying and then his car let him down...sums up his season really.


It was not as good a race as Canada, but it was still exciting at the front. Hamilton's start was impressive but after that, things didn't change for him.

I think that Perez drove a very exciting race and I am happy for Bottas. Dissapointing for Massa who got let down due to bad strategy calls.

But James can you tell me why Button was unable to catch Kimi and fight for 10th at the end despite being on much quicker tyres?


Mclaren aren't doing well on the softer tyres for some reason Button was actually quicker on the 'slow' tyre portions. I bet be wished the strategy hadn't been reversed.


Nice race in Austria especially the first stint as the Williams were ahead of the Mercedes, as it was a Mercedes vs Mercedes inter-team battle between different teams.

The Mercedes drivers did well to compensate the team after a poor qualifying by putting in a clean and controlled display to finish another 1-2.

What must be worrying for the team though is the fact the other teams are cripping up on them for not only did the drivers have a hard time overtaking other Mercedes cars like Force India but also without a safety car in sight, the likes of Alonso were able to finish a mere 18 seconds back.

Congrats on Williams on their first podium in yonks but also on securing P3 & P4 though the team let themselves down with the strategy for they could have easily kept the Mercedes behind the entire race with the right calls.

Once again Alonso out did his machinery by scoring some good points but the fact he finished in a lower position than he started must be disheartening to the Samurai who always finishes higher than his qualifying position.

Brilliant drive by Perez once again for when it comes to saving tyres, he's right on the money and I can see him getting stronger with these kind of strategies and more importantly disrupting the battle ahead for P1.

Disappointing result for Red Bull for it's always a bitter pill for the fans when the home team doesn't do quite as expected.

However, was glad Mini-mag got back on the score board with a P7 finish but from the looks of it, consistency isn't his strongest point.

Last but not least, it would appear the FIA have finally got DRS right for gone are the days of easy passes which is good news for the purists.


@ goferet

Alonso had no chance what so ever against Williams and Mercedes in the race. Given the fact the Mercedes P1 & P2 with Williams at P3 & P4. The best alonso could have done is P5 which he duly did and scored some vital points for the team. To say Alonso performed worse on sunday than saturday is little bit delusional


Yes, great to see Frank and Claire's teams back on track - literally!

Having said that................sorry to be a bit negative, but both Canada and Austria are not really downforce tracks, they are more incumbent on mechanical grip with good traction and raw straightline speed is of vital importance. The Williams scores well in those two areas. However, Silverstone is definitely a high downforce, consistent aero-balance/COP and high speed corner stability track. Will the Williams be good at Silverstone where raw downforce and stable aerodynamic centre of pressure is vital? Jury is out on that one.

Totally agree about Nando - El Matador always gives 100% and never gives up. Unlike his national football team.................possibly DOD.

As for Red Bull..........possibly a divorce settlement with Renault might be on the cards? Honda power for 2016 at Milton Keynes? Don't forget Japanese cars dominate the national car market Australia, and Bulls do have a certain driver from the world's biggest island.................don't forget Honda were very insistent on having Mr Piquet and Mr Senna use their engines in two specific teams as Honda was a big market for Brazil..............well the world's driest continent is also a very important market for the Japanese, and more often than not commercial considerations are just as important as competitive ones.

Watch this space.....................


I saw an interview with Helmet Marko on Sky and he suggested that they would make their own PU before they went to Honda... but he's looking at all options and doesn't want to write off any possibilities.


I would think that a switch to Honda would be hugely problematic given the Infinity/Nissan association with RedBull, no? Perhaps it might lead to a new engine badged as Infinity!


Possibly, but I get the impression Mr Horner is getting increasingly irritated by Renault's woeful unreliability.

Nothing is impossible in F1. I remember once upon a time when Mercedes said they would only supply engines to McLaren..........um, Force India and Brawn? Exactly. Comments and contracts are here today, gone tomorrow!


@ Gaz Boy

It's not yet clear at the moment but I think Williams might surprise once again at Silverstone.

It's true at the beginning of the season Williams were lacking downforce as shown by their wet qualifying but with new upgrades, the situation has been getting better.

On the topic of Renault for sure, a divorce is eminent especially if Renault produce another uncompetitive unit in 2015.

Regards Ralfie's huge shunt back in 2004, it reminded the sport that really there's no need to have concert walls on circuits.

From what I recall Ralfie wasn't taking unnecessary risks but rather his car conked out.


I think this track flattered the Williams. At Silverstone, I expect the next best to be Red Bull. Williams will show up again at Monza and likely Spa before it.


PS Goferet - 10 years this weekend remember when Ralfie had that horrible "conversation" with the concrete wall at Indy?

Goodness, is that really 10 years ago? It is. I mention that because I still feel Ralfie and F1 dodged a bullet that day. I know Ralf chipped his spine and had to sit out the rest of the European summer season in 2004, but, imagine, just imagine if he had gone into the wall with his front axle rather than spinning in backwards? Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

Just shows us how F1 safety has advanced in 10 odd years. I always felt the drivers were taking an unreasonable risk running on the banking - those concrete walls are unyielding.


what a race? but james, you were on overkill on hamilton's qualifying, mentioning it nine times throughout the race. hamilton drove from 9th to 4th after a single lap and you correctly mentioned it once. there was so much action up and down the field with vettel, massa, bottas, ricciardo, magnussen, kvyat and alonso but you were busy talking about hamilton's mistakes during qualifying on the day before. i was keen to hear about all the others on track because I could see positions changing hands on the timing screens and wondered what was actually going on. i enjoyed it and was hoping for a williams 1-2.

by the way great race by perez, rosberg and hamilton, massa and bottas.

about your favourite topic, i saw hamilton lock his rear wheels with smoke as a result of skidding.

last week i was told it was impossible for the rear wheels to lock and when i said i have seen it happen, i was told that i am trying to force my opinion on others. i only believe in the truth and we have all seen the truth today, nothing to do with my opinion but simple truth. as i have always said, the truth is natural and nature always wins.

next, silverstone!


Your observation is inaccurate


i think the commentary is still available on the BBC site, 5live podcast.


i suspected you'd say that james. I have just watched the highlights on BBC and the commentator didn't mention it once. it was about what was happening on track not what happened yesterday. anyway I enjoyed listening to you all the same.


Mature approach from LH after the race but the question has to be asked as to why NR has consistently faster pitstops. Is it really car positioning or is it just coincidence and will even out as the season progresses?


I think someone at mercedes tweaked his ear after the whole monaco blowup


Great 1 2 for Mercedes, good save by lewis, a fantastic drive by perez, but my problem is with merc, saying they allow them to race, they do but it seems both drivers have one hand tied behind there back, they seem so paranoid to be seen to be fair to both drivers, that one driver uses engine setting x,then they radio the other driver to use engine setting x, why dont they after the final pitstops let both drivers free range to use whatever settings they like, and if setting the engine to 10 it gives you more grunt, but could cause fuel

/reliability problums then let either driver take the risk


Nico Rosberg is doing the job.


He is - he seems to have an answer for Lewis in the last 3 races.


Where is the investigation against Hamilton for impeding Rosbergs final Q3 run ? Where is the outrage in the british media ? Why is John Watson not pointing fingers fingers now like he is doing against drivers with german passports all the time ???

And why does Lewis Hamilton get the first pit stop even though he is behind Rosberg ? He has had 71 laps to pass Rosberg on the track but just like in Monaco and Canada he can only do it by crying to get the better strategy call. Over the last 30 races as team mates Rosberg has proven to be the better all round driver, he only has to manage his point lead from now on while Hamilton has to claw back the deficit. Maybe Hamilton will get Silverstone and Hungary but after the summer break Rosberg will outscore him again like he did last year in EVERY race and the title should hopefully be decided before the Abu Dhabi lottery in Rosbergs favour.


"Where is the investigation against Hamilton for impeding Rosbergs final Q3 run?"

Even if that was the case, who's going to request an investigation? Mercedes?

Would they (or any team) deliberately set out to try and get a penalty handed down for one of their own drivers? I doubt it.


Would they (or any team) deliberately set out to try and get a penalty handed down for one of their own drivers?....

McLaren appealed Senna's disqualification in Japan - even though their other diver , Prost, had won the WDC as a result .I think I am right in saying they went to court, and consequently the FIA introduce a rule stating entry to the F1 championship was conditional upon not seeking justice beyond the sport - I stand to be corrected on that 🙂


Races where Hamilton outscored Rosberg after the summer break last year:




You're not even trying.


I think you are miles off the mark mate. Hamilton didn't get any advantage from impeding Rosberg in Q3 he only lost out. And to say that Rosberg is the better all round driver??? Rosberg has only beaten Lewis in a fair battle this year at Monaco and we all know how that happened. He is only in front in the championship because of Lewis's 2 DNF's which, granted, may be because of Hamilton's more aggressive style but other than that Lewis has had the edge in nearly all areas.


hamilton's advantage was that rosberg's engineers couldn't get to use his settings because he backed off on both attempts so no data was collected for analysis. that's why hamilton was so much faster than rosberg.


how can you say his dnf in aus was because of his driving.he has lost 43 points because of dnfs.so he should be leading by 14 points.itll be interesting to see if nico can bounce back after 2 dnfs.


Pretty sure you said much the same thing about Vettel over the past four years ...... he's only in front because Mark Webber was driving more aggressively and having some bad luck!


Lewis got the first pit stop because the team wanted to jump Bottas. Obviously Hamilton couldn't do it on track. Apparently this was agreed with Nico.


One small problem….Hamilton hadn't set a lap time at that point, let alone a pole lap that would be protected by such a 'conspiracy'


Lol..... Finally you come off the fence.

I agree the two incidents have absolutely nothing in common.


At the moment the world is seeing what looks like Mercedes holding up their British driver with slow pit stops, delivering their German driver an unfair advantage with the aim of winning the championship as a German team with a German driver. Now if this is true or not makes minimal difference as the reality on the track today was that the pit stops resulted in who won and who came second, the only question to the public is intention vs accidental. And many may not be bothered to consider the question but just jump to the conclusion. This makes Mercedes look really bad and has a negative impact on their publicity. What are they going to do about this as if it continues this championship is going to do them more harm than good in the minds of many and could even sour this Championship completely for them.


Yes Mercedes fought McLaren and pay Hamilton, perhaps the biggest name in F1, at least 4 times (and likely more than that) than they pay Nico and then conspire to beat him (with a team of overwhelmingly British engineers) by ruining his races.

Sorry, I know some fans love to put their tin foil hats on and start ranting about the lizard people conspiracy theories but sometimes it just gets silly.


I see I posted your reply below accidentally. I was saying...

Hamilton is extremely good for the company profile. However the opinion being expressed (and I am not saying its right) is that the nationalism of the company is getting in the way of the sport, interfering and manipulating the outcome. The point I was making was about the result of this perception, right or wrong (most likely wrong) and what effect that will have on Mercedes. Funny that no one seems to have picked that up or made any kind of relevant comment on it…


People like you dont understand this a €300m+ a year "business" for Mercedes the politics in F1 are unrivalled other than.. Well .. Politics.. So you can bet than the £20m they pay Lewis helps elevate their name and their brand in their country and the world.. But its Nicos name and Nicos nationality that counts in restoring Mercedes pride 'back home'.. That is were the "brands" nationality is!.. Not Brackerly & not Brixworth.where the F1 team is based & those who think otherwise.. Goodluck


and pay Hamilton at least 4 times (and likely more than that) than they pay Nico...

Apparently Nico just re-signed for Mercedes - you seem quite well informed - why do you think he would accept such a 'lowly' salary if he is the main man?

It's odd isn't it?

BTW, this isn't a dig at you or your post, its a serious question.


Hamilton is extremely good for the company profile. However the opinion being expressed (and I am not saying its right) is that the nationalism of the company is getting in the way of the sport, interfering and manipulating the outcome. The point I was making was about the result of this perception, right or wrong (most likely wrong) and what effect that will have on Mercedes. Funny that no one seems to have picked that up or made any kind of relevant comment on it...

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Do you remember what hapened to Alonso when they were at McLaren???

This is called KARMA.


What happened to Alonso?


@ H Guderian (ALO fan)

Yes, indeed this is karma which lewis have to accept and feel the pain of it come the end of season when rosberg lifts the WDC

Now lewis will know what it takes to be in german team racing against his german team-mate. Alonso have already learned this back in 2007, now it is lewis time to learn some crucial lesson

what goes around always comes around enjoy the fate lewis. We all know you are quick enough to win WDC yet i am afraid you will not win the WDC 2014 and feel the pain which Alonso have suffered in 2007


Do you remember what horner, marko and vettel did to webber? Its called KARMA, hehehe, given Webber was on the podium at the Red Bull racing track while Vettel DNFd, now that is sweet justice!


Where does this pitstop thing come from? Is there a link where we can check the pit stop times or can somebody post them here? I ask this, because on German TV it was stated during the race that Hamiltons 2nd pitstop was much faster then Rosbergs. And on that note, why does the car behind get called into the pits first?


Sky for one

"But that's to imagine an alternative reality. In the real world, and the only place that actually matters, what cost him a narrow victory over Rosberg was the loss of 0.9 seconds to his team-mate in the first round of pit-stops. Bookend that statistic with the reminder that Hamilton was 0.4 seconds behind Rosberg prior to the German pitting on Lap 12 and Hamilton was then back within 0.6 seconds of Rosberg on Lap 15 despite the aggravation of traffic, and the consequences of that tardy stop are crystal clear."



At the moment the world is seeing what looks like one driver unable to put in a quali lap. Also, the world is seeing what looks like one driver unable to close down a 1.5s gap without DRS.


I have not seen these observations in any of the comments or articles relating to this race, where is this being talked about or is this just your view point?

Christmas Dinner

I think they need to look at the fuel flow regulation to improve the racing.

As they all have a finite amount of fuel the hybrid systems again show a Yo-yo approach to lap times which just kills F1 as a spectacle. If you have a push one lap, you pay the price the next to regenerate the electrical systems and then your competitor deploys all their whistles n bells to recover the advantage.....pointless.

Where someone has a fuel saving advantage they should be allowed to use that over the hindrance of this electrical recovery handicap and give a proper section of over-boost for those that can manage fuel. I know they are all near enough running on empty but the reliance on electrical dynamics is distracting....DO SOMETHING PLEASE


Good first few laps, but overall not as thrilling as hoped. Hamilton start and first lap was surely the better bit of the race but there were plenty of good personal showings with Bottas, Perez who is more and more of a good surprise this year, Alonso and Massa.

Rosberg did well but no more than could have been expected.

Red Bull will be very disappointed with only 4 points this week end. No home field advantage for them for sure.

Very happy to see Williams being the 2nd best team on the day. Amazing after the past couple of years and where they were. Hope they maintain a similar curb moving forward.

I was a bit surprised not to see Hamilton having a try at wrestling 1st away from Rosberg. Is it because he played it safe satisfied with 18 points for the day? If so it shows that he has learned to be patient.

Three races ago Rosberg had to put a stop to Hamilton's run of wins. That was surely achieved. Hamilton's time to do just that now. Marc

The Spanish Inquisitor

1) I'm beginning to think that Kimi is overrated.

2) Williams destroyed Massa's race.

3) Hamilton back to McLaren to replace Button.

4) Alonso's desperation continue...

5) Another race that I watched every now and then. The prelude of F1 exit till next season


With a name like "spanish inquisitor" I will respond you this:-

1. Fernando is over rated

2. Massa was out raced by Bottas in a brilliant Williams

3. Hamilton is signed with Merc till 2016 - why would he leave

4. Alonso will continue to fail despite the entire team & car built around him

5. What a great supporter -you want to quit F1 just because your driver is struggling

The above are subtle tweaks so that you can see it is more about opinion rather truth or facts.



People say Alonso can drive a car really well even if it is really slow. He can but only if it is completely suited to him - which it always is.

Look at Kimi in 2004 and 2006, those McLarens were just as bad as last years ones but he brought them home in high positions.

This year the car is completely suited to Alonso and Kimi is a newcomer.If the car was suited to Kimi , Alonso would not be as "impressive" and Kimi would be doing better than Alonso is right now.


That was 10 years ago......this version of Kimi should have stayed away from F1.......barely beats Grosjean over two years and is getting smacked by Alonso.

If only he wasn't so bad at rally car, he could have stayed there and we could have been spared witness to a sharp decline in his open wheel driving skill

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Kimi = Vettel

The most overrated drivers in F1 history.


@ H Guderian (ALO fan)

Very well put mate

Both kimi and vettel are the most vaunted pilots in the history of F1. Neither do not know how to drive around the problematic cars and nor they are versatile. One is getting whipped by Daniel ricciardo and other one is just pathtic to watch whenever people watch the race

Alonso is a Fable and Proverbial.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Daniel is the real deal.

This boy is really good.

In a few years he may be as good as Alonso.


Neither are over rated - just not the same caliber as Fernando.


I think we should wait for a season or two before we compare the caliber of two drivers driving the same car and we have no definite way of comparing two drivers driving different cars


Kimi is not overrated, but he is definately not driving up to the best of his ability this year. Look at his debut in Dauber (on his first race he overtook two superior cars and got a points finish with the old points system - video is on YouTube).

He was unbelievable in his McLaren years but everyone knows that.

It is more than fair to critisize his performance this year. He is underperforming. But to critisize his entire career just because of this year, it is unfair.


I'm not sure Lewis will go back to Macca next year - I think he is contracted to Brackley until the end of 2015 at the very least. I think he'll wait and see how the Honda PU plays out. If it's a competitive piece of kit, then yes, he could have a chat with his former mentor Mr Dennis. However, for the next year and a half, Lewis is definitely a Mercedes man!

As for Kimi, I would say he is past his peak, and he doesn't have that hunger and tiger-ish instincts any more. Remember 2008 and 2009? I rest my case on that one!

I don't think Massa had the ultimate pace to defeat the Mercs - but I would agree Williams could have been a bit sharper relative to Merc on when to pit.

Nando desperate? I think that's the wrong adjective. I would say resigned. I think he's resigned to his fate at Ferrari this year, but he still gives 100%, and he never stops trying until he sees the chequered flag. Can't fall the Bullfighter for that!


Kimi is known as the ice man; not as a fastest driver. William didn't destroy Massa's race. They were not going for the win. He should have known where to place his car when Hamilton pounced on him. Bottas did a better job. Why would Hamilton go to McLaren when he has a winning car?


Williams DDD obviously ruin Maasa's race by pitting him too late which they admit.


It seems that Rosberg is taking a psycholigical edge over Lewis. I consider Lewis slightly faster over Nico but Nico is mentally much more stable, hence less error-prone. In 2007 Lewis lost the championship because his nerves cracked. The same thing occurred almost in 2008 as well. The same cracking seems to be taking place in 2014 championship as well...

I think by the end of the season, Nico will be the one waiving the WDC trophy.


nicos made errors in quali this season,and even in some races.how short some ppls memories are.he actually made a error in q3,he also made a mistake in monaco q3.and in some of the wet quali's too.


But Nico isn't as childish as the British champ is. Anybody else noticed the "me and my boyz" pics on Nico's twitter profile? Kinda funny. Hamilton, stop being "me lovez you all" and just focus on driving.


So Hamilton is not supposed to post a picture up of him and his friends because you may take exception to it.. Grow up.


He'll waive it? To whom?


A very hasty conclusion, in 2007 Lewis lost the championship because he lacked experience. Period. And after all the "spygate" affair, it would have been a tainted championship anyway, so I do consider it was better for him to succeed in 2008.

He is not cracking, I think he is learning to get it all together step by step. He is my favourite for the WDC by miles. If he was giving in to pressure, he would never have finished second today.


Stephen Taylor

In terms of body language is Kimi not very motivated to perform at the moment? Your view James and if so are his car struggles the main factor for this being the case?


Intresting that when during the race Kimi was asked to increase the pace (couple of tenths I think) to beat Button, well he answered the kimi style but anyway picked up the pace by almost five tenths. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So if he is pushed a little bit, he can do better. I think there are some motivation issues with him, but they are due to the car that doesn't feel right to him and also particularly in this race due to some technical issues why he had to ease the pace during first laps and then lost all those places in first pitstop.

In general also he probably expected something else when coming back to Ferrari, so in my view it is somehow understandable. He wants to fight for the win and the win only, and when the car is not getting better (with lotus the story was different), the spirit is not so high in his end of the garage.

But he is a fighter by nature, i think once they see the light at end of the tunnel, things will be different.


Actually read what Kimi said. He was told to drive slowly because they had to manage a brake problem. 2 Laps into the race he was asked to slow down!

That prompted the reply.. "Give me Full power then!" when he was told he was racing Button. Motivation is a word a lot of people use. He would not be here, if he was not motivated.

He came back to Ferrari because of Allison. He very well knows this is a transitional year and he has to put up with the rut Alonso has put Ferrari in. Next year, if Ferrari make use of the winter to get their engine sorted, Allison's chassis might be competitive even if not for a championship. Then we'll see a different story.

It is pretty much same with Nico Rosberg too. After 2013 nobody expected much of him against Hamilton. But now, he is staring at a possible WDC he ups his game and is so so so better a driver than he was last year!


"It is pretty much same with Nico Rosberg too. After 2013 nobody expected much of him against Hamilton."

People must not have been paying attention in 2013 then. He drove just as well as Hamilton last season, though he had the lions share of the reliability problems.


No its because he was first told to back off as his brakes were over heating


Exactly. He does not care for lower places. Put him in 3rd or 4th in the race as seen in Monaco, and he matched Mercedes and runs faster than Alonso. He also does the fastest lap in the race in the end when in lower positions. So if he was consistent with that speed he can get places, but he wont. Why? He only likes a top car and does not care less for weak ones unlike Alonso.

kenneth chapman

@ sri...yes he did put in the fastest lap in monaco...on a brand new set of supersofts when the track was fully rubbered in and he only had fumes left in tank.doesn't say much really.


Ferrari's pitstop strategy didn't make him happy either. He lost two places in his inlap in one of his pitstops because they kept him out too long. Which happened often to Massa too. Coincidence?


Exactly & for the ill informed below..Raikkonen was never racing Alonso he was in 7th and Ferrari could have maintained at least 7th without any pressure on Alonso or the pit crew...really stupid strategy..Oh well it cost them 2 or 3 more points bad luck !!

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Coincidence? NOPE!!!

Best strategy goes to the NUMBER ONE DRIVER.

The one 60 points ahead his teamate and the one who is fighting Williams and RBR´s (and winning).


Good. then Ferrari have given up WCC and can massage the ego of Alonso to win 3rd or 4th place in WDC.


Great response.


Raikkonen does not like the handling of the car so he cannot qualify as well as Alonso. The way I saw the race is, Raikkonen lost the places during the first stop. The question is, why Ferrari did not bring him in before Alonso? I guess Ferrari did not try to maximize the points, Ferrari was afraid not to anger Alonso. Alonso had 8 seconds lead over the driver behind him, I think it was Hulkenberg, while Raikkonen was in the middle of 4 or 5 cars fighting for position. They brought him in when his tyres were already gone. Interestingly, Raikkonen could have got a podium at the drivers' circuit before he was hit by Chilton, which suggests that he still knows how to drive.


I picked up from Italian colleagues that there may have been some special Kimi parts on the car to help his issues, but it's not really happening for the 2007 champ, is it? He's now 60 points behind Alonso!


@ James allen

Special kimi parts? what are those?

Can you enlight us?

From what i have observed kimi is not versatile enough. Ferrari cars have been always difficult to drive for quite some time now because of the poor technical crew and lack of superlative engineers. I always believe a pilot should perform across all conditions and at any tough situation.

I see only one pilot in the grid who can deliver at all times irrespective of the machinery he drives for


James did you also pick up from your Italian colleagues that Kimi did not have DRS for the first part of the race? I saw an online interview with italian media where it was mentioned. What about the reports that Kimi was asked to back off the brakes because they were over heating after only 2 laps.

The handling problems Kimi acknowledged were a set up gamble from Friday but lets not forget he still moved up to 7 th after the first lap and then the team left him out in the cold with No tyres again where 3 cars passed him during that first stop!.

I feel sorry for Raikkonen but then it just goes to show how fickle f1 is -most fans have already forgtten Vettel and the few loyal ones are saying he will be back.. But those same people have trashed Kimi far worse and hes still done far better job relatively than Vettel and its in a far more successful team in red bull.


@Anil - after 2 laps ???.. Whats up with that..


Many drivers had overheating problems today, not just Kimi. Alonso didn't have that problem because he was in clean air for the whole of the race; if Kimi qualified better it wouldn't have been an issue for him. Shame about the DRS..Kimi needs to sort out his side of the garage pronto. When he's struggling for pace so badly he at least needs the car to perform.

That said, it's silverstone next. Kimi has always been decent at the faster tracks so I hope he does better 🙂

kenneth chapman

@ james...when assessing the relative performances of the drivers i am fastly coming to the opinion that we are seeing an evolution of typology when it comes to actual racing.

as an example i see ricciardo developing along a very similar style to that of alonso. both have great racecraft, both can adapt their driving style to extract the very best out of what they are given, and both can pull off stylistically daring passes. neither of these guys get over emotional and both just get on with the job.

conversely i see vettel and raikonnen as both out of the same mold in many ways. neither of these drivers seem to be able to get any decent performances out of cars that are not specifically tailored to their individual styles. both of them seem to make silly mistakes, raikonnen in monaco and vettel in austria, are two examples. both of them possess latent potential but they appear unable to access that as they don't have any flexibilty.

i have always maintained that raikonnen is vastly overrated and i think that this is becoming more obvious as the season develops. vettel, as a 4 x WDC, is being shown up on an even grander scale. it must be humiliating for him. yes, he has been given webber's car but even taking out the DNF's he is still not exhibiting the talent that he was purported to have.

i'm sure that there are other opinions that exist to reflect different observations. it would be interesting to see them. finally we see hamilton being denied the win that some posters see as being inevitably 'his due' as being a faster driver. if he was simply a faster driver how was it that he still couldn't put a pass on rosberg? the same question that carried over from canada really.


You are right, because the Ferrari is not built around Alonso in any way at all.


Don't want to burst any bubbles, but Nando is a very emotional character. Ask Ron Dennis about 2007.............or Chris Dyer about Abu Dhabi 2010.............or Luca about Nando's comments at Hungary last year.

Nando is a very intense bloke who wears his heart on his sleeve, but that can be very, very wearing and tiring for anyone who works for him. I don't think Daniel has that same combustible personality outside of the car.

I admire Nando's commitment and tenacious doggedness when he's behind the wheel, but the intensity of his personality does cause issues.

I actually think Mr R personality wise is like Mark or Jenson: a sensible, down to earth, rounded, worldly wise undemonstrative sort of bloke who you wouldn't mind having a pint down the local pub at Silverstone with!

Sounds a bit like John Bull................


I think the previous red bull car swith their blown exhausts has made Sebee soft and making it difficult for him to drive a non dominant car. Seb needs is car on rails, but the rb10 is no bullet train, hence Ricci is beating Seb.


Vettel has had 3 DNFs or it would be much closer although he has been out qualified by Dan. Season isn't over yet!!


60 points and counting James!

Also, Silverstone and Hockenhiem are up next, where Nando is always mighty.


Incredibly Alonso is only a few points behind Ricciardo for 3rd place in the championship! Impressive given how poor the car is.


I really doubt if the car is that poor as it is projected to be( Obviously,not comparing it to the Mercs). It is definitely very reliable ( we have not seen any Alonso retirements ) and the new upgrades seem to be working very well.It's race pace also looks pretty decent.

We have seen before also Alonso downplaying the car and hyping up himself.Remember his statement that he finished second in the championship in 2013 without second fastest car.Though actually, Ferrari had very good reliability and extremely good race pace even though it qualified poorly. Also it had a good clutch system which helped Massa and Alonso to make those quick starts.

Alonso is doing a good job.No doubt.But Kimi's poor performance in contrast is putting him in a higher pedestal than needed to be

kenneth chapman

@ anil parmar.... incredibly ricciardo is still ahead of alonso in 3rd place given just how poor the renault/red bull is......


Was there a doubt in that result? Not at all. Rosberg has all the tools he needs to fight Lewis. Atleast now people should see he can take Lewis in a straight fight.

The damage was already done yesterday with his mistakes in Quali. I was also kinda expecting Bottas to get the upper hand over Massa too. A great race! Don't know why Ferrari did not pit Kimi early to cover Magnussen. Kimi would have atleast managed to finish 6th behind Alonso and better points for the team. I really don't understand why Ferrari time and time again forgets that there are 2 cars out there of their's racing, not just one?




Ferrari are ruining Raikkonen's career with their dumb stradigies. Why didn't they pit him on lap 12 or 13? They threw away two place by letting him get undercut by Hulkenberg and Ricciardo. Raikkonen made a good start and was running 7th and he ends up finishing 10th without anyone actually passing him on the track.


Maybe they are not interested in picking up maximum points for the team in races. Ferrari is desperately trying to win a championship with Alonso and the other driver is irrelevant. But all he can do is to piss his pants when he is given the championship winning car like he had 2010 and 2012. Kimi won the title in his first attempt and brought three titles to his team during his first visit with Ferrari. Alonso hasn't won anythig noteworthy at Ferrari and never will.


What the hell Ferrari is doing with Kimi's pitbstop timing? Its not the first time that he is one place behind Alonso and loses three or four positions with the pit strategy only. Please get Mark Slade back for Kimi.


Does Mark Slade make pitstop calls?


Maybe Kimi got too close to Fernando?


Exactly Sami!- most discerning F1 followers understand this - other here DONT


@Kenneth -"I was responding to..." Sami.. But I will accept this one cause I'm not a biatch : )

kenneth chapman

@ elie...... the week end comedy award is all yours.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Kimi is 0.3s per lap slower than Alonso (to say the least).

In some cases hes was ONE SECOND slower!!!

It´s really funny to see how people cannot simply accept the fact that Alonso is way faster than Kimi.

Kimi always have problems. The track is to cold for Kimi. The wet race does not suits him. The car does not suit his driving style, etc, etc, etc. Endless excuses.

Fact is that Kimi is doing worst THAN MASSA against Alonso.

Kimi will be fired (again).


Very well said mate

Tireless excuses in favour of kimi does not make him better. Kimi was Abysmal on track. Lap times nor points table do not lie. Yet here in this site there is always constant alonso bashing happens for no reason really.

Why Ferrari have to pit kimi early ? what he will achieve ? IN fact nothing. Ferrari themselves know only one pilot out there who cares about racing and points for the team whereas the other drives for fun and cash nothing else.

Finally as you said even Massa fared better against Alonso than kimi does this season.

Dumb support from certain fans section and tireless excuses time after time does not mask kimi from the gaze. KImi is not good enough


Is he really doing worse than Massa?


Nobody's saying here Kimi was fast and he could have beaten Alonso. He could have still finished behind Alonso but at a higher position with the team getting more points.

Is it Ferrari's obligation to keep Kimi behind Alonso with a big gap?? Or do Championship points don't matter?


Agree - Alonso haters still digging deep to discredit Ferrari and Alonso. Ferrari is paying Kimi 20 million to lose to Alonso - grow up guys!


It seems that Nico's winning time difference is the different in the pit stop time. Why is Lewis' pit stop always longer then Nico's? This appears to be the pattern all year long.


On the first pit stop, Hamilton over shot his pit box. On the second, it was due to a damage where the mechanic had to handle it carefully. Also, Hamilton was slower in getting away than Nico. Either way, Hamilton was not going to get pole nor going to win. Nico had it well covered both in qualifying and in the race.


to say he had it well covered in quali and the race is incorrect.in q3 lewis time was good enough for pole before making his first mistake.nico also made a mistake on his second run in q3,but it obviously wasnt as costly as nico's.


Did you even watch qualifying? Hamilton just needed to put in an ordinary S3 and he would've had pole. He went for it on his banker lap - unwisely in my opinion - and it cost him.

If Hamilton was on pole, he would've pulled away from Rosberg. He was clearly quicker on this track than Nico. Missed opportunity.


@Ken, re: the Ricciardo on Hulk pass ... did you really think about it long and hard? Do you remember back to Bahrain ... where was Ricciardo pulling off his passes there? Up into Turn 11 after the back straight. And why? B/c the RB10 is very good at keeping tight in the corners and being able to power through them. If I'm not mistaken Ricciardo passed Hulk up into Turn 11 during the Bahrain GP as well.

Likewise in Austria, Ricciardo's car was better able to keep tight to the inside line, coming out of turn 3. That's how he was able to get alongside, and then he flew past him around the outside as he outbraked Hulk into Turn 4.

There were other factors of course ... Hulk had pitted on lap 39, while Ricciardo last pitted on lap 43. So his tires were 4 laps fresher than Hulk's. Meanwhile, in the last stint, Rosberg's tires were 1 lap fresher than Lewis'.

Also, on the last two laps, Hulk got screwed while clearing lapped cars, specifically Gutierrez and Ericsson. From laps 66 to 68, Hulk lapped faster than Ricciardo. On lap 66 GUT and ERI were over 12 seconds up the road from them, but by lap 69 GUT was less than 3 secs ahead of HUL-RIC. They cleared GUT on lap 70 (HUL lost 0.2s to RIC), and ERI on the final lap.

There are two vids out there of the pass, if you want to check them out. One is from RIC's perspective, closing on HUL, while the other is the view from HUL's rear wing, looking backwards.

In the second video, you can see GUT and ERI fighting it out in behind the HUL/RIC dice. But in the first video, you can see that HUL never had DRS, so he must've passed ERI before the DRS detection point into Turn 2, while RIC got DRS (either off HUL or ERI). In the first video, watch as they both take Turn 3 ... HUL struggles mightily, having to correct with lots of opposite-lock, while RIC just turns the wheel, holds it, and just gets on the power. And he was on the inside line!

It is a great pass, that's for sure. Ricciardo is the real deal ... he's quick, and he can pass. But for that pass, he was also aided by the respective nature of the two cars, his fresher tires (vis-a-vis HUL), and the backmarker traffic.

kenneth chapman

@ C63......regarding your hypothetical re 'facts and opinions'. yes it would make a vast difference. surely though when one postulates a theoretical answer it should be qualified rather than being stated as a view beyond reasonable doubt. a viewpoint that cannot be supported. then again that poster seems to think that very few people 'have a clue'.

hamilton himself has stated that his pitstops did not effect his final placing!! secondly, no one to date has given me an answer as to why, if ricciardo, in a sub standard car could put a pass on hulkenberg why hamilton in a vastly superior car couldn't pass rosberg. after all a lot of people here seem to think that hamilton is light years ahead in the talent stakes.

facts, points on the board, lesser mistakes on track and superior racecraft are all contributing to rosberg's superiority ATM. this may not last, it could even unravel starting at silverstone but right now, this very minute, hamilton is no.2 and rosberg in no.1. a fact.


@KRB- Your correct- watching the live timing Lewis was quicker & the commentators even said he was up 3/10 in his last quali run. Unfortunately you need to spoon feed some people before they get it. But at the end of the day he messed it up.

Lewis lost 2.9 sec in the race in pit stop diff ( 1.9 first 1 in the sec) . The first was mainly his fault. He was 9/10 with a few laps left. Its more than possible he would have been ahead of Nico even after the first stop & very likely. Given he passed 5 cars to get to Nico then manage his fuel/ tyres/ brakes -he did an incredible job just to get 2nd. He definitely could not pass in the end but he could easily have passed during or just after either pit stop.