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Michael Schumacher out of coma and leaves Grenoble hospital
Posted By: James Allen  |  16 Jun 2014   |  10:41 am GMT  |  114 comments

Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma, his management announced today.

The seven times world champion continues his rehabilitation, but has left Grenoble hospital and the high dependency unit where he was taken on December 29th following his skiing accident at Meribel, France.

There will be no further bulletins on his rehabilitation and his family and management plan to issue no more information about his whereabouts or his condition.

The statement said simply:

“Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore.

“His family would like to explicitly thank all his treating doctors, nurses and therapists in Grenoble as well as the first aiders at the place of the accident, who did an excellent job in those first months.

“The family also wishes to thank all the people who have sent Michael all the many good wishes to Michael. We are sure it helped him.

“For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye.”


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Wonderful news, keep fighting Michael


The fight continues and I greet this news of Michael leaving hospital with cautious optimism; I'm glad James reports in a respectful matter-of-fact manner, not resorting to specualtive sensationalist spin, as we have unfortunately seen far too much of that elsewhere.

I hope you don't mind James, but here is a link to another article worth reading:


Jonathan Powell

Thankyou for that Crom,a touching article and insight into what its like for relatives who have been through something like this.


Good news I hope. The wording of the announcement doesn't fill me with optimism but it has been several months and I can understand why the family want to move on without the added pressure of the media spotlight. Let's just hope that over time Michael does continue to improve.


To get a sense of what Michael is going through, you should watch a documentary called The Crash Reel. The movie documents the rise, fall & recovery of Kevin Pearce, an outstanding US snowboarder who suffered a severe brain injury after a fall on the ski slopes in the run up to the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The film shows the long process of recovery & the long term affects of brain injury.




I agree. Somehow the wording of the statement made me sad. More info in what was not said...

Here's hoping for a recovery.


Sadly, not in a Coma means just that. It does not mean everything is now Hunky Dory. I do feel that there are some people, close to Michael, that are in denial over his prognosis. I know they want to prove the mainstream wrong, we'd all like to see that but after this amount of time it seems unlikely that he will make much more progress. What is not said tells an awful lot.



No mention of the word "happy", just gratitude to the doctors, supporting fans and first aid-helpers. There's a feeling of acceptance in the statement. Not relief. Notice the wording "We are sure it helped him.", it is written in the past tense … this good be good (the main battle has finished) or bad (there's no more battles to be won).

Whatever Michael's condition. They shouldn't be ashamed of him. He is a Living Legend now.


I would like to add to this discussion, so being out of the coma, does that mean he is awake and able to communicate?

If he has managed to get back into our world that is wonderful news as the past few months it seemed that he would never come out of the coma, but I do think they should just make it a bit more clear his state now.

Finally understandably that they will not want any media attention, as he will be a shadow of his former self, but wishing you all the best and hopefully see you at a race track some time soon, no matter what your condition is.


Unfortunately, I would agree that no news is not necessarily good news. My understanding is that he came off the ventilator and officially out of a coma a couple of months back. That basically said that the medical support had done all it could do as he was now breathing on his own. I guess the questions now are, is he still being sustained through artificial means (fed intraveniously) or is he responsive to external stimulus and genuinely recovering some form of function? Clearly we are all speculating but the family's apparent lack of excitement at sharing any glimmer of good news leads me to believe he is still in a minimal state of being and that this latest "development" is a move to have Michael closer to the family home now that he is no longer in high dependency, critical care. Like everyone else I wish the great champion a full recovery but hold grave fears that his body is being kept alive whilst his soul has already departed.


As these terms are usually defined, being 'out of a coma' is compatible with being in a minimally conscious state (MCS) or a persistent vegetative state (PVS). Both states involve 'wakefulness' (i.e. a sleep-wake cycle) but with little or no awareness.

Unfortunately, there is every reason to fear from this statement that Michael is in PVS or at best MCS. As Gary Hartstein keeps emphasising: if there was good news, they would surely say so. I'm afraid the absence of detail is bad news.


Not necessarily. Medically he was out of his coma in April when his management made their last statement. All this statement really adds is confirmation of the leaks last week that he's been transferred out of the ICU. He could still be in a persistent vegetative state on a ventilator or he could be conscious and communicating with his family, or anything in between. Unfortunately for all those fans taking this as confirmation he's going to be alright there's nothing really present in this statement to say that and there's a chance their hope is misplaced.

I hope for the best for him and really hope he pulls through but this statement doesn't really give any reason to think his situation is improved in a significant way.


Hey "No news", "Good news", let just be optimistic here...


+1 Those were also my Dad's words and he was always pretty much on the mark !

Thanks for keeping us informed, James, and for respecting the family's privacy.


Yes, it's a very neutral statement. It will probably take some time before we get news about his rehab.




Very happy to know our Schumi has won the battle over the dark forces for just when the fans had begun fearing for the worst, this happened >>> Brilliant!!!!

Yes, we're thankfully for all the people behind the scenes that have made this miracle possible especially the Schumi family and medical staff.

Now the long process of rehabilitation begins and we once again send him more well wishes in this long difficult journey but as been often said about Michael Schumacher, count him out at your own peril.



We've had a long time to accept this situation. I for one am keeping my joy in check at this release. I have no knowledge or link of any sort, but a gut feeling. I know it doesn't count for much, but it tells me that Schumi was out of this coma some time ago. And this statement says nothing new except that he will be moved to make family access easier. It offers no details whatsoever. And you can be sure that there is aspect of privacy to Schumi, family, his state and condition in this statement. But also no details...well, let's say it makes me more worried than optimistic.

I may have mentioned to you that I've seen such a situation unfold relatively close by. A friend of a friend (a bit older than Schumi, but also married with 2 children) was riding his road bike, two loose dogs got in his path, in an effort to avoid the dogs he hit the brakes hard, went over and hit his forehead onto the pavement. No helmet. He's alive. He's in a conscious state, out of his coma, in his case it was 2 months. But he is in a vegatative state, never to return to any sort of lifestyle you or I would describe as anything close to normal. It's an incredibly sad situation, made even more sad by various other factors. Anyhow, I've seen many parallels in these two sitautions. I honestly feel most concerned for the family, as they probably have hardly had a happy moment last 5 months and this case puts them in limbo of hardly being able to find a happy moment. Brain injuries are incredibly cruel.

It's much easier for us, because we're at a distance. And maybe some good can come of this in the end, I hope.


Unfortunately there's no new information in this statement. Medically he was out of his coma in April when Sebine made the last statement but being out of a coma does not make one conscious. We can all hope for the best but there's he could be anything from awake and talking to his family through to being in a persistent vegetative state and still on a ventilator. Unfortunately his family do not wish us to know either way.


'Unfortunately his family do not wish us to know either way'

Yes, how weird they don't have you at the head of their thoughts.


There's no need to be rude...


@ Goferet.

hold on to your horses and stop dancing




Couldn't agree more Goferet.

I always admired and respected Michael as he was a fighter and was never a coward, he would never back away. I admire people with courage and grit.

And Michael has plenty of courage and grit. He will be back.


Spot on! Thank you.


Good but also bad news. The fact they haven't mentioned what state he is in tells you everything 🙁

I've been watching the and most doctors do not think he will make a proper recovery. I hope they're wrong, if anyone can do it he can.


@ Gaz Boy

Spot on.

Schumi is the last breed of old school racers and human beings who represent what F1 is all about.


Yes +1


He certainly was.

I just want to clarify my comments on the previous post. I'm not knocking the Italian nation, but I was knocking Luca and Ferrari and their whining and moaning about the regulations, it just smacks of sour grapes and cowardice.

Look at Michael's dignified example in 2005 when Ferrari fell dramatically from grace. I never once that year heard Michael moaning, complaining or trying to pull rank. Not once. Michael accepted that the Bridgestones were inferior to the Michelin shod brigade, and just got on with the business of dragging a difficult car to places it had no right to be - his pole lap at Hungary and dogged drive to second in that race stands out. His motivation and absolute commitment that year were outstanding. Michael, being a worldly wise sort of bloke, know that in sport, like life, we have our good and bad times, and in that very robust way just accepted that, and got on with the job with no complaints.

Or look at Michael's reaction after leading from the front at Suzuka 2006 only to have an engine failure that terminally denuded his WDC hopes for that year. He didn't shout, he didn't scream, he didn't throw his toys out of the pram. Like the previous year, Michael accepted that 2006 wasn't to be his year and yet had given his absolute maximum and dedication, and just said I gave it my best shot and it fell short, but hey, so be it.

Michael's attitude towards his last 2 seasons with Ferrari earned my admiration and respect. He was a fighter, he gave us all, he never complained, he liked the competition and he respected the new generation of Nando and Kimi who took his crown; that's the measure of the man.

It's such a pity that the legacy of Michael at Ferrari has been squandered, that honest, straight forward, come what may, take it as a man attitude. That's my gripe against present day Ferrari. A lack of perspective.

Michael, on the other hand, I hope you make the best recovery you can, I feel your family and how loving and patient they have been. You will make a recovery though; you're a fighter and not a coward.

Michael, man to man, you have my utmost respect and admiration, and you can't ask any more of a person than that.


"Very happy to know our Schumi has won the battle"

I suspect the battle is just beginning. I think if he was in a position to make even a brief statement to the media via a spokesperson, he would have. He suffered a significant brain injury and, reading between the lines, it sounds like he's severely disabled as a consequence.


@ Martin Place

The biggest battle we will ever fight is that between life and death.

The rest is a bonus.


now he can start the next stage on his good foot. go for it schumacher!


I would not be so happy.....he is not in comma, but can he come back to a normal life? There is no word about it.


Yes I must say I am worried about his quality of life.


If he's awake and he has his family around him then I think at this point that's all he and they would really want for now.

From what I know he always kept his family out of the public eye, so I guess you could say that in that respect at least he has returned to a normal life. I just hope now they can have a bit of peace and quiet - they deserve it.


AlexD, it is no hollywood where a person wakes up from coma and starts acting normal. The rehab can take years.


Is this really official news?


Yes! Schumacher's representatives released an official statement.


Yes, it is.


Whilst I completely understand the privacy of the family and respect their decision and ability to keep it private, it would be nice if fans were given just slightly more information on his condition. A heck of a lot of people care about him, supported him for decades and have genuine concern.

It is admirable though how closely knit the family have been on this though, I will take this news as a good sign.


It is not any of the business of 'the fans' and people with international public stature have as much right as anyone else to privacy.

I'm pleased to hear there is a positive change in his circumstances and that is all I need to know.


I disagree. The general lack of information about Michael's condition is bound to leave everyone speculating. What's everyone supposed to do? Simply quit thinking about the whole situation anymore? Maybe we should...


It's not a case of "none of your business", the outpouring of good wishes that people gave when he was first hospitalised at least show that a lot of people care about his condition.

So whilst the family are more than entitled to absolute privacy, it would be worth them just giving a light update to his condition.


They have. He is out of a coma and out of the hospital in Grenoble.


@Matt W. No. I think the Schumacher family are aware of people's concern and support, given that he is the most successful racing driver it all time. Why would it 'be worth them' giving you an update?! They don't care about you, they care about their struggling husband and father. Plus, the lack of update, is an update in itself, read between the lines.


This is amazing news. I really do hope that he makes a full recovery. All hope seemed lost of his coming off coma some weeks back, so this very encouraging.


Excellent news. I wish they were a little more revealing in these announcements as it's open to a lot of interpretation. I'm hoping for the best though. If he did start to come out of the coma a couple of months ago (when they initially mentioned it) and now he can leave the hospital hopefully things have been going better than a lot of people were speculating. Forza Michael!


Considering all the circumstances, this is great news!

#Keep Fighting Michael


Excellent news! Any positive news is good news at this time. Keep fighting, Michael. We're all with you and your family.


I was reading last week he was been transferred out of Intensive Care to a regular ward... is this further news? Is there any news on his health... like permanent brain-damaged etc?


Not really. Medically he was out of his coma in April when his management made their last statement, and this statement contains no new information other than confirming the leaks reported last week. He could be in a persistent vegetative state or fully conscious and talking to his family. Unfortunately the statement doesn't give any information either way, and chances are given the vague nature of the statement the severity of his injuries and the length of time he was in a coma it's more likely to towards the worse end of the spectrum than the positive end - although given the lack of any official information that's just speculation.

Unfortunately for all those other fans with all the really positive messages in this thread there's a fair chance that they've been misled by this statement into believing he's in far better shape than he actually is.


Wow! This is unexpected and good news.

Who knows what condition he will be in for the rest of his life, and I am sure its a long road of rehabilitation ahead. But still, this is the most positive news in months.

Keep fighting Michael. More apt now than ever.


Brilliant. Clearly his family, much as Michael himself demonstrated, prefer privacy and whether his prognosis is good, bad or mediocre - I hope they are left in peace. If Michael does want to enter the public eye again and is of sufficient health to do so, that'd be wonderful but that's up to them.

The very best to him and his family and friends. And thanks to James for the restrained update and not being part of the tabloid musings.


Great news and Im sure this continues to be "small steps".The presumption for some time now has been that he has been out of the coma. Unfortunately there is no comment about his physical or mental condition so we must remain very cautiously optimistic till there are positive words in these areas. Keep fighting Michael you've "qualified well back" now its "race time".


The best news in a long long time ! I wish Michael the very best as he starts as he prepares for the long road to recovery. He was written off as someone who will never wake up, but his true fans always believed he would. Now that he has woken up and put himself in pole position for that long and most important race of his life. Win # 92, Michael. Go for it ! Keep fighting !


So, according to that release, he is out of the coma, but I suppose he could be in a persistent vegetative state instead. They say nothing about his current condition. I wouldn't celebrate with that lack of news.


There's no word of his actual condition so it may be a while before he's really back on his feet, but this is still excellent news 🙂


I'll second that Random.

Michael is a fighter, blessed with those heroic Corinthian qualities of courage, grit, determination and a never step backwards attitude. Whatever you think of his driving manners, Michael was never a coward who ducked out of a fight, and I hope he draws on those inspirational qualities that defined his career.

kenneth chapman

greek mythology and shumacher.....scraping it a bit there. check out herodotus who thought that athenians were better fighters than any of your corinthians.i recollect spending time in corinth a very long time ago and i must confess i didn't see any of your heroes at all? lots of young blokes hanging around the bars and juke joints though.

shumachers' rascasse' moment though flies in the face of your corinthian qualities don't you think?


RE Kenneth: That's a valid point, but remember Michael in his Benetton and Ferrari career was never beaten by his team-mate over a full season - Rosberg Junior has taken a few beatings from Lewis!

So no, I don't rate Mr Rosberg in the same class as Michael.

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy....if you say so. however consider this...what if rosberg goes on to win the WDC in a hugely dominent car and he does this again and again racking up WDC's by the bucketload until he accumulates around six/seven....does that make him a genius?


RE Kenneth: Michael was a flawed genius, but a genius netherless.


Good grief @ Gaz Boy you certainly get carried away. This isnt the place for discussing his driving. If it were there would be several incidents which clearly defined him in the exact opposite of what you just stated.

kenneth chapman

'michael was never a coward who ducked out of a fight'. does the name 'rascasse' ring any bells for you?.

kenneth chapman

wow...should read 'do NOT wish him any ill favour......'

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy.....i guess that it is all a matter of interpretation. your analogy flew in the face of reality. yes, from time to time some people make mistakes and that is a no brainer. what MS did in monaco that day was not a 'mistake' but a blatant attempt to cheat his way to pole position. now some people might be happy with this. i just happen to think that action like this leaves a lifelong blemish on his sporting credulity. others are free to disagree, that's fine. i might add that this was not the first time as he blatantly attempted to drive others off the track. that little activity could well of ended tragically.

as i have stated before, as a fellow human being i do wish him any ill favour and his accident is tragic especially for his family. as an F1 driver....i think i have made my position clear.


RE Kenneth: see my essay above replying to Goferet.

I admit Michael had some less than desirable traits as a racing driver, that's true. He was human. All racing drivers are. They wouldn't be human if they didn't make the occasional silly error of judgement.

In Greek mythology, a hero always had human imperfections, but was possessed of extraordinary powers.

Which is how I would sum up Michael.


Really great news, but still a long road ahead. Best wishes for a full and strong recovery, Michael!


Sadly this is not good news at all. Such a long time in a coma, in HDU, leaves little hope for recovery. My best wishes go to his family, it must be incredibly hard, especially in such a public spotlight.


I don't know that it's not good news at all, but I agree that there is very little chance for a any type of real recovery. There's a very good chance he could be in vegetative state for the rest of his life. I'm amazed how hopeful everyone here is. It's as if coming out of a coma after 6 months means he's going to be signing autographs while he's walking out of the hospital.


I don't think all hopeful commentators are naive. People are just happy to know there is some news, mostly positive, about his health. He wasn't pronounced dead, which, itself is good news.

As for the chances of his recovery and whether he'll be vegetative, or have some control over his body and speech, and whether the likely (perhaps, very) vegetative state would be hard for his family are none of our concern. It's for Michael's family to deal with whatever happens. Maybe their relationship is strong enough to hold them together, maybe not.

Of course, we would all want Michael to be able to move, talk and do basic tasks. Perhaps, just being alive would be enough for his family. Who knows? Some commentators have pointed out how difficult families of similarly incapacitated people suffer in the short and long run. Michael's family may endure the same troubles, maybe not. It's up to the Schumachers and their friends.

Our best hope now is for Corrina and kids to get some part of Michael back. This is what they'll be hoping. As for us fans, Michael or his family do not owe us anything. Schumi has inspired and entertained us for close to 2 decades. It's family time now, if possible. Our good wishes and thoughts should be with Michael and his family.


Well said.


Hope is a powerful thing. I don't think anyone here is expecting him to sign autographs, but at times of difficulty people prefer to be optimistic, rather than depressingly realistic. Just look at religion...


Yes, sadly I fear that many F1 fans are conflating being 'out of a coma' with being 'aware' or 'conscious'. They are not the same at all. Medically, being 'out of a coma' is compatible with being in a persistent vegetative state or a minimally conscious state, so the choice of words here is ominous.

If there is one good thing to come out of this terrible situation, it's that the general public may end up understanding these neurological conditions better than before.


"I’m amazed how hopeful everyone here is. It’s as if coming out of a coma after 6 months means he’s going to be signing autographs while he’s walking out of the hospital."

Reading through the comments here I'm not sure there's too many that actually believe that's the case. Whatever his actual condition is I think it's fair to say that mostly we're just relieved and happy that he's out of the coma and out of the hospital.

I don't mean to criticise you, but saying that there is little chance for a recovery does no-one any good. Keep in mind that all through this there have been some that said there was little chance he'd wake up again at all and gladly they've been proved wrong so I say have a little hope and good luck to him.

It might be a long, long time before we hear anything more definitive (and by definitive I mean from the ones who are close to him if not Michael himself), but however he is doing I'm sure he's better than he was a few months ago.


Yes I must say I am worried about his quality of life. Will he able to speak walk and eat?


I was no fan of MS the racer in his track days, but I am a huge fan of the man now, and I so want him to recover. Good luck Michael - we are all with you.


I see this as bad news and confirmation that shumacher is never going to recover. I hope I am wrong but the facts speak for themselves. Forget about who it is, people who suffered this type of injury very rarely recover at all. 90% of people normally never leave a vegative state. I've seen more of this over the years in motorbike racing than I would like to admit. Its awful for his family and friends. Its the part of Motorsport that scars me, being left like that. Awful. I would rather head on.


Well the good news is that he is "communicating with this family" and out of his coma. So he's not stuck in a vegative state. I've also seen it happen to other people and there's no clue about whether Michael can hold a normal conversation but the fact that it is "the family says this, the family says that" suggests he's not got to the point of telling his agent what he wants said. The "there will be no updates again ever" tone isn't good.


Where in the statement does it say he can communicate with his family?


It isn't

That is something Bild newspaper in Germany is saying.


I'm afraid there is no official confirmation that he is 'communicating with his family' -- only a rumour spread by Bild. I imagine that if the rumour was true, this latest official statement would have confirmed it. But any confirmation is conspicuously absent.

Unfortunately this means that, for all we know, Michael may well still be in a persistent vegetative state or a minimally conscious state.


This is one large step in a very long road. Its great to hear the news that he is able to communicate with his family but at what level? Lets hope that the spirit he had on track can transfer to the rehab. I speak from personal experience that this is the hard part, being once fit and able to having to fight just to turn over in bed is a real mind bending thing,i just hope that he is not going through this. He is going to need all the help and support of his family. They will need support as well, we tend to forget that disability affects the whole family no matter at what level. I really do wish them well,i fully appreciate why they need privacy at this time and i hope that as a fan base we can repect that and let the guy mend...keep fighting Michael


His 8th championship!


Great news, I'm very very happy!!! I think I have something stuck in my eye 😀

Keep on fighting Michael!



I hope this is good news.

I wish we knew more but Michael's family have an absolute right to privacy.


What does it mean that he's out of a coma though? Is he conscious? Is he aware of his surroundings? My guess is he's not awake in any significant sense, but remains in a largely vegetative state.

The Spanish Inquisitor

Bravo, Michael... the "war" continue.... You will win....


As with all her other statements, this just raises more questions than it answers. Extremely frustrating.


All the best to Michael.

It doesn't at all. Out of coma without any other positive detail can resume to medical definitions only, which in this case we are speaking about PVS.

However, he might simply be in the same state, he might improved or they simply needed to move him and used some words to cover the real deal. You will never know!

Stating that they are not intending on making any more statements, to me simply implies that he is in such state where they aren't expecting a change/improvement anytime in the near future and they are taking him to a place where he resides until...well who knows let's hope for the best.

Valentino - Schumacher # 1

Could not receive a better Father's Day present than this ..

From the CBC website in Canada :

Schumacher earned universal acclaim for his uncommon and sometimes ruthless driving talent, which led to a record 91 race wins. He retired from F1 racing in 2012 after an unmatched seven world titles.


Best news of this season! Keep fighting Michael!


Good news, but still a long way to go though. Fingers crossed


This made my day. We thank all the people who did this. Only people can. Live till you are old. The best to Schu!!!!


I read as many people the fascinating blog of Dr Hartstein and his point of view about Michael Schumacher medical condition.

43 minutes of F1 medical history : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBXWbTuNEl8

Dr Hartstein's blog: http://formerf1doc.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/good-news/#comments

Rob in Victoria bc

Thank you Michael.


I think the relative lack of info is not especially discouraging. They give little detail and generate so much speculation anyhow. I like the family's approach, even though it must be hard to get a word in on the topic as Gary Hartstein never shuts up.


Could this be the last time we, officially, hear about Michael Schumacher? I'm pretty sure the family won't be giving updates on his rehab for now on.


Sounds as if the family will indeed be saying nothing. However, one would expect some hints from previous visitors such as Massa, Barricello or Vettel if they again go to see him. However, if they and other long term friends are not permitted visits in future I think we can assume that the prognosis is very poor. I expect that some sort of 'picture' will emerge in the coming months.


The news I am waiting for long time!

All the best Schumi!


Just in time when European legs kicks off. Thumbs Up! All the best Michael!!

kenneth chapman

i'm afraid that i still don't understand all this 'secrecy' about his actual condition. how can levelling with his fans/supporters in reference to his 'real' condition be of any disadvantage? sooner or later the truth of the matter will surface.

i would've thought the reverse would be in order. be honest and tell the truth...whatever that is. that would most likely end the speculation and matters could then proceed in an orderly fashion. very strange indeed.


We can only hope that he is improving. But like others I feel he may well never recover. Surely if he was communicating in a meaningful way we would hear. It makes no sense to keep good news quiet as it just fuels our desire for knowledge.


That is very good news about Michael,but the road to his recover is long and hard.

I attended the Canadian gp I'm totally disappointed about the looks and totally disappointed with the sound of the cars,now I have been informed that the three day pass,the tickets have increased by $20,f1 has lost a great fan, not due to the price but the show,boring race for fifty laps,the last twenty were exiting,but I will never be back.Montreal and f1 have lost me forever.Sorry f1 but the sound sucks.

Scuderia McLaren

I remember Michael getting a 6.6sec pit stop (amazingly quick for the time) and pulling out just in front of Mika Hakkinen's McLaren at Suzuka in 2000. It was the final stop. He had secured track position. He WAS going to win the World Title, finally, with Ferrari. I was screaming.

This, for me, is the same. It's not job done, but he has just pulled out in front of the Coma. He's got a chance now. He's got track position. But yes, He's still got a stint to go. But he WILL win the world title of Recovery. I will be screaming all the way with him.



Even the smallest of improvement matters and should be considered as a stepping in stone in the long walk. Keep fighting Michael.


Can someone please explain to me what this actually means. Can Michael talk and walk? Thank You and once again get well soon Schumi.


No- one knows and his manager and family have no plans to say more

Which sadly leaves lots of space for speculation


Sometimes it's more telling what someone doesn't say than what they do say and in this case it's probably sadly true.

I can't help thinking that racing drivers would probably have these kind of "what if" nightmare scenarios already planned for with their immediate families, so I wouldn't be surprised if Michael is now living out a plan that was made many years ago albeit ironically not as a result of racing in F1.


I do with the best for Michael and his family. It will be very tough on all of them. That said, and without trying to be insensitive, will we ever see Michael again? I'm just wondering if his family will always keep him "hidden" from the public eye, which is their right... it's a private matter. Just wondering how they will handle it all at some point down the road.

kenneth chapman

whilst this comment is not totally germane to the thread title i was wondering why people continually exclaim the someone seriously incapacitated and in intensive care can be described as 'fighting for their life'. i mean literally that is impossible and quite ludicrous really. in that condition they are literally hanging on a medical support thread and any 'fighting' in any sense seems beyond stupid.

i mean if someone has brain damage serious enough to be put into a deep medically induced coma then i would presume that most brain activity is suspended......how can the patient be 'fighting' for his life? maybe someone can enlighten me without the usual anecdotal evidence.


As long as a dear person of you or anyone else you have respect at least is still alive and his heart still has the power to circulate some blood, you will want that person to fight, hence the quote, "fight till your last breath".

In case you are still confused..it is not the word itself, but the meaning wish behind it, the whole lifting morale of human psychic when someone is a bed.

kenneth chapman

@ EMG....'you will want that person to fight etc etc etc' when that occurs what i want is for that person to 'live/survive'. let me phrase that another way. some years ago i was told that i had prostate cancer and that i would need to make some serious decisions. i did, and i came out the other side in excellent condition, but did i fight? no, not literally. i was simply a 'spectator', the specialists and nuclear physicians went to work and did what was necessary. all i could do was 'hope'that they did it all properly. i was just along for the ride.

i am fully conversant with the meaning of the word 'fight', that is why i posted this in the first instance. i just fail to see where all this F1 analogy leads. i would say simply, 'best of luck' as being more appropriate to what is transpiring. anyway time to move on.

kenneth chapman

@ EMG....'you will want that person to fight etc etc etc' when that occurs what i want is for that person to 'live/survive'. let me phrase that another way. some years ago i was told that i had prostate cancer and that i would need to make some serious decisions. i did, and i came out the other side in excellent condition, but did i fight? no, not literally. i was simply a 'spectator' the specialists and nuclear physicians went to work and did what was necessary. all i could do was 'hope'that they did it all properly. i was just along for the ride.

i am fully conversant with the meaning of the word 'fight', that is why i posted this in the first instance. i just fail to see where all this F1 analogy leads. i would say simply, 'best of luck' as being more appropriate to what is transpiring. anyway time to move on.

David in Sydney

Great news.


There's no reason to celebrate. He will never recover fully. He has serious and long term brain damage. He is lapsing in and out of consciousness. It's time to forget about Schuemacer and give the family the privacy that they are begging for.

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