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Massa says he can’t trust Perez, but FIA prepares to review Canada crash
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  19 Jun 2014   |  4:33 pm GMT  |  82 comments

Felipe Massa has said will not trust Sergio Perez again following the pair’s heavy accident in the closing stages of the Canadian Grand, adding that he will “think three times” before considering any overtaking move on the Mexican in the future.

The FIA, however, will tomorrow morning review the accident at the request of Force India who want the five-place grid penalty handed to Perez for this weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix rescinded.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 16.30.33

Speaking at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg where teams are preparing for the first Austrian Grand since 2003, Massa once again insisted that Perez was at fault for the huge crash in Canada that saw both drivers taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

“The rules says when somebody moves the car behind and puts the front wing on the side of your rear tyres you cannot move any more,” said Massa. “He didn’t follow that. I will not change my opinion. What I just said, this is the rule.”

Massa added that in future he will be more cautious in attempting to pass the Force Mexican driver.

“I will think twice, because I believed he would not move his car, I believed him,” said the Williams driver. “You can’t believe now when somebody who is paying so many penalties and causing so many problems, you can’t believe… I will not trust him anymore, definitely. When I will be behind him again I will think about three times where I need to go because I don’t know what he is going to do.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 16.01.20

Force India, meanwhile, are insistent that their driver was not at fault and have asked the FIA to review the accident, believing they have strong new evidence in Perez’s favour. Race stewards in Austria will begin their review at 9am tomorrow, with a further meeting pencilled in for the late afternoon should the team’s new information require it.

For his part Perez said he would be prepared to sit down with Massa and thrash out the rights and wrongs of the incident, but at the same he reiterated his belief that he did nothing wrong.

“Felipe, we all know he is a good guy. He has his opinion, I have my opinion, and we just have to sit down,” he said. “Also we get the opportunity tomorrow, with the FIA, to review the accident once again, as we believe we have enough evidence to prove I did nothing wrong.”



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Do you know if there is anything to Johnny Herbet’s claims on Sky F1 that Perez and Force India didn’t get an opportunity to present their side before the stewards made their ruling?

I imagine if Herbet is correct that this would mean that Force India have a valid case to be reconsidered, otherwise it would be unlikely for the Stewards to reverse a decision and risk their authority being challenged more regularly?


The sheer cheek of Force India and Perez still trying to insist that a) it wasn’t Perez’ fault; and b) that Perez isn’t a danger to himself and others.

Perez should be banned for a race at least.


While I like Massa and felt sorry that the crash happened, I think he should let this go or at least tone it down and focus on the race this weekend. I think knowledge that the sauber team was planning to appeal the penalty handed to Perez by the FIA might have also prompted Massa’s comments to the media.


I think being asked about it by every journalist at the press conferences probably prompted it. Every time after a big collision the media ask the drivers involved what they think. Even Kimi last year was ‘going on’ about Perez after Monaco and brought it up in the drivers briefing and Kimi is normally the least communicative driver in history.

Unfortunately I think Massa has gotten lumbered with this ‘complainer’ tag, when every driver does exactly the same thing.

The drivers aren’t out there phoning journalists up at night saying, ‘I’m out to get this guy! I need you to print my complaints!’ – they do media events and conferences before races and they get asked and the media prints their answers. If Massa just said, ‘No Comment, No Comment’ every time we’d all be moaning that the drivers are too political and won’t speak to the fans and are hiding everything through fear of making a statement.

Yes Massa is probably never going to be the driver he was before 2009, Yes the FIA stewards should probably have a lighter touch on incidents and shouldn’t hand down decisions when drivers are in hospital and can’t present their case, but he’s not doing anything other drivers haven’t done.


Absolutely right.

It reminds me of how many in the public get up in arms about how the paparazzi hound celebrities to get photographs and then these same ‘concerned citizens’ purchase and read the very tabloid magazines such pictures go in. It’s as if these people are too ignorant to realize that they are the reason why the paparazzi do what they do in the first place. People can be so hypocritical and oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

Tom in Adelaide

The overhead shot is pretty damning for Perez really. Going straight ahead when you should be following a turning line is not really a defence.


Looking at the onboards for both drivers it looks like Massa drives into Perez’s rear to me. Perez does seem to drift left slightly but but I can’t see any tyre, pushrod or steering input that indicates him turning. There is adequate room on the left for Massa. Impartially I don’t think Perez did anything wrong. Unfortunately the replays seem to miss a few frames at the crucial moment, I think you have to give Perez the benefit of the doubt.


Can’t agree with the bulk of the comments here. Perez was defending on dodgy tyres. Massa had every right to put his car where it was. If Perez couldn’t turn in (i.e. understeering off) then its his fault for not managing that. The overhead shows him protecting a line that wasn’t his to protect imho.


“Can’t agree with the bulk of the comments here. “

Then they must be wrong.


James, love following your informed blogs, not a fan of your new web page,it seems very busy.


If the drivers get their willies whacked every time there is a racing incident then the racing will be stale. Sure, if a driver is making a habit of stuffing his competitors in the fence then give him a race or two to think it over. Other than that, let those guys mix it up and let the chips fall where they will.

The whole sport has become excessively micro managed by the FIA. Ease up on stifling the engineers’ ability to innovate, let the teams test and improve their cars and let the drivers be aggressive.

While we’re at it, lets have another tire war! 🙂


Well, I guess Perez already has the mental battle won for the next time he goes toe to toe with Massa.


My first thoughts when I saw the crash was massa was going into the corner to hot, I could only see a very small move from perez and I don’t believe massa was to the side of his back wheel.

I think Massa is playing a political game here, the team and Massa have not performed as expected this year.

With share holders looking for result, of course he will try to shift the blame.

It took Ricciardo 10 laps to pass Perez, Massa new he was running out of laps to challenge the 2 Redbull’s for the win.

My view for what it’s worth, racing incident.


+1 succinct and accurate


Massa should get over it and try not to get so accsatory…its unbecoming, but I fear it shows he is desperate for results…and the incidents undermine him a bit. I really wish him some strong results and for Williams – I like Massa. Perez similarly should probably let it lie. I always thought he came accross well and couldnt understand why there were rumours about him being arrogant in McLaren…however Im starting to get subtle indications of it now.


I recall reading that when Felipe tried to convey his position to Sergio after the race at the medical centre, Sergio ignored him, turned and walked away. This incident (if this is how it unfolded) probably has understandably annoyed Felipe to no end. It would certainly piss me right off.


Massa should focus on making his overtakes stick and taking the opportunities that he and his team have squandered before continuing to complain about everything…..I´ve been a fan of him for a while but he´s starting to get on my nerve! Seven years as a pawn at Ferrari and now he´s acting like the most entitled racing driver ever born.


The problem with this crash is there is a curve going in to turn 1. So then, what does it mean to hold your line? If it means to stay completely parallel to the edge of the track, then Perez was at fault. But is not really 100% clear because of this.


That’s what I was thinking too. The on-board shots from Sergio’s car don’t show him making a deliberate turn to the left – maybe a bit of compensating for track surface bumps. It looked like he was aiming straight for the apex because of the slight curve.


I hope it does work out for FI, because, and I’m not a Perez fan, but that was Massa’s fault. Racing incident yes, but definitely less on Perez than Massa.


Technically Perez was the guilty party as he did move towards Massa however, Massa probably was a little too close to the Force India. Massa should have allowed perhaps another half meter between him and Perez. Essentially, there was no obvious deliberate malice or gross negligence by either driver so I’d call it an unfortunate racing incident. Massa has overreacted towards Perez but perhaps this is due to Perez not admitting his mistake and dismissing Massa’s concerns.


Perez moved over after Massa. Perez fault


Massa outbraked himself, didn’t take Perez’s brake issues into account (surely the pit wall told him?) and didn’t leave him enough space for the corner. Racing incident, but Massa could have prevented it; Perez had no chance.


I never saw it as Perez fault in the first place just a desperate lunge by Massa. But then I’m not the FIA


perhaps if he’d thought three times before trying to over take there would not have been a crash, looked like 50/50 tome but it was a shame for two teams to lose a lot of points.


Even if Massa is correct (I am very dubious), at most it was a marginal error by Perez, and much more likely, he either did nothing in breach of the regulatins, or had a mechanical malfunction that resulted in… perhaps he slowed… but from the video I could not tell that he did anything at fault!

It’s true that he has had a few incidents where he throws himself into a corner, which requires another driver to yield, or there is a crash (best illustrated by the ill-considered move on Kimi at Monaco 2013).

However, his trend line is fair to good. He’s racing well, and seems much more refined compared to last year.

I hope for exoneration from the FIA review, and think it appropriate, for if you weigh the comparative poor judgement of the pass attempt (very risky, even for Formula One), then you realize that this type of risk taking is exactly the same as the Perez into the corner on Kimi c. Monaco 2013, only not as obvious.

Look at the video and see the car which seems unstable and moving through multiple lines, not to mention again the seeming lack of racecraft in the judgement of the pass attempt.

It sure looked like Massa was at fault.

And at the very least, he should lie low on the subject; they got the penalty assigned to Perez, now he needs to do what most Formula One drivers should do, but often don’t do:

Shut up and drive!


He is racing quite well to be fair. Considering all the love for Hulkenberg on this site, Perez is shaping up pretty well.


Nick, as far as I am concerned, the best bargain and value for a driver pairing is at ForceI, by miles!

Hulkenberg has proven himself worthy of a top line seat, and Perez has pretty well matched him.

I said it when it was announced and I stand by it, the best value in drivers on the grid.


By the way anyone else notice Perez is handing the Hulk his a@?!

All the talk about Hulkenburg being the next big thing and Perez is there doing a Ricardo on him……



Qualifying record:

Hulk – 5

Perez – 2

Championship Points:

Hulk – 57 pts

Perez – 20pts


You need to ‘watch’ the races.

Passed the Hulk on track, several times last race was denied another podium by Massa’s stupidity.

He is doing a solid job and appears to be getting more out of the car in race trim – Doesn’t even need the team to order Hulk out his way

The points do not the true story tell. I’m sure the Hulk is feeling it.


Perez has certainly been closer to Hulk than I thought, and beaten him fair and square a few times, but let’s not pretend they’re on the same performance level. Hulk is outqualifying and outracing Perez over the course of the season, about as badly as Button did.

Also, not sure how you can claim Massa denied him a podium when he was already down to fourth at that stage. Even if you assume he was totally blameless in the accident he lost 12 points max, adding those onto his total still gets him nowhere near Hulk.


how do you gather this? Hulk has 57 points and Perez 20 I don’t think that is handing the Hulk his A@#


The championship standings would disagree with you.

Hulk is having a quiet and massively consistent year.


Perez has the podiums but Hulk is just under triple Perez points – so in terms of highlights Perez has done more – but in terms of consistent scoring Hulk has done 3 times as well. It’s definitely an interesting intra team battle.


How many points has Hulkenberg got v Pere


At the time watching the race live on Sky I was in no doubt Massa was at fault.

His approach was too fast and he breaked too late he would not have made the corner and may have clipped Vettel under breaking.

Watch Hamilton and Rosbergs car positions under close racing both follow the same lines even if you’re off line you follow the same lines. Massa went straight while Perez moved across for the corner.

Massa’s posturing is the same as when he was crashing into Hamilton, he needs to move on.

Racing on so your father and brother can see the world is not a good enough reason to risk your life – I don’t think his heart is in it anymore.

It was a stupid move, very dangerous.


Agree 100%


Totally agree. He seems to attract this type of incident all too often then shout out the noise that might try to blame him. He needs to get a grip and focus on improving himself.


”he will “think three times” before considering any overtaking move on the Mexican in the future”

I always though Massa thought five of six times (laps) before overtaking anyone? 😉


The thing you guys forget is that teams train their drivers on media handling – but when a driver expresses their opinion they get called a complainer……


As Fillipe grows older, he sounds more and more like Rubens Barichello. It was a racing incident. Perez had to move to avoid Vettel., and Filipe made a kamikaze attempt at the corner collecting Perez and nearly taking out Vettel. He needs to chill and move on.


Yes, I agree that Felipe is like Rubens but, in this case specifically, if you watch the incident from the above, it is clear that Perez does not had to avoid Vettel. Instead, he just goes strait in the right hand curve to try to close the door to Felipe. Very risky manoever that ended as we know.


Yes, he reminds me of Rubens too.


+100 It was a pure racing incident. End of story. Perez moved less than an inch is at all and he was the driver in the lead. In any incident like that the driver in front should get the benefit of the doubt when the evidence is shaky. The stewards have got this wrong and given the weekend, were almost forced to issue a penalty becuase of letting other incidents go during the race (i.e Rosberg’s very light warning).

I think Massa is due to retire – his big accidents have made him scared & he has not be able to get passed it. As Senna would say, “when you no longer go for a gap that is there and are not racing to win, then you are no longer a racing driver”


At Hungary when Schumacher ran Barichello up against the pit wall. He was straight on the radio asking for a black flag. Then after the race while talking with the BBC, he was asking the public to use social media to complain about the incident. (Paraphrasing here)”Please Tweet and complain that he didn’t leave a big enough gap!” Sickening. No Rubens, he left you a 7 times World Champion’s gap.

The crazy thing is. At the next race (Spa) after running around wearing a T shirts saying “I beat the Stig” and giving out other drivers T Shirts saying, “I didn’t beat the Stig”. He nearly took out half the grid from a lack of ability.

Massa is in the same vain. As humans we must always reject pity where we see others projecting it onto us. If you don’t you just end up like these two criers.


I wasn’t aware that stewards decisions were “Appealable”, especially when they take long enough to study data and reach their decision after the race.

However, I always saw it as 40% Perez, 60% Massa.

So beside the 5 place drop for Perez, how about Massa gets 10 place grid penalty ….


They were saying on Sky the stewards made their decision before they heard from Perez. This is apparently the new evidence FI want to present – at least that’s what Ted said on the F1 show.

kenneth chapman

@ phil glass….i also see it as a 60/40 incident and massa should also be penalised.



Hold on a second, back the truck up – are you saying that you know more than the ‘all seeing eyes’ of the stewards and are questioning their expert decision?

Here is an excerpt from a comment you made last week when I questioned the stewards decision – ” the stewards they would’ve had all the race speed traces to analyse and make their judgments on. you are now saying that you, as an armchair observer, know more and have more data that conflicts with what the stewards had access to thus proving that they are wrong in their decision and that you are right!pardon me whilst i have a good laugh.”

Now which is it Kenneth, either the stewards no more than us mere armchair observers or they don’t. I don’t see how you can have it both ways.

Pardon me while I laugh at your hypocrisy 😉


I think there’s been mentioned a clause about ‘material new evidence coming to light’ for an appeal. Sky mentioned that as Perez didn’t get to present his case as the stewards went home anything he has to say is substantial new evidence.


Looking at the crash from above perez clearly moves across hitting massa, it was an optimistic overtaking manoeuvre by massa but it was perez’s fault in my view


Massa is known as the one who complains about anything on the other hand Perez is a nut case too.


Massa gets himself involved in alot of backchat after an incident has taken place. Perez was harshly judged by the stewards. Massa had ample chance to pass Perez but then decided to tuck back behind the Force India as Perez began breaking. This was a racing incident. Perez is a competent driver compared to Maldo or Massa.

Massa needs to move on & thank the track safety defenses worked & that both drivers are able to race again.

Move on Massa . I hope the 5 place grid penalty is overturned as Perez did not get a chance to put his case forward. Seems all Massa has become abit of a “Moaning Minnie”.

Perez is a sound bloke no need to sling muck again & again the Masaa does.

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