Fernando Alonso: I won’t retire until I’ve won a third F1 world championship
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Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Jun 2014   |  12:15 pm GMT  |  363 comments

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso has said that he will not retire from Formula 1 until he has secured his third world title.

Alonso’s lifetime ambition has been to equal Ayrton Senna’s three world titles and after winning the first two early in his career, with Renault in 2005/2006, he has endured a long drought while waiting for the third. In that time the Spaniard, who will turn 33 this summer, has seen younger drivers Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel come in and clinch titles.

And with Ferrari undergoing a restructuring under new team principal Marco Mattiacci, it has prompted speculation as to whether time might run out for him to win that elusive third title,

“This is the main goal and you don’t think of retiring until you get some satisfaction. It is something I am working for and hoping for,” he told the BBC for its TV coverage of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix.

“It is not that I’m not happy with two but the third puts you in a list of very important names.”

“I think I can carry on long enough to win and to be competitive for some good years. I don’t know how many – three, five, seven. I don’t think it should be any problem.”

Although his main motivation is to clinch that third title, he is not motivated by driving the current cars. In the BBC interview, Alonso was critical of the 2014 hybrid turbo cars, claiming that they are not as sharp or challenging to drive on the limit,

“The new F1 cars are heavier, slower, difficult to understand what the car is doing, you cannot push all through the race,” he said.

“You push two laps and then you save tyres until the next stop. Sometimes you don’t even push. This is not something racing drivers like to do.

“It is not a problem of how long you can keep this level, it’s a problem of how much fun I will have driving those cars in the future.”

Alonso also took the opportunity to deny a rift with Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo after last summer’s “ear tweaking” episode, where the president chided him publicly for his critical comments about Ferrari.

“We talk very, very often, once a week. There are zero problems,” said the Spaniard.

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I think Alonso will win more titles but it won’t be with Ferrari. He will hang with Ferarri for next year and then exit, after another fruitless year. Where will he go?

McLaren is one possibility as Honda will probably come in strong seeing as how they have no doubt dissected the Mercedes engine and have a lot of time on their hands to figure out how to meet or exceed it’s performance. Better than staying with a team that thows in the towel after several races each of the last 5 years. But is Dennis really serious about brining him back? Hard to tell.

Another possibility is Mercedes. Hamilton hasn’t matured much if at all. His conduct has regressed from the last couple of years – twice he has chastized his team over radio as he did while at McLaren and his behavior over the Monaco incident was a bit childish. Could he possibly lose support of his team?

It seems he thinks Mercedes is lucky to have him but he is VERY lucky to be with them. Several other drivers, ALO being one of them, could do just as well (although he is not without baggage either). IF HAM’s behavior doesn’t get better AND he doesn’t beat ROS for the WDC, might Mercedes not extend his contract and let him walk opening the door for ALO?

Perhaps the praise from the Mercedes brass towards ALO is aimed at HAM.


Iiremember raikkonen sitting out the last couple of races last season to have an operation on his back. he may not have made a complete recovery from it. i can’t wait to see how fast he is once he has made a full and complete recovery.


We already know how quick raikkonen can be and there is no need for us to rediscover his speed i believe

We have enough examples from 2008, 2013 and 2014 already when pitted against his team-mates.

He is up against the greatest pilot [mod] and he does not stand any chance even to score decent points like we witnessed in motreal recently


Question For James, At the end of a GP weekend when they pack all the cars up, is each part numbered to the respective car and driver so there is no way for example a chassis getting mixed up or front wing mix up between drivers?


New fancy look at JAonF1! Thought I was at a wrong site for second.


It is very different to the old site, but I like it,,,Cheers James.


James what is Alonso’s mood right now? He had big hopes for this year as the year it all came good at Ferrari with the new rules hurting Red Bull more than most. The shot of him in Brazil in 2012 staring at Vettel and his celebrations was one of the most striking images of that year. Now once again it has all fallen apart of early into the season.

In a way it reminds me of when Prost joined Ferrari for time it was good and he challenged Senna at Mclaren in his first year with the team at 89. Then the next year it all became political as it was clear Ferrari had massive restructing to do behind the scenes and wasn’t the team he needed to win races. They sacked him in the end and tried to discredit his character.

Alonso at his age knows he has only one more chance at picking a team when his contract runs out. So he knows he has to get it 100% right.


He’s disappointed, clearly, but looks quite philosophical about it as the margin is so big – there’s a lot to do on engine side

If they were close that would be more frustrating


James despite the no of WDC’S, I do not see any real reason for Fernando to feel disappointed

I do not know too much about the history before 2000, Yet Alonso is the best pilot i have ever seen in the last 14 years or so. There is no match for his speed, Fortitude, Racecraft and Guile

People here always compare his personality with other pilots rather than performance and draw conclusions based on it


Alonso has not won a Grand Prix in the last 20 races; the way things are going with the current generation, it could easily be another 20 more before he gets a sniff at the top of the podium IMO.


I simply do not see Ferrari as capable of produce a field-leading car. They do not lead the way in any particular department – Engine, Aero, Chassis, so trying to strengthen and improve all these areas at once will dilute their resources.

They will start 2015 as 3rd favourites, and by 2016 I’m not sure Alonso will still have the faith or motivation that he has had with Ferrari up until this point.

They need a game changer – I can see them making a lucrative bid to lure Hamilton away from MB sooner rather than later.


And how is HAM a game changer for Ferrari?

What would he bring to the team that ALO doesn’t already bring?

Don’t get me wrong – HAM is very good driver – but so is ALO.

As you say, the team isn’t capable of producing a leading car, and the current car has weaknesses in all areas. The drivers are not the weakest link.

Having said that, I hope you’re right – because that’d open up a top non-Ferrari seat (possibly at MB) for ALO 🙂

The way things are looking right now with Ferrari, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see ALO in a McLaren-Honda in 2015. Irrespective of whatever the various driver contracts (BUT, MAG, ALO) say today.



And the SPA victory too, you miss one..


Hi Crazy F1 people like me,

I must say, reading all of you guys posts for years, It has been great and has made for some interesting reading, but im still a Aussie supporter and think you all better watch out for Ricardo for the rest of this session and deffently a huge contender for next years WDC

PS James, Great writing mate and reporting on Australian tv, bring on the sunday.


I would agree that Daniel has the measured consistency and mental capacity that is crucial to challenge for a WDC.

Also, like Jenson, the Honey Badger has a very measured, rounded, worldly personality that can shrug off disappointments – a crucial facet in any top drivers armoury.

However, for Dan (or Seb come to think of it) to become WDC in the next couple of years is somewhat incumbent on Renault being able to match the excellence of the Mercedes PU. Can the Parisians do that? That’s the big question for this season, and into next year as well.

It would be a bit harsh to describe the Renault as sub-standard, but it isn’t quite upto Mercedes quality, I think that’s a fair assessment.

Still, this is “motor” sport!

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy…i am somewhat more critical than you when it comes to renault. they should’ve done better. according to horner today, he said that they had no more ‘power’ here than they had in monaco. now renault have said that here in montreal they will have 100% of what the PU can offer! ergo, if what RB have today is in fact 100% then it is ‘sayonara’ for 2014 no matter what.

ricciardo is currently suffering from some problems with his car and he will have to do a lot of homework to get back up to the sharp end. that said i am sure that he will bounce back for quali. vettel has been studying ricciardo’s traces to see where he could do better. seems as though he has found something….tomorrow will tell i guess. i also think that ferrari will be a menace tomorrow. they do appear to have found some performance with their upgrades. should be a great quali session.


Thanks for commenting


On the matter of not enjoying the experience any more. I’m sure if Fernando (or Sebastian for that matter) was driving a Benz he would be releasing a book later this year called The Joy of V-Six.


Labelled as the most complete F1 driver but without a winning car I don’t think a third WDC is within his reach.

Where can he go? Top teams have confirmed their drivers for the next couple of years. Nevertheless most will enjoy his racing skills. Anyway all the best to you Nando.

Tornillo Amarillo

RAIKKONEN will get 2 1/2.


Bottles of Vodka?

Tornillo Amarillo

HAMILTON will get 7.


only on the ps3 game!

FYI james, the preview text on comments is in caps lock, but publishes without.

Tornillo Amarillo

ALONSO will get 4.


James, what’s the status of MSC? Can you set up a continuous update page for him? This seems to be the saddest outcome unfolding slowly.

Whilst I wasn’t always routing for him, one could never deny the feats he achieved, and in his last days I bizarrely wanted him to win for MB!

It seems so wrong to go this way…..


As there has been no bulletin from Sabine Kehm on Michael since April, I believe, there isn’r much continuous coverage to give.

It’s very very sad


He finds himself in his current situation largely down to his own doing. He left Renault under a cloud the first time accusing them of sabotage, left McLaren after dubious behaviour (that is being generous), and then left Renault again after the scandal of crashgate (for which he was apparently the unaware beneficiary).

He has never seemed like the unquestionably loyal team leader that Ferrari needed, you could forgive Ferrari slightly if they were never able to fully trust him.

That said, he is an absolutely phenomenal talent on the track, perhaps the best raw racing driver of the current generation.

However being a great F1 driver requires you to also be able to motivate a team to support you, something he has as a major weakness.


Not likely Fernando, unless a miracle happens at Maranello. It’s close to Rome so who knows…


hahaha cracked me up




Yes you will.

alex hofstetter

I’ve always liked Fernando wherever he’s been. Like all of the best of the best, he can drive a bad car pretty fast. Ferrari’s cars have been second rate the past couple of seasons, but he’s still driven them to the front.


At least he has two (both of which he did not really deserve). He is .lucky that the whole team is built around him. Everyone always says that Kimi needs a car suited to him to do well…but this years Ferrari is suited to Alonso and that is why he is doing well (but Kimi has already cought up).

Now we will see a proper battle between the two.

I respect Alonso, but he needs to be realistic and grateful.


Dream on … dream on …

Valentino from montreal

Technically , it should be only 1 title to his name ( 2005 )

2006 was winning by default , no extra skill needed winning when opponent leads entire GP and 17 laps remaining retires with an engine failure .. Duh !

Different sport and different criteria , but it’s like saying the Detroit Pistons beat the L.A. Lakers in the 1989 finals fair and square .. Technically yes they won the championship , but only because Magic Johnson was unlucky and got injured in Game 1 , thus having to miss the entire series …

So if the Ferrari engine wouldn’t have exploded in Suzuka , Fernando would of now a 1 time champion .. Same as Dsmin Hill and Jacques Villeneuve ..


Clearly you missed Hungary and Monza in 2006, please check.


This is a classic, people tend to have very selected memory to prove a point. Did MS broke his engine as well on Monza that year?


Why have some of you guys forgot about Alonso’s engine failure at Monza a few races before that same 2006, when he was running third due to a great comeback after being sanctioned for doubtfully blocking Massa in qualifying?

Just curious…


That was the race after hockenheim where they had taken the illegal mass damper off the Renault


What does the mass damper have to do with that? And I am not that sure Monza was after Hockenheim.

However, maybe you prefer Hungary, were Alonso had to retire when he was leading, after overtaking 14 cars in the rain (he started 16), while carrying the most fuel onboard of all the cars on the grid (he was the last to stop for fuel by miles), due to a mechanic failing to attach correctly the front left tire.

After Alonso’s retirement, that become Button’s first win in F1.


You could argue the point for many titles, did Raikonnen only win in 2007 due to Hamilton having car trouble in the final race,surely this is the nature of F1, in 05 for instance the all conquering Schumacher/Ferrari combo had tyre trouble all season and only won 1 race where only Bridgestone cars ran, so is that title not deserved either? Only the loser concerns himself with what is fair!

The much loved Senna won a title by ramming his rival to win but nobody all these years later wants to take that away from him. I personally do not put Alonso amongst the very best of all time as I don’t think he is the best of the current crop but his 2 titles are his to keep,like everyone else who has won the championship.


Who is the best of the current crop? Can you enlighten me?


Do you seek enlightenment or confrontation?

Who do you think is the best current driver?


@ Yago

None of the pilot in the current grid nor who drove in the past cannot match Alonso for anything let it be Pace, Guile, Racecraft, Fortitude and Competitiveness

Alonso is a Fable and proverbial, as a devout fan of Fernando i salute him for the bravura performances which puts on the track week-in and week-out


It’s another typically impartial analysis from Val. You must be some kind of genius to comment on things no one else has figured out huh? So if we take away one title in every time Schumacher tried to crash into or fake crash, and one for each time he knowingly cheated with things like illegal traction control, he should only have 2 world titles right?


😀 +1

Enjoyed reading your reply.


He might the oldest F1 WDC after Fangio 🙂


For Alonso to win his third title, few pieces of the puzzle have to fall in place:

1. He will need better car than everybody else or illegal like renault 2005 and 2006.

2. He will need better team mate. Someone like Nelson Piquet Jr, not like Raikkonen or God forbid Jarno Trulli.

3. He will need Hamilton, Rosberg, Vettel, Riccardo, Raikkonen, Mercedes and Red Bull all to quit racing or to be disqualified. Fortunately Petrov is in DTM.

4. He will need a lot more things to fall into place, but these are enough and i am drunk and can not continue writing on such an important subject that will never happen.


I really felt sorry for Trulli in 2004, Briotore has ruined a quite few people’s careers.


You missed Hamilton from point 2 in the no section!


He said better team mate.


You are absolutely right, i made a mistake, but as i said i was a bit drunk.


As it always has been and we keep hearing: “It’s the car”! Just as it was when FA won his first two titles. He only had the second fastest car, but definitely THE most reliable one.

Old cliche: to win you first have to finish, and that’s what FA did in those years he won the title. Now, the top car is a lot more reliable as well as fast- an unbeatable combination and second or third fastest doesn’t cut it anymore. As for the future, who knows, but I can’t see it happening at Ferrari with all the testing restrictions in place. It’s a bit more of a lottery now.

Good honest words from FA about the 2014 crop of cars, slow and not much fun to drive or watch. Hope Bernie and especially the FIA are listening.

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