Disappointment for Ferrari – behind Red Bull and Williams despite updates
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Jun 2014   |  11:31 pm GMT  |  42 comments

They thought they might have cracked it this time, but Ferrari were left disappointed after qualifying in seventh and 10th places for the Canadian Grand Prix, after a promising build up to the session with updates to the car.

Fernando Alonso was three tenths of a second slower than the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel and the Williams pair, who set almost identical times, within 3/100ths of each other.

Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo had built up the Canada update package as a major moment for the team in its fightback. In recent years the team has suffered from updates coming to the car and not improving lap time.

Improvements to the wind tunnel in Maranello have been aimed at ending that trend.

Here the team had a new engine cover, new front and rear wings and sidepods among a raft of aerodynamic updates, this will have been 10-12 weeks work in the wind tunnel.

On Friday they found a good gain from the package including the engine cover, which is much lower and tighter than the old one and from the sidepods. Alonso used them in the morning session (above) and said that the car was better balanced and had more rear end downforce.

But, according to leading F1 technical journalist Giorgio Piola here in Montreal, they were not able to run the full update package today; they decided not to risk using the engine cover and side pods for qualifying and the race because of concerns about cooling.

In contrast, Red Bull have gone for it with their radical new engine cover, which looks quite marginal on cooling.

On the power unit side Ferrari have a new turbo and a new MGU-H (the heat regeneration unit, connected to the turbo, on which development is free), plus more aggressive engine maps.

The Ferrari was 12th through the speed trap at 328.4 km/h, compared to 337.7 km/h for Force India and Williams and 334km/h for Mercedes.

Kimi Raikkonen did just one lap in qualifying, having used his supersoft tyres earlier in the session. The Finn had looked more confident in the car under braking and in the corners during practice but it didn’t translate into lap time when it counted,

“It wasn’t a very good lap in the end, but obviously I only had one chance,” Raikkonen said. “We could have improved the speed a bit if I could have another go, but then that doesn’t change an awful lot our position.

“It’s sliding around and it’s very difficult to make one good lap. If you hit a little bit of kerb in a different way then it changes. It’s right on the edge.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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I think the main problem with Ferrari is they underestimated how much money Mercedes were prepared to invest in this years car under the new regulations. I don’t believe for one minute the brain power at Mercedes is any greater than that at Ferrari that’s why I believe ldm said this is the budget and he believed it will be everyone else’s budget also and that in his mind created a level playing field. but now we know Mercedes invested so much more in many areas than all the teams and that’s why there is a huge gulf at the moment.


I watched the race with my folks, and found my self saying at the finish that Alo in the Williams would have won.

Thoughts anyone? – Could Frank & Claire be his saving bullet for that 3rd champ’?

Its a nice speculation at least…


Who will he replace at Williams?


Whichever of the present drivers brings in the least money I would guess. I think this could happen though frank will not have forgotten how alonso derailed mclaren.


This Ferrari team is way to defensive! If anybody of Ferrari team is reading this, then guys please have a look at RED BULL, they have a championship to defend and they are taking all the risks possible.; Please you guys are neither defending anything nor winning anything,so this was the time to take all the risks possible atleast with one car if not both.

This Ferrari team has lost it completely.


Shifting the focus to the 2015 car will have comparatively little affect on the development of the 2014 car, since the 2015 regulations are comparatively stable.

The shift could be in how they develop the 2014 car; the 2014 should definitely be the test bed for the 2015 car. As such the 2014 season become as development cycle for the 2015 car.

At Ferrari, they have little to lose by shifting this focus, and even for 2014, it seems that they could hardly do any worse.

Alonso has been quoted as saying that the 2015 development must not be compromised by the 2014 development.

Now, the verdict is in, and the writing on the wall for the 2014 championship, third is the highest realistic placing for 2014, and it may likely be lower.

kenneth chapman

@ deancassady….your intuition re hamilton was spot on, just the wrong race eh?


The new floor seemed to work well on Friday. So james (or anyone that knows), what new parts did they actually run with?



I wish Alonso to ignore those millions and run away from those guys.

Italian management is obviously losing to the times of Todt, Brown.


It worked fine, when was the last time a Ferrari managed to qualify within 3 tenths of a Red Bull? He’s “only” a second from pole, couple races ago it was 1.8 seconds, and Montreal with its stop and go layout doesn’t really suit Ferrari at all.

Still, there’s plenty of things at Ferrari which can be done better…


Ahh, nothing new sadly 🙁 Ferrari are very disappointing now.


Just a quick side note, whenever I post comments I have to refresh 3 times for it to send otherwise I’m posting too fast, according to the message on my screen. Not been an issue before.


We will fix that, sorry


Ferrari, sorry to say, is doomed. Alonso and Kimi are just wasting their time with Scuderia as there is no miracle on the horizon. This is the years that were in the past between and during ’80 till two thousands. Ferrari will linger and until they change they production and methods in team running they will remain hopefuls fighting in the mid field.

kenneth chapman

@ kartrace…i can only presume that you have already forwarded your CV to the board attached to your ‘solutions’. included in my presumption is the understanding that you are an F1 management consultant specialising in all manner of engineering/aero/and production processes.

best wishes for an interesting future!!!!


At this point what Ferrari need is to leave the sport for some years, destroy Maranello and rebuilt the place and start from zero, there is so much wrong with Ferrari this days, is not even funny.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Ferrari is a mid field team like Force India and Willians.

Thanks to Mr. LdM

jim charlesworth

Its difficult to think anything other than that Alonso has wasted 5 years with this team. They seem to just be thrashing around with no direction.


James, I think there is something with the resolution of photos in the new website. The quality of images is poor. I think resolutions is the problem.


It is clear that Ferrari lost it. Concentrating on 2015 will not give anything to them because they just do not not know how to build a car that will be as dominant as Merc this year or as Red Bull was in recent years. That’s the problem – they do not know how to do it:

1. Organization is probably not up to the task…most likely not the most efficient structure. For us Ferrari is a legend, but it very well might be that for employees it is just work and there is more and more pressure each day, more frustration from Luca that is upsetting work-life balance of people.

2. They need Newey and not only because of his genius, but also as a test whether he believes Ferrari can turn it around. If he joins, then it means changes are possible. If not, then it means that the organization, management structure and decision making will not let the team build a winning car no matter what he is going to do

I think the problem is Luca, really and Fiat management. They should have brought Newey, Ross Brawn and let them do their magic without any influence from the Fiat management. Instead they went to Marco who has no clue how to win in F1.

My verdict – Alonso will not win a title with Ferrari. And…Ferrari will not be winning for many-many years in the future.


Im really annoyed that Ferrari didnt try the engine cover and side pods. Why on earth spend so much time and money then delay it. I think they are are in exactly the right position to take risks- maybe even with one car. If it gains them 3tenths they would be fighting for 4th or 5th pllace.


if the data shows there was a problem with overheating in the temperatures experienced in practise they would probably have wrecked the engines and not finished with the forecst sunday temperatures

sound like a sound decision


It does make one wonder… Renault powered cars managed to (mostly) sort out their overheating issues between the final pre-season test and Australia GP.

Ferrari bring their best upgrades to Canada… and it is too hot to use them?

Is this some special, to be used only in rainy weather, specific upgrades?

No wonder the 458s were burning up on the road.


‘To be used in rainy weather upgrades’ lol. It is mind boggling.


If it gains 3 tenths they would be fightng ot be 3rd! The Mercs are still far, but Red Bull was just 3 tenths ahead. According to Marc and Kimi, this is not the best track for Ferrari, so the result isnt really that bad. My only concern is that i dont think this was a good track for Red Bull either, but the Williams shouldnt be near the top again until Monza. Today i have seen a graph showing that Ferrari has shortened the difference with Red Bull 3 races in a row now, lets hope that tendence continues.


Have to say I agree Elie. The position they are currently in means if they chose to risk a non finish with at least one car,at worst they’d get valuable data,and maybe more points.


In the context of Adrian Newey saying that there is less aerodynamic potential in the new rules, that Ferrari made a gain that was recognised to work is positive, and suggests the wind tunnel problems from last year are at least not as bad as they were. The powertrain reliability reasons for not running the upgrade, especially with the unknowns of running the new turbo in the car may mean that caution brings points rather than a DNF.

I did a quick comparison of the Bahrain qualifying results and Canada, taking the best sector times recorded to try to remove driver errors. Red Bull were 0.898 behind Mercedes in Bahrain and reduced that to 0.385 here, which is approximately half given the shorter track. Ferrari without its upgrades all being used has basically level-pegged Mercedes, a 1.215 gap in Bahrain becoming 1.016 here.

I suspect that the Ferrari upgrades when they do get used will bring quite a gain in qualifying as the extra downforce will bring greater confidence for the drivers. How much the special qualifying mode that the Mercedes-engined cars had in Montreal was worth is not known and how it compares to the Ferrari qualifying mode is also unknown.

To me, with the stability of the regulations Ferrari should keep working hard. I haven’t yet seen anything that says what the FIA is doing to get rid of the nose designs, but that is one aero concept that needs new thinking. The idea of giving up on 2014 and focusing on 2015 is not really applicable as there is so much carry-over that being able to test ideas on the 2014 car is very valuable.

David in Sydney

James, the new web site is slower to load. Much slower.

Lem, I think all teams except Mercedes need to concentrate on 2015 now, and lobby the FIA to ensure the sporting and technical regs do not change (this is the only way to catch up over Winter without moving the goalposts and starting again).

ALO needs to get together with Brawn and offer their services to Lotus or McLaren for next year: an unbeatable team with Brawn and ALO – what team owner could turn down those two together on a 3 year contract?

I suspect Brawn is going to join Haas and spend 2015 building the team.


Haven’t we heard enough talk from LdM? At what point do Kimi and Nando resign themselves to the fact that they may as well just ride around and collect their paycheck. And a new Ferrari. Reliability is is a good thing, but they aren’t building farm equipment. There is only so much their very experienced and championship winning drivers can do with a sled of a car.


I do not like the option to not run the full package of upgrades. They are so far behind on points that a DNF because of reliability really has little impact on the season. At least Ferrari could have shown the Tifosi that the team is making real gains in performance if not reliability.

kenneth chapman

given that ferrari have been trumpeting big improvements it all seems like so much hoo har in reality. the same goes for the red bull/renault pre race comment that their PU will be giving them 100% of what they can possibly extract ergo a better performance. apparently not so according toi vettel who, when asked about this, did allude to it all being a bit of renault posturing! [in so many words]

in reality i think that the top ten will all be very close if quali is any guide. williams should be the surprise package but it all comes down to strategy/fuel use/ and known unknowns [as per rumsfeld]

the fight for the 3rd step will be an all out fight and ferrari may well spring a surprise afterall.

Michael Spitale

this race is such a one off with it’s super long straights. You knew the Merc cars would be fast. I expect the Ferrari’s much higher again by Hungary, etc.


Looks like the Scuderia are afraid of gambling, progress and everything that comes with it. Some days ago James Allison said they had to be more creative, meaning taking risks, going to the limits. If what Giorgio Piola says is true, well, then there is a scared mouse mantle in Maranello. I think they have nothing to loose and from that stance they can begin building up. If they are going down the conservative way, it’s goodbye 2014 season already. They must begin work in the 2015 package.

Realistically, they can achieve maybe 4th in the WCC and the millions that come with it. Driver title? No way! Maybe Fernando Alonso could begin talks to jump ship as early as 15. I believe he can move to Red Bull or Mercedes when some contractual compromises are due.

It is annoying the once all-mighty Scuderia isn’t capable of a decent top 3 runner since 2010-2011. There is lack of innovation, lack of taking risks designing on the legal edge. Even the engines are down on power. Don Enzo must be revolving on its grave. We need Ross Brawn ASAP!


Story of the last 6 Years at Ferrari. Updates aren’t working. How is this possible? How can a team of engineers screw up for 6 Years in a row and still being employed and used???? Clearly they must have a mole in the team that’s messing with the windtunnel numbers aren’t working [mod]


They need a driver who can lead the team and help with the car development.


Interesting version.

Very realistic.


I think Ferrari needs to concentrate on 2015 now.

Again nice new look on the website. The pictures need to be updated though, Massa is still driving a Ferrari…:)


Cue the Alonso to Williams in 2015 stories.


No way.

1st reason – Alonso will get stuck during pit stops. Williams is famous pit stop spoiler.

2nd reason – Frank Williams doesn’t like Alonso. He said he’d prefer Button for his team.

3rd reason – Williams management is in transition too, why repeat Ferrari lost years?


I’m not so sure. If this was still 2013 with major regulation changes on the way then absolutely, go for next year, but the regulations in 2015 should be almost identical to 2014 so problems they have now (whether it’s on this years car or not) will just carry over and they’ll end up in the same boat yet again.

Maybe it would be better for them to really knuckle down and sort out some of the problems on this years car and then hopefully that will help them build something better for next year…or not.

PS – Massa still likes to take the old F2012 for a spin on Tuesdays – it reminds him how good his Williams actually is 🙂



I personally think Ferrari’s problems are iffy front suspension (pull rod on the front axle? Really?), and I would imagine traction problems are partly because of poor engine mapping (i.e not as advanced as the Merc’s cylinder “cuts” exiting a slow corner).

If Ferrari had any nous, I reckon they should have re-designed their front suspension and switched to push-rod activated torsion bars. Compared to the suppleness of the Mercs and Bulls it looks very compromised over the kerbs…………..still, it’s Ferrari’s team, they know best…………it’s just Merc F1 and Red Bull know better eh??


Maybe its a better looking Ferrari than this year’s car

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