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Felipe Massa Takes Pole In Austria as Mercedes falter
Posted By:   |  21 Jun 2014   |  3:46 pm GMT  |  183 comments

Felipe Massa clinched his first pole position since 2008 to head a qualifying one-two Williams at the Red Bull Ring and end Mercedes streak of 2014 pole positions. It’s Williams’ first front-row lockout since Germany 2003, when Juan Pablo Montoya took pole ahead of Ralf Schumacher.

Valtteri Bottas was second and Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg third.

After a strong start to the season, the Williams squad have been unable to deliver a podium come Sunday afternoon. However, this weekend, and in particular on a single lap, their pace has been close to Mercedes.

However they will struggle in the opening stint of the race, judging from their tyre degradation in Friday practice. This will probably offer Rosberg his chance to get ahead of them, depending on how the start works out.

In the end in came down to drivers keeping their heads and not taking too many risks. Hamilton made mistakes on both his Q3 laps and set no time, ending up 9th, while Rosberg was very cautious on his “banker lap” in Q3 and then didn’t get the lap time in the second run, opening the door for Williams.

Massa and Bottas knew their pace was strong enough to be in with a shout of a front row, after Bottas held provisional pole following the first runs. He made a mistake on his second run, in turn leaving the door open for Massa.

Lewis Hamilton, though, was rapidly improving, with 0.4s in hand through the first two sectors of his first flyer and looking set to take his fifth pole of the season. However, a mistake in turn eight meant that the Briton went beyond the kerbing and into the run-off area. The FIA, after seeing many drivers gain an advantage from using the tarmac run-off in the penultimate corner, had prior to the session stated they would be strict in their application of the rule in regard to track limits and Hamilton’s transgression was clear cut. His time was deleted and he sat in 10th place.

As the final laps began Mercedes were under pressure then and it showed. With Bottas unable to improve on his time due to small error and Massa taking the top spot, Hamilton lost control of his W05 on the run to turn two. He spun off and that was it for his session. He will start in ninth place tomorrow as Nico Hulkenberg also had his fastest time deleted.

If you add together Hamilton’s fastest sector times, it give a lap of 1m08.658s – good enough for pole, even allowing for a poor final sector. It shows how hard he was pushing, but also the price he paid for two errors.

But the headlines today should be all about Williams and Massa. The Brazilian has not had a pole position since since his home Grand Prix in 2008 and after a life threatening crash the following year in Hungary he has been accused of losing pace.

The same can be said for Williams, whose 2012 Spanish Grand Prix victory with Pastor Maldonado remains the highlight of a lacklustre recent history. Bottas’s career-best qualifying puts Williams in very good stead heading in to tomorrow.

Their main threat will obviously come from Rosberg. The German will to some degree be satisfied with third place given Hamilton’s starting position and the German has a perfect opportunity to extend his Championship lead.

Heading the field behind Rosberg is Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, who narrowly avoided an accident as he bounced across the grass on the exit of the final corner.

Daniel Ricciardo was once again the main man for Red Bull Racing, taking fifth place at the Red Bull Ring while Sebastian Vettel could only manage 13th, which will become 12th at the start once Sergio Perez’s five-place grid penalty is applied. The Force India driver qualified 11th.

Ricciardo will be joined on the third row by Kevin Magnussen, the young Dane also getting the better of his more experienced team-mate, while 22-year-old Daniil Kvyat continued to impress with seventh place.

Kimi Raikkonen will begin the race in eighth place, ahead of Hamilton and Hulkenberg.

It is likely to be a two-stop race tomorrow, with the soft, prime tyre giving good durability over a long run. Mercedes’ race pace was superior to all others during Free Practice and the victory should go to Rosberg. The interesting thing will be watching Hamilton try to find a way through the field on a narrow circuit with only two real overtaking opportunities.

Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg, Qualifying
1. Felipe Massa Williams 1m 08.759s
2. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m 08.846s
3. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m 08.944s
4. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m 09.285s
5. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m 09.466s
6. Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1m 09.515s
7. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m 09.619s
8. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m 10.795s
9. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes No time
10. Nico Hulkenberg Force India No time
11. Sergio Perez Force India 1m 09.754s*
12. Jenson Button McLaren 1m 09.780s
13. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m 09.801s
14. Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1m 09.939s
15. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m 10.073s
16. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m 10.642s
17. Adrian Sutil Sauber 1m 10.825s
18. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m 11.349s
19. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m 11.412s
20. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m 11.673s
21. Max Chilton Marussia 1m 11.775s**
22. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1m 12.673s

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Super happy for Massa. It doesn't look good for Hamilton, I think he is not very consistent and focused. Imagine Alonso in his mercedes.

James, is there any idea when it will possible to get email notifications on comments? It is very difficult tokeep up with the discussion without this functionality.

Thank you.


Rob Smedley: "Felipe, nobody is faster than you!"


He's won 4 races in a row this year. And Alonso isn't always Mr. 100% himself.



You must be very addicted to Lewis, you can't help yourself talking about the guy week in week out.... 😀

Yea he stands a very good chance win tomorrow given his sector times.

Roseburg's were nowhere near, guess Lewis didn't reveal much data for Nico this weekend.

Lately I forget there's a guy called Alonso on track.


Obsessed with Alonso for sure!

FIA could be more consistent with their application of rules relating to track side limits. I recall Rosberg getting a clear advantage at Montreal after cutting the corner and avoided any penalty despite gaining a 1-2 second advantage.....and would have crashed were it a street circuit with walls.....unless he applied the breaks more heavily in which case Lewis would have overtaken Rosberg.


looks like alexd is obsessed with hamilton.


Hamilton after Practice. "To be as quick as I was considering others have already driven this track is a great feeling.”

Here's some advice, let your driving do the talking & learn to be humble! Fast in practice, couldn't put it together when under pressure???

Take a look at Ricciardo & Magnussen both out qualified their more experienced team mates and their machinery and yet still maintain their humbleness and keep their who's in check...

Hamiltons mouth does it again...


I'm getting hundreds,as do the other mods! Not sure why you still have problems


i haven't got a single email since you renovated james, neither on ipad or desk top.


Yeap, it is not just me....


Neither have I.


[mod] don't think you guys have SPF set correctly on your email:


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So emails to the same domain ( or lax remote smtp servers will receive your emails but many will not work.

Either ask your host to setup SPF on your domain DNS or use the link and modify it yourself:

Hopes this help guys, great site..



To clarify, SPF needs to be implemented at James' end (or whomever hosts his mail). It allows receiving mail servers to verify that the email has been sent from a listed permitted source. This helps fight against SPAM where the sender email address is spoofed (and therefore not on the list). It's pretty common practice with most ISPs now and there isn't anything you can do at your end unless you're hosting your own mail (in which case you can turn SPF validation off).


Gobble-de-gook!! You Guys that are computer savvy don't ever seem to understand that the rest of us mere mortals would not know where to start with all this info. In any case, it used to work and it should still work now. This a problem for JAonF1 to sort out, we should not have to go altering our computers all the time.


Sounds right to me - no one I know is getting email notification


Chris, who shoul set this up.....users or James Allen on his blog?


I have no idea what you are talking about!

I used to get email notifications when I had a reply to my post and since the new site went live - nothing. I have re-entered my username and email address and rebooted and still nothing. Don't know what else I need to do but would be grateful for any assistance.


ps - it needs to be in 'English' 🙂


It is not just me, other people as well. Happened with the new version if the blog...I am sure I am not alone...I hear it from other people too


Another fantastic qualifying session.

2014 just keeps on giving 🙂


Yes but a good F3 race would give just as much. F1 is supposed to to a Galaxy's worht above all other racing formulae but it has seriously taken a wrong turn ( the biggest of many in recent years) and is on course to not survive at this rate. The first thing they need to do is stop worrying about helping the "Minnows", this is just holding F1 back, it is not an economy Formula either in fuel or cost terms.

Stephen Taylor

Kimi to win tomorrow. Hey I can dream can't I?


Hey,that's what I say before every Grand Prix. I am not going to lose faith.


Ferrari wouldn't allow that to happen in order to keep Fernando's money in the team.


ya right like ferrari needs sponsor money lol .... you guys make these excuses when your fav driver's under performs... and we here to believe that lol


No conspiracy but Ferrari does need the sponsor money!

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Funniest post ever!!!
Keep the jokes coming, please.
Thank you.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

The reality is:

Q3: Alo 06 x Kim 02

Races: Alo 08 x Kim 00

But I totally understand your post.

Must be hard for you to see Kimi being *crushed* by Alonso.

And you have a long season ahead of you, my friend.

But if you feel better thinking Kimi is being sabotaged, that's Ok.

Reality is very harsh sometimes.


No joke. Montezemolo really wants to keep Alonso in the team to keep the money. Even Montezemolo knows that Alonso just isn't man enough to win a championship at Ferrari. And I'm pretty sure that everybody knew that after season 2010. Alonso screwed up the championship in 2010 by making tons of mistakes and in 2012 by underperforming in the crucial moments of the season when he should have nailed the championship. I still don't undertstand how the hell he lost to Kimi in Abu Dhabi with that faster car. And how about that seal snipping episode in Austin and the pitiful attempt to steal the championship from Vettel after the season :D. What a disgrace.

So pull your head out of the sand and start to see the reality.


Of course, of course, Alo will threaten to leave the team if he does´t end up in front in EVERY single race, even if he stands no chance whatsoever to do anything in the championship, it´s just the way the boy´s cut... and poor old kimi despite his absolutely stellar driving is withering behind Alonso undeservedly, undoubtedly a victim of conspiration and evil deeds by those tricky italians and the spaniard boy, blah blah blah blah. Clearly these posts have no other object than to prove that anything however far- fetched or utterly unbelievable can result in its becoming true if relentless and mantra- like repetition is applied with blind faith.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


The "favouritism" is obvious.

He is the first driver and he gained this status on track scoring more points, fighting alone against better cars.

Are you saying Ferrari should favor the under performing Kimi???

A driver that usually fights for 10th place and is being beaten by his teamate with the same car by A SECOND???


So you don't see the obvious favouritism towards Alonso which has been going on since 2010?


Completely agree with you.



I must be very biased against Rosberg now. I am sure left the tarmac with all 4 wheels at the same turn Hamilton did but did not have his time erased - another indiscretion not punished? And as for his cheap shot at Hamilton in the post-qualifying interviews, how could he equate Hamilton's spin to the incident in Monaco when it looks like Hamilton had mechanical failure? I am just saying...............please someone enlighten me before I seriously start to not like Rosberg.


nico didn't go completly over the line only 99.99% over the line ; lewis was totaly over the line.


The conspiracy theory is going nuts on all forums, lewis spun deliberately to stop nico getting pole, the only problem is that it ment lewis only qualified 9th, lewis cant even cheat effectively, but im worried with lewis, the one thing you would never worry about with lewis is qualy, even lewis biggest detractors would admit along with vettal his one lap pace in qually is one of his biggest strengths, but this is really weird, rosberg isn't putting in laps, that make you think wow, lewis is going to struggle to match that, lewis should have a tenth or two that rosberg hasnt got, im hoping its just a bad run, and he nails it at the brit gp


My feeling is that Hamilton has found that for him the key to fast lap times is to use a very rearward brake bias. I think this helps with his fuel saving too. By lifting and coasting in race conditions there isn't the same degree of weight transfer to the front wheels as the peak deceleration isn't as high. Therefore there is more load on the rear tyres and the rear brakes and energy recovery can be worked harder.

If a driver starts to lift and coast quite early and brakes really late then there's a long period for energy recovery. But it works the brakes harder and it could in developing a feel for the car in practice lead to Hamilton taking quite an aggressive brake balance into qualifying where he's not lifting and coasting and therefore gets closer to 5g of deceleration and associated weight transfer off the rear wheels to the fronts. In race it might be more like 3 g when he gets on the brakes due to the lift and coast shedding speed and the reduced top speed with engine modes etc. .


Pfft. The weekend's far from over for Hamilton. As mentioned in the article, reasonable tyre degradation for the Williams' boys. They may head backwards.

Rosberg could get gummed up at the start by Alonso or have a mechanical failure. If Lewis keeps his head, uses Mercedes power to pass a Bull, works his way past the others.....

Often, when the outcome seems to be heading one way, it suddenly swings the other.

Also stated in the article is that Hamilton was quick and was up on time, going for his 5th pole of the season, until that small mistake led to his time being deleted.

You also mention that's one driver who may be worried. Although, he's just behind Button, who's team-mate will line up by Ricciardo. Anyway, I digress..


One of the best things to watch is Lewis in a fast car out of position after qualifying! It is far from over


With a clean run and no incidents, he will finish ahead of all the non-Mercedes AMG cars, question is whether ROS has a clean run, in which case he should win.


Well, it's far from ideal for him to start 9th ... Austria has had some first lap crashes in the past ... better to be out front than in the mid-pack. I hope Lewis can do well. A race finish at least, please.

That wasn't a small mistake ... well, it might've been small, but it was key. It was totally unnecessary too, as it was the banker lap. You're meant to 'bank' your banker lap. Even if he slowed to keep within the track limits, I'm sure his time would've been sub-1:09.

I hope that overtaking is possible and likely ... I think the DRS between Turns 2 & 3 offers the best chance, as the detection point is at a good point on the run-down to Turn 2. You can be behind, slipstream, outbrake into Turn 2, and still get the DRS down to Turn 3. I think the other DRS zone will be mostly for setting up moves into Turn 2.

I hope we don't get some close calls with that pit entry tomorrow. I think they should make a new pit entrance, before Turn 8, and have it cut through the grass interior to hook up with the existing pit entrance. That way there would be no close calls, the pit time loss could be lessened, and no one would get free DRS off a pitting car.

I think for Lewis to do well that there will have to be a safety car in there somewhere. I believe it's a near certainty at this track, but maybe not at the most opportune times for him (i.e. it'll usually happen in the early laps).

Must say I love the track, and I love the setting. It's looks a great event to be at ... seems like everyone's having a blast, and getting to watch a Grand Prix is an added bonus.


you're living in dream land, you think lewis was happy to be 9th if it meant nico didn't get pole!! wake up

Martin (England)

No, all forums are not going mad with this "conspiracy" theory, in fact you made it up.

Great to see Williams get their first 1-2 since 2003, race will be harder, I think I would settle for 3rd and 4th, that would be a nice haul of points from both cars and a podium, but maybe Sir Frank is right in saying the car has good race pace and we can finish a bit higher.


Why on earth would HAM do that?

Anyone who thinks that knows nothing about motor racing or racing drivers

He hadn't set a time at that point, for heavens' sake!


I agree. No conspiracies here. This track just looks like a cakewalk, but punishes you if you get it wrong even by a tad, with the penultimate turn before start/finish always seeming like more speed is possible through it. Then, it really unsettles you if you get it wrong with the misery carrying over to the last turn - very easy to go off. Much tougher with these cars that are high on power; low on downforce as demonstrated by so many drivers going off.

All drivers who qualified well had the benefit of having some experience in this track. Massa, Alonso on F1; Bottas, Riccardio on GP2. Button and Raikonnen didn't have the car under them, so experience of the track didn't help. Raikonnen knows this track well, but he currently doesn't have the car under him. Maestro Alonso gets the job done again. This guy seriously needs a good car. His talents are being wasted on the nose punched Ferrari.

Lewis just got the penultimate corner wrong. Just carried a bit too much speed on the first outing. Bad luck for him. Precarious spin on the second outing. Didn't know what happened there, but conspiracy isn't necessarily the verdict here. Lewis didn't do that on purpose, nor did the team. Doesn't hurt for both to understand what happened there, so that it doesn't happen again.

I expect Redbull Ring to punish drivers on Sunday too.


That was the point I was making!


Just morons looking for some equivalent to the Mirabeau off. There is zero similarity. If there's to be conspiracy theories, a more likely one (as far as conspiracy theories go) would be that Merc compromised Lewis's car. Of course it didn't compromise his first lap attempt, but such theories usually need to exclude or obscure a good many facts, to seem in any way plausible.


Hamilton's spin was due to driver error, not mechanical failure so the incident is indeed very similar to Monaco in as much as Hamilton's error prevented a potential pole position for Rosberg, The only difference is that in Monaco, Rosberg had already delivered a good lap.


I saw that story that it wasn't a car issue. I find that really hard to believe, as the rear just snapped out. I see Wolff said it happened at the same time as Lewis down-shifted and stomped on the brakes. Still, worrying behaviour from your car, if it does that!

Lewis blew it on the first run ... he was 6-tenths up on Nico at S2. No need to cut it close at Turn 8.


I have to see the onboards. At the press conference, he just stated he had to back off. Unlike Lewis Hamilton, he did not claim the other driver did that on purpose. You being biased against him is not justified. But would be great to know what happened to Lewis's car. It was clear as day that was a mechanical failure. Sad to say the least.


The problem was between the back of the drivers seat and the steering wheel / pedals.

Looks like he just overdrove it. I've said it before, you dont play mind games unless you are verrry good at it. What Lewis is verry good at is driving a F1 car. He needs to forget all the other BS and concentrate on the prize.

I agree with you re Nico. He only siad he had to back off, no public blaming.


i think what he meant was hamilton could've stayed of track to allow him passed before rejoining. if hamilton had done that rosberg could've been on pole. so now that is one each as far as rosberg is concerned.


Well Rosberg got away with cutting the chicane and maintaining his advantage on Lewis in Canada.

But knowing Lewis' history with the Stewards, none of this should be a surprise really.


I'm a big Lewis Hamilton fan. But, right now he is really frustrating me. He needs to get his act together or else this WDC opportunity will slip away. Rosberg is a very consistent driver and doesn't make stupid mistakes. Right now I don't have any confidence in him catching Nico.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Vettel shows race after race he is a fake champion.

Why on earth this guy is not able to put his car in Q3 considering his "rookie" teamate did that???

This proves all the merit belongs to Newey.

Massa with that car would be champion.

Button with that car would be champion.

Even Kimi with that car would be champion.

Embarrassing to say the least.


Vettel is who Vettel is - a 4 time world champion who benefited from circumstances that were in force then. I should say today there are much bigger forces to benefit anyway and much wider type of drivers could use it for their good. So, comments should stop about Vettel not worth of anything and we should concentrate to this years action.


Early days to make any verdict in my opinion. Why make a verdict at all? Vettel raced at the A1 when he was 16. Yes, that's 16 and in a F1 car. Calling Vettel a fake champ means Ricciardo is an average driver, when in fact he's very good. So good that he's outshining his 4WDC champ teammate.


Silly comments considering Vettel is a 4x WDC and that his team mate did not always P2 suggesting that Vettel brought something extra.

He is obviously struggling with aspects of the car which don't suit his style. Kimi Raikonnen is also suffering and most people are blaming Ferrari.

Vettel will be back, and this is coming from a non Vettel fan. To underestimate your enemy is to lose out to him.


Vettel has had as much time as his team mate to get 'used" to the car, he may be a very good driver but it seems in a very narrow spectrum.

What makes you think that Ricciardo is underestimating Vettel? All indications show the opposite in fact.


raikkonen is recovering from the back operation he had towards the end of 2013 and is getting used to the braking system of the car. once he susses that out he'd fly.


"This proves all the merit belongs to Newey."

Who's the designer of this years RB? Or does Newey get 100% of the credit when things go well and 0% of the blame when they don't?

"Massa with that car would be champion.

Button with that car would be champion.

Even Kimi with that car would be champion."

You're referring to the W05, I assume?


I think this car doesn't suit his driving style, and he's not felling that comfortable.


where did he get his driving style from? as him to get a refund.



H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Weber with Vettel's car????


Me with Vettel's car???



For someone who claims he has no interest in F1 2014 - you write an awful lot of comments 😉


I may even watch a race this year too, but I doubt it.


I would watch this one, will be really good. HAM coming through the field will be exciting and what can Alonso do from there? How much will Williams lose due to high tyre deg on their car on s/softs. There will be plenty of overtaking and close action as the track here is narrow.


"rookie" teamate? Daniel Ricciardo is no rookie 🙂


Alonso and Hamilton/Button also fake champion's as per your comment.


I guess English is hard for you to read. He said get the car into Q3. Alonso and Hamilton did that. You said per his comment... But then apparently you can't understand his comment.


Alonso's performances since 2006 have shown why he is such a great champion. He's been electric. Even in 2007 which was apparently his 'worst' season he beat Lewis 10-7 in the races, which was apparently hamilton's best season!

Seb defo needs to up his game though. It's infuriating to see a 4 times world champion struggle so much. He'll bounce back though.


Well..Looks like I got my prediction almost right.

Vettel retired and Hamilton almost won


His struggles seem to be track specific rather than the car.doesn't it? Had a good race in Malaysia, followed by two poor ones at Bahrain and China. Good one at Spain, poor in Monaco and decent one in Canada.Maybe he's not getting the setup right for that specific track.But his overall performance isn't bad considering that he's still struggling ( two podiums and hasn't finished lower than 6th )

Are Ferrari trying out the upgrades only in one car?

Anyways I'm predicting a Hamilton victory and Vettel retirement for this race. Hamiltons practise pace was really good.Expect him to come up through the field and close up to the leaders. Hopefully Vettel doesn't try too many things over night with the setup and in the first lap to put him out of the race


Oh boy, what a splendid qualifying session for this is what F1 is all about >>> calm nerves, great performances and driver errors.

Good to see Massa happy again especially after the last race, it's been a long time coming but like a good novel, he finally made it at the end.

Likewise, Bottas did good to bring the sister car in P2, this must have put smiles on the Williams people back at the factory.

For sure, the Mercedes drivers tripped over themselves in Austria and the way things are going I won't be surprised to see the exact opposite of the second half of 2013 happen in 2014 i.e. 9 different winners

Excellent work from Alonso for not only keeping the car out of the barriers but leapfrogging the Red Bulls too on their home track.

Glad to see Kvyat back to his best after difficult past few races likewise, Mini-Mag and Hulkenburg did well to make it through to Q3.

Overall, the most disappointing performances are those from Kimi and Jenson considering all the drivers that have driven in Austria before e.g. Massa, had a good day.


I'll be amazed if Rosberg doesn't win tomorrow, and there's every chance Hamilton will join him on the podium.


Well done Goferet, you did say Williams would be in top form at Austria - and they did! And how!

Does beg the question, where did the performance come from?

Sorry about the cliche, but..........."is this the shape of things to come"? Is Lazarus alive and well and living in Grove?

Agree the other Daniel put in a sparkling performance. This young Russian has got what it takes. Give him a couple of years and he could be in an all Daniel Red Bull team!

Good shout for Nando, fourth on the grid in a wayward Ferrari is very praise-worthy effort. Even though he's been in F1 in some capacity for 15 odd years, he's still as motivated, hungry, dedicated and tenacious as ever..........still the best, pound for pound, racer in F1.


On your Williams query, I suspect it is a bit of working out what the factory team already new about optimising the engines and a chassis that has a little of the 2013 W04 in its tyre use a strong front end. At the neutered Osterreichring the Mercedes cars weren't quite getting the tyre temperature to make best use of their downforce edge over the Williams over one lap.

Williams have been strong at tracks without fast or long corners, so Bahrain, Canada and Austria. Monza is the next obvious one, but not much else on the horizon, assuming all the teams add downforce at similar rates. Next year the engine advantage is most likely going to reduce, and that will bring several teams closer to Williams.


@ Gaz Boy

Williams have been doing a good job, it's clear their wind tunnel has been producing some nice figures.

I believe this is a sign of things to come, the only thing left to do is for Massa and Bottas to keep their heads from now onwards.

I wonder though what Maldonado thinks about all this.


Meanwhile, despite the fact the entire country was heart broken when England got knocked out of Brazil 2014, the only person who would probably welcome the defeat is Lewis considering the fact that no country has ever won the World Cup and F1 title.

Likewise, no country has ever won the Euro football championship and F1 title.

So yeah, seeing as no country has ever held both titles at the same time, this begs the question if 1994 was infact not meant to be Senna's year because Brazil won the World Cup that year.


Well he may have wanted the first double on that one 🙂

But with only 6 and a half races left we may get neither.


The "entire country"? Are you sure?

Don't conflate your views with the views of the rest of humanity.


England went into this tournament with much less media hype and public expectation than normal, but even so, yes, Goferet is right, it does hurt when your national team does badly, even if on balance they were feeble, gutless and ultimately woeful. Not naming any names Mr Gerrard.........

Nobody likes to see their national heroes do badly - it lowers a country's self esteem. I remember 12 year odd years ago when Rubens moved over at this very circuit for Michael - a shameful and cynical corruption of the result I may say - and the Brazilian president at the time put out a statement saying after the race: "All of Brazil knows that Rubens was the moral victor of the Austrian GP."

Can you imagine how the Italians must feel to see their national treasure being humiliated race after race? Ferrari haven't won a GP for 14 months and counting!


RE KRB: That's a very good point about handling pressure - I wonder if Mr Vettel is unravelling because he can't cope with the pressure of a young Tyro beating him weekend after weekend eh?


Gerrard had two very poor games, yes, but he has been an amazing servant for England and for Liverpool. The best English midfielder of the last 10 years.

It's been a horrible WC for England. Surely they can't lose 3 games, can they? They've never lost 3 at a WC ever. My bet would be that, w/o any pressure, that they'll play their best game when it no longer matters. That's England for ya.

Btw, the last time they lost 3 in a tournament (Euro '88), they bounced back pretty well for the next one.

Since the Spanish GP, those that I support in sport have had a truly wretched time ... England & Lewis. The Jays did go on a nice winning streak, but I've never felt the same about baseball since the '94 strike. Something has to change. Surely!



I have no interest in football - a game played by mudded oafs 🙂


@ VV



Goferet sorry to be an adenoidal F1 and football bore, but I think Italy won the 1982 World Cup and in the same year Ferrari won the world constructors title, albeit in very sad circumstances with the death of Villeneuve Senior and the dreadful leg injuries to Pironi.

Interestingly in 1970 Brazil won the World Cup for the 3rd time while at Watkins Glen that year Emerson Fittpaldi driving his Lotus-Ford became the first driver from the land of Ordem e Progresso to win a world championship race.

Mind you, Nando should have made it a Spanish World Cup and F1 WDC in 2010 if only for that stupid and bizarre pit stop strategy..............


@ Gaz Boy

Oops, I made a mistake.

I meant driver's titles


I think the problem for Hamilton is that he sees that the title is sleeping away from him. When you are under pressure, when you are on the limit all the time, you try to see small signs that things are going the right direction. Remember, Senna always believed that God is on his side and so he believed that things must go his way. Hamilton started seeing that things are not going his way and that signs are negative for him. This is why he is making mistakes now....he doesn't believe that the title is his. He is not confident.....there are things beyond his control. And....Rosberg is becoming stronger with each race.

I think Hamilton will not take the title.....

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Totally agree.

He is faster than Nico, but mentally, very weak.

He is cracking under preassure (again).


Is there a freudian sleep in there somewhere? In any case I think you are probably right....except Rosby is not yet home and dry far from it.


Are you getting emails now? I'm inundated with them since we made some changes!!


James, I do not know what this comment means....ittalk about some settings, but is it for us or for technical people behind the blog, as you can see from replies here, many people do not get email notification, not just me. I think it has to be fixed on wordpess side, not hosting provider because everything was working before the new version of the blog.

Torchwood Five

James, I'm not that technically minded these days, but if you are getting inundated with emails, and no-one else is getting any, that begs the question...are you receiving THEIRS?

Torchwood Five

James, following the Microsoft link that the READER supplies, and looking at the graphic shown, I believe this SPF fix is aimed at yourself / your site.

So hypothetically, the JA (etc) site is sending notifications out to users as it should.

However, Users' "Inbound Mail Servers" are running a security check of sorts before letting the email through the gate, by interrogating their Sender ID Framework (SDF), which does so by bouncing a message back to the DNS Server where this website is located.

At least, that is my take on it.

So James, the Microsoft instructions are for you or your coder to change something on the DNS server for everything to work out. One of you needs to follow the above quoted URL for the Microsoft wizard -

kenneth chapman

still nothing in the inbox!!!!!


Hi James

nothing (email notifications) since the new site went live - the comment from the 'techie' that you have re-posted is no help at all. It might as well be written in Swahili, I have no idea what he is saying or suggesting I do 🙁


There is nothing the users of this site can do.

The JAonF1 server is sending the emails but those emails are missing some information (Sender Policy Framework record). The stricter mailboxes on the receiving end (which are designed to filter out spamish looking emails) are blocking the messages.

The suggested course of action was meant for the server admin for the JAonF1 site. To many of us this will sound like jibberish but to someone who knows DNS and servers it makes total sense.


James, I am checking on the web and people do have these problems with wordpess. Can be related to php or plugins. Is there a way to check with admin or wordpress for my email address? Thank you so much!


No, I am not getting any comments. Since the day you changed to a new blog, I did not get a single notification. Nothing. And I am not alone....frustrating, really. I know, not your fault....but frustrating for me because I really enjoy this blog...more than watching races. I would be happy to get notifications back....if there is a way


James, I read your reply to AlexD.

If e-mail notifications were working for everyone before you changed the layout of your page and no-one has changed their settings I can't see any reason why they wouldn't be now.

I've checked my gmail account directly and the last notification I had was from May 25.


Me too - nothing since the site went live.


FROM A READER: don’t think you guys have SPF set correctly on your email:

SPF Record Found. A and MX Records Available
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Addresses Listed in A records
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This information may be of assistance in creating your new SPF record.

So emails to the same domain ( or lax remote smtp servers will receive your emails but many will not work.

Either ask your host to setup SPF on your domain DNS or use the link and modify it yourself:

Hopes this help guys, great site..



Really happy for the William drivers. Bottas must be gutted to lose that pole. The teams reaction made me really pleased. Rosberg lost out some how and Hamilton couldn't handle the pressure.


Well done to Goferet for predicting Frank and Claire's boys would do well - he was spot in that prediction!

Having said that, I doubt even in the optimistic of the Williams employees would have thought they would lock out the front row of the grid, but hope springs eternal, as does upsets in qualifying!

Mind you, this years Williams-Merc is seemingly excellent in ultra low downforce trim. Of course that Merc V6 turbo motor is the best in the business, but it does seem the Williams has excellent efficiency with regards to cooling, drag and slow corner traction.

So well done to Grove. I bet Rob Smedley is thanking his lucky stars he joined Frank and Claire and bailed out of the turmoil of Ferrari! The first 1-2 on the grid for Williams since Germany 2003 is quite a turn-around from the dogs breakfast that was last year............

Unusual to see Lewis suffering from a locked rear axle, but everyone is human. Can't wait to see his fight-back tomorrow.

Actually, lets all take a reality check: it's the race that ultimately counts, and without taking anything away from Williams, do they have the race pace to stay in front? That for them is an unproven quality, but we'll see.

What is going on with Mr Vettel? From unbeatable in the last few years to beating up every gravel trap and run off area this weekend. What is happening??????


"What is going on with Mr Vettel?"

I think that simply put he is experiencing an unusual amount of pressure and frustration and it's showing.

kenneth chapman

@ random79...yes, i believe that you are partially correct. i do recall marko saying to webber that the new car would be built to suit vettel and he would have to adapt if he wanted to get a result.

that is what really happened. vettel's car was essentially bespoke. with the new R & R it is back to square one and a car couldn't be tailored to vettel because no one really knew where it all was headed. ergo....daniel riccardo, man to man, car to car, is more that equal to the task. i have said before and i will re state my opinion and that is that vettel will eventually come to grips and he will present a real challenge to ricciardo. when will that be? who knows, but vettel will need to get a hurry on as the season is heading to mid point. it may be too little too late for him anyway and that can't be bad.


Agreed, Vettel will probably get to grips with the new regulations sooner or later...and if it's more toward the later then I can live with that 🙂

In the meantime it's clear that one of Ricciardo's advantages - aside from his speed - is that he has that ability to adapt.


You know what Random, you're spot on.

I'll be honest, I didn't expect the Wooly haired Smiling Assassin to take Mr Vettel to the cleaners as he so far this year. Not because I don't rate Daniel (I think he is possible future champ IMO) but I assumed Red Bull was the personal fiefdom of Seb in the same way Ferrari was Michael's personal kingdom. I thought Daniel would keep Seb honest.............but not to this extent!

Still, reputations exist to be smashed and broken. Nobody wears a suit of armour in F1, and Red Bull 2014 thus far this year is conclusive proof of that.

As Martin Brundle used to say, you're either giving pressure or taking it, and Mr Vettel is taking it very badly indeed...............


"Do they have the race pace to stay in front" actually sounds like ' can they keep it together in the pits this time or is Massa in for another shocker?'


You found me out - I was trying to be politically correct in case the likes of Rob Smedley or Pat Symonds read this forum.................

Seriously though, Williams have historically had a problem with wheel nuts right throughout their history - Our Nige leaving the Estoril pits in 1991 springs to mind.........


I'm wondering if Lewis was carrying a lot of rear brake bias to help counter the understeer in the final sector. Perhaps he had too much rear brake bias causing the lock up and spin.


That's a very plausible theory. I suspect you're right.

I also suspect Merc had shifted the weight distribution and aero balance in such a way to make the car violently spin on downshift.

Torchwood Five

Well, this'll put a kink into the stream of posters on here claiming Massa is past it and should retire. Well done to both Williams' drivers, and to the team for their 1-2.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Do you see Massa leading the team to fight for a title???

Williams is not going anywhere with Massa.


They've gone to being consistently in Q3, a win, and now a 1, 2 qualifying.

When lotus did that it was all credited to kimi, doesn't Felipe deserve a bit of credit for being part of an increasingly sucessful Williams team?


Well I don't see any team fighting for the title this season bar Mercedes, so I'm not sure what your point is.


I increasingly believe that Nico will be the F1-2014 World Champion.


nothing wrong with believing that.


It's a long season....................don't forget, double points in UAE!


Their main threat will obviously come from Rosberg


Am not so sure but I think Rosberg lost the win in qualifying when Lewis brought out the yellow flags just like what happened to Lewis when he lost Monaco thanks to Rosberg bringing out the yellow flags.


Come on lewis get a grip, this is the 3rd blown qually this season, forget the last run, you were 4ths upin your first run, its not good enough

brilliant news for the williams team, it would be great for massa to win the race, but barring a dodgy start or dnf, rosbergs got this in the bag, its going to ger harder and harder for lewis


Any chance that Williams will tell Bottas that it's Massa's to win, and to put up a rearguard action to keep Rosberg at bay, and let Massa build a lead though the windy 2nd sector?

If I was them, I would try this.


ifs don't work. take a reality check, driving as fast as you can gives you a better chance than employing dirty tactics.


Fursty, are you any relation to go? If so you need to work in a stat or two!


Vettel fails to reach Q3. Hamilton starts in P9. Kimi beaten again by Fernando, and it's the seventh time now.

Some people's gall bladder is going to reach bursting point tomorrow...


Show of hands then, who saw THAT coming?

Hami's spin also ruined Nico's last flying lap, but still great work by the William's drivers. All through practice and qualifying we've seen drivers making errors - either spins or running off track in that second-last corner - so the race tomorrow should be chaotic.

kenneth chapman

no, i didn't but i did see 3rd and 4th as a distinct possibility. still no cigar hahahaa


Well done to Massa and Williams 🙂


At last!

Have to read a long way down the comments, past SO much conspiracy and site admin to find a bit of praise for Williams

Great to see them competitive again

And Since no one has beaten me to it............

"Fernando, Felipe is faster than you" 😉


Lol 🙂

I can't imagine Alonso's engineer saying that to him, but if he did I can imagine Alonso's response 😉

Still, credit to Alonso - he was amongst the first to congratulate Massa.


Yes it was good to see Alonso congratulate Felipe after quali

And exciting to see him chasing him down at the end of the race, glad Felipe was able to hold on.


Don't know about you Random, but I didn't see that one coming, but there again, who did?

Mind you, last year Massa had good one lap pace in qualifying last year several times so the speed has always been there.


I can't say I saw it coming, but I thought that with the way things are currently if any team was going to match the Mercs it would be Williams, they just had to get their act together.

Now it looks like they've done that while at the same time it looks like the wheels might be falling of the Mercs (only a little, but it counts).

Having said that I don't expect Williams will all of a sudden be the team to beat (nor do I expect Mercedes to suddenly come last) but if Williams can match or beat them at a few more sessions before the end of the year I can't see that as a bad thing so we'll see what happens over the next couple months.


Given that Rosberg will be super quick over the race, I think Massa and Bottas should work together and not fight each other for the win. It's a tough ask for the guy who ends up 2nd or more probably 3rd, but the alternative would be Williams missing out on a win. One of the Williams needs to really block Rosberg and slow him right down allowing the other Williams to get away and build a gap. If the Williams drivers fight each other for the win, the best Williams will get is 2nd and 3rd. In fact, considering the way the Williams lights up the super softs, fighting each other will quite possibly put both Williams drivers off the podium.

Andretti and Peterson could work together on track. Even Mansell and Patrese could work together on track. The question is: Can Massa and Bottas? It has been quite some time since I've seen team mates actually work well together on track during the race.

Here's hoping for a Williams win.


Blocking tactics by a team might work at monaco but in the DRS era they wont work for long elsewhere!


Worth a try, but I think once they're off the super-soft tyres Nico will eat the Williamses (??) up alive.


I agree with you that they should try this. Williams are expected to chew through their supersofts faster than the Mercs ... Rosberg's alluded to this already. It sounded as though he thought he could jump them in the first pitstops.

It sucks for Bottas, as you say, but it's what's best for the team.


Team orders? In Austria? Asking a driver to benefit his team-mate? Surely not!


Now it's been confirmed by the Daily Telegraph that this ( [,od] lives in Northampton (talk about biting the hand that feeds...) in order to work for Mercedes F1, can somebody from the team please confirm he's not the guy responsible for Hamilton's brakes?...


Well spotted!

Nothing wrong with being pro-Scottish if you are from the land of DC and McNishy, but why would a patriotic Scot live in, of all places, Northamptonshire in Central England??????

What's the word I'm looking for..............oh yes, hypocrisy!

PS If Mr McConville is reading this forum, it's not the heats that matter, it's the final. I don't think Scotland have ever been in a final...............


great job by both massa and bottas, i hope they have a good clean race tomorrow.

i saw hamilton lock his rear wheels with smoke as a result of skidding.

last week i was told it was impossible for the rear wheels to lock and when i said i have seen it happen, i was told that i am trying to force my opinion on others. i only believe in the truth and we have all seen the truth today, nothing to do with my opinion but simple truth. as i have always said, the truth is natural and nature always wins.

i am looking forward to the race tomorrow.


message for coulthard, there was no under rotation, we all saw the wheels locked up in the slow motion replay.


He was saying under rotation of one wheel ... DC did say left-rear, but it would have to have been right-rear, as he snapped to the right.


i have no issue with what coulthard said. the only issue i have is that the commentary didn't match what i saw.


Nico Rosberg should put his head down and make the most of this situation. Anyone betting against him doing just that.

According to me, Williams this year is like how Mercedes was last year. Those rear tyres are gonna quickly fade. Hoping Rosberg will be there to pounce!

Yeah against popular demand, I want a Mercedes to win. I want Rosberg to win. Feel sad for Lewis. Would love to know what happened to this car. Alonso was lucky to get that car on 4th. This is gonna be an exciting race. Kimi said, he just could not get the car working into Turn 1. Will be painful to see his race tomorrow if that is going to be the case again


Way to go Felipe and Williams!!!! I guess Pat Symond deserves some credit as well 🙂

If I´m not mistaken is the first Williams 1 and 2 in 11 years.


Hamilton & Vettel [mod] in the Ring 🙂


let the lady sing.


Well the one thing Felipe has shown this year, even more so than in the latter Ferrari years where we also saw it on occasion, is that the speed is still there. My opinion of him has dimmed slightly after Montreal; the brutal reality is that he's far too inconsistent given his level of experience in F1. But no doubt - 'chapeau' to him for putting it on pole and, well, he's always been more comfortable when starting from the front. Yes, it is a short track where the pack can catch the tail quite quickly, plus he has his team-mate on the front row, which means there is still a lot that can go wrong. But it would be a very good way of re-paying the Williams team's repair bill if he could stick it on the podium tomorrow, and a very good way of silencing the doubts that have been forming in my mind, having liked Felipe for many years now.


@ Gaz Boy

Williams have been doing a good job, it's clear their wind tunnel has been producing some nice figures.

I believe this is a sign of things to come, the only thing left to do is for Massa and Bottas to keep their heads from now onwards.

I wonder though what Maldonado thinks about all this.


To quote the spendidly named Dick Dastardly, "Drat and double drat !"


"Damn" comes to mind.


James, if Kimi had not done another lap in Q1 on the supersofts, would he have still made it through seeing as though no one behind him was a serious threat?


Such a ludicrous statement. Vettel gets blasted by the likes of you as an average driver for not getting max performance out of his new car but Kimi is given a free pass. It makes perfect sense Ferarri brings in a driver, pay him 20 million dollars a year and purposely give him a sub par car. The fact they have bent over backwards by switching to engineers he has worked with in the past to help get him out of his funk is proof they want him to fail.

I understand there is a lot of hatred towards Alonso for spilling the beans over the McLaren cheating incident among others but regardless of his character, he is arguably one of if not the greatest drivers in the history of F1. His peers recognize him as the best in the paddock but many here seem to know better.

He's making Kimi look very ordinary and although I expect Kimi to improve and soon, he is not of the same caliber as Alonso and that goes for the others, Hamilton included.


Kimi has only ever been just a good driver; he needs a good car to get a result whereas Fernando Alonso can make a car punch well above it's weight. Fernando is also the most adaptable driver in the field and possibly in the history of Formula 1. I think if Vettel could experience what it was like to drive the Ferrari in 2012, he would hand over his championship trophy to Alonso (Maybe). 😉


LOL that's so wrong it's funny. You need to look again at the facts, you will find F1 more enjoyable when you find out more about it.


Just wondering, how many titles did great alonso win for ferrari so far?

lets count them together ...


Wow just wow..... But it'lli be see how this race pans out though.

Williams have the car but the drivers, no. Bottas may have a chance if he can pass Massa - but expect Massa to hold the field up.

Hopefully long enough to allow hamilton to unleash the true power of the merc (Que thunder and lightning in the background)

Expect mass to take out Bottas or Rosberg


Go Team Williams! Here's to a great result tomorrow, just please boys don't take each other off.



And stay on the track at turn 8


But if you do feel the need to go off then do it with style 🙂


So happy for Felipe and a truly great day for Williams.

It's great to see a real racing team back at the sharp end.

The Spanish Inquisitor

As I said after Australian race the season is Game Over for Hamilton. This's Nico's year.

Bravo Felipe. The imagen of Fernando embracing Felipe was the imagen of the day.


James, small clarification - Dany Kyat has 20 years old, not 22.


Posted By:

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


June 21st, 2014 @ 4:02 pm

Vettel shows race after race he is a fake champion.

Why on earth this guy is not able to put his car in Q3 considering his “rookie” teamate did that???

This proves all the merit belongs to Newey.


As a "fake champion" he put his car only 4 places behind *bling bling* Lewis in of the best cars F1 has ever seen.


start dancing when the lady sings.


Well now I dont know what to think.. Looks like we are set for another cracker of a race! Hybrid engined tyre and fuel saving machines or not, it just goes to show that the race is the race, and F1 is F1..There is little that Bernie and Co can do to influence what happens after those helmets go on, and cars hit the track. Soul Searching..? I think its a little to early to make that call.. Or perhaps they just need to only race at Australia, Bahrain, Canada & Austria 3 or 4 times each season! 🙂


It's about time, lets see if Massa can keep it there. Good on Bottas, I hope he gets a podum.


Great drive by Massa and Bottas F1 needs more of this. What we do nott need is a standing start after every incident, what idiot thought of that?

On a different note will Vettel have to take a pay cut next year if does not finish in front of Ricciardo? 🙂


Either that or pay Ricciardo more 😉


Is it possible (highly unlikely) that a hacker/s has infiltrated Mercedes' systems, and is causing systematic problems whilst on track? That rear brake issue is so weird. Again problems with electronic brakes, I understand the energy recovery side of it, but the move to fly by wire rear brakes in my opinion was the most stupid.

Torchwood Five

I expect to hear Massa throwing a wobbly over the radio if Bottas tries anything so impetuous as trying to pass him, so I wonder if the team will order them pre-race to maintain the one-two position from lights to flag.

With Hamilton, I'm concerned a lot of things:

- his grip on the road, seeing the trouble with two consecutive laps;

- passing in general on the tight circuit,

- passing Rosberg on the tight circuit,

- in my humble opinion, Lewis improved his own overtaking racecraft to recover from his several collisions with Massa in early 2011, however, seeing enough (to me) Felipe-caused collisions despite the other drivers' best efforts, I regard him a bit like Lewis' Kryptonite, if Lewis comes up behind him. The same way most people regard Maldonado if he's nearby.

With the rest of the drivers, there has been general enthusiasm that they are at a track that can 'punish' them for errors, grass, gravel, a wall. With the amount of drivers going wide and making errors, I am a bit fearful that we could have a nasty one.


well done to pat symonds.


and clair and frank. clear is a true williams. she speaks exactly like frank. i mean, she uses the same sequence of words as frank does. and frank looks and sounds a lot stronger this weekend. i hope they win and lock smedley up in the back room.


Very happy for Massa, Bottas and the Williams team. Well done. I'm hoping for a Williams win tomorrow. Would very much like to see Felipe on the top step with Bottas 2nd, Kimi third. Ok I know I have better odds with the lottery than Kimi on the podium. Also very nice that we are treated to the Austrian GP once more. Beautiful setting, awesome track that I have missed on the calender.

Todays qualifying was very good actually, it was unexpected. A welcomed change in the status quo. Of course tomorrow could be another story. The woes of the prancing horse continue, which is really not a surprise. What is becoming shocking is Kimis lack of pace. Seems to be getting worse. Very un kimi like.

I think I've figured out Kimis problem. Enzo is giving him the evil eye from the grave because he's not Italian. Fernando Alonso at least SOUNDS Italian. Done with my Ferrari conspiracy theory.

Red Bull, while theyve shown flashes of improvement seem to have faultered especially Seb. But he seems to have his head down doing everything he can, much like Kimi, the new formula is giving them fits.

Im wondering if Lewis was just being his over exuberant self or was there a problem with the hybrid brakes and or the electronics. Merc has done an awesome job with their car this year. But they arent immune to problems.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Very happy for Felipe. Common Filipe! Nice to see mom holding son and rushing eagerly to meet dad on his day. Nice going, Filipe. Very happy for Massa. Very unfortunate for Lewis. Hope he gets a decent finish in the race.

Would've liked if they had retained the gravel traps outside turn 1 and 2 also. It's very easy to get it wrong there, too. Looking forward to a good race, and before that, seeing the grid girls clad in that lovely, lady-befitting Austrian outfit. Need one for my honey 😀

Mr A (Melbourne)

In our brief telecast on One HD last night, the briefly shown look on Sir Frank's face was a great pleasure for me to see.

Thank you Sir Frank for making my evening so enjoyable!

With the new system, I cannot work out how to submit this comment!


"With the new system, I cannot work out how to submit this comment!"

Don't let it worry you, I still can't figure out how to reply 😉


Two minutes of silence for Maldonado who left Williams to join Lotus!!


Very happy for Felipe & WIlliams.

I hope he gets a podium today!


Why was there no penalty for Hamilton?

Obvioulsy he did a mistake, noticed it and forced a yellow flag to prevent Rosberg from taking pole.....



Good try for a wind up '

Looks like all tue Hamilton fans have left the post;-)

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